AWTY 103 - The Iidaverse (Ping Pong: The Animation with Paul Gonzales)


The Hello, and welcome to our reap there yet in exploration and education and anime I'm your anime idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm anime expert Dana Hollander. Burn them a coli, your anime forrest gump. And I'm a tiny ball enthusiast, Paul Gonzalez who Well this morning's. Events tiny just a small friends all in your hand fair wherever you want. God I'm getting flashbacks to going to a dentist getting a bouncy ball afterwards like teeth cleaning, and then going into a small bathroom at my parents house where it had no windows. So very enclosed turn off rocket that Bouncy ball around the room call to buy couldn't tell you why why did it I? Oh, okay. All right. Then no follow up questions caves wait. Oh, wait there was a place. In in where I used to live. It was called scooters. Grownup like play place thing Oh and they had this room where you would go in and it was just like screw concrete block in the middle of the bigger play area where you would just go in and throw hundreds of bouncy balls against the. Who I went to a party there and these guys took their shirts off and went in there and I was like what? The fuck. Enabled zoned. Absolute chaos continuous chip damage the balls just British at all. You have to sign a waiver just to look at the box. It's all funny game. So loses an eye. Anyway Anyway, where are we talking about small balls? Well. Well. Today, we're watching Paul's very favorite anime and also an animated I love now. Pong. The animation who who spent a long time coming it sure has. It's been on our recommendation column for a while and we're we're sitting at pulse desk and we have some ping pong. All Hell so I take it, you enjoy it I love Ping Pong I. I watched it. I think in twenty four teen I know I graduated around that time. I remember I watched half of it, and then I invited all my friends to my friend's house. And then we'll watch together and I've watched it like twice a year sense twice a year something like that. I recently watched it again. Yeah with me. Before that. He has the BLU ray. Blu Ray it's the best decision I ever made. A worthy investment for that amount of us. Oh. Yeah. That's dedication. Yeah and so I just watched it all recently for the first time after him not pestering me about it. You should watch ping pong because I was nervous nervous I wouldn't like it so I did and. It was good. It's very good and I hope you guys like it. I'm very. I'm you can continue speaking to each other. Yes it's not like rar anything right? Let's fine you'll like it. I mean. That's cross. We've follow seventeen different ping pong balls, all their lives converging together at one spot. Yeah. That's why it's called Ping Pong. It goes back and. So quickly you cannot open. It's so hard to understand. Either of you heard of this. Only you and Paul. Pretty obscure. It's not very popular I guess I should say it's not obscure I haven't heard. Sorry go ahead. I was gonNA say got overshadowed because it came out literally the same season as Haiku It got overshadowed by pretty boys doing sports. Someone who watches read all the time Q. I I, get it but also. I, Q? That's all we're going to. Give you a special on. We gotTA tackle. We've got a plan without one. Getting me and my boy Tanaka. Anyway. Yeah. I've heard high Q. OR I. Sorry. Volleyball Boys I've heard of paying mini, hike you what this show is called. Volleyball. I. Remember seeing bits of ping-pong. Late, all the are being advertised video clips of it because the animation just fair unique especially for anime So I remember seeing close if it when it came out but I didn't I don't remember hearing much about people talking about not like Heike were demon slayer some big enemy that everyone's talking about it but I do know like the the artist I follow on twitter we're very much like. To show slaps. Yeah. It's very cool. Why take I wanted to hold on watching it till the podcast does. I'LL PRICEY I. So like flattering to me. I'M GONNA wait. I from what I saw was just like the stills and like some of the videos sleep, the animation alone had my interest. I'm GonNa Watch this eventually and I saw on your list I was like, all right. I'll hold off until we cover it. Yeah. It's definitely not pretty like it's not high Q. Like I feel like even if it didn't come out the same season, his high Q. I feel. Like people would still look at it and be like Yeah, it's there's a reason like a lot of anime kind of similar because it works and like people. Like people used to this. But if the animation styles like challenging, that's a good to sweat a lot of people before they even give it a shot. But I'm excited me to. But yes. So we're going to dive two episodes two three in. Yes sir. beat the BEEP beep beep stop the person oppressing news news alert. I just received a letter from Brandon McCullough inland mail. Fraud? What's Truly on the break Sam just. Handed me a letter I. Absolutely forgot about him on the show a super forgot about this why I'm elderly two days ago and I already forgot. All right. We're we'RE GONNA. More. So nervous it does not warrant this at all. Is a medium precious To me. It is it says I'm Harry. Champion. I'm a man destined to be king. He have used the great US Postal Service A-, send me a Zoya. I'm glad this has to stay this. documented. Because support your local postal. Yeah. Please male and everyone. I'm going to give YOU BRENNAN'S A. Letter. Do turn it over. got Zoe. You. Ain't. GonNa. I'm glad we were all here for this. A truly beautiful Yeah I. Yeah. We have a we have a fun show today, but I needed to share this. I knew it was coming of age so. I'm glad. A Lotta time doing this quarantine. If anything should interrupt this episode I'm glad it was. Different mediums. So Ping Pong Ping. Yes but you think well. We have to talk about it. Okay. Yes. So full disclosure we did well, at least I did watch the first episode. Just, four full context. At daynuss request yes. We want above and beyond for ping-pong. I'm so glad you did because I was just so concerned I was like, well, if they like it, I don't want them to have to go back and watch episode one and also. There's only eleven episodes so it does provide important context but like episodes three and four are like more you know what I mean. Yeah. It's not like a super complicated show, but I would have been confused by some of the characters dynamics without episode on right. That's why with one piece I recommended you guys go back and watch all eight, hundred, thirty, four episodes. And I'm still working on it. All right. Shall we discuss? All right. So just to quickly recap episode one. r-maine characters. The main to really are smile and PETCO. They are on a ping pong team at high school together their first years they hear about another high school inviting a popular popular successful Chinese player onto their team named a wing Kong. So, they go there to see him and they don't see him in the practice room they start playing together and then Wayne Gay here's them playing and he's like, Oh, one of those people is super talented and he's leading the other person win. So he goes down there. And he wants to play against. Smile. But smile does not want to and he beats peck overly bad 'cause. Pekka. Will play against anybody to show off. and. Yeah, that's pretty much relieve. He Beats Peck overly bad cries and Paco Christ PETCO. Christ. When he loses, it's a bad habit torture. And PETCO PAIKO is a very talented player, but he doesn't go to practice So that's like his thing I will say an episode one Wanggai's he listening these. I can tell that one player's going easy on the other player just by the noises of their paddles and the shoes just like all right. This is silly but. I'll go on for minutes I'll take it. Oh, this episode one I'll see where it goes fully dining just that moment where both people listening to it and can understand what's happening just by the way this is insane. So the beginning of episode two we see PETCO, and he's sitting at their childhood DOJ Joe where they learn to play Ping Pong. Ping Pong balls on his eyes and he's just laying back and he's like our show is never born. I lost one game I'm done I'm washed up is a very dramatic kid. And the owner of the DOJ. Oh, they just call her old lady. She's like go home. You're like bringing down the VIBE. Here. And PETCO. It's not only upset that he lost, but he's rethinking it and he can't think of Wanggai's weaknesses. And then we see the team at the school wing is joining and they're like chatting up a storm while they're watching him practice and. He speaks Chinese. Case, anybody was wondering everybody else Japanese Wengen his coach speak Chinese. So no one can understand him and he can't understand anybody. And so they're talking and he gets really upset and is essentially tells them to shut up a, but his coach is always who translates for him is always much kinder than when gay actually is. and. He's like I want to play against that kid with the glasses, the chopper with the glasses and then the coach tells them that and they're like Oh. Yeah. Come over here dude and it's just some we'll plump kid. Definitely. Not Smile. That's not the either we know and love. I would say that this transcends the truth. If he has glasses on calling them eater. That's that's just basic as. Okay. We all eat at only requirement. Yes where all The the Ito was the friends we made along the way. To the diverse. So we see smile sitting in a locker and it's like a it's like a mind thing a mind metaphor. S isn't. Necessarily it's a classroom with a locker in and he's inside the locker. And he's talking to himself and he's like I like it here. It's quiet and no, one can bother me. But, then the hero arrives. And we see like quote across the screen there's blood tastes like iron there's hot blood flowing through his veins. And then the hero fights like a god Silla in the fight some robots robots league just so just bad stuff. Yeah. Some stuff. And then he pulls smile out of the locker and metaphorically out of the slump. ooh. Wow. And then. Smile is telling the older dudes in the Ping Pong club where PETCO is because every time he's not there they ask him and he's like he's probably at the Doj Oh if you wanna, go get him I will draw you a map like I am not in charge of him and then they say they're going to beat him up. And then the coach tells smile not to play against PETCO anymore because he goes easy on him and smile is like I do do I and the coaches like Oh. So you you can't tell that you do that and it's like And then coaches like all right kid you're gonNA. Start Training with me at five in the morning every day and he's like I am not going to do that, and then the coaches like well, I am the devoted husband type. So I'm willing to wait for you ski gives me. Pick coaches such a good character. Every character in this show is fucking amazing. And we're back at the DOJO and PETCO is complaining about the amount of carbonation in his drink. He does this a lot like throughout the whole throughout the whole series just like talks about snacks and stuff he's very passionate about it. We got US SELTZER SNOB over. and. And he asks smile how practice was and he's like I bet you had to run a lot because I wasn't there ha ha and smile just keeps responding with and he's like, all right. Well, guess I'm going to quit ping pong and smile just says and he's like Come on tell me not to kind of like he doesn't say that but that's what that's obviously what he wants to do. And then smile says, if you WANNA quit go ahead like don't force yourself to do something you don't want to do and Petco just like Yeah. And then PETCO asks how long until the championship qualifiers are a smile says there's two months away and then PETCO complains that there's no time for relaxing. Next Day. Coach is sitting with PETCO and a smile in a classroom, and he is complaining to smile about how he waited in the morning for four days in a row and how come well won't won't you come train with me? who is High School please come to school early. Why won't you please? Isn't this thing that's super unimportant to really important to you. Important to me wisn important to you. When are you ever going to use English vocabulary life? That's stupid only that and the. Room, with all the other students around them like. Super. Disruptive Paul and I are pretty sure. He is the English teacher because it's like, why else would he be in there? Speaks a lot of English. Yeah. Okay. I wasn't sure about that. I don't know maybe it's just me I had a gym teacher in high school that one time just came into my history class sat down with a plate of. Chicken wings. It's all we watched like a history movie and into. Power Move So. I just assume. All. No one I just assume all gym teachers and coaches are just super weird. Do whatever they want. Yeah I he's so yeah. Also is that he speaks English like I love all of his Lakefront in English verbiage and stuff. So. Smile says Like Ping Pong in English vocabulary the same to me they're both just stuff to kill time until I die who? Miles I love that smile doesn't care about anything. He's very apathetic supposedly. And then It's a different time and PETCO is asking smile if he likes peanuts or Caramel and he's like, I like Caramel and then Petco was like, right? It's just common sense who likes peanuts. and then coach comes in and he smile inning. Oh. Oh my God. WHO SAYS BAGA? Does have his hamburger. Order. He teaches them how to pronounce Burger correct elite. Also teach the northeast how to pronounce it correctly. The heaviest like ours sound it's so funny. Bird. Burger. and. Then he's like, hey, smile well, scheme moto that's his real name not his nickname he's like, hey, kit you can't eat that anymore. I'm GonNa make your meals every day from now on because you need to eat healthy. And then he shows him his lunch. It looks great. He made him a little Bento. The Love Yup and Pecos like man that's love. Love. So we're yeah, and then he's like in the staff room and another teacher because comes up to him and he's like, Hey, seemed to be in a good mood and he's like spring has come for this old man. is so weird. He's just in love with his best player at. This is a Yuri on ice. and. He like even will like he's leaving letters in. Smile. Little notes what you think about. And he's he's really giving smile. So like tough love in his training, he liked yells at him constantly while they're trading together and we see petco telling his the clubmates like, oh, smile hates being yelled at like this is not going to end well for the coach essentially. Who Does love? Some people but few. Yeah. I feel like especially with sports teams, it's like sometimes the coaches just like that. Just astles. So smile gets tired of it. He just traded believes he just walks out and PETCO goes with him and they go for a walk I. Feel like I feel like with a kid who just says I'm waiting to die you can't move much by yelling out more. Threatening. I've already accepted at sixteen. What else can you do to? Every subject is just me twiddling my thumbs. Find anything else to do with my time Believe me I am not tied to this. And while they're on their walk. Smile talks about how everything makes him tired now being around people. Even. Pay Pong getting complicated suits it kind of hits. It's like Oh, boy, the child is depressed. Clearly, just clinical depression. He's like what what is this emptiness dude? A talk. To anyone. And they're sitting and looking out into the sea and PETCO is like, Hey, you know I think the coaches training you in the right way you need to be trained and smile like but like I just WanNa have fun like I don't care about winning it's not important to me. And then back at practice, we see a stranger his name is Khazanah and he is from Cayo. Academy Awards. Limit Very. Large Very. Bald. Very hairless eyebrows zero I. All Muscle. The shaved them off speed. And everyone is whispering being like, oh my God he's like the best player around. And he wants to observe and coach asked him to go outside with him and they go out and coaches like smile isn't here like I know that he's who you're here to see. and Causa says, he watched him play and he was very impressed. But he lost to someone named Sakuma Tacoma Sorry and Sokha actually goes to Cairo Academy now. we find out later that soccer PETCO and smile they all trained at the same Dojo and coach asks him what the chances are of smile beating Cosma in Cosmo's like none I will be this boy. And then we see PETCO and smile again and PETCO is talking about how he wants to be the Best Ping Pong player number one in the world it's his dream losing is no fun. So he and smile are very different when it comes to ping pong and smile just like, wow, what a cool line I'll root for you. Not. My note here is he just wants PETCO to win. He loves him so much. And There's also a funny moment with like sitting on some steps and a woman is eating a sandwich and a bird flies down and takes it from her. Look Funny Creek. Science birds will steal your food outside. and smile were back with the with the training. Smile ask coach why he's trained differently coach says because he's different from everyone else and they do a to table training session they set tables up next to each other and coaches just hitting ping pong balls across both tables and smile falls down while he's going for a ball and he gets really upset and he's like us like awards and trophies aren't worth all of this and coach says. There are some views you can only see once you reach the top. Smile doesn't care. He just wants to have a good time. And that coach challenge to a match, and he says, if you win, you don't have to train with me anymore if I win, you get to be my dog riffraff or Yup. We across our furry at this point right Oh just. Talk here. The literal barking. And then people in the club are like, oh my gosh like. Really expect to win against smile like he's really good and everyone was like well yeah. But so was coach back in the day like he was like a World Class Ping Pong player. And they start playing coach is like really aggressive with smile because he knows that when people are aggressive with him, he gets scared and like upset. Anxious essentially. And writing this. Made me emotional he Essentially, through this match, he wants to teach smile not to accept defeat like he has to feel the negative emotions of loss and not feel indifferent because at this point like that's part of his issue is that he's just not feeling anything and coaches like really going at this game and he's winning. An smile retreats back into the locker in his mind. But someone is coming. and smile loses the first match and then he chance the hero appears three times, which is what he's supposed to do if he's ever in a bind. An PETCO is like a smile hasn't changed. He's still soft. A week and then the second game and the match starts and coaches being aggressive and like goading him really like just constantly constantly yelling shit him and smile is getting more and more upset. And this like. He is like thinking like, why? Why do people do this to me like I don't get angry I don't laugh I'm just here. People have nothing to make fun of me for your constantly made fun of I'm a neutral ball of clay and I wish to be treated as such. This dumb Klay Dome Round shape no points at it all what a fucking idiot. And this time when the locker opens, there's a robot because smile is a robot if that's what everybody calls him then that's what he's GonNa be. and. He's kind reached his breaking breaking point and he tells the coach to shut up and he gets really aggressive with his playing and while the game goes on, we see like they do a lot of split screen stuff in the show and so at one part of the screen, we see the match going on and then another part of the screen there's a flashback of pecker teaching. Smile how to hold a paddle well, there when they were little and then coach falls down and he's dizzy and smile is like, are you going to get up? Do you do see food on here dam and then a coaches like okay I'm I'm getting back getting back up and then. The game goes on and a smile hits the winning return. He asks himself can I be like you? Oh, my God I love them. There's a flashback of him asking Petco when they were little kids if he can be like him, I'm GonNa cry I, love it to win. He wants to win. He wants to be like PETCO so bad. and Smile wins the and he's just like well, I'm leaving even though the teacher straight up painted. On the ground as far as he knows. It's going. To be like fifty five years younger than I'm like yes. So yeah, we pick up in episode three with a smile visiting coach on his deathbed. Kamara goes to visit the coach and his wife is there like oh? Need you come up to visit and she's like? No I can't be a human with people and. Runs away. No emotions. Thank you. I would rather die than dinner with a friend I'M A IF I. Almost put a guy in a hospital and in his website. Yeah. WanNa have dinner with just I. Know I'm good I try. To. Fair. So we see cosma back at rival. School Cayo. And discussing how one of these days going to recruit smile and get them on the team because he has so much potential is just wasting it at this peasants school for average children. If you're not a ping pong war year, you might as well die. The. School also at a statue of a Ping Pong player outside of the school and I was like. WHOA. What is So. We see they are going to their first championship tournament and We see that smile is playing the the elite Chinese player Wangi and his third round and pay co is facing an old opponent old friend from their childhood do Joe Days. But. But they're both grown up when they butt heads and they're like I'm gonNA. Kick your ass. No, I'm GONNA kick the. So they Okay so I need to say winky. Is A. He's Zuko okay. Let's just say. He's Zuko. His honor is definitely on the line. Yeah, we get his backstory but since since we're talking about him now I will we gotta say, yeah, he's he's disgraced kicked off the Chinese national team and he's only welcome back if he can be all of Japan. Truly You've get your honor back when you find the Avatar. Surprisingly also voiced by Dante Bosco Weird. Strange. Know he knew Chinese. And also has a coach that is. Hostile. We needs to be but also, very friendly. So Yeah we see. Is. Like all these pathetic excuses for ping pong players I'm going to be so bored here but but as Walken. Walking through the crowd he passes smile he's like Oh the the glasses boy from the gym the other day maybe there will be the challenge here. I Ha. My attention. While walk, Spanish like me how it hello and when it's was like, Oh, you sort of a bit. Yeah. Because he knew smile new heels looking because he wanted to challenge them that dad the gym he's humor. Shit. So. KONTA. My walks up to smile in their team. He's like, Hey, mine defy sit here and chat with the CIA. and. He's Eve since with them and they're talking about their strategies and watching one gaze first match. Their sort of going back and forth like dissecting has play style but also his backstory of being disgraced in needing to earn his honor back. And COSMA basically is like, Hey, you're a good ping pong player but if fucking sucks that you always consider the opponent and you don't want to hurt their feelings. So you give up and don't try. So you don't hurt that PICCO. Ten Ten. He's like you're doing no one any favours and just very bluntly that sucks for everyone you're wasting everyone's time. And for one smiles like out. So after getting that slap in the face. Smile goes and prepares for his first match is talking to the coach is like all right the when Gabi his first guy in ten minutes I'll do it in five. Tell me how many points I need to win by fucking whatever I don't care. I'm in robot mode I'M GONNA I'm GonNA, wipe the floor with this. Guy and we need that fierce opponent and it's just a very chill senior. He's like I'm just here to have fun I don't WanNa lose to a first year but. We'll take a nice and easy and immediately he sees off fuck this guy's just as I can and. So he absolutely destroys the senior, the senior just mentally checks out he's like. In my mind. I'm at the beach. I don't give a shit just get it over with this guy is like my favorite character. Like. He comes back every once in a while we'll check with this Dan Dan Looking motherfucker. Story I did enjoy her all right. I'll try I'll give us an after like the third one it's done. That's if I was I'd I'd be the same place. I've I've done a wrestling tournaments at things like this with like the same setup and like. Every once in a while. You would step up and be like, Oh this guy is the same way as me but all muscle instead of data. Okay. Good, match. CANS to start but no, this will be thirty seconds. Of But yes. So he just straight up clowns on them and he wins. And, after the victory he like loudly goes over is like. Yeah, I don't give a shit Cuz. Basing your whole life on. Ping. Pong. fucking. Stupid. Says it in front of the Cayo Team and COSMAS like? Interesting play. On the best one here and I, fucking hate it we gotta do. This is a dumb game for baby. So, we see a win gay he's a he was watching the match. Smile like his like actual play styles he's like I'm still intrigued he. Handily, beat this guy but didn't go with his like chopper style I dunno ping pong logistics choppers something chabot doctoring. Yeah. Oh He's playing healer position. Wage. So. He's like, okay I gotta just beat the next Guy I'm then I'm up for real challenge and we see his opponent is just like at a high school sweethearts the the the guys of. Is Like I'm about to get my ass kicked by the Chinese champion and his girlfriend's like no sweetie, the power of love will take. You you'll can stand up to him and just gets destroyed. She's like Oh Falk. What's his phone number? Bring on player. So with that. When gay is Up Next to face. Smile. So smile before the matches talking with PETCO, he's talking about. The. Hero that will come to save him and sort of goes into his mental dynamic with that I'll be honest went over my head a little bit some of his internal stuff I feel like at this point I was like, okay. Yeah. It already look at I'm sure it will get. Fully, spelled out later. Yeah. As as the series goes on goes on, it becomes a much more clear dodgy but yeah. So basically, he's like me sometimes I get a save myself. So we finally get to win games and smiles match but smile is just humming. BIDDIES. Just in the zone, it seems like but when gays like all right time to go to work if I finally have a challenge but easily wins the first game and is like a but but he was so good earlier, but you were the one. We were all rooting for you. You were supposed to be the challenge. But after the first game smiles like no beginning. No biggie. Still Helmand just in the zone and just goes on and destroys the next game because he. Basically through the first match. So he could get a read on one gay and all of his mood. So he finally has the move settings like okay. I know how to be you and goes into robot mode I liked that he sings his own theme Song Yom Tov Salfan. Just reminded me of Cronk from. Emperor's new, groove His own. The. But yeah. So he's about to he kicks his ass for route or smile kicks his ass in round two and go into the third match. But. He sees when gay get burned aided by his coach because for the first time, he's actually losing. So the dynamic of one gay being like, no, this is child's play out need to actually try and the coach being like, please take the seriously they're paying you money to be here. Please can you just try where? My career is our writing on this team. please. And we finally actually see him in like okay coach. Okay. I I'm just at this point. and seeing him get berated smile. Fat Damn empathy comes in. That that terrible thing to have if you're in the high stakes world of Pong. And he throws the rest of the game. So he's he's out and Basically, everyone can tell including Wednesday. So he's like off talk. Naturally beat them those kid took fucking pity on me what the hell. He's a robot that calculates emotions into the equation. But yeah that's episode to. Then, we start off with episode four. Oh three. Oh we watch. It's too in my heart, which makes it very confusing when I discuss it with anyone else. So we opened with upset four and if we see smile as a kid and the dojo learning ping pong, it's a little kid and another kid slapped across the face San your phone for spins shot. You know you're blowing it. You're you're an idiot. He shouldn't have phone for that. An impeccable comes in kind defensive being like, Hey, layoff. And we find out the little the little shit with glasses and smack them around I wrote it down to Sokoto soccer soccer. It's it matters because his nickname is Arkham, which means deem so okay. 'cause I wrote down for a lot of it and then when I looked up the characters name Osaka Saccomano, I was like I swear that's not what they're saying yeah. Okay. They call him that makes more sense now. So it was a little flashback of the three of them. When were kids playing Ping Pong together And cuts back to after tournament, and the coach slaps Smiley face to 'cause. He's just got that face you love to hit. So. Slap -able this high school boy when you're an adult. And slashed across the face like that's for losing the match and losing match like that's bad for everyone it's bad for you. It's bad for your opponents bad for everyone that's watching and got invested in it goes clear he threw it and he says They kind of bicker bit back and forth for a while and he says, either try to win or you quit. Other options. That's miles like all right cool. I quit see you. Finally in out. Three. Young. Coach. He told you that day one that he does not give. You don't give them that option he'll take it. Any chance gets. Off Camera, Pekka Urnov behind him Pecos walking away talking about winning and a winning the best feeling for him and it's the only thing that matter. So he can't relate to smile in that regard. Let me see lady Tara who was the lady who owns the Dojo that all played when their kids that she's kind they're given to crap apparently, they were old. Teammates are old rivals and like they played together back in the day. Yeah. So she's kind of given coach crap of like you know that's not gonNA, work on him like you know berating him is not going to motivate him to be good at it anymore. So like slapping around and degrading them in front of everyone else's not helping anyone and like yeah. Yeah, it's just Not, wrong. We cut to win days get chewed out by his coach. Kind of saying like focused got get ready and Wednesdays realizing don't self like. Smile lost purpose kitchen like now you did you beat them like you need to keep that. Momentum Golfer in the next match because you've got that coming up. And meanwhile, we see PETCO getting ready for. His match against. Sarcoma WHO'S Coach Amee who I think is required that everyone shaves her heads because everyone bald and that's weird bald I. Don't do they ever talk about it. They do in episode three when they get to the tournament, they're like, oh. fucking grom domes over there good law. there. 'cause dynamic I. Guess. It's really for the speed I. It's real bizarre. On. That he can best. But. Yeah. They're on the whole team has shaved heads and it's just like, wow, that like I don't know if it's a timid dating royal look. Sure. It's suits some better than others some being. Causa that's like it. Yeah. Everyone. Else's us. Because yeah. They're still in high school. There's kids except for looks like a freak except who is a grown ass adults and even some of the kids like. Talking about like that Dude's definitely thirty. I definitely knew people like that. We're like Oh. That's not a teacher does a student my mistake So, yeah. Pick is getting ready for his match and I just before match they exchanged paddles to make sure they're both official valid or just to get an idea of how the paddles going to come into play. That surprise me I didn't think that would make as much of a difference. Pong but. Talk about they talk about the differences between paddles like the rubbers and stuff. Like a lot of detail about the robbers and stuff and I'm like I, I would not imagine a thousand years that I'm sure it affected it. But I didn't think it would matter that much where you have to inspect the other players paddle before a game. So I also know nothing about Ping Pong so. That doesn't surprise me and Yeah Sacramento says. He's been looking forward to this rematch for years 'cause back in the DOJ. Oh, everyone looked paco because he was the best around one and they always have to follow behind him and they're doing everything he did and the pedal was Kinda gave him shit for learning about Ping Pong from a book instead of like. Soccer mom tried to learn any way. He could. We're just kind of got it naturally and just learn from playing. So he always gave Sophomore Shit for that and then. They start having their match and Before Sakamoto surprise packages, paddles, the same he's always used and soccer comments like Oh. Yeah. It's the ping pong is always changing. It's always evolving you have to keep up with it. So that's why he's got like the newest I guess you know. I don't WanNa say hi, Tech Ping, ping-pong panel? Sounds. Insane. Like. The latest technique ideas earliest style. Hit Ball. That just made me think of spongebob whereas the SPATULA. With Port and starboard attached. That So. We see them having their match for a bad and they're going back for for a while. Pecos kind of egging him on the whole time like come on. Let's do a speed match like we used to do back in the day. Let's go. Let's get into this and. The whole time smiles there watching him as well judging from the sidelines and every time Pekka launches like a fastball sock keeps popping it way up launching way over the table kind of like a lob shot where it's falling very champion an easy shot to hit back for PETCO and he just keeps doing this as he's doing get further and further away from the table. Tech is hitting so hard he's getting so aggressive with shots and. As he's doing it. PETCO ends up winning the first two rounds but we see Pecos exhausted and sock most fine because he was just doing those returns, we'll pet goes running around putting all his effort into the shots. So sock emotions draining as energy the whole time. This is how I found out. I was getting into the show because when he was doing like on his second lob, he starring amount he started. It's simple strategy packer. Why don't you see it? How can you see how can I see any Nazi? Really. Invested. Blinded by Staal something we never do on this show. No never what are we watching digital? Polls here I got someone back me up this time. Moving on moving. So we see Sarcoma. Did the ball and they reset for the second match. Sakamoto's like perfect will find. It was just sweating like how winded and it's clear. This arguments like the game evolving you to pay attention it's just not e can't be good when you're a child, it'd be forever you have to evolve with it but. Of is very much the gifted child trope. Stunted growth because he was good when it's little and thought, he was the best and After that, we see the next two matches soccer just kind of breezy the room and you get a lot of shots pass Paco that wouldn't have happened in the first round. But now all I energy, it's a lot easier and sarcomas very smug about which I mean to be very random like a book and knew what to do. So I guess he kinda deserves to be smoke it works. So he taught a lesson, the hard way and. We see. Because PETCO had the natural talent from as a kid sock Mo- always had to work hard. So he always developed strategy and technique every time, and that's what overcame raw talent. We see that trip a lot in sports. So and then we see the Pacos, pissed off loses gets very emotional anytime loses and it comes to the lady Tom Ru. Tomor talking to coach about the old days seeing you know the bad habits remembering all the bad habits they had back when their players because kind says like, yeah. kind of see again, all these new players. Despite the stuff that changes over the years the. Players are going to kind of revert to the same bad habits over and over again. The freeze people will tell smile that's a bad habit get into a lot like. Just with the first few says I've we probably here at like five or six times so really enforcing like, Hey, don't don't get set in your ways when playing a sport. and. Then we see. They talked about how talented smile as it doesn't care about winning in the coach talks about how he wants to shoe smile options he has if he wins like just so he just so he could see the options he doesn't want foursome into any of them, but he just wants to show him that there. Tomor calls him out. That's not a year bullshit. That's bullshit. Don't don't give me that don't excuse your behavior. and. Then we cut to Cosma in the bathroom doing some sort of weird pre game ritual. We'll really see what it is but The toilet paper was folded into a flower shape. I think he likes he just he likes to be by himself before he plays okay. And then we. got the, other players talking about how tense tie academy isn't how strict their team is saying like you lose if you don't get to the third round of tournament, you're automatically takeoff team or something like that. So real hardcore cooper. Kai Ping, Pong. Cobra Kai. Plan. And we did to the corner final quarterfinal match between gain COSMA. It's like Oh shit he up. The to elites that smiles rivals. So we see that play against each other and when gays talking to coach. For once he kinda seems nervous because you know he's beating down everyone else all the time. Now he's like I I only want against smile because he lost on purpose. So if this guy's better than him up. Trouble and then we see. Lawsuits than we see some crazy sequences of them. Starting. Their first match cosmic hitting the ball back and it just every time he has a bag it's going faster and faster turning into lightning eventually the lightning more to try again, which was barely his nickname in ping pong dragon of coyotes. Every character has like a thing that represents them. For long AIDS, a plane, and then for him, it's a dragon. Okay PETCO and. and Smile are star in a mood. is just like a demon. A Little Ole, sneaky little shitty demon. Look. Like. He's like the little demon from What's it called disenchanted I was called. That, now it's on Netflix. Like a big tannock demon like it's what else speaking in like an M. via. So that's like the symbolism of like the Dragon and the airplane and stuff like Jacques, Cousteau members, but with Ping Pong. Interesting to watch and I can get how if you've been getting with big book but it's like at the end of the still pink on like this feels a little silly. But. So we see one gaelic freaking out as he's playing Reminding of chant lose he got kicked off the team in China that's why he's in Japan he can't go back. So he's got to do better and Cosmo just is not having it and we see different shots, cosmetic morphing and changing. Because we didn't really talk about the animations all we talked about the very beginning the animation style with this. Really reminds me of like Verte scope but it's not but it's definitely has that feeling to it because the lines We see a lot of animation. A lot of stuff is either reused or in some shots anything that isn't crucial to the plot will stay stationary and not move and the stuff that needs to move does but this is the opposite were every line moves even if it's not necessary. So there's Waigel Style and it's a lot of detail. We see every territories lips and we see characters knows which we don't see in a lot of anime and just like the sluice line work of like COSMAS body morphing in the battle or in the match against Wang. Really allows itself to highlight the motion foot the characters, and with constantly moving it allows them to be a lot more expressive with rather than like grounded in reality like he doesn't actually some in a lightning dryden but like the style really aides to them and yeah, really remind me of. The heavy line work shadows up. Remind me a lot of hell boy. And then it also running very specifically of the breaking the habit music video by Park. Very. Specific. But it really reminded me that that's what God man like. As soon as I saw I'm into the show already just by the style. So it really helps with sports. Emmy like we talked about with high Q., which is very traditional anime style I. Think this leads itself a lot better to showing the motion in motion versus weird pseudo stationary. Shot of motion. So I really liked it is very unique. Very cool. Yeah. Lends itself very well to a sports show, and then we see Wanggai's freak out and every time he tries to come back cosmic just keeps shooting down over and over and over and in the end cosmo wins, which isn't too surprising. 'cause he lost a smile. So and then we see a cosmic fighting facing dense. Of, losing the name names soccer in the quarter. Yeah. In the semifinals and then we see we don't see the matches but we just see the two people are playing in each match for like the other semifinal matches in. The final matches and we ended up seeing like. Every one of the top five players the. Winner and the semi finals in the quarterfinals they were all Cayo Academy students. They're all playing against themselves, but they're all insane team. So there it's not just COSMO's good sock Moses good like the whole team is go. To the top so she's legit. Come back to the Be was this the beach with Wang and his coach or is just like a park? Oh, there's a sitting outside. The dirt was either like Yellow yellow-rose Sandy I wasn't sure and then we got the one guy at the beach earlier. but yeah, it's just waiting day sitting on the. Bench with his coach as looking at a lock that his mom gave him of him when he was a little kid winning I, Ping Pong tournament with a metal or something and said he's always had. Gave to tone before when he moved away coach. Leo Wednesday move away from your mom and he's like when I was eight got on the provisional team like Shit. Like. He said his mom would bring him snacks on the weekends. so He'd still see her but like he was living sort of dormitory or something at eight years old like, yeah. That's brewery like. Like you think a character is like a bad guy quote unquote. But then like you, you get to know like every single one of these characters and there's always something like this where you're just like Oh. Ouch. There's rarely character who's just a deplorable asshole for the sake of being a deplorable hassle. Usually everyone's got some sort of origin or history. You know the molded them into that player they are. Yeah. Like I said this characters, Zuko. And then sister comes out and she starts shooting Lightning Ping Pong. Balls. And his coach tells Wanggai's like Nah. That's okay. Your Life's beginning. Now you're just starting his what are you talking about I lost tournament kicked out of the Chinese national team he's. Big Peng's Don Tilden's done, but your life is starting now. It's not everything you're very young year in high school. You're still a minor. Don't have your life figured out. Yeah. After, the tournament COSMO pull smile side to talk to them a bit before leaving and he's got. got. Teammates useless like if they can't get all the way like you know what was the point of having the teammates they aren't going to challenge stop. He's like you know what? That's like right? Smile. Here, come to a coyote. We are steadily our equipment the school was founded by. Ping Star those the statue. They got all the best technology like high-grade. Robert you get paid for each of your paddles like it'd be customized for you and their scientists there to study the airflow in your personal like so much fucking detail like bigger than professional sports teams like it's for someone who accidentally cares it would be great but is. This is smart. He does not care. So yeah he's like want to come coyote. See you next time and just. Very, dismissive I. Tuned out the second you start talking about your school. I did not pay attention to any of that. You Said Ping. Pong and I stopped listening I shut down. And we see. Yeah it was really weird seeing all this stuff that I had a special with everyone in the matching tracksuits and the shaved heads and I was like this is some like underground science experiments Shit like you would find in a vault and fall out into some thousand titles like what happens on clones you leave us like because they're all shaved as we all look the same so. This is Gary loves being. So. Just like really threw me off. And we see the Coyote Kademi coach parading everyone just like, Hey, five guys got the opposition the tournament. That's not good enough. You all have to win. It's like what? Can. Ball. I don't know why he is. So I was like I. Think they ought did the best that we saw all did the best I don't know why so upset. And we see. Throughout this whole episode we saw. It was clearly a woman in a big trench coat and like a big hat sunglasses trying to hide her density while she's watching the game and cosmonaut circle time. and. When the coaches parading everyone, we see a woman with red hair fly up a corvette. And she's even anything she just shows up. COSMO walks over and the coach was like Yes. My daughter and my gives the whole exposition for her but she never talks. But yes. So constable rides off with her by back from the champion from. Yeah. The Tournament and she's the coach's daughter. But that the she's cousins with Kuzma. And then. There was like a then her dad's the president or like they're related to the tank kind of got lost here with. Her Dad is a coach, right? Yeah. So her dad is that Guy Code and then she is also somehow related to the president of the academy. He's a he's her grandfather. Yeah. Okay. So he the coaches, the is the. President of the Cami Song Yeah. Okay. Okay. And Yeah he's like. COSMO with her their cousins and in some of the team Israel. Really. Well that Are Right that technically. Questionable. After I wasn't sure if it was like the anime like Oh we're cousins wink wink or like our family friends but we just call each other because this they're literally cousins. Okay. So we'll see where that goes. and. So he rides off and the coach search parading the. Other teammates being like all right. When we get back, you're doing drills and all this other shit. And then we see smile heads home and then we see PETCO sitting on the steps of the tournament crying as he does because he lost having a little silent cry. Yeah That's pursued for. Yeah. Yeah. So how how are we feeling about? Ping Pong the animation I there. Yeah I was scared seeing the art. As. Art this ugly to be ugly. But like once we saw the leg images in motion and. We didn't really touch on, but the opening is true. Bop. Yeah as soon as I started watching it like I was like Oh Dugan is GonNa like this opening. Your Cool like pop punky kind of feel. Yeah. Wanted me like Tony Hawk video like I'd hear that Tony Game. Yeah, it was just like very. Like raw punk. But saying about Pingpong. Like the visuals definitely worked once I saw it in motion and not just still images aren't that fun to look at but. Yeah, it's definitely fun. I'm I'm interested because I thought well, since I saw the Zuko comparison. I'm sure they'll be friends at some point, but then to immediately go so fuck Ping Pong, what do you? What do you want with your life? Let's. We're in a different country we can explore. We are as that sounds great. I was like Oh interesting. Okay. Let's see. But yeah I I like this. Yeah. Yeah. This it's definitely like it's it's a sports ama about ping pong but and ping pong is just the vessel for like really cool like coming of age stories. All sports animated. So it's the can get to the nitty gritty about. Techniques in. Different move sets within the sports itself, but it was always it's always a metaphor for like the growth of the characters and stuff. That we see attached to. This I think this gets to be about. About Ping Pong a little less as it goes on. It like changes up over it feels different something else yeah. It's not just. Doesn't get smile really down a dark path and start cutting up rubber from the paddles and started Bali or something. I also think that's what's good about the anime to is it's only eleven episodes like you can actually just I mean I'm not saying you should but you can't. You can watch it just in one sitting which I tend to do. Yes. We've made the sorry. Says it's it's Felix like the perfect size for what the whole story like it doesn't feel too long. It doesn't feel too short. Yeah. We've made the comparison with high Q. and I know. Like season three of high Q. I think eleven or twelve episodes, and that's one volleyball match. So. Pong is definitely we got a story to tell her that you're going to sit on it and milk the one match for ever. Good to see. Yeah. I will never do this again, but I will like beg you guys to keep watching this I know brandon probably will but do. Not Reach this show so bad you are literally over a third of the way through. It hasn't stopped me. That means nothing to him but like the like this is I keep talking about how good it is and you know it's a really good show. So I'll say another thing episode five has like some of the best voice acting I've ever heard in an anime. Like there's there's just a moment where the first time I saw it just struck me where I was like Holy Shit like this doesn't feel like an anime like it feels like a real kid you know what? I mean interest. So yeah I, I mean, the voice acting is really good in the show anyway and it feels but that's like it feels very naturalistic post to other anime in the first place. So I think that's reflected in the acting. It's not stiff of like US smile the Rhodesia's welcome to the tournament. Chan not very rehearsed. theat I I. Love this show me to. Oh. I got a Lotta animatrix vibes from the style the styles. Yeah. It's like I very much enjoy the style like even though it is what one would consider ugly but it's also I see a lot of people also on twitter will grab like smear frames from show me look look ugly artists. Yeah. It's a fucking smear frame. It's animation is not supposed to be screened shot like that. So it like it is. In motion to really appreciate the style in why they chose it. Yeah like wait until you get to a like high intensity dramatic match rather than like Oh they're walking upstairs and it looks a little Janke at like, no, just wait until it's in its element. Exactly. Yeah. Give it time to grow. Don't judge by the first three episodes. Ono. The thing as I sharing your year shows your favorite. Aloe Sharon my ping-pong. My tiny little balls your tiny little. Think. We can title pause tiny little balls. We, try for a title. Walk. So next week. Yeah we will. We have gone I. Feel like I choose a rough one with bleach earlier. I thought you were saying all right I'm hearing up it's, GonNa be. It's bleached to now. And then we had the unexpected the sleeper hit that everyone loved Bachan now. So I feel like we could kind of use a wind down. I knew I knew ping-pong was going to be a good one but I was also going to be higher energy. Figure next week when a wind down. Simple countryside about class blower and his dog. The caveat is the dog is the protagonist. So we're going to be watching the first three of lovely mood. There's like, oh So you have to like I feel like this is the anime we've been waiting for. This. It's a little Shiba inu that's just exploring a mountainside with her owner. It's we say the hero Pierce three times. Here it is. The Dog. Well Listener. If there's a show you like to watch, you can send your recommendations to us. Our e mail is very edge email dot com or you can reach out to us on twitter and instagram. Are we there yet on both you can find me on twitter and INSTAGRAM and Mr Patrick You can find me Instagram at Queen Period we Abihu. On twitter at Queen Underscore you. Boo and clean underscore we art. Find Me. On. Twitter. Brendan it stands for almost better than silence which the video game podcast it, and we also stream on twitch sometimes ab be abt silence. I. Don't know you should check that out if you want you don't have to. It's not a big deal bucket what's your social media Paul and you can find the Ping Pong Blu ray at Amazon. You too can be a ping pong. Can Be like me. A winter. Multi Ping Pong. Twice a year is all you want. That's all I care about and perfect living. Sitting right here. That's fine. Kidding I care about I understand I understand his love for Ping Pong. You share you share with Ping, Pong. Yeah I. Love Pong more than anybody else. That's a quote from the show. It's OK. Okay. Really for our our work and think Utilities Louisa for theme Song Stories. Up Beats you can find olive louise. Music at Louis Zonta Band Camp Dot Com. Thank you, and we hope you'll join us next week as we learned to live with animating. We're going to go watch fun again now.

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