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We hope you enjoyed this. Episode from our Hollywood icon collection on famous. Fates if you want to hear the other. Three episodes subscribe to famous fates available exclusively on spotify she was and still is the most iconic sex symbol in American history. She was romantically involved called with some of the most famous men of the twentieth century and her death is still shrouded in conspiracy theories and mystery the Hollywood director Joshua Logan described her as one one of the most unappreciated people in the world Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Corduroy. Welcome to famous fates apar- cast original exclusive zip to spotify each week. We'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends in each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize their incredible lives. It's reimagining their greatest and weakest moments then will examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains main shrouded in mystery and some changed the world forever today were covering Marilyn Monroe. Today she's a pop culture icon in her time. She was a star of the silver screen but her pain behind. The scenes led to one of history's most controversial deaths. You can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type hype famous fates in the search bar famous fates is a spotify exclusive so you can only find it on spotify. PODCAST we're grateful. Offer you our listeners. You allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network now back to the life of Marilyn Monroe June First Nineteen Twenty Six Los Angeles County Hospital Maryland is born Norma Jeane Mortenson actually the name given to her by the second husband of her mother Gladys Baker. The truth is her. Mom's second husband was not her father. Norma Jean or Maryland never knew who her father was. No one ever did although years later when when she was famous she got people going by joking. That screen legend Clark Gable was her biological father and that has its own strange connection to Maryland's later life and her fame. But we'll be getting to that in any case. Although Norma Jean's mom took her second husband Morton's name he was not the biological father and eventually history just put gladys his first married name onto her third child. Norma Jean that's why before she became a star Maryland is more commonly remembered as being. Norma Jeane Baker. Wow Norma Norma Jean has just been born in already. It's hard to keep track of. Who was responsible for her? You're so right. This is the kind of uncertainty and fear that by all reports haunted her for her entire life life just right after she was born. Her mother's mental illness proved too much for her and Gladys Baker immediately. Had to see about getting Norma Jean into a foster home but what is really powerful. Is that even though. Her mother was mentally ill and unfit to raise a daughter. When Norma Jean changed her name to Marilyn? She chose as her last name. Her mother's maiden the name Monroe and that speaks volumes about the love. Maryland must have had for her mother. Even though for years Maryland would often claim an interviews that her mother was dead. Well if if you think about it gladys knew that as a parent with a mental instability. She needed to place her newborn daughter into foster care. She was in her own way looking out for Norma Jean Norma. Jean's first set of foster parents were Albert and Ida Bolander and Evangelical Christian couple in the California town of Hawthorn by all accounts they adored norma and even even allowed gladys to live with them and commute to work in Los Angeles. In fact many years later after their young charge became famous. Ida Bolander composed a letter to Maryland's that's half sister which she said it is almost broken. My heart to read the stories that have been written about early childhood when Hanno personally they are so untrue. I find that really touching it. Sounds like Norma Jean's first set of foster parents really wanted the world to know that they did right by her. Let's go back a second. You said Ida Bolander underwrote a note to Maryland's half sister Marilyn had a half sister yes and half brother to though he died young before Maryland ever met him. Did I miss something. Well yes so did Marilyn. She never knew she had half siblings until she was an adolescent and never met her half sister Bernice until she was an adult. Oh so these must have been kids that Norma Jean's or Maryland's mother had with Mr Baker that's right gladys married the twenty four year old guy when she was only fifteen and when they divorced he took the kids awesome left Gladys must have stayed pretty quiet about it so weird too because years later Maryland would find herself in a similar situation with a man minus the kids right. We'll get to that but for now everything is going along. Pretty okay for a while with gladys those struggling with their issues living with the bolander and helping to raise little norma Jean but when gladys has worked as a negative cutter for the movie industry took up more of her time she moved away and only visited on weekends. The bolander is wanted to adopt. Norma Jean and but by the summer of nineteen thirty three Gladys said. She felt like she had gotten her mental illness under control. And so we're daughter moved with her to a small house in Hollywood and it was during this time when Norma Jean was just seven that things began to spin out of control gladys was not as on the men that she had hoped she could be and she she soon had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Eventually poor gladys spent the rest of her life institutions in hardly ever had any contact with the daughter daughter who would become world famous. But Norma Jean Baker was not world famous as Marilyn Monroe yet in fact she was about to enter the most damaging time of her life the time that may have been the main contributor to the depression. She struggled with for her entire career. Norma Jean was taken in by George. Maude Atkinson the husband and wife borders. I live with her and her mother for the year and a half she lived with them. She was reportedly molested by George Atkinson. who should be noted that Marilyn Monroe's many biographers differ as to the the author of these claims but there is no doubt that Maryland was a troubled soul condition that came to its boiling point on the night that she died which we will soon explore floor meantime little norma? Jean was bounced around through several different foster homes situations grace goddard along time friend of Gladys came in to oversee Norma Jean's transfer for to the Los Angeles orphans home in Hollywood in nineteen thirty five. Although most accounts do not have Norma Jean as being abused in the orphanage it was still a place of great pain for for her she felt unwanted and cast aside in every area of are still so young life. She was already a shy girl. But now believe it or not the woman who would become become. Marilyn Monroe was becoming painfully shy and withdrawn even developing stutter-. For a time Norma. Jean was taken out of the orphanage to live with her mother's friend. Grace Goddard uttered but that came to a terrible end when grace's husband also reportedly molested Norma Jean but there was always the movies in the nineteen sixty two interview with life magazine Maryland said when I was five. I think that's when I started wanting to be an actress I loved to play. I didn't like the world around me because it was kind of grim but I love to play house who like you could make your own boundaries. When I heard that this was acting I said that's what I want to be? Some of my foster families used to send me to the movies to get me out of the House and there. I'd sit all day away into into the night up in front there with the screen so big a little kid on loan and I loved it for a a brief time. Norma Jean's life return to a kind of normalcy. When Grace Goddard's kindly aunt Anna Atkinson lower agreed to let Norma? Jean live with her for two years. Norma Jean attended Emerson Junior High School in Los Angeles and even wrote for the school newspaper articles. Were still around. Can you imagine there was is a lot going on inside that young mind soon. After though on Anna's health began to fail and Norma Jean was pushed back into the lives of her official legal guardians. Grace Goddard uttered and her possibly abusive husband then to make matters worse. Said husband gets reassigned in his work. And the Gods are headed to West Virginia except California L. A. -fornia law at the time would not let them take Norma Jean with them so it's beginning to look like it'll be back to the orphanage for her Norma Jeane Baker is really feeling squeeze now so she take some action that put her in a remarkably similar situation to that of her mother some years back at sixteen to make sure she does not have to move to West Virginia with her foster parents parents. She drops out of Van Nuys High School in Mary's a neighbor. The twenty one year old factory worker. Jim Dougherty Norma. Jean immediately takes on the uncomfortable role of teenage housewife and mother. It's the time of World War Two by now and in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. Jim Ships out to the Pacific. He would remain there for two years years while he's Gone Norma. Jean moves in with Jim's parents and takes a job at the Radio Plane Munitions Factory. She wanted to help the war effort and perhaps more importantly early. She wanted to start earning her own living. The mayor's did make me sad but it didn't make me happy either. My husband and I hardly spoke to each other. This wasn't because we were angry. We had nothing to say. I was dying of boredom for his part years later as an old man Jim. I'm dorothy reflected on his brief marriage. The world's greatest screen siren I never knew Marilyn Monroe. I don't claim to have any insights to her. Our to this day I knew and loved. No medine mind you. Dorothy was not happy when Norma Jean wanted a divorce and moved out of his parents house he was against her having a modeling career late. A modeling career. Yes Norma Jean's life was about to take a significant turn and now listeners. Take note before before you think. Working in a munitions factory would be the last place in the world where one's future could suddenly turn around remember. That's how it happened for. Norma Jean Pretty much everything that came after it was all part art of how Marilyn Monroe became Marilyn Monroe and it was indeed because she worked in a munitions factory during World War. Two a certain somebody buddy named Ronald Reagan was the commanding officer of the US. Army and Air Force's first motion picture unit. Reagan said photographer. David Conifer out to the munitions factory take pictures of female workers to boost wartime morale convert took several now famous photographs of Norma. Jean and even though they weren't used by the motion picture unit. The experience lit a fire. Norma Jean's ambitions and she left her marriage to pursue a modeling career doing more advertisement and Pinup work for gave it conifer and his circle of photographer friends. She signed a contract with the Blue Book. Modeling Agency in Nineteen forty five and dyed her hair blonde to get more work. According to the agency's owner she was one of the most serious and hardworking models. They employed by your later. She appeared on thirty three magazine covers and and it was time to see if the movies would come calling. They did but more with a whimper than a bang it first at Twentieth Century Fox producer. Ben Lyon persuaded a Lukewarm Daryl Daryl zanuck to sign a new actress now named her now and forever Marilyn Monroe the early signs of Marilyn's dedication to her craft and to her own success can can be found right from the start she barely got any acting roles only tiny parts in minor productions but through it all. She hung around film sets to see how they did things and she constantly Salaam took acting classes to hone her craft. The studio also paid for her to study in their own acting lab which was patterned after the techniques of the group theatre Marilyn Monroe was always dedicated to the enrichment of her acting despite becoming known as the archetypal dumb blonde this seriousness of approach to a profession. As part of what is forgotten the history that is sometimes eager to keep her in the dumb blonde role. I think that's why it's important to briefly. Say the Group theatre which had such an influence on Maryland's life. Yes it was a New York collective founded by Lee Strasburg among others dedicated to a grounded and naturalistic style of acting and self expression. I knew how third rate I was. I could actually feel my lack of talent as if it were cheap clothes. I was wearing inside but my God how he wanted to learn to change to improve. I finally made up my mind. I wanted to be an actress and I was not going to let my lack of confidence ruin my chances working. The actors lab was my first taste of what re electing a real trauma could be and I was hooked. Our story will continue in a moment. After a brief message judge and now back to our story it was perhaps this belief in the process of acting that kept Maryland going. Even when her contract at Fox was not renewed she was also an excellent self promoter. Getting to know gossip columnists and making sure flirt with the most influential people in Tinseltown when she had an affair with another film executive the Joseph Schenck Schenk persuaded his friend. Harry Cohn at Columbia Studios to sign Maryland and while this next milestone still did not yield any significant acting role. It did Cement Maryland's image as we now know it at Columbia. They shifted her from the girl next door. Parts Fox was casting. Her in to kind of bombshell along the lines of Rita Hayworth worth her hairline was raised through electrolysis or hair was bleached to a lighter platinum blonde and the dialogue coach. She was having an affair with paid to have her slight. overbites corrected directed still no big break for Maryland. Then she became a protege of a big shot. The William Morris Agency Johnny hide the two began an affair but Maryland refused his marriage. Proposals Hide also paid for a silicone prosthesis to be placed in Maryland jaw completing her. Look that is kind of sad to hear how made over Maryland was but at that point I suspect she had her eyes on the prize of fame. And nothing's going to stop her but it was pretty clear she couldn't have done it without Johnny Hyde. Here's what one Hollywood insider said about the collaboration. At the time only one man was responsible for making Harris. Dr That man was Johnny Hyde. He had faith in her when she was a starlet. And the damned unimportant starlet. When you Johnny in your corner you had a pipeline to the guys that really count in Hollywood and it was in nineteen fifty that all that that compromise and hard work began to pay off for Maryland? CONSIDERING ACIDIC in the asphalt jungle heist film from noted director. John Huston Maryland had only a few minutes of screen time but she got noticed and then in all about about eve. Maryland held her own among stars. Like bette Davis and George Sanders. I don't WANNA make trouble. I want you to drink. Aw thank you well done. And while these breakout roles did put Maryland in the blonde bombshell mold that she spent most career in they did allow her to find footing in the career. She had been dreaming of since play-acting at five years old. I'm trying to find myself as a person. Sometimes that's it's not easy to do. Millions of people live their entire lives without finding themselves. But it is something I must do the best way for me to find myself as a person is to prove to myself that I am an actress and make no mistake. Maryland had arrived in nineteen fifty one. Collier's magazine republish. The world's first full length profile of Maryland she was presented at the Twenty Third Academy Awards. The Los Angeles Daily News called her one of the brightest up and coming actresses. This is on the scene Fan mail poured in during the Korean War. The army newspaper Stars and Stripes declared her miss cheesecake of one thousand nine hundred fifty one. WHO's not idle title in the Romance Department? Either most high-profile Romance during this period was with director Elia Kazan. Who would go onto make on the waterfront with Marlon Brando? She also dated rebel without a cause. Director Nicholas Ray along with actors. Peter Lawford and you'll Brenner but all the success was buffered by a terrible loss. Just just after. He signed a brand new contract for Maryland with twentieth century. Fox The man who allowed it all to happen. Johnny Hyde died suddenly of heart attack Marilyn. Lynn was devastated. She wrote in her diary. My greatest trend was buried. I was without his importance to fight for me without his love to guide me. I cried for night after night. Sometimes I felt wrong. Not marrying him and giving him what he wanted but I also knew it would be wrong to marry a man you didn't we love. I never stopped regretting the loss of Johnny Hyde. But as we know life closes one door and opens another and for Maryland. That new door was the acting teacher. Michael Chekhov acting became important. It became an art that belong to the actor not to the director or producer or the man and whose money had bought the studio. It was an art that transformed you into somebody else that increased your life and mind. I'd always loved acting and tried tried hard to learn it but with Michael Chekhov acting became more than a profession to me. It became a sort of religion. chekhov todd actors to access subconscious through various external and movement techniques Maryland continued to improve her acting chops and sought out more challenging roles. Such as a fish cannery worker clash by night in one thousand nine hundred eighty two about which the Hollywood reporter said. She deserves starring status with her. Excellent interpretation generally prepared by working for time in a real fish fish cannery in Monterey California. Then there was. Don't bother to knock a role that Daryl Zanuck specifically gave her to see if she could pull off something much more dramatic but the role of psychologically disturbed babysitter was not as well received by the critics causing the setback in Maryland's deeper ambitions. None of this stopped her from making headlines. I by telling a gossip columnist that she was not fond of wearing underwear then came scandal that anyone else might not have recovered from in nineteen fifties America. The date line Hollywood movie Vixen Marilyn Monroe embroiled in nude pictures of Oh that could destroy her career. It was discovered that during her early modeling days Maryland had posed naked for pinup calendar and the news media pounced on it but in a stunning reversal that speaks volumes about how Maryland's vulnerable side was so embraced embraced by her fans. The movie studios spun the story to have Maryland talk openly about how the new shots were done during a difficult time in her life when she was in dire financial financial straights it worked not only was the outpouring of public sympathy enormous. But the publicity increase audience interest in seeing Maryland's movies as if all that wasn't enough a very big change in her private life was the next thing to grab. Headlines was when Maryland began a relationship with a man she had been introduced to through mutual friends. Baseball baseball legend Joe Dimaggio Monroe and Dimaggio were married in January of Nineteen fifty four and by October Tober of that same year they had divorced the two factors where their fame and Maggio's jealousy. Let's start with fame. Joe Di Maggio. Arguably the most famous sports figure of his day had retired from baseball when he met Maryland he already had his years of fame just as Maryland was beginning to get the first taste of hers in a way to Maggi. Ozzy was over it just as Maryland was being seduced by it. There's a great story about how right. In the middle of their honeymoon. Maryland accepted an invitation to entertain the troops overseas season Korea. She was so bowled over by the reception that she called her husband on a fame induced high. Joe It's wonderful. shoups love me. Aw You have never heard such jeering. Yes yes darling I have and that was really it. Joe had been down that road and he was not on the same path his wife but we should make sure and say that he did not present Maryland her fame. He knew what it was because he had it himself and he was okay with combines what he was not okay with was the image that her fame required of her She Sang of Love Justice. She lived for La like Laura lie flaunting her charms as she lured men on and on to their eternal destruction and in her own husband was no exception. That's a clip from the trailer for Niagara a scandalous. Love Story starring Maryland that had church groups up in arms. We're talking scenes in which Maryland was wearing only sheet or a towel absolutely shocking to audiences at that time and a thirty second long shot of her butt and her swaying hips Screen Diva Joan. Crawford said Maryland's behavior was unbecoming of an actress and a lady and this is the kind of thing it was very hard for Joe. Dimaggio to live with there came a string of other successes for Maryland who is now listed. Among the top ten moneymaking stars in Hollywood and Fox studios called her their greatest asset apart from cinemascope the new wide screen process. That was taking movie screens by storm. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. How to marry a millionaire river of no return and in the middle of these movie blockbusters busters playboy publishes nude calendar shots? What a turnaround I? She gets public sympathy for being forced to pose nude before she was famous. Now she can do no wrong by being nude when she is famous now. The single word Maryland said all anybody needed to say I knew belong to the public and to the world not that because I was talented or even beautiful but because I had never belonged to anyone or anything else finally it was the seven year itch. What did Joe Dimaggio in? This was the billy wilder comedy that contained one of the most iconic shots in movie history. In which the air from the subway grate blows Maryland skirt up around her legs. Director Wilder knew the shot would cause a sensation so he staged the scene in public for fans to come and watch the filming drew crowds. How's Bhai the hundreds and it became the image most associated with Marilyn Monroe it put the final nail into the coffin of the Monroe? Di Maggio marriage just the same the to remain friends forever until Maryland's death and some said Joe was even thinking of proposing marriage to her again shortly before she died he took care of all the funeral. Arrangements made sure it was a low key private ceremony and had flowers sent to her grave for twenty years after she passed away. Marilyn's persona may have been too much. That's for Joe Dimaggio. But it was clear that he respected her talent and her drive to stay on top and she was becoming fierce in her negotiating. Knowing the power her image had after a feud with twentieth century Fox caused her contract to end she came back strong and renegotiated it getting one hundred thousand dollars to appear in the seven year itch which this was followed by Maryland. Starting her own production company and again battling Fox studios to get out of the contract. She had just renegotiated in the end knowing wing. She could not make movies without the studios money and that the studios needed her for her box office. Potential Fox and Maryland came to an agreement to work together in nineteen fifty five time called her a shrewd businesswoman and look magazine declared she would stand as an example of the individual against the heard for years to come during the took. Those negotiations to resolve Maryland again. Devoted herself to her craft taking classes. At New York's legendary actors studio to escape public attention. She you took private lessons with Lee Strasberg and his wife Paula. At their home. This was the start of a close friendship between the Strasberg's Maryland that would last until her untimely death. Another protege of Strasberg's was Marlon Brando. which led to a brief romance between Brando and Monroe but the next significant romance that would blossom into marriage was is just around the corner? When Maryland was introduced to playwright Arthur Miller known for his iconic drama about the dark side of the American dream death of a salesman Arthur Miller was arguably to American theater? What Joe Dimaggio was to American baseball? So what you like about Maryland. She was drawn to the best and they to her. Now there were lots of reasons why Twentieth Century Fox did not want Maryland to be hanging around with Arthur Miller chief among them being that this was during the McCarthy era when people in show business this were being investigated for being communists and Arthur Miller was on the top of that list of suspects then when Maryland converted to Judaism for the marriage Egypt dipped banned all her films and the studio felt. The whole thing was mismatched with Marilyn thought of as the classic Dumb Blonde and Miller Thought of as the classic intellectual when and variety covered the wedding their headline. Was Egghead weds hourglass. He can't win with the media. Can you in an interview late in her career Maryland said sometimes sometimes I feel my whole life has been one big rejection. She was also quoted as saying Arthur. Miller wouldn't have married me if I had been nothing but a dumb blonde. And Arthur Miller Miller had this to say about Maryland. She was a whirling light to me. Then all paradox and enticing mystery street tough one moment then lifted by lyrical and poetic sensitivity. She was at this point in capable of condemning or even of of judging people who had damaged her what she wanted most was not to judge but to win recognition from cruel profession and from men blinded to her humanity by her perfect beauty. There are many theories about why the couple eventually split but it is well known that Maryland had had to devastating miscarriages during their marriage and that her depression and drug use was increasing. She was also reportedly pretty unhappy with the role. Arthur Miller wrote for her in her our final film the misfits which she felt reflected. They're growing distance from one another and put her character in a bad light. Plus after they divorced Miller immediately the remarried and had a child which must have crushed Maryland after her endometriosis which she suffered with her entire life caused so many of her problems but there were many ways in which Maryland had become her own worst enemy. This is sadly true. Not only was she becoming addicted to barbiturates but long before drugs were becoming an issue for her. She had for some time been chronically late to a movie sets and this was becoming a real problem for the studio aim invariably late for appointments sometimes as much as two hours. I've tried to change my ways but the things that make me later too strong and too pleasing drugs sex probably both of these were the strong doc in pleasing things making Maryland late but at the height of her career. She was probably just two biggest star for it to matter. Bus Stop got her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress us the famous New York Times film critic Bosley crowther declared hold onto your chairs. Everybody and get set for a rattling surprise. Marilyn Monroe has finally finally proved herself an actress. She then starred alongside Laurence Olivier in the prince and the showgirl but she found Olivier sexist and condescending and used her distaste for him as an excuse to be even more late and unprepared slowly increasing her reputation as a liability when she teamed up again with Director. Billy wilder older things. Were really getting out of hand. syncopated played that Derby Fast Music Jazz. I I guess some like it hot. I personally prefer classical music. As a matter of fact I spent three years at the Royal Conservatory Amusing. We'll return to our the story in just a moment now. Back to the story some like it hot was a big hit but Maryland's behavior onset was becoming unconscionable not only was she chronically late but she would constantly forget her lines and demand dozens of retakes prompting her co Star. Tony Curtis to quip that. Kissing her became became like kissing Hitler mice but in the end nobody could argue with the film's runaway. Success or Maryland. Gift for comedy. She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress soon after she moved back to California after six years on the East Coast and had a brief relationship with Frank Sinatra shortly thereafter came. What would be Maryland's final? Final film the misfits which as we've already established had been written by her soon to be ex husband Arthur Miller but the real reason we're coming back to the misfits in which she also starred with Montgomery clift. Is that there was another screen. Legend sharing top billing on the film and one with particular significance to Maryland. That's right in an ironic mctwist an example of a life coming full circle. Maryland's Co Star in the misfits was none other than the man she had long playfully. Claimed may have been her biological father. Mr Clark Gable. Though the misfits was her last film. There was one in the works just before she died. And it may simply be a coincidence. But the title of Maryland's Island's last uncompleted movie project was something's got to give that title was indeed a fitting description of what would be the final few months of her life. The movie was is produced by Maryland's company and Crooner Dean Martin was set to Co Star. Unfortunately Maryland became ill with a sinus infection and could barely work on the project in. Its first six six weeks. It may have been that our long history of flaking and forgetting her lines was catching up to her. But the studio used Maryland's illness as ammunition to go after her. Even even though there was documented evidence from medical sources advising Fox to halt production. The studio even went so far as to declare to the public that Maryland was faking it. A case said the girl who cried wolf too often perhaps but just the same. They were on the wrong this time. This industry should behave like a mother whose child has just run out in front of a car but instead of clasping the child to them they start punishing the child. Like you don't dare get a cold. How dare you get a cold? I mean the executives. This can get colds and stay home forever and phone it in but how dare you the actor get a cold or virus. You don't no one feels worse than the one who sick. I sometimes wish Gee I wish they had to act comedy with the temperature and a virus infection while her battles with the studio continued Maryland. I did one other thing. The studio had advised her not to do. Aw Wearing a skintight beige dress. That made her look almost naked. Maryland showed up at New York's Madison Square Garden on May Nineteenth nineteen sixty two to join the birthday celebration for John. F. Kennedy with whom. She was rumored to be having an affair. Supposedly the president's brother Bobby too. Although by most accounts are relationships the Kennedys could have been rumors. She was connected to the family though through her old boyfriend. Peter Lawford who had gone on to marry Jack and Bobby Sister Patricia or Pat Kennedy Kennedy. In any case Marilyn's antics were driving the studio crazy. Finally by June seventh after calling in sick a few more times Maryland was fired by Fox ensued for three quarters of a million dollars in damages. The studio publicly blamed Monroe for having to shut down. Something's got to give and even started to spread negative publicity. Listen about her including that. She was mentally disturbed. They'll fox in Maryland eventually made nice and even contracted Maryland to appear in another picture. They're mean spirited heritage character assassination of her may have contained a chilling grain of truth on August fifth nineteen sixty two Marilyn. Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Brentwood empty bottles of the pill. She used battle her depression where scattered around the room. Marilyn Monroe kills self read the now infamous newspaper for headline in the New York Mirror. Everything pretty much points to this inevitable conclusion but apparently there was enough mystery occurring on the night of her death to fuel of you you skeptics and probable crackpots. A timeline of what happened prior to her death has been established. She died on a Sunday on that Saturday August fourth. She she had taken some meetings even signed for several deliveries her housekeeper. Eunice Murray was there along with. Maryland's publicist who sent away at four thirty in the afternoon when Maryland therapist. Dr Ralph Greene arrived for a session with Maryland. After the session Dr Greenspan asked that Eunice Murray stay the night to keep Maryland Company at around around seven PM Maryland received a call from Joe Di Maggio Junior. Her ex-husband son and Maryland had stayed close friends. Since the divorce and Joe Junior wanted to share share some news with Maryland about his breaking up with his girlfriend. Joe Junior later told reporters that he found nothing odd in her manner. When speaking to her that evening but Maryland's old boyfriend and the actor? Peter Lawford who as we mentioned earlier was married to the Kennedy's sister. Pat called at around eight PM to invite Maryland to a party and he told a different story story. LAWFORD said he was worried and that Maryland sounded like she was under the influence of drugs. The conversation ended with what amounts to Maryland's last words. Say Goodbye to Pat. Say Goodbye to the president and say goodbye to yourself because you're nice guy. LAWFORD tried to reach Maryland again but he couldn't get through. He called his agent. Who tried to get through to Dr Green but couldn't but then got through to Maryland's lawyer? Dr Who got through to the housekeeper Eunice Murray assured everyone that Maryland was okay but Eunice Murray awakened suddenly at three. Am that Sunday and had a feeling something something was wrong. She saw the light on Maryland's room but the door was locked. She peeked through the window from outside and saw Marilyn. She was lying face down on her bed head covered in a sheet and clutching the phone. Receiver she called Dr Greenstone immediately and he broke a window to enter Maryland's room where he discovered she was I did it is difficult to say. How conspiracy theories get started but there are a lot of them swirling around about the death breath of Marilyn Monroe? Interestingly these conspiracy theories did not gain prominence in the time immediately after her death but have blossomed in the ensuing years. The most prominent prominent and enduring theory is that Marilyn's ongoing affair with Robert Kennedy was causing great problems for the then attorney general and that when she threatened to expose him he arranged ensure murder. This theory was initially floated in nineteen sixty four by a guy named Frank. AAC Appel whom together with Los Angeles Police Sergeant. Jack Clemens was the I officer. At the scene of Marilyn's death but Cappella and clemens claims have been widely critiqued and it has been pointed out that clemens suddenly added new details to his testimony ONI years after the discovery of Maryland's body in which he said when he came upon the scene housekeeper was actually washing. Maryland's sheets Frank Capelle. It was also discovered discovered. Head a virulent anticommunist agenda and published his pamphlet about the conspiracy in nineteen sixty four in hopes of furthering his cause over the years though all these theories have persisted. Fueled largely by the new resurgence of interest in the case through. Norman Mailer Nineteen seventy-three biography of Marilyn in that book mailer again asserted that the affair with Robert Kennedy was the motive for the death only in his version either the FBI or the CIA handled the killing of Maryland with an eye to increasing pressure around the Kennedy family. Norman mailer himself recanted his statement. But still other books with more theories came out including the notion that union leader. Jimmy Hoffa had Maryland's place wiretapped and wanted to use any secrets she had about the Kennedys against the anti-crime Crusading Attorney General. Bobby Kennedy. It was also rumored that Maryland kept an infamous red diary in which she recorded secret political information she gained from being in relationships with the Kennedys. Things reached a peak in the one thousand nine hundred eighty S. When the controversial traversable biography goddess? The secret lives of Marilyn Monroe was published by author. Anthony Summers his theory involved. The missing time between when housekeeper or Eunice Murray claimed Maryland was okay and when she went to look in on her employer it became a what really happened. Breeding ground for conspiracy involving both Bobby Kennedy Kennedy and Peter Lawford in this incarnation Kennedy. LAWFORD were supposedly feeding Maryland's addiction in hopes of keeping her docile and preventing her from going public about her affair with bobby then again supposedly when she accidentally overdosed and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. LAWFORD and the Kennedys with additional help L. from J. Edgar Hoover. FBI mind you brought the body back to the house and staged a suicide well. This was apparently because Robert Kennedy needed to get out of Los Angeles just before the death became public and he was linked to it. The only fact that can be pulled out of any of these wild theories is that Robert F Kennedy was apparently in Los Angeles us on the night before Maryland's death quite a lot to spin out of one piece of logistics. In fact because of all these books conspiracy theories the Marilyn Monroe case was reopened. We opened in nineteen eighty. Two and the findings of the inquest were again. That Maryland's death was a probable suicide. The corner statement read in part as follows us. Miss Monroe had suffered from psychiatric disturbance for a long time she experienced severe fears and frequent depressions. Mood changes were abrupt and unpredictable. Among symptoms of Disorganization Sleep disturbance was prominent for which she had been taking sedative drugs for many a years. She was thus familiar with and experienced in the use of sedative drugs and well aware of their dangers in our investigation and we have learned that Miss Monroe had often expressed wishes to give up to withdraw and even to die on more than one occasion in the past. She had made Edey suicide attempt using sedative drugs. On these occasions she had called for help and had been rescued. It is our opinion that the same pattern pattern was repeated on the evening of August fourth except for the rescue except for the rescue. What a heartbreaking truth route that was when a person so larger than life dies maybe? Sometimes it's too hard to face that they were human after all so we have to come up with our own reasons why it happened but but also when a person is popular Marilyn Monroe dies. She leaves behind her work and her legacy in fact in Maryland will she left a little money to that long lost half sister Bernice whom we talked about as we opened the show her mother's first daughter the one you're surprised to hear about Maryland clearly. Valued the importance of family. She also established a trust fund to cover the cost associated with the continuing care of her mother Gladys Baker as well as the care of the widow of Michael Chekhov her beloved acting teacher. She left twenty five percent of her state to a former psychiatrist asking that the money be distributed to further the work of other psychiatric groups and institutions that really reveals reveals about her feelings toward what her mother must have suffered and what Maryland suffered with herself really does she left. The remaining seventy five percent of our state to the actor studios does Lee Strasburg to be administered among her friends and colleagues and as Maryland put those to whom I am devoted there was a lot of love inside this very complicated complicated woman. Norma Jeane Baker whom we now will forever know as Marilyn Monroe and it may be that Maryland had no greater love than she did for the audiences who worshiped her. Let's give Maryland. The last word about the acting craft that meant so much to her and she negotiated the obstacle course of worldwide fame and notoriety. I've always felt toward the slightest seen even if all I had to do in a scene was just to come in and say hi that the people to get their money's worth and that this is an obligation of mine to give them the best you can get from me Thanks for listening. You can find more episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on on spotify famous fates spotify exclusive will not only to spotify already. 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