Episode 414, recorded 2020-05-08


Good morning speak when we mullahs. And it's Friday. Morning may the eighth. It's beautiful and sunny. I'm dividing days of mostly in my head by the rainy day or the sunny day or the cold and Sunny Day The day of the week gets lost. Sometimes I just earlier this morning I love listening to the Chicago public radio station and Especially for their news coverage and they have a BBC news in the morning and today. I didn't realize I know yesterday was V. Sock Day the full Moon Day in June and the sixteenth. This one Blue Lotus. I said the fourteenth yesterday the sixteenth is when Blue Lotus ordinarily would have celebrated that at our temple this year SUPPO- Yesterday and it's still a full moon. Today I think so. Enjoy the full moon and have your own. Is We talked about yesterday? Do Your own internal celebration with your with the people. You're a home with and for yourself personally. We can celebrate it for ourselves. And we're celebrating the birth and the and the Enlightenment and the final enlightenment at his death so we can roll all of our big holidays pretty much into one But today is the seventy fifth anniversary for of the of E. Day after World War. Two the surrender of the Germans in a victory in Europe Day and the BBC had a beautiful short tribute to that and it was very moving and they read a letter of someone describing to her husband who was overseas what it was like an England and how people were Winston Churchill spoke and the king spoke and It was such a beautiful time and for years of course in Europe they were still rationing. They were rebuilding and England had been badly bombed and All the all the European countries had been affected and it it was the end of the war the official end of the war in Europe. The that took a little bit longer other places to reach that final end of the battling day as we know but I was I really immediately was thinking about think of how many years Europe was struggling and in a living through a war and such an such a terrible war just trying to entire populations of people being wiped out. And I thought about this co Quarantine that were under and how hard it is for people to to make it through six weeks of trying to maintain social distancing wearing masks and we know when we listen to the health authorities. We're going to have to be Moving into our new future slowly and gradually and so many things will be changing so I think it would be really inspiring to listen to that feeling from people who had been living with the threat of bombs every night in some areas all day long losing their loved ones every day hearing about losses Hearing hearing about the the atrocities of the war as they were uncovered over the years and economies being shattered and I think I think it's always good to put things in perspective is to look at history and see what we're capable of going through and coming out of it stronger and better and so let's let this be the seventy fifth anniversary for V day. Let it be let it be a reminder to us that we can. We can get through everything we can get through. This and this virus is not. It's it's this is not something to sneeze that. That's not the image to use. This virus that were experiencing is getting us into a lot of Economic Pain and people are having so much difficulty dealing with. I think I think it's time for us to have compassion for ourselves and for others and be more accepting of different people's ways of responding to the to the restrictions they feel in the fear they feel and for our own I read Michael Franz X. Beautiful facebook story about a group he was working with and Tree Lanka recently and The the beauty and the dignity he saw from people who've experienced a lot of poverty in isolation in Being a outcast of their own society in some ways so that would be good. If you can read that. It's a beautiful little piece. But he he makes a statement in that too about. We have to have compassion for ourselves when we judge other people and they will. Their response isn't the way we should be responding. So it's I know that's always something we can work with in our practice and we do it the same way that we send loving kindness to ourselves and radiated out we can send compassion to ourselves and understand that We are is not the way everybody else's and that we have our own fears about this. We have our own pain. We have our own issues we're dealing with and we can have compassion on ourselves and then we can send that out to others and work with our difficult people that way we. We need to all kind of step back and breathe. Which is what we're doing here every day and And see that our brothers and sisters that our planet all over this planet people are going through difficult times when we go through difficult times. We often become difficult. People challenging people It's hard for us to deal with things and to work through our pain. It's not their layers to it and I think we're beginning to see and look a look at and think about all the layers to this the rippling effects that are happening happening very quickly in our society and Family people with children of people living alone people people who are more hermit likened nature and people who are more people wanted in nature in their regular pre cova days. Were all reacting differently and we need to take that into account so be. Be careful about not beginning to judge people in the different ways. They're handling things but at the same time keep your own boundaries and do what you think is right for you and don't let your your fear of other people's decisions caused you to become fearful. We can take care of ourselves. Because we're we know what we need and we know we can find the right people to get our information from and to move forward so let's work with our own. Let's work with compassion towards our own fears and our own worries and our own anxieties. And then let's send out the same compassion for others. We have to keep doing that all the time and also find some things to be joyful about an laugh about an have humor about and find the beauty in every day and every minute and then were then. We'LL BE FINE. Move through this slowly and calmly and that's that will be we'll look back and think maybe we'll find all the proud moments of the way we handle things and decisions. That were made that. We think we know we`ll. It'll be a lot of history written about this period so Right now we're experiencing it so we need to live in the moment and be be able to live beautifully. Through this experience there will be grief and there will be pain. There will be suffering and we need to understand that this Changing world that's the nature of this world so enjoy V. E. Day today and listen to some really heart stirring Memories and speeches in the beautiful things from the ending of the war and I think that will inspire you. It's certainly I. It's certainly rang true for me and beautiful listening to some of the memories people have and how they were able to take that break and have have a period of joy and then they had to go into the whole recovery for all of Europe which was devastated in a way that we none of us living in America have in this country and how that they needed that break. They needed that inspiration to get on with the next stage and I'm sure I'm sure it was a life giving break for so many people. So let's sit for A. Let's have a short. Let's do a short sit. Today is Friday. I'll see you again on Sunday. But let's do a short sent so generally close is if you're looking out over scenery that is calming for you. You can let your gaze be out but let it be downward so you not get distracted with too much going on. Let's body had that beautiful straight posture. Whether you're on the floor her walking or sitting let your body feel aligned. If we haven't been getting the exercise we need will feel it because our back will feel a little resistant but it will feel wonderful. When we feel it being straight and upright and lined aligned breathe in and out through your nose just be aware of your breathing in the spot that you can feel it best either your belly rising and falling inhale and your belly expands and exhale. Feel it contract. Her be aware of the sensations. Just around your nostrils feel the air. The coup heiress. If it's cool like it is here. You can feel cool air as you breathe in in. Its immediately warmer when you exhale theory subtle sensations through your nostrils. Breathe him as you inhale that compassion for yourself in as you breathe out. Breathe out compassion for all other. Living beings all viewpoints. You hold. I know that's an impossible task at this moment. I'm sure that's one of the things the Buddha ask us to do. Let go a few points. Let go of clinging to things that we believe in letting go of clinging everything let everything go to things. If by our experience we see things that are true. We've helped those lightly. We are changing all the time right along with the world so we need to hold everything we know or lightly and as we develop the quality's like could will and loving kindness and compassion feeling joy for others and equanimity that balance that Middle Path at Middle Way. Those are the qualities all of us can develop now gradually open your eyes thinking of your loved ones and everyone else in this world may everything we do and think be done for the benefit not only for ourselves but for all living beings. Thank you very much for joining me and I hope you have a Wonderful v day and I hope you. I hope you find joy in the simplest things are in the big events that are in your own life. Thank you bye-bye today see Sunday.

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