Ep. 8 - Lumpy and Leosin, Part 1


Previously on tyranny of dragons Perpetual reconnaissance mission home when last we left our heroes after finding a safe spot to make Camp. The group is surprised with the heartfelt apology from their Champion sneak an intense conversation follows falma Reveals His allegiance to the Harpers and his secret mission to rescue Leia same page as the group settles in for arrest gye mere and Falmer set out towards the enemy encampment in search of information the trio of Heroes. It's just gone a long long time pretty much half of the session. If at any point you thought to yourself there probably about to head back to camp now. You were wrong Leia since fate is revealed during a very loud discussion between frullati and a menacing black half dragon get the Harper layoffs in will be question. Dawn and then he will die. The group still doesn't go back to camp and finds themselves in a guard Tower with five. Very unsuspecting guards after a little lap dog and an interesting conversation about what software is compatible with mirrors Hardware the group finally travels back to camp. with the band finally reunited and a strategy still not decided on the full roster of Our Heroes head back into the enemy encampment off ready to spring their trap that they haven't yet decided on the rear guard is under attack thinned and Guy Yell at the top of their lungs creating a massive distraction Badger Oz creates a tunnel for escaping project nurse and wreak finds himself entering into a mysterious cave will reeks apology be enough to unite the hero off during their most stressful time. Why is the lumpy one so damn Lumpy? And the group rescue lesson from his appointment with death at Don is Belmar the only Harper who thinks he can talk to birds and how short do you have to be to ride the mere find out on today's episode of parenting of dragons? Just to refresh foul Marne mere and paws off. You guys stand west of the northern ramp among the tall vegetation along with a large group of prisoners that were liberated through a badger tunnel. Okay guy and Finn you find yourselves Southwest of the quote unquote boujee town near the large bonfire looking past the bonfire. You can currently see the massive x-shaped torture rack where layoffs in is still currently bound the the veteran that you rolled a natural 20 on your charisma check has gone back off to the 10th and at least at this moment in time. You don't know off. What's going on with that? But you do see movement and people running around kind of to the north of you now reeked you find yourself over here off by this tiny little cave all by yourself. There is a small group of kobolds to the east of you but because of pass without trace and your your thoughts were all quietness. You're currently among some some tall vegetation. Just just peering into the cave, which is actually where we last left off what I'd like to do reek. I'd like you to roll a D20 thin and guide choose one roll a D20 mere Oz Palmar choose one roll a D20 natural one. Tuck Greg. You want me to do it? Yeah, you do it. I used my sister dies. That usually brings me luck. Yeah, not bad m o 13. Okay. So then fell ma Roz mere who's rolling for you guys. It looks like it's Palmar. I'm just rolling 3-month. I'm trying to figure out which guys do tonight. I don't care who rules. Okay. Somebody picked enrolled us do it. Okay 15. So Monday, we will start with Finn or sorry Oz Belmar and mere. Okay good that didn't mean anything except that. So there's a lot of things there's a lot of things going on. There's a lot of things that are going to be happening simultaneously. Okay Falmer oezdemir. I need perception checks from you 9 sorry 15. Okay. I'm the road twice. Yep. You have Advantage 16 + 1,000. So you're all the same thing twice and then found my role 214 Okay, cool. So you guys as you stand there among the high the high vegetation you see a group of three guards mere and film are they they do look somewhat familiar to you. They're coming down this ramp. They're dodging the the tall grass in difficult terrain and they're moving away from the guard Tower in this direction. You see them sort of disappear behind this tent over here dead. You see general movement. You can't see what's happening near the bonfire and where layoffs in is, but there is some movement mirror you notice to the South there's some movement and it seems to be that people are sort of moving toward like the opening of the Cave of the the camp rather. Okay into the center of the camp or by where the big fall bonfire is in the middle of them moving West past you toward the direction of what you know to be the opening of The Horseshoe, okay? Valmar, Oz and I had talked. A little bit in hushed words instead of instead of plan and we're going to try to take these people like just out of Out Of Reach and Stow them for now and come right back home, All right, where would you like to do that? We're going to take them to that same place that I crawled out that wasn't quite up the ramp, but it's to the right. So I'm going to start moving my office in that way. Okay hugging the cliff wall. I need you to make a stealth check and the three of you will still have passed without Trace. All right. I'm going to make one roll for all the prisoners + 718 + 10. So 28. Remember you have passed without Trace nice bath twenty-eight so Twenty Eight Twenty Eight and twenty nine. Okay, so then I'll roll for the for the prisoners. Jordan mine was a 19 total. Oh you added into it already. I rolled a three on the dice. Okay. Okay. So Twenty Eight Twenty Eight nineteen and then for the prisoner 614, okay, so that's really good. All right, so you guys are moving you can get to about here with the prisoners and I'm going to need another stealth roll from you guys. So 25 for Amir. 25 for us to Belmar. Are you still adding ten when you tap that total in? I am okay good spell 25 + 25 + 18 in + 5. / all right, so worst definitely worse but so far no one's noticed anything. Yeah, I'm rolling really shit perception checks. Okay, so we can make it about this far with another stealth roll like you can make it to me here and then I need another stealth role. So 26 for mere Thirty. Belmar 36, okay, nice 26 + 30 + 36. + this is stupid you guys + 18 g. Go up the damn hill middle of the road. So at this point you can definitely get to hear and your average right now is twenty-two. These guys are not going to see you. Okay, can we walk up this incline where you are right now? No, you can't walk up at you have to climb they crawl like on your belly kind of quiet time or off the road. It's not a climb that requires like climbing gear. It's like a steep incline. Okay? Okay. I say we consider them. Should we go up up right this place where around Do I recognize is this the same place? I climbed up before it is. Yep, then this is where we would I was trying to leave them. I'm going to climb up and then drop some Road. Okay. So go ahead and give me an Athletics check found Marta climate quickly. The DC is pretty low. You typed in chat in that way. I see it. So as as tries to climb up this slope, you see some of the rocks and things starting to give way Oz me Ur. You have an opportunity to sort of take a reaction. You can either try and quiet these rocks and things or you can try to help them are there are two of you so you could conceivably do both. I'm going to help falmore. Okay. I'm going to try and make it less noisy. Get some rocks. Okay. So Oz make a dexterity saving throw off. Just a straight deck save and then with me Ur helping very nice with mere helping falma. Are you can just make the check again as though you were making it with Advantage? Okay. So as as mere reaches out and sort of studies you just as you start to fall back, she reaches up and puts a hand on one hamstring. It's like right in the right place and she gets a leverage just right. There's no way she could hold up your body weight, but because of the way that she saw you falling she keeps you from just paying cake and backwards as the land slides out from under you and Oz pulls like just this wicked juggling Act of like just catching these rocks and keeping them from from making a bunch of noise and stacks them in a nice neat little pile sound bar with an eighteen you sort of look at yourself and you find a couple of places where the rocks have moved down and you can you can sink your fingers into some dirt climb in your way up to the top. So I'd like to look around to see if there's a rock or some route that I can tie it securely 14 make a perception check out there is a small like rock formation with some some roots and bushes, like kind of growing up through it. You feel pretty confident you'd be able to Anchorage enough there as everybody starts to do this. I need one final stealth check from all of you eighteen and mirrors at a 20 to 22. So often 18 years or 22 Palomar. What was your still 21 and then the prisoners? Prisoners are pulling their weight. All right. So, let's see. What was it? 21 + 22 + 18 + 1821 + 2 + 18 + 18. Yeah. We're in good shape. No way. These guys are going to see my guards would have to roll a natural 20 with disadvantaged. They're drunk and it's dark and they did not see you so you can get up this this slope with your prisoners. No problem. So me and I was go ahead and move so that I don't move you by accident and I will grab the civilians and bring them up here. I would have offered to go up first because if you can support life support, there's well with the Rope. Anchored well and found Mark standing there by its there was no need for any sort of checks or anything. This was like Batman old-school Adam West, you know off of the side of the building night. No problem. You've got them up. There's there is vegetation up here. There is Tallgrass clarification about the same level as off the guard Tower are we know you are now above the guard Tower? Okay. So as you as you look around where you are now, you're standing in Tall Grass the closest life thick vegetation. Is here so the spot it's a spot. I put the Rally Point on its Northwest Northwest. Okay, cool. Let's look around and walk in that general direction. Cuz we've seen let's have perception checks from from the three of you before we go. I'm going to untie and take my work back the prisoners or just huddling and trying to stay low under the high-growth. Okay you nine. Wow. Wait. No. This is perception. Check found more often not stealth. okay, 36 perception Austin film are as you guys look at across so you now see Some movement down here by the fire falma are you you're able to see layoffs in you see two figures that you recognized as guy and Finn and they're currently talking to some they're talking to a man wearing armor. He's large his armor looks to be kind of dark and as you look past you can actually see the tip top of a guard Tower and there appears to be two small points of light that are moving in their best. You can tell there's only two people in that guard tower now fell Martin long as you also would have noticed that there's only a couple people in the guard Tower near didn't we leave some rope? Going down the cliff towards our bivouac if there are only two guards and we know that they're typically drunk we did do we think we can send them that way instead of going to a point? Absolutely is it dark enough that I could draw a map in the soil to show where it is or light enough. I think in this country, I think in this moment you would need to make you would need to make some pretty successful checks to be able to convey all that information to these people who are like running for their lives right now. I'll just say this choosing between guiding them to that rope or trying to draw a map to convey the information to them would probably take about the same amount of time. Okay, these are all humans. Right all the people from greenest are humans. You're not sure about the the two people that you don't recognize we need to know if somebody can see in the dark to lead them because if we sell them on their own there if there are human there's going to have to find a light source, they can navigate towards but if they have somebody who had some dark vision, maybe we can send them a different point of reference. Are you saying this out loud know? Okay going to say it out loud says are off of you human. So at that point one of the people that you don't recognize pipes up in like a female voice and says, what's it to you? Why do you care off? You don't want to get caught. Can you see in the dark? Yeah, well enough in the dark why we look at Farmer and say maybe we should Point them towards something. Maybe we should get them out of here symbol on their own down to the prisoners. There's a spot to the Northwest that has some pretty tall vegetation that you could try to hide there for a little while and we could try to come back to get you but what might be safer is working your way around the the Horseshoe to a rope that we left going down the cliff. It's your choice which way you want to go but I can't guarantee that we'll get back to you at the Rally Point in the vegetation. They sort of turned each other and say home and you hear like discussing it for a moment. They say exactly is the Rope. So I try to draw in in the ground like just just the basic horseshoe shape with the little divot. I mean, let me see. Yeah with all the fires down in the Horseshoe. It would be pretty hard for you to talk to see all the way across it. It's pretty far all the way across. All right make a performance check real quick. And you can add your dexterity instead of your charisma rolled a six. So I just have to see what my performance it's is it going to be just dexterity. Are you proficient performance then you just add just entered X, so it's a tan it's easy enough to kind of like approximate the shape of the Horseshoe and like approximate. Basically, we're on a rope is and so let me see. Yeah, I mean in a distinctly you've drawn a distinctly average map and in the distinctly average way the the person so they can see in the dark as she moves closer you found Mari recognizes. She's a half elf and she says I think I can get us there. I mean these people can't see we're going to be stumbling will have to move slowly carefully. But I think I can get us there. Once you get down will send a bird to search the area. If one lands towards you kind of a raven looking thing and it starts to try to lead. You just follow it. It'll lead you to us. Don't try to talk to it. So do you want us to just stay put once we come down the Rope? I mean no fire to find a place to hide where you would be seen only from a bird's-eye view, right? Okay, we'll do our best. Thanks for getting out of the tent, I guess and whatever the fuck you guys are doing in here. Good luck. I'm going to lean forward to her and be like if you look down. Where the Rope is and it doesn't seem safe or it seems busy just stay on top of the Horseshoe and just lay down and hide in the brush. That's up there. Right? Okay, Mom. Our little hiding spot is hard to find so that's why we're not telling me where it is. Understood. I think I'm very sorry. I wish I could help you more. We have two little boys to go find a little kids to go find we have any daggers to give them. I think me and you mention that I'm going to pull out one of my daggers and that I have that I pulled off that dead body and I'm going to hand it to the the elf and be like just in case if you come across somebody and it's something that you need to the half-elf. I'm going to you gave it to the elf song. One of them are they have felt so I'll pull I have a short sword. Can any of you use this? The human female with dark hair freckles and undercut on one side of her head. She stepped forward. She she like box your hand in the sword pops up in the air and she snags it out of the air and sort of brandishes it around. She's like, I think I know which end does the work. I'm going to look at her appreciatively and like not As you look at how far they have to go they're going to be making a lot of stealth rolls. Just want to be clear about that. They have a lot of ground to cover as far away from the tower as you can I mean they're going to be traveling like probably over a thousand feet from where they are to get to where that rope is how far down the cliff on the other side near where lessons I'm not sure. I understand what you're asking. So like if we were to drop a rope on the southern side of the Horseshoe where layoffs interest out of view from the light, how how tall is that? Clip looking at where the cliff is nearest to lessen its acts like it's actually a little bit low over here. There's there's a spot where it's maybe Thirty or forty feet. Why don't we lead them towards that direction and then use that as our Escape Route 4 lesson. Okay, we can try but hopefully he's not a wreck. We'll see what we can we can lead you part of the way. Okay. Sure fine. Let's get stealth role. Now that you guys are with them. They can move a little bit quicker. But let's just have those barrels from you guys again, you're still throws really really help them. I'm going to look to them and say I can I can cast pass without Trace once more but it'll be the last time I can cast it you're looking to the prisoners know. I'm looking to mirror in falma and say I can only put out so much magic. You still have life better part of an hour on this first casting it lasts for an hour. So it's it's only been maybe 10 15 minutes that you cast the first time. I was hoping to extend it to the Prince George. As well, okay, but then then the others would lose the yeah, never mind not worth it. Do not do it. Does it stack though does extend know I can't concentrate off it does not stack. You can't duplicate the effects of us bail. Even if somebody else cast it you wouldn't have it twice. All right, let's roll. 13 + 7 + 10. Okay. So 2733 still check. Yeah, self-check nice 29 we're getting to about here. Okay. All right. So here comes the prisoners. Oh, all right. I got to do math. Hold on. So we've got a 24 a 36 Oz you're twenty-nine, right? Yes to Friday by still in really good shape really really good shape even with their to you guys are really carrying them good. All right. So let's have another stealth roll. We're going to make it to just above the cave. Now at this point. That's they're backing. I think we should head towards that giant and off in 30. J&n. What what Giant in you'll see Thirty. Oh, I see what you're talking about. Okay so long 56 years. So we're Thirty 2633. Yeah, we're golden go ahead and move so about here. Nobody's you guys are just blowing these stealth out of the water even all these Drake's. Oh, there's well, but they're rolling disadvantage. Somebody would have to roll 220s. I did roll a natural twenty just now but they're rolling a disadvantage because of where you are and how dark is. All right one more stealth role will get you to write here. Twenty two twenty to Thirty twenty-seven years. Yeah. We're going to make it. We're going to make it go ahead and move mirror then here they come. All right. So at this point is this about where you wanted to think about drugs or Is this where that seems a little scary? How about Behind These tents? Yeah, okay. So you want to go a little further? Yep, please. All right, you guys have been super successful with your stealth rolls and as dark as it is over here and with nobody around I'm going to say moving through the difficult terrain, you can go ahead and position yourselves. And as you get ready to to drop the rope, we're actually going to go ahead and jump back over to reek reek reek reek reek reek is still alive right now. So I will say this reek as you look at this, this this situation you recognized a few things right up front Okay. I had you roll the perception check. I think you rolled a 16 if I recall correctly. I don't remember. My head we could check the podcast but I'm pretty sure it was a 16. Okay, but cause of where these fires are these small candles that are near the entrance here you deduce that there there is no way if anyone is is like just facing the entrance to this cave with the purpose of seeing someone come inside short of being able to become invisible. There's no way you're entering this cave without someone seeing you do so. Well, there's torches right outside the cave right those are campfires and then that large Rock right in front of you has some candles some of which are large enough you could pick up and carry life torch. Some of those candles are really big. All right, you're going to pull the hood pretty far down and grab a candle and keep my head down and make my way in Palm Okay, so So as you as you do you hear several voices? All right reciting in a language that you don't understand. Okay, finally all of them sort of coalesced into this Unison. You hear several voices speaking at the same time, but they say the same thing. Yeah fairly mudokon. No me know born truth dog Rock Tour. And as you enter the cave you can go ahead and proceed inside if you wish I'll give you a little torch action here. And you said you hear the sound of to like like bumps as you look further inside. You see two figures the two figures with their large she's dead. Here on either side of the room and they just kind of stand and bring their Shields to a position that is ready. I need you to go ahead and make a wisdom save list and save your life natural twenty plus K. 82. Okay, as you come inside you here in five distinct voice all speak to you at the same time in your your mind is nearly overwhelmed. You hear them say one says, oh comes to the sect of the extra another Choice. What do you bring to my altar? What will you place before the crew a third come bring yourself to bask in her intro P off another the dark lady would know your hearts and then finally a v voice watch is your place in the great cycle song. As you hear these voices this figure at this altar turns and looks towards you takes a single step as it lowers its hood and turns to look at you said you notice that it has five head that it is a massive Cobalt with five distinct heads all of which look at your life same time. How do you respond? Is there any kind of sense does reek have any kind of second tell you what Nathan since and right now wage, but I'm curious. What what Greek is picking up right now. What is renew? Yeah. So what do you do in Greek you come in closer off? I'm going to come closer. Okay, this figure just stands before you hand spread awaiting your response off. Are asked like five five questions and because of your role you weren't just overwhelmed you were able to process all of them here all fine that's down to valve before you I'm going to keep taking some steps forward. Okay, and you see like how deep breath some of the heads kind of move a couple of them kind of come down lower and and as you like approach they they sort of splay out why it almost like a cobra right off powering before me and this is five voices speaking simultaneously. Your faith is admirable, but you are misguided child. I am not your queen guide me. She sort of took turns and holds out one hand to you and and the other toward this alter that as she sort of has moved to the side. You see it completely covered off with wax candles. There are a few objects upon the stone as you approach closer. You can you can make out small pendant of different colors. Do there I see any do I see the dwarves at all make a perception check with disadvantaged because I assume you're you're probably not trying to suck to overt as you do it. 15 from where you stand you do notice there are parts of this Cavern that you cannot see one of the law Shield bearing Cobalt seems to be standing near some barrels in a piece of cave bacon really thin Rock that's almost transparent, but you can't see past it and then there's a small opening in the wall over here. You do not know what is beyond that as you proceed it in. There was also an opening here. You do not know. What is beyond that she says well shall you approach if you'll allow me, you know continue moving forward? These culprits on either side. What are they doing as up isn't getting closer. They stand with their hands on either side of these massive Blue Shield that almost completely cover their bodies and they just look at you. I'm going to move up next to I'm going to move up next to the Cobalt off the 5 edit Global as you approach you notice the body of this being is is red red scaled Dragon, but there are elements of it that seemed almost almost fake were manufactured along some of the heck. There are a few scales that are other colors and there are places that have no scales. There's an element of Almost like fabrication about this being like you're almost struck like someone maybe maybe put it together long as you stand she says well, will you make your prayer and an offering a child pull out my great acts? Okay, very slowly. You see the the Cobalts on on the shields. They sort of one hand comes off and kind of goes behind the shield as you start to bring out your grade home and I'm going to hold on to the great acts. I'm going to put it down in front of me and I'm going to take a knee and lower my head off a look to see if the Cobalts if I can see anything out of the corner of my eyes as far as what it's they're doing. Okay, make another perception check with disadvantage. 9 kind of lost track of their hands you don't really know exactly what's happening, but they have not moved there not moving closer to you. They're not moving further away in their posture does not seem to have changed as you take your need. Will you join me make your persuasion check with advancing age twenty that's sort of like Central head that almost looks maybe like the most normal of cuz you've seen like a lot of kobolds at this point. There's almost like a little bit of a smile and for a moment you notice a look in the eyes of of like off maybe genuine affection and and that head and only that had not all five responds and says, This time that we spend service to the queen is our most noble purpose. What is it that you would ask for this night system's she turns and like kneels down next to you and she says come closer and she kind of scoots toward the altar you notice as she slides across the floor. There's a trail of Blood on the stone that the candles are sitting in all I'm going to regret this. I'm going to stand up and say of course and stand up with the gray tax money. And and I'm going to take a swing you move you move closer to her. I'm going to move closer to her. And as I standard with the grass needs to like lay it back down, but when I go to take a knee again, I'm going to try and slash down. God damn, right? Okay, okay. She is like kneeling and not paying attention. I'm going to give you advantage on this attack roll. Okay, so I want you to go ahead and make that attack roll tell me that it is. Okay. Is it man? It's probably too late to say I'm raging you can do it as a bonus action. I'm going to rage, okay. Natural twenty it's oh man. Okay, okay 27th ahead. Yeah, go ahead and give me your damaged and just quick point of order your 1/2 work. So for you when you roll a natural 20 with your great acts, it's 3D 12 just a little side note. 24 points of damage 24 points of damage total. Okay. Yes. So with that you hear a horrible scream Amplified across these five heads just and we're going to go ahead and jump over off Vin and Guy stand by Rick will come back to you. All right fan and Guy the veteran walks away. That's what happened. The last time we visited with you guys. What would you like to do when the vet walks away? Well guys started walking towards the tent right and you stopped him. I'm going to grab him. Sorry don't you think we have other people we need to warn. I'm I'm going to say, oh, yeah, and then I'm going to like put my hand on it which ever side of my face had blood on it when I put my hand on the blood and then like smear it on my face and go. Oh God, and I'm so injured how the plane ready to help you. Let's go over here to these dead-end help me, please. Okay so much pain. Where do you guys move toward? Okay, so I want to go I was thinking This way and not go in the gym, but make it look like we're going into Tim's like okay in in between. Okay, I know that's not exactly towards drink. So as you guys as you guys had that way make perception checks for me 11:00 guy. Sorry said roll 2014 Ford Edge. Okay. Sorry, I didn't see it. Then. You're pretty you're pretty preoccupied with trying to find like a safe place for you guys. But you do notice like some some like movement. In fact one fellow you you notice one fellow steps out of this tent and Heads This Way, like just pays no attention to you guys and just met this way. Across Camp away from you. Okay? Okay guy from where you are you and with your role like you do notice, veteran from the bougie tent kind of comes back looks around doesn't see you guys. Yeah, it looks around and doesn't see you guys. He's frustrated often appears frustrated. You see him look back. He points at a couple of people you hear him giving a couple of orders, but you can't quite make out exactly what they are and he points like at the northern guard Tower. You don't know what that means right now. Okay, but you you guys get a sense that stuff is happening in places other than where you are right now. Okay, so I I'm going to relay this to Finn and I'm going to say oh no, we might have been made. I don't know for sure but they they might be on to us. I'm going to wake take the blood off my face and kind of just like wipe it on my sash a little bit and I'm going to say we should go find reek. He's all alone. Yeah, I like this way to kind of throw them off. So let's I think we should like go this way. Yeah. Yeah and then kind of probably outside edge of the tire light as you guys come around that tent you notice standing here by this tent Is a large pale like big muscular bald human is standing bare chest with his arms crossed off is wearing baggy white pants. And he's looking at the entrance to the Horseshoe his back is turned to you right now as we're running. I'm going to walk or jogging along. I'm going to kind of grab fin just by the shoulder a little bit and pull her so that we go like down around him to the towards the bottom. Okay, he's up here. We would go down underneath. Yeah exactly right here right here. Okay. I want to go around the bottom of that tint me walk a little off best best luck. He does kind of look like you see it almost like he registers your movement. But he just keeps looking out and you see him start to like walk in that direction slowly towards the entrance say God help that our friends haven't been found. But let's keep going. And then as you pass by this tent you notice guy you notice like just a couple of dudes. They're paying no attention to you at all. They seem to be you immediately recognize that they're like cleaning their kills from the day like deer elk like these guys are Hunters, you know from your experience that when you have a camp this big it's actually really lucrative for the hunters in the area. They may or may not owe any allegiance to these cultists at all. But clearly they are they're bringing meat like, you know, these guys your Ranger, you know what you're looking at home. Okay, okay, and they don't pay any attention to you guys as you run by Yep, they're doing their business. So you guys are you still running is a light jog maybe as long as it's at this point, you do notice a couple of like a small campfire in a gathering of kobolds. Okay. I'm going say let's hug the the Ridgeline and if they say anything just shut them down. Okay, I'm going to as we're doing this month. I'm going to take out my Maiale waterskin with a hole in it and I'm gonna like pop the cork a little bit. I'm going to take the the cork off and just like kind of be casually off taking not real swigs of it looking like I'm doing that as just like an a make a performance or deception whichever one's better for you. What does that I want to kind of put my arm around him and kind of like walk with them make it with Advantage guy. And in fact you have you have DM's inspiration to because Finn just put her arm around you. Best inspiration. Okay, how do I add cuz I did those how do I add the interest rates just roll again? Basically, I'm just giving you another free roll just do a roll a D20 With Another Day 2018. Yep. I'll do another performance. It's better. It's much better. Yeah, so you guys can kind of make your way along the cliff there the Cobalts definitely look at you. You're not being stealthy at all. But I think they're definitely used to people go in and finding a place in the bushes to do their business. So they don't seem to be paying really any attention to you. Okay. So as you guys continue to just make your way along the cliff here's what's going to happen. All right, so you guys can make your way to the opening there then and guy you guys are going to be on this map Greek. I'm going to drop you a couple of tokens. Okay, and then mercy is coming been there's Mercy make sure you have vision and you can control your tokens off. Yep. Okay. Yep. Okay. So as you guys approached the cave And you look inside gimme quick perception checks. Both of you 45. Okay fin as you guys approached the cave Guy starts to like make his way. He's like, he's like not slowing down at all. You guys don't see reek here where you expect it to so guy is like going in but you down as you approach your notice again because of where the light is and everything. There's no way anybody's going in here without being seen A and B, as you look further Inside passage the light actually because you don't have darkvision you actually your depth perception is actually a little better as you look inside. You see Greek standing inside the cave. Well, you see a figure with a hood broad muscular shoulders and a great acts. He appears to be talking to a figure inside the cave that you can log. Sure, but it looks like as it removes its Hood like almost like a like a bunch of snakes like fan out and it suck. It has like a bunch of heads, but it's crazy. It's like a giant it's the strangest thing but you watch and clearly wreak is interacting with this figure out and make it in sight check real quick gesture 12:00. Yeah, you you get a sense that maybe you just need a name of the man a moment, right? So you reach out and you stop guy from going inside and you just watch as things play out soon reek will step forward with your take a knee and start to move toward the Altar and a couple of moments pass three moments three three minutes. Maybe they talks to more dead. Did she like stopped me growing in her and she did she grabs you and kept you from going inside the cave. As you guys watch this play out being like you can't believe your eyes but as they move toward the altar at one point reek stands up and his tattoos flash into this brilliant like Smokey dim flash of light and he takes a huge deal with this great acts almost like there's nothing there and you hear that screen and now we're going to jump over to Belmar off and mirror again. I turned to foul more and I say, There when we came up here, I'd noticed that there was some brush and stuff there. Maybe we should just stash them there instead and then send Mercy after them. So we know where they are. Yeah, that works. All right, I turn to the elf lady and I say change of plans we think maybe it might be best if you staying right here for now and then we'll come get you but you know where the Rope is off make a persuasion. Check me, Ur. Very bad, you know, you say one minute you want us to get away you want us to try and find a place where only the bird can find us and then you want us to wash up on top of this god-forsaken Cliff. What? Okay, what are we supposed to do? I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just suggesting that you go there you can do what you what you want to drop off the cliff. Go ahead. There's some dogs down there. They'll eat you. Yeah, I didn't mean any offense. We just I'm a little stressed right now. Okay, wait, I was kidnapped out of my home today. Yep, and we're about to go down to get more people off as this is going on. I hold up my hand as I'm staring down and when I hear people notice that I I've done this in order to get them to stop I turn in both dead and I points there's one more that we need to rest in find a safe place either nearby here or head towards the room. That's up to you when we had the rescue. You go ahead and make persuasion. Check Belmar 11. The chick with the undercut she kind of steps up and next to the the half-elf and she puts a hand on her kind of a steadying hand like a an almost a liquid familiar hand and she just looks at you and she says good luck go get him and she kind of pulls everybody away and for the brush, hopefully, they start to talk. Yeah, they go this way, but you can see they're deliberating, but they they do move. Into the brush and they're going to make sure you get my voice cracking on the podcast man. You gotta be em up and up and up and up. All right. Going to hunker down. There's five of them now and you guys are not with them or 5:18 that helps eight and finally fifteen four or five. One of them was a 20. Oh, you're right. One more natural. Okay. I didn't see that one. Hold on for plus 5 plus 18 plus 8 plus 28 saat / 5. All right, so they're stealth roll. Their group sales are all averages out to exactly eleven. Okay, so as they hunker down all of you can still see them but except for us cuz you don't have darkvision, but they are not just like obvious to anybody. Okay. So what do you guys want to do? I look to Palmar right? We talked about using minor illusion with Badger drugs. That might be the best way to do it for now home if I stand off to the side and create that that minor illusion, but mere how can you get on? Can you get up onto the crops? Well, I mean I was going to cross I have a question can a Drake's see us? If we go to earliest is you have no way of knowing that like I'm asking Falmer if you think okay educated guess Thursday. We may be visible. All right, make perception checks all of you plus one. Oh, Jesus have to remember all this stuff has happened simultaneously so mirror it's hard for you to see because of the debris The Rocks the vegetation is kind of tall. It's hard for you to see out this far but odds and Falmouth. Are you watch as one of the heavily armored men around the 10th comes back to the middle of the the camp here near the fire and looks around almost like he's looking for something. He looks around a couple of times and turns and points up toward the northern guard Tower. He makes his way back to the tent and you watch as the Drakes and armored people around the tent seemed to sort of like tighten up their formation around the home and then you both watch as two figures come out of the tent you recognize one as sign Wrath. The other is a woman with with short dark hair and chainmail and purple purple cloak and they move toward the cave and not appear inside the drapes near the cave also tighten up pulling back towards the cave a couple of them disappear inside the cave. Okay off to I will have relayed that to mirror and I say if we're going to act it should be now. Do we need to get down this Cliff face though? Yes, we do. Some are. How far away can you cast your illusion? Can you cast it from the top of this Cliff No, I can't I need 30 feet. So I point to a spot that's about about their thoughts about what forty feet from Laotian 30 30 30 feet. Okay. It's kind of Midway the midway between him and the cliff off. Okay. So that's where I'll stand Can U Boro all the way to where I I will be standing I can borrow from the face of the cliff all the way to our latest and it is it'll just take a little while maybe 5 minutes. Why don't you start from where I'll be standing and end just below him. Okay, would you like me to page him before or after? You want to pop in a healing potion? Not yet. Well, I can heal him from a long distance. If he's in contrast, it's quieter though. Yeah, that's true. We need mirror there to pick the locks with her maintained ability first mirror. How close do you have to be to pick the lock off him even with nation upon him. Well, I mean I can do that, but I'm going to try to sneak up and get it may chain has a thirty-foot range it does but not trying to teach, you know, it had last one minute and have to keep casting it and then I had to sand and then only got so much fan. So we need to go down there now though. Okay, I have some rope. Yeah. I try out the that's easy enough at this point like you're so focused on what you're doing. You definitely find a place to tie the rope off. No problem. All right, let's climb down and we need to roll the Ravel. With the Rope. Yeah, the DC is going to be really low though. It's just an Athletics check. Well, you can do athletics or acrobatics whichever is better acrobatics for me. You all make it the DC was ten so you all make it down. I need stealth rolls 14. 24. Okay good shape so far. How far can we look forward to another cell phone you can get all the way to him before you need to roll again. Okay. So click on the very edge here to kind of talk you through it. I'm going to crawl it's close to the ground as I can cuz I'm pretty low. This is brush right here. So I'm hanging out in here. And then I'm going to just sort of crawl up on the X if you would be pulling up the picture of him on the extra. I'm going to need to roll perception to see exactly how it looks here. First off his feet bound as you approach know his feet are not bound Thursday. It's pretty clear that he was just standing on the ground until they started to raise this thing up a little bit higher now, he's standing tiptoe his odds digging while I'm doing all yes. I am. I'm going to go ahead and pop in the badger form and start borrowing a tunnel underground from right next to soundbar. Okay. Okay. So I'm looking at this x do you need me to roll perception? No. No, you're you're okay next year. I mean you can you can make an investigation check depending on what you're trying to find out. Okay. I'm looking for where the locks are. Okay where I can pick and how how the best thing. It looks like from this picture. I don't see any locks right but I didn't see where I could go and off with these bolts and sort of like use some leverage if it all possible to like move them around or obviously the the change going down into the X. I'm going to look on the bottom of the ex which I can't see from this picture to see how the chains are fast. And so we might just be able to be full amount even though you have so the picture is is helpful, but those manacles around his wrists do have locks. They do appear to be fairly simple locks locks that you'll be able to pick. All right, so I pull up I crawl up on the right-hand side of them or dead. On the side too close to what I can see here be his left hand. Okay, and then I cast Mayo Chandler Jermaine from Newmarket on my cell. It's a cantrip. Okay, that's fine Park. Yeah, I agree. So I've cast Mage hand Ledger Main and mere make a make another stealth role as you're climbing up on this thing 30 great. So the reason why D&D Beyond is being a little difficult right now is there's kind of nothing for you to do with me translate ther is no mechanical component. You don't have to make a roll your Mage hand is up now. And so you can do whatever you want with that may change you want to pick one lock and simultaneously took the other with your maintain, right? Yep. I'm going to reach into my own hand pull out my lock picks out of the back. That would be the closest in size from the other lock. Yep hand it to the Mage Hancock. Okay rock the mood. She had to float over and then at the same time that I am turning my pics, it's turning it's picks in the exact same way. Okay. So how do you want me to roll? So I need you to go ahead and Page charity check. So this is this is a DEX check but it's with your thieves tools. I don't know if you have expertise. I believe you may have expertise with your name stools, but I'm not sure. And do my rolling a saving throw or imagine rolling up at the top. You're you're rolling a D20 your cat in proficiency and dexterity and you may be doubling your proficiency. Just hang on 1 second. I'll check for you. It's next 33 proficiencies do so looking at your expertise that you chose you chose to stealth an investigation. You do not have expertise. So you're only twenty and adding five. Okay twenty-two. So the the one that you're picking manually you start working with your you I guess you you take your glove off and what does that look like? You you're couple of your fingers kind of I pop open my pinky finger and there's like a little Barrel in it and it's got four small pics. I hand one of the pics to the Mage hand which by the way, it feels awful and then I like just sort of wait till it goes over towards going to go and then I leaned in and as I'm turning it also turns kind of simultaneously in secret. Yep, and I picked my log Yep, so go ahead and roll for your Mage hand. Now your may change is doing the same thing you're doing it might need to do it. Again. That's a 14. Yeah. So you realize as your Mage hand is doing this your name exactly what you're doing, but just as yours comes open, you kind of glanced over expecting the same thing to have happened over there and you realize because of the way that these manacles are dead ranged. It's mirrored. So then I'll just roll this that doing the opposite direction. Can I you can make it with Advantage this time because you realize that it was mirrored. Absolutely. Yep. So you're you you open one very easily the other one. You're May Chan takes a moment, but it clicks and as as it lets go like his armor. I'm holding. I'm holding him with my body to it and his other arm just Falls and as as his weight comes you realize he does have a couple of ropes around his abdomen and that is the only reason why he is not just and taking you to the ground right now is Badger Oz underneath at this point. We're Sam are just off to the side, but I thought if I as I see him start to what's your movements to rush over but still maintaining stuff twenty feet, right, but you can - 40 feet. You're moving from the cliff. Yeah. Yeah, totally it would take you about 15 seconds to burrow from the cliff to the X so you can absolutely pop-up page. Are what are you doing? What did you say you're doing? As soon as I saw that the keys in I would have rushed over cellphone still. I need you to make a stealth check with disadvantage because you're rushing with disadvantaged. Yep. Is that is that including the plus 10? Yeah. Okay. Well the freaking people looking that way just roll the natural 1000. So you recognize fell Mars you get close and he just he is conscious. He's very weak. There is a couple of Loops of rope that are holding his abdomen to the execs as he falls forward and mirror is holding on for dear life. I'm like holding him kind of up so that whenever he falls he doesn't man like yeah, like hugging him like a monkey. Okay? Okay as this happens You guys hear what sounds like the Cry of like a great bird of prey it's not super loud or anything, but it is an odd sound like a cross the camp make perception check all of you one just regular perception know you still have Advantage cuz you have your goggles 18 off. Okay, so I got not to 19th and then 11:00 ours. You just popped up your Badger. I mean you heard it but you don't really notice things like a person would right now everybody nearby life seems to be sort of like holding their position the people around the tent are holding their position that people near the camp are holding their position. And as you age of scan out into the camp, you don't really see anything that seems like people are responding to this to this sound right, but you also can't see like everything from where you are so bad your eyes popped up yet. Yes. Yeah. I see everybody's their thoughts. Are you standing do I see found? We're standing next to listen or holding. Like I said, it's working to get him off the X. I'm going to go ahead and bomb up the summer Court. I can do that in Badger form right off. Just in case I'm going to cover Lance's mouth so he doesn't yell. Okay. All right, six plus one temporary employee, right? Okay. So you do see some Rejuvenation come into His form. He looks a bit more color in his cheeks and he looks up he sees you mirror and he actually kind of like life is over and smiles at you gives you like a little peck on the cheek. Merry way Belmar. He's like ain't your softness or ours? Give me the fuck out of here. Let's go let's show I just point down at the the whole and I go at this. I'm going to I'm going to Bow politely and then start tunneling South. Okay, like back through the same hole or yes back through the same old. Okay, so he climbs in and he starts to follow you. It's this difficult for for all of you. You're going to move at like half speed. Okay, so he gets in are you guys doing anything else? I'm going to point back towards the whole. Okay. So, I'm I'm moving backward slowly like keeping an eye on the camp and maintain I'm going to cast minor illusion over the whole so that it does not look like there is a home at all. Okay as I back away, okay, and you're not going underground. No, I'm not going underground. I'm going to stay stealth. Okay, make another stealth roll for me. 26. Okay mere are you underground or you with Falmer? No, I am not. I am going to look at Falmer and say you're friends with Oz he's safe. We need to go see if we can't help she can't help. I'm going to go see what weeks doing. Okay, I'm really worried about that noise. I need to make sure that lesson gets out of here. I am I understand. I'm going to be wrong there. Okay for you go. I'll drop I'll drop the Rope next to the cave. Okay? Perfect. Thank you. Okay, Oz and layoffs in our underground. Okay found more you're moving along on top of the ground mirror. You're starting to move toward where you know wreak to be correct? I don't know if guy off and then are there yet or anything what happened? I understand. So mere just hold off for a second. Don't move too much further. Okay? Okay. I'll stay right here. Go ahead and make a stealth roll for me mirror. So Twenty-One right off the 10. Yep. Yep. All right. So Oz and falma. Are you guys pop-up go to where you are when you pop up and I'll position layoffs. And what about the face? Okay, so about here. All right. So we pop out and there's a rope waiting for us. Yeah, there is okay lay-offs and looks at you. He says I know if I've got this in me my fucking tall. As you go up first, I'll go up after and will help pull him up. I can I can also heal him. What would that help you off last question. I have to pop. I'm in human form at this point too. I popped out. Yeah human referable. Well, I still have my disguise right off of less than an hour. Yes. Yeah, so you can pop out and still be in Disguise. He says yeah. I mean if you can freshen me up a chick that that will definitely help. Okay. I'll lay a hand on him and give him the touch one cure wounds. Okay, ten ten ten more He says okay. Yeah, I mean I reckon I can make it work. Let's give it a royal and he leans in and grabs the rope and he starts to pull himself up. So it'll be in athletics role for him off. Yeah, you see him you see him sort of start to struggle. Actually, he's kind of slipping. It just doesn't seem strong enough. He's going to need help. I'm going to go behind him and I can go first name. So you want to go up first. Yeah, so I can help make your it's you've got a rope so it can be Athletics or acrobatics either one month. Eleventh DEC standstill and then he'll make his role with Advantage now and he rolled a 10 so he is able to make it up and then film are what are you doing on climate? So you guys make it up as you get up there and you look around you see that the the people are still hunkered down in the birth where you left them. Do I hear them? I can't see you guys now, you're oh, yeah, that's right. You don't have darkvision. Never mind, you know going to have to hold on the phone more from here. Oh, okay. So lay off up here passive perception. You guys would see it to okay. So you guys are going to chill right there mere I need I need a bunch of stealth rolls. How many of you want I need like 5 + 7 + 10 + 17 to all those yeah. Yeah, assuming that you hug her face. It takes your second, but you make it to the cave. All right, you just popped me over there. Yeah, who those Cobalts Mimi? Nope. They never saw you cuz you are so freaking stealthy. Okay, Vin and guy you see reek take this huge cut at this thing and delivering just a grievous strike. You hear this crazy scream Greek go ahead and roll initiative. Van and guy what do you want to do guy will immediately draw both shatterspike in his battle axe and just charge. Okay 12:00 on the initiative. Behind them as well. Okay, so you guys can roll initiative to since you're going in since you're just going straight in Greek you are raging remember that? Yep. Okay. So reek you deliver that first blow. Okay. And as you do this kobold the guy with the big Shield slipped the shield on his arm and starts to move towards you. That's all he can do guy. It's your turn. What do you want to do. I will if I used a she'll take my whole turn. Correct? Yes, but I can it's double movement speed. Yeah, correct. So I believed I can get there. I will Dash and that will be the whole turn. Okay. Next up is reek reek. What would you like to do with the creature that I hit before still alive? It is. I'm going to take another swing. Excuse me, another swing. Okay, 17 to hit let's see that will hit go ahead and roll damage 12 damage to a points of damage as you as you hit it one of the five heads lashes out and attacks you with its reaction it lashes out and it tries to bite at you said that's going to be twenty-two to hit that heads. Okay. So then take five points of piercing damage reduced it to because your raging. Okay. So then this kobold here also puts its shield on and we'll move down. To the other side of your week and then it will be Mercy Stern Mercy. What would you like to do? See this way up? It's annoying. That's what she's going to do. Okay, so then that leaves us with this crazy five-headed thing. He looks at you reek and you notice it's like dead. There's like real hurt in these eyes takes a deep breath. I need to make a dexterity saving throw week 8 volts take 16 points of poison damage as she steps this way and blast a a cloud of poison damage in your direction. And then it'll be finished turn then you're up. What do you want to do? I'll get Mercy on a second. I can see them right? Yes. There's like some well, yeah, there's there's some light. I mean you're looking through several places this I think goes all the way to the ceiling if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, so but yeah, if you can see them on the map you can see them I can see them on the map. Okay, so I am going to yeah, I have a cast guiding bolt. Okay on this app. Okay. Five headed freaky thing. Yeah, the five had a freaky thing. Mr. Lumps. I think mr. Lumps that is a 17 on mr. Lumps that will hit go ahead and roll damage. 16 16 points of damage, okay, rating and damage and you notice wreak this thing standing here in front of you is glowing now the next thing they attacked well the next attack roll against this enemy will have Advantage because of guiding as that slams into him. You hear the dragon Shields. They start to change Bas Bas Bas Bas Bas Bas and the the five headed thing actually shrieks out. I mean young scum slay these Intruders At that point three kobolds stream out from behind this cave bacon. And then three more stream out here off the ones that come out from behind the cave bake and two of them are going to make attacks at reek with their like slingshots. Let's see that name is 18 to hit reek ahead. And then the second one misses take three points of bludgeoning damage Jetflicks stone at you with a slingshot reduced to one. So then the Dragon shield this Dragon shield is going to attack you with a spear. It's going to make two attacks first attack is going to be 12 to hit so that mrs. Second attack is a natural one so mrs. Oh wait, I should be making these with Advantage. So first attack misses second attack also misses off. All right, so gai, it's your turn. You notice as these Cobalts are all chanting bus bars. They all seem to be sort of like Interfaith a little bit. They seem strengthened by this chant. Okay, so I think I can make it to you get their neither one bothers. The only one this is taken any damage. Yes, correct. Wow. Okay. Well for now, I'll go there and I'm going to attempt to attack this guy just to got to reached right? Okay, Thursday and I will attempt to do it with shatterspike first three clear this one here for this one here to the that one interesting. Got you down and hit the Chatters like eighteen that definitely hits go ahead and roll your damage for shatterspike 11 11 points of damage. Okay, so it's gone. All right, then hit him with the battle act Eighteen Again that hit throw your damage and he has taken damage now. So colossal Slayer is in play dead. 17 travel 17 points of damage. Wow. All right. Okay. All right. So then it'll be reached turn right. I'm taking another swing at the 500 freak. All right. Listen Advantage right you have advantage. 17 to hit. Okay, that will definitely hit as you hit it it's going to go ahead and use another reaction. And yes, it has already used to rejection but it has more to attack you again with a bite that mrs. Go ahead 19 points of damage 19 points of damage. Okay. It is looking pretty rough pretty rough. So then this Dragon shield will turn he's going to make two attacks against you as well wreak the first one will miss. He's attacking with Advantage missing. The second one will also miss because I can't hit anybody with anything. I love you. All right Mercy, it's your turn. All right, so just to be clear can Mercy cast spells that are not touch spells know the the benefit is that you can cast touching spells and you can touch your target with Mercy, but but she can't cast stuff that it's not touched, correct. Okay, then she is going to just stay with me cuz that is safe. Okay baz gets her breath back. I need dexterity saved from guy and and that Cobalt back there behind you Cobalt rolled the natural 1021 18 18. Okay. So you guys both save it's acid again. So that's going to be 16 points off acid damage reduced to 8 because you guys saved this kobolds is killed immediately. Okay. Fan, it's your turn. All right. I try to cast spiritual weapon. I don't think it worked out. There we go. There it is. It showed up. Maybe it's just lagging real bad. Okay, so I can have it off and sixty feet. Yeah, you can put it anywhere you want here? Okay, and I'm going to actually attack this guy. Okay, that's her. Okay, go ahead and make your own neck 17 + 5 that definitely hit throw your damage seven seven points of damage. Okay, and I know that that bonus action, correct? Could I? Prepare a spell for Mercy to use on mursi's turn. Yes, you can do that. All right, I want to prepare cure wounds at first level. Okay former since used on her turn. Okay, that's perfect. All right. So at this point at the end of the round disco Bole back here behind runs around behind the altar spins up a sling at you reek. That'll miss this Cobalt comes down and attacks you guy. That's seriously. I'm rolling like single digits over and over and over. Fin to Cobalts will make attacks against you with Advantage the first one or the second. The first one is supposed to hit 16 to hit that helps that hit. Okay. So you take seven points of piercing damage the second one with Advantage wrong a that's a 18 on the dice. So take nine more points of piercing damage. The third one will attack you as a straight role and that's only going to be a 15. So the third one will miss you and then at that point mere please roll initiative. As you come on the scene, you look inside the cave. You see your friends engaged in battle with a bunch of kobolds + 3. Okay. So 20. Yeah. All right. So then basically you're going to show up and act immediately. All right, so I'm going to dash in I'm going to draw my bow. Okay, and shoot the kobold that I see one of the dark but I'm going to shoot the one that's right behind guy with a magic era. Okay. It's a magic area. So it's plus one. I'm going to move in a little bit. Okay. I see more of these fuckers. Okay. I'm not shooting the ones that are in front of me. I'm shooting the one behind guys still right understood. Did you do see Finn surrounded though by 3. We're is she right here? Oh shit. Okay, then I'm going to shoot that one right there. That's right behind fin. Thank you for telling me. I would never have seen it it just cuz I I was absorbed by the way. The light was okay. Did it work? I did well twenty years so you can you can go ahead and roll your sneak attacks. So that's going to be a shitload of damage. Holyshit, Jeanette like Pierce through a few of them. I'm pretty sure it's going to be 66. Why not? 69 6 D 600. I really thought he said 66 one moment. I'm really sorry. Here's five and then I'll roll one. Okay, and that that that's 5 in the morning and then plus three, I believe so nineteen. Yeah, this kobold here is totally dead. Okay, then I guess I'll try for a second one if that's all right. You can't do that. Oh, I thought that you you can't make two attacks with a short 500 off second. I'm sorry. Yeah, you can't do that yet. You got it. Well actually rogue's never get extra attack. You could throw two daggers if you had to be daggers out, but you you said you wanted a dash, but then you didn't dead. Drew your bow, I'm really sorry. You can't action you can't bonus action a second attack, so, nope. We're good. Okay, good. I'm just going to lay in wait. Okay, cool. So then the Dragon shield which one is dead. Yeah. All right, so he is again staying put making an attack against reek with advantage. That's to 5 guy. It's your turn off. Oh, okay, the spiritual weapon from Vin is that occupying a space that guy can know you can stand in the same space as the spiritual weapon. Okay, so I will move one two three spaces to the same space. So that is 15 feet movements as you go around and round to get their money. Yeah here go here's yeah. So yeah three spaces. Yeah. Yeah around to the right. Yes, and I will attack box with Iraq despite that shatters nineteen that definitely hits go ahead and roll your damage as you as you attack with a reaction Basel last shot at you with one of her head. That's a 22 to hit you. Oh, yeah. So you take seven points of piercing damage and then go ahead and roll your damage here off 15 damage 15 points of damage. All right guy, how do you want to do this. Yeah. All of the heads are currently attached. Yes. Yes, so he has both drawn the battle axe and cheddar Spike and like kind of like using the battle axes like a way to judge off that goes a balancing Point Hills a battle-ax in front and then slashes and cuts off all five heads. Okay, go ahead and fill and drain as you do as they come through life the outside Head Start to fall away and and as they just that one head in the middle, that seems the most normal Cries Out mistress save me know please and I'm a guy and wreak to make dexterity saving throat nineteen 10:10. Okay? Okay and then gosh Cobalts have to make them too. That's a six that's a seven and that's a 12 which will save so this this one down to the South saved. So take 23 points a piercing damage wreak you have it to 12 points of piercing damage because your raging guy you have it to 12 because you saved this Cobalt Dragon shield dies because he failed his save this Cobalt Dragon shield takes twenty three points of piercing damage this Cobalt Dragon shield dies because he's just a regular kobold and that's way more Health than he will ever have in his life. Okay, I'm yes. I'm down. But okay Relentless endurance. I'm at one hit point. Okay? Okay. So you watch a streak is just succumbs to the brunt of the blast of this like debris Bas just explodes spring viscera and shards of glass across the room. The floor is just covered in blood and bone chips heads lie strewn across the altar the kobolds look around in shock. They all just start to rage and freaked out guy. Is there anything else you can do on your turn? Yes, I want to move I have enough food to see to move. Can I tell me if I can stand well either here or here to attack this Shield food off. So I'm going to say the way you narrated your success. You would still technically have your bonus action, but the space is pray really blocked. I don't think you can get through there. Okay? Well, can I stay on top of where Bob's was? Yeah, you do that. You can stand over bosses body and make another attack. That's fine. Yeah, I'll tap that Shield dude then with the battle at okay metal twenty. Oh, dude. All right, go ahead and roll your damage. And you're you're well you already did Colossus Slayer against baz. Right, right. Yep, so you can't do it again. That's the one set to move. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it may be it may be that the same monster can't take it more than once per turn actually either way. I think it's let me see so that's six and then so 8 a.m. Then 8:00 8:00, and then for eight more I'm going to give it to you. So we'll call that twenty will call that twenty months. It's looking pretty rough, but it's okay. Don't worry about it. Let's let's keep moving reek. It's your turn. What would you like to do? I'm going to use my action to disengage. Okay, and I'm going to move back this way into this corner. Okay, that's going to be my turn don't have a bit more movement. Okay, I'll go here. Okay, and then I will stop there. That's my turn. Okay, so then it would be this Cobalt Dragon Shields turn seeing that you are I mean, you're the one that came in and started attacking Ba's. So he is going to chase you guy it will keep track of opportunity will if you want it does my spiritual weapon know unfortunately, what do I roll for attack of opportunity? It's just a normal attack. Yep. It's just a normal attack Iraq. Like with shatterspike or just it's up to you. You can attack with either one. You have them both out. Yeah, twenty-five nice and then go ahead and Page Road damage. You will not have Colossus Slayer because he took it just a moment ago, right that'll be enough to bring him down. He doesn't make it to wreak he falls unconscious off. Look at rolling ten points of damage is enough to take him down. All right. So then that brings us to Mercy not to my friend. Oh God Cobalts around me. There's two Cobalts around you. All right. Do we have any healing potions around us? Like the people here? Did they have healing potions? I get mine to Mere No, I gave it back to you before you get and I gave you a hug breed. How is big on that? Cuz I didn't know it was going to talk about it. Dammit. All right. Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and I'll send Mercy her full travel speed which is 50 till 9 on reek and I will make a sleight-of-hand check me. Yep seven seven. So as Mercy takes off the Cobalts definitely notice. She takes off to fly away. They do not have advantage on this attack rolls, but they will make attack rolls against Mercy as she tries to fly know God. I can't even see them. You can't see the Cobalts right next to you know, I can cuz you don't have yard art. That's right. Well, what's Mercy's Armor class? Well, cuz I just wrote two threes. Hey goodness. So where she gets away? All right first is going to land on rate and she's going to use the Cure wounds that I had told her about or whatever a minute ago. Wait 10. He'll for 10 Drake. So reek Mercy comes practically from out of the darkness of the cave. Mercy comes flying up and lands on your shoulder. You feel that same invigorating force that that you felt the first time she landed on you as you heal for 10,000 points. Is that is that it is Mercy going to stay on reek. Okay. So then it's your turn fan. What would you like to do? All right, I going to move this. And I will attack that Cobalt. Okay, I swear y'all ever old so many nines. It's ridiculous. If you only knew okay, it's 9 plus package. So fourteen that hits roller damage six six six points. Okay. Yes, so this kobold is actually still standing. All right, and then I will I will cast toll the dead Okay off on that same Cobalt now, I was thinking on the two near me. Okay, it's only one feature. Yeah, just one so you just have to pick one. I can't see does it say that you have to be able to see the target? Yes, read the spell description it does. So since you since you can't see them. Yeah, you can't Target them. So I will get this guy. Okay, and that's a wisdom save correct? Yes. So this will be -2 to this role. All right, so that's a zero. So go ahead and roll your damage can't laugh and he's taking damage. So it's a d 2012. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if I've ever owned it Rosie 12 so seven points of damage. All right, so that Cobalt will fall as you pull out your your shield and go ahead and and tap your Kong and that Cobalt just Falls over but nobody hears any sound. Is that it Finn or you just going to stay put there? Yeah, I mean, I don't know where the Cobalts are. So I'm just chill. So then these kobolds it's their turn. They're just going to sort of strafe around you and continue to feel like you making a text so they make their their attacks with Advantage. The first one is that's a 17 to hit you the second attack is another 17. Yeah two Seventeen. So you take two points of piercing damage and then four points of piercing damage seems that with baz falling these Cobalts have lost some of their spunk their Zeal and and their ability to hurt you so badly, so that's how many sorry it was two and four so six points of piercing damage total. Okay, and so then mirror that brings us around to the top and it's your turn. Okay, I'm going to use all my movement to come down to where this Cobalt is is write a button on top of thin. Okay bucks a month. So I am going to I'm going to I dropped my bow, okay and pull out my daggers. Okay, I do Thursday. Is that only you can only draw one dagger right now? Okay, then I'll draw one bagger. Yep, and then I will attack the one that is to that is right next to me. Okay, go ahead and enroll that um, I'm seeing sixteen to hit and that hits so roll you're damned, right? Yep, and you have sneak attack cuz it's definitely engaged with fan. There we go. Pink dagger. Yeah. Yes. Okay sweet. So 11 points of damage will be enough to go ahead and and bring down this kobold. Okay boss is all my movement. I can't get any closer. So that Cobalt is dead. And so you did all your movements you do still have a bonus action. You could Dash you could hire. Can I back in front of hair and like take the hit if he's willing you can position yourself there. Yeah for sure. Okay. That's what I'll do. Yeah. Okay cool guy. It is your turn off you like to do. okay, I Is it just that one Cobalt? That's a lie. Is that it as you look around the room, it looks to be the only threat that you see. Yep. Okay. I will. I'll move here. I will put shatterspike away. I'll drop my battle-axe take out my Longbow. Okay, and I will Target that one kobold just south of the mirror. Yeah for all you guys that can't see this map. I'm sorry. It's great. 14-14 will hit go ahead and roll your damage. Please just taking damage. It has not ten dommage. That is just what you need. That Cobalt will drop and as you as you look around the room, you see no further threats. Can I immediately go down and look into this little I don't know. There's an opening down here. I'm trying to find these dwarves. I would like to cast cure wounds on itself. Okay, go ahead and Enrique As you move to that room go ahead and make a perception change as you move into the room. You do see a couple of small cages against the wall a little bit more blood on the floor sixteen perception off. You see two small figures Inside. The Cage has blonde hair as you approach the heads rise up the eyes blank page that you are you okay are either of you hurt? Well, I don't I don't think so. I think we're all right. Okay, we're going to get you out of this place is fucking creepy. Yeah, it's fucking it's let's go. The cages are locked. I'll stick my head out like beer what what are the cages made out of? They are metal metal cages guy will pick up his battle-axe off the ground and I make it pop over here. We are also picked up her ex, but she was waiting for them to stop talking. I mean herb. Oh, okay, cool. All right. I'm going to pick these locks. Okay, just make a couple of chicks. I'm going to make my way that way also. Okay, as long as she's doing that DM. I'd actually like to head back and take a look at the altar. Ooh, that's terrible Okay, so What so one's a tan and one's a 12, right? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Those are actually those are those are both good enough to unlock these locks their very simple log reek As you move back to the altar make an investigation check. I would ever these barrels 20 Hey, so on the altar there are several candles a number of small like almost look like amulets. You're not exactly sure what they are. But you have seen the guys like Falmer and and Finn and odds. They've been talking about like, holy symbols Clara key type stuff. You don't recognize them. How how tall is the altar? It's very short. It's only a couple of feet tall also on the altar. There's there's a book that's open. You noticed the issue of the small bottles of lightning and one other small bottle with a pale blue liquid inside of it. Now. What were you going to ask Rican? I want to grab anything that's not wage currently burning and put it into my bag. Okay sure, and I quickly look through these barrels you can make it an investigation check. Plus seven, so they're they're sealed up you sort of Slash them around that sounds like there's liquid in there. You leaning give a sniff you smell like wine smells like it might be under vintage. Okay, and I also came over here when I was walking around and I found a hallway. Can I go back there? You can yep as you look around back there. It's very reminiscent of the things that you saw in the sunless Citadel small bedrolls just it's gross Cobalt sleep here. Okay, I'm done. Okay from them. Look around are the children that little door in kids still chilling down Amir unlock the cages and then you guys just walked away. Oh two of us are so no. I'm not I'm still down here. I'm going to look at the kids and I'm going to say let's get the hell out here. Okay, get out of this ages. Okay. I reached my hand out towards them to okay and with your help. They're able to kind of climb out of the cages. It's It's Tricky. They're they're in like apparently probably their their normal clothes, but they're looking pretty tattered. They it's an odd juxtaposition cuz they haven't been captive here long enough to be like, you know, haggardly looking prisoners or whatever but like they had sort of accepted their fate they're still wearing their like normal clothes and they're not really all that beating up or anything, but you can tell that they did not expect to like like get away. So they're very grateful. I'm going to tell him to be very quiet. Okay, they walk. Okay though. Yeah, they can walk there like a little cramped and they they like move toward each other and kind of huddle together and help each other walk. It's really cute. They do look like really young human children. But you remember that the the letter said they were actually adolescent dwarfs. So right they just look very small very small. Yep. So mirror go ahead and make an investigation role in a table for seven. Okay, so there is a map on the table swipe it there are some books and a couple of children's toys a small portion box. I would take all of those things. Okay and just step into my bag for now, okay. And then I'm going to walk over and the map to fit because I remember her saying something about Maps Okay, what else you guys want to do clocks chicken. I'm going to say guys. They're going to drop a row off at the mouth of the cave. Whenever they get up to it. We got layoffs and also you should take that healing potion. We don't know if you're going to go into a fight or bandwidth or something. Okay. Are you saying that who you saying that to you said it's week. Who is this? Somebody need it more than me. We both are fucked up man. I have eight years. I'm going to call hand to hand it to guy here. I bet I might be better off than you know, cuz I haven't used my I have chin hit point. Em. Yeah. We're all pretty messed up. Does anybody is anybody poisoned or anything? Cuz I have an elixir of Health. No, okay, and I do not have like a mass Shearer. Yeah, she okay. So first thing out the door, I believe I do have one suggestion of healing in my inventory. Okay. None of these barrels have healing anything around them as you looked around and you're making very quick investigation checks right now. It seems like food stuffs off. Okay. And one more question. Do you have any like is there any what's I didn't see him pick up anything. So I don't know I'll be like did any of you like pick up any cool potion something. Does anybody know anything about I have some here I'm going to share with a three bottles the two that have lightning in the one that I didn't know what was in it to keep the two lightning ones and I'll look at the new one. And can I like Roland? Not that I freaking know what I'm doing, but can I try anyway, maybe that after he leaves? And we're safe with the kids. But what if it's okay, that's fine. Let's go up here. Okay, so I'll go first so I'm going to use my potion of healing then okay before we head out, that'd be kind of a potion of healing. I have one. Yes, okay. Do you want it? Do you want this one? I have one too. Yeah, I do. I have one. I don't think I do your eye hand fin my promotion. I'll be okay if I take more damage, that's so sweet. I'm going to take it and I'm going to drink it and I'm going to say if she go down a hill my heels are stronger. So I need to stay up. It's more important that you stay up. I'm going to drink mine, too. Okay, I'm going to pick out here and see if there's anything going on. All right, I make my way towards the cave entrance. Okay, the we did the kids the twins are lost. Just about to say the twins are coming. Oh, no, that's terrible winds are following along. Is it Judy for store? Yes, Judy 4 + 2. Yep, 24 plus two guy looks back in the kit at the back and just keep up oral care of you run across the floor to guy. Finn's guy dissipates you guys content with everything that you did in here any anything else you want to do before you leave? No, but I am going to take this stick that's on the ground. Okay and prepare to maybe like light it on fire with this fire. That's right here. Okay speaking to burn off while I'm in the middle. I want to just cast detect magic and see if there's anything that pops where exactly are you standin stand here so I can see like down and I can see. Yep. So from where you're standing right now a few things Ping On like your group members you're too far from the alternator or the the people that you've just slain for them to register on your detect magic. Okay. Well, I'll get a little closer just cuz you want to make sure that So as you move a little closer, you do get a couple of small things one off of each of the Dragon Shields. All right, not the shield itself, but the birth of Israel. Yeah, I'll I'll go and I'll check it out. Okay, making investigation check see how quickly you do it 16-14 for how long it takes you a few moments. But as you fish around the the your spell sort of guides you and you do find upon one of the Cobalt Dragon Shields a small stone with blue runes carved into it. And then you look to the other again following your spell you find a another Stone that's not similar issue. Denticle. Did anybody least the boxed pause us asking you to very quiet dog? So no one did when I loot those guys. I'm going to see buzz and I'm going to walk over and I want to be like go. Okay, I should probably do this to be clear. There are no there are no pings coming off of boss as you as you rifle through quickly. You see no valuables. There's a holy symbol a very beautiful dagger. There's a there's like a mall leaning up against the altar that you never saw her wheeled. It's very crude. And then she also has a key on her belt you get a sense that it was probably to the cages that that mirror has already opened. Hey, I'll take the dagger and the key and the holy symbol, but I will not take them off. Okay. Guy looks back in notices that Finn is not there. Can you see here through the dark? Yeah, you're dark vision allows you to see her back at the altar. Okay. I'm going to tell the kids just stick with week and I'm going to go back cuz I would know that she can't see in the dark. Right right. Right. I I'm going to go back towards that direction. Okay. Thank you Mrs. Young gentleman. And Lady Lady one of the guy and girl. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I keep screwing it up. Yeah, we all we all are. And I rolled in like like investigate outside. Make sure nobody is like make a perception check. Yep. Plus what okay, thirteen, so those Cobalt that we're like right in front of the cave. They are not anymore. Okay, then I put my stick down at 9% off light fires option. Do I see any rope that's coming down from where Oz or more has dropped not at this point, but I am going to now jump back over to them and find out what they've been doing for the last three minutes off. All right. So foul Mar Oz Laotian you make your way up the cliff what's going on? Was Audrey there when I told me Ur that I was going to drop a rope. Yes. I heard you say that you did right? Do you have any extra on you? I don't know how how deep down the cliff is I have seen every lengths of fifty feet. Can you head over there while I talk to us in for a minute and gather up my own rope head over wear head over towards the mouth of the cave and start dropping a rope. I'll be there in a minute off. The one that Rick went into earlier. Well, I mean, yes, I can't go on my own and I can't see you can't see? Okay. So I'll just start Gathering up the Rope down. Then I'll need the others over not not too slowly but like still being stealthy. So you're going to get the prisoners. No, not the person I wouldn't mean by the other just jump in and we'll come back to the president's so you guys are just going to go straight over to the cave. Yes. All right. Yeah, let's have you guys make some stealth rolls with Advantage because nobody is paying attention to the top of the cliff on the south side of the Horseshoe right now. 1818 lay-offs and does not have the benefit of pass without Trace but he does have plus five to his stealth. He rolled in eight. So we got a 3018 and eight I think we're okay. Let's do that two more times 30 2:30 and a fifteen good shape one more time as we approached the the area above the cliff. No natural ones. We're we're in business. Yeah latest and rolled a two. So it's a seven you guys are literally carrying him as he likes stumbles along. He gets really close to the edge a couple of times salmar your sort of leading the way not really paying that much attention, but odds has a hand on layoffs and shoulder and keep him from falling over the side or making too much racket. You guys are able to make your way all the way over if you want to to head that. Well, I'll just put you guys at the top cuz you have to kind of go around some stuff home. So you guys are able to make your way basically all the way over there. Let's get everybody back back out here mirrors their see real fan and Murphy guy. Did you want to do anything else flute wise or did you just come back for me know I just came back. So you may stumble over and he dead kobold bodies. All right, so you guys are all just chilling outside the cave as as fell more and them are way back over. Let's have perception rolls from everybody that fought Boz Okay, 16317 Premier 19. Hey, so gai and Finn since you guys are kind of coming from further in and mirror is the one that has already said she's like outside looking around and watching for the Rope very soon within about 45 seconds to making your way outside mirror. You hear the slight thud to the right of the cave just past the fire. And as you look that way you see a rope tied another rope that leads high up the side of the cliff and that's where we're a little break.

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