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Top 5 Suicides // The Old Man & The Gun, Love, Gilda, Bomb City


Film vaults, welcome everyone to the film. That's Anderson. Bryant visual. Your hosts for today, the buckle up top five suicide c. Ryan topic not at all right. Andy crest and crest the name of the listener, but you've been pitching it lest ever since I told you that. Well, it's one of those. You know what? It's one of those topics, meat and potatoes as Anderson would say that I can't believe we haven't done before. I'd look through Melissa reason why because most of these are giant massive, flat plot points that you don't wanna talk about. Good. Here's what I did. I went extra leaned in the hipster in me film wise a hard this week and my top five are all films that pretty much know unseen mine I tended to. I can't go. I can't go quite that far, but I will say that I left off some big obvious ones, hopefully represented in the list. They're five. Yeah, looks like I've wanted spoilers for the most part. I mean, character doubt, death is most spoiler but suicide attempts is a whole separate now, topic documentary suicide. It was a tough week, man, you know, I don't. I don't know if you know this about me Brian. I don't really talk about me, but ninety minutes every week I grapple. I grapple with depression here and there and it's not like I'm actually on suicide watch. But I've, I think every human being is thought about suicide one time or another. And I've never been so close that I was worried about myself, but spending time with this topic and watching all the clips I'm worried about YouTube and my wife just turn it on the old YouTube on the smart TV. They're looking for things Radic is now because of all the good play lips. Actually Anderson that that thank you very much bringing that up because I would I would be horrified and very much not want to have happen someone to stumble across this maybe when they're searching and thinking about doing something themselves in all seriousness. If if suicide is something you're, you're grappling with your thinking about please please call the national suicide prevention. Lifeline Ryan Ville two, seven, three eight two, five, five one two, seven, three eight two, five one more times I stepped on one eight hundred two, seven three eight two, five, five right now they're they're twenty four hours a day. Every day policies. Weekends, what that made the show like credible a little bit of serious right? Feel like it would not be would be out of the realm visibility, or you know a. Teens are very susceptible. This kind of stuff, you know troubled teen someone who's desolate or or just just a feeling way Finn low, feeling blue and they just Google some, they're all night tunes or anything ever across this I would. I would hate for this to be I grapple with depression and at least one surf, not twice a month. Less sewn Atticus is here my son, but at least once or twice a month. It wasn't even like a dark. I was dark if you look at it on paper, but I would just look at everything step back, take a deep breath and be like, it's kinda wanna quit. It was kinda tired. You know what I mean? What I mean? Have had the same time then and then you push through. But yeah, so my top five movies he may have heard about, you may have heard me talk about them. They may have been on other lists. I know a couple of them have made other lists, and they're all interesting to say the least Moore's the scenes of the actual suicide go. Yet, I decided I was looking at this massive immense list that I had called. List of also ran all of the the the possible candidates. And I- I- trend which was about ten percent of them were very, very acedemic. Philps. Okay. And I said, you know what? As where I'm going. Does all those fuckers. So that's that's the way I did it. When I also talk about vice. Have you seen new clips just released today? He's been worried about this is the Christian bale plane. Dick Cheney been a little bit concerned about that from the we included it on our fall, winter preview episode and Christian bale he's a fine actor. I like the man very much. I'll see pretty much anything is in. That's not a Terminator actually. I saw him play Dick Cheney. He's not the first actor that pops to mind when you're trying Vic, Dick Cheney far from clips today? Oh, not only is he just killing it as the old day. Richard Cheney over there, but Sam Rockwell's. George W Thuc? Yes. Goddamn popped for this movie redo fucking pomp, radio, fall preview. I mean, it was on my list wasn't remember who was one of the many, but twelve films climbing towards the top sending. It'd be a Senator fingernails of vice like in the in the in the well walls in my well of films that I'm very excited to see its climate Brian, it's almost out Catherine Martin. So I'm pumped about that comes out November late of December. I don't remember the exact date but big cited about that guys. Hey, I'll be in Philadelphia. We week from tomorrow. You almost got about a week from tomorrow in Philly. On my actual wedding anniversary give the day because people listen to this Hobart, thirteenth, October, thirteenth in Philadelphia. I feel I feel like you should be celebrating something that day. Yes, as my my wedding anniversary, I just learned the name of the actual little town or suburb. I'll get back to you on that, but it's fantastic. Really? Yeah. In Philadelphia, it's saying it's. I find this now Anderson Cowan dot com Gruber's but I just have Philly, but it's it's like, you know, a little suburb. They kinda like Woodland Hills a neighborhood. Yeah. Mabere Culver city theatre Commonwealth pl- meeting place. Wait till you see the name of this town, amend it meaning wealth. Be the thirteenth. Plymouth? Yes. Plymouth meeting ten. You know what. There's there's a few suggestions but figuring with, oh, are you talk for? Well, I find this because it's a great name. It deserves to be spoken on this report. Philadelphia Anderson me showing his film on October thirteenth. That's a Saturday. He, of course we'll be traveling at there on Wednesday has got bit easy. He shows not true. I'll be showing up her. Here's the name of the town. Con Schalken conshohocken conshohocken hocken Koch. Hockey conshohocken PA conshohocken. Oh, wow, conscio-. What kind of name is that? What it is? It's fucking sweet. Conshohocken. I'll be up. Shocking can show and show hockey guys, let me know what it what it's actually called, but they're at the regal conshohocken choke concerto. Cocking conscio-. Can I in October, thirteenth October, twentieth in Boston, and then November tenth, bringing it home here in Santa Ana, southern California. It's gotta be conshohocken. One more little note about the old group is there. Bryant was. I don't know if you know this but the film. But you know, I submitted to think it's up to thirteen or fourteen festivals. Now I start hearing back in December from they're all the only the biggest festivals that were still eligible that I was still eligible for. I'm not wasting my time with the smaller ones because those don't really matter. So I think thirteen or fourteen consideration right now. And other than that, I'm not really, you know, knocking on doors. I'm not doing anything. I'm sitting in the boat, but I'm not fishing having a sandwich trolling. You know, I'm not. I'm not sure. It's really suggests that. Get some stuff in the water, I guess, trolling for fish. Yeah, I'm just enjoying the link. Join the day day in the lake fish, jumped onto my boat. Really distributor came along and said, hey, we want to buy your film. How'd you? First of all, they came along. They hit my producer and they said, hey, can we? We're very interested in how they gonna hold. I don't know. It's a mysterious. It's a mystery, but they ask for a link and grudgingly gave it to. Two days later and they said, hey, we are interested in acquiring this project, what do you want? And that's where we are right now. I'm not going to sell people unless they often the world, but it's kind of cool to fish, just jumped on a boat without me even trolling. Here's what here's what you come back to them with. Don't one hundred one hundred percent ownership. Give me money for my ownership of the mood. That's a good. That's a good sign. It's it's so far so good. So I do believe and I have believed in the entire time won't be distributed at one point. I don't. I still don't believe that it will get the ethical release because that is tough. You know, movies are made a year, right? I mean, it's gonna be a hundred. Five thousand five thousand feature films are made a year screen. Theatrical ear sucking US. Four thousand nine hundred ninety, but seven hundred fifties. And it used to be just four fifty. You just a few years ago. So that number's gone up because a lot of limited release. They only show for a week or two. But yeah, five thousand feature films are made a year may many of them on your camcorder or your iphone, which that's why there's so many now and only about seven hundred of those or so get to actually show in theater and Hannity show for more than a week or shoes. I would say probably that number is more like two hundred eighty. That's what what's what's. What's what? What number give me a number that the production that the distributor would have to come back to you with to even continue the conversation? Whatever. Give me a number where I got on the one side. What no sites like I'm not taking that bait listeners wanna know. I don't know. I don't know. It's not really about that. It's about what can they do for me in the future because this is all about making the next. That's what it's all about. It's not about paying the bills. Now you want less me one hundred percents ship and guaranteed direct ten more is not bad, and this is also a distributor starting point. This is this is also a distributor that you of you've heard of their movies. Every I would say, ninety five percent of everyone listening to this these words that I'm saying video. You have. Heard of those. You have heard of the movies that they have some of the movies that they have distributed. So it's a real distributor. I love that. Hey, congratulations. If nothing comes of it, that's still a very cool feathering your cap. But I don't Ames here and let's move on. Let's move on with the. Let's split I Jame Knicks second link confessed. The flex we've seen in the past week Anderson. You assign me one hundred percent ownership, one hundred hundred. That's that's where after that to know go, you sign me if I did the old man of the gun, the old and gone yes in theaters. Now rented directed by David Lowery barely in theaters right now. Barely. How many years is it in right now to really two on west of the Mississippi Jesus. Arizona. I think maybe more writer, director of a ghost story, which we both enjoyed anes embodies saints as well as he's bragging. Do know. You're okay. Tally reviewed, highly review, its slowest Faulk very Malecki. It's only ninety minutes. We're ninety minute movie slow. That's bad sign. What are you talking about? Talking about. Let's talk about the gun. So slow also ninety four minutes. That's true scant yeah, ninety three is, but I have skin ninety ish minutes based on the true story of force Tucker and his data scape from San Quinn at the age of seventy two, an unprecedented string heist that confounded authorities and chain of public. That's the log line. However, you don't really find out about his escape or escapes as it may be till towards the say reveal, we're going to do a little patriot first time in a few weeks. Now now where you and I going to talk about this and we're going to spoil the fuck out of it because maybe the best part of the movie can't really be talked about without spoiling the fuck out. Okay. I see what you think that is by rector by David Lowery and Britain. I'd ever lower based on the article on New York's New York, New yorker article by David, Graham, and this is a story with the same title. The same headline was man in the gun, the old man and the gun was the title of the article. And that's what this movie was based on. I don't like movies that are based on articles a lot of time because they are dole. Might be up for one of those. I did not dislike starring Robert Redford. I should point out this space. Casey Affleck as many of David Larry's films are any Glover Tom, Tom waits eighty nine percent run tomatoes, eighty nine percent high. I don't dislike this movie. I appreciate it for what it is. I think my parents if they were both alive, my mom is would both appreciate it. I think the older generation will definitely appreciate this movie. It's a love letter to films from the seventies. Yes, that's one of the reasons why think Danny Glover, but Robert Redford and basic were cast. Also a level editor, Robert Redford's career. I was with, I saw with some people who picked out many references to Robert Redford films Easter eggs from. Throughout the more you like Robert Redford and I know a lot of older folk who don't listen to this here. Bucking program would love his movie. I also was entr well, not only because because because of. David lower, but obviously, you know, I'm willing to give. He may one of my favorite movies the last decade in a go story. I was also interested because I had been hearing that Robert Redford said, this is a great movie to go out on. This is the last movie I'll do. We've all seen plenty of I read for movies in our lifetime, right? A lot of nice ones go out. He is since pulled back on that statement and said, maybe not. Let's see where this goes share getting an Oscar nod for LV justified and then maybe a couple more big paychecks in the old man's career. So so here's a story. It opens up if you've seen the trailer, you pretty much the entire all information about this. I knew almost nothing about it, which is great on number of drillers it. I should also say that when I say it's a love letter to the seventies film era in nineteen eighty eighty one pretty much takes place over a year in many different cities. Many of which are like mid west Texas, and he shot it on on old grainy film stocks, look and feel it's a movie from the seventies about the eighty early eighties and. It opens up with him robbing a Bank, and he goes inside and the does thing, and he's very polite and he shows his gun and it's very different from what we've all experienced as filmgoers. I don't think many of us have experienced an actual Bank robbery, but many of us I've seen them in, oh, top pink robberies. I'm almost positive on heists dot Bank, robbery, specific. I don't know if we have. Because this was good. So he goes, any shows is gone very polite. And then he high tells it out of there. There's a brief chase. He pulled off to the side of the road. See Sissy space happens to be on the side of the highway, working on our truck broke down and he ends up striking up conversation and using her as a front to get away from the police, the police as well. They go to have coffee at a diner and they spoke up a relationship. Did I care about the relationship? Not really. I didn't really care too much. It was nice seeing those too old icon actors on screen together. When you tell have heist films back in twenty twelve, right? I don't think we'd Bank robberies, so then continue. He lies to her, and then we continue to see his exploits as a Bank robber with his two henchmen or is two partners. Danny Glover and Tom waits who play they're like his getaway, their partners compasses the main gay compasses and face man. That's pretty much the movie. That kind of happens throughout the movie over and over. Again. There's a lot of Easter eggs for Robert Redford lovers like Brian Luthuli indeed. And. Look. I mean to the point that when the opening credits are happening, they got the, I'm sure they did this imposed. They made this happen on purpose that the opening titles are bouncing a little bit like in the frame. This is a movie that I imagine quitting tarintino probably masturbating later. I don't have as much to say about this as you do. I'm very curious to see what you want to talk about the spoiler section because to me, this was a very fine, very fun pleasant, little movie, like a kinder, gentler version of heat all the way down to, you know, the the aging Bank robber who falls in love, and he's trying to balance relationship, but also trying to rob banks. Then there's the whole cop story with his relationship and his which is very mad Trumpy it's troby seen it and liked it. It's kind of pleasant period piece. Great moments in this movie, though, the couple really great moments. Also Daniel hard to the the music as well. He was. Imposer and he's the same composer the did the glorious magnificent score for go story and you would. There's one section where you can tell it's the same guy. Other than that, the composers doing whatever the directors asking them to do which is completely different tone. There's also music throughout most of this kind of helping you along telling you feel it's a slowest fought movie, and we recommend this or listeners. In my opinion, you could do a lot worse. This is a objective, fairly smooth, fairly three star move for me out of five here. I'm going to be honest with you. I thought at your horrible theater right also, I don't know if you realize we're not that show Brian. I don't like to talk about this, but it's happening a couple times when I'm gone, you're horrible theater over here pavilion, and if I don't get like prima spot on the first level after go down, like subterranean de realize the bunch of I would imagine homeless miscreants use that as a toilet. I'll did not realize that if you park into wall, but one hundred three stalls against the wall, you will see the defecation really did not know that Tara never once a counter that terrible. That would be terrible. The horrible way to start my evening when I'm going to watch old Robert Redford movie. Yeah, it probably hasn't been cleaned up in the ninety minutes at your horrible feeder that you love what the deputation died down below. That's the mall now, the theater, but it's regular theater. You go in there and. They have some. Some young punk will come in and tell you what movie you just paid to employees, terrible. Why are you gonna come in and tell me which movie now. I've always thought, have you ever seen anyone run theatre panicked? I've always thought like what is that for? It doesn't do any good bubble be, but you know what? It does do harm when they give you misinformation. This fucking guy. Did he comes in and goes, hey, welcome to the landmark theater. You'll be seeing man on the gun with a Runtime one hundred and thirty four minutes. That means that many of you will go over your party said, and I'm looking at the client. I'm thinking fucked up and I miss read because I've done it before. I'll read an hour, thirty four and one hundred thirty minutes share different, right, huge discrepancy there. So he's telling us that like you know where to go to get parking validation, we're still gonna have to pay a couple of bucks. Probably all this bullshit information. I don't know if he's being harmony Korean, punk ass just a fuck people. So that's incompetent. It's incompetence. I think people applauded anyways. What are you? Applaud that guy. What are you. Mission. So he leaves and I'm now on panicking. I'm terrified in the cedar because people for wreak out which I appreciate, but they fall wreak out if they see any elimination coming from a device. So I want to look it up on my phone. Normally. Doc, my my, my crappy AMC theater, whip out the phone asks Riddick hey, Surrey. How long is this? This leader terrified because they clap at the end of movies and stuff and pretentious FOX so hundred sitting there going. Is it an hour and thirty four or is it a hundred hundred? Four minutes. I'm going back and forth. Luckily, this movie, there's plenty of time for me to think about these things as long stretches long stretches where I can just imagine the things and a really got interesting though when it got into the third act because I'm like, okay, now is there another hour left another ten minutes. On your way? Yeah, I could see on either going back to that was distracting, but you know what? Looking back on it now it might have actually help the process along because it gave an added element of excitement, attention Spence, so that fuck I didn't have the advantage of that I knew as a few minutes or is it, or is it? Why don't we do that door? Listen, this is not a bad movie is not a dull, pulling your hair going wanted to make this movie. There's constantly something going on this constantly something to look at this constantly. Some good acting going on and some. Things that you'll remember it's not a best picture nomination a might. They might give him a nomination. This is basic. Much though she didn't do a whole lot of react to him. Yeah, this is definitely throwback movie and I appreciate it for what it is. I questioned the timing of it. I think it would have been better at March movie and less. They're actually hoping on these nominations. So I do have a few things I want to talk about that. I can't talk about September feels right. Tober came out in September October fifth is when they really. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, take your parents. Indeed. If you mean to spend time with your parents like, you know, you're, you're not putting in a nice way to take them out, not actually have to spend that much time with them and take them to see an hour and thirty minutes or one hundred thirty four minutes. This is catch me if you can with a Walker. This is this is catch can come with you probably will because I have. There's a great scene is one of my favorite scenes of the year actually happens in a bathroom in this movie, and I can't really talk about it. So we'll talk about that on the the patriots spoiler Rick episode. What else I saw him I, this is one that I I'd heard about forgotten about and when I saw it again, it was like, oh yes, I'm gonna see that documentary called love. Gilda love Gilda MOF Congo loretteville Gilda Radner twenty eighteen documentary vailable now a working one science graduated with music documentary, and he's going back comedic documentary. I'm gonna go back median documentary. This is inefficient on the one hundred theatres right. Nice bureau film with this is about one hundred seaters right now. So maybe playing near you also vailable to stream on Amazon prime right now. I think it's six dollars, seven dollars just like the price of a bargain matinee. Adrift by Lisa Dopp Alito Lisa d'appel. Lido is a feature debut her first ever film. Turns out. So I did not. So what do you know about Gilda Radner that she was the lead female comedian on us and on their early seventies from, I think the show's inception there from the beginning. She was in fact the first person ever cast Michael with building the cashier. Remember I used to do that. I produce SNL show for terrestrial radio there for about three or four years. So I I'm familiar with early catalog. I to suffer through that for paychecks, Dow. Okay. Well, then you must Gilda Radner her doing a lot of things. A lot of things that I found unfunny because I didn't really find anything from that era. They're really interesting. So. This might not be up. Your alley certainly was up mine and we were talking about Robin Williams. It's a couple of weeks ago and his early seven seventy I cringe. But then like as we progress, we've got like more contemporary, that's right. Found a funny. I don't know. That must just be a generational thing. I could see that you're not gonna get the same thing out of Gilda Radner 'cause she tragically passed away in nineteen eighty nine of ovarian cancer, which is of course covers she was just forty two years old. I almost no perception of her post SNL and I thought I, which is weird because everyone of big Senate life fan. I claim to be, but I didn't know much about her post SNL life and I was always assuming, oh, she died shortly thereafter. Ono who was a good decade after she left us an Elvis, she passed away. Of course she was battling cancer a lot of that time, but she was also healthy lot time. She Geeta wilder of course, but she really struck. Oh, shrug. A lot of things film covers a lot of her personal demons. She had eating disorder. She's actually goes around, we all know we can all picture her. She played Roseanne Rosanna Danna LIZA loop Nerva all the alva- characters, famous characters speaking Indonesian characters. Then language Rosana, Asian, Indonesian. I don't know if it is. I don't understand what you're saying. I don't character. Let them saying is she's very recognizable personalities, you stand, but as a child turns out, she was really overweight, you'd actually fat kid and she struggled with eating sorter for for for majority of her adult life covered a lot of things. I didn't know about her such as she really struggled with like wrestling with fame. I keep in mind when she was on SNL. It was a phenomenal like she was overnight famous. A lot of people who become famous on TV, for example, work their way up there a little bit famous, a little more famous, sorta what overnight she and the rest of the cast. Were she part of a national Epinal she well, the national limp, you would know this part because she was in the national instant radio hour and we would've seen that portrayed in drunk stupid. What was it called? Drunks to whatever the drunk stoned, stupid, brilliant dead or whatever. Also on the Doug Kenney movie futile stupid gesture. Do we look fest together? So anyway, that's covered stupid gesture. I was bothered by willful taste portrayal. You really his portrayal of Kenny, Kenny, Kenny forte. Just being forte, believe me. I love him, but I don't know if he's really the kind of guy to tackle actual poaching me post post office human humus. I dunno if he'd be playing real people this this film had a couple of things going for one was it actually had access to Gildas like private diaries and writings and things job down to herself. Good. They had a number of recent s an alumni. They had my root off Bill Hader any polar Milton McCarthy is falling over themselves reading. Now they're reading in her voice, and it was pretty pretty compelling interviews with Chevy Chase Lorne, Michaels, Laurie Newman. Yes, this is good. I enjoyed it very much. Think I'm predisposed to liking this love Gilda is as right, a Miley. It's about something that I love an error that I don't know as much about and a Persian. I don't know much about even though Gilda Radner is one of those iconic people from comedy that everyone should at least be aware of her name. Yes, in fact, and you're going to see a lot of the characters that you know a lot about the, you know, I don't. I don't know that much about that era. I had to cover it. I watch them all from beginning to end, but I did not ever attached myself to resonate with me. It spends actually a lot of time on her pre SNL comedy career, like moving around the country doing sketch comedy. Yeah, you're gonna make it kind of treading water. Exactly. It's also refreshing that you didn't die of a drug. Overdose, very talks about our friends who John. Blue John Belushi and how she dated a shed. A lot of the comics, but Bill marina relationship. Tell people to watch this movie. Do you li- I want you to understand that. Okay. The no, I am predisposed to liking this and I liked it a lot which is that most people will at least like this a little bit like a sixty minutes piece gone on for ninety minutes. No, it's done little artfully than that. I loved the fact that it some I narrated Gilda Radner herself from an audio book that apparently never was never came to fruition. So it's got, it's it's its treads the line between sixty minutes special and like montage of heck the Kurt Cobain documentary, which was very unavo- call artful, but very stylized falls in the middle. I saw a movie that I wanted to see back in February. I think when it was released and doodling, unfortunate series of events, failed emails and miss communications. I was never gifted a link Brian and my my own sensibilities. Got the best of me and I refuse to pay the five ninety nine which is absurd. I know, but I I was so excited to see bomb city bomb, city bomb city. I should've said you don't want fuck it. I'm going to pay five ninety nine. I'm going to get the filmmaker. James, James Brooks, Jamie Brooks, Jamie's Jamie, Jamie Brooks. I'm going to give them a little taste little taste, the Amazon money and I didn't. It's punk rock movie Brian. It's a movie about a punk rocker named Brian Denki and. True life stories based on true life story of something that occurred in the hand of the years. Actually, really that a parent, I would say mid to maybe eighty seven eighty six in Texas and Marill Texas is bouncing bomb city, Morello, Texas, and actually explain why didn't understand the title when researching this movie for I saw it, it is now streaming for free or free in the sense that it's including your Amazon prime package. So if you are familiar with mom city. And you heard me talk about it or you it on your, you heard about it on your own and you've been wanting to see it now available on Amazon prime streaming there, and you can sit down and enjoy this one hour and thirty five minute movie under five minutes hour and thirty five Brian's callback. And I don't really respond to those on really respond to coal Bax to lowest form of comedy. It really is pretty low. Then puns. Scat now that's pretty fucking low bomb city. So as stated Brian Denki, it's the story of Brian Denki who was a punk rocker. He lives in a bit of a flop house with other punk rockers. Those of you who are familiar with suburbia Brian, you're familiar with. I've seen this is an updated version of suburban bully, a much higher quality version of suburbia. Okay. I would like to better acting, however, Jason Brooks, but Jamie Brooks for this for this one, you went by Jeannie Brooks, that's the director and writer of of this film. Bomb city based on true life events. I would like to say that it's much better versus suburbia, but it's not because it's not as fun. There's not as many quotable lines and the acting is about equally stiff. I was a little bit disappointed to see that the acting lows fucking stiff. You know, you have a lot of real actual life punk rockers that are in this movie and some of them aren't the most talented or. Qualified of actors and it's distracting. However, the execution of the movie might be over style as the times with slow motion. And the lighting is I liked the lighting. Actually, it was a bit much, but the real Selam movie, the real thing that makes us movie. I would imagine stick and drive. It's point home is if you're not familiar with Brian Brian Denki story, I unfortunately was already familiar with the story. I knew how it ended and the whole construct of the person. No. But if you listen to punk rock, you know about things. I really relate to the punk rock. Section of our society because of the way that they're from the time. I was a young teenager. I love the idea of having a mohawk still a nice guy and opening the door for an old lady is blowing people's minds. Okay. Look, I'm still a good person even though I look fucking asshole. I hate the whole judge a book by Trevor jocks. I hate like. Conventional wisdom. I shit. What if I can't read too good, how all right. I got a disability there, but as far as what's going on in today's society with the news, it's happening right now. This is very interesting. A little heavy handed. Actually, I should say a lot having handed at times which is also disappointing. There's a scene with a puppy that was just gratuitous just to prove a point like, hey, look, he's a really good guy. This is fruitvale station for white punk rockers punk rockers in general, but it's it's like the white, whether we have our fruitvale station Ville station. This is it. I wanted to love this movie. I wanted to really, really enjoy it. I liked it and I think that some people who don't see as many movies and art that jaded as far as storyline go, they might enjoy it. If you wanna see the punk rock story, and if you want to, if you don't know the actual story, how it went down, I think you might have your socks blowing at least down to your ankles. Is this fairly accurate from your perspective from you for what you know, Brian Dennehy? Yeah, some cartoonish one dimensional characters on the other side, unfortunately. But it's it's, it's the story of the socials and the greeters. Jocks and the punctures. This guy's and. I wanted to love his movie, but you don't check it out bomb city. Also they talk about it being bombed city because I guess that's one of the biggest bombs, one of the biggest. Nuclear atomic bombs was housed in Texas. So it also was one of the main targets for the Cold War and lot of people live there. Especially the young people realize that, like, hey, I think a lot of young people listen to this. They don't realize what we went through in the eighties. Like there's many people who believe that any moment we could be just wiped out. We live with earthquakes out here in California. You know, people have hurricanes tornadoes, you can see them coming a little earthquake. So it's kind of like same as earthquakes any second giant and kill us at any second. We could find out that we're about to be, were we're gamed, and that was a reality in the eighties. And this was a big selling point in the movie because I'm really Texas, I guess, was one of the main places where in the United States where they had one of the the big doomsday bomb and actually touch on this in the movie. They talk about how they believe that they're going to be the first one wiped out by the nuclear holocaust because of their house. Very. Bleak outlook on life. And as a result, we have this puck movement. Yes, wow. Bomb city bomb, city veil on Amazon prime. If I saw this movie fifteen years ago, I'd love it. And unfortunately jaded expect more punk rock cinema. Up next. We will start to play the musical times and look at his watch, and then federally the music. Again, people hear music. Sure. Coming up next, we will do you type suicide. John. Oh, somebody made smart delightful purchase on on Amazon, Amazon banner, this top Ryan Anderson dot com. And there's Brian engine run. Come over the place Anderson Brian with a wide com. Do you know what the purchase was I, how would I probably not. Guests gives a randomness close. You get. A rain slicker, very, very, very off someone got the complete Calvin Hobbes box set. I have. I have this buck set in my in my home. Love. It's bound good to ops. He's very religious. No, no. Do you know what to ask? How much about Calvin house on a lot of Ford's bootleg, actually not not approve that was that actually is kind of a semi because is kind of everywhere. At least it was for a long period of time. Did you know there was no, never at at Bill Watterson request. There was never any Calvin Hobbes merch never any official. Calvin Smerch. There was a couple of things made for distributors and pry because God's wishes. Religious at all. Did we cover dear Mr. Watterson and yeah. Yeah, I I wanted I wanted desperately Mr. waters into being there. Did you see what's going on? I'm lost right now. What are you guys documentary called? Dear Mr. Waterson Bill Watterson miss to Robbins. Bill Watterson is the creative Calvin and Hobbes, and he's bit of a recluse. He quit doing Calvin Hobbes kind of all of a sudden on a nineteen. God told stop. That's weird. The religious thing. He's religious, not at all, and he's never put another Calvin hops out, which is crazy. And there was a whole documentary made about it called damage to waters and they didn't talk to miss water. And she told me that watch that, I still should I saw years it's my recollection is it's only kind of good and because they only cover half the story, obviously they didn't cover his low of the bible that's so strain. There's they wanted to. There's they wanted to. There's really nothing religious about him aside from my religious enjoyment of it, you know what it might be might be the bootleg stickers. Not only did they have him, you're eighty two, they had them praying. The Jesus cross does wore. Those are bootlegs nothing. You did weird that Jesus Christians would bootlegs. Yeah. Other than that would be some Butthead or like, you know. Should do cartoon figures. I wanna see. I wanna see. Cartman like praying to sit at a synagogue. 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That's for two and a fire TV cube hens free with Alexa and four k ultra HD streaming media player. Thanks. You actually done. Thanks for the by the stuff. Held the movies here. This last say, Benny better luck tomorrow. The wide screen addition better tomorrow, the widespread mission. I love seeing that better luck tomorrow made Bryan watch it. He assigned received two weeks ago do see the wide screen edition with my eyes yet. It's always what buddy. Curiel was click through. That's say that Japan, a mation movie Japan, a mation, moody. I've never seen that cure. Quincy, the white screen TV's originated in Asia. Oh, okay. Why these jokes, Brian, why they don't go wide up. They go. Why not? Fan phantasm. Three Lord of the dead was click throughs wells phantasm four, oblivion, Halloween, four k. the blues brother's unrated. Sorry, wrong number. The greatest showman and solo Star Wars story. People aren't bonus. We'll start to pick up their Halloween with bonus content, Halloween, viewing dramamine parties, perceptive. Pass me using Baskin Baskin. Oh, seeing Baskin. Hala weans. Baskin what you know what baskins a big thing over in cinematic. So I'm gonna have to bring Baskin Robbins asking, it's a Turkish horror film. You might be joints in Baskin. All right. Thank you. Yes, please basket for Brian Baskin for bribery. All right. Back to the program. Why they're Katy Perry the film bolts on Anderson, Brian dot com. Welcome back off termi up pregnant. Kripke up. Yeah. Well, the MAC, every time to countdown suicide teams. I'll be honest Anderson, not a topic to research. Nobody noticed fun. I almost forgot about this movie that I will be flipped us next week that I've already seen, but I didn't want to elongate this episode needs, Leslie that is hold the dark, the new Germany soon. Yang fill the one that's settled leak. Winter Balik winter. Yes, I did stomach it. I forced it down because I, you know, Jeremy's on. Yeah, he's one of my favorite new filmmakers and I will be wide flick vest that next week. Listen, people are especially our listeners down on it. Maybe it's because I went in with low expectations, but kept me guessing actually joined it. If I knew I'd who's filmmaker was I would be curious as to what else is person did that being said, I will flick fess the new Jeremy Sonia film available now on flex next week on on the program. Good. Laura's plant one theater near us. What does it mean to play in theaters? Because you can. Watch it as part of your your Netflix, fuck looks package. It's right. Fuck trimming streaming. So yeah, it's it's worth talking about. We'll be talking about the next week if you wanna watch it. And then here who's my thoughts on it next week you can do that. You have a full weeks at Izzo for I would say for free. It's not for free. 'cause you pay whatever your subscription. Seven ninety nine ninety nine. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know guy takes care of it. Your AB guy. That's right, right. You guys pay for the four k. package for your nice TV's suck the no, not because I watched the four k. in the bedroom with the wife it, she doesn't give a shit if it's four k. SD care VHS. She's on the Fourcade baggage. How do you wouldn't that only work for things that are shot in four k? Yes. Netflix originals are all in forecast originals. I wash stand. This movie would be one that would make. I have not bought into the four k. honestly, I didn't really buy the Blu Ray. I, I'm not. I'm not Mr. perfectionist with the technology, laser disc, man, I'm more of a fun well told story, characters and lines become rewind. There are some movies, obviously. The brighter, the more clear the better, but I'm not one of these Nazis Dunkirk on the four k. got sick saying is breaking bad, looks really good and four k. it looked really good on unfor case. Yeah, on t- TV. Okay, easy. But he can kick back. I wish. Four k. Logan stop paying you. Let's go over, hey, Anderson. Can we make and make a gentlemen's agreement? No. That's that's most on brand moment you around Joe most brand on brand moment, the show mouse just died their mouse's down. Very Hombre. Yes. Well, what is the gentleman's agreement next week? We do a fun top-five. Yeah, something a little more. Did you're the one who's pitching suicides? I text. Is it good topic off two or three different weeks in a row? And finally, I'm like, all right, fine. We'll do your guide him suicides so listener suggestion. Andy, Andy, Andy Cohen? Nope. Any Andy chat and he shows me what was his name? Crest. Andy crest. Andy. Chris. Thanks to Chris for bringing a showdown Hong crests. I use this as an opportunity to talk about very. Hipster centric. Digging on. I think that you have is these. You may have seen one, and if you have seen one of them, it's because I signed it to you. Okay. May have not seen any five. You might not have digging deep, you almost start then because I don't want to lose the listener so fast. Yes. Number one revived area suggests we're gonna lose listeners of my my, my my picks stick with us guys. It gets better Stemmer fly for me. The interrogation room seen in prisoners. See now you gotta prefaces to this is going to give away all of these give something away to some extent. I suppose problem with this topic is not really. I mean. I don't know there's seeing in prisoners twenty thirteen's prisoner. Love that movie directed by Desmond on Denis Villeneuve, starring Jake Jilin hall of LOKI and show favorite David dust mal Sheehan as kidnapping suspect Bob Taylor, David decimal Tsim from as creepy weird guy from great night. A lotta. He's also he's also in Amen. Amen. And the second man movie both in the x. men by the way he is. He was like Charles friends with the show zone, Gina grad that doesn't interest me. We should get him on the show. His name sounds charger stores universe. If anyone knows David, 'Small chino, wait cheated knows very, very Star Wars universe name. No, decimal Sheehan. Yeah, very, was he a Star Wars movie? We should have them on though. I love that guy's face. I love his face got actor the demons to deal with. I read an article that guy he was down on his luck and give them a leg up. I credit is first caller for a while. Yeah, Chris, Chris, Nolan, gag give him a hand. Not job and where you give them a job? Yeah, a hand not not Nunziata glory. That show we are in prisoners, David desk, small Chen, Google that guy is knows face for sure. He is so creepy. He's a kidnapping suspect. His name is Bob Taylor, LOKI arrest him and put them in a tear Gatien room where he, he is drawing. He he, he comes across as mentally disturbed. Not all together and he's drawing what he says. It will be a clue or map, but instead it's a maze puzzle is going good movie really is underrated movie and LOKI physically confronts, I would say, assaults him mysteriously drawing mazes scuffle ensues to other officers, intervene to pull tech LOKI off the suspect and during which. Firearm gets taken and used not on other people, not unlike Manchester by the sea, but not successful Manchester by this. That's right. It's very similar then very, very disturbing, very shocking. You see. Violence number five for me. Two thousand sixteen. Christine, chuck. Yes, someone list number two kidding me. No, it's not. That's not fucking prick Christine, chubby. What are you? Christine existing names. Ranville Rebecca hall played Christine, Christine chubby. Very. Convincingly shoes, the best part of Christine 2016 film. Well, the feelings, Christine Antonio Campos. This is the story of Christine chubby a nineteen seventies TV reporter struggling with depression in professional frustrations as she tries to advance her career, which ultimately winds up with a live on air broadcast. Remember this suicide. This is a shot gun shot. I also have I should tell you of my suicides to our gunshots. One is d. cap make that to decal and one is a self decapitation. One of two d. cap too is d- cap cap Haitian. So say suicide. We'll get, but my number five is Christine. This is the most readily accessible. Most. Most of our listeners are probably are familiar with this one of my five twenty sixteen film very slow and plotting film based on a real life story. Christine Chuck who actually did this. She was on mentally ill obviously, and she she was betting biting heads with her co workers, this stars, Michael hall, and Tracy Letts. The writer of bug and killer. Joe Tracy, Letts, Brian gotta love that Tracy, Tracy last. This is call Christine 2016 and we go into the movie knowing that she ultimately kills herself on the live broadcast. That's the whole movie. So it's kinda weird knowing that the only reason. Yeah, knowing her name. Yeah, this is why she never ascended to Brokaw status. You know what I mean? Yeah, we perhaps we'd know her person, indifferent life, Rebecca hall killed it like a lot of people, but you don't say probably a poor choice descriptive. But she she's, she was great. A lot of people thought she probably should have been up for maybe best actress at your twenty sixteen that's number five. I have one, two, three gunshots suicide evolved guns. One that is a next leading on one one of and one that is on your list could be and one that involves no windows window window. I wonder, is it a hanging. Number four. When those? No, no, not when. I guarantee this is on your list. You know, there's a whole sub section I could. We could have saved. We could've saved it, but I started to include one the whole subsections. Sometimes suicides enters underplayed for laughs. Sometimes suicide your played for humor often is that happens occasionally airplane. There's a series of people kill themselves because Ted striker's stores various airborne Gary Sanders. Ted striker can be a little long winded. Also groundhog day is a series of humorous suicides. Grotto true. Same with killed. I repeat. Why did I say that? I just Morrow. That's right. A series diary. Suicides he kinda like just gives in after a while. He doesn't put much of a fine. They're gonna happen and it'll just start back player. One. Hauer. Why did I say we'll live that repeat. Now you're hurts me enough time. They they worked Vialli finally beat me down the cops. This one involves my clip. Number four for me is played for laughs as comedy humorous. The only the only time I'll be laughing, yuck it up with somebody. Only nothing humorous film. I'm quite fond of shimmy. He washes again, kids hall bring candy. No kids in the hall brain candy, nineteen. Ninety-six Kelly Malkin Mackin mulk in. That up, Chris, the main character. He's the inventor of antidepressant medication, huge success and upon celebrating the success of the drug, the drug, the team's been working on for a long time. He confesses out drinking confesses one of his coworkers. His dad, in fact suffered from depression. And that's part of the reason why he wanted to make like this, which led to this tragic suicide loan play. There's a flashback of young, Chris, and his dad. It's come home from work and his dad is. Gloss FM. You got a guy, he's he's happy. He says, are you son? Did you clean the windows? He's like sure. Did data to not part of the clip, and he says. Did you fold? The laundry is certainly dead. Did you clean the gun? Did you clean the gun? Sup is dead. Good sun. Okay. I'm going side goes inside slowly and his briefcase opens of the papers fall out, and he just goes. And it goes inside and little little. Chris goes back to work on his bicycle out of the front yard, and this is what happens is what here's. Two hours later, he hit a vital organ. Died. It's like a Adam Sandler sketch early albums, so stupid logging, you love that. All right, Logan, shrug more visual gagging. Number four for me. Two other foot wonder how should do this unraveled. I had included humorous. All right. I'm tell toy the title, the movie. I'm gonna read you the background about two thousand moving up. This is a gunshot. Setting Ryan from Wicky, although sold for distribution to some thirty countries. The film was not shown in the United Kingdom after director once as name, say his name, Larry Clark assaulted mic alpine. The head of the UK distributor for the film Clark is alleged to have been angry over mcalpine's remarks about nine eleven Clark was arrested and spent several hours in custody and McAlpine was left with a broken nose to film not been released in the United States since its initial screening at the telluride film festival. Two dozen to Clark says that this is because the producers failure to get copyright releases for the music used. I heard otherwise I heard it was more because of Australia's reasoning for banning the film forever. The film was also banned in Australia due to its graphic sexual content and portrayals of underage sexual activity was refused to classification by the Jillian classification board on June six doesn't matter to three a protest screening. Hell. ELD and Sydney, Sydney, Australia, hosted by esteemed film critic, Margaret. Pomeranz was shut down by the police, the film. Remains film remains banned in Australia to this day and is not being successfully appealed. I'm talking about Ken park. Ken park is the name of the movie, two thousand two. He cannot find it here in the United States because it is still banned Larry Clark director of kids. It's not even listen IMDB to find, is it wait. There's a film for two thousand two called cutting horse. No, Ken is that retitled? I don't believe so. I've never heard of cutting horse. Atol you're talking about Ken park, the name of the movie. Ken park comes from the title character's name, which is can park. His nickname in the film was crap neck because that is Ken park backwards. Here's a fun little acquintance. Quincy dental, Adam choke actor Adam chubby. Ken park is in crap neck backwards. Very backwards Ryan, what your problem is. Yeah. Park. Okay, I didn't. Why do you gotta derail everything because I go back to your. Yes, Amway's. You got an only that, but so is Vic name is crap neck in this movie out of Chubb. Nick actor, not known by many people probably out of Trump Nick about. I do like the fact that his last job, his last name lines up with my number five, which is Christine, Chuck. Right. So Ken park two thousand two lyric Clark's movie. I remember I had to buy this on. I was a big fan of lyric Clark and everything you did back then mainly, namely because of him in harmony Koreans. Kids and other said, movies, gum, oh, and whatnot, but some weird. I'm not gonna make sense of all this. Now right now, if you if you type in Larry Clark and Kapadia there are there suggests results. The first one is Larry Clark. The second one, Larry, Kark clerk Clark parentheses filmmaker. So I assume that there was a lyric Clark with maybe a politician or some. You know, some others better goes somewhere. Good delivery. Clark filmmaker is a different lyric Clark filmmaker who is much less celebrated and directed a film called whatever. I just said something horse. So you're talking about the internet, isn't that weird how those Harkin? Larry Clark filmmaker, but they're both. Filmmakers can park was written by harmony Coron and it's based on Clark's journals his upbringing, and he actually wrote number Brian number of drafts before he hired harmony Coron, who else? Hired for two right kid? Well, actually I don't think he hired him to kids. He comedy Korean row kids, and Larry Clark directed, but it's more of the same. It's very, very raw. It's very uncomfortable at times. The main storyline believe it was a cover. The poster was a young boy. In between the legs of a of a mother. He was having a relationship with said, mother. There are there are people in twined on this this year. Post that I'm looking at. That's not the original postal. So one of the jury, one of the main storylines was one of the mink. This story. I it follows like fifteen year old like punk kids who are escapers and whatnot. It's it's not unlike kids, however, hard to find over here. And one of the main cares is probably the most likeable character in the movie. He opposite to be has girlfriend who any happens to be having sex with his girlfriend's mother and they show very graphic scenes. There's one scene in the movie where a boy ties a rope to his believe. It's a belt from robe, any ties it to the doorknob, and then he mashed rates do completion. You actually see him complete the task Bryant fluids and rope and whatnot. Ropes Brian working groups are produced. It's very helps, hey, a guy that we used to work with you and I both used to work with somehow. He heard about this. And he knew that I had a copy of it. Beg me for a copy it. He was a creeper. Was that the bar? Nope, because he like movies, movies, bald villa. The black dude who was bald, he's talk to you about reverse wall time. Ken wasn't Ken way to soft for for really. Fella who didn't like me, but he liked young boys. So I'm gonna say, and he really wanted to copy this one. Oh, he's got his mitts on this one. Can you tweet the name of the person? Nope. Ken park this movie though. That's the original, right? They're fun. So suicide that I'm talking about though happens early on in the movie and a kid pleads early on, and it's a skater Katie. It says the main kid, it's Ken park and. Crap, Nick, and he's just skating escape park, right? He's going up and down ramps and goes up to a little platform, and he sits down and he sets up his little video camera on himself. You sit down on his on his backpack. So it's facing him and says splits, great. It's not split screen, but it's cut back and forth where we're seeing on the low deficit SD through the camcorder and he's kind of looking around and takes out a gun from his from his waistband, and he's kind of taking it all in right before he puts it up to his head with a big smile on his face, and it's very realistic and off putting and disturbing movie kind of is. Him and his story through the eyes of others who knew him and Larry Clark. I can only assume one of these kids who this fellow in his initial. It's raw. It's disturbing, doesn't pop light. Kids did kids also not a fun watch necessarily, but, oh, it's memorable. The sends unpleasant thousand to any years accidentally sides. No, because that's not an actual sues. What killing oneself is a suicide. I can make an argument like anyone who joins the military and then they get sent off to war. That's an accidental suicide. If you want to go down that route, right. They didn't. Dying by your own hand is but defines a suicide, friendly fire? No. What's your number three? This patricide. Number three, oh, man can park. This makes me think Anderson. Number three. When did you sniff tracks. Because we once did the human centipede number one, he took himself out. He did here. We're talking about the very end of a movie. I'm not gonna mention any more than. I did text you. Her fee? Yes. Her Drexel by direct, Tom, six. The suicide I'm talking about with shocking was absurd was unexpected, and was. Bizarrely motivated. If you members elaborate, perhaps you remember the. Do you remember the justification. Like it was all part of his master plan who Tom number one, doctor Hayder Hayder thinking new. The number one was going to do that. I feel like he was prepared very smart man. Well, remember he knew that it was one of the pas, plausibility. He was planning heaping Hyder was planning on drugging the detective when they came back of search warrant and making them of the because he was being annoyed by number one because he was to right talking too much Jesuits cuttlefish. Is that right? South park take, what would you like to eat? I forget what the other way it was either he's talking because centipede on south park was like, do you want me to have this banana? Or do you want me to eat cuttlefish? And she's like, oh, he's like, I can't understand you. I think you're telling me that I should beat the cuttlefish and she's like, no. Cuttlefish. Easy. What is this better being. Come up with. All right. I could say it's a horrible, racist, Asian accent. I think. And don't forget the the three. Dog was again in the upper hand, Dr hydrate, injured him the ducks coming back with an edible search warrant. So things were looking up for the three. And instead number one sided matters hands needlessly elaborate. Perhaps he decided he had lived about like, all right. Oh, you said enough. People really should see this movie because beyond its its reputation and the ridiculous absurd, centipede human, this is not about movie. It's a really good like horror thriller. It really is well-directed under percent. It really is kind of sad, the six wasted his talent on these other absurd moves came after it, which we're very different in tone style. He's he's a good horror film maker wished that he had got to do. I don't actually haven't looked him up in a while. Most impressive thing honestly is that it's one hundred percent medically accurate. Actually asked Dr drew on air. When I I sort of moving, I was very excited about is absurdity. And I asked him if I told him the whole premise and asked if it was accurate that no, of course not. No. He was offended years later when Katherine Fok Catherwood came on on the program. I remember him into having a long, long conversation about the movie and drew talking about how genius it was actually was acting talking shit about your. All right. Let's move on travel out of anger. Number three. This is a cat. Oh, now decapitation hell to competition. I'm very interested. Twelve fairly reason and intentional won. The Latin title is post ten abroad Lux. Oh, maybe watch this. Did I make you watch this? Unfortunately, host ten abroa- leaning on fortunate. So it's not a fun. Watch eye candy galore, Brian so much. Think about remember the Latin translate post ten abroa- Lux translates to light after darkness doesn't really help you. Title, all the various storylines going on in this movie directed by Carlos regattas can tell you this camped on film festival. They slurp this up with a spoon. I heard. I read actually one account years ago. There was a twenty minutes saying bation that's too long. That's absurd. I don't know if there's ever been a twenty minute standing ovation anywhere other than like maybe it Hitler camps because they know seats. I'm looking at my notes. I'm looking at my notes out there. You know, post tenability saying, I'm not saying a concentration camps. I'm saying like his own people. Remember those rallies. Maybe they'd stand there and cheer because he took all anywhere. Danny provides crashed you. I had to wait an hour and forty six minutes for the self beheading. So apparently it was I was promised towards the end, yes. And it's it's something that you'll remember I remember the opening sequence with the lightning in the on the pitch soccer pitch. That's kind of carved out of the middle of the jungle here in south south down down there in South America. And the why said here we're not the coordinates and South America, but one and here's the the buy one and his urban family live in the Mexican countryside where they joy and suffer a world apart. And nobody knows if these two worlds are complementary, or if they strive to eliminate one another, that's confusing byline. As you're ever read and the movie is confusing with all these different storylines going on. There's a neon devil, and there's like vignettes vignettes. It's definitely if you appreciate. Candy and cinematography that just watched the opening sequence. It was streaming for the longest time on, fuck lex or Amazon prime. And I gotta tell you that opening sequences wild horses running about, and this guy said, central America, South America, Central America. Mexico. I should have said that and he's on the soccer pitch. This literally carved out of the jungle a flatland and he's there with his daughter who was four years old maybe, and it's all hand held cameras, but really wide lens, and there's storm going on. It's one of the most. Memorable beautiful sequences you'll ever see. Nothing's really going on other than just the majesty of the actual seen the missing Brian, everything that's happening there in Israel and the fucking horses galloping listened to it. If you have av good av at your house, Brian guy. But if you've got like good surround sound and you know a good even to case are low, four k. would probably do a better turn for lights. Watch that opening sequence and you're transported. It's beautiful. Now by the end of the movie, he's very frustrated and there's a shocking sequence that involves him removing his own head. That was odd. It was odd. It's kinda out of left field as most things in this movie, but it doesn't fall well, let me just read from the book of pedia from the very first line under plot, the film deals with peculiar narrative, and it has a peculiar narrative. Is there a narrative? Now there's not that much. So not so much. So tell post ten abroa- miles is about t. e. n. a. b. r.. A s. believe or no, maybe ten Abro ten abroad? No ass. Right. Ten abroad. All right. Yes. Oh, there isn't it? I have a misspelled. Oh, my I thought there was an s there added that while posted abroad, we're all over the place coming up next. We will have some very different films from me. I understand. We got some Mondays football at online dot a. g. bet online dot AG online at AG is where they gave us. 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That's really not gonna do it anyway. I mean, I remember he had his own fake handle. I remember I sitting there a little kid and you call up on the rotary phone. He'd be like as zebra, his name zebra, really? Yeah, that was his codename put a dime down on the raiders on Oakland tonight. A dime. Yeah, ten bucks thousand. Oh, wow. I was on my college tuition. Yeah, I saw Assam gamble while you went to a state school. Brian, go to bed online dot. AG. Use that code podcast. One get a fifty percent sign of bonus at bet online dot a. g. Anderson. You've got your untucked. Did we talked about it? I'm looking know what I'm really excited. 'cause starting to get crisp outsized mine was little heavier material mines, long sleeve, and I did wear once, but I'm excited to wear it over to the studio. I'll be wearing this thing next week and the one time that did where it complements. Really. It's a modern looking cool shirt like it just makes you look good untuckit. We're talking untuckit though the geniuses that figured out that people like me and many others do not like to talk in the fricking button downs. You don't have to talk them anymore right now. In the shirt, untucked Ryan is wearing untucked. Sure. That is true. I had the same experience of the you did I think, whereas my wife looked at it and it was like, you know where that shirt normally try it, looking shirt, good looking shirt. I'll be wearing mine over here. The next extent we do untuckit read, I'll be wearing minds. We can talk about. Mine has caller, there's no caller. Oh, that's right. It's cool looking that is not assure you normally guys go to untuckit dot com and a different style on tuck it dot com. Check out all the new arrivals. If you use the promo code t. v. but stands for your favorite podcasts, you get twenty percents off your entire purchase t. v. and like I said, I actually approached podcast one about this here sponsor because I wanted them to be a part of the program because I believe in what they're doing. I don't like hooking shirts in when I first heard my first ad for on tuck it probably over a year ago now that is a sponsor. I wanted this program and I finally made the phone call on tuck it dot com promo code. We're back. Talk about the suicide scenes. Through. Fun. I'm so much fun. It's really good time. I'm having more fun than I thought I was. The research was the unpleasant, right? I don't know how you'd be research Brian, but mine obviously involves a lot of like watching video clips, looking at list, Google searches and one out, but also kind of laying around my own body many times when I'm trying to go to sleep or sitting in traffic, just kind of daydreaming about what our topic is and just reaching in my mind trying to think of the mind wander, and it's not fun when it's like this topic. Not fun. I agree. I've let. I'm sorry. I wish one thing I wish I had thought of that time was how many spoilers this would've all because I feel like we're not doing a very good job of dancing. We're doing a lot of dancing dancing around points. No, you know what, though anyone, as far as my three that up done so far. Ken park, it opens it. It's fairly early cursing. Chubb Aquino. It's happening. That's why there was a movie about her because she did that and post of our locks. Most people watch there's about sexy things even though I didn't know about it when I got to see it originally, I got to see early and I didn't know. So it kind of took me by sore, took me by surprise with post Lucks. But I think most people who have heard about this point, it's kind of the most infamous part. It's it's like hearing of the human centipede but not knowing anything about the actual resort. Yeah, I don't do that happens very often. However, probably happens every now and again. Oh, wow. What percentage of people going into? Don't know what it's about a lot of people out there, and there's a lot of ways to watch things number two for me. Happens the beginning the film. Thank God talk all about. It's also my answer. I don't like centipedes. They're creepy, but I like you humans. Oh, fifty. Fifty percents part of the title. I'm not sure what that poster is. It looks like they're in a shower, could be ecstasy or it could be torture. I see. I give it a shot. I give it a shot feeling lucky. Do you have a stock answer in? Because I know one of the things that hate is when people ask, what's your favorite movie of all time? I know you're so hard that godfather to because it's better than true. Actually, I'm I'm notorious for thinking that, but nasty that I possibly I have fifty movies I would use serious right now. Do you have an answering whole point of this show was definitive list weekend week out, but I wanna say that have never won or they can't say their number, their favorite movie. It's kind of absurd, really? What's your name on clockwork orange hands down a top ten gross. What I do have an answer, though. It's easy when you really, really going to sound a little bit like a shirt, but when you really really love them like you've actually gone through the the anti fantasy in your head of what if you had to give all movies up, but he could only have one. That whatever movie land on that your favorite movie transformers, two or three. My buddy Eric homes or for one of my editors for groupers. Super smart guy should be a film snob. Guess he is now, but he doesn't give a flock. Oh, tell you his favorite movie gremlins, but he probably knows more about movies than you and I, but he'll just sit there and go, I don't go fuck a stock answer. It's not stock. It's true. It's on its loves grandma's fucking. He drives a motorcycle right? Colorado Springs, and he's got like a gremlin stuffed animal on the. And he'll explain to you why it's the greatest movie. Wow. Okay. Well, I'm my point is I have an answer for when people ask me what the worst movie is ever seen. Is my number two because you're a negative dude. It's the happening the happening. There's way worst movies in the happy. I don't think there is way worse because my worst movie going experience viewership perspective, a more I day without him, I loved him. I never saw that Mexican so terrible. I loved him more. Didn't never. Dare you stream. Was blocked. It wasn't bad. The happening. Two thousand two. I'm not Salama all along thought you wanna get into why counter. There's a terrible movies out there. This Noman of room, the snowman or all of them terrible. Well, admins I've seen and there are many suicides in this movie because it is about plants, convincing people to kill themselves. So of course, many people kill themselves, but there is not your least favorite movie. It's the worst ever seen. I would watch it again right now, but it's the worst ever seen. I would I'd watch and laugh at parts of the word meant to be left at. There's a great scene to begin run. We've actually member, do you remember way back in the day? Was it a listener question episode of the first or second one we did this is years ago and someone asked, what do you guys have talked before about this scene or this movie is well directed, but doesn't mean it's good. What do you mean by that? And our example, we talked when we met in my example was in the happening, for example, a great scene where people are being overcome with these by plants and convincing themselves to kill themselves. And there's one scene that is in central park and it's from shot from a low angle, and you see a cop, what's obviously a police officer, and he pulls out his gun and shoots himself and he, he drops dead to the ground of the gun drops to the ground and bounces forward. And then. A passer by someone standing there by the whole shot is like ankle level, the camera, the camera tracks, and the guy the passer by walks over picks up the gun, shoots himself and as the gun draw take a long been a woman were going. It's a woman. Bit of a hor- gun picks up, won't picks up the gun yourself and what the what's well-conceived shot of blood trickling guy. It's a beautiful shot. It's a great shot and it's a terrible movie. But this this, this is a talent, this person directing talent, the movie, I feel like the movie, the ideal is there, and it just wasn't that well executed at times. And was there. I can imagine reading a book on a novel kind of an interesting story. You're right, you're right. The execution was extremely poor, but the execution, in this case for the actual tracking the Wanner with all the gun doing taking multiple. Victims was was well-conceived did. It was. So number two does multiple. The way you love to scream from the heavens to hate a movie so much. It's the film mental love to hate happening. I, it's because it's really bad. I need to watch. Oh streaming. We're doing a fucking sniff tracks actually. That wouldn't be bad. I'd be into that weight number two for me. This is a slit throat Brian, two thousand five when it came out when Michael Hanukkah mentioned Michael Hanukkah, Hannukah Hannukah Hannukah Hannukah we can read the happening with three bucks, Michael Hanukkah. It's not about option. Directed wrote and directed film called cachet. I love casher do the five. This is about a married couple who terrorized wine, a bunch of videotapes. VHS tapes show up on their porch, and you know what it is, Brian them having sex. It's it's very David Lynch, Ian. Okay. To the point that actually happened, I think this exact thing happened. They horrible crimes drive. It's surveillance tapes of them like the front of their house. What the hell. This is very, very slow burn. This is not a movie that I would recommend this movie that I really particularly enjoyed speaking of cons, easy, but Collins film festival, they loved cash as well. Eighty nine percent run tomatoes, people, love it. In fact, I read some board or something said, I'd say maybe best film that came out of the arts. That's the thousands. Two thousand has done. The the story is very ambiguous. Michael Hanoch who is a very provocateur, but very, he's wanted to funny games. Funny games Bryant. It ever forced to watch five games or the remaining made both of them. He made the home invasion movie. Right? So good bride. That was my first introduction, Michael Hanukkah. Then I'm watch Benny video and a more is one of my favorite movies ever made, but he doesn't fuck about the audience, does not care as is the case with cash. Funny games on film struck Phil funny game, so good. We need to Beijing and I can tell you right now. That might be number one. So. The original and you put it over your favorite phone vol time clock, right? That's the research it that's not on the research, television. Let me let me research. All right. So cash. I don't want to give too much away here, but the scene is startling and the man who the upper upper echelon, I should tell you it's starring Daniel, twelve and Juliette minoshe we don't Juliette, but no shredded. Yes. Shea been ocean. All right. So it's Majid's. Machine is a character that I'm talking about played by MAURICE a Chow Chow Murray's Benetton. You know, we all know Murray Spanish out. Stealing of he's in Almaty is being accused of being the man behind the camera with these Saran Lewis tapes. And he is saying, I reject these notions that it's me. I categorically deny any accusations. I was not there. I did not do these things to that woman. Not not woman. Couple. Sorry, I got caught up with reason events. Miss lewis. And he calls over his accuser to house and goes, thank you for showing up. I want you to be here to witnesses and then he proceeds to pull out a knife from his pocket and just all Hannah. Kate doesn't have a lot of style. He'll just his style is cinema verite and the sense that it's just real but not hand-held real. It's just kind of a static shot and you get to see the action unfolding cross. And he says, I wanted to be here and he's facing the camera. Georgia's. Who is the one who's been surveilled is back to the camera and the man just pulled out and just and it's quite violent and quick and it sprays the wall, and he falls to the ground and it's disturbing. It's out of left field. I ruined cash for you, but you know what? There's no way to ruin movie because it's hard to watch. It's very hard to watch because it's so fucking justification. However, once I guess. I feel like it's not gonna be as. Casual. Here's the thing with cash a and I I was quite. Careful when I was making my list because it's really hard to give away to not give away spoilers, but I didn't wanna tell those movie people anyways because I don't want people to seek it out. However, I guess a portion of our audience that might love it. Well, nine. But one of the most effective reasons why it's so effective. So very little happens up until that point. I'm Michael Hanukkah was actually quoted as saying they doesn't really matter who was the person doing this veiling. That's not really the point of the movie, rush of a more that said that like two or three times in my pontificate, people get it. All right. Cachet. Benny's game number one. Video video. Fuck Benazir. Number one for me is benny's video. Number one number one, actually, Ty, because there's two scenes from the same film. One more shocking. The other. The both involve windows the both of all hospital windows. Let the right one in. There are a couple of shocking suicides involving hospital. Windows one. Should we give the listener. You literally gave away movie, I know, but it's cash as it's not very cash. Do you remember the saints? Yeah, I do. And wondering if you should give her Bill Burr talking about how he hates me, fire movies. I think this week, our last week show, and then he's like, oh, wait. But I saw any to the American title. The real. Let me. Title. He's like, oh, that little that little girl. That was a vampire moved into the complex. Was her dad. How'd you by the American version? Because I can't picture Billy Billy red face. You know, better than I do. To be your own. I wanna talk about these because they're so great. Can we let the guy the bike who I met? You let them like fast forward a couple minutes. I don't consider one of these major spoiler we also talked about the pool scene at length, which is. Oh, on several episodes. I don't know if we have discussed care to fool. It's very careful. I went in a few times on this nut share. If we've spoiled it though. Five practical effects, and that's definitely be on my list, and I don't think we've actually, we've actually we've cleverly danced danced. Well, then let me talk about two things that major spoilers this movie one early on in the film. So as a little girls vampire, she has a caretaker, I would. I would call them. His name is all Haakon. It's point. Dad in the storyline, allies. He's the old man who is allies, caretaker. He so he, he attempts to kidnap people and entrap people to feed hungry. She's needs human blood. At one point, he botches an attempt to kidnap boy for her to feed on, and then attempt to hide his identity about who he is about to get caught right call the cops. He very, shockingly pours acid on his face how to Clark acid and burns his face. Think hard about it. Harvey dent in the dark Knight. It is quite shocking, horribly disfigures himself lead and goes to visit him in the hospital, but it's not access. Right. 'cause you restricted floor a pedophile. This point he tried to kidnap a little boy, and so she scales the outside of the hospital building window where he, he comes to the window. He's horribly scarred. You see the faces melted essentially and allows her feet from his jugular vein one last time because he does verte yourself out the window falls to his death, snowy. Floor below, essentially three deaths. Well, the first one would be like the acid of the face off people in the second one would be like, you know, getting suckled by a vampire. Third one, hurling your your body to the terra firma the true death. And so finally later in the hospital, remember right before he li- attempts to the little girl attempts to find yourself a victim by attacking. Women comes walking by a western name drive down here, Virginia, Virginia originals walking by for Jinya and his middle aged woman ally tax falls on our floor Dupnitsa empires, dove. Dupnitsa empires, dove. Do from above and you lie or excuse me, boyfriend shoos her away. Like it. Out of your ear goes, I think he kicks her and but you know, this point for been bitten rush. She and she was admitted to the hospital, but Virginia's virginian- Virginia knows what's up like she knows the changes about Davos. She can tell Virginia, just can tell she's leaning. She's like, she knows. I know you're all saying that spider by, but if. Vampire bite. And so as she strapped down for her own safety to the hospital bed, she says to the the nerves or can you please open open the blinds window and the nurse, nothing of it opens the lines. So my pores into a hospital room and. And Virginia literally literally bursts into flights. It is quite departure. Actor display quite supply due to horrendous. Cocking scene inspired. It's number one vampire film of all time as stated on our top five empire movies on the film Bolton, many, many, many moons ago. I think that was was that before was where I was. I was on these out sick you. I was not invited to be a part of that upset you. You're not alone on that show. My Khurana was sitting in for you, and he kinda fucked up the entire episode by beginning just blurting out, hey, my number one's let the right one, and I just want to tell you that. Why would you do that? Michael, Michael, I never went for me. We didn't twenty thirteen. We finally corrected the record and did it twenty thirteen correct. Number one went from two thousand six. This is Mark Bischoff as cousin ballot Tony Joschka Joschka playing Mark Bischoff. No, Mark Bischoff is playing by Tony Joschka in Texas. Geremia Brian taxidermy oh, it's fucking number one. Have I made, you know, he sure. Oh, you would know. I feel like I would now this is from Wikipedia. It's an international co production of hungr hung Hungary, Austria, and France. The film is metaphorical socio political retelling of Hungary's history from the second World War to the present day three generations of men including a pervert that constantly seeks for new kinds of satisfaction and obese speeder and passionate and bomber, the passionate embalmer that I'm talking about this is directed by guy, org pulp, puffy guy, orgy policy. It's the passionate Georgie right. Georg, it's the passionate bomber played by like your played by. Mark Bischoff you actually recognize more Bischoff. He's very, very strange looking, look and fellow, and he's the impassioned. Embalmer this plenty that goes over my head because I'm not a Hungarian and much like Serbia to film like there's plenty going on in that movie. That just goes right over my head and I don't have the half day or two to give it the the appropriate. Tutelage to myself to to learn about what's actually being said about that movie is how it relates to the. Social structure over there as with Hungary. I'm not familiar with Hungary, but this movie is it's an allegory, it's it's a satire of their own time. There's subtext going on with focal. Yeah, the time and place that these take place. This was my number one. I believe at least made an appearance on top five self surgeries and it's it's something you'll never forget if you see it. He loses his his main point life does. Ballot Oni, legit ska who's in a bomber, he's a passionate passionate, and he takes care of his father and things don't go. So right, and he kind of loses meaning his life, and he doesn't really have much to live for. And as far as I can tell. The metaphor here is, you know, it's all about self-preservation being remembered for something and he he had constructed this mechanism that would allow him to disembowel himself remove his own organs while continuing to breathe with an iron lung. It was very, very elaborate, right? He does and his and then stitch himself up self embalming essentially. And the final actually the second dependent, Brian. The second to find a lot act of this device that created was decapitation, which killed him. And then one final blade comes down to hack off his right arm, giving him. Ever got Venus type assay, agreed Michael statue, which is on display for the end of the movie. This is the main motivating factor to watch this movie is the scene you have to know about this much like post ten of our Lux going in knowing that this is at towards the end of the movie, you're not gonna watch this movie unless you're Garin or total film snob. And if that's the case, you've already seen it taxidermy a- the most. Astounding suicide I've ever seen in all of the motion pictures. I've ever seen saying nothing. Number one for me. Taxidermy may very well have been my number one. It could have been on my decapitation list. It could definitely was on. Self surgery can't find it on just watch. That's upsetting. I don't know where you can find taxidermy, but it's it's number one, right? The fuck out of my goodness after you really Logan. Let's listener test. Excuse me. All right. Number five is a three way tie. We have a lot of listeners this week by still hasn't ties three way tie for number five with our listeners are all pumped up about suicide. Just five being the missed. Some. I mean. Willing to. My also rans, but I didn't include it because I don't wanna fuck it up. We don't need to get into details about what it is. So describe in detail five. That's where your instincts go. We'd be Terminator two, so good, maybe cry. Again, he made me cry, self terminate. Right. Who says the quote, maybe any did number five see what is Looper. Good of humanity. Noble number four, we have the rules of attraction. How's that on your list of the bathtub scene? Is that the one that talking about just say, ruled, that was number one, death scene, deduct tough. I've death scenes back in the day those number one so can't can't double down number three. William H Macy in boogie nights a little bell. And number two would be Brooks, Josh shank, redemption. If someone is great ones and the number one suicide voted on by our listeners is Lieutenant pile or Gomer Pyle mental jagged. I'm gonna familiar with. It's a really good you'd actually like the war the end next time I win all science. Is it about fashion. Makes a jacket out of ten. No. The Mets. There's a little more combat involved metal. Also my life. I thought it was going to be on yours and almost was my number five almost tied for number five because it's just it's one of my favorite scenes all time ever. It's so horrifying creepy the omen. This is for you Damien. It's all for you and windows are involved there. So I thought you were going there. Then I realized, wait, you've probably never. Yeah, because you're Brian to scare the child never caught up. Of Shawshank of course, last days ought to be. At look at my page full of also, okay, let's let's not. Let's move on house. Harold Amata, on yours. Because they're fake suicides. And if I were to talk about anything else, I'd be giving away a major shit and I actually came up with a way around it. But then I decided to go with all very, very esoteric choices. Like I said, lean into the hipster choices. You see what I'm saying? What I'm saying? So many so many we repurpose because I don't wanna fucking spend another week. I daydream about suicides it. I've seen in movies and I kept thinking about, I kept coming up with wait. Now that actually happened in real life. I have a suicide. What movie was that? That was my life. That was a friend of mine or an actual Africa. You know, I kept thinking, Owen Wilson away, apparently tried to kill himself and it's not a movie. It's not Darrel g limited. It's Wilson life, it'd well. Luke Wilson did try them self in in the movie in ten Lucas. I don't. I don't the the amount of blood and self infliction. It's unpleasant. I want a game on the shit up our Dwyer. Of course, you mentioned as well. Again, I left off documentaries. I shot him, try him in. I've never seen the documentary. I don't think I need to face death our our door. Oh, well, he's, he's featured the NFL. There's a documentary. It's a Pennsylvania politician, maintain his innocence. He called a press conference, went on for thirty minutes before pulling out a gun, and it was a snow day. So a lot of local kids. Rome got to watch him his lifeless body, twitch. Twitching little little bit twitching. I never actually seen the really, oh no, I'm here's those sub setting about it because it is at the end of faces death or something. You've never seen a body slumped, dead instantly arts go. It's more if I'm latest, fuck. All right. Last week you gambled on night school. That was great. There wasn't a rotten tomatoes score Anderson thirty one and Brian thirty nine about the weekend or it's released. The Rudd's score for night school landed on thirty percent Anderson. The winner almost fucking held cheating. You're cheating. You started on watch, what do I wanna have you the one that's coming out this week? Do you wanted to watch. Let's just both talk about hold the dark next week. I'm being nice kid right here. All right. So that just means that I'm building up goodwill goodwill that if you poke after the goodwill is been lent, the anger and the wrath comes hard. So I'm being good now. Old man had gone last week this week held the dark which is readily available in your living room, talk about it next week. And then when you say, oh yeah. Decking. And then the wrath will come taking. Kinda remind me Jack. And then taxidermy followed by cash. And I'll make you watch all my all of them can park. Lexi again. Doubled up. All right. Outta here, let's go. I would like to think. Tyler mayor who sent us some beer. We did not get their giant giant canisters kegs. They'll be split three quit next week. We will be drinking Tyler, mayors beer. Thank you very much for sending over Tyler. And I will see when Santa Anna. It says in his note, I will see you at the screen of groupers Santa Ana, a lovely. I'll be there to thank him person for the beer. Somebody asked how you're gonna do the Brian's going to be doing the the at the end, the QNA new, moderate in the QA people. People were asking me how you do that when you haven't seen the movies, I will have just seen it. Yes, can be kind of hard if you'd actually do a moderation if you've just seen it. Interesting. It'll be all right. Difficult. Usually prepared and people won't be. My answer kind of cool. It'd be like a spectator question. I just saw my question. I'm not against it, but it's just it's, it's not typical. It's someone's sought a week ahead of time. Took note that before his moderation for sure he wanted to wanna make sure that he knew what he was. You know. He knew the questions to want the theatrical experience. All right. this week you're going to begin wing on venom. How why? Interesting. Most anticipated. What do you know about this? You must new must. I've heard that. Tom hardy. I've heard it's not be loved, be loved by the courts, but also heard the same thing about hold the dark and that's fresh. So. Venom, of course, is the the new superhero movie that's threatening to also heard this Tom Hardy's quote, one being asked about the movie, what is favourite part of the movie was instead of just coming up with the stock answer. He said, all my favorite parts hit the cutting floor. I got a love the love, the hardy. The fact that he would say that that probably cost a few million dollars. I'm sure that that's going to cost them. Hollywood is not take, does not look kindly on things like that. When you undersell sell a movie the same time, they're probably gonna want him for whatever crossover they do it Spiderman. I think that hopefully this sign off for the next three or is really the first three from what I heard. Hopefully this one will be. The end. What do you got. Do come on. Come on. I gotta go to your sale. We'll against what is that? Fifty? Five thirty six. Oh, I wanna Matthew Barnaby. All right, actually laughing chore. It seems seems high for that wash it every time it comes on. TV spat spots be in bed with the wife. You know, just doing research or reading and spot. Oh, come on. And I'll just start yelling and she's like, Honey, please Atika sleeping. I'm like. Covering his face covered is I don't know. What it is. I just know that it's not being loved currently the week before its release with just fifty. Seven reviews rotten tomatoes score for venom is twenty eight percent. Oh. I went way too high. I don't think you're in danger buddy. All right. Let's get brutal. Thanks. You guys for listening Logan. I don't have any actual show notes here in front of me, so you're gonna have to. Tell me out here with the listener music going yet. I will. I'll fill the void here with saying, hey, y'all fairly. Let's do this thirty bucks and it's going to be an event. It's a screening and then there's gonna be an after party in the theater with booze and food. And if you wanted to the full shebang, I'll be showing the shorts as well before seven, five bucks. We'll hang out, get a shirt. And then after that, that'd be October thirteenth. And then after that Boston twenty, he goes heard this many times. If you're on the fence, please come out telling you it's a fucking event. It's a lot of fun and it's something I'm looking forward to it around. Not the dick that I am on the show. I, I don't treat everybody like I treat Brian. I'm like the worst original myself on the show. People are always like pleasantly surprised. My got your nice guy because you're not Brian. Heartful. I'm right here here. Say this week's Blitzer artists from Sam w. apropos to this? No. Oh no. Chances. Why are you in the front and I'm in the middle. Don't like that. That's why. Happy. To get married this month. Oh, well, this is this is wonder. It was should be under invitation. Oh my God. Nine, ten guys. I told them before nine. Hey, let's go. Let's say thank you to who was that? The name Sam w. thank you. Sam w. exam are featured are building on the war dolls. Man x. Dennis four, fourteen thousand nine hundred five inspector Al and kick Bush. Thanks if you wanna see all of them and get mission on them, become a feature yourself Anderson and Brian dot com. Where you go go to Anderson and Brian dot com to click through the Amazon link that sits atop the website. It costs you. Nothing helps us if you wanna vote on top fives, suggested top-five Facebook, Twitter, duck film bolt on both Boston Philly there till next. Guys before we get relief. A little service. Indeed, Pluto TV is the leading free streaming television service watch over one hundred channels and thousands of movies, on demand, all completely free. Pluto. TV never Esra credit card. 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