[052] Offseason day #102: Looking to the future as we discuss preseason and regular season opponents, the draft and former Buccaneers


Every year in the NFL. It's a new team. As far as goals. Go. We have one. Putting a fucker Renata finger. Welcomes the buccaneers observer park casts route Phillips Molly bay, they've April eleven thousand nineteen seven forty seven PM we had a day off this week. And I feel like I'm so far behind. There's actually some good news. Like, we had some stuff happen him. They released the preseason schedule. But Janet, okay what we've got week one at Pittsburgh week two versus Miami at home. We're gonna do joint practices with them that week. Jackson. Right. Well, Jack mill this year week three. We've got Cleveland is coming to you Emba and week four at Dallas. Now, Pittsburgh is only the second time we face them in the preseason in Pittsburgh in forty four years. So we don't typically travel to Pittsburgh. They have come to Tampa before. But Dallas we've never played in the preseason ruled really forty four years. Correct. And I was listening to buck nears insider with Casey Philipson Scott Smith, and that's why they talked about this. But did you know that teams uses schedule their own preseason games? Yeah. They used to like were Nate with each other. But now you can request a play a team, but the league makes the funnel schedule to the league's just made the schedule. According to what team you're not playing. And basically who's closest well, that's probably how it ended up working out when they were scheduling their own because it makes sense we've always played Miami or Jacksonville in the preseason because their close and we don't play them that regularly. Yes. True. Atlanta's signed Adrian clayborn on your dear deal, their a one year deal and didn't hear that it's up to four million. The we don't have the actual numbers out yet. But it looks like he got his ring. And he's going back to Atlanta all messed up. We'll always gotta ring with Atlanta came awful, close capi the by the patriots, the patriots gave beat them. Join them. Right. And then come back, always like agent Cleveland. I did see I was disappointed when we let him go. Yeah. Well, you know, he just never really produced as good as he should have any. No, he's he's got that neck injured neck problem. He can't really turn head some knee problems too. He was always injured with us. All right. You just hate to see a former buccaneer Goto division opponent as far as I'm concerned. He sucks right now. He's probably in Atlanta Atlanta longer than he's been with the buccaneers do Beck. Check follow. I know we didn't have any effect to follow this week. We were right about everything. I was out of town. I think it a chance to check on me. Oh, let's pretend it's because we were right about everything. Go with that video that I watched with Casey Philipson, Scott Smith, they said kennel Beckwith, we may know phase two of the offseason workouts. So. One two weeks starting last Monday, right? But really three weeks to drown. That'd be good factor. Backcheck following in any case. The phase two we should know more about can because I think the players will doing more at the combine Jason light set. It'll be a couple of weeks till we know maybe a month two months till we know for certain and then at the player or the coaches owners meeting with the coaches, which now they're calling the league meeting. Yeah. They're kind of changing it Brazilian said. Then that they still didn't know about Kim becua-. So you're all his career is over. Apparently, his ankle got shattered too much. It's been over year. Right. And we've got no information on hill. He hasn't played and aren't breaks typically easier to come back from a fractured ankle that required surgery. I think that's the big thing. It. Just saw know it wasn't even a football injury car wreck and edges. That's just horrible right in going to end his career not though hopefully get back on the field, preferably with the buccaneers James Winston. We've talked about how he's up to two hundred fifty pounds and said, that's what the way he's play with. Everybody's kind of like what quite hit. He'd be the heaviest listed quarterback in the league. Right. Because when he came into the league he was right at two thirty. He said last year he played it to forty five and he's just put on five pounds of muzzle. Those the stats they have on the websites and stuff. I don't know. It just never update that stuff. They're not accurate in as far as their way important. Is it really I'm you like with fighter. It's really important. They're constantly updating that but for football player. I don't really now doesn't mean anything really just doesn't mean anything fantasy football. So they do it. I mean and Janus is a huge guy. I don't think people really understand how tall he is. He's like six five six four six five. Five feet up big. I mean, he's bigger what Mike Evans we watch where he was seeing beside a receiver. I think as Mike Evans, he's taller them. I gave them bigger than ruffles burger. Wow. Bigeye? Did you pick that up in the quarterback with for? I think I did bend size. How big Bannon's I think it was in the quarterback was where I think he's like six four interesting book go ahead of Mali reading the book race to the finish. How are you saying sixty five percent, you can tell that with a tablet can't tell it with a I looked consult where you were at your couple chapters. I read so to get a sound lowered. It's good. But we're gonna have a whole podcast came to that book where debating we're going to call it. I want to call it the buccaneers observer book club. I want to call podcast whisper, which I like Alan that's a good one seven the air in any case. I'll tell you what you want to know, what percentage is going to do with the buccaneers read that book because he lays everything out. He's literally an open bug. Did you did you plan to say that I do not just came to me the Predrag are really starting to heat up. Now, we're in the lead this pre draft visits. Are we had twenty? I looked in our division at everybody else seems to have a lot. Also, you know last time I looked we have like three in every I think the most in the division was like five in our up to twenty. It's just a huge list. Saw graphic that showed that we were had the most Predrag visits. It's interesting. You know, I don't really pay them to the player names because I don't know any of them. I get see all the big names that people are talking about Devon white Bush Bosa Montas wet. Yeah. Quit Williams all those. So they've all come to the bucks. But we've had sixteen of our twenty. Visits are on defense GIO and what we're going to drive. Well, you know, I do wonder because I wonder if it's so misdirection. Yeah. Like, you know, like, Sean Jackson accuser, we don't need. Why I gave had to visit occupancy Bill drafting an office of Lyman that high if down maybe, but. Draft offense lineman in the top five and those are the other two offense players they've had visit and the rest of defense. So they had five defensive ends four defensive tackles. So that's not on the line. Three linebackers two Cornerbacks to safety. This is such a wanna hear this is such a stack draft for defense, especially defensive line you'd be down. That's pick defense in the first round. We're pretty sure we're gonna go defense. Okay. This was the vague question with Scott Smith and Casey Phillips, do you think they defensive line? Yes. That's what I would assume. But then again, I mean, we got a lot of defense failing. We have so much death on the line. Maybe they want like starting caliber, maybe they're getting rid of McCoy get somebody even still we've got Vida his plate. You know? Will you know step? I would imagine go is gonna play defensive in. So you think defensive tackle so good lease? We're gonna divided take his place. I mean, we've got Allston Nacho who also bell Allen lead voter. I don't even have that us. He played snap nap leisure. I'll take your okay? So maybe we do need them since even had a song written about him. Jim better there from Seattle. But they're Tampa fans. That's not true. I'm not gonna affect that. When I know that. The picture is assigned are ex tight end, Austin safari. Jason's bet she's gonna go to Super Bowl. They're just going to take one player a year from the buccaneers and take them to the Super Bowl just arrived in our face. I guess did they not like us. What do we do to them? Bard is good, buddy. She Ana well, cion it on screwed him over. But yeah, he's league minimum. And everybody said the Jacksonville last year and all the Jaguar fans say that he was really good teammate. He really mature says he's grown up when he went to the jets after he left us. You know, we got all that trouble with drinking and getting arrested. You've gotta deal. I you. There was a video out of him just being a total jerk. He went to the jets and watching him to play real well and his public appearances in social media. Just changed a lot. He was he he really seem like matured. So you know, I would say good luck to him. But once you leave the buccaneers, I don't really care. I don't hate you. But you're not I'm not a fan of you anymore. I just don't have any words. Hey, we've got OJ now. And he's now he's better if he could say healthy, he is better. No question. He's better. And there's no question. I don't want ASA on the team. Hell no for him to go to the patriots. It's a one year deal. It's league minimum with great that we. Now what they do was players like he's not a gronkowski. But I know what you're saying. Yeah. Yeah. There's a real good chance. He's going to win the Super Bowl ring. Yeah. And Tom Brady just makes everybody look good that Tom Brady cell, which Silla good. I don't think she's attractive one. Joe's loves her. I don't know which one you have no comment. Chris Godwin interview earlier in the week first of all super born interview. Like, very canned responses. They're trying to ask him is to feel different at one buck plays in. He's all like well early to tell it just very business. Like he did mention our goal is to wintering rulings. Yeah. I like to hear that. But it wasn't like Vernon Hargreaves who it's obvious. Yes. He's very excited and Bruce Arians energy is just affecting him. All that not the same thing with Chris Godwin. Maybe he's like me has the emotional range of pretzel. I don't know Ralph always says. At present. He might be just confused as to what his role is going to be because Brazilians has a tendency to move the receivers around put guys in slot that are used to play on the outside and everything. So he might just be like, I don't know what's going to happen yet still early. And he might he might not even know if he's going to make I ring. Okay. It seemed like he would. But we've got my Evans doesn't want him bo-bo that well in crass sharp, Fairmont who we got to basically take Sean Jackson's job in the end Gaba was behind the Sean Jackson into Sean Jackson, went out Godwin took his place. Right. So with might be going. I'm not going to get a starting job of his team. So whatever. The number three though starter, I guess technically definitely with aeriens often as he'd always got three receivers out there. Right. But listed it's only to sew sell. It's like an ego thing. This. He's going to be job. This year are at least competing for eight starting frankly, I think he needs to because I mean, he did have some really good games last year. But he have some bad games where he just draw a line. Yeah. Lot of draw when he took over for Sean, Sean Jackson out hurt. You just not play near as good as he had been playing all year long. Maybe he can't handle the pressure of being a number two possible. Lot of guys like that. He just was not quite as Ciaston as I thought he would be specially with his coming on Fain. Chris Godwin's getting a hundred targets to see me. Bruce also said that they wanted to keep the Sean Jackson tubes out a little bit smokescreen. Maybe Lattakia lot. If anybody's not excited about Bruce Arians and his offense, you're insane. So that there's got to be a reason why who does God what is trying to be more media savvy Donut. He's just not that excitable. True. Again. The he's like me, parental practicum. Let's take with out of you came up with that you tell me. Well, I'm going to say whoever came up with that is silly. So I'm silly. So in Chris Godwin's interview, gentlemen asked him if he did anything fun during the season, and he took his girlfriend to Hawaii. And like the next day. He had have emergency surgery to get his wisdom teeth removed. How's that happen? I don't know. How that have ruined. A vacation. It totally was he said they were supposed to stay for a week. They left after three days the Waco one day in you just have to have your with teeth. Take out the like, it's a having a wisdom teeth tag. Now. You have. Yeah. I just haven't actually this winner. And in west kind of sudden arrived shin like hurt, really, bad and cancer. But I suffered for like three weeks before I got taken out on a you would not leave a way because you're wasn't too. Yeah. I probably wouldn't have now I still want to work in everything. Pops drugs move on the next year or twenty twenty is the CBA is going to be ended the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL players association, and the NFL owners it lasts until two thousand nineteen next year after two thousand twenty two thousand twenty is the last you, okay. The players union in the representatives the NFL met Tuesday for initial talks regarding a new labor agreement sting back in two thousand eleven they had a four month lockout with the players. I remember that. I'll remember back in the eighties. When they ended the big lockout, and they brought in all the scrubs, and they played I think it was the full season with replacement players. It was a long I want to say full bibs Longtown. Yeah. And it's it's a mess, but up to I I'm really up an air with all this stuff because I think the CBA is way too tilted towards the players right now, they took all the power away from the coaches the players hardly ever practice. You know, they don't they don't. On the rules from these these workouts that were in the middle of now like the rules are crazy like they get two hours of strength and conditioning than they get to pick two hours of whatever else they wanna do. And no pads the coaches can't be on the field except for the strengthening conditioning coaches on the other coaches can be out there, dude, like about the last one that was in two thousand eleven was the re adjusted the contracts for rookie because he's be crazy. I mean, these guys if you got picked the top ten you were getting a huge contracts never played like right off the bat. Roy that was just insane. In the end it would destroy teams for a year for decades if they pick somebody number one two three or something like that. They're having to pay them one hundred million dollars in they suck. So you're being calorie hat salary cap hill for five years you've lost your. It's just it was a mess. I really liked that part of the CBA. Here's one thing about it. And I'm I really like this research into it. I feel that rookies. Now, get hurt a lot more in the first two three years where they sit out a lot more. And I wonder if it's because they're trying to save their body for the contract year. So they can get that big navy. But I think we're also dealing with a totally different generation of player. Oh, yes. Definitely. I mean, culturally, it's just such a huge shift. This like the generation after the millennials they've been caught on they have special rules made it, you know, a totally different type of player yet. It's fascinating. Molly watched north Dallas forty with me years ago. I wanted to show her what used to be like is totally different was. I mean, it was kinda like you'd look at musicians nowadays. It's not that rock n roll party lifestyle that used to be now, they're really business oriented. Yeah. Veins and stuff like that their brand permitting an image. Yes. In Beckham today's crazy. They tear up tell rooms. Slept with groupies and. In crew. Right. So you get a sense of how crazy it was back. Then and football is no different. I mean, those guys were absolutely insane. And now you look at football players, and they're kind of like musicians worried about their brand, you know, they they they have to keep this image of clean fairly oriented. Well, even the most fringe like craziest ones out there you've got Josh Gordon. He's just a pot hand. You've got Adrian Peterson has beaten his child. You've got Kareem hunt who kicked a woman, you know, you have the worst of them the craziest. It's just it's not like partying or having fun or let me life. It's being jerks to people. Yes, it's it's really a huge culture shift. That's happened over the years. I don't know if it's good or bad, whatever when the product on the field is I think it could be I'd like to see more hard hitting physicality with football. That's what I grew up with like that. I think it's a believe in, you know, men should be macho strong, tough and. I think flip ball is a something that boys look up to and men. You know, you I'd allies these guys, and you try to emulate so I'd like more of a rough and tumble macho thing, but still good. It's still making money. People still watching it entertaining sometimes with the characters and the personalities are not like we've talked about a lot. The press conference is pouring the that. They've all got social media. They're all Twitter and stuff like that. But they never really say anything, they're promoting their brand clothing lines. And all that and every now, and then they'll have a little tit-for-tat with another player. But nothing we gotta talk about that. Do miss she stir in intoning Brown. Tell me about this. Also, we'll. Okay. So selling tweeted at Antonio Brown, a picture of doodoo having been voted like, I don't remember what the award was top receiver on the Steelers by the team or something like that in an Tonio Brown responded and said that juju had fumbled his way through the playoffs super cruel. I mean just mean that was an ex player and ex play together. It was the number one. And number two. We're in the same meeting rooms, multiple hours on the time and jerk he does it gets worse too. So do as just like, you know, I've never had nothing but respect for Antonio. I don't know why he's gonna do me like this in Tonio than tweets a screen shot of a DM that do sent him when you do still in college. And he said, hey, Antonio, I really like what you do in our really respected. As a player. Do you have any advice for me as nothing calmer? Tony Brown tweeted that out. Yes. Like, I don't know if he's trying to make digital look bad or make himself look worse because that's all it. Everybody's like. And there's a hashtag team do. I don't know if anyone was on team may be I don't think you could be. Hands full. Oh, it was awful. It was. So mean and hateful. I love stuff. Like that. I wish it was more of it. So many tweeted a screen shot of Antonio Brown. They were play Steelers were playing against the Bengals and a linebacker cheap. Shotted AB. Net. His natty. Although ABC has nightmares of Alvin. That's right. That's right. So the bangles linebacker cheap shot at AB then a couple of plays. I don't know how many plays later, but they show. It's the same. Jeff. And it's ju- d- cleared that linebacker like came out of nowhere cheap shot at him. Right back down the blindside block that probably should have been called took him and then stood over him. So he's evenging Antonio. Yeah. We're teammate and then Antonio's gonna go last him on Twitter. You know in the book, we'll we'll cover this cover. The book a Brazilian talk. A bit about been Rothlisberger and says Roethlisberger does have personal problems. You know, he's got he's got problems with the locker room even back when he was with Bruce was there when he was a rookie. But in attributed a lot of this, Pittsburgh implosion to Ben Rothlisberger. A lot of people have been saying that Rothlisberger does seem to have quite the attitude. But man, I tell you what lake on Val, and Tony Brown had shown themselves be complete jerks. Yeah. Especially when you told me about that the didn't know about the the responsive rounded doing, but I was like, whoa, man. What Astle it was totally unnecessary. I necessarily like all you say to that is do deserve it or congratulations than him. Or I wish him nothing. But the best I'll tell you what drew is just I don't think he knows what he's got his what he's got in his future that is going to be a mess other Oakland, especially Gruden is. So strong will end then you get this receiver who admittedly is one of the best in the league. But he's got the ego. Well with Gruden Keyshawn Johnson. They couldn't reconcile grooten Keyshawn team in the middle of the season. So I can't see this going good for anybody. Ain't tell you. I can't see him lasting there. Do you think? Somebody else picks them up though, there's always stupid team the net. Well, you know why? He probably will be the patriots to pick him up and straighten him out all of that straight out. Gordon Chang back to the buccaneers. I've we talked about the buccaneers signing a referee and ex fischel to help with the knowledge interpretation of rules in eight and replay challenge situations. Well, it finally officially signed Larry rose longtime ex-officials aside line judge. He did Super Bowl. So it's going to be very helpful. Hopefully, especially with all these new rules coming up. I wonder if he is going to be in the booth or on the sideline I would think in the booze that would make more sense. Yeah. I think the headset into booth so he can watch the replays to can you watch the replays up there. I imagine you what you can at least have TV going where you can watch the network. The broadcast version we brought in an af player this week tied-in, Nick trusdale. Really? Yes. I have no idea about that. Yeah. We also brought in our we signed a first year safety a Ryan Stewart from the af so. So he is a first year safety. He saw with the training camp with the New York Giants last summer, but he didn't make the team. Okay. So straight out of college probably us. Gotcha. And then he signed with the A F. We're sticking Oakland safeties. What that's all about Incheon. We don't have a lot of death their league. We know we all like six safety's. Okay. That's good. Some good not shnell guy who makes team to restore right, right? Yeah. We got control Bryce who we signed from Green Bay. Okay. Jordan white hit. Isaiah Johnson, just Evans and Arinze Stuart. So we have five safety's now. Okay. I like all of them all day Stewart, he's getting transfer. They said they were gonna move him from cornerback to safety. Okay. And then we also have they won't be kin. Our money baecker who plays a hybrid safety linebacker position. Like, Mark Barron does in or did in Rams interesting. So technically, we have six okay. I don't mind that I like that. I love safeties high school those guys like to hit. They like to get the full on launch feet lay you out the clue, and you when you have more players back there you've got more option like Bruce Arians likes to play to the skills of his players. So if you've got more guys back there, I just think you got a lotta option. Subside. So especially after reading this book is a really good idea. About maybe maybe Mondays podcast we can finish it over the weekend. And then talk about it on Monday. Bruce Arians is going to law in the stratosphere. We we are going to be so one it's going to be extremely exciting watch. But we are going to put up some points, and we're going we're going to win. I'm predicting eleven games. Yeah. I'd say ten minimum minimum tenue because you gotta figure Carolina's limp Carolina's. Really? Yeah. And he can figure them out riverboat Ron he is pretty good innovating. But they're just so crippled their whole team coaching staff. They've had a lot of turnover on Cam Newton. There's a question Mark there. How his health is gonna be there. Just kind of a not a one trick pony. But they definitely have an identity as dimensional. Exactly, exactly. Like their receivers. You're an worry about none of them. Maybe McCaffrey about again. He's running back. Maybe Greg Olsen in Atlanta's seems to be on a downward trend. New Orleans is still pretty pretty scary. Yeah. I think they're actually getting better. How that's possible. It's crazy. A really I think Arlen competition in is going to beat New Orleans or in the division's going to be Norrland. We're playing the AFC south. We're the Texans there while they're these team. They're not spectacular. We are playing Jacksonville who they're limping. I mean, Linda for net was their biggest player, basically. And he just got arrested. For for not paying a traffic ticket. It was so down William suspended license automatically automatically, suspend your license. If you don't pay the traffic down he hadn't paid it since like November's. It's stupid stupid law dumb that he's even being thrown in jail. But he said they seem to be having problems with him in Jacksonville of that. But we're we're playing Tennessee or crap right, and Indianapolis which would store in Annapolis tough to write a Brazilians knows. Andrew lock good point. Yeah. So and then we're playing the NFC west with the Seahawks who are on their downside. They have been trying to hang on for years. And I think they're only hanging on because of the rest of the division. Can't quite keep up. This. The Rams are going to be hard. I think, but I don't know there's hangover and Backley as and we play the giants this you're too they suck. Now worried about them. You're not worried about them at all. I don't know what their GM's thinking. He's. The forty Niners. The cardinals they suck forty Niners. Kinda worry about forty knows. You no doubt much rebuilding a year. They're going to be a tough team. John Lynch going to make a tough team. We're gonna fight. Maybe he's not coaching the team. He's punted together. You got Kyle Shanahan there on. No. I'm not so long. Alan will on our schedule forty nine. It's gonna be tough saints going to be tough Texans might be it was a run for the Indianapolis will be tough. But like, you pointed out areas knows look, so hopefully, he'll be in the to be tough. I mean, that's only that's only five teams right at six games because we play the saints twice. Right. So we're looking at ten wins middle. That's if we lose to all of those all those teams, which we're not gonna do. So I think I'm really excited about this cover up, man. I think we are just going to be all. So we had a great offense last year who we've had a great office past few years last year. It's really good. I was excited about it. I think this your defense is going to be incredibly good. If. We are going to be attack attack TAC TAC TAC designed this defense to do nothing but attack we're not going to be reactionary. We're not gonna bend and break. Don't brig. That's a really aggressive players sense to AP call NASA. Vida Lante, Dave. And I just feel like they're just going to be unleashed almost. Yes. And the bird. He looks like he's him. Yes. And they own the Mona Becker, very, very solid players. And I think we're we're going to plus traffic where it was going to be most likely defensive person. And I like our secondary quarterbacks. I like them when they played after Mike Smith left, and they were kind of unleashed a little bit at the last half last year. They did great. You know, really good. They did not do bad at all. There was hardly very few plays. I watched they screwed up. You know? So I'm excited. I'm really excited about booking your Stewart. That's why I like the cheerleader so much because I just want to be one. I was wondering if you were going to bring them every podcasts. Good. Do you favorite cheerleader evening? All there. Do they do they make like cards like baseball cards chillier? They need to do. I know what you're getting for your birthday. Last year. Julia was Darcy she's been my favorite related for pets years. She's not on team this year to move to Spain. I think I have never heard about this Darcy character. Keep intimacy. You mean like cheerleader calendar ado, Kamal know, what to get me for gifts. Father's Day the children. They will get you. Among nears cheerleader calendar. All all, right. That's gonna wrap it up for us. We are going to have our hopefully have our book review our podcast whisper podcast out on Monday back in years where club so stay tuned for that. There's a lot of a lot of really good information that applies to the buccaneers because that's what we're doing a reading this. And we're reading it looking to see how he's working the buccaneers now and how he's going to work the buccaneers in the future. And while you're sitting around he is focused almost completely on quarterbacks. That is his thing. So James Winston is either going to be a superstar this season. Or this is the last year we're gonna have to. I mean, he does can both be true. He can be a superstar this year. And we lose him next year because he moves onto digger matter thing, we've got who we're we're happy. So we'll see you Monday. And until then.

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