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Off. Good morning Forty Niner Empire. My name is Jamie today September 26th. 2020. Let's get into some 49er news. Here is a final entry update from college G Han. All right guys injuries Coleman out before doubt Garoppolo Al Green Al queda El Al Weatherspoon questionable Jenna and also said that Nick Mullens will get the start against the Giants here is what Shanahan had to say about Nick Mullens at QB specifically, I guess in terms of his arm strength. I was a stronger. I mean, I think Nick works at it all the time. I mean, you know, you're the more you work at it the more your feet are under you. I mean, it's not all just about the arm It's You Know It's the Rhythm with Thursday. And your drops your drop back the Rhythm with where you're going when you're eligible seeing things and then when you can have your feet under you and your cleats in the ground and you let them go on time, you're going to get the most out of your arm. So the more he is deciding the more he knows exactly where he's going. The more gets out of his arm. So he's gotten a lot more reps than he did last time. I mean not live reps, but he played pretty well the last time he played and he usually gets most of his reps in Camp took the tone on Scout team that is really good from this week to get three days in a row with the ones and which ready to go. Also Shanahan also discusses the church situation at MetLife Stadium. Hi Liz came back on this field where there's so many injuries. Is that a mental hurdle that you need to discuss with your team know I would have said yes on Monday maybe on Tuesday by the time Wednesday came, I think we're dead. I think everyone's a little emotional and stuff after those games, you know kind of set it cuz I've heard so much about it this week and I was a big deal to us Sunday and Monday, but you know, I mean church not good in general. I don't care where it is dead. One knows that Turf there's about thirty percent more injuries on Turf than there is on grass. So that's an issue everywhere you go. We understand. It's new Turf. So usually brand new Turf is a little bit worse and all the other bad terms so long and it just needs to get broken in so our players understand that then if else done everything to check it out and it is what it is. I mean, it's just another turf field and of course we'd rather play on grass cuz it is safer, but that's not something that's on our minds at all anymore. We're a little emotional after the game on it. But I promise it's gone and we are ready to go and the good thing about that surf is will be a lot faster on and that is it for a 1500 news the 49ers face off against the New York Giants this Sunday without a majority of their starters. I still believe in this team in believe they would win also do not forget to check out nine or faithful radio shop get your revenge tour merch we have shorts and long sleeves beanie snapbacks in hoodies. So go to ww.w forward slash shop to get your gear now. guys, and as always remain faithful to be

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