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DIRTY TIMBERS DOT COM is wood products cut fresh daily. Their products include custom boards cut for announcements holidays, kids sports in anything you can design with wood products cut fresh daily there at dirty timbers dot com. DIRTY TIMBERS DOT com. You'll love clothing from our friends. At two tulips dot com collections include dresses, accessories, Mommy, and me and more get ten percent off right now at two tulips dot com again. That's two tulips dot com. Family I would never have even imagined when I was a kid. What do you mean it's a boat with a slide on it? Get outta here. The only thing I've ever seen like that was we went to visit my aunt who lived in Rainbow City? There was some kind of this game. No. There was a there was like a big. We would go to I. Think it was in Gadston. I'm not sure because I was little, but they had a big slide out in the middle of the of the lake, you'd swim to it instead on this platform and slide in the lake, and that was just awesome, except for the fact, that slide was aluminum. It burn the crap out of you. Out of this. Aluminum or somebody's tin roof turned into a slot. But I think these boats are the cool. As, an I'm a grown man, you I would be going off that slide all I would do all day long. It would be the coolest thing ever, but if you were a kid at nine ten. My Dad had a boat that could climb up on the top of it and take a slide down into the lake. That would have been amazing. We We're renting one of those for our. Annual trip to crab island when we go to Destin on vacation this year. We're going to get do one with the slide because. It's mainly for my wife, because nothing turns her on like seeing her fat husband, go down a slide. Into Beautiful Emerald Water. But. We were. In talking about these. So excited about it, but there they are there. Are you see these boats and they have their kids? This is like that's the coolest thing good for you. That's awesome. They look like little wusses with those life jackets on Oh. Come on kids. Out of the bubble. I know it's a law now? I don't think it would matter if out of an auto boated told me that I want to take the life jacket on the side. Yeah, here, you take it off, man. Look ridiculous. When you take it off the side, you'll be fine. Put it back on. The water in front of you. And then when you hit the water, just grab it back. With, my dad would. Try to try to slide your legs to come off the slide. But. It. was funny like. If my dad had a boat with the slot I would have freaked it. Please if your. Dad had a sofa you would have. Fast. Connected, funding. Is the TJ show? What we're. About to say, we're my class. If I'm old man, reading glasses into. They were hooked onto my shirt. That's how you know you need Oh. Man Reading glasses when you can't even remember it. You got on your person. You'll start the show with one pair of glasses, and then halfway through the show you look over, and he's wearing a different pair of glasses. Why is that? I? Don't know well. I have a nice pair of reading glasses. They real nice and. As my sister-in-law Louisiana's. Forum. Well, he's on a nice watch. Anybody's going to be a four. NASCAR one time. If you could get my brother watch for his birthday. Well, he He's GonNa. Watch and he made a good bit for. There's no way you're GONNA be able to top that because he made a good bit for any way I paid a good bit for those glasses, and then i. Forget that I haven't because I only wear them. You know when we're GONNA BE ON TV or when we have that studio audience come in for those things that we probably will never be able to again because. Of people dropping like flies over that that China cove it. But Anyway These are just so I got either wild grace. While they were open. While walgreens was open. And then. Go in there after they closed. That's him. Break a window. Go in and get them. Yeah, but they tearing up see it's a little rubber piece right? Here's keeps coming up. Probably six bucks. These pick a bit for. Now the. They were thirty. But I mean there is. Very critical of myself you know in the way I look now. I used to be really good looking and. Lost all of that and it hurts more on someone who knows what it's like to be good looking more so than someone who's always been ugly. Look at yourself when you're an adult go. Oh God. I don't look good anymore. But. Glasses. you. Know One thing I. Do I can recognize still that is a positive thing about my looks is at all sunglasses. Look Great on me. It doesn't matter what kind they are. Women's means low baby sunglasses. Just something all sunglasses. Look good on me. They'll say here. Try these on, and said give me tests. They somebody walk in with some single. Hey, let me see. My friend Jimmy did it to me the other day. He'd try these on. And they were women sunglasses at one of her friends had just bought I put them on, she attained. They. Do look good on you. They trying to find a pair that doesn't look good him, and you know what? I don't know why they don't just give it up. Give it up, always gonNA look good. Yeah, they always say. Do you have an oval shape face or a heart shaped face? I have no idea if I see somebody with a heart shape fade like it looks like a heart like what isn't that Reese Witherspoon doesn't she have heart shaped faces and in an elongated chin. Shape face. I am not one of those people who who could ever say. All Sunglasses look good be. Really Oh. No, no I could not say also because all sunglasses don't going to be some of them look horrid. I don't know what kind sunglasses you were. The, ones our kind of aviator ish giant ones. You have a pair of big giant. Sunglasses. Those are Maui. Jims the have a pair of everybody hates them. I like them so I keep wearing them every now and then while we're aware wearing on the lake, because my good ones. I don't want work with him. Afraid there and when you drive the boat, the the areas of their flimsier. More stable on the Lake Amanda pointed out I. Hate Those sunglasses there look like goggles. Okay, but the cut out all the all the light and they're all you said good ones. How do you know they're good ones? Whatever you're? Talking about the good ones they're. They're expensive and they're good so in other words. What. I paid for. TJ Show. Second. We've got an usual musical collaboration coming up yesterday. It was young thug and Thomas Rhett. One of the people that you've musical collaboration isn't even a singer or musical performer at all. So that's coming up and go back Thursday were thought back to two thousand twelve. Malaysian Oregon witness, some type of accident and a reporter showed up to. Interview her about the incident. And she revealed some pretty scandalous information. It's a classic. Definitely brighten your day next malicious audio. This is the. Live on the security collection handpicked by Jordan fish believes that you should only own and where pieces that you absolutely love quality pieces. You will want to wear every single day. Go to live on the nine's dot com. That's live on the nine dot. COM unleashed dog training. Dot Net is a service to help train puppies, obedience programs. Canine good citizen protection. Dog More they offer transportation for those interested unleashed dog training dot net. Into J. Show presents. Delicious audio. Kind! There's a clip going viral of someone. Someone crashed into a light pole. It's in their neighbors yard. Side of the house kind of thing. In the neighbor is really really nice. Oh. IDEA. Arabic Fella A. Okay. I like to the. Idea Jeez always look at that. Knock that thing. Clean off to did a good job on that one. Are you hungry? Come on in, have some Baloney Salad. Just made it. Of so today's throwback Thursday audio. We go back to twenty twelve. An Oregon woman witnessed some type of an accident when the reporter from news channel eight in Portland tried to interview her about the incident. She revealed some rather scandalous information. Well, the police wouldn't let me go to through hundred hundred twenty seconds, so I had to go around one hundred and one thousand, nine hundred. And And I was they let me look at the the lawyers building. No, the vacuum cleaner man he seen. The. Yes. Yes, yes, he must have been greatly or. He must have been badly were injured. I haven't been allowed to drive for three years so I am not a good judge of that. Not. Make sense and the reporter just rolls right like Even say that I'm just GONNA. Keep going. Which is the best thing to do in that case? Just pretend like it didn't happen. was that live though. That alive deal? I don't think been on Because I would have if not live, we could've kept rolling. That would have gotten a lot lot more from her. For the for the Christmas party. The Christmas party everybody sure. Dino why and how and what is the vacuum cleaner man like a vacuum cleaner salesman are the gene vacuum later? Man is in. He is guy. That cleans inside the building Oh. Maybe Oh. Yeah, probably. He's which did know if he's never been to her house or anything. How has he? Does she go by that building and flash him? I thought the vacuum cleaner may admit that he sales vacuums and that's why he had been with her. In her presence for her to be able to show him on. Top. Either way a couple of different options. For the second row, though an unusual collaboration yesterday, it was young thug and Thomas Rhett. which I think we all seem to like shockingly today. Tiffany haddish. And one of Reagans all time favorites Jason Morass Jason Mraz. You told us mom that you made him a star or something. Yeah, yeah, very uncomfortable. What fourteen twelve and eleven. so this is called you, do you? Think. Thing with. Harbor. Together we make the world will. Be Used. How did he come upon Tiffany haddish being the choice. For that I wonder I. Don't know she's not a musician. I'm not. I like her funny, but. I wonder how that you think friends somehow and he said you know we should do. Should make a song may be. Was She rapid? Yeah. I like the the one yesterday better. I liked it a lot better. That's terrible. That's Jason Whereas Tiffany Haddish. It's called you to you. Is the TJ Shell Shell. If you've always dreamed of having a swimming pool in your backyard. For us. We have. A story for you about how you can do just that. And it will cost you hipster money. which is no money hardly at all. The hipsters figured out a way for everybody to live the dream of having a pool in their backyard. The details. There's more of the TJ show. It Hustle bbq dot com is hustling the competition with an online store you'll love featuring rubs and sauces. T shirts hats, barbecue tools had a barbecue videos all that and more love it all at Pitt. Hustle BBQ DOT COM, all as and TJ show graphics and web designer done by Alpha lab designs, looking for spectacular email design at ace. TJ Dot Com web design menus, marketing materials, brochures, flyers, social media, ads and more design at a TJ DOT com. Want to hear the best thirty minutes of today's TJ show listen to ace and TJ and thirty podcasts available on the Act TJ show podcast on our APP available afternoon eastern stay connected funny on the ace and TJ APP available in itunes and Google play. You know they are still carrying on with this this Corona Virus Chirad. You know they're trying to keep it going. Even though you know they're. All the other stuff is going on with the. With the protests in Oh. You know the. The people who have put so much time into. Bringing people down locking people up because of the because of the virus are still fighting. Well a lot of public pools. Are are still closed and they're not going to be opening anytime soon, so the The fix for that with a lot of people has become. the cattle trough pool, so they don't they don't. They're not buying more above ground pools to go in their backyard. These are those giant round metal cattle troughs. You would put just out in the pasture, whatnot and They're building little decks around them and all of this stuff, so it's It's got that that hipster design that looks Rusty rustic farmhouse, thank. The the hipster design of some people are building decks around them and all, but I don't know how the filtration and all that would work. I guess you just. I don't know I. Don't know if you couldn't chlorine in it or are Wyoming. Pump, so it's not what I really what I what I pictured originally. It's the big round silver. One thing that's okay. That's not kind of how I had envisioned the trough. I didn't understand Okay, and one's got one of those. We're looking at here in Little Rock. Has One of those giant inflatable swans in it. Oh, we had, we were one of the first people to get those get that big thing and and we named Jack What's his name? Zach F Swan. I gotta be honest. I thought this was dumb until I looked. It's Kinda cool. They've got one that I'm looking at here that they've built a an entire. Privacy thing around and run not just water to the trough, but water, and made it an outdoor shower as well, and it's got its own privacy fence around it with. The the the big shade like you by the lows that critics up and down that's over the top, and so at night it's got lighting built into the wall. That's around the privacy fence that surrounded to offer some subdued lighting. It's got some PLA-. Some of these are really also yeah, above ground. Pool be better. Too because it's made to be a swimming pool, these are made to just water. You can't really swim in these. These are just for lounging and hanging out in. Yeah, but still I mean how do you? How do you treat the water? They have chlorine systems in them and pumps and things like that. I don't know, but you don't treat water in a creek you'll be. True so country boy. Kirk yeah, there must be a way to do, but neither these are cool, but some of these look pretty awesome. The way they've got them set up I. mean some of them don't. Let's be honest, but some of these are pretty cool the way they fix them all. They say they're from You get the the trough of firm around three hundred to six hundred dollars, and then by the time you put all the other stuff whether you're looking at I think. Several grand and the project, but with the YOU'RE GONNA put decking and all that stuff. But. It wouldn't matter to me how small the thing is because if it'll hold a raft. That's all I need. Yeah and. It looks like it would, but it wouldn't hold tight holding two rafts. But. It does show that they're putting. POPs in them instead okay. But. I don't know how that were. They gotta have a skimmer and they'll sure yeah, so it's not. It's not a swimming pool so to speak. It's more like just something you can lounge in because there's really no swimming is not big enough for that. It's like a kids pool. In some of these look you know like they've done too much. Yeah, you know less is more I think. Too much stuff strewn about. Just need to be decorated better. But at that point, you spend that much money. Why don't you just get the above ground pool yeah? I. Don't know if that cost well. These are hipsters. Remember and they think an above ground pool is unsightly. These go with more of a farm of Rustic House Elise no the same type of people that would have urban chickens. Right exactly. You've got pencil thin mustache in your drinking, Kombucha in engineer's Cap. It's like your unsightly. Britney that Ted deemed as and said they have pods at Walmart. Clean the water that used. I guess you regularly dropped the pods in. Whatever waters in there, but what do they have to clean the Walmart? GOTCHA! If, you are an almond milk lover, drink almond milk, use milk, but I'm not a lover of. Enough I wasn't trying to be on fat. I will be drinking at all. but there is a nightmare story. About the almond meal. To break to nick. If, you're a pet owner. We want you to know about a product called the door buddy, and what the door buddy does. The beauty of it is. It's big enough for your cat to fit through, but not big enough for your dog. See all the ways you can use the door buddy at the door. Buddy dot com somewhere out there. There's a man on a park bench eating his five. Five hundredth PB and J. He has no idea papa. John's has new padeas that are way better than a boring sandwich with Papa John's meats, cheeses and veggies hand folded into crispy flat bread crust. Someone tell that man get a new Papa Dee and one four flavors for just six bucks better ingredients better pizza better than a Sandwich Papa John's now with this country's in Texas. Extra prices may vary. TJ Show. All right. I got busted yesterday. On. The Bust and It's a funny story at my expense. So we'll be glad to throw that out there for you. Youtube Point and laugh TJ so stupid high. He's in child So. Get Ready. A thirty four year old guy who's called Billy Smith. From. Doubt and Massachusetts. Sorry Stauton Massachusetts. Not Massachusetts. Think is kind of sounded like I said that he went to a grocery store last week in someone saw him taking containers of almond milk off the shelves opening opening them. And relieving himself in them Oh then he put them back in the on the shelves and he took off. A security guard got his license plate and the cops arrested him the next day on charges of attempted poisoning, disorderly conduct and vandalizing property Obviously the person who wrote this story is one of the worst reporters ever because this is, there's no word on why he decided to relieve himself in the almond milk. Well, that's the story the whole story. That's the first thing I wanted to know when you started talking about this. Y and why? Almond Milk Yeah Yeah! He has almond milk That's interesting. It doesn't say whether it was unsweetened or vanilla or Chocolate they make chocolates discussing, but they make. Any drank it for. He drank almond milk. I know it just says He. He opened them up and then. and. It doesn't say how many 'CAUSE I. Mean that's that's difficult in and of itself. If you're going to do it to more than one, you would have to open them at the same time, so you could switch off right you couldn't you couldn't. Open one and then do it, and then say okay now. Let me get another one and open it then then finish yeah. Because, I mean once it starts you gotTA. Pop. You can't stop. You got to be open and ready to go burns. And? There's not a lot of room when you open up a thing of milk or something, so you'd have to drink a little out of to get some. Some room allow. Do, they have they have seals on those things. They do the one that I by it's. In A. Cardboard Carton has the little plastic thing on the top of the you open then you gotta. PULL TAB out of that. So he had to do what I'm saying, he couldn't have done that. Unless he opened more than one at a time. You know right from the beginning he an. Who doesn't see him? Open the first one and go over there and say what's what's going on here. But how many of these stories do you hear about things like this that happening grocery stores, and that's the first question everybody has. What, how did this keep going on? Right, so he standing there, clearly, he's there in the in the the milk area in plain sight just. UNSCREWING them all taking the time bomb. It putting it back. Yeah, because. Everybody is always you know they're always watching me in the grocery store. Everybody because I'm usually the only one in. They're not wearing a mask and I forget that you can only go one way and I gotta go all the way into this aisle and then come back up this one when what I needs right there. I get a lot of looks in the grocery store I'm like. Here's you and your scare mask. OUTTA here. Oh take one of these over to the bakery and what they want to do with it. Like. He was ordered to stay away from supermarkets until his next court date. August. Coming up. Trending with Brigands NBA, fans are celebrating NFL. Fans are trying to cancel one of the most popular stars in the sport details, the now training in less than ten minutes. Part of the show now by calling one eight, four, one to twenty, three, eighty, five, four as at Tj. Crustacean designs is a new designer who specializes in announcements, home, clothing, mask, and more with a specialization in all things floral. You'll love the designs you can find at Crustacean designs DOT COM. That's that CRUSTACEAN DESIGNS DOT COM is your small to mid sized business ready for the inevitable rebound voice hunter dot com specializes in providing top level voice talent for all your video. Video Marketing e-learning and advertising needs. There's no better time than right now to focus on increasing your customer base and corporate internal audio needs boy center dot com is a voiceover service with the world's best voice, actors and Actresses Call Center Dot Com at seven, zero, four, six, four, eight, nine, thousand, eight, hundred, or visit us on the web at Boy Center DOT COM. The top of the hour we give you the hottest trending topics in the world. This is doubt training with Reagan's on the TJ show. So today around twelve thirty eastern the NBA's board of governors are set to vote on the return of the NBA season with twenty two teams now. Is that the full? No league known not every team you've got gotTA. Be Within their inviting twenty two teams because. Sixteen teams make the playoffs right. They're inviting these other six teams because they are within I, think within six games of making the playoffs. Okay, so they're gonNA play. The proposal has them playing eight games. As as the end of the regular season, which would give those teams a chance to fall in or fall out of the playoffs. That'd kind of deals. If you're close, you're GONNA have a shot for example. The Charlotte Hornets not invited to A. Team gets invited my favorite team. Who's your favorite team teacher? Harlem globetrotters Oh well. I feel they're going to do well. They always win great track record. And they're. They're playing in Orlando. So, is it going to be at Disneyworld? It will be a variety of places, in Orlando, but Disneyworld is. Going to be centered. Yes, yes, so they're coming back, re. Starting the season as the way they're raising, the vote goes through an appears that it will. Why Orlando I because they can somewhat sequester them away at Disneyworld Yeah, because ABC is owned by Disney ABC has the is the big ABC ESPN. The big NBA broadcasting rights belong to them in America yeah. Or could be that Florida has a fantastic wonderful governor. WHO believes in freedom to more open state true, that's. A very big part of it yeah, his name is Rhonda Santa's. And he's He he's fantastic awesome. So they're GONNA they're. GonNa Radical Roy, are are they going to? How's everybody in that that you're right? That is I forgotten. What play a part into it and they're gonNA. How's everybody at Disney world? There's worst places to stay. You know the happy. Little. Wall Sticky Oh decade, Disney stuff but in I don't normally do this, but in other sports news breeze drew brees from the New Orleans. Saints is the top trending topic this morning. It's drew. BREES is canceled and it's because he did an interview with Yahoo Sports, and he said they were. He was asked about how the NFL's GonNa react with kneeling. Kneeling and things like that given the protests around the country, and he said I'll never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country, and then he talked about whenever he hears. The Anthony thinks about his grandfather's fighting in the war and stuff like that, and then other celebrities reacted and the whole. Internet reacted to drew brees his comments. What he said was so controversial and and so hateful, and well he had posted one of the black boxes on instagram or on social media the day before so people were pointing out like he doesn't really support. The movement. Because because he supports his the the spirit of America and the freedom and the flag, and that sort of thing, he's patriotic, so that's why. Is that what they're saying ace that he's patriotic, so he can't. He can't be a nice purse. They're saying he's racist. Okay Yeah. Him Racist because he does it because, and that's the only thing I and he put up posted another video last night on Youtube. Trying to further explain that I have no problem with any I fully support it. This is the thing essentially what he's saying is. I was asked a question and my answer is i. see it as being disrespectful to the flag. He doesn't say no one should be allowed to do it. He said he was asked a question about his response to it and he gave it. He sees it as disrespectful to the flag. End of story. It's that one thing and now they're calling. People are calling him A. Racist. At teammates said that they were hurt and that his comments were extremely self-centered. Among other things, they said a lot. More things that are that are teammates, his some of his teammates, and then a lot of other NFL and NBA. Players have spoken out against him, and he made the point in his youtube video last night. You know I just don't agree with anybody kneeling when the when the American flag is flown in the national anthem is playing I. Don't agree with it. I'm it. You Know He. He's not arrested. I think he should be arrested. Thrown in football jail. Survey. They have a football jail with the eagles. Football one of his teammates Malcolm Jenkins. said in a veto instagram people who share your sentiments who express those and this quote, people who share your sentiments expressed those and push them throughout the world. The airwaves are the problem in quote. And I think after that was rubies went back on the on his youtube later and said. Hey, you asked me about this thing I disagree with kneeling for the flag. I think it's disrespectful, but but everything else fully support. Does he have kids? Yeah, they probably had to help them. Yeah, upload that video to Youtube. He doesn't know how to do that. No Way, so many things are now during. An opportunity for you to laugh at at my shortcomings or at least one of my major shortcomings. and this is something that I've never admitted before, but it will beat a no surprise to anyone. that. This is a shortcoming for me and I was busted yesterday. For my short. Enough. This is the EYSENCK. When you look at your current bathroom, do you know that it needs an immediate update? We want you to know about one day bath and shower remodeling with prices as low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month, call, eight, hundred, nine, four, eight, five, seven, four, nine, eight, hundred, four, eight, five, seven, four, nine. Okay, now that we're all both stuck at home and looking at any new hobby or career ideas remember we've got our podcast company and can help you with a career. Career in podcast. All you need is the idea, and we can help you with everything else from posted on I tunes how you do a podcast and most importantly how you do it podcast and have it sound professional now this part may be good for some and well not so much for others, but as and I will listen and help you with your podcast, and this is an optional service. All you need to do is radio network DOT com. That's radio network, DOT, com. My name is Tj. And most people don't know this unless you know really really well, but I have a couple of shortcomings. One of them is Back in the days when I used a a a mouse for my computer. I was not good at double clicking. Just couldn't get it the double click. I. Know Who's was like after the first one, my index finger will just go paralyze for a second to. Couldn't get the other one down. They'd get it down again fast enough. I don't have a problem with it. On the little mouse track things a little PAT But on an external mouse the. Double Click. Maybe half the time. It worked the first time. You should keep that to yourself. I mean I've already thrown it out. There I like letting people. I'm human just like everybody else. I have things that I can't do properly. I'm not good with power tools. That's another one. But Yesterday I just came to the conclusion. that. There's something that I just cannot do. And that is. Pay attention during a conference call. I can't do it. It's very difficult and You know I don't have a good attention span to begin with I'm kind of all over the place always have been. Musical add is something a- term. We invented on this show. No matter how often you hear it around the country whatever it started on this show, because I admitted one day that I have this condition, if somebody uses in a conversation, a word that I pick out from a song I start singing the song in my head and don't pay attention to what they're saying after that. The example of that when I came to that conclusion was I was watching the news, and they said something about waiting for the floodwaters to subside. And I see you. Don't hear that word very often. Are They and oh well. That's in that old Dan Hill Song sometimes when we touch till the fee, Romy subsizes, and by the time I get through all of that then the stories over and I missed all of it. Yesterday. We had a green kids board meeting. And Grin kids is our charity for kids who are terminally ill and chronically disabled. Going along who wasn't even a long conference call board meeting. It was pretty short the in person they're. They're in our. Yes, thirty minutes. This was was barely even thirty minutes. But as toward the end when we first started, somebody's phone was going Oh. And you couldn't hear it so one of the board members. I don't know all their names. They're a bunch of. It was one of the guys. Named Jamie or something starts with J. Jas. Jason does correct. Yeah. he wears a tie every day one of those. And he goes deserve. I have their foam muted. So I, thought okay well. We're supposed to be muting our phones during this. You're not talking so I, did. And I'm listening and. I'm trying to pay attention. Everybody's volume is different on the phone and finally just kinda started staring off into space. And we get to the part where. I, mean ace even said something about some that I had an idea that I had about this or that and I didn't even say anything during that. Because he'd cover them, lay on. There's no name for me to say anything. Slow things down, you know. Ten or eleven people were was too many to having come. All the way to do it now, we had to have the board meeting Blah Blah Blah while I better that way than being in person. But It got to the part where okay well there? Any other questions news going to be short and sweet today. Anybody got any more questions and I'm dismayed moving noon and I hear One of the other guys start talking, but I can't hear him that will, and then he's. He's talking for a second, and then all of a sudden. There's this big big lock a long pause. And our director Lee, Anna. TJ. What he asked A. Question to me. About something that I'm supposed to be following up on from a long time ago. I didn't hear any question. It was at least fifteen twenty seconds. Longtime long enough to where I assumed TJ had forgotton to. His Mike and he was answering didn't realize it was answer I should have gone with that. Because my first moment, my first thought was. He just hung up and got off this line, but then I remembered. It would've clicked him out. you hear, somebody hangs up then I thought. I bet he's dog. I started like I. Bet he's talking and his phone's on Mute I realized that he goes. Well I I have hard time here. was that. Was that question to me Oh? I couldn't hear what he was I didn't know. So well. Good. Okay we. Can. Keep you repeat the question. When he asked the question I was like I. Immediately! I'm having a hard time twenty five minutes. If you have hard time, here's that to me I'm having a hard time hearing I couldn't hear that to me. Me I ever asked me anything. The only thing I say in in those meetings is if I'm trying to crack a joke on somebody or something. Yeah I'm. I'm rarely asked to participate. Which I think is good for everybody. Yeah, probably. But it's so now. It's funny, though because I write what I thought I. Bet he's talking to his Mike. Commute Nudie said was having a hard time here. You weren't you weren't. Now? I can't stand that guy. That ask the question that made me look bad yeah! Because he no, he's been on the board for many years. He knows not to ask me. What question could he be asking like? Really know what what does he want? What do you want? I think he just wanted to address me. Probably because I'm famous, it's exciting So Are you like I? AM where you've had to recently just realized look I just cannot do blank. and. I'm given a- simple things. I, can't I can't build a house, but right. I just cannot. Use a flat iron and get all of my hair straight so. I'm finished. Not flat ironing anymore yeah. I just got to the point where I cannot. Bake. A try and it's always wrong. It. Everything comes out dry. I can't maybe you've just realized I cannot parallel park so after park. You know four blocks from work every day because my spot is a parallel spun out in front of the bill to you I just can't do it by. So. Who's got something? Are, you can just leave. Leave me out here with my sister flapping in the breeze. One triple, eight, forty, one as TJ or Social Media More Act's. I'm Bobby Barbara Independent since he director. Do you love Spa Software and Susan Beautiful? Home Decor then hurry over to my website. 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TJ's grandkids charity our once a year trip to Disneyworld with chronically disabled and terminally ill children and their families please visit grandkids dot org for sponsorship opportunities and again thank you. Okay, I have come to Tj. I have become I. have come to the realization that. I cannot no matter how much I try. I cannot focus on a conference call. I I'll I'll make this caveat if there are more than two other people. If they're three including me, I'm good. But any more than that I just can't stay focused on. So what can you not do? This lady says My Name's Laura and I can't use my new hair wand. My hair looks awful. Exactly what I'm talking. What is that? You know what that is. You're close to being a girl. Yes so it's like a curling iron without the clamp on it, so it's just literally a hot Rod. Who He huck Rod for you here. This lady said I've just realized I can't deal with stupid people, okay. Now. Ladies Listen To what this guy is saying and see how you would take this if he were your husband or boyfriend. He wanted to rank remain anonymous, he says I've realized that just can't listen to my wife's stories when I'm watching something on TV. I. Pause the show for her to talk to me, but I. Still can't focus on what she say in because I'm so anxious to get back to watch your my show. A needed to start telling her to wait until my show is over in, I'll give her my own divided attention. That wouldn't that bad. Make her mad tune. That wouldn't. That wouldn't go over well and keep making your way through it, brother. But they know they can tell when you're not paying attention. Are you even listening to me. And the truth is not a good answer. There I'm trying, but you're a terrible storyteller. Sounds like he's just so focused on wrapped up in his show. She could be a wonderful storyteller, but it's just not his show, and that's all he's able to concentrate on. But if a wife told her husband that same thing I look, let me finish watching housewives. Or whatever the Andy Cohen thing is the new at what happens after the show or whatnot. Then I'll give you my undivided attention. He'd be like all right. We'll be do. There's a guy here that says. I realized I can't play a musical instrument. Every guy I grew up with plays guitar about two guitars and a Ukulele I've given them all away. I gave Hewlett both guitars, I up, giving away, the ukulele hangs on the wall. Can't I mean that's a chick magnet? UKULELE. One lady came out how to use the instant pot. The Pot is not really. By started talking about it in the beginning like it was such a great shortcut, and just pitted it. Put It in there and dinner's done and. You still got to cook with that thing. It takes them cooking to get it right. Okay, look. ever since I saw the update on this story. I've been really excited to bring it. A dirty. Rotten filthy criminal has been brought to justice. And all my crime. DACA LADIES ARE GONNA love the way he was brought down. Something right off of investigation discovery. The, not it didn't come from investigators, but it probably will be on there some point. Give you the details next case T. Want to save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets then call low cost airlines for prices so low. We can't publish them. Call Eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven, sixteen, eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven, sixteen. Coming on the TJ show. Your Mama in full words. About four letter words about your Momma but your Mama in four words. and not at their things like we kind caring loving not. Be Real about your Mama. In four words in about thirty minutes of the as TJ show, this could become a viral well, probably not because they're more important things in the world today, but still. Okay we're. GonNa call this cove. It cracks the case. In February twenty eighteen king city. California. A juvenile girl reported being sexually assaulted. Please police didn't have any identity of suspect or anything. So they turned it over to the major crimes unit. They call that MC you. In the police department major crimes. Unit and they've been investigating at this whole time. And then they got information as to a suspect led them to a suspect being called Leonardo Ramirez. And they called Leonardo Ramirez in to quote unquote discuss an unrelated matter. So. They had a plan what they were gonNA. Do Go. Now remember this started in twenty eighteen. Leonardo Ramirez came in and the police told him. Would you mind putting on this mask? Because that's the health department's order that we're GONNA be speaking close closely and we need to be wearing masks. and. This is the type of mask that's required. So he got the mask from the from the police and he. Threw away a mask he had been wearing. They interview him. Thank you for stopping by hold on. We'll We'll get someone to show you out and you know. Blah Blah Blah. They took the mass that he threw away. DNA tested. It matched boom. The guy's arrest. By questioned the whole time. Could they have taken mask? They gave to him well I guess it doesn't once. He throws it away. Trash discarded it. They can grab the one for DNA right. Okay, yeah, I didn't know both of them would count not so they had his DNA from the assault. Yeah, but they had no match to. And then they did the whole mask trick thing. Like he came in. That was two years ago came in not thinking he's a suspect. Who is you know you have some questions? Ask You about an whatever the issue was. DNA Dina. He's in jail made the magic goes to jail for sexual assault. Awesome. So Kovic cracks the case, something good attock. Ovid. Hysteria yeah. Getting criminals off the street. Getting they're dying off the masks. Yeah. I didn't mean something good. I mean somebody was sexually assaulted, but yeah. Yeah. Yeah, just didn't want any. Right. Out there point you can't be too careful. These people freaking out learn. And he's probably thinking. Yeah, how throw this mask? I've been wearing away because this has to be a much better one 'cause you know. The police have to have good ones. Is better than the one at or this one away. Keep this woman Leigh. Could they not bring him in and just do a DNA sample? Why would they not have to have a warrant who you really are either? They have to agree They have to agree to the DNA swab. Thing or you have to have a warrant. I'm pretty sure yeah. That's crazy. Yeah great please. Coming up on now trending with Briggs. I don't think the ladies are going to like today's holiday, not at all, not at not even one little bit, but I have to share it with you less than ten minutes and now Terendak. TJ Show by texting at Jay and your message. Six, eight, nine, three more hastened TJ.

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