K2: The Savage Mountain | The Death Zone | 2


Join one replay to listen to against the odds one week early and add free and the wondering app. Download the free app in your apple or google. Play mobile app store today. It's four thirty pm august. I two thousand and eight. Cecilia school stands on a vast snowfield staring up at the summit ridge of the second tallest mountain in the world. She's been climbing nonstop for almost twenty hours except for a short nap can't four but for a moment. She forgets her aching muscles. The site is breathtaking. The snow sparkles in brilliant sunshine. And the top of the mountain is finally visible silhouetted against the immaculate blue sky. The most dangerous parts of the climb are behind her for now the icy traverse steep narrow bottleneck now. She just needs to put one foot in front of the other and dig in as she makes slow trek up the thirty degree slope through the deep snow. Her breathing is labored thin. Air at twenty eight thousand feet. Many of the climbers on the mountain are using supplementary oxygen but cecilio left her bottle below with her husband. Ralph without oxygen. It feels like breathing through a straw with a ten pound sack of potatoes on her stomach but she tries to keep her mind on the goal she turns to her teammate. Lars nessa. Have you ever seen anything so perfect. I've never seen anything like k. To lars is twenty eight years old and the most junior member of the four-person or weeds and team. He's not a full-time climber. Like cecilia. and rolf back at home. He's a nurse when he agreed to the trip. He never imagined he would make it this far if they reach the top. You'll be one of an elite group of mountaineers who summited k two. Cecilia looks up to see climber coming their way. He has a confident easy. Walk and he doesn't wear an oxygen mask when he gets close. Cecilia sees its alberto's iran q. Remembers him from camp to on the way up. He's a solo climber from the basque country. In spain she saw him helping pemba sherpa earlier. That morning laying rope across the traverse his faces ruddy from the fresh air. Lars is first to speak. Wow no one would guess you just summited the second highest mountain in the world. You're in really good shape. Suddenly cecilia feels strong urge to move. How much further is it. She sees alberto hesitate but she can't read his face. Finally he says at least two hours maybe a bit more cecillia nods and continues walking. She needs to hurry if she's going to keep her promise to ralph and get back to before sunset over to watch a cecilia as she heads towards the peak thinking of how strong and beautiful she looks in the sun. She's full of life. He wasn't sure how to answer when she asked how far he could take years. Maybe four what he wanted to say was it's getting late term back and it's not worth the risk. But he saw the excitement in her eyes and didn't have the heart to discourage her he's worried about. All of the climbers. 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They had spent months at base camp waiting out bad weather but a window of opportunity had finally opened their goal to make it up the steep face of the mountain by pm and descend before nightfall. The most difficult part of the client but delays lang rope on the trail. The climbers to hold onto have set them behind and another climbers fall has unsettled the group now. The summit is so close but so nightfall. This is episode to the hanging man. Cecilia scuba brushes by the korean climbing team and steps onto the summit. It's five thirty pm and the day is perfect. Not a single gust of wind. The sky is vibrant blue. She's the fourth climber up the day to reach the top just behind her teammate lars. Congratulations cecilia wow we did it. Cecilia grins back with pure joy and she looks around. The summit is small about one hundred and fifty square feet the size of a small bedroom but the view. It's glorious mountain. As far as the eye can see leading to china pakistan and india far below the glaciers carved soft billowy designs through the snow. Cecilia turns encircles drinking it. All in all would love this. She thinks lars. Let's take some photos lars polls norwegian flag from his pack while cecilia takes a banner from her hometown. Soccer team lars. Get the hat before. Cecilia left. rolf on the snowfield. He gave his pink bunny hat to lars and has long droopy years lars puts it on his head from the corner of her eye. Cecilia sees the korean climbers pulling themselves over the top. They are the largest team on the mountain. Its leader is a highly experienced climber known around the camp as mr kim but the real star of the korean team is going son. Better known a base camp as ms go. She's a stocky woman with apple. Red cheeks buff by the elements in her home country of korea. She's famous a household name and a seven-time champion games. Now she's halfway through request. Become the first woman to climb all fourteen of the world's highest peaks. Cecilia holds upper camera. Go we should get a pitcher. They're only the ninth and tenth women to climb to the top of two. It's a moment to celebrate but cecilia can't shake the nagging thought that the sun will set soon lars. We should head down it's it's getting really late lars nods. He's thinking the same thing. Cecilia takes one last look at the beautiful panorama a site not many people get to see then the to begin the long trek back down the slope pemba gil j sherpa steps onto the summit at six thirty pm. He's the first member of the dutch nor team to arrive. Even without oxygen feel strong. Now he's standing on what feels like the top of the world. The home of the gods pemba watches as more climbers arrive. They look wild the happy but exhausted as he waits for the team. He offers to take pitchers for the others. One of the french climbers handsome camera. His name is huge deal berate. He's sixty one years old and the second oldest person to ever climb k two. It's so beautiful pemba. My life's ambition. This is my last climb. What a glorious one. It is when they're done with the photos. Hugh offers pemba satellite phone. Call your family. Tell them about the glorious view. Pemba shakes his head. We need to go down. I can tell them in person soon. Enough as pemba watches. The sun slowly arch down across the western horizon. Cheering door j. joins him. Cheering is the sherpa from the american team. And the second to arrive the to hug and congratulate one another. It's the first time on k. Two for them both and they both summited without supplemental oxygen but under their smiles. Pemba and cheering are worried. It's nearly seven. pm it's unavoidable now. All of the climbers will be heading back down in the dark yet. None of them seem to be concerned. After twenty our climbing this altitude people are physically and mentally drained. The adrenaline used to get up. The mountain is now gone. The thin air and lack of oxygen to the brain leads to slowed reactions. The mind is confused. Physical coordination becomes difficult hallucinations. Set in and no one wants to be hallucinating in the dark at twenty eight thousand feet up pemba son. It's seven pm. There's maybe one hour left of light before. Dusk covers the mountain and hayes and his team still isn't here wilco. Von ruin hadn't imagined the climb up to the summit would be hard without supplemental oxygen. It's even harder. He takes a few steps at a time and then rests on his ice axe ten steps. Rest another ten steps then rest. When that word of mouth he falls to his hands and knees and crawls keep going when he reaches the top of the ridge he stands up for the last few steps top. He made it. He raises his arms over his head reaching into the sky and begins to cry k. To four members of the nor team reached the peak one after the next gen mcdonnell pemba sherpa and cast fonder hateful. They gathered together in a group hug. Laughing and weeping. We did it. We did it. The view of the mountain range from the top is so bright and clear. Wilco almost feels dizzy. Wilco calls back to holland on his satellite phone. Martin martin there. We're standing on top of k to the news of their triumph will be instantly relayed around the world germ donald wipes his eyes when he summited. Denali irish drum known as a badran. He joked that it sounded like a pair of sneakers. Tumble-drier today he pulls the green white and orange flag of the republic of ireland out of his jacket pocket. He unfurled the flag and extends it with both hands towards the sky jurists. The first irishman to conquer k. Two on the way up he had taught some of the other climbers in old irish phrase. Chuck gar- la which means our time will come. Now it has. We'll go hands him. His satellite phone. Call your family. Jer pulls off his gloves and dials home to ireland and he picks up the phone on the first ring. And you're not gonna believe where i am. Cecilia and lars make their way back down the snowfield towards the traverse. It's seven thirty pm. It's getting cold. Fast and cecilia is eager to find. Ralph the setting sun as the mountain in a soft dusty light. Cecilia stops for a picture. I think we'll just make it back to the ropes by nightfall. The thin air makes the celia feel weak her. She left her spare bottle down below for her husband. Laura's i think i need some oxygen lars knots. He pulls the oxygen pipes from his nose and hands them to cecilia base. Stay close trading them back and forth as they walked down. They walk for an hour. Cecilia squint into the distance. Looking for roles familiar coat. Ralph ralph cecelia's voice carries across the silence snowfields. Then she sees him. He's sitting on a small hill of snow as if he has all the time in the world as soon as he spots her he jumps to his feet and he gives her a hug. Congratulations you did it. We did but we missed you. Cecilia is proud of her husband. It took courage to go about so close to the summit. It just shows what she always knew about him. He's more interested in the spirit of adventure and the experience than risking his health for the end goal. How are you feeling now better. But my oxygen is almost out. We need to get back down to the ropes. Cecilia hands in the tubes from lars oxygen. Then the three of them head down the snowfield to the traverse. It's nearing eight pm. When the dutch team starts down from the summit they are the last ones to leave. Wilco can feel the exhaustion in every part of his body after the twenty hour. Climb on almost no sleep the adrenaline enjoy from reaching the top has been replaced by an overpowering need to sleep. Looks over at irishman germ donal hedger. We have any energy bars left but he knows the answer. The team ran out of water and snacks hours ago. Now is the time. He'll need to dig deep and find buried reserves of physical and mental strength but as he lumbers forward his legs feel heavy. He's so tired maybe if he sits down just for a minute besides his teammate. Cass is still up at the top with an italian clamor taking a few last final pictures. Hilda's rest for five minutes and then get up. When he comes he plops down in the snow falls beside him. Neither say a word only pemba. Sherpa remained standing looking down the slope. A puzzled expression on his face. Is that the korean team down there. They left an hour ago. Bay should be much farther wilko's quince but he can't think straight i dunno pemba. Pemba looks back at the summit. The final member of the dutch north team is making his way down followed. By the italian climber. Hembo looks at wilco injure their strong. He'd seen her on. He's climbed many peaks. Listen i'm going to go down to the koreans the help we need to make sure. The rope is laid down the traverse. They not but it's not clear if they heard him. Pemba turns around to show to pass and the italian. Hurry down after me emotions to jerem wilco. And make sure they come with you and then begins the long trek across the snowfield down the mountain when the norwegian team reaches the rope leading down to traverse. It's almost dark but cecilia feels hopeful role. Wanted to get to the rope before nightfall and they did barely. Cecilia looks at her teammates and grins. So who's going. First laura's volunteers. Cecilia watches him clipped onto the rope and dropped down. She follows behind. Rolf is on the line. It's an easier appel about one hundred and twenty feet. The giant column of glacial ice looms above them go sleep a night when they get to the ledge they stopped to regroup listening to the creeks and groans as the melted ice water inside the mountains crevices expand and contract ahead of them is the top of the traverse a path of ice and snow that wraps around the mountain in the dark it will be slippery dangerous and if they fall off the edge they will drop down thousands of feet lars offers to lead the way again but ralph says he'll go. Let's put cecilia in the middle. Cecilia watches as her husband slides. His carribean her down the length of rope and maneuvres steep icy slope. She follows the light from his lampedusa gets smaller and smaller and then disappears. She peers into the darkness and follows behind. She can hear her breath in her ears. It's hard to tell how far the bottleneck is after an hour. She figures there may be halfway there. The night is quiet except for the occasional creek of the glacier and the sound of her boots on the ice at first she hardly notices when she hears the rumble. But then it grows louder and the mountain starts to shake. Cecilia is thrown. Off-balance crashes into the wall of ice the rope holding her in pulls tight then releases. Everything's around her. It feels like the entire mountain might collapse shards of ice shower down on her head. She tries to hold onto the wall. But there's nowhere to grab what's happening. She hears woo vice. Falling a piece of ceramic must have dislodged but where and then it stops. Cecilia is now alone in the dark. Her headlamp is out. It's freezing cold. Whereas ralph she peers into the darkness whereas lamp should be rolf. Her voice is soft then louder role. Nothing comes back except the echo of her own calls. Ralph cecilia are you okay. Cecilia jumps at the sound of a voice behind her. It's lars lars. Where's role what happened. I wanna see rolf. Lars looks at the panic on cecelia's face and realizes he has to be calm. Wait here he moves along the traverse feeling for the ice screw that holds the rope but when he finds it is wrong. Hanging from the screw is an empty oxygen bottle. Lars looks down below the screw and sees nothing. The rope line just ends cut cleanly as if it was severed by a knife. His mind scrambles quickly the icefall must have sliced through the rope taking roll with it. There's no way he survived. He's gone he has to get back to cecilia. He can hear her calling for rolf again. He quickly makes his way back up. The rope think focus. He has to get cecilia down when he reaches her. She's clinging to the ice wall shivering. Do you think there's still hope lars shakes his head. No cecilia won't believe it. No we have to find him. We have to go. He reaches into his back and pulls at a row and quickly fixes it to an anchor. Maybe if they're lucky they'll have just enough to make the rest. 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Her heart is racing tears. Roll down her face. An image flashes into her mind his smiling face as he built so to dylan tune on his her monica blow in the wind. She shakes her head. He must be here somewhere. Maybe he's hurt waiting for them and then she hears a voice from below cecilia. It's lars cecilia. repel down. it's okay. Just hurry. She reaches forward in the dark and fuels for the rope. She gives it a tug and then slides down into the darkness as she repels headlamp flickers on and off casting eerie shadows on the ice and rock maybe lars found rolf. She thinks they'll be standing at the bottom waiting for her. They can go home together when she gets to the bottom. She looks around no roof. Only lars where is he she feels cheated like lars tricked her into coming down but then she sees lars face in the soft glow of his headlamp. It's gentle and soft cecilia. Listen he's gone. We have to go look for him tomorrow when it's light k. Cecilia stands frozen trying to comprehend it all just this morning. The sun was shining and she was looking down into her husband's smiling face. Now it's dark and he's gone. She puts one foot in front of the other and continues down. The pemba sherpa looks over the edge of the icy slope above the traverse. It's ten pm. He made good time down the snowfield and quickly found the top of the traverse. There's a problem. There's no rope leading down. The korean team took it after they descended. The only thing left behind was the ice axe. They used to anchor the rope now. The koreans are seated down below quiet and exhausted. This means the remaining climbers on the mountain will need to get down the one hundred fifty foot wall without the aid of a rope a drop. That's roughly the height of twelve story. Building he walks back a few paces and confers with sherpa cheering door jay. From the american team they decide to descend and wait for the others at the bottom. Maybe they can help. Guide them down while they wait. Pemba watches the korean team. There disoriented and their movement. Slow it takes some of them fifteen minutes to put on their headlamps a tasks that would normally only take two at last. Here's the voices of his teammates from above the ridge. There's no rope. He shouts be careful. Go very slowly. The men kicked their crampons and access into the ice for support and slowly carefully lower themselves down. Pemba is glad to see them. Along with the climber from italy when they get to firm ground they stand quietly against the wall staring into the shadowy darkness around them. One of the mumbles. Our we find the rope. Everything just looks the same there in even worse shape than the last pemba sabam the altitude and the climb up have decimated all of them. The korean team leader. Mr kim sits in the snow panting for breath. No one is leading the way or at all. If someone doesn't do something they will all die here on. The mountain. pemba quickly calls the small group of sherpas together. The four of them are the only ones still in good shape listen. The climbers need our help to get down the traverse. We're going to need to rope them together. Does anybody have a rope. One of the sherpa rustles through his pack. I have one. I saved and in case of emergency. That's great. we'll stand to at the front and two at the end will hold onto the rope. And the climbers can click on that way we can help them get to the traverse. Everyone nods then. They begin shouting directions at climbers clip on here. Fix your harnesses to this rope. But everyone is moving so slowly. One of the climbers just lays there in the snow unresponsive gazing blankly up at the sky pemba crouches down and wraps his arms around the man's torso hauling up. Another sherpa helps flipping the climber's harness onto the rope. Line get up. You have to stand now. There could be an avalanche at any time. He's relieved to see two of the climbers. Now appear alert. Cast his teammate. From the north team and marco comfort tola the only italian climber to make it up to the summit from the italian team. Marco was an experienced climber and guide having summited six of the tallest mountains in the world. Hembo is glad to have us help. Pemba checks the line and turns to the climbers. Let's go please. We need to walk but walking is hard for everyone with each step. The climbers feet sink into the snow. Making them think they're on a steeper. Climb than they are. One climber takes two steps forward and plops back down into the snow exhausted pulling others down with them. Some of them fall asleep. Get up please. You have to keep moving together. None of them can see the trail when they do walk they wander left and right bumping into each other pemba worries a disoriented climber street too close to the edge and they'll fall off dragging everyone else with them in the dark. It's hard to see anything but the ropes must be here somewhere all at once. The line of climbers stops and one by one they sink to the ground and relief then a few clip from the line and begin to wander off premise. Is this isn't working. He gathers the sherpas again. This is impossible to find the start of the fixed rope passing. You come with me. We'll go ahead when we find the rope. You signal back to the others and you come with your headlamp okay. Pasang lama is the sherpa from the korean team. He knots he in pemba moved quickly up the snow until they find the ridge of the rock down below embassies. The first anchor glinting in the headland saying this is it using them to the others and wait for them here. I'll repel down to check the rest of the anchors and make sure the rope securely fixed. When pemba gets to the first anchor he sees it solid. The second isn't a secure and the rope line is buried beneath ice and snow. He pulls it out and fixes a second screw next to him. He doesn't get to the third anchor because a few feet past the second he can see. Something's not quite right. The rope is hanging loose. It's not tied to an anchor. It's not tied to anything. It looks like it's been cut by something. But what pemba aims. His light around the bottleneck. The light cast shadows craggy rock then. He aims his headlamp straight up. A huge chunk of this is simply gone. It's collapsed there. Must have been an avalanche. He points his headlamp down the bottleneck below and his heart starts to race. The avalanche away everything including the rope. Now he has no idea how. The climbers coin to get down. It's almost midnight and cecilia. Scoop feels like asleep walker. She still can't believe all the rope. And the bottleneck is just gone. It's been completely swept away by the avalanche. The gully is littered with shards of ice loose. Rock she enlarged have to move slowly step by step lars climbs ahead using his ice axe and crampons to the footholds. In the ice. Every few yards he stops shines his headlamp upwards to help guide cecilia. She isn't sure if she will make it but then she hears lars is encouraging voice. Almost there a few more steps. Just keep going. After thirty minutes. The ground feels more steady flatter. And she's able to stand up straight and walk slowly using her ice axe to steady her progress and then cecelia's catches on one of the rocks and she's tumbling down the mountain. She screams for lars. But there's nothing we can do. She's starting to pick up speed. She grabs her ice axe and lifts it over her head and slams into the snow. Oliver might she comes to jet ring. Halt lars russia's down cecilia. Are you okay. She pats her hands over her body. Her pants are ripped but nothing else is broken lars polls cecilia to her feet and they keep going but cecilia is shaken cold. What's the point. She's so tired but then she hears a voice. You must go on. Go over to the rope clip on. Its ralph but he's not here but he is in her head. She wonders if she's hallucinating. But the voice sounds so clear. They're nearing the end of the bottleneck in there in the snow is the rope laid by the circus earlier in the day. She and lars both claybon. You got the rope okay. Good now check your equipment in the distance. They see a flashing strobe light. Someone in camp for must have put it out for the climbers. It's like a lighthouse. Signaling to a stricken ship on a storm tossed as she gets closer she starts to think wolf. We'll be waiting for her. of course he will. He's always so safety conscious. He'll be there she has to hurry. You might be worried when they reach camp four and she crawls into the tenth they shared. She sees data sympathy with ad. free listening. Find your next podcast with the premium personalized experience on one hundred plus like against the odds. These highly immersive series takes you straight into the action of the most thrilling survival stories. Here's a quick preview. But then something glints in the beam of his roving flashlight. A pair frightened eyes staring back at him. You can't believe there. In the shadows a few feet in front of him. Shivering yet alive is a child alot. The child says trembling voice then one by one more silhouettes emerged from the dark. How how many your little grigor. Rick looks back sean. My god we found them. We found all of them. Listen to against the odds early and add free by joining one plus amazon prime members can get four months free by going to www dot amazon dot com slash prime day wondering dri p l u s terms and conditions apply. Wandry feel the story. Ms go shifts from foot to foot trying to stay awake. It's been over an hour since the two sherpas left to look for the rope or maybe it's been longer. She can't be sure her mind is fuzzy like her brain is wrapped a blanket of cotton. She's still holding onto the rope. The sharpest had them clip onto so they wouldn't get lost. Mr kim look over his shoulder and clips from the line moscow. Please listen we have to go on ahead. We can't wait here any more when he defined the fixed rope to help us get down. Mr kim is not only careers team. Leader he's miss goes closest climbing companion last year. They conquered three twenty six thousand foot peaks. Together he's always looked out for her like a mother hen guarding and chick but right now she's not sure what he means she can't think straight but we have to wait here. The sherpas went on ahead. They told us to wait moscow. I'm afraid i'm getting frostbite. I can't feel my feet at all. We need to go down. Miss go shakes her head. But we can't leave the rest of the team jimmy with them. They'll be fine. And if we can find the anchor and rope we can bring the other there. Yes that's right. Jimmy carr's here. Dramatic boteh is. Miss goes favourite sherpa. She thinks of him almost like her own son. They can trust you. Hugh will make sure nothing goes wrong. Okay yes let's go the to surge forward past the rest of the team. Then they veer off. Searching for the traverse marco convert tola tries to pierce the darkness with his headlamp. He sees a few members of the korean team. Up ahead and germany donal. He's up there too. He agreed with pemba and the other sherpas when they suggested clipping everyone to moving rope line to look for the traverse but now the sherpas have left and some of the climbers haven't clipped others are inching forward or to the side with no clear direction. they're zigzagging like a crocodile with no idea where they're going. This is madness markle and clips from the rope and scrambles up next to jer- he thinks of jurors a friend. They spent long nights talking at base camp. He's even given him a nickname. Jesus because of jurors long hair and beard. He needs to convince him that. This is a bad idea. Walking around in the dark could cost them their lives jer. I don't think we can find the rope line tonight. I think we should just wait until the sun comes up. You know you're stares at him blankly the lack of oxygen as affecting him badly so you mean. Spend the night in the death zone. Both climbers no. Neither option is great. I just have a bad feeling jer. Crevasses all over the place. We could walk off the edge and never even know it. If we dig in here. I think we might have a better chance. Okay maybe you're right. Marco helps chur une clip from the line. A few yards away and find a spot to sit down together. They start to dig out two holes seizure look one for us to sit in together to keep warm and one for us to put our feet in as great perfect. They both sink into the snow. It's quiet except for their breathing. What's that sudden lane. A sound pierces the air. It sounds like a rocket ship crashing into the earth. And then it's gone. It's quiet again. Juror in marco look at each other. Was that an avalanche. Maybe an icefall from the distance marco. Here's people yelling. It sounds like there's shouting from beneath the saranac. But marco can't tell and suddenly silence falls again germans a little and gestures as if he wants to get up. Marco tries to soothe him. No we have to stay here anything else. Right now is foolish. Marco sits up and looks around in the distance. There's a light. He points at it and turns to jer. See jesus look that's camp. It's not so far away. We'll get there in the morning. But marco wants to be comforted to he digs into a pocket of his own down suit and pulls out his satellite phone. His teammate can't four picks up awake. Listen to me you sleep and you die. Keep your hands and feet moving. Marco knows he's right but it's so hard he's been climbing for twenty four hours. His body is heavy and then there's the silence he's never wished more for the sound of a saturday night in rome the shouting the music. The people the quiet is enough to drive a man crazy. Jer you awake. He can see the irishman nodding off. He has to do something jer. you know. The song super lay montagnier ski though. It's a song called la monta nahra in italian tune. Marco's father taught him as a child. Con chair begins to home along the wall. Or that's it that's it but the rhythm of the song is to soothing. Marco sees jurors start the does off again jer. Stay up keep moving. Clap your hands and feet together. Don't stop keep clapping. Marco coaches jer like a preschool teacher. That's how they'll live through the night wilco. Von roy stumbles forward in the snow. He has no idea where he is. He's gotten turned around so many times for all he knows. He's on the other side of the mountain on his way to china instead of pakistan. Which means he'll probably be dead in an hour. He has to find the rope line. During the daylight it would be easy but in the darkness. Nothing about the landscape looks like he's ever seen before he can't believe this is happening. He planned the expedition down to every last detail. The dutch team was here early. There's some of the best climbers in the camp and the most prepared. Now all four members who made it to the top are separated. And who knows where pemba cass enter. His mind feels like it's unraveling. He wonders if he is hallucinating. It's the sound of someone singing. The tune echoes around him. Then he gets to his knees and inches forward and then he stands then twenty feet or fifty feet or two hundred. Who knows he finds junior. And marco huddled together in the snow in the brooding shadow of the mountain. It's a brief moment of grace jer. Marco i got turn around. You've been here the whole time. We can't find the ropes. They're nowhere is total shit. Well let's try again together. Maybe this time we can find them. We can split up not go too far staying. Communication marco is so tired but he knows wilco was right and they stay here much longer. Gerbil fall asleep. Come on jer up. You go then. The three climbers set off again. Wilco is obsessed. This mountain is not going to beat him. He's stronger than that. He just needs to dig in and keep looking. He finds himself at the edge of the ridge. He feels the emptiness below him. He leans over trying to see down below. Then here's marco yelling. Wilco this is suicide please stop. We have to stop for the night. Okay okay marco starts digging another set of holes in the snow or injure but wilco builds his own one hundred feet away. They only need to make it through the five hours. He thinks then the sun will come up. It's two am and jimmy boteh sits waiting for a signal from pemba sherpa. Jimmy has been hired as the sherpa for the korean team and he. It's his responsibility to make sure. The korean climbers make it down safely. Jimmy met the korean team when he acted as sherpa for them on everest. It was ms mizuko who convinced him to come to cato. He wasn't so sure but he and his wife are having a baby and the money will go a long way to their future. He never imagined he'd find himself year. Twenty thousand feet up in the dark trying to lead people to safety and then pemba sherpa went off to find the rope line. And now mr kim. The team leader and ms ago are both gone. They must have unclaimed from the rope and set off on their own what he can't leave the three other. Korean team climbers behind. He wishes he would have listened to his instincts. Ketu was too dangerous. Maybe the mountain doesn't want them here right now. He could be warm at home in nepal drinking tea with his wife. The smell of dinner on the stove. His mind begins drift off. When suddenly allowed frat pierces the air and a white wave of snow horse down. The mount jimmy is hurled off his feet and sweeps past the koreans down the mountain in a soon nami of ice and rock the next thing. He knows he's hanging tangle of ropes somewhere over the ledge. He can't feel his limbs when he looks up he sees two of the korean climbers dangling from the ropes and the rocks above him both are hanging from their legs upside down clamped in from their harnesses dramatic panics. This can't be happening. This isn't where he's meant to die. He's only thirty two years old. What about his parents. What about his wife. They will blame themselves for his death for letting him take these risks. He can't let that happen. He takes a deep breath. His whole body aches but for a moment his mind is calm. I am strong. I can hike down the mountain on my own but no he can't leave the other climbers. It's his duty to help them down to safety. He musket down to help them but as he struggles to free himself from the rope pain shoots through his legs. He realizes even if he is able to free himself. There's still no way he'll be able to stand much less walk. He goes limp tangled in the ropes. Like a mary annette. His only hope is that someone will make it back down to camp four and send up a rescue mission in the morning. he shivers. It's going to be a very cold night. This is the second episode of our three part series k. to savage mountain. If you like our show please give us a five star rating and review. Follow against the odds on apple podcasts. Amazon music the wondering app or wherever. You're listening right now. Join one replace in the wondering out to listen one week early. And add free. In the episode known you'll find some links and offers from our sponsors. Please support them by supporting them. You help us offer the show for free and a quick note about our scenes in most cases. We can't exactly know what was said but everything is based on historical research. If you'd like to learn more about this event we highly recommend the book the summit triumph turn to tragedy on qe. Two's deadliest days by pat alfie and nba gil j sherpa and no way down by graham bully. We also recommend the documentary. The summit directed by nick ryan. I'm your host mike corey. Simon worrell wrote this episode. Our editor is more walls. Brian white is our associate producer. Our audio engineer. Sergio enriquez edit and sound design by joe. Richardson and original music by francesco. Butter la are executive producers. Are stephanie gents and marshal. Louis for wondering it's a case that has haunted. Jefferson township new jersey for more than thirty years on a snowy january night. fourteen year. Old tommy sullivan. Did the unthinkable murdered his mother in cold blood set fire to their house and then took his own life out of the flames of this horrible tragedy. 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