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Their Ground Wall. Welcome to the planet football. Podcast WE'RE CONTINUING DUE TO PODCASTS. The week and we're GONNA start each episode with just a few minutes on the corona virus latest with my wife Dr Celine Garrett twos a medical analysts for CNN and the Co host of the podcast. At then we'll have an interview with someone interesting from the soccer world. Today's interview is Carli. Lloyd a quick reminder if you like the podcast it would really help us if you go to apple podcast and provide a rating and review. And we'd appreciate you recommending the podcast. Is someone you know. Onward as promised will start today with a few good minutes with my wife Dr. Selene gowned or WHO's a CNN medical analyst and Co host of the PODCAST epidemic? Thanks for joining me. Good to be here. How are you by the way? I'm okay. Okay we're talking on Monday morning. April sixth here in New York City New York state now has more than four thousand reported corona virus deaths. New York remains the epicenter of that. What's it going to be like this week where we live right here? We are cautiously optimistic. That we may have hit a peak in deaths in New York City. But we won't know for sure until another week or two from now that said a peak when you're at the peak that means you have a lot so our hospitals are full. We're really struggling to meet the needs of the patients that we're seeing and I think there are certain people who seem to think oh a peak means this is over a peak means that this is the worst it's going to be and it will continue to be bad for a while yet. So the surgeon general said yesterday quote. This is going to be the hardest in the saddest week of most. Americans lives quite frankly. This is going to be our harbor. Moment are nine eleven moment. Only it's not going to be localized. It's going to be happening all over the country and I want America understand that and quote. What do you make about well? I think it's true that Pearl Harbor and nine eleven imprinted seared into the national consciousness. I think that this is going to be even worse. We have been as a country relatively shielded from wars on our own land from those kinds of traumas that many other nations have faced. And this is the first time we're GONNA see trauma on this scale nationwide and I. I think it's important to remember to put this in context Pearl Harbor Killed About Twenty. Four hundred people Nine eleven about three thousand. We're almost at a ten thousand deaths from Cova nineteen in the US and that number is we're still at the beginning of that. I think of it as sort of dominoes. Falling and New York City and a couple other cities on the West Coast. Have been the first Domino's to fall. But this is going to penetrate the rest of the country and we're GONNA see tremendous numbers of deaths And hospitalizations throughout the country. In the coming weeks the president and right wing media in particular have been going against the advice of Dr Anthony. Fao G and promoting heavily the use of hydroxy chloroquine against the virus as a doctor. What's your opinion on that? I think we need to make decisions from a basis of Science. Not Out of fear or anger or other emotion when we practice medicine we do so rationally and I think grasping at straws. Because you're afraid whether you're the president or someone else is not logical number two if you're not a doctor or don't have a medical license or medical degree you should not be practicing medicine. You should not be prescribing medications to the country and there are very real reasons that heidrick hydroxy chloroquine can be unsafe. This is a medication that causes cardiac arrhythmias which can be fatal. And the very people who are increase risk for severe Cova nineteen Are The people who are also at increased risk of having some of these cardiac complications? So if this is going to be done it has to be done in a highly monitored setting in the hospital where we are monitoring someone's baseline EKG repeating their ekg. We're also putting them on cardiac monitors this is not a benign thing to be doing and this is really a decision that should be made by the physician. Who's treating the patient not by a public official? The one thing we know that works against the viruses social distancing is the US doing enough of that right now. Sadly no I think the pattern has been over and over with very few exceptions. That public officials have waited until there community transmission until their hospitalizations and deaths. Before acting. When you wait that long you've waited too long. We've seen this at the local level with Mayor de Blasio in New York City. We've seen this at the national level with the president and this is something that crosses party lines. Frankly and I understand that there's fear about telling your constituency. Look we're going to have to employ these very restrictive social distancing measures. But that's what it means to be. A leader is understanding what the situation is being brave to step up to the plate and say this is what we need to do right now the CDC changed its recommendations in the last few days and is now saying that people going outside should wear a face covering why did that recommendation change. So I want to be very clear that these are face coverings not meant to protect you the wearer. They're meant to protect everybody else from you. And what we've essentially understood over the last couple of months here is that this isn't this is a virus. That is more infectious than we realize. And it's transmitted by people who have no symptoms or minimal symptoms. Don't even realize that they're sick. And so the idea is so that you if you have no or minimal symptoms but are a carrier that you're not spreading to other people so you know there. There have been concerns. We'll we'll this. Create a false sense of security will. Why would it not protecting yourself? You're protecting other people and to protect yourself. The best measures to do so are still social distancing and good hand hygiene washing your hands you know and I think the other thing to say is that this is not a recommendation for the general public. Be Wearing medical masks. And that was another reason. There was some concern about making this recommendation. There was worried that the American people would then try to hoard ninety-five mass and other Surgical medical mass again. And I think that the American people are actually a bit more sophisticated than that. I think that if you explain to them that they will understand that. There is a difference here that those are mass meant to protect the wearer namely the healthcare worker who's being repeatedly exposed at very high levels in the hospital setting which is not what the general public dealing with. So if you're the average person a cloth mask is perfectly appropriate. And in addition to that continue the social distancing measures. Lastly we're nearing here in New York a month. For months of lockdown What should people be doing for their own mental health right now? I think there is a combination of things. I think. One gratitude gratitude for the people who aren't as lucky as you who are still having to go to the hospital and put themselves at risk gratitude for the person who's checking you out at the grocery line you know. People who again are putting themselves at risk to meet essential needs and services in the community. I think secondly I think it's helpful if you try to reframe your emotions into action into planning and so yes. We have fear. We have anger. We have grief and but those emotions can also cloud our judgment. And I think what they're really meant to do is signal to US okay. Something's going on here. We now need to do something about it and so I think that is part of what I think we all need to be doing is asking ourselves. How can I play on for the next step for me for my family for my community based on where things stand now? Dr Selene gowned earlier is a CNN. Medical analyst she also co host great epidemic which he should definitely check out with her and Ron Klein She's also my wife. She's an infectious disease. Doctor Internal Medicine doctor here in New York. Thanks for doing this take care. I'm news media chair. I host sports illustrated new podcast corona virus and sports. The outbreak of Cova nineteen has disrupted all aspects of normal life including sporting events around the world. But sports isn't just about competition. It's also an industry that affects millions of people from athletes to Stadium Workers. The sports community continues to be impacted. And we're here to help you understand each story. Subscribe now to Corona Virus and sports on Apple PODCASTS. Spotify stitcher wherever you listen to shows big. Thanks to Dr Selene Gown. Under next up is my interview with Karl Lloyd. Our guest today is currently Lloyd. Two-time World Player of the year. Two Time World Cup winner multi Olympic. Champion Carl thanks for joining me. Thanks for having me really good to have you on the show but first off I just want to ask how are you? I'm actually good. Yeah I mean obviously there's some really tough and challenging times going around in the world then let's sad things you know. You never want something like this to really pose a lot of challenges With everybody around the world show. This is something that most of us have never been through something like this before where the whole world is is pretty much. Shut down in Despite all of this style on I'm healthy I'm able to still have a job at the moment And I'm just trying to kind of find the silver lining in all of this. Spend time at home in do things that. I normally don't get to do so despite all the sad times. I'm I'm doing okay and I'm kind of enjoying positive life right now. So you're sort of famous for your commitment to training. Are you able to do that to the extent that you want right now? I actually am yes. I'm very fortunate. James who I've been working with since two thousand three. He just got his own facility. So it literally just opened up probably a week before she believes ended so when I got home I took some time off to the battery. Golf needed a mental recharge. Didn't know what was happening around the world in states. We're going to be shut down. We'RE GONNA go into preseason or not so there's a lot of uncertainties but I needed that break just to take some time off so I really in training in. It's just him and gone in there and training Obviously it's nobody else's is really coming into the facility Us which really great in. I'm actually probably getting better training now than ever in my career because I've got nothing else to focus on but going there showing up training got no appearances to worry about. Nowhere to fly No schedule and I have a attract nearby that I use and then I feel as well. So I'm I'm actually in a really commission and these these next couple of months or however long it's going to be a is gonNA be really huge for mace taking every ounce of opportunity out of that. Can You did mention that? You're able to do some things around the house that you haven't necessarily done much before. What sort of things we talked about. Well I'm cooking. I have time to cook. When I'm on the road. We eat out a lot. We have a lot of buffet. Style meals in. It's not necessarily a best food Depends on hotel to hotel so when I come home less I feel like doing is going to eat. I'd like to eat healthy and different meals but I never really had the time. I'm usually home for a week if that Or I've got loads of appearance schedule that I'm in and out in new training in doing all these things so I never really had time to fully commit to recipes. Try Different things so I've been getting a lot of use out of my slow cooker. We've been Smoking some staff on our our smoker traeger grill end. Just really enjoying the time of just waking up in figuring out next recipe we're GONNA make in Spin Spin Fund. Actually normal human and be home with my husband is well ice unexpected the twenty twenty Olympics which the US had qualified for had been postponed until two thousand twenty one. What are your thoughts on that? So when we concluded that she believes tournament against Japan in Dallas That's when everything started to change you know the NBA shut down. There were several players who drafted the corona virus in that. It was just you know. Every other organization was following suit so by the time I got home. I actually flew home from Dallas into Philadelphia. Went Straight to an appearance in Atlantic City in. That was the only last final appearance I got because after that on a daily basis I had and I was busy. I was busy in March into April while everything started to get cancelled so the last thing was what's going to happen with the Olympics. You know they. They weren't saying anything. There were a lot of athletes in organizations That were speaking out about not wanting to send their athletes and there was all the stress of of what's going to happen fortunate for me I did have a you know. Have a good setup. As far as training the only thing missing is actually playing games and playing in around my teammates but from a fitness in technical standpoint. I was GonNa make do with what I have. But they're still at that stress of. How long is this going to happen? I get the the whole aspect of other athletes. Do not being able to train. Not being able to go to a pool and be able to your workouts Track athletes gymnasts for everything. I mean it's affected everything in when they finally made the decision to postpone it for year While we all would love to have competed this summer I think it's in the best interest of everybody. Athletes Healthcare workers people around the world fan supporters to postpone it because you. Nobody's in the right frame of mind right now. Nobody's in their their normal training schedule so For me again find the silver lining in in most challenging situations. I get another year to prepare. Our team gets another year to prepare the country in the world can hopefully rebound from what's going on right now and Just for one foot in front of the other a now have another year to grind it out so that was definitely the right decision now. Having the Olympics happened a year later has that influenced sort of how you view your personal career and how long you were planning the play or now. Want to play You know I've been in a weird spot but obviously I'm at the tail end of my career and so two had the World Cup in two thousand nineteen and then shifting gears immediately to to give focused on the Olympics. It almost is a little rush in a way. You know this is given me an opportunity to compete for something. I think that if the Olympics were played this summer and then he came back and hopefully their a victory tour finish that out and then get back into the NWEA season as well the end of the year. It just felt a little short cut short for me I. I know that I'm getting older. It's not really about my body or anything like that. It's it's the next chapter starting a family. It's it's being home. It's being like a normal person and just not grinding away. So I feel that it would have been would have been cut short but then if I stuck around the following year in twenty twenty one you know yes. There's the league the end abuse L. There's national team gains. But what am I really really training for for say So now with with being a year postponed It's actually injected a lot more motivation on my end and I have the time right now to really really get myself a lot. More FIT sharper stronger. Better player So it's GonNa give me that opportunity to push on and just become better and I think that I've had no date per se in mind of retirement officially retired. I think another year know it. It probably will be the right time. And hopefully I continue to perform and Make the Tokyo roster and would want nothing more than to win a gold medal with my teammates and fly off into the sunset. Now in what seems like a lifetime ago it was actually just a couple of months ago. You and I were talking about your NFL place kicking possibilities and and you seemed like you might be serious about giving that ago. Where are you on that now especially now that the calendars changed while I would probably have a lot of time to actually practice right now at the moment? Give me another activity to do But you know I haven't thought about it too much at you know it's first and foremost on. I'm a soccer player. And that's my. That's my my goal in my motivation. To be the best that I possibly can be There's a lot of unknowns right now. I mean you know who knows how long this is going to go on for this game dynamic right now at the moment is the NFL season GonNa kick off on kicks off. I mean there's a lot of a lot of unknowns so right now my focus is obviously another year of preparation and then we'll see what happens. I'm not you know I'm not turning down the possibility of it happening in the future But I think that you know it's something that I'll see in a year How things you're going and you know what? The excitement is our amid Seoul city. How far can you go and say exactly how much interest you had gotten from? Nfl teams to bring in for preseason You know there were two very serious Offers to come in and play. Just the timing of it wasn't right but if I'M GONNA do something. I'm going to do the best of my ability. I don't WanNa just jump into something in and think that you know I can. I can do it without practicing pain so I would have to really spend a lotta time exiting the techniques. Making sure that I'm able to do it. obviously take less lot less steps The pads helmet all that but You know I'm someone who never backs down from a challenge. So we'll see what happens in the future and I know that you know from from kicking standpoint You know age is really necessarily a factor in still feeling pretty good. So we'll see what happens now. Had you had any sort of expert place kicking. Teachers offer you their services. I had. Yes I've had a couple of people through throughout the twitter world when when all this was happening It was a bit overwhelming. You know all the messages in you know there were some obviously some negative comments and people that You know obviously think Accidentally stray being on the field with with men and I totally get that. There's no denying that they're bigger and stronger and faster But I actually have a friend here. Who is seeking coach for the Baltimore Ravens He lives in. Our area is a former mayor a town nearby for. May So he's He breaks down the technique in he's offered himself as well Randy Brown is his name. So we'll say maybe we'll we'll connect these days in start kicking vehicles now. I did want to ask you if you could recreate a a situation. That happened when A. Us Soccer lawyer was interviewing you. I guess it was a few months ago but the filings came out on February twentieth and it was kind of a crazy exchange in the filing the US. Soccer Lawyers said to you quote. Do you think the. Us Women's team could be competitive against the senior men's national team. You replied quote. I'm not sure. Shall we fight it out to see who wins and then we get paid more? Could you give sort of the context around that scene and what your thoughts were when he took it in that direction yet it was awesome. My deposition That was actually was in December. That was the last thing I had on my smile. Calendar for the year it was. I just couldn't wait for me to get home. I've been busy for you. Know several months up to that point so thankfully didn't last incredibly long. But you know the whole arguments you know us Not as skilled as the man it. It almost seemed like it. It had to be black or white you know it was like Kay wall if you guys do. Beat the men's team you know in my case Argument was you know if we if we did actually show people that. There's a possibility of beating the men's team. Would we get paid more? Would it be fair enough argument To have end so that's kind of where I was at like. I don't want someone ever come into a room and tell me that I have left skills than men because I think that my skills are a lot more efficient in a lot. Better than a lot. Adamant spoilers but I don't have the physical attribute and the speed and the strength that they're they're born with none of us women do so there's some incredibly skilful women play soccer and it was just disappointing to hear over and over again. The argument of you know us not being a skilled demand so I had to find some some funny remarks Just to kind of keep the whole mood enlightening and that was just one of them that that came out in Upland yeah it is interesting to speaking myself here that when that came out it got response but nobody was resigning as the president of soccer and sponsors weren't calling it out and then Wentz more that argument came out and filings. Later on that was when sponsors went nuts and Carlos Cordero resigned. There has obviously a lot of change the US Soccer Federation Cindy. Parlow cone is now the president. She's taken over. What do you hope happens with? Us soccer moving forward. You know I think that the biggest thing is A culture. I think you know the women's team has had a culture of the year's men's teams had a culture but I think as a whole we need the culture to shift to change. We need everybody to feel united. You know and I I even said this recently on a another podcast that you know. I wish that we integrated more with the men's team. I wish that we had camps. If it worked out side by side maybe training camps maybe January Kim. Soon we all kind of go to the same place and just have a bit more Interaction because as long as I played on the national team. That's never really happened. And even if we are on the scene spot you know we we all go our separate ways. So I think jus- creating a culture from the top down and an-and alignment within the women's gain and the men's game and just kind of keeping it keeping it all as one You know the slogan one nation. One team thing. I think we really need to to kind of bridge. That and so You know I I honestly got the opportunity to play with Cindy For a couple of camps when I came in and now obviously seen her on the other side Her Post playing career. And doing that. So you know. I hope that I know speaking with her like she knows. She knows that there needs to be a shift. She knows things need to change. But I think is a whole thing that I hope that we just you know everybody makes this better a better place culturally because I think when you have that people that WANNA work there. You've got Players who wanNA play and it just makes everything a lot better so We'll see what happens. You know in light of all this kind of maybe not the best time in amongst this whole pain namic but hopefully Hopefully things are going to be for the better. I really liked that idea of more. Overlap between the US women's and men's teams. It's interesting because I did a story. On the reign of family a little while back and both cloudy arena and his wife. Danielle played for the national team and they actually met when both teams were staying at the same location in training that training camps at the same time right before the ninety four World Cup. And you know obviously they have a Son. Gio. Who's doing really well over endorsement. And I don't think we need to encourage you know pairing up and having kids but like I think just the idea. The teams being one one one national team in that sounds would be kind of cool. Yeah even you know even just you know not saying. We need integrated practices either. But I think it'd be funded to do some Rhonda's with the guy you know intermingle and have some of US women in there and men I mean it would just be. It'd be fun and then when you're watching their gate the games and you get to know more of these players you you pull for more new you of have a better understanding of them from a relationship standpoint. So I don't know that's my again. Maybe that will happen one day. Cool I WANNA ask about Vlad. Command and Oscar. He's obviously the US coach. Now you've had him for a few months. What have you learned about him? He's fantastic? I have nothing but good things to say about him. I think majority of the team deals the same way He's been someone who's come on knows that we're the best team in the world knows that we have a load of talent An amazing players Within the squad but just putting those fine little details and You know having US play the way that you know. His philosophy is and it's not like he's coming in here and trying to reinvent the wheel you know. He's done a great job of coming in and wanting to make every player individually better than the team collectively better. So I think that's been something that's been really fantastic in different from him. As opposed to other coaches that That I've had on the actual team is that the individual development piece is big He's very detail. Oriented need a lot of meetings a lot of tactical meetings. We discuss things. We talk things through But he's really really getting us to play some really really good soccer and you know I think the biggest thing which now renounce lay out a lot more time do is is the final third piece. I think that's probably the hardest piece Within any team you know that last and final phase but to be sophisticated with it to be tricky to be able to You know if one gates closed and teams are bunkering. We have to find another way be able to be successful. So that's what we kind of ended on the she. Beliefs tournament worked a lot on kind of the final third. Play in Just doing different things in so now We obviously have a lot more time than it's GonNa make competition that much stronger and Yeah I I think he's fantastic in. I'm just joking up. Every little detail he gives me and Just WanNa be the best possible player team whenever the WWL season does start. And we don't know at this point it seems like your team sky blue. Afc has a lot to look forward to maybe more so than in past years. What stands out to you about where this team headed. Yes you know. I honestly wasn't increasing in the start of the. She believes cut but they were together for week. I heard things went really well. Everybody's doing doing great A great civility Sessions have been great anything. The team morale has been great. So it's really really good to hear I feel like every year. We've had some sort of challenging situation within Sky Blue Probably multiple challenging situations prior than when I was there as well but whenever the season does kick off and start. I'm really really excited about it. Because I think throughout a minor league career I've been on teams where They're not stacked with the best players. I've never really wanted to be on a team. That is like that. I like teams. That are more the underdog in teams that maybe have less national team players. Because that's GonNa put me in a position to be a better player better leader and force me to find a way And helped my teammates and make them better. So now we've actually got really good players in full lace and I think that it's GonNa make the competition so much stronger. It's going to push people to you. Know to put their foot down on the pedal in You know because you don't somebody else gonNA come in and shake your position so I'm looking forward to it. Incredibly you know as much as I can. Now that we're hall but Lawyers Mallory Q. In McCall's goning get some good draft picks that Midge. She's coming in now. We've got a lot of good pieces so I'm looking forward to it. It done a at least an Blue is is done an amazing job of in taking this team on another level plus someone who lives in New York City. I'm fired up that you'll be playing out at red bull arena. Little easier to get to at least from my perspective. I think for a lot of fans to who are excited about that. Yeah it's it's GonNa be good on so many different fronts. GonNa make my commute a little bit longer. It's tough two hours one But I'm getting a break of that right now You know it's it's good on so many different levels in it. It's just it's great for for the League. It's it's great for fan base and everything so I want to have a little fun to finish things up here and give you a the rapid fire. Quiz is what I call it. I liked to do this with the best players in the world And I've had a lot of fun with it over the years so we're GonNa get going here the first one. What are your most memorable goals for club and country and why do going to have to say Escorted goal against Orlando Ashland Harris. Matter of fact It was Gacek to look up would see. I think it was the beginning of the second season. It was a one touch fall back at the edge of the box and I just kind of curled it was it was. It was a good goal For Country Probably at to Save Twenty Fifteen World Cup final shots from Michiel. Not like any other shots of ever taken a figured. That might be the call next question. What's the highest quality goal? You've ever scored highest quality goal out. Probably have to say this past When we played Costa Rica I believe in November. I WANNA say I believe it was a pass from rose. He played me through and I would have been working on lately. Is You know. I don't have to go power all the time. So we'RE GONNA lot on my Benz so I bent around Kind of stripped keeper so that one element of six. We're actually track down the videos for the written version of this story and insert them in their next question. What is the achievement on the field that you are most proud of? And why probably two thousand fifteen mock-up just the way that know. The team started in the beginning. Wait ended and then for me. Personally I was kinda down in the dumps from the beginning and then it was just life changing in the end next question. Who is the player you have most admired? And why anybody? Anybody anybody Soccer player or any other sport soccer play soccer player. Okay I would probably have to say Michelle Akers. She was someone who I looked up to as a younger player because she was obese. She left it out on the fields. she would run through brick wall for teammates. Just yeah just dominant on on defense on attack error. If it was a non soccer player who would you pick probably uprise Koby Bryant okay? Yeah why just loves mentally discuss this? The will to want to become the best and then you know even if he did reach goals to keep on and becoming even better mean he. Just he just was the epitome of a true champion in found a way and Yeah with someone that I totally looked up to next question. Who is the best player you have ever played against and why that's player? I would probably have to say for Mega She she's just so good. I mean she makes the Game Look Easy. She plays simple yes. She's good and I would probably have to say Marta. And Alan Smith who is the toughest defender you have ever faced? And why probably Becky Becky talk defender? shower yes. She's always always hard to get around. But I would say crystal crystal so low to the ground. That just never spinner. He's got kicker and I tell him like I just kick you make you fall. And then that's how I can get around you pretty impressive. Since that is not her natural position who's the toughest goalkeeper you've ever tried to score on and we'll none of them because my shots just go in a great response? Yeah I can't say Ashland. She blames me breaking her thumb which I didn't even break it now. Everybody thinks brokered them are keeper. Everybody I mean hope Ashland. Ad Jane It's just the pool of goalkeepers we have and make it hard day rain. The home stretch here. Who's the best teammate? You've ever had and why best teammate. Probably Heather Mitts She was someone when I came onto the team. You know she was obviously older than me and she just she welcome in. You know she. She made me feel comfortable and she was. Just just get along with everybody on the team. You No matter did matt. You're better in if you're a younger player And she was just south. Listen in all phases. She did next one. Who's the best coach you've ever had it y probably saved Yeah he's he's just yeah he's you said a great guy on and off the field But you know he. He holds every single player. Countable amount I if you're performing in practice in working extremely hard in training in doing well doing the things that the APP assuming you're going to be rewarded with plain time and so I think that that maybe hasn't always happened throughout the career throughout my career with with other coaches But he he finds a way to get the best out of you From an individual and and he said just a great coach who knows the game very well last question on this one. What's the best advice you've ever gotten best advice Empty the tank every day. You know just just giving your own every single thing that you have is if you're tired if you don't feel like getting up out of bed to work out or to go do a presentation at work just trying to be the best that you can be on that day and just try to be better anywhere that they before ange kind of have that approach Soon it just becomes ingrained in you and you just are that way that we'll probably Lloyd you're off the hot seat. I think I've been interviewing you now for fourteen years around that and just want to say how much I appreciate that over the years. And how you put in these interviews and just really appreciate it. Thanks for listening the planet football podcast. I'd like to thank Dr Lene Gown her and Carli Lloyd as well as producer. Harry's Ford out and everyone at sports illustrated who supports this podcast. Remember if you like the podcast. It would really help us out if you go to apple podcasts and provide a rating and review. And we'd appreciate you recommending the podcast with someone you know be safe. Everyone see next time.

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