Why Interdependence is more valuable than Independence w/Maxwell Ivey Jr.


All Right Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. He's is in tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast dream on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority and Mayor Peel and how you can mimic their success developing authority building, your audience, and attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. All right. We are in the building again on a Monday on the virtual stage I have my new friend here. Maxwell I've I will junior on the as well. That's important for you. How you doing man are you doing today? Good they're really good I'm a little. I'm a little intimidated by your intro. Man's got me thinking you know. I feel like kind of kid at the grownups table at Thanksgiving or something. We are live next on worries. We got any here. So you just got. My friend. We'll do that. Problem. Yeah very impressed with what I've heard so far. Thank you so much appreciate that appreciate their So we are here in Maxwell is here to show US A new word does not that I'm not even sure if I know about this, but he's going to show US why Inter dependence is more valuable than independence. And this is this is Stone inscriptions kind of a thing that. Is. The. Overriding thing here or what I share with what is very glad to have you on here. To discuss this with with the audience here so before we get started. please. Tell us next will who you are personally and then professionally. Okay. Like they kind of run together. So I'm just going to tell it as it is and people can pick out the parts they thick applies under each category. I am totally blind guy from Houston Texas. I grew up in a family of carnival owners planning to someday go into the family business and help run the carnival I also grew up knowing that eventually I would was some most if not all of my vision to retinitis Pigmentosa RPG. But I grew up in a family of supportive people who encouraged me to always think that I could do just about anything I wanted to so I graduated from a traditional high school and Traditional College. I achieved rank of Eagle Scout, and one of the few blind eagles I helped run the family business for fifteen years before my dad's death caused the show to go out of business. After a few years of working with my uncles carnival and not being happy I eventually suffered a health health emergency were I was forced to face mortality and start taking care of my body and my physical health. At the same time, I decided to take what I had learned over the years in the cargo business and help other people sell US amusement equipment and I started a website called the midway marketplace in two, thousand and seven. I had to figure out a way to build that website even though that was before wordpress y prior or facebook, and I was by guy, no skills no money nor experience no help. I really basically every day I was learning something new trying to figure out a way that would work for me and In fact, because I was blind and couldn't use a visual editor I had to teach myself hand out of hand code html thrown online tutorial site. I continued working to build that website, and then eventually people started saying Hey Max we really inspired. By the way you take on difficult challenges with joy and we want you to hear more about your wife is an entrepreneur who happens to be blind that led to starting a second website the blind blogger since written four books been on over two hundred and fifty podcasts traveled the country Solo spoken at national conferences and local advocacy groups. I help other people get booked on gas and take advantage of other online opportunities. So they can share their stories and finally I have a little show called. What's your excuse? Awesome awesome stuff I I love that title and we already have. On here, already coming from what is nice to meet you maxwell an amazing journey, whatness. Parisian. And I couldn't see anything better. Thank you so much Andrea for that. I. I'm floored by first of all, I mean, of course, we I mean you're blind but I'm floor how you can run a carnival in be blind. Can I just ask that question for served? How how were you able to do that? Right well, I didn't do it all myself and I was born into the business. My Dad used to say that the only people crazy enough to be in the car pro business those that were born into it or married into it, and so he actually used to tell people the car with business was the only place where insanity was not a disqualifier might in fact be a prerequisite. Wow So he never wanted us to have anything to do with the car whether into to support us and and you know hopefully help us get education. So we go do something else but I had a brother into business I had. A, you know various people which would come in wanting to get work. One of the things about the car was as a place where even now it's gotten more corporate. people will that you know can't find work anywhere else. We'll go there and look and look for jobs, and finally we never had a really big carnival. We never had more than eight rides. We rare we had more than one ride that took a semi truck to move it We were a small show competing with much larger carnivals with newer equipment. scarier rides, fancier games. You know everybody else had more than we did. But you know we showed up, we worked hard way treated people very very there. Many Times in my lifetime where we would leave a town the year after. They had a bigger carnival and they would they would be scratching their heads wondering why we paid them more money. And the truth of the matter is, is some of those bigger carnivals paid for their equipment by not paying the committee's their fair share of the gross and my dad was just you know he was raised on the golden rule, he may not have spent much time in church but somebody taught him the important less than he taught us. So you know with help from the family paid oak. just a desire to you know to figure out a way to get the next week. Each week is, is how managed to do it I probably wouldn't have you know probably wouldn't have have succeeded if we had had to run a bigger car will because a lot of new arrives require you know people that can deal with electron ix and hydraulics and computers so and eventually I was smart enough to realize the carnival days where behind me and go on to something where I'd have more control over what I'm doing and be able to also have more joy with what I'm doing right right. So so what what are you currently working right now? What's your current project See I my immediate project that I'm working on that I actually can see happening surname is is my fifth book and a final book in a series that I've been writing on my on my travels. the most recent book in that series. It's called the blind bloggers, I speaking and signing adventures. Conquer your fears. Some working on the third book in that series but I've also working on this other idea that I'm still trying to find somebody to help me with I need a stream yard producers somebody who's willing to sit on the other side of the Mike and make sure that the the tech stuff runs and I wanted to talk called music and motivation where I was saying songs and tell some stories and cheats life lessons and I've got it pretty much figured out. My mind is just one of those things I haven't managed the tech side of yet. So at forty listeners wants to is is just as you know as as crazy as I am. Part of something that as far as I know has always been done by one other speaker than I would love for them to reach out to me and we can. We can take that crazy adventure together and if it works who knows I could be, it could be something that makes me famous or that I get, you know maybe travel the world instead of just this country. or it could be something where you go man I had to do that had to get it out of my system didn't go like I wanted it to it's done but at least I did it it'll be one of you know probably somewhere between. But hopefully, one of your listeners is the kind of person who will you know reach out to me and we'll we'll get that done. Awesome now. I'm glad you. Put that out. So you heard it here first people about this product that he's Brooklyn on needs help in. That is really what this show is all about at least tell us about the word. Inter dependence why is it so important to you? Right well, I I have to admit that I. didn't come up with this idea I. I heard it written about by Tom Sullivan who is a Musician Entertainer, filmmaker world traveler who happens to be blind, and that's the way introduces himself. And he wrote about in his book Seeing lessons things I learned in the dark he wrote about interdependence. And then a couple of years ago I gave a talk at a conference where my title was the power of asking for help and accepting help offered and when it was over with one of the other speakers came up to me a Alex Sanfilippo who have been real good friends with ever since that day and he said you could have also titled that interdependence versus and dependence so. Basically I think that a lot of people get into trouble because they are overly focused on independence doing everything themselves. This belief that if you don't the way if you can't do it all by yourself and do it smoothly that there's something wrong with you that you are a failure because there are all these people out there in the world who whenever you see them online it's just them. There's no team there's no, there's no backup band bandres. It's just them and then make it look like it's slow easy to do everything by themselves, and the truth is most of them have team staff or they have volunteers got friends with family members that are helping them out behind the scenes but they don't tell anybody. It's kind of like the wizard of Oz when you know you see the great big. Powerful terrifying wizard until the little puppy dog pulls the curtain away and you see the little short guy sitting back there behind it. And it's Kinda like that blogging and podcasting writing and speaking in pretty much any of the creative pursuits as low as people who are doing online businesses. People don't wait you see the ones that are helping them. So people have this fear as because they have the fear of looking foolish they decide they have to do it by themselves and I of the matter is we weren't meant to do important things all alone. So it is so much more fun when we allow people be part of our journeys and we get their whole heck of a lot faster when we allow people to come along with us for the ride. For example, when I wrote my first book I was having trouble going through the publishing process with Amazon and woman who had to help me with a problem on my blog arraign regularly. At wording well, dot com reached out to me and said Max. I would want to help you publish your book up I like to tell people I would eventually publish my book. But. It would've taken longer and it wouldn't have been as good. It wouldn't have been as visually appealing because I would have I would have edited based on you know what? I could hear what my favorite or rather than arranging blocks of text on the page or on the screen so that it looks good to people when they're considering buying and as far as a cover I wouldn't have had no idea how to come up. With a coverage of myself, so I could have published a book could've published all my books but they wouldn't have been is good. There would have taken longer and the truth of the matter is is there have been people who have been inspired and motivated at challenged by my books. So I would have been doing those people a disservice if I postponed the publishing, those books out of pride out of reluctance to ask for help. People help me to have reached out to offer so Interdependence is basically deciding. That you are willing to let other people help you accomplish your goal and your dream and to do it quicker and with more joy. And the funny thing about this is. For me as a blind person as somebody who knew he was going to be losing his vision I was always taught from by my family by teachers. Max Don't ever be afraid to ask for help people will want to help you. And there, there is really true because think about how good you feel when you help somebody else who can do nothing for you but say, thank you it makes you feel good. It doesn't it. Absolutely. Yeah. You know when you when you neighbor's garbage out, you feel like a superhero. And so. They said, you know Max people will want to help you and if you don't let them or ask them, you're gonNA, make things harder on yourself. So I grew up with a whole different attitude towards asking for help or asking for opportunities. And so I actually considered one of my superpowers Dow that I am if if. I I won't say shameless because there's no shame doing it. What if there was a word that means that I have absolutely no fear of going up to anybody in person or online and asking them to help me accomplish my next goal. That's that's what I would be. So I grew up that way a of implemented debt my life I do my best to teach it to other people and I think I've finally come up with an expression that will help free people from this fear they have of asking for help and here's what I tell them. Okay. I'm GonNa say this twice because every time I've ever said it before they always ask me to repeat it so. When you? When you refused, ask you rob the other person of the joy they would have received from helping you. So thank about that. When you refuse to ask for help you rob the other person of the joy they would have received from helping you. So in effect you're making somebody else's Day harder. You're making their day list West Fun. By. Not asking them for help by not asking them for information experience knowledge that they have that they've been building up for years and they would love it. If somebody came along and said Hey I'm really struggling I know you're the expert on this I know you know everything about this would you please help? You know. So that's That's this whole thing about asking for help and you know you extended out a little bit farther as far as for opportunities. A lot of people think well, if I asked somebody for opportunity to come on their PODCASTS, they're gonNa make me testicle like I think my stuff is really good and and they need to have me on their show or there's something wrong with them. You know that's the that's the the feeling. A lot of people get when they try to send a query email. But the. But again, how do you know that that podcast host wasn't waiting for you to send him in that particular email that you wouldn't be perfect for them? You know. When? I went to New York City in two thousand and sixteen. I went because I wanNA. Competition from Amtrak is one of the writers in residence and as I was reading the instructions to fill out the form I was reading the accolades of the previous winners and it was saying things like at had player produced off Broadway. Eleven Amazon best-sellers. Screenplay. Approved by. Netflix's or whatever you know these people had these great things behind their name that had wanted a year before two years before. And I started saying you know Max you don't belong here you're not qualified. I decided to go back to what I usually always do what my daddy taught me. He always said you know Max if you don't ask, they can't say. Yes. So I filled out the form like that. Right. No doubt the form, send it off to him forgot about it six months later they called me up almost in the middle of the night from a block phone number, and at first I thought they were pulling my I was one of my family members playing a joke on me or something right? Out Yet was them and they had picked me out of thousands of of other kits to be one, the twenty, four winners that year and and I decided But you know was one of those things I had to get past the feeling of. Either you know who the heck am I or I'm not qualified. It'll be one of those two feelings whenever it comes time for you to ask people for opportunities like to contribute to a book or on a podcast or You know maybe a news article whatever that opportunity is maybe you want maybe want to sing backup for somebody whatever you know those feelings will come out either be I think too much of myself or you know those other people are way better than me and so that's Now. Actually this now because. The only thing I can hear about this is that here here people. Chiming in about this asking. You start asking for help. DAX somehow bring a cost because. You know. So you know I need help on my facebook as helping they're like, yeah, you can. You can get a plethora of people responding to you, but that's GonNa, cost you money and what people don't have the money for the help me help doesn't always come for freeze. What do you say to that Maxwell? Well, I would say that yeah, help doesn't always come without a cost. But I've found from my own experience and experience of quite a few other people that I know that if you ask with a sincere heart. L. Let, people see that you really need that maybe the answer will come with a price. But I can't tell you how many times in my lifetime people have. Seen be asking for help and they other have helped for free or they have helped in exchange for things that I'm good at that. They're not. Or have offered me payment plans or have offered to do it for less than they would usually charge anybody else to do it. A. Lot of times. We have the ability to to pay for those things when you just have to pay for them and. Effort it's sweat or. By. Providing service you're good at we all have things we're good at or we like doing other people hate I mean. So. Yeah there. There can be a cost, but a lot of it really depends on how you ask and where you're asking because. Let's let's do this dive into that. Say about how you ask. So do you have A special scripting or where you say it I mean you said it right now on this podcast. Just Very, very very nonchalantly, but do you is there a t gic way? Of asking for help that you've learned over the years that you can share with us. All right. Well, I, it helps if when you decide to ask, you can find somebody that you may be already have the beginnings of a connection with your if if you know them or know them well enough to took two semesters them through facebook or send them an email or if you can. If you can do that to start getting to know the bed helps a lot but I find the most important thing is to let the other person know that he sincere whe want. To move forward. This is the goal I'm trying to achieve. This is the this is the problem I'm having. This is kind of help but I think I need. And, of course. You know I believe you are the best person to to help me with that and then. Another thing that really helps if you get a reputation of showing gratitude and I like to say that gratitude is more than just saying, thank you and a lot of cases there are people out there who get they get asked a lot. You know people ask them all the time for things and you know quite often they will provide their time or experience but a Lotta Times, they provide their timer experience and then the person that's asked for their help dispose off their advice of their suggestions we implement. The OPS if you get. If, you've got reputation of somebody who's like, okay. I asked you know say I asked you for for help creating a better intro for my podcast and you go okay. Sure I'll help you. What are you doing now show what you know and we we we work and you say, okay, Max, these are the three or four things. I think you need to do to create a really compelling intro based on your ramp and then I then look podcasts three three weeks from now or three months from now still David exactly the same way I used to it. Are you GonNa WanNa help anybody else? And you know, and we'll anybody else want to help me. So it really helps if you build a relationship before you ask or if you already have a little bit of an acquaintance with the person. It helps if you have a history of showing gratitude and taking the advice you get running with it. And it also helps if you get a reputation for promoting the heck out of the person he helped because a lot of those people they they do offer services they do they do for paying clients. They won't ask me. They won't ask me to promote them but. You know I'm. Karnik yet I'm promoter at. Har. Able. Thank you can do for me to say thanks to put. And I will admit that I probably get a little more help than other people would because of disability. But you know if if I didn't follow through if I didn't ask sincerely if I didn't show progress if I did show gratitude if I didn't do those things. People would stop helping me And I honestly. No, and I wish more people believe this and I think I think some people do I think you're probably one who gets it? Now, I would not be here at this point this far from where I started if it weren't for a lot of people who decided to help me when they really didn't have any any reason to help me other than you know their personal makeup and a and the compelling nature of my story in the last. Right Right I. I'm glad you're saying this I've got a quick question because I think sometimes people think think asking is a sign of weakness. Where you know? You don't want to think you don't want people to think that you. Are. Superman in. What you do. You. Think you want people to think that you're the you're the greatest. If. Not How do you deal with that? People think that you know? It sucks to axe people at times. I. Say. Think about the person you're going to ask. Go track down their personal bio, see where they've started. I guarantee you that a large percentage of the people that you are impressed by online right. Now, we're once in a point where they were were they had to ask for help or encouragement or support or kicking the but I'll give you a good example. I recently interviewed John Lee Dumas they call him jail data the. Entrepreneurial and fire guy I kind Kinda I kinda backed into it because I assumed that he had never struggled in his life and he called me out on that. But. I mean before I interviewed him start looking at his bio start watching some of his old videos before he became famous and you'll here's a guy he lost buddies and combat the first time you pressed record on a microphone. He was shaking the papers in his hands so so bad that the guest he had scheduled told me either needed to quit that or he'd have to cancel being the first guest on on entrepreneur on fire. and. This guy he's a wedge in our business now. Thinks, he's government. Lots of people like that. If you look at them now you're think well, you know if I, admit that I need help I'm GONNA look weak. Well, trust me those those rockstars they all they were all week at one point they. You know they may have had money so they could hire somebody instead of having to ask for help. Then they may have had people in their community already that they could reach out to predict for particular. Services. But if you look at these people, most of them didn't come out of the womb, the person they are now and a lot of the people that are really leading the way especially in the in business coaching and personal development. All these people are who they are because they went through some serious adversity they lost businesses they lost loved ones they they lost fellow comrades they. They've lost jobs and homes OUGHTA people that are that are really doing it now. They remember when things weren't as good as they are. Now, there are very few successful coaches, speakers, podcasters who don't have an origin story and I I remember that when they're scared about asking. For help because it'll make him look weak but remember. These these great people they were once where you are. Three months from now you may be where you you may be where they are. Somebody may be asking you. They somebody may take the courage. To go hey max or you know our hey brian. Broadcast and I'm not liking. Subscribers download you. Don't forget the people that are rockstars now weren't rockstars in the beginning at someday you're going to be the person to other people look to and ask for help. So I hope we eventually get past this idea that it's weakness ask for help. That it really is strength, it takes courage takes real courage to ask for help, and if you can do it and make it a habit is like when you know like in the in the science fiction movies when the when you know when the spaceships go into work drive or the Star Trek when they go into when you know when they go into wardrobe, they're going faster than the speed of light. Sometimes it's that what your business once you decide that you don't have to do everything by yourself. You'll have to be afraid to invite other people to be part of your journey. Yeah. I totally agree something I kind of try to her as much as possible in pretty much a lot of it is what this is about what the authority project when you're building something you cannot build cannot build it alone cannot build your house. By yourself now. You can try extreme at the. House. The House is the perfect example. In order to build a house, you have to have somebody who knows about concrete that's the foundation. Then you have to have somebody who can set the the frank you can frame the outside skeleton of the House or building. That could be would or it can be steel. You know then you have to have people that can do the drywall, the electrical work, the lighting one, plumbing, sewage, air conditioning heating. There's so many things that go into building a house with very few people. Would try to build a house all by themselves. So I think building houses the perfect example and you know starting blogger podcast is a great example too. Because think about this. You know, yeah you have to find the courage to press record and upload your audio but you know most people have to have a website or social media place where people can find their podcasts. You know they have to write about it and promote it. They have to share on twitter and facebook and linked in some people edit their podcast. Upload them. You have to write the the show description. If you have guess, you have to send out queries or you know sign up to a website where people were you, and then you have to go through all those people who want to be on a great show and you know and say, yes to the ones that are perfect and. Find the courage to say no to the ones that aren't perfect yet. So many things that go into a blog or podcast and we really can't do them all ourselves. And it's difficult especially in the beginning, it's difficult to find the money to pay people to do all those things even if you get people on fiber upwards or Have relatives that will you know we'll cut you a break on the price. There's still just so much to be done to get started. and. You want to avoid overwhelming yourself by doing you know what you could now focusing on on the short term more more so than the log job so Really, you have to ask for help. Now I do want to make a comment about asking because a lot of people think that when I say asking for help. Specifically sending an email or making a phone call or maybe getting on on zoom or snapchat or something. But we ask in a whole lot of other ways you know we We pray there's meditation. Use affirmations and Law of attraction where you you know you think about something. People will create a vision board put images of the things they want to accomplish the things that need to do in order to accomplish those goals. So. That's that's one way. Another way is when you're struggling a lot of times. Things that you need will creep into your wag witch. You'll be leaving a comment on somebody's blog or posting something to facebook, and you won't realize you won't notice that you have mentioned that you need X. in those posts or comments, but there are people out there who either have gotten to know you or who are intuitive by nature. Who will say you know he wants to like he could really use help with something. You know we don't realize the ways we tell people what we need. Besides straight up asking for it but there are people out there who are watching and. And the more weekend be vulnerable more. We can let more of US show to the rest of the world the more likely it goes people are to come lock. And now. Here's what I like to call the graduate level course of asking for help. And that is accepting help when it's offered and I kinda got out of here. Because if you think it's hard to ask for help. Just, imagine you know you're minding your own business somebody comes along they. Go I want to help you I, want to help you on your blog or or man I want to help you. Change your website theme. Come woman off, and you're like who the heck does. He think he is or she is I don't need their help, and by the way why don't you go help somebody who needs it? You know so all the time. There's more ego and being offered health and there is you know then you have to overcome to ask for in my opinion. and. So that's what I was talking about before how we ask for helping lots of whereas it we don't really think about But so you know you're asking and some of us. A lot would not think about it without knowing it. So when somebody comes along and offers to help you, you have to realize I must have done something where I put it out into the world that I needed help and then remember this just like you have to have Kerr's to ask for help. They had to have even more courage to offer to help somebody just you know without being directly asked. And if you want to continue to grow and move forward and to move forward more quickly when people come along and offer to help you, you have to really think about that other person I mean, how much? How much strengthen it take for that person to reach out to a total stranger or somebody that barely know and offered help them knowing that they would probably meet with resistance as long as we can put the other person's thoughts and feelings more into our mind, and then how we feel about ourselves because then we'll notice those opportunities when they come along, we'll take your badger them. And then one of the thing in that same area is a lot of times. People come in our lives to help us. and. We don't take advantage of because they don't fit the mold of the person we were expecting, and there's a famous proverb that says when the teacher the student is ready. Teacher will appear. Well, the one thing more people need to know is yeah when a student is ready to teacher will appear but that doesn't mean teachers going to look like a teacher. The teacher may be your garbage man. He may be a person sitting next to you on the bus going to work and back you know it may be the guy who comes to your house to fix your cable. You just never really know when you're going to run into that person who has the WHO has wisdom to share with you that will help you either you know solve a problem that you have now or maybe realize that there's more inside than what you thought that you're capable of more than you thought. So you know you have to keep your heart and mind open all the time. For. Those teachers that are going to come into your path or if you want to think of him as angels because they show as the Alabama Song says, they show up in so many places where so many faces and we really don't know where we're GonNa meet those teachers. And they generally do not look like teachers. I love it I. Love It. So I want to get into some commentary that we're coming through. From a Eric Petra Thomas. Saying, great to see maximum on here reversely met him through Super Joe Pinto. He also says we had a friend that was losing his eyesight and they run a business. Needed help seeing screen reacts next for helping you give us lots of great information on technology. Also says. Regarding your comments price, there's no way for someone to expert help you have to get humble. This is priced in the way of for someone to extra help. Same thing. So price. And I and I like Eric I'm looking forward to having him on podcast is in the middle of doing a string of podcasts I think the goal is to do twenty seven of them in the next month I, forget the event he's celebrating. If if he hasn't already asked about being on your show, you should definitely reach out to him. He's he's a he survived a gunshot. He has been wheelchair created a clothing line needs produced music for many artists and I think the Detroit area. He's just an amazing person who I'm very blessed to have gotten to help a very small little bit of a year ago. And I'm serious if you if if you have a spot unique. He's actually got a hold of me this weekend. He will be on. Down the line for sure. Yeah. I he got a hold of me for sure. So that is already done deal. You go I'm sure. You know that's the thing. We you know I've brewer didn't have the answer to his question, but I knew some people might and I made some introductions and I. I've asked about a couple of times to see how he's doing, and we almost got him on my podcast last year. But then I had some some other stuff that was was going on in my business and we of let it slide but I was very happy to see him and Joe Pardo's group this week as part of a virtual conference I was speaking at and so looking forward to. Getting him scheduled on what's your excuse was well, and and he's, and he's one of those guests who reminds me that you know Max your story really isn't all that impressive but it is your story and you've inspired so many people by telling it. But you know I have real comparison. I don't have comparison is often but eric. Eric is one of those guys who you know like, yeah, you know. and you know in the beginning when I first people I started telling me that my story was inspiring I had difficulty accepting them and actually starting to to go into to share my story more because I had seen some of these you know very famous visually-impaired people out there who had done. You know much more difficult things I have like Eric. We here who's climbed Everest and Ramos Doors to completed the idea rod and. Solvent who I mentioned earlier but eventually, people said, you know Max you have a built in excuse if you decided, you wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV eat junk food nobody would say nothing about it but the fact that you show up when you have an excuse, Roy encourages all the other people who don't have a built-in thing that keeps them from accomplishing two goals and yet they don't check any action his sleepwalk through your wives. So in a it's it's Eric is just one of those people. It's a great reminder to focus on your own journey. and to tell your own story and really something I like to make sure I mentioned often is don't wait until you believe your story is good enough to start sharing it because you could be robbing people with the opportunity of changing lives by letting people know what you've gone through and how you overcome your own personal struggles. so So I have one last question for you before we get out of here. Oh Yeah. Very Patrick Thomas says twenty podcasters in the year to celebrate twenty three years. Is Twenty three years since the injury he's looking forward to Maxwell for sure. So Last question for people In A. People people who who have seen your story. They want to. They want to do the same things you're doing. They want to to be as productive and successful or however you want it but they're going on the same lines as senior same journey. And they see you? And they see how you you've done for for for not only yourself but for others that you serve. Can you give them? Some simple things that. Must have some some must dues. To be an authority. In your space. Well one thing that comes to my mind is an old adage of baseball and they say whenever you ask a famous home run hitter how they did it they always say they'd never tried to hit home runs the only tried to hit the ball hard and let the rest of take care of itself. So. As far as becoming a personality or brand or anything like that I would say it comes down to just doing the work. Living Your own story in your own message and letting people decide to to like you and emulates you or or not because there's over eight billion people in the world. There's still only a small fraction of the world that's sway sharing their stories openly to encourage others. So I would say you know just worry about being you and living your best life with the respite take care of itself but as far as practical things go. I would say every day. At least one thing, no matter how small and in fact, in the beginning small things have more valuable more value than the bigger accomplishments but do one thing every day no matter. How small move you closer to your goal. Kick one thing that you're doing now at least once a week. that. Isn't helping or serving your purpose and stopped doing it. Reach out to at least one person and ask them to become part of your community because as we all know, we are the some of the people we associate with as well as the Bible says, the ones walking with the with the wise or become wise. So. Reach out to at least one new person and that person could be me because I'm always in the market for a new friend and connection to see where that's going to take me in and the other person. And you know at the end of the most important thing is find at least one thing to feel good about our. Let's say one thing to feel grateful for. Awesome I appreciate the just incredible stuff. I'm. I'm glad you came on because it's just the perfect perfect type of. Content for the audience to understand that you can't do this thing alone. I kind of try to hammer it in. But you know sometimes sometimes your message does the ears some less than what is coming here to to confirm what I've been trying to sail along. It is so true. It's not just that you know we. We aren't meant to do this by ourselves. It's meant to be a journey team effort. I mean look you look at some of the great fiction that's ever been written about you know big adventures you hardly ever see it I mean is one person all by themselves? I mean. Other than other than The guy in the movie. Castaway I can't even think it was really good film where there was a you know friends, enemies You know one I think one of the reasons why the Hobbit is such a compelling story is because you know it starts out with the guy who has to be dragged out of his whole and by the end of the story, he's saving his his his. His his friends traveled with him or. One of the reasons why so many of the the biblical stories are so compelling because you know one, they're honest and two yard. We ever see somebody doing it by themselves, not quite often that other help for them comes from God but still the best stories. Are Not so stories, the best adventures are not so adventures and the most successful people in the world, very, very, very few of them are. Totally, solarmax doing all by themselves. This it's more fun going to get there quicker. You gotTA struggle less. You're going to pull out less hair. So maybe you'll have more when you get to be my age. So I'm glad to help you make the point. Hope more people not only get it but start doing it and start telling people. Hey. Those people who look like they're a one man band doing it all by themselves don't this too. Awesome. Awesome. So One. Comment from him says, Green interview great start the week Monday motivation. So. Please tell us right now where people can find you after the show, right? Yeah. They can go to the blind blogger dot net. They can also send an email to just ask at the blind blogger dot net. They can ask Alexa Google to play the blind blogger or point. What's your excuse? If they want to listen to the podcast they can also find the what's your excuse show on Roku Knob TV and OBI TV. But like a good entrepreneur, everything always goes back to the website. So whatever draw know anything about me or what am up to go to the blind blogger dot net Awesome if those who are itching to learn more about building your your authority platform, please go to the dealer dot com get on the list, joined the list and build your platform. We're here to help you out as much as we can with even more information going forward as we finished our digital product giveaway this weekend. There will be more giveaways promise people you mean I miss I miss be. Laying, this all. What's call? Let's call it audible here for anybody that's listened all the way through to the end. Okay. Okay I I offer an eight week course where I teach people how to be the next rockstars podcast guest. It's interactive. Eighty Kluge question answer sessions and appearance on my podcast in four show bookings along with social media promotion their interviews great thing who as a thousand dollar product on my website. And for anybody that I don't know how you usually give stuff away. But the only people that qualify are the ones that listened all the way to the end. Okay. You figure out who gets the WHO gets it? I'm going to give away one for free because I want to help somebody tells her story to me. There are so many people who have great stories that want to do podcasts or radio shows are they. WanNa do guest posts. They don't know where to start and you know if to teach people from my, you know seven years experienced during this on both sides of the Mike and and help them grow and help them share their story. So the rest of the world can be inspired by that's what I live for. So you figure out who I'm GonNa work with and let me know. Okay. So look this is wherever made the comment. On on this on this on this post. make a comment there, and we'll pick a name out of the hat for people who wanted to take on this thousand dollars course valued at. What's named the course again. It's called eight weeks to podcast guess Rockstar and if they want to look at the actual coursing, go to the blind blogger dot net slash eight weeks the number eight. I sure. Right out here so that people know I, appreciate that. I enjoy doing if one of these days I'm GonNa get to be one of the big boy podcasters and I'm going to create a special link for when I want to give it away and. have one for each podcast host. But for now, you know you just do it the best way you can at the moment and you get better going forward. So in fact, you know not always is offering this going to help me meet a new person with a great story, but I think it really teaches. Overall approach life which is. You do it. Do as good as you can do it today. You'll find out tomorrow you screwed it up well, then tomorrow partly. So. So so anybody who wants to get onto eight weeks to podcast guest Rockstar. Just say pick me and my facebook profile Youtube, the pairs are or or twitter. or My facebook business page. So sorry I hope I didn't just make your life horrible no no. Say Pick me on on this post and we'll figure out We'll. We'll go from there on that. Appreciate you guys appreciate you so much. For coming through here and I appreciate you having me also appreciates you. Squeeze Mehan, when I had trouble with my with my scheduling. And just to just to make sure I don't forget When I come on the show I real- I realized that you put a lot of your heart, your time, your energy and your money, and to give me a platform to share my story without people like you. There would not be a the blind blogger or what's your excuse thank you so much for having me and please keep up all the amazing work you're doing your show. I appreciate that. Thank you so much maxwell. I wouldn't have a great show. She wasn't for fine just like yourself coming through and showing their authority. So I appreciate you so much as well. and I, just wanted to everybody know that. You are here you are the projects. We want attach authority to your name so he can sell more of what you agree that because the world need your gift a right please share it build it they will come and that's the rep for this this this episode of the thirty. Project. We will see you on the next one shortly. He's in godless. And that's a rapper, this episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like with, you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Jaren tell your friends. So they can hear to an even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter, Dot Com, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an a Ha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority, build it carrot and they will come until next time.

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