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West Coast Bias and the Return of "Dirty Laundry" | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 61)


Today's episode of one shining podcast is brought to you as always by the ringer dot com, where it is a great time to be a content creator tape. Frazier, it is fantastic. We, the NFL is it's heating up officially. I watched that entire Rams Vikings game last night and, oh boy, I thought I was told that football was dying, and then I watched that game and I thought this is good. This is very good. I would like to see more football like this. Jared, Goff is incredible. Dear golf Kroll. Geyer. Yeah, I'm a football guy, Jared, Goff. It wasn't credible last night. I actually, I, I agree. I was I was watching this game with the with the Brit who was a big Los Angeles Rams fan and also a big Cooper Cup fan. So the entire game, all I could hear was, could. It was. It was quite a time and it made me believe that football is actually international th the Brits love football. They were having a great time watching the game, so good for other Ramsey. Glad you know. I don't know what to call them Eleanor that while they're loud and they have a lot of thoughts on American football and how how it's so soft now which you can only imagine how check out. Check out the the ringer NFL show on the ringer podcast network, where Tepe Frazier does a podcast called GM St. with Mike Lombardi. I've been listening to it a lot. I, I'm almost I feel like I'm one or two weeks away from busting out a Lombardi impression on this podcast eight with how do you think Lombardi would take that? If I just like if we did like thirty seconds of me trying to do Lombardi impression, he would love there. He would love it. I'm getting very close. I'm not ready to do it yet, but I'm getting very close to check that out. A lot of other stub NBA seasons about to star. The re do. We cover them beyond the ringer. Do we have content on occasion every once and I. Assume we do just go check it out. I, I assume we have something also take the last thing. I'll mention the, we'll start to show I. I was watching the Ryder Cup today and first of all, I'm very into the Ryder Cup. Secondly, how does the Ryder Cup work? Wait. Very confused. It's it's very like Washington, eighteen points. That's what you need come on fourteen and a half, right? So I get that part. I just, they flashed the scores and I'm like, I thought I knew golf and I obviously don't know like five and three and and and all this other shit, I'll. I don't know how the scores all were and like they sit there and break it down and and there's a moment I'm watching the coverage in there like, all right folks. Here's how it works and I'm not an along with everything. And then as soon as they stopped explain it, I went back to being like, what did you say? I I completely missed all of that. And I have no idea how the scorn works, but I know that we're losing right now is American. Are you sure they weren't speaking French on? You're like, what are they talking? What are their? What is going on. Getting any of this on today's today's one shining podcast, we are still not quite two preseason a I. I'm officially just being selfish. I'm going to say that the preseason starts when I get to Los Angeles date. So those of you have been falling us and you're wondering like, when are you guys gonna start like preview in the upcoming season, and I'm sure you've got a ton of great stuff that you're going to be doing. And the answer is, yes, we do, but I'm not. We're not ready to do that. Yeah, we're waiting for a couple more weeks, so we're still in sort of the law of the off season waiting for we're in the pre preseason, but we did promise last week. We would do a west coast exclusive episode, and that is exactly what we plan on doing. Basically, we're doing it now because the season is it still not like time to actually talk about college basketball and the now we can just have this in our back pocket Tate for the rest of the year when people are like you guys are biased against the west coast. We can be like, no, we're not. No, we hear the full episodes. Here's the link basketball. So every single time, here's here's a proof so that that's that's on the dog. Today, we're going to talk all things, west coast, past president, possibly even future. We're going to get into all of it, but I would he Durham. Foul. All right. The people ask for it. They are going to get it taped Frazier, he's back from Maui, we, the first question is, why are we doing our show on Friday instead of Tuesday Tate? And the answer is you her. We were doing a west coast show and you yourself went west and then no one heard from you for a very long time. And yeah, basically you just now got back to civilization. It was great. I basically just kept my phone away from me, went to Hawaii was the best plus one experience of my entire life. You know it now is great. I, it was the best bets on my life. So yes. Sounds sorry. Sorry, everyone. It sounds sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like can I just say like, can I as a decide? I encourage everybody to follow Tate on Instagram because it is just a, it's it's a trip. I mean, like I, I gotta be honest. I hate you sometimes watching you. Watching you and your dislike, hey, I'm a Maui folks having fun and you're not. Yeah, yes, this is every I dunno, I, your Instagram is fantastic. Oh, I have no idea what you're up to. We covered it on the last show that like you turn your phone off. You can't be found. And then the only the only way I know that you're still alive is like every so often you'll like pop up with an Instagram story and you're like, hey, today I'm on the other side of the world doing cool shit. Sorry about the pod we'll get to then. That's it. Well, it's the off season. I thought that I thought that I got a break in the off season, but apparently podcasting never stops as you can imagine. But yeah, I mean, it's one of those things where you know count, hoses producer Coutts in right here. When you edit podcast for a living, you basically become like a gremlin. You know, like when all the when all the south park kids are playing World War craft, and they're all getting pimples over the phase and like getting the pizza rolls. That's if you become for two years, and that's what I became for two years yet. Start getting headache. Yeah, yeah, screen. Yeah, you start get migraines. You start hating yourself. So like I went through that whole period. Of life. And then the other side of that, I was like, you know what? Calgary to this all that I'm gonna have a good time and that's what I've been doing. I've been enjoying life and I've been enjoying this podcast. I mean, just the idea that we can actually spend it whole episode on west coast. Basketball is probably the most laughable thing brother. The funniest thing we've ever done on the show as far as just pure unadulterated comedy, but we're gonna. We're gonna figure it out. I mean, you have built out a template. I did not do anything really for this. I I flew on a plane last night. I watched alad dog actually valley. We already covered that and I flew in a red. I watch dogs wash all the NFL games that I missed. And I all I could think about when I thought about west coast basketball is what is the west coast like, how, how do we? How do we know what the west coast is? I mean, is Kansas on the west coast. Is anything east of the Mississippi River, the west coast? I don't know. I don't think so. Let's say schools east of the Mississippi River or not on the west. Yes, yes, Wes, I'm I'm a pro. I'm just slightly worried about my, you know, we, the three, the three people takes to put this podcast together or me. I'm not worried about me. I know me, I'm good. I'm gonna good spot. I'm fine. I'm worried about I, we got our producers just getting tattoos on a whim. We got you just going on vacation on a whim and I just, you know, like I just sit in Ohio. I'm watching all this happen from afar and I'm like, I should probably be an LA. So your problem. It sounds like your project on us and how seem to be the problem now, tactic me this and we're, we're not a bad. Yeah, it is true. You're you have me outnumber, maybe I'm the problem. Maybe I need to be more like you guys in. Yeah. Anyway, back to your point, what is the west coast? I was thinking about this. We we said we promised the people were asking for and by people. I mean, like one guy who like I is probably like an Oregon or Washington fan, and now they feel like they're pretty good. It was probably Washington fan is like, oh, we're good. Now, why? Why don't they talk about my team or so as to do this burner account, that's best case scenario. Yeah, it was Bill Wellens burner. Yeah. Yeah, I thought I thought, yeah, that's a good idea. It's something different we need. We need good ideas to talk about. So I sat down in this past week while you're in Maui drinking. My ties on the beach and doing God knows what literally smoke and whatever is being handed to you and whatever the hell it is. You do with your life. I was working hard researching for this podcast and I stuck very quickly stumbled into the problem that you mentioned. Which is what is technically was coz basketball. I think we would all agree that like Kansas is not west coast. Unfortunately, a new really excited to. Taste plan was to come in and just talk about the big twelve. He was going to dislike, run stick. Here's this as a bit. He was just going to be like, what if I spent the whole pod talking, big, twelve, and pretended like that was the west coast. It would have been funny, but I think he would have pissed a lot of people. I think Oklahoma, Oklahoma, state, Texas, and Kansas are all we're talking about on the west coast. But you know, I, I'll, I'll do it based on a mayor based on America in eighteen hundred. The west coast is new Spain. You know, connotation, people forget that happen. So in new Spain is where the west coast is based on the natural boundary line. That's what I'm going to judge. It s so that is the west coast to me. I think so I, the west west coast basketball to me is like pornography. Like, you know when you see it and it's just a case by case thing for me, I think like I think hold on, let me pull up and it ends with a mess. It ends with a major mess. Every time. And so I'm going to say like Montana, Wyoming, Colorado New Mexico like that line of states and then everything like they, I'm considering that west coast and everything. West of that, I'm going to throw that in. I'm gonna say, like basically the mountain time zone and the Pacific time zone together. But like the central time zone, not west coast, but that's, that's my distinction, but I'm we, we start there. Is that fair? No. Well, that is fair, but I also want to point out that if you have, if you were in a conference that has west or western in the name that I have to reconsider where I'm drawing the line and speaking of the whack, which is crazy, but your school Chicago state is in the whack there in the western athletic conference in Chicago on the west coast Ishikawa the the best west coast city is this a now rivalry Chicago Los Angeles. Listen, Chicago, da is home of north western. So when you think about it that way, whilst very confused at Michigan Michigan's Feis on is champions of the west. They have. That line in their song. So this is all this is all very confused by the way. Juicy Konya was at Chicago state and MS tweeden, and whatever else he tweeted like a picture of socks and was like. Chicago's a mess. Chicago state folks, then I just got by with that. This is this is the downside to like campaigning for coaching stuff for like doing bids with my Twitter account is at like. Now, anytime anything happens with Chicago or Chicago state, I just get completely bombarded from people. They're like, hey, something relevant. Chicago say, because I again, I'm like the only thing that anyone knows about Chicago state because I elevated Chicago state like not to brag, but like no one who should about Chicago state. Until I said, I won't be the head coach and the notable Nova Chicago state anyway, including including thing. I will say the shoes were literally the color. He said that they were Chicago state colors than it was just like shit stains around pick off. It was like Bauge throw up Chicago state. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to try to do exclusively west coast talk. So Kyle, we're doing great so far if you feel like it. Yeah, we're doing fantastic talking about your trip to Mali in Chicago state and what else? Kyle, if you feel like Tate ni- are going down in ACC or big ten road, which is what I feel like we get accused of all the time because I just had you talk about the two conferences that that matter the most just hit a budget yet. Do something be like other sons just back on track, but on the goal is to talk about the west because I think what would we gotta start with this? Because I want I want to do like a little a state of the union for the west coast. I wanna start there. We will get to like the specific teams this season later, but I think like the whole reason I we were doing like a west coast theme show is because there is an inferiority complex from fans on the west coast. I think that's fair. To say. Whether it's justified or not, they they feel like there is an east coast bias in there is as as a as a man who lives on the east coast and beautiful Columbus, Ohio, and works in media. I will. I will readily admit that like I am not consciously being biased against the west coast teams. It's just that I'm not gonna stay up every single night until three AM to watch him all. I do my best ID VR I watched the games, but I will admit that like, yes, I do watch teams on the east coast more than the west coast. So these sorts of things happen. People on the west coast are aware of it. They get very insecure about it and they get very upset. But at the end of the day Tate, no west coast team has won a national championship since nineteen ninety seven and I wanna start there. I wanted to discuss why we think this is how we got to this point because if you go back in the history book state the first thirty seven NCAA tournaments. The first one started in nineteen thirty nine was one by Oregon with my count the for going going off of the criteria. That that we set of Mike criteria like Montana, Wyoming, Colorado New Mexico. If you're drawing that line, I'm I'm gonna if you hear me say westcoast like I'm talking about those teams going off that criteria Tate. The first thirty seven NCA tournament seventeen of them were won by west coast team Slough, right? And that gets us to nineteen seventy five with John wooden coaches last game and UCLA wins the title and then from nineteen seventy five to the present day the west coast is one three and CA tournaments. So why. In a word. Why did we get here? Bird? Why words Sam Gilbert? No, I think I think it's one of those things where I mean as as dark as this may be the west coast was safe haven for a lot of these towns of basketball players to get away from some of the expectations of teams in the south, and some of the stuff that was going on with immigration and all that sort of stuff with schools. And that's why of you can say. And yes, of course. So all that stuff's going on onto so guys like Kareem and you know, all those guys, you go to UCLA. You go to l. a. and you know, people obviously are gawking at you, but they're also not, you know, vehemently maliciously gawking at you and saying, you know slurs at you. So I mean, it was like a safe haven at once one time, obviously, Elgin Baylor, Bill, Russell? All those guys come to mind when you think about stuff like that. So that's one way to look at it as far as why the west coast, I think, had a draw for some of the top talent. But I mean, ever since then, I mean, it has just been basically right. I I asked you before we did the show I wanted to do like what is the big four of the west coast? What are the four programs of the west coast currently that really have a shot to actually win a national title. I mean, obviously Arizona's is giving what you mean this year just like in general, in general, Jeff, t's just in years from now. Yeah, exactly. Just like who they are as a program and the fact that you know that they're going to be in the running moving forward for, you know. The next, say ten to fifteen years at the least. I mean, UCLA obviously has been around and we'll be around because the history and the fact that it's in Brentwood, California. Oh my God. It's hard to beat that in the world Arizona's always going to be there because again, the history and the fact that they've just been a basketball factory forever. They had the lute Olson. They have been just the myriad of reasons. They have one hundred thousand dollars that they can wire to you in fifteen minutes at the least I believe, I don't know. I, I can't confirm that I'm still waiting to see if that's true. Oregon, like you said, they won the first title. They're probably the team right now. The program right now is probably quote, unquote, the hottest of those programs, and then it's like zag, right? That's like the private school. That's there's been unstoppable. You know, since few took over in those, those are the four programs in my head where I'm like, if any west coast goal is going to win a title in the twenty first century, which is crazy to say that no one has won a title in the twenty first century. I think it has to be one of those four programs. Those are the four that you would bet on, but I'm not. But again, the we, we kind of talked about this before, but you go through. Through just the annals of the Pac twelve and some of these west coast schools. And you see superstars that played these schools and they obviously have like history with just turn out stars. Klay Thompson went to Washington state. It's crazy. Yeah. So it just like, I don't really understand how is not more of a thing, but also west coast. Basketball apathy is no joke. And all you have to do is go play. Go play pickup somewhere on the west coast. Just go do it, and you're going to see a different kind of thing. People might run around with their there are a lot of there are a lot of points. I wanna make your because I -gree with the while I love what you're saying that the apathy is real and people on the west coast. Don't want to hear that. And I, I don't mean to say in a combative way, but it it's almost like a compliment, like there's so much stuff going on out there. It's beautiful part of the country. Just people just don't care about college basketball as much as you think like, obviously, people do care about college basketball, but they're in the minority. I mean, just you and I went to the UCLA game. They're playing Cincinnati. That was like one of their best. That was probably the probably was their best non conference home game last year. Right? Like that would be the one game that people would care about, and it just it's just a different vibe and that's fine. But you just kind of have to come to grips with that. Like Arizona is legit like they're, they're obviously legit places. I Gonzaga. I've never been to a game zag, but everything on TV that place looks insane when it gets rock in and like I, I don't mean to suggest that like atmospheres aren't great or anything like that. It's just as someone who you've lived in LA obviously, for what. Like five years now or something like that. Over four. I'm not going to pretend like I've lived in LA long enough to get the vibe. But like last year I was out there for an extended period of time, and it was like pulling teeth trying to get college basketball in the TV's out there. And were you're, you're in the say, I would even be like by UCLA's campus and trying to watch games and dislike no bars or showing them just nobody really cares. And I get that it's probably different in Spokane, Washington than it is in Hollywood. You know, like I'm not trying to to make a broad generalization, but in in in that part of the country, there's definitely some apathy, I. So I made a list of my reason. So first of all to answer your first question, the four schools, I think zag is definitely on the top your now. Like with UCLA in Arizona. I think like those three are pretty solidified and I would say Oregon would probably be my four if just because of the Nike thing, but like that's like a fluctuating who really knows Washington's county. You never know what's going to happen with that. That's the thing now. Yeah, exactly what the Nike stuff like all it's gonna take his Colin CAPCO. Let's see that Nike's talking again. Yeah. If players kneeling for the anthem next week, Oregon basketball is screw. They don't. They don't mean takes a job at Bucknell. As an aside, do you completely off topic, but it is still west coast. So it counts as Oregon football? Like I had a theory like I haven't thought about Oregon football basically since stays the Michael Jackson tidal in twenty fifteen, I think Mary, oh, it dawned on me. I think the problem is that that too many too many, Nike schools have sweet s uniforms down, like organs uniforms. Don't stick out any more and they are my, that's my theory on will in. They're already did it all like you're like, yeah, instead of just do it, they just did it. It's over like they, they did. They did every hole. They did you the thing about doing every color combination every single game and make it new every single game. Eventually you run out 'cause you only have a certain amount of color. So you're in season nine. Like we're in way too deep, the. And they started giving. They started giving like the sweet gear to like every every Nike school, like every every Nike school now gets all the sweet shit, and there's nothing unique about or I don't know at that back to the back to the bath wallow. So what were we talk? We're killing through two of your fourteen killing this west coast. I guess I just have to zagging Oregon. You got two more people to address. One thing about the upset fan that's on the west coast. We're not talking about you if you're if you're upset. Like if you're upset that people are saying that there's a Malays or or an apathy that comes down to college basketball in the west coast. Obviously, if you're listening to podcasts, we're not talking about you if you keep it up with college basketball when I'm talking about you, but just in general sense, if you ask them on the street out in Los Angeles who you're talking about me yet, like like who is a coach at Stanford McCaw. You know what I mean? Like there's so many people in LA that went to Stanford if you ask them if their basketball coach is a lot of them would be like, ooh, Johnny Dawkins, something like that, right, right. Is they've Johnny? No, no, that that's what we're talking about. I mean, it's not like a a mean thing. It's just it is what it is. It just is life. I've been honored. So I think I think there's a chicken and egg situation to of of just like the discussions about the the, you know, like the west coast has been disappointing. In the term in the sense of, you know, like what was it two years ago Gonzaga in Oregon. Both made the final four and it was like an enormous deal because two west coast made the final four. So you know, like I would if I was a college basketball in the west coast, I would be annoyed by this by the way, people kind of look down on and all that kind of stuff. But then you can't deny that like they've only won three national titles in since nineteen seventy five and zero since nineteen Ninety-seven. But then have they only done that because the way they're treated like is there some? Is there some part of us that you know, like the east coast bias thing is definitely real, but then as someone who again lives in the eastern time zone and covers college basketball for living, I sort of feel justified by my bias because it's like, why should I give a shit about Zona state versus Oregon state when these teams aren't gonna matter at at the end of the year? And then just kind of like keeps cycling itself. And then I don't really know. I don't know how to get out of it, but we should mention there are fewer schools on the west coast. So I guess let's start with their that like. Just from sheer odds perspective, it makes sense that they don't win as much that they just don't have as many schools like there. If you pull up like a map of all the division one schools in the country, it feels like the northeast has more than like the entire mountain and Pacific time zones combined just the general like area of like New York and Philly, and you know Boston yet those like just that general area seems to have more than the entire west coast combined. So like that definitely plays into it. But then I think there's like, I think at a certain point, the whatever you set like the standard as national title, I think just in general, not even with just this discussion, but with like trying to determine who the good coaches are trying to determine. Like if a guy, if it if a national player of the year really deserved to be named national player of the year, no matter what it is. I think like when the barometer get said is like national title or bust your kind of be unfair. So if you just think about the NCAA tournament, like like the. West coast is head. It's not like the west coast has been terrible. It's just they've had some unlucky runs as well. Like it's not like it's not like the teams are putting in there like seven seeds every year. And like we just can't find a a good challenger out of the west, like the west coast does have good teams in the tournament seemingly every year they just, you know, the handful of seemed to get unlucky and time to tie. And that's the way it goes. And I mean, I've, I've talked to quite a few UCLA people, you know, just being out here and they know they're very protective over. You know, we are still the greatest blueblood because look at our titles kiss the ring kind kind of thing is what they're all into. But it is strange to me that some of these teams like I think there is a west coast by maybe with the committee. Sometimes obviously, like you know, we get the draw in the west. Arizona will get that every once in a while and you know, they'll, you know, obviously remember Derrick Williams when they got the Duke game and that was great for Arizona, and everyone was really excited about that. And you know, I, I mean there there's been moments where I don't know. I think they've gotten a good draw, but I've also. That you know what, what's going to get ratings and the in March madness where they need to make all this money. You know what I mean? Probably washing Dupleix probably watching Kansas play, probably washing Kentucky play, probably watching Carolina play. I mean, that was the big thing. I mean, even in two thousand seventeen. You talked about Gonzaga in Oregon Carolina beat Oregon. I honestly, and I was a heartbreaking loss for Oregon because the Jordan bell, you know, getting out rebounded by Kennedy Meeks there at the end and then they beacons aga- as you. You know, famously guess what I mean that they were the best team and then you know, they lose the national title game. And then once again, it's everyone's like see the west coast. They disappointed us again, but really, I mean, those are two really great teams and in either those games have gone either way. You know what I mean? That's what that's a great example of just the 2016 final four of, you know, when you set the bar as the national like you have to use the context and say like Oregon very easily could have won the national championship. They've some might argue they should be Carolina and they let the game slip away. Even if you're not. Extreme at the very least you could say they prove that they can hang with Carolina. They're every bit as good as eventual national champion, and it just didn't work out for them and they lost right now Gonzaga the same sort of thing. Like Zach college. If he doesn't get in foul trouble, it's a completely different game. And even then like zag ahead, a chance to win at the end and maybe even should have won it like. So if if either love those things happen, we if Oregon beats Carolina that we have two west coast teams playing for national championship, and we put discussion Abed forever. But this is, I don't know. There's, there's, there's that there's like Arizona, you go back to Arizona's history and all the stuff that they, they never make the final four now and it's like become a thing which John Miller in Arizona general because Arrigoni did it before Shawn. Miller even got there an oath, three and five where they lost in the elite eight like every single one of these losses come in heartbreaking fashion for Arizona. They're always like one possession away from making the final four and then who the hell knows what happens. Once they make the final four in a Wanda they were, they made the national championship game and lost. So I think there's a lot of that stuff that goes in the NCAA tournament where when you only have a set number of schools on the west coast to begin with and then like three or four of them are good enough to be, you know, top four seat or whatever you just the sheer numbers. Those are the only chances you got, and then then say tournament, like if you go through every single program, has these moments where they're just unlucky as hell, because that's how the NCAA tournament works. It's like a complete crap, shoot. We're like, you could play the what if game with every program and I swear like every program could go back in history and convince themselves they could have won at least two or three national titles. So what do you have that few number of of schools? And this stuff happens then of course, like you get weeded out really quickly, and that's kind of how it is now and I don't know, and you're, you're right about the sample size to like all eyeballs, our own Arizona or UCLA Oregon. If they're one of those top teams, that's who everyone on the west coast is talk right out, and they all had in the in the complex that comes across with goes back to the east coast buys in the media covered. Especially of college basketball, the entire season, you know, Duke or Kansas or Kentucky, or whoever's going to be number one in the country the entire year and Zona might have the similar resume may even have a better resume, and they're going to be number three number four and the whole year they're going to be, you know, there's going to be the people that you know the, the Jim Rome of the world or whoever it may be that like stick Arizona's the best team in the country. You know, I'm gonna die on that hill. And then it's feels like Arizona or UCLA whoever whatever the team that gets designate, even if it's Gonzaga. That gets designated as quote unquote, the best team. They have to carry the flag for west coast basketball when they get to the tournament right after like carry the burden of in that we have to prove that we belong on the stage with these other guys. When really that shouldn't be the case in the first place. But it always feels especially with Arizona to me every single time I watched him to turn the game is just like butt holes. Are tight. You know what I mean? Like they just don't look loose. They look. They look very, very intimidated by the idea of getting upset. I mean, just look at that buffalo game, I mean that made no sense, but why? Why should why should that be. A diamond on the entire west coast. No, it shouldn't be zone. I don't understand why it is that way because I just think that's the way the media covers it because we all have to decide who the best team in the west of who's the best in the west. You know what I mean? And then we go from there and everyone's trying to say, oh no, they're not good. See, they're not that good. And I don't know. I feel like we'd just works is like it's like college. Basketball is played on the eastern half of the country, and then we say, okay, everyone out west, just figured out, like figure out the one or two teams you want to bring to the tournament and you just you just figure it out amongst yourselves. We'll see you in March, and then they send their two representatives. And then like you said, they the the two representatives never just represent their schools or like that specific year that team, whatever. It's always like this represents all of us because basketball, and then there's like a confirmation bias that comes with that because when you see Shawn Miller losing in the leader in Arizona, losing the lead eight, you remember this, like I, you vividly. Remember, Aaron Jonuz heartbreaks. You remember like zag could never get over. The hump forever. You remember San Diego State losing to the Florida Gulf Coast like that, like honest to God. I remember San Diego State losing a Florida Gulf Coast more than I remember Georgetown losing the first round Georgetown had a much better team like it's much more bear seeing that Georgetown lost the Florida Gulf Coast that that you're dunk city with the the Sweet Sixteen yet and it is present of your state. But like if you ask me with zero prep, like in three months, if you ask me who who did Florida Gulf Coast v to get this week sixteen, I will instantly remember San Diego State and I have to take a second to remember Georgetown. So all these things have like another example that I just thought of Oregon when they got to the elite eight in two thousand sixteen when they were once he'd right. And I think in twenty sixteen before they ended up going to the final four and buddy healed, like beat the shit out of them with Oklahoma and that like sticks with you and you're like, oh, because then you're thought you're thinking, oh, they were frauds. And for some reason that just like all the confirmation bias happens, but then we should also say Tate by the way. The Pac twelve network is a complete disaster and has not helped the Pac twelve in any way, shape or form or the west coast at all. Well, it's basically taking basically taking away the national spotlight of some of these games and putting them on a network that no one, especially on the east coast is going to seek out on their own. You know what I mean? It used to be least not even it would come on late at night. So if you were just up, you could watch it, but now you know, you're gonna miss that, you know, San Diego State, you know, Pacific game or whatever. Yeah, on the patch will never get in Yugoslavia specific. Yes, everyone everyone knows. It's again again, network is is awful. It's it's absolutely terrible. I I get so frustrated living here, like even when I do wanna watch the Pac twelve, I have to base like basically if it's not Bill Walton, Dave Pasch calling the game. I can't watch the Pac twelve and the same is true of Ken's AGA's not on ESPN two it with a tip time of like eleven PM eastern than I almost never watch condemned. Because that's the only I mean, I actually looked this up before we started the pod. I looked up like is the Pac twelve network available in Ohio, and I just don't have it for some because I swear to God. I pay like two hundred and fifty dollars a month for cable. Like it really feels like that. It's it's, I'm getting completely robbed. And you would think that I would have every channel that seems relevant. But I literally do not have the Pac twelve never. So I looked it up on the Pac. Twelve never is website and it says they, they're multiple options and providers for fans to access, including Comcast, xfinity charters spectrum Cox dish network and other such a sling TV and fubo TV I, I think I know like a handful of people in Ohio that have Comcast. I don't think I've heard of any of these other ones while sling TV sponsor this, like when I'm traveling. Yeah, I mean, so it it and it's auto, its own separate package. So it's like, why? Why? Why? Why. Why would anyone we have to you have to pay extra on top of it. I think you have to like buy it separately as a. I mean, I'm pretty sure at least. I think that's what happens about because I know we didn't buy it because I was like, why stupid? Why would I do that? And I live on the west coast like, oh, like it. So now you know why? I think Pacific Pac twelve. Let me ask you this. Let's let's let's break this down this way because we, let's talk about specific programs. Talk about how how we're gonna fix this. What what to you, if if what needs to happen between now and the moment when you feel like west coast, basketball is back for lack of a better term because a it with by saying that when I was growing up, I, I never got the feeling that like the west coast was bad at basketball. This was never something that I didn't necessarily follow tan, but the Pac ten was great when I was little like like they were there were good program. I mean, Stanford Stanford, did you realize do you realize at Stanford had three one seeds within like a five year span yet and in early two. Thousands? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the list from his great Arizona had had lute Olson and was Aruna was doing Zona thing. Gonzaga was bursting onto the scene. There are these handful like Pac ten programs that like just like Utah was great. They were in the mountain west at the time, like in the late nineties, obviously with Maderas and they probably should have won the ninety eight national title game. Yup. UCLA obviously one at ninety. Five era Zona wanted Ninety-seven like when I was growing up, it never crossed my mind that the the west coast is not good at basketball, but then we've arrived at this point where like you and I are having these discussions. So my question to you is what needs to happen between now in a moment win we will. We won't have these discussions. It just won't be thing. I think if UCLA had one one of those titles during the Jalan era when they were just going to all his final fours when they had Westbrook collison and you know, all those got Kevin love is, I mean that whole that whole gambit when they when they were going to those final fours, if they win one of those in two thousand eight say they win instead of Kansas, the cookie crumbles and they win. I think that everyone is. I don't think anyone's having this discussion at this point. I think if Oregon had one or Gonzaga wanted twenty seven. Whatever it may be. I mean, I think we obviously wipe all that stuff away. I think the program that really has to do it though is Arad Sona, which is I think a little weird yet. I think Arizona is the poster boy for west coast. Basketball is just not on the same elite level as some of these other blue blood programs. And I think Arizona just gets tabbed as that because they build the way that they get athletes in build their teams around these five star. Elite guys is very similar to, you know, the Kentucky's and all these guys. So people look at them as sort of like the face of that and UCLA obviously does to in Oregon. Does I in the same vein, but for the most part of me in Arizona, the top tier of in UC of de'andre. Obviously the number one pick goes air Zona. You see, all these big, Nate Raleigh. All kinds. When he's getting recruited you on Arizona's you how many times have we seen a five star recruit that you know either. I thought it was gonna go to Carolina or Utah. Mega Ohio State or Indiana may go to Kentucky and guess what they're going. You know what I mean? And then you. So you see all the talent go there and then you don't. Get any of the receipts from it really. And I think as soon as they breakthrough and a, hey, I've, I really wanted to happen this year because you know, just the FBI stuff in every. I mean, just, you know it just to it's good for us. I mean, you talk about concentration that would be the best case scenario to get Shawn Miller when all the stuff is going on to finally break through and succeed because people would just wouldn't know what to do with no one and talk about it. But I think if Aaron Jona gets over that hump, they get over the elite thing in kind of knock off that little that little hurdle in their in their world. I don't know. I think that will be the moment when people are like, okay, 'cause 'cause when they beat Duke in twenty eleven with their Williams. I mean, people were, I mean, granted, they lost the next game, but people were going crazy over that. You know what I mean? Everyone's like Arizona back. Oh, yeah, this is. This is this is Aaron, Tony, basketball. This is what lute Olson wanted to see. This is what he billed yada, yada, yada. And now we're, you know, five, six, seven years later. And we're still sitting on when are these guys going to do it? And when they had the most talented player, they probably ever had. They lost the buffalo, they'll also thirteen seat. You know what I mean in played each and played you. I mean, you know what I mean like that. That's the stuff that people remember. And I think that's kind of the weird spot that were in it kind of goes back to even the national players of the year from the west coast. Like when bogut one, you know what I mean? I didn't think about bogut Beena, west coast, basketball player. I thought, hey, that's a seven. Footer is probably the number one pick when jimmer you know, was doing everything it'd be while you and just going be basically being unconscious growing out of his mind. I wasn't thinking, oh my God, that guys carrying west coast basketball is thinking, man, Jimmy for debt is wild that do. Can you just pulled up from anywhere? I can't believe that. You know what I mean? That's the other thing I feel like we pick and choose when we want to stick to the west coast basketball cat, you know criteria, right? How we evaluate things. There's no set in stone way to do it, and it seems like we're all content within being the butt of the joke. Right? Like they're, they're just they're the one power conference at every college. Basketball fan can can just be like, well, at least it's not a pack twelve game for whatever reason. Right. Exactly. Speak it by the way I wrote down a little bit of trivia for you because I wanted to to blow your mind with stuff about west coast, mostly Pac twelve, but you mentioned in the national player of the year thing. Are you ready for this? I got. I got a trivia nugget for please the pack. The Pac twelve slash Pac tin slash pack was was a pack eight at one point right pack, whatever the that conference, the power conference on the west coast has not produced a national player of the year. I think we'll say Naismith I, I think I looked on the Naismith list. So if you're more of a wooden guy, I'm sorry. But the the Naismith or winner has not come from the pack twelve since Marcus Johnson in nineteen seventy seven at UCLA. Isn't that crazy? Wow. I think like every other power conference, like I'll just do it off the top of my head like a a might as well, pull it well, fuck it. Let's let's do a little trivia game off the top of my head. Big east was Brunson last year, big, twelve phrase buddy. Hey, buddy. Yeah. Data tank Kaminsky. Yeah, ACC hands borough. Yup. Rettig was everyone more recently than that would Jay Williams shame baddie a were at verba but event yet. Okay. SEC two thousand twelve, Anthony Davis. If if I can't think of anyone, I think he was the last one. So just right there like so what do by the way badly for the ACC they're the, they're the latest on that list. I think hands bro. His hands, bro. The most recent ACC to see national thirty two thousand eight. I believe two thousand eight. Wow. So there you go in the last in the last ten years. Every other power conference has produced the national player of the year and the Pac twelve last national player of the year was nineteen seventy seven with Marcus Johnson. Yeah. I mean, even like the like even the American now, right? I mean, they have like Cincinnati has Kenyon Martin right? Like you like you go through like, well, yeah, but you could get well, so like, well, if you're going to do that, Utah has bogut, but yeah, but the Utah like bogut was that Maga was in the mount was when he wanted? Well, that's what I'm saying out west. So their head is, I mean there ahead of the pack twelve. I mean, that's it. Larry, Larry Johnson one at ninety one for you and Lovie and yet. So. So let's go back to the original question that I asked you about, like what, what needs to happen for you to think that the things back I, I'm in complete, agree with you better zone. I think I think it falls on Arizona's. I think that people want it to fall on UCLA. Yeah, and I want to choose my words carefully because I don't wanna be the guy. I don't want to just be fired off. The UCLA is done take and like they'll never get back to what they were, which obviously they're never going to get back to what they were because what they were was like the dumbest thing on earth like you're win in eleven national titles. Thirteen years. Of course, they're never gonna. Get back to that, but I think UCLA could can can be really good. But I think like most people when you think about how to solve this problem, the answer always falls on like, well, we need to get UCLA back to the Duke Kentucky, Kansas Carolina level in, obviously, that'd be great. I think there's like a path for that to happen, but for me, just what I've seen and and being out there for short amount of time. And just like, I've, I've been the a ton of games in an era Zona and I've, I've been to use one came at UCLA and those really all enough. I need to see like know that this is going to fall in Arizona shoulders in because of the infrastructure there is on has their recruiting. I mean, obviously, make all the jokes you want about the bag dropping and Arizona's are reassured. They're not cheating you and I, we not sure where we're not sure. We're not. We're not sure. Is not sure. Yeah, Harrison has the momentum though. They have like the infrastructure place. They have like a rabid fan base. Tucson is very much a town that gets behind Arizona and did the university. So yeah, I think like in the modern era, like it falls on Zona kinda to be the torchbearer for all of this. So I would say like, we need that to happen. We need to Arizona to be a true perennial contender every single year, or if you sell, he wants to do too. That's even better. That's great too. We need. We do need UCLA to be respectable every year like we can't have. We have UCLA be, you know, like just a token that gets thrown in there just because they won't eleven titles along time ago. Like we actually do need them to be great. Then I'm going to say like, I think I need you LV to to to get back to. Yeah, I think we really need UNLV back. And when I say back, I don't mean again when he national titles going to final fours, I need, you know, v. back where. Like they're landing recruits that they shouldn't be landing and they play like a really fun style of basketball, and they got the flashy shit going on, and they're basically like Miami football is now where people think Miami's people get tricked into thinking Miami's like good again because they were the turnover chain and they tried to get swag going and all that kind of stuff. But like they're not actually like if you can get back to that level that would do wonders for for the the west coast. But in general, dude, like if you actually look at at the the non like this year, certainly. But just overall, I mean. Gonzaga's probably the best program in in out west. It's like Zagre, Arizona right now and get zag is definitely better going into the season with. We've arrived at a point where like the the mid majors out west seemed to be better than the major conferences, but that that kind of comes back to what I'm talking about shouldering the brunt of like I have to carry the torch for west coast basketball. Do you think that Mark view and Gonzaga's ever thought that? I don't think so. I, you know, if there's care, they don't care. They're just running a program and that's why I think it's kind of a curse again. I mean, as gift in occurs to be, you know, Arizona UCLA. I mean, it's cool to be top dogs and everything on the west coast, but everyone's looking at you every single year and people they tap out out here. You know what I mean as soon as Arizona loses to Colorado on the road. You know, people are like, well, there goes, there goes that season. We gotta figure out what to do with Shawn Miller. I don't know if we should keep him and you know what I mean? And I feel like it's cyclical which I guess me back to the Bank Bank question I wanna ask you which. Has. If those are the two premier programs, do they have premier coaches that can actually get them to that level? Because I, I don't know, I don't know about offered. And I think Shaw Miller is a great recruiter obviously, and I think he knows how to get guys the, you know, I guess by in I guess, well, I mean, you know, literally by, but I'm leaving you. Bye. Bye. I mean, get bought in yet, but be paid them in. I think I think Miller's definitely good enough Miller for me. Miller's problem is he coaches like it's late nineties early, two thousand still stuck in that mindset, and I'm really worried about the next five to ten years of Shawn Miller's career where the influx of just the trickle down from the warriors. Basically that basketball's become position lists and it's gonna take a while for that to really sink in at the college level. It's gonna take basically like kids. They're growing up now are jacking up three and we're, we're already seeing that at the college level. Like it's like the the way guys can step out and hit threes and all that kind of stuff. I don't mean to suggest that there's no, there's not progress being made, but I think Miller is start like you like the joke I make every year is like like the man just can't ca. Is there a seven footer that he's ever had that he brings off the bench because as soon as he sees he'll he'll start five, seven photos? Yeah, good. Makita Salvator that the idea of like twin towers, the idea of just playing old school biggies bat, he's an old school biggies guy. The idea of the old school biggies thing like he just he gravitates towards that, and that's what he knows, and that's what's got him success and all that. And and I'm sort of worried that I don't wanna get too extreme and say, like the game is going to pass them by or whatever, but they're definitely moments you can point to. And I think like last year's Arizona team ran into those problems where like eight and was playing out of position and enrich. Yeah, Sean Miller, just like I got, yeah, rich, like forced into to play out of position and and shown Miller. I got to seven footers. I gotta play them together and he just kind of figured, I don't know. So in that regard, like I trust Shawn Miller, but at the same time he's his stubbornness is gonna get in his way offers problem is. Ooh, boy. How much time do we have offers problem. I don't know. Like he just just like from being around him that short amount of time. I was you you, you wonder like he's definitely got the. He's definitely cut from the Bob Knight cloth and we talk about this all the time of lake. I'm not calling offered an asshole, but just like that that mindset that that approach to coaching yard ask coach, tough-minded at work. Yeah, let's run more spread guy who has like what works now is like coaches who are like your mentor, if not your friend yet l. that you're that you're cooler. That's what guys. Yeah. Yeah. And then you have, then you have the raiders your trainers on your own time to get you in shape. You know, it's not really on your coach till I can write in you. I mean, obviously there's conditioning run. That's where everyone, but yeah, it's, yeah. I think the offer thing is like he does the whole like fake cool act. You know what I mean? Like during the summer, all these NBA players around and like you'll see Konya west like, you know, playing pickup UCLA and it's like Steve offered taking a picture with gonyea, but he's like. He looks very confused if he has no idea who this person is next to. You know what I mean? But he's got a play like the LA, right? You know, Hollywood cool game to get some of these recruits in and all that sort of stuff because because really I mean, we saw we went to the UCLA game of you. See Steve. Alford is an Indiana like born and raised like he is. He lives his life like a man that lives in Indiana. You know what I mean? It's like Jethro, Bodine, absolutely. Like he, you know, he does not quite fit into the, you know, I would say the the normal expectation of what a UCLA like celebrity style coach would be in the modern era, which is why. I mean, I, I think we have, we've joked about this and floated it. But I mean, if you see a guy like with the energy of an Eric muscleman and you see a program like like UCLA that needs to get rejuvenated in just needs to get. 'cause 'cause as much as Steve Alford is is you know, beloved and basketball circles. Are you saying what I think you're saying, hey, I'm saying, I'm saying Steve, Alford might be on the clock is what I'm saying? I, I have no. No reason to say that other than I just think that the UCLA is a gym. I obviously they have a gym, but it's also a gym in I, I think people I think there's a little bit of there's something in the air there because there's been so many like pick up games like LeBron's been over there. I mean, they're, they're all around hanging around that program now. And if you're UCLA you wanna cash in, you know you want to cash it when all these guys wanna be around Russell Russell Westbrook is Ryan touring Jalen hands and Chris Wilkes in the off season. That doesn't really seem like a Steve Alford deal as far as being like an asshole, getting guys to, you know, basically humble themselves before they can be great. That doesn't seem like the Hollywood formula to success. Hollywood is basically Bs your way as much as you can, and then you know, see what happens. Hopefully you get paid and I think musclemen has the right balance between those two sides of life. He's obviously, you know done the NBA thing, which I think is a nice selling point to some of those guys I want to go to UCLA offered is like a true blue college basketball coach. And I think UCLA has a Hollywood almost semi pro. You know, team if they really wanna be, you know, the powerhouse that they weren't once we're honestly, I mean, I think they have to lean into that. I would agree with all of that, I think, yeah, it it's a tough spot because you want to be fair offer like he hasn't been terrible. I know UCLA fancier would would argue otherwise, he, he's done well enough that the question always becomes like UCLA in it. And this is the case with Indiana. This is the case with Michigan football at this point with with with Texas football, like all of these, all of these programs that were considered like the top of the top at one point. And now it's it's kind of taking a little longer than everyone expected for them to get back to that point. Is you wonder, if is it the coaches at the program in at a certain point when however many number of coaches cycle through and you can't figure it out, you wonder like, is it the co you know is, is it's coaches. The coach of sucks. Is the program that's and I don't. I don't mean. Even making a judgment on UCLA really. Like, I think just because they're just because you reach a certain number of coaches who can't really figure it out, doesn't even necessarily mean that it's the program. It's just got you. Gotta look at like the right cut. Like for me, it's like if a coach is great and other places and then sucks once he gets to this place and then becomes great. Once he leaves the place, then I start questioning like it might be the program. Like if ROY Williams goes to North Carolina after he leaves Kansas for North Carolina. And he has this excess Kansas, and he goes to Carolina and he can't win. I would scratch my head be like, I think this might be a problem with Carolina more than ROY Williams, you know. So. I don't know. I don't know what the answer is with UCLA, but I, but like we say, like, I don't think it really matters as far as like the big picture. West coast thing like UCLA is UCLA. Like at this point, it's not. I don't think they have to carry the banner. I think it is up to at this point Arizona Gonzaga. But as we said, Gonzaga's certainly doesn't give a shit. They're not. They're not trying to do that. They're trying to describe it on their own program. Yeah. And Arizona has is, isn't the same boat sort of like they have their own problems are trying to do. They just want to get over the hump so their fan bases can stop clinching their asshole, because but at least with Ariza at least with Arizona, like Shawn Miller fits what AirAsia bass. You know what I mean? Right. The identity is right. Like I just feel like UCLA UCLA is trying to search for some nineteen eighties version of what college basketball was with with with offered. You know, basically trying to find their Bob Knight or their new wooden or whatever it is. And it's like, that's not. That's not really the the way that things go nowadays. You know what I mean? I I, I just feel like they base everything off precedent in the past, and things have changed is basically the whole point. Things have changed. This is the west coast, but westcoast basketball as it exists right now is I think, here's here's two things at the west coast has to do first of all, the Pac twelve has to get rid of the the the the way they schedule where you play Utah and Colorado on the same trip as you're absolutely right that like after the non conference season, whatever good west coast teams there, whatever good Pac twelve teams, there are whether it's I, I actually, I think the UCLA about say the UCLA Lonzo ball team, but actually think they swept their mountain trip. Of, but just for example, whether it's whether it's like a UCLA team, that's looking really good after the non conference schedule or Arizona has always been ranked pretty high going to knock on wood schedule. Oregon's heads of good teams recently or even air over the Arizona state being the last undefeated team last year and be no more country. You know what I mean? And then they go on that trip and everyone everyone like completely disregards him. It's like, are we sure they should make the tournament? You know what I mean? Like that's how it turns. You gotta get rid of that. They got to get rid of the bound trip. They gotta figure because they're doing themselves a disservice as a conference because it just it will all the momentum that you're good teams get. They they run into the altitude problems and they lose and they're screwed. And and that's that quick break to get a word from ZipRecruiter. If you listen to podcasts and you do because you're currently listening to this, you know all about recruiter, you know all about how hiring used to be hard, how people used to use multiple job sites, stacks of resumes, a confusing review process. But today and twenty eighteen hiring could be easy. And you only have to go to one place to get it done. ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash p. 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You want to say eight, ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash. SP ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash show is be nice, good job. You get in there. ZipRecruiter is the smartest way to hire back to all things, west coast, basketball. I got a more radical idea for you take. This to me the west coast as it's currently constructed is the most perfect situation for us to implement promotion relegation in college basketball. I think this is the dancer, and I can't tell if I'm joking, I, I come up with a lot of crazy ideas and because I just have a lot of time to think about what you're in Maui, having fun, like I'm stuck in my office working and coming up with good ideas like this, you have like if you think about the programs on the west coast, we have who's going to be a top five team. This year, we have Nevada, who's going to be a top five team this year top ten team this year, at least maybe top five. You have San Diego State who has been pretty good recently had fallen off, but maybe they can figure it out. Again, I'd I'd they're kind of flux. Maybe I should have mentioned them this early, but we have BYU BYU is always going to be good. I think they're BYU's floor is always not bad just because same with youth institutional structure they have their. Yeah, like. Like beds, Utah is a good basketball state, you know, like they, they're applaud their employees of the west coast. Any Mormon that can play ball, even a little bit is going to be why you like you always have that advantage unless it's still always going to be pretty decent, still my was the only Mormon the way you. Yes, Stillman midwives the one guy and and then like UNLV could they could figure it out get. But anyway, the point is you have all these mid majors. I'm probably leaving out a couple of pepperdine's Renzo Mark, but of course here Saint Mary's Saint Mary's of the team Saint Mary's? Yes. Saint Mary's is the obvious one I left out. You have all these guys. You have like a pack twelve that has always top heavy in there you'd. We've already gone over this. There's one or two teams. It feels like every year that might be a contender are we? We don't really know. But then like the teams at the bottom are holy shit bed like really like Washington state and Oregon state. Like when they've been bad recently, Calvin just watching why can't do the cow like the fact that why is the coach a coward now just goes to show the apathy as far as the program, you know, they go from Cuonzo getting all these guys to that. You know what I mean? So that's my pitch. Why can't we set up a system where promotion relegation happens? If you you kick out, you kick out the shitty. You kick out Washington state and Oregon state and Cal and who else is gonna suck this year. I don't know. The damn hall around was probably not going to be the obvious. Dayton probably stamp Stanford. Yeah, Stanford's probably die bigger. You get rid of these teams. You bring a Gonzaga you bring in Saint Mary, you set up some sort of system where find the twelve. Yeah, we have to conferences. Yeah, yeah, promotion relegation then you have something I like to have some cook it, and then the Pac twelve like the best basketball conference in the country. If you Adkins aga- and when they're hot, if Nevada was playing at this year and Saint Mary like, holy shit. That's incredible. I like get this done. I want the answer. I want to call it Pac, twelve and back twelve. So you can just fall back. Just go back pack, twelve back, twelve. And then as soon as Nevada gets in it, then it's p. a. c. k. twelve because most. Moments come in the must bus love your. I mean, that's that these are all things that should happen in. I mean, just think if the pact will did announced that they were going to do that and do relegation people would care. People would look into it. They're just like, I don't know. I just wanna say it'd be credible and schools are upset because they're getting cut out of the TV money. You know what I mean? Like, so now they're getting really upset now. They're firing Weiqing Jones and they're trying to hire Jason Kidd so we can get back into his money. You know what I mean? Then put the pressure. It would be great. Yeah, I like it. That would make me want that I would follow pack twelve more than any other conference. Probably they had that because it would be it would be completely stacked, but also, like you said, all those little wrinkles were like suddenly suddenly Oregon state versus Washington state. The at the end of the year is an important game may and I'm in, I'm watching it. One of these teams is going down to play. Whatever, whatever the they're gonna have to play against air force in Colorado state next year, if they lose and sorry about you. Yeah, they gonna play Utah valley and you Casey, the smells like a new campaign? Yes, this is nice, Pac, twelve back, twelve. I got a, I got it before before we get to see laundry and we are getting a dirty laundry folks a little a little. Thank you to fans of stuck with us through the off season where we got a handful of stories at people submitted before we get to. I want I want to get through the trivia that I had typed up. Sorry told you that the I label this. Trivia that tape won't believe. I already mentioned the Stanford day. The state forgot one seeds in the tournament in two thousand two thousand one in two thousand four, which is just like insane to think about. I think like a lot of people listening are like that can't possibly be right. I mentioned the national player of the year thing. Here's one Oregon has made three lead eights since Indiana last may daily date. Wow. Is that does that? Does that do for you? Is that a? Is that surprising that's gotta hurt for the Indiana faithful? Tell podcast for Indiana bands? I'm sorry about the Steve ought was first offered now we're just, yeah, dude. It's okay. Indiana fans, they'll necessarily love Steve. Alford, the coach, they they, they love the player. He made a lot I get that is he's the mad already of your school. I get that. It makes sense. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Here's another one. Washington got a one seed in two thousand five yet. I feel like I vaguely remember that. But when you hear me say that you're probably thinking yourself. Yeah, that was the brain. Oy team, right? No, Brandon. ROY came off the bench and he was a junior that year and he came off the bench. So if you if brag about that, if I think if Brandon, ROY head, just obviously been able to stay healthy in just right out his career than Washington. I don't know. I think they could. I mean, obviously they're still getting players like Dijon and obviously full win number one and all that sort of stuff. But I don't know. I, I think Washington's a program that that could really do something because it is really nice up there and I don't know. I mean, you see Gonzaga people in Washington, you know, they like basketball. They don't have much else going on. So. Who'd Washington's back? Yeah, Washington's definitely back Washington and Oregon are going to be great this year. Well, great, whatever, whatever that the Pacific Washington in order to keep an eye on the Pacific wells. That's that's good. In the last one last one I had for you because this is my, this is my favorite thing that like I, we should get this printer on a shirt. It's like my favorite. It might be my favorite college basketball stat. Certainly my favorite west coast college basketball thing. Salim Stoudamire in two thousand five average eighteen point four points per game Tate. Yes, he shot fifty percent from the field fifty percent from the three point line in ninety. One percent from the free throw line any should be, should it be the Illinois? I mean, he was on. He was to beat alive. I've a full Salim Stoudamire jersey at my house, like literally with the shorts and everything like you blew me with my favorite players of all time. I love the whole south. He's like. Sleep, south admires one of those guys that people vaguely remember, I want certainly on the, I'm I'm speaking for myself, I guess in my circle of friends, but like people vaguely remember him and then he's, he's one of those guys that like every tie. I remember him pretty well, but every time I go look into his career Zona I just I always find something that blows me away. He's he's, I don't know. I don't. I don't want to take us a far as as like he's one of the most underrated college basketball players ever. I don't. I don't really. We don't really need to go to those qualifiers, whatever the fuck any of that means. But I don't know the do the dude. Incredible and is like one of the greatest shooters in college basketball history. And I think if you're making a list of the greatest shooters in college basketball history far, too many people not have him on the list and he average eighteen points a game. So it wasn't like he wasn't just like spotting up at hitting threes. He's not John dealer out there like barely doing shit just like making a couple of threes a game and and getting all these alkaloids and stuff to do to carry in the team averaging eighteen points a game while also he's fifty. Fifty ninety one. It's incredible. So and anyway. If you e. for people that have never seen that game. I mean, just go back and watch that. Just watch him in that tournament because it is honestly what I mean. I think the sleeker the scores like ninety eighty. It was ninety two like eighty nine or eighty eight. It was some, but it was like Darren Williams, d brow. Luther head that ridiculous Illinois team that obviously you know, loses the Carolina in the final and then Arizona wasn't. It was like it was basically started Meyer and Channing Frye where the two guys but it. But it was basically it. It was basically starter Myer. I mean, who was their main do the entire time? I mean, I I don't know. He's amazing. I love that guy. He I think that was the Genesis of the tight butthole Aaron fan base. Was that game? Yeah. And that started everything. I think up to like they an oath three. They lost a Kansas in the day, and I want to say there might have been another. I think that was it. I think there another might have been another one after ninety. Seven I it doesn't matter point is I think like all whatever happened before that. Just like, oh, we lost in the tournament. That sucks. Whatever that, oh, five happened when Arizona was good enough to win the national title that year. I know Carolina did. I'm not saying there would be Carolina, just mean like, obviously they, they were destroying Illinois, and Illinois was really, really good at you're right. So Arizona could've won the national title there and they should it away and that fashion of dislike the most heartbreaking, whatever you and then from there, I think that started just the tight butthole thing and did the the total inferiority complex Moore's unfit, which which by the way Arizona fans might be the most tortured fan base and in college basketball agree to think about they have one tight also, like no one wants to, you know, like a lot of a lot of the other fan base is rolling their eyes like dude, they wanna title who cares do got ninety seven, but I don't know, dude, it's it's crazy what those people have been through. But anyway, it's tough. It's really tough. Pereira Zona will pour one out for him. I do believe it's going to end this year. I think they're gonna. I think someone's gonna. Happen. I feel like all signs point to Shawn Miller, which was it? What do you mean like their runs going to end because no IRA tab, dumb out exactly what's going to happen. It's all going to be great. He's gonna make the final four. And then as soon as he walks on here comes the FBI. It's gonna be great. Yes, I don't think it's going to happen zone this year. I just don't they? Yeah, Arizona's not that great. They got. They got decimated by the deaf, they, they're going to be okay. I think like they still have a couple couple guys can play UCLA. I do. She Sharieff Neil. You're now that that was very, I mean, that was shocking. Revelations obesity has a heart condition that the visa, the UCLA doctors diagnosed him, so he could have technically. I mean, he added like an enlarged heart, I guess, is what does some people reporting. So one of those things where we've seen, you know, guys, you know, having Chris, Bosh, obviously went through some of the stuff of me and I, it's a scary situation. So. And you mentioned Arizona. I mean, he was one of their biggest guys that they had come in and then obviously the FBI stuff he left. If it's wild you, you could make an argument that Mark schlabach save schrief Nils line that airs Ona's doctors when a found his enlarged heart, and then you shall as did and. While we block saving lives out here. Wow. Wow. Filet buck knew the whole time. Maybe he didn't. Okay. Anything else we need to talk about what the west coast? I mean, we we didn't really talk about like this upcoming season Gonzaga. I really do think Zack is like I see people having zag over Duke yard. I, I don't like this. I think in Zagreb Nevada or the two best teams on the in the I mean, I guess, yeah, right overall west coast, contenders those the two best teams, those are two mid majors. So I think that sort of speaks, which is a problem exactly which is exactly what I'm saying is a problem that no one's going to watch them all. You're going to be good. We all know they're good. We saw we Nevada like, go, go look up Nevada's roster. If if you haven't, if you'll know what Nevada's working with like it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen him like their entire team has averaged ten points game at some point. Did everyone just transferred in as basically how they've done is like dagga gets all the international guys. Nevada's got all the transfers and they figured out and they're going to be great, but that's. Precisely. The problem is that no one's really going to watch these teams all season, and that sucks. That really sucks. I want people to watch these teams I want. I want wanted to play in the Pac twelve and. And this the the reason to do the promotion. Relegation thank Tate is because people are like zag has never going to get the packed all because they don't have football, and that's always going to stop them. And Nevada is not because it's Nevada, but. Okay. Set up a system where you could you could promote and relegate. It'd be awesome just for basketball, just do just for basketball. That's it. That's all you have to do like zag dagga can still not have a football team. We can make, you know, when the Pac twelve football season comes around, you still have your your solid, twelve, whatever, but just for for college basketball set that up. Please who like who do you think's gonna win the Pac twelve because everything I see has UCLA Oregon, Washington, like all right there in the I don't know fifteen to twenty range eleven to twenty rain, whatever on the national rankings and they're all like they're all like, right, bam, bam, bam, right in a row and a lot of different people think a lot of different things. So what does take Frazier thing? I think Oregon's gonna win, I think, or I think Oregon is the best program in the Pac twelve right now as far as what Dana is doing up there. I really do think they have. I think they have it all kind of figured out and they know who they are. They have an identity than how they wanna play. And I, I mean, how many times can I say it? I'm a big pain Pritchard fan. I just I like I like what he dealt. We love paid. And I think he's going to be great, and now they get bo-bo. Right. That's real. That's happening. So Bulbul the got Louis king. Yeah, yeah, I'm I'm sort of worried about Bulbul. I've all full disclosure. I've never actually watched reason I'm worried about him is because. I'm worried about him in this regard. Like if he's if he's got to be the best player on their team. My fear is that every year with the recruiting rankings, there's always one or two big is in the top fifteen who actually suck. And we find out very quickly that they actually suck. Yeah, and we call them the chase jeeter worry world. Yeah, I'm really words Abobo is going to be that guy. I hope he's not hope he's wrong. I have. I'm basing this off of nothing. I'm just a, I don't know. I've I've, I've seen like the the do guys play, which I guess I guess zion's only they guy, I don't know. I don't know what I'm based off, but I, I'm just I'm just worried that bowl bowl has the potential to to not be great right right away. And I don't want that to happen. I will say this I trust frame for Chila as far as knowing what the hell's going on in these practices with these teams and he's really high on Oregon. So that kinda helps me Philip it better about it. Do you think it's Oregon, or do you think it someone else. I mean, I would agree that like Oregon has the most firepower of pal. UCLA is UCLA's right there with them. Obviously, Chris walks is, is a fan or I'm a huge fan. I think he's, I think he's Pacho. I think he's packing player of the year. Indiana, Mr. basketball, Jalen hands UCLA's is is going to be pretty good. I, you know, I'm absolutely talking myself into them, but I don't know. Dude, like part of me wants to go to Washington because they sent me a Starbucks gift card for twelve dollars. That's right. I totally forever that, and it's all really takes, and it's the real behind zone. You know it, it's the real Syracuse. Yeah, so it makes sense. I, I mean, all in all, I all I really care about as far as west coast. Basketball is at the Martin twins, are both considered for national player of the year as a package deal. I don't want one of them to win it. I won't both them to win it. And I wanted to say Martin twins, and that's that's my best case scenario for west coast basketball because those guys are going to be amazing. They should probably both be in the NBA. But of course the most bus convince him to come back. So I'm excited for that. That's who I think's gonna win the Pac, twelve Nevada. I'm gonna call to say go, yeah, go out on a limb all in on the most bus. Nice. We're very excited. Any other packed while or any other packed while a west coast thoughts in general? Pepperdine. That's all. That's all I gotta say Romar is coming back. You know that we're going to keep an eye on that. Mark. Godfried is out here at Cal State Northridge. He's like hanging out with Jamie FOX at practice. I don't understand what's going on with that, but I'm sure we should probably keep an eye on that. You know, want to go to Cal State Northridge games when I got out to l. absolutely, absolutely. I, I mean, we should. Yeah, anytime I could see Mark, Godfrey, I know try to coach basketball game that that is five star entertainment for me. So yeah, definitely down to do that and ele you. I mean, obviously LMU is beautiful campus and we've we did the sleeping giant things last year in that, you know, that's a great, you know, could be a great program, obviously has a history, so keep an eye on them as well. But I don't know. I mean, this is all just, you know, west coast fodder. We obviously probably have talked more about west coast basketball than anyone on the west coast in the past eight, Tim, do don't need to do it ever again. I'm gonna say my party thoughts are New Mexico them, yeah, New Mexico. I, I'm worried I'm worried about New Mexico in San Diego State. I'm gonna say that because New Mexico, are you aware that Carlton brag is is at New Mexico. Now, how old is it out and brag there? Is he like right, like win. When we stop. Carl Carlton brag aka the original Brian Bowen. Is. Is that New Mexico, but so is Jay Quan Lyle who is the original Carlton brag? And I'm just worried I worried about New Mexico in that regard of just you got two guys down there that are, I don't know. You can have one, it's it's the, isn't this like a universal theory across like every sport, you can have one crazy guy. You have to have one appoint. Yeah, you can have one Rodman, but that's yet it. Yeah, you can have one Dennis Rodman one runner test, Jay, Jay Quan Lyle and Carlton brag and same locker room. I'm a little worried about what what's happening with New Mexico who has a pretty good program that we've probably should've mentioned a little more on this box. Also San Diego State Tate. I ask you, this, are you? Do you have any ideas coaching? Saint Augustine right now? I, I said, I would guess a former St. Fisher assistant right gotta be a backdrop from the past. Is that correct? Yeah, you are correct. Thank you. I don't know there. I got your Brian duchess's his name duchy they go, isn't it? Yeah, they go Brian Dutcher, but I think that will streets the point of life. I don't know. I, he's not necessarily back which I'm not. I'm not calm down San Diego State fan. I'm not saying he sucks. I'm just, we're saying we missed. I would've really liked to see San Diego State. I don't know, bring her someone really, really good. Oh, like Rick, Pitino idol. No, that'd be cool. I don't know what I'm saying Tate. I just I just I'm worried about Saito say, 'cause they, they had a thing going for second. Then Steve Fisher could necessarily win and they say tournament and the now they just have potential. I never like it when I'd never ever like it when the guy who's like the best coach at a program leaves and then they hire within, I never liked that move unless it's Tim, thank it. Yeah, unless Tim too, Tim Jenga vich. Oh, Tim, j yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we that's the only time Brown's the best coach history. Yes, a hundred percent. Yes. It's I mean in basketball? Yes, absolutely. No doubt about it. All right, let's get the dirty laundry cloudy of stories or what I got some stories. Kyle just woke up, classic west coast badge, like, what are you guys are gonna talk about basketball. This is wild. I went to a big east school and took a geography class with some of the some of the basketball team. One of my friends was the manager on the team, so I knew some of the guys made the mistake of agreeing to be in their group for product about Japan. I asked the starting small forward who a top one hundred crew couple years before to put together one slide on the physical geography. I e mountains oceans, just basically where it is in the world so that he would have some contribution the night before the project was, do. We're supposed to present our slide to the front of the class. I get the once live from him. I look at the slide and even with my low expectations, I'll never forget what he said. Japan, sit in the ocean. NIA say, we didn't use a slide redid it. Then had him read the words off during that. I mean, I mean, show me the like, I'll show me the lie that one Japan is in the ocean. It sit in the ocean tight. Yeah, that's a good project. I don't understand the problem with that one. Yeah, I've a I I wanted to fed was like. We will. We do the dirty laundry last time. Last season. I said the same thing and I wanna I wanna go on record or sane again is that I will always defend athletes who don't try in school. It's it's a point of pride of mine. I didn't try school. I think like you're giving this power to, especially on group projects, like it is. It is what it is you just you show up and you read the thing, and that's as part of the deal. And honestly, if your regular student, I'm sorry, but athletes have to get preferential treatment. I'm sorry happen. It's true. This is how it works. I know the reason I say that is just to justify my own behavior in college when I would do the exact same shit. And just like every time we had to be for group project, I would say I can't. I got practice what? What time is it in before they even answer will time we're supposed to be. I just like, yeah, I got practice then. And then they're like, okay, well, what if we moved into this. Oh, sorry. I also have a life all did. I can't do that pass. Also, you guys are all nerds in. I don't really care of to graduate. I don't really actually want to get as in this class. So yeah, I'll defend the guy also. Yeah, Japan is in the ocean with the problem. Yeah, spot the lies that right in the ocean right there. Yeah. Just be an island nation point what he sees very cool. Here's one. I did gay management as a work study job while I was an undergrad at a d, three school in Michigan. One of my responsibilities was to greet opposing team and show them to their locker room. After that, I was supposed to keep an eye on their locker room weather back and forth. Warm-ups while I was manning my post, I overheard the opposing teams best player talking about a roster. They were emphatic that they were going to embarrass our best player and shut it down completely. Well, my girlfriend at the time my now wife was the best player for our women's team. I passed information onto an athletic trainer who had told our team. The game started with my wife, future wife, earning a flagrant foul on the tip to send a message quote, unquote later in the. Game. She pulled up on a breakaway drain to three and then stared down the opposing bench, Janet of dropping thirty in route to a home victory. My wife's night ended late in the second half with her using her last two thousand. The girl who's talking shit. Needless to say the solidified my choice in who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with is this guy. This guy is bragging about it. He's definitely bragging about his wife don't get. Yeah. I mean, I, he's missed the boat on dirty line manager who has definitely used some information. I don't know if it helped. Then when any game or what's whatsoever, but he's definitely spying on. Yeah, women go into. Because it's a women's team. So he's just. Remember the laundry, but just say it, I missed debited the rules. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you know how many of these are like dude, the point guard had sex with two girls in the fist bump me like that's what most of these guys. So give me more to work more more more. Hold on. Go back to one point guard having sex. More Godfrey just got excited. Here's one. That's a Little Rock. This is the last one I have. This one's raunchy new. Tell me which wants to keep up to. I got some dirty laundry few guys. I red shirted in my freshman year at anonymous whack school. My roommate was that was a sophomore, just transferred from an anonymous, big ten school. My roommate's parents got divorced Jesus. When when came to play us at home, we were passing around the ticket list at the shoot around. My roommate didn't have anyone on his ticketless before the game. His mom came to our dorm to say, hi, I was wondering why he wouldn't have anyone on his ticket lifts. His mom was coming to the game. Once a game started, I realized she was sitting behind the bench and my roommate said she got tickets from Artan from the newly hired head coach who had recruited him when he was an assistant at Louisville. And became obvious again. Then this dude was slamming his mom when she flew onto the same play as our team. This is dirty, lawn business actual dirty. This is a bag, mom. Oh, my bag. The bag moms cannot be stopped. I mean, that is that is five star recruiting that is five star because that's a little that's that's Patino basketball baby. That's what they do. Basketball, Kyle, make sure you, you believe Al. All the that were mentioned. Sure did because the but leave the story and that's, that's a, that's a great the best ones you guys, I'm tired of looking at tired of looking at, oh my God, high fives from basketball players. That's a good one. This is the model. That's the winner. That's the story. I like shout out to the guy who has the awesome wife like good for you, really. That's all Abraham was also manager. So I guess it counted. But yeah, I mean, congrats to that guy. I also want to point out that Penny Hardaway apparently his big recruiting thing now is that all the moms of the players know penny and love penny and want their kids to play for penny and wanna be closed data, and it's bag balm season. You know what I mean? That's that's what pennies up to. And I'm happy to hear that. You know it's already happening in other pockets of the world. That's that's great news for you. Can we get a ringer short film on the the bag moms of college basketball, just like do a documentary on like four or five moms? Yeah, star starring window card. His mom, yeah. Yes, yes. She's yes. The bag mobs? Yes. Featuring window Carter Baum. Yeah. Yes. It's Sonya Carey which call like that? Yes, sonic Kirby one. All right. You got anything else? I do not want to point out that. Right now in Chapel Hill. There are four basketball teams all passing in the same facility. It's dean dome. It is Boston Celtics with Kyrie Irving wearing all do gear. It is the Charlotte Hornets with Mitch Cup, Jak, Marvin Williams, all Carolina guys on that team. It is the UNC w team with devante cock one of the favorites of this program because of all the hurricane stuff. They're now practicing in the dean dome and there's North Carolina price in the dean dome. So if you in Chapel Hill today, I'd probably just walk down at the dean dome because that is the most insane thing I've ever heard. I didn't even know that there was that much court space to go around, but I just can only imagine what it's like to watch NBA guys in these college guys. All just have to share court because a, I don't know. That's very entertaining to me. I, I don't even understand how that's possible, but I like the whole NBA do in preseason at colleges. I feel like that's going to be a new thing. And also Justin Timberlake move John like Justin, Timberlake and Drake are going to be at Memphis midnight madness by the way. So Drake is officially gone a reverse Calipari. Now. He's back to Memphis, and he's with penny now. So he is done with big blue nation, Drake, his officially jumped to the new bandwagon with penny. Dude, penny is pennies. Undeniable does. Yes, you can't deny what's happening in Memphis, but my favorite thing about it all is at literally nobody knows how good of a coach is like. I haven't seen a single person. We don't know, is he gonna run? Is he defensive-minded as he? Is he an offensive guy? Do they run two, three zone? Are they pressing? Are they going to a nobody knows anything about penny style of coaching, whether he can't coach, whether he does anything about any of this? Could he drop out of bounds play? We don't know, and frankly, we don't care. That's all. That's all semantics we'll to relevant. Yeah, it's a real. We just we just wanted to recruit. I want to mention. I forgot to. I don't know if we didn't bring this up that we that the Brandon Davies having sex the one time. Yeah, he did. I feel like that should have been mentioned during the the west coast thing, Brandon Davies, the the BYU team. I feel like a BYU fans are going to be mad at us because we did. Mention that they would. We're kind of going through all the unlucky breaks that happened and all the teams that were good. And what have you. We've wrapped to mention that one also have a complaint. Yeah. Can I make a complaint for just a general. Just general complaint. I'm really upset about the phrase hot take and what has happened to the phrase hot take in the sports media landscape and that people just basically use the phrase hot take to describe any opinion that that is kind of a bold opinion, you know, but it's not it's we've gone overboard with with the hot takes because when when hot takes started, like what you would call someone out for hot, take hot, takes us to be like like a hot take is not saying, I think that Aaron is going to win the Pac twelve this year. That's not a hot take. That's just like a a bold prediction. Within the realm of sports? Yes. Yeah. So by complaint is that that people are attributing the term hot take to that in my understanding of the origins of hot, take like mocking people for having heartaches was when people would bring like outside things into their take, and and and and say, like, like real world things affect the sports. And it just became like this almost like a conspiracy. And those were like the hot takes like one that comes out like Colin coward, say the John wall like that whole thing about John winner. Yeah, like like that was a hot take? Yeah, to me. That was something else you just because he dance he winter. Yeah. Yeah. Like these are hot takes like like if you were to say like if you were to be like, I think Arizona is good at basketball because like the drug cartel in Mexico is financing them and running money across the border to pay for their crews. Now we have a hot take. Yes, that's a hot take, right? Yes. Gold heartache to me like, I don't think duke's going to be good this year. Anyway, this is this is a complain of my because I'm old enough to remember when like. There's no way of differentiating like what is a hot take any more. And it's really frustrating because back in the day you would do if someone said, I have like, hey, did you see that guy's hot take? It was like worth seeking out because it was like, oh my God, I'm sure he said something absolutely completely absurd in, and it's it. It would be. It would be like it'd be like in two thousand fifteen. If you were like on a show called, I take in, you adamantly said that LeBron James would never win another NBA championship and you could book it and then you know, like next year they will hold on. I know I would argue that's not even that's not even a heartache. It would be like, if you said LeBron James has since having children has gone too soft and he he'll he won't wanna championship because he's now a father, any soft. You feel like you have to like bring something into like the personal life, like the outside world, and and just like jump to an insane conclusion based off of something that has nothing to do with sports. You know what I mean? Yeah, my, that's my, that's my my my rule of thumb on all this. And you know, I always enjoyed people come. Gonna talk about anything sports related or whatever related in life. But if anyone asked me in this question in this tone safely, what's your take anyone that says that to me pass, you know, a one through three or four. Fifth, I plead it pass see later, so that's just sort. It is the way you know if that's the that's you know what your angle is. I, you know, love you to death, but pass. Yeah, anyway, that's that was that was my. That's my go complaint of the of the week. I'm on your side. I don't know. Let's get back to the basics of hot takes. Let's invoke like just crazy shit into the takes and then and then you have a hot take if you if it just strictly a sports opinion if you're like, I think that I, I don't know. I think that Andrew lock is the MVP front runner in the NFL right now. That's not a hot take. That's just like a crazy sports opinion. There's a difference folks. Yeah, let's get back to. Let's get back to, let's get. Let's get back to the Jim Roth's burning. That's what we need to get back to. I need to be on fire. I've a couple of things I want to mention and then we'll, we'll wrap it up a couple of announcements, programming announcements. I wanna do some pre Pri Pri Pri promotion for I think I'm bringing back the trillion belt. Now, those of you who have followed me for awhile again, God bless you. I love my seven percent you. You might remember that I used to give out a bell to a walk on or really just anybody. A bench player didn't really matter who ever recorded the most trillions throughout the college basketball season. I made a championship like a WWE style championship belt, and I gave it to him and it became like a contest. Basically. I was trying to give walk on like a an award to play for. So I think I'm bringing up backdate do it. We're in the early stages of conceptualizing how this will all work. I'm I'm going to have like a website that people can go to track it like you can follow the standards and real time. So I say that to say, like, if you know the, the way it's going to end up working though, is that the walk on the bench guys are going to have to submit themselves because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Basically, I don't want like whoever ends up winning to first of all, have no idea that he was even in this contest. But Secondly, to be like offended that a basically giving you award saying like, hey, dude, congrat- on sucking all your who you go. So I want I want like the the players themselves to to enter the contest. So with that mind, if you know anybody, if maybe some people listening are welcome themselves and actually, you know what, like if you were like legit player enter, that'd be that'd be great for the brand, right? Like if we had like like Brad Davidson, and if if if Busca Brad enters this contest, that's great for our brand, and he's at the bottom of the list of the most trillions all season, and we get like we get like legit guys like Carson Edwards and Luke maye are on the list as well. And our white Wales, obviously Zion, yes, official. Enter this contest. I, I have to. I have two words in responsive who's gonna win that belt Brad Calipari. That is that'd be something that is not a hot take folks. We're gonna. Do I say that I say that which leads into the next thing is that I think you and I are. We're also in another Pri Pri Pri Pri promotion thing. We are sort of organizing a party for the final four this year in Minnesota, a one, shiny podcast party and we should present the the bell at the party. That makes the most century. Yep. Turn. Yeah. And we get the Callaway family. They're gonna be awesome. Get John their mobile. Awesome. So anyway, I wanted to mention that. All right, that's it. That's the show. We'll be back next week at some point depending on what Tate's vacation schedule. An in any party shot state last chance open. Good. All right. Save the crew.

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