SAFTB 2.0: A Zillion Beers, Swappin Parts, and Jason Biggs


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I 's all scandia. West runs the fashion industry. These are people I feel like you almost rigs worship looks like you know those are great cartoons who who we got on your watch it on on gold Go to actually most of the people. Soleil Soleil. He some people I mean there are some you. You would know verges on here on here. Jerry Lorenzo's on here. I mean that's a bit much now as all came from his coaching tree. I think so shirt says so. We got your Komo News Komo. Donald Komodo Monday so this is the this is the Komodo. It looks just like a fucking yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't have guessed. Come on these these these things. I like those two like supposed to like tie. Tie that shit up like this. Yeah here okay all right. So I'm turning full fucking Dacia right now in case radio and then the other the another one. Fuck Yeah you do. I think I did it wrong now. I don't think you did you did right. Are you being sarcastic though. I mean it looks ridiculous. That's why like like you should do this. The cardigan money. Ed Bottom Komodo Monday. Let's go. I'm a Komodo guy now. faulk year huge episode. Because we got Jason Biggs on the show who tells a store. You may have heard if you've ever if you follow Jason Biggs and his wife because there's like a very funny normal couple or maybe normal work but the exact opposite firing very ridiculous story about him and his wife and their sexual exploits as well as the entire backstory on fucking pie getting in trouble on twitter Khokar very very we did that interview after Rob mcelhinney and I mean they for me. I figured rob like there's Never GonNa be another interview that even come close to it and lack a day later we did Jason Biggs. That was pretty good and it was two hours the same day right. That was a monster was also awesome. He's got so we got Heavy heavy hitter guests going right now we also got to talk about Ah the Oscars and fights trip final. Berg told me he fixed a government which we'll get to in a moment but the news of the weekend and obviously here in the in the Bar World was the Zillion Beers movement which is officially on and rolling with Dana. Be Spearheading it. I'm so happy for him. Because he's just such a dope. What do you call them? An alcoholic golden retriever. And that's exactly what exactly would was he a loyal fucking. I don't WanNa say puppy 'cause he's not he's an old man he's like an old man and and I couldn't be happier for him. I am heavily invested in his associating tactics and I don't know whether the good or bad I hope he makes it. So I I mean if you're under a rock. And somehow you don't know Zillion Beers Dana be number three has been saying forever now. Actually original story originally came from softball team. I didn't the team back where he hang a mass. I think it is yes. their name Zillion Beers and he just thought that was funny so like a year ago he just that was always data's been saying for around around drink a Zillion beers and it became his catchphrase which then gained some steam on twitter and I told him I felt the very same way about the early stages of SAS as the boys felt like he was onto something. Dave gets a hold of it. And and and I'm interested to see where where you fall on this because the the the having fights being able to talk about here is like the ghost of Christmas past future. It's happening again. Dave gets a hold of it and didn't like that. Dana was behind the scenes cameraman and editor. Who is now frontward facing and the spotlight? So I think he was trying to like kill it like this is a classic Dave situation. Where like if it works? Whatever I get money but I feel that? He had his way that Friday night. He put that ultimatum them on. WHO said you have to sell thirty grand of merchant tonight or I'm shutting this thing down? I think he wanted to shut it down. I think he did because I mean you know on that same. AM radio bit. The revisionist history on Saturdays for the boys was fucking banana. Well I haven't heard it. Yeah well so I I oh boy I got to hear this. It wasn't it wasn't bad but I took I took I took umbrage with the whole the whole segment because Dave was like laughing at Dana said Dave he was like I don't know the case. He told me that this felt like the same way. Saturdays was on twitter and Dave was like. KFC loosened caves. He's not he's not exactly a marketing genius. Okay and I was like feel like hi. I'm market pretty well. I'm not that talented individual market. Well so I am kind of good at it so then then I'm listening with this being spiteful about it and he was like Saturdays if the Porsche immediate it just happened. It was done right and I was like well. Hell Al Right and wrong. It was it was it immediately got attention. It'd be like the day after. I tweeted that like midnight on a Friday night I think and then the next Saturday they spent on the couch retweeting gathering but he ran loving aggress it. It didn't turn into a movement that took like a month. They didn't even know that was immediate for the for you and the people who are actually living the Saturday. For the boy's life and now zillion beers life. They've been on it. I mean there's a reason why he was able to make this money because they responded to it right away. I think both cases is it's just the phrase what it is I don't know why and this is why you know. True marketing genius can come up with this shit but Saturday's over the boys Fridays Voices. There's like a fun thing. To say and Zillion Beers sound stupid and Z Z. Take literally a fundraising say so like I feel like I mean Dave does not. I know that every weekend you were out trying to do something like a wild video seen to keep promoting and they will give you made for right it was. They will give us money to get the helicopter copter and you have it written in the sand which was like one of the turning point weekends was that was when it started tipping point or whatever a lot of people diverse weekend was. I forget there were four weeks ago. We did bring rented a yacht one time as like a rented a yacht just through girls off the boat. Take the boys like like the second floor balcony of of a yacht boys And there was a helicopter and they're guiding the skydiving might have been the big one Yeah I don't know if that was in the right order right. Whatever it was but the point was such a fucking month or weeks weeks of vital Berg Lake continuing to push it and Dave being like I was like I don't get it when we showed them? The original merch did not want to make the Saturdays of the boy. The saved by the bell like the logo was no right. He David we. I don't think that was the first shirt we showed up. There were like calendars. One was like the old iphone calendar where it was like Saturday node on things very pretty pretty cool but the he was like I don't get it. I don't know so I'm listening to the segment. I'm like he's already kind of taking a shot at me. Now he's just making up for the boys went and this is the same thing like Dave didn't get Saturday for the boys because he wasn't Israel drink day like I was you were obviously living in. I was like still like tail end of that. Now I'm not like the Zillion Beers guy but I fucking see it and get it. I can tell the kids who are doing it. Responding to it's easy to respond Augustan is passionate about it. Loves to drink it's an intoxicating. So what's what's the difference I think is like you obviously like to do all the shit that you were doing for Saturday's the boys but it was a bit like you know you're not on the every weekend you're not skydiving and we were trying to make like a spectacle of it to like what life's all about. This guy is doing that drove. It'd be like that whether there's camera honor camera off. Whether he's doing a movement was not he's doing that thing where his mouth just complete fills up with beer and he just pooped. gulps down. Zillion beers is two point in every sense but in particular the I wished that's what say this was was. I wanted to just beat them room getting drunk a little. Yeah that's what I like to do right over for extended yourself you should i. And this is where I jokingly said about his negotiating tactics that he's going to end up being a Harvard business business school case like it was a good move or a bad move but I think the whole thing could be a case study and I would be fascinated by someone smarter than me to break it down. I I don't know why but all of his videos are just so fun they they're so passionate. Yeah it's a element of a goofiness and happiness and JEN JEN engine. He's so genuine about it that I can't help like what the Disney Laurie. Sorry looking at the things on ceiling. No I I missed. I missed most as I was. I was away this funny too. So I've been I had a couple of weeks go and I was like. Yeah this is I. I'm feeling so every now. And then he's kind of like mentioned it to me and been asking me questions and stuff and he came to me when it really started the pop off was like like let me know what you think Eh. Guide me on this one. I I'm not sure about merge I'm not sure about social media and I said to him I was like I think you should let it breathe like done a lot of videos. We've got the ball rolling David the exposure now maybe re tweet a couple of things that are like major are really funny a really important. Make a couple of videos but like just chill out. Because you don't want to Overdo it. Luckily Dana be took my fucking advice and threw it in the trash need hundreds straight videos. I would never recommend I would have been like you're going to kill well you know I'm very much of that too. I'm to be the guy that's sometimes the wrong. Move on move here. It was the wrong move because I was thinking about the wrong way. I was thinking about someone trying to make a video. I'm going to try to be funny. I'm going to try to push my brand on try. He's making a video of what he would be doing saying. So in that case you could put a live stream on a film. Oh Yeah you're not you're not acting you're not like trying. Just there's one where he he's filming the ceiling and it's like there was to like fire alarm or something like that and I think they look like tits or something and he's like beer. That's so stupid and you can't you can't root against him. You know what I mean like. There's nothing I'm very much rooting for them. Well so if. You're not rooting for Dana. Be Take a million dollars. You are like your bad bad but I would say this if there was maybe one person and I'm sure maybe some people have said the U or W thought I'd had ad if Dana walks away with one hundred grand cash on Saturday. When you know you everyone famously knows you did not walk away with one hundred K.? Cash for a movement that probably made a hundred times when billion years is already made. I Saturday's the boys put the second floor of the parcel sports office. You saved the we moved in at one floor and vote and then we were like you know what we're GONNA buy second year so like there are similarities. Clarity's ZILLION beers got long way to go before you reach my boys level but I you're a better man than I am. You're you're you're much more like sale. v Type Guy I it would probably be having some thoughts of like man faulk this morning against him but I if I was in your position I would like boy. This kind of sucks but I knowing you I bet so you just have pure genuine love for their first of all. I'm good so like as far as like in the Ghana worldview. Good there's like It's fine but the one hundred percent of me wishes that I had I guess at negotiating bravado option. That was never like the other thing too is like you got hit at the wrong time because there wasn't like money to burn it. Wasn't you know like games to play with money or keeping all this and it was. They were merchants right. I ended up getting one retroactively. But they weren't it wasn't even the five thousand dollars right all right and I mean in hindsight you know this and this is why everybody should fucking kiss fireworks feet every single time you walk through the door like we by the second floor and we have an entire second floor team to then turn this place into what it is and that could have been so you think about that one hundred grand that goes in your pocket that now goes to like two more salespeople or another hundred grand to bring in one of these he's top goes into the company and that's why we're here now you're saying also of course I wish I could have made Monday database but hundreds enemy has no resentment that these fucking people who think that other people have to have or have it like like yeah. It wasn't great. I didn't make money. It's Kinda famously funny and actually great pockets Jerrell. So it's always like is a joke so it's a joke to have in our back pocket. Yeah but the. I don't want anyone else to have to go to that. I mean not go through. I didn't go through it right. I want other people to be able to have that. I think people can often like conflict. Confused the idea of like you can be bad or bidder or just like fuck that about a situation that you don't have to apply to like Dana Fuck and I know you're you're totally fine with it but like again if I was in your spot I would probably be like. This is bullshit that I didn't get to cash in but I would never like root against Dana because like you just said you don't want someone else to go through that you're just being a true like I always joke about like misery loves company when it comes to like sports teams sucking and like come in the mud with me like look look in my shoes but if it comes down to like an actual like money in pocket for working hard and having your come up like I don't want someone to be held down. We say like with with blogging logging. We say like well you know we kind of said recently. Like Oh if you wish to have to log before they're gonNA podcast for the radio show for all that stuff and I agree with that because of assistant get made me better. I was GonNa say that's actually I'm looking out for you. I've made like I can do that ourselves. I think made us better at our job. If that was just a punishment I want you to sit sit there and blood for no reason. There's no reason you should have to have like people who don't like you. Everyone who comes after you. Their life should be easier. That's the that's a delay. The world should work work easier. You should be able to more money. You shouldn't have fucking grind and Chile daily. We have more money now right you should be able to get some fucking I. I don't watch Howard. Wally really fucking two miles bill. Bill both ways. I want you to fucking flying car and unfortunately doesn't the work the World War because things get easier there's more money to go around and make more money and unfortunately it does not work retroactively. No one ever says well. Let's go payback. The guy from this time in that time. It's just not going to happen. They don't don't hold your breath. I've gotten a billion tweets about it. Everyone's like how I am not pistol. If you told me that most people would be. You're you're the anomaly here you you deserve credit fucking Dick head. You're right but most people are most people would be salty and at least secretly. You know maybe maybe say it. But secretly they'd be like fuck this fuck this movement if you weekend or if you've ever busting my balls about my side of the boys stuff go by zillion beer soft. I want them to hit this very very badly guy. I mean really not many again. We will probably say it'd be like a third of people would would not even even a third. It's probably like like fifty percent. People would be salty and pissed off forty nine percent people with would say. Oh No I look Dana. Yeah I love it. I wanted to hit but secretly results. And then there's the one percent like are just like no man. This is awesome. I mean I'm not. I wish it happened for me. It didn't happen. Let's make someone out right but but again you gotta realize that's not how most people think most people don't think why not think that why not most people are not going to say something good didn't happen for me. Well I want to make sure it happens for someone else and it doesn't matter that didn't happen for me. It's just now people think you people are mean or selfish rude and salty and bitter air but it's incredible to see a display of generosity and French generosity. Not even like I'm saying you spend in your money on John. I'm not buying the shirts I'm GonNa get in for free but you go by. So what would you have done because like you just just said famously. There was no money there was not even a chance to negotiate. Would you have taken twenty five K.. For One hundred twenty five Cape One hundred Grand Fifty Julia because he initially turned down like a hundred percent or something like that or he missed out on the first March bonus and then it was two hundred fifty grand shit this weekend. You get twenty five K.. which he hit and then said fuck it? I think I think one hundred decision might have been Zillion Zillion Beers inspired. I really as much as he drank and he went on. Barcelo breakfast this morning and was like honestly I think I had seventy five years as we get I and maybe the sound stupid of me. I don't think he was out of control. There was ever a moment I was like you'll put your phone down because you're a blacked out and you're tweeting filming like Autumn Beers so like I think that was more of the high of the the rush not like drunken making stupid decisions. He was just like on this guy. We're going to the moon Would you would you have done that. I've I wouldn't because I don't have the balls but I think it's cool. It's cool that he did I by the time you hear this. UGH I still probably be at like four hundred fifty. So it'd be halfway there on Tuesday and I think he'll get a big push from the weekend but like does he have until Sunday night. I think so the entire weekend and I mean part of me thinks like absolutely and then part of me also I think that six hundred thousand dollars more to go is like a huge hill to climb. And this the scariest part is like if you make. It's like eight hundred eighty eighty nine thousand dollars and you don't get dime you know and this is where it's so annoying that when portnoy loses he wins like he could sit there and think whatever you want went wrong. Remember about Saturday's for the boys and take whatever shots at me or Dana or anybody else. There was this conversation this morning. I didn't I did not care for Dave was was was worried about like you know he was talking about Dana. Like came in my office was drinking a beer like ten. Am We can't just have like the drunk guy running around here you know he. You can't just drill and a couple of guys. Oh Yeah I mean. It looks pretty rough this morning and I'm like he had himself a weekend. He went out the work right. You might be drinking at work. But he's here you got seven. Am Guy here hours before anybody else was sitting at his desk. Editing went into Dave's office of sound mind to like have a conversation it was being filmed. It was a little bit content but he was like talk. I heard it over her entire numbers and content and and Finances and shit like if you like puking King of the office stumbling around the Yeah Dan. We can't do this. I mean he did like most of everybody a Barstool at the age of twenty whatever he is is doing maybe four months later come on. He's fine until there's like a real problem and stole scenes or the documentary or whatever is like fucked up and it was terrible or pukes on my shoes or something. I think he's fucking totally fine. I totally agree. I think that some people around down here got little soft with the benders. Yeah you gotta you gotTa keep up with the benders. Ellis like everything responsibly. Of course drink drink responsibly. Dude on a bender and and like no he kinda got. A part of this job is staying in touch with you like my dad's still POPs on pop music very pro. FM will pop into the kids. Like you gotta we gotta stay hot. We listened to watch new shows every once in a while. You gotta go on. I bender to and just just to be like look yeah. I drank a lot this weekend but I'm here on Monday. I'm not feeling great but I'm here. Let's say I'm not GonNa say anyone else who does it. When I was that age I was drinking? Two Thousand Beers came along. You probably drank a million beers out. The million hands are tied Brenda Randomly Billion Beers. Well then you come back in nineteen ninety. Eight Two Thousand Twenty Zillion Beers man so the kids are doing. The proof is in the PUCK and pudding. So let's get behind behind it and like I said it's it's almost initial offer it's like people. Aren't you're rooting for it. For Real. We wanted to happen for real. Feel like there's some people out there who are saying one thing and hoping for another we'll get behind zillion beers movement for data beat number three. He's the average double double one time right. I don't think people understand Dan. How impressive it is put twelve and ten in his senior year okay? He's a big body. Download the absolute best part of it. And how you know that it is so pure her and real and genuine as if a golden retriever could text date portnoy the hair deal. Did you see this okay. You're GONNA love this. This is so fucking can funny. So Dave and Dana are negotiating the the whole the whole weekend I know he cut his hair but I thought that was just I think I think he said it was inspired by David Andrews Right. Well so here's here's what happened. He at first he was using it as a marketing ploy. I believe he was like if you if he said to the to the people to the kids something like if we hit two hundred fifty K.. I'll get a okay where we put that over here here over here. Dave Portnoy is texting him and he says one hundred K.. For he says twenty five to fifty and Dana says. Let me think about it for five. Five minutes waits on for five minutes and then says no but my hair deal stance and Dave says. What's your hair and Dana says? Two hundred by eight o'clock I get a mullet three hundred total. I shaved it all off and Dave says so. That's a deal with yourself. It goes. He goes yeah. I guess but I'm sticking with twenty five. Kids has his own see and that's the thing. He has his own standard as his own deal with himself that he's texting days. I don't know about your hair and Dana is like the mullets fine. The stands like okay. Dude I care Abacha reamer just taking the three coffey a and then he goes and gets the mullet and it was really funny because I kept telling him I'm like this is what I'm seeing all the same signs and the movement and the like just like my buddy John and then he has the mullet any ties to do the racing stripes and I was like you're literally started the long legs. Ingo in this wild it totally butchered the raising really I had my professionally done but the ball looks good does have great hair. And that's I mean it was just so funny when he's got a cigarette in the shower and he like you know run fair and shakes it off. I showed it to my dad. I was trying to explain Zillion Beers. He keeps up with Barstool but sometimes I can tell where he just like checks out. He doesn't get any more and explaining it and he's not really getting it and then I show him. There's one where Dana put the thirty rack over his head and then he had thirty Iraq on his hands and he he was just like. We're doing it me pouring on his face mouth and my dad was like I know this song. A- and give him the Oscar we'll talk about the Oscars in a second. My favorite one was him pretending to be drunk to see that one he was like no. He's film and he's fucked up during a Zillion beers guys. 'd wait a minute. No I'm not I feel great. I feel totally drink another cell. You know it's like he did another one where he was like. Got People keep telling me mixing the Water Man Mixing the water and so I've been thinking about it and he flips the camera and there's a water a bud heavy and he's like he reaches for the watering like a classic not joke. What misdirection sholom on over here with the twist ending is just so pure and so real- I love the kid to death I ah I hope and I hope everyone is given in an honest shot from merge to management to the rest of the company like do it? For real all by ZILLION beater shirt. Because I'll oh by what I'm going to get those at saint support it and I'm not so put my money where I will also do the Flag Junior. Do feel like the flags are something where he can you get that extra push because there's only so many t shirts hats you can sell so spring breaks. Come and get Spring Break Saint Patrick's Day. It's a good time of year but again it's tough to like you can have the stars align and not hit a million like and Dave is such a motherfucker that if he gets like nine hundred seventy eight thousand. He'll wasn't not one hundred you know so fucking support. The Brand Zillion Beers make it happen. Dana be number three unreal. Give the Oscar. We'll talk about the answer is next from Kendra ask Kendra Scott Are Oscar segments by tenders Scott. It's Valentine's Day. You gotta get your girl something Nice and Kendra Scott is the the only way to go. We've been talking to Scott for a while now. They've supported our show. They've been a heavy supporter of chicks. In the office of you or your girl at home are big fan of their show. So you've got to return the favor and support Kendra Scott. It is our favorite jewelry ban jewelry brand and what I like about Kendra. Scott is I know again. We're talking talking about you know how old you are. 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I think I might have had zillion before they pitched it to me because Jeff Jeff Leila below took me Mardi aside and pitched it and we both he we were talking about last night on the street. It was shockingly little pushback. You both like okay. Did you hope of like anything in there and gross thinking about like fucking grasshoppers offers being made it was. It wasn't like two different sodas in there. It'll be discussing stuff and it was. I don't know why we agreed to it so quickly but we did what I did. I mean I was really personally people last night. I didn't even drink it just by looking at L. ING around there. Yeah it's impressive to just even be on an Oscar livestream because got got Dan that shows fucking long and has parts in the middle. That are as painfully boring. As entertainment can get it was very funny. 'cause the The a he came real real game and I think he was he blazers and that started at nine or something like that and then at halftime I invalid Oscars have been over and as I wonder what's going to end I still Oscars are heating and Marty was stunned. So what are you talking about. I wonder what's GonNa enforce which which is going to end. I how how could possibly end Buffalo Buddy. He has never watched the never seen this show. Because because guess what it's going to be fucking close and he gave ended. I Yeah I mean I would have bet. The first basketball game started at nine pm an hour after the Oscars and ended before it's crazy and I know it's all about the the the movies and everyone deserves their shine but like people care about five categories can cut down a lot of the other. The ones I said the Oscars is a reverse loaf of bread. A loaf of bread throw out the beginning and the end and you loved the Middle Oscars Oscar's is the reverse bread like even last night. I was tough. Steve Martin Chris Rock. I can't believe they agreed to do. I mean that was as fake. Unlike the Oscars are here John. Yes sure is Graham and I felt like it was like old timey busier. He's handsome man. It was is one moment. I wish I remember what it was. It was like towards the end. Steve Martin said something that was just like. I know. You don't believe that like that. That's not a joke. That's not you're just reading the script. Whatever it is it was funny Chris? Rock obeys those was funny. I feel like that was also another half. The show was baseless. Have the Amazon just funds these things now or was he like like. I don't know he's Amazon. Prime Billionaires going to go to the phone but I mean it makes sense Alabaman's entertainment game that he'd be like by but I mean those are so rich he got he got divorced lost half and he's still the world's richest man and they cut to like him and I think it was like a son or a little damn money really does solve problems like we got divorced families fractured. Everyone's got whatever he was. I mean even even everything was so it sounds almost rude to say about. It is rude but it sounds like sacrilegious to say about Steve Martin and Chris Rob was so hacky whereas all. I'm not saying I want. My baggage is delivered time Shane Shea. Walk on now. You know. Maybe it's just like secure the bag pulls you guys have rich. I know like it's an honor. But you've you know what I I just can't can't imagine why they agreed to that. I did like Dave putting himself in a mouse trap you see is tweets gentleman. I don't even know her. This girl it feels like a really really really really poor man's keys is on this Alicia keys kick right now since the Whatever the latest thing was free and just a year ago she did the the opener and Dave was like? If you don't like John Elmo net you've got a big dump in your pants. Girls Electric quite the pickle. I I find myself but yeah even that like Geez. Talented and ship. It went on like real long. How about the dancers in the background? who had to wear the Nazi uniform? Yeah we it must must have drawn the structures drawbacks age seriously. And I'd be fucking chick. Joker joker by the way fogging mentally unstable with an ass had alive up. Get my number. Please thank you yeah. I saw the jokes in the backyard and I was like. Yeah that's my the whole of the The Oscars in general I feel like they missed on uncut gems. People are mad about like them. Not being involved. Sandler was it started with speech. The Independent awards by the way needs to be a like a a must watch. Did you see the guy went up with this. How much about that Shit? That's what they aim at the Anti Oscars and that's what the Oscars usually is like so stuffy and kind of like everyone smell their own farts arts and the academy decides. I fell asleep so I don't know. Was this the first year. They added the Lake Most Popular Movie Award. I believe so. What was the one that oh no? I don't think it had this this year. I think last year they added it. I don't remember it all like hubbub about about this year. I don't know like I mean that was the one thing I remember thinking. The the Oscars finally recognized that like it's almost a rotten tomatoes critic score and Audience Score. We need something represents the people I really last year they added it just like a Black Panther. Something I don't remember. That was the Black Panther like year and then they just got rid of it. I guess so you guys usually. It's kind of like all right. I know that this was like a masterpiece or maybe it was a black never won anything. Maybe they added that after. I've forgotten I always always just goes Black Panther related they announce it and then they never actually did it. Oh really yeah. They pulled it within a month announcing wow okay so But all that being said I feel like homeboy from parasite running. The table was almost like a moment. Long Bond joon-ho is is alleged but he. He made it very clear to me that to be a legend. You just have to drink zillion but yeah I mean to be to be like. You're a hundred percent. I believe the he it happened before he went to have you on the drinking references. He started the night. I'm just GONNA drinking. You know you don't speak the language or well enough. You're the interpreter. It looks like I said that I said that on the last movie I only make sense but his facial structure. I think he speaks English. That's like the baseball players are just WANNA talk to the press. They have an interpreter. BAGAI speaks English. It becomes like endearing and a little bit. You know. It's a weird like if you see someone talking through an interpreter. You're not gonNA like collapse. Dahmer Tom or you know what I mean. It's just it's a smart play and then and then you know he probably was. I aware if I went on there we go up there and talk about drinking. Then all right. I'm going to drink more on the carpet. They asked him what song is going to sing at his character. He has Karaoke had Karaoke party course and he was like I depends on drunk. I am twitter's the buzz about that. It gets on stage. He's like I'm a drink tonight. And they get some stage Wednesday morning and I know it's all to do it's it's every time the rock just doesn't i. I like to keep up with like. Oh I get that I also a I feel like him winning best director actor. People really not have that like you. Talk About Dana. Being happy for him and shit like there's no way Tarantino's cool with this like that dude thought he he's GonNa win and when he did what was just okay that will be stumped. I always I wouldn't give it a stink. I was entertained by it but it would have been so the parents at the hype like it's the first half if was just like this list of movies that don't exist it just like a rambling like yeah. I guess if you're like into movie making like that's cool how they incorporated but I was like what this is about two people and then eventually Leo's said someone on fire with a fucking flame thrower signed but the best part. I mean I guess Leo Leo was the secondary Gary Character and Brad Pitt was a star that movie and the whole movies about fucking whatever. His name is life. That movie is way more interesting than whatever was happening. That's why I liked him. Brad Pitt winning once it starts when once he goes to the ranch movie gets yes ranch movies but that's a lot before yet another. What's happening here? I was hoping for a little more of Gazelle speech didn't really speech. Didn't really do it for me. No it wasn't like a cool moment but I like that he went. Fuck is Mr Rogers supporting who is obviously not but so clearly. There must be a reason but when I saw Tom Hanks as Mr Rogers as supporting actor for the Mr Rogers movie resist it was I. I read the article written by the Guy who's The star of the movie and it seems a real. It's a real. He's the guy he's like he's he's the guy who learned that like Mr Rogers kept diligent notes of all his friends like that telling the story of Mister Rogers. He was The original article he wrote was for Esquire. Squire I believe and it was basically it was. It was giving him almost as a punishment because he was such a cynical asshole. WORLD WITH MR changes changes life. I guess that's what the movie's about obviously walking Phoenix wins and then goes up there and shames people who drink milk fuck it was like I understand if you're a vegetarian and you don't want to see animals slaughtered and are you aware for Vegan for all those reasons like I can't even drink the milk now milking a cow. He I feel bad. That milkha supposed to go to the CAF. The CAF is drought. Is fucking dying of thirst. I think I could drink some of the milk to you dickhead. Do you know what's going to happen to me. I'm going to become a Vegan. 'cause they're going to win me over. I'm going to get so sick of it. I mean fine okay. I'll style fucking stop drinking the milk. I don't really care that much fine. If you become a Vegan following about it at all fucking kill you follow multiple people on twitter on instagram. Who are vegans? And it's it's a lot of Hukou I'm GONNA drown. I'm giving behind fucking stop. Put The fucking cheeseburgers vine. Just leave me alone to extend it to even the Milkman. Like fine so so you can't Vegan is anything that comes like. Even even like milk is like you're not cutler hurting the cow. No this is weird. I feel like if you didn't go to cal. Yeah Super Weird. Don't get me Ron. When when when pregnant women have milk in there you have to get it out right because pain right at least it will happen to the TV shows? Yes sure a funny moment blah. Everybody's team milk now finally come around leaving team gala. This guy drinks an inordinate the amount of milk you gotTA hang belly like like we. You know he'd come home from school and drink like two pints and have to craft singles on a bag get chip snack with milk cheese. And there's a lot of milk. My mom used to come home and feel like they much like legit six gallons fill our three rows of two on our top and fridge. We had like a newborn. I'm flying through milk because I have two kids like basic. The grown asked people. He should not be having more. But you know I'm not I'm not I'm not a coil over here but if you come from I write my ability to even have a glass when when I need it. Fuck off Joaquin Phoenix. Jesus by the way. I didn't know that we were finished was his brother. Did you know that they talk about that a lot. I don't think Joaquin Phoenix a lot of talk about about anything. Goddamn so yeah I. I knew that I knew it. I November Phoenix. Walking Phoenix is dead. Brother I don't Know River Phoenix aside ride from that I I I mean I don't know I don't keep up with all these things like the lights camera guys but like I just never even made that connection feel like I. I should know that I'm sure he's done very cool. Great name a really. I mean real sad named lost. Someone should have another. He was he was like he had like a a young. Brad Pitt. Look to him too. He was sexiest fucking deal. He could have been gazelle put them in a retroactive and posthumously. Your Gazelle you earned it but Anything Else Oscars before were we fixed the government now let's chat out to Boon Boon. Joe Hung or whatever good for you man. Final break is fixed the government Yup and he's going to tell you all all about it fixing the government is brought to you by Gametime. It's so easy. Can't even with all of this crazy fixing the government. Are we talking like I mean the guy literally done fix okay. I've won. It's over all right well. John Revolution has revolutionized the world yet again is is brought to you by game. Time game time at the game. Tickets APP is the best way to get your tickets because it tracks ticket prices in real time from thousands dozens of trusted sellers to get you all the last. The best last minute deals so think of it like hotel tonight but for tickets where you can log again you have it right there. You see what's available nearby to to the he tells US giving Miami which were awesome great. 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Even finale or it's not just cancelled did does the designated survivor survive five. He does. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He does pretty good job so now again the craziest part about bad show which I knew was cancelled when I started. The reason I started started was because I read his twitter reddit thread. About what show did you start because the concept is cool but you gave up because it wasn't good and someone said dozens of fuck. It's right they want to watch that so I started knowing full. Well what happened in John. I liked it. It was fun. I I mean it was Kiefer Sutherland. Glenn he's the designated survivor of you. Know put like one person. Aside whenever the rest of the whole government gets together in case of an happens and they get blown up. Yeah so keefer. Like inherits the government. Only only if you were were you we would be fixed because you'd be like you know what on the president now and I can fix it and this is the way things. What does the Senate do? You're going to fix it. It's so a lot of backroom dealings in Washington right. It's a lot of under the table. It's a Lotta. Hey you don't don't give give me this vote right like moat with me on this. Although you down the line nine that kind of stuff little lobby on voting for things that they don't actually believe in just so they have a favor in their back pocket right votes happen immediately now okay. So everyone's in the Senate blindly upon a powerpoint presentation it says. Hey what do more money for schools. Everyone who votes for us the right away. You know going to talk going to fucking figure. Hey give me this will. You don't even know who proposed the idea. Okay okay everyone votes. Yeah you're a whatever it is at the end end whenever all the votes are cast it drops out Bam. Oh this was an idea from a Republican from Montana voted for. Yeah that's fixed. I feel and then every once in a while you throw in a fake one and if people vote for something real stupid right you can get money for Montana and everyone offer that that's crazy and anyone who does vote for it adequate. You're running you've got punked shoots him in the head because they're stupid that part of the we don't have to do the very simple. Why why isn't everything a blind vote? You don't get the Nelson. Ideally but the baseball shit like you. Nobody gets to know you get one chance. There's no waiting. There's no I'm going to punish you for like five years and make you wait till you think. He's a hall of fame or not. Vote Right now. Nobody knows this idea. And it's not it's not totally quiet. It does get put out afterwards. But you don't know who's like you don't know if it's Republican or Democrat. It's just an idea you see and then you I like that idea. And you've Oh four and then you find out. Oh It's not my hi party or who gives us yet. Album is so who puts the WHO puts the powerpoint up because that guy he grew the house right. So Speaker of the House is going to be like I eldest guy a favor. So I'm only GONNA put this up there's always gonNA be somebody who controls the last point of control and that guys me working eliminated speaker of the house. You put up there yourself. Everyone's who's got access to put ideas up on the board. That sounds a cluster. Fuck now everybody gets to pitch their ideas. We're GONNA be there forever. Probably do your fucking job. You ran envoy you think I mean all right so I come in and I'm like all right first up or get rid of milk. Joaquin Phoenix says that it's bad overtaking the milk from the MOMS. Put the milk up there. And then you go with the stupid idea. And then he goes with super idea and next thing you know we haven't even voted on fucking guns and the economy and shit all the important shit. I mean you're a US your senator. Your elected official. Hopefully you have some sense of being like well. This one maybe isn't a big deal about faith and democracy. Yeah well I don't know I guess I think that's the easy I just think that's it. That's it and then yeah no favours no favours no backroom dealings. Bam We vote bull. I think that you should have done weight. Here's what we should do too. I think every four years now every like longer than that like you maybe even like twenty years. You guys switch parties like you have to. You have to be Republican now and make them argue the other side of things balance all those things. You've been like a lot. It's almost almost like when a when a lawyer has to defend absolute murderer and they're like well. I'm not defending them. Defending the justice systems. While you gotta work for the whole the whole democratic system. Now now gonNa make you argue the opposite of everything you can get twenty have free agency and then everybody just has to be like. I'm S- I signed to the Republican Party payments. Like like that in Laron like they just signed on the days is the biggest check for me if I feel like this is not a good way government man but it's a good. It's an interesting idea what's going on you know. Basketball players flip teams. Kevin Durant is just like going where the money what they should do. They should have that emplaced. They should float the system. So you go to someone and be like all right. We'll give you ten more ten million dollars more but you got to argue against the gay rights whatever and then if they agree to it. It's a national comes out and we got you. You're out to deepen politics politics. Like Lindsey Graham seem you see them like trashing trump and then he wins and he's just like what trump is like an icon greatest and that's ever happened to government. He literally you call them a racist like two months before the election. I think it's just that he's just a hired. I think we if trump loses like our party will be destroyed. Uh I mean trump wins. Our Party will be destroyed and deserved it and he won. I love this. I'd Humana people who don't realize that like they're just getting played during election. Season is like you guys are the real way to face. Government is that only two hundred and fifty people in the whole country vote. That's it two hundred and fifty smart people. They I mean very few. There's way too. Many people always comes down to like a very small amount of people because it only comes down to the swing votes right and then and then of those people in gem thousand people. Nobody's qualified to vote. They're really not amount of fucking I'm not I don't think I'm included either. It'd be like highly educated and well read the passage of time walking or not even like an advanced tests like you walk up to the drivers and they ask you one question and if you say what does the Senate do. And I don't really know you don't get defense. They vote on stuff not enough. They do what I'm doing here. They vote on things. Eh Senator Right now let me pull the fucking lever man. Nobody should vote. Everyone's a fucking moron and break but not under the new system. We fix the government's now. Everybody can also also do a blind powerpoint presentation. That's IT blind voting I. I don't know if you're marketing. You're not working. Let's let's at least try to America. Ah what could go wrong. All right what have we got next. We'll do our voicemails before we get into our interview few things from this weekend. All right. Johnny was down in Aruba. uh-huh oh we got do adolescent data lesson for you. It's brought to you by movement. Join the movement now The warm weather is getting here. Yeah Jean Jacket today right zero I mean did it snow this year. Now really right in New York you people. I think it's also yorker crazy not anymore. It never snows it rains. All of January. 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America is a lot of jewelry was floating around on the Oscars because last night everybody waiting like two hundred and fifty thousand dollars was bowling and Julia. Drivers has the kind of money could have been her necklace issue one. He's not doing that rental she's probably probably did rent. That one's crazy she wanted to budget is could. She's pilots looks great like she. She she doing. Well Oh yes rate for someone who quote sick like fucking unreal but yeah a lot of a lot of money flowing around the Oscars. A lot of lot of rented rented jewelry that breaks the bank not at movement everything's affordable while still maintaining that high quality and right now when you order for Valentine's Day they're gonNA throw in a sleek gift box so it's prepackaged everything comes in this nice box. 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Childhood I was in a shower own truck and play giggling to myself and picture. John sent me a photo of the Dick soap which was just the bar our sold the whole you know inexplicably cut through the middle. I was the package it came in. Also the whole the middle and I just couldn't see the soap right as it it. Was You know there was the cardboard and soon as ripped the soap out from the middle with. Fox's the soap and what is the cargo omically designed so I have no idea I mean that's really decking zilk. John sent me a photo of it and it was a live photo which is one of the more than I leaned. Yeah like apple has ruined like the world with the cloud and linking all your devices and live photos. Because if you don't realize the lie photo it catches like three solid seconds of movement. So John was taking a picture of that and then moved his phone down and I saw a couple of sets of feet and a leg and I was like. I'm getting a dick so picture. I'm about to catch the DE. Luckily I didn't see anything. That's actually that's hilarious and also alive photo watch alcohol and he was like Oh very close reverse fun the had had an interesting flight the the people sitting next to me on the. TV's crazy not no. It should be a law because we live. You can watch to do movies on fucking vote and vote on the SPA. The duration of a flight is two movies long. You legally have to have. TV's I would say one movie man. Fine what look -ality leave a little window. I'll give you uh-huh about one Irishman. Maybe all right the people sitting next to me. We're having a conversation and it was all about whether they should get vaccinated. Get him back. I don't know if he needs it like this. I don't know which we should do. A vaccine and the whole time. Jesus Christ I can throw people off the are you seriously talking about this. And it's scary scary. That Lake in there are intelligent people intelligent and other realms at least that genuinely think it's fucking nuts but then the wife or the woman goes does well. My friends have veterinarian. I'll ask her and I said Oh God they talking about our pet. Maybe they're not Roemer Shit the same thing I still don't know I took my headphones off when we landed so this conversation wasn't a whole flight. Long dogs two though aren't all fucking vaccinate. Everybody but then I walk into I. Didn't I didn't know gracious performs because it's a different country and I. I didn't know where I was staying because it's just not a question I asked i. Don't I'll stay where I stay. Yeah Yeah and so. I just didn't feel that out on my immigration paper and I'm walking walking into the customs line and there's one of the women when you're boarding a flight are what are you checking in the first two security checks to make sure you have your stuff uh-huh and this woman was doing that with the passports and the immigration papers and she looks in mind she goes where you're saying that's a good question and she'd been letting everybody go. Oh through to like the easy now they have like the like the you slide. Your passport takes a picture. Your that's it whenever we go through that and she's opens up things because you go that way and it just can't make jokes airport. You can't do it. It didn't register to me. That's I thought it was just like random so I get to the guy the customs place and he said. Where are you staying? That's a great question I don't know and he's like you go this way. You know. You're in a fucking chamber with a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Where are you staying staying in John? Still like a great question. You became frank the tank dropping your one liner on everybody but the Koji aligns but no he was like honestly I need to know right. have to know where you're staying and I said I don't I really don't know you have to figure it out. That's okay let me make a call. Don't have service because country so I went over walked away pretended to make a phone call came back and said the Marriott and cross my. There's a fucking Mary on that Island Holiday Inn Marriott whereas all right perfect you plug it it that was good. See then you would have been really there is no Marriott because if there was no Maryanne they would have been like there is no Marriott. Who did you just talk? Talk to and then you would have to say no. I'm from America and just landed. A why the fuck do you think my phone would work. Then you would have fingers up your ass like Mike Gone. You would have been definitely asked me a lot of questions coming home. I don't know if they made a note or something like that. You're in the system but when I came home early what were you doing was forty eight hours. Why is a single man kidnapped down here alone for forty eight hours? Did you spend over ten thousand dollars like no you buy cigarettes tobacco. Oh Guy came down vacation I vacation boss of cigars I drink. Drink some fucking booze fucking. What do you wish you were still detained in Aruba fucking? It was very funny once. I got there and the people on the beach like tale of me had spread to the beach. Not As reversals boards. But you gotta go see this wakened likened people were coming now to be fair. They were like friends of my girlfriend's family and like they would do them and stuff like that because they were like I had had. I heard about the really white kid I had to come see him. You gotta hit the booth and I was your off-putting Lee. What I was straight up up glowing when I saw those those stems yours in Miami? I mean that was my life had this on the two years that made sense but just everything the thing that was a little color. Now right I mean I guess compared to the rest of you like to I mean I was. I was out their rubles crazy. Because it's so that's weird. It's like I'm interesting you know. I'm white my supplements like a shape. I was there for six on the beach. One just six hours straight. But it's so so when you there that you never feel hot because you don't start sweating and no like I should get out of the sun did you. Did you blew up your go like all over all over the place I I. Don't I actually feel like burn on my midsection. So I'm just GONNA skip that one dude I don't I don't do some block doc anymore man. It's weird cancer. And now I'm I'M GONNA go get skin cancer just to Piss Casey so sick she was talking about going to spray Tan. Yeah I could have but I'm going to go to the cancer box. I WanNa Cook just because I know how much it's GonNa drive you fucking crazy. I can't wait to die from cancer. Skin cancer but I guess the one thing I did do there I tried the local cuisine and kangaroo. Don't think it's local but you put Komo goes eight pretty sure gang ruse. We'll go very far away. I don't think I don't know what the fuck do I feel like. Eating kangaroos questionable really mean I'll go Joaquin Phoenix on you. I can't believe the kangaroo kangaroo I didn't really like it it was Carpaccio. Anything Carpaccio thin films gets Julia. Mouth eating thing it because it's just so thin that But I feel like you know Kinda like it's almost like one step Koalas kind of cute and Kangaroos or bouncing around now I think alike tigger and Roo and and then next thing you know you're eating it. Yeah like like I try to not good it. I think I might like steak. Love it better. They want the whole fucking. I don't I don't like meet prepare. That's that is a cooked. Feel like when they do really thin stuff. It's almost usually tar like could question. I don't know I don't know if I would have been harder about preparing kangaroo. Yeah I feel like it would not be a tender nder meet. No it's gaming gaming but was fine. I think I would like I'd like to try different way. Just going to stick to eating cows. I've actually had it as a burger. There was a place in my hometown. That fucking is oh man yeah. It's actually pretty good. Yeah is it was it was I would like to do for fashioned. Russian guys can eat dogs next to you know what the eating made me think of this. The you're on vacation you're in a hotel room and and obviously this is Pook podcast now so at some point you have to poop. There is no greater victory on vacation. Then when getting away with poop with your girlfriend who is no strings on nothing. Yeah usually all right baby shower. The Miami situation was not great. For pooping I- Miami. Fuck me. Yeah Miami Miami had frosted glass last sliding doors. Imagine basically just like a hallway from sink to your shower and in the middle of that hallway was a toilet that also just had to sliding doors in Miami you had to announce to the entire hotel. I'm pooping you had to shut like four doors like it was crazy. How many do I but I didn't because I didn't have anybody in there so I I just I would just go but I company so i? I didn't shit for four days of Miami and then I just like I thought a lot for a while. Just done Just don't do this anymore. I thought I thought I broke up and it was just like that's some injury and has taken out just like those like really taking scuba. I don't know how wouldn't that be great by the way if that was the door. Just open it up. And he's like the shoveling coal shovel it out. Why do I had to squeeze it through this fucking hole on like Oh man down here like cake things you cut the cut the pace the bottom of the ziplock bag at the bottom of why the big hole up here the dumping out? We're making this way harder than it needs to be. Open the trap door getting a shovel. A little mini gardening. Now we're fixing government body human anatomy and the Senate today So fucking show. I did not have a jet setting weekend but speaking of Jesse stunned I did it. I can't believe you waiting for a weekend to four and a half hour flight. You take that on the get home. Every time I go home. People aren't like can't we went home. This weekend is true but I mean I feel like for a flight well for I don't know I guess I guess it makes it if you break it down hours and go boss not a big deal when people feel it when they see that you traveled like two thousand miles. It's very no no I. D If that was off the coast of Venezuela. I thought for sure it was next to the Bahamas seized kidnapping. You Ain't getting homegirl. Staying here I had my first ever daddy daughter a read heart dance this this weekend which I totally forgot about crept up on me which I have now learned is like a thing. I guess it's like the week before Thanksgiving Valentine's Day is when these things go down because I saw like every every day I was talking about it but smashed it crushed it I mean and the game will ever be this identity and alone or dancing like slow dancing with Jay not slow downs. I was doing that was the most awkward event ever. So I show up the former tires jacket and tie or whatever and I throw on a pair of Jordan because first of all I I rarely wear suits so I was like scrambling to like. Find all the pieces of the suits and shit one. Luckily I had one in the dry cleaner for several months. Oh yeah forgot about that so I go. Oh and then I'm wearing like Jordan's with and then I show up to grab to pick up Shea and she's rocking a snow white dress. So I'm like okay. It's Halloween now no longer a dance. We're on Robert Kraft right so she I mean she's got a fake Tiara. Fake Diamond Necklace fucking wand and a snow white dress like it just said dress pretty and we went halloween with it. So we show up and like every other dad is like an adult and they're wearing regular shoes and all the other girls are just wearing like you know nice is like out pretty regular clothes and Cheryl's in with this big poofy yellow bottom and so she's twirling and it's like the best ask dress to twirling and all these other. Little girls are like jealous like looking at her like love it or address loving. They're trying to twirl and they're like it's not. Yeah that's right so then and we're going. We're going hard like I don't it was. It was very funny because it was probably you like thirty couple. Thirty dad daughter Komo's so it's like thirty awkward middle aged white men at a dance and I I walk in and we're all dead so we don't know what the fuck is going on so it's like you know you usually have your wife or your mother. The mother of the kids there. And it's like okay. Here's like let me let me pull up the invitation like here's how it works. Here's what you're doing. We don't know any of this fucking shit man so you don't have you seen dog doing my mom's Day my dad's going away for work and he's like stressed getting to the airport stuff like that just like I'm just saying I I take him places and do things like that and my mom jokes like your your girlfriend is it's just you're seeing my mom jokes that she's always floored that my dad gets anything just girls. You're much more than that. But it's a huge the number one reason why we marry him. You Know My dad is when he goes to work. He's like a boss. So mom always jokes like he puts on his suit. And it's like his superpowers takes it off. And he's like a dummy puts it on and he's he's capable but I even told all all my girlfriends now like the wives and girlfriends and my buddies like I went to a baby shower relatively recently and I didn't RSVP properly I the texture. But I didn't like mail it back in and I told her and the other girls I don't I don't do that and Caitlyn Jalen. RSVP and I don't have her anymore so there's not gonna be any RSVP get used to this this is how your life where I just had one more and maybe I'll show them. Maybe I'll go with the gift but yeah I don't do anymore so so Yeah it's a whole bunch of us without our guide. Dogs girls are now just guide and and so oh and it was very white. There is not much diversity of his little preschool aligned. So I'm just looking around the scene. It's very funny and I can see there's a couple of people you're kind of like eyeing me so I'm thinking they know and then I'm like all right. Whatever man like I don't care though I'm just like I'm here for Shea so the dance is playing like Taylor swift music music from like an iphone you went to the back of the gym like you couldn't huddled up in his one area so the whole operation and it's being run by this woman who is like you know like a suburban white mom also trying to be like a hype man? You know what I mean like super awkward being like. Oh it's Taylor swift on the where my swifty. He is almost like God anyway. We started dancing around and shit and it's also they must just turn the Goddamn heat on. Let's let's make all these white men sweat too so I'm like AH getting hot on dancing with Shea and eventually I make the fatal mistake of doing the thing you know where you hold your dad's hand run up him and flip over. Yeah yeah so I do that with a lot and I. We were doing the thing where she stands on top said. Yeah I have no idea what you're talking about. I mean I could picture Ed President With Your Dad. I don't think so so like like I would hold your hands and I would like walk up you and then when I get to like you're just like I push off and you flip over. I don't know I thought that was a normal thing. Maybe it was just us. I was always afraid. I'm going to dislocate her shoulders. So I do do with Shea Shea is tiny like a very skinny girl and all of a sudden I feel like fucking Scott Calvin in the Santa Claus girl sit on his lap at the park and then he looks up and there's a line of kids. Oh so all of a sudden I have these strange girls that are not my children like Dumi neck and so like say has a couple of friends who icon. That was the thing to feel when your dad with your kids. It's almost like when you're walking your dog and you run into dog owners. You ever notice when you talk to like the dogs and not the humans you ever do that was going on. It was like I'm talking to this little child and like the dad is right there but I'm not talking to him at all. You know so I a couple of close friends. I do the flip flipping and next thing you know. Got Several in line and the ages rains and like sizes Bahrain. Yeah right and I'm like already worried about dislocating shoulders. And then there's one girl is like crawl and me trying to flip and I'm trying to flipper. She's just like hanging upside down and just like all right. I gotTA put down this child wild that we're not doing this and I got footprints all those like I need a Goddamn break. I was like Sowetan and Shit. So but the funniest moment for the night for me was very dad like there are no fucking rules when you're with me like the whole room was rules free for the night we we walk in and there's a on the left side there's a buffet of regular food. which was weird? It was like marinate like penny with Mariner meatballs. One one of those like Brown meatballs called and they're not like Marinara. There's like a German meatball. Oh yeah you like the the key me. Yes yes yes those those and Sushi the real food and I was like Shea. Does you WANNA eat some dinner. And on the other side was the desert and she was she goes goes. No I just cupcakes and candy like cupcakes and Candy. It is baby so you can but yeah we smashed it. It was. It was very on brand night for us with Shay ebbing like dressing up like goes Halloween and me like being a fucking awkward idiot and I just I like my kids. I don't know your shoes. I'm just here to dance dance with her. I don't I don't WanNa do the amount of DADS and we're trying to like everyone's trying to do it for their daughters and they're trying to dance and like take my awkwardness and multiply like a million other people there But the one thing I feel like the one we are just take away from me. I told John This barstool has grown so big we are now at a point guy came to to me and was like hey nice to meet you. I Work Dad's we just started but like you know like if I used to run into someone who like also worked at Deloitte. It's like not that crazy. It's like a big company that has been impossible up until now. This was the first time I was like. Oh okay cool like nice to meet you. Blew my fucking yeah. Hey what's up my work at parcels. Right Oh you yeah. That's the first thing that's ever happened to me where it was like. Oh Yeah Yeah that's me too. That's fucking nuts. I you said no I you know like I used to know every person everything about everybody who came in here because I was probably like helping you. You get hired and now it's like you can work here and I don't even know until you introduced me at a non barstool event that is fucking nuts but yes shout out to all the DADS who crushed their daddy daughter her this weekend now. Let's get into some Harley inappropriate voicemails let's get into our voicemails is brought to you by hydrants top performers in the world. 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Hd Fudge Subaru Specie So I've been this girl down a couple of weeks long enough now that They could plans for Valentine's Day coming up talked to her. What about Valentine's Day and she kind of getting the usual doesn't care she'll make all that so far as I got flowers cents at work? Please go there on Friday on Valentine's Day Question is my idiot for just doing that to to you know make dinner you know. Make dinner reservations. Go out through a big game day or I don't know bullshit don't need to worry about now pretty much times as a made up holiday anyway right on you gotTa stop saying it's like they're all they're all maybe maybe some of them are rooted in something a little more tangible the mountains day but not every always been just everywhere. It's a made up word. Every names made up name like like even but I understand the idea of all made up. People people thinking that Christmas means more because it was about the birth of this religious figure like but that's not Christians anymore it's about just president materialistic the same way that Valentine's Day is and Thanksgiving. No one's is actually thinking about like you know what you're thankful for. Its football and gambling and eating gluttony. All these are rooted in very like you know selfish or fake AAC or whatever whatever reasons you gotta you gotTa do more you got you got you gotta go out you gotTa do something go to dinner. Yeah so like. He's like a two reservations. Yes if I don't do anything you don't you don't want to set the bar too high you know it's like every relationship is like having a dog right where we were saying on the dog here. Yeah okay because you're you're training your training each other and I'm being trained I'm training you. It's it's too. It's like a blind dog who has a seeing eye dog yours. Yes yeah the dog leading the dog right here. You're training joining me to like clean up and send RSVP's and be a real person. And I'm training you to be like a hooker in the bedroom. I'm joining you to like when you tell. Hello I'm training to realize that words being things and when you say I don't want anything it's not doing. I'm not getting anything. That's what you told me. Okay and and maybe you'll have a fight about that and she'll learn that okay okay I have to expressly say what I want and I'll learn. Sometimes she doesn't expressly say what she wants right. But if you tell you anything I'm not getting. Yeah said you didn't want don't don't preach that to the people I know I am because it works preset to the women that they shouldn't do that don't preach it to the guys that they give you view didn't say anything that'll get yourself but if you say I do not want anything. I'm not giving you anything you can do it once like if she says. I don't want anything you could be like. Okay we're GONNA find out yeah because if she flips out the next time she says I don't want anything like no then moved fucking hammered down. I know you're GONNA fervor favorized. FERBER is whatever it. Is You cry Etem. Drying you say he didn't cry it out method. Do you said you want anything you get what you want. I will buy it for you but I'm very logically. You're right but the next time she says. I don't want to think you're just going to be like well. She said it again. So we're going to end crying again and keep doing it until you learn. Words means sometimes it's like hey you you wanna the attention like here you go you got it like. Sometimes their actions have to backfire. She should've learned the first time. She's a genius thing. I listened her. So if you say it again but unless you but then and that's you opting into I'm choosing instead of going and buying something choosing to have a good. That's what I understand where you're coming from but I'm surprised that you like it's it's the path of least resistance is just get something. Yeah but sometimes sometimes pass some travel. You're so right I just. I don't think I've ever heard you say it. It's like a I where it was like. Yeah no like it's worth the extra fight or ruined the night or the drama or the week like the silent treatment or whatever in order to stand your ground around and stick up for like the logical behavior. This is the way the world works. When you again I'll get you anything you want? Just tell me and if you say nothing you'll get nothing and you'll like she's going to be. I want you to figure it out. That's what I want but if you say that that's fine and then it's on me but you get we'll give me something you'd think. Ah like okay now task ahead of me but quite the hill to climb but the if you just tell me you don't want something then you're getting nothing. Yeah I get it. I just think that you need to put this out there with a disclaimer of like you're walking yourself into the viper prepared and you and you have your right like you have the right play all that I know about what I also think that you you know you have to. You have to say. Say say someone's done this like five years in a row eventually if they're not learning oh I'll dig heels and you had a point. You're the real problem. Is your three year one year two was like I'm making a point you're three is like. Are we seriously going to get in a fight on balance talking again because of this. That's when the real manner. How much are you standing for your principles three years in a row because then five years in a row? It's great then it's then it's like I'm going to do this. Sober bucket working here of like. You're almost hope somebody kill myself on Valentine's Day fifty fourteen fucking Bass League go to war rear sure but I I mean so many of us out there are just trying to do the pathways resistance. If you want to stand up for what is right and logical you. The John Myself in this stuff I do a stand up myself smart to do with their. Because if you're going to pick one line yeah but you're you're is usually and this is why I have hope for you. Your Anikin Skywalker. I have hope for you that like your sometimes. You're telling me like I'm not going to get bullied into doing this or that. Unlike and I'm always like yeah. Yeah just wait just wait. Maybe John's the one maybe John's got asked the joke. I always say to be not just me and all my buddies who are everybody all my crew got married read like earlier than the other ones when all my friends come and say their version of reality or they stick to. They're going to stick to their guns and it's going to be different. We always all. Let's look at each other laugh and like tickets you're different you're the different one. Yeah and you. You're the one that's different out of the eight billion people and the trillions. Who have come before you? You're the one who's GonNa break the mold out of like how society has locked matrimonial life in you know what I mean. You'll you'll be different. John might be different different cat. I mean he's different a lot of other ways so maybe this is the one now. That's why he's GonNA end up dead and loan like he'll be able to tell that tale. Well you're literally dying alone in a hotel room talking to yourself going. Yeah but I didn't get her that balance they got nothing and L.. Dial with honored to call but with honor people who die with his boots on. They'll tell the story. John Advised Burg and how he refused prejudice. When you said he didn't want anything go off literally GONNA die a martyr represent represent for all the people out there with logic and brains just fucking say what you want February eighteenth today? I die because a national the steak and blow job day. Whatever you whatever day you die? That's what we're going to make that one bucket. I mean yes so you can either go the John Route. Do what's right and just logical in your brain or I would say if you WANNA pathways resistance. I would say flowers dinner. Flowers flowers flowers it in a row. That's it but after that I'd say flowers there. If you are a new relationship I would get some jewellery like nothing crazy. But it's GonNa close or something like that if you knew if you're young on the mall for Valentine's Day to like get like Kay no you don't you. Don't think too much jewelry. Well I mean that's the problem is and that's why I said when you're new like if you've gone through if you're with someone for like like five years let's say you've gone through five Christmases. Five birthdays five valentines days. And maybe if you're one of those couples fiber anniversaries. You know all of a sudden. It's like all right. I've hit every fucking ECONOMIA job. The toll ring you belly chain like I don't know there's there's something around get it. It's a great fallback but it's just like I'm not going to get some expensive. I don't even know if you like back. Yeah but I I love these hearings but what I like about it is is. It's the easiest to guess. I think maybe I just have like good taste in enjoy. But I've never like you get a girl clothes. You gotta worry about the size and the fit Shoes same thing like I got a parallel batons Kaelin. He'll was way too big. I love these for like can't physically walking the jewelry. I feel like you know you know certain brands. You know certain names like you get someone a Fucking David Yurman ring like they're going to be happy and you know what I mean so I feel like it's actually the easiest way to go as far as making girls happy with with what they are expecting but it is is a little bit. Yeah I mean it's I think if you're like what married longtime maybe a special anniversary or something special reason how you go all out maybe in the beginning you get something extra but those middle years flowers flowers and it's hard for me because I don't like like trinkets it's an shit like that very simple man and so I just don't understand like every I don't present so it's impossible for me to get something I would you. You WanNa fuck fuck. Do you want something. That's barely gonNA wear your book. Why the fuck do you want every little while you know the answer them? Joe's I love you this much money and who get to show that too. It's not about you heard it's about everybody else. It's about the instagram post. Or I guess why they want the than the friend you know. It's it's always based on other people all these things are really and that's not saying everybody's like materialistic or whatever but in these instances that's where I understand the Valentine's day the people who like those made up holidays. Yeah they're all made up. But I do get the idea of like this. This is strictly for flexing instagram. Girls comparisons all that shit. It's wholesome apologies. It must be just a a tough life to live. Well like you always is like getting in a fight every single Valentine's Day because you literally took her at her word. I live my life. It's not that bad are you. Are you doing anything for this. No nothing has happened not go over well or I mean I think so are you. Are you doing one of your things now up. Yeah so it's going to happen. He's not here. She's Crystal Valentine's Day. Be there yeah through through ten. Oh all right the gravy. I feel like this is the other reason why John might be like the chosen. One you get away with a lot like remember the time he wasn't GonNa help remove then like something happened that weekend right. Where like you wouldn't like you didn't really have to anyway? I I forgot about that. Yeah I don't remember what happened but remember being like he skied it on that one. I can't wait. I can't wait till Monday. So right and then it was like wow no this happened and that happened and the weather or or something you know. We have to go somewhere to go somewhere for work right. There was. There was a logical reason why you were allowed to miss them. But maybe it'll be like look like I have friends who are like Kinda cocky and assholes and and the guy who everybody always says something like one day you're going to say this the wrong person and they're gonNA knock you the fuck out and you're GONNA learn your lesson and my one buddy goes not that's never gonNA happen. They're gonNA get like knock but doing it for thirty five years and nothing's this happened on this not GonNa Happen to me and I'm like he's probably he's just going to keep getting away with it and I think you keep going you know what I think I actually think it's applicable to what rob said. Today we're talking about how he can do like racist jokes something like that because they know when his father in his. I cannot do like the things that you have because people people do and even though they don't really care care. I'm not going to do that. Yeah well yeah you're you're actually probably the poster child for like how it should be. It's like I know just because I remember remember all the other days than I did. Nice things loved you or whatever like that's what matters that's what counts justice grads of those ones a hell of a discussion from a voicemail. I would say get fucking cheap necklace. GANCI kind of h Boy Mike. Easy again Hypothetical so you're laying if you go to sleep with the girl and you wake up the next morning and you had I switch just so you wake up and you have her Punti and you wake up and she has your debt do you. Guys talk is a one day. Only thing it's not like we don't talk your own book your Gig if I basically like it's with a person I'm in a relationship with right that's like a girl. You're dating the girl but I think that kind of matters like if it was like a one time hookup and then we go back doc. I don't want this stranger go fuck. I don't want her going back and telling her the exploits of like how I I was throwing it back. Yeah but but it's it's committed thing all I'm looking bad. No Ah my ankles over my head Bro. No no no come on. Maybe you don't have to go all Alec Me. Maybe I have always been fascinated by the idea of. I still have the required tools I guess so but I joe s peg the idea of something. Go filling you off. That sounds so not appealing to me but they like it right they love it at girls are always like. I can't believe you had to sing like hanging between your legs. So they're probably like fascinated by the penetrating something. But I I've always said this to like I always joke about when they're just like staring at the wall really bent over or whatever. It's just like you this is. Is this even enjoyable for you back here. I got a whole Bengawan here. You're looking at the fucking along with fitting here now. You gotTa Fuck. I like this. I remember the first time also on the show and she was like I bet ten and percents guys in here like getting pegged and we're like crazy and now three years later Kevin. I'd have a angles by my fucking ears. That was one of the more Ah revealing conversations like that was a sex expert who has talked to like every walk of life explaining like some guys like but stuff and us like young dumb like White Fucking Frat boy idiots no word. That's five years later. So Yeah we oh awesome biology right right the the this is one of my one of the Funnier tweets I've ever seen I think is like the guys girls guys girls Switz- parts basically gutted this and it's a guy approve of my boobs all night girl. I'd go for a run in with headphones on and feel safe. Go out alone and now we're GONNA be raped. Who who do you if this happened for a day whole fucking world who do you? I guess it doesn't matter how long or who happens to who you think would be better with the other person's parts parts you other genders parts timothy shallow not they met like really embarrassing. uh-huh guys or girls would a guy be better at fucking talking with the girls parts over the girl better fucking Dick and you say well let me Timothy. What of King Moment? I mean I see where you're going with it. And it makes the Oscar that looked pretty. He's as a pretty boy. He's a man that guy might have a pussy pro. You know I was waiting for your answer like ooh interesting. Okay I'm here. He's got a very thin chin Chins skin on skin. Silky smooth the hair hair. Wow Oh god I guess the Sir would be girls. I opposite like I feel like the way like like I think. I think we'd be in trouble. I think girls there'd be big revolution with we got the addicts. Now we'd be looking girls like switch to stop throwing stuff. Men would be slaves by well if they take their brain in their life their savviness and all that should they care about and giving them like the brute strength moves done if we were we were dopey as we are we have policies. We would be absolutely absolutely it. It'd be planning to the WB like by the weeks. The whole world would be completely which is why it's got to be so fury aiding for them now. Yeah the only reason not present. Because I don't have a fucking Dick and smarter than you know more and more motivated. I feel like girls like the way when girls on top. They're not like fucking like writing. I think they I think girls would suck at fucking like uh-huh. Yeah that's why I don't watch lesbian porn. Yeah check. I'm not a fucking so true lesbian strap on they're like Nah the pound and pound pounded role in the Mahdi and moving their hips. Smashed you fucking Elvis into their okay. Mine try to fit your pelvis inside I like other. They're really just telling us how they like. Yeah well that deep now you got some balls use of all right last voice Malam Alan. We'll get into bigs. PC fight seat. Would you rather rather live in a mall for the rest of your life be homeless for the rest of your life. So if you're in the mall you can't leave the mall either way unlimited money can't can't we planes. If you take the outside all right let me know what what does all of that mean would you. Would you rather be almost or would you rather have unlimited money and live in a fun house. Would you up in a place. That has everything you'll ever need. Endless amounts of food clothes fun. Money's not an issue or homeless and apparently you can't sleep on plane. Why the worried about my six hour flight? I'm fucking homeless will. This is the planes thing and my missing that. Is there something about malls and planes that. I'm not connecting them. I I I also lost a brave enough to say I'm taking them all. Yeah I'm taking. I'm taking the place with movie theaters and Panda Express and fucking jail. mccrone fucking apple. If I go to the mall is very rare. Now right I mean I think malls like cooked. They're pretty dreary perfect place for personal live. Yes not how many people there if I do go. I'll go sits in a chair. Sure if I could just do that permanently. Yeah go to the Food Pusey now. WHO talks you? Yeah well you can hope. Lake trying to play devil's advocate. I think the normal life you meet somebody in the mall and it's like a You WanNa like go out. Sometimes now. I can't leave them on mood. Corum over here with multiple bars and stuff now in most them have a casper or something like that like one of those show in sleep. I mean as long as you're not a parasite where you're fucking on the run the whole time. I'd like to be able to just be like I'm the man who lives at the mall. Hiding high five million Johnny Glasnost highly recommend bed. I'll be like I'll be like the Santa Mall Time. You know what I mean like Christmastime. I'll attack but I feel like this. This will be the first ever like one hundred percent to zero percent vote. We do one smell. You WanNa live in Richy riches house or House at all. Oh the only seen one successful almost motherfucker outside aside from that. Everyone's doesn't really have it together. Has Feud going any. I haven't seen him. I think he ran away. They go eh. Maybe you probably back to his mansion in the mall. All Right Jason Biggs on the show now you know him from American Pie which is as trying to think if there's been a modern classic since then like Super Bad was kind of a coming of age too bad for sure now there are plenty of old school. There's no but I feel like like all school was funny. I feel like there's only a handful of good like that was about like growing up and like being being in high school and learning about girls and sex and partying and all that Shit. There's been plenty of funny movies but that's up there as far as one of the I mean it's not new anymore more than twenty something years old but it tells the story of a young high school boy pretty well again for the quote unquote modern. Earn Ish world where it's like. Yeah we'll fuck pies Park Dick and like everything tried to focus shampoo bottles. That happened an avenue. Fuck myself with a jared soap. That'd be the shampoo bottle so anyway and he's one of those guys very open and cool about talking about American pie hi. It's not like he wants to be known as something different or whatever. An unbelievable bolt literally cannot believe story about him and his wife trying to have a threesome. very interesting talk about comedy on Social Media and how he kinda got caught up in cancel culture for a minute there very interesting cat really normal dude like love to go fuck and have a beer with that guy So we can say that Mark I was talking to justify by the way mercury such a Nice Guy Mark Probation. Oh He's like I sent him as a hung over the airport and I was like I was like dude. I was like hungry the airport I decided I should have a beer and nightshift came on the. Am I WANNA goes. I was not only. Did I decide on a beer. I am not even over anymore and his response was like why he's such a nice guy he's like he's like awesome dude. It's the mood. And then he was like house root beer. You Drink Man Nice Guy Fucking such a nice guy dude. He either live my life more like Marco Bachchan everybody. Everybody should live all the guys. Richard like the whole the whole gang like they're they're like cult classic Oltra famous on the roads still touring all have great families all live nice lives. It's like you're not supposed to have at all I mean come on. You're supposed to be like the front man of abandoned you had to like overdose he can't be like having awesome wholesome life as well Interview with biggs is brought to you by Hawthorn. We've got a nice little care package the other day the had all the shit you need to be a guy that smells and looks like what girls want perfect because if you go to their website we don't know what you want you know and it's like what do you like to do in like what's your skin type and stuff like that and to use Barshefsky's body wash and it just uses the bar so it creates it just it just like here's what's best for you so you say the best shampoo and conditioner. Here's your body washed your in like alone working play is interesting too because I sprayed the work and I was like okay. I get it now like how's play going to be different spread it. I was like that's Muslim or something I would wear out. There is something to it. I don't know maybe it's my head is placebo effect but so from Cologne loan down to all the toiletries and stuff you need for hygiene Hawthorne. 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We've got Jason Biggs in the studio new show coming out outmatched on Fox but You've been doing this for a minute. Man You've been in the game time and it's been a second second. Yeah it's pretty wild. It's crazy man like I'm doing this show now. I'm a dad two teenage kids by the way which I'll tell you Old Yes so our characters are. We're high school sweethearts. Had Kids like right after high school. Yes we've got like a fifth personally Komo not me. My kid is six you wars. Yeah forty one yeah. I was like a six year old. And a two year olds way more manageable at the moment but yeah but in the show and so but it's crazy to be playing dad. Have these kids you know. And there's these kid actors around. I was a kid actor. So it's it's sort of very nostalgic for me to think about I did. I did a TV show on Fox actually. When I was twelve years sold that went one season was cancelled? It was called Drexel's class with dabney Coleman Okay and Brittany Murphy was on it. It was on Sunday Monday. Night's either right before or after the simpsons and is still bombed and it's Yeah it was a disaster but I was one of the kids like to see these kid actors now on their first TV show or it's pretty. It's pretty wild and and also we just did an episode. This was really crazy so last week. Last week's episode that aired. I have the sex talk with my kids and it didn't even. It didn't occur to me when I was shooting it a whole week. We spent filming. That episode did not occur to me once until I was promoting the episode last week and I was on my instagram and I was talking about. What the episode was about and it hit me like a ton of bricks and like Holy Shit twenty one years later? I'm doing this. TV Show where the the dad having the sex talk with my kids know. Twenty twenty one years after Eugene after famously got this sex talk you know from my dad in a movie movie was pretty these kids fucking any hope. Not Man I tell you what I I really hope not. Just in case they are. I told them I taught him how to do. Ah that a joke or a reference or something. You're sick of not no out of town. No I swear I'll tell you what I'll tell you why you you know. There was probably a period around two thousand four. Two thousand five from being perfectly honest where I don't three the American foodies but in my head I was like you know I i WanNa be also known as something else and I made sort of like you know emotionally and in my work tried to do a sort of shift you know like I'm not just this guy I've got more to me and there probably was some anger and resentment involved at that at that point for me and it probably lasted a little while and I've come to realize now all these years later and by the way we did another movie like I kind kind of came around and the whole thing we did a fourth movie in Twenty twelve. Although that's now been a minute shit but still it's like you know what it is the best fucking gift I've ever gotten life. It is the most fun I've ever had working on something. It's my favorite role. It's my favorite people. I've worked held casts. It's fucking awesome. Awesome people good people. And it's I got two kids in private fucking school. I live in New York City. Pay Bills paid. How fucking walking? Lucky am I you know and you know what happened. Yeah and you know them and I found this is true with anything. And maybe it's just because I'm older nostalgic Jake and have kids and whatever but but like you know the minute you let go of that shit is like you. Don't worry about image happened now now. I'm here like promoting a different. TV show that has nothing to do with American pie or anything like that just kind of happens that way. Do you think America could have been made today. Problematic show that version of it certainly not some scenes and we recently went back and we were watching the Webcam scene. No you can't get away with hell broadcasting a girl masturbating to the school and everyone's like on the edge of their seat ZIP but I was without her knowing like like absolutely not almost like a badge of honor though. I show that doesn't work anymore. Like porkies when I was younger like my dad was like we gotTa Watch port. He's got onto fringe orange. The nerds like those. Those are the ones and it was like at that point. They still kinda worked. I guess when the early nineties still wasn't that bad. Yeah it's almost like if you make a show or or a movie so iconic that it's still watching twenty years and it doesn't stir crazy guys that you wanna last question pushing the edge pushes the envelope type totally. Well now. It's the time capsule right. Now it's like Oh this is remember when we can laugh. Yeah I mean I didn't say you But yeah I mean kind of but no it is interesting. You know it has been twenty one years since that thing out man and most importantly is that it gave from your career and pave the way to do saving Silverman which exact greatest most underrated film. I'M GONNA I'm gonNA use the F. Word and call it a film ever I. I believe it's I would imagine it's one of the most when I know I like a movie is when rotten tomatoes critic scores low and audience high and savings. Norman is like one hundred percent audience. And whatever on the credit I to me is like one of the best cult classic movies thing ever. It's and it's very quotable. People come up to me with those. Let's go yeah yeah it's it's pretty great. No it's interesting because I was so psyched on that movie and we shot it and you know it was like one of the first things I did after American Pie and Jack Black and like his second movie and Steve Zahn whose genius and Neil Diamond doing only his second movie movie ever after the jazz singer. And you know we were just stoked on this director of big daddy and we were just like fucking around and Vancouver for three months just laughing laughing our asses off so clearly tell that doing. Yeah we actually just had Rob Rob Maclean here. And he was talking about the most important thing is cast chemistry. And because it fucking. I don't know how it works. I don't know the physics of it but it somehow loses through. You can totally and it's like I described as a great Saturday like they will be on cable or something like that perfect because you watch it alone you feel. You're watching with friends. You just stop on your hung over. You're sitting around. Silver is absolutely yes absolutely through the commercials on your great better. Yeah has all live where it's like you clearly said fuck but instead comes out fudge you like great great it. Yeah Yeah you talk about how you better in the industry for so long. I didn't I didn't know how no since like child. That American Pie was the first thing I saw. Oh you know how you normal. You're pretty normal Catholic. Thanks I saw you. I don't remember we talked. I might have been too scared to talk to you but we were backstage. I think pier thirteen in art show was might have said Hi. Might not like these fucking normal as dude. Hang out over there and you're famous for your fucking life. Thanks man. I appreciate age aged fucking day I feel fucking get a badge in but but thank you got you very sweet. You're doing wonders from it. You no I think part of it is because I did it when I was so little like started when I was five I got some cool things got that you know Drexel's class ask ninety one. I was like Oh shit. I'm on the and then it goes away did Broadway awesome then. It goes away like I had some cool little moments ends. Got Exposed to the industry work with some cool people learned a lot but also realized early on that this shit goes away when it is vical and also credit to my you know so so in terms of like not taking any of this shit for granted totally appreciating it. All you know doing every job like it's my last putting the work and in showing up all that applies because I saw this sort of ups and downs of it but also credits and my folks man they I would come into New York and I'd work with the other kid. Actors or adults mostly adults at work with being very professional world. And you know where people were waiting. You know getting me waters Vixen is GonNa get you what you get spoiled all right but but when I go home to Jersey you know and I'm like fucking do this is handed to you know it was just a regular kid. I get grounded I get in trouble. I like had regular shift to normal school. I had regular friends who. I'm still friends with today that that that's probably the most important learn goes away right and I feel that's when most child stars or whatever would learn that's when they're first bio comes around if you can get through that first learning of it when you're okay and I'm thinking so important to have friends who will not letting us think that you're anything. Do not not having friends to support my the biggest detractors. My friends the ones Alexa fucking cares. My friends give me so much shit and it's crazy it's I'll tell ya the most sort of nervous I've been for someone to people to see my work for an audience reaction was I got a vhs. Copy of American Pie was not not even called American compile yet it was at the time it was. I remember vhs. I still have it somewhere. Says East great falls high on it and I took this early copy of the movie and I had the movie we shot it over. The summer came out the following summer. That Christmas in between living in La. But I came home for the holidays and I had this copy of VHS. And I all my friend told all my friends all my high school friends and we've got together. We went to my one buddies basement. We had the big screen. TV and We pop the VHS. In and I washed it with him and I never been more nervous like I was so I left the room I would. I know I was pretty freaked. Particularly for the piscine is like what the fuck are they going to think. This is because by the way that was the audience to yeah the movie. They're buddies in it. I am and I remember the Pie like the first image of me with the pie happened and there was like this pause and I was like. Oh Fuck Oh fuck and then they just burst out laughing they could not fucking believe is relieved event. I honestly yeah. It was like an so cool man. It was just such a great moment for me as I. This is fucking by it. Pays off man. Might it works. I tell the kids out there you know. Get Your Pie if life. You never miss an opportunity to fuck that pie. You think that by so you saying the The whole title Dios East Great Falls High. How important you think? It is changed watching the diehard movies that made it through the day and that was originally it was called like burning tower or whatever and I. I don't know if it's because the name has become so iconic sounds ridiculous. Yeah partly if it's because like American behind so well so many it's so perfect and now it's so closely associated with it that you can't pick or anything but I think I'll I'll never forget the phone call that I got when they said that they were changing the title to what And when they told me it was just that like yeah. Of course. That's right that's it and yeah and it was. I was stoked I forget what the question was it. It definitely helped. It definitely helped them out for sure. Yeah East great falls high. You just go. What the fuck is it about? American ACAPA says it all right and also talking about this earlier. The thing for American pie that worked so well and this was before. Now we're sort of anesthetized too not just just those kinds of scenes I mean now you gotta go really big too like shock any of us right but the way they did the red band trailer. I don't know if you guys remember in the movie theater theater the most of the coming attractions the previews are you know. There's a green creams rated and this one popped up read in Luthier and there was a there was a quick shot of me. fucking the Pie and it was people were. It was a debate right. It was like do we wanna give away what is probably the biggest joke okay in the movie or do you WanNa capitalize on. Give them just a little taste and have people go. Oh Fuck what is that movie and we did that and it was a red band so people are like what is this. What is Red Bull? Shit I'm not supposed to be seeing this movie. I can't even see the trailer without an adult's right and this was right at the time. The Internet so the Internet was kind of starting to happen starting to happen it went viral in viral as go. Yeah but it was more just that word of mouth. Kids were starting kids. Let's talk about a college kids. Were like you see them mood. You hear about that trailer did you know you. They went and saw. You know whatever movie and there was a crazy buzz because of that trailer and because an American pies and people connected it was like yeah she and that's kind of the original viral marketing in a way. Wow but you were when you guys are doing that movie. Did you ever think that like Eugene Levy would be like the second coming of Eugene Levy Levy. I always say Steve Steve Levy on ESPN Fox. Lease that show. I mean Shits Creek is strict is awesome. It's it's like I never would've guessed and I. I was much younger when I saw that movie. But I would've thought that that you know that's the dad and does his own thing and now with his second coming. I've realized that. Oh he's kind of been a legend forever forever. But he's been a legend. I mean I grew up. I remember him in splash. Armed and dangerous splash. I says he guys like the villain who kept trying to to spray water on Daryl Hannah because he just knew that she was a mermaid so he kept trying he was the guy that he was trying to spoil the whole thing right. He was fucking hilarious. He kept getting denied. He would get hurt. He broke his arm at one point. He is in like this giant cast. Then he did armed and dangerous with John Candy he did a bunch of course. SETV that was like. That's where the legend was made but But then you know he was just Kinda like out of that whole cast. I mean there's a lot of up and coming kids there's a lot of people are established but through 'em in the they all got it got it and look and better than ever. It's it makes me and you've got a new. It always makes me Jellison. I have this stupid job where I can't wear souks. I see people coming in with a soup. Mix Smooth glass out for the whole fuck somehow. Now makes the eyebrows cool. I wish had eyebrows. Yeah so part of the other the other half of our show. We always take calls from people who have a lot of like fucked up ridiculous relationship situations and a big topic that we get asked about a lot or told stories about a lot are threesomes and I am of the School of thought that it's a good idea but execution is tougher than you think and you have lived that out and proven me correct on that list and I knew the story but I just brushed up on it. I regret that it was three attempts like three nights. Yeah I think we were over three. I mean after one. I did not do it again Patrick to. I'm definitely like honey. We're not trying again. Yeah you went three nights in a row trying to have sex with a hooker was it was one night like in l.. Lay with a massage therapist. That that someone I won't name a friend of ours imply recommended commended recommended right. Implied was and we did we basically first of all let me just say this the whole thing. It was a comedy of errors. I mean it was just a disaster. Your wife's idea which was my wife's idea and it was really if you know my wife or any of her stories stories at all she wrote a you know she writes these books in there and all the stories are true. But fucking crazy trip. Yeah she's a trip and she. It's almost like we were doing in this for the story by anything else. I'd rather fail one of totally and so for us. It was just like we were you know we we were recently married. We were best friends and we were just kind of on this weird adventure together. I in my mind is like Oh but it'd be dope to get you know but it never ver- worked out for various reasons. The first time was you know if we can't we were like okay game on and like we kept dropping these like hints like so it's time to advertising subtle hints. Hey Ah very subtle. I forget you know we'd like kind of like. Oh so you know she'd be like okay. Get on the table and I'd be like I. Don't you know Jenny undrafted. I would address and we'd be like not shy. Nothing happens if anything. She was like shocked. And we were like okay and we kept texting texting our friend during the night going. Are you sure she was like our friend was like absolutely. She does for me and her boyfriend at the time and we were like are really as we go back in if we go back in the room because let's try this and it would just be out failed failed failed failed Vail every fucking time so we were like all right. Either you were fucking talking with us and she. She swears today she was not fuck. And you know you had the right person. Yes like. It wasn't a mix up mix up. She swears Jason. WanNa fuck you. So that's probably what that was but we did not give up. We're like you know what we have a trip to vegas coming up for a friend's birthday. Let's try it. Their way is right. It can't fail in Vegas Do the first night was like just crazy. First of all this woman came in and it was like not at all what was advertised and we were just like okay but okay whatever game on and I say okay ugly. Ah It's just a penis. I went to whatever there's surely a place to put it. So yeah so the came and then I didn't have enough money. I thought I did. I was told one number that another run to the ATM MM-HMM and then like I'm sharing an elevator with people whose birthday it was that. I didn't WanNa tell that I was doing this thing. And they're like so. What are you doing like just rush into the to get money for a hooker so you know and then my car has declined as a whole fucking shit show finally was like I gotta go? I have a nail appointment story true story so she he fucking last night one in Vegas a boss. Now we're over to but the stories literally writing itself and then the third night was like a little bit better after we got a little bit further but it too became. It ended up being Jenny. First of all could not stop laughing the whole time. I was like a bag of chips. She was eating a bag of chips. Literally eating a bag of chips on the edge on the foot of the bed looking at me could not keep a straight face. I mean Jimmy. Please like you've got to keep a straight face we've got to take it seriously. Like this is her job and also like do you want me to like. Do you want me to do this or not. Like I can't like what's up. I'M NOT GONNA be able to do it if you're fucking laughing and then I just I lost the whole thing and then it ended up being like a therapy session between Jenny and this and this woman and like you know how she got to where she became like best friends like all right and then and I was just drinking from the mini bar and it just like okay. Well Anyway. We paid her and she left. I mean the whole fucking thing was just a disaster but a great great story but anyway we get a lot of like like funny ideas and calls on. This show is a great movie. But that's that's that's been told to you before that's an unlike the birthday prank. I five really's American and I was aware of it at the time I was like I. Literally Life is imitating art. This is my this is Jim. I am Jim a holy Shit. Yeah the whole thing sounded way better than it than it was not on. It ended up better than it could have been a better than if that went smoothly. And you perform and you go to town and I think you're still hearing about that today. I think she thinks that's an idea on paper. Berg really remember that time like that hooker like me before whatever day yes some oranges or annual times asked me for something. She's kidnapped like I told my turn with the kids. I got you a hooker. Yeah that's probably masterminded always three levels ad I know but anyway yeah I do not recommend it unless you're married to someone like my wife or you played a character in a gym where you can kind of sense where it's going to go do not just to go back to the pyro quick. I always wondered what were you. What were you actually doing like you just held it and kind of like homes? Yeah no oh so it was like a it was a hollowed out. Shell like you had the tin yeah but inside of it was like a styrofoam fake pie crust and I just kind of put put my flush flat penis flush against the Pie as if I was talking and then we put real pipe pieces like all around l. later that night literally I was showering and still pulling literally pie pieces out of my fucking like like my anus. I'm not kidding it's fucking gross and he better be a fucking I if this kid is right what the hell that I just do well. Well that's why I was like so like showing my friends the movie I'm like Oh my God please like if I if they didn't laugh then it's just degree my buddy. I'm just a friend that fucked pie. Hi The you know what I mean. It's a movie but it's also probably your most embarrassing personal moment you're sharing with your friends totally any the point. I one time burnt of a picture because it was me with Barbie doll and I was just scared that my friends would see that right. And you just fucking doc in a pot yeah. It was interesting when I did it. There was no embarrassment I was like. I'm going for it you have to. I was twenty so I was nineteen. Nineteen when a auditioned things you were fucking off. Method guys fucking director. Yes guys idea. Okay you didn't know you hired him. Broadway method actor. which do you want me to fuck this? I I fuck the shit out of this pie. Okay yes I got a question for you going through. We're hardcore research here going through your wikipedia page and get to the the bottom of it though boy on that in a minute. There's a part that says controversy and it says to the funniest sentences I've ever read in a row whereas this this Jason Hawes some controversy about comments about flight three seventy Malaysia flight. Three seventy F- and then it says Jason Biggs months later. Jason Biggs caused some controversy about Malaysia. aflaid seventeen out here talking shit about Malaysia Airlines Abby Malaysian Airlines. I don't remember them but that controversial despite a Malaysia Airlines and I've held a grudge. Ever since you know I don't remember I. I mean listen if in the year twenty twenty your wikipedia controversy section. Is that you're doing good. Yeah I was. I got canceled on twitter for a minute. Yeah it was. Yeah man it was. It was so what so what happened was I don't remember the first flu. I mean so the first flight of the crash right and it was geared the missing one which by the way they did they ever find that shit. I think pretty much no no they never found. No I don't even pieces. They determined still missing. It was still missing and then I was in Mexico City promoting the orange is the new black. Actually and I was Innov- I'll never forget where I was and I was in this van with some of the other cast members and we were driving to the next press event in like the premier was that night night and all I think one of us was on twitter. And someone's like Oh my God. Another Malaysian airlines leans plane crashed or something and I was just like what that's insane. Are you serious kind of thing before I did any sort of research search on it works. This letter works or how it used to work for me by the way he's pretty much I use it to promote and I and I read I get my news from it but I don't go there man. Lessons were learned but anyway I just took to twitter and this was at a time when I was felt like I was being provocative doc active. I you know I have a sense of humor. That's could go dark and just kind of whatever and twitter at the time for me was like this opportunity to show this other side of me and have some fun Own and I wasn't working as much so I thought and for the most part at work like I got lots of followers and they like me saying kind of fucked up things and how big Howard Stern Fan so I grew grew up with that kind of provocative kind of thing and I thought I obviously I'm no Howard stern and I learned my lesson but but anyway without thinking and went to twitter and I tweeted tweeted. Does anyone by Malaysian airlines frequent flyer miles that so I thought it was funny. Cut To oh you ready within an hour. TMZ has me on their homepage. And it's because I didn't know this so now they're finding there's footage coming out of the wreckage and all lives were lost all so it's literally ready. TMC's page it was. The photo was the burning wreckage of the crash with my face on the front of big bomb. Literally Jason. The big mocks whatever. Whatever it was then I didn't realize it was actually funny? Send it end dude. Like just boom like that and I was like. Oh my God. What defy and you know and this was at a time too when you know I got defensive about it I which by the way tides man does does not fucking help okay or never ever ever works but just to be fair real quick? Oh yeah don't correct you. We're ahead of your time now. Malaysian Airlines is just a bunch of join the punchline. Anyway thank you I appreciate that. I'M NOT GONNA go there man. I know we don't want Ebony. PTSD here on the whole thing. You know listen. That must be hard though to read. I'm reading twitter. I'm like I have to say something either. I'm either in our amount mount I it took a while to talk all fucking wild man. It was a lesson that took me a few years. I can tell funny guy. And that's what he's missing out on some good shit. Jim Thanks man and I feel like I'm a good guy you know so for to get this like reaction and have death threats people on twitter be like fuck you. I hope you die in your family. You you know it's just like Oh fuck should land and get it plenty of time you're going to. Ah We've said that like we learned that it's one of those things where you say like we work in the world so we know and it's like attorney phone off go to bed and it'll be over in the morning but also when you're in that storm you feel like it'll never you feel even if you know you no it's ending any just your your body feels that. Hey it's fucking crazy crazy well and also like you know. I've I WANNA work. Oh you know what I mean like. That's on Fox. I WANNA work. I WANNA work man. I WANNA work on Fox I want to be employable. You know. And that is defeating and Shit. Now she doesn't. It doesn't bode well now. It's not a good look man and and you know it took me a minute to learn that lesson and that was really I mean it was longtime ago and it was a really and everyone says well. It was a different time in my life and I was a person but it's true man that was before kids that was before my whole fucking perspective. Effective life change much. Because it's it's true it's very new chain around different people go. Will you still some people do use as an excuse. Excuse really were like but this idea. Yeah it's true man and look what I have. I have the day it's like I can't change change. It man can't change. It can be something like I said in this day and age. If that is your controversy even as bad as may have been in the moment we've seen a lot worse out there so it's true. Good Guy Jason Biggs still still an action game outmatched which sounds by the way like like four different shows in one you know like the kids being genius its its own thing. Bang Malcolm in the middle together. Yeah kind of is man. It's kind of a fun play and all that stuff all those kinds of what was the reasoning by putting Atlantic. I'm excited I feel like it doesn't happen. It's funny because we know from Jersey. No no dude Atlantic city so weird the first ever going to a see and by the way that's the only place to go bare exposure right. Is that the place you could bring. I brought thirty rack into that place. You can bring your own. Yeah that's the first time and it was like who I was raining that day. It was just those guys who are rickshaws rickshaws pushing. They're not even rixon pushing a cart and it was just them walking around and Pancho guys. There's forty of you out. There's no no one's doing. I'm if I want one of those rides thirty nine and you can still go home true if someone comes out and actually wants. It's to ride with one of you guys like do you guys like fight over like a pigeon fighting over chrome he's like what happens like you guys have a line Rochambeau twenty seven times. I'll just haggling until someone for free. Listen you want to charge me forty but this guy yeah. It is an interesting But the reason I think you know this is just sort of blue collar working class family. You know which which AC like. I'm always fascinated by these places that have the hotels and have a thing in the business and the money and the and then there's the other then there's the people that live local local. You know that that kind of always fascinates me and so my wife Character Maggie Lawson plays which she works at. I was yeah. He's awesome at these the best so funny so great. She works at the Casino. One Guy Casinos kind of GIG. So they're scenes in the casino and stuff but but also the creator of the show is from Jersey further up northern Jersey. But he just thought it'd be fun to know that we kind of play with the themes and stuff. Yeah yeah it sounds awesome man. Happy doing good and on Fox outmatched thank you so much. Thanks for having me guys what you see and her face. You can't pay. Hey James aw I event take a appear Rainbow Yeah

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