The Standard is the Standard: Why Steelers fans should be even more optimistic about Devin Bush in 2020?


Welcome back listeners to another episode of the standard is the standard and joining me on this episode of the standard is the standard we have film breakdown connoisseur. Jeffrey Benedict of behind the steel curtain dot. com does a fantastic job on the website of breaking down film and doing a great job with film study Jeffrey Welcome to the program once again. Thanks for having me Lance. If you guys in check out our last podcast, we did a fantastic podcast. Geoff broke down Meka Fitzpatrick and you can find that on the streaming fee. Do a search for Lance Williams Geoffrey Bennett Meka Fitzpatrick. You can find it that way. make sure you subscribe to the program like the program before we jump into it because we got a lot of nuggets that we want to jump into it, when thank everybody in the live chat when a thank the Oracle of the website and the editor Dan Scofield think his brother big. Bo Sco. WHO's Bad Brian Anthony Davis. Mike Tony, depth. The whole team that brings you fantastic steeler content, so let's jump right into it. And the name of this program listeners is why steeler fans should be optimisitic about Devon Bush. Let's jump into the first question. What are Devon Bush's strengths? What does he bring to this football team? I think first off athletism. He's an incredible athlete. Quickness agility. He's got all of it. Another strength of his. He's great. He sees the play in front of him. He reads what's going on with. The offense reacts to quickly. I would separate that from football intelligence he. Learns very quickly. You see as a high level of understanding of what's going on in front of him and with the defense, not just that he sees it, but he's. He really understands it. He's. He watches a lot of film. You know that kind of thing and last one is his learning curve. which is a big which is to me? has his big thing is how fast? He picked up position at an NFL level. It, point to your article. We talked off air. You said you had an article that I. Believe You, it written where you demonstrate that from a field perspective of his learning curve in his ability to learn so rapidly. Yeah, that's actually coming out tomorrow. Tomorrow morning that's GonNa. Come out on the site and really showing is if you take a lot of. Plays from when he was early in the season when he was, he was biting on play action really hard, and they're just like especially in the San Francisco Games they're just they're just don't over said they're fake. Hand off and thrown over his head all game and I talked about an enduring the season where they're going to keep going to that. Like Seattle went to. That scored a touchdown over into two will digitally San. Francisco did it all game. Cincinnati did it. And then you saw Baltimore start doing it, and he got the interception of Nick Royal, where they threw it over Devon. Bush and it boils started to catch it and Devin. Bush took it out of his hands. It was interception and after that team stop throwing that they stopped running those tight end. Seem routes just throwing over Devon Bushes head? Because they know there's a chance you're GONNA hit the tight end, and he's just GonNa. Take it away from him. there was also. Outside runs he got better defending outside runs. As the season went on early on, you could see. He was chasing the running back and then about halfway through the season. you start seeing. Him Start to get in front of the running back. It's kind of hard to think of like. How Ray Lewis used to do it where he would get to. where the running back was trying to go before the running back would right right. That's kind of a Devon Bush started doing. He started to pick up where those holes work. Get to him and all of a sudden running backs like Oh, there's my whole in Devon. Bush's like right there in his face. Not running sideways, trying to take an angle and giving him an outside run, but just there in front of him making the running try to get around him, and he really improved that way now. That's good that you're talking about his learning curve because I want to jump back into that. In a question that I have later in the interview, so what? We're GONNA do listeners for you is? Being Stolen Jeffries answers. We're going to try to frame it in terms of why the steelers should be optimistic, so based on his strengths. Jeffrey why should the steelers be optimistic about Devin Bush as a player? Well a guy with his athleticism, right? The Sky's the limit I mean we see that with Tj what he is such an athlete that the more the smarter he gets, the more moves he gets, the faster. He reads it the offense. Like he has the speed. He has the strength athleticism to make place. Devin Bush has that athleticism. He has the ability to read the defense. He sees what's going on the field really well. He was a playmaker as a rookie. and. That's just going to increase. In my opinion. That's only going to increase this coming season even. And also with his learning curve. I think of big deal of his learning curve is. There's almost nowhere to exploit this. This young man like he is one of the younger players in the NFL. He's twenty two this season. He's going to be twenty two years old and he got rid of this flaws. All the ways teams could attack. Him disappeared last season. He sold them in season. So coming into this season, it's just like getting better than he already was, and he was already in my opinion, one of the better inside linebackers in the league by the end of the season. Will based on that analysis, steeler fans should be absolutely optimistic and I and I and I. Love The point that you made, and it's when athleticism. And football, IQ matchup especially when you're elite athlete. That's when you can take the next step, and that's when you can be in elite player. That's when you can be a player like a Ray Lewis. You can be a player like Ryan Shay Zere. You can be an elite player because you have that knowledge and you have that athleticism now. I WANNA flip side. Let's take a look at Devon Bush's weaknesses. What were some of the weaknesses that you identified on feel? Really of Like I said earlier in the season yet quite a few. He had quite a lot of them. But they just kept getting removed from his game. He got better at getting on tight ends and staying in the right position. By the second half the season you see playoffs and plays where he comes up the by the time the quarterback turns around from faking the hand off Devon Bush dropped five yards and he's dropping into his position. There's nothing gained by the play action at that point. By the end of the season last year, really the weaknesses he had was. He's short. And, he's smaller like he's. He's not gonNA live on Kirkland, somebody he's GonNa. Run into an offense of Lineman. He's given up eighty pounds. But at the same time I like even that you're talking about that being a weakness week three last season he took on. Kyle US check I believe that's how you pronounce his name the like all world fullback. League seeing who's a phenomenal blocker. He comes up hits. US check and still makes the tackle like he got blocked by one of the better fullbacks in the league still makes the tackle. He's not going to take on three hundred and twenty pound guys with thirty two thirty three arms, and be able to do much. They get a hand if they get a hold of him. But you also see him being really hard for them to get a hold of. There's plays where he's right there with them, but he's just agile. He's shifty and he's moving away from. They can't get him, and he just goes and makes the tackle, or he can get around him that he can get under. There's as he can get past them, but on plays were they get if they get a hand if they going to hand on his chest. If they get a hold of him, he's done. I, mean he's not gonna the Russell. Offense Lineman the other thing is with its height. There's a couple of plays you see him. Drop back especially off play action a couple times. He dropped back and they threw over his head and you see him. Jump and like the balls like half an inch above his fingers, and you're like well if he was six one. You. Know it had an inch longer are because of. That's an interception. He's just not gonNA. Be Able to get to some things. He's going to have a hard time doing it. And when he does deal with people throwing over him with tight ends like he did in the Baltimore game, he attacked. The ball. Is the tight end was trying to bring it in. But he can't get up there at the catch point if the tight ends extended up. He's just too short. So that's really has big weakness. and. That's interesting that you say that. Because that was some of the things that draft Nixon. Draft pundits pointed out. Is that he just in general is small stature, but again I'm going to throw it back to the question that we're talking about with this particular show given the weaknesses that you've laid out. Why should steeler fans be optimistic still about Devon Bush within that context? I think how they used him his ability to adapt the situation, and and and overcome his weaknesses is a big part, but I'll be optimistic because the steelers found ways to better use him as the season went on instead of him covering people deep. We saw more use of. LET'S CALL IT A. sorry. Pattern matching zone. Where's the slipped? My mind where you got three guys on one side and you've got three defenders lined up there in Devon Bush's the guy on the on the insights, locker, or the tight end there if they were that guy de instead of having Devon Bush. Covering one of the cornerbacks takes that guy and Devin Bush takes whoever comes to the inside, so he doesn't have to leave that area like he's not trying to cover someone deep. He's right there covered underneath route, which plays directly into his strengths of lateral movement. He can stay with those guys. In what he's describing listeners? If you can envision it, think of the New England patriots that ran a ton of crossers maybe about. Seven to ten yards deep, and they run a lot of crossers at your face in what they want you to do is chase the crossers to create natural picks or natural rubs, and just think of eshelman killing I don't know why I'm forgetting his name. Lawrence Timmons just think of eshelman killing Lawrence Timmons on underneath crossers when the steelers are running man instead of pattern matching in passing off that action underneath, so you just run and chase the guy that crosses your face in so to what you're saying. That makes perfect sense in terms of Devon, Bush in how they utilize them and I'm glad you talked about how they utilize him. Because I think that leads to the next question was. How were the steelers utilizing him over the course of the season? What packages and kind of how did that morphine change as he began to develop as a player? They used him. Anytime there were two middle inside linebacker. If they were to inside linebackers, he was on. He was one of them. Except early in the season they did do some mark baron and Vince Williams packages, which didn't work well and pretty quickly that got switched to Devin Bush and Vince Williams and then mark. Barron was the dime Baecker so you saw a lot of Devon Bush in nickel. You also saw him some. In the bigger three four set. But not a lot. That was mostly saw the baron and Vince Williams combination, and even as the season went on one of the interesting things I've found for that is. Instead of going to. A three four look. And then going bigger to like four look when teams went really big like the Baltimore Ravens were putting an extra offensive linemen and extra tight end, and there's like one wide receiver out there. They're in a jumbo package. The steelers would counter that with three defensive linemen both Bud Duprey Anti J., what and then they would have all three of the inside linebackers on the field at once. there was a few times they went. There Nicholas usually. You know two defensive lineman DuPrey and TJ Watt the outside and then two inside linebackers. There were a couple of times where they would go with three of the bigger. Defensive, Lineman like a three man front. And then they would have three three linebackers behind them for like the old three three look and really low yardage they you could have cam hayward bud DuPrey and TJ Watt Upfront and all three linebackers behind them. All three of the middle linebacker behind that Devin Bush got in on those his major usage was in nickel. and. That was that was the big one Mark Barron was the Dinakar. When he was out when he missed the game weeks six seven Bush played in the dime. And they kind of just put him into Mark Barons Role, and he didn't do well. But that was game week six by the end of the season he he had improved a lot in those areas so thinking about like. How. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'm getting off track. It's fine. It's fine. What what I think you're illustrating is that he's very versatile and because he's a very versatile linebacker. Naturally, the steelers and steeler fans should be very optimistic about him. Because of his athleticism, his smarts his versatility, he could be used in a variety of packages, which makes him in every down linebacker, and you can put him in a lot of different situations. Now correct me if I'm wrong I. Think last year you wrote an article about the steelers using a three five look where you have three down linemen in five. Five linebackers if you did not just illustrate the flexibility that gives the steelers defense when they put five linebackers on the field where they had the three inside linebackers in Vidi Vici Bush Baron that they did last year, and they have TJ in but to pre on the field just go into a little more detail about that when they sort of used it, and what type of flexibility that provided the steelers in just how good Devin Bush was in that role in that particular alignment. Yeah, that was a really good. Really good set for the steelers actually did quite well out of it because a lot of times especially with Baltimore. Both of them are love doing that San Francisco did it a bit to us. But they'll go with that big heavy set. And then they'll throw. The ball because Baltimore has three tight ends, so they can put three tight ends out there and you're like okay. They're gonNA pound the ball. So we get all our big guys out there, and then they run a pass play, and those tight ends are going deep because you don't have the defensive backs to cover them. And in those sets, Mark Baron and Devin. Bush were incredibly valuable. Because they cover those guys, they could cover the most athletic tight ends. They could cover wide receivers in a pinch out really good route running running backs. They could cover them. And, you know you're kind of protecting Vince Williams a bit. He doesn't have to do as much and even if you have you know bud, duprey and Tj what needs to drop into coverage in a situation where there are only going to rush for one of those guys needs to drop. They can do it. It gave a lot of versatility and it also put. Devon Bush in one of my favorite spots for him which is. The middle linebacker role instead of an inside like macrey Buck linebacker, the Middle Linebacker, more of a four three type of middle linebacker. Look, he is so good in those in those looks, which really allowed the steelers to do a three three. Formation or A five where when they light up. It's kind of like the old five three eagle the. Deterrent where he kind of plays that middle linebacker role and matter if you run to the outside. The line back on the outside can come up and handle blocking fullback tight end endeavor bushes free to run. And that's where he really shines is anytime. You have Devin Bush. Near the line of scrimmage. is on the play. Not Turn it around to follow a running back or a tight under a wide receiver, but he has his eyes on the whole play. He is deadly. He so good at that very similar. Very similar to a a fitzpatrick. We have two people in the middle that if they are just watching the play and able to attack forward. Their credible. Where Devin Bush actually stronger talking laterally so he can watch the play, and it's like Oh, the place to the right side of the field will get done Bush is going to be there to meet it if it's going to let. Devin Bush is gonNA. Get there and meet it wherever it's going. He's going to find that play, and so when he has his eyes on the quarterback is on the play. He is incredibly good. And that's that's why he fits so well with Mark Barron because Mark Barron could take the jobs where he's chasing tight end around, or he's chasing a running back around in. In in route, running and Devin Bush's able to watch the play. And just read what's going on. People coming underneath into his own running back slipping out late, he, he destroyed those place. Let me, ask a question, 'cause you. You've mentioned Mark Barron numerous times. Do, you think mark Barron was is the perfect complement that type of Linebacker is a great compliment. For Barron. And do you think Ulysses Gill? But the third could be that type of player to complement Devon Bush like Mark Bear, or could you foresee the steelers possibly trying to give mark Barron a cheap deal? Mark Barron back. To slot him back on this defense. I could see them giving a shot for Mark Barron a comeback, but I. Honestly I think Devon. Bush is ready to take over the dime role dieback role. And he's a linebacker dime. And Nickel. And in the bigger sets like there's not a lot of snaps to go around, so if mark Barron came back here, it would be not just for less money, but it would be for a significantly reduced role. And I really don't see that happening. I think I think Tomlin's kind of guy who would be up front with him. Be Like we'll take you back, but you're not gonNA play as much you're not. You're not going to be the dime Guy Devon. Bush has taken that because I think you'll be better at that than him. And that's one of the reasons. I think. Ulysses S Gilbert Ken fill that role. Is because it's not a big rule. It's GONNA be. Some Nickel Some three linebacker packages. Some of those those roles are going to be open for Gilbert. The most of the time it's doesn't Bush is going to be on the field as much as they possibly can. He's going to be onfield if he can be on these out the enough to be out there. He's going to be out there. WHO's GONNA play more snaps next to him. Next year is going to be Vince as we're going to be Ulysses Gilbert before I jump into our next Devon Bush. Question WHO's GonNa? WHO's GonNa? Play more snaps next year as that second inside linebacker position because I think we both agree the Devin Bush is GonNa play? He's going to be on the field as much as terrell happens. Is I mean he's GonNa play a Santa Snaps. All the packages because between Minka Admins, T., J., Watt, and Devin Bush you put freaky athletic guys on the field in the more athletic guys in, but the pre is another freaky athletic guy. You could freaky athlete guys on the field. You coach them up. You let them go running hunting. Hit in just create having. Who's the guy is going to play? More snaps Gilbert, or is it going to be fitted? Each events Williams who plays more snaps next year as that other inside linebacker. Go with Vince Williams. I'm a huge Vince fan as a person I. Don't think he fit the best with Devon Bush. But I think they've got enough time together. To try and kind of figure that out better. And I think Bush has done a better job of playing off of the guy next to him early in the season, it was like. Whoever was in there with them? They were just racing to the ball carrier. They weren't playing smart together they were. Like running into each other chasing the bulk carrier. Adding Devin Bush has gotten smarter about that and I think he will play better with Vince Williams. Vince also. I constantly talk about. He's not good at coverage. GonNa covers. That doesn't mean he can't cover anybody like if there, if it's a number, two tight end or not as athletic tied-in men's Williamson cover them if it's a slower running back, not a great wide, not a great route running running back. He can handle that. He doesn't have a problem with those guys. When you get you know, try calcium there. If you put Vince Williams on a tribe Chelsea. You're going have a very very long day word. We saw that we thought thousand eighteen with chiefs where Chelsea just ran down the middle of the field and was open every play. That's that that's murdered. That that that that is You get arrested for for for that that you could get some time That could be considered a crime. In most jurisdictions on those place. Coming in and twenty twenty I would expect to see if we're facing the team with more athletic tight end. It's giving US problems I would expect to see. them either use Ulysses Gilbert or use an extra safety or even just. Move Trial Edmonds into more of A. linebacker roll. which is another thing I could see? Is the steelers actually running a dime? Look the kind of using trial edmonds more as a linebacker and putting one of the other defensive backs like Kam Sutton deeper. And just being like yeah, we'll roll dime. It's Kinda of nickel in Terrell out there. He can kind of play that. Role in a Hindi him and mark Barron were very similar size. Athletic profiles and Edmunds frankly was better than Mark Barrett at it, so I could see them in a pinch putting putting Trautmann's up there and saying. Hey, you're gonNA fill that Mark Barron role and let Devon Bush just. Do his thing. It sounds like the flexibility of edmonds may prevent Barron from coming back because he's big enough athletic enough to be in the box and fill some of those roles with Gilbert, and so he becomes sort of your slash inside linebacker in certain packages with Gilbert and with Bush. Let me jump into our next question and we're. You were talking about the progression of Devon Bush over the course of the season so. Often coaches look at the season in terms of quarters, so I want to look at it in terms of quarters and I don't know if you WanNa give me just one word describe where he was in terms of where's progression was, but in the first four games just described how much he progressed in the first four. Just inside the four games in the first four games. And the first four games. He was a rookie man he was. He was making some place he was. He was making plays on the run game. He was making some decent coverage. But. He was vulnerable in the first quarter to play action. He was getting beat by tight ends. He was even getting beat on outside runs he he was. Not The player he was after that the first four Games was actually his rough patch. Now from the first four games to the halfway point described his growth as a player. From game four to gain eight, would you see? As the difference from his play in that four game progression. Will you saw you see in that? Span the interception in Baltimore. Where tight end stopped being able to the teams, basically stop throwing that route. They just data play happened, and it went from a staple play. You saw run against the steelers to other teams as being like now we're not you know it's like I. Just don't throw it through somewhere else. You see him start to get better on the outside runs. But, that will come later. And The big change you see, there is the bye week which is right before in right right in the middle of that they're come into the middle point of the season. You see the defense start to change a lot. That's when the team really adjusted to make. If that's Patrick and that's also when. They kind of fit Devon Bush into a better role as well so I would say the the second. Quarter of the season you saw Devon Bush answer the problem with covering titans and you saw the team start using him. More to his strengths. Now, let's look at the third quarter so going from the halfway point that week eight game to week twelve describe his development. They're. Definitely, he has become a playmaker. At that point, he is very solid player. He's answered almost all of his problems. All of his flaws are gone pretty much, and he is really just solid at that point. So from Game Twelve Game Sixteen. Has He just completely turned a curve. And now he's playing instinctual, and he's playing fast, and he looks like a vet on film described his progression from week, twelve or gained twelve to gain sixteen. What did it look like to you? Those last four games he was an absolute monster of the team had worked more to get him out of roles where he's turned his back to the play where he's worried about covering the tight end. We're us. They're they're leaving. A more in the middle of this is also the time of the season where teams were running on us. Tease were just like we don't. We're not even going to try Sarwan. We're just GONNA run the ball on you and at the same point that we are facing the most runs of any team in the NFL late in the season. We're giving up less and less yardage as Devon. Bush is just strolling teams run game and you would see teams start to focus on running out of time sets. Like they they would put a bunch of just to get. Off the field. which is another reason I really think like the steelers next year. Detrick Bush has to be the dime backer because teams were like okay. If we're going to run on the steelers, we need to do it out of art. We need to get them into dime I and get Devin Bush off the field. Of One of the one of the interesting points for me the first half of the season, the steelers were the sixteenth. Best Team. gave up the sixteenth lowest. Yards per carry ons to the outside. They were right in the middle of the pack right in the middle of the whole league. Second half of the season they dropped from giving up five yards a carry on outside runs to two point nine yards per carry, which was the lowest in the NFL. They went from middle of the road to number one in the NFL and that was almost entirely due to Devin Bush getting better and the steelers making sure he's there in a position to make those plays. Now given his progression. Let's go back to the question we asked. The top of the program is why steeler fans should be optimistic about Devon. Bush why steelers be optimistic about Devin Bush as you articulate his progression as a first year player. I'm going to for this I'm GONNA. Reference The guy I compared him to when he was drafted watching his film watching him play. I compared him because people asking like other Ryan. Shay series he's to be James Farrior. My thoughts watching him play. Is He reminds me so much of Ray. Lewis Lewis Brand, new and delete. Not Not I two thousand ray, Lewis, like a couple years before that when he was brand new, and he was just everywhere, no matter where the ball way he was there, he was gonna find the ball on every play. And that's kind of what Devon pushes plays like he just gets there. He's not the history Lewis was. I mean it's a different league doesn't Bush has to be uncovered more than right Louis ever what had to be and he's going to? Be The hitter Ray Lewis was. But. He tackles people like he doesn't Miss Tackles. He is there in front of the running back like. You just heard Ray Lewis. Talk about he running back to spot like the running back is going to get to this spot and then feeling ray. Lewis's there to meet it. Doesn't Bush was doing that. The Buffalo Game New York jets game. He was meeting people. At the spot where that running back, trying to get to the offensive line has a whole Clare. Devin Bush is just there. And it's IT'S GONNA. Be Incredible having them on the team. one of my other favorite stats that I bring up my article. Tomorrow is. Last year and two, thousand, eighteen, hundred, nineteen, two, thousand eighteen, Sean Davis Free Safety, who played deep safety almost every play. Was tied for third on the team in run tackles. Tied with John Bostick like don bosses are big inside linebacker and Sean Davis. Many solo run stops as John Bostick did. This year with Devin Bush replacing Jon Bostick Mak- Fitzpatrick was eleventh on the team. In tackles on run. Place doesn't Bush had more than twice as many as mink Patrick, so that's a big sign like runs were getting deep Brunswick getting past the Linebacker, and you had safeties coming up, and having to make tackles just to keep the to gain down. You know they were making that because if you're free, safety is tackling a running back. That's not a good play. This is not a good play, and you're also going to get more broken tackles. You get Devon Bush in their Devon Bush's eating. Those run place and they just don't get that far. Let's to the last question or last couple of questions and we're going to turn over to the live chat. In this touches on you said how he was a very smart player at how he was able to eliminate. His mistakes. What's his feeling? And how do you think he'll progress next year? And but before flaw finish though. 'cause someone in a live chat brought it up. This is a very weird year for the preparation of Football Team with the pandemic cove nineteen. Yes, where you think he'll be in his progression. How much do you think you'll progress? And will this weird season of preparing a football team in covert nineteen? Hamper his progression as a player. It probably will, but I don't think we'll notice that. And one of the reasons is. He's in a good spot. The lender of last season he was in a good spot to start the next season and be. approachable, maybe even comp- competing for an all pro. linebacker spot. Losing? The off season will hurt his development some. But the way he adapted week to week the way he improved week to week. I don't think it's going to hurt him much. He was playing more like a veteran. I I. Don't think you can treat him like a normal second year player. Like if you take Terrell Edmunds, we saw trail edmonds improve. In Year two. He got rid of some of the flaws from year one, but he still carried some of them with him. Dead, and Bush got rid of those in year one as a twenty one year old rookie as the youngest player in the NFL I. He's GonNa Start Yeah. He's he's GonNa be twenty two. Why in my opinion, he's going to be possibly the best Middle Linebacker in the AFC he could compete for that. He's incredible I. I say that I'm incredibly excited by him as his ceiling. I I'm not even going to hazard a ceiling for him. because. I I have no clue. We saw him eliminate his weaknesses in my opinion become. Close, to all pro level by the end of the season like he's that kind of a player to me. I can't even. I can't even begin to think where he could end up. He could be array Lewis. He could be that kind of generational talent. First Ballot Hall of Fame Guy. I don't think he'll ever get the recognition. You saw realistic because I. Don't think he's the vocal guy. He's never going to be like. We're playing the steelers. Davin Bush. Devin Bush and the Pittsburgh steelers yeah, have to take a knock it ray a little bit either I. Don't think we'll see him using deer antler. Is Well. Having to apologize for you, know having a murder investigation involved in either. Yes. I hope I hope we don't see that stuff devin Bush. What Ray Lewis did on the field deven Bush. Could become that type of player. Could now that type of player now before we jump into and big up. Let me jump into the seat. This dealer super chat here because I do want to mention this. Bradley James, thank you for the one ninety nine. He said big up to the ST goals looking gear. It is actually the Saint Paddy's Day gear, so the Hoodie that I have on is a Saint Paddy's Day that you can't really see it because my name is blocking it, but this is the Saint Paddy's Day. Hoodie with the same patties they had you know I like the switch it up for you guys in. Keep you guys guessing but before we jump into. I WanNa jump into one live chat question because Albert. Fujisaki is my defacto co host. You really like Alford's questions always bump Alfred questions before everyone else. If there is in a super chat and Alfred said Shazia second year jump was really impressive. Do you think Bush has a similar jump or do you think he'll improve even more than shadier in year two and just do the. We Love Ryan Shazier I thought Ryan Shazier was really play. I thought Ryan had some issues some significant issues to his game. Compare the two. And speak to Alfred Fujisaki's question about the year to jump. For Devin Bush. Shazia in Devon. Bush very different players Ryan Shazier when he started to shine was when he stopped trying to be. A normal middle linebacker. And just a tactical was just incredible when he was arrested when he was just attacking the play forward vertically, just Bam hitting holes going through people making plays in the backfield. That's where he really started to shine. Devin, Bush is more of a lateral player. So, it's more like fear would blow up a play, but he'd also miss a play that would get outside of them or. Dead and Bush has more the player that he's not going to misplace. He's going to get there. He's going to find the ball He won't make as much many splash plays. In forcing fumbles getting sacks stuff like that like Chaisiri did. But we already saw Devon Bush at the ball is on the ground Devin Bush on it. Like if the ball's tipped up in the air, doesn't Bush sly into it like he can be playmaker in that regard, but he's not gonna be living in the opponents backfield as much as Ryan Shay Zero does. And if he ends up doing that than he's going to be an incredible player if he can do what he does, and also start making a lot of plays in the backfield. He'll be incredible. Now in our last interview, we talked about Minkah Fitzpatrick in just how much of a fit Minka was for this defense in just how important Minka is to this defense at how sort of music affect this defense to the next level? It was the perfect complement for perfect match, perfect fit in it took the defense to this to this other lofty level that we think that this defense is how vital is Davin Bush to this defense and speak to. Having. Three. Elite athletes in the middle of your defense. You're talking about Devon. Bush talking about Edmonds in talking about Minka Fitzpatrick speak to that dynamic in just. How vital is Devon Bush to this defense? If the steelers were if Devon Bush were to be injured for several games, COULD THEY RECOVER? How could they be just? How vital is Devin Bush to this defense and speak to the dynamic of having very athletic players in the middle of your defense? Remember last week. You asked me about. It gets too much or too little credit and I said I kind of hesitant, said both like he he deserves a ton of credit. But the other player I mentioned. Deserve credit is Devon Bush. I'm going to stand by that and say Devin Bush is incredibly important. I think mink of Bajic is more important because we don't have anyone else. That can be a really good deep free safety if he's not on the field. And you know as Devon Bush's. They're run plays or going to get two three four more yards. You're going to see. More big runs you're going to see to see more tight. Giving trouble at make of his Patrick is out. You're GONNA see guys throwing deep. And get in touch downs, so I think there's a different scale there in in in the value. Of. Is Very very important as defense for taking it to the next level, and as you said with the athletes having. Terrell Edmonds and Mingka Fitzpatrick kind of in the middle at safety and strong safety and Free Safety Devon Bush at Middle, linebacker. That's incredibly incredibly hard for defenses to attack the steelers with especially with as good as Minka is attacking forward into the middle of the defense and a strong as Devon Bushes, attacking from the middle outside, and also attacking middle runs and defending short passes over the middle. It takes away the middle of the field, the entire length of the entire from the from the line of scrimmage. Out Is. The middle of the field is dawn. It's just not somewhere. You can attack. That's the best places to attack. They did a whole statistical analysis and showed the middle of the field was by far the most important part to defend and the steelers have data. And not only do they have those three I'll add in with with having elite athletes is we've got bud depre- and TJ Watt as well. So, it's if you try to go outside. You've you've got bud? Do Pre? You've got TJ what? Got Done Bush Terrell, edmonds who run down a lot of players to the sideline. Where Okay Yeah you escaped led do pre. But you're out of bounds because. Bush, and is right there and they're not. You turn the corner. They're all incredible. That's defense is set up to be ridiculous next season yet. When you look at it, let me let me jump into a super chat here. they. They are so athletic, they they. They are so talented on that side of the Ball WanNa. Thank Dave Shipley for the two bucks. Thank you. Dave and also want to jump into this five bucks from. From Snowman I did not know this I should happy. Eighty seventh birthday to the Pittsburgh steelers and happy sixty eighth birthday to the Great Middle Linebacker Jack Lambert, so it is truly an awesome day in Steeler Land July Eighth I did not know that. Did you know that Jeffrey? That today was the steelers organization birthday? No, I did not I did not know that. In my own anniversary I. Get in trouble all the time. Well, you can write that down, so let me give you a word of advice. Write that down protect the middle of the field in right that down. Because you want to be compromised right down the middle. You gotta get one date right in the year. Get Net date right I told her and actually reminds me now. Will remind me so okay. Put it in your cell phone. Your cell phone write it down, said like ten times in remember, but I feel bad that. I did not know that this was the birthday of the Pittsburgh. steelers because I'm a northside guy, so the Rooney's are probably day. Come from maybe about ten minutes from where I grew up so I feel kinda bad being nor cider is well that I did not know that. Let me jump into a couple of questions here before we get Outta here, Andrew Will Bar, asked the following question. Can't my Michigan Man Devon Bush being all pro in twenty twenty? AM. I'm a Michigan man also born in Adrian, then a University of Michigan Fan longer than I even. Professional football was a thing. Devon Bush. Yes. He can be an all pro in twenty twenty. I think he's got a really good shot at it. Let me, ask you let me jump to this other question. Some of these questions will not be about Devin Bush, but we're going to jump into them anyway. This is from steelers fan one. What about Joe Haden? How many years do you think he has left? He was good last year. I give them at least two more at corner. And I also think he is kind of guy that can move to a safety move to. Change his position to give him a little more a few more years. He's already lost them speed. But you don't see him get so until. He's lots of speed that he can't make up for it. Was His veterans savvy? Then? That's what he's going to be gone, but I think. He gave them a couple more years. Asiatic Noble, this is not a question, but a comment intimidate think if this is true or false that Bush will have around five interceptions. Six forced fumbles in five recovery's in twenty twenty. That's a nice little. Grab bag right there. Five six five. I would not bet against the fumble recoveries. I think he can reach that pretty easily. Interceptions, I don't know teams. They're going to have to throw it. Somebody on one hand I'm like teams aren't GonNa Throw, it make Fitzpatrick Oh teams aren't gonNA throw at Joe Haden Kingston. Throw it, Steven Nelson last year. Teens aren't gonNA throw it. They've got it throw at somebody. If the steelers offense is moving the ball, they have to throw somewhere. He could see that if teams decide the Devin Bush is a guy they want to. Attack could get five interceptions. Forced fumbles that. would be area he would. That would be an improvement. E was not a big fumble coarser. He is more of a just a strap tackler. If you can throw in that like T., J., watt style, rapid and punch, you could see him force more fumbles. That would be a great way to for him to improve it. That would definitely play him as a first team, all pro. Yes that means the voters who don't necessarily watch a ton of everybody. If you create those types of splash plays absolutely get you on all protein. We have a suggestion for you. Though Jeffrey with your issue about your anniversary Snowman said Tattoo your anniversary on your forehead, so you won't forget. I can get a tattoo on my arm or something. It brush my teeth. Be Like Oh yeah. Yes. Yes, yes, so you get a I know my anniversary. It's August twenty fifth. And I will be twenty years this year August twenty, fifth, two thousand. I'm hitting twenty so I. Know See I I I'm well schooled I I. Know My keys, my my my key in diagnosed my recognition, you know by the third quarter of my marriage I had it locked I make that mistake after year ten an AC-. On Devon Bush route I I am progressing. Look a little slower than he did. Alfred Fukuzaki jumped back in and asked another question does Devin Bush have a better year than bobby, wagner or Darius Leonard does. He entered the highest echelon of middle linebackers next year. I can see him having a better year. Than Darius Leonard Hard hard to have better seasons. Bobby Wagner. By could see him passing various Leonard. I think teams are are learning better how to avoid. Leonard and I think with the roster. The steelers have you're. You're gonNA have a really hard time avoiding Devon Bush. I don't know how I. Don't think I. I've seen The guy from Seattle I. Don't think I've ever seen bobby. Wagner MISSA tackle. I mean I. Like like honestly, and that's not hyperbole like he's not always there like making tackles in the Backfield, but when he hits, you is over the plays ranged. It's done I. don't even see guys really fallen forward went bobby wagner gets a hit. You know how linebackers hit a guy and therefore progress will still get them another three you when Bobby Wagner hits you. You know it's done. It's over. It's Veneto Here's another. Here's another suggestion for you from Russ Oath Stein. He said I tattooed my anniversary on my shoulder. So the shoulders have good look you can. You can hide it when you want with the the very nice boba. Fett, T shirt or that DJANGO FIT. My. Okay so you're Nice Boba Fett. T shirt. It could be right here. You know just neatly you know, but here's the thing, though if you tattoo. Are you gonNA. Do European dating so you're GONNA go year month day, are you? GonNa go US just dad month day year. which way would you do it? Oh the numbers are the numbers are low so it. It would like if I put it if I put it European dating, I'd be three months off. Let me to another question. This questions from Bradley James and thank you for the Super Chat Bradley. Thank you for the multiple questions in super chat. Do the steelers draft another middle linebacker high next year to pair with Bush, given the aging Williams. I don't think so I'm a I'm a firm believer in. Gilbert. And again if it's A. High linebacker. Like allow the snaps. She's not GonNa be on the field. steelers play a lot of dime. A. There's going be a lot of plays. One of those aren't on the field and with Devon Bush. It's not gonNA be him. He's not going to be the one off the fields, so if they did draft another linebacker high. I don't know how much value that'd be. That wouldn't be the best value my fan. And that's the thing I think that we to consider when you're talking about a number one draft pick. Especially on defense I I'll say both sides football. They have to play. Correct me if I'M WRONG JEFF OR DISAGREE If, you'd like They're gonNA. have to play close to I would say ninety percent of the snaps. Right, yeah, if you're first round draft, pick your. You're going to have to play all the time. You'RE GONNA have to play in every package every. Every lime, every package everything because they're seeing. You have superior athletic ability skill, and you're at the top half of the top one percent, so they want you on the field all the time, and that's what we heard. steelers talk about with nose tackles. They don't value them like they used to. Because they're not three down, guys if they are taking a guy in the first or second round. They want that guy on the field all the time. They don't want that guy to be a situation player, and so unless you can play probably. I'm GONNA guess about eight hundred snaps. You know eight, hundred fifty snaps or more You know you're not. You're not going to be a first round draft. Pick and I WANNA say big up to Adriatic Noble. Thank for the six bucks. No question steelers nation. Let's go and that's always what it's about. It's about steelers nation. Let me to another question and this is why call Albert Fujisaki my co host, because he has great questions, he might as well host the show for me just from his questions so big of Alfred again this Giovanni Braves hargraves departure caused problems for Devon Bush in twenty twenty pretty hard to imagine that his departure won't be felt. I. That's I agree with that in certain circumstances Devan. Hargrave was incredible against zone run plays. I loved him again. Zone. Run place, more power oriented plays. They could move him off the ball with the double team. He wasn't an anchor and hold double team Kinda Guy. But was good on zone place and when teams with Zone Ryan, you would often see Giovane hargrave creating like he would have a grip on the center and the centers trying to like get off of him, and he can't and Devon Bush's shooting through gaps where Devan Hargrave is just not letting people get into those gaps than filled them. He that's where a lot of devon bushes tackles for a loss came so you're going to have to see all Tyson Valu. Fill that kind of a role where he he's able to move laterally and keep those double teams on him and not let the double teams get pushed off of him. In order in order to to fill in for John. Hargrave, but really filled that role. You think there's anybody else on the roster outside of Lulu that will get some snaps. Somebody Young Defensive, Lineman that they've drafted in the last couple of years. You'd think those guys will get any snaps in that role as a it would that be like the Fifth Defensive Lineman, if you're talking about the three man rotation of fourth or Fifth Defensive Lineman, maybe six. Some of those guys getting supplies. You think that'll be warmly. That will be guided. Also can play that role that hargrave didn't able to occupy those double teams against zone runs warmly, or one of the other guys can do that. I don't expect warmly. I think were really is going to be more outside in the in the five tech positions. He's He was good there for Baltimore. I expect Aliu all is GonNa be the big guy inside. I would not be surprised if Daniel. mccullers does not get snaps. As bad as he is on some clays, and his Battisti has been in the past, he he was good on a lot of plays last year. Wait a minute. Wait a minute stop. Hold wait a minute stop. Stop. Stop Stop It slowdown. Listeners you hurt with Jeffrey, said he said Daniel mccullers. Was Good. On some plays. You gotTA, break down. Build. The floor is yours. Please explain that to me and I I WANNA. Write down. We're at fifty one. Forty three in the interview. please. Break that down for me. If the play wasn't going laterally like I said zone plays Devan, hargrave was asked to move laterally with the line Japan hargrave was destined those plays. Daniel mccullers! That's where he would struggle. You saw plays where he actually did okay on that last season, and you saw other place where it was like. He was slow enough that the other guys like moving with the play to try and keep them from getting an opening were crashing into a one-sided creating a big gap on because he was just too slow moving sideways, and he would create openings for running backs just by being slow. But in place where he wasn't asked to move laterally. Plays where he was asked to just take a double team and hold that double team. He was great at that. And if you try to not double team Daniel mccullers, he will just walk your offensive linemen into the backfield almost every time, so if it's A. Power run. You don't WanNa to see Danny mccullers on the other side because you're gonNA, have an offensive lineman in your lap while you're trying to run the ball. He may not make a tackle. He may not do anything good pass place, but you don't WanNa. See that man one on one in an area where you're trying to run the ball. Because he just he's huge. He doesn't get moved and he was driving people forward. Last season so in a very selective role. He has that value and you'll see that when they pair him in the in the two players sets, they would pair him with Giovanni. And he basically just pushed forward and John Hargrave would make moves it, and he would create opportunity for John Hargrave to do stuff because they had to deal with your von with Daniel, mccullers just like driving the pocket back and just. Making a big hole in the run game where you just can't go there. He's just as big stay seater. So. Wasn't terrible. It's interesting that you say that because the live chat is having a ball. Ezra said. Did you say as a Nehemiah said? Did you say good and mccullers in the same sentence Pinero For Narrows Five. Peru, who actually in his picture has his Michigan stuff on bloods He has his Michigan stuff. He's got the bitch beanie. He's got the Hoodie and big up. The Michigan I don't a lot of family from Michigan, but unfortunately I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Piss you off a little bit. Jeff here. My family's from East Lansing. Where sparks. We we are spartans we are spartans. Daniel. mccullers is good. So I? Put it like this Jeff You watch enough film. We will give you the benefit of the doubt on Daniel mccullers. You know my personal thought was. He had the secrets of pruder film in in his in his in his basement, and he had the single bullet theory he he had all that documentation, and somehow you also have pictures of the coaching staff, and that's how he remains on the roster on the roster for at least seven years I think I mean he has been he he. He lasted past his rookie contract, hasn't he? Yes, yes, so They live him they. They like him for some reason well. I'll tell you my thought on why he's on. The roster is because goal line sets. You need someone like him. You in short yardage sets. You've gotTa have that one guy who's just going to be begging and unmovable, and he guy well. He is a monster. So before we get out of here Jeff t article once again. Let them know what you're going to be breaking down and also tell them about the the last part of the secondary article. Tell them about that stuff and what you got coming up before we get out of here. All right like you said my last week after our show. By last part of my secondary evolution zone series was a sized part series. If you go to behind the steel, Kirk curtain and search film room. Those will come up. Tomorrow I'm my article indefinite. Bush comes out. It is called Devin, Bush his best attribute is his learning curve, and it's shows it's all about showing his improvement from the start of the season to the end of the season. In, the future got a series about a tight end about the tight ends. The steelers use them I'm working on, and I'm also working on a play showing how very simple film room showing how things that Matt Canada does did in college are already being done in the NFL and how the steelers might incorporate those similar to place? We actually saw other teams use against the steelers last year. I'm wow. I WanNa see that definitely. I want to definitely check out that one would mccafe is so thank you. Jeff for another fantastic interview and I. Urge you guys to to I either either particular order either listen to this show i. then read the article on Devin Bush or check out the article. I come to the podcast about Devin Bush but put them together as a package, so you can get all the information that you need about. About Devon Bush from bt Esi, we give fantastic content. Jeffords breakdown film putting it on the website. Make sure you check it out there. Tell a friend do everything you can to get this awesome content, but jeff again. Thank you, thank you, everybody in the live chat and you know next time we do this. We're to break down Daniel mccullers and how he changed his the goal line package, and why he is a seven year steeler vet. That going to conclude the program and is always tune in Selah. Friend and so Scott.

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