Tilly Remembers Her Grandfather


I am recording and it is working. Hey tilley hey how are you? I'm doing okay. Tilley what does that in your hand. Looks like a blanket or a stuffed animal. It's a blanket. Oh what does it say on it? It says powered by two and is it looks like it has an image of pepperoni pizza. Is that what I'm glimpsing only? It's pretty great tilly. I Really WanNa thank you for getting on the phone with us our guest this Google hangout with us and I wonder if you could tell me your full name and how old you are. Matilda rose prime first and then I am and I just WanNa start with a very simple question. How have you been feeling this past week? I'm Kinda Usually the two that I mostly in our stat and angry. Why do you think that your sad angry? What about we're feeling angry because I think angry more that it's not fair that he's gone and I feel like sad is feeling that he's gone shot. That were being sad from the New York Times. I'm like Oh borrow. This is the daily more than fifty thousand. Americans have died from the corona virus. Who's Craig Prime Orest today? His Granddaughter Remembers It's Friday may first wonder if you could tell me a little bit about your grandfather. How would you describe your grandfather physically? What did he look like? What would he wear those kinds of things? Well he he passed Clubs and stuff. Was he a pastor? Yes he was. A pastor. Used to be a mailman then he liked that job and he looks right here and then the mustache that goes right into the beard and when I was little I play with his beard. Because it just felt so interesting touching it with my hands off profit scrapie at like not to scraping burke glasses Time is still blesses me with Jerry bringing back whenever walked into the house. He just be like Hobo. But just it's always something you said it's more interesting than hello. Did he have any kind of nickname for you to be might one? Yeah 'cause Bryant Force they just caught me tilly. Be An editor's rhymes with part. Which part rhymes tilly. And then be it's kind of like it just goes together and then he always make me happy. I'd never vache really get upset around him. Almost hurry I must you were hurt. You said E-e-eh 'cause we did also crazy things. We now need to understand some of the crazy things you did with them. Well it take me out on the roof foods Sleeping Bag Ruth roof of your of your house. No my grandma's house but we didn't tell my dad about it until afterwards how it sounds like. He has a slightly mischievous quality to him. Yeah can you tell me about that? What was that like well? It would usually be like the middle summer and with grabs the step ladder and open the window. Put THE SCREEN. Climb up onto the edge of the roof up to a special spot late there on the roof. We just the stars and talk for awhile. What kinds of things would your grandfather for the big dipper? Maybe the Milky Way for Lucky and Mars might be wait but isn't Mars of planet. Nagas tar you can see it as a Red Star Kinda. The stars were really bright and it was really warm outside. It was beautiful. How often would you see your grandfather? We wouldn't see him like every single weekend but like we do a lot. He came to my school needs. Sit in the lunch with me. Wow he would just show up. Did he announced himself was unexpected. Even never tell me that he was coming and he'd just waiting for me right next to the lunch door just waiting for me that I look around for him every time he'd sit right next to me and I have. I liked bacne. Kinda just pick out things from NC. Take my chips and they'd be like Popeye. He talked to my friends. You talk about like all these funds things like all stories about like going to Tanzania in all sorts of things and. What would you think when you saw him? I'd be proud. I'd be proud that my grandpa comes to this. Is My school allowed to just eat lunch with me until my friends all these stories just there when I needed it. We feel really nice Grandpa's are grandma's do that. That's really special So I want you to tell me if you're willing the story of the last few weeks and what happened with your grandfather. Yeah I wonder where you think we should start. I think we should thank start from the beginning So my grandma went to the holy limbs. He wanted to take his church group there so they went to the Middle East. Where Baby Jesus was born like this third place and then they got like this morning there. An outbreak has started here. The Corner Var's than so when they come back they were straight into quarantine. But when they came back papa started getting like really ill yet high fever really high fever and in my mind. I was home I was like. Oh He's fine. He'll he'll get through. This is strong but then he got worse and worse. Smells like no words can have been kinda worried state but like not like a really really sad Until a couple weeks later he just couldn't do it any dot lifted to the hospital here until he were you talking to him during this time. No I get to talk to middle me then like centers but I know even to read those I remember so when I heard about that. He was putting the hospital Worse mom was like. Do you want to speak with one of his shirts? Like yeah so she brought me. This is just like a Greenish Brown. Tee-shirt were you. Were you wearing it or was it just beside you was wearing it. It really big on me. it's kind like cold it really soothing to wear it though. I want to feel like I was close to him giving him a Hug. I thought about him the whole night. I prayed that he would make it serve. He wouldn't have to go but my prayer really true 'cause he had a stroke during the night from a heart disease that he had and that may super worship even if we get him back even actually like would be there but he wouldn't be there he can do anything like talk into the things that made him him. And how did you turn the news? I'M GONNA call. And then I looked at her and I worry so I can just distinct steph. Non-nato me what happened. And what did she tell you she told me about the living world my my grandmom. My Dad knife ankles read. Read it for the doctor to them that it said that if something happened went to go he didn't WanNa like have to suffer in this state. So your grandfather heads ridden will that made clear that if he got very sick and he'd reached a condition where things weren't working out that he wanted to be allowed to die here in. You just want to go to Heaven Buzek Ahmad. He says he wanted to fall in the arms of cloud. That's what he wrote He. He was the phone arms Claude. He's safe trust fall really and I had like I couldn't handle like I knew that he wouldn't be swing that he wouldn't be wispy anymore. That was hard to know how you holding up their name. Okay. It's hard talking about it but it just makes me happy to talk about show. Great he was happened. I've lost my grandparents to. It's one of the kind of sad evitable things that it means to be alive. Is that the people before you die. And it's really hard. It is really hard when you're being very brave and telling the story. I know how difficult it must be. This episode of the daily is supported by the new showtime original series penny dreadful city of angels when a gruesome murder shocks nineteen thirty eight Los Angeles Detective Tiago Vega and his partner. Louis Michener find themselves grappling with Nazi spies crooked politicians and powerful supernatural forces. Natalie dormer Daniels of auto and Nathan Lane Star and Penny dreadful city of angels now streaming only on showtime the daily listeners can try showtime free for thirty days go to showtime DOT COM now and enter co- daily offer expires may twenty four th twenty twenty. Hey everybody. This is Jennifer theme and Wesley Morris and we're culture writers at the New York Times and the host of a podcast called still processing. And like you all were making the most of the situation. We're watching a lot of things. We're reading a lot of things and every Thursday. We're talking about him on our podcast. We're going to stay in. We're going to wash your hands and moisture is and we're going to be recording episodes of the show from our living rooms. That'll drop every Thursday so tune in to still processing. Where every light to get your podcasts. Ooh Can I ask you to describe sadness to me what that feels? Like if you like hard sadness like a hard one for me. Happiness do easily but like Sam Missiles Kinda Hard. Why is happiness easy and wise sadness hard? Do you think I don't know any mean sameness isn't emotion? That is kind of like more like deeper. It's Kinda like a big big motion. Happiness can be big but not as much as sadness. does a depth to it. That makes it hard to describe. He's trying to feel like sadnesses like just an ocean. Fill the nothing Have you noticed that the people around you your parents that they are said to? Yeah so my dad will go sign a law. You can tell. He's getting angry in these really short tempered at that plant. Mom Will Kinda stay her office not really doing anything. We should sit around. We have seen mom try to keep crying to herself. Dad Too but I can see they were trying to shield it from you. Yeah insult feel it. Do you wish that they would just do it in front of you do. And why do you think they should do it? More out in the open and feel like I can help me understand my motions. This well like how they feel too. I feel that kind of gives you permission to feel the way you feel like when I was talking to my dad about Papa. He started crying. I started crying than we just hung. Sneeze you know a lot of kids are going through what you're going right now because of this virus and a lot of adults are going through this. I wonder how that makes you feel. It makes me feel they. I'm not alone and it also connects feel angry about how they still haven't figured out how the started. I WANNA know so. I could figure out like how it will happen again. Like was the cause of a human today was causing. The animal was both and if it turns out this is just something that nature and the universe gave us in. It wasn't somebody who did something. How would you feel about that? I'd be mad at the universe I know that a lot of people when someone they care about or they love passes away they end up looking for that person in the world or they end up thinking about that person unexpectedly. Yeah maybe they're they're her standing by you for thing. Yeah I feel like Will stick by me a lot but I feel like us out there like this stuff. New People helping them through their bad moments. I have a very specific sense of my grandmother whenever this song comes on because when I was around your age she died and a song was playing on the radio and it was a song that made me feel sad even though it was a love song on. If you've ever heard the song it's Richard Nixon. It goes wherever you go whenever you do. I will be right there waiting for you and it always makes me think of my grandmother and her death whenever it comes on and I wonder if you're having moments like that yet e-e-eh I do have this type of moments but like Kinda different than just a song. It's more of when I saw my Graham minor backyard because we went over just to the backyard. We weren't allowed to get close to anyone. Though I felt I felt like he a phone like sad but it also fouts pain to ten. We'll leave that. Tees is in Peace Now? He didn't have to deal with this bad virus. Justin have to feel pain or sadness or anything. Tilly have hugh con outside and looked up at the stars. Central Grandfather died a little bit but not much. It's the same without being grimace helps you? You will do that. You think there'll be a point when you want to do that. Yeah we said when we're going to go over to Grandma's house meet daddy that makes us Turkey then I'd go up onto the roof and just sit. There starts tilly. I really WANNA thank you for spending time with us and I want to tell you. I'm sorry I am about. The loss of your grandfather was really good to talk to feels good to talk to someone about it. It's good to talk back. People can do amazing things walk on. The moon contain a nuclear meltdown. And what do they have in common? They're not in it alone. Creativity talent genus. It's all a team sport. We have seen we thought was unsuitable. It was a step in a direction that nobody had taken before. I'm Gabriella cowboys. Host of T. Mistry it's an original podcast from Atlassian. All about the chemistry of teams. Check it out on Apple. Podcast SCHUYLKILL podcasts. Or wherever you listen. Here's what else you need to. The latest data from the Labor Department shows them more than thirty million. Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since the start of the pandemic but the Times reports that the real figure is probably much higher. A new study found that about eight million more Americans have either failed or not even tried to apply for unemployment. Meaning that close to forty million may now be unemployed. President trump is leading the federal guidelines for social distance which will put in place in mid March expire. As of this morning. We'll be fading out because now the governor's doing it. I've had many calls. From Governor Governor of Texas during a meeting in the Oval Office trump said that responsibility for social distancing would now fall to governors. I am very much in favor of what they're doing. They're getting it going and we're opening our country again. Explain it finally. We are doing a lot of things here that we've never done before but This is as ambitious as anything that we've ever undertaken in New York officials said that the New York City subway system the only system in the country that runs twenty four hours. A day will now be shut down every night between one and five. Am so that trains can be disinfected. We have you essential workers who we are so grateful to because they're coming to work every day we all say thank you but gratitude is best acted upon right. I want to know that they have safe clean. Decent transportation and that means we have to disinfect. The trains every twenty four hours the virus. The subway has shutdown just twice in the past decade both times when it was flooded during hurricanes the daily is made by feel ALCOM. Andy Mills. Lisa Tobin Rachel Wester Lindsey Garrison Anti Brown Claire Tennis scattered page Cowan. Michael Simon Johnson Brad Fischer Larussa Anderson. Wendy Door Chris. Would Jessica Chung Stella Alexandra Leong Jonathan Wolf Lisa Chow Eric? Kripke Mark George. Luke vanderloop a Diese Egan Kelly. Prime Julia Longoria Sindhu. Yana summoned. Mj Davis Lynn. Austin Mitchell Sayer. Vado Nina potluck. Dan POWELL DIV Sean. Sidney Harper Daniel Gi met Hans Buteau Robert Jemison Mike bete-noire Bianca gave her an Asta Chatrapati. Our theme music is by Jim Brown. And Ben Lands for of Wunderle special thanks to Sam Dolan McHale Bouchard Lauren Jackson Julius Simon my Huma Chablon lean and Nora Keller daily. I'm Michael Barr see you on Monday. 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