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Carolla Classics: Kevin Nealon and Super Dave Osborne, Will Andrew Eat It? and 2012 Ace Awards


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Giovanni welcome to cruel classics for August Third Twenty Nineteen just me today film in for Chris Who's otherwise preoccupied with a lot of other corolla work at the moment just this week it'll be me for this episode and tomorrow's episode and then Chris will be back next week all right come up. I clip today. We have a listener request comes from Christopher Birger on C._G.. Berg Bergen twitter huge fan of the classes podcast hit up Chris last week but I'm sure you guys is get flooded with e mail not technically Adam Kevin Neal in filling in for Adam interviewed Super Dave Osborne back in the early days hilarity ensues then he gives the date. Get on thanks Chris. I'm cruel. Show to seventy eight featuring Kevin nealon and Super Dave Osborne is remarks twelfth twenty ten kevin even as Philly in guest host for atom take some calls from listeners than moves on ends up calling Super Dave Osborne as he's kind of running out of steam. There's a hilarious almost billy. The elephant level of rambling rambling gets into about being a father later in life before you actually calls a super dave. Thanks is kind of funny. Check it out. Adam Corolla show up to seventy eight teaching Kevin Kevin dealing good things luckily i. I'm really sound like like a follow these days. I have a three year old. I'm not even sure how to be a father. I mean I'm a baby late in life but I'm still woah still doing all right but it's it's weird having a kid at my age because here I'm having a kid when all my other friends are already sending their kids off to <hes> to Rehab actually so you know it's <hes> it's kind in Ahmad but <hes> I don't mind I don't mind hey you know we're supposed to call <hes> actually Super Day was supposed to call it Bob Weinstein. That's what goes by Super Dave. That's is a T._v.. Named Super Dave he does that the all the stunts you know the fake stunts and he's <hes> and Albert Brooks is brother. I don't know what the real last name is but <hes> Bob Weinstein Albert changed his name because he didn't want to be Albert Einstein aside so bob is somebody that I met a couple years ago. He's to produce shows like the smothers brothers or right around there whole bunch of he's I've been around for a while but probably makes me laugh more than anybody else eight just got a really dark sense of humor and <hes> and just a real real quick wit to him as crazy yeah he's. He's probably a little crazy too so I'm gonna I'm GonNa give him a call and <hes> and now now here's the thing he was supposed to call me about ten minutes and I gave him the phone number so I don't know if he's going to be home but he'll probably put up a big stink about me calling him at at <hes> you know early all right here we go. He's like as he can talk about anything Bob Kevin nealon correct nobody. I know you're supposed to call me but I ran out of stuff to talk about some calling you at home right now. Is the right you to call you. That's what I'm saying. What do you think I've been saying for the last ten minutes or you're supposed to call call me but I couldn't wait because I had nothing else to talk about and you're right now? No I've called you. You're on the phone right now. Yeah you're on. You're on the on the podcast with right now but the problem is this is a cell phone. What's the problem reception? Okay yeah if you sound like that all the time that's okay okay. That's how you sound yeah yeah so let's go on. What are you up to today? Well you know I just got out of the hospital Sunday night. I was watching the Barbara Walters special and <hes> Jazz Mundi with lifetime. She shaved her legs and she said thirty years ago and then they showed her legs than I don't remember anything else to that. <hes> did you watch the Oscars surprised at Knicks ended open relationship. That really shocked me too. Can you imagine the sparks trying to take that Gardner all the wedding the laws 'cause I played golf with God's Girelli. Apparently we're not looking for him anymore. Hey now bobby you you. You have a show on Spike TV's. That's still on no club and I may be doing more. I don't know yet what's it called. It was called the super dates by Tackler. You're on that that's right. I was on your work great. I was very funny. I've got I gotTA show it to you have this. I'd love to see it. I don't have a copy of it but he was there. I should put it on. Let me answer your question. Are Not sewing machine or something or do we reach here at the IPOD. We reach people that I guests listen to it on the Internet. You have guy running today with the here full into the computer and do you do get on the Internet at all Bob. Are you on twitter facebook or twitter. I don't Oh twitter and facebook what do you how do you stay about the child porn site. Let me ask you a question. Did you know that I would like to do a variety show and I would like you to be my partner in this and we have our we have comics. We have a lot of singing and maybe even magic axe and then the last fifteen minutes we take anybody who has touched the child it properly and we pull their heads off nice. Let me out find the people that you can choose your and whichever one you want guts to one we kill have you have. Have you been abused. When you're a child we ever used charnel by Oprah's father I got to tell you about it's hard to hear you? Are you on a cell phone. uh-huh put you on me to call you back on a regular phone. Now just ask you. Are you on a cell phone. Yeah okay because it's a little a little difficult to hear. You're too so what are you. Are you spent a lot of time in the desert right now. No not at all no not at all. I know exactly where you live. Hey you're quite argue in the studio would incur the car. I am Adam Corolla Studio. You're targeting card backdoor. I'm sorry Bob I couldn't hear you all right. Let me call it. You know no no this is fine. I hear you now. I hear you know I know but we ran out of stuff to talk about your my Go-to Guy. You my lifeline. They let me ask let me ask you a question Bob. What are we going on the Internet? It'll be on Friday Friday now. Let me ask you a question. What's been getting era? What's been irritating you lately what what's been irritating you in the news lately irritated me in the news? Yeah Yeah really irritating yeah anything going on lately like well. You know we just had the Oscars recently. Let me ask you a question. When will some Gay Guy Design Line address that women can walk down three stairs in but why was the four hundred twenty yard? Do you know why that show is so long because they have to walk four hundred yards to get to the podium to all the what about the opening number. I am not sure what the reason for that was. Didn't he hosts something recently was at the emmys. What's his name <hes> the three names could could you do me a great favor? Let let me call you back on a landline because right now I feel like I'm in a mental institution. Are you on a cell phone now. No court taught. Can I call you right back at this number you gave me what are you. What are you on now so not on a cellphone so you are on a cell phone on yeah? You shouldn't be talking. You should've told me you're on a cell phone. Call let me call you right back at the number you. You're not gonNA call me back. Are you you. I swear to God we're going to go back to often with bin Laden. I'M GONNA call you right now all right. I'M GONNA Trust well if he calls back. What did I tell you this guy? He doesn't listen. That's just remember that you'll ask them a question region and he will still keep talking about whatever it was he was talking about before it takes them a while. I think to kind of re snap all right here. He's he's calling back. Hello Hello Bob your manager word. I know it can be couple possible. Yeah your man of your word. Thank you yeah yeah so what's been getting what begin at you lately on T._v.. Or the overtime at the Oscars aired the problem with the Oxford okay okay yeah they come out. They do jokes. I don't know what the musical number one. I don't know what the saw what he was doing there but we're talking about Neil Oh Patrick Harris who did a good job of the heavy but why do it again for no reason well. Here's what it is. I think that the produces probably think into the American public has a very small attention span and we need something to take us from one award show to the other that will will will realize that it is another other award show because we remember this guy from the last one you call me back and tell me what your through are you on a cellphone again. I wish I could barely hear you but I get. They don't make a lot of money on the show. Yes now then make tons of money. Tell them why are you putting your mouth near the speaker with hearing got here out of my mouth so let me ask you something. Go right ahead. <hes> who won the Best Actor Award Dr Richard Yes now has he been living in a commune or a Hippie Commune Commune in the last twenty years but here's the problem I the but I know answer my question. No but here's the problem I don't see him ever shaving shape out again and I don't ever getting out of that. tertre everything was man this man that I couldn't understand acceptance speech beach but he was very loose and relaxed good with great moaning the guy who won the glorious bester he would phenomenal domino remind me what he said again. I don't talk about the tactic Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. He was good now. What about Monique speech? I thought it was brilliant. I mean I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes off. Thank you know thirty years somewhat into family has to take three heart well. Here's the thing Bob eventually she'll reach that age were those hairs the turn gray and they won't be visible anymore. You know you can't color different. You know it's interesting. See some women on these shows and you know they're not used to wearing dresses. I'm not saying Mooney is one of those but sometimes you could tell a women are just not used to being in pumps and dresses. I know now what about the way to think about the winter. What did you think about my feeling is? I think that that Avatar was such with a movie makes eight hundred billion dollars Holler Ribian. I think you've got to I mean I loved the hurt locker but but Avatar Fehmi Bridget. You haven't seen Avatar so I can't speak of that but I'll tell you yes I have seen the godfather yeah it because I have a three year old and it's hard to get out of the house. I'm lucky to be here right now. To See Avatar seem like a lot of work in Britain. I gotta be honest with you. I did actually see and I got my from a copy from a bootleg copy from some Nigerian cheering on the street and I you know the quality is not as good in the year of the three glasses came with the nose so it wasn't <hes> all it was cracked up to be and I watch it on L.. I pod ought to so I think <hes> shortchanged myself there so much but I'll tell you what the most entertaining the part of the whole evening otherwise you. I'm GonNa tell you okay going. When the guy comes up into speech? That pink came in and started talking. was that all about good who's a Kanye West moment who it would have been funny if she pulled her face off like mission impossible style ellen was Kanye West. It would have been great. I didn't even know what she was talking about now. Let me ask you ipod. Go all over the country. It's a podcast podcast. We'll go correct. I'm not interested in what it is. I'm not correcting you. I've just staring you straight. Okay my question to you a week ago Georgia aboard husband doubt these running for governor of California. Are you kidding me. Wait a minute before you go in this direction. Let me just one more statement about the Oscars. The most entertaining entertaining part of it was when James James Cameron's ex wife won both of those awards sitting right in front of him. Would you agree or disagree I agree. I loved it so much I couldn't stand because he was so full of fake. Happy happy all the smile at all the things and she's going up there and Dr Sanders the it's not just that she wanted was finally and they want to stay one for everything they did but you know it's GonNa be really difficult when you've worked so hard on a film and somebody else wins and you're right. There's a lot of fake happiness going on their intake <hes> acolytes. Have you ever been to the Oscars now. Well what's graded after thirty minute. You've got seventeen or our eighteen loubser then it becomes fifty losers at two hundred losers and it's just an angry mob. Do you know what we should. No one wants anybody to win. Even if you're so successful you you still want people to fail. Why why is that with you know why do and you feel that it's outrageous car? Kim Kardashian gets fifty thousand dollars to come apart. I heard she gets ten thousand dollars per twitter if she promotes something and galler to come out payer twenty five thousand deputy drive on St. Why do you have such disdain for Kim Kardashian? I understand showbiz today. Two minutes this ago had family and bruises the pretty two minutes ago. You told me you thirty years. Since I think monique is probably shaved <hes> probably earlier than than Bruce. They could sell some heretic. You know two minutes ago. You told me you wish happiness for everybody in the business and now hero are card theft you. Why are you not a fan of reality shows? I mean that's all it's on now. I absolutely love it. I love this millionaire matchmaker. I've not seen that one yet. Oh my God. You know it's really good. His wife showed Sir great doesn't the Bachelor. Here's the three shows that I watch the reality shows. <hes> I watch celebrity apprentice I watch American idol celebrity apprentice I do I did because I had a few friends on their that were were in it and and that's a show. I think you should consider considering it. I think you'd be good. I'd like to go on their work for Donald Trump. I used to watch dancing with the stars ars but not anymore and I I watched celebrity Rehab once and I liked that joke have you seen who was on there. <hes> it was and the <hes> the Madame Fleiss Heidi Fleiss and then Michelle Phillips no not Michelle Phillips. What's what's an taught McKenzie because Philip McKenzie's brother probably because Yep but do you think that if they really want help they should go on something like that so I think maybe you just don't go on celebrity Rehab because I just think it's a television show and every time everything is so fake the thing the thing that kills me is the bachelor when the girth the whole show takes three weeks tape and the girl has got out with the guy wasn't she did? He didn't marry her on that now. I'm not going to be on that one. I was just listening to Howard Stern today though and they had all the Tigers girls come on yeah and it's amazing how they will just turn on you on somebody that <hes> you know they were intimate with for the money that's ever happened. You know I kind of get the whole tiger thing because I have a wandering I myself but my other one though luckily is a lazy eye so they kind of cancel each other out yeah yeah but the lazy I never really catch the wandering eye. Now doesn't seem a lot more clever and it's. It's one that that your wife is watching all the time so bob. You have been Super Dave for a very very long time you do the you do the <hes> the <hes> stunt man who always messes up and you you pretend that everything goes right. Is that a good way to someone. You don't ever call me about simply safe. Only we ten percent of break INS are planned beforehand scary targets opportunity. I think they call you. Don't want your house to be one of those and they will. Oh be deterred if you have a security system but you need a good one and that is simply safe. Simply safe protects your whole home every window every room every every door with twenty four seven monitoring at a fraction of the cost of regular the regular stuff the regular armed systems. 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Check it out good day Gina Grant Ball Brian how you feel a AH Lotte weekends of that <hes> but you did get out to I did not oh well. That's weird. Christie was actually six you get sick from work and we're not okay now. I emailed him and said thanks but no thanks oh they checked in with you. I thought you're going you sounded devastated. When you found out I was going so we're going to check check out of it? The last you know what I mean example I'll give you an example can give you an example. I'm all yours mcharg. Okay I work very hard and part of the reason that I got into comedy and work as many weekends as I do is to satiate my lust for cars okay and I really appreciate the habit it does and I really appreciate the mechanics and engineering and all that kind of stuff and so- picture a guy like me or just anyone in my vicinity who worked his tail off his whole life built the business from the ground up finally squeezed the trigger and got themselves the McLaren earn Mercedes and the next thing you know put the Stop Light and there's Paris Hilton and she's got a fucking lapdog. She's sitting right next to the exact same car. It diminishes okay what he's got it so in this example. I'm paracel to diminish finish what I've accomplished all right Andrew Andrew's here. I Love Andrew. Hello Andrew Hey. How's it going good? He's poker shock. He's a sweet we sweet spirit and said I love him because he has the same thing that my son has whenever I come into the other office and Andrew is one of the guys as we make the movies where I go Andrew 'cause yes and he does it exact same way my son does and it's not because you sound alike because you both I have a good night spirit to you all right so Andrew. You've been working on the Newman Doc. You're working on the next documentary twenty four hour war. I got a stick memory stick. I think we're about fifty five minutes into the next one <hes> yeah just in the Second Act <hes> all right <hes> tell me who wins we gotTa talk about Andrew in his eating but your overall impressions. Are you enjoying yourself. You learning things yet definitely <hes> this was my first job really out of school. <hes> I moved here in October of two thousand thirteen and started in November two thousand thirteen from <hes> from in Beverly Massachusetts right near Boston just on a now. How's it like you? Can you can be honest. Is it it okay working with me. I enjoy it defeated gays because I think the general consensus is a deck. I think that could just be my wife for other people. I mean I I not to me. I guess would be the thing that people feel that way. I enjoy the good ones so so he does not feel my wrath andrews over there with nate and Bryan who's <hes> with a wise well who's also has a very bizarre Palette Palette and they <hes> are working on the films and I'm sort of busting in and out of their giving a couple of lectures lecture notes and then go Muslim with cars and then it's back out again and over here back and forth all day but Andrus over their handling handling the business Andrew I started noticing. I realized that food is sort of the weather of today's conversation <hes> back in the day when you didn't have much to talk about with the stranger at the bus stop you go us a nice day. <hes> Oh yeah they they say rain's coming we needed. We needed you know but for this time of year. Yeah like a lot and I realized food is sort of taken that place where people talk about the Kobe beef food truck or have you tried or do you like you find yourself and then I think it's an attempt put for human beings to bond. I don't think it's conscious. I think you just sit there and you go. Have you tried to Oh yeah. Oh No. I love that play. Oh you either. I love meals do it alone. I mean like dinners. You know what I mean like. It's a very social thing their spouse or friends or whatever started talking Andrew now Andrew what you eat for lunch inch now bring lunch to work yeah I put like a tupperware full of regular cheerios and then I sprinkle in some frosted cheerios all yeah and then the dangerous he says it and then at Tangerine with that do you wash it down with like a Gerber graduate. I only drink water so then we started digging a little with Andrew and I'd say like Well Yeah but you like Cherries Don't you everyone likes cherries an ego. Go never tried one and I go well how do you where do you come down on. Avocados guacamole never had but ah kept going right yeah. There's a pretty long list. Andrew also does a thing which I will say not nat as annoying as what Mike August does. When we go to the kebab place to eat lunch he asked the everything in its entirety and then it's in order to order and so what I do the best part about the Kebab to me or just sort of life is I get the piece of pizza I put the piece of scared beef in it? Then I laid on a little Hamas then at grab a slice of tomato and some onion from the salad I fold the whole thing Kazuki yeah until little sleeping bag. Take one big bite attempting to get the portions correct for all your Andrew eats entire salad then eats every bit of white rice he courses out his boring meal then heats the beef skiers but he does not take it bite of rice at a bite of beef to me chillier. We need this too much all on its own the bite of rice. It's it's nice to get a little carbon. They're now all broke it out until not as bad had is what I experienced with my dogs. I forgot we he ordered like eggplant Parmesan as a sort of appetizer me and him before car might scrape because we we had a half hour to kill before doing a live show on the east coast so we walked down the street. It was snowing. We went into a little restaurant restaurant and Mike did the our not eating dinner because we gotTa do a show in twenty minutes and we already ate a ton of Polish food ten seconds later. It's got a huge plate of a plant Parmesan <hes> and he's viciously cutting everything out in advance and it's like he scrambling it. It's a it's a weird like he's it's weird weird. It's like he's giving his AAC plant Perm lobotomy like a lot of like die very kind. Let on like I wanted some to Mike but it feels like you've got your stink all over all of it had to cut it all up. All it does is get cold quicker and if it's something like meat or chicken river loses the juice juice spills out I don't. I don't know why he insists on this but it's one of the many Mike thing so now Mike does that. Andrew eats everything and sequential order but then we started talking about stuff like what kind of Breed O._D.. Like a beef breed of chicken Burrito Bean Brigham randomly like never had Verena. Have you ever had a Burrito. I've had like half of one compelling number meritas of eat and putting put them into Eh. You could circumnavigate the globe all right <hes>. How old are you? I'm twenty seven. ooh Wow yeah he's the superpower he grew up on like like banquet chicken strips kool-aid or something like what would you eat. What was your thing why have the same lunch for school every day from <hes> like first grade straight through tenth or eleventh grade and it was just <hes> saltines with a little bit of peanut butter inbetween so two of those little sandwiches <hes> a little thing of orange juice and then in a granola bar that every day my mom would just pack that for me every day the conversations we have honestly honestly with Andrew are when we when we go <hes> you Uh batting like a cat. Would you put would you eat pizza pizza that I take the cheese off. Oh that's right takes off food bread. He likes she's but not melted cheese like a slice of American. It's understandable. Deli slice of cheese appeal the real cheese off the pizza. I see what appears to be a wedding ring on your hand. Are you in fact married <hes> well. What did you serve at your wedding? I stake we had staked branching out. I should tell you guys Jo Koy marked applies and Jay Mohr and Dana Gould and Vinnie torture all coming up by the way <hes> on the show this week today. Unfortunately we just got stuck with Andrew. Yeah I went to <hes> we're going to now Chris. Are you going to bring food out or what's your plan. Yeah we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA present Adam and Andrew with food and you're going to guess if he will eat it or not. I mean it's good pot the whole evening at Anna Ferris's house <hes> last night doing her best her podcast which is really really interesting and bought a little angry brought some angrier. We got a little looped up and then we started talk and <hes> you know <hes> you know when people when People's characters are just who they are comes through. It's an affairs could be anything else than an affairs in real life era so yes yes super and affairs and super sweet soup or kind had a great time and I think that's going to be available. It'll be out there pretty soon technique. No I went and did her yeah like theme oriented or is it just bullshit and back and forth. It's a little relationship with some calls but to some sort of <hes> general life discussion but <hes> very very interesting no exaggeration of all the very funny talented <hes> <hes> female comedian comedic actress out there. She's number one formation my favorite comedic actress Oh well past long-term therapy or she is and she's so <hes> <hes> I don't mean sensitive in a negative way <hes> sunny sensitive no not in a negative way outside the room. No are you kidding me. No sunny a we went for a walk today and there are a couple of dogs that were barking at us through the bottom of the fence Vance. It's always funny one of the want father dogs are funny because their snouts our four five inches long so they can kind of show them through not holes and under offenses and they can bark at you and be on your side of the Mason Dixon but still be on their side of the line you know but it's weird and anyway at some point the gate pushed open and the two dogs wandered out and we'd stopped and <hes> I was walking <hes> philly cheese steak and and sunny and fills the dogs nuts like if a dog's barking at him he lunges at him to play a huge. It was eighty pound puppy who wants to run anything that's coming adamant. There's dogs are like six months or something is like five yes and the dog growling and barking a and he feels lunging at him and so I'm hanging onto film. We're up the street and these two dogs come wandering out of this Corner House and I know it's a nice guy lives there because we want caroline this year and that was one of the houses we're an Italian was banging on the door nine Tannan the evening by the way I had to cut it off at a certain point and like he opened the door and Caroline win the guy turns up very friendly to dogs come out onto his lawn and next to the street sunny stops and he goes. We gotta go to that House. We gotta go tell the owner that their dogs are out and I said Yeah but those dogs are barking at us and then if you come up the front doorway and ring the doorbell those two dogs Oh man Mako bananas on you and he he just we're about one hundred feet away to stood in the street and he he had insane concern about these two dogs why why the owner should know what could possibly happen <hes> at a certain point we took a step toward the dogs and the dogs both barked at us as we took a step back toward the house. They didn't seem to want to leave. The lawn weren't stepping out in the street. There were just staying on the lawn runners and they weren't runners and I just said you know sunny. I got Philly here. I don't trust those dogs for you to go walking across their lawn to the front door without one of them nipping you and he's like yeah but what if they go on the street and then he said had the other street's a dead end so if they go that way there's no traffic at least but he really just stood there in the street as a nine year old wildly earned contemplating complaining about someone he didn't know that's GonNa stay in two dogs. He didn't know that we're just barking at him. He just has that that instinct and on Anna or Ann was weird and I've heard Ana it's it's on rubber anyway. Sweet stolley sweet. She went down to that door to completely sweet. Yes so <hes> that was <hes> that was kind of fun Chris Her <hes> famous husband was on location somewhere so assisted to I was twelve yeah so andrew all right here we go will andrew eat it because he's kids lunches plain pizza cheese because he's talk Japan because he's like a toddler. It's pretty good all right nice. Thanks Mike I Guess in Dick Banks Andrews all over the road yes. He likes plain hotdogs a really eats them from the middle. You cut them beneath them. Are you like I it takes about. Two bites usually get it right from the middle and I go out out towards the end hurt you why you do that. I didn't use to eat at the ends wrinkle and he didn't and thank God you're not gay. Eh just asked her going down the star in the middle and I don't eat the end wrinkle part and we never we used to play with Angie back on the terrestrial radio days and you just never know the she would buck one way you expect her to go zig Zag <hes> Sonny's in Studio semifixed Colin Shirt. Let's say we don't need all right. What are we what are we got here? Will Andrew Andrew eat a hot wing ooh wing. I I think it is there anything a special about the highway as it is. It's a Jalapeno is no. I think it's very fact that it's hot is going to turn him. He loves and HE'S WE Love Watching Football Right Andrew and obviously this is stable of football watching you come from a part of the country where hot wings consumed quite often Levada has a prop bet. How many how many wings will buffalo wild wings sell this year the over under twelve million wow twelve million? You're going to say no because it has a word hot in it as well. Yeah I say no. There's also pickiness factor being on the bone. Oh yeah into three knows I would not eat that the plot Orissa springing somebody's gotTa. Oh Oh yeah Oh yeah well all right all right. We'll andrew eat celery. ooh Super Plain Super Bland. Now's a weird crunch though there was another thing that he and sunny share is if you take last night <hes> Lynette laid out bad I gotta handle dinner there some leftover McDonald's so here come the chicken nuggets and the French fries said I heat up in the oven and then throw what sunny wanted was a handful of carrots on the plate sunny will eat the carrots I is is there another nine year old or just human being that McDonald's French fries mcnuggets and then just plain carrots sitting next to demolish the carrots first before you pick up one fry the might be a first in human history. Yes so he's that good all right Shannon I know Andrew does he does do vegetables. I was GONNA say when it comes down to will he eat it. This do prefer it or like you won't touch aren't we can't define it that well he just he he i. I say he will eat it because it's tasteless now. He's not GonNa like the part that it has fiber in it like it's going to probably going to string the string using jumped out but I think because it possesses no flavor I say yes. I think the streams is going to completely turn him off. I'm I'm going now. I say no also because his his his history doesn't lean towards vegetables olives lips. Oh I say no I would. He did his job he he does do vegetables just like sunny all right. I'm up to you guys one on one right one up here we go will Andrew Eat allays classic potato chip who wouldn't eat a Travis Andrew Andrew as you may have figured out his very bizarre when it comes to eating and by the way he has no tell look at that faith astor poker player just a regular potato chip. How can you not yeah it's on there? I mean unless it's on there to fool US I I. I'M GONNA say no who oh I'll say yes. I'm trying to get back to and I think he'll eat it. I would not eat why not substantial enough. I like the ruffles yeah starting. I haven't found a good ruffling California at though really is water related thing or something. They're just there to spread out there wavy more than roughly well. They have a different mold that they use in Connecticut. Yeah the Hannaford brand. If anybody out there wants to try it. Oh you got your own brand home chip so it's not a `let's ruffled chip hold on Saint Saint so so let me <hes> let me just get this straight the taste of the potato chip you don't. It's too thin. It's so yeah you guys have realized that melted cheese. She's Guacamole things textures and consistencies factor in heavily like a child Yep potato chip texture has never been a problem for anyone on this earth textures horrible all right well. Let's see Brian. This could be tough for you in the answer's probably going to be neither but son chip hip or pringle. I used to pringles back in your experimental phase back Green Draft Peyote college thing you're following fish back then it was a different life. Found Jesus stopped eating right. We're not we're not making funny so I mean in general the F but not specifically yes will andrew eat pigs in a blanket ooh ooh only from the middle wow he will eat a hot dog. I don't think he's willing to hot dog and he the pigs in a blanket. I know you wouldn't put mustard on it but Dallas that Brown Must Chris how many total foods we have two more two more get close. He's so bothered by the ends of a hot dog and there's really no way around it with a cocktail Weenie it. It's all good point but he does. I eat like a nine year old like you have to kind of factor that in just threw me for between the chip and the and the Combo. I don't know what to think. I'M GONNA I say he does eat the pig in a blanket. I think he does too but just to get in the game. I gotTa say no logic tells us his own history tells us he doesn't eat right so now I would not eat that beautiful is it because of the ends because of the blanket on time all right sunny relax over there. You're not Mike that that that is the blanket is just like a Pillsbury essentially yeah. I'm not a fan of Pillsbury Hannigan. GonNa Freak you out out to me. I have never had a bad crescent roll Serb just like even if they're two days old the vast. Do you like CR- Croissant now. Oh no come out. It's just dough and in in butter yeah now out of it's a texture issue yeah just not I barely ever had them to. It's a rare thing all right in our final food and you should never ever ever travel never travel never even go to Montreal and I lost like thirty pounds <music> all right the last one will andrew eat tortilla chips pile tortilla chips all right. What's the score? I think I'm I'm. I got one down three two two two two as you're in the lead so we gotta go opposite to you. I can't believe I am saying this but the Tortilla chip might be too exotic for him. I'M GONNA go won't eat it. Damn it because he's from Boston. I can't imagine you encountered Tortilla chip. There's often as we do here in California. Do we have to we have to be in the game. He will eat it. Dammit I will yea. I requested around but will round tie. We do have Thai yeah okay ties time but we don't know if we have a tiebreaker Chris Tiebreaker all right Chris Point Sunny fix your collar. Would you driving daddy the rescue James spader thing going on right now from the eighties. Yeah you should be smoking in a stairwell and explaining to me that that girls not our the conversation I still submitted never has ever transpired in high school. Where I'm I'm banging a hot young chick and I got my buddy smoking with this pop colorado? What are you doing with and I'm like having sect? Have you seen her dad's house too busy staring at my ceiling her hair. He drives a domestic car. Yeah okay she. She where it's most it's a great sort of eighty spreads but the reality wow this is. I didn't know who had anything in high school. was that chick's hot chicks. Not that's all it ever. WAS HE MATTERS I. I Want Her dad's place at noon the other day he was in his bathroom. We really are all right all right. What are we got all right? We'll Andrew Andrew eat popcorn all right goddamn hinder super bowl's coming up today uh-huh sit in front of the T._v.. Set pull up a nice piece of Styrofoam on while you watch the game might have some ice cream screened. That's right right. He's insane. Thing is when I walk into the office and I tag team by him and Brian and I'm like you don't like Pie and they both start getting defensive. Like what is there to like about and I'll go like we'll how about cake when cake for who needs Kate I don't get cake and then I'm the insane person standing in between the two people there like we have doughnuts. An ice cream wouldn't eat cake for you like zero zero just fun Apple Pie Pumpkin Pie on definitely definitely not banana cream how chocolate cream pie just putting that would be there. If I cake I like vanilla cake with Vanilla. Frost sheet would be worth cake. That is the lowest on the totem pole. From what do you consider the most exotic food you like. If you're going crazy and you will we do Fridays and we have milkshakes shakes. That's not too. I thought I put an end of Simon's keeping them alive. Oh no editing. Damn him nothing we can we implement at least if we're gonNA keep Friday employ all these guys over there at the bill and they're having a good time over there on Friday. Can we get back to my miserable Wednesdays to offset the fun Friday. Let's at least go back to that. I feel like you guys have dropped the ball on my miserable bowl Wednesday. You're the greatest thing with Andrew as on his birthday to head to Denny's we go on nate's birthday to Denny's Denise Yeah Yeah. What'd you get a hamburger meat and the bun no cheese? No lettuce lettuce no onion. No catch catch up now. That's that's the birthday meal. What do we got in there? I can't even see their the white popcorn. I'm just going to say now. I don't know how we break. We're going yes. It's not smart food right okay then. y'All you <music> all right so many questions. That's what Andrew will eat it house. The twenty four hour war going Andrew the next doc I know nate's getting ready to head off to Italy and England interview you like Ferraris Furry Bastard Son who ran the company for for a while <hes> that's coming up right in about two weeks. I think he yeah so that'll be good because that's kind of the perspective were missing at this point is Ferrari's side of everything yeah. This is <hes> a Ferrari and Ford at <hes> Loma the big battle that took place in the sixties <hes> all right so I'm GonNa go home actually tonight and I'll watch the fifty five minutes that you guys have wacked together Party Andrew. You didn't mind my notes. Did you know now it helps improve things. Oh look at that look at that but true I would show up every Monday with my yellow notepad. Yeah go over tons of shit that we need to fix yeah but I don't think any of it was <hes> out out of the question or bizarre or just because right got all the pink elephants made the process the product better in the big picture yeah yeah it's always helpful to get the notes and know what you know needs to be improved and everything murray interest got the kind of attitude that everyone should have. I love this kid all right. Get Out of here sticking no-ball no ball man demand more from your workout gear. Well you demand a lot from yourself. Why don't you demand more from your workout gear? No bowl footwear apparel accessories for people who train hard don't believe in excuses shoes are great by the way and I've been wearing the shoes. I've been wearing sweats. I've got all their stuff now. It's gear built to perform with you. Simple functional design grounded in performance. No gimmicks no excuses multi environment design built for wherever ever your workout takes you trainers designed for cross training weightlifting intervals cardio whatever else you're training conditions out made with extremely extremely durable breathable abrasion resistant materials. This stuff is top shelf man runners with <hes> lightweight breathable stretch stretch knit uppers and stuff that moves with you. The stuff is good. Just go check it out no-ball Right Dawson. If you're ready to challenge your gear the way you challenge yourself go to noble project dot com slash Adam today for people who put in the work day after day visit Noble Project Dot com slash Adam and check out their training here. That's an O._B.. U. L. L. P. A._p._R.. O._J. S._E._T._i.. Dot Com slash Adam all right and we're back coming up later in the show. We'll play the very last installment of ant will Andrew Andrew. I eat it <hes> but until then we have more clips for you. If you want to see Adam cruel performing live he's doing Adam Corollas unprepared in Monterey California. The Golden State Theatre on on August seventeenth two thousand nineteen. There's still some tickets available. If you want to check that out I highly recommend it. Tickets are available. Adam Corolla dot com slash events by some all right for the next clip. This isn't a listener requests per se. We've had a whole bunch of requests the play just the entire ace awards episodes which I'm considering. Maybe we could do in some similar fashion or just pull up chunks them employed from chunks and different episodes while going through trying to decide which way to do this. I stumbled upon the twenty twelve as awards which didn't actually actually air until January two thousand thirteen and they're just so funny and well produced it seemed <hes> dumbed chop them up too much so I just chop them in half cut out a couple bulla sponsor moments and some opening stuff but basically this is the entire segment intact. It's the first chunk of twenty twelve ace awards along clip that you're going to enjoy it encapsulates a whole bunch of stuff that happened that year. If you're a new listener the Adam Corolla show it'll fill in a lot of gaps in jokes and things you might have heard references to that'd be listening since the very beginning. It's a great flash back to a bunch of stuff. Even I forgot about Adam. Corolla show nine eighty-three featuring Alison Rosen Brian Bishop Ace Awards two thousand twelve part one accorded December twenty twelve released January third twenty thirteen check it out. It's the two thousand twelve ace awards honoring the best of the Adam Corolla show this this year featuring trophy girl Alison Rosen and seat filler Brian Visual and now your host for this evening ceremonies Adam Corolla he ever get it on got to get it on no choice but to get on mandate getting on thank you so much for tuning in two thousand twelve then we'll make it a better two thousand thirteen. I'm excited I have been inherent makeup for hours but I'm very excited as well. This is awesome. My favorite show the year metoo and a big big tip of the Captain Dawson and Mike Mike Lynch made all of this possible because this is a Oh and Gary in Chris Maxwell Pat as well because this is a lot of work and if it was up to me I would just sit there like the crazy preacher wearing two pair of glasses and look at a phone book and complain for Ninety minutes but You Guys Get a well oiled well produced machine and <hes> <hes> I say without any further ado let's just get started. I best reenactment. The nominees for best reenactments are Atom N. T. J. Miller for recumbent bike guy and metal detector guy. What do we use titanium or reynolds five? Oh one steel tubing on that front aluminum doesn't show I think completely antiquated to find things well listen. Listen first off. You want to detect defines aluminum. I'll show you fucking FRESCA. Can Okay have fun hammering that at the Panchayat last night I checked it and making a super bowl rings or earns out of aluminum and yeah I found earns at the beach all right people scatter the ashes they get emotional drank a little bit and that's where I step it. Pick up the pieces understand you've won this round metal detector man that your nightmares funkier and more cumbersome Adam and Dag for for black voter if Obama lost or speaking to a black person on the streets yeah obviously disappointed suspected E.. N. suspected as expected and suspects suspected and did you vote this year. No comment on that EH setup basically it's not even think I said well. You know why's why's why's why's why's election only on Tuesday uh-huh because you know in the calendar Tuesday that's a bad day for black folks. Oh it's money man you know set up okay so so you why do the polls closed at eight PM. Most places right seems reasonable. I know why they only give you four years. Advance notice the time you want more of a heads up getting voter suppression and Oprah Suppression Obsession it and Adam and Pete Holmes for voiceover session closer to the script rep please. Can you stop saying definitely not a jail using quaker state oil. That's not and can't use that no Jew whatever gets filthy Jew cuticle already Adam Matt what I'm sorry to cut your Mike. Can you please just say quite oil is the best kind of oil quaker state has been the leading manufacturer synthetic oil ever since his thing Jews this came over here and their Goddamn Jew Flower Dude. You're doing it again and again I did. I just reading the copy. No no there's debts. Can we get a new copy because that seems to have hate speech on it. I didn't Know Adam thank you to stop. I'm Jay seems I make yes. Can we move on all right here originally. I'm the white bread in the world. You are well we back and <hes> boy. That's <hes> that's a tough guy. I like. Those two guys are really like to get them in the same room if they would be around another human being feel like they were. It was like you were there. Bag can't beat day all right. Let's let's unveil the winner. Oh I have the winner sorry me and Peter Stagg was robbed robbed. I tell you how you thought you thought you had one angry black man ooh <hes> all right. Let's keep the party trainer role and and get to best fight best fight. I don't know what any of these are and I have no recollection of half of them so <hes> this is really a treat for me best fight and the nominees nominees for best fight are Adam and ray four Ray's truck had his truck in my parking lot here here for about two three years. I said to Ray Times. Get it out. This second is sponsored by said selling. I said Pick Your Time Ray. Pick your time. I gave him a month or three weeks or whatever it is and then I finally called J J called the Jews for Jesus. Get that piece of Shit Outta they were donating it gray said fuck that I'm keeping it rake gas it up fired it up started up and drove it to a vacant lot off of Colfax at down that sat there for five years work here every day and never heard this about six months ago. I founded in my other warehouses. The house's parking lot and I said what the fuck is is doing in here race it. I'm summit in a month and six months. Ago Wasn't six months one a three month. Whatever whatever you sell it for if it's under a hundred thousand dollars at this point you're getting ripped off? That's true that is what what is it why Robbie unsuccessful people colling to one thing and never let some attachment this maybe twenty years what do you don't get rid of it. I chose to renovate five years ago. Why Not GonNa fucking argue that you just listen to me? Just get fine rate. Look around okay. Listen to me. Listen to you. Don't want to listen. Why is it Bambi my parking lot because you're gonNA make this four hundred dollars Ray? This segment is by me. It's so fucking Sad Adam and Dr Bruise for the nets keys his those are not where they should be the question. I I'm not doing this for me. Listen I got my first device. Here's my story I'd have to it's not me but what you should be asking yourself is why is limited so overwhelmed that she misplaced her key. It's not overwhelmed she. I'm overwhelmed. That's why I put my keys in the same place I understand. I have too much to their ability to tell you the truth. I'm telling you the truth up fleas. No I'm overwhelmed by what are you fucking nuts. I'm writing fucking book. I'm doing a podcast. I do live shows every fucking weekend. I get up every morning and do press. I do press every fucking after you fucking walking high and it's all I do fuck it. I just got done telling you at my editor bugging the shit out of me. Where's the book where's the book? Where's where I'm trying to get pictures the fuck are you talking about the bike you idiot just shut up rose? You WanNa know why everyone hates you this by everyone in and atom and Brian for open chip bag. What is wrong dog with you? Do you hate humanity or hip just fresh. What's your beef? Do you fucking hate everybody including yourself. How old is this a fuck you to me because of all brought it up two thousand times two thousand times brought it up to fucking thousand thousand times is who is it? That's a calendar year now l. over here's my question. I don't know if it's all the above the do you hate me. Do you hate chips in general. Do you hate yourself or do you hate the people you work with. Are you planning on having more of these chips APPS when they've been exposed to and it's an open warehouse it could be roaches environment at this at this particular point. There are cockroaches back there. What is your plan Dan? I know you have no plan. How fucking thick and stupid are you can? Nothing penetrate is this conversation needs to take place. How many thousand sometimes tell me because I'll just repeat it on a fucking real until we get there? We can save ourselves some time well. I don't know that it was me but if it was I bought them. I brought them. I don't give a shit. Okay so you're there. You're was it was I. I don't know that it was because I have some wheat thins at the same time and I put the clip back doc on those. They were saying Ball Brian if it was me okay. Are you taking a bullet for the team. Yeah why what's the problem I would never do yours Arkansas's Panzer mind and gave my weight ends close. I clipped Kept them. Oh police so you want them to be stale for anyone else. That wants that came in today. You ate them from here. They were sitting right there. I was like Oh God all right so this is Bryan all right. Well now not surprised. Why is that because you're why they're not chipped? You brought them in for everyone to enjoy. Did you like semantics the miners in their mind everyone enjoy my glad had such great times so glad my kids hearing this in the next room. Really you gotta turn this down because now 'cause I skipped one. I skipped best rant and that's <hes> that's base but first we have to reveal best buy I'm looking at the screen adamant Brian Nine and the shift bag yeah that sounds about right. I feel bad about strong contender. I I realized I sound like a lunatic. I understand that now you don't know I know I sound like a lunatic. I understand that but there's a way for me not to be a lunatic. Just you know shut the bathroom light medication. I feel I feel like the feel like I I don't know maybe the military is not a great a great <hes> protocol but let's say a firehouse okay there. I mean there's just certain there's much guys live together and there's certain things things you gotta do <hes> in order just to kind of keep everything what if someone forgot to grease the poll then there's a fire and they get stuck on our way down right. I don't think the grease should keep it smooth. I say just the fact that there's a two hundred pound guy and there's something called gravity's usually takes them aw crystal. I would want to Greece it. I'll bet they polish it seconds off. You're right. I would suggest that Greece the poll we need to your poll Greece we <hes> and by the way that's GonNa Sound Weird when you come in and start talking about greasing polls and who needs some poll agrees we're Outta. Po agrees all right <hes>. I like. I said a skip one. We'll what do best rant and will do <hes>. We'll do the next category. Let's right. Our first nominee for rant of the year is Alice seen you guys. Please imagine being mean for just one second dive. A radio tour lined doc to promote rich man poor man my e book now. I get a piece of paper that says here's the chicks number and her name is S.. A. L. I. S. Y.. N. Alison to me was never really up wasn't up for debate. I just knew the old school who'll alison it's an old name and one way to go and you understand. We're living in a society where everyone is fucked up name. There's a lot of jer Michael's and stuff like that. I don't know anyone's name anymore because of a ton of different ethnicities and just a ton of different assholes who like the spell their name just a little bit different and pronounce it just a little bit different so when I'm looking at this piece of paper. I don't know it's Alison or Alice scene. I call them my a chick who picks up the phone hello so and so radio network whatever and I said is is Alice Allison Allison seen courses no last name so we could because that would make that'd be too difficult for the last name fucking piece of paper so I'm like as Al Seen all-seeing Allah sign in Palestine and of course because there then the can't do the math of yes. There is a cut name mouse spells her name a nutjob so I said no Alla Alla Alla seen assign nine. I'll I'll sign again. That could never go others. Alison never do that so they go <hes> now now now and I'm like well well this the number they told me to call you guys set up the radio interviews Yup. That's what we do and there's no our seen Alistair outside now. There's not no there's not L. I. S. Wyan now well the reason she said no at that point because she was on what I what I liked referred to was the no roll all we have in this in this fucking horrible society. We've crafted like once you get three knows on your fucking roll man Sinatra Entre. Les Behind Your Luck. Be Lady tonight hot guys cheering around no role no ROE at that point. I've got three good nose under my belt. I've gone for fucking four man then I spell it out. I said A. L. I. S. Y.. And she goes Oh yeah Alison. Listen let me ring or desk and then she rings the desk but of course Allison's not at the desk but now not so sure. Is it alison still it'll be have another alison is their announcing that spells her name normally again. Why would you include a last name in this mix of twenty-three fucking radio stations? I have to call so oh that's insane so all right not gonNA happen. I call back again. She puts me through to the desk again and then I noticed that the bottom of the page there's like an emergency number. I called that number and that's Allison's that's herself. She picks up the phone and I said Yeah I called the other number Berg and it was <hes> an I went over the number not to go down fucking have to go over the number with her and the last digit should have been a nine but it was a seven because who the fuck I can remember all these days so the last digit off made for wild confusion because first digit off means. You're not talking to anybody. They just get had some kind of crazy. Accent doesn't know what the fuck talking last digit means confusion like yeah. This is the company but I don't know what you're talking about. So I got <hes> Allison on her her cell phone and I said Yeah I got hold of the task and <hes> she she kept ringing your desk and then of course she gave the <hes> West probably should have called me like of course of course that's the person at the front coping all just have a fucking heart attack and just go this whole thing of why. Do you want me to go away so badly wait. What are you doing are you in the middle of fucking online connect four tournament and I've just fucking rang your phone and you're like right in the middle of a move like what is going on at that's down? WHO's eating pussy bed? Thank you I will be with the best rance's we'll sprinkle them throughout route and I think we'll <hes> at the end of the show. Go ahead and start your betting now but we'll go ahead and find the best rent. I think we'll have three or four of those for the night is up all right best impression. I'm looking forward to this one. Let's rolling the nominees for best impression are key and Peele as Obama and Madea Tyler Perry movies. I don't blame Perry. It's not his fault. He's a horrible writer. It's not that hard the Ri- right Horb it's Oprah's fault for making a star out of guy who built an empire around gun towed et definitely definitely two hundred fifty pound grandmother conflict resolution strategy involves <hes> threatening to put her foot up your ass Harlan lawyer. It sounds like me from schmos now as L. Mark. If you WANNA be off on I'll be I'll be the crater with writer's block or Alpha need your help on this. What's happening body? I got the scene where you're in the kitchen. I want it already. Hold on okay. You're always behind that counter anyway. You're in the kitchen and the boss losses coming over for dinner. That's hilarious right. I know a he's coming in and this is a big deal because I can't remember even though I created the Sitcom the Dad House Willy Willy Willy Willy won't get the big raise and the problem Mizzou. The LASAGNA is burnt in the boss is on his way is burn. I think I did that yeah you did you did but I need you to stall all the guy now. That's my dilemma. I'm trying to think of a funny way for you to stall in our yacht. I'll say hey that's a nice bussey. You got there and he's holding a cat okay. That's that's why the way fuck your mouth later the J. More as Colin Quinn Tracy Morgan and China Garden. What did it sound like if you were married to Colin Quinn and he wanted to watch tonight show okay you know I've got a crisis of conscience honey boo boo marathon plus the documentary uh-huh j._F._k.? Secret Service when they call them Kennedy detail you know they did they didn't pay attention to the details chestnut colored hair would it be on aggressee and all and now they tell you one thing governor. connally they call it the magic bullets. I don't think he thought it was magical. He brought the unlucky bullets or the left corner. How this hit my rim? That's probably what I think. He called it or Tracy Morgan sound like if he was going to watch tonight you got to watch because I got him pregnant. Martin got everybody pregnant. I'm GonNa get you write a book for Me Kirk. We're going to write a book about getting bovine pregnant with Doodoo Pampers. You're going to get pregnant. That's part of your therapy. You go in Morocco. They shoot you pregnancy but I think I know from the food network. We'd probably say oh my goodness. I did a tonight show. How bad could that be? Don't tell elbowed Brian. Wow so tough we got more wow damage Shak as Chris Chris Berman teach look you got brought worse. You got hot dogs. You got look. There are a lot of meat to grill. Man Great is a hundred percent cast iron hundred percent made in America hundred percent stake off. Look at grills good this clip them angry book banner on Adam Corolla L. A. dot com for a great deal like Jerry in the boy saying about Oh so long ago what a long strange trip it's being back on the blitz and Kevin Pollock as Albert Brooks Jason Statham and Christopher Walken. Hi this is Albert Brooks Caverns not here leave a message call back. I don't care I'M GONNA go lie down good Jason Statham. He says six words in a row a faster than anybody else along those six words are do you know what I mean and he says those as Germany right yes and so when I keyed into that it was if I put you in that chair you Johnny Right Right. Let's just say it's Christopher walken walking trader Joe's I mean how can be anything sure as I again. I just want the conversation rights to the War I can. I work at traderjoes. Okay excuse me I had buying sign notice. First of all is joe here trader Joe. He's what I'm asking now. He's not well. That's just the name like Ralph's else. The supermarket has no Ralph while there probably is but he's not there right. You're not gonNA find. I'm not thinking Joe would be out trading. You can learn traitors like just sort of a name for old timey guys would move like merchants all right well. I'm going to send a sign crestfallen. I am misinformation but I had a question about the bananas. Come here right. I like the store you selection of nuts is insane yeah. I had no idea such variety of nuts but you got here on four-shot. It's a point of pride for us. It must be UH oxo love dead's Oh by the way thank you. The bananas are always green the APP so my question to you if if I may I was gonna ask Joe What he's not. He's never I mean. I think he's dead like I don't know exists. I'm sorry I don't I don't I'm. I'm not related to not only been working here for like seven weeks. So Oh yeah it's just called trader. If you want me to show you around the happens wow pieman Peel J. more hard. I I don't know I will be surprised ICED and disappointed. No matter what Kevin pollock the conversational the conversational trader Joe's it sounds like that went on for another ten minutes voice drops out when he says insane. It's still actually have not seen since that makes it <hes> <hes> all right back to the <HES> rant number two again you <hes> tally these zapped try to figure out what your best is. What what's your favorite is at home the rant number two you can guess probably what the topic is? The second nominee for rant of the year is chicken shit tickets. Sorry <hes> law enforcement personnel. You're all heroes. You're all heroes. You're all heroes. You're all heroes except do nothing but hand chicken shit tickets all fucking day long and ruin our lives. You're all fucking heroes kiss my ass and we do this thing where it's like. <hes> we don't have enough cops. Don't have enough cop whenever someone talks about you know we. We need to add another hand penny on under sales tax otherwise that's GonNa cops and firemen you got plenty of how about you get the fucking cops and focused on crime instead of Boston people running late for work on Laurel Canyon Jesus Christ hold on pass. Now listen this. This is a fucking Cold War mother fuckers as you WANNA fuck and hide up a driveway like a chicken Shit Pussy with a fucking radar gun and tell your gay friend up the Hill L.. Guess WHO's coming in their minivan gone POB then we could do the same bucket shift to you. We didn't fire the first shot. Not you mother fuckers. We try to play by the rules but you had to go all chicken shit on our ask and now we're getting chicken. Shit with your ass. What you bring back the bucket belief? You need some goddamn money. Stop raping the citizens of the city limited start fucking working on crime. You Ask all what you pussy. Just sell cookies. Just fuck itself girl scout cookies. Just admit what you do for a living you know buckets not prime anymore you raise money so that start selling cookies you fucking pussies yes but on a fucking skirt start selling cookies you fucking worthless fuzzy's other that respect for the past new all right so that was rant number two you could have been cited for inciting a riot again the fact that these guys you know. There's a portion of them that are there for stopping crime but an ever-increasing portion that are there for fundraising thing which I don't seem to remember as a youth like as a youth they wanted people not to speed or not to do stuff but they wanted them wanted to discourage discourage them by by finding them for the behavior. Now it's like hey we're just going to set up speed traps on in the middle of the grapevine and get a whole bunch your money for whatever OECD like it's not even sportsmanlike at a certain point it became a it turned into a business and extracting money from the citizens citizens. You're supposed to be protecting turning that into a a cottage industries not a great plan all right. Let's move onto something. I'm curious about which is a most uncomfortable moment and the nominees for most uncomfortable moment are Adam tries to talk great fitzsimmons off the wagon fits dog. <hes> want to try a little my angry. I haven't had a drink in twenty one years because this is a good drink to go back to drinking with so yes or no yet to censor the fucking question twenty one year they are you one of those I mean like a guy who has to go to meetings Jesus Christ. I just I'm not drinking anymore. You want a little taste Yalta. Take so you're not weird about it now. No I'm not having a taste but the about that's really fucked up weird tight chicken burnt. Come come on. It's was cool people do because the cool kids drink and may even while here's here's my question good about what I'm saying is cannot if it passes your lips are is it back on is the twenty one years erase. Is that the way what's wrong with you like that. I know that is how I really want to have a Simitis away. You think like it'd be nice. It's Nice you give me the drink and move a couple the drink. I don't think you have the balls to actually give me the drink right now well I if thanks got real bad my wife would come to your house and me like I heard it's not like this not prove that you were the one right we're talking millions of people on attest to the fact that you were so fucking Alpha male and such the teenager Brian you couldn't handle the fact that I made a positive choice in my life and you have to suck me down and that's that's in the fucking annals forever through saying you're uptight. I'm saying you're afraid to hand it to me right listen. I'll I'll hand it to your now to me. Walk well listen I I don't I don't want any trouble and I don't want one of those things from like listen Mr Fitzgerald. I'm sorry for your aloft or I've had a cuddle. Adam talk psychology with Wyatt snack. I blame my parents. You blame why you blame your parents. Sorry that was racist. Racist your aunt sorry grandma whoever you to uber. It's sad because it's true you gotta get over Blaming Your Parent Single Dad the same Old Star doc horrible racist what trip and Adam versus Kevin Smith Kevin this is now crossing the line from sort of sensible thinking into into somewhat paranoid and grandiose thing. I'm not at all. I don't think it's grandiose to think like if the things falling apart if somebody just reached out and I wish I had fucking reached out call call me crazy is kind of crazy to come in here and even tried to turn Kevin. Would you have reached out thought I would have written an email been like what the fuck you prick. I've been telling people about this thing. He would have been like well here. My fucking issues man. You didn't fuck an email we back fucking. I took a shit ton of fucking crap over the homophobic comments and then now fucking pod Danny Dan even shelf and I understand you didn't know about it but you did find out about on K rock and the event didn't happen for three days and as you point right wasn't invited to do it but you weren't invited because is your lions or somebody had to say. He's not coming well. Nobody told me nobody told me about how you are K rock they say pod damn but they screw up stuff in schedules and times and things all the time. I mean show billion tiles now. WHO's doing this the basis of his argument visiting his disk because I didn't show an event that I was unaware of and then when I was made aware of it here's how I was made aware of it? They said and I guess we'll see this weekend at Kevin Smith's marathon podcast marathon and I should I have no I've never heard and yet you have to be insane to then. Call up the podcast marathon and be like hey my part of that. It's like if someone says Oh hey so I guess I'll see what that party and you're like. Oh actually I wasn't invited. Did you wouldn't van approach. The person who invited you assume you are not supposed to be there. You would have been invited and you wouldn't blame the person that assumed you're going to be there or mistakenly said you were going got to be there. That was the part that was weird about the whole thing. It just feels like a long time ago. That was this year twenty twelve yeah the beginning yeah all right so <hes> let's heavy most honorable mention to couple of nominees that just didn't make the nomination cut todd glass with the retard argument and Federman with the porn discussion Goshen both very strong but still too late in the year yeah those strong end of the year contenders I felt like I was was a crazed dog chasing his porn tale with Wayne Federman where I kept saying there's other kinds of porn and he's like <hes> <hes> sorry if I don't WanNa see two gals defecating into a into a Coleman Cooler Mike the got other stuff and he's like. I'm sorry if I don't WanNA see two people defecating it then me just keep going back to the same thing he's also didn't want the penis and I was like there's there's penis free porn. I felt like a bit although I it was I know but it's like it was weird that he took the most bizarre. It's like you saying I don't like going to the movies because I I don't like those. I don't like reading this French titles for those endless French documentaries about ballooning and you go well. They got other movies as you know I got a headache reading the titles and they're like yeah I know but they have action movies. I can't read it away understand that your originals make me nauseous just going back to the one porn that is not evidently hits porn I I I was look. There's not a whole lot of porn. You can show me. That makes me angry that you showed it to me. You know most of the time say thanks for that little <hes> the porn booster yeah. I was not happy about that all right most uncomfortable moment Kevin Smith. Yes quite quite quite quite easily. All right caller of the year is where we go now. The nominees for caller of the year are Sherry the death row madam allow allow you got the O. J. Simpson Book here they do and <hes> you selling it for five dollars. Yes did you read the book I did read the Book and I'm also an author I right but you sound wildly successful I am I was I had a very interesting in life as a Hollywood insider. I wrote an autobiography called Death Row Madam Sex and drugs in the entertainment industry. The street was sentenced to four years in prison amongst the Manson murders for having arranged blind date good well. This is much more interesting than the O._J.. Box So let's talk about could relate to O._J.. and Nicole situation because I a two with interracial marriage I was married to a very famous popstar who was very amused until I was in a domestic abuse situations sometime minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You were all right now. First off you were married to a famous famous black pop star <hes> yes uh-huh and when you say his name. Do you think any of us will know the name two how old you are now hold on. We got some bad that she said famous black pop star but it doesn't matter how old we are because we all L. Hurt Marvin Gaye Right Ben Isaac Asimov lose my mind <hes> Sherry yes that man's name was he would not so famous what what are his heads while her face is evidently one of one of his greatest hits John The taboo to Guitarist I. I'm the guy copious charge this. Is You gotta get it on while you're talking. We're going to here is my mother singing in the background. You had to do the wall while ago all the sound Ooh. It is ironic that he you know we did this. Girl singers spill speculate now. What does your mom is in the background yelling? GotTa get it on gotTA. Get it foist that when it says the ooh Baby I won't go the only you tell you I'd hold on we gotta hear it here the bill and we go to the premier in euros over with her boyfriend girlfriend watching the premiere right away intermission at the premier's where the guy runs out of quarters and John Stewart. I speak to you once again John what happened in brother listen I just you know I was home and I could either you know put my kids better watch state of the Union address but then I thought it what's going on with that Kevin Smith and also let's face it. You don't need to know any of that political stuff your little I just I just wanted to call in and here's the deal point I e John Must <hes> you must just riveting John. Yeah I know it must just be like Gulliver's travels avenue for you just watching the little little cushions fight while you just stand there urinate addicted baby dolls is elevated. He was coming on the show to talk about it. Glad I had to call in to let me just say about the taboo guy going to the premier tablet to with your mom. If I see my mom barefoot I'm weirded out some fucking right slippers the percents this way. I know it came over unannounced but if you could I'll wait in the car you go ahead and get some muck locks on. We'll continue this. This conversation pretended yeah yeah. This is weird for me. I feel like of cross the boundary here going to the premier that with Mama Erma Goddamn Andy though considering that movie and the plot that we find this disgusting uh-huh and very ironic as Brian pointed out the soundtrack though it grows on your little all right Julie <hes> reveal the caller uh of the year Oh yeah John Taboo Guitar whenever also when we had the crazy late in the front <hes> ooh sorry not Jon Stewart when we <hes> you know when they do I was married to a famous you always know the chances are you've never heard of famous and the definition of famous. Is You know the name you don't have to explain oh he was right when that explanation comes then not famous Amos after that like it's weird because they've probably been five hundred astronauts but there's only four famous one's four one's as you know so. You can't say I was married to a famous astronauts. Even astronaut is a famous job. 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Their experts let them handle it over the phone or on the computer blinds Galore Right Dawson whether you need need more privacy to sleep in to cool down `just fix up a room blinds dot com has just what you're looking for. Check them out and let them know Adams sent you. That's blinds dot com among all right. We're back. We're GONNA hear the entire Ace awards two thousand twelve or any other year podcast one premium homeboy fair podcast. They have accessed the the entire Adam Corolla show archive all ten plus years sign up you can get cold these old episodes listen entirety entire ace awards and either segments. We played. They won't hear the full episodes. That's the way to do it. Also if you're hearing this in the Adam Corolla show feed there is a separate cruel classic speed. We are to episodes every weekend Saturday and Sunday only the Saturday episode ears in the Cooler show feed. If you WanNa hear that Sunday episode you gotta go sign up for cruel classics free podcasts podcast One apple podcasts. Wherever your favorite shows subscribe start download Sundays episodes coming up this Sunday we have part two of the twenty twelve ace awards continuing off with Rant of the year best guest some daytime ace awards and some drops of the year hilarious they also have a another round of will andrew eat it as more of an impromptu one that happens with Joe Coyne studio is hilarious and the listener requests just for the Melgar door rant on that one classics up tomorrow? Check it out all right. We have another listener request this this one from N. Beam fell in love love love to hear Adams movie idea with Washington generals get tired of losing to globetrotters and how they finally beat them. I don't remember this was part of a made up movie segment idea Adams talking about I think it would make a great movie. I think it would too. It's movie idea between Adam Corolla Nixon Torah professional loser's now. This is from Adam crucial fourteen eighty five. Sir Let me to my last comment. I just wanted you to comment on the guy that coached the globetrotters the team that would play them. Did you hear about that. You know that they day that his team beat the globetrotters once one time. Wait a minute talking about the Washington Generals Oh yeah yeah he said the guy that coached globetrotter era the team that played against doc team the generals right Washington generals yes. They beat them one time time yeah which you had some great idea for a movie I I think one point I was pitching ones picking a movie <hes> all right now. It's not crow crow based all right. I said what we call professional losers and if you think about the Washington generals they they were the best players on their high school and college teams. You got the washing the Harlem globetrotters. Some of those guys could've gone to the show. I mean it could have been professional national players. Some of them were professional players from playing Europe Blah Blah Blah but the guys they're playing against night in and night out the Washington generals had to be allstate in Indiana on their basketball basketball team and then they had to be one of the best players on their college team. Maybe winning some AAA division championship or something like that now they're paid aid to lose and all they do is Lou professionally the professional losers and they all get together and they're getting the AH shit kicked out of him and of course the globetrotters are driving in the shiny bus and they're driving in the broke down bus and the globetrotters staying at the four seasons seasons and they're staying at the red roof inn and there's whole that the chicks that are waiting for the globetrotters in the hotel and then they're skanky chicks that are waiting red roof as you get that whole you get that whole thing going and at a certain point <hes> there's a few twists along the road but they're going to play the Harlem globetrotters letters in the <hes> Madison Square Garden for their hundred year anniversary and the team gets together and decides they're going to beat them wow and so they're having like secret late night practices. There's a little love interest there in a kid who's sort of thinks it's pathetic Dach- be losing every time can't understand why won every game in high school now and they practice and they were hers and they practice hers will work good players have to refine their modell but obviously the globetrotters are specimens so at a certain point and the place is filled with dignitaries ex N._B._A.. Players globetrotters and all that celebrities of all kind because it's the hundred the year anniversary and I've spoke to the globetrotter guys they said look once the Games on it's kind of on there's really no not gonNA call it if the generals are winning so so at a certain point it first globetrotters don't know what's going on but at a certain point it becomes gain on yeah yeah and it's the underdog guys in a whole bunch of other subplots to it. But when did the Cros come in oh no different sorry different moves different different professional losers idea thinking about that. When I got passed away last week <hes> all right well he's going to be missed? Eh Team who went oh in two thousand one and two I mean one and two pretty big shoes to fill good luck to the next guy I got to say. It's like the Guy Follow John Wooden. John Wooden had won one game seventy one years and lost all the rest lost all the rest yes all right. That's enough out of you. I figured <hes> all right and we're back with the final clip for today's this episode of the classics Chris Locks our favorite co host and producer like me remind you to rate and review the show on apple podcast if you haven't done so already five stars kind comments whatever you want to toss down. We appreciate it now. We have a final listener requests for today. Come from James F I want the war of will they eat. It's Vinnie ass a very delicate question that <hes> James Spells out that I don't WanNa Spoil Adam Cruel show twenty seventy seven unfeatured Jimmy Yang Veneto enrich geographic brian bishop through may of two thousand seventeen as the final will andrew and Brian eat it features binny's flood before Jimmy uh-huh young joins them in studio goes a little something like this so Kelly got me up on the ball and then it was just like fun expand on he was taking the medicine ball strong guy who's firing at Mike. I'm just catching fire. I could fire it back and it was it was pretty impressive stuff so oh and then later on he said I'll get on the UNICYCLES. I got on the UNICYCLE and I was riding around the courtyard and like this thirty foot circle on my UNICYCLE and he said each time you come by like tried. Try to knock me off by throwing the medicine ball ours you could and I just catch it on the fired back up again so I was so full of my own balance that particular point that I had the big yoga ball for some reason was in the the kids Dan downstairs might then the kids romper room whatever turned into and I was just getting up on it and I sort of got used to sitting on my knees on it and just sitting up on my knees on it and just sort of doing that and at some point I said hey kids come here. Something like they my fourteen months or a year old I had them both up like this S. at ball went that all went fad God now this time because like a bag of groceries because we're on because I was on my knees like John Win because I was on my knees we we all went for the ball shutout backwards and like I said there's there's not a lot of warning it just goes so they self and your balance they had crashed. I had them both in each arm and I definitely through in my arms out to protect these little networks she in the room yeah I think she was she was nearby. She's not happy. The kids were going nuts Michael but again famously infamously I was <hes> you know we had a bed and the bed was is <hes> three bed yeah hey you're corolla and you're going to head bad law boxspring his highness as a box spring the bed in a box spring at at the old house and that thing was thirty inches off the thirty two inch. It was not thirty twenty eight thirty it was up and boy whiten Italian man which she was when she was three or four she was a daredevil sprint at me jumping in and everything everything and <hes> most you guys store but she she kept saying to me move back move she was she couldn't even say that she'd say less foreword is what you'd say like less four and she moved her hand and I'd go in some point I got about eight feet away from the bed and she run down that bed and launch Superman Superman Super Girl Style and I've got long arms and I got pretty good range and I would I would just grab her. It would be close and at some point. She moved me beyond her range inch beyond my range she stepped forward last war and she kept waiting me back and I got eight. I got ten eleven feet off the bed and I said not an Italian. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA reach you from here and she's like go back and I'm like less foreign. I said Okay here. I am glad I will talk and I'll walk they will not I will not be able to catch you. This is where you want me. She said that's all right or do it made my pain. I said Okay let's do it and she just stove and just face planet and she's the one that did that that thing in the backyard the zip line that you have when I was at your house here's all you need to know for her. All you need to know for her wiring unlike sunny who I would stand against the bad and he'd want me closer at actually have to actually actually go into the bed like I'd have to press myself into onto the bed terminator have to become part of the bat he she said step it back and I stepped back and so we do this on a nightly basis you get a run. I get about eight feet from the bed. She launch and I and I just grabbed her and she said she said Gary or somebody. There's a couple pictures of those two in a frame that's sitting in my new office minute office though they've never moved into the thing where you can see her in the swimming pool just me launching her in the air. She's seven feet yeah she at three like she's digging it so he launches a she launches. Sorry and I started doing in this move where she would launch and when she soon as she would get mid air and kind of at her zenith I would do this fake out move where I want Mommy's home I turn and look toward the door and I saw her face when she launch and she was mid air and for that millisecond right went mommy so it's shoot her face. Just what God is terror terror as can pour over four year old that was interface sure and then so she the next time she's like Daddy. Don't do that and I was like. I'm not GONNA do it. You can do and I did it again and she's like daddy but about after about three of them and we're doing it like the next night. She's like do it so wow that's a weird. That's a thrill seeker. This wasn't yeah. This was traveling in the air anymore getting any higher in the air this is that's basically a speed ball. Yeah Hey coke not enough speed lead by John Belushi chocolate and peanut butter the speed ball. She's still like this. She say take me to the rock climbing gym now. She's still a thrill seeker. She's still doing that. She's skiing and she's not scared of anything per se but she's turning into a girl and and she wants to do stuff with your friends goes in reverse after they decide okay. I'm a girl I'm good with that because these girls end up on the back of Crotch rockets and stuff like that yes maybe that's straight damning autumn autumn shade autumn shades coveted stage is Ryan Williams zipper tetanus. She won't be able to dance for Jake work so yeah. It makes one worry a little bit later on when one gets one's driver's license but it is a whole new world <hes> <hes> talk to sunny about playing football. He says he wants to play football and then it lamented that none of his friends WanNa play tackle football and it's like well what's wrong. It's like yeah well you know. Stewart doesn't want to get a concussion and Janis worried back into her like everyone's just worried about getting hurt. Conscience get whatever starts and unlike <hes> yeah we had those things they didn't invent concussions or or dislocated located fingers or fractures or anything. Just something is some something you lived with. I think it's picture of picture and a tally tally up in the air but there's a picture sonny right. I think I got him some <hes> some real real good Harrison last time the first and last show sunny. We did not have a choice of yes sunny when I stretch my arms out that way that's that's pretty darn close to six feet from my waist so it's eight feet in the air above that pool while yeah fun picture heroine kids it's great uncle ray would come around he. He built like a tray Boucher with the next neighborhood awesome. Wait triplets yeah all right you can see all our pictures and stuff and yes I thought of something I heard it on a show a couple of weeks ago and I want to correct someone and tell you that you were right. <hes> a guy I called in and you were talking about and I know this area because I lived at the top of Coldwater Canyon and you talked about riding a motorcycle from the top of the Canyon to the bottom of Canyon. We're going to limit this twenty minutes. Let me the guy said something and you guys he. He at first said that you know someone took took a motorcycle at one time in welded the handlebar solid and prove that you can't turn a motorcycle and I can tell you who did that. It was the motorcycle coach the speed coach Keith Keith Code Boring Machine Code to that to prove that you can't turn a motorcycle without some tilt but it doesn't mean that you have to have your hands on the handlebars because you can guide a bike without having your hands on the handlebars flooring machine anyone. I say it was right. You're right I am going to when I'm done when I get my regulation Yoga Ball and Dawson. What's on that hot dog carrying now mustard all right all right simple almost look plain to me all right why mustard eh dodge a bullet? There thought it was playing all right. Have you ever been on tight dangerous eating in front of you yeah good so I like it because everyone on their toes <music>. I treated laughing about your ordering a Pinochle lot in Amsterdam yeah. He tweeted me about that too. Worst Jimmy Buffett that song the greatest Dawson consuming something moment was when he was nipping off by that window that was great and the best response was also last. I saw you see me okay all right speaking of food I think we we have <hes> Brian and Andrew. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah wondering machine when I'm done with my big Yoga Ball. Maybe I'll get Honda four hundred four and kill myself going down cold water cannon all right. Let's the hardest part about the Yoga Ball is getting on getting up yeah once. What's your extremely wobbly? You're okay that that ball was almost empty. You should fill it up a bit more empties better. It's much there's a happy medium between two full and to amply empties the best completely empty probably probably the best all right. Should we bring the GEISEN. Let's do it. I'm Greta hate. This will andrew or Brian. Eat it because she's playing Jimmy Goes East meets. It's because it all right so andrew and Brian. Oh you guys share. We don't have this Sharon. Mike looks like all right. You guys are <hes> good. Do we have a theme to this. Yes we're losing Andrew. Andrew is going back to Andrew's going back to Boston. I predict he'll be back but he's going back to Boston and so he will be missed. Boy Will he be missed and and I think I'm assuming I'm assuming he'll be back. That's just me I my fingers crossed Brian. Are you worried that you're gonNA take the brunt of the the anger now. Just doesn't eat correctly. No no no. He's not okay well. He also has jakup over there the editor who's sort of like he's like a lower level Nazi. Let's see what he's got going and Hitler and they're going on trial only wiped out a couple of villages in Hungary but these guys have done such mass atrocities the kind of flies under the radar but shakeup will he will surface to because he's he's. He's not like you guys but he's still pretty weird eating eating department if he asked me he's the guy you offer immunity to to get to the bigger rollover. Get Jacob to roll over. He's just weird with how he eats his food. He'll eat just about anything thing. You're telling someone with food now. How heat's Howie now so andrew is not only weird with what he eats but he's weird and how that he eats is it like again took him out to the kebab place to <hes> audio Kebab and and and I forgot the best part is when you get the rice and beef Kebab and you got the piece of onion to do the rice and onion with get get the ratio right get the whole thing he eats all all of the rice I all of the rice verse then all of the Salad and wherever then to be the rice quick before it saw home alone alone okay all right? So are we ready. We already say all Boston foods right. I food is lobster. We'll Ryan and Andrew eat it. <hes> <hes> lobster. I'm guessing adding the drawn butter or lemon or anything won't change one way or the other inter out. I assume one way or the other officer Salad Salad <hes> all right all right. I'm going to step up and say you're from that area Brian and you're from that area to Massachusetts all right. How do you avoid it grew up yeah Hannah avoid it right so many things could be potentially i? I'm GONNA GO Brian. Yes Andrew now unless they know that both as a weird texture thing it's robbery. It's got us very distinct seafood flavor. Yeah I agree. It's it's <hes> a bug of the C. which I love but I don't think that's your vibe. Neither view lead it. I was going to say that Brian would do it but because it's a bottom feeder they're going to both let's say no so it's too knows all right yeah. I would not eat it neither would I oh damn I know how he's Astrid at once in college. The college grew up in that area man I had to do. Have you ever tried it. Once was it always lobster roll came close but no I ended up eating the role yeah yeah all right all right glad I paid for lobster next up fell Max Max v eight that hot dog yeah all right so next up first Boston baked beans. Oh I'm going to be angry because I love Boston sake when you said that the first thing I thought it was the candies the candies yeah I love. I love baked beans now. Andrew you're going back and you're going into your old room right yeah. Is it left as it. It was no it's pretty much the only room that's been changed our really fine the layers room. It's still shrine to him. You moving back home. You married right anymore now. Hall Vinnie Past Two weeks spoke clorox Andrew drink it nine the clubhouse for most uncomfortable. That's all right first hotdogs now the divorce it's bad timing with with <hes> Vinnie all right so that's where I think you're GONNA get. I think he's going to go back and he's going to come back. That's my that's my plan land but any questions coming back yes all right so Boston. It's an innocent question. Boston baked beans <hes> I love him. It's it's it's more than one thing. <hes> I gather. There's also viscous though yes. That's the good part though I'm all right discuss it. It should be oh no for Vertu but I'm still going to go andrew now Brian yes if I can get back in. I'm doing the rare double yes. This is something kids enjoyment little kids. They the group on this. I say just a wild guess Andrew yes Brian No <hes> very rare if starch and sugar sugar all cook together no one can possibly say no to this. I'm going to really try to go out ahead here and say yes and both yes on both are right right now. I would never right there. You just hate me now. Finally any slimy factor a factor all of its own with being so Brian. What's the bean problem? It looks like it'll come out exactly how it comes in and and I don't want that in me I waste crappy Asian Food A big plate of it that looked like like most prison food but if they come out the same way you need proof of factoring in the the aesthetic of it as such it yourself into a weird corner lots off the table in that case right I again since it's not a fat. You're not having sex sex with it. You're not doing a portrait of beam come on they realize I'm not a comedian all right here we go. Oh I don't know who's winning but it's not just the hotdog department of Fenway Frank with catch up. Oh you got that ship from fenway right of course then why we started the expense around here with had to buy that on the day the hotdog truck was here could be doc similarly. What are the odds the well either way? It's not that truck. I'm getting screwed all right. Boy Your kids grow up you go the ball and not me but normal people regular dads go to ballgame so they order hot dog with Ketchup on it right yes and for for Andrew drew. It may be too many components again. Bond hot dog catch up. That's three listen to yourself. I just three things Yup. I will say <hes> maybe too many for Andrew but then he grew up there I say yes and yes Dan. That was my answer if one of them will eat it but not with the bun that's still yes right now the whole okay. Oh Oh okay all right in that case yes Brian Not Andrew. Figures are no fun situation. -At's that's a good call. This is full on five year old Yummy town so I'm going to say yes to both I think it's an abomination to catch up on a hot dog which means they're going to say. Yes I would not eat it. No no how how Vinnie what happened to you buddy Jesus so far out ahead what that neither one what what's the what's the problem Andrew. It's one thing to many myself. Okay well the catch up aw I would also. I agree one hundred percent with that without the catch of it's fine I I should have known the catch up. Although I've seen you dipping fries and ketchup having I know not well you love catch you yeah. It's not in this all your you're the van you'd like catch up like if it was on a piano or something not not a hotdog now out of context not in this situation the setting is what you're saying if you put put it on a bird in flight or something like that that that's something else or or set at dentures something or drizzle or something like not not out of the context not something like that okay I get it now. It will be on Martian now. I get it all right okay next just up a can of Progresso New England clam chowder boy Max by you're eating all this not throwing this away pressed up against the wind licking the glad this is I gotta get back in. We're all pretty close now. Now I should be doing horribly and I'm I'm decrepit amongst just the horrible mess so I'm going to say that Andrew. Damn no one no if I wanted to go. I'll just go knowing yes go Andrew now Brian yes. It would be a shock to me if either one of them went near this Saturday lot of ingredients weird smell. That's odd texture notable for some reason I thought Andrew might just because there's a spoon spoon involved and maybe it goes down easier. It's liquid but I can't i. I don't think either of them can do it. I have to say no to both texture vision <hes> chunky no no. They're not no no no andrew I would not eat it never in a million years yeah so savviest. I'm proud to be from New England clearly. I'll never have why because look it doesn't look discuss. Food doesn't really look like we're talking about. It's also not every scoop looks weird. If you really want to break it down. Yeah I mean we have news here. Would you eat the real stuff and not to can stuff. That's another question for another time. A live show hold on that'd be clam. Chowder has to be the answer. Would you eat clam chowder. No if your mom made her clam chowder clam clam chowder no that's never happened before so there's nothing about progresso uniting clam shells all right okay well. I just want to be accurate. Make sure all right here we go last one. I'm getting our final Food Boston cream on my God my brother wrestlers one thing you're not getting Lord labontes about this is a trick because it's not really a pie. That's why it's delicious. Oh how dare you all right pandrew now. Brian doesn't eat things. He doesn't like Pie but this isn't really talk with stuff in between I'm way out of this it. It doesn't matter how this go all this go Andrew O'Brien. Yes my own thoughts. Were influencing this. I can't think independently right now yes to both I agree with Adam. I don't think Andrew will eat it but I think Brian will eat it. Maybe begrudgingly but lead it yes and yes and if either Cessnock Ogre Line no but I've made a couple of my day hell that means all right guy discussed yes there are I think it's a big loss. Everyone Else Adam you and Vinnie tied for the loss congratulations. I do want to remind you though there are only two losers in that room. Just let me say this. I'd look at this like not. Winning with these guys is being thrown out of a nambla meaning like sorry Sir we. You don't know what I'm actually. I'M GONNA Walk Back to my Car Chin held high. It's like that time I was. I mean it's it's pathetic or one hundred percent hypothetical. It'd be like getting thrown out of a nambla may so you're told yeah so. I'm told Bald Bryan. The Brian Got Brian got five correct. Adam Vinnie tied at four and ball Brian. Your five is enough for you're stuck in place. Gina Grad takes I feel good. I deserve a piece of Boston Cream Pie all right Andrew Andrew. Here's someone gives you know Cream Pie Andrew Shell shall be missed but we'll see what the other shop to all have matt make a note for you to get out with Andrew before he leaves. This is from Adam. I thank you my brother. We'll see we'll see over at the C.. Over at the shop right attention boston-area female listeners. He's only available low cost not much wrote to dinner yeah. Yes little domestic prime but anyway. I think we'd heart horrible all about that. I Know I love your show so weird. It's it's it's it's weird. Because what do we yeah. I get it was is it common knowledge on the show just childhood bedroom marriage. There's this room back home like are back to Boston or whatever it was but anyway now feel like Frat. He's fine. It all started to refuse to those in his wedding. Cake is not for remain all right all right that was cruel classics for today August Third One thousand nine hundred hope you enjoyed the episode next week. I will be back with our beloved co host Chris Locks Amman until then we have a hilarious week of Adam Corolla show episodes builds lined up and don't forget to check out Kris podcast the water cooler featuring all the various latkes and employees of cruel digital. If you WANNA know more about what goes on behind the scenes surge just hear the voice chat about beer as the way to do it until next time for Chris Locks Amata superfan Giovanni Mahal and get it on <music> critics agree and the lost city of gold is the family film you've been searching for it's packed with action full of surprises and will not your boots off to discover in a lifetime in the lost city of gold rated P._G.. In theaters Friday get to old navy for the biggest sale of the year up to sixty percent off all go back to school styles for kids and baby get flipflops for two bucks graphic tees for four box shorts for six dollars and jeans for eight dollars right now. Get the best kid styles als at kid sized prices. Just two four six and eight dollars can't wait to wear it buy online pick up in store free today up to sixty percent off all kids and baby aby styles now in old navy and old Navy Dot Com valid seven twenty nine hundred eleven select styles excludes in store clearance buff collapse. I'm Tim Maguire with an A._p.. News minute a woman is dead for are the people hurt two critically when a sandstone bluff overlooking a beach California gave way this afternoon State Parks Captain Brian Koetter Tells K. G. D. people should stay. Stay away from the bluff most of our beaches that say stay back from the puffs just because it is so active and we never know when these things are gonNA happen. The beach has been closed a New York Administrative Judge

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