What's next after Trump acquittal?


At dana farber cancer institute. We know that by asking the right question. You could get an answer. You never imagined. Like dr william g kaelin junior who won the nobel prize for a question that showed how cancer cells hijacked the body systems to get the oxygen. They need this led to a new class of oxygen regulating drugs. For kidney cancer patients it may even impact heart disease. Anemia and macular degeneration learn about our nearly seventy five year momentum discovery at danafarber dot org slash everywhere. Good morning. i'm taylor wilson and this is five things you need to know monday. The fifteenth february twenty twenty one here are some of the top headlines. Investigations are ongoing after a pair of separate mole shootings on valentine's day. One person is dead after an altercation at a phoenix mole. Also left two people injured and three people were injured at a mole. Shooting in north charleston. South carolina. Some senators or calling for a bipartisan commission to investigate last month's capital riots. That comes after former president. Donald trump was acquitted over the weekend for his role in the attack and health. Experts are worried about the new south african variants of covid nineteen stay tuned for all the latest. The senate acquitted former president. Donald trump a second time on saturday a fifty seven to forty three majority voted to convict trump on an impeachment charge that he incited the deadly riot at the capital last month seven. Republicans joined the democrats in the vote. But it wasn't enough. The count was short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict. Democratic senate majority leader. Chuck schumer said the vote. Not to convict. Trump will live in infamy january. Sixth will live as a day of infamy in the history of the united states of america. The failure to convict donald trump will live as a vote of infamy in the history of the united states senate. My fellow americans. Remember that day january sixth forever the final terrible legacy of the forty fifth president of the united states and undoubtedly our worst late it live on in infamy a stain on donald john trump. That can never never be washed away. Republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell voted to acquit trump like so many of his republican colleagues but he also went after trump just moments after the vote. There's no question. The president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about the people storm. This building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions. President president trump were still in office. I would have carefully considered whether the house managers proved their specific charge. But in this case the question is moot because former president trump trump is constitutionally not eligible or conviction after intense reflection. I believe the best constitutional reading shows that article to suction four exhaust the set of persons. Who can legitimately be impeached. Tried or convicted. It's the president the vice-president and civil officers washington managing editor karen bowen and senior video producer. Hannah garber watched the impeachment trial from start to finish. They sat down when it was all over to wrap things up ronald right. What are we not seeing. That might actually be the long-term take away from this. Well i think one of the takeaways from this is that the republican battle is not over yet not by a long shot You know the president indicated in his statement that he feels vindicated and that he feels ready to sort of come back in the public eye however you have seen more republicans come out and criticize him and do so sharply than you had in the entire for years that he was president so the question is are these republicans who have gone against him including the lawmaker who issued a statement last night on the eve of the last day of the trial. Saying hey wait a minute. Trump indicated that he was unwilling to stop the rioters after. Kevin mccarthy pleaded with him that republican lawmaker. You know she could be facing pressure from her constituents over that and so they're all kinds of questions. These republicans who had voted in favor of convicting troub- how much retribution will be so there was this unexpected moment of drama right. Everyone sort of thought people were going to try to rush through this. The senators are the witnesses and yet when it came to the moment where the house managers were allowed to call. Witnesses raskin dead. He requested it. So talk us through what we saw. Was that shocking. I mean there was a whole kerfuffle raskin's call for witnesses was surprising but what was even more surprising was that they got more than fifty senators to vote for it. And i think even the senators who voted for witnesses seemed surprised that that boat actually passed. I don't think they were expecting that. I think you know it. What happened was people came to the conclusion on their own that they weren't comfortable saying let's just move to final statements. They wanted to know more. About trump's conversation with kevin mccarthy and there was a feeling that there was more to find out here and then you know it was. It was kind of like the dog that caught the car when they when they actually ended up passing that motion both the republicans and democrats were left deciding. Okay what do we do now. We started to get some initial reports that there was gonna be a compromise. Where d- information about kevin mccarthy's phone call. That was brought to the attention of the senators by a lawmaker would be read into the record and not long after the talk of that compromise surfaced. Then we heard that they had cut a deal over it. And i think that what happened is both the republicans and the democrats didn't wanna go there like when they really thought that would be involved. In calling witnesses from both sides it would potentially be a six week process. That would you know derail any other. Business in the senate including biden's call for a nearly two trillion stimulus package and i don't think anybody had the stomach for it. It's president's day. The holiday is celebrated in the us. On the third monday of february it began as an unofficial holiday on george washington's february twenty second birthday in eighteen hundred just two months after his and then did not become a federal holiday until eighteen. Seventy nine when president. Rutherford b hayes signed it into law then in one thousand nine hundred seventy one as part of the uniform. Monday holiday act. It was moved to the third monday of the month in part to give workers more three day weekends. Today it's also recognized as a time for lots of discounts from stores and it's a federal bank holiday meaning. Us financial markets will be closed. There growing concerns about the south african variant of covid nineteen. A lot is still unknown about the variant. But dr anthony fauci said on sunday that current vaccines are less effective against it foul. She also said there have been cases of people who got infected with the original virus and then reinfected with the south african variant overall covid. Nineteen cases continued to decline in the us. On friday cases fell below one hundred thousand for the first time since early november. It's also less than half the rate reported just last month but reported variant cases continued to rise on sunday. There were eleven hundred ninety three varian cases across the country more than double the total from february fourth. The variant that originated in britain makes up the vast majority meanwhile the world health organization continues to investigate the origins of the corona virus in china. But the country is refusing to give raw data on early cases. Enrollments is reopening. Monday for obamacare. The department of health and human services is reopening insurance enrollment through may fifteenth. That'll give a new coverage opportunity to americans who have lost their jobs and employer based insurance during the pandemic and comes after enrollment for the plans did in december in most states. Nearly nine million uninsured. Americans could get free or subsidized health insurance through the special enrollment period. According to the nonpartisan health research organization kaiser family foundation former donald trump had resisted calls for a special enrollment period for people who became uninsured during the pandemic and he repeatedly endorsed repealing the affordable care act. The national weather service says that idaho washington and oregon should all prepare for heavy snowfall on monday. That comes as near record cold. Temperatures continue to freeze parts of the country. Icy roads will keep causing headaches this week. In the south and in texas governor greg abbott declared a state of emergency. The texas highway patrol on sunday reported a number of multi car pile ups including one with twenty five vehicles. That comes after a one hundred thirty three car pile up in fort worth last week. Left at least six people dead. Hundreds of flights have also been canceled around the country. Thanks for listening to five things. Be sure to subscribe for free and you can also drop us. Five stores on apple podcasts. Thanks as always declare thornton shannon green and oliver gray reports for their work on the show. Five things is part of the usa. Today starting with the right question is the most critical step of any science at dana. Farber cancer institute. We know that by asking the right question. You could get an answer. You never imagine how to human cells. Adjust the amount of oxygen. They need to live with that incisive question our own. Dr william g kaelin. Junior won the nobel prize. Were showing. how cancer cells hijacked the body systems to give themselves the oxygen they need. This discovery has led to a new class of oxygen regulating drugs for kidney cancer patients and may lead us beyond cancer to potentially impact heart disease. 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