GSMC Television Podcast Episode 228: Dick Wolf: Baller Supreme, Tiger King Backlash, and What the Hale?, & the Salad Days of Basic Cable Rea


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I have a big jam packed. Show for you today. There is some backlash from the people featured in the popular nick. That slicks can't say that fast documentary tiger king. Something new from Fran Drescher. She is a surprise for you. Too and Dick M. F. Wolf is all in out of control out of control and I will share my predictions of episode four of this third season of Westworld on HBO. And as always. I'll cut in with breaking news. And I have some right now. Here's some breaking news. Some of the streaming ratings are in for the corona virus and. I don't think you're going to be surprised. By whether shows during the corona virus pandemic Americans are staying home as you would expect their streaming more now than ever. Us consumers viewing of streaming has continued to increase throughout March over the first three weeks of March twenty twenty. The total estimated number of minutes dreamed to television was four. Hundred billion will be up eighty five percent compared to the comparable three week period in twenty one thousand nine hundred according to Nielsen rating analysis. Now that's shouldn't be surprising. Well eighty five percent is rather shocking. But you know we have had a pretty full employment and March is not prime vacation season. You know some people are on spring break there but you know even on spring break. You're not watching television so for the most part everybody's watching television that's crazy. And during the week of March sixteenth consumers watched about one hundred and fifty six point one billion with a B. minutes oh streaming content on television up twenty two percent from the week prior and two and a half times the comparable week of the year prior so during that mid-march week when pretty much everybody was being told to socially distance and things started getting very serious. I mean I. My birthday is March Seventeenth Saint Patrick's Day and I went out that weekend before with my girlfriend didn't do anything. You know a big crowd but you know we did you know have a little dinner and all of that and that's in you know we don't live together. She and so that's the last. I have seen it for because I live in Maryland cheese in Virginia. And you know. It's a long story. You don't need to know about my life but you know. I've been socially distanced ever since and so if if this reflects my life. I can't. I'd like to believe that I'm not watching. Eighty five percent more television than I was this time last year. You know I I do television podcast and I do enjoy television. I just don't want to think that I'm spending that much my life watching it but I have watched a lot. And it was around mid-march the things to radically change in addition amid higher TV viewing overall streaming video services have steadily increased. Their share of time. Spent viewing on television's increasing over the past. Four Weeks Nielsen found for the Week of March sixteenth. Internet streamers captured twenty three percent of all viewing being done on. Tv's compared to compared with sixteen percent during the same week a year ago note that Nielsen reporting just streaming the television the analysis doesn't measure mobile or video streaming so the total amount of online video that US consumers are watching is even higher. So as I predicted on this show along with some other folks but I predicted without hearing that other out input because this was at the end of February as I predicted streaming services. We're GONNA take off. That was going to be one of the things that was going to be a side effect. One of the result of this pandemic. I didn't even foresee stay at home. Orders or heavy duty quarantining. I just thought that people were going to be less social because they didn't want to interact but I had no idea that they were going to have the type of stipulations that they have now out but of course I didn't see it being a series as it is even though it was that way in China I guess I watched too many White House briefing. Netflix has the biggest share of video streaming on television among the Services Nielsen Measures representing twenty three percent of all streaming minutes viewed for the week of March sixteenth. That's followed by Youtube at twenty percent. Hulu at ten percent and Amazon prime video nine percent. That's very interesting. I would have thought that Amazon prime might beat out. Hulu at least because most people a lot of people have prime because they want the delivery service and the video is just something that is that on but I'm wrong Nielsen pointed out that the quote unquote other category has seen even a bigger rise for the most recent week measured. That bucket includes Disney plus which is not reported up on Nielsen. Currently I guess that's because it's a reasonable reasonably new entry into the field in the research firm speculated that the most houses streaming service is seeing a significant left kids staying home from school along with and I talked about this on this show before frozen to dropping three months early on Disney plus. I knew that was going to happen. And I said so on this show and some breaking news to finish the SEGMENT SHITS CREEK. Another show that. I've never watched. But it's on my my backlog like. I said I can't watch everything but many of my friends whose tastes are much like mines. Say you've got to watch this show. It is. It's finale is coming up on April seventh. And I'm going to read this little piece little blurb out a variety actually the long article. I'm going to read a little bit of it. Shits CREEK RETIRES. As a striking emblem of the transitional period intelligence vision when streaming services are up ending the business with their deluge of content refusal to report clear viewership tallies in Gargantuan Budgets in this environment ad-supported cable networks pop among them are under increasing pressure to justify their existence. Now pop is the network that in now carry Shit Creek indeed. At the end of February pop underwent layoffs as a part of the consolidation of Viacom. Cvs followed by decision in early March. Two X three of it's scripted shows. The ECONOMIC CALAMITY CAUSED BY CORONA VIRUS. Pandemic will surely increase basic cable's burdens yet Shits Creek did breakthrough and we'll likely. Nt enter the Pantheon of classic comedies? It's ratings have risen every season and according to pop that's again the network that carries it three point. Seven million viewers are watching season six episodes when you count live and delayed viewing of multiple telecasts and the channels digital platforms are up sixty percent over last season poppies shits creek to launch its other remaining scripted show on March twenty fourth. One day at a time which it's channel rescued after. Netflix canceled it despite Netflix. Being basic cable's biggest threat. Was POPs deal with the streaming service in two thousand seventeen that brought a whole new audience. This shit's creek. The net flicks effect was enormous and immediate. Eugene Levy says Eugene Levy on the stars of the show you can feel it wherever you went on the street or at the airport in a restaurant. More people were coming up and saying loved the show though. Netflix would not comment for the story recent Nielsen Streaming report obtained by variety revealed that in the first week of March Shits Creek was the second most watched acquisition by net flicks behind only the office. So it looks like I have some work to do during this time when we're all locked in and I probably will check out Shits Creek and get back with you when I battery back on the show. We're going to talk about two things. She's enough the other person who likes Shits Creek. We'll talk about. Buffy the vampire slayer and it's creek two shows that she says. I need to watch well next. Yeah that's right. I'm GONNA talk about Tiger King and we're going to discuss the backlash from the some of the people from the show why they are just so upset at how they were portrayed you know I know. I don't want people film in my life and I probably would be a bit upset if they showed it on Netflix. But then again I wouldn't be getting bullet holes tattooed to my body. Anyway our Fletcher. Go get something to drink. Because you're going to need it for the next segment. I'll be right back to know the latest hottest music hitting the airwaves. Don't be left out. Listen to the golden state media concepts music. Podcast G. Keeps you on with everything you need to know from pop rock hip top flooring and we'll throw in lose of your favorite artists concert and tour dates and so much more listener further because this is the gold standard in music? Podcasts okay. Test Test Test. The steam was good. Watch it all right. I am back and as I said last segment. I thought I was going to close the door on this. But it's just too wild too hot and talk a little bit more about tiger king a series like this that shows so many different scandalous things especially about people. You Imagine. There's GonNa be some backlash. Somebody's not going to be happy so what I did is. I did a little research on the Internet. So I've called some stuff from different websites. Wrote of stuff myself necessarily will go over a now. Tiger king murder mayhem and madness is well. It's pretty much the talk of the world right now. The True Crime Series debuted on March twentieth. While many were in the throes of social distancing and it's become the subject of countless names youtube videos and late night news shows you cannot escape tiger king the seven part series followed Joe Exotic. Yes a Gay. Polygamous one time presidential candidate one time gubernatorial candidate easy owner of hundreds of big cats and other exotic animals and his battle with Carol Baskin. She's an animal activist and the owner of big cat sanctuary. There very colorful social media. Feuding turned into court battles. That gave way Jo's arrest in a murder for hire plot now. Carol speaking out against the Netflix series and Joe. Well Joe Being Joe is revelling in all the attention from prison. Yes here's a court found on a website. Joe Has called me quite a few times over the last few days and weeks one is absolutely ecstatic about the series in the idea of being famous. He's absolutely thrilled. I think he's trying to be an advocate for no surprise criminal Justice Reform Tiger King Co director. Eric Good told the La Times. He's in a cage and of course he's going to say that now he recognized what he did to these animals with. Joe We have empathy form but at the same time he somebody who really knows what to say at the right moment. Yes I take it with a grain of salt when he says he is now apologetic for keeping the animals. And and that's somebody who was with Joe for about five years now Rebecca Tonkin who is also the CO director. This documentary series was directed by two people. Rebecca says you can hardly talk to Joe Without Him mentioning the amount of press. He's getting now dig. This he says people are asking the see his Prince Albert which I didn't know what one was. I had to look it up on Wikipedia. I guess I'm not hip to the piercing arts. And girls are sending him sexy. Bikini pictures even though he's gay he's over the Moon Having kept in pretty close touch with him while he's been in a horrible county prison. This is raised his spirits. Joe Definitely did some horrible things. Those animals he was very abusive to him and he shot five tigers. No question about it but what has happened to him has also been hard calkins that well. It's interesting she writes. That said that because they did mention about the five tigers he shot as a matter of fact. That was one of the charges that were brought up against him when he got arrested. But they didn't really show him abusing the animals that much nor do they talk about it that much. If that was the case they did mention how he bred them Prolifically and he kept them in pens. I was obvious although they did seem to be pretty well spread out but if he was very abusive to him as he said well this is shown that more and they really didn't anyway meanwhile carol. She's not happy in a lengthy post on her website as well as a youtube video with her husband. Howard Baskin Carol. Baskin has decried the series and refuted several aspects of it noting that they were told that it was going to be the blackfish of big cats. Which was the documentary about the killer? Whales at Marineland or wherever her post touched on a number of topics including the disappearance of her husband. John Lewis very mysterious disappearing. I would add the refuted. Claims by those interviewed in the episode about his disappearance is what she said quote. Most Chaldean said the director. I would say that we were completely forthright with the characters with any project goes on for five years things evolve and change and we followed it as any good storyteller does. We could have never known when we started. This project was going to land. Where did all can said? Well I can bet that because I couldn't believe it as I was watching it that it landed landed carol talk about her personal life her childhood abuse from her first and second husband that disappearance of her ex down Louis. She knew that this was not a blackfish movie because of the things she spoke about. She certainly wasn't coerced. The other thing I would say about all these people as there was a lack of intellectual curiosity to really go and understand or even see these animals in the wild good said this is from the other director. Certainly Carol really had no interest in seeing an animal in the wild the lack of education frankly was really interesting how they had built their own utopias and really were only interested in that world and the rules that they had created. Well on retrospect and I didn't go back. I'm not GonNa see this thing again. I don't know if I can live through it again but one of the things I did when I had time to sit down and think about it. I was one of the things that I thought was very interesting about the what the filmmakers did with Tiger King 'cause. I really did get a sense that we got to see what type of individuals would really develop or want to live like this. You know they were only interested in their little utopias and Carol in my assessment. Not Being Malla gist or I would say that what she was calling. An animal preserve was a zoo. Almost just like Joe's except for Joe was doing breeding. Joe was doing more of the pending thing and she didn't seem to pet the animals whatsoever. She kept them in pens so it was very interesting character. Study of people that almost like a character study for me. I'm not a hunter of people that hunt and rationalize hunting with high-powered rifles and decoys and all those types of things calling it a sport. I think the filmmakers did a great job of showing what type of psychology and even anthropology goes into people that decide that they are going to penn up animals and call it something good. I thought it was very interesting in that respect other than that you know and I don't want to go on and repeat my stain ran but when I tell people about Tiger King I do tell them that look this is a study and what it's like to live in the part of the country or parts of the country and be of a certain demographic and be able to get away with things that just aren't within the same the norm. You know my last show and I'm going to how I will revise with. I said you know I mentioned that. Y'All revise it. I'm not going to change it. I'll revise I did say that. You know. Only certain people certain demographics specifically white males would be able to get away with this type of behavior in the United States for this long period of time without being called the task for it or arrested they ultimately were but I'll also say I also add the location had something to do with it too because you know if he lived in a more urban area or even some areas on the east coast. I think other than Florida anything will go on in Florida. I think it would be very difficult to have this type of preserve say in New York or in Maryland. Dc area. Where I live just wouldn't be able to be done however I will not change my opinion about if this were being rains doing this in Georgia whether this would even have gone on for a day inaugural a strong months before that brother is behind bars in everybody associated with them. So they haven't I revisited. Tiger King is still give it on my food scale out. Stay with the same food on my five point food scale. I still gave it four and a half buckets of movie popcorn. I think it was very well done. I don't WanNa Watch it again because I just don't like the subject matter but it was very well done very entertaining very easy to binge almost hard not to bend because every half hour every thirty minutes of it something else happening for. I was saying. Oh expletive that. I'M NOT GONNA say on this show and it was. It was good. It was good. You know I don't know if he's going to get nominated for any awards but it was very entertaining next. I'm going to go over some breaking news from the one and only Fran Drescher. You know what it's going to be about how much many many things can't talk about with Fran Drescher and I'm going to talk about baller. Who IS OUT OF CONTROL? Mr Dick Hang on. I'll be right back beer off. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Listen close and here this out. Pursue their the podcast network. That covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Als thing less than our podcast lists with endless hours of podcast. Hubbard's from news sports music fashion looking entertainment and football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on. Facebook and twitter can download us on. I tunes cloud and Google play. No I don't want that. Okay I am and you know I see it so much on this show that I should make it. The name of the PODCAST. You can't watch everything and having watched everything no time but uh show another show that I haven't I never watched. Was the nanny with Fran Drescher. Well you probably will tell if you listen to the show enough and I hope you do that. I haven't I don't really watch a whole lot of sitcoms of late. I used to watch them when I was younger. I was a big fan of veep. But they're not many sitcoms. I watch on a regular basis and I certainly didn't watch the manning but I thought this article in variety and I just thought you might find it interesting. I did because I don't understand why they're doing this. But the Creator Star Fran. Drescher teased on her twitter page last week in response to a fan. Who WANTED TO WATCH THE POPULAR NINETY? Sitcom online that there was a surprise in the works. Well the announcement was not that the CBS shows six season catalog. They go around six seasons. Would have thunk. It would be coming to one of the soon to be launched streaming services like Hbo Max or the Peacock as some anticipated i. I don't know who was out there on the edge of their seats wondering who's going to carry the nanny. But I guess some people work or that there would be a revival in the series there were none of those are the surprise and the series centers on a cosmetics saleswoman who is hired from her job at a bridal shop and becomes a caretaker to a Broadway producers three children. There is definitely an art to the pitch of a show. Variety has learned that the original cast of the Sony Pictures Television produced show is reuniting for virtual table. Read of the pilot be as zoom. Zoom is blowing up over this pandemic. This hasn't been the best thing that could happen. Is that everybody's locked out. It'll be posted on the Sony. Pictures Website Youtube page. Skews me on the morning of April? Sixth I don't know why they didn't do it today. I'm recording this April fools day but trust me. This is real. I'm not fooling you so on April six. All UNANI fans go to youtube and there will be a table read of the pilot and that will help you kill a probably about forty minutes. Forty forty five minutes or so your day. Here's some more breaking news. This is the base for someone like this is big. This is from the mind of my man. Dick Okay Chris. Maloney is bringing his law and order. Svu character back to television. I also got this from variety. So I guess they confirmed with this sources that Maloney will star as Elliot Stabler once again in a new. Nbc series that hails from the law and order mastermind. Dick Oh the show has received a thirteen episode order at the broadcaster. Universal Love Dick Wolf. The show will reportedly follow stabler as he heads up the Organized Crime Division of the NWPP woth will executive produce. So you're going to get that black screen at the end and says Dick Wolf at the end that that just makes them makes my day every episode Universal Television where dig this wolf recently. Signed a massive new a raw deal. They'll be the producers. The overall production company will be universal television. That apparently is in just enthralled by Dick Wolf the series brings Maloney back into the world of the Dick Wolf. Fold for the first time since he left. Svu In the show's Twelfth Season Back in twenty eleven keys. Thin Years Maloney departed the show at the end of season twelve so it was written into the season thirteen premier that stabler had retired from the police force. Bologna who is also well known for his role on the HBO DRAMA. Oz which was at like a honorable mention on my hbo shows Has starred in a number of projects since leaving. Svu He will on happy on Scifi underground on wgn. He was also on veep. I played a little role there. I I enjoy them on. That he was on episodes of pose. Wouldn't have seen them there and he's been the handmaid's tale which I only watched the first season so I don't think he was on the First Season Wolf. New Five Year deal and universal. Tv is said to be worth. If I had a drum roll I would roll it but I don't have one nine okay in. That dude is unbelievable. He got hundreds of millions of dollars as a part of the deal. Svu receive a three season renewal three more seasons as did all three of the Chicago shows at says latest Hustle and the pact between Wolf and NBC. Universal reportedly also included multiple series commitments with the stable series. Being the first of the new shows the come out online deal so Dick Morris is the man as far as universal is concerned so okay obviously this law and order franchise is going to continue so I was trying to think what law and order show is what I like to see because I'm a fan of law and order. I you know I don't watch it too much anymore. Because I've seen them all. I was like what new law and order shows that I'd like to see if he's bringing back Maloney. Why don't WanNa bring back some other people and so these are some of the shows that I would pitch the Dick Wolf and then I would think he might. WanNa consider first law and order. Aarp original detective. George Zonza or Zonza. I never knew how to pronounce his name. And Paul Sorvino go undercover different out nursing home abuse and reverse mortgage scams might be a winner. I think people would turn tune in justice. The pulse Servino. The next one is law and order afterlife the Ghost of Jerry. Orbach now they do this and CGI. And you know this ghostly. Hologram mish figure they're gonNA use some of his audio from his old shows. They'll piece it together or maybe they'll find some guy who can do a good Jerry. Orbach invitation but I'd rather here Jerry's original voice he partners with ICT in ice tea is now a private detective in they investigate crimes that can only be explained by supernatural activity or the ice. Tea would probably get his first emmy on that one. I believe number three would be law and order milk squad. Thought you might like that. One this one would have Jill Hennessy Angie Harmon Julianne. Nicholson in Annabella score. I ever say your names of you saw Sopranos and jungle fever. They team up. They all used to be detectors on the show. In one incarnation on the other they team up to take out sex offenders outside the system using their own brand of justice. I think Dick might go for that one last but not least law and order bad seed. This Benson's enough Rio you remember. He used to be on that show criminal intent on a five-year run. He played a detective. Call Robert Gordon. Gordon was kind of weird. Well Gordon Snaps after tracking down a serial Cannibal call chewy and he takes on be after he has this break he takes on this super vigilante persona. I haven't come up with a name for that guy yet. I think the writers do a better than I will. And he canvases the city as an outlaw to murder felons who were wrongfully acquitted in court and those be the four shows that I would pitch to Dick Wolf and I think Dick Wolf can get at least one out of that so dick. If you're listening I want you to take one of those ideas. Please remember that you got them from me. And I know you can put your midas touch on with long with your formulaic writing team and get all of those out of work Broadway actors are up and comers the to to cast you know to to be on each show. I think you have a hit on your hands and I could get my name after years at the end after the going thing. So what do you think? Please write me at podcast. Howard let me know your ideas. Let me know what you think about my ideas and we'll figure something out you know who knows. Maybe this podcast evolve into someplace shows and I make some money next I lied. I'm not going to close the door on tiger king. I found out what some of those people who were Integra King or doing now and I'm sure that with you right after this go get a drink. Don't go away. Want to find out what movies to go see and check out the GMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go. See Now don't bother. What's hot on Netflix? And everything in between that's GMC PODCAST DOT COM BACK SLASH. Movie Dash podcast. When it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Okay all right I we it back. We're back and I lied and I apologize guys. I can't stop talking about tiger not that I can't stop talking about it so I find these things I think are interesting and I'd like to share them with because I think you'd find them interesting to I found a couple of sources that says where those folks are now who were the stars of the depth lakes documentary if that's when you WANNA call it so if you can't stop thinking about Joe and Carol and dock and all those people here's an update on what they're doing now. I'M GONNA start with Joe Finley now. That's Joe's ex husband. His first husband who was also having relationships with several women at the park he ended his marriage with Joel exotic in two thousand fourteen. He has since fixed his teeth. Because those teeth were jacked up. Dude I mean. I'm so glad that he is fixed those things because I had a hard time watching him when he was talking. I don't know about you guys. He's working as a welder in living with his fiancee. Stormy the woman you saw him leave with or you. We briefly saw her in the documentary. Now I saw two articles that they said he started a facebook page. I could not find it so I can't give it to you but if you know how to search facebook better than I can. You might find it. Apparently he made a facebook page to counter what he didn't like about the tiger king series. He's particularly steamed that the filmmakers chose not to show him with his new tickets. Because I guess they said take those teeth out of your mouth. We WanNa see what you look like as a hillbilly and he looked bad. Here's some things you don't know about John. After Joe had John Arrested for assault thus ending their relationship he returned some time later to manage. Joe's Safari Bar which was down the road from the zoo and John Help Joe when he was distraught after the accidental shooting of his other. Husband Travis Maldonado and now about care baskin. Well she was Joe's chief Nemesis on the show as you remember on the show on the documentary in the dock in real life now. Carol released a statement Carol Baskin after Tiger King. Premiered calling it salacious sensational. Why do you think people watched it covered salacious sensational true? The lengthy statement goes on to refute. The series is insinuation that she may have been involved in the death of her husband. John Lewis who disappeared without a trace. Well I guess anyone would deny that if they could her household only had a small Meat Grinder. She said while the net flicks documentary showed a photo much larger one the curve more credibly ground up. Louis. Okay. Well that's true. That would be a little misleading. If that one they showed was not her actual meat grinder now. Fifty eight t continues to live with her third husband. Howard Baskin at the big cat rescue facility near Tampa Florida and advocate to stop breeding big cats and keeping them in captivity the facilities currently closed due to corona virus. But you can see the cats on instagram. Here's some things you didn't know about Carol. She got married for the first time when she was just seventeen and had a daughter. Jamie who also works at big cat. Rescue all right. Here's something about doc. Antle you know his name is Bob. Kevon which means lower and I guess. I don't know owner of the Institute of greatly endangered and rare species otherwise known as Tigers of Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He released a statement saying that he was disappointed in this series and accused the producers of paying participants. Well yeah they probably did pay them doesn't mean they were lying. The safari remains open despite the corona virus crisis. Well knock antle doesn't give an F anyway. It was obvious to of children. Cody and twenty. He's the only one I know. Whose name is Kit Tawny. A girl man tried the same as the mother. They both work at the institute. What you didn't know about dot antle sixty years old. He's a former animal trainer. He was called Kevin at school though. Probably because that's what his parents called him and he trained as a doctor in China affect the Chinese probably refute Rick Kirkman. He was the producer who is shooting. Joe Exotics reality-tv web series. He started out as a crime reporter and began to smoke crack while appearing on inside edition. Well he looked like he'd been through something. He now lives in Bodo Norway where he feasts on Reindeer stew with his new wife and is working on a documentary project about a man with an exciting double life according to his facebook post see. You can't make this kind of stuff up and dude eats reindeer. Reindeer do things you didn't know about. Rick. Kirkman is that after all the footage from his Joe. Exotic shoots burned in a suspicious fire at the zoo. He moved to Dallas where his own house coincidentally burned down just six months later according to a New York magazine article by Robert More. So let me guess. He took that insurance money and moved. Norway worry now chows down on reindeer. This has tiger king to all over it. Joe Exotic the central character of the whole thing is named after he is serving a twenty two year sentence and the Oklahoma Grady County jail after being convicted of seventeen counts of animal abuse in two counts of murder for hire. How do you just do time and county jail for murder for hire is in the in the Oklahoma State Penn? I'M GONNA put that down again on the list of things that happened to Joe Exotic. That wouldn't happen to him if he was in. A different demographic but being incarcerated didn't stop the fifty seven year old former zoo owner from filing a ninety four million dollar lawsuit a March seventeenth three days before the series dropped against the federal government in Jeff Lowe who took over the GW. Zoo from Joe. New y'all remember Jeff Low. He was the Swinger Guy who went to vegas and got busted for bringing tigers into his sweet. According to rolling stone he alleged that the government contributed to the death of his mother in that Jeff Lowe provided false statements to the Fed. Okay I have no doubt that Jeff Lowe provided false statements to the feds because everyone was lying in this thing but I don't know how the government contributed to the death of his mother but I guess. His mother was pretty distraught because he got busted. Well this article had things. You didn't nobody Joe Exotic but I'm told you last show though. He appeared a number of country music videos. Joe Exotic is actually lip synching to music from the Clinton Johnson Band and according to Robert Moore who was the writer who wrote the story or we got the information about Kirkman producer. Who's crack cocaine producer? Wheats reindeer Joe Uses a cane. Hold on. Let me find this now. A crutch as a result of a car accident in one thousand nine hundred five in which. He says he was attempting suicide. Your some of the other people in the series couldn't find out as much about them but there are some information Kelsey salary. That's the person who lost part of an arm. Ima turn to work very soon after I think less than two weeks prefers to be called SAF and uses the him in his pronouns so I guess Kelsey is in the Trans Community. You did look a little. I did question that but I guess this. That's why this is in there. They all say that. But I guess you wouldn't have that information if that wasn't the case. The Hawaiian native is reportedly still working at the zoo. So Kelso's SAF is still feeding the Tigers and the lions and last but not least jeff flow the swinger who took the zoo from Joe Exotic. He's still running the greater winwood zoo and he sent at how he's not but how he's not in jail again is beyond me this guy. Everyone called him a con man. Get he's taking care of zoo. Still with his wife Lauren. There he's had at least one more daughter in the series filmed. He's planning to open a new zoo in Oklahoma in hopes of starting fresh and again dude is not in right next to JOE EXOTIC. I do not know. And if Jeff Lowe looked a little bit more like Bingo Games I doubt he would see the light of day but you know I'm not going to hate. The player is as far as it's concerned you know I'm not trying to get jeff locked up. I scratch my head at the fact that he is not or any of these people. Are you know but you know I guess? His Zoo is probably going to go gangbusters now since this thing came out so wild. Your exotic is still in prison. Looks like everyone else probably done. A profit off of this thing. So that's it for my update this time on Tiger King and I won't make a promise I can't keep that's just all the information I have for now might tell you more later next year. Some more breaking news and then my last segment will be my predictions for westworld season. Three episode four. Don't go away. Oh no I state media concepts Sifi podcast together. We dive into the world science fiction from Episode Star Trek Star Wars to the resident evil. All Hot you science fiction movie from the back door marvel or DC golden state. Media Cassettes Sifi podcasts. You'll never get science fiction the same way again. Yeah I don't want that Walnut. Okay all right. I am back and now I'm going to start off with some more breaking news. Showtime has joined almost every other network and being forced to make scheduling changes due to the corona virus pandemic which caused widespread productions shutdowns across the globe. Now they just announced that season to a black Monday. Which is currently airing. It's already had. I think. Two episodes and season five of billions. It'll be interrupted mid flow so black Monday and those haven't watched the show again on the show. I've watched it's on my cue. I just don't watch everything. It's about back in October. Nineteenth in one thousand nine hundred seven for those who are alive. Then it's black. Monday was the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history. And so there's a this is a take on one of the possible ways. That happened has my boy. Don cheadle in. It looks very good anyway. It's going to air up to episode six in. That's going to air on April twelfth. So I guess they got April Twelfth. They probably three episodes two now and at which point it will go on hiatus and returning with its last four episodes at an undetermined point later this year. I guess whenever we leave our homes likewise billions which is a show. I do watch and I enjoy quite a lot because of my boy Paul Giamati. That was bad poetry. Money won't do that again. It's go fill on track to premier may third and it's going to air seven episodes before going off the air just like black. Monday did for an undecided length of time like Monday had completed shooting but was still in post production when the shutdown took effect according to sources but billions was still in the process of shooting in addition the season three premiere of the guy which is a show that I watched the first season of I couldn't get into the second season I can get into that later it had seen. I just really objected to was moved to Sunday. June twenty-first to help plug the content gap. The whole season. Three will air without interruption. Fortunately for penny dreadful fans another show. I did watch. I thought I'd Kinda went off the rails at the end. They're gonNA come back with a different take on it. It's called Penny dreadful city of angels. I think it's going to be just like a mini series. That has some spooky stuff in it. That show is still scheduled to begin. Airing on Sunday April twenty-sixth Penny Dreadful Steve. Angels has my girl Natalie dormer in it yes I'm going to watch it. I have loved her ever since the tutors where she played Angolan. I think she did a real good job. He was good in game of thrones to excellent in the tutors. And there's more breaking news ratings wind has to do with my boy Dick M. F. Wolf on Tuesday night this past week. Cbs was the only English language network too airy full night of original episodes and they dominated the prime time ratings. The FBI said season highs and both total viewers ten point eight one million and it also topped the demographic score. And I'm not going to get into that. But they got the money. People eighteen to forty nine watching the episode also featured a relatively rare cross network. Crossover as Tracy here I go spirit. Docomo's gay guest starred as her Chicago. Pd character and both shows are produced. By Dick I want you to understand. How much of a boss move? This was Dick. Wolf took a character from an NBC show and put it on his CBS. Show for guest spot. You can only do that if you're a boss dog baller which Dick Wolf and FBI most wanted his other. Cbs Show had its second best numbers of the season trailing only last week show when he did the crossover with the regular FBI show. So Dick did a crossover leading the FBI followed up with another show. He is out of control. I just admire people who understand the genre. Just take it over like Dick. Wolf has similar to what Aaron spelling did with the prime time. Soap opera so all kinds of props for me today on this one also just a note that I think might find interesting. They had a repeat of Ellen's game of games that drew four point two million viewers which was on par with same day average for the original episode this season so the same number of people watch the repeat of the same show. So I'm not sure if that means that because a lot and people who haven't watched it before watched it and she actually grew audience or people are just so stuck on Ellen that they watched the show again. It probably means neither of those things but Allen is another person who I admire because she has undersea understand through January and she has taken it over as well so props you ellen degeneres okay and this last bit of breaking news. I thought this was kind of interesting. There was another article that was in variety. Let me get you know you might hear me in the show you might you do here on? The show often referred to variety collider and the Hollywood reporter because I get emails all day long from them. Updating may on different things about the entertainment industry they they think they have the reporters that are really just on top of things. As you heard the showtime story we lead with on the segment. Many networks are having to cancel shows because they had to shut down production because of Corona virus outbreak. But there's one corner of television where the corona virus situation Kobe. Nineteen is probably not going to affect too much in the short run and that is the basic cable reality show now when I say basic cable I'm talking about HDTV TLC BRAVO. Id Food Network Discovery E television history. Any all of those shows. Those reality type shows that are on those networks. They have take. They take those way way way in advance. Not like say the bachelor or even a survivor. Some things on the broadcast commercial. Networks these basic cable channels. Really load up a pretty big inventory of these episodes so discoveries chief brand officer. Nancy Daniels she oversees Discovery Channel Animal Planet and Science Channel. And she says that with a show like A staple that's on her Discovery Channel. Deadliest catch the entire twenty six episode season at his shot and ready to go so they have half a year's worth of programming that they can run with without having to even start up production. Which I think could is interesting caused with the correct marketing. I Anonima Marketing Guy. That's why I admire Dick Wolf and Ellen DeGeneres with the right type of marketing and promotion. It might be an opportunity for these channels that are second tier even third and fourth year channels in some people's views to come out with this new programming. And say look these other either. They're not running the new season of the show. You've been waiting for or they're running repeats of show you've already seen so maybe this is a time for you to check out deadliest hat or bring it or save my life. Austin trauma or the real housewives of Cheshire or wags or dash dolls or below deck Mediterranean or wags Miami or wags Atlanta or. Dr Pimple Popper or. This is hot ninety seven or Christly knows best where the gossip game or pretty wicked MOMS or love and hip hop Atlanta or the real housewives of Vancouver or New York Med or as in my case. Love is blind or the circle or X. On the beach where are you the one or hoarders or bringing up bates or three A M? My bath three am was canceled. It was the brainchild of Dick Wolf. And here's what it was about if the voyeuristic documentary series put the spotlight on the lives of five New York citizens and veterans of the city's nightlife it bombed in. That's what happens. Sometimes when he dab outside of your sweet spot that show aired and cancelled one season and twenty fifteen after that Dick came on strong with all that Chicago stuff and so and then as I told you earlier in the podcast. He got that big contract from universal this year see. Dick learned his lesson. Stick with what you know in just Max it out. So that's it for the Dick Wolf our that's it for this segment. I will be back with my predictions for Westworld episode for season. Three after this. Are you tired of the same Old News Are you? Sick of the seemingly endless political spin negatively the diaz. Mci America's still beautiful. Podcast is a weekly news. Podcast covering all the top positive and uplifting you stories we cover stories that will inspire uplift and remind you love the good in the world tune into the golden date media concepts America's still beautiful podcast to get all the great and positive news stories of today download the GS NC. America's still beautiful podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find podcasts just tight just MC in the search Bar Okay. We are back and ready to start talking about westworld. This is my favorite part of the show. It's Friday so. This is the day that I do predictions for the next show. This is going to be a prediction. Which actually we probably might not probably won't find out this next episode but I'm still trying to figure out who is in Charlotte. Hey what control unit is in Charlotte. Hail SO I. I want to kind of review what we do know and I did a little work myself. Also I will give credit danny fits of the ringer dot com. He did an article very good article about who he thought is in Charlotte Hail So. He made three assumptions. Based on what we've learned so far watching the past two seasons and the first three episodes and I'm going to lift those from him because I think he articulated them well and so since I couldn't do any better. I thought that I would still so. Here are the three assumptions. We're GONNA work with one. It's a character we have seen on the show before to. It is not a human being in three. Delors knows this person well enough to trust them based on her words at the beginning of the episode when she said I trust you now. Delors doesn't trust many people making a tough to find characters that fit that criteria so we can eliminate some and we also eliminate some because they've already appeared in the season. We can assume that. Bernard stubbed and Maeve are not in Charlotte. Hail based on what we know what we've been shown now people that Delors probably could trust but as far as we know they're unable to be resurrected or we don't have access to their control. Units are teddy because we saw teddy get beamed up to the valley beyond and they haven't explained how Deloris even though we did find out this episode that she is the encryption key to wherever that information went. We don't know if he's been taken out of there so teddy teddy. Even a lot of people think it's steady and Angela. If we've all said she got blown up in the forge and last season I think Angela is somebody else so. I don't go with the thing that Angela is destroyed. But we'll just say for now. It's not Angela WHO'S IN CHARLOTTE. Hail people who could be in Charlotte Hail? But I don't think they fit the criteria of someone that Dolores would trust is armistice in. That's the blonde with the Snake Tattoo. She barely knows deloris. And she's really more loyal hector so it's doubtful that doors for team up with her hector who we saw earlier last episode with Maeve. We don't think that even if he had accessed the hector she would put her in Charlotte hills body and Akita. Who is the ghost nation leader from last season He's in the valley beyond as far as we know too and I don't know whether Delors would team up with him or not but we're you know I think he will make a appearance this season but maybe not in charge of Hail so here are the top suspect so far according to all the Internet tin foil types. And just if you watch the show these are pretty credible suspects Peter Abernathy. Now that's lowest his father and that's the most important person her therefore he's a logical candidate his control units been damage since the end of season. One so that could explain why Charlotte is having such a hard time in her skin. Although she said this last episode she feels like somebody's inside of her trying to get out who she refers to as a she so that might not be a good explanation. I just think that Peter Abernethy to homework choice and I think I would as well as most of the viewership would be disappointed if it were. He clementine who was part of Dolores grew in the middle of season two. She has interacted with the lowest. They weren't pals especially while they were on their loops. Deloris was the farmer's daughter never really interacted with the brothel or with the the Bar clementine became Zombie which of death so she was somewhat of a Predator which she mentioned you know the whoever's in Charlotte sales body mentioned being pressure when she was choking out that pedophile however barring some sort of wild storytelling from Nolan enjoy which I know put pass them but hopefully they won't do that if it was Clementine. That just seems like that would be a reach. Lawrence is the dark horse here outside of Peter. Teddy Bernard and Maeve Lawrence has the closest relationship to the doors after they're trained escapade back with a young William in season one. Dolores is leading a revolution in Lawrence. Was the leader of a group of revolutionaries when you allow though so they have that shared motivation and aside from his extremely applicable background. There's a thematic symmetry to Lawrence going from being mistreated by William for so much of season one and season two to being mistreated by Delors as season three. So maybe he would become somewhat of that type of foil. I don't know some people thinking might be William the man in black. I don't think so. I think that's kind of the reaches. Well he hasn't appeared in season three yet leading then. That's what's leading to speculation that he might be in Charlotte Body. But I would say that would not make sense for two reasons. One is that William was on the beach at the end of season two so it will require a lot of extraordinary storytelling by Nolan. Enjoy again to explain how Dolores got hold of his mind so quickly before leaving the park it would also be harder to explain why. Delors would even trust him since. He's tried to kill her every single time he could. If not rape or do more terrible things sir. So here's my grand tin foil theory as of April second. Which is the day when I'm recording. This and this is just what I've I'm on right now. This is where I am. I will admit that I put out there that I thought Caleb somehow was in Hail but that's ridiculous so I take that back and I was wrong. This is my tin foil theory. That Robert Ford is in Dolores and Dolores is in Charlotte hail now. I think the Loris is now. I'm Robert Ford. Is the grant architect of all of this so to subscribe to my theory. You have to believe that Robert Ford planned this out from before. Delors shot him in the head. This is what he has. He thought this whole thing play out and then he also pulled the strings for it to happen while he was in the big brain in the forge I Know Dolores did not trust for before but he let her shoot him in the head like Arnold did the first time around so that might have gained her trust since t allowed her to read sentence by that act. Maybe she sees that Ford has changed and now they're working together also for cares her. You know he used her as his way to get the host out of the park as much as he says he loved Maven. I understand he said may was his favorite. I still think he has a soft partners hard for dolores. And that's why he's having Dolores carry out these very key steps to his plan to you know get these humans who I think he sees the disease out of the way. I believe that red and gray ball on the table that everyone assumes is Bernard. I think the ball is the man in black and not Benard I think Bernard I think Bernard Control Unit. That is in him right now. I think was created by Ford at the house when they are outside of the park through his memories and Dolores Memories of Arnold and Bernard and when we saw them waking him up at the end of season two that was them running for Dell detests on what they created in that house and was telling him. You're going to try to stop me. You have a role to play. That's your role. Also when Delors wakes up and this past episode and she sees that ball and she knows it's the man in black's. Why do we need him? And he says he has a role to play. And that's why we haven't seen Harris yet because at Harry's hasn't been set loose so that is bright where I am. Now that four deloris Hale is. Delores has the lowest controlling in him in her that trying to reach sentence again. That's why she is a predator. Sometimes the why apart and also sometimes the innocent girl Ford is just getting up to speed and I also believe that Martin bodyguard for Liam. We didn't see this last episode briefly. This last episode is either. Angela are Lawrence and my money's on Angela. Because Angela takes care of business so at that bit of craziness that ends this episode of the GS MC television podcast part of the mighty GSM. Kat Kat network please subscribe to us. Give us a rating on Apple podcasts. You can do it wherever you listen but apple podcast would be the best place for you to give us a five star rating. We really appreciate it. Follow us on facebook. Instagram and twitter. My name is Howard Fletcher. I look forward to talking to you guys each and every Tuesday and Friday please. Email me podcast. Howard a g mail DOT COM be safe. Be Clean. Wash your hands and I'll see you next time. Thank you very much for listening. Bye-bye you've been listening to the Golden State media concept's television podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www DOT g s MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music thrown sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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