Feb. 24: Erik Tomas joined by Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs


Those Dakota in Canada across North America. And around the globe on the World Wide Web. This is race line on the race line radio network. Presented by Subaru and race on is driven by the twenty nineteen Subaru wwl Renton WRX TI. The typical sports car Subaru confidence in motion by the Subaru VR's add the formula four performance and by continental tire for what you do. It's always a Subaru candidate presentation of your national radio motorsport authority the race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas hosted anchor will earn skin our supreme commander in race line master control, Andrew Holland, dick manning, the network buttons this week final wrap up of the sixty first winning of the great North American race. The Daytona five hundred we have media center sound with five hundred hundred any Hamlin and team owner, Joe Gibbs, it's two parter to get all the angles for young Lewis. Hamilton might be the favorite to win a sixth f one championship. But he never assumes was more entries and comments with the Subaru Raisani mailbag trivia contests. And the race rap news has lousy figures up the Aaron Atlanta IndyCar goes with a deflector and his Ferrari as strong as they appear. Intesting? Sober race fans everywhere. Powerful sport powerful radio are twenty twenty-seventh year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. This is last row and you're listening to race line radio. Unlicensed doctor, we suggest a prescription for one of our shows. Sign up for our free podcasts at itunes or with your favorite podcast here. Fake doctor's orders sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand. Eric Thomas race line in the rice wine, ready network. Made us news and opinion in here, we go the race line rice, wrapped NASCAR all done would be toner. No on see how that's all the pronounce them east coast. Isn't it Daytona on see how the new era worked at the very quick Atlanta Motor Speedway? Well, you know what it's kinda early to determine what the new engine era. Rules are like give it a month or so and we'll make a determination of the ratings any better. Anyway to the race itself. Shook off the flu wobbles stomach flu not pleasant overhauled Penske teammate Joey Logano with around do twenty seven laps to go and recent race. Lumber guests Brad Keselowski takes the victory. The first for the new Ford Mustang this season Martin tricks junior. Canadian crew chief coal Purna arriving second Kurt Busch. Third win number twenty eight for the career of Kazlauskas, and that's win sixty for Roger Penske highest total for the captain. He was tied with Mark Donohue. Kozlowski was at fifty nine wins going into this race at Atlanta. Points innovativeness. Denny Hamlin eleventh in conclusion at Atlanta leads Kevin Harvick who was fourth by only eight point some cut notes we will elaborate in the Daytona media center segments coming up, but there was no late night into the early morning partying for Denny Hamlin. After his Daytona five hundred win. No, no, the crew celebrated. Sure. But any says he was a little under the weather so instead of partying he joined team owner coach Joe Gibbs on nearby steak and shake restaurant to so I don't even think they're licensed to celebrate with fans a tradition that goes back to Dale Jarrett's win and ninety three. Oh and no Daytona five hundred victory tattoos for hamlet. Either. Case you were wondering coach Joe Gibbs dough joked he had one, but I somehow noted Denny also received congratulatory telephone calls from NBA legends, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley and. Yeah, got very little sleep at least after the first couple of days. Nascar xfinity Atlanta went to Christopher bell. Canada's Alex Levay nineteenth trucks to Cup regular Kyle Busch. Yes. Win number fifty two top Ron holidays. Win total for the series. Canada's Stewart freeze an eighteenth in this one. Slowed down by a flat tire during green IndyCar. Let us Robert Wickens update video on social media show. See this thing shows him getting up out of a chair on his own with little assistance from adorable fiance. Carly for stability standing on his own with her hanging onto him. It's only been six months since his crash at Pocono last summer. Whic says one of his goals is to dance with Carly at their wedding in September. And darned if he's not almost their fabulous work Robbie meanwhile, back at the Indy-Car office the of decided for now to go with some kind of debris deflector Gizmo just ahead of the cockpit. As opposed to a higher windscreen that continue to test and may be ready for twenty twenty. But let's not kid ourselves. F one's halo was still the best open cockpit. Protection out there formula while near big preseason test at kenley Spain Barcelona that glance for aria peers to be pretty darn strong. Mercedes can match them most part and Reynaud got their nose up on their on the timesheets as well. Canada's land stroll the new racing point fit Ma two and a half to three seconds slower. On average, the top running guys. But remember boys and girls this testing and not a speed contest. Lots of accusations of teams sandbagging, of course, what would Formula one testing be without those accusations chasing driver championship. Number six, though, England's Lewis Hamilton is looking very much forward to the new season really excited and naturally really proud of the work that everyone's put into the car that we currently have today. Everyone's is great great energy within the team, which you know after the successive had could've easily down. But it's not everyone's everyone's ready to go. Lewis knows many are selecting him to win a sixth f one championship with Mercedes this season. But he warns with Ferrari and red bull making improvements. Nothing is ever assure thing in my mind, I reset everything. So I don't feel any season and particularly like this season. I don't approaches season. Antica have distinct up all these results. It's and a fresh page this year every year you have to reinvent yourself. Every year you have to change. Hopefully, not affecting what is at the core because it's worked well put improving and that's what I'm trying to build on. And you know this year, I'm fighting four championship. I'm not defending interesting. That is the safest way to think about this. No think about it. Big Sky sports f one TV for the Hamilton audio. We do appreciate a jets. The continental tire sports car report is brought to you by continental tire for what you do. Our friends at Subaru breaking down there twenty nineteen motorsport involvement. Calendar a good deal of it falling in the sports car racing category. Sube is doing the super GT series with their be are regarded as Japan's top racing series in. It is Subaru will also do the forty seventh Nurburgring twenty four hour Germany in June twelfth straight year with WRX STI Subaru has one the SP three t class there for sub two liter turbocharged vehicles five times. Not bad. Subaru will also enter the Japanese rally championship. They're a powerhouse there as well. Well, the rally news speaking of Subaru is a presentation of the Subaru WRX and WRX. Sti creating those Munster sales. Godzilla in fine form is always never supposed to end this way, really Marcus Gronholm deciding to retire for the world rally championship for good after a disappointing result at the rally, Sweden, the two-time world champ retiring from fulltime rallying at the end of the twenty seven season he's made three WRC appearances since then, but it hasn't really worked out the way he wanted in Sweden. It was clear that Marcus was struggling to match the speeds of the front runners, and he spun twice on the first two four stages then went into the trees entirely on the third stage. He's ok said yes, but what a rally career to reflect back on for Marcus Gronholm drag racing NHRA. Arizona nationals your winners this round. Billy turns taking top fuel Matt Hagen in funny car. Jig Coughlan junior was your pro stock Wally ticker, Wally tigger, their faces in the pits from our females are fabulous series drag racer and Peyton racing top fuel crew member of on Potter. Checking into tell us she has secured support from fasten all the fastener and industrial supply folks for our own alcohol dragster program Potter telling race line radio. She hopes she hopes the partnership will mature and expand in the future. If on builds the piston racks for the Peyton top fuel dragster among other things, she's also warmed up a Canadian owned nitro belching monster and often stages the car in the lights for the driver. We love those Peyton racing people. No, he's not done driving. Never city was as a matter of fact in case, you're wondering Marie slam radio guests, Dale Earnhardt, jR, as again served notice that his TV commentary gig will not be as only racing activity this. He's not at all literally who asked your made a one off if an ask our xfinity series at Richmond for his own GR motorsports team finishing fourth. They're confirming on Twitter recently race again in the series this year at Darlington. And of August, also hints he wouldn't mind taking another whack at the Rolex twenty four hours. And I intend Daytona not during a race. Certainly, but Forbes magazine informed by Daytona that they could run a full blown NFL game there. They wanted to bristle did want in sixteen between two college teams, Tennessee and Virginia Tech one hundred fifty six thousand nine hundred souls watch that could Daytona top it. Interesting possibility in extra revenue for some of those places. That's here for this week in the race rat questions opinions comments, always encouraged to share your thoughts. Could you the price pack in the Subaru race line E mail bag trivia conscious that we do in a few minutes. Don't you dare go anywhere pitstop required. Coming up on our first segment part one of our Daytona five hundred it with Guinea Hamlin. And Joe Gibbs this race line presented by Subaru? A range of a drive this week at your local Subaru dealer anywhere along the race line radio network. This is Brad has left and you're listening to race line. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite pod catcher. No medical exam or health. Questions will be asked sports knit five ninety fan on demand. Canada's national radio Motors Boorda already the good old race line radio network. Wasn't historic one-two-three finish wasn't at the Daytona. Five hundred for Joe Gibbs racing with Tampa, Florida. Zucchini Hamlin surviving wreck and restart held when his second career five hundred of mates Kyle Busch, and Eric John. So what we usually do with big racist. Like this here, we sneak y'all into the media center listen in on the post race media encounter, but often includes humorous episodes, and this one certainly does include that too. So courtesy of NASCAR media and Tony International Speedway. Here's part one of the media session with Daytona five hundred winner. Denny Hamlin and team owner Joe Gibbs on race line radio. Autoweek? This is a question for both of you guys cows in here earlier and said that he was trying to coordinate the. The restart plan the restart before and that you guys have declined. And then he said that once you guys got the lead that you guys were more willing to try to negotiate a plan with the eighteen what went into both of those restarts in the planning back and forth with them. He I think the first one I I'm not sure if it was a green white checkered or not, but it was inside five to go. And I thought that you know, any deals and stuff like that. Or original deal was inside tend to go after that you kind of raced. We kept going we had I think restart with seven or eight to go we worked together and they asked. I think they asked and we said let's just race it out. And that was with the second to last restart. We we decided we wanted to kind of race it out being on the front row kind of liked. And I was hoping he was gonna take the line that he chose and he did. So that put us in a good position. You know, everything that I've all experience I've had on new line. I wanted to be in and it was going to be a fifty fifty shot whether he put us in that line or not. And when he did we got the lead the caution came out. And then we were just go ahead and stay in racing. Like, we were I knew the top line was the line. I was going to choose and they actually came over. I think they came to my spotter and said, hey, do you wanna do do you wanna drop down in front of us? We're open to do that. And when I saw him in the twenty two lined up. I was like absolutely sure definitely we'll do that. So I thought that was the best move for us. But it's still gave him a great opportunity to win. Because you've got a great run on us on the backstretch, and we had to block it. And so I think that he probably knew the same thing that I did is that that bottom lane deteriorates really quick at the end of these Ray. I've been on the bottom lane three or four times here on the with on a green white. Checkered lost race every time because it was just not the place to be. So I thought that he was actually pretty smart and thinking that hey, I drop down in front of him that puts him in the position to go on offense against me. So if he's on the inside of me, and I'm right there on his door. There's no offense of play that he can make. He was actually he did the made the right move in my opinion to to let us do that. So he can have the twenty two and make a run. Jacob Zuma feet support magazine a couple here. I for coach you were in here earlier in the weekend talking about it about what it might mean if this resort. This is storybook though. I mean, what what what emotions what's going through your mind after this? I dislike the retrace for minute. What happened? And I was is you know, it's the most emotional and the biggest win ever had in my life and anything Jaydee built I raised team was the guy that ran day-to-day operations for twenty seven years. He invested his occupational hif- in our race team. And is a part of that he went up to purchase some late models stuff from Denny and struck up a relationship with Dinnie put him in a test. Put him in a truck put him in a xfinity car at Darlington. And finally said we need to sign this guy. And so. That started the relationship and everything and thank you for that. I check by the way, I got set a rims for my truck and a plasma TV as of course, I was in high was. I was. Was a hit. That is the truth. He had nothing. And three years later. He bought a house next to me. It was twice as big as my house. So it tells you getting wrong into everything, but I wanted to retrace that and then to say J D's favorite number was eleven when he raised us what he had then he's number eleven Dinnie put JD over the door post on that car. And they have that take place everything that took place the night. Everybody knows we've been to Daytona twenty seven times we had won twice before. And so, you know, you're thinking about things, and I guess everybody could say well that just happened. I don't believe that just happened. Honestly believe it was I think the Lord look down on us. And I know JD at everybody in my family was emotional call home to Pat, and I call sponsors that were emotional too. It was just a unbelie. Believable night. Unbelievable crowd. The whole thing was just a special memory for me. And it's what on their forget. And it was the most important night of my occupational life day Jona five hundred winner. Denny hamlin. And right there T motor coach Joe Gibbs, obviously direct for the Daytona media center right after the race important one of their sound after winning the sixty first winning of Daytona five hundred. Yeah. The bit about the my first paycheck. I blow about a center rims for my truck. And a plasma. Tv sounds pretty logical. Anyway, part two will follow in our second. Guests segment that is just a few minutes away. All right. Well, let us do up another pit stop it. We can please. But I had mentioned before the Subaru race on Email trivia contests. The of you know, the answer to the conscious get yourself a chance to qualify to win another prize pack, and then more Hamlin and more Gibbs. This is the race line radio network. This is coming right back race line radio. Sunday's all your money. Sign up for our free podcasts at I tunes or with your favorite Bod catcher. And we'll send you a free subscription for sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand -absolutely free. Canada's national radio motor sport thorough T radio network. Yep. I'm Eric Thomas. Look at my Thomas tales columns insight. Tried mortar sprint news magazine. Just bit informed. They're going to be back this year with more contributions to the magazine, and we do want to thank James deals. Sit in the gang inside track. Motorsport news magazine for that. And of course, we're on the web as well at sports net dot CA. So way, we fly with our world famous Subaru race line mail bag trivia contest for two thousand nineteen another grand prize pack to win if you qualify by answering but Subaru trivia questions correctly in your Email of commentary. If you do that you're entering goes into the brake drum with the winner drawn at random at the end of the on-track racing season. In November the qualifying question currently on the board of the twenty nineteen Subaru WRX, STI sport tech model. They offer a special eight way leather accented seat option you need to name a special seat to. Qualify. Okay, Alaskan again on the twenty nineteen Subaru WRX, STI sport tech model. They offer a special eight-way leather accented seat option and you need to name the special seat option. Okay us Eric race line radio dot CA to connect to enter the trivia contest to win the price back or at least qualified to win the prize back. That's Eric race line radio dot CA. Eric race lime radioed C capital. E R. I K symbol at race line radio. No gap, one big word dot CA. And that's the way you connect to get your entries in here and offer commentary. You can enter the contests. Not comment comment, not enter you can enter as many times as you want. Even if you wanna price pack before we don't like a contest, it's over labored and over caffeinated with all kinds of conscious roles, so we kind of make little loosey-goosey, but it's got to be fair fair. We have to do that. And and we we think it is. And and that's good. Let us go to the mail bag O onnor this. Here's the mail bags right here. I thought I lost it for signature that would be good. Let's see. Oh, yeah. We had a somebody just sort of takes anonymously wondering about what I thought of new aero engine rules in Atlanta, as I said in the news, I think is kind of too early that was was looking at the Twitter traffic beforehand, and and our friend and colleague, Dave moody, with his own with Marin radio certainly and with his own Sirius XM NASCAR radio show says it's a little bit early to be judging after when rates you can't use Daytona because as a nominally and that was the last plate race, blah, blah, blah. But I mean, you know, let's let's talk about this after we've had some now going to Las Vegas, which is kind of different after we've had a couple of the one on the half mile, maybe one or two months down the road. Demi can actually find out if a new aero rules new engine rules that they have this year and restrictor plates for Talladega or Daytona anymore. Whether or not the racing is any better. I mean, I didn't see anything onto wordly different about the racing in Atlanta. But again, I think it's too soon. But you know, gimme your comments race line radio dot CA. If you think the rules are going to work eight maybe early. You know, what if you want to offer something up? That's fine. I just think to be accurate. I think we just gotta need to wait a little while and pass judgment at that time. In Floyd sends another note in here. His good morning ET, my answer to the eight-way seats for Subaru and the TI you're talking about is the and he's got a correct way to go. Ian, go nuts and enter Samora. Okay. He says also congrats Eric on your well-deserved induction into the Canadian motorsport hall of fame. Thank you so much in your very kind of mentioned that he says I look forward to another twenty seven years of race line radio. There's our friend in Floyd. Thanks so much for that in Duprey sheet it and I say, Lloyd it's in Floyd. I think it said that and I and I hope we do if I didn't. Well, you know, blame it on whatever you wanna blame it on. But Ian Floyd with very very nice comedy. And of course, is correct entry. He goes into the brake drum and now as chance to win the price back we make that random draws. We said of the end of the racing season. Wendy Hollis, the Meadville maniac had a Saint, Catherine. Never too far away with a comment and she's with another one Eric thanks again. If I can mention this for moving your show's primary airing to live, eight o'clock Sunday nights on NewsTalk six ten CK TB in Saint Catharines agree with new rules for cheaters that you have mentioned on your show recently. You have to cheat to win than what the heck in the business of racing or any other sport for I think it's time that the rule breakers punished right away at the moment of getting a slap on the wrist. I don't care if you have a pedigree back to the beginnings of NASCAR or just starting out. If you really have to cheat on racing then quit when the rule breakers care more for the prestige of winning at all costs it costs NASCAR Nedeli good potential sponsors teams. But they lose good and loyal fans for many. You're standing who. I am one of since at least nineteen seventy my rant is finished. Although I don't suppose it makes a lot of sense. It makes a great deal of sense. And you're certainly not alone in that opinion, Wendy answered the trivia question. Eight way leather accent is seats is called. Yeah. You betcha. She's got it. Right. And we'll get back into the brake drums well with another entry in the winter circle. When it opens. Wendy Hollis of the Marysville. Maniacs. Indus your contest entries or comments. You. Eric at race line radio dot CA connected. Enter the current trivia question to answer the qualify on the Subaru WRX today sport TEK model a special eight-week leather accented seat option. Name the option. All right. Let's click off another pit stop here. Well, then part show of Daytona five hundred with Hamlin Gibbs. This race line presented by Subaru? The element of from handling test drive. A sports coupe this week on the race line radio network. This is nonjudgmental listening to race line radio. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite Bod catcher. Do not to man man's sports net. Five ninety fan on demand. Canada's national radio motor sport authority by gosh. Into twenty seventh consecutive season. We are the race line radio network. Okay. Part. Two of our official Daytona five hundred wrap-up stinking you back into the Daytona media center for the post race session with the race winner and team principals basking in the glory of that historical one-two-three finish for the Joe Gibbs Toyota Camrys, Daytona five hundred hundred for a second time in his career. Denny Hamlin and emotional team owner the best of times veteran Joe Gibbs media session part two on race line radio. Denny two parts for you number one. I know you were trying on TV to put it into words. The Gibbs family this win. I mean what what is it mean sitting here right now? And and the second part, what is it with you in new crew cheese? Bring him to victory lane in this race. Yeah. I for one race. He can just hop on the back carry it in here. I'm gonna need him the rest of the thirty other ones. You know, he's I'll say that kind of answer last question. I but Chris prepared. I mean almost information overload. I have to temper him. Sometimes like, okay. Okay. I got it. I got it. I don't need motivation. I don't need it. You know? Thank you for the information of all the things that I need. But he's just so prepared and he'd never leaves. He just in the in a couple of months worked with him. He's just so meticulous about every detail. And giving me all the information that I need to go out there and succeed. And so, you know, that's that's the kind of guy that you look for that can carry a long way, and you know, as far as the gives families just great to hearing that you know, Joe and everything that he is accomplished in his life. I mean, he's NFL hall of Famer, and, you know, Super Bowl champion and saying that this is the biggest one of his career is just a special, and it's just special for me to be. To deliver that to him, and especially no he would been happy with anyone of his car's going out there and get victory. But obviously one with his son's name on the door and numbers probably more special. We'll go to Kelly Jerry and up to the press box Kelly Crowe ratio dot com. Denny I did I hear correctly over the radio that now that you're two time Daytona five hundred hundred Michael Waltrip can kiss your please explain that. That's the only thing he over held them over my head constantly. I've got to. Yeah. It's it's we're such good friends in as you know, we play golf all the time. Everyone knows that. But yeah, you know, he was always, you know, everyone. We would always go these golf tournaments than introduced me and introduced him. And he's like, you know, I got two of those to think twice as many as you have so not anymore. Didn't eat for your win tonight versus your win years ago, which one's better or can be king. You wait that yet which party would be better be better. I I'm taking this one in a little bit more. I was just so you know, everything was just so crazy at the end of the two thousand sixteen race with the final lap. How played out I was just I couldn't believe anything that happened as it was in all the whole time. This one actually through the red flags and everything I was kind of taking everything in I fell asleep Twi. Ice and under couple of the red flags because I just I was just relax. I knew it. I needed to do. I wasn't going to venture off from that. So I wasn't nervous about. Hey, what if this happens? What if that happens? I knew in my head what I needed to do. And if if the race worked out great force, we're gonna win if it didn't. I'd put put forth all the homework done all the work to figure out where I needed to be. And I knew where I needed to be in circumstances was going to dictate whether we want or not. So I was pretty relaxed a whole time really taking all this in Peter King CBS News Radio this for Denny back here. And those last ten laps were like. Literally, I was gonna say not like raising. It was more like survivor out there. So totally tell me what was like to be able to avoid those three huge crashes. And I think at last count we counted thirty six different cars were involved total with all three of them. Yeah. I mean, I was thinking, you know, actually looking at the time on the dash. It was five forty something. And I'm like in looking at the scoreboard. And I'm like, wow. At six fifteen we're gonna know the end of this race. Now, look, and I'm like six thirty. We're going to no end this race sitting under red flag. And that's just see the ticker just go like six fifty. We're going to really know who won this race. So it was it was crazy. How long it took an I've been so many different superspeedway races. I've seen five laps ticking our before, but the track was just an absolute mess, especially in three and four with all the crashes. We're just were fortunate to really be. A front at the right time to avoid those. I mean, we were really one row in front of all the the mayhem the entire time at the end. So that that's a credit to the pit call. We made at the end to get our track physician back from the kind of fuel ING issue that we had mid race. But it's just I mean, sometimes you you're fortunate to be in the position you are. We were pretty lucky to be up front at the right time. Mike massey. Fresh com to properly celebrate a win. Like this. Like, how do you properly? Celebrate win like this. When you have that champions breakfast at like seven thirty tomorrow morning, you stay up all night or each if you hours asleep. Yeah. I mean, I don't know I've been under the weather a little bit over the last couple of weeks. So I probably won't get too crazy. Honestly, I both. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. May have believed that for that. But it's it's been a tough couple of weeks, you know, just being sick a little bit. I I'm not going to get to crazy. But I want the team guys. A really enjoy it. I mean, there's a lot of new faces a lot of same faces that we've had that were here two thousand sixteen that got to enjoy it. Not just never will. Forget celebrate with them and seeing how excited they were after winning Daytona five hundred because you just honestly, you never know. Right. I mean, you're pit crew guy. You could be moved to another team. You'll know if you you're if you don't will you ever win it again, I encourage all those guys to really live in the moment and enjoy it because you know, I definitely you know, that was some fondest memories. From the first one was spending it with a team guys. Dominic Nate and then up to the press box Dominicana going with erasing experts to your left. So now you've tied Dilbert. Now, the twenty point excuse me, twenty four th all time on the winless is that something you take a look at it. Just kind of comment with them. Instead. Wow. He's so much better than I am. Yeah. I don't know. That's amazing. Never really thought of it that way those guys that. I mean, I I lies growing up. I mean, I shouldn't even be mentioned the Saint preface Dale Jarrett. So it's it's crazy that you know, we we have the stats that we do. I'd never would've thought you know, in the fourteen year career that I'd have one Daytona five hundred champion. I wouldn't have dreamed. I'd have ten wins wouldn't have dreamed anything that that's been accomplished. But certainly, you know won't take it for granted. Upstairs to the press box. Jim motorsport dot com for Denny in coach to if he'd like to address it when you have such a tragic event such as JD's passing happing so close and started season. I just. When it could produce heavy hearts and so forth. How did you feel the team approach dealing with that coming down to Daytona? It almost seemed like you guys had a very calming effect. The entire speaks. Well, I think for me this really appreciate everybody. Chris said it everybody Joe Gibbs racing like a huge family. And I I want to say that that NASCAR itself if you think about everybody in that winter circle everybody from NASCAR Jim France. And everybody all the way down. I appreciate that so much, and so this really thrilled to be a part of sport like this. I know we've gone through tough times here, recently, I'm gonna tell you I swear I think our best years in front of us. And we got so many people working so hard right now in our sport. So I'm fired up about it. And this is the only thing me, and my family wanna do we don't have anything else. And that pretty much tells you what the head space is like, and why you like to see good guys. Like coach, Joe Gibbs and good guys. Like Hamlin win the big one and win the Daytona five hundred just some of their comments Joe Gibbs and Hamlin from Daytona media center directly after Denny's. Second career Daytona five hundred win there. It is race line radio. We thank certainly NASCAR media and the Daytona Motor Speedway media folks for allowing us to use that audio and they set it up, and he's you probably heard there in the in some of the prompting, you know, it's kind of cool that the they've got a media center, but they also have a connection up to the press box. We're all the media work. So you don't have to go downstairs, but a lot of questions and a lot of good poignant wants some some good moments. Waltrip can hold it over Denny Hamlin's head that he's got a tuna Daytona five hundred wins two of them. And now Denney has to them as well. We've been waiting for him to break out and do something big and the land. Came through at the biggest car race there. There is again as I say, very nice to see. All right. Well, let's fire up that final stop. And then we'll come on back on the last lap for next week's show lineup. And if you more bits besides this race line presented by Subaru power to the heart pounding WRX STI now fourteen time Canadian rally manufacturers champion on the race line radio network is Lewis Hamilton. And you're listening to race line radio. When you read a game and sign up for a credit card just to get the prize. And then you mmediately cancel the credit card because there's no tries when you sign up for radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite podcast here net. Five ninety the fan on demand. Eric Thomas situates line across Canada on the race line radio network. White flag is signaling one more apt to go. So here's what we're planning for you for next week getting ever closer to the IndyCar twenty nineteen season launch next month gonna work a season preview therefore with the anchor of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network who calls them all very good friend. Mr. Marc Jane's twenty nineteen edition of the Mohtaram. Accustomed car and motorsports expo is ready to go next month as well. A preview then within sight tracks Greg McPherson, Mohtaram general manager, plus more of your comments and entries for the Subaru race line E mail bag trivia contest, but a wind checkers. Fly. We say goodbye Hugh Norma's race line. Thanks going out to Joe Gibbs. Denny Hamlin NASCAR. And Daytona media Lewis Hamilton as skysports at one TV big, thanks, always spring commander, Willer skin and Andrew holiday for operations pre and post production. So from all of us race line radio. I'm Eric Thomas so long everyone race line. Coast to coast on the race line radio network presented by. Subaru has been driven by the twenty nineteen Subaru. Wwl wrecks and wwl. Rat says TI rally proven street legal. Learn more at Subaru dot CA by the twenty nineteen Subaru VR's add the formula four performance and by continental tire for what you do again next week, and we'll do Rochester on race line radio.

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