Hurricane Sally Threatens 105 MPH Winds and 30 Inches of Rain as It Nears Coast


Brought to you by lucky charms magical mission enjoy a new addition to family time with the leprechauns interactive adventure where you'll be jumping running and singing to restore magic in the eight charm lands available on your smart speaker just say open lucky charms, magical mission or search for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Hurricane Sally threatens one hundred five mile per hour winds and thirty inches of rain as it nears coast. By J, Reeves Andrew Wang and Jeff Martin for the Associated Press in Pensacola Florida. A newly strengthened Hurricane Sally pummeled the Florida Panhandle and South Alabama with sideways rained beach covering storm surges, strong winds and power outages. Early Wednesday moving toward sure an agonizingly slow pace that promised drawn out drenching and possible record floods. Some one, hundred, fifty, thousand homes and businesses had lost electricity by early Wednesday according to the power outage dot US site. A curfew was called in the coastal Alabama city of Gulf shores due to life threatening conditions in the panhandle chief sheriff's deputy chips Simmons vowed to keep deputies out with residents as long as physically possible the county includes. Pensacola one of the largest cities on the Gulf coast, the sheriff's office will be there until we can no longer safely be out there and then and only then will we pull our deputies in? Simmons. Said at a storm briefing late Tuesday this for a storm that during the weekend appear to be headed for New Orleans obviously this shows what we've known for a long time with storms they are unpredictable and Circolo Mayor Grover Robinson. The fourth said Sally rapidly strengthened as it approached land quickly rising into a category two storm packing one, hundred, five mile per hour winds in. South southeast of Mobile Alabama, and moving north northeast at two miles per hour landfall was expected on the northern Gulf coast early Wednesday a National Hurricane Center forecast map showed a possible landfall between Alabama's Mobile Bay and the Panhandle Sally was a rare storm that could make history said Ed Rappaport Deputy Director of the National Hurricane. Center. Sally has a characteristic that is often seen, and that's a slow forward speed and that's going to exacerbate the flooding rappaport told the Associated Press. He likened the storms slow progression to that of Hurricane Harvey, which Wont Houston in two thousand, seventeen up to thirty inches of rain could fall in some spots and quote that would be record setting in some locations. Rappaport said in an interview Tuesday night. Although the hurricane had the Alabama and Florida coasts in its sights Wednesday. Its Effects were felt all along the northern Gulf coast low-lying properties in southeast Louisiana were swamped by the surge water covered Mississippi beaches, and parts of the highway that runs parallel to them to large casino bones broke loose from dock where there were undergoing construction work in Alabama. In Orange Beach Alabama Chris Parks a resident of Nashua new. Hampshire spent the night monitoring the storm and taking care of his child as strong winds battered his family's hotel room. The family was visiting the state before their return flight back to New Hampshire was canceled. Now they're stuck in Alabama Friday I'm just glad we're together park said the wind is crazy. You can hear solid heavy objects blowing through the air and hitting the building Mississippi Governor Tate. Reeves urged people in the southern part of his stay to prepare for the potential of flash flooding as sallies out of bounds reached the Gulf coast, the manager of an alligator ranch in Moss Point Mississippi was hoping he wouldn't have to live a repeat of what happened at the gator farm in two thousand and five. That's went about two hundred fifty alligators escaped their enclosures during Hurricane Katrina storm surge Gulf coast gator ranch in tour manager, Tim Parker says. Sally has been stressful storm because forecasters were predicting a storm surge of as much as nine feet in the area, but he's felt some relief after seeing the surge predictions had gone down after dumping rain on the coast Wednesday. Sally was forecast to bring heavy downpours to parts of Mississippi, Alabama Georgia and the Carolinas later in the week, Sally's power was an irresistible draw for some in its path with heavy rains pelting a beach in Florida and the. Wind whipped surf pounding a steady stream of people walked down the wooden boardwalk at a park for a look at the scene Tuesday afternoon Rebecca Stud stale who lives inland was wary of staying too long noting that police closed bridges wants the wind and water get too high with Hurricane Sally expected to dump rain for days. The problem could be worse than normal. She said just hunkering down would probably be the best thing for folks out here she said. Wang reported from Mobile Alabama and Martin. Marietta Georgia Associated Press reporters. Russ buying him in Savannah. Georgia Sophia Tull in Atlanta. Tomorrow Lush in Saint. Petersburg. Florida Rebecca Santana in New Orleans Emily Wagner Pettus in Jackson Mississippi and Kim Chandler in Montgomery Alabama contributed to this report.

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