Snell, Freeman, Hinton, Wilkins and More: Making Sense of Today's News (11/28 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Saturday night toda's pod talking fantasy football here at a mazer jamie is. They got a lot of questions we figured might as well. Just do this podcast. Hopefully we'll help you give you some good advice fingers crossed. There's a lot of question marks out there right now. Jamie let's go Situation by situation first of all if you don't have a commissioner who a nice enough to let you substitute steelers ravens if the game gets canceled. Do you just basically have to say or. Do you think they're gonna play that game. I think they're going to play that game. But obviously there's you know positive tests positive cases popping up with the steelers Today obviously james conner being the the big one so if they get more positive cases the game could obviously be in jeopardy. But i mean we've seen with the nfl's done so far. They've tried to push through as much as they can. And so if they have enough healthy body on both. I mean no. We're going to talk about the situation over. There never would have met and they're gonna play this game on tuesday. I hope so. Yeah i mean. I hope we get that game in. It's going to be tuesday night as of now okay. So let's talk about that. Ravens steelers game he goes. Yes picking up. Benny snell was a very good idea. Anthony mcfarland might not be a terrible idea also because connors going to miss two games right i think so it's it's clearly not defined yet but the fact that they play five days after playing tuesday i don't think he's going to be able to play against washington in week. Thirteen okay so ranks running backs in that game. Now snell edwards mcfarland justice. Even though we'll jail see tip about justice hill yeah. I just think you know that. There's a clear indication of what the ravens have done with gus edwards in two games without mark ingram Double digit carries. So i mean maybe justice still has a good opportunity here but i i just. I'm not to start. If i told you that juju smith schuster was going to have one catch for eight yards. Would you start him over. Jerry jeudy too i. Yes the broncos quarterback for the broncos so obviously you know we could we could we. We're pretty upfront with our audience. Our listeners i mean you. Our texting We both commissioned leagues. I i stole your commissioner. Because i thought it was very eloquent in perfect and all. Thank you Well said so. I took your one commissioner message and they used it for all ten of my notice. I didn't read it. I didn't bother re to get. I knew it by heart I changed. I changed one thing. I added to note in there in any event Texting and i'm in the middle of updating my rankings. As i say hey do you wanna podcast and so. I got through the reason that i was probably a minute late. While you're waiting for me was i wanted to finish my non rankings. So those are done. But i had to pull all the broncos receivers out of my my rank list. And i'll tell you what i had a feeling this morning that all of my noah noah thank you comments on north fant. We're gonna come back to bite me. Now you've got a bunch of tweets saying no thank you. We still started noah. Fant can't start anyone. No wrong right now except for kindle in you know i'm a little i i'm kind of thinking maybe a boost for melvin gordon. Maybe phillip lindsay. There obviously just going to take anybody else. Would you say if they were playing anybody else. I yeah okay all right. So so kendall hinton is going to play quarterback. Is that the situation now. That's the indication so it was very funny because And i saw your tweet. There are people. Obviously who like first-come-first-serve waivers in there are people that clearly hate it. Oh my gosh. People kill people killed me for my tweet really mean about it well. You're not the only person there's some other fantasy analysts tweeting the same thing. But i think you know for people that do have the opportunity to use i. I must have made like fifty transaction today and in a span of about ten minutes picked up. Freeman dropped race and picked up kendall held hidden. And i think he's going to be good do you. So kendall hill. Hinton is going to play quarterback for the broncos that's the as a wide receiver we don't know i mean we don't know how much quarterback he's gonna play. There is talk. That royce freeman was gonna just wild rumors. I guess he was just gonna wildcat it. So people picked him up then. They picked up hint. So where did you rank. Kendall hinton among wide receivers twenty-five wow really. I mean we just saw what takes him. Hill was tight. I know but i felt more comfortable about tastes hill. Plan for been staying as the quarterback thousand. I i really don't know what to do with this. It's one of those things where you know if he's if he attempts fifteen twenty passes right and he's going to run because he's a running quarterback he ran away force. So if you get thirty to fifty yards rushing which i don't think is crazy if you get a hundred and fifty yards passing. I don't think that's crazy if he's allowed to throw. Yeah i'm i'm thinking he's gonna score single digit points and he's not gonna have any catches you wouldn't think so that's going to hurt him off. They run the wildcat. He's on the field. They will probably with him. I would think well they can run it with freemen. This is wild. So you're starting over like tonio browde while this is so tough. I mean again. If he's a quarterback you saw what taste of milk could be. But he doesn't. He doesn't really play quarterback i it's so gimmicky and he hasn't doesn't practice. Then you have no idea. I mean they could say look he. Obviously if they tried to run a wildcat offense they try to do something crazy they have to throw the ball at some point. During the game we gotta. I'm sure i'll find out more about this. But i don't understand why they were given the option to forfeit all four broncos. Quarterbacks are not playing in the broncos are not going to forfeit. why can't they just postpone the game. I don't understand what is going on here but the window out another week dude. They should add three weeks. They should pushed the season back. If they have to let these games get played let. Let's do it safely. i mean this is. I don't know it seems a little wacky to me. But i digress. That's topic for another day. All right. so that's the broncos. That's the steelers the colts. What are you doing about jonathan taylor. He's out who's the best running back there. You have to go to ninety hines least. That's the way our approach. It and then. Jordan wilkins is know more of a flex. But i mean you you kind of see what nights borderline starter jordan. More flex Obviously heinz field a little bit safer and pbr. The nice thing is you saw these teams play two weeks ago. And now he mind was the star. So you know i. I be shocked if they go completely away from what what worked for them a couple of weeks ago. The only thing would if. They wanna put wilkins into taylor's role after what taylor did last week but both guys are gonna play To what degree they succeed. I don't know. I would guess that wilkins has the better chance to score. So he's better than pr highs will be on the field for all their passing down situations. So i'd lean toward heinz's is based on what we've seen from him recently. Would you start hines or hinton at flex would you start wilkins or hinton at flex i started pure. Would you start hinting or benny snell. Third benny snell okay. And and ekeler is to play jamie. So where does he you know he's expected to play. Where's he going to. The nice thing is obviously there are west coast team. They're playing at one o'clock eastern tomorrow because there in buffalo. So you're gonna know if active just because he's all fired is not mean. He's going to be acted that still something that we have to wait to find out is active than i think. You gotta assume that. He's going to play sixty percent of the snaps. Sixty five percent of the snaps. Maybe more better than everyone we've spoken about. I haven't right now. Ranked ahead of those guys So you know if they're gonna play him and he's going to be active. I think he just take the risk of that. He's going to be out there doing what he typically does so you know clearly again better than pr. The non pr but This backfield has been very successful. The last three weeks kaelin balaj and so the bills defense we know without matt milano. They're they're different teams. Things can be good opportunity for fees ekeler to produce at a high level. And that's going to do it for this little emergency show. I tweeted referencing. This this is one of the craziest as i can remember in fantasy. Football makes me wonder. If every league should have nightly waivers slash fab instead of first-come-first-served add drops excluding sunday doesn't seem fair that the person who gets the push notification has the edge and A lot of people really like. I did get Some support but a stop crying get push push notifications. This is funny. My grandpa and his blackberry agree with you. I have i get the notifications. But i i just don't think it's fair. I have tasted hill in like four leagues. Because i got the notification. And i don't know if that's the right thing i don't know if that's fair i mean you know i'm trying to be fair here. Not not the only one complaining about it and i understand you know. Look a this all happened on a saturday. You know for us that we do this. That's really our data detox. You know from from work for a minute. Yeah right by the way somebody tweeted. Who j. b. eisenberg take from you. This time lane of interests has been great. Um you get i. I do with my kids. And you know. I see the tweets and text from Our colleagues we gotta pull this guy rankings By the way we should talk about quickly. But okay there's It's just the nature of how your league is set up if you don't like it. Make a make. A formal complaint commission will change it next year. Yellow is doubtful so hello ryan fitzpatrick god. He's the top twelve quarterback from this week. Nice demonte parker said this on either friday shores our mailbag showed that He's a top fifteen wide receiver so consecutive somebody. I think that's in play as well. So i think those guys get a boost and fitzpatrick obviously gets a boost and then for the dolphins running back situation. We have no idea what's going to happen there because savant akhmed has been ruled out. I think we said that. On saturday show but Matt breda patrick laird malcolm perry and i think they still haven't decided fully myles gaskin is no. They haven't haven't made the call. Far as i think they would have to activate them. No right yes they would have to activate him but still telling me on ira. So i guess there's no myles gasping so maybe it would be the one i think you you look for. So if you couldn't get all these guys. Now wilkins brain hill talk. Oh not playing sunday. I'm sorry myles gaskin not playing sunday. Gotcha right so yeah. Matt brita would be the one. Thank you okay. Great all right. Hey this is the week of frank gore and not so much anymore but bad breed. A map is still not clear. That's true you know there was optimism. But we'll see about that but map does a solid player. I mean that that's not that's really not a bad call and and somebody that i'll probably be looking at right now. So all right thanks. Everybody thinks you listening to let me go. Look for that okay. I've just so over it over. I'm frustrated this is really frustrating. Didn't talk brian hill. Did we damn it. We didn't talk about brian hill. Where's he with all these guys. He is behind snow behind. Heinz for this week. I would put him ahead of jordan wilkins. But you know it's going to see how they use him. He wasn't great last year. Remember he started. He wasn't freeman. Yeah he carries for sixty one yards and caught a ten yard touchdown in the first game. I forget the opponent the second game. I think he had fifteen carries for thirty yards so he has not great at all. But you know the falcons score touchdowns. What about dottie hinson or brian hill i would actually go within in pbr. For sure. And you know against wrist. Hidden is a complete walker. Absolutely complete wockhardt. So i apologize in advance. If you guys get bernie listen to me but anytime you get a non quarterback playing quarterback you gotta take advantage of that. Yeah well you can't on espn by the way. He's on waivers until thursday and he's only quarterback eligible. I believe that's that's what my friend texted me. He asked me who start. I said hit it. I try to pick a bobby-socksers. Actually i thought was. Got fish of scott fishbowl Friend who program he said you ought to be a thousand was. Thanks for listening everybody. I'm going to go back to cook dinner. Enjoy your saturday. We'll give you another update sunday morning on fantasy football today.

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