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The Chris and Joe Show: New York Giants Day 2 Draft Picks


Are you troubled by strange? Hockey trades in the middle of the night. Do you experienced feelings of dread about. Nhl Free Agency. Have you or your family ever seen in New York islanders game if the answer is yes? Don't wait another minute. Pick up your mobile device and subscribe to Lighthouse Hockey podcasts. From espy nation today are courteous and efficient hosts are ready to serve. All of your islander needs and worries Lighthouse Hockey podcasts For New York Islanders. Fans thank day two of the NFL draft win as unexpected possibly could have been for the New York giants yet again to additional picks that person. I could not have predicted here for the giants as they went with. Xavier mckinney and appeared. I'm Jodi Leone here with Kristin Joe show presented you buy SB nation and big blue view. We are going to be recapping day. Two of the NFL draft rounds of two and three D. Two selections by the New York giants breaking them down and then also filling you in on the best available guys that are going to be around on day. Three getting right on into this Chris. The first selection we had it thirty sixth overall. We were discussing Zach Bond and he was still on the board when that pick was up also grant help. It was still available yet. The giants decided to go with Xavier. Mckinney safety out of Alabama who many considered to be the top safety in this year's draft class or still graded him as a first rounder ended up sign sliding to the giants and turn out to be a pretty good selection for them. Yeah he he wasn't the top safety on our board. But you can kind of see where the giants are coming from the pick. Patrick Graham want he really likes to have position lists defensive backs? He wanted MINKAH FITZPATRICK FOR THAT ROLE. The kind of safety slot corner. I don't like using the term chess piece but a player who he can move around and create mismatches disguise coverages. And that's the kind of player mckinney. Is We had grant delpit rated higher just because of his range as a single high coverage player but mckinney can do a lot he can drop down play. Slot Corner. He can play a little bit of linebacker. He can play as a box. Safety he can play is a free safety in like cover to cover three obviously cover four type role so he can play a lot of different roles for the giants and that obviously appeal to them. Enduring the broadcast folks. If you happen to hear it if not they spoke about how Alabama had some serious injuries at the linebacker position so they went to mckinney. Who is one of their most experienced defensive players and asked him to play a bit of a nickel linebacker role and he did so relatively successfully despite not being a very big guy. He's only six foot two. Oh one thirty inch are thirteen. Seven eighths INCH ARMS. Rather eight and three eighths inch hands four six three forty a bit on the slower side compared to some of these other more athletic safeties that were at the combine nineteen bench reps thirty six inch vertical and then one hundred twenty two inch broad so not super explosive. You do get some explosion without thirty six inch vertical. He's he's versatile you can move them around. He's not the most athletic safety but he was overall just a a series playmaker for a program that has notoriously produced pretty good defensive backs in Alabama. Yeah I obviously. The Chinese are pretty familiar familiar with that with Landon. Collins who in his draft was considered a player who was a versatile safety who was expected to be a first rounder and the giants selected at the top of the second round that year. They traded up to draft him this year. They get their versatile expected to be first round Alabama safety without having to jump up they might not have gotten the guy we were all expecting but they got their guy. The other selection I think was the biggest curve ball of the three that we've seen so far for the giants that was matt pair. Ninety ninth overall offense of tackle out of Yukon after taking a tackle fourth overall in Andrew Thomas so they decided to go with a developmental. Tackle a guy that has Not as much ready to play ability as Andrew Thomas does. He's a bit more developmental. He's GonNa take some time before he can get on the field but he's overall considered to be a high upside player if he can bring it all together and come together and play at his full potential so six foot seven three eighteen Thirty six and three eighths inch arms huge arms nine and a half inch five. Oh six forty twenty-six trip so Some pretty good movement skills from the big offensive tackle from Yukon peered the director of the senior bowl. Actually compared him to British off Ferguson. Yet that might be a little rich for my blood. Might comparison watching him is actually will beatty the former giant and also uconn alumni. But that doesn't have any that doesn't really play a role in the comparison. They just happened to play for the same school. Both peer beatty are be are tall. Long Athletic offensive tackles even. They've got good upside they off. Nobody obviously had started starter. Caliber upside there were few years he was one of the very best left tackles in the NFL. And I do believe pure has starting upside but like he needs to get stronger to play in the NFL. He's got some technique issues to clean up but every NFL prospects does the appeared. Biggest issue is just play strength in dealing with power especially NFL level power. There's a distinct possibility. He does not see the field his rookie year but it does give the giants a pipeline of talent at the offensive line. Where if they decide to move on from nate's older they've got their left and right tackles there assuming everything goes according to plan assuming? That is the plan. They've got both of their book and they are ready to step in. At least as near as I can tell that's the thought process with that pure and as we were watching this third round. I was starting to think to myself. Well this has got to be Tyler bodice or maybe a receiver because those were the next major needs or maybe a linebacker with troy die. Who who's still on the board? But they ended up going with the position that they already filled in essentially a guy. That's not gonNA play. I cannot think of a scenario that met. Pierre is going to get onto the field in twenty twenty now. There's nothing terribly wrong with that. It doesn't hurt to have a guy that can sit and develop. Because that's what he needed. He appeared if he had to go out there and play. That would be terrible situation for him because like you said he needs get stronger for him to play at the NFL level to play up to his potential. But right now he. He can't bump them inside guard because he will. Hernandez and Kevin Zeitler. Who are very very good guards. He's too big play center. And I know that might sound crazy for some positions to say that oh Soviets too big but centers can't be six foot seven. That's just too big. You can't have a guy that toll in the middle of in the middle of your offensive line so there's just this weird mix of of how he's GonNa fit. It seems like they're just going to let them sit and then potentially get rid of older in a season or two. Yeah this is you normally. Don't look at your third round pick as a guy who is going to help out in a season or two you normally look at these first three picks guys who can help you win this year but picking ninety nine th overall the way the board fell the giants believes they got the best value out of Matt peered and maybe that value is hopefully getting off the offensive line hamster wheel and having to search and draft an desperately look for another starter every year. It's almost the complete opposite of what we've dealt with. The giants fans seem to have constantly been frustrated with the giants lack of willingness to address the offensive line. Well Dave Gettleman said. I'm if you guys are frustrated. We're not playing around this year. We're going to give you as many offensive Lineman as we can possibly take in every single round so expect maybe a couple more hopefully not but we'll have to see what ends up happening with the rest of the guys on the board. Maybe they do end up taking a center speaking of centers. There's a pretty decent group of guys that we graded a second rounders that are still available and on the board. We're GONNA fill you in on those guys but before we get to them. We're GONNA take a very quick commercial break Chris. We have a pretty good crap here of second round graded guys in some third rounders. That could fit very nicely with the giants as they're going to be picking at one ten in the fourth round. There's a lot of people that can really step in and be quality players for the giants that are going to be benefiting the giants for sliding as far as they did. Who are some of the guys that really stand out to you? Yeah right at the top of the draft near the guys that are still on the board who will hopefully still be on board when the giants are picking the Tyler Center. Wisconsin sticks out like a sore thumb. Yeah he at one point. He was considered the top center in the entire country. And he's got good size. He's got good experience playing for Wisconsin. He's SMART. He can play in a man and zone blocking scheme at the problem with him. He was dealing with an injury last year. I thought he was playing too heavy. He just looked a little bit too. Big Not too tall at pier but just too big and he does wound up on the ground a little too often or maybe a lot too often which is probably why he has slipped as far as he has and the fact that the NFL can't really do their own medical evaluations on him than just sticking with the offensive side of the ball Johnson wide receiver out of Texas and Donovan. People's Jones wide receiver out of Michigan. They're both bigger guys people's Jones. You might remember from the Combi jumped out of Lucas. Lucas oil stadium had a a forty four inch vertical which is just absurd at Colin Johnson. At six six two hundred twenty two to twenty five just a big surprisingly agile for his size wide receiver. Neither of these guys. I don't think they are the true x receivers that we were kind of hoping to see the giants get but they've got good size. They have the ability to stretch the field. They should be able to help out with the giants depth. End An element. They don't really have right now than moving over to the defense I've got Curtis Weaver Knowlton Robinson on the edge. Choi like you mentioned linebacker from Oregon and Akim Davis GAITHER LINEBACKER FROM APPALACHIAN STATE. The big football powerhouse. That it is. It seems like that linebacker spot is going to be one to really monitor here as the giants are going to be coming up very soon in the fourth round when things kick off at noon. Tomorrow THEY'RE GONNA be picking at one ten but you pointed out troy die. Kim Davis gaither. We had them a second round graded players in the giants. Still really are are missing piece at that linebacker group when we assumed in hope Friday Simmons. He's not the guy we were thinking. Zack Bonn he didn't end up. Being the guy they continue to push away from and push back this linebacker position of need and right now. Diana Keen Davis gaither are the best available. We have right now for that one ten pick to they choose to go there or do they choose to go with. Tyler to fix that center selection. All of that is is really up for discussion now. The giants have a ton of picks left in the remainder of this draft. They have seven picks. They've got four in the seventh round and then they have one pick in each of the following around so in the fourth round they have picked one ten fifth round. They've picked one fifty sixth round. They have pick one eighty three. So it does fourth and fifth round picks. Those will be the best possible spots for them to take. Is that can. Maybe contributors still be developmental pieces than anything further from there. Chris you and I were. We're kind of talking about this earlier. They're they're going to be. They have four seventh rounders and they're probably ended up cutting most of them. Those seventh rounders are almost too many to have Towards the end of the draft yet at that point the giants are basically going to be picking up the guys at the top of their priority free agents list. The guys that other teams are going to be calling up. Maybe playing on the the relationships their areas scouts have built with them. Those are the guys that with all of those sixth and seventh round picks. The giants are just saying yet. No you're giant. Now talk show up to rookie minicamp but quite sure. What's going to be happening there? But they are or at least should he. Using those picks to really secure the free agents the undrafted free agents that they like the most and just make sure they get them in house certainly do have an advantage. There snag up any undrafted free agents in the seventh round and make sure they secure them with those final four picks in the draft tune in tomorrow on ESPN or also NFL network at noon for the remainder of picks for the New York giants in the twenty twenty NFL draft. Be Sure to also rain. Subscribe wherever you're listening to us on any platform you can find. Podcast also falls on social media at Big Blue View. You can follow Chris at Raptor M. K. I fall at Joe. Di Leone. Following the seven picks of the giants. Tomorrow we're going to recap and wrap things up for you nicely like we've done for these previous two days to let you know who's taking in who they are as a prospect. Are you troubled by strange hockey traits of the middle of the night do experience feelings of dread about NHL Free Agency? Have you or your family ever seen in New York Islanders Game? If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute. Pick up your mobile device in subscribe to Lighthouse Hockey podcast from espy nation. Today our courteous and efficient hosts are ready to serve. All of your islander needs and worries lighthouse hockey podcasts for New York islanders fans.

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