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Hey, everybody. It's Daniel Jeremiah for move the sticks, and I'm Bucky Brooks. And this is the Wayne has three six tosses on a right angle. Poor a lot. Zone with. Talk about that could have been thrown any better. What? So much down. What Baltimore by Dwayne asking? Buck for those that don't know. Let's explain what the three sixty podcast series is all about this is an entire podcast dedicated to quarterback prospect, Wayne Haskins, we break down his game potential and NFL team fist interview. Some of his coaches who know him best including his high school coach buckeyes head coach Ryan day teammates of his at Ohio State a mentor. He is who happens to have played in a couple of pro bowls. And of course, we interview Haskins himself. But before we get to all of those interviews. Let's get our Pinon out there on the player Duane Haskins in the mix potentially be the first quarterback taken. It's been a little bit of a battle there between him and Kyle Murray. We'll see how that all shakes out. But just as a player buck. Let's talk. Let's go generic here floor and ceiling. What what do you what do you view for Haskins future in the NFL? I think he can be a perennial. Pro. I think he is the quarterback that is played successfully in the league for the last thirty years. I think he has tremendous. Arm talent. He does a great job of making throws with touch timing. Anticipation. I think he's excellent leader smart when it comes to on the board with his IQ. And so really when I look at him. He is kind of the classic franchise quarterback that teams have coveted. So I think it ceiling is really high and terms of being able to play at a Pro Bowl level. But at his worst, I would expect them to be just a solid started to kind of leases team manages an offense wins a ton of games. Yeah. You know? I look at it and buck I think he's a little bit dependent on what's in front of him. I think somebody's gonna need some protection like every quarterback wants to be protected, but he's not someone who's going to be able to create and move around and make things happen. He's under a lot of duress. So somebody I think you're gonna get an involve with a good good tight end some play action and be able to protect him with a clean pocket and he can accurately distribute the football all over the field. I in terms of the the ceiling for me. I don't know that I put him in that in that Pro Bowl category. I put him I think he's going to be a solid starter. Now, the diff. Is I don't think the floor is very is very low. I think he's somebody what the higher floor maybe a little bit lower ceiling for me. I think he's going to be a dependable starting quarterback. That's what I believe twain Haskins is going to be at the next level. Yeah. I mean, I can see that. I think he's going to be definitely a solid starter. In fact, when I compare them I kind of compare them to Carson Palmer when it costs empowerment interleague when you look at what he was able to do a Cincinnati. I wanna see you went to a Pro Bowl there. Restarted his career after going Oakland and found his way in areas on found the right coast to put them into right offense, played another Pro Bowl level in Arizona. I think Wayne Haskins is debt surly some of it is dependent upon scheme. Did he plays in and what he has around him? But I certainly believed that he has all the talent to be one of those upper echelon starting quarterbacks. Yeah. No, it's going to be a fun player to watch as he goes through this process finish up and land with the team one thing. I know is you get out there and watch this this guy warm up in throw out there. That's why he want the ball to look like he throws a beautiful ball. And it looks nice on tape as we both had a chance to see him up close. And in person. It's impressive. The way can really spend the football. He's a talented talented thrower. Yes, super talented. And I think that's what you want like. We go back, and we look at the guys that have play successfully into league's Gazzetta talented throwers at able to work from the pocket. I believe Wayne Haskins has the right stuff to be able to work effectively from the pocket for locked up. All right. Let's get into some of these interviews. We've talked to people all around Wayne Haskins that know him best to try and paint, a real clear picture of what Duane Haskins is not only as a player, but as a person and the first person we're going to talk to is Dwayne Haskins highschool coach from the bolles school in Potomac, Maryland, Pat Salenko. Coach how you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on today. Coach elected to deep dive here on the three sixty series with with people that know these guys. Well, can you can you tell us the first time you met Dwayne in your first interaction with them? You know, I met to Wayne in the summer right before freshman year two thousand twelve he came down from New Jersey throw with some of our receivers and just in all Mace. The way the ball jumped off his hayme was just absolutely amazing for a freshman in high school. You know? You know, it incredible arm strength, and the balls was just unbelievable. What was his size like as a freshman? What was he like back? Then. He he was still growing. So he was only about five ten still had what I call a little bit of the baby fat on every year kept growing and growing and growing ended up leaving areas about six two, and I think he continue to grow. Once. He was at Ohio State coach give us an example, personality wise, just getting a normal little bit better. What's a story? Maybe you could share with us about his leadership style is personality just something from your time together, you know, he's a very humble kid. And on the first day that I met him. He came in and said, I'm a distributor. I wanna make everybody better. It's not about me. It's about everybody else. And you don't get that advocate, especially, you know, in ninth grade, who you know, has an extreme talent. What about him mentally coach? I've heard a lot of people rave about him and Ohio State talk about how quickly is able to digest their playbook, and you can really see it on tape. When you study them. Just how smart he is. How do you do acclimating at a young age coming out of junior high? How did he adapt to your offense? They're in high school. You know, Dwayne is a workaholic. He would come in every day study hall meet with me for forty five minutes on his own. And he would know what every person on the play was doing every play, you know, he just loves football. He, you know, he's at eight straight a student here, you know, had tons of options, and you know, besides school. You know, it's really football coach any other sports that he played in high school we have to spoil requirement. I know he did yoga his senior year. Oh, hold on. Hold on tell me about this. That's an option. You can take yoga. Yeah. Yoga's that what sport at our school? So he took yoga's senior year. Actually, I remember what so higher state was recruiting on. They went and watch tail do yoga. So I'm sure that was nice saw stress for leaks for everybody in that room. Having though is they go to staff in that. That is fantastic. Coach one of the knocks on Dwayne or people trying to say, we know he does. Well, he can spend it. He's ready. He's smart. He's got football character. But he doesn't run around a lot. He's not super mobile when you look at them as a football player starting with him all the way back in high school. How would you evaluate them? He can rod. I mean, he I think he showed that verse Maryland once he had to Ron who was the end of the game. He ran you look at his junior year versus Michigan when they play man he knows the skate. He can do it. It's just not you know, he does a ball. So. Well, why would you have run the ball if he can throw it? Well, that's that's a great way to look at it. There. We appreciate that. Is there any particular game in high school that jumps out to you? Maybe a moment of memory. There's. A rivalry game. A big game. Or just one instance where he really rose to the occasion. Like we saw at the end of his collegiate career. Yeah. You know, he his senior years last game for tie the championship. We actually beat Georgetown prep, and he got hurt in the first quarter one of those gall, you know, run plays that we didn't call off in. But we said it's his last game. Let them run a little bit. He twisted. His ankle was out the rest of the first half and Georgetown prep took the lead and went up by four with a ninety one seconds left. Joining the ball went seventy five yards on six past plays in. It was just unbelievable Byron left, which is how bone around a one leg in my brain surgeon. I my call out pass to the right? He stands in the pocket goes a laser on a fifteen yard out. All that is big time. I love that. How about some other adversity? You talk about being injured and fighting through that any other adversity you. Remember, I know in the evaluate. Process. We always look to see how these guys deal with failure in any our life. But has been any adversity that Dwayne has had to kind of power through. You know, what he had a game is senior year. You know, he didn't perform very well. ESPN was here, and they had a mic up in that, you know, came out through couple interceptions right off the get go. I took him out of the name. He, of course, he was begging. You know, he didn't go sit on the bench and pal his begging to get back in the game begging to get back in the game. A put him back in with the fifty one seconds left in the first half e three passes at twenty two seconds of school when eighty seven yards or soften. It was incredible. Every pass was right on the money. So I won't see hit with adversity. I think it actually propel to not winning the Heisman. Again. I think that's going to propel hill, you know, people saying, you know, he can't do this. He can't do that. You know, Michigan's the best defense in the NCAA, and he just torch them, absolutely. The end of the season was quite the closing statement. How about personality wise? What's he like, he he's a he again, I salt about a little bit is very humble kid. And you know, he wants to make the people around him better. Again, you know, he would not lead the practice field until he liked the way the ball was coming out of his hands on certain routes. I remember one specific practice on the comeback. He probably made those guys Ron for forty five minutes after practice. Then after that he left to go down to an indoor facility to throw with guys in the area that were all signed division one and same thing spring break last year. I know he's down in Miami was his quarterback coach, you know, throwing with you know, NFL receivers and again he wants to make everybody better. He he loves football. Did you have any conversation with him during the time that he's read shooting there? Maybe we sit behind J T Barrett. I know he had to wait his turn a little bit there. It'll Hieaux state. How was how was his mental state going through that period of time? You know, I talked to you know, almost weekly. He you know, he wanted to play obviously. But he understood you know, I know he played the shy watts to one year. Year, and he was excited about that. But at the end the day, you know, it worked out great for him. He didn't take as many hits he showed what he could do throughout all full season. And you know, I know he wanted to get on the field. Same thing. Like he wanted to play for national championship this year. But you know, things didn't work out that way and J T was great quarterback in a four year starter, and he knew that going into a high of St. last thing for coach let you go. I think it speak to the NFL general managers and head coaches out there, how to give your closing argument. What are they going to get if they draft Wayne Haskins? Going to get an incredible passer who's, you know, very, very smart and makes people around him better. And that's the key thing. He makes those guys around him better. Buck. It's always great. We get a chance to talk to those high school coaches. I mean, I feel like they get a chance to to really be around these young guys as they're maturing and developing is not only just players, but is is young men. Yeah. I mean, those guys know them best, and they kind of set the foundation for where they will eventually become. And so I think it's interesting what do Wayne Haskins was able to overcome doing his high school time. And the fact that he kinda set him up to have success at the next level. Speaking of next level you in a Kabbalah had a chance to speak with Ohio State head coach Ryan day, and the buckeyes pro they last week. I was able to interview him at the combine in Indianapolis. Let's see what coach day thinks of his record-setting signal-caller. We're seeing that so much of the game really centers around the quarterback. What is the challenge in getting young quarterbacks ready to play even at the college over an maybe the NFL level? It takes time, you know in in. You know, I think when you see kind of like the way Dwayne came on this year so much of that was done leading. Up to to the season understanding of protections such a huge part of being a quarterback nowadays. Understanding what's going on up front. Not only the confidence. But the ability to get the line to to protect four you understand where the where the defense is trying to attack you, but then also defensive structure understanding how to attack coverages undertand understanding how your foot work time's up with the progressions all those things come into play. And I think that you know, now quarterbacks are coming more and more prepared in the college into the NFL, but still so much work to be done in the classroom. What makes to Wayne Haskins such a special player? First off he has a special talent his innate accuracy, some of the best of ever been around. I had a chance to be amount around that Ryan when he was at this age, and you know, very similar that way the intimidation the touch has a great feel for what's going on in front of them. You know, also has has really embraced the classroom understands again like we're talking protections defensive structure what's going on in front of them thought. He did a really good job this year with that, you know, especially late in the season with some of our games where he took control of what was going on up front. But he has he has a special spirit about him. He doesn't get rattled. He stays pretty even keeled. And and nothing's too big for him. You know, when you think about the stage being big, obviously you've been around NFL quarterbacks and they have to perform in pressurized environments. How do you think he will perform when he has an opportunity to be a franchise quarterback? I think he'll do great. I think that it's not going to happen overnight. You know, Dwayne his and played a whole lot of football. So every time he's. Doing something. It'll be for the first time in the NFL. So I think every time he plays. He'll be learning. You know, we talked about it all the time you either win or you learn you don't fail. And I think he's gonna take that approach when he's in the NFL, you know, in thinking about young quarterbacks and continue to develop them. What would you say is one thing that you absolutely love about him? And what a franchise will love about him when they begin to really dig down deep and meet him. I would say overall his overall spirit. He he's got a great spirit about him. He's been raised the right way, his his heart's in the right place. He cares about the people around him any wants to be great. I think he's been working his whole life for this opportunity. And he's going to make sure he wills himself to to be successful. And it's not going to happen overnight. He understands that. But in during that journey he's going to bring a lot of people with them first year head coach, Ohio State you've been in this program, though. But you gotta feel like a proud father. When you've got these guys out here performing today. Yeah. Very impressive group. Obviously watching the way and throw the ball is really impressive to see in the ways worked on his body over the last couple of months and throwing the ball. Really? Well. And then when you look at the guys that he was thrown to today, what an impressive group. Now, you got some speed. Some speed was on display with that wide receiver group and Paris Campbell. Looks like he's going to be okay. Just more precaution than anything else today. Yeah. He was running a kind of a flood sale route. And you know, the foot kind of winning around the wrong way. And you know, he's really done a great job with the. Mind, and obviously what is put on film. So there's one be careful if we can start with Dwayne. One year as a starter? What do you feel are the biggest questions you get asked about him that you sort of need to shoot down or respond to? I mean, really it's just at this time last year. He really hadn't played it. All he played the one game that team up north game. And so he didn't he didn't have any experience. Nucle- stars incomes into the season. Throws fifty touchdown passes has an unbelievable season. But it's you know, there's just not a lot of games. There's only so many games, and that's not his fault. But he just doesn't have a ton of experience other than that. When you look at his game in the way, he really came on at the end of the year kind of speaks for itself. Underrated part of his game that maybe everybody doesn't see because there are so few games football IQ when you look at you know, some of those games down the stretch he handle all those protection calls, and he got the line organiz and the protection which I think is such a huge part of quarterback play, especially at the next level. But he really does understand football understands protections progressions defensive structures. And so when you sit down and. Talk with them about football. You'd be very impressed chance to wash him today. And and to me, you mentioned just the shape that he's in. He looks. He's I told him he's a lean mean fighting machine at this point time, but really tried to accentuate that quickness in the pocket, he saw him shoulder roll on and moving around and climate around in there as an athlete. I mean that's been one of the concerns about him going forward. No, mobility wise, you're going to be able to get away from it your take on joins athleticism a long way since he got here in our strength staff and in Mickey morality unbelievable job getting them to where he is. Now when you saw down the stretch in the Maryland game. I think you ran it for thirteen times in that game and show that he can run when he needs to he can get himself out of trouble. He's not going to be a runner. He's not a J T Barrett or Braxton Miller, that's not his style. But as he's gotten more mature, and as he is body's grown his legs have gotten stronger he is able to extend plays. He is. I don't know how much zone retail. Do it the next level and things like that. But he can get himself out of trouble. And he needs to Nick told us that he's kind of a quiet guy. What who is he in? What sort of literacy he's himself, which you know, we talked about all the time every quarterback has to be a leader. That's number one job, but every leader's different. Everybody has their own style. His style is he does a lot of work behind the scenes, and as he became more and more confident got more games under his belt, his leadership style took more to the forefront. And I think as he grows it will grow as well last thing. And and I'll let you go here. Coach on a scale of one to ten how sick does it. Make you to sit next to people wearing blue on a set. I want to say this. You guys are lucky eating have to do support ups over there. People were in this building who wear blue. They get thrown out at the take off the shirt or have to do push up. So you guys are lucky. Yeah. Okay. Well, yeah. This is your pass right now. The next time he was in trouble. They we go put this on film. You got ten. Count them out six seven eight nine ten, okay. You could sign them up. I don't know. Learn to be learned his lesson when you walk through these hallways. You can see two we mean business. Thank you. Absolutely. All right, buck. I guess I I learned my lesson at the at the end of that. I knew I don't have anything network year. NFL network years blue they reference it to school up north and. No, you can't walk up in enemy colors. Yeah. No. I I I screwed that one up and I paid for it. That's all right. Do the time. You do the crime do the time. And knocked out those ten pushups sore the next day. Maybe maybe I was just a little bit. All right. Who we got next year? I think this is one of the more fascinating conversations around Dwayne Hassans because I don't know how many people know this story book about a mentor in his life. Who if you're at NFL fan, you'll be very familiar with this name. And that is a former Pro Bowl cornerback. Shawn springs. I sided for our next guest here. Shawn springs thirteen years in the National Football League. One of the best secondary players during that period of time. Sean, thanks so much taking the time for us today. Man. Glad to be on man. What you guys, but I look I could literally with questions as Bucky coups. Well, talking about your playing career, but we wanna talk to you about your relationship with one more thing players in this year's draft class Dwayne Haskins. So can you start off just Philipson on the back story of where Dwayne grew up where you met him? And and where it went from there. It was thing because I've been waiting since he was like eleven twelve years old while I was at a passing camp where my son was in sixth grade and twenty seven th braid next thing, you know, my son gets up throws the ball thirty yards. And I was like that's pretty good. Dwayne is right behind me throws ball like the is like twelve years old. Care like that. That's pretty amazing. Right. And and you know in looking around in the stands, and I'm looking around and is only two little black kids out there. So. Matassa bad out there. I was like missed excuse me. Sarah's at your son was mister Haskins news like yeah. That's my son. And he was coming. He was nice. And then when the Wayne came off the field, my son's Colladay were friends, obviously, he was like, hey, Mr. sprays, I play with your madman. I'm a big fan of Mr. asking us look around with I get into football players. Like, man, I'm a bad out here, ma'am. The story began you took an even deeper interest beyond that Cam in looking about it you would go and visit him in jersey. And so from your time kind of being around him and being an influential presence in his life. How is the Wayne Haskins grown from initially meant to the kid? It's been a start Ohio State. Are they think I initially mad whereas a kid who have potential, but obviously, you know, like anything you gotta be in a rice situation when I saw the Wayne, and I just told him as a hey man, there might be opportunity for this kid play in Washington DC area. And I remember they came down for weekend. And we watching good counselor skillman good counsel out of kidney, Stefan bigs in kindle fuller with his star out there and Gilman had a kid name Cyrus sour Jones. And it was a good game. Dwayne saw that he was like man, I need to be a part of that. And we're fortunate who able to get the family to wanna move down to Washington DC area, Dwayne pick bullets. So that his to me. Get a great education, and he just him mature the biggest thing, but before young players, you may have aspirations that wanna play on major one. But you gotta have the work ethic. And that was the biggest thing I try to install Dwayne. He would ask wrestling Tom Brady like like mad. He was a hard worker. You know ran a five, but he worked hard and he was the first building versa. Again, last leave show one thing I saw from twenty four ways from the twelve euro to where he was fifteen stop for sixteen junior high school. He was just he just containing the Abedin progress. And I think when he got to a house state, I think it was a little bit of opportunity to alarm from AT leadership build his body up really good to next level in college, Sean, I'm sure during that process during the recruiting process of coaches from all these different schools reach out to you to try and learn about the Wayne, but any of it could be lower state, whoever whoever talk. During that process and ask you, what do you think this kid will become what can he do for us? What was your answer? Major d one a high Q we knew that do I have that mean I told people when he was in high school. I remember talking to campaign number that, you know, the hell issue was just like man, this guy's special where he can throw the ball and picks when he makes Justinus oftentimes you see Kim high school, you know, they the because they're bigger stronger faster than funded. Dwayne could go e- could go through one to progress in high school, you know, come off the first week go back to the second or you make adjustments. Hey, the way, you know, from this past on throw this out to the opposite side of the field. And he was take those. We'll pick it up. And I just told every coach was improving to Wayne that you got especially kid, you know, he's not a typical mobile quarterback. He's a big strong Stanley pocket in throw the ball around type guy, you know, thinking about because sometimes quarterbacks like, the Wayne can't get kind of lumped in the box with some of the mobile quarterback that we've seen played a musician. But he's a pure. Pocket passer, and you speak to his I q when you've been around him. You've watched him work. How much does he just love ball? And how how smart is he when he comes to kind of understanding and breaking down the Xs and os. I told people for me a physical harm stand point of view. He's sprayed. In game. He's probably better than half the corners. I play with no disrespect to like, Brunell kitten, and and house back in those guys that I can only think of like maybe Tom Brady warm moon that I can actually say like man with his arm talent combined with his love for the game. But the Utah can buy a gym, right? You know, we hear that term talk about basketball with he's a gym raccoons. But bow he'd correct, you know, I I was a playboy all American with Peyton and pain. What acts a lot of questions. And and that's why I feel when I'm around to win. He's one of those guys like if he's around you, and he knows that you if it was around Mike Cohn from for like hour, he's to every question about Brett farve, high can be better he is a gym rat. He's one of those guys you put him in a situation where he's Ron veteran. His discuss soak it up these learn what do you think is best for him shy? Like, get your opinion. Just kind of putting your player head on for. Somebody hadn't started a lot of games there at the collegiate level MAC a lot of these. Teams have different plans to these quarterback. Somehow you're gonna come in. You're gonna go right away. You get the ball your keys to the car. Other teams. We saw a Pat Mahomes get a chance to to sit for year, just in your personal opinion. What would be the best path? They're dwayne. I like to I like to Patrick my home about behind Alex math. I liked the, you know, how you know, you have that type of released resi somebody's young quarterbacks coming into the league in yet a college. But you know, the first time you see a great ribs defense and you see a defense. I give you a lot of different lutts. There's no longer no longer playing Wisconsin. No longer term do annoy. I'll love at the Wayne, you know, to go to a situation where he learned from veteran quarterback weather's for half a year will full year, you know, he can just really can develop in really just understand the game with the means to be a professional with means to be a pro so giants perfect situation where everyone talks by manning being there, and I would be ideal for him to go there with Tom light Ingram, you got shit her. Yeah. At all you got barking the man child. So with those type of weapons in you learning. I mean, that's how you you know, you play fifteen years versus you. Go get thrown into the fire you play five. You know in thinking about it. And the about his personality lists say Dwayne is kinda thrown in the fire, and he goes to obtain. It doesn't have a lot of weapons around him. Do you think he has the resolve and resiliency to be able to handle this situation, and it won't crush his confidence, and he'll be able to kind to fight through an adverse situation and then see his way to the other side. Yeah. I think one attributing his faith in his family where he was raised by bombing dad, very spiritual people. So I think he's pretty mature care for his as but the radio is always had two hundred dog. You know, I mean, you know, you know, what I'm gonna splitting when he was younger where he was kinda heavy safety in his body that catch up to his arm strength. And where he believes he always had that idea. Like, I got to work harder than everyone else. I'm not as talented as everyone else. I want to be the best. So I don't have to do extra and part of that controversies dinner, his family and part of this me being in this era. Give McGrady every year saying now, you gotta be better. And this has been great advisers. Great people in the nappy laugh of this cue to want to be better. And I think he he could I think, you know, his life experiences. Want him the opportunity? He look, grit and toughness. You know your quarterback in the National Football League starting quarterback. You're definitely under the microscope. But for those that might not be aware of just how big football is in Columbus Ohio being the starting quarterback at the Ohio State University. What type of a microscope has has already been under? Yeah. Yeah. And it was a big microscope for obvious. You know, the type of, you know, a tradition at a house they'd had. And you know, it, you know, people forget, you know, JT berry was a big step victories for anyone to feel what he did for our program, and how many Tesla's he had and many times these big ten year before I was Braxton Muller. And so I think the Wayne part of his showers going you come out higher recruits. And you got a back up those guys, you gotta learn you gotta be mature enough to be able to put your ego to sign and say, you know, what I'm a backup not gonna wait. My parents that I was a line except for the way, you know, going where he went through this year with the urban Meyer situation on how much would Ryan day and in turmoil surrounding surrounding the university at the time, I think I think he was very poised. And I think what has system thing you can see all year without offense in our team hostage was waiting played outstanding. And I think that just shows you the level of maturity that he has, you know. How he focus on his craft. And and it was in. There was times, you know. You know, you know, the he wanted to be, but I think he was disappointed by Purdue loss, and obviously he probably never met it. But I think it it ticked law. Something lost to Cal in the Heisman Trophy. I think he's little disappointed about that. But and ended the day he does he's trying to grind and get better. We're thinking about grunted and get better who could you envision him play like the next level? Who do you think would be a nice comparison of estimate when we see any way asking what kind of player he will be the next level? I think a lot of people think about wanting been rothlisburger for me the guy would compare them to be Philip rivers. I'll love or you know, when Phillip came on NC state with that big live arm, and he wasn't on an all out of place. He can stand in the pocket. He was strong. He was an athletic enough to escape, but yet he made all the reads down on fail. I kind of see that food Wayne, I think little river doesn't get enough the deep. For what he's done for the San Diego. Chargers. Franchise. I know one thing guys buck if a team drafts Dwayne Haskins and they get Philip rivers. They dancing in the street in that city, and we can't wait look. He's fun player to watch. We can't walk cannot wait to watch his future unfold, and Sean we can't thank you enough for for taking some time for us here today. Real interesting. Interesting chat there with Shawn springs. That tells you a lot about Dwayne Haskins. And and look how serious he takes football. I mean, he moved from one state to the next to put himself in the right situation where he could grow as a football player and have a chance to play the next level. Yes. Yes. Marines took a tremendous interest in Dwayne Haskins as a young guy, obviously paid off moved to the DMV area to have better competition, and it paid off because eventually goes to Ohio State. And so anytime, you have a mentor they really can kind of sprinkle in some nuggets to help you get along the way I think Dwayne Haskins is certainly better for that. All right, buck, what's always fun to to talk to the high school coaches and the mentors for these young players, but there's nothing better than talking their college. Teammates. Those guys offer tremendous insight into these prospects. And we've both had a chance to do that. I was out there at the Ohio State pro day with a Deakin Kabbalah got a chance to visit with Nick Bosa could be the first overall pick in the draft as well as all big ten wide receiver. Paris campbell. And no you had a chance to visit with their very talented defensive lineman Dray Mont Jones. So these guys were all teammates at Ohio State with Dwayne Haskins. And here's our conversation with those three men, I want you to put your your scouting hat on for minute. Here. We've talked about you talked about your brother is another main attraction here today in your quarterback Dwayne Haskins. But can you can you speak to him a little bit as a as a leader for this team this Buckeye team taken over J T Barrett who was lauded for his leadership. Dwayne like is a leader. Twain was similar to me is more quiet, which I think is more when you're quiet in what you say really when when you're not just spewing stuff out when you what you say really mean something and somebody hears we have to say, and they're like, wow, he he said something. So he must really mean it. So I mean from freshman year sophomore year, he was definitely learning how to do it. But once he got the reins of the team was going to make him place for the team. He came into his own big time. Give me something about your quarterback, Wayne Haskins that that maybe most folks don't know. Honestly, I would say at first, you know, when DeWayne I came in. You know, everyone knew he had talent. I think this where he lied to assist on the leadership, and he took it a extraordinary role on this past season leadership on everyone knew he could throw the boy everyone knew that. He would be no no these high highly touted quarterback, but everyone was concerned about his leadership. And just the way that he took the the bull by the horns on this team on the things that he did just throughout each game. You know, he always was poison the huddle, you know, he always kept guys going kept spirits up. And that was huge for us. You know, because we needed that from our quarterback on especially, you know, JT leaving him being the leader that he was Dwayne really stepped out and just became leader that we need it for us. You know beyond his leadership. What else is Dwayne Haskins bring to the table when you're starting quarterback. I think he brings way that's number one thing that I think, you know, he steps on this Bill. He knows he knows. He's the best quarterback. He brings that swag. And that allows you know for the receivers run it back to the lines is play with confidence knowing that. I'll quote about her confidence not only himself. But didn't us says will I wonder what type of an athlete is? Because that's been one of the concerns right is. Although some some folks said he was too athletic other folks that okay, we question a little bit. Now. Now, have you have you hooped with them like give me something about athletically that we can help them up a little bit. What we got? I think I say he's absolutely when he wants to be. I think if you go back to the, you know, the Maryland game, you know, he actually had a couple of rushing touchdowns that game. And you know, they were they're forcing him out of the pocket. And I think you know, like, I say athlete when he wants to be. So he he has it. You know, he's got a big find it. On the other side of the ball Dwayne Haskins emerged as a force in the big ten. What did you guys see from him to let you guys know that he was going to be a special player this year for state? If either way back wonder, no when he at first he wasn't really talking to weight room like that. And then like progressively he's gotten better and better because no guy for on them. And then he started developed his own role, and realizing they know the weight room is going to be my baby basically is going to be my home if I'm going to be dominant quarterback. And then spring ball what he has done for the stars gets Joe burrow. He definitely just came into his own. He's had to become more of a instead of being in the guy who was just like lay back and just moved. He's saying he took a lot more control the office because talent was already there. So the leader aspect that. He did you know in speaking of his leadership ability. What can a leader is? He is. He a vocal guys quiet, Dubai example, type what kind of leadership skills. Did you display as the season went along? He seemed more about a game, Tom leader. When when the moment was there. He took advantage of it. It wasn't like he was giving a game Tom again before a game prep speech or anything. He wasn't that type of player. He was more. So like when the situation gets up. No you layers. There's some interesting conversations they're buck with those teammates. And it's really a fascinating case study there between Haskins because not somebody that's a three or four year starter. You know, we saw some of those quarterbacks last year namely Baker Mayfield who played so much football Dwayne Haskins head to to wait, his turn be patient. And then when the opportunity presented itself to go out there and take advantage of it. And you kind of see that picture painted there by his teammates it, absolutely. They paint a great picture of him in his leadership, and how it evolved over the course of the season in anytime. You're thinking about selecting a franchise quarterback. You wanna make sure that he has the leadership skills? And I think in those conversations with his teammates, they convey, the disguise is a really good leader. He has grown in terms of his ability to to command respect and their attention. And so I think the future is bright for doing Haskins. How we got a chance to visit with those around Wayne Haskins. Let's let's get to the man himself. Buck you interviewed him in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend at kink of wall. And I were in. In columbus. Ohio for the pro day last week we each had a chance to visit with Dwayne Haskins in. Here's our conversation with the buckeyes all American quarterback. How's everything going great, man? Having a blast out here. Dwayne like, so many people are excited about your potential, and the things that you've been able to accomplish just tell me what were you able to learn about yourself during your final season, high your state, I got so much work to do, you know, fly I get so much better going through every game. I learned something new about myself. But I know that got a ways ago, but has scare how good I feel like I can be you know, in in looking at your game at Ohio State. What would you say some of the things that you bring to the table for an NFL team distributor? This be able to throw all over the field short intermediate deep, and then be able to to have time in rows deep routes their stuff that I can do over to fill to give offense of a record and dynamic. No, one of the questions that you were here as you continue to go forward in the process, or who are some of your role models who are some of the guys in the pros that you Pat in your game. After a lot of guys I say drew Brees accuracy Aaron Rodgers all platform. Throws Tom Brady leadership the stuff that everybody does. Well, try try to model into my game. I don't really say what is one of quarterback. The only thing that you do well about his love this love the game. You know, like, obviously have watched you since you were a teenager coming through the camp, sir circuit. I knew that you were a special player. But if you had to tell people what is going to allow you to be a special plan to pros. What would you say that once trade is? A humble, man. Is this knowing that I I know I have resurfaced of what I can be. I'm gonna keep working hard and mcgarry around me better. And just knowing that I'm gonna put us off every day. So then when we have an opportunity to visit with you at the combine, what are some of the things that you wanna show up at the combine to make people feel comfortable about you potentially being the number one quarterback in this draft. Well, I'm killed aboard. So I'm gonna get on the board coverages protections. All that. I love that stuff. You'll be able to do on the interviews showing that I had the personnel to be native franchise quarterback. So that's all I wanted to do when I go to combine show that you get a chance to sit down with a man of the hour here in the way and Haskins. Do I ha-? How'd you feel everything went for you today that a win great has my versity with Perez can hurt today, but we made it work. But no, definitely a proud of my guys just sat down and said you were in a off camera. I missed a couple of throws maybe like one or two. What was it? So important to you to come out here and do this again, though. And why does it still eat at you wanted to be perfect to? But you know, everything's going to be perfect. But I had a good time. One of the things that I mentioned watching you throw today. I thought you did a great job of kind of accentuating the movement. The quickness inside the pocket just kind of little shoulder rolls and just a little quick sudden movement was that part of the plan today to show that off. Yeah. Definitely. So he's an award neighbors and didn't feel great all the time. So today, I just wanted to show that you know, that can move off platform move off spot, and she'll be accurate, and you know, really great guys where they fast guys would good for me today. So appreciate it. You've said repeatedly that it's very important to you to show teams. How smart you are? Why do you feel like that's been a knock on you? It's not necessarily a not just because of fair tight. But the biggest thing is I fucked I'm smarter than average quarterback and for me going through to combine going through meetings after the combine going into the draft disband able to retain information. So a lot of teams had any job there. Plays and able to recite the place to them how it worked for its protections. How starring coverages would go in. It'd be like six plays. I remember all the plays on one time. Then I'll get no time to think about it. So it's pretty it's pretty good. So I feel like I do a good opportunity table. I'm just curious from scouting perspective where your weight was in the fall versus where your weight is now because you look you can lean mean fighting machine right shape. What have you? Shape. What have you done it? How much weight have you lost from the season two now? No. So I was kind of heavy going into combine at hasn't good food after declare but there's getting back into game shape. This is the biggest thing right now. So he's played around twenty twenty four twenty five. So right now, I'm twenty five twenty six so by season populate twenty two you went to dinner with the entire giants contingent. Yes. So I was told by a member of that group that you were extremely impressive. Most what what? What do you feel really distinguishes you from all the other quarterbacks? Are there was the biggest thing with with Jeff quarterbacks? When a guy will be there for ten twelve fifteen years. And that's the guy you wanna lead your franchise. So every meeting that I go to I wanted to show. How charismatic I'm the house Martin. I am and it'd be able to relate to anyone in the room. So being able to sit down with them last night was awesome. Had a great time. You have some good talks eight some good food. And you know, it was a great experience you played well throughout the season. But you found another level at the end, especially those last three games when you look at a rivalry game a conference championship game. And then the big Rose Bowl over Washington. What what really clicked for you to lock in. And just take off at the end of the year. Like you did. So cosmic told me to be a dude then as his face. So for those that don't know explain who coach Mickey shrimp coats. And I would like to say, he's probably the toughest guy. No. So for him. It was his do. So there was times in the game where I had to take over. So nothing that I wasn't playing great and again the season, but I just took complete ownership of the team at that point as we got down to stretch trying to get. Back into the playoff run. And it was a lot of fun honestly to be able to have those games like that and finish out high level but me saw two offense alive. Receivers made all the great plays in is put it in the right spot. And this led them talk about being able to take over one of the things I've heard about you is that you didn't have a difficult game. This year never faced in game adversity. What is there any fear about that watch the Maryland deemed, so I know I know. India being the biggest adversities is was mostly off the field. And then and then this football, it's always a battle. So you might win to my loose on during a game in itself. So the biggest thing for me was able to learn how doing not scoring every drive or defense not stopping one drive and be able to still win the game. So each game wasn't learning. Experience. We have some tough ones, whereas Penn State, and and Purdue and Michigan state and he played his heart. But I thought those games made a stronger, and is it got down to season this more so fun for me to be able to grab the guys. And it'd be the guy that I wanted to be the beginning season. I want to go back to previously. When you're you're sitting here, and you're backing up J T Barrett, and and J T Barrett is a good player, but you're talking about now someone that's going to go in the top ten. How did you manage the frustration of having to wait your turn here at this program? It was hard. But the best thing about how state is that? You know, you love your guys. So even when data was the guy he made sure he he he tutored me any nurtured me. It was able to you know, let me grow but not separate toes at the. Same time. So definitely haven't him in. My my quarterback room was able to learn from him in the first two years of not playing maybe ready to play it finally your that a plate and appreciate it for being there during the time. I was like I wanna play, but you know, definitely with him being there and gave me ready for got me ready for the season DJ asks you about that at the next level. Dave Gettleman, for example, the giant GM he's been very open in saying he likes that model the Kansas City model where a rookie comes in. And sits for year. Would you be okay with that? You already have in your mind. Well, I'll be top whatever five six ten pick. And I better play right away river God wants to be I wanna be and whether that's plan from day one or playing halfway through the season or the two or three mean Aaron Rodgers wait how many years of play and he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. So I just know that whenever I get my shot. I'm gonna do my thing. So same thing with the backing updates got in the mission game in toward up. So whenever my opportunities going to be there. I'm ready for when you look at you go into the next level my have opportunity bring somebody's receivers with Paris. Unfortunately. Got nicked up. I was told just a little slight hamstring. So they decided to be precautious there shut him down. But tell us about your receivers we saw three here. Maclaurin dickson. I thought I had a great day as well. And then Paris, yes. All three of them in their own. They're all really great guys. And then on to be able to have off AM super fast. You know, Janis more of the route runner Terry's more the more physical guy in Paris a little bit of both. So I just feel like because Paris are so fast. And he's the guy they overshadow sometimes, but you know, especially teams lies tears investable best in the country. Johnny part was the best routes in the country. So today was able to scout. So they did a great job. I'll tell you what. I it's been fun to watch you compete and watch you what you did here today. We wish you the best of luck. As you go through the process. Are you going to go do we know if you're going to Nashville for the draft undecided right now? But it's been to go there. So we'll see. All right. I encourage you to go you want great time, and you won't have to wait very long to hear your name cold. I pray for that one. I mean, I used to Wayne Haskins. Abucha confidence is the word that comes to my mind when you listen to Duane talk. He's he he's very sure of himself. He's very confident a dozen eight rub. You the wrong ways got good energy about him. I wouldn't even say crossover in the cockiness thing, which I don't mind, but just a very east very sure of himself for somebody with one year of production there at Ohio State, the confidence Israel. I think he has legitimate confidence in his ability a thing that confidence concentrated heat works tweeted, he studies and prepares and so I would expect him to get to the next level. And it may take him some time to settle in. But once he figures it out, I would expect to see him have a lot of success because he is a hard work. And he's very smart when it comes to IQ, and we know about his arm talent, you know, he can he can spend the football. No doubt about that. Best. I well, let's talk about should he be the first quarterback taken. I know I think we we've said this both on the record before it doesn't matter where we have is a top guy. You have Haskins I have Murray, but it comes down to fit as it does every year. It always comes down to fit housing what fits within the. Game. I believe that Dwayne Haskins is the best of the quarterbacks and the draft when you have Arizona Senator top and that maybe relationship between Kingsbury and Calum Murray, maybe that impacted but in terms of who I think the best quarterback when it comes to the arm talent hitting the prototypical things I think to Wayne Haskins is that guy. I believe the giants would be a terrific fit. Obviously their team that needs to have a young quarterback in place. I believe they can surrounded with enough weapons where he could succeed it being from his area where he grew up. It would be a nice fit. Also think the Washington Redskins would also kind of suit his talent. So they're a couple of teams we've talked about it right now as draft stands somewhere in the top half of the first right now expect to see Dwayne Haskins come off to board. Yeah. Look in terms of fits the giants to me are the obvious best fit for him. And where it makes the most sense that would be at pick number six. They also possess pick number seventeen. But look if you're in love with a quarterback, you you you take him at six. Don't sit there and cross your fingers. You're going to be there at seventeen. So that to me makes the most sense you mentioned the Washington Redskins. I could see that a little bit. You know, the team I wouldn't sleep on is the Cincinnati Bengals. I would not sleep on the Bengals this is a Bengals team that has a long track record history. It's well known their affinity for big ten players. This is some ways not far away their in state get a chance to see him. And and throwing the football. I think he's got stronger arm than any and he can make some throws in any adult can't make now he's not as athletic that move around quite as well as Dalton does. But you've got to take into account the price tag. This a real thing having these quarterbacks on a rookie deal and being able to build up your roster around them since Bengals have lost a lot of players over the years in free agency, people bang on them for not being active and bring guys in. I don't I don't care about that. The problem is when you get to the point where you spend the time and developed some of these players don't resign them that becomes an issue. So to me Dwayne Haskins. Frees up the money for them to be able to retain their own going forward. I would not sleep on the Cincinnati Bengals with Haskins. It makes sense. It makes a lot of sense in a variety of ways. Not only the connection the oils, Ohio State Cincinnati connection and the way to being having affinity for big ten players, but we have seen consistently the teams that are able to buy for the championship are the teams to have quarterbacks playing rookie deals because you can build the team around their talents. You can really expend it. And so the Bengals looking to get to that point where they can add some talent to their roster to best way to do it draft to a rookie quarterback stardom and then continued at pieces to the team. Yeah. Well, we'll see what happens there with twain Haskins. Once we get to the draft day. I it's it's gonna be fascinating to see especially if Kyle Marie ends up going number one as we all expect that to me turns to the biggest storyline of the draft is where does Dwayne Haskins land. And if for some reason, the giants do not take him at number six buck, then it gets fun because all bets are off are their team's going to be jumping up there to get him are their teams. Twenties. You know, keep an eye on team. Like the chargers who knows what they're going to do trying to find their successor to Philip rivers down the line if he starts to drift in the draft. You've got teams like that that could be poised to strike the Pittsburgh Steelers would be another team. I would keep an eye on. So it right now as we record this it looks like the giants the most likely landing spot for doing Haskins. But if they don't pick him at six buck, it's gonna get fun. It is going to be a lot of home. Because this is a I mean, it could be a while. Well, west of the draft when it comes to these quarterbacks because we all have speculated work as we go all the takes is one guy to upset applecart and changed the entire landscape of the draft. We'll see where Wayne housing goes on draft night. Well, I love our three sixty series. Hopefully, you've enjoyed this episode on Dwayne Haskins if you're in Ohio State Buckeye fan. I've got some good news for you. Because the next three sixty episode is going to feature wanted joins teammates. And that's Nick Bosa player. I believe is the best football player in this year's draft glass. You can find all these three sixties as well. As our regular move. Sticks podcast. You can go to NFL dot com slash podcast. You can find on apple podcasts as well. Or your favorite podcast app in the videos. Buck NFL dot com slash empty video YouTube dot com slash NFL. The first three sixty episode for the twenty nineteen draft class is in the books. And then you want to add before we get out of here. Buck. No, I'm excited to make sure you tune in. We have a lot of talented prospects there. We're gonna break up. We've got a tremendous lineup for the three sixty series this year, hopefully enjoyed this one and beyond look out. There's another one a right around the corner. Thanks again to our guy cat for putting this all together all the hard work there behind me glass, and we'll see next time right here on this fix.

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