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Welcome to the PODCAST I'm your host Robert Bras and today on the show. We have matt clock from the virtual edge DOT COM now if you WANNA take your business to the next level and Mike It, Ryan leads and sales then you're gonNA. Love this show. Let's get started. In one it's right to be doing some doubling podcasts and sharing some stories of success in uncovering what types too bright through into win today on the show. We have matt clock. Who as you'll see and he is one of the most passionate business owners you'll ever meet. You can tell when someone is living their purpose. I have the most incredible direction, the head, huge confidence and a swagger that's undeniable, and Matt has all three of these inspires. Now this is your first time here at the goal in show welcome. It's great to have you here and if you'll back for more welcome back, we love our repeat offenders. He goes in podcast before we get into the show that I. Take a little picky your phone and hit the subscribe button on the APP the listening in on, and if you're watching this on Youtube on down, and he the subscribe button there as well does he get to ring the bell that why? You always have some motivation and some gasoline love right there in your pocket as the new episodes come out. Lastly if you lock, we heated I, please share this episode with your friends and your family man has an important message to share, and if we can help, just one or two people break through their barriers and get on. That we would have done our job here on the podcast, today or audio. Let's get into this as you. He met came from humble beginnings. He didn't want to go to university. Offering left school, and after a series of life events, he found himself working the doors as a daughter two thousand in the UK. Fast forward to twenty twenty and matt has a thriving business and he helps other business owners gather three to five new leads each day via violating without spending a cent on advertising. That's an expert at what he does, but more than that he has the mindset of someone who truly knows what it takes to be successful. If you want to know how to make it, rain leads and sales and listening closely. Please help me in welcoming matlock. matlock welcome to the PODCAST. It's great to have you here might. Amazing Man, thank you for having me on, and obviously I'm from South Africa and not from the K. Get Ride in the beginning Oh. It's out there in the public. Got It wrong when I spoke to you. Sorry about. Before we get into all this. Craziness in the madness. Why don't we let get to let? The audience gets to know you a little bit? Why don't you tell us where you from you said you're from South Africa and also a little bit about how you got into what it is that you're doing today. Yeah absolutely man, so yeah based in South Africa lived here most of my life. I'm allowed to travel I've told. I don't know what forty two countries and Zach's pretty exciting, but hug got into what I'm doing today and you so what we do is we help entrepreneurs get two to five high value leads day from Lincoln without paying fads. And I've been very privileged in the last two years. We've been able to help over one thousand five hundred entrepreneurs in eighteen countries grow. and. That's kind of like my thing. I'm I. Love Seeing results. I love seeing people take businesses take their lives to the next level, and that's the kind of thing that gets me going. For Nausea where started you? You never started there, did you? Were you in silos before that? What did you do before you're in this business? Absolutely well. I guess we can go back into the know. We're not finished school. My Dad was like well great. You're going to go to. You'RE GONNA go to university and you're going to be the first one in the family to get a degree. You must be joking. About swearing. That can I go I go! I'll just I'll just put a little rock on arching were real good. Excellent so I was like you. You must be kidding me like there's no way as I am going to go and study because I hated school and now to go and do that. That's just not going to happen. And, so what I did stay was a landed up working white up. And Damn I built a got some cash flow going and I had a bit of a system going. So what I do is like my earnings for the night I would take one off and put it in my left pockets, and one off, and put in my right back pocket, and the reason for that was that I would save often spend Hof and so that was kind of like my philosophy grown up, and then what happened was that I got to a stage. We hours just honestly I was putting too much. and. I landed a crushing. My Dad's Gone Crashes Springs Cau-. He was like all right enough now. So he went into cub, Grad, role of cash bought me a plane ticket Sydney over to the UK. It's going to do some work. And ended up doing you know installations of Sky TV over there and I was like it was disgusting terrible. Now I hated it, and so that lost all of about a week and a half. And then. A winsome sold its other ad for job in the newspaper and I went for an interview in the middle of London. And what happened was that eventually figured out that this whole thing into three or four rounds interviews, and it was nuts I mean they got us to click like a chicken and sing songs? Tell jokes was much ridiculous interview. Right turns out at the end. It's for job doing door to door. Sales Gosh. Yeah and so you know, they only allowed a couple of people through based on the personality profiles, and if they pass the takes, it takes a special kind of animal. And I was one of those animals apparently. Turns out you what? Out I was right. And so they send me off to a castle in Scotland to get trained up for two weeks. And it was fantastic. I mean we did intense sales training to the script to practice knocking doors. We did team building exercises which to figure it out. That was how they're going to determine. WHO's GonNa? Be like the leaders and managers and all that stuff. And so we all went off into a different areas, and that's when I figured out. I loved sales number one I'm pretty good at it. And so I just kept on building on the skill. You started reading books on that. I kept learning script I kept putting more into it. And I think that's you know there's a fundamental difference because some people say Oh, you're just natural, born and salesman. No, you natural born something. And I think there is something to it, but I also believe that something that can be looked. Like any skill, you know some people just got a natural affinity for it. But if you don't nurture it, and you don't put more into it, you grow and learn it. Somebody else can become better than you. That doesn't have that skill. I saw agree with that I. Think the the natural pot about siles unification paste. If you're clear communicator and you'll good having a conversation then you couldn't learn to be good at sales as well and styles is being something very close to my heart over the years as an entrepreneur, all entrepreneurs deal with that. You know you gotta get out there and. You'RE GONNA sell presenting in front of you know boardrooms, and all sorts of things over the years and of my every mistake there is to my in that book of course, and I've had some really be satisfying wins as well and you know in some ways. It's a metaphor philosophy. selling constantly like that because everything is sales. Like that you still have a love it tonight. Absolutely absolutely I mean I've got you know we live and breathe what we do, so you know what if we teach people to do what we do in in business? I mean I've got twenty. Two sales calls booked in for this week while right. Is He busy? Love it. Oh, yeah, absolutely no I love it. We got some big goals to hits right so between me and my team at minimal so busy training absence sales people so booking bookings Kohl's in jumping on with them, doing the sale teaching them as we go along so that I can stay out of it in the next couple of months, As as as I've grown in business and become more successful. A fallen out of love with style as much. In love with as much as I was. I haven't fallen out of love. Maybe that's not quite accurate, but I don't love it as much as I used to I used to love the Chinese. The hassle and you get in there and you'd win and I'll be like But I don't think I'd I, I, I don't have as much energy for the tries to hustle and trying to get in there is is a as all wants, do and went on weaned I'm kind of a little bit more satisfied with Adam. Yeah. Just like down tools and go straight to the nick style. Luck I once did. Hundred percent I think it changes. You know because I'm kind of in that stage as well could fourteen people on my team, and at the moment I knew reason I'm doing so many sales because I'm training people up. In, building systems in the structure so that they can take over from me so that they can be at that high level. that. I think it changes. You have different kinds of sales that happened in your life of different kinds of sales that happened to your business. They hit. You excited and get you going. And they tend to be bigger and fewer parts. And you just want to enjoy life a lot more than just chasing bloody sales all the time kit. Can You Can you share with us a story of silos where you where you crashed in and good, if you? All share a funny one. Lessons to learn in something like that, so tell us about one. That went really badly wrong on you. Yeah so it was actually I. think what are the ones that stands out in my mind the most they've been tons that have gone wrong right, but the one that stood standards in my mind, the most I was was my second day of knocking doors in the UK so now just gone through all this training. We've gone not officially smashed it out. The pocketed like five deals, and people went nuts like oh my God. This is going to be great. Sekine Day. Added to deals, but here's what happened. Went and I got my two deals early in the morning. And I'm going to knock the door and I'll never forget in this place called black good lease in the UK, which is like really council area, right and the people are arrested. So then the stole and this woman opens up elevators and electric is. Dedication is a free number. If you want your grandchildren. Off. Can you just fuck off as a white? I'm fucking sick and tired of you guys coming to my door and knocking every single day I've had enough of loss. No, you know Just Funchal Bang and she slams the door in my face, and I was like. Well. You know like I'm. Like I've been shouted at I didn't exactly grew up in a stable home. Let's put it that way, right. But that's someone you know. Someone squad different story. Yeah like? She just came out to the door. Guns blazing nausea garage. That's crazy. So then I'm like like a little bit Shell, shocked and I start walking away and I hear the door a game. And I'm kind of expected to be like sorry I didn't mean to go nuts. When you like that, it's a little kid I mean there must have been about eight to ten years old and a chatted. Meet and don't ever fucking comeback back. The door game. What Apple. From the tree literally. But there is a silver lining to the story right? So what happened was that they sent me back about two months later to the same place and gave me the same root cause. I didn't sign any more deals on that manager. Shots at me and I was just like Oh my God. This is is all gone pear shapes. And so am I, got to the door back to two months later and I was like Nah, I'm not knocking that Dole. There's no way I'm doing it. Exists there was like a ring the firearm getting? Some managers was just shot at music. You go and knock it. You better get deals struggling again on that road. And I went to knock the door and she's like they must hate you. Like. What are you doing? Yeah, just waiting shot. That may dine in fact. Comeback slammed the door in my face again when I was like pretty much expected that. But I wasn't as traumatized by this time. And so. We wait BECCA. Gain about a month later to the place. And I was like rights. Because now I'd had a lot more experience on signed. A lot of deals dealt with a lot of different situations as I. Give me that road. I'm going there. Do I will straight up to the door in the morning knocked on the door. She's like Oh. My God did do they just hate you stupid or what I? It look at his deal. Right either you're gonNA shut up and listen to what I have to say. Okay, because I can genuinely help you right or I'm just going to come back tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day after. Honestly if I can't help you I'm GonNa tell you can help you out of the hey, anyways and I'll never come back what you say to that. She was like okay. Come inside ended up signing, or if we absolutely everything we could sign them. I'M GONNA win. Win that that's actually not a crash in Boone Story. That's a story of and commitment. Yeah well I mean. It was a crash in the first one. But I kind of don't really. I think every time that I've crashed and burned like that unlike knock-on. Icon a conflict like that, you know I gotta go back and figure something. We've done that. Sorry go ahead, we we, we kind of had that attitude in our businesses. Well, because we've had situations like in the poss win before I got into this Lincoln thing. We've worked with big clients and we've. We haven't got the results that we felt like we crashing. And we've always gone back in like, and made it rights and salted arts and put the work in so. kind of really just left it there always Wanna go back in my sorted out at least to a stage where it's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect. That's Okay N- Nacion Great, lessening their of PLO severence and resilience. It's a good one. I worked on a project with a friend of mine cliff. Gosh it must have been about two months in a calm knighted with meeting in across the road from central station here in Sydney and it was with the New South Wales Royal Authority. And the names Chine so many times I think at the time it was called style. Changed the name of these government run organizations and I was led to believe that it was like an initial meeting, and the meeting was set for two o'clock, and I said in the meeting. Invite that it's a little bit confusing to find. Because there was two buildings in the same address, and I were in this one here and you had to go in this lift, and it was a bit of a Rabbit Warren to find this. Of course, I didn't leave myself enough time and I'm always on time, but this particular dial was running a little bit lights. And I went into the building or when it's the wrong place. Someone directed me to the replies I got there and I was all flustered. Because now I'm like ten minutes light and I'm expecting what to people, so the meeting because that's kind of no-one said how many paper we're going to be there and. A bomb burst through the door through the boardroom door when that finally finally got there and jog. There's like thirty people in the room. General, sitting about this big hole shoe title is like engineers, rail, engineers and parts of like advertising and marketing people and they're all. Their pencils in the hands and their pans and they're going to you. He now. I was. Paid at all had no presentation. And like Clare was. Where have you been waiting for you and it's like. She was stressed. Always stressed and everyone was like you know always the entertainment for their often inside. Of that is actually give yourself enough time. That's the first one and. And maybe prepared. Did you sign the deal and the whole saliva? All. fell. Completely wash it. and. I've had mops and downs in in business like that. But it's really because of my mistake. You don't deal with the get in front of that's just a fact of law Andrew Percents, but but that one I didn't even get a chance to. Win The deal. Because it up right at the start. It's of under that that's how not to do so. Yes I had a I had a time where it was so similar kind of situation and we actually doing. So when I stop knocking doors in the UK back to south. Africa and I started at the started working for one of my friends. While doing that culprit, piloting gets absolutely hated it writing. Listening ever fool me okay and one of the guy that I used to work for in the UK fund me up one day, and here's like Mac you gotta come and see me I the best thing ever. Say Foes will choose day. A went to see him on the Wednesday I. Quit my job on the. Wednesday and I was like. I'm in I'm only. Going with that direction. And, what happened was that? We ended up selling telephone systems like the copy of TV does Dole on five use agreements. Dude amazing then I mean. I was like nineteen years. All making you know in terms of Ozzy dollar terms between eight and twenty grand a month. Know you clean up selling systems lot that especially on five year contract. Yeah absolutely cleaning up, and I remember walking into this building the one day, and we used to love going and knocking on these engineering firms right. Because it had like a small a small office in that have a big yard and they were really easy to Celtic. And so the walked into this place. And had a chat with the receptionist and like echina- speak to the owner. A Joe Lucky. Day they're in. Fantastic also expecting to three people walk into this boardroom turns out. It's a multinational company is like eighteen people around the boardroom that got the director's from Switzerland from Germany, from China from all over sitting in this building and I'm like. Deer in headlights. But Luckily I knew script ahead of backups. Like what is the number? One thing engineers lack drawings. Board and it just drew the whole picture. We actually ended up winning. The deal is beautiful. Dark. Office multiple locations. We WanNA for three offices. International we're going to have a discussion at a later stage, but as you doing door-to-door sales, just move on to the next next next kind of just fell by the wayside, an Australian one. Well Matt, thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your background with Austin with the audience, people come on over to the goal in podcast to learn more about others that have gone all in south. Could could you please share with US your biggest goal in story or stories and the lessons that you've learned from your commitment to success? Yemen has been a couple where you know you kind of and I think one of the big things of being an entrepreneur having an entrepreneurial spirit. I, I've actually have never worked for a salary. This is the first time in my life as an owner of a company that I own a Saturday night, nuts ride the rest of the Times. I've only on commission, so if you don't work on solid on my cash at the same time, you know I, love to do it and I'm you know I got a system? Downside can make a Lotta money. But so one of the Times going all in was time at just shaved with you Dave where I was kind of you. Put a lot of strings outside. I'm not someone that's always known what I wanted to do. My entire highlife. You know there's those people. I'm going to be a doctor. A lawyer I'M GONNA. Be Whatever it is and that's what they do. That's not me. Night. Subways voice tried a bunch of things. It's whatever I've really liked. Have Gone further in. And so that was one time when I was doing as kind of like messing around during the few things as looking full something to do. And Mold Find me up and he has that. I'm doing this thing. That's the easiest I've ever made to. A selling telephone systems door to door as I. Okay cool. Yeah Yeah so was living in Johannesburg at the time. So he was up in Johannesburg, Winston Soy among the you find me on the choose DASS woman the Wednesday quit my job the same day and I was I. What do I need to do is I need you to move. K. Tom for three months so we can train new up. We're GONNA. Open up a job office in I'm like okay, let's do it. And eighteen just about ten nineteen at the time. And actually found my old payslips the other day sitting here next to me, and I looked at the kind of cash that was earning at that stage, and it was ridiculous. Men as making more money than both my parents combined while you're always note at the time. They kind of like. Yeah, you do well in older as they just didn't know how well. I think it would have had a bit of a heart attack you. And so you know from that that experience led me to. Growing more into sales, and then an opportunity came a couple of years later and I kind of went in and out of it because I did that for a couple of years dough sales. Every day is intense. Joshua's a slog. Yeah and even if you are making good money at salts like you working hard every single day. And, so I got to a stage whereas look I. don't WanNa. Do this anymore on us. and. Then I did a couple of other things you know through a couple of strings ave day, see what would stick and I made a money nothing nothing to amazing. And I went back into it right. And then I got an opportunity where. My, the the guys working for at the time. He sits me that look. We are opening up. The I want to open up an office in Durban and I want you to rent it. And Zach Okay I can do that can change the game a little bit so I moved to double up just? Stephan and left us and end up living there for three or four years, and became the most successful office myself in an a friend of mine we running that office in was the most successful office we cleaned up. Just ridiculous. And a couple of years later I had an opportunity to open up a business with them to my to my friends, and also doing telecoms, and we did that, and we just kind of wait all in. We set up a Samson dealership. We dropped everything else that we were doing a big scary mood fracture. Do know what was going to happen. But in our first year we did twelve million rand in sales about one point two million Australian. A second year we did twenty four third year we did sixty million and a fourth year. We did one hundred million in revenue. WOW, fantastic! So? Yeah, it was intense. But on the first day, so how crazy is because? We left? He has a crazy story for you, right? So because we left we working for another company at the time building it up, we left the company I. Mean We'd build that company up. We hide all the people we trained everyone and we said look. Is We leaving and Some of you are going to WanNa stay. Some of you are going to want to come with us. Who would like to do what? Came some left. On the first day we opened up the office right. The Sheriff of the coach was waiting they with the season system. Why They called it a mutiny. Gosh! Because we lift the previous company and some of the sales, guys came with US Gosh and so some of them state. Came with US and Yeah, that's how we started, but we landed making it a very successful company. Visit Foundation of what we've been able to achieve in this business today, and what's happened to that business still exist or or no more. So I sold my shares in that business a couple of years ago and you know what what started happening. was that making money become more important than how he made money? And, it started like my values. Wasn't aligning with my bad using an honestly just selling boxes. Hardway wasn't very fulfilling. And I've realized now is that you know I need to do something that is actually fulfilling that helps other people grow that way. We can see actual results As I had to make a change and also you. I didn't want to be knocking doors for the rest of my life, yeah! That leads to another story of going all in. Yeah! Absolutely, what's another version of it? Isn't it absolutely matty? If someone's listening to this podcast or what? She needs video on Youtube and the teetering on the edges of diving in having a crack, because just in in the last ten minutes. You've said Oh. I just picked up an move to that place, and I moved to that place and begin your hallway off up whether you're nineteen years old, or you're thirty nine years all picking up and moving somewhere else is a big thing and starting something new is a big thing and I. Get a lot of feedback from this show of IRA bomb I'm thinking about doing this and you know inevitably it's a business something like that, but. I'm just too scared to take the league. What would you say to somebody? That's right on the very edge in on the edge of the unknown, but I can't quite get there. How'd you? How'd you give him a nudge across the Georgia? Just like give Michelle. Yes. It's interesting. Because I'm actually at that stage with a with a big decision. Myself in mind my fiance at the moment We're actually getting married at the end of this month. Thank you. Go, we're actually looking at relocating country. This year and it's a big decision. Right huge and so yeah, you know kind of win an NFL look back at the decisions that are made back then. As. Younger I had no ties. I had no responsibilities I had I wasn't paying full anything rain till apartment that I was living. It's very easy to make a decision. And I really just looked at the opportunity and I said. What is Opportunity GonNa. Give me. Looked at us an exhibit cool, you know getting up and moving to as an example I looked at it, and instead of saying. Here's what I'll share. How I think about these things and maybe that can help people move forward. Is that. I looked at the opportunity and I was like. Is this going to get me for the? For the two wards, my goal than where I am right now. On says yes I just did it. Like it's that simple beautiful k. and what it means when you go through that all you can meet New People at thirty. Are you going to experience new stuff? Absolutely? Are you going to learn new things? Absolutely all you're GONNA have to find new friends accidentally Matheson people that scares the shit out of it. For me I love to travel, and as I get I mean. Let's. I mean. And so even now I mean we're looking at it. Because South Africa's that a really interesting point in terms of the politics, and in terms of the what's going on in the country. And I'm kind of looking at this and I'm like all we going already? Making a decision that is going to get as close to was a goals non says yes, is it going to? We're going to have to make more friends and change our lives, and you know now. It's not just me making the decision year me. It's easy like if I'm by myself. Yeah, absolutely I'm. Let's go experienced Nisha. That's me. But my fiance and she's got three businesses, yeah. And they're not businesses that you can run from anywhere in the world like minus. I've built my business specifically of the PAWSOX years. That I can stick out of it and can run without me and it can happen anywhere in the world yeah. I would say you know. Somebody is teetering on the edge. The number one thing that is certain in life these things. It's not death in Texas. It's death and change. Because some people just avoid, Texas you're. Not Great, but it happens. And also, if you're in a certain earning record, you don't pay taxes anyway, so yeah. Three things at a certain is Dick can change rights, and if you don't change, life is going to be boring. And if you look at the six human needs is you know certainty or uncertainty like some people crave certainty, and some people crave uncertainty. Uncertainty is more important than certainty. But if you're somebody that needs certainty and you've got a big decision to make. Is Very simple the certainty comes in is Emma certain. This is going to get any closer towards my goal. Is Yes go do it. 'cause Mandeville things in your life, and even if things don't work out, you'll learn some pretty important lessons. Yeah I love that. You know you just never know way. You'RE GONNA end up and you just never know what's going to happen on the other side of those decisions and that little bit of uncertainty is GonNa for me. That's a bit exhilarating in in some wise obeying building a caution lost. The Boston, your mind and go willing costs on that'd be coming out in the next couple of weeks and one of the one of the things that had to do which has been a hell of a lot of fun is to reflect back on all of the interviews that I've done over the last year or so and this being of Donald Two hundred interviews of an interview more than two hundred times myself and Shawna Dubai reflecting on all of that was to try and find the common denominator in what it is that people have when I decide that they're going to go all in on something and. Discovered was. Some people just do it without even thinking. And other people are really methodical. Will sometimes you forced into a circumstance like you're gonNA medical? Diagnosis of cancer and you've got no choice. You've got a goal in and commute to that and solve your problems right in other people like they do it by default block. It's just happen to them, so has happened to him. Oh Jeez! If I commit to this then you know. I'M GONNA. Lose my business so I'M GONNA lose relationship like that, and then there's the people that go ahead and Plan methodically. Methodically in everything that I do so, there's sort of like three categories of going all in which has been a really interesting journey to her back, and look at all those interviews and remember those people and see all the things that have happened with a common theme amongst all of them is what I decided was. How do you distil letdown? And how do you analyze all of that? The people that are successful when they go all in other ones that focused on the things that they can control. And they only concentrate on what it is that they can control i. let go and everything else. Stuff usually works out from things. Don't always go there why it doesn't always work out perfectly of call spot. Fight on what you can control then at allows you to make decisions in a more. More decisive white is what I'm trying to say and decide. It's a really interesting thing. You just all of the things. You can't control it on worry about. Go a movement to any country. I'll find friends there. Man On finding threats I'll find new places. I'll find the GM I'll find the pool and the bitch. Big Deal, rot. Hundred percent and you know it's interesting, so and you know share a little bit more about you with how I think on these things, so you say is getting close toward you go so for me. It's like I. What we what? We take some of our clients through. Is that you know I set my goals for the next three years and I wanted to Tim. What is my business gonNA look like in terms of my revenues and my prophets. What is my lifestyle looked like it was. My team needs to look like in order for me so in order for me to have those revenues with that's an lifestyle what does not need to look like the can run the business without me. Okay, and then a with my way, beckwith. So, what do I need to do in the next twelve months? WHAT REVENUES PROFITS product selling price points on my selling that in what is my structure? My leverage in my staff looked like that allows me to scale. They break it down into the next ninety days. What are the three? Excuse me. What are the three? Major three key projects that I need to get done in the next ninety days that are going to get closer to my goal. How do I? How do I launch it? How do I measure the success of that? And then go into. What do I need to do this week? And then what I need to do on a daily basis to get closer to that and so when I say getting closer toward your goals, and how I get to those daily and weekly actions is awesome myself. The question is what are the things that are transformational, and what are the things that are transactional. The transformational things are the things that I absolutely must do a musket done in order to get closer towards my goal. The transactional things are things that I can eat a delegate or just don't do. So like what you've said. You've put it into a different way where it's like focus on the things that I can control. And the things that I can control of things that are going to get any closer towards my goals. Everything else will fall into place because you know when you've got that drive and you've got that vision you going for what you want. That attracts things to you. Don't need to go looking too hard like when when we actually put down everything that we wanted and who we wanted and we wrote on like as an example. I've just hired A. Before covid I mean, we had six people in our team. We've now got fourteen people on that team. Had A client success director Haida assails director and a bunch of sales, people and we have very specific role for that sales director for that and clients exists of who that person needs to be. In one of a sudden, it just popped up life them. All Time you didn't realize. Well I didn't even the one I did. Neither one I was kind of like. We've always been joking. He worked for a big speaker and I was always. Come work for me instead. I win this whole thing. Shut down, nor the event shut down like its have the conversation. Actually popped in literally literally popped in and the other lady I. Mean I didn't even know she was in us via, but she's been following as she said she's been following us for the past eighteen months eleven what we were doing. We found out that she's like she was. She helped. Am really prolific market build some day? Stephanos this guy that we learned from his well This is amazing. And so when you put that out there and you've got the clear focus, and and you know what you're going off to those things. Come into your life. Also. Shows y'all manifest stuff like crazy. Well if you give your. Show up and you lost, and you don't give your attention to the things you don't want. Thou doll rock up and I really I. Don't know if you call that spiritual, but I definitely believe in that you know what to do with attention. It's really. It's really important stuff that you sharing. Matt I. Appreciate You being so giving with your knowledge and your experience in that I know the audience listening and watching we'll. We'll get something out that and one of the things in in creating the Coleslaw built for myself is. I had to try and define. It's just such a weird thing. We'll come back at interviews in creating. A coal surround the concept of going well lean. It's it's an abstract concept by the way. It's kind of Cool Rod, thought everyone Zan's, and their understands the mindset. But what do you? What do you really need to do to go in and? One of the things that I again it's a common theme amongst everybody. Is that a goals? I have target that they're iming ads, but then what they do is they focus on the process over the outcome, and they spend the vast majority of their die, eighty to ninety five, almost one hundred percent of their die, focusing on what I need to do today to close the gap from with I wanna be and yet the only way that can happen. Is You set these goals out, and and you have those goals in? High definition, that's what I call ultra high definition objective in I. Can, see exactly what it is looking for in crystal, clear clarity than I reverse engineer in exactly the the why you describe it your another one of those people that does that, but then they let the goal. Goats like yes. Yes, sit always going to do. It's written down already. Know what it is not giving any attention tonight. Water I need to who am I hiring today I. who was that Lady Again? WHO's that guy? Foam and it just works just such beautiful thing to see that in action. Poetry in motion really is what I describe it. It's beautiful. It is men, and then you know you go, and you look back at the goals again after three months, and you like them like you know because as you're going through it. You don't feel like you're achieving them, and then you go back and you actually look at the planning. With spot, yeah, absolutely one hundred percents run, and so you know you were talking about the focusing on the processes, so we call that. The leading indicators versus the lagging indicators right so you lagging indicators? Are Your Monte reports. It's sales. It's money in the bank. It's new clients. Those results outcomes right. We focused on the leading indicators. What are the things that you need to do on a daily consist on a daily basis and consistently to get to that outcome? And very often. People are focusing on on the wrong thing they're focusing on. They're trying to focus on the outcome. which is the win as such? Right the big win. But they forget all the small little wins that they had along the way, which actually is how they got to that bigwig. And that's the thing that people say. It's so easy to do that because you look on on social media and this person's like I just did you know two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the last three weeks, and this one's I I'm on my private yachts, and the sons like flying first class fact like. What is going on? Why can't I do that? And the problem is that that's outcome you know that show that just showing the result and not try and all the work that they did to get the all the fails. All the you've had that sang. What success! Might, not success takes ten years to get like. So it's a leading indicators nothing. If there's one thing that I could say people listening in today is focused on the leading indicators. Focus on the small things like if you WANNA grow business focused on. How many Kohl's? How many needs in my generating today? Of them turning how many IMAC qualifying? How many tuning into sales in how many a closing? How do I increase the amount of increase? The quality of you that focus on that and the results will come. You know focus on your mindset focused on your attitude focused on bullying team, putting systems and processes in place like older unsexy shit. That's the stuff that builds the business. Absolutely process over outcome by. A love! and. They had just value bombs. Let fraud instead, so thank you, thank you. I want to shift keys a little bit now. If I, if I may WANNA. Find out some more directly about your business. You know one of the cool things about having your own podcast is. You can ask questions that you want to ask. Pretend like I'm doing it on a box. The audience but I really want to know exactly. What a rainmaker by come on what I want the. The the leads just to rain from the sky from my business. Tell me about. What's the proper name of Your Business? You've got that his right. Mike is and all that sort of stuff, but tell us about. The name of the businesses called the virtual edge. And that's the website virtually dot com, the virtual H. dot com. The program that and the process that we put together is called the rainmaker. He'd system. Right and this is all about how to get to five. High value leads every single day business. Now let me qualify what we determine as elite. Because there's a lot of people they're announcing Lincoln that a saying you know twenty to fifty deeds a day and all the race. And look at that I'm like bullshit. I'm calling. I'm calling it. It's. Just like yeah, absolute bullshit, because what they're counting counting connections and according to lead. So what I determined as elite. Is very specific, and this comes from my daughter. Go background. My door sales background like my goal is to. How do we turn somebody that has never seen before that? We literally knocking on the door? Okay, we'll virtually knocking on the door. And turn them into Pan Customer in the shortest period of time. So. What did I come in well? There's a couple of things we need to before we can actually get there so in the rainmaker system these three stages. Position, connected scale. In the position stage is all about. How will you set up so that your ideal clients know how to work with you before they even talk to you? Okay and so the first stage is actually diving, deep into who is ideal kind and getting laser focused us what we call the power of one. Solve one big problem for one ideal client, Okay Stop Day, and if you've got multiple avatars and multiple products and services, that's okay. Choose one for Lincoln. Okay choose your high ticket stuff for Lincoln. Right, so then dive deep into. Who's this ideal kind? What did they painted frustrations? The fears that keep them up at night. The implications of not solving those paints. What did they goals into is and dreams and aspirations. Then we go, and we create what we call the pickup line which step number two. And pick line shows people how to work with you before they even talk to you. Now, this is your headline in Lincoln. So. Some people will have also pud cost podcast tire store, and you know Directo Co founder. Excuse me and so what I've got, and that's kind like ordinary. We call that Brown Buck Syndrome. Because how does that help? You stand from anybody else? That's doing the same thing as you. Read. It doesn't. So what we want to do is we want to create something that's irresistible, says an example mine. My pickup line on linked in is I help coaches, consultants and advisers get two to five high value leads per day from Lincoln without paying fats. Useful I want to know how you'd I'm pay for ADS. Exactly right and so that's the law and there because that's. The way I described that. Oh, I use a process the. Process wrought called inception. Where I love it. Becomes your idea, because if you're telling me that I can get two to five lanes without having to pay some something. That's your ID straight up and that's why I. D you pick up law and so. My resistance to you has gone away completely. There's no come on man that's bs calm. Not Tell me. You've got to I wanted to to five. How do I get what do I need to do? It's a process of mechanics. Hundred percents and people literally reach out to me and say. Can you help me get to two? Five leads a day I. Look at them, coach consultant Vita Mike Yeah. Absolutely, Let's talk. They're the ride. Avatar you can help them. Get Him when you call. Andrew percent, and so the third step is changing profile during the profile makeover, and this is where you take your profile from an ego centric profile that focuses everything on you to a clientcentric sales page that focuses everything on them beautiful by the mistake. Most people make is they profiles a written by Cassivi like they're implying for a job. Right. You gotta turn into sales page. Focus everything on them. They're and frustration so. Will it work that you did? You're not finding out about them. You put it on the profile. So, now we go to what is actually lead. Okay, so for me. A lead is somebody that I've gone in connect with have specifically targeted of gone and connected with him. They've read my profile. They've gone through everything I've sent them a message saying hey, look. These are kind of results. We help people get you WanNa get on a colon. If it's a good fit, okay, that's. Very short and sweet. And then they'll say yes, and then I'll get the cell phone number in the email address. That's what I consider lead. Yeah, absolutely. That's a real league. Where and you know it's more than just zoom coal, sometimes as well or Scott call on a lot that to phone number in there. Always go people on the phone when I say that US. And shocked shunt! Yeah, I'm GonNa, talk to you like a human man. Lock exactly. Keyboard no hundred percents. Yeah, so you know even take that process further right so? I shared with you. I think before I call is that I've got this week? Twenty two sales calls booked in. But now we don't just determine so I don't just leave that as a lead that debt for me is, that's a that's a good lead, but that's not a qualified sales lead. Yeah, so we take it a step. What will happen is that you know my my sales. Assistant will phone them, and it will qualify them, and they'll spend five minutes asking them a bunch of questions edifying the hell out of me, and if they're a good for, then then we book a Sales Co. with me. And? What they've got to do is before they even talked to me. They've got to watch video. That explains what we do in how we do it. Yes so by the time they give them a call I've seen. Thanh stops wasting it. Yeah exactly yeah, so those Sav got twenty two sales appointments. That's the process people go through. Yeah, yeah, off! Somebody's if somebody's listening to this and thinking. How should Fall Bay because you? You covered off a lot of stuff there than in. If if you'll link gain is is a little bit of a dog's breakfast or it's Brown box as you put it. What should be the first thing they should do like he's it. There is a photo is a Hetero. Midge is a description of them. You know because. The problem with it is. And and I'm kind of asking this question on behalf of myself, because I'm trying to put myself in in the in the ears of the listener that's listening to this or watching this and people. Like so much conflicting information on. Is is the call Wlac the flu, or is it like the plague all going to die? I Dunno look at one website, not bigalow side. There's nothing to worry about. Someone else tells me. It's five J. I don't know what to believe. You know exactly how how do you boil down that confusion and The most important thing to do is. Well, I mean there's a couple of fundamentals right and the fundamentals and have a professional profile picture. Okay, no-one, have you sitting on the beach with your cats, or whatever that? It's right? Have a professional profile picture Nike. Pets pets allowed if unless that, you business. From the James Bond Villain padding petting the cat. Well. Up to you, what results do you WanNa? Get Right. This is the question, so if you're in business, it's put it this way. If you're in business and you, professional clients gun by the giant conventional fire. Yeah, exactly have professional fighter right and it's super simple. Just one of you dress nice playing background smiling whatever it is biting. Have a background that brands you. Right and then you got a crash a pickup line now the the thing that most people say and I've seen a lot of Lincoln. People talk about this is that you know credit for putting also part costs? Whatever it is that you put that in, so gives you great, Seo. I'm like okay. That's cool you and how many other people yeah. Right so now you all of you look the same, and if someone does do a search, and they bring up fifty of the same people how you going, stand out, yeah! Right so what we do is we call. We create the pickup line. Which is showing people how to work with you before they even talk to you. and how we do that very simple and I'm actually just going to give you the formula, because at the end of actually got a document, it's called a twenty minute profile makeover that people can go and actually just download and go through some of the stuff, not right. And so the formula is very simple. I help review ideal clients is remember power one achieve whatever result you help them achieve. You need to have a Mexican timeline. A K. through whatever system methodology is. That simple. So now I found going onto profile and it says look I. Help Coaches, consultants, and advises get two to five high value leads per day from Lincoln without paying for ads. I'm like Okay I. Get it I know how to work with you. And you know I want to let you have. Yeah, you know immediately whether or not that's the post view as well if you're looking for that new, because you might not be shopping for then I, said then suddenly. I'm ready to shop for all right. Let's saw absolutely. Let's pick one. I. Yes new. Pick Law and says I'll help you build your expert status foster up with your own podcast and guest bookings onto other people shows. Again. So first question is you said I'll help you. Who was you? Know Avatar. Right so who's ideal client? So you gotta get clear on that right? Then you say bill experts that is foster with your own podcast guest. Bookings onto other people show while you're focusing on the methodology owed through putt costs, guest bookings, but what is the result that they're going to? have an increase in business. Are they going to get more leads, and if so, how many and in what timeframe more specificity? will focus on the outcome. All good. Yeah absolutely absolutely! Outcomes, I love focus on the outcome because then when people read it, they're like okay. I get it. And there's a bunch of things that you can do on your profile me. Ten points that we focus on the profile, but you know just getting those rights will immediately breached your status and will immediately if you've got to mean. Ten thousand connections right. So very often, we see people that have got connection and it doesn't matter if it's five. Hundred, thousand, ten, thousand doesn't matter. Very often just when they change that pickup line the image in the background, people reach oxygen and the like are congratulations. I like what you do. Can we ever talk yeah? Yeah because. It happens all the time. It's fantastic. Not that's again. My that's just gold. Thank you so much for sharing that information. Who is your ideal client? Is. Coaches consultants you said that a couple of times. Who Was it that you want to connect with? And who can you help the most? Yes so, we're really focusing on professional, so cutch consultants advises and works really really well, and we've actually built a system in the back end because. Very often what we find is that coaches, consultants and advisers. They've really good at what they do. They got no idea how to market themselves an idea. Majority. I'll say that'll autumn business to they? Always. WanNa start a podcast and it's like well. What are you? GonNa do. When you do that because there's a lot of work, it's a huge amount of commitment you know. SIT DOWN! Remark refined every couple of days to to get it recorded in underestimate. What's required and so I sort of give them a bit of a reality. Check there as well inside or phospholipid sixty six months into the future. You got your podcast. What are you going to do with it? Always, always a little. Absolutely. I've toyed with the idea of starting podcast while, but I'm just I can. At the moment. I don't have the time. Go on like this. It's easier. That's what I do. Then that's exactly what I do. I mean you had my sister. Reach out to you and say the whole thing up, right? We got a system in place for this. Yeah, it's both. And what are we? Did have the I did have the. Have you read? A book? CALLED THE GO GIVE A. Yes Okay Bob and John David Matt Right. So I actually had the opportunity like I. Don't have a Pod, cost or anything, but one of my friends. One of my friends, just parts of the book the go giver on his Timeline has acted love the book rate like Twenty Times. We use a lot of the principals in business today and Bob Berg actually reached out to me any any say, thank you so much. And I was like dude I'd love to interview you. Just want to talk to you like a bit of a fan boy kind of I brighter and. Because I. Just love the philosophy so much. And so last week I got an a podcast with images interviewed him, and at the end of like how many listeners and everything got? Artistique my first one. Yeah. That's a hundred percent. But he has got is. We've got ten thousands of people in our database that we're going to be sending out to enough social media's all rates. We're going to be doing a big push on this as well, but I just wanted to say. Thank you and really. I just wanted to meet you. Pick your brain. That's nice. That's nice. was He giving? Huge. Yeah, he's you know He. He actually lives what he teaches and that's something that I really resonate with because that's what we do in our business while the. Out? The crazy thing I see with a lot of. Coaches and experts and everything is that they've they've always made the money from teaching, right? They haven't made the money from actual business experience. Yes, and so you know not that that's a bad thing. I mean if you can help, people get results foster than what they can do themselves scribe do it. By all means. But you get a different level of experience. When you've had your own business. You built those things before. I came from door to door sales that comes with a different set of skills that we've applied to this and built business before so I can help. People navigate some of the things that I've gone through So, we can help people. We you know. We've actually built different levels in the business of people just WANNA. Come and learn how to get leads, and that's the one thing they need fantastic. We've got program that can help you know. People want to come in and they WANNA. Start putting in some systems and some automation and create more time, so you know they've got a product that selling well. They've got. You have got some clients Iranian. Looking to get more leads, tournaments, pan customers, but also do it in a more leveraged way. We've got something that can help them. The next lap is like okay. We really want to build a system. We want to build a business that can take them into in where we doing videos. Where we you know, it's a proper business building system that will help them package the business and package. They knowledge in a way that can sell high prices. I mean. We had a client the other day I mean his based in Zeeland actually. So is based. Month was at grand right and you know he was working really hard for that eight grand. And what we did was we jumped on a coal, and I helped him package what he says. And who is target market was we created a four thousand eight hundred dollar offer I K we focused specifically on trade professionals and what he helps trade professionals do is go from employees too starting their own business in ninety days. You see the clarity enough to pick up line yeah right. And what happened was that within a week and a half he'd signed five clients who? It, a twenty five thousand dollar week and a half. Thank you know. The MOM's not even over three weeks. Rent's not even over. Yeah, exactly so that's the exciting part, so it's you know we've packaged this business. We've package. He needed a quick cash inflex, so we did that now. We building the business we building the systems, we taking it to that next level, and then the next is moss to mind. which is you know for people who already for that fantastic? So it's interesting just to see where people are at different stages and we've made sure that we've got something that can cater that can move like I. Want People. If you know starting off, small inmates need more leads more clients. Coming at this level, let's do that. We can help you gold and build, and both gets fun Yup absolutely I I love I love doing podcasts like this with market is like yourself. For a couple of reasons, first of all you get conical free coaching session, which is kind of fun. I don't implemented everything. Everyone says anyway, so, but all we. Need to fix that, but I'm GONNA check on you. Hook now do it properly. The thing that I like the most about it as well as I really appreciate you being so giving up, said that a couple of times and the reason I say that is because I'm saying, thank you on behalf of the audience because I got a lot of feedback for this show and people just really love love what happens on the show and people always really giving one of the things that I love the most about it is that you have a an a mentality and a view of the world, which is all abundance and. particularly when you talk about of told I've spoken with facebook marketing advertising. Ause Google is Lincoln paper. Watch self as well before and I'm always I. Always leave these conversations and leave these podcasts just thinking. So much opportunity in the world if people realize that if you just go communication pace, and you got your sales pace. Rot is literally an unlimited number of lanes, opportunities and Ryan. Mike Up is just such a beautiful description of that just the abundance methodology undented mentally of that. Oh! Man. Yeah thanks, man, appreciate it and you know there's there's like a lot of these principles very simple. Okay, and they're easy, and here's the thing with easy things. Easy things are also easy. They're easy to do, but they're also easy not to do. And that's why most people never actually go and do these things. Right because a couple of changes and we see it all the time I get people coming in, and sometimes you get on webinars and we'll have like fifty people sign up. And then they come in and that. They're afraid. You know and they don't want to implement that. Want to implement what they feel will work for them more. They feel good about instead of just implementing everything. And it's very easy to get cool now I'll take this piece in this piece in this respect. It's a step by step system. and. We've actually got a breakdown of the system on our website where people can watch video and they can see all mine steps. Right. You have to do with you work with meal. Not You have to do every single one of those steps. Right if you want success like it's that simple. So, we're not teaching staff. I mean yes, we've obviously got our in flavor, but a lot of the things that we teach them and these are not new. It's just how it's applied. Yep, absolutely I always say that there's no such thing as an original idea. Yeah I have these really good all the time, but they're not original. Of, exactly combination of all the things that you've learned over a period of time I don't want to own a move off this topic now and income to a couple of really hard hitting podcasting questions. Choose my clock. That's in front of me right now that I that I see and it's been really spent an hour with you here and get to know you a little bit and have fun and beautiful off as well if I may eight months ago. How would you have been what's changed in the last year and a half for you other than the stupid pandemic and the collapse of the world's economy and all that stuff? What's changed in your world? Well! The pandemics actually been really good for me. A business has exploded. Says been really get. It but in las eighteen months we had a lot more uncertainty. We were kind of transitioning from before we all in on. Lincoln I mean there's another all in story. We actually started in incident marketing business as a infusion soft certified partner. Helping. People automate the businesses because as I get it, I can have a system that did what I had sixty people doing I'm in the right. and. They don't give me bullshit excuses lose their phones and not check to work or get sick or pregnant so like I'm in. A fraction of the price, let's do it yeah. And so eighteen months ago, we were in the transition phase, and we'd created this rainmakers system, and we were selling at four thousand dollars. We were selling previous programmes for like seven, thousand, seven, thousand five hundred dollars. And I was nervous. As nervous I thought like. Is this going to work? You know we've we literally taking things in selling it at a seventh of the price. We've got a sell literally seven times more to get to the same amount. And it was a scary place to be. That we went all in, and we found a way to actually combine the two, and not necessarily using infusion soft that combine the way of thinking in the way of strategizing. To create something amazing, so yet was a scary time I wasn't making the money that I had that. We all now. I didn't have the team. I was kind of. A, lot more. A lot more. Fearful, not the word but and certain Yup. Yup, so on the other side of that coin, you've got good things going on, you said the pandemics been good for business, because people want to connect more online and all those sorts of things. What's on the horizon the next twelve months? Well I'll go through the next six months. Is You know I want to get business to place where it's doing three hundred thousand dollars a month and it's doing without me. Okay, the US, right? And it's doing it with me and you know we're. We're not too far off of the mock, but it still requires. Is You know we're about halfway there at the moment, but it's still reclined too much of me into my business partner. Right And it's been good because. It just shows that I can sell and build a business and everything at the same time. I WANNA I've got different focuses, so you know I'm putting a lot of my focus on to investing? And, obviously, what's really good for me? Living in South Africa earning dollars. Man It's amazing. Clean up there. 'cause I've traveled to Sydney Australia acquired lots as Wallin. The cost of living is just so much higher Where you guys got for lunch and it can cost you like fifty dollars i. that's a lot of money for us. Off To lunch. He'll the diapers sixty goals. Rights, you got you have a stake in a steak is like fifty six fifty sixty dollars, exactly a steak for us at a top in restaurant. You'RE GONNA pay fifteen dollars fifteen to twenty dollars while big difference. and. Dry So. Cost of living is less than you know like I look at in. Hossam staying in nod I can strata you paying full five thousand dollars a month for it well. I'll pay two thousand. Be Difference huge difference. Yeah, same thing because I've been to some of them. It's houses there. And so for me, the big thing is an. Investing and we're focusing a lot on. We also WANNA get into acquiring businesses and growing the portrayal. NAS sounds exciting. You excited you. The future and the prospects. Super excited, and then we've also got on the clouds moving country so yes. It's an interesting time with the mood. We're looking at Panama. Actually Of all places, South America. South America. Right, yeah, I'll bet she had some similar. You! Definitely definitely, you know there's some business opportunities that we've got. And also how businesses structured and tax implications and racism really really good good positives about it. isn't Panama attacks I even. Yeah. It is you get? Really good, it's one of those countries that attracts business to it because of those who taxation laws and stuff at the HAB is in Singapore. Man? All right, yeah. And it's beautiful and I love fishing and fishing is incredible. Is really my gosh cost of living's nothing. The tropics where the weather's warm. Online businesses be amazing, very nostradamus. Way bumping up against an hour here in the podcast I can't let you leave the Golan show without putting in the podcast `as hotseat couple of. Questions Bit of fun before we wrap up it more of a gets. No, you actually The first one is a really love to. Aussies bushings off to travel as well. You said you've been to a bunch of countries forty plus countries. Where's your favorite Holiday Destination Assuming Panama? Well I've never been they actually, so you know. I looked at it. I've done all the research never been there I'm waiting I was GONNA. Go before this whole thing hits, it'll stop. So we're GONNA. See what? You know that's a tough question for me to onset because we've been to such amazing places, and I feel like every place has got its own special thing. You know one of my favorite places Mozambique. I Love Mozambique and on our doorstep. It's couple hours drive. It's stunning. It's going to size me. Yeah exactly exactly and I've been all over Mozambique. I've been like way up. North have been inland all the way down south of traveled there. Bunch of times and. It's just incredible because you go inland and you've got. You've got wild game. You know I do a lot of tiger efficient as while Google. That is if you haven't seen before. No, and it's always. Got These massive teeth, and they like you know rate and a ridden in orange engine, black and white stripes this stunning. Off and when you go inland in Tiger fishing, they're always in like the wild places. So you know what you're on this box. Rights fishing photography fish as crocodiles hippos. The water is elephants on the riverbank. You're in the wild amazing. Guy So that always blows my mind so those kind of things. Must Be. Love. A? Yeah, what's a skill that you've not yet mastered? Cheese. I started playing guitar while ago and I was like this is. As odd mets! I'M NOT GONNA I'm not even GonNa take that up as well. Go on or I lost one for the gossip hotseat. What's the best piece of business? Advice that you've ever received? Base, piece of business advice, or there's been a couple of good ones. I would say it was more personal advice. That's affected my businesses wall. and. It came from a camera guy who he's been incredibly successful in business. He's taken full companies up to the billion dollar mark. And any said Look said to me, you know. Days actually gave me this advice when I got really sick. couple of years ago is diagnosed with Crohn's disease, I went from eighty two kilograms down to fifty nine in the space of two months ago and yeah, it was nuts and I was doing some work some clients at the time, and he kind of just look as his. The what I did. Is that you know I've haven't exactly growing. These companies been some things that I've done to get to where I've got. And the number one thing that has saved me is to. Forgive. Forgiveness, exercise way forgiven myself for everything. You have forgiven everyone for everything that they've done to me. Oh intentions or whatever it is. And then also forgiven myself. What I did was every single night before going to bed I just did that exercise. Forgive everyone for everything. Sometimes it takes five minutes. Sometimes it takes hours. I was going to. Annoy the hell out of me. Rod Yeah. Yeah. It depends on what comes up, and then you forgive yourself, you know sometimes it takes five minutes. Sometimes it hours depends. WHAT COMES UP? And that exercise really was interesting because it allowed me to open up space for new things. And you ideas and you energy moving forward so I'd say that's the best advice that I've got. Stuck with me at I've implemented the most for sure. For us. Well Matt, if people wanted to connect with you and learn more about your business. What's the best way to do that on machining? It's Lincoln. You got. It's absolutely linked in. So look for Mac clock and you've heard my pick a blind like a million times. It just look for that right. Not Africa Mendham. When you connect with me. I would not have a bit of an Oscar right when you connect with me, send me a message. Tell me where you heard. If you wrote Bruce Show I, can't because I'm gonNA let him nominee. Give him some feedback as well. That's a good way to connect with me, but if you WANNA. Learn more about what we do in how we do. Go to my website. WWW dot the virtual edge dot com. There is a video that will walk you through the rainmaker system you know the the the position connected scale process, but also on day there is a free training that you can get. It's a twenty minute profile makeover, which will have some of the stuff that we've actually gone through today. Now the beautiful part is that once you download that off the woods. There's going to be training on it. Okay, there's about a forty seven minute training. Know Salo anything that my goal is not to get you to buy me immediately. I want you to get to know me I. Obviously, YOU'RE GONNA. Hear that Sharon on the thing, but learn more about the system and how we think, and if you like which and. Let's have a chat. Beautiful fantastic, and if you're listening to this podcast, just take a little peek at your phone and you can see all of the links to Matt's website into he's Linton right this, you're gonNA have to go poking around in Google form, and if you're watching this on Youtube, scroll on down there right there in the show notes as well before I wrapped the show up and let you go might have you got I parting shot of the wisdom forest I might. So and so this to actually that kind of work together. One. I learned from Jim Ryan. Is that life doesn't give us what we want. Life gives us what we pay what we deserve. Right and what we deserve is what we prepare for okay and another one that came in was from break gleason, who is a former navy seal? Any saved when faced with times of crisis, we rarely rise to the occasion, but we sink level of preparedness and perseverance so the loss of wisdom would be constantly work on yourself. Constantly grow constantly be prepaid and raised Akbar. Okay focused on those leading indicators and not so much on the results. Because waiting times hit, and I've seen in this pandemic. Some people have flourished because they've been prepared. And Persevere And some people have just fallen off completely. The horse I was so surprised how many businesses were like on the edge and may just felt. That's my little bit of wisdom. Beautiful advice might thank you so much for being so giving and sharing. Thank you so much for coming on the goal in podcast. We look forward to speaking with you again soon. It's five now. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Well. They have it folks. If you want to connect with Matt, just take a little picky, a phone and all of the links to his website and social is a right there, and if you're watching us on Youtube, the scroll on down in all of these details are right there in the show as well now. If you've got a message, some feedback for the show, you can reach out via the goal in socials. We can send me an email at any time. Just visit goal in Dot Com. Are you to find out more well that wraps it up for the show is so whatever it is. You're doing whatever you're working on. Get busy. GET TO IT! Go all in. Most, oh Things everyday. Tandem cab. Shafiq? Things you. Don't. Talk. then. Giant Dragon Cancer. We have those mammo. Awards. A. Cab! Finally! Figure out. Even do. This again. Yeah. Man Now, you're. Things! Don! First.

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