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What really happened to Amelia Earhart?


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Paul Mission Control Deck and most importantly you or you you or here and that makes this stuff. They don't want you to no no. No you just got off the plane. Is that correct. I did and I got the plane cried and I hope I don't pass it onto you in this sort of fuselage ask environment that we're currently inhabiting. That's fine with me. Honestly when I have a little bit of the crowd or a head cold I I love writing. It's it does. It does great stuff for creativity. Maybe it's because they don't feel like going outside and doing things also true also true also true. What's Do Do you and I have been on a lot of planes as have you Paul and has had many people listening to this show today and this is a question for everyone to think about. Do you and I can take a stab at answering this too right now if you'd like no. What is the craziest flight you've ever had? Or what's the longest. Are you a person who's terrified of flying. I would say you're not no I'm not Haven't been on any super long flights in a while but I think maybe mentioned this on on our other show ridiculousness your and we talked about luxury airlines and why they don't really exist anymore Check that one out but There was one time where this is going to be a tool but I'm going to say it anyway in the quick version. There was one time where I'm used to taking Delta Where they have USB chargers and screens on the back of the chairs in front of you and I took a southwest flight for the first time and didn't have like a power Abrek from my phone and I was expecting to have a USB and didn't have one and my phone died? And I had to be alone with my thoughts for the entire flight. It was terrifying. especially if you were so strange how quickly things become normalized and if you were expecting something not decrypt too hard for earlier episode on ridiculous history but if you're expecting expecting something Olson it's taken away. It's tough to recover from that it really is. It's it's it's strangely similar to Having two very very different beverages. Next to your place when you're eating and then expecting you're going to. I don't know drink water but you accidentally pick up the juice or the milk and your mouth. It goes what why the kerosene or the kerosene kerosene very popular beverage here in Atlanta. It's strange that there are millions gins of people frankly terrified of flying especially when you consider that statistically you are much much much more likely to get into an automobile laxed than ever to be involved in a plane crash but whether you love fly or whether you hate those vast stretches of Sky Sun and cloud cloud whether you've been on a plane You know three times a week for most of your life or whether you've never been on a plane or haven't yet you have at least east some inkling of the story of one Amelia earhart. And this is the topic of our episode today. So here or the facts. Amelia Earhart was on July twenty fourth eighteen ninety seven and she was the daughter of amy and Edwin Erhardt lived with her mother's parents until until she was twelve And they were quite wealthy so she was afforded some privilege including Attending private school and then in one thousand nine Amelia and her youngest youngest sister moved to Des Moines pronounce the S. I say the wing to Moines Iowa And that's where they were reunited China with their parents because their father went to work for a railroad company and he moved there to join them and take that That gig yeah. They moved on to a new position and the family continued to move around from Saint Paul Minnesota to Springfield Illinois. So on. This was not a happy home. You see Edwin. EARHART had been waging a unsuccessful battle with alcoholism for the entirety of Amelia's Melia is life and this experience with a parent who had substance abuse problems gave earhart a lifelong abiding a dislike of boos along with the deep deep desire for financial security. And you have to. You know you you can understand it. When you think of the disparity she encountered entered in her life shit very wealthy maternal grandparents and then struggling immediate parents you know so? She saw both sides the have and the have nots of life. So in one thousand nine hundred fourteen. Amy earhart Amelia's mother Takes the kids. She leaves her husband and they go to Chicago in Chicago. Amelia graduates from the Hyde Park School in Nineteen fifteen interesting historical side note in the yearbook. She is described as a see that girl in Brown who walks alone. It's a dubious What do they call them? So moniker relative. Yeah the honorific mazing the thing honorifics everything but I think honorifics closer to titles might be right then you might be right It's true the girl in Brown who walks. Oh love that's intense actually It's almost like a Ninja wondering Ninja kind of nickname unhappy intellectual. I mean High School Ben Bullen would have been all all about Getting number telegram address. What did they do back that? No not clear that maybe a Morse code signal no no but she went on to go to a place called the Ogun school which was a private high school and this is interesting. I'd never really heard of this. I guess it goes straight from high school to junior in college which I guess is like the Early Year of college or is it more of like a community college. Yes it feels like. It's either a community college. Prep School. You know right because if if it was a commitment community college sort of as a as a sort of like a second like not as prestigious right. It's a two year program. A lot of community colleges have a two in year program and so sometimes people for one reason or another will take their prerequisites at a community college to your college and then go for the latter half of of their college career at a more expensive institution. I make sense so then. She went on to visit her sister. Muriel who is living in Toronto. And that is where she saw. Aw someone who had returned from World War One and had lost a limb in combat An amputee yes in this moves her she. She immediately refuses to return to her junior college high school and instead becomes a volunteer nurse in a veteran hospital and then she also during her time working as a volunteer nurse she also becomes a pacifist and this is something that she will keep deep before as far as we know the rest of her life emphasis on as far as we know so. That's that's the the early days. The Amelia earhart but of course most of us know her for her aviation career. That's right another first for Amelia was in Nineteen Fifteen fifteen when she saw her very first air show and and had the opportunity to actually ride on an airplane. She seemed to become passionate about things pretty quickly. She was very driven and had a sense of what her mission was in life. I think that's interesting. Part of her character. She knew right away that she wanted to take flying lessons so she went to a place called Burkinshaw Kennard airfield which was on Long Beach Boulevard in L. A. From a woman with a lovely name net US nooks. Yeah Yeah Nets nukes which sounds like a made up name but is very real but again as we've said before on the air all names are made up at some point on December Fifteenth Nineteen. Twenty one amelia. Amelia finally receives her license from the National Aeronautics Association or she was working part time as a file clerk as an office assistant as photographer as a truck driver and she was pinching or pinch she was scrounging and saving and she got a little bit of help from her mother which enabled Amelia Earhart to buy her own plane. Think about how extraordinary that is. Okay first of all like a little bit of scratched. That's from her mother too by plane rights and we know a little bit about this plane. Don't we we do a little bit about it. It was what was called a kiner air. stor just like the kiner airfield. Kiner Air STOR was Two seat single engine biplane so it wasn't it so you know it was still a plane it will get you in the air. You can actually see a photograph of Amelia earhart enter Instructor Neta Snoop standing together by the by the air stor. Oh yeah so it's like it looks almost like one of those fighter type planes you would have seen in in World War One Yeah it's it's it's a biplane. I guess I and she loved this plane and she was. It was such a tremendous this moving moment for her to be able to purchase her own plane. That's still a pipe dream for a lot of people here in twenty one thousand nine we record this however flying line as anybody with a pilot's license can assuras can be a very expensive hobby and she could afford to buy the plane but she could not afford to continue flying. You know the maintenance fees fuel fuel definitely so eventually. She sold her plane and she bought an automobile. She drove her mother to Boston where her younger sister mural was teaching school and a little bit after that she re enrolls in College College. She goes to Columbia University in New York City but she doesn't have the scratch again to continue studies for more than one year a little bit dejected. She returns earns the Boston she becomes a social worker. She joins the National Aeronautics Association and she still inner spare time when she can finds finds opportunities to fly so wonder what she thinks. She must've dislike taking a class or like you know rented one for the afternoon or this so yeah that feels like a big trustfall really your rent my plane plane exactly so then in nineteen twenty eight Erhard gets pretty incredible opportunity. You guys remember Knbr Charles w Charles Lindbergh who became the first person Obviously a man to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean back in nineteen twenty seven. So this guy named George Palmer Putnam Was the editor of a book about Charles Lindbergh's voyage and decided to you kind of drum up some PR with a sort of a stunt the he would have signed. We've seen it as a stunt at the time and say. Hey let's let's let's put a lady on a plant you know. We'll put but make make a lady do the same flight because that's crazy. That could never happen. Imagine that imagine that up in a biplane. Goodness Gracious Yeah. The the the uproar must've been and marked so he dubs her Lady Lindy Because of yeah it's it's just a little bit on the nose and kind of a little misogynistic say to say the least uh-huh and decides to make kind of the star of the show so Puts her on a plane with a pilot. But the name of William Stoltz and mechanic By the name of Louis Gordon and she crossed the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Wales on June eighteenth Through nineteenth of nineteen twenty eight But she wasn't flying the plane. Yeah and it's really bothered her. She never wants touched. The controls of the plane and afterward described herself as little more than a quote sack of the potatoes still. She became world renowned as the first woman to fly. The Atlantic. George Putnam clearly was Capitalizing on this this marketing opportunity. He became Amelia earhart's manager and later her husband when they married in nineteen thirty one. So here's what he did. Is Her manager. He arranged Oliver Flying Engagements in step with this exhaustive series of lecture tours. Like she would lecture for twenty nine days out of thirty one like inner. Oh Jeez yeah and eventually. She grew irritated because because she said you know I'm getting I'm reading the press here and people are saying that I am not an actual pilot. I'm more or less a puppet that my husband has been created for public relations purposes. So I am going to prove to people that I am a real deal. A genuine aviator and this. This leads heard a pilot. A Lockheed Electra from Newfoundland Canada all the way to Ireland. This is impressive because Lockheed Electra is a tiny meantime tiny plane. It's a single engine. It's true and lest you think you've made a mistake and you're actually listening to an episode of ridiculous history because that's sort of how it sounds with just the two of us doing topic like this. Yeah I actually Kinda forgot myself for a second. What show we're doing But we're getting there guys. There's a twist coming I promise yes there. There is on May twentieth. twenty-first nineteen thirty two five years after Lindbergh makes his solo flight. Amelia earhart becomes the first woman to fly fly across the Atlantic Solo. And for the next five years. She is a champion of women's rights as well as commercial aviation she sets numerous world records. She gets accolades awards from across the planet and she decides eventually that she will circumnavigate vacate the globe that she will fly around the world and after a brief word with our sponsors will walk through the infamous last voyage. Amelia Amelia earhart wars. 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I Second Nineteen thirty seven just twenty two days before her fortieth birthday Amelia earhart and her navigator. Friend Fred Noonan vanished partially through their attempt at servants circumnavigating the globe. they vanished. We know this. They've managed somewhere between lay new Guinea Guinea and Howland Island and the navy or the. US Navy searched the largest swath. They'd ever searched for a a missing person in his trip to the point and they found neither plane nor crew then on January fifth of nineteen. Thirty nine Amelia. Amelia earhart was declared legally dead after being missing for eighteen months. So what happened. Here's where it gets crazy. Theories on the disappearance of Amelia earhart have proliferated for almost a century. Now the official report concluded that that aired Heart Newnan were unable to land on their you know their planned destination of Howland island and that while trying to find the destination they ran out of fuel. They crashed into the water and sank. But of course at sort of explanation did very little to quell suspicion shen especially because there were no remains of plane nor person to be found. There are a couple of different theories that run counter to the official narrative. One theory suggests just that the this is the weirdest one that Amelia earhart. Actually didn't I sh- not only survive. But she returned to the US us. She changed her name to Irene. Fulham B. O. L. A. M. and lived a long long life in obscurity. There are actually some books written about this but why to what hint. It's strange when she unhappy. You wanted to name to change your name to them. Suspects them right now. I guess not. That's true it's very clear on man are you are you potentially a missing Aviator no relation to Fulham. Okay all right. They didn't really answer through your question. I do like the I you know I love it when you do that. And actually my favorite things in the So in a book by Joe Class FROM EBBS THE NINE Hundred Seventy S. I'm not quite sure exactly what you're out Called Amelia earhart lives This gentleman makes the case. Erhardt was in fact captured And then taken to Siobhan and then to Tokyo where she was a prisoner of the Imperial Palace until nineteen forty five. The theory argues that our hearts secrets was used as a bargaining chip after the war to allow the Japanese emperor to remain in power. What what's secret? Secret is the spend. The secrets would be that they were able that. The Japanese government was using Erhard as leverage to preserve IRV the emperor's standing in the community post World War. Two the idea here being that there was A. What's the term so popular? Nowadays a bit of a quid would pro quo. Oh yes clarity. A bit of a quid pro quo in that You know if if the allies allowed the emperor to retain the position of the royal family than your heart would be returned to the US. Of course that doesn't explain the name change right so bracket that we'll get back to that one. There's another another Much more popular theory that we wanted to share with you today. That's right another widely-held belief is that earhart and Noonan actually did touchdown on a remote South Pacific island called Nico Morrow Ready Okay there. I thought he'd degree. I'm not a native speaker. I'm not either but we always try to do our best And this At the time of their disappearance would have been uninhabited and was known as Gardiner. Island The Erhard Project which is a division of the International Group restorick aircraft recovery or Tiger Tiger is the H. T. I g. h. a. r.. I still think it's pronounced tiger. And it's an organization dedicated to investigating this hypothesis so tigers investigating the islands since one thousand nine hundred nine and they've collected a ton of intriguing things related to the case improvis- tools remains of shoes an aircraft wreckage parts. which is consistent with earhart's our hearts plane and on Elektra exactly? They also discovered that a few years. After earhart vanished a British colonial officer. Sure found the remains of a castaway on what was then called Gardner Island now known as Nico Moreau the bones were sent to Fiji for analysis analysis but ultimately they were misplaced and lost. Let's fast forward to the future during tigers. Tiger's twenty ten expedition expedition their team found some of the most compelling clues they had ever seen they were looking around in a spot where they had previously identified. What was likely the remains of a campfire and they found three pieces of a pocket knife? They found shells that have been. Cut Open Glass Glass Cosmetic Jar fragments there of little bits of makeup and bone fragments that they thought might be from a human being now. Let's let's put our skeptic hats on because we're going to talk a little bit about a history channel documentary Did you hear about this one now. The history channel and they'll let a lot of the cable TV channels have those investigative shows and sometimes they're topnotch very well researched very honest and other times there little to George sucralose. You know saying ancient aliens kind of stuff to the fro- Yeah the fro- and more just like a wild hairdo the main yeah. He's he's a nice guy. I've heard like I'd like his whole name and hair situation. Sucrose assist vendors. Say It's Kinda Nice mouth feel. Yeah no it's true and this one was a vast variety now was a good well. This is the question we leave you to you and your fellow listeners. Right the name of the documentary was Amelia. Earhart the lost evidence and it dives headfirst into the theory that Newnan and Erhard were captured by Japanese forces in the documentary. There's a retired federal agent. His name is less Kenny and less Kenny and his team search through records at the National Archives to find any overlooked clues to the disappearance of Erhard. That's right. He and his team found a photograph. That was stamped with official office of Naval Intelligence marks that read Marshall Islands Jolly Tall Jolly Jolly Harbour In the photo a ship can be seen that's towing a barge with an airplane on the back of it and then nearby doc you can see several. People and Kenny argues argues the photo. Had you take a four nineteen forty-three because US air forces conducted more than thirty bombing runs on a jolly in nineteen forty three and forty four He believes or through that like a range of time so they did it quite frequently. He believes the plan on the barge charge is the Electra. And at the two people are two people in the dock are earhart and Noonan and then we have a way in also in the same documentary I community from Doug. Karner can't Gibson these are forensic analysts and Karner looked at it and said okay. No one is messed with this photo meaning known as altered it it was from that time and is legit and then Kent Gipson specializes specializes in recognizing faces. And he says it's very likely that the two individuals they point out on the dock there are earhart and Noonan in both of them. Also say that the ship in the photo is a Japanese vessel called the Co Shoe Maru and they think this this is the ship that took Erhard at noon away after they survived. That crash landed if that. Is You believe the television show. That's where we have our SKEP- cats on you know what I mean because we have to ask ourselves not in any way being a derogatory toward the experts experts in the show nor to the the history channel. Or what have you. We have to ask ourselves. How much of this we believe? And it's it's a good question and we have to ask ourselves how sincere or disingenuous some of these outfits can be you know. What was the name of the ship in question the kosher? Maroons have the same. As is the Kobe Ashi Romero. That is similar. I thought the same thing but is not the unsolvable scenario and star trek isn't it low rating isn't it it though unsolvable scenario. I'm sorry. Oh Dan Erhart version. We could call it like that. Meru the Erhard. Meru Kosher Co Schumer ill kosher. Maria Remember Bats Meru that was always my favorite San Rio character. Oh God yet barely really. That's Mary was a little penguin. Can't remember him now. Say This is not important taking a little sidetracked here. PATS Meru Penguin you're right. So long hairs coincidence always looks like he's in the just. The worst mood is easy. He's a little cranky guy. I you know I got dead eyes. He's staring you like Like he wants to murder you traditionally downsize a pen double down that yes. Why don't you finger wag by the public I was I I thought you? I thought somebody reached out and said something about how they didn't think it was very nice. That you would Malign Kristen Johnston is. I don't think it's very nice that they're anti-debt is as someone who has a pair of debt. Is themselves funny story again. Don't WanNa get too much but this is worth describing Buddy of ours you we. We both know His name is Connor ratliff he's a comedian with Upright Citizens Brigade. He made a podcast called. Dead is because he auditioned for a band. End of brothers. Remember that Television sequel to Saving Private Ryan that Tom Hanks had something to do with directed and he was cast but then fired in the eleventh hour and an agent made the horrible mistake of telling him Mr. Hanks says he decided you have debt is and now you're gonNA and that now. He made a podcast series about how he wants to track down. Tom Hanks and get to the bottom of this whole debt is situation so you can check that out. It's on it's on the interwebs. It's to be fair to Kirsten dunst. Who is is I think? A great actor I'm particularly doubling down on her role in interview with the Vampire. Not not her fantastic. Turn in that series of cheerleader movies. Do you remember those was it. Bring it on bring on bring it on was great. Stop the yarn yarn now. Though that was that was another one right it was more of a stomp movie i. It was in that same time time. John There were a lot of What is it bringing on does? Does she decided yeah. There's another one though you got served. That's right where it's like I'm GonNa dance up on you remember. South Park made fun of that. It's so funny I was just briefly. Screw scrolling through instagram. Our friends over at unladylike Posted today. Maybe it's going to be prescient for the story a headline from back in these days. Amelia EARHART WEDS G P Putnam Hutton him but Atlantic Flyer will remain Miss Erhard for business purposes and writing. Exactly yet this was. This was a huge a huge deal. This is one of the most famous people on the planet no smoke no hyperbole. So it's it's no wonder that there was such an extensive it's of expensive search for these missing aviators and it's also no wonder that the media became obsessed with it. It's correct it's absolutely correct to be skeptical of The television show again. We're not saying it's not true or not saying manipulative. Were just saying. Be Aware of be aware of the motives behind some of those sorts of programs. Anyhow there are other things add tantalising bits to the cauldron of conspiracy. Let's see here one. Is that a number of the residents of Marshall. Islands claimed they witnessed the aviators land there and the Marshall Islands Issued Stamps Commemorating The fiftieth anniversary of the Erhard flight. And the stamps. Show earhart's plane crash landing at Mili toll and the recovery of that plane by the Co Shoe Meru. This leads to win quite okay so this is a lot of fun as a thought exercise to say what if the people people on the plane survived the plane crash. Difficult thing to do. And what if Japanese forces took them captive. The big question is why on Earth would they take her captive. We'll tell you afterward from our sponsors. The stuff they don't want you to know is supported by better help online counseling you know. Sometimes life is stressful and we could all use help them or feeling feeling down but you may not know where to go or who to ask for help but better help is available for you. It's true better. 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Listeners will get ten percent off their first month with the Discount Code. No that's K. N. O. W. that's better help dot com slash. Kate in W why not get help. BETTER HELP DOT COM slash K. N. O. W. and we're back so people believe this theory don't believe believe that the Japanese forces were just you know randomly capturing people for funsies and they don't think that they captured Erhard specifically because because she was a celebrity. No you see people who believe in this post crash survival abduction scenario. Also you believe that. Amelia earhart was. A spy was working as a secret agent for Uncle Sam. Partially this is based on the fact that she did have documented humidity close friendship with Franklin Roosevelt and his wife. Eleanor Roosevelt and folks. Who believe this theory tend to suggest that the plane crashed after? The pilots veered off course in order to do pursue a spying mission over Japan occupied islands in in the Pacific. Right and the thing about that is it feels plausible. Because they're in the right place they have a great cover over. You know what I mean. They can always fly over silence and then just say that they got lost right and this is this is fascinating fascinating to me because we have seen accusation similar to this kind of thing happened before in the world of espionage matter of fact a few years back there were three. Three three Western students arrested in Iran. Because they had a apparently crossed the border they were arrested as spies. They were all in their early twenties and they're extensively. They were just hikers with a very bad sense of direction and that story kind of disappeared from the news but it is it is an excellent cover story to just say Mo Wilkes who built we were you know we were in the air for so long we just got a little mix up. Yeah it isn't really quite adept is a little. Yeah it's one of those things where you kind of just stuck in between your teeth and go. Yeah maybe might gold sensitive. I can't suck air between my teeth. Like Oh man it hurts me right to the core of my route the yeah the root of resentful routes it probably a It probably makes you seem like a nicer person because you don't have that expression in your nonverbal vocabulary do this segment teeth des. Yeah Yeah I remember years back One of my friend groups literally banned me for suspended me for a while saying Tut Tut Tut. And then I just describing things as one is a little less agree. Gis I would argue. Yeah yeah well. Also it's A. It's a little no more dismissive. It's always taught me. You don't have time for both Tut's Oh Dang you're right 'cause Tut Tut scolding but ty is almost like Sh- yeah you're you're a real sucker. I don't have enough time for the second time for you actually been able to propagate that one. It's weird I use IT I. Everybody knows what we mean what we say and every time I was once you know every time I use it under my breath I give you credit. Thank you very well. That's that must be an interesting conversation for people in this so this is strange inch. It's plausible. No it's possible. It is plausible. That spycraft will be conducted that way. But it's a little bit of a leap to say it was definitely Erhard. The story however does not end there. We mentioned those The the British forces that found those thirteen bones including a skull on the island. They sent a telegram after the discovery of his back in the forties and they said it was possibly the skull of Amelia earhart but doctors who examined it at the time said it belonged onto a short European male. Even now some people disagree with this assessment. But here's the question if the thirteen bones they found did in fact belong to Amelia earhart. What happened to all the other bones in a human skeleton? Where did they go? There's a weird theory. It's that giant giant coconut crabs consumed the flesh and carried away the bones and coconut crabs. Actually do that kind of thing have you. He's seen coconut crab. Did Not talk about them. In the CRYPTO sequel episode. They're mistaken because they're so bonkers looking Their gigantic first of all. Aw these creatures are crazy looking again. Forgive us if this is redundant but They look like something like a face hugger Meets a lobster meets a crayfish meets a crab And they're they're heavily armored and the limbs are all kinds of Khufu. Ask Ask and they can crack. Coconuts wrapped their weird. You know tightness arms. What do you call them limbs around these coconut and they can crack them right open and as we all know? That's Ah a hell of a job yet. Absolutely this they look like the hybrid of lobster and crab that also took a lot of steroids. Like arthropods. That's been juicy. And what we found is that they are capable of moving bones so they could have taken. WHO's other one hundred ninety three bones in the human skeleton and moved it around but at this point we have to pause and ask ourselves what is the most likely sequence of events here? Well remember the Amelia. EARHART lives guy. Class ASK IT turns out there is a real irene bloom and she was super not cool with being accused. Being Amelia earhart. She sued the classes publishers. For one point five million dollars and said I'm not Amelia earhart. I've got pictures from of myself from the thirties. That prove Vit- stop bugging me and pull this book from publications. She holding up newspapers of the day. That's the only thing can take to convince me got to hold up a newspaper. That's the only the thing that checks out so we have another. We have another series of developments here. Dr Aaron Kimberly researcher at the University I E of South Florida was recently asked to examine some of those bones. That have been rediscovered at a museum on this island Nico Moreau to see if they might be Erhart's actual bones because as we said before they have been examined in the past but they mysteriously disappeared in Fiji and and now experts are thinking. The bones have been found again at a museum and Cultural Center in Kiribati. The bones were stored in this large box with her heard. Several sets of different remains that all been stored together once that was female unmatched. Erhart's rough description as we record now just this year or just just a little while ago. These bones were sent for DNA testing and the plan is to compare the DA from the bones against the DNA of Erhart's one living niece so while the mystery remains for now we're closer to a solid answer. We've ever been before wait so this is ongoing. This is the the the the tests are in the mail. Yeah like October of twenty nine thousand. That's pretty cool. When are we going to hear A? We don't know you know it's weird because we we get these close calls these tantalizing brushes with answers in DNA cases all the time there was one involving the the Zodiac killer. That was you know the team we work very closely with it. Does the monsters Zodiac series. We're really hoping it was going to be a big scoop at the end of the of the series as an did not pan out. If I'm not mistaken yeah absolutely or we're still waiting right and this is another waiting game. That's where we'll leave it today but we want to hear from from you. This concludes our episode. But not our show. Let us know what you think happened to. Amelia earhart. Do think that there's enough evidence to prove that I either she or Newnan or both of them survived for a time after the plane crash. Do think it's just a case where humanity likes a good story and and a good mystery what do you think the DNA will find where they secret lovers where they secret lovers were they secret spies also question let us know you can find us on facebook. You can find us on instagram. You can find us on twitter where we are conspiracy stuff conspiracy stuff show or some combination of the two. You can also find us as individuals individuals on the Internet's. Yes I am at how now. No Brown exclusively on instagram. And I am on Instagram as at hat bend bulletin creative. I know that handles my magnum opus. I'm also on twitter as Ben Bolan. H S W if you say guys I have something really important to tell you but I don't like the social meads we of all people get it. You can call us directly that's right. We have a hotline nine. The hottest of lines where you can reach us at one eight three three as td w wide C K You can call with the friend end and speak as one voice unison. I'd be impressed if he did that. especially if you didn't write it down beforehand just mind melt like we do the Improv Prov. One voice game always a winner and let's be honest You're going to be the first person to hear you will be met Frederick so be kind because we like you you hold dear to our hearts and now he is. He's a real glutton. For punishment of these he has notifications turned on so the moment that you call in be at three in the morning our time he gets that doorbell. Sound effect that you hear at the beginning of the show or you might even be hearing now And that wakes him up and he listens to your message transcribes them cut them up into delectable bites and I'm and that's true but he is the first line of defense when it comes to these and whenever you hear us one of those calling episodes typically. It's because mad. curated the best and brightest of your messages passages if you want to be part of that crew do a solid and leave us a message to us another solid ready to kind review on your podcast pop from choice preferably apple podcasts. If you wish We very much appreciate it. And if you don't WanNa do any of that which we hope we hope you will but if you don't WanNa do you WanNa do. Some of that You can also do one more thing and that send us a good old fashioned email. Where we DR conspiracy at iheartradio Dot Com the Stuff they don't want you to know is a production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. or or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. I'm Laurie Segal. And I'm hosting a new podcast series called first contact each week. We'll have nuanced and emotional conversations about what it means to be human. 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