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All right we are live. Jim boys and girls. We are here in the building early today at least from me early today for me from my good friend here. Who is here to help was he says to follow our passion so we can find. Our voice is that right mike. Yeah that's right. Right because mike armstrong. He's from the uk and we're going to have some fun tonight or today wherever you listening right now. Here we go. It's the authority project happening right now. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes and tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video podcast dream. don facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority and mayor peel. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. We are back with another episode. The thirty project. I am brian. Arnold in you are the project we want to attach authority to your name so you can sell more of what you're great at and we are blessed to have mr mike armstrong here on the virtual stage to help you do just that how to follow your passion to find your voice. We got a lot to unpack here so get ready and enjoy the ride How you doing mike. Wholesome a great day as i do every day rarely because i'm following my passion. I found my voice awesome. I love it. I love it so before we dive in for dive into. We've got a lot to talk about dive in. Please tell on the audience year who you are personally and professionally okay. Well personally i. I'm a son. I'm a brother. I got a brother two sisters. I'm a great human being somebody who is a massive relationship buildup on sunday. Live life to the max. Allan life the no regrets and have as much fun as Along the entrusted journey than that we all find ourselves on. I love it. that's awesome. I love that man so tell us what your current product working on at the moment so amazon professionally. I'm a- sales marketing consultant traina service provider. I'm a salesman so global. Networker sales mocked interactive for networking events. Company evolved castor a youtube buzz. Social media influence tiktok or somebody who works all the hours under the sun. Because i don't see as go line By ballots are seen as if you work. If you do something you enjoy for your wake as just and really awesome. I love that. So let's talk about passion i now. It's a big debate. You know about going going which. You're passionate steve. Go at your passion if that really works right so because it's been kinda put out there that every passion is not profitable or is it. You let me know what is it about fong. Passion that you think should be the right step forward for anybody going through trying to live a type of entrepreneurial style of life while basically life is to say as as the song says like his rollercoaster. You know there's nobody can get through life without you know some ups and downs and if you're though in through life and your house some struggles from time to time and unless you're actually doing something you really believe in any really passionate and you're gonna get knocked off course and did you know you may not on course again while people doing because an all flash while they do day in day out is they have. Some hurdles can be financial can be knowledge education. Could be you know Symbolic speed whatever how something knocks him are false. And they ended stay in that people know is the rat race is saying they come from so the rest of their lives and they miss out on all of the things they could have been all of the things or the opportunities had over those things out because in the fact that something happened in their lives because they were in following their passion something not moss but they need to a bad place on all people come from got it so this this this talk about the scenario when we have our passionate we have our passion right harvey now follow it. So that makes an impact so we can eventually have a lifetime lifestyle living like most people you see out there doing or or dreaming of doing rather. Do you make a living out of doing out of doing that. Why why is it important to find our voice like you're saying yeah well we'll also about it. You can't find a living and make every single passionate of the world but not some people have lots of passions and you've got to find the right passion within new you can also make a living from and you can help people with mattingly you know. We all complex human beings and we all have multiple passions. And so it's not about you know. Oh yeah I like italy wigs. Tim professional wherever you know. It's about finding a whole your passions. Which is the one that really fanta. If you really loads new ready to come good Which is the thing you have to do forever. Maybe teach other people how to do and to become a master. Become a leader in you. Know to let Most people these days they want everything to quick think today all even asked today and that's not realistic. If you actually really pick one of your skillset one of the things you love to down tools dudes outdoors in our relationships with people. If the the thing the u passionate about you can also make living on if you actually just keep thing you know hours and hours and hours and weeks and weeks and weeks and years and years and years. Eventually you're going to become like a grandmaster and whatever it is the do it you can't do over and over lower again. Willingness to keep learning and keep improving about becoming are doing it and twenty thirty forty years fine so all the entrepreneurs i've matt and listen to in town you gotta take your passion and you're gonna get in the queue of life and you're going to stay there waiting for your turn. People talk to you when the not finding any further forward. They join another cuba. Join another you another q. And they decided to. You ought to sit down on in because the getting a you might slow processes if you lady really passionate about. I really willing to learn and educates develop a grow in a specific ryan. You will become a master of you. Pick picking industry are you can monetize ability knowledge. Not experience nova tire. You'll move up in the queue. Become the person that influence the keep person go-to person their full. If you have strategies in the right systems and processes and products and services in place it was thought monetize your position as head of the queue that so what do you say. What does somebody look at you now and say you know what this guy here. Mike armstrong you know of of course you can do it easy for you to say because you're you're like the natural born salesman there you have it all together. Of course you can do it. What is that where they don't feel like they have the chops to you. Know really do those kinds of things like believe me you know. Get out there and really express their passion to the world. Well these these myth. I think people look at other. People may think everyone always thinks was going altogether. Everyone's the superhuman they can they can do aggregate. I do that. People think that. That's you know i'm always be brought out by donald trump the mindset of someone else can do it and then i can do it because everyone out there is just trashing bones. All the same stuff. We've all on the same mechanics. The same engineer in the same brain. Same saint have know all grades at the same things that we passionate about a mass usually sunday. Good that's anyway because comes from because on the bill be able to do something well so when you look at the people don't over anywhere on patta. sorry. I don't care who they are at the end of the day. They all got the same biology over the main copy masters something. It doesn't mean that the new just you can watch something to someone only able to be the best destiny own able to be ground is all autry is just the longest choose. Ask some big because we we are not that in acting commissioner. You actually descended on the right path. So looking for that famous gonna set you off keep going to do not when you're young and otherwise it's gonna take time to build. That saw grabbed my set expertise. Tim literally in if people always see they got together. That's just because people will always put the positive side of themselves on social media. No you know in the press on the megyn. Nobody's hundred percent together. I don't care who they are. We all have ups and down days. We have passing families and calvin sufferers and is this that though wrong and fails us and is human beings. We're all human beings. Mark zuckerberg has that richard branson that. We all have these problems. It's just how we choose to deal with. That makes a difference. You know the leaders of the world side to use problems obstacles your stuff that getting their way sometimes feel you know you will drive them. Pets people creating more obedient offensive or find ways around problems other people. Just give up a problem at some point in their life and they give up on it and have difference in all the time so you know most of the difference between success and failure. How isn't whether someone's got stuck together or not is actually whether they may choose to be successful or noise their mindsets so anyone can work on a mindset is lucky. I was very successful as a kid. I was in a spoiled. I was good in school or had a winning mentality. And i've been in sales all my life through throughout my career and what was being better than average. That's the people around me because with the mentality of wanting to be the best on track win. I'd be willing to be a lifelong willing to teach myself the skills and the experience and expertise to become the same whatever then on just because an article comes in my way. It doesn't mean growth is going to go along with ounce that doing what i do because about my love it i enjoy it. I believe that. I can get to the number one spot. I got the number ones. And you know maybe two or three won't be to all the millions of people have beat up. Same spot you. You're going to keep you are not got the right mindsets soon to chase your dreams not just In what became one of the ninety percent quota which quits online took. I loved the passionate. Right there in your in your answer there. Mike so this talk more about this voice thing is there a strategy that goes about developing the voice. 'cause you can have. People were in a crowded space of either people. Who are coaches or for a product craters. Or what have you. Who are maybe even bigger brands. Where this competition everywhere. There's people you know they can come to you or go to someone else with the same solution so talk to us about how we're developing voice so that people can resonate with that in a in a much deeper way than because i think i think people are trying to figure out how to develop that how. How does one go about doing that ultimately again. If you're doing so i am been in sales in mocked him for most of my life since i was about that offers. You know entrepreneur salad vitamin signing things. Kids got into employee sales at fifteen opinion involved in the communications business. Oh my adult life from fifteen upwards of forty three now all of my adult life involved in communication a business as a way of making murray managed loss of sales people in lots of martin. People since i was eighteen so again most of my adult life will be managing people own thing. Communicators in the sales of marching band is often whether they believe in the product or not. You believe in the product and the solution that you're offering to people if you believe in what you're doing and if you follow india parchin you really have a good product service. You'll shut off the hilltop step anybody and everybody but what you do if you don't believe in what you're doing when you know you don't believe it you don't necessarily want to convince other people it because you're not convincing yourself so people snuggle to find device you hope so people business outsides. Not doing the thing they should be doing and the solution they could join the crowds similar. People haven't really got the confidence to find their voice into shouts about into anybody in any capacity. There's so many different ways to communicate your voice your message. Y'all solution you're offering in who you are. Your values always all things. There's so many different ways of communicating these days video and audio podcasts. Yuban it up and facebook and all social media as at all traditional media places to put your message out there. Last year confident embassador. You really believe in the message. People will join away from it. The massey jones. For i don't want to say too many times i wouldn't want to say it's kim i saw was when he really the goods really proud. Walk you it with the core values utah. Everybody wanting to video and wasn't going to up is uncomfortable. Because you don't believe in is often enough tyler That is definitely gonna find your voice and you're going to use whatever vehicle is out there and it's been so many options of so many choices would be albany so many different ways of sharing your message to your target audience that's You know you get involved you going learn these things again so some people the old the technology and they like all on target. You've got the last ten years korea to use twitter facebook youtube or no normally. You don't wanna rubbish taveres. You wanna drink. Tabulates us usually tools. That are there for you right now. They'll just units you also nutritional loads of tacna folks until use wordpress to us dan how to use other social media videos. Trae a podcast. You're never too old to learn. It's just your mind is rights whether you choose to watch or not. That's great so. I have one last question for this is awesome so far i love everything just saying the conference factor is definitely something that people need to understand that. If you're not confident about what you're putting out the air it will it will not only resonate with your it'll resonate with you and people will see that so i'm glad you you. You let us know about that on on this broadcast so i just have one last question and it goes up or something like that. People are watching you right now. This seeing that they like what you're saying. And they have they have similar similar goes in the interest and they want to do the same thing that you are doing mike exact. Same thing Can you give them just a few tidbits or or maybe just one big step. Apollo they can be an authority in this space yet and so i'll just really give people an idea of something i haven't done to teach people you know something about being through a competition. Soho become an authority throughout my life by one a willingness to learn so lifelong learner an unwilling to learn the twenty thirty forty percent. I'm most people and most people when they have their mobile phone. They don't understand everything it does. Just use it. To make the sixty percent capacity saying lincoln the same twisted the same facebook willing to learn on using all the tools in the functionalities that are available to you. Your opportunity to communicate with people not just at sixty seventy percent ninety percent ninety five percent hundred percent at retiring. Go all in because you only got one life. So don't give you know since reporters if you lie for. Three gorges of the athletes been one hundred percent every time. And then all you gotta do you skill yourself. You're gonna learn log. In order to be communicated all stars he finger on nine and intact you're gonna learn how to castes in order to be commuting communications aspect an authority figure audio you need to be able to create videos content and also to become an authority figure bound by a video you need to learn how to communicate via lincoln social media platforms Communicate to a wider audience. At you know line you know you have to learn all of these skills you know over a long period of time you can become stuff and you could be seeing everywhere ed omnipresence. So that's you are an authority figure out for yourself. You become the keyboard of influencing your industry. You become the go to person. Everyone else needs to go to. Because on the one who's making all the noise you're the one in the conversation the one reading innovation. And you're the one who. Who is the go-to person in that. So only my advice is don't rush. It build a korean over a long period of time in sydney to upscale yourself on certainly new technologies and new ways of communicating your message target audience. I'm over a period of time. It'll become the authority figure in your sector. Can you just show tell people right now how to get a hold of you at the show. That'd be gap. Nope and so. I've got a website. Which is mike armstrong dot. Mi hashtag which is gone on strong. And if you search my house chugging google or on social media you'll find all my content and i also work for a global network in atlanta because intro and anyone who listens to show who wants to join a an online network events and we do one nine till eleven am. Uk time on a friday. Anybody who wants to join the his guests gas line. It's a members only network guesstimate biden and see whether the network would be something suitable for you to join full of all some entrepreneurs collaborators fatness. You really want to help out you to grow and succeed so coming on as a cash. The mine are online network. Is what else you want to join me on any network events and in touch via websites all my social media platforms if you want to remind our youtube channel. Just check out. Montage podcast and on youtube channel. Great stuff man. I hope everybody got a lot. How i know. There's very inspiring. People are giving us some some good reaction online there so Thanks so much. I appreciate it man ending before we get out of here. Yeah checking on my happiness formally sunday. I'm willing to give to anyone really on the planet. It wants to be a happy person than they are. Today is simple at five stat planets. The small top as formula and is fine things you can do on a daily basis to be as happy as you can be really. I don't think any way you can become more happier than if you follow my find stat so on my website under you want me to give you the happiness for more than happy to do helping people if i can make you happy and i did a good job take care. I love this guy. Awesome stuff that go to the door dot com to get to go there now joining the list so we can help you build your authority platform so you can do your platform just like mark. Armstrong is doing every single day of his life. Apparently so take care and we see you on the next one build. It share it and they will come out. And that's a rapper. this episode of the authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you liked you heard we want to hear from you. Subscribe rate and give an honest review. Sharon telling your friends so they can hear too. And even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter dot com get free weekly content and ongoing digital product. Giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey we certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an a ha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority bill. It here it and they will come until next time.

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