Freeing the Nipple with Hannah Berner


The following podcast is a deer media production. Hey crawl now. That's the show. Bye Bye bye. Okay hey girl. Hey welcome to another episode. My weekly podcast. Taste of Taylor. I am your host. Taylor's recor right now joining me. I mean she really is a Co host at this point on the podcast. It's Hannah Burner. Ladies and gentlemen. Hey girl hey have been waiting for this moment. Obama love so Hannah. I Love Hannah so much. We're very good friends. And Hannah also happens to be aside from being a regular on my radio. Show the Taylor's our show and also a regular on this podcast also has her own Podcast check it out. It's called burning in hell. She's fucking fire podcasting because I taught her. Everything's you know but has also on a little show on Bravo called summer house which is getting a lot of traction and a lot of talk around town these days. It's a damned good Chauhan I. I really have enjoyed watching the season. I have to say thank you. I think it's a perfect combination of people forced to watch it because they're stuck at home and then just the escapism of watching a drunk psych ward with rose. Ed I mean I have a question so summer has been on for four seasons. I've watched it probably. I would say since the beginning. I'm I'm like Total Bravo stand so if something comes on and it's good I'll I mean even goodish our watch them the fuck But Doug it really has opinions gotten better In the last two seasons which happens to be when you're on a am. I slightly biased people. Yes I am I love Hannah. She's like my little sister but I really do think I'm I'm captivated by when I'm watching it and it's so funny because my girlfriend Taylor like hates Bravo and she gets super jealous when I'm watching it. And she always happens to come over and kiss me or asked me a question right when it's coming to like a Hannah Luke scene and I'm like I could literally bite her head off over it. I'm like getting you guys are kind of like me and luke except it's healthy and functioning so I have to say she's Lou can you? What's while I'm always you? You're always me so but I really like I. I love you on the show you I what I watched the show. Because you're on it but I also watched. I just watched the show in general. You know I also you knew me before I was on the whole process. I mean it got us in trouble of me like you know about to be on it and all that stuff. I know while you always get yourself in trouble. Which is my favorite quality about you. I have a big big mouth and you just wrap it all over town which is why and also do anyway so weird. She says I think we had you want at some point during the season. But I think you know this summer houses officially It's officially over. Unfortunately but last night we got delicious bonus episode a delicious treat if you will from the powers that be and it was a summer house. Secrets revealed is that was called secrets. Revealed Secrets revealed. And we all the whole cast was the little honestly scared because you know like you survive the season and then you're like Oh God what else did I do that I forgot. I thought they showed every embarrassing like difficult moment. I want to ask you so okay. So we get this. We watched the whole season which it happened to hit during cord team which was shirt and sure was actually like good for ratings right. We'll some shows did not do better doing quarantine but something about our show like people are obsessed right now and I'm so grateful because also I didn't do the show thinking that it would blow up. I'd do the show just being like I want to survive if I can survive this as a challenge in my life and the fact that people are enjoying it as entertainment is a real plus team there that you said that. So honestly you're like people think is entertaining. Okay because it feels like when you're watching the season honestly I'm so ready for it to be over because I feel like you're on a ship and you think you're okay and then there's like pirates jumping on the ship. There's there's not like me like we're hat once captive not ones. Yeah then. There's like iceberg coming out but like no hot Leonardo di Caprio so you. It's just like an emotional especially because people are in quarantine. People are going off on twitter like the bullying was really intense this year if accident just kind of done like being judged for like forty two minutes of a weekend just like kind of over a even though. I didn't really get that bad judgment. I just feel like you had a couple rough weeks with episodes. We've discussed extensively on the Tiller show. Extensive is is accurate word and I do want to get a little bit into it with you but I don't want you to get in trouble because it's the thing with Dan when we talk. I think she forgets that. We're actually recording. I forgot that's for sure. And then afterwards she's like I think I went too far and then I have to go back and edit things out so I don't do that. I don't have time when you ended. Gauche do you want to edit anything out? I took that as a Hannah. You went too far. I'm letting you know. Please take this opportunity because we never at itself out and last time I was like. Yeah maybe the whole part about everything so your episode on your show was fifteen minutes long and we grew request for an hour that let me I know. I know. I'm actually no we. Did we get but I actually I had to edit it out and I was Definitely struggling. I'm so sorry about that. No one is. Let's do it again. Let's go in what so let's do it again. Let's do it now. We're even more people can listen to it and probably will definitely here and you'll definitely get in trouble and you'll definitely be able to work with me again. Okay so No no no. We're not GONNA do that. I don't want you to get yourself in trouble but like I wanted toe that line for me okay. I'll try to use my media training and my big mouth together as okay. So the seasons wrapped you guys have your zoom Reunion which was fantastic. It was very juicy very delicious. Very spectacular and then all of a sudden surprise bonus episode. I'd never see very rarely have I seen Bravo Bravo do this. Do you have any explanation as to why they did I th? I think what happened is Bravo will get like a certain number of episodes and I think during quarantine they see how many people are so obsessed with summer house and there's always a bazillion amazing scenes that don't make it and I think that they were like fuck it. We have enough content. Let's do another episode of All. Bless them because it was it was delicious. It was like I. I mean I needed it. I missed my summer house and I can. They do another one. Here's the thing I was watching seems to me. Like why the fuck did this not make it like dude let me too like I? Caesar Great Edinburgh that a lot of storylines frustrated as a viewer. Like I WANNA go in chronological order but like I mean specifically like the UN page like you had a huge fight about your relationship with Luke and then like seeing you guys make up and like the talk you had. I don't know why and I know what happened to the city but like I need more of that content in my life and I just like you know. Maybe there is some sort of a formula or ratio that that the producers and editors feels necessary to keep show a live with like some fun. Some silly let's show them throw another party. It's like honestly I just WanNa see you guys like fighting and making up constantly like what I do think like man pages. Friendship and that fight was so intense so not show how we made up was surprising to both of us also because I got a spray Tan for that scene so it was pretty pissed. It got back. Maybe you're welcome. Thank you okay. So let's kind of go. I mean what fuck it. We don't go chronological order. I can just jump around on my note so they did person by person I know they are. Yeah I know they did. It was great though so let. Let's talk about page. Okay so When page says that she walked away with eight wait sorry. That's a different question. That's a different scene. There's I mean I took copious notes like I'm such a nerd. Okay so you and I have talked a lot about the fact that you like confrontation and you've been accused of listeners viewers of being two faced which you have said a million times to me on my show like yeah. I am fucking two faced confrontation but in the scene where you and page are making up after the fight that you guys had over the Luke situation you were so I was so proud of you Hannah you were so direct. You're so transparent you literally said like no Bullshit. I love you I miss you. This is so weird like tell me like just don't beat around the Bush. What the fuck you were very direct so when people are calm and logical okay and I feel like they're listening and we're like already in it like we already had the fight. I'm actually good at that. It's more like when someone's doing something that I don't like I don't have to be the catalyst to be like this is fucked up right now. I'd rather like reflect on it talked about it to my friends and then deal with me and page. It was like a beautiful moment where we both had our guards down and we knew we have to address this in a logical way and that is where I shine. Okay well I mean I was very very impressive with both you and page. I think it really speak to your friendship and respect for each other like I think and also your trust in one another but like for somebody that says that you don't like confrontation and a you're really very quite good at it with the most important person. Your best friend In Your Life. So that's the thing is. Why can you apply to pay you? Can't apply to other scenarios. I guess is my question. I think because I really feel like page can understand me and it's coming from and so when I say stuff it won't be taken in a different way Ask question so it's hard but also it's like I don't like confrontation. Where yeah I have to start it got it. That's what it is so like if someone's coming at me in some kind of way and I have to be the one that's like. This is wrong for some reason. I can't do that. I just would rather have no drama. But if the confrontations already happened then. I'm like in it like we have to fix this. And what the cutest thing about that scene? That people in see was that we hadn't talked all week which was so weird as we talked about during. Like when you're mad at your friend be forget and you're about to send them a funny man and you're like dammit. I'm mad at them now. I never forget. And we'll take a break up like after break-up you'll see something that reminds you of someone and then you're like Oh wait we're broken up. Fuck you one anyway because when you were like like meeting in the city in this was being said. Kyle was doing the voice over for narrating for it and he was like You know pagent Hannah thing that they're the power couple which they're not. How can a pisses me off and I was like? There's so much truth in that statement like it's not even funny you guys you guys are the power couple you really are also do in the house. People also didn't see secrets. Revealed is before we got our big fight with Kyle. When we were giggling during a speech episode one was. We were actually asking to get the master bedroom. 'cause we were like look where two girls we never have to do. All our hair stuff in the bathroom. We have a lot more clothes than the both of you and we want the master where we were downstairs last. All's Yeah I think that the two girls and he was like no and then the tension was like rising but anyway the cool part about that scene was that when I made eye contact with her because I was like coming from a different block and she was already sitting down we both just started laughing and then I was like get it together. Get it together. But it's like that laughter made me no like good okay. We're also I have to ask you because in the voice over the Kyle did by the way I quickly ask you just a quick aside. Kyle and Lindsey did a lot of the voice over narrating for that. What thoughts on that thoughts Yeah I don't know I noticed that did it. Where is it just me? I noticed it in the beginning Yeah I don't know maybe because they're like. Oh Jeez that's what not a thing but I kind of felt like not fair. I'm you know starting trouble per usual as the podcast host. I was like I'm feeling audio's where do but it's okay so But he also voiced over. I I love that. He did though. 'cause like sometimes. I mean I think he ad libs which is great because he's slips. Kyle is actually very funny when he's not when he's a little drunk and not blackout but night sober and his. He's actually he's good at like a hosting type role he is actually so he was. He insured the two of you guys saying that you guys are the power couple which pissed them off which is like ha ha. It's a joke but actually there's so much truth in that but he also said that a lot of people in the house weren't quite sure that you know if your friendship would survive which made me think so. Were there people in the House that hope that you impeach wouldn't make up he? I mean I didn't realize until later like hearing Carl and the cartel. This was the funniest thing to me when Carl goes to jewels and goes yeah. The girls are so cliquey. I'm like out Carl. Where are you getting that information from from Lindsay from Jules like what are you talking about this whole clicky thing? Was this Like made up concept that started being repeating toward the end of season. That was like super annoying. I will say this you and Amanda Page crew. That's a word that boys get to use right. We're a crew. Of course there's a negative connotation when there's girls that are in a crew it's called the click it's bullshit but the thing is is Lindsay was all about her. Click when you know Amanda was just dating Kyle Season? One too so that we're not nice to Amanda the first season like Lindsay Lindsay Colic. Some somebody clicky is ridiculous. Because she's Queen Clicky. She's just pissed that she's not in click or queen of the click so having is Lindsay. You're an adult like girls are getting along well and when Amanda was new. She wasn't getting along with you guys and you guys. She wasn't calling you guys at all at all and so call them. I just hate that narrative I hate it. So much can trigger bully. You know the second you say that you start to label people as something. I think they you an Hannah. I'm sorry you end page and Amanda are all the same age and get along super well but I will say you guys are a group of friends there but inside your group of Friends. There clearly has been trouble which we've watched all season long. You know what I mean so like. We'll having three friends is tough and I think what happened is Amanda was like very I think she might have seen like me and pages friendship on the show and people loved it and she's friends with us and she was like why can't I be a part of like that kind of thing and from the very beginning. I mean I would even argue. It wasn't Lindsey who was necessarily even causing that much tension. Amanda caused tension on herself by like latching onto page and then being passive aggressive to me so there was that tension in the group already. So when I walk out and it's Jules page and Amanda just lined up judging me. I'm like what the fuck is this. Okay so we can. We go back so there was. There was a scene so secrets revealed is episode. That we're recapping right now and so it's unseen never before seen footage from the show. Would you guys live a lot of your life? I mean those cameras are literally twenty four seven and so there's a lot of life that's being law stories that are not being told so it was a fascinating thing to watch. But there's a scene where you come in and we have to do a deep dive into this But so your ex boyfriend Armand at some point. In the summer you ended up running into him and his crew in the Hamptons. Because like don't forget guys. Yeah there should not show but like all of our other friends are also out in the Hamptons at different houses. There's just not reality camera. Crews following them around so when you guys go out to like Stanton Social Southampton Southampton Social That one's in the city Southampton social you guys are running into like actual other friends of yours and so I know that Armand your ex boyfriend Tattoo House with a bunch of our friends in the Hamptons so you ran and they would text us. Be Like when you're done come out and we'll see you there. I think is what sucks. I don't I don't I don't know how the audience is GonNa react partially 'cause you don't know when it happened in the season that will literally was going to say to you. When did that? I'm GonNa ask you the questions that the audience because like I probably fill in the blanks just from knowing you but I I will say especially for me like when I was like we went. Did that happen? I'm like Oh shit. No one's GONNA understand way was after it was the night of the dinner when Lou kind of announced that like he's not really seeing Elena but like he's just messed up back in time so there was this. There's a an iconic scene from this this season where Anna says if you're if you're single and Lou Kinda wiggles his hand back and forth likes. I'm so happy happy. And everyone's like excuse you. And that's when he drops the bone Jelena and you're telling me that you kissing your ex boyfriend. Armand happened after that dinner. No not that dinner I this was like this was. I think this was a dinner at a public house. It was when Carl was like really drunk and he was like John. Who's been played about his chair? Yeah and Luke had like a quick bite where he basically was like a manual. Honor are done but like I'm not ready to be with anyone like I'm not over my ex and I was sitting next and I was like understanding like I look Dick Matai I was like okay and I remember they that we were all like we should go out and I was like. I don't really want to go out. And then I heard my friends were out and I'm like I'M GONNA go. We got there and I went over and I I really WanNa see our mind because we hadn't. We actually ended amicably where I was like. Look this isn't going to. This isn't right and he was like I totally get to respect you for telling me that you wanna kiss someone else and yeah and we ended me. I was like I wanna Kiss Luke and he was like Don and I'm like okay like right. That's what we're doing. I didn't. I did not get physical with Luke for that reason because I have so much respect for Armand is a person and a really great person in my life. So if you're in a relationship right and it's starting to fizzle and to the point that you want to start kissing other people that is a sign that it may be. You shouldn't be in the relationship one hundred percent in reality. Tv will speed up your life because you're forced to make and reflect on things the decisions that you would never I get it. So so I- America thinks Hannah broke up with Armand for loop and I'm sure that there are other people in the house. I thought that too but I've been there before I remember in college. I was like I there. I met this guy. There was an interest I never acted on it because I was in a relationship but I was so fucking over the relationship. It took me like six months to get the ball up to break up with the stupid fucking pissed the bed constantly and when I believe what I finally broke up with the boyfriend finally it took forever. I was like Oh my God. I'm free I'm done in this guy that I kind of had an interest in I immediately went out with him but guess what he's an Isa said to me. Ha broke up with your boyfriend for me which I gave him power and I said I didn't break up with my boyfriend for you. I wanted to be single. I was over that for a while but now that I'm single. I do WanNa kiss you know what I mean so yeah. I literally have lived at like no. I think Luke helped me realize that our mon- wasn't right but also I wasn't about to. We talked about that in our dinner at in our data at slate where he was like he said like don't break up with her boyfriend for me and I was like honey. Don't worry about that yourself motherfucker. But when I'm single like closing in life in general when you close the door doors will open up so I wanted to have the options of if I look like someone else and Luke was the guy in my mind at the time but yes we get to Southampton Social and I lose the group and I find like this crew who I was really good friends with and Armand is there and we are hammered. Also with this midnight we just had a whole day of filming. I had Espresso Martinis that dinner. I remember. They tasted delicious and I over was over served and he was. He was hammered. The first time you see someone. After a break-up it's like emotion and I think I was like I was kind of like I care about you and he was kind of like I remember him just like I like think I love you like he was hammered but like the whole thing with our our relationship was I was like. You're not you don't really want like he was a very laid back cool guy and I'm like he doesn't really WanNa even like whatever he doesn't care. Susan I love you and then I started crying. And then he's like how do you feel and I was just like I And then next. We're at the bar and he kissed me when you play the kiss to me. I need to know each so we had this like this is what I remember in my in. My Brown out is that we were talking and it was like and you still kind of feelings for the person because I broke up broke up with him a little earlier than I would. If we weren't filming I just had to because I wasn't about to have him on camera and have break talked about this a lot that you were like. I'm kind of not into Armand but like you know I I'm not ready to have a be over and I'm like well you're about to filming and Brit like regular dating is one thing letting it go on for too long but when you're when when your partner that you're dating agrees to reality show they become part of the story. I not sign up for the honest look out of hand just ended now because it's just not fair to him because the deeper he gets in the story line the more pissed he's going to work out right. Yeah so I found. It was the perfect time that like America wasn't invested enough that I would have to like explain. He literally seen like that was it. Yeah and he's literally looked cool if anything he looks like he wasn't into me and I was like great. Go like this worked out. I thought that I could produce myself and be like it'll be like ambrish. Dave Watch our relationship flourish. Which did not happen with me in British Dave but with Armand Things fucking things changed so anyway then we have a little talk and then I was at the bar just like hanging and I just remember him. Kinda just like looking at me and I was looking at him and we had like five second kiss and then I remember being like us not loud. I didn't know that's not what we wanted to do. And then I like Luke lost all night like he didn't know where he was but also okay not your boyfriend and we you guys made that abundantly clear so if you I mean you know you don't know what he's up to but like I got it you don't know what he's up to. He doesn't know what you're too when you're in the city but when you're in the Hamptons House together you kind of feel like it's like you're part time lovers right. We don't have yet but that night he literally had just said. I'm not over my ex girlfriend so it's like I don't owe him shit no you don't want him shed so I wouldn't have. I don't think I would clash at night the of that night though after you left The clearer did you go and sleep. Luke's bed I don't remember. I think you did because you came downstairs. Talked to the girls about you're like I. Yeah Yo yeah well. That's that's just like a classic. Good night make out with one guy end up in another girl called summer literally not judging it all just. That's called feminism. Anyone who's listening but I wanNA know as because I haven't seen yet the audience's reaction. How do you think they're going to react to that too? You Kissing Armand while well look well whatever you know what I'm saying. I think that they're going to. I think that they're going to be like whatever. Also you said and I believe he kissed you. You know what I mean. And it wasn't like a full blown make out. It was like a quick kiss. I think that and also you look are not an item so I really think that the audience actually. I think that a lot of people viewing don't like Luke Luke for you so I've been one of those people for a long time. I love and respect you so I'm just leaving your decision making up to you when it comes to your love life and your leader. He's literally having sex with tons of girls during the week. But that's but that's the thing. Is that like a so so five. I think a lot of people will be like fuck you hand like like basically like fuck. Lewke doesn't like it tracks that you guys aren't in a relationship because he kissed her ex boyfriend and that's sometimes what happens is don't you see how so many of these scenes like make things make more sense like when that's why like? I was in freaking out at Luke when I heard he had psycho someone else I was like. We know we're in this kind of weird agreement where it's like. We have feelings for each other but like we're not crossing the line physically for so like okay. He did that okay. So a real question before a quick question before we move on. So does our mom watch the show? And do you guys still talk. Armand and I have not spoken. And he used to watch the show. He watched last season with me. I don't think he's happy but I'm pretty sure that he situation worked out the best possible way for him and I. I really really tried to make sure that he was Talked about in dealt with with as much respect as possible so after you talk to the girls about like Armand Kissing you and saying that he was in love with you. You're then like I have to tell Luke because everybody in the house knows and we live in this house in someone's GonNa get drunk and say something to Luke. It's going to be a thing so you rather come from you which is very much respected so. I just I didn't I was I didn't want it to look like I was telling him to be a little bit like I their mind. I wanted to know that I want to show that I was telling him to like get ahead of any confusion. No an I totally respect that. I thought it was great that you actually went over and talked to him so I I'm GonNa tell you something though I think you're gonNA get a lot of DM's okay Fra and this is a prediction a prophecy if you will will but I think you're going to get a lot of DM's from people saying so. This is what page and Amanda we're talking about. I'm just warning you that was like what We just I just I really you know I have been. He was being manipulative. Something Anti Luke for very long time and you and I have talked through every episode like the entire Season Summer House and I have gone to point. I trust you and I. It's it's up to you and you can have whoever you want. Bury their headed there. Your Vagina is your business. You know and I really I really respect you in love. I trust you and I think a good head on your shoulder so I'm like Hannah you do you and I still feel like that. I WANNA be clear on that okay because I know you very well however I will say I got so enrage watching the scene Hannah. You're spectacular. You were very honest. And you're very mature Luke. Cringing watching myself speak. I don't know why dwell that's ridiculous. You should not be cringing. Luke should be cringe. It's weird to watch yourself like admit to something. It's like a weird thing. I've never seen myself. Do you say I you know. I'm like full disclosure almond last night. And he's like okay and then he's like thank you for telling me and then and then you're like well and then you say well. I want to be clear. I'm just telling you because it's like in the house like you met Armand but like Outta want US telling each other every time we hook up with somebody like that's not what I'm trying to set the stage for right here and he's like. Oh yeah that's a good idea because you never talk to me again if you knew what I was doing. And I'm like you fucking prick. I was so mad and that kind of stuff that made me be like. Yeah that's why I would never date you right right. Goes things that he says that I'm like yeah because you're hot model and your mess in the head and cool. He's being respectful and any other boy. He's a typical guy. He's a typical guy but it's like he's saying he's like I'm not mad. It's cool but he's clearly pissed then he's like so he gets to be. You know what it is. I was watching it and it got me mad. And it wasn't even that Luke himself got me mad. It was society guys in general. Because here's the deal. This is really what it is. I really feel like there is a fucking double standard when it comes to casual dating with men and women right so yeah when it comes to when we're casually dating guys can be the bad boy and you know if you do you never taught him me to spread their seed because they have to so guy who was a when we're like when we're not like like exclusive. We expect guys to fuck a lot of girls hook up with girls do whatever they want but guess what when it comes to women casually hooking up. It's like you have to be this good girl and he literally said it or else he's like if you will I? It can never happen again because if I were like I I won't stand for that. What you kissing somebody for five seconds that pales in comparison to the SIM Shit. He's probably doing Monday Wednesday Thursday with all these other random girls. Do you know what I mean like. How how which is argument? Pest was the argument of page. Actually so fucking good because there was so many layers to it where it was like. I was not never saying that this guy was like husband material or I saw things like. That's why I was like you guys. I'm not a fucking idiot was what I was trying to say. I was like I see what's happening and I'm not a fucking idiot but also like yeah. It's it's a summer fling and I was like I like this. That turned into like not a summer fling and there were like feelings there but also just a girl has feelings and a crush on. You does not mean that she wants to marry you. There's so many guys that I've crushes on. That are like my mom would never let walk in my house right but you want hook up with them and so you do and your mom's none the wiser but you happen to be on a reality television show where everybody sees everything that you do but I do think it is i. I actually have to say like from you know. I hope people listen to this and they hear this conversation about it because I think it is very quick for people to look at that scene and go. Oh Luke is a dick. He is a Prek manipulator. Asshole double standards not fair but point is is that Hannah's in control and Hannah's the one that saying like this is why we don't date it's like it blows people's mind to like but how could Hannah just like one a casual hookup like of course if she likes him. She wants to marry him. 'cause as a society that's what we expect women to do. I saw a really good quote on twitter. Which is where I get all my information which was basically like I want women to grow up understanding that you don't have to be married to have sex. You don't have to be in love to have sex. You gestured feel respected to have sex because like sex is not a thing that you need to do with like the love of your life like sex is actually an experience of your body. That's healthy with someone who respects you. And that's what I live by when I say oh I want a guy who I like. It's also I WANNA have sex with the guy who feel has feelings for me and does respect me and but I will say I did. Look I mean he was a little bitch boy in that scene but I do think he does respect you and I. We play so many games to mentally which we'll have to tune. I'm that I'm playing with him as well. 'cause that's called like that's the fun of flirting before. Relationship is playing Lo Mang gains and he was like after that scene he was all over me for like the whole while. I he was back. Great I mean I don't people like jealousy's a really negative like emotion in a relationship. Jealousy is what keeps shit going on baby. If you're not jealous then then you don't like your partner. I think that man to like they were like kind of right but they didn't have enough evidence to be like this guy's ruining your life they were just like it's a bad idea and I wanted to be like yeah. I know it's a bad idea and I'm not trying to fucking date him right so it was. It was really awesome and the such complex. That actually about societal norms. Not even your relationship. That's really what you were fighting about Speaking of Luke so we now know that you gave him a blowy from secrets revealed so I have to ask you. Who's better at oral sex? You were Luke okay so I don't. I remember that night like I don't think I like I might have like might played with his Dick but like I did not give him like a full-on blow job. I gave him a blowjob another time. We had like one hook up at his apartment in the city. That like I gave my all and then And I think it was like that fuck I don't you guys. It was like eight months ago and it was such a blur but Come on Hanna. Who's better oh WHO's better? Yeah who's better? Okay I why are you trying to pin people against each other? Feel like that's really unhealthy for the relationship or trying to have but I league I mean. Yeah. I'm amazing jobs I win. That's all I wanted to your. You say he came faster than me so I went. Okay okay wait now. I'M GONNA get real and bitchy. I I need a moment about jewels. So the very beginning of secrets revealed. We see that Hanna wasn't the only person that Jill's annoyed. Lindsey right off the bat like wanted to terror off which I thought was delicious So I'm like very much here for that but this where you guys were at the beach. We got an extended version of that this time around which I really appreciated because I could look at your bathing suits because the bathing suits are so great but like I have to ask. Is it just coincidence? That page and Jules had bathing suits with belts or jewel. Straight up snatch pages look like go and change into that like. I like I literally was watching like this. Is the scene a psychotic? So we've watched jewels like obsessive or page worship page like you know. See Page announcement in the next weekend. Come back like in a similar looking outfit but this was like straight up. Snatching someone dizzy at the beach. I was kind of like wait. Wait like wearing a belt with a one piece is of very big. It's a very aggressive Ben. Halfway through the scene She just found abandoned started wearing it to like like crazy. It's crazy so I have to ask you like. Was it truly a coincidence or like? Was that like single white female crazy shit. What's so funny is I literally didn't even notice that like I don't really notice those things can. Then you're useless to me but what I thought was hilarious as like they show these different sides of Lindsey like. Didn't see in the first thing where you saw that like fucking hated gills in the beginning and snapped at her for literally. No reason no so awkward in the car she used basically was like. Oh I feel like you. Luke would be a cute couple and she was like you don't know my type and I was. I remember being in the back of the car being like she snapped at me in the beginning of my season. Like calm down just parts when I was supportive of jobs but I'm not trying to my own horn but and then I didn't realize that Lindsey was like full-on like lying to page about hooking up with Carl. They lied to us about after the date. How good the date wet like those things? Those were like real. Larionov things that happen. Here's the thing I think Lindsey. I think we can call her delusional. I think that Lindsay's line to Lindsey say she's like the date was great grey. Day was terrible but if you want to pretend like it was 'cause you're gonNA marry Carl then we keep telling ourselves that lie. Yeah it was. It's weird also because it's like I don't know it just seems so deceptive and that's she's not she's such gold she really is. I got yeah. I was very entertaining watching her. Like have you guys like like. She was getting like Oh. She was already very into Carol in that moment. I just WANNA say Karl naive ups and downs. But a little justice for Carl in the situation where I feel like Carl did say like I like you and then immediately started regretting it by her actions and then by the time he tried to get out she made it look like he was the bad guy when it's like she did multiple things that made him feel like. This is a bad idea and I should get out early before it gets bad but somehow he got like the backlash this season and even also she didn't tell Stephen about coral until we all were like together anyway so awkward. I love. They shared that. I know it's crazy. How many Lindsey scenes were shown that like? We're not integrate light for her. That didn't make the cut Okay also I. We're running out of time so I'm trying to jump around like I talk to like for two hours about this Also you page. There's a scene where you're talking about Kyle and Amanda Relationship. Because they had just got into a fight where kyle was out late. She was checking his apple. Watch and then you guys like a big Glut Group conversation in the pool the next day which makes sense like when you're sharing a house with people and there's couples and they fight like it affects the vibe for everybody. It's almost like a family. So the are doing secrets revealed page and I were up with Amanda for like four hours of her having a full on meltdown that night. So but so basically real quick kyle was out like you know selling loverboy. Which is his alcoholic beverage company which you know a fine fine the tracks but like he has a history of cheating on Amanda so it makes sense that she also he's hammered like he was murdered hammered and so of course she's allowed to be concerned slash threatened so she checks his apple watch which by the way he left behind. So fuck you brow. She's allowed to check that shit. And then you guys are all talking basically like the next day as like a family if you will together and then you impeach decide to like Confront Amanda not confront but like Tele Mandalit. You're concerned you're worried. Basically enemy the page set of very nicely. She's like I just want her to know like she's not stuck. If she wants out she can get out. And so you guys are GonNa go talk to her about it and then like Kyle's there and so you guys don't even get a chance to talk about Shin. Because that's when they announce that she's going to quit her job to full-time work for loverboy. Only just further ingratiating herself in a relationship that you can't you know get an I remember being like okay. Let's talk about this. And she was like bagging. Those like she was like you. You could see I was like check please. We're done really literally gave up on it that moment. I never smart goal though. I think it was a smart thing to do so. I have to ask you moving forward. Would you hesitate in the future to tell a friend what you think about her? Like not like like new relationship but like like let's say they're engage engage about getting married. Would you would you hesitate in the future to do that? Seeing how it's affected your relationship may be negatively with him. I with Amanda In terms of like her with the Luke thing. 'cause I know I don't know I got. I mean her relationship with her with Kyle like like I feel like yes you in paycheck. Only the best of intentions to be there to support her as friends. But do you feel like it's like the ultimate situation killing the Messenger. Think that in I yeah when I let them come to you and react just like focus on them and don't focus on him focus on being there for them when they need it be honest with them when they want it but then the second. They're like I WANNA be with him. You get on the support and be like yeah. I want you to be happy. I don't know what's happening behind closed doors. I support you. It was just a really traumatic night but like my thing is I feel like page handled it very differently than how like Amanda dealt with me and Luke situation is what I was kind of looking at is that like we saw the didn't want it and the advice was like overstepping and we were like you know what we're backing off. Yeah we're with and also I didn't make it a vendetta against how shitty of a person I thought kyle was exactly. I literally I was like I'm call for him. Shit I'M GONNA try with Kyle and the same. The same should have gone for. You know going back to this idea of double standards. It's not fair that just because you you and Luger like in a new thing you know what I mean like. It's like it's somehow I feel like when you're engaged or married like your granddaddy like this protective umbrella. Where like nobody can touch your relationship even if they see shits broken. But like when you're newly dating it's everybody thinks that they can share their two cents. I also with my closest friends. They're fucking honest with me like I'm like girl what is going on. Where Amanda I think? She is guilty to of of like lying to herself ally situations. She has to do a lot of people. I mean with the cheating thing. She's clear not over it but she's forcing herself and lying to yourself to be like we have to be over it because you have to be. Because she has to be. She agreed to be like I'm over it and she's struggling with right exactly exactly. I mean listen I was married I know how hard it can be. And how complicated it can be. But yeah I definitely feel like I. You know what I think. Good rule of thumb in any like female friendships. Or whatever. When they're giving advice to your Gal Pals think that the best thing is if they come to you for advice. Yeah you're on but unsolicited advice about the relationship that you're observing will to known that even if you're a hundred zero p right it will never it will never end well. It will never end. Also remember that like you are different. People like I've realized this summer. I'm actually very different than Amanda when it comes to men as from her perspective on things in my perspectives. Were totally off. And I think in the beginning I was like thinking like. She's just like me and she can cannot deal with that and she doesn't want that and that's not what she should be treated. And then I realized we're totally different people. We have totally different love language. We have a total different love story that we grew up with and I have to understand that about her. Amen look on my babies. All girls hopes okay I have to also ask you just like you general question before I let you go. What is it like these? Start off the episode with showing you guys all like interacting with like production with the green screens and your confessionals. So why what's that? I've actually never asked all my years of interviewing people on TV. I don't think I've ever really talked about that. What's it like? How long has it is a fun way to deal? Specifically an interrogation definitely sums it honest it was actually so funny scene that they showed because I am running around because they were in the city. And like I you have to bring your outfit and your jewelry and has to be the same every time when you switch out and then I forgot my nipple pads which we don't even fucking work my nipple I. I'm very nippy and it's like cold in the room and we're sitting there and it was a new video guy and the guy was like pause it and he was like hey is that is that okay and the girl was like what and he was like is is that like. He couldn't say it and she goes Hannah's Nipples. Yeah that's something we deal with. And that's why I think the ratings are so good guy was just like I think I need to say something because this is not okay and they were like this is summer house. Oh my God. I was shooting something for getting younger like I think it was. It was the last season that we did have getting younger. And I had two different outfits and if you go and you look in my orange outfit I am nipping out so hard but like my boobs are frigging massive and I like I like I like hoisted them often like them in so like smushed and flat but like nipples are different parts. Because I like Oh my God. I've done that before breath to like it. Looks like I have like the wonky like like cockeyed Boob Nipples in I love say Nepal's Nipples free the nipple like all I whenever someone goes you know I could see your nipples. I'm like why you never seen before. We cannot be this thing that women have to hide all the time. Like it's a nipple. You guys get to be shirtless. Let my nipples shine lead my nipples go woah. Okay last question before I let you go at the very end of the episode. They show how you guys are all quarantining you and your family doing that dance weekend dance. I just die for also I can tell your parents I love the might say hi Would you or would you not die if you're quarantine with? Oh my God. It's actually I mean. He still calls me like three times a day and my only thing is I'm afraid he would like put me to work 'cause he was like he wakes up and he's like. Oh Yeah I got gotTa build this wall and then I gotta go out to the lake and practice my guitar. And then I gotta go and make some Maple Syrup. And then I'm going to chase a coyote and then I have my dog so I vegetate during quarantine like when I'm not working I'm sleeping. I'm relaxing and like he's fund. Projects team looks a lot of work and elitest Felix writing it like. I don't believe he even has cable. Yeah I think he just got net flicks Kale me but like I honestly like I would like for two weeks. And maybe we'd have sex toy so that was not. That was my last question for my for real last question. Where are you luke? Right in this very fucking moment today. God You got twenty four hours. 'cause you posted something on. Instagram. That's GonNa make me very confused and angry. I'M GONNA post tomorrow some one of my favorite photos. Well at least you me. 'cause I've been wanting to post it so basically he's like we talk every day. We really care about each other. It's this weird flirtation ship where it's like. He'll call me like complaining about his walls an like. Honestly if we're GONNA talk about walls put me on facetime and take your shirt off. And then he'll he'll like put me on facetime it'd be like. I have to wear this Alpha for the walls. I can't take me shirt off and then I'm like I'm like okay. Whatever and then he wants to grow dreads and a beard and I was like Luke. That's not a like no but the more you tell them no the more he's going to do it trying to manipulate him to they make it think it's his idea to shave it off. But that's a whole thing but yeah like we're good. We care about each other. We he used loves the using the word love. We love each other Love to use that word. But what does that mean like the way? I Look I say I love you. I mean I'm a lesbian. So I guess people could be like tell trick in love with Anna. No I love a lot of people in the house. Like Ma'am paid really connect and me and him. Just have this like very crazy weird connection but I don't see myself yet like dating him. I don't think he's in that place. I'm in that place I'm like talking to some other people too so like I'm having a good time. Good girl good took any action. But I think you're talking to people. Listen as long as it's like and if if when you guys go back to film the next season of Summer House I went. If I don't know that just as a fan saying please yes You know if you want to go back and hook up with Luke that's fine with me honey. I just WanNa make sure like I'm not gonNA say anything until like you're like you know what actually I really trust him and I think is a good guy and then I'll be like no my thing is I just don't want the same bullshit happening where I'm like I like to grow. I like to move on from things and I don't want to be stuck in that. Similar mindset predict what I think would happen. I think he's GonNa House you and Luke GonNa Start. Looking up again because you've been just going to be new meat. Though there's going to be there could be new meat and I think if production is wise and casting his wise they'll bring a new meet for a girl because me too and fuck and female empowerment bitches and nobody like what we all love to watch. Luke like losing his shed with jealousy that would be delicious so like then like that's what I predict his could be coming down the pipeline for you. Are you filing your nails? No I was just spinning my headphone. I'm sorry it's okay won't be in my audio allow. Lead thin by ear either oop. Sorry pullback the room anyway but that's what I think. I think they're going to bring in like some hot young meat and yeah May Dallas honestly. That's the best case scenario for me and that's amazing that you think that for me but like I go in zooming like the war. My Life's going to be on your show and you just have to put your head down and figure it out. You should definitely shut but like girl regardless. If there's a guy in the house are not for you. You're breaking a man's house and you'll gonNA fucks real. He never know if with quarantine if we're even allowed to but we're we're we haven't been green lead but there's been a lot of talk of trying to figure something out Andy. Cohen said something. We're definitely going to figure out a way to do summer house so everyone keep me in your prayers. Oh my God I'm I'm here. I'm on my knees praying to maybe GBS right now Hannah I'm too. I love you so much you are. I love you and thanks for letting me speak my my truth. Ken. I'm obsessed with Tila sugar sugar the bust. I'll thank you girl. Also check out Hannah's podcast. It's amazing at burning in hell. Yes why my brain just literally glitched APP burning in. Hell and follow her on Instagram at being burns such great instagram. Such great podcasts. Such go love you so much Hannah and also if you have missed summer house you can always watch it on demand on Bravo. Were commended very entertaining. Okay that's it for us you guys. We'll be back next week with another amazing podcast until then make sure to rate review and subscribe and please share tastes of Taylor with your friends. Your family people need people. Need me in these quarantining times. Have a great running back next week by guys bye.

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