Episode 227: Best of 2020 Edition


Hey what's up guys. It's big cat before you start listening to this episode. I want to let you know that we're running a special sale on all barstool merch. Go to store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off goto store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off Seriously time and one where you're just for the day what's what's happening. Welcome to another edition of the shore presented by barstool sports. I'm your host dubs alongside me. It looks like he's home home. Sweet home tommy smokes. Tj ones twos. Marty mush is in the air right now flying who knows where cross the country But we're going to give you a little end of the year pod Tons of best of clips. Tj went to fucking round the knees up. I mean we just and crazy to think about this this year like on the show just looking tommy at like the astronaut is crazy. I out a moment. Or i saw the job interview and i was like that wasn't year that was it was. It was january twenty ninth. Is that say january. Tonight's the very beginning of the year that nothing was wrong with the world. The world was fine. We were gonna like we were like java. when are we doing. We're going to do live show at his bar. Possibly because actually remember. I went to his bar for dinner with friends like a week or two later and and yeah world was was wide open. No idea what was about to half crazy absolutely crazy. So that's later in the show. But there's yankee is to talk about obviously start with And obviously mars in the air. So you'll just imagine what he was going to say about everything but The big news. Obviously that happened talk. Works talk amendment. Voices crack is blake snell on the move traded from the race to the padres for looks like a pretty big hall. I assume all these prospects will up being superstars. The raise will do what they do. Best this is Trade right after they get really good And i it's crazy to be raised fan. I don't know how you got. I mean exist. I e true. That's true but for like the the the handful that are out there. It's like how you grow attached to these players when you know they're not gonna stay on this team. If they end up pink really could be a cells in san diego held a move by them. Going all in they go get darvish also And the and kim The korean kid oak so-called kennedy's thirty or twenty nine but he's an all star over there you know they. They think he's going to be a here. So they're i mean they're going nuts and they're probably still in on bauer and they're going all in here and news for the yankees for sure But i'm getting a little loud a little worried. Getting very worried and alvarado went as well. Yesterday i think he went to the phillies and a three team. Trade obviously morton is no longer on the raise atlanta. It's like i feel like i'm getting worried. Hal cashman how specifically think cash when we'd go nuts if he had the choice Hal is getting. Hey the astros are gonna lose springer probably crayon a year vendors the year all these razor just no longer here the guys challenges for the division one division last year Mckee's along on the red sox. Don't what the hell they're doing. Why should why do we even have to upper. Why do you have to pay if right. We'll probably be good enough with so. Yeah i have a couple. That's my main dot is just because i was reading jolt sherman in the post today top or it might have been someone in the post about how much worse the razor getting how it makes the yankees look better in comparison. I'm afraid of that happening. Exactly what you said. The incas are going to look around the division. They're they're probably the clear runner right now. I mean i think over one hundred sixty two game season. They're more talented than the race. Are us more than you lose. Snell i i know they'll have randy who's for full season. My one hundred home runs. Yes fucking guy. You know the white sox i guess out of the central may be eight or always going to be competitive but there is no clear threat superpower. But that's not good enough because they haven't won a world series in. It'll be twelve years like we can't just be like well. We're the best team in the division and that's good enough. They have to make those extra extra moves to go over the top and make the world series contender. So i am definitely worried about that. But it will say a lot of people who were like Oh all these teams making moves like yankee sitting on the ramp like it's just the padres. The padres moves they want. And i don't really care that doesn't affect the yankees at only the long auguries. Don't sign dj element. You could trade for every person on the planet and then the only way that would affect the yankees maybe in the world series right. Yeah it was kind of. I don't really care really good for them. Like boundaries could for baseball. I like watching good baseball and san diego. It's a beautiful sight to the is the very nice stadium. Obviously as you saw with slammed dig last year. That fucking made baseball so much. You know all the better more fun so let them do their. Let them have their fun out there. Still gotta get past the dodgers. You know everyone's like oh the padres. The team to beat dodgers just won the world series and our fucking loaded and have more and more coming like just when you think they're dumber prospects. They still have more somehow and they sign everybody. You know got topic became which hurt us. Obviously but they're in still on. Dj there in on these guys like all you think sherman was saying like. Don't be surprised. The dodgers coming out of nowhere and go get one of these guys. Like how but keep doing it. Nigga metality yankees should have keep pressing but the yankees. Don't have that right now. It sucks but yeah. Let's let all these guys who are san diego. There are problems. He gets the world series. You know what that's a good problem. Because he's the yankees are in the world series. So yeah. I'm all about this. Great that the race adjust abandoning ship off of the starting pitcher. I mean snow and more than just arnold team. It's crazy basically. The best possible scenario is a season like last season where everything kind of fits together. Ideally obviously for them. They would have won the world series but like the razor. Not a team. that's ever going to be a dynasty. They're never going to have a banana is come up and sign them. All long-term like they need that one year. Two years where you know everybody's under the right amount of cost control salary and it all sort of fits together and then there's gonna blow it all. I mean i i get. I get that. They don't have the revenue or whatever to have a large payroll and i know that their organization so smart. They'll just keep retooling but it has to be so like there. Aren't that many of them. But if you're one of the eight rays fanned out. There has to be so frustrating. Yeah grant they aren't gonna get wander franko this year to spatially start the season he's a god childlike number. One prospect at all baseball so is they're not going to be bad tokyo. Don't kid yourself and Yeah the rotation might be a little shaky but then again the bullpen. And they're probably add a few more arms in the bullpen and be okay. they like. It's definitely won't be as good as they were last year. They can't be you. You lose snow more than those guys who were just the studs edition by it. Just doesn't work. Their math doesn't add up. Good for snell though. I'm happy for him do you like him. I think he's good for baseball. Like i like how he interacts a fans and shit on the street and He he's one of the The people that can help grow sport so sending him san diego that rotation can be really scary and twenty twenty two week levinger galthie with lamentin paddick and they have won a and gore gore to darvish fucking darvish. Yeah roots at saint But as a twenty twenty two thing but for snell. I mean the writing was on the wall of the moment that kevin cash pulled him in the world series. That was like in the tweet. Or you like some. That can't come back after that. I mean that's just an all time blunder and also the padres going. A lot of people are saying oh. Aj preller they did this in two thousand fifteen. Maybe it was. They went out and got matt camp and grump books. This is different. Like i think the darvish move may be questioned because he's older with more money but he's separate really season but blake smells a young guy. That's you know cost control for a while. They have tattoos piece. Chato is still a young superstar like this doesn't feel like they just threw a boatload of money like no stars like they're set up to be really good yes but yeah and if clovinger can come back and twenty twenty two granted come from second tommy. John is next to near impossible like they're paying him. Nothing so it's like you know that's that's obviously hosmer eats a lot of the salary But i mean yeah there. It's a fun time to be a politician. I wish to do something like one. Fucking like one singular fucking thing beside mr cortes. I really like about the point where i'll be like. Maybe it's genius by the yankees front office where they've set the bar so low or anything like okay fine. You did it great if they re signed. Dj that means they did nothing. This offseason just got worse because they would have lost tanaka and who my missing other families gone. They cut holder Tj we missing somebody. Oh gardner garner. I'm just assuming is going to be back at some point camp but whatever they haven't addressed rotation i guess what i was getting outside of of gold continues to just be horrifying to think about the rotation if i think he's resigned. Dj people will be like whatever like good enough good enough of an offseason. But it really. Isn't it because as of right. Now i've seen some names now. We talk a louis. Castio costs a lot. I i was hammered. Couple nights ago tweeting. Or whatever and casto's agent is tweeting back at me. And i had no idea was him. This guy like i think it's ross. Navis wherever he's verified is like twitter handle something like agent. whatever just louise castillo's agent. We were arguing about what it would cost for us to go. Get louis custodio. And he's like no. It will cost way more than that. I don't think so. I guess i'd like dude. What are you like his agent. I knew he was verified. Or whatever but i didn't. Patrick corbin randomly followed me into. I was a random fucking follow. Patrick i think i told him to eat shit. Like 'cause gordon he's afraid of the new york crusher. I don't think he knows that we hate him now. To here's probably let me see where is following me. The other day. I saw follows you and the short porch ryan brazier on that happened recently. I don't know what the yeah this guy's names rafa nia republic sports and he was just to enact me like i was saying. He's like the yankees. Don't have the pieces to go. Get louis steam like they do. I think they do and lets people know it. Because he thinks it would cost gleyber torres louisiana's classic agent. Yeah mike i you're talking to control. I get what you're saying but it's glacier fucking taurus against the. I mean what he says really doesn't matter. He's not the reds for an office. Yeah right exactly like it's not like he's setting the price for lewis castio in agency. Obviously he would but for trade. I mean what he says. Obviously he's overvalued client but yeah. I saw it the morning after. And i was like interesting. Let's let's tweeting and being drunk is not fun in the morning after. You're one of the bigger dogs drunk traders out there. Nothing bad ever. it's always just digi lemay. Who in like could always tell. Oh yeah yeah i. I've i've waned off from like i used to be really really bad now. I'm starting to put the phone in the pocket and kind of enjoy the night But year's eve tweet like a yankee. One last or jared didn't do one last year. Maybe not probably probably did yeah. This is a good point this year. It hasn't worked. No i'll call my mom instead. That's fine i'm switch. Switch the strategy there. What how's your christmas christmas Even though you're jewish rate according to abor no not not your celebrated quiet just me and my parents didn't really do anything like staying home. Whatever obviously not having like big parties and stuff we have just just come chilling you. Yeah very small. Christmas but Good with like gifts. And should i like i finally have decorations shit. I got a hat stand so many hats. This is awesome. Derek jeter like I'm not going to move it but it's dare to your like painting. Whatever and then here. I got a the boys home. Lander nice little thing there so i actually like for the first time i life decorated room in college into a single thing. I never put a poster up or anything. And i was like this place is just too bland or whatever so i spice it up a little bit. Which is nice. I told myself i was gonna do that. With disappointment. i've been in here for six or six seven months. Now i have one small like cartoonish painting of new york city that is cool looking but it's so small like it. It's like this like it's so small where it looks pathetic. Right over my bed and hangs off. I have to survivor buffs that produce from the show sent me nothing else have then. We have a a a a something our living room. That's cool blue. Look an ice painting. That's just been sitting on our adamant against the wall for four months. Put up or anything. That's our decorations. I got since like obviously everything's closed and shit like and i've noticed like you'll see me and they'd be like you're not fat but i am noticing like a little bit of a gut brewing finally with me and i'm like i'm getting thought again. Yeah so it was like ma. I like you know we don't do like christmas will start. What do you want. And i was like. I'd love some sort of push up like pull up bar. Whatever thing like. I could go like got me this thing. It's like souped. I'm gonna get jacked like i'm gonna get i'm gonna i'm gonna go nuts with it. It's got bands. I think it's not like it's a little it's being sent to me but it's i saw it at home but It's it's going to be a game changer. I think i'm going to actually like do something with my body which are gonna be annoying. Talk about and stuff. I know i imagine that measure just tweeted about him like did instagram posts and stories and just told every single person in knew that i worked out too. I like. i'll look at pictures of myself from like iran about two years ago from now and my face is so fat like i was like fat. People said something. Like i was fat like. I'll look at pictures. Maybe the maybe. The person wasn't as bad but like looking at pictures back my god. He looked like a fat suit on. And i'll look at pictures of me from like a year ago. And i was like the heart of working out and i got like chiseled face and like look good and i'm i'm right in the middle of it now and i don't wanna trend twenty eighteen to go one way or the other. Yeah right and but the thing is like like my roommate has some of that homework out stuff but unless like i don't the gym i just feel like is better your lift weights and stuff. I mean that's almost got fired for getting to in shape i saw. I couldn't get. I just need to. I don't want to be jacked. i don't wanna be fat. I just want to be like an average salary. But you know i got a little bit of. Td's a little bit of a gut. Get rid of that. And i'll be good. I meant to bring this up before. Just changing topics My my cousin just had his first kit and he's like consider him kind of like a brother. Whatever hand side family is jewish and religious side and whatever they do thing put they did the brisk today. You know what that is something with a penis. Circumcision thing whatever they fucking zoomed it like a zoom meeting. It was it was fucking crazy bed. It was not is insane. Couldn't see anything they did it like you. You basically just hear the prayers. Which i don't even know what they are But joining the zoom call. I didn't know one person is supposed to be a family. I don't know any of these people there. I must in every friend they had was joining us. And i'm scrolling through to see. Who's i'm looking for like my uncle harry. Whatever the gray he'd actually been on the porch like years ago but remember that he just broke through like yankee's history like twenty minutes. Yeah yeah yeah. I i remember i was. I was still in school because it was like the very beginning stages of the great. 'cause i remember recording it from like the radio station at This year why that feels like forever ago. We met him in tampa this year. Was that cole. my god. you're right. Holy was there holy shit and i couldn't find or like he couldn't find i. It was disaster. Uncle harry definitely listen to this but they Whatever the person's whatever I barely even like why. I get grossed out of any of that shit. I think it was weird. Even had an uncertain. But oh screwing just you. It is and i just forget that. So my my cousins now wife. She's related to my math teacher from high school. Just a fucking crazy thing. So i remember going to the wedding and running into her and i'm like oh my god. Why are you here. And it was like her. Nick is she's just my Was it my junior year. Like algebra teacher wherever fuck calculus or whatever and then i'm scrolling through and i just found her again. I was like this is crazy. this is just. It's just totally forgot that we're like semi related this point and that was a while i mean it doesn't happen as much anymore but more like when whenever you'd see a teacher on a wild like not as a teacher like just being like seeing the as a real person rape your brain you leave you leave the classroom sir. How are you kidding me. I thought you you just have that outside of here. You guys get drunk. What is this about you know always wondered is a like if teachers would come in because one of my roommates teacher and you know you hear the gospel. Whatever but like what. I just finished saying like as a kid. I wish i was more attentive to what teachers would talk about. Like on the side. Whatever and you're like. Wow like this guy's banging this girl like oh this guy guys are not happy to. I wish i knew the tensions 'cause they're definitely weren't tensions are real key. There are now that we're adult so they're definitely having real problems or like or like those two are hooking up or like. Oh they're in a fight like they were dating. Those guys used to date. Like i wish i knew all of that that she was probably nuts. Growing up i was gonna say and i apologise listeners. Out there who are teachers. Nobody takes offense as growing up. Like when you're in school you always think like all my teachers are so smart right. There were smartest people in the world but like now looking around like to the people at least for me and i. I'm sure it's the same for everyone like that. You graduated with or from college. That are becoming teachers. They're not that smart. No like the like the smartest people from your high school are like they have other jobs. They're doing like big business packing and like all likes like none of them are like ninth grade. Maybe maybe teachers are at that. They actually had to go into teaching because they had nothing else to do that was due for. They like they like they. Molding are young kids. Brains that's okay and other than that Oh we well we kinda hired an intern. Interesting starts basically let his owen. He reached out and ton of people have reached out. But i thought going into two thousand twenty to step up like everything we kind of got complacent so i wanted to look how to revamp some things so it's going to take over on social a little bit. Help us out my first task of the most like. Hey i don't wanna give you the main account stuff like right away test you out. So why don't you create a burner. And then i'll follow along a little bit for like a day or two kim. We'll see how it goes. He goes oh yeah sure. And he was due and the tweets are totally fine. And then all of a sudden he fucking quote tweeted. Jared and i get i had him on notifications and i was like delete that right now. I couldn't sent it within fifteen seconds of doing it. Naturally jared jared screenshot or whatever which is weird because like it was a tweet that he had sent that he. I mean he must have gotten a ton of he. Just read literally every tweet at them which wouldn't surprise me He tweeted and goes. Oh this is the most obvious hubs or whatever the was i know it definitely did and i mean because i i wanna notifications on my. I made the mistake of not telling him to make his make private. Because there's no reason to make it a public account Put it was funny and he was apologizing at its worst but there's no way that's actually his burner or whatever. I literally sent them to text messages between. No he's all fucked my bad. He's yeah fuck you personal twitter But yes hotstar throwing But naturally i mean everyone fucks up so if that's his greatest fuck up a fucking ticket so So far so good with that. Yeah just hoping be more interactive on twitter and instagram. And all that. Maybe some youtube stuff. I'd love to just get better youtube. I don't know how we got to do that. If i i don't know if we should even reach out to someone to help us when you to whatever but because tj so swamped whatever but we need help on her youtube if anyone is actually interested in sending some time hemi up and maybe we'll have a conversation whatever but Yeah we need help with growing the to foreshore other than that so we've got a ton of clips from this year and it's worthless thing to me run through obviously so java. We talked about how that seems so long ago. The schmidt king interview one of my favorites just because in person and those guys are just so great to talk to tom. Like we're all just like lifelong friends. Yeah almost like we golfed. After that felt like we were just having a day. Talk men is just worth it enough to hear the whole mardi thing where he wants to kill marty. The awkward pause the ford interview was very good. Nice it was like ford second or third time on the show and it was like the most. We've gotten out of him if usually he's very quiet. He's kind of himself there Anytime we talk to. John sterling is a pleasure out of we talked you during quarantine and montgomery. We've interviewed him twice now twice. Montgomery got the very end of florida. That was cool. The time mckinley interview in itself. Which is the white whale we were chasing. The might hit home a little bit for some people now like this kind of the last time you hear him talk. Whatever anytime we talked voight always a fucking blast we had swisher. Come on this to swisher interviews. We talked to him twice. We need an astronaut. That was hilarious. looking back. That's back when there was no yankee news. We're out of baseball stuff. We had talked six months without no baseball. So it's like kay. We need national on the show Tino martinez right after the season hours dope. The clint frazier view to me will always be my favourite until it's the best of the year. Yeah that's c. Hammer bag and his shoe room. And all that aircraft's fantastic time swisher again. It's just it it'll be worth your time. Maybe you drive. Go for new year's eve or coming home for the holidays. Ever flying across the country papa. it'll be worth your while. I believe We've done a lot of big year despite like twenty twenty being so shitty for a hell of a. I think we did a hell of a job with guests and all that and making this work and hope for the fans Appreciate that a little bit as well before we get into all those interviews and more talking about hellofresh hellofresh. So i had to ask the sent where to send you the stuff because they like send us a few food food items whatever so obviously we can taste them and try them out and sending them here. Because i was going for the holidays. I had him sent home and my mom was very. She likes when she gets anything from the podcast. Whatever i give her shirt. she's always appreciative. And i surprised her with know hellofresh delivery and she was going nuts. And she actually. I didn't know this but she loves hellofresh. Just in general. I didn't even know she had heard about it. Because you never know what. Your parents are listening to these days. Whatever but she loves hellofresh. She was ecstatic. We got her the parmesan chicken. I believe and there was a chilly. 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Whatever we pick the best parts so you know that helps you guys out and chat. Tj shutout Avery and everybody who helped on the podcast this year on everyone who listened and kept us go and you guys are awesome. I can't believe we kept. Its asthma tough year with sports and everything and we have to make do what we got. And we weren't able to go to games. I know it sucks. Hopefully 2021 brings a little different kind of luck on our side and and yeah we keep this thing rolling a very excited As long as we signed. dj. Otherwise i'll slip into a depression but yeah oh and shut up miller lite as well. They were Presenting sponsor all year long. Can't thank them enough for coming on board and hanging out with us. Throughout the pandemic everything was locked going on credit to them. Miller lite Great tasting less feeling. They were awesome all year. Long loved by miller lights. Yeah it was always actually even in college always always always and so this is. This is pretty cool shadow to them. Hellofresh shots you guys. The fans appreciate all and yeah. Let's get going here. We'll start off with joppa chamberlain going to clark schmidt and then from there on. Just listen to what there we go. We look to the show a member of the two thousand nine new york yankees world series championship team at one point. He was the most electrifying pitcher in the game. Ladies and gentleman from lincoln nebraska number sixty two java chamberlain. What's going on java. Just another day and good old nebraska twenty twelve. We gotta talk about this crazy things that happened in career of the trampoline incident. And this is why. You're covering from. Tommy john believe so i and then there's the reports that you almost died which then you clarify no just explained the whole situation. Well that i had no. I i guess it was like cnn or somethin' and it was It was weird. Because all of a sudden i start getting messages. Like hey or are you. Okay are you. Are you all right. And i'm like yeah. I'm fine. I i remember going into the room after making all the calls My son was actually with me. On spring break was it was just me and him in the trampoline park actually and so making all the phone calls. I'm sitting in laying in the in the hospital and you know the ladies like freaking out like trying to ask all these questions. And i'm literally looking like man. I'm fine just just. My ankle is falling off. Like it's not like i can't talk to you so you know it's one of those things where i got blown out of proportion it. I mean it was ugly. Like i mean i have a picture could send you guys. If you wanna see shawn last seen what was doing on that trampoline early you also actually yeah. I'm not a small dude trampoline. You're getting some bounce out of that. So yeah it's literally just me and my son and we're not doing anything and I actually had a buddy with me. That would just happened to be taking pictures at the same time and has the actual sequence. Oh my god win the actual break half home on yes. It's crazy let the timing and Yeah so i mean it was gnarly like once once i send you the picture. You'll you'll see what it was and you know my son's there and my son didn't really care. He went over to the other side and started playing. And then got flushing. A hotdog shift about me is laying on the break. His ankle every day at the triple park and then one of the paramedics that came and got me was tino. Martinez is maybe brother-in-law up. Of course yeah. So i'm like. Oh this is great. Was he good at his job or did help you out. They didn't they didn't drop me. So that's that's a huge. Oh my i mean. I'd be kinda pissed. How's your kid to your like a perfect person like double bounce on a trampoline so this guy now he's a by himself and that's what he did and it just it just went and i remember. My son was leaving. Go to nebraska. And i'm still in the hospital and recovery. And he looked at me and he goes dead. Next time i come. Can you not be in the hospital. I'll try i swear. No shit. I don't wanna be here either Job we appreciate you so much weight before he goes well. I need to know where you in a musical in high school. I was in two musicals. I knew it. I'm so excited. I like ten thousand times more fucking love. Love bet. I i even. I was doing an event with With delta in the rock ages and constantine rulers who i got to know throughout his prime their mirror with them for a little bit at a at one of the events so do i love musicals. There they're awesome unbelievable. I marty said it to us before we we give you a call and i thought he uses restricts the wrong because he does that. That's a musicals on you. Gotta go to more musicals. I went to a broadway. Play the death toll. Now become a child of the theater. I really enjoy. The theater. Told you the last one i went to. What's inside story. That was actually still west. Side story was still in production in new york so we had to get permission to actually do. What is like your if you have to impress somebody with a song with your go-to song eager to belt out Are we talking like karaoke. We just talking anything to impress And then we're gonna demand alone. No no no we might now know. Sign up for this. That might be another day. Okay when i come see you guys in new york. We'll figure something all right. Lets you do that for. What is this. you don't have to sing it. But if you have to choose one oh man Shoot and it. Put me on the spot here. Probably jamie johnson in color okay. So that's the man who knows his music avalon familiar. But i'll i'll be like okay speaking mccallum by the way last eater at the last musical and went to some this asshole next me brought a fucking calamar from friday's leftovers into the theater. Say kidding me. Oh that's the worst. How that now horrible i was like. What are you doing lady. I lose like hey like you stink right now in human life whatsoever. Better that is you live in your own world. Do that brought in like a lock bag spaghetti game yes or eating tuna and a game like what are you doing. What are you just ruining it for. Everybody duty as though. Oh my god oh excuse. Throw up on on the podcast. We went from talking about musical dude. Eaten mayonnaise experiments interviews way better than the other one. That's shoop for man job. Thank you so much for coming on. This was a long time. Come we tried to use last year. It didn't work out. I thank you so much for taking the time Hopefully we'll have you on may become the new york. Maybe we'll hang out a little bit. But i appreciate man and keep doing your thing out there in nebraska and down. You guys are out there. Go to my plate. American list on the thirtieth ship. Go there tomorrow. I swear to god i just texted. I'm getting a couple friends tomorrow. And i was like. Hey this could be a good spot for tomorrow. And i linked american whiskey. I've been wanting to try it. That's your place. Yeah what you wanted the world. Oh why you guys to get such a crazy thing. We barstool events there. Before i go lots great goddamn might say no job next year for sure tomorrow. What what should i get there. Anything specific i mean. I always a huge fan of the wing okay. Lamb chops are really good. I'm going to beat lots overnight wondering what are the odds a brace showroom sandwiches phenomenon that sounds like that popped off java guy yeah best. I swear we talked on. The phone is listen ankle. Java jaylen thank you so much man. We'll talk to you got. I love your done. The less reliable. We're here with clark schmidt and mike king first round of interviews down your between. We never actually to person interview here and this toll so i don't know how soon and go but felt how we doing our good rising the ranks. I mean once doesn't he introduced it to your spot every time he's like i'm good. I don't know what to say. Yeah does it. To us every podcast. We'd never know what to say. I'm not gonna say. I'm not doing good what they say. You're a schmuck out. Real good in the conversation at rough starts in show so something. I feel like this year. being publicized. more maybe The garrett cole edition all your guns and all that but the lie piece. I feel like i'm not been tweeted like they happen this year in the past. So we're seeing all you guys. We're seeing the results. What is it like throwing the live. Ep two guys like labor tourism and all these guys these digi lament you. How do you have any feared backer police at this guy this guy this digital fuck how we can get. I think pitching inside. It's like one of the things that's you're kind of like you got pump. A face scared inches. The first time i was like i don't wanna throw a sinker. I can vital. Just let it run its risks. And that's all i need is i'm going instantly back down to the other side of the model out outta here Yeah so i mean yeah. It's kind of like nerve racking a little bit as far as pitching inside and stuff like that. But it's i mean it's it's the good thing about being early in the year is they also haven't seen live pitching. Yeah so now. Like when you're facing you're like kinda got a leg up because if i'm throwing something in his own his eyes might not be like ready for you. You kind of get a false sense of like your frigging nasty. All these guys haven't seen it might have been hate debris his name your jd martinez says something about like. How just their so lost the plate right now and pitchers have such a big advantage because it takes it takes a full month and get back into rhythm like he's like on the worst of all time around one season starts will be fine ever knows that so. I'm imagining at the same way. Your first week. I faced sanchez. And i i my first car. I struggle run out and in my second. Ibp the next week. Like i took me like bridge breaking searcy regular students watch the righty one soda with the batting. I mean i don't hate it as long as he's practices team produces. Is there. Anyone you really wanna get alexander talking shit against like any hitters. I need to get what we pay back. That the when you're a hitter i feel every. Say they wanna hit family because they can just talk shit the cameras. Can we talk shit that so is there a reverse guy. I would probably say frazier and then dipping great show. It doesn't matter my mind. Was chris ins. I talk about it because on. So he's a fire now to yet. But when i was in trenton with them. I like i like to give my confidence too so we were talking about how we'd get each other out or pitchers were talking about how we get guys out on the team. And i totally get like i said that christie and just like the easiest how in the world because he was like sitting right there and he was a good me. He's like my power outage right center. I take that to see where direct. And then i'll just like sink it in y- right on right you're screwed. You go over one hundred ninety punch outs. And then we face each other in live ep. A couple couple of weeks ago. And i got it was like a ground ball or something but i remember when he was up at the box is she got nervous. Playoff game like forty people that go over one hundred against was there a crowd launch. Mind about the order conversation. Yeah i think we all do. I mean everybody tries to pick his brain and he's so open to talking about it It's it's crazy how much he knows about pitching and how how he goes about. Everybody has their own way of going about it But his way of going about his craft is so unique and it's cool to see It so much. He so detail oriented in his preparation and even his bullpens on these warm enough. It's it's just like so cool to watch and like he'll even throw pitching will be great pit like he'll say it burghley that's a great and then he'll throw who back. That's a bad pitch. Like normally you watch fisher warm up. And they're just like throw into warm-up like they're just throwing hard trying to warm up yeah picking his brain like in the lunchroom before we'll have. We had pitcher meetings and stuff early on in spring training. He would come up to and he would just like talk about his transition from pittsburgh to houston and he went away from the sinker or two seem and stuff like that. So yeah it's it's good to pick his brain for sure he's just like you said attention to detail where chris he's been here. The last few days and i was lifting. And i was doing. Some cressey was right before. Kohl's by starters warm up and whispered to me like oh now i get to watch his warm because obviously not gonna change the best pitcher so he wanted and coal didn't really go out to cressey and say i want to change stuff so he's just gonna watch it and at the end of it. I want to sell houses warm and he said obviously. We definitely have differing views. So there's a lot of stuff that i feel like. He could be doing more of but everything that did was literally one hundred percent. Perfect like he. He did like a a bent over bicep curl with only like a twenty pound dumbbell and it was like the most perfect like mia pattern. Detail like a body weight squat. And it's the most perfect movement pattern mobility based on his ankle and knee mobility like he was getting the perfect depth and crushes. It was insane. The amount of detail that he put into his routine and it was like every day shows up routine routine routine crazy like he literally knows he'll know what he's doing four days from now to the t. Like a knows every single thing that he's doing from what he shows up to the field so when he goes home and what he's eating it's just crazy and it's funny. Coz been all antagonized case everywhere everywhere like any time. We're in the locker room. He just to me. And just he's always just sitting on me and just like where he'll be like. Where's where's jackass number two jackass number two and he just stays on our case. We were He's he's loose club. Yeah we were. We were stretching the other day. And so we're we're in full to stretch. Obviously when you're stretching you don't want to put some people's opinion gear kohl's might differ from ours but in the ground. You don't want to have like when you have that niece spot westbank so king and i both pull our pants at like that knee up and we put her in the ground and he sees it and you are cut holes in her pants or something like he just destroyed us. It was merging rations e jim into the ground. Honestly i'm gonna blame the strength coaches for because when it's like a little damp outside the u. s. and feeling and now it's like all right knee down black hair and on my own and will kill yet. It's generation laying it must. It must be right and he was murdering also. I think we both had ankle socks and they're not chapman you'll get leg. Tat's can't that off. Yeah you're right but in like a little bitch. He's actually i keep he's got the pale pale white get i kind of get where he's coming from but ever since like he's just been on our like it's an awesome thing guys a yeah he'll be talking about my breaking ball like making fun of it. I'm like okay. Gary there could be worse things being he'd be ignoring you. That'd be hip talk. And he was good last year. You the champagne. Whisper because literally everywhere in september we. We should call them the champagne. Now that i think doesn't stop also a man. I like that better than whisper. When i heard the king elect him whispering. The worst opinions are shipment so shipping king champion. What are you what are you james. Good ari so every wednesday september. They just one the division of the championship or or a playoff series. I mean what. It wasn't nuts. Yeah i mean. So i guess once i got and that's when we clinched. That's when we panchen pain. When i got up there and then it was. It was one of those where i knew that there was a very small chance. I get called up to the big leagues. But i didn't know like how big of a chance it was but it was in the back of my head so after we lose in playoffs and screen jay bell manager calls in it was like hagi valera. I think it might have been weighed. It was like all the guys around forty man. Those dylan's grand get now said the september. Call it so after the game. We're all kinda sad but then jays like haiti in my office talks to him. He comes out. We all get the collapse. Like oh you're going back to the big leagues after everybody's done. He goes kingpin in my office. And i'm like mike heart. Go go and he was like. I was just as a better conversation. But you're going down to trenton to a young kid. And so you'll trenton and yeah we we win and threaten pop champagne champagne king and then it's like the same thing happens where patrick osborne called me into his office. And i'm like there's no else got. I'm like i can't go off off of this because i'm like oh my god and it was like the exact same thing. I was just as better conversation but we need to stay hot. So we're going to send you to tampa to the spring training complex to keep throwing just in case we need. You gotta be kidding. And i'm like calm my mama. This is going to be terrible. Like i'm just gonna rot away in tampa for a month and then go home and my off season starts later all this stuff and she was like but just in case you do get caught up. You will gladly go tampa. I'm like yeah go. Tampa like four days. But i got called up. So i was like in our conversation. Go fake it was. It was actually kind of weird because kevin and committee that did it and they like huddled around me. And i thought it was trouble. I i'm one of the like i'm very straight. Nara was not doing anything bad. But like oh my god and i was talking to a guy joe sierre our sports science department and he slowly like walks away as priests walk up to me. And i'm like this is a and so he like walks away thinking i'm going to get yelled at and i was laying down rolling out in the gym. And they're like what. Have you done today and i was like i just got here. Starting my warm. It's such a bad startled. What have you done. And i m laying down to. So it was even more like because they're like standing over top of me. Look look without having and research. Just like i said like. I'm just like starting my activation and he said like we flipped his words. Bruce move all going to get activated tonight like wait what he's like. You gotta get gone like you're going to be planning a little bit so like seriously. We show this time. And he gave them both apps pretty good deaths to by both of them said thank you and then it was. It was scrambled. Just like i go. Upstairs to nick. Avocado avocado gets me a plane to go up there and it was like i landed landed at four thirty but it was in a new work with traffic everything. I didn't get to the stadium till six o'clock for six thirty game and they basically said if tanaka doesn't five to pitch count like never picked out of the pen. I don't have a routine. I'm not even able to do my routine. I just got here. I barely said hi to boonen. Larry and i'm like all right. Let's go i remember. It was the first inning. I was in the bullpen playing catch and like feet of open. And i'm like ripping the both trying to get my. I'm going just in case after thorough later on and my mom and everybody's like my mom said she looked on twitter and everybody was freakonomics knock. It was hurt because it was right after the. I think we literally were tweeting. Mike things meanwhile me like making sure that. I'm arm. Because i want to catch for the first time like ripe floor about pitch saw all right. Let's get gone. But i would have loved to pitch that day but i was happy. I didn't and i was kind of happy. That i got acclimated to the big issue would never come out the penn before that every time i come out of the pen. It's been like a schedule many. So it'll it'll be like championship. Clark was going piggyback each other. But i was not going to come in the middle of neck so i don't know what clark pulled with two outs one inning. And they brought james reeves. Finish eating and i had the next. I never had like the panic of like throw many times. You can't get out there. And i'm like wait. I might be doing this right now. And it's like in the big leagues. And i just got here. It's hard to like. it's so like even now we're in spring. Training will come in and like the six or seven whatever. It is fifth inning. Whatever it is and it's like i'm like constantly asking relievers. I'm like my own time right now. Like my too early because then like hockey's like you need to slow your way too early. And i'm always way too early and so then they're like just just sit down for a minute and then i'm like right so it's like it's impossible to gauge. When you if you don't have a set schedule from started earlier one hundred percent so then you finally debut was in texas early right. Describe all that hockey again. I talked to him about it but so there were three times so we started. New york wants tampa. It's texas and there were three times throughout that. That i threw a bullpen is what he said. And would just like larry and say auto you got sixth but king throw bullpen. Because you're gonna start on thursday. And it's tuesday. And i'm like article whatever so i throw my mid mid we bullpen type thing. Shut it down. Done move onto texas same exact thing and it was auto you got the seventh or whatever seven king grove opening and start sunday. Why don't you tell me he starts around. started yet. And he fucks with people he. He's very good at knowing you as a person so like he said he's had in the past because he's been there for a few years he's like i have a kid that is now nervous as hell and like give it to the catcher. Not even like hitting anywhere near the catcher and i was up in pitch. So he's got to try to calm him down make him think that he's not actually going into the game and then he can let him go. That's what he was to do with me. And so autos warming up on the mound. I'm throwing i get ten pitches in and that we have. I think it was first and third with two outs sitting. And i think it was like five two and he says king stop right now if dj a bomb. You're going to go. And i was like all right cool. And he's like do you think you'll be ready in time like ten pitch so far i've been thrown slider yet and i was just like i need like five pitches but if it's bomb one more out to like finish those bitches then i'll go and so i'm like sitting there auto still throwing. He hits a line drive to left. Leftfielder goes to die. It's like in front of goes at dive after it goes by him. Ends up trying to stretch into a triple but he gets thrown out there to run score but now it's over worst-case for you i haven't drawn. I look hockey. And i'm like am i in. He's like a let me go check runs. The phone calls down. He's like yeah. You're in the game. And i'm like like my side is my worst pitch i want. I want to throw that so i rip one like to my bullpen. Catcher behind right handed batter amount. And i remember just sheffield telling me in eighteen. That most nervous he was was not tripping running. Yeah can't so now. I'm like i wasn't thinking about game. I'm like getting my feet us laugh and once i got to the mountain roman comes up. It was like it was a shit show. Roman comes up to me and i've never called you before. What are you throw. And i'm like he's never played catch bullpen too and i'm like oh my god and something. I throw a sinker Changes my best secondary slamming. We'll mix it and he was like all right. sounds good. and i'm telling you my first. Like six pitches were cutters the whole time in my warm ups in the game everything and i come into the dugout all those and he was just like yeah. Didn't you tell me if you're a singer. And i was like i do i swear marriott shit that's able to throw a cut but my philosophy because when i went out seconding it was better but there were still like a few pitch register on track minute as the wind was howling from third base to first base where i was standing there and i could feel like pulling jersey over there. Maybe win was cutting obviously doing fine. But i wasn't as nervous just. Because i felt like i was there for eight days before actually pitched and i understood my routine. I understood the guys. I knew like it wasn't that big a deal. And i don't know it was just like i was playing a game that's awesome. Let's go to debut the we'll probably have this conversation expert training. We'll be like how they might. Kim clarke mentally back in the bronx version. Now we're here now with his going to be a starting outfielder for an opening day he stays healthy police tail mike talking what's going on man there to be here guys. How's it going up. That is there a guy on the team who you're facing live ep. Who you gotta gotta hit here to talk shit to him. Otherwise he's gonna talk shit to me. I assume it's there's one person in mind. You mean how tommy three four straight changeups back alive. No no way. Yeah you go you know ball one ball to to will and i'm like he might throw here. Change up to one change to to. He tried to sneak here by me. Followed off through breaking ball for a ball. It's three two. And i'm like in the back of my head. I'm like in a game. He's a hundred percent thrown the change right here in a live ep. He might throw fastballs. I've talked myself festival. Change comes out. I cap it but you know how the how baseball is now by the time. I'm in to strikes. The third baseman shortstop as a whole and so i hit it probably right where the shortstop wasn't flipped it. Nobody plays there and i walked on the field. And nobody's ever hit or not into that. I know i think it was. Maybe gary hit one or someone. Maybe off montgomery montgomery bally's it was a home run. I remember that was their base for that was follow What what made you like. you know. Obviously hitting a such a guessing game why specifically there are three to like. You said confident in a game. He's thrown a changeup. Why this is the best pitch. Gotcha i mean the The way pitching is not like i agree with. Don't don't lose on your third best pitcher your second best pitch. If you're gonna lose you know lose on your best pitch. Like that's i think. I think most pitchers would answer that and the way the analytics are now more or less. It's throw your best pitch as much as you can. It's tommy's changeup titus slider. it's a fastball to britain singer like that's their best pitch so if you're going to beat me i'm not gonna let you beat me on my second best pitch you know so Just and that's sort of what hitting go up there and you know i'm trying to go up there. I'm trying to get off three as swings. And sometimes the definition of a swing changes based on who you're facing but you know i don't wanna make an out especially early in the count. I wanna make an out take a bad swing. You know so know. I think that's kinda it's may. I mean maybe it's little or nothing but that's the reality of how the game is now because the difficulty level i've ivers to not really going off but you just seem like a smart guy with a lot of opinions so i wanna know. Do you have a conspiracy favourite conspiracy theory. I feel like you might have one conspiracy theory like hundred. You're going to die on Yeah i do wanna get into it. I'm not like i don't know a lot of them. I just kind of like say to like mess with guys like are like the guy. That's no man. Look and it's like. Oh yeah like it did. I was messing with somebody today saying we never landed on the moon because he was talking about. It must be like actually in the moment and he's like what do you mean like us filmed state flags blowing like. There's no gravity. How how is that even possible. I think i broke. His brain broke way. That was what can can't be one of those people talking about. Yeah no so. I think that stuff is kind of interesting. You've got one st you've got you. There's just like that's a good point when they talk about. I don't know sometimes. Like b b in from chicago. The michael jordan's suspension one. Oh play baseball. Like no i believe. Maybe maybe i was. Like if i was if i was mike trout. I wouldn't be like you see me. Hit that golf ball yesterday. Michael join the pga tour. No no stick soldiers so but that stuff that stuff is find talk about sometimes like messes and people whatever but yeah so. I have a theory that the oceans should have walls. You need a big for no one. What the oil says staring at me. Very i should have wall. So we can't won't overflow the soon nominees will never happen all right. Sure thank you. That's all i. That's kelly what walls make sense. Think about we're going through tunnels it's a wall can't get you out of here. I wish you all walk all the health and we look forward to seeing. You know i appreciate it. Guess anytime the stockman now. The set of doctors born on the fourth of july surprised to princeton mike. For what's going on guys. Thanks for good. have back show. This is your third time on the shows. We called you that for like five minutes and then we had you on the old office. We actually had never been in new awfully everywhere but there. But it's good to have you had a wild season last year. Your pick up. What was your favorite moment from last year for you. I mean personally. It's got to be the walk off that. Was you know that literally was what i said in the backyard every day as a kid growing up like you know other than probably at a game seven in there but it was also really cool to be a part of a lot of stuff to be honest with you I thought that was. You know. Three of the highlights. I think his three thousand strikeout Three hundred zero no heat to fifty it was that milestone three thousand strikeout and then his send off with his family. I was like oh man. I got sunglasses crazy emotional travel. The team The postseason or are you down in tampa. Where i was just here. Okay so. I was in new. York does first two games that they played the the twins so awesome to be around the atmosphere. And just kinda get a taste of and then came down here and talk about the corona virus thing. You seem to have no idea on the elevator. We're coming up here. But is there any like any talks in the clubhouse of like getting pens from fans random balls. You don't know who you're shaking hands with these days it's crazy. Yeah yeah it is. I think it's a concern Especially being here. You know the three cases in florida that are here are in this county tonight. Oh shit talk tonight. We my favorite restaurants. The woman works at about eat it like two days ago one which fresh kigen his place i kept hearing about. Go to yeah. It's great. it's a. They have a great Restaurants in town. All of them are great and a worker. There had it. Yeah she just got back from italy. She hadn't been there yet or anything but we'll see what happens with the business over there. During the virus. I roommate just got back from europe knock. No i haven't seen him. You are say murder him. I dispose the body. And we're going work. 'cause we talk talk about it and we told you about it and now that you've heard about this memo we're going to like is going to be a curb your enthusiasm episode. Stop signing well. there's a memo. I swear they told us about the memo paschall sedan case up fast. You know obviously like you said you know. Both my parents are doctors so they went crazy down like a has metsu. Hasn't yet it's crazy. Great people but they were like. Hey just in case you know thing will come out of the bag to the. I was wanted to be at to work. All the stair honored. Don't ask question food since you went to princeton. I had to ask what's your hoagie. Haven order dirty sanchez dirty. The fat lady. Close the mac daddy. Luca never had it cheeseburgers and front mac and cheese bites. Sounds pretty good blink. Once a mutual respect dirty directions game recognize game on the thirty inches. Chicken tenders sanchez cheese mozzarella sticks in this. Like oh so. These are fat sandwich. Yeah okay i know. That's not so realistic. Yeah shit the more of those off to do extra dirty. Just extras extra salt. That's the name. The names great. But mike appreciate coming on wish all the best rest of spring. It's the regular season. We'll see you hopefully in baltimore and hope you guys kick ass this year and bring them number twenty eight. Thanks guys appreciate mike. For the product princeton. We're now joined by yankees legend the voice of the yankees recurring guests on the porch. The legend himself john sterling john. How's it going good This is spring training. We only do about ten game. So we're about as we shoot this or record this we're about halfway through and And then the season and have on behalf of the yankees. It would be a lot better. If judge stanton were healthy and kwang but this ballclub has so much talent they actually could get by without them much easier with them right and so we hope that they'll i don't listen to news. I'm really good about that just tv. Read the newspapers and you guys go on the internet and a lot of people say a lot of things and they don't know anything but we'll see no one knows very much survive last year. How could it be worse than last year. So absolutely the season ended obviously against the astros last year. I've seen twenty seventeen as well. They're pretty much stole the headlines. This offseason aside from garrett. Cole what are your overall thoughts about everything going on with cheating scandal. It's dominated the headlines. Well not there. And i'm not in their doug. I bet i'll tell you this. Think of it this way if you cheated in two thousand seventeen and won the championship and cheated in eighteen and you got knocked out by eventual champion in the al. You trying to tell me you didn't cheat and twenty one thousand nine hundred lee you. I believe that no and we've all seen the video. What about a thousand times out to late and coming home and saying no no historic like this was guilty person and then running into through the dugout into the key. I mean let me ask you a question. And you've seen all these millions of sport events if you in the home run in the bottom of the ninth to win the afc and propelled your team into the world series. Aaron booth that you wouldn't stay on the line. Stay on the field. Y'all everyone in sight. You jump on the dog pile. Yeah you do a million interviews. And he didn't he ran into the club. House league me naked and came back with a different shirt on. Yeah i mean i know. It's circumstantial but baby has heavy circles now. The excuses were so bad to my own shiromani and then this picture of the shirt off. His wife doesn't like what it takes his shirt off and then the tattoo do just that. It's just it's just bad. It's one more thing. I'd mentioned this on the air i think was susan's one hundred. During a game. This year the houston players were not very when they were in interviews. I mean they slide. Well yeah we had a problem. But it won't happen again blah blah okay. I would think the houston players would be blown away not by the media you know. What kinda bummed and an newspaper guys and internet and all but look at the players have spoken out the greatest biggest players in the game. Mike trout never says anything anything. Unless it's the weather that's it. Aaron judge is young carlo. bellenger cody. Bellinger cody bellinger. The the biggest players in the game seen anything like it. Yes and so believe me. Players never knock each other and here. The biggest players in the game came out. So you know houston. They deserve it. They'll be under the scrutiny over here every away game they play. I don't know what it means because they have a very good team. Yeah but i think it's amazing that the the biggest players spoke out that has to tell you something they'll be more motivated the astros. You're it's everyone against. It's tough though in baseball. Yeah and i can see if you playing one basketball football hockey game where it's physical Baseball's not good you pitching how good their pitching. And there's there's game after game. They may say everyone says the right thing. But i don't i don't see other. Give more motivated now. One thing they have if you said to me how will dusty do manager. How will roha stew in new york. And how will Ron reynecke do in boston. They're gonna do great because they have great teams. They can't miss in that way so they'll all be big competitive teams because at talented and talent will allowed in any sport. You had your street. Euro austria streak. Five thousand sixty consecutive games came to a close last year. Obviously at some point just had to. You took the four games off the days and ryan ruko filled in for you. He's been on our show before. How hard was it to end that. Streak and to see ryan takeover and obviously. I'm sure you have a great relationship with ryan. Just what was that all like Well first of all about the streak. It really begin the first game. The hawks played in atlanta in one thousand. Nine hundred. eighty one of my first hawks game. Let's say it was november third. I have no idea when it was. I didn't miss a game for the hawks and braves so the street is really a lot more games. it goes back to eighty one. I didn't miss a game with the hawks and braves in the eighties. And the only two games. I missed for the yankees when my sister passed away and had to bury her and the yankees were in seattle. I think they get a day off and they played three. And i got there after two games. Something like that and so they're saying well that's when the street started my foot and i wasn't. I didn't miss games. I had to as family. A thing is possible. Of course now the good thing nine ever cared about it. I never went ever to the ballpark saying boy. I've added another game to the street. I could not have cared less. Obviously it means nothing. It doesn't bring in any money or whatever and knowing anything i have. That happened yesterday in the ballpark. And whoever we were yesterday and brayden to know we weren't in bradenton. Oh okay and people come up to me and they do it all time. How are you the yankees came up to. How are you g. i did every game. Great i missed. Four happily got the yankees were in the london. Trip killed me right two flights and three days. I couldn't go with the yankees because my trips were graduating high school. So i had to go the next day and get up at four in the morning which i can't do and i did but obviously hurt and i was really sick on the way back and we had monday off and tuesday and wednesday. We played at city field. And so then they were going to tampa and when the yankees go somewhere. They never get a day game day getaway game and they get everywhere at four in the morning and so i thought boy. I don't wanna do that. So that's why. I took the four games off and then it it Dovetailed with the next week was the all star break. So i had eight days off and you know i got better and obviously didn't miss another game for the rest of the year and i don't plan unless it get sick and missing any games this year there so for me. It's a labor of low. I get my tail out. You know the day games hurt. Because i don't get up early your boy. I'm a late. Everything and i would be late. Everything anyway but Now i have an excuse been working nights for about fifty five straight years. Yeah so anyway. I the streak is over meant nothing and now we'll go ahead and someone told me yesterday you'll build another street. Mark told me that build another sure thirty more years. I'll sign up to that john. Thank you so much coming on this recurring guest now second year in a row. Maybe we'll do it again next year and we'll talk about how they had a world series championship number twenty eight. Well we do it again. Next year i'll be very happy. Absolutely aren't johnstone. Thank you welcome in number zero or relief pitcher. The wizard new york yankees out of you know adam. How the hell's quarantine going right now. Oh you know it's going Overall just trying to get into this routine. I feel like we started to Figure it out a little bit less. Today's got two little kids. So that's kind of the majority of the day. Wrangling them and trying to make day a little productive. How many guys. How many times in the last two weeks have you thought to yourself. I have grown virus. Like if you just have your throat or like a cost. Like i got it. Yeah probably like three or four times. easy i mean when i even when i drove back here from tampa During that trip. I was like i was tired. Obviously there's a long drive. I'm thinking i got this thing for sure but I don't know. I've been fine overall. Been five who is like the biggest worry war of the team. That's like like the every single thing they have it like. Tommy is version of that. He thinks i've i've diagnosed myself every single day with this virus just before like my back was slightly. Warmer was laying on the couch. And i was like this is it. It's got me. I i think the team most of the guys Are really worried about it. To be honest. I think a lot of the guys were especially when i was still in tampa. They were mostly saying like this. This virus can't touch me. But i mean obviously that's that's not a good attitude but i think for the most part. The baseball players weren't too worried about it. I don't think personally. They're more worried about their family. I know there was a big decision of whether the stay down there. Some people did go back home obviously of the kids and everything some sure. That was a big deciding factor. There was it that easy decision that you were going to head back while i was gonna say long as we could use the facility and everything would be normal but then you know Cashman ended up talking to us. We had a second meeting in two days in the second meeting. He was kinda like wherever you are like. Just be prepared to fill for the long haul because we don't know what's going to happen with You know travel restrictions or that. And my wife. You know little freaked out up here in new york. So that's when during that meeting. I texted her. And i'm like i'm gonna start driving here in a couple of hours so i was one of the first people to leave a lot of people less but it was kind of a no brainer at that point. If everything would normal and we have worked out and been delayed awhile i would. I would say. let's nra when you're in the bullpen. What is your main thing you do. I i saw that you write in a journal lot when you when you're out there right. I write in my locker. Like i don't really do much of that That's all pre game stuff like i'm doing my I have one page. Where i write like what i'm gonna throw it all the hitters first pitch so that was a game yeah so that. I'm not indecisive when i get out there. I like to just like no. what how. i'm starting every guy off like i do. A lotta research determined that and it's based on a million factors but then the other side is like more reminders to myself. you know. it's corny but like at the end of the day their thoughts. I want to go through my head. Every time when i'm pitching i wanna be consistent with my thoughts if i have from pitching. Well it's usually because of my thoughts so you know just try to write those down. Remember that stuff and then when i hit the bullpen i get out there usually me britain and came to get out there like in the fourth or fifth and then really you know i could be pitching in the six so right then i just start getting warm and ready and kind of you know checking the situation that i that that they might call for me now. Like that's awesome. Because i think you need to know like what you're going to be going out there. I'm just like like gary. Just puts down a curveball. And you're like all right. He knows new. You're going to do that entire day. Yeah i'm i'm a i like dictate everything. 'cause obviously i trust the catcher. Like they have a they have a lot on their plate like game plan with the starter obviously and then a lot of relievers. They have to do the game playing for them to and they're checking their wrist bands and trying to do the math and if i can come in there and just take off their plate and know what i'm throwing and what i wanna do. I feel like that's that's help and also like if i do give it up like at least i did it my way you know and i can live with that a little more than you know having somebody else kind of dictate. Excessive failure guy that made the transition over from colorado to new york with you. Dj who liked you superb. First season how. What was it like watching him. Just tear it up all year long and we have to ask. Is he like a real human being because he comes off. Just like a robot hitting machine in these interviews. But i feel like you know him better than most like a real person beneath that robotics theory of his First of all yeah definitely a real dude. I mean he's he's one of the past. He's just he's just quiet and that's that's his mystique you know mysterious nece and it doesn't say a whole lot an overall he just loves the game he's a gym rat. You know and Like right now. I know this is killing them. You know more than anybody. I think right now like he just can't even understand what to do with himself right now but sloughs just happy for him. I knew how good of a player he was before obviously stepping up a little bit last year even so. But i knew he was a great player. I hope people in spring training like no. You watch this guy like couple couple of weeks in. You're getting your favorite player. And i remember. I was hanging out late one night on the road with gardner and he was like. Hey i freaking love this guy. And i'm like yeah ellen you like. He's a he's a grinder is the man like you're gonna see like he's he's made for this place and sure enough like you know. He followed through. So i was excited for him and first family and everything. We appreciate you coming on. Hopefully we get to see you. A yankee stadium in this year All the best standup good luck with the quarantine. all right. i hope so too. Good thanks we. Should i join here. The yankees number. Four pitcher in the starting rotation right now jordan montgomery jordan. What's going on us here. How's that feel like you're solidified right now into this opening day rotation does that change anything with you. Yeah still going to go out there and try and get more work in work on some stuff and be prepared as can be for for starters. Yeah so you've had this that you know you now. Here spring training fully healthy after you came back last year. What was it like battling back. You get hurt in may of two thousand eighteen. June you find out it's much worse if the senate all time what was your minds like battling back from all that Really kind of had a date in mind and put my head down and took day by day Which is what. I've heard really the only way you can do it so really kind of kept big picture in mind. Grounded was zippy low points during that journey. Roy goddamn this just sucks. Yeah My setback let rip filing good arm. Speed was back and then wouldn't elba. Was my shoulder started. Barking a probably win anything serious but you say anything had to shut down and that through threw me off on what day i could get back so i kind of pushed me back and i didn't have much time to spare by the time i dig it back. Good thing i did So that was probably the worst kind of i was feeling so good and then some so silly happening. I like to use the term shelter barking. Because i've been saying that about my left shoulders been barking and they were giving me shit mean. Nobody should major sponsor says older bark bark. It'd probably jim or some. I slept on a shiny. Maybe i'm not sure but shoulder. Barking is a term. That is the thing you had to come back and rehab. It seems very hard but right. Now i'm going through a bet for myself. I'm not trying to peel day. I said that. I think i've gone through days where i haven't had the p so today i'm going through. I have to pee so bad at this moment. I'm not a hero. Just wanna let you know. I'm probably the same thing and they're just looking at this yellow pour down the drain. Hey look this little slow. It comes back from yesterday. We interviewed john sterling. He went five thousand sixty consecutive games. Call the yankees. I wonder if like i pete every day. It's something you don't think about shit trigger that. Now i'm going to be self. They settlers obviously nickname gumby. And because i've been reference to the car salesman the inflatable guys one. That's usually me. How did you get in college. Started first day in college literally. The first day carolina there's two fifth year seniors casey and logan munson and they thought it was hilarious stuff. Everyone started calling me gumby and could be way worse. I've heard jayme. Oh a few times now calling you that little money. There's a few like that. But gumbi's your favorite or stick with jay mo and monitor the new york ones and then like all my college friends commie. Gumby well jordan. Thank you so much time to come out here. I know we're trading you're busy you're getting your work and all that but There's a real look forward to seeing out there in the rotation you're locked in right now. You're looking good. You're villas up everything's great so we're need you twenty twenty twenty eight and i'm looking forward to. Thanks for coming on no problem. Thanks for having now joined here by a little bit of a white whale we've been chasing for about a year and a half on this podcast one of your fan favorites Relief pitcher number. Forty eight time canley. Tommy how's it going man good man doing great. You know it just hanging out here. Great stuff what has quarantine like been been like for you. How close is your wife. Just just being driven insane by being around so for me. I think it's been great. I mean this is perfect for me. All you gotta do it. Quite video games watch. Tv stay inside. The only time relieve is to go throw outsider. Something that's about it. But yes. I feel like she's ready to just probably choke me by now with all the video games at the plan. What kind of video games do you play. The playing madden lately and i have dabbled into the show a little bit. But i'm pretty. I'm pretty fucking terrible. Yourself in the show i did once. It was pretty cool. I couldn't throw strike. Oh you're easily my favorite. I use you over chapman. Your change up is pretty ahead. -able in show. I don't know if you know that right. Yeah eventually got to a point where. I was literally just started up every time i came fast offered strikes miserable. Well that's like the same as you're doing a live ep. Talking with saying he faced lobby p and he just gets like five change in a from you so fuck over other ones. I caught. I play a lot of cod with brick. We're their and a lot of people. You play zone So we not the war zone. The other one. I think it's blood and money. Now was playing i for some reason. Last night i had a game like twenty four pills going ape shit overnight while call duty player on the team or is there someone that gives you run for your money. Let me see. Currently i would say probably yes Before it used to be a tarp was pretty good tarpley. okay yeah. He was pretty legit but we have one of our like assistant club. He's he's he's fucking nasty. It's gross. i've never seen a player like life. Niolai i think it was of you know who said recently that. You'll just go through a whole bag of gummy worms. Like out in the pen. Oh i yeah. It used to be terrible. I was bad back early shits since two twenty sixteen. I kicked that. I used to eat literally like two pound bag a sour pets is smashing it during the game. I was obsessed. I mean i went today to target like for one of the time to get out of the house. Go get food and stuff and i must have bought. Shed five six bags of sour patch. Kids gummy worms What else tax. Everything i stacked up for like three weeks so i never have to leave the house. You're gonna finish that by the end of the weekend right. You had this crazy red bull coffee thing. Talk about that for a little bit. Yes for a good while man. I was just as i think. I had like a really good outing. After i had like re red bulls in one day. It probably just made me super lock in had no idea so there. I was like. I have to do this every gate next thing you know. I'm doing three every game for like months. Next thing a year goes by next year. I'm up like four. This is probably two thousand sixteen like three or four day than seventeen came and upward six. Just getting insane. Those year i felt i was so locked in a it was outrageous then in eighteen. I kept doing the same thing i was like. Oh i got to do the same thing. it'll work. Nah with right downhill. You bring that over to the yankees. What the fuck are you do that for. I mean i kind of like what the fuck this guy do. Little best you guys before like coming back so like they kind of give a heads up like hey. This guy is pretty fucking nuts. The like it's eventually everybody comes to love it and then just that's how it is you have to do. It works like well. I i always mentioned. I played college. I jerk off once before a game. I went oath right for the doubleheader jerk off against lawn superstition in baseball. It's ridiculous. Well we tried to play off with your mcgrath member that you got a spot with those nami was was wearing burchett. Shoot on by a bird before like game wanted to this year when you guys beat the twins the twins get the astros wearing a short with burchett on it for like two straight weeks. The same thing. Look i was. If you guys won the world series. I was ready to send that to cooperstown. that's amazing. We have to do the same ship. The eagles like if If they if they lose. I won't wear bugging single thing the rest of the week till sunday. Or if they win i won't i won't watch basically anything. I wore the week before. Yeah role but real issue really appreciate you coming on taking the time. This was awesome and we'll see about the season. Thanks guys you guys. We now welcome in starting first baseman for the new york. Yankees number fifty nine voight. Luke gone wrong. Good his tries to any saying Obviously missing ball hopefully get out there soon. Now just trying to stay in the best shape and you know get shit done around the house honestly first time being home since my senior high school. Are you driving your wife insane yet. Or is she like negus. Yeah we yeah. I'll get my video game fixing she'll go read and you know we got split up a little bit granted almost without. You can't eat together the whole time. You gotta have your man. We're pretty good. I got lucky but hey yeah there's still some time already some alone time Our dog's going. What the hell. She's used to stand in new york and a small arena. It back yard run around and so she's a lot of times on your instagram. Feel like they're in quarantine. You're bragging about your grill your grill working all that. What's your favorite thing. The grill steaks. What kind of your strip all day every day but it also makes it a flare or i mean i'll make anything but are strip. How long leave it on will the ones i've been buying from cosco. Dude i've been like by therefore is four or five inches thick doing sometimes. We'll take like eight minutes aside for example medium rare guy all do bloody but got off. Take some sometimes often. It's like. I didn't even cook it on their on. My god damn second forever because usually it's like five minutes assigned with the ones that keep buying her franken forever. But dan they're good. Do you think you're a better grill master or baseball. What a question used the stories like every day cook. Hope because of the baseball. Serve you might. I need help cooking steaks so i might have to burger. King seasoning salt and pepper. You have a special sauce. Yeah crack crack pepper and a lot of pepper and garlic salt tougher to and then obviously obviously covering olive oil as honestly the easiest way to do it in the best way to do it. I don't like people put always marinates and stuff on it. There is a marinade i use. I'll sit. I'll sit in there for like six hours. And then i'll coded when i flip sides that's really good too so it's a saint louis. sauce for steak right. Now i feel like the trend has been with. We talked to canley ought to be no Recently during quarantine their wives are cooking like breakfast and lunch with them. And they're taking over dinner. Is that kind of how it goes for you. I make the same rex. Mourn in my wife will sometimes but i make Five eggs every morning and then we'll usually leftovers for lunch and let's pick up something on the way home I'm gonna ask you just a half acre. just wait no not acres acres. I'm eggs do you have. We can only buy one right now. You can only store all the time five eggs times. Unbelievable i did have been doing it since i was like ten a scramble Depends on the morning. Sometimes if i have like steak leftover all the rest of the state for solve Steak for breakfast. I've been having chocolate chip waffles. That's where like every other day. It's chocolate chip waffles. Or french toast. Is i live with my mom back home. My mom so i'm taking advantage of this shit and did that. I would be three hundred fifty pounds. I have lost one pound during quarantine. How about that. That was eight lebanese nice cream for breakfast and shit. Look at us us walls food. Because i'm living. I'm living in new york city apart without my parents. I mean yogurt for breakfast ping or lunch. Peanut butter and jelly for twenty eight straight days for lunch. Like all women all by now. There's a lot of guys in baseball. That's like a superstition. Eight p. bj's before games really are but you know twenty eighth straight day. I may maybe this'll be my ticket to the league. What's the weirdest superstition you've come across. When i was in. Aa guy wore a diaper for like a week straight as like a slump buster. Yup i love that. Got himself during the game. You'll yeah and he is a very good player in baseball right now to that even more for no he's not on the yankees down. That's at something. I feel like there is a little. Optimism isn't maverick came out today instead. He fully anticipates them playing. I guess that would mean arizona. What are your initial thoughts about abiodun season in arizona adults it. I don't think it'll be arizona. Really yeah i there's been. There's i mean i could say something could be the opposite thing so i feel like up for from really source like six different things so i think the truth part of it is i think once the end of may hits. I think we'll start a spring training again now. And i think it'll be in tampa but i don't know i mean i can't say that. Sure noxitril what happened with it. But i would i. Hopefully we're back down at tampa and hopefully applying by sometime this summer. Do you think it'll be at like anki stadium and stuff in florida or i don't think i don't think it'll be city off our until you just don't know what this thing because we've never experienced before so it just depends on how new york recovers A place in the house right now so you know. And there's just so many people up there so they have to. they have to keep us contain. You know now they said this thing doesn't like warm weather so i would be better to plan warmer states until we get it figured out right. Olsen confident won't be arizona. No i'm not saying it will. I think it'll be all this other states. I might be like grapefruit league in catholic thing oklahoma just like go to your spring training sites time. I'm like if they had the said the season starts in two weeks. How much time does it usually like for you as a hitter to get like like bagging like midseason form almost like when i when i play you. You don't even feel like can played before. I i weakened bad since like wow as i think most guys like between like thirty or forty at bats. And that's really easy to get. It's not really us because everyone is going to be ready to go once it ends just like you said we're includes again. Hit a double running the ball out kinda thing It's just the starting interest man and you know it sucks 'cause i know like capela and cole and The starters are like almost ready for like you know eighty one hundred inches which is kinda which started to go into opening day so I know those guys are saying ready to go. And they're still don't during the throne programs. Stay in touch with that blake so it just depends on you know because they'd have to let us know they can't just. Hey you got shot friday right. They have set heads up for when this is going to happen. You know. obviously we need a spring training again so when and where and hopefully hopefully. It's in two weeks. But i don't know just looking forward to things. Hopefully spring training gets cooked in a month. May see you out there and use a crushing. Baseball's had fun boys always good time. Hopefully yeah hopefully something to watch on. Tv here present so Yeah rally sean could be back in new york right now but just hard times. You know everyone to be safe. Stay in south sudan social distancing get back on the field and You know have some pre got us to watching him until that bushman. This i guess is what we have. Yeah four eighty four scotto mr eighty four. Let's do it. I live when everybody except Voice we welcome in one of the more beloved yankees in in history. I think number thirty. Three swish lists nick swisher. What's going on baby man. Br what an intro. I appreciate that in history broiler. I think it'd be. I mean. I mean you're talking to a bunch of twenty five twenty six year old so for us i mean you. She writes at a die. Let's go raw ready. I don't know who else tops to be honest. Like i mean there's a few guys right now in the running of the currency who might maybe down the road right now. I mean i never heard anybody be like man. I really don't like that. Nick swisher that i mean we were meant to be able to just kind of like to have been there and experienced exactly. What new york's has to offer. It's like i feel like i was one of the lucky ones. Yeah i mean. I don't think anyone has ever taken on new york and embraced it and like kind of turned a career around quite like you did it so like that's like down it's very rare for someone who just really thrive in new york like you did. We saw obviously with c. c. But like your scores on. And you know what i'm saying like they say like you know it takes a special type of person to be able to play in new york and maybe that was just in my dna feel like that was such a good unbelievable relationship that was gained so early within myself in the fans and the overall or bro. I can't even tell you how long i cried when i had to go somewhere else front end of all of it but what we have to be able to spend those four years man to win a world series to experience everything that new york city has to offer. I feel like i was lucky. So another thing. We gotta talk about here that you also mentioned in that place you can. Article is the call you get from. Brian cashman the moment. Trade to the yankees. So you just finished the season with the white sox Go the way you wanted. Obviously more secure hitting a little bit of a low and then all of a sudden check the numbers row check november search for sure. Yeah but you're giving this like the second life. This lifeline by brian asman. What is that phone. Call when you find that you're gonna be one of the greatest things in the world because if you look at it in just the grand scheme of life not even necessarily in sports. It's almost like you put yourself the lowest of lows right. Where whether it's a break up or whether it's something to happen at work you got fired or just overall for me. It felt like people were losing face. What i was able to do and losing faith in my abilities to play the game of baseball which i love and and that hurt a lot and a lot of that falls on yourself because like i tell my guys you see your pretty little face on the front that baseball card. 'cause that's your numbers on the back so at the end of the day man you gotta look at yourself in the mirror and say like hey is this is. This is this who i am and for myself. I guess i was somebody looking out for me man upstairs or something because you go from the worst season i've ever had in my life and now all the sudden you've got the twenty tom. Twenty six time world series champion. New york yankees. They want you to be a part of the organization. I'm like are they talking to me or they got somebody got somebody else man. That's right. I didn't like to eight or something like that right. Miserable played horrible defense overweight or a bad season for myself but that love and that would cash was like hey man we know better than that and for him to put that faith inside. Somebody like me. I'm the type of guy bro. You give me a hug. A run through a brick wall for a issue come. You're yelling at me. You're talking at me. That's s. That's a whole different ballgame right. The way that cash presented it to me and came to me whether he knew what he was doing or not it was creating just an absolute animal on the inside because almost just like broke all that negativity away for me and just let me be me. Because let's be honest. Shaw for somebody personality like walking into the new york yankees locker room pro. It is intimidating. Because you can't be you you you. You're not supposed to be loud. You're supposed to be seen and not hurt so for myself. The love that cash gave me and the love that the organization gave me an opportunity that they gave me. Were so powerful for a guy like me. I was just like oh you don't even know what you created and at and look at what happened right and winning the world series that year i met my wife that year fell in. Love like say like my life just was the greatest. I don't care who who you lives. The greatest live from the planet but for myself from two thousand nine moving forward broth your mid one of the coolest most awesome lives on the planet. Because i know there's a gazillion people out there that would give their left arbitrates. Possibly i know about facts hundred. So you superstitious guy. Yeah look you know you. Just you want to call superstition routines rover shirt. No like i'm still to this day. Man i hit up. Katie brought back left knows and it's almost like if they if they broke and it's working well aware percent. I'll care what it smells like but it looks like his numbers jittery knocks a barrett roll through. But i got a tour from yankee stadium. Once i took dirt from the field and just carry around me the rest of my own row hundred percent man. You know my biggest thing was you always try to put yourself in that right mindset of exactly what side clinton and so for myself when i would always do when i get ready for the day director batting practice. Whatever whatever whatever was hitting from. That day i would put that sock on. I know pumps hitting right here. That day i put everything all on the right side. I at big saw. You know what. I'm saying and vice versa. That's just because i'm i'm a little quirky cutaways of why you did well. That's the only reason why some mail had nothing. What's the weirdest like slump busters superstition thing. You've come across in your career. We've all heard slow bus restores offered about those. I definitely i can honestly say that. I think i've been. I have been part of the greatest slop. Buster ever and that is with the goldenthal hall and i was able to wear that goldenthal and there's not a lot of people that have having honored put that golden song around everything that they have one of those guys home saying that three of the world series man. I got bitch game too. Steve donoghue came to you need this and he was assistant trainer. Tom as any what needs to fuck it. Hits browse what i said this. This is golden dog bagley route. And i'm like oh my gosh. It was almost like that was the moment right. Because it's a real story real thing. Yeah remember right. But i went from one of the worst seasons also game three bronco two for four with a double in a harbor and after the game i wanted to keep it and not give it back row. It's a one time able to wear once up about that. No i you know golden thong. But i don't know people know that that should credit the game three success and at that point in time our put into malibran lose. I mean whenever you want me to put all the garters all ross. Searching for a hit new backward now has really led to four. that's it remember that restored a couple runs. You remember that. I was cruise around the next working lot less weight. Down this nicholas. Was this actually incredible by days change. I'm feeling like this made my entire day. I can't thank you enough for coming on here. Thank you for everything. You dump the yankees where you're going to continue to do as you gotta 'cause i'm i'm better as a person now. My wife outlook has changed. I can't thank you enough. Want me to be on this bro. You know let's do this shit again. This man it's easy talking to ready for real when this is all you gotta do it in person. Let's do it minute. I'll meet a boy. As i have in at continued success for you guys make keep kicking ass brought great man. You send you my swing right. Now i'll check it out dogg. Everybody thanks a lot of them. Aren't we now. welcome in a guest. I don't know when we start the coach. I ever think we'd have on in his field whatnot. We're bringing in garret reisman. He's a former nasa astronaut. He's currently a professor of nautical engineering at. Usc is isn't advisor at spacex. I've this is. We are way out of our territory here but this is what no baseball bring us. And we're excited because we had weta questions about space ago. So what do we do. Bring on a fucking astronaut. So how's it going man. Go great how are you guys doing had. This is the only reason. Why join this podcast for this view. I needed an astronaut ob. So i don't understand shit about the world. I have no idea about space. I'm so excited. I met a lot of assets. It's really no big deal. The first question that really sparked all this with a couple of weeks ago when we run out of things to talk about baseball we bring on random topics. And i noticed a google search that we just have the united states has not been back to the moon since one thousand nine hundred seventy two. Which seems insane that we only made twelve trips up. There was one of you could shuttle a light until why that is actually. It's pretty simple as money. You know the program was really expensive spending. I think they don't land is being this this. I think it was about like ten percent of our federal budget on on these days. We're spending less than one. Half of one percent of our federal budget on nasa nasr's budget is really tiny. We're spending a lot of money on apollo to pull it off back back then and the appetite just wasn't Continued to spend that kind of money on space exploration missions planned and we had more you know on the drawing board to and they got cancelled because of because of the cost about and in basically a lot of it was we just wanted to beat the russians to the moon was a geopolitical thing. We want to kick those guys butts right and when we did. We were like okay. You know we won yay yay team. And and that was that so It just wasn't sustainable. That level of of the cost. That's crazy but something that recently just happened with. You are big. Part of was obviously the launch of spacex dragon which is an awesome name for a launch that type and from what i understand was we were using russian crafts that just go back and forth from some space which is just crazy so now the dragon basically is gonna change all that right yes. That's what's so exciting is that this opens up the possibility from war exploration into space with in a sustainable manner. You know in in much more affordable way just by the design of the vehicle the fact is operated by the private sector is a lot of reasons why this will really drive the cost down which will open up the possibilities to do more with that one. Half of one percent of the budget that nasa has right so so we do more with less. And that's all. I gotta ask questions. I i went to mississippi. And i felt like i was in a different galaxy. You literally went to space. How do you come back to earth. It's like Us go to the store and start making a burger. How you go back to normal life after being in fucking space actually. It's exactly what i did the night. I got home both of my missions and went to a local bar in got a cheeseburger and a beer. It's exactly what you did. And the first mission i was up there for. Yeah you hit it right on the nose man so so the update there for three months and i was only able to really eat about half that cheeseburger. Drink about half the beer. I wasn't feeling all that great after being up space. My second mission. On atlantis. I was up there for about it was about two weeks or so and after that mission i was feeling better. A aide whole cheeseburger. Drink a so when people ask me like what's the difference between a long duration mission and a short duration mission. My answer is half cheeseburger. Have a beer me. So and by the way that second mission when i came back and ate the whole cheeseburger the whole beer. I happen to be wearing joe tories. two thousand world series ring. So maybe maybe the ring was really what that maybe it wasn't the duration at. How'd you get the rank so long story but i I was in vegas. I had a friend hooked me up. And i had a really nice sweet inside one of the big hotels there and I was in the gym working out and there was joe. Tores working out in the bike. Like right next to me and my wife was in there too. And she's like don't bother him tori. I've got. I can't i can't use my era like not say anything. And she's like. Don't bother so i was good and waited until he was like done and he was like wiping off his earbuds. Is i i you know after. Oh mr tori i. i'm a big fan. I talked to him. And it's you know. The space is gonna fly overhead tonight. And if you wanna come up. I got this really great room has got windows. Look right to the north. It's perfect we can see the space station fly by and all. That's great but i. I'm here for the winter meetings. And i got a meeting. I can't i can't be there. I'm like okay but then like about ten minutes before the space station was gonna fly overhead. My phone rings. And this as mr tori okay. Because i'm with my buddies round here on the street. I'm looking in the sky. Where is it like okay. Well look to the north over treasure island. There should become a net direction. And we're in a goes okay. I'm looking and i'm looking and there's nothing okay. There's nothing and in. The time has passed. And i'm like it should be there and it's not there. I got my apple iphone and it says it should be here and it's not unlike nicole kidman all aspects. I hung up on. Joe torry and a called mission control. And i got the flight. There is a guy named royce and rice. Where's the space station. When winter passing over biggest and he goes gets ben. Newsradio passed over a half hour. It's over america. i'm they turn around and you've gotta get it back. I got you a tory standing out there the street and he's freezing took us off and you know you want to see the space station and i'm like we'll call bird. Send up missile. Do something anyway number. Editori get your number. After i talked to him in the gym i gave it to them. I loved tackle. The he was so gracious bad. You guys got so much class. He said is. That's okay just knowing that it was that close was really awesome. That your whole night. Though i couldn't sleep. I was up there like i. Let my idol down. I'd like. I got my i am wide open. My wife is go to sleep. I'm like a gay unless you're tour down with us by that question to shit in space and eating and space like the goes right. Three doesn't just the shit in space and just floating around mel. Yes you have to. You have to be careful about that. I'll tell you one one thing that we a lot of times doing things with kids. And it's a good thing that my crew tonight were all really good with a new button. You know everybody's finding out in the zoom stuff that don't have the skills but my crew had those skills and thank goodness right because when they were talking to these kids in elementary school and north carolina. I don't know where they were there. Somewhere and One of mass lake was the worst thing about being up space. And the and one of the guys in my crew go name was when a new design does us. That's easy shit floats which is true. All right so by the end of new by now. What's the overall laughing killing. Why the astronauts laughing and we had like but anyway. Yeah so so. We tell the rookies. That'd be out there and you see like a brown emon go floating by gobbled up like look for the make. Sure you make sure the on that that that can be a problem. Chill space all day. I would be in space like other. Women gotta be chocolate. Yeah be careful. Be careful we go. We went in and We're down to the ocean in there. go you just go in the ocean because we're down there were about sixty feet or Sixty feet under the surface of the ocean at On the seafloor of destroyed keila right off the coast of key largo and when it's time to go the bathroom you just basically ren habitat is kind of like a summary but it doesn't have like a motor. Propeller stays still on bottom of the ocean is mounted on like a pedestal and and one side of is is opened. The only thing that keeps the water from rushing in and drowning all of us is the fact that you have air pressure inside and keeps me take a cup and and you turn it upside down in the bathtub and you push it down into the water. The air will stay inside. Their right in the water will rush him because the pressure the air keeps it out says like that and so in a corner where the whole is when you inside the habitat. It looks like a pool and if you ever saw the movie the the abyss they had a big moon pool you know. It's kind of like that and so anyway We'd have to go to the bathroom. You just jump into that pool which is really the atlantic ocean not a pool is where the atlantic ocean. And you jump in there and you go underwater and you swim out and then we have another little tiny dome. That's like i don't know maybe like twenty feet away. It's not very far. Maybe less and you just go into water. You swim over there in your pop up in this little tiny. Oh then. you're surrounded this little gazebo. we call the gazebo. Okay and you hold on and then you do what you gotta do. While the bottom half years there's one major problem this right which is that as soon as one of plops into the water to go do. This is like somebody's reading the dinner bell in the fish. Come from like the entire eastern seaboard. It's like and they're like giant. They're all finding generally get the first dibs at that at that tasty morsels. That are coming out. And and so we gotta do you take off your finn right. Pick up one of the films. And he's kinda kinda like lacking through extreme away 'cause other end the worst angel fish because they can get like read up in there you know and it's really bad so you got to actively keep keep keeping them out of there and it's not as much. I like making like half hour. Long nice relaxing shits my bathroom. I would not be cut out for space or the like a stressful experience experiences. Nope not at all. We have a few more minutes. You're left with you Real quick who do you hate. More flat earth troopers or people who don't think we've been to the moon who either those two or are boston. Fans hate those people more. Let's see let's see. I would say the flatter thing is just the the the the people think that the moon was hope. I used to take that as a compliment because we did something so incredible that they're still having a hard time wrapping their head around it. I kind of took that as comp. Flatter thing is like just. Just pull your head out of your ask. This so clearly randomness a moving. I understand having a hard time believing the flat earth thing is i now. You've just do it. Sometimes sitting in bed like i was on the moon. That's just like you literally lunatic fucking insane. I i know it was like people were set. It isn't saying and hopefully hopefully you'll become a common thing and then it will be such a big deal in the future. We re plan to go back there so You know hopefully it will will change but right now it is kind of crazy. I guarantee i appreciate you coming on Where can we find you. A website social media. Get any of that. Oh yes thank you so Garret reisman dot com to ours in two ts and now take everywhere. My youtube channel and everything but also on twitter at astro g dog astro underscore jeep g g and on instagram to. That's incredible tommy's tried to call himself t dog for years. This doesn't work. I might try full full bath dog out as good as moslem out into the ocean. To go said nasa spacex. He's a consultant for for tv shows and movies and now a guest on the shore. Gary everybody thank you for coming on. Appreciate exploded coke. Are we now. Welcome in a yankees legend. The guy we've been wanting together podcast for ever four time world series champion number twenty four tino martinez tino short which what's going on man doing all right. It's kind of hanging in there like everybody else trying to get the tough times but it started a little better for all of us. Yeah what have you up to during quarantine and everything that's been going on. I know it seems like we're kind of getting out of it. Returning to some sort of normalcy. I guess With at least football coming back and all the sports rolling so what have you been doing the pass the time yet. What would it. I we i shut down. I was working. I worked for the yankees spring training and I'm not sure what data was march twelfth. Whatever it was we had a game that day here in tampa and that night they called us and said hey. Don't come tomorrow. we're shutting down for a while. And i thought little while met know a five or six days and then all of a sudden they just you know that everything happened as a opposite possibly happen And then time went on. And and i still work for the yankees now and in the summertime. I go check out our miley guy. The top prospects in in aa late summer and stuff of the yankees new york Once or twice a month but once it shutdown. I've been stuck here at home in tampa and play a little bit of golf here in the air and get out the house. Do that kind of stuff but As of now. I was just so happy like everybody else when when sports started when basketball hockey started in baseball was thrilled as could be. Because i don't watch a lot of stuff on tv so I'm just trying to be safe and see if we can get to see eventually but the thing that has been interesting with covid and the baseball season has been you know. Obviously the strict rule of no fighting. And we've had the joe kelley situation with houston. The laureano thing with houston seems to be a little bit of pattern there chatman with the raise teams kind of disregarding the rules. Whatever but still restraining themselves. I want to you know. There's so much to talk about you. The world series home runs all that but that brawl with the orioles is maybe the number one brawl maybe sports brawl ever and obviously you at the center of attention. There and i don't know if i've ever heard your thoughts in it. But i really just want to get everything you know. Obviously benitez throws at you and there was some history there so i mean i was watching today it is truly something there are about four or five different points where you think it's ending and it just keeps going and getting escalated escalated so just talk about that whole moment and everything that happened with. Yeah well basically down. One run in bob and dating and Bernie williams hit saw tying solo shop ahead of me and game tied so i have to bat thinking you know i'm i'm the go ahead. Run even thinking about getting hit by tits. You know you'd have to go to the go ahead run on base and so i was getting ready for my bat and stuff and almost like we threw it up by back shoulder there. I just i was like he really hit me. I was shocked. I was stunned to begin with like he did on purpose. I mean that was obviously on purpose. But why would he do that. And i just stood there like you know in shock and then all of a sudden the our whole doug i had to recharge the mound and it was chaos after that point and Yeah it seems like you have. We have what three or four four pirates out there. They had no chance of breaking that fight up in the bullpen team. There be swimming punches and just kept escalating and escalating Fortunately it eventually ended because You know the umpires at that point have no control. The coaches have no control. It's just a guy hands so far but It was pretty scary and there at times. yeah i just I wish i did get hit by a pitch at that point. But you know as far as that goes. It was a pretty wild brawls from the from the fan standpoint yeah. Who is the guy team. That like. Just should not have been fucked with was a daryl. I mean i feel like that comes to mind real quick but like graham lloyd to just a huge australia australia nutshell gramley the great guy. I mean they all have their fiery as well. But i mean having darrell in the dugout having team. I mean you have a norm. We've had normal You know basically broth. Throughout the years with daryl and they're just normal pushing shoving and every single time and those things darrow's always applies to somebody. I mean he is scary. He's guy you do not want to mess with at all. He is a strong fearless guy. Who was a great guy. Great t made great friend but that guy is not afraid to fight anyone. Yeah he got crazy sucker punch in that one. That is just that really took things to it was at a ten and went to a twenty real quick with him and the tv was always pan. That what is darrel. gonna do. There's daryl there's the punch we go. Were there any from that perol. Maybe you know didn't make it on video that you remember from inside the scrum that ultimately people didn't really know about no. You're retired that scrum. It's mayhem you're just trying to survive basically. You don't really know what's going on outside of just what's in front of you so we we just see what you guys see at the back on video. And he saw what happened. What happened on the outside of the whole thing so it's just like everybody else we Trying to to defend yourself that you can offer a loose fumble and football probably. Yeah we have guys. We've definitely one guy on this show that would just yell and curse at the team and stay far back lies. Teammates go talk. You know tommy would be what scott brosius did in that. Fight where there's a scramble. And then all of a sudden brochures found himself one on one with benitez and he goes. Oh how i end up in this. I'm more of a general more of a setback point. People you get him. I need to be the mind very. He's a great guy. Of course of course bad spot dot got actually question. It's eating me alive. Do you feel like you messed up by going. By tino dot constantino constantino so unbelievable name you know. I never thought of that You're growing up my grandpa grandpa amos constantinos. All named after him. But i was you know they called me tino my whole grade school high school and all that And it really didn't start until michael caine was. The announcer started calling guys by their full names. Like you know. Donald arthur mattingley. I came along. it was constantino martinez and and My grandfather loved it because he wants all the games he loved it. They called me. That and Just kind of took off there. But yeah i guess it's a pretty cool name. I love having the name and you know my son is constantino junior so It's pretty cool. But i kinda hard to when you're a kid growing up in grade school and they're taking roll call the first school and they get to the ams. I know i'm coming up soon. They're like. I can't say it like i raised my hands. It's me tino okay. Thank you very much shorter. Name the right in school too. So i see it. It's an all time great neck. Yeah and so the bam bam bam early fairly thing there. That's pretty cool. Yeah how old is. Your son is he. Is he playing baseball. he's older he's already out of twenty seven now. Okay i was going to say he's gotta go by constantino if he makes the majors then we got a real problem on our hands Well you know he likes as well. He's we call it. Tda growing up for tina junior but he loves constantino. Okay fair enough Real quick one. More part of that brawl. I wanna get to george steinbrenner. Maybe the just makes me miss him so much hearing him talk after that and he's like they were like how do you feel about the teams like how can you feel. We took it right to them very proud. If you can't win you can't win. Ballgames got to try and win fights and then you know he was just going right up. He was the best but i imagine he had to address the team after the game. Right after like some sort of brought that. George had to talk to you guys. What was that message that he kind of delivered to you all. Y'all think that never happens like he never. He never ever addresses the team ever at all. But but that in that situation there for example When the game was over that night and he rarely rarely come into our locker room after the game. Let's it's You know certain time of year. The trade deadline that he's boxing he comes down once in awhile after a game like that after all the the brawl like that or maybe a another fight or big win. Whatever it was. He'd always come out certain time just like look at you and a head like a little smile which he never does ever except for certain situations. Come down there and like look. You're every every right walk thought so you could tell. He was happy about what had happened. He was thrilled about it but he'd never just address the team like that. No interesting. yeah so we've talked you but you know he loved it one hundred percent. You could see this faith absolutely loved it. Oh yeah i mean and you guys dominated the ball to you know. It wasn't like you know you lost that party and one game not bad. I don't know if you guys have any time. And i have one last thing that some would say is a waste of question but i'm going to say it anyway. It was june two thousand five. You're back on the yankees. You were playing the car nosy. Were in saint louis at a fancy restaurant. I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it was you. Derek jeeter bernie williams sada and tannin sturt all s dinner at a nine year. Old me came up ten years table. And i had an era sling bag a collared shirt and yankee asked for autographs and you guys passed the ball around all signed it very nice and then they sat me at the table right next to you guys. I'm going to assume you have no recollection of that. But i figured i'd throw out there man. I appreciate that she. You know those great moments l. Because we did it so many times where you know when you when you eat. Bands the bands the hotel to the collectors their whatever but then the real fans see you at a restaurant somewhere. You happen to be there. That's what you love about it when they catch you a place that they surprises the and sign autographs for kids like that like yourself. I guess The surprise their face and happy. That's that's all about. I wish he was appreciative. Saw the way a younger to all my eyes were laughing at me. A little probably thought you show to tino. You've been a pleasure. Thank you so much taking the time. And i wish you all the lock obviously still working with the yankees working with the young guys. Take take care of jason domingas. Okay because we're pretty much up is like the godchild here. Have you gotten to see him. In person and jason dominica's person. Oh my guy a man child okay. That's all we need unbelievable. I the first time we bp last year in december when they i signed him. It was like i mean he. He's a big man for seventeen. Houston ball over the centerfield screen. Like i mean crazy. Yeah yeah he's good. He's is unbelievable. I almost don't even believe he is seventeen. But i'm gonna go with it for now. how he he. He he He i don't know either but he looked like you guys seventeen with these twenty. Get that babyfaced like a seventeen year old okay. That's that's fair enough. I tina thank you so much man. I really appreciate it all the best moving forward and and go yankees you guys guys. Thanks art we now welcome. Recurring guests been a couple of years now. The starting left fielder. Gold glove finalist. New york yankees. Clint frazier how's it going. Man good man. How about you not bad. Not bad How's the offseason treating you. You're over on the west coast right now. I think i'm a amount scottsdale right now hanging with my girlfriend. She's got some Some school stuff. But she's gotta finish them. We're heading back to to georgia. But it may going good growth going by fast. I just had my my hidden coast. Guide me when. I wanna start hitting and i was like holy shit. I'm not ready to start back so you have you been. Did you. shut it down completely when the season ended Yeah i mean the second we finished. I didn't pick up a bad. I've been throwing a little bit my in my backyard. But like i'm i've been working out you know in the gym but not not really hitting. I'm just trying to. I'm trying to enjoy the offseason while we can man. It goes by those a lot faster than you want. What have you been doing In the off season just just for fun leisure activity. You got some free time now. What what have you been spending it. i've been spending every dollar on my house currently i. I fully renovated basically my my main floor. All the way down to my base man and it's been a frustrating process but you know Things are coming together good. I mean i've. I've put a lot of time and effort into that. Unfortunately i feel like it's going be done right whenever the offseason finishes so i'll have to Enjoy it in about a year from now. So you're becoming like a real adult like you're growing up like you're renovating like we expected. Like i mean we know you have your. ps five. But you're just building your own house. That's like that's like big adult move right there. Yeah i purchased this house about three years ago and you know it. It's a. It's a really nice officers. The people that live in it for me. We're a little bit of an older couple and there's just some stuff that needs to be to to be renovated and like dr. I've built like an entire shoe room in my basement that lists. It looks pretty sick when i'm done with it. I'll i'll posted on instagram. But i'm gonna try to savor gravy. Yeah you tweeted it. I think a little like you. Maybe like one or two tweets ago whenever it looks ridiculous. I mean your shoe game is uncomfortable. I feel like those are just like that's just should i have like stuck up on the wall right now in boxes like i've bought. It looks like a it. Looks like a shoe store shelves hanging from the wall. Looks and saying about these like my girlfriend makes a of these like figurines collectable stuff that you put on the wall like. They're they're mad. Expensive robot like the room looks really cool and she's been a cool little project for me to to kind of take on offseason rather than just you know trying to buy his file every day. How you failing at buying a ps five. That seems impossible from a man. Like you have to say. I'm on the new york. Yankees have failed it a lot of things as far as trying to buy the stuff for retail mean. I've got one guy that i met last year. I actually wanted a pair of shoes but we weren't like actually allowed to leave in walk around the city rely. I gave this guy and address head of meet me at cvs. I bought a pair of shoes and you know fit into the the rules because we were allowed to go to the grocery store and they stuff that i was getting there and you know. I figured it'd be kind of a. It'd be less sketchy if we met like right inside of a building And this guy's been hooking me up bro. He's got this like online bought he. I don't know how it works bro. But like it buys everything the second that it comes out and he got like twelve food foods and he end up giving me two of them so guy from cvs. I love that people. Do drug deals like kids trying to get alcohol when they're young. You're just like meeting up with a ps five guy to cvs he. He has came in clutch man. He this guy. Just i mean he's been he's been shifting up all i've been buying through him is he is just a random dude. You met online bro. I just like we played a game. And i normally try to like time my social media posts like only after a game that we win so people will like. Leave me alone. You know we lose. I'm not going to tweet out like hey coach. Hippias five smart. Do you stock today. Like on the game three. Stop worrying about so we won. I got a few hits that day. And i tweeted out and this guy was like i've got him and i d m them a lot of like say they have them and i feel like they do it just Try to see if all message. But i scoped this guy's page out like he hatem end up like driving from new jersey all the way all the way out to meet me at cbs and disa- random asks do that so me a pair of shoes for way over retail. But you know. I paid for him and he's he's came in clutch man. He's he's a nice guy ten. He's like guardian angel or something. That's you got to hang on to that guy. I mean you gotta you gotta give them a christmas christmas tip or something you know. Do whatever by the way i ever want to like. Throw some out. i'm in for i mean. I just moved on my mother's house. My fridge doesn't work. it's adult collecting guy. Got like a hundred and eighty hundred ninety. That how i mean how may happen where all those dudes get to uses out of them a year. I'm a. I'm kind of ashamed to say but the collection started last year when i started to do yeah rock pulled like heaven need eighty thousand dollars in the last here so i got us paying the big leagues pro. I'm gonna no no more sending out. We got to keep you motivation. I've got this thing. Where like i've been working out at this jam in so far this offseason. I have not worn the same pair of shoes twice their so. That's trying to wear them all but like brothers. That are that are like. I'm not trying to talk about shoes the whole time. Some that are like in the shura. Like ferrari you know. They're like honda civic. And i'm trying to wear my ferraris at the gym. But sometimes i have and it's just only on like just days so i don't like mess up. I hear that on this podcast. We all got minivans. On pretty much nike cortez's that's what hubs were switching gears. A little bit here. Your your nickname. We still have a nickname for you. And it's insane. I don't i don't were not doing red thunder. We were clear on that a couple years ago and people are still trying to say. It's not we're not doing that. We got anywhere with the nickname. Do they call you. Anything can we. Can we run with something anything bro. I don't ever wanna be called a red thunder again though. That sounds terrible nickname. Like i i. I've made the joke where it's like. Imagine like i go to like a little kid. Some little kid looks at me like that. That's right under. Like i don't ever want you to look at the think that that's what i will. I won't i won't answer that. I'll keep going. Imagine imagine zone up to a girl. Surnames tommy smokes. I mean that's the last that was better than mardi mush. That's my shit. My pants in eighth grade. That might be shit. Myself i would. I would love to have a new nickname. But like i don't think i can. I don't think i can be the one that really pushes that. Or i've seen i've seen like gin jinja ninja. That's not. no that's mall. I just spitballing here. Comb hamma big thomas. I had somebody last year. I thought it was cool. But i'm not gonna go by this. But whenever i was wearing those custom cleats people. Were calling me clear frazier. I thought that was pretty desperately. Nice clean. I gotta run. Run it by the mrs hewitt she thinks and get back to you. See that tampa bay all right. We're going hammer bagging. Let's big shirts. Oh god of your if you give me a shirt that says hammer bag me and comic and take one. He's gotta wear the pancake shirt. I'll wear pancake shirt and we'll we'll hit the clubs. I'm literally getting having making those tomorrow. The black friday. That's off like a little. Tv show pancakes on their black friday. Next week we got a big sale. I think handbags number one number one sale unbelievable you. Clint is awesome. I think. I mean. I don't wanna get the best of you we've had on the strike that was i was thinking that was the most enjoyable thing we've ever done. You're the man. Starring feeler next year can't wait anthony and hammerbeck current cakes much believable. Clint frazier everybody. Thanks thanks now. Welcome in a yankees legend in two thousand twenty number thirty eight one of the best hidden caches. I think we've ever seen From the yankees organization number. Thirty eight kratz eric. What's going on not too much appreciate you guys have me on and Hopefully you said you said is going to go through my career but he also said short. Take your maybe non maybe non Nothing no big news. But i doubt short after my career maybe like snippets lure only planning like three or four hours. We'll get you out Some recent news. You didn't wanna use the word Basically said you're going to stop playing baseball Now what's the reasoning behind this announcement. Was that anything to a cove. It just you just hang up the cleats you trying to get into Like the craziness of like you know. Just want to get out of the union baseball What what was the reasoning behind. Stop playing baseball three reasons a third fourteen year old eleven year old and an eight year old at home that kinda need their that at home and you know it's it's time it's one of those things when you we as a family me to stand before the season that was going to be okay and so i knew before the season i was kind of playing this season apple on the plane the olympics i had you know who doesn't want to be an olympian like it doesn't really matter what sport you like like if it's an olympic sport you're like yeah i would love. The play is only like you wanna be an olympic badminton players. It's possible but that you have. I want to so bad badminton. yeah but anyway. They hit that thing really hard shuttlecock. You can say that on your show could survive so we had that ahead of time and you know who knew that i was gonna hit three hundred for the first time in my career shoot. Who knew i'll get hit about two hundred for the first time in my career. That was not it. Just it made. It made it easier to go out. You know. maybe it'd be done. I had originally said that. I was gonna say i was retiring because of covid but i felt like that was in insincere. That wasn't being pc enough. So i just said you know. I'm not gonna play anymore and people were like all. What does this mean. And what means i quit when you hit two. Oh nine in your career at you have to quit you. Don't get to retire. you're done no more. Hey you had a positive. Were at least two point. Three point three war this year. Three hundred one batting average. I mean nothing the other hang head on if you ever thought about like you might be getting a call. Maybe next year the year it be just a pitcher. Like a knuckleball pitcher. Because i mean you're knuckleball this it plays. It plays better than i think. Some pitchers in baseball in general. So i think you might call thought about that Thought about it. I mean you you guys baseball reference right. You looked at what my career batting average is like like i like. Yeah i definitely have thought about it but even like this year just the big market. I had much better. Yeah right before this year by year. I was trash trash. I ninety two home runs. I gave a homeowner jd martinez who has any homerun any like. I need to face the middle of the order. Guys guys were raking those. Are the guys get out like i. I made denver swing and miss nelson dante dante. Bichette or whatever. His name is bo both teach slot. He hit a pop up. You know that's those are the guys. I i guess i guess my stuff plays better against the better hitters. Look when did you develop the knuckleball. And do you ever have thought like what if what if i spent my career as a knuckleballer is like an ra. Dickey tim wakefield. I thought of what if but i also realized that it's only really inconsistent and think the home runs gonna end up coming and so i think i think i really felt like i had a great knuckleball all up until fourteen when i caught dickey and then i caught his and i was like i kinda like i felt like i felt like i was that guy. Like y- i'm tough. I'm talking to somebody else. Tupper came into the bar. And you're like man. I ended up. I would say nothing an uncle. All that threw it back to him and he caught it and he was like you know held it in the end blocked it out. That's that's when. I up until that point. I thought i had a good knuckleball like college. I thought i had a good knuckleball. I guess you can answer these questions now. Because you're you know you you're no longer playing game but i mean. Have you ever seen like a hitter like dj. And what would you like the yankees. Need to bring it back right. Well we just need to like bring this out there more like where we're tired of. Dj being a free agent. We need him recite with our question. Tonight i just want you to tell looking for me to say yes. I want you to tell us that he's coming back. Because i'm sad and i don't want this to go on anymore. Why can tell you that. I think what smartest for. Dj is to play the slow car. Right yeah yeah for sure. Yeah but i mean as a as a fan base like what are you will. What are you willing to give up for. Did come back side for hunting give up. yeah money. anything l. money kansas city. I'll name the team through him. Anything he wants like literally ownership and five for one hundred million does it. Then i'll do that in a second. But i mean did playing with him like you hear how good of a hitter is and then you just see him in person like is it just like he's just an actual machine obviously calmly machine. But like what is it like playing with a guy like digital. He he is just so he's so lot didn't like he is is the personification of like he wants to play baseball. I wasn't there but they told a story about how he was. He got a day off. And i don't know if it was last year this year. Whatever it was. And i'm sure you've heard the story. But he was sitting there and he was in the hot tub with his hat on and he was just like sit my best twelve thirty in by twelve forty five. He was sitting on the bench probably dip in had on batting gloves sitting on the bench. Like this one o'clock game like like what else this is normally like when i go out to get ready to play like his brain so good. I know it's really cool about dj. Besides the fact that he's the best hitter on the planet and should have been the. Mvp this year. Thank you. That's what i want is yeah is he is like. He's a mute. Say a word. He doesn't say anything and so like my whole goal was to make him smile. My whole goal was to make him smile. But as a fan. Like if you ever meet the man who you'd be like. Hey again sneaky huge. He's a monster monster playing second base. Did you ever get a smile. I dig on the small one. I don't know if he disliked was i would i. Would i would get on the mic and buses balls on the mike on the bus. Oh yeah. clint was. Tell us away. Clint tells us that you get on a bus and you just start. Roasting basically everybody. What were your go-to roast for some of the players that you can share. We're running down the ross. I'd also like. I'm an attack this guy for this insecurity. I'm attacking this guy for this. I'd really love your spot. You're spot on like it's definitely insecurity. Because i feel like if we can bring them all out in the open like all of a sudden now. You're like okay. Maybe maybe people do notice that. I get real clammed up when the media comes around. I mean i'm going through all the things that i can't discuss the my brain. Have you wanna ask me to go to for me. And i'm a big. I contact with me on the bus. Like that's what i'm a roast you. Oh yeah like like. We started like gardy never like garden ever lived in the city. He was always like i season. He's living up in white plains these. He's never living in the city. I'm like you've never even seen a hotel room in the city like Take i think i'd clint. Clint was easy like clint was. That's why i like. Clint brought it up. Yeah it was easy pickens like. He's got red hair. I used to have somebody. I knew the head red hair. I don't know like nobody. Nobody talks about the redhead friends and so clint's like super super easy like with everything he does and he's always he's always like he loved it like he's he's looking and smiling and that was when i got dj. That's when i got to smile. I forget what i said might have been something about like t way like fitting into a slider like they were baggy pants or something like that but like like dj dj thought. Donald finally went out and make fun guarded. He thought that was funny. Like it was like aircrafts. I mean you have given us so much time of your day. Appreciate it man. This is a healthier awesome to watch play. Best of luck moving forward. Hopefully eventually down the road. I think we're going to see you in a coaching or managing role. I could see you get. You're going to get the people people love from what i understand. A lot of people have said. You're the best teammate. People ever had. I've i've i've heard that from a few people so that's pretty good. I you end your career and you hear that pretty solid but eric. I really appreciate you coming on. Best luck in the future. And we'll talk to you soon. Thanks for having me on. We are now joined by recurring guests so happy to have him on the show. The first time that we get twice almost feels like you know make believe world here. But i mean maybe the most beloved yankee from that two thousand and nineteen. Nick swisher. what's going on guys. Do man what's going down. Good good happy to have you back. How has been. I feel like this. Is i mean we we talked. I wanna say may june. Because we didn't know what the hell is gonna late april. We didn't know what the hell is gonna happen with this baseball season. But you working from home you kind of like getting the work from home world that been because i imagine way different than you've done in your life for anything hundred percent. I feel like you know this has been the first year i've been able to kind of really kind of be home everyday basis and some of that hasn't had the ability to do that. Come over. I've been able to be like a dad every single day roles been absolutely fantastic. I'm a silver linings guy. I know this has been crazy. It's affected so many people in the worst of ways but for myself to be able to kind of jump into this new role of do zooms in the whole and like you say work from home at the library. I dig the crab like i. I like hanging out. I feel like. I missed the sporting events and i miss the energy. That stadium brings and brought new york a full year of itching to get back on what this thing to go away so we can get back to normal life again. You had to pick up something new to do. Was there anything like crazy like out of out of your box. You'd never thought you'd ever try that. You did during this. I have two dives away from taking my rescue diver course as like an advanced open water diver. Right is the ultimate. What the what you've been around the way role from a guy that had like the most healthy fear of the ocean to row right. Like i got i got a couple more dives. I'm gonna do right. We've done a couple of shipwrecks like it's been so much fun brussels. I never thought. I would ever do bed corona for that that i started. I started spinning and scratching a little bit bro. Just to kind of give myself something duca. So i picked a few things over this quarantine way so many people that are like. Oh yeah. I picked up reading like i do some yoga in the morning. Nick swisher just a diver the middle. We're not going away from that. What goes into you. Learning how to be a deep like what. What have you done like what be right so you know. Ever since quarantine hit right. I was down here in tampa. Now we've had our second home down here for a while My wife born and raised here and so when everything hit courts hit like los angeles was one of the big places that really got locked down so we were here in tampa florida. Well a lot of my buddies here florida. They're all florida guys right. They're all ocean guys. They're both guys right. There fishing guys. I've never done none of that. So the swish. We're gonna free dive render a free diving like fishing trip out in the gulf. You want to go. And i'm like i was like what i need to get. They they told me all the gear to give amazon umbro. Like of stuff to the korean right and then all of a sudden go out where about one hundred hundred ten miles off the shore right right in the gulf you know it was a great day. We were out there. We were ripping like pulling off a group the old nine and then they were like. Hey guys this. And it's joe brown. I'm looking around like. I don't think there's no land in sight at all right. I'm freaking out or two hundred and fifty feet deep all big. It's going to happen as soon as i hit the water. Jaws is gonna come up to my two buddies they jump in but hey i can't breathe the guy left on the ball joep into next thing you know we're out there hundred ten miles off shore two hundred feet deep in the middle of the glove right now. I'm just like swimming in the middle of trying to go down a little bit and kick myself back upright. Try go back down again. And from there i was like man. This thing is tough broad. My lungs are killing frolic. I'm not an athlete anymore. Rome like i'm doing nothing. I walk in the mornings for exercise right so then i was like man. You know what i should do. I should become a scuba diver. I should definitely not could stay down there longer. We we've done some spearfishing trips which has been amazing right. And so i was thinking to myself. I become a scuba diver out. Have to come up and go back down right. I can just go down. Chill for about thirty five minutes and then come back up to the surface. Okay that's how it started and then from there brought almost became like almost a little form of meditation for me. Because i can't talk to anybody. They can't talk to me and so for me. It really kind of calms me down. And now i've been in the water jute ever since quarantine kinda hit a bit in and out road. Which vase holy what she needs. Craig i was gonna say what's the coolest thing you've seen just in the middle of the ocean at the bottom of the so couple of barge dives and goliath grouper. Alright the paying are massive right and when you see them in the water it's either even bigger than look like little like little. Vw buses down row just like swimming around slow ever run into a couple of sharks but they never came super close but at the end of the day. Man i got my gopro was bro like now underwater photography like i'm like you know go prone all of our journeys in the old nine. It's been awesome as super cool and really excited. Because i really want to start doing down here. Florida they've allowed the battleships out here in the gulf. Yeah those goes to the dive centre. Want to go down on me. And i want to be able to see. That really looks. Take you anywhere you went out for fishing. And now you're just a scuba diving like he's trying to go the bj dr seuss. I've never in a million. Years would have thought that i would myself doing this. And now it's just been not necessarily a way of life but just a fun little thing to you. Know i mean obviously since quarantine is kind happening in a little bit and the virus is still out there. It's a nice way to kind of get out and still feel like you're active and doing stuff rather being cooped up with the household debt to him so you kick twenty twenty in the ass pretty much. Kick the right in the mouth right in the mouth then. Ko bro if being one of the most crazy years because of everything that's happened. But i think. I've learned more about myself this year than any other year. Because when things it taken from you or you know you're put in a tough position what you're gonna do next. You really gotta dig deep and got look inside if you're like what do i really want to do. And so for myself. I've been so blessed so lucky to have these awesome in my life that have given me these opportunities to go scuba diving or take a spirit. Dj's spinning class right literally. I've been kind of like facetime with some of my buddies. They were teaching me. So you know. I'm not bad at all a thing popular repeating thing this year. Were there was some brawls despite like the rules of being like hey no fighting and there was some fighting the as and astros got into a yankees raise all year. Long you yourself have to instance that come to mind. One is with vincent de padilla which is so so that guy and i don't know if you're just going to say it but i mean he is overwhelmingly viewed as just a scumbag and ahead hunter and and you decided that you were just going to spear him on the mound so just talk about that and did expect to pitch the come near your head and how much risk comeback has been sent. David you well at one point. One of my teammates told me be careful man. This eats kids. He's just rohe's long stir squads or like this big leads. You won't get myself. I had had a really good series against texas house in oakland. Bro oaken as were swaggie bro. We were definitely gonna let you know and the whole nine so all of a sudden that sunday day game rolls around and hit a few home runs in a sudden the first pitch comes at me at ninety eight at my ribs and up. Kind of like okay he. He's gonna hit me here. We go right side peaked in the dugout. Right the boys are ready. Second pitch just curl up into a shell a fastball away for a strike and i'm kinda like well that was embarrassing was going to happen in the calcio among the box. He's up on the mount here. We go all right. Great he i guess he must just be pulled. That first pitch i guess. I guess we're gonna hit man. One pitch came in again lou even more of the plate. Now this point of pissed. Because i might be anticipation is killing me. This is gonna hurt like a motherfucker. All poet bro. Like ninety eight anywhere hurts. It just hurts so don't thinking to myself all right here comes one to. I'm either gonna take one of the ribs brown or he's gonna punch me out. I curl up again. He throws up for a ball to to those another ball. Op nuts. three two. And i'm kind of like i don't even know what's happening. I'm so confused right now right. Both benches are up the coliseum. Right in oakland. You know that's like a fifty yard run. Some big easy hits me. And i go. I better be able to protect myself for a little bit until the calories shows up right so the next thing you know three to. He hammers me bro. Right off my ribs. And i lost it. I don't even know what to do. Everything went black. A spasm out first thing. I did when i watched the replay. I read my helmet. Domus thinking to myself all that's okay and as a running towards him on my promise giddy knocked and they'd get about five feet away from it. I'm like holy shit to just tackle him and get him on the ground like try given within head down tackled not with my is up. Eighty i go down. I hit his quad. Felt like i ran into a steal a spin around next thing you know. I'm sitting there holding his legs like this looking up at him and he's just old up and i'm like this is not visit. Charged them out. If you owe me. I thought something cool was going to happen from that. And then we kind of rolled over. We got out of the pile yet. He kinda like. Don't get me kind of slash your open. A little bit of my is but the end of the day. I'll never forget it bro. Because nobody charged the nobody went after the thing and and then from there. I think regardless of whatever you do charge amount. It's always in the back of the pitchers mind. Yeah bro i saw him do it like he may come out here regardless of how tough or not tough. You are if you go at least one time. It's always going to be in the back of everybody's mind. So i guess that was my one moment right know. Just go forward. If i would do it again. I think i like a cross body block or jimmy superfly snuka got you gotta throw the helmet adam. Don't it's cool when it actually. I understand harper harper in. That show didn't hit them. Throw the helmet as a diversion. Imagine how much that would hurt. If you through all my brother wrap on that. Nick always a pleasure. Appreciate coming on Best luck obviously your wife. We'd back noli sweeping season. Two coming out eventually and obviously Algae awareness you guys got going really good thing there me and tommy will will be. We'll be taken upon ourselves because we need to get allergies adverse system mush much super fruits and balance. She's gonna figure out. Whatever but nick no doubt he's going to be working in between it bro. Pitching it out figure out. It looks right. Thank you so much for having me all man. I have a blast every on with guys man a senior guys on the graham. Keep everything going with the podcast. You guys are killing it. Man really appreciate neck talked to wait a minute later. This john sterling you've been listening to short board. Byproduct of barstools boards coming over certainty. What is wrong. Going down the august then does is for the now. You re looking. Dr does this board. Jimmy I was just looking at all of us. Right now and tommy's complaining about everything. Just look at his plane wall. He just say and sound craft in the background. I got a window. Moshe under the blankets couldn't get out of bed for the under the blanket. No because my roommate isn't right we have a kitchen. And that's where my roommate is. Holly blankets for peter chilies cold. Well i don't have. I don't have any pets on out so i got cover myself onto the bike. This is just up. it doesn't matter called the same thing they on tv right now. He's all they're out there boxers on boss.

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