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Dan Le Batard vs. ESPN, Al Franken Reconsidered, and the Worst 'Lion King' Reviews | The Press Box


The David after criticizing E._S._p._N.'s no politics policy. Dan Le Batard said he was not in the right frame of mind to be on his radio show Monday. According to Sports Business Journal what I want WanNa know is if you didn't want to do this podcast today. How would you have described your mental state with yield southern's phrases accent four and wouldn't couldn't come? You know that one no I don't yeah that's sort of just like I didn't WANNA show or I. It wasn't in the mood for showing up. Brian was sent foreign couldn't come today. I feel like we've seen a lot of celebrities. Who are maybe politicians with their job site exhaustion right mental exhaustion? That's kind of a nice this kind of a simple exhausted. I think we're your I remain somebody who produces a shell the correct answer that you couldn't give would be. I'm currently asleep it just earlier today. Brian Stelter tweeted a a quote from laboratory today saying that he was upon his return saying quote. I'm a little scared a little nervous. I'm walking a bit of tight rope so you know the metaphors didn't end on day one. They're still going. I think that I would have been a little bit more sympathetic if you said he was nervous as a cat and room rocking chairs to go on the air today we're the brain rod of media podcasts the press box a part of the ringer podcast network Hello Media Consumers Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker here much of great stuff to get to on today's show. We're GONNA talk about that Big Al Franken story in the New Yorker. We've got a report from America's content farms on the subject of Jeffrey Epstein. We've got the dateline of the week and the overworked twitter joke of the week as though is but David back to the Dan Le Batard affair last Thursday Lebatardshow went off on Donald Trump's racist comments about the Congress members not squad <hes> and the centre-back bit in particular. He also went after E._S._P._N.. Let's listen to a little bit of it. There's a racial division this country that's being instigated by the president and we we hear at E._S._p._N.. Haven't had the stomach for that fight because you're mel did some things on twitter and you saw what happened after that then here all of a sudden nobody talks politics on anything unless we can use one of these sports figures as a meat shield in the most cowardly possible possible way to discuss these subjects but what happened last night at this rally is deeply offensive <hes> done by the president of our country Lebatardshow read a tweet from Nick right who is apparently allowed to go in on the stuff off and then he continued. Let's let this tape role a little bit longer. It is so wrong what the president of our country is doing trying to go down getting reelected by dividing the masses at a time when the old white man old rich white man feels oppress being attacked by minorities Black People Brown people women. That's who were going after now Black People Brown people women and that's the like. Let's do it as the platform. That's what you're seeing and the only way we can discuss around here because this isn't about politics. It's about race. What you're seeing happening around? Here is about race and it's been turned into politics and we only talk about it around here. When Steve Kerr Popovich says something we don't talk about what is happening unless there's some some sort of week cowardly sports angle that we can run it through when sports has always been a place where this stuff changes five seconds after something like that happens David? Everybody's mind goes to E._S._P._N.. And Politics E._S._p._N.. And Liberalism what is the policy here's where my mind goes to the anguish and Dan laboratories voice because what he is explaining there is the eternal conundrum of being a sports writer there what you do on a daily basis is is about these games and what you're not talking about on a daily basis is about that shit that's going on over there in the White House and seems like a much bigger story. That's what he's talking about and we're looking at it now through this E._s._p._N.. Lens wins and the rules and Jimmy Eternal. We'll get to that in the second this is this is what being a sports writers all about and it saying that I have this giant platform and somehow either I'm not or I can't talk about the thing that it seems much more important. It seems like a much bigger story and sometimes that plays out his policy between the writer under the media member and their employer but I think most the time it just plays out in somebody's heart and in their mind and you know to me if I ever meet a sportsreiter sports media person who isn't feeling this especially right now. I kinda wonder what's wrong with them and I kinda. Wonder you know if you if if you just think that this little thing we do over here. Most of the time is just fine and there's not a little party that wonders if you shouldn't be doing something else with your life then I just you know to me it was to me it was lebatardshow articulately articulating something that has been around forever. Would you think I think that's right. I think I I think that you put perfectly <hes> you know we're not in the finger-pointing segment of the of the discussion yet but but I do think that there's something to be said for you know when you when Your Business Model is creating this you kind of wall to wall entertainment world rate <hes> then there has to be room for discussion of other things I mean if your if your intention is to get as a gift people to turn on the channel in the morning or on the radio in the morning and never flipped the dial I mean that's gotta be the you know the goal at the end of the day and then in some in some ways you've gotta you've got to figure out you've got to figure out a way to be oncoming or at least somewhat more encompassing in your subject matter and then in separate from that or maybe it's a it's a corollary to that when your business model is based on personalities right E._S._p._N.. Radio is not just readings sports scores <hes> and like injury reports is this is is Dan Lebatardshow human being is the reason I mean is is is getting paid lots of money by E._S._p._N.. Because of who is a person as a T._v.. Show he has a radio show broadcast T._v.. Show <hes> this is Dan. I mean it's it's it's it's him as if it's him as a personality and part of that personality isn't is interested in talking about this well. It shouldn't be it. I mean on the one hand I get. I get the the corporate stance of like only when it relates the sports only when whatever but it does seem sort of ridiculous on its face when the hook is that someone with a similar job description at another company tweeted about it and now we can talk about now. Maybe that doesn't count for you know maybe that maybe maybe maybe it doesn't count when Nick writes about it but is really all we need just to have like I mean I mean couldn't we just have one low level N._F._l.. Player or one medium tear N._F._l.. N._B._A. Player who just took it upon himself to tweet a liberal deliberate perspective perspective on every political things so that they would have a hook to talk about it on the radio. I mean with that really be a solution because that seems to be what they're asking for and that's what he's that's what he's calling out is so silly yeah exactly I mean and to think that I mean I guess that we discussed this. We discuss this trump. I made their I mean I I tweeted these things. <hes> you know but I feel like at some point you have to just acknowledge that something's beyond the Pale right and and and I think that's what lead guitar was doing here and I think that it's a direct challenge to his superiors to say you know I'm sure that along with all these bylaws or whatever about you know sticking sports they probably said you know at some point. It'll be to the point that we have to. We you know that you'd have to touch on it and I think this is love towards saying we're at that point and <hes> if you don't agree with me then like sure you're you're welcome to come down on the side of the racists. This is well. I think I think John Skipper had a policy who was a previous president of E._S._p._N.. That was like that which is there's all these things we have to do because we're E._S._P._N.. And the data shows us we should do this and this is where the audiences and this is what the audience wants but there is a subset of things we should do because they're the right thing to do because the time the country whatever it is demands that we should do this. This is the right thing to do. People may not want this as much as they want something else but this is the right thing to do. In every public statement Jimmy Petar has made he has not talked in those terms. He has said right very clearly. The data tells us to do this. The data says E._S._P._N.. Viewers brewers consumers do not want politics politics it with big big air quotes so therefore even if you Dan Lebatard were hired as you just said because you're a really interesting person because you're a polymath and when you sit down dinner at night sixty percent of your conversation is about this thing trump said today and you have a great interesting perspective on it you you know a lot of talk about that's it. We don't want that. We want you talking about N._B._A.. Free Agency in N._F._l.. Training camp that kind of stuff and you know listen Lebanon has snuck more non-sports into a sport show then basically anybody in human history especially on that big a platform but you know I don't. It's funny because to me guitars whole thing was you can't talk about this and by the way that forced everybody at e._S._p._N.. Who's politics are similar to Lebatardshow to make a choice and you we I know who these people are? This isn't a secret but those people have made a choice to say. Look you get the E._S._p._N.. Exposure you get the Nice contract you get a perch at the top of the sports media world but guess what you have to play by the rules rules. You can't talk about it and you know but Taro since he came in did that and think of how many people have made that choice think of how many people ninety nine percent of the time on a daily basis of billet okay okay okay one time. It's yeah yeah I mean I think a lot of people would make that choice. I don't think that there's a you know I don't think we need to wade deeply into the moral imperative argument human. I think that for a lot of people a lot of people's Calculus or people are in a lot different position than Dan Le Batard. Maybe Dan Laboratory would have done the same thing if he was broadcasting on a pirate radio to an audience of one hundred people. You know I kind of actually do one away to the moral imperative. I mean a lot of people's Calculus for saying yes is that they DECI is that you know they have other. Their priorities are providing for their family or doing whatever you know there's. I don't even want to cast aspersions anybody else at E._S._p._N.. Let's let's roll this back in imagine that Grantland had continued pass Twenty Fifteen Simmons Simmons resigns you and <hes> we're all sort of happy. GRANTLAND family and Donald trump gets elected and Jimmy Petar becomes president of E._S._p._N.. And you and I look at each other go wait. We can't say anything about Donald Trump up ever either in our E._S._p._N.. Product or basically on our twitter feeds or just we can't use any part of whatever microphone we have. Would we have quit the next day you know in my <hes> Walter Mitty fantasy I'd love to think so but I probably not yeah probably not but I would like to think that you and I would have at least been pushed mentally inside inside ourselves to worry about it and to wonder okay the right decision yes but I think I think that I'm not sure if this I'm not sure what side this really comes down but I think it's worth it's worth pointing out that part would've that there is a moral aspect to that. which is that like the things that are president said in tweeted <hes> you know everyone should be shouting from the rooftops about how offensive inappropriate and problematic they are but there's also so the this maybe this gets back to what we you know? The kind of core of the the the media side of the conversations like the idea that of site light grantland would exist and not be touching on these issues is just might would be impossible to to to consider consider in night in two thousand nineteen right. I mean it would be like I mean. Could you imagine what what the third rail would have to be for Simmons Jonathan AC- to tell us no. We're not gonNA touch on that for fear of offending readers in I mean it would just like the idea that you can be voice driven a writing driven even just an idea driven media outlet in two thousand nineteen and have that have anything have something that significant be off. Limits is just would be mind boggling right so like so. So to say if he if that was a really grantland yeah it would be like I would. I would think about quitting but I would think about quitting almost less oh because the moral aspect and more because of the like I don't this what have we got ourselves into just from a purely functional optional standpoint aspect does that make sense dough absolutely and and when moral you know again it's you're right. It's biting off a lot to say I expect everyone to be up in arms about this and and you know and and calling out trump for racism and stuff like that I guess I'm more mean like just living with yourself and being okay with what you did. You know look we we. We're lucky to work in a place in a great place right now where we don't have those kind of handcuffs on us but still you know you and I spent a lot of our time doing other stuff too. I love. I love writing about Kendrick Perkins I do that's that's fun but when I look back and say you know Brian. Would you do during the trump years. You know I mean I mean you know that that stuff plays into it not because there's anything wrong with writing a piece like that because just what I talked about what the conundrum of being sports writer to your point about voice I think that's so important because the kind of people were talking about here were either hired or promoted by John Skipper and they were hired or promoted because they had a voice and because they were interesting people beyond the world sports those are the people who are now being are are subject to a policy that is really enforceable only two people who are all. I wanted to break N._F._l.. Traits all I want to do is break N._B._A.. Traits I just maybe I care about politics but it's not you know my day. The job is this and this is what I want my work product to be and it to me. It's like you have a rule that was designed for a totally different workforce than the workforce that you actually have and when <hes> you know Simmons by the way I recommend Simmons Hall prelude to this on his <hes> Monday podcast which everybody should listen to <hes> because he's been in the eye of that storm in Bristol you know at a level that you and I can't even imagine but one thing he talks is about as what's going to happen laboratory and I wanted the same thing because dude this is July twenty nineteen. We got sixteen months. AGO is trump that a campaign is trump. GonNa talk about taxes and tax rates. It's for the next sixteen months and if you if you let loose on this one and said how can we not be talking about this what happens when the next one happens you know and one thing we we read all the reports is that you know Qatar when laboratory talk this last weekend Petar said he over and over the he's not going to change the policy that he believes the only clean way to have a policy as saying. You can't talk about this stuff. Well listen any maybe that's maybe that's functional pass through it right right. I mean it's sort of like forget what they call it but to sort of like the twenty four rule when when we had the national debate about torture though it's just like you know I think most level-headed people could agree that the appropriate thing to do is to make it was for torture her in all instances to be illegal and if there was ever instance where torturing someone was the only way to stop a terrorist attack with him. Presumably you would be <hes> you. Would you know you would you would not be convicted of a of a major crime that you would be released because of mitigating circumstances in this and this <hes> that wildly over blowing it maybe but this feels like that right that like there's a there's an exception to every rule and maybe the most powerful thing that that Dan Le Batard can do is to not be overtly political every episode for the next six months and to let and to do only <hes> you know into choose to into to choose to make his stands based on the things that he's he determined to be beyond the Pale. No maybe we'll be in a situation where many many any instance have been beyond the we could think twice a week but I think yeah I mean listen. No I mean this podcast keeps on going along I guess but but the but I do think that there's a I do think that there's a power to him. You know I mean it's not the Dan Le Batard has apolitical person known was particularly shocked by this but when it happened. I think that a lot of people were caught off guard and I think that that is where a lot of the power of woody of his statement came from right eight absolutely absolutely can confirm and and so after E._S._p._N.. They were absolutely taken aback and blindsided and so maybe that's I mean maybe the the answer is Petar rose rule I mean I think there's some legitimacy to if to the to the idea if you're gonNA take that this is this is a this is what E._s._p._N.. Is going to pursue in the abstract. There's legitimacy the idea that you have to have a hard and fast rule or else policing it would be impossible <hes> and then may end so maybe the the functional way forward is to have that be the rule into punish the Dan laboratories of the world when they feel as necessary to speak out but to punish them in consideration that there I mean we consider when doling out the punishment that they're doing a supremely important thing that they believe very strongly in you know. When is it like? It's like the equivalent of finding a n._F._l.. Player like twenty five thousand dollars for missing a meeting or something like that Yeah Yeah Yeah. I guess I guess at the end of that is the the E._S._p._N.. Is E._S._P._N.. Enforcing its discipline. Policy part is the part. I just don't give a shit about at all. It just seems so small in all this but that's why but that's what we're talking about it. Though right I mean Eh. It's actually not why I'm talking about but you know I just. I just think I think that is yes. You're right that is that is the cheese in the mouse trap that everybody runs too because it's E._S._p._N.. And politics it's media reporters Clay Travis and all all that stuff to me I just said I just think there's something I think there's just a much bigger idea here about the profession that we work. I remember talking to Bob Website many years ago about this bob website who snuck more politics into a sports column than any human being has ever done and in writ wrote it better than any human being has ever done probably yeah he said to me he said you know what I covered sports through the lens of race and gender and Class I did but you what else I could have done. I could've gone out written about race and gender and class. I could have just done that and like I said that to. Me Is the idea in the back of everybody's mind here and and that's the I certainly the idea in the back Dan laboratories bite or dot though the front of Dan laboratories mind but that that's the big. That's a big thing here. It's it's the it's the whole enterprise. It's not about E._S._P._N.. And making rules and all that stuff they they're gonna go on just fine. Whatever happens is Dan Libertarian? They're going to be just fine yeah. It's gone it is it's the business we work in and it's a lot of us not all of us a lot of us kind of coming to grips with that on a daily basis especially in times like these one quick thing on the lips it and say <hes> quote that you just reference this a half remember by the way right. No no no but that's but it's an important idea regardless because you I mean I'll just put you a little bit on the spot but you have a lot of runway at the ringer. You could write more or less what you WANNA right. As long as I mean subject matter wise. There's very few things that are just getting shot down. You know at at at first pitch <hes> if you were determined to write us I mean a a story about <hes> about race racism about class. <hes> there's a good chance you would do it through the through the guys of of sports right you would find you. You would find a sports story to tell that would make the broader point that you want to serve because because that's that's what people are GonNa read right. I mean that's what our that's that's A. There's a you as a writer might find some comfort there but also it's a it's a you know the best way to illustrate a story sometimes is by writing through the lens of something else by writing under the banner of sports in some other broad topic that the people are customer reading about the whole point trying to say is one of the one of the scary things about this instance in about where E._S._p._N.. is in general is that it risks shutting down not just the voice that we like on radio but an entire important wing of journalism in literature <hes> for fear that someone might be offended. Were not going to. We're we're going to just say a an upfront no on all all of those things that Bob website wrote you know the none of those things would have gotten through would get through today the thought of that. I mean that's that's frightening. You're saying essentially that sports writers who had this part of their brain would see how high the gates were getting that stuff into print or onto the year so they would just go elsewhere. They just say yeah. I it certainly a fear I mean I certainly at big places. I guess what I would say. Is that nowadays at Eh here we are at the end of the newspaper era. The Wall is shorter than it's ever been at other places so there's a ringer there's deadspin we could name one hundred noises that just really don't care and it just doesn't matter and and they're not worried about it yeah but if you're already working there if you're an employee at E._S._p._N.. If you're one of these big places the idea of like will I risk my job to tell the story when I could just as easily tell another story. I I mean that's that I think that's the that's the fear that I'm talking absolutely and I think in again I think that's the daily choice and sports writing and talking about sports is fun. People do it because it's fun and choosing to write stories and that is is not you know is not just pure toy department people do it because it's it's. It's it's really enjoyable but yet right there. Is that sense like now you know maybe that I have this great idea but maybe I'll do this other idea because it works better <hes> for my <hes> for my employer <hes> and I and again. I just think there's one hundred percent chance at that's happening every day it one hundred percent chance that's happening every day at E._S._p._N.. And elsewhere by the way David Time for the overall twitter joke of the week where we celebrate a gag that was so obvious that all of media twitter made it at exactly the same time said nominees to at the press box pod where they will be gratefully received <hes> David Most horrifying thing this summer that did not happen on Capitol Hill. Was He trailer for the movie adaptation of cats. I'm really not speaking of moral imperatives. Oh my gosh I'm kidding. I think anyway take it away. Dancing cats my first trip to New York. When I was in like seventh or eighth grade my mom and I went to the winter garden does he cats and it was one of the most magical bites in my life it almost it almost made me want to be a theater? Critic got even even understand what that job was and I. I just thought like whatever whatever life is I wanted to be here in the balcony of the winter garden watching cats climb up and down the walls and sing memory at the end of the show then I watched that trailer like what the fuck was that whole thing about. I have no memory of the plot of this at all and I can't imagine what it is. That was so weird I I know what the I know what the plot is. <hes> a doesn't doesn't get any closer to understanding standing with the point of it is there. I think that the overwhelming this is going to be one week I think the overworked twitter jokes sort of all justified the overwhelming feeling that I got in this office I mean around the ringer was that <hes> especially for like the under thirty set <hes> who were aware of this movie the Hallway along. I mean the through production were just sort of like wait. This movies actually about cats. I think now you can hear about the movie a million times cassettes or different sizes whatever and then it's just like no. That's Taylor swift in a in a cat costume. That's just sort of unbeliev yeah. I had no idea that was coming. The plot of it was and it was very I think we should just have a sidebar of just explaining the plots of Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals. Just oh my directly because I thought they went on this. This may be number one in just batch it crazy but number two would be close number two. Oh I just I just think we could we could make some hair. Maybe it will start that on the ringer <hes> on the press box next week all right David speaking of cats. It was an overweight twitter show just to right. I'm allergic to cats. You sent me that yes melodic cats. I did see a couple people do the side by sides as of <hes> rebel Wilson's cat <hes> laying down with her arm behind her head and Garfield with the same clothes have big big. Jim Davis Moment UH so <hes> I'll anti Rosa asked us to please. Consider the phrase Uncanny Valley for inclusion and for that wasn't overworked twitter joke and a good one the uncanny valley. I love it. Thanks to I- lengthy for that one family David Basketball News <hes> lots of players are excuse me that over again in basketball news lots of N._B._A.. Players ejecting themselves from the Fiba World Cup team this week James Harden Tobias Harris Zion Williamson all not going to play it was overworked twitter joke to announce that youtube twitter user. We're leaving the FEMORAL Cup team and includes not because his particularly funny but this is just this. This is one of the great overwork formats of all time somebody some celebrity announces something and you to decline like I am not appearing at Davos or I will the royal member of the Royal Wedding version of this. I will not that you're going to rumble yes without be attending the royal rumble. That'd be the wrestling version anyway thanks to Dave more hearn for that one all right David before we move on. Let's take a quick break. Today's episode is brought to you by luminary new podcast subscription service with some of the best content around. I'm excited about luminary does the only place you can listen to the newest show in the Ringer Network Greg stuff story of Woodstock nineteen ninety nine. This is definitely a podcast. You can't can't miss break stuff. The story of Woodstock Ninety nine is about a music festival in upstate New York. The became a social experiment riots looting numerous assaults it was set to a soundtrack of the eras most aggressive rock fans and incredibly it was the third iteration of Woodstock Festival known for Peace Love Hippie Idealism Woodstock Ninety nine revealed some hard truths behind the business in danger nostalgia can engender the luminary APP is free to download in addition to the can't miss originals originals. You can use it to listen to thousands of guests including this one whether into music TV and film Comedy Sports Have More Luminary has the right show for you check out woodstock ninety nine and so much more only on luminary each our first two months of access to luminaries premium. I'm content for free when you sign up at luminary link slash press box after that it's seven ninety nine a month luminary dot lake slash press box for two months of free access luminary shuttling slash press box cancel anytime terms terms apply David type of the notebook dumb for this first item Frankencense or Franken sanity on Monday twitter collectively paused to regain Jane Mayors Big New Yorker Reexamination of the Al Franken affair if you've forgotten the then U._S.. Senator Franken was accused of a number of metoo offenses most notably pretending to grope the breasts of talk show host name Leeann Tweeden while while she slept while they were on their way back home from a U._S._O.. Tour and what mayor did in addition to interviewing Franken not surprisingly regrets resigning and thinks he got railroaded is to do a point by point recap of what happened how the first allegations surfaced from Tweeden and then the subsequent allegation than how Kirsten Gillibrand and a number of senators called on Franken to resign. I saw some mild <hes> tweaking of this piece on twitter. I thought first of all this was just a very valuable will tick tock of that whole bear because I don't know about you David I had forgotten a lot of this and I had forgotten for instance the sheer number of charges against Al Franken and the sheer number of accusations I kinda I felt like Oh. It's this one thing but it had a photograph and all that stuff. What did you feel about the peace? Yeah I felt the same way I think that it was that the <hes> I wasn't more shocked because there are more accusations. I should say <hes> but yeah I didn't remember the whole Fa- I didn't remember the whole story. I think you're right that it was it was a helpful way to break it all down and the media side of it I thought was what was most I mean not most interesting but but very interesting especially again for the purposes of this podcast but just the way that ah the there the constant refrain in the peace was that this someone tried to or wanted to do this but it was but they didn't do it because of the way it would come across in the media or they tried to do this but but if found the deaf ears of the media <hes> and just the way that one that kind of media institution of journalism is so predictable <hes> and so in some ways of verse to getting to the Truth <hes> that that I think was was was really <hes> I mean we really stood out to me some of that came from the Franken team because they realized pretty early that there were inconsistencies in Tweeden story. Are there a couple of elements that tweeden story that weren't true. She Thought Dot for instance that Al Franken Al Franken were performing on this U._S._O.. Tour for troops overseas and yet they had a sketch and there was a kissing scene in the sketch where he and she were going to kiss and she said that she thought he had written Cnet for her as a way of trapping her and then there's all this video out in the world and also testimony from other women who Franken went on the tour that he had performed the sketch many times it was supposedly a body body was the word for word repeatedly used in the space a body sketch the done there were things like that but Franken is you said early ish in this me in the METOO era thought he couldn't say anything about that because he thought if I come out with this it'll sound like I'm being defensive and it'll it'll just make things worse and he was calling for a essentially as Senate investigation into himself. Yeah meanwhile meanwhile all these other women come forward and eventually the eventually Gillibrand and a number of female senators call under resign and then he feels like he can't do anything about that I was it's funny because I saw nate silver tweeted he called the peace manipulative as hell and a master class and biased reporting and editing since she accusing using the New Yorker and mayor of stacking the deck <hes> to try to get readers to be sympathetic for Franken that I think was probably some of the intention of the piece I actually came out with the totally opposite feeling though which is that while there were some things that happened very quickly and you know he certainly felt pressure and eventually cave depression resigned from the Senate. I wasn't so sure that he got railroaded at all and one reason that is that this this photograph existed way before Al Franken ran for Senate in two thousand eight Al Franken reminder won his Senate race by three hundred and twelve votes out of more than two point five million votes cast yeah now if the if if Leeann Tweeden had put forth that picture in two thousand eight is Al Franken even in the Senate no no way I mean he he he had a lot of stuff to deal with during that campaign about <hes> drug use on S._N._l.. And you know some some humor <hes> pity road and some sketchy on all that kind of stuff. I don't know that I don't know that he's even in the Senate at all so it seems a little weird to say oh well you know just because this came out in the context of Harvey Weinstein Wean FM you to Roy Moore which was a campaign going on mayor writes a lot about that that he would have <hes> that this was the only reason aim at just almost. I almost thought Oh what a weight I forgot that this this happened a long time ago and he might not have been in the Senate to begin with insomuch as it was a political hit on Franken whether or not it was there was railroading involved the New Yorker piece by Jane Mayer went out of its way to to kind of explain this but the the story originated with <hes> conservative a an l._a.. Conservative radio station but they they published it on their website <hes> in mayors retelling to give it sort of the sheen of legitimacy but they didn't you know they didn't ask Franken's camp for any comment or anything before they before they published for fear that someone would would beat them to the story or the story would come out. <hes> you know I think our view our perspective. I think it was that's worth pointing out and I don't know how much the repetition of being printed I really matters but I do think that perception skewed by the fact that this was a successful hit and or names you WanNa consider it a hit. It's skewed by the fact that he that you know he ended up resigning from the from from his job right <hes> and if this had been a total boondoggle this has been like a Jacob walls thing then I think we would look at it all completely differently you know if if he had kept his job and everything had blown over I mean I I guess what I'm saying is I think we judge the story based on the results in in in based on what actually happened and and and and whether or not mayor's piece is just corrective or you know manipulative trash whatever as as <hes> as nate silver called it. I mean not not those words but manipulative. <hes> you know I think I think that ah the pieces is worthwhile. <hes> on its own terms the I just add two things to that which is not only did franken resign but donald trump and break cavanaugh didn't ran for after being accused of much much much much much much much more serious thanks and so there's all this discontent tour to anger on the left that those guys got away with it and somehow Al Franken again for for stuff that was just not even in the ballpark didn't get away yeah and that to me in that to me. Is I mean it's in a way that's why the mayor pieces so valuable because that was my thought about it and then you read this and you realize there's a lot more this just a lot. This is a lot more complicated than that and you know I don't know Joe Biden we saw push through a bunch of accusations of unwanted touching and sort of weird behavior Franken had a bunch of accusations like that even his in some of his staffers say that he did you know kind of Hollywood show business thing of just kissing all women on the lips even women. He didn't know well something that wouldn't be interpreted very very rightfully interpreted as as a weird thing to do <hes> I thought the other theme that came out of this from Franken Zand is just as political tactics this obviously part of him that wishes he just had hung in there and not resigned and pulled a Bob Menendez and said hey this looks terrible but I'm not going anywhere and you can either reverence in the peace right you can either stand with me or not and we'll do a huge investigation and look if tweeden accepts his apology as she did and says she didn't want him to resign. If then you'd have you know some of these act if some of the accusations of he had been able to get some information out there and stuff like that would he have had to resign like six months later I don't know does they get reelected. Maybe and I t but again that's all coming from him and I just I thought that was an undertone here of like maybe Franken thinks he did the wrong thing yeah and if he had if he had you know run this back you would have just hung in there yeah. This is really minor really really small part of the story but for the you know Kirsten Gillibrand and and I mean I guess Comma Harris was mentioned was part of that original group that that <hes> they went to Schumer as well but if you're so politically insecure that you can't wait to actually have evidence bear out <hes>. I'm not sure how that really reflects on your demeanor to be president. I think that's a question that's worth asking right. It's certainly been asked <hes> and just do. We have any doubt that the Franken thing just just you know cut the tires on the GILLIBRAND for president campaign before even started <hes> I mean it said pretty explicitly and the piece yeah yeah yeah I mean that's like to me when I hear when I hear criticism of Gillibrand. It's like I would say it's like seventy. Percent Franken related yeah online anyway but <hes> a really interesting piece recommended Jane Mayer The New Yorker David twenty twenty dropout watch eric swallow has already gone. We've already. We've what we we already miss. Her swell could Maryland's John Delaney be next. I WANNA refer you to a piece in axios by Alexi maccammon titled John Delaney any staffers of asked him to drop out things things are going well when you the people who work for you are begging you to stop running for president. <hes> Maccammon reports that these staff thought he flopped at the first debate Miami <hes> notes that Delaney has not been competitive despite spending nearly nineteen million dollars and loaning himself eleven million dollars of his own money Delaney's wife April she reports is <hes> basically running the campaign according to one former staffer and and Delaney. There's a feeling delaney as easily influenced by outside forces like his wife and friends rather than his own staff officer Mitre David John Delaney has been running for president for nearly a year now yeah he declared last summer and. <hes> Kinda ran that I'm the only guy running for president bit for a long time anyway. It seems it seems like things are he's going to be in this next debate so maybe that's Kinda pulls pulls a swale well and as soon as as soon as you run out of debates you're out yet. Maybe that's a strategy here. As long as I can get free time on cable. I'm running for president and assured as the free cable time draws up drives up. I'm gone <hes> Delaney denied the report port and yesterday he could be seen tweeting quote. I talked about my favorite APP might go to Karaoke Song and my inspiration for fighting climate change on now this news so we were not deprived of knowing <hes> John on Delaney's <hes> go to Karaoke Song. I did not have the heart to watch it. A dateline of the week. David was El Paso Texas Home State L. Texas Great City El Paso An N._b._C. reporter went there to take stock of the floundering and that is the official journalistic adjective here floundering campaign and Beto Aerobic and I'm GonNa read the lead of this article and you just stopped me. If you hear something that maybe sounds a little bit off okay and it may be que El Paso Texas. Are you ready quote. BETTO Rourke has gone from fee NAM to front runner to flailing in five months and so he came home to this dusty bordertown last week to regroup now may way dusty S._T.. Bordertown better roof is not from where snoopy's brother lived in the dusty bordertown. That's fantastic. El Paso has six hundred thousand plus beep dusty bordertown. What what pulp fiction did the person by the way went there this is this is another line in El Paso this isn't they didn't just like Google like retro postcards from El Paso History? Was She watching touch of evil on the plane when she got off something dusty border John Anyway what is dusty even me in the city this is it just the old western like like dirt streets and stuff. I don't even know that the saloon and the S- Asprilla being sold in a card or something like that at tweeted this somebody somebody somebody tweeted back well. El Paso is kind of dusty so maybe anyway David. I'd like to nominate eighty door-stepping journalists of the week. He is Javan Vitol of the T._V.. Station New York one and at the U._S. Capitol he was following Rand Paul of Kentucky around Rand Paul Big One of the two senators to block unanimous passage of a bill that would fund the nine eleven victim victim's compensation fund once you listen closely here is some of the audio of tall and Paul's encounter in the hallways of Congress. This is so good Serra anything you can say to the first responders daughters who came yesterday interesting to see if you watch Fox News we just did an interview on Fox News and there's a lot of good information on their fuel. Tell your viewers tuned into Fox News. We have some great stuff there about Fox News but she I really quickly well. I if you're a professional you could call and get an interview like they did so we try multiple times yeah. I don't know who you are. Who you want your one sir? What is your objection to the bill if you'd like to be sort of professional reporter with all their respects or what what is your objection to the nine eleven hundred bill if you'll call and get an interview great idea understand you have issues with the national debt you watch Fox? Is your objection Sorting Watch Fox News. You'll see that we explained explain exactly what the laws were so watch Fox News King or deny clean that up sir. What do you mean by the lies? Is there anything else you can tell us sir. Thank you Sir Wow. How do you think Rand Paul genuinely wants Giovane vitale to be professional reporter in the help them and it'd be like chasing some career advice area? Yeah you just feed just watch Fox News and transcribe. My remarks marks off a friendly outlet. We could find like this and even do you think that maybe this doesn't matter. Do you think that if you watch Fox News I already didn't interview. There is a more compelling case than no comment and I mean. Do you think that he do you think he came off looking better than if he had just been like yeah no no no big deal but no comment right now. Wouldn't that have been the way to go if you're determined not to talk to anybody absolutely it sort of cuts the interview short right. Are they going to run as New York one going to run a minute of following mute rampal down the hallway probably not no I was I was watching it. I was I couldn't help but think local news is like the dorkiest old media thing there oh yeah only so many things that transfer from that world into twitter world but guy following politician down the hallway and politician lecturing the guy is one of those things that translates perfectly yeah. It's amazing. It's it were it works on twitter just like it worked on the Channel Six. I team back home yeah well. This is also it's also this is the case. This is the case you know for just sort of laying bare the filibuster. You know we've talked before about how you know. One love trumps masterstrokes is figuring out that he could just bullshit for thirty seconds in this question would change into something you wanted to talk about. All you have to do is going to run out the clock <hes> man. I'm sure that Rand Paul probably thought that he was running out the clock. I bet he thought that this is going to be a five second clip anywhere if it amounted to any T._v.. Time at all but I mean he just looked like someone who didn't have the facility to discuss a vote. He had just made an like. I mean that's this is this is this is all the candidates in the next cycle. These are the the the campaign commercials against him for I mean for his opponent. This is just going to be this just walking down the hall not having an answer to a very simple question David. I have a content farm report for you. Row Radio Station might have a farm report. We've got a content farm report here. <hes> really interesting piece by Tiffany Sue in the New York Times about Jeffrey Epstein who is <hes> been accused been indicted on sex trafficking charges. <hes> the pieces called Jeffrey Epstein steen pitched a new narrative and these sites published it so after Jeffrey Epstein got out of jail yeah for the first time back in two thousand nine. He tried to rehabilitate his image by having someone pitched journalist about all the good stuff done. I'll his all his good works. <hes> got pieces in National Review HUFFPOST FORBES DOT COM quoting Tiffany Sues P._C.. Or the article on Forbes website was attributed to drew Hendrix a contributing writer as times revealed an article last week he was not the author of the peace piece instead it was delivered to buy public relations firm and he was paid six hundred dollars to attach his byline at posted at Forbes Dot Com <hes> she continues about Forbes Dot Com a staff of roughly two hundred employees produces Forbes's in-house in house journalism but most of the hundred articles the site publishing day comes from a group of nearly three thousand outside writers yeah three thousand yeah I mean Forbes is I know this again only because I dragging in a professional wrestling journalism which is just a wonderful part of the Internet's underbelly but yeah I mean Forbes Forbes is like I think the most <hes> too I mean people are constantly surprised at Forbes is just the content mill like some of the worst offenders out there all do is just published a I mean emailing a piece in the odds are it's going to go up on Forbes Dot Com and he's GonNa look like a legitimate peace and it's going to have the imprimatur of you know high level journalism but no this is just like a this is like it's it's blog spot you know the the differences is vanishingly small think of how many art requests he get on a given day and how strung out you feel just imagine three thousand writers. That's that's more than the New York Times says reporters and it's it's. It's crazy three thousand. We got time for one more thing. Do you wanna hear Aaron Boone Yankees Manager Dump in for the Yes network on slinked television. Do we wanna read <hes> negative reviews of the Lion King this Sea Lion King come on we already did it the Department of pans. I'll meet up with these together. Thank you Chris <hes> from the Department of Pans. I always loved these because it's kind of like an anti blurb. Here's what you will not see on the lion king commercial attributed or the poster in the case <hes> Anthony Lane at the New Yorker rarely has brand. Dan Recognition soared to such fetishistic heights and I regret to inform you that aside from updating of the vocal cast the most blatant discrepancy between the old and the new is a very slight increase in the comedy of flatulence <hes> so that's Anthony Lane on the line garrison at the mad about movies podcast just about every choice Jon favreau made as director was the wrong choice and his insistence on one hundred percent realism in a film in which animals talks and do choreography makes my head. Her <music> makes my head hurt would be great for the for the ad the sort with the soaring music on <hes> on a network television Ellen our friend and colleague Rob Her villa anytime you get Ville on the poster it's great with an anti virus. He rates Disney's money grubbing empire. Were already off to start there by the way does these new money grubbing empire indeed encompasses everything that the light touches even those parts the light already quite lucrative Lee touched may we all live long enough to see our favorite favor kids movies transformed not ruined exactly and certainly not improved in dispirited and yet bloodless technological marvel's a spirited and yet bloodless technological marvin cash batted that that's a great one right there was an anti blurb congrats rats to rob <hes> for writing the seminal blurb about the good usage their time for David Shoemaker guesses these strained Pun Headline God I k we pause now for David Duke Brown the Atrophy Oh <hes> man the last winter was fantastic beasts and where to find them fantastic beasts and where to find that was good stuff. I've got a British open or open championship on for you. David knows Herman article in something called Old Omnibus Sport which was syndicated on Yahoo and it's a few so we alter when we need when sports news breaks. We turned omnibus sport. It's about the English Golfer Lee Westwood. WHO's girlfriend? Helen story was his caddy last begin in Northern Ireland. The Open Championship Lee Westwood says she doesn't know too much about golf but she knows a lot about the way my mind works <hes> but what you need to know David is that a golfer namely Westwood had his girlfriend and as his caddy at the open championship. What is the Omni Sport strained pun headline girlfriend catty no more musicals that was so we did a there's no more rain at e pain on the plane in here but this is so hard is <hes> AH is caddy in the headline? Can I get that. I mean pun play on caddy. CADDY is in it but not as upon no it is not the point. I think Oh let me tell you this open as the punt word okay it's not who's your catty or something. The <hes> the open open relationship in Westwood enjoying their open relationship with Cata girlfriend as the Omni sport it happen it'll open Kapitolo unison now Westwood Enjoying Open Relationship Keti girlfriend than a picture of them kissing on the Omni sports congratulations of the folks at Omni Sport for winning this weekend's this excuse me straight but headline he is David Shoemaker. I'm Bryan Curtis. Chris Almeida helps us with research. Jim Cunningham produces a show or lukewarm takes about the media on Friday talk to them rant <music>. Whatever life is I wanted to be here? In the balcony of winter guard watching cats climb up and down the walls broadcasting on a pirate radio to an audience hundred people bows I talked about my favorite APP might go to carry out of my inspiration for fighting climate change on now this news. It was one of most magical lights in my because I mean to talk a little bit on the spot. I'm allergic to cats cats as nervous academy rocking chairs on the air to take it away dancing cats.

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