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#166: We Sold Our House!


Hey guys this week's episode is brought to you by Krypton home fabrics available at CALICO stores and they're made to be so stain and odor resistant. That even red wine beads up and wipes away without a trace. You can learn more and get a code for thirty five percents off your purchase at Krypton Dot com slash white shell that C. R. Y. P. T. O. N. dot com slash Y H L. I'm John and I'm Sherry. We like home stuff. We like talking. And we liked the occasional game show soundtrack so welcome to young house. Love has a podcast for we have deep and not so deep conversations about diy design and life at home. We sold our house and it all went down on like any other house that we've ever sold before today. We're breaking down how it happened and why it was surprisingly emotional. Plus are we doing bathroom? Storage totally wrong. Hey guys just a quick note about the episode. You're about to hear we recorded earlier last week. Before all the announcements of cancellations enclosures around the country. So you won't hear any of that addressed in this episode. Things do feel quite a bit different now just a few days later. I'm sure you guys are feeling a lot of the uncertainty that we are and we're going to do our best to keep our podcast releasing as scheduled for the next few weeks because we know at the very least sometimes. It's just nice to have a little distraction from the news but if we can't for some reason we'll keep everyone posted on our twitter and instagram accounts for now. Here's Today's episode. As originally recorded everyone please stay safe. Stay well and take care knack. Who's there with all the house? We sold our house. Who THAT'S THE END? You didn't really think this joke all the way through. What about we sold our house and now we're so happy. Knock knock. Who's there. We sold our house. Now get out now but we get to stay here because we are renting back until the middle of June but as for how selling our house went I would describe it as a bit of a fast moving train. Yeah well this whole thing has been a fast moving train. We have sold. Three houses bought a new house. And Yeah we're still catching our breath over at still trying to fully celebrate the news that our house here in Richmond is officially under contract. Yes and when we say sold houses it doesn't mean they've closed in fact. None of these three have closed yet but this house was a really crazy process. Because it's the only one we listed on. Ls That's the multiple listing Serranto listing service. Whatever official realtor service that like if you are working through a realtor they will put your house on there. And that is what distributed to sites like realtor dot com and Zillow and read fed. And all those other realtor apps if you see it on there it's because it's been listed on. Mls somewhere right and if you are for sale by owner. There's a way you can do it. You pay a fee to get it on there yourself and kind of work around agent but we did mention last episode. You can go back and listen to that one that we are using a realtor to sell this house because it has just been like a lot of interest in our neighborhood our neighborhood for some reason. It's very hot right now. And there's also low inventory just in general but also in our area and so we've been hearing for the first time ever that we're selling a house that it is a sellers market. The combination of high demand and low inventory has put us in an advantageous position for the first time. Because you have lots of people shopping for a house and not many options so going into this. We had seen ahead of our house. Other houses like go up on the market in our neighborhood and sell within hours or days get multiple offers offers above asking all the things you want as a seller and all the things we have never experienced before because it was not like this when we sold our other two houses like we actually had a fair amount of trouble selling our first house I would say like it took weeks to get an offer that offer didn't necessarily go smoothly so we had a hard. I go at selling houses so this feels like a huge relief to finally have it go easily so what we did was something we had seen. Some friends do with their house to sort of keep this high demand well organized and give everyone who was interested in it. A fair shot at making an offer and then also making it easier for us to sort through any offers that came through so this was sort of the mechanics of how we sold our house. We talked about how we're having showings over one weekend in our last week's episode and that is different than like having an open house if you have sold a house in the past or you're familiar with the general real estate process at least. The kind of stereotypical one that happens here in the United States so like on a Sunday afternoon. Your realtor will calm and keep. The House opened for like three or four hours to allow anyone to come in and take a tour of it whether they are actively looking for house or if they are just nosy neighbors who want to pop into an open house. That's what we do. Most of this is that it's totally remove. We even do it in other people's neighborhoods park can go. They're open houses. It's Super Fun Fun Sunday afternoon. Activity and side note. I've been asked. Do you think that annoys realtors? I'm friends with tons of realtors. They all love it. They said any foot traffic is great. If there is a real buyer in there they love having neighbors or losing there too because it looks like it's hopping it looks like it's in demand. Realtors by nature love to network. They love to give out their card. So even if you're not actively shopping they welcome you to their open house. They hate win an open houses. Empty just be honest with them as always their reaction like don't act like you're buying if you're not out of fear that they'll be mad that you're there just say oh. I am a neighbor and I'm just checking it out or we often say. Oh we drove down to the neighborhood because there were a few open houses in the fan one of our favorite areas to look for inspiration and they say great and then they don't bother you to buy it. You're not lying and saying you want to buy a good sign out but we didn't have an open house instead. What we had was a weekend of appointment only showings because our realtor had made the suggestion that if there is high demand for a place you want it to be somewhat more organized than a free for all open house where people are all trying to cram through within just a matter of hours because that could just be chaotic and hard for them to give personal attention to each person coming through an answer questions for each person coming through and for you as the homeowner. It's also scary to think that there might be like a crowd of people in your house like effectively a large party without you there already. Everyone's coming but me right and the funny thing is that we kind of knew what to expect from this because our friends had sold their house two weeks before we sold ours with a similar static and a similar house was much bigger than a different price range but it was interesting to watch how there's went because they did the exact same thing that our realtor recommend that we did. They listed it on a Thursday. So it hits. Mls on Thursday but in the notes. It Says No showings until Saturday and Sunday. Call me to schedule that way. The realtor can make sure everyone has their own pocket of time. Nobody's on top of each other and they literally put in the notes are friends agent. Did this as well. We will review offers. Lucky enough to have them on Monday. And so what it does. Is it levels the playing field for everyone? Everyone knows they're coming within a two day span and everyone knows all the offers will come in at the same time and the homeowner gets to. Just wait them and decide. What's the best offer for them? Instead of people rushing to get an early thinking making keep others from getting in if they get their bid in early enough and I think it makes it much easier to evaluate an offer as the seller because if we started getting them on Thursday or Friday we might have been like. Should we not even do showings on Saturday Sunday? Should we just accept an offer and it just can scramble your brain because you don't know what might becoming an? I like that kind of eliminated the rush that I feel like sometimes happens in these selling situations where the process kind of rewards. Who's ever I or fastest. And it encourages people to Sorta like race to get their offer in or to make quick decisions about things but by kind of outlining the timeframe up front. It gave people time to come into town if they needed to or to like double check on their financing if they needed to like it gave people a little bit of time in which they could make sure that they were doing what was right for them and they could offer what was best for them and so it made us feel more confident at the end that we weren't just having to pick whoever was first or fastest or whatever but we actually could look at things in a more apples to apples way because everyone had had the time to do it. Yes and at the very end of the day guys. We have thirty showing scheduled going into the weekend we went to the beach. We were like we're at here. Can I jump in with one other sort of caveat to this because there are people who have asked us? I'm sure some of you are thinking that like. Yeah yeah this is not normal though. This is just because you guys are bloggers like people know you roundhouse. Love Effects. Someone said that to me. I said no like five of my friends sold last month. It's happened to all of them offers over ask multiple offers. Our friend got seven offers. And She had twenty showings and they were all in one weekend. So that number of people flocking to the House for showings and then that many offers coming in it is just a crazy. Low inventories seller's market right now. At least where we live. Yeah I mean I think we may have gotten more showings because of the fact that people know our house and people are already familiar with what it looks like so I won't deny that there probably was an element of it but I think we still would've experienced something very similar. Had that not benefactor because there certainly wasn't a young house when we sold our last two houses in both cases are first and second house sold to someone who didn't know us from Adam didn't care about our block just as like a very removed transaction. I was tell people if you think about the pool of people who know us like whether you listen to our podcast or read our blog. Whatever of that group. There's a very small portion that actually lives in this region and there's an even smaller portion within that that is actively looking for a house and even of that group that is actively looking for a house. It's probably very small. Sliver that are particular house meets the criteria of like it may not be in the neighborhood they want price range they want or the size they want like it is a very very small overlap of. I know of Young House love and I want to buy young house loves HOUSE SO YOUNG HAS LOVE. House DOT COM. That's going to be their blog. Sorry but I know I cut you off. You were saying that we had. Yeah we had thirty showings going into that weekend so we drove off to the beach. House said good luck with everything Shannon. Who's our realtor and then said just Texas with any questions while she texted us. Questions throughout the showings everything went really well and she said at the end by the way there ended up being fifty one showings so. I was shocked because I thought thirty. How did it balloon? Fifty one thirty is a mind blowing number for me because again we are coming off our last sale. Having maybe three showings across like two weeks so to have thirty in one weekend was so amazing for us but then to find out it was fifty one was even harder to believe in also. There was a part of me it was like. Oh my gosh. How many people were in our house? Lets you said over two hundred because it was usually a couple and a realtor and sometimes it was a couple and our realtor and their parents or their brother or sister or their kids so we were like wow. That's a lot of people first of all. I thought our house would be trashed. Guys no evidence of people being in there at all. No there was one piece of evidence. Someone had started a puzzle upstairs. Mom put her kids in front of a puzzle that we had out on the table and they did a little bit of the puzzle but I was like what Nice people who came to showings and they helped us with the puzzles. They didn't have time to finish them back. Thought there'd be like leaves in dirt everywhere expected to be like a Frat party like solo cops beer pong table. I just thought there'd be evidence of people and there was not any like the house was clean. It looked like no one had been there. I honestly it was like someone. Punking us a nobody was in the house like the doors. Were just locked the whole weekend. Well we know that it was not a punk because we were fortunate enough to get several offers out of it as well which again. I can't overstate how grateful we are for this process to have gone the way it has because it is so opposite of what we've experienced in the past and we can have empathy for the buyers because when it's a seller's market it's annoying to be a buyer and we have been in those shoes too where you are trying to be competitive and you want to be the best offer and you might not get picked and you can't sleep because you're worried about it. I was like almost getting sad going through the offers because I was so quick to see ourselves and those people shoes because we have been there like even buying this house. We knew there were other people interested in it and we wrote the best offer we could. We sent them a nice ladder to say like you know where this family that is excited to renovate and live in this house like we crossed all of our fingers and toes to get this house and we were so grateful to have gotten it that it was hard to see people do that for us and knowing we only have one house to give like. I wanted to sell ten houses because I wanted to give everyone but we just can't. You can't do that really. It was heart wrenching because every single letter was deserve this house. We just don't have. We got fourteen offers guys. We don't have fourteen versions of this house but it was an extremely thoughtful decision and it all came down to the terms. We didn't WANNA pick based on like the cutest family picture. That did not seem fair at all. I feel like against. I don't think you're saying they hear supposed to do so. We just went with the best terms and it was not the highest offer. We did not do it based purely on the number right because when you're looking at an offer it is a lot about the price but there are other things that might be unique for you and in our case it was the fact that like we need to still live here a few months. We would like it to close quickly so that we can put the money towards our Florida mortgage but we still need to live here until the like middle to end of June because we WANNA finish out the school year so that was an important term to uh us that we could have some agreement with the new buyer on that and that would be an easy process. And so you know it. Was things like that that we also had to way when we are looking at everything and it was another example as to why. I'm glad we had our realtor. Shannon involved is because she not only could help you know manage the offers that did come and help us evaluate them but she also was able to communicate to the buyer's agents. You know the people who were put in the offers ahead of time. Some of the things that would be important to us alike. People knew going into it. We would have to rent back the house for a few months so it saves us like negotiation time in the back end because we didn't have to go back and say like. Oh but remember we gotta stay here till June so if you could revise your offer? That'd be great streamline. The process a lot totally so yeah a long story short. Our houses sold. We're going to be here for another three months ish as renters. So that's going to be new. We're going to be in the position where like we can't change anything like we are not allowed to make the house look different than it looked when the person put their offer ends so like. I guess our hands are tied for a little while which is maybe a good thing. I think it's great because we have a lot of work to downsize and plan things and we're actually embarking pretty soon on the renovation. Starting at the new house in Florida and so. There's going to be a lot of long distance renovating planning like research for how we can go about doing certain things or accomplishing certain things. So I think we're GONNA have a lot of home. Improvement going on is just not going to be in this house and I also think it will be nice that we can turn our focus at this house to like what we're bringing with us what we're going to sell what we're going to what we're going to offer to the new buyers right. Yeah that's another good point to say is that some people have asked about selling our homes furnished and we did sell the duplex and are Pink Beach House fully furnished. And that is just kind of because that's a fairly typical thing to do with a vacation house or a second home because a lot of people when they are buying a vacation house or second house. They don't have a second house full of furniture to transfer in there and so buying. The House furnished from US saves them from having to go out and buy a new couch all new bed stock. Full kitchen the things that we have already done and for us. It was nice to be able to sell those things furnished. Because we don't need that stuff like we already have to put a lot of effort into paring down the things here in our Richmond home. I certainly don't need all the secondary and tertiary things that are in the beach house in the duplex to write to remind you guys. We're moving to a house. That's less than half the size of this house so we don't even have a spot for things in this house let alone stuff from other houses. I will say that in the Pink House. There were a few special things that are coming with us. We took the things we wanted from the house before there was a showing for the potential buyer. So I took an old blue and white inlay dresser out that I've loved forever. It's my favorite thing I own and then I took some Spool would nightstands out. They have like a spool lead design on the side of them. They're sold out. They're hard to get. I had a spot for them. They're the right proportion they're littler than the things that we use. This nightstands here in Richmond. Which will not fit and our future room so we just did some hard thinking about the few things. We couldn't easily replicate or find again and that we really wanted to keep and then we switched them out before the buyer walk through. We changed out that in dresser for just a little white Kia dresser we already had it and we changed out the side table for some nightstands that we already had in Richmond so it was zero dollars spent. We just brought a carload of things to the pink cows and then put the things we wanted to keep back in. The car drove them to Richmond. They're currently in her garage. Covered in drop cloths. Because there's not a spot in this house which further reinforces. We have a long way to go when it comes to getting down to the right amount of things yes and so we are going to be selling a lot of the furniture in our Richmond House. But we're not selling it furnished so like the contract. We got was not for a furnished home. Because we have lots of stuff here that we are going to reuse that we are attached to so we didn't WanNa put that on the table as fully furnished sale but we are going to give the buyer a first crack at the things that we are willing to sell. So we're going to base. I think just give her sheet of saying like these are the things you could buy this the price for them. Tell us what you want. And the things that she doesn't want we're GONNA sell by facebook marketplace or whatever I guess right and to give you guys an example in this house currently we have two sofas. We have the SOFA upstairs in the bonus room and we have the SOFA in the living room. New House just needs one so far. We're not GONNA have any duplicate places. It's a much smaller house. So we're selling almost all the furniture in the bonus room because we are not going to have a bonus room in the new house so that doesn't make sense to move it but it's really nice to be intentional with us. We know the room sizes there. We have the measurements so we can work with that information like a lot of people have said to me. How do you figure out what to bring? I think it's one part. What do you love the most and WanNa make spot for like how hard you work to fit this into your house. And it's one part being realistic with if there's actually a need in a space for that so it's like a heart element for sentimental things or what you really really want but even if something has a hard element if there's not a spot for it it makes no sense to move like an example head element also right. It has to meet both criteria a perfect example of that. Is that the big rug in our bedroom. It is the best second hand of my life but is big and our new house does not have a room that would support it. It would literally roll up and hit the walls so a really close friend of mine was like Dibs. I WanNa buy you can visit it at my house. The funny thing is we're going to house crash her because she's doing a lake house. That's her fulltime home on the lake. And I am going to shoot it. And you're going to see it on the blog as someone else's rug it's like we have a visitation. I have visitation rights with around. You have joint custody of the Rog exactly but in those cases it's like we don't WanNa spend the money and time and energy to move things that don't have a spot so we're looking in the mirror staring at our faces and we're saying is this realistic metaphorical and are metaphorical faces. I am looking at my face in the mirror and saying Sherry. Are you being realistic here? Or is this just you trying to pack all your favorite things in a truck with no idea where they're gonna land and then Mirror Sherry says? You're not being realistic. You need to have a talk with John and Mirror John because they will set the record straight. Oh man it's really fun though. I know it sounds overwhelming but this has been news overwhelming See John's John's always the worried. Don't mean overwhelming as just the negative sense of the word like there's a lot of exciting positive things happening. There are a lot of challenging things happening. But there's just a lot of things happening. Yeah there's a lot going on so like you were saying if you minutes ago. I am grateful that we are starting to close the books on these houses here in Virginia so that we can be more focused on. What's next in Florida and give that the attention that it deserves because you know in four months like that's going to be the thing that matters the most that's going to be our sole focus and so I'm looking forward to getting past all the overwhelming stuff so that we can focus on what's ahead and you know it's also ahead a game. Oh okay so this is a game. We like to call. What's not because I'm going to give Sherry. A list of things in a certain category and one of them is fake so serious to tell me what's real and what's not and. I figured this one because we just last week shared the reveal of our master bathroom. I would give you a bathroom themed game. I'm ready so and if you didn't see that last week we'll Lincoln in the show notes that young hustle dot com slash podcast. There's a full budget breakdown. You guys have been asking for the money the dollars and sense of that. For as many months we've been doing it very long renovation. So you can find that all Young House. Love Dot com slash podcast. Yes so someone suggested this to us. It's an article from Reader's Digest. Sheri's favorite magazine Love It. It's called eleven things. You shouldn't store in your bathroom. Oh so things that should not be kept in your bathroom because of the humidity. I'm not telling you why I'm just telling you some things from this list. I have seven of them and one of them is a faker so something. You can keeping your bathroom okay. Number one books They're gonNA say no that's bogus you. Don't keep any books in our bathroom. I don't know why I mean I read them in the TUB. No that's steaming hot and guess what guys the books are fine. Okay number two medicine. They're going to say no but everybody does that number three makeup. This list is a buzzkill. 'cause call the bluff of all of them toilets. Notice getting your bathroom. No your razor. Maybe that's the faker because everyone's razor in the bathroom but they might say because it could rust because there's there's humidity next jewelry. Never GonNa say the same thing. This is really easiest. You know what this is this is like. What's that movie with Ben Stiller? And he's like very risk averse. Oh It's a beautiful movie. Everyone listening weird digging within the game. Smitty yes. Baller Smitty Walter. Mitty the journey of Walter. Mitty the adventures of alternate it. Something like that. It's a beautiful movie. But in the beginning he is afraid of everything. Walter Mitty wrote this article what he is credited with okay. I've got two more your toothbrush. Oh my gosh. And you're towels. Oh my gosh okay. First of all guys expert Sherry says you can store all of this bathroom and your life is worse if you all of it outside of your bathroom because you wanted in your bathroom store. Now are towels outsider bathroom. I was just going to talk about. The towels towels. Might be the fake one. Yes they might get like not as dry or something but everybody does it. Is that your official answer towels. I'm going to say toothbrush. They're going to say the POO particles. Everybody tells me the poop articles when you push the toilet. The poop articles can get on the brush. Listen you can put them in your vanity. This says don't store them in your bathroom so I think everyone's going to store their toothbrush in the bathroom just in a closed space like a drawer or cabinet so the POO particles are not a factor. Okay well you're wrong but you made out smarter the list because I think your logic on the toothbrush does Kinda Gate what they say because it is about the fecal matter said. Don't keep it near your toilet because there is fecal spray when you flush or make sure you flush the toilet lid close but no one does that either. No the fake. I put in there which was on a small technicality. Was your razor. Oh darn that was my second. Guess I think your razor just fine in there. Yeah they said that you know. Obviously you probably need to keep your razor in the shower us into shave your legs or whatever. But they did say. Don't keep your spare razor blades in your bathroom because they will prematurely a rust and maybe wear out or dull from being in a space. That has fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. And yes that was their big over arching thing about a bathroom. Is that a lot of these items. That people typically store in their bathroom. You should reconsider storing because if you get a steamy hot room when you take a bath or a shower that can cause damage to items like makeup They said also perfume and nail Polish medicine also vitamins. I think medicine even says on it like store in a cool dry place. That is not your bathroom question. Follow up question for me and my hand in the back like the kid in class. He's like look at me. Look at me if you put it in a medicine cabinet or a vanity drawer or cabinet. It is a cool dry place sneaking in behind your seal of your medicine. I mean if it's an airtight medicine cabinet than probably no. But I think most of us don't put it in a tupperware that sealed even then temperature changes as well like do you think in our vanity so our medication under the vanity behind the doors. You think team is going behind the doors. I think the humidity of the air like have you checked it with the meter or something in the whole space goes up in those areas. I think in the Medicine Cabinets Air Eric gets everywhere. I don't know I'm calling the bluff and also guys I get how they're saying it could degrade something prematurely but like your towels. What are they gonNA fall apart into rag on the floor? No that is an issue more of mildew so smell and germs and stuff is that if they are staying in a space that is constantly getting damp they won't dry out fully and then they also can breed some nasties in there so you may want to store your towels also your bathrobe outside of your bathroom and it made me feel better because as we talked about in our post last week we now hang our battles out in our bedroom because that was the best spot for them. It's only a few steps from the bathroom. So we just grab them. Before we take a shower and like drape over the TUB temporarily so we can grab them. Because you won't be walking out to another room dripping wet from the shower right. Well I just. I noticed that they acknowledge it would be annoying to keep your razor outside of your bathroom. All these things are annoying to keep us out of your bathroom. Well not necessarily I mean you. Don't keep your makeup in her bathroom right. Because it's in a little tiny zippered container in the car. I'm a car maker person guys and we keep our vitamins downstairs in the kitchen. So what's to say we couldn't move all of our medicine down there somewhere or just somewhere in your bedroom. I think a lot of it is saying like just put your spare things like your spare linens your make up your nail Polish. Put that in your bedroom. 'cause even just being one room away from the bathroom means that you're not having all that temperature humidity changes to me. It sounded like you almost need to college student again. Remember like the college shower. Caddies walk down the hallway. It's like they're saying you should live like that does sound very inconvenient but you know if you WanNa be a Walter Mitty or smitty so I will put a link to this list in the show notes at young household dot com slash. Podcast if you want to read all eleven things. They were all kind of in the same vein things also. They didn't say you shouldn't have your phone electric's in there because it should be a zen space Which I disagree with. We listen to podcasts in there. What does the phone for if not taking it to the bathroom with you? The Modern Day magazine guys well actually. Sherry has another phone thing. She's digging this week. It's an APP that she did add her phone after decluttering it last week you guys. I thought I would hate this thing and I love this thing. Maybe a little bit too much but we'll talk about it after we take a quick break so we have kids eat on the couch. We have a dog that stops all over our pillows. And that's why our ears perked up. When we learned about this week sponsor Krypton home fabrics. Yes Oh Krypton makes performance fabrics that you can find a CALICO stores and you can buy them there by the yard for your own. Diy Or repulsively projects or you can even work with Calico to create a whole new piece of custom furniture. Yeah and the coolest thing about Cretan fabrics. A crazy durable like red wine literally beads up and rolls off of them. Yeah like catch up kids juices soy sauce. Basically anything you could throw at it and I've heard that like furniture market. They literally do that like they literally throw out the fabric to watch it. Roll right off. I feel like I would enjoy that very much and I like that. It's not some smelly chemical that they're spraying all over it. Crypt ON technology transforms their fabrics at molecular level. So whether you're talking about velvet or linen the stain and odor resistance is sealed into the fabric. So it doesn't break down where off or off gas in your home. They actually hold themselves to a really high environmental standard. Yes so you can learn more about Krypton Krypton dot com slash. Y H L. They're also giving you guys by thirty five percent off discount code for your in store purchase of crypt on fabric or custom products in crypt on fabric at your local CALICO store. Just head to that website to get the code that C. R. Y. P. T. O. N. dot com slash. Why H. L? May I do my? We're digging I because it is about bathrooms at something that was in our post last week but I feel like I didn't highlight give it. Its due yeah. You like to stick with the theme. So let's stick with the bathroom theme and then we'll over to the new APP. I am digging profusely so talked in our post last week about how we opted to keep our shower curtain on our new shower instead of installing some like glass door panel or whatever because we like a shower curtain. We liked the coziness of showering behind a curtain. I guess maybe the privacy it gives right and everyone's like you're going to cover your tile guys. We leave it open. We see detail from every angle I watched the tile while I'm in the TUB. I brush my teeth and I stare at the tile. I see the tailwind. I'm in my closet. Muir detail is all around me and when I'm in it with it closed because I'm in it never is the curtain blocking me from the tile ever zero percent of the day yes but the thing. I wanted to call attention to was the shower curtain. Rod that we use because sometimes it is hard to find a good shower curtain Rod. Because they're either the drilling kind which like you can rely on actually staying in place but that requires drilling into something and if it is going into tile you're making like a permanent hole in your tile it's not like would that you can easily patch and that would have been the case here in our bathroom would have had to drill it into place so your other option is like attention rod which does not require any drilling but we have had a spotty history with tension rods because inevitably they fall down at some point. And you'll be like across the house and you'll hear bow bow bow and you'll walk from room to room because you'll be like was that a frame falling was it something falling off the counter biggest-selling we have a lot of issues with this house. There are constantly things falling and it's always a question is to what it is. I just know when it's shower Rod. I'm never like Oh that's the shower. Rod I'm always like I wonder what that was and I have to from room to room only to discover this deal McBride. We used to have a lot of trouble. I remember in the Beach House because we had these tension rods. We tried there and we'd come back after a couple of weeks they'd both be on the floor so you wouldn't even get to hear the powered by by by by that. So what I'm digging. Is the tension rod that we have found that seems to go the distance and actually stay up and not fall down. We have them throughout the duplex. We have them in the Beach House and we have one here in our master bathroom. They have never fallen down and we own. Let's see their six bathrooms alone in the duplex. Four of them have showers. We own seven of them. Said yes seven on because we still have a screw in shower rod in our hall bathroom because it goes into drywall. Not Tile right and I will link to it in the show notes. Young DOT com slash. Podcast it's from Amazon. It's from a company called joes home like eat at Joe's type thing so I was skeptical about it at first but it had good reviews and the thing I liked about it. Is that the tension part like the actual portions that touched the wall or make contact with tile aren't like super giant and clunky looking a lot them in order to make the tension portion work they have like a giant surface area or like a giant pat at the end and that doesn't look nice so we liked the look of these and again so far. We've been over seven on any of them falling and I can't recommend it enough if you have had the same shower tension rod trials and tribulations that we've had in our lives because this one has solve our problems it makes you swing on it and say I came in that. Go Ray Gameboy. No no I don't think you should swing on it so I'm going to put that out there that that's not a good idea. Fine Walter Mitty. If this were commercial would say do not attempt on the bottom. Okay and what? I'm digging is an APP that I had to be convinced to try. It's called Marco Polo and the way I would describe it as a way to keep in touch with people. You can't be face to face with because it's almost like a facetime you do like video messaging but it's not real time at all so like someone can record a message for you and it will just land there and when you have a moment it might be at the end of the day you can watch it and record a message back to them. So there's none of this urgency to reply which I really like and at first I thought I would hate video like there's no part of me that's like let me fill myself saying this like it is not my instinct at all like you. Don't have the instinct to send those voice messages on your iphone like where you can record your voice talking for like two minutes instead of typing it out right. I don't at least we even like text with our fingers. We have relatives who text type. What's it called voice to text? Yeah it's almost just like texting zone video of yourself which is something that I don't think most people do. But the APP interface makes it easy not only to send them but also to watch them and keep track of a conversation. It almost to me feels like Private in stories. Because can't you like upload stories for only like a group of friends to see you out of your whole public audience? Yeah it's called close friends or something and you can just send them to each other or to the group of close friends. Yeah so if you do that already. This is probably kind of the same thing although I think you may be like it. Because it's a separate thing so you aren't gonNA accidentally like send a private message publicly to all of young house loves followers. I really like it because and I'll tell you the person who got me on it as Julia Markham from Chris. Loves Julia and she me and our friend. Kim Vargo from yellow comb. We all talk. And we're all on a chat like a textile chain and then we have an extended one which is our husbands too. So there's like one with six of us and there's one with just us three girls and Julia was like guys. I am so bad at texting. Come Polo and I was like what like. Why would she want us to get another APP? Like it doesn't seem like the answer. If you're bad at texting to go to a different interface that now requires video like texting. Seems easier so I I was like why you can read a text anywhere but there's certain situations where you can't watch a video message right or make a video and so I was like okay. I'm going to do this nice person but I'm not going to like it. I'm GONNA throw Julia Bone downloaded it and she immediately sent us a polo. I'm calling it that I don't think that's really the term. I think they're always called Marco Polo. But she sent us a recording of herself. That was like here's how you do it. You can click to ex- to hear things faster when you hold on the button you're recording and so while I was watching explanation I thought it sounded kind of complicated but I tried it and like within a day we sent fifty polos again. That's not what they're called Marco's Golomb then me an instant twitter bro. It's just not a term but I'm using it and so my long long description of this is just that it is joyful. We feel so connected and the thing about as you can flip the camera so it's not really about seeing yourself talk at all and it is much more about like you know showing the dog showing your kid all the dog we have all filmed our dogs and shared them together. And if you want to know the real reason they use this for all the dog that you know I think you guys like it because also a lot of what you talk about is your houses is that it's a lot easier when you're asking a question or trying to show someone update about something you can share that via video instead of describing it attacks. We'll get a message from one of them or we'll send one to say like. Hey this is where my project is out. Do you have an idea or like I'm having a problem with this or I just want to commiserate because this thing is not going right and video just makes it so much easier quicker to understand. Yes and the boys are not on it and let me tell you guys are as all. Get out or not jealous. We're just concerned their all texting each other. Like why are they all in Marco Polo? What are they doing on there? Yes Scott Vargo. Texted me last night and says it seems to be consuming our wives at an alarming rate. Thanks for listening. Young House left has a podcast and please. Don't be a Walter. Mitty and keep our podcast is part of your secret life. Yes I remember the recording. The secret life of Walter. Mitty I was Kinda close with adventures of Yes but my point is if you like listening to our podcast. Please let others know about it. Marco Polo at privately to your friends or Instagram at publicly to your followers. However you do it we appreciate the shares and please tag us so we can see what you do while you listen like Katie Aka. The non consumer advocate on twitter. Who said that she listened while reupholstering a four dollars? Thrift store footstool over young hustler dot com slash. Podcast this week. Show notes link up that shower curtain rod and some old post about selling our last houses yes including the one that specifically talks about if we made a profit selling out spoiler alert. We didn't we did not later. Inevitably fall down at some point. And you'll be like across the house and you'll hear bow bow bow and you'll be like redoing. Salter was an intense bowing. Going broke the microphone. Right you'll be across the house and you'll hear like buying but a Bang Bang Bang and you'll be like what the heck was that and you'll walk let's finish medium for that. I don't know if I have a third bow in me.

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