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BH on Being With Nipsey Hussle Since Day 1, Responds To The Game, Wack100 and Kodak Black


No Jumper coolest podcast in the world. Today I'm in here would be h Hyphen Matt. Nice to have union-buster your presence. So tell me it's a little bit about your bracket now if you don't WanNa yeah tell me a little bit about collaborating. Where are you from and all that? I'm from nicely crenshaw. I do I look at where everyone I I yeah crenshaw light sainthood. NFC Hustle same area lorries. And so when do you mean when when talking about coming up out there shit coming up. I met net party light. Should I just coming up in like grown up in the area. He doing low shit. I'm doing shit. They ordered him on thirteen net. Party light seventeen so that was like the older home Ongoing homey Tom you should they kinda like linked up. I mean I can just get a little bit closer to them. Well well basically light one man net really liked linked up. It was a little later on ninety one off. I met him like I I will sixteen. I got Shot at the hospital and light. Note Kinda pull me under his Wayne Allyn two thousand seven. So that's when we really. We came close okay. So you're saying that. What kind of are you into you fully already immersed in the game show to what I was getting to the money you know I grew up? We gotta the go-to banged out into the bag. But shot two thousand seven. Got Out the hospital for Nash it nebulous early just Graham out his way. You GotTa do this. You can't just go all right. Can you tell us about what happened in this situation again. Shot Yup Shit wrong place wrong. Time names got the shooting. I got hit laid out a hidden a a hidden in the back of my leg hitting the back of the head right back in a fucked up for a long time I nipped told me later on probably got the call was dead so hurt guy in head. They didn't know like survive it or what. The caller is shotton. Hey what the fuck have you get hit in the back of the head and survive winning angle or some shit missed well. It ain't go straight through right so if it were to went straight through it would kill me so i WanNa hit me. It came Ever turn good thing turn. Kadena ended up like a he me but it went through the school. Then I got lost in this like bomb. I'm Cheryl Ivanka offer right. So you're in the hospital for a long time. How close to losing your life? Oh Yeah I went club time. It was real so like I ended up bouncing off the hospital. Sixty days like two months right. I was back. I don't know how did did I was back. And what's life like when you get back to the streets after having got shot in the back of the head change you at all. How did it change you dislike? I was just on some shit. Like manish is serious. What the fuck Sixteen Dodd like Salad going up going. I say these these are just talking about how that changed you coming out of that situation all year. Just had me on socialite. This shit work tonight. I was that close to losing my life. I had a threesome yet that shapes online for man you got a little little bit news almost gone before you did. Anything right is also got up the hospital like on some shit light is about to be on some other shit. I'm still keeping still doing my thang but still do. Some bars shouldn't be smart. Should go up and so the funny thing about audit I get out the hospital online on what day get out. I'm trying to sneak back into get back to the hood. I'm going to MOM's uh-huh House. I'm sneaking up the stairs limping and shit. I got crutches all type of shit head wrapped like crazy shit our looking craigslist. Excuse desperate to get home just trying to get the fuck out of there was like jail me out. I got seagal. I'm climbing up the stairs. Guests run into he coming out. Sixtieth a little swoop rarefied he was driving back then. Cutler some shit was this was this before he had any SORTA Niamh. Yeah none of that. Money isn't six hundred dollars south down by car dent. So there's a I two thousand seven. Everybody was crying doing what they're doing but it will online now right so he coming out sixty he seem and pass me jumped up and keep pushed any realize we just jump the hurdles to backed up a little bro jumped out. The car are held me up the stairs and he was just like he was so like Ambro. Can't believe I'm seeing right now. This shit crazy they decide you got acute going around the neighborhood right right so we talk talk talk talk talk in ages light on another note some other shape or like you back your tip you do some other shit so I was just chilling in the house. You know trying to get better hill up as when I start getting better. I'm like I'm trying to think Falem due to do we'll go out saw Ohio with the homeless. I should do so a call road on and on about the God of this studio or some a year fucking okay. I'm going to so now I'm starting to go into the studio and now went to the studio and I was irritated with it because it was like negative was sitting there too long. I'm like Bro. We've been here how long it's GonNa go go to modest do something I'm not trying to sit here all day. Aren't used to them student. I'll tell you how to fuck. Is this hail of Margaret Pride for a rapper to be like I know when we lock him. We log in ten hours and so he'll be like well go get you some food or whatever I'll be here and high tribute come back mouth Still they're like Bro. You still ready. Nah I'll leave again. Go do some comeback. He's you still there so fast forward to light now that back. Then Kinda show me the program. Would it take Sydney Sydney studio so now nowadays almost everyday twenty four seven. I'll never leave the food. Come to the studio every day. So it's just crazy how there's like. What was your perspective on net back then though they did you see him in? You're like this is going to be the man or were you just like 'cause you you're lousy Agila sixteen seventeen year old kid that just got the hospital. You even thinking about being a rapper. Or were you just like China figure out anything to be into L.. I thought about being Robert in his Co. alerted like fucking with Bro chiller on that I was always like climbing into the money so he are no late. Armory told me one day I went to Prom is like right after I got shot comes to Maye back. pull up to the hood. He he likes I dig it. Were you with the PRI- you put a bit at bay back in the hood or the hoagies. They got lucky that they got this new us. Like just different. I how your the whole shit were and it was the same with him you know. He went on that type of shit but he was always doing something right had hustle going with the CD's out the trump. I was getting money. and Are you a deceased Lama He he moving get into the by when this sitting sitting around a negative keeping her halloween spinach fight. Do all the shit you still get into the money by that point in his life. Did you feel like he was. Was He. Basically like Don mega money on the street. Type Level He. He fully converted doing the music shed at that point he was still on the Bush and this point but Dan light slowly but surely is star picking up to on done with that Shit. I'm like I Brian Dawning almo- right now trapped trapping Nah By the do this he liked. That's what they want me to do. Fugro borrow the sea and you know I'm just Oh shit like whatever you decide to do on what you and we became like that and just locked in an to the plant life. Everyday man hustled together every day. He he go home gone with him he way wake me up he trying to go to not later only going to the gym making me going Shit on hold out not not going to the gym. 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Excuse me ten. To twenty. Twenty hits of this is equivalent to a cup of coffee. It's four hundred hits and won a whole lot of inches. A whole lot of caffeine. This thing is going to keep going Eagle Dot. Ag Promo Code November twenty two twenty twenty two percent off. Let's go back to appreciate you see like the. I like successful rapper. That you even have anything to do with even knew yeah alive for is like rap nip nagazine took it right. That took it there he took it. They're negative wing income from I know rappers under US were negative helping us like Dr Dre no shit like that. It was just like no Dow. Is the rapper. That Kinda guy it was about site Ishikawa work and it was just little shit. That was just Sean I was like Damn what do you think he saw in you. Shit like different light come motivated. He already getting his own money and is doing shit. I wouldn't sit around and talk. Neyla knew it was going on it. You are so money hungry note. hoagie got his money guided it. It wasn't a lot. I was just super balling but I wasn't super broke in is in on a for nothing so I know he's seeing all them qualities like Dan listening to emmy for Shit no matter how much money are or like whatever saw He just saying Nagel was a railway. Unlike this little could be a young boss to one day I see that was his mission to become a young boss so like once we start get on picking his brain as like the older broke. Well he picked him up. Brian has a younger brother. We learn from each other one thing that really stands out about his whole mentality towards shit is that he didn't seem like he was really in in a rush to you know. Give up a big portion of his shit or like you know sell out or whatever he seemed like he really had the patience to like see out. This longtime respectable rap career. Is that the model that he had. Well yeah because like we didn't have so many meetings meetings were labels that was like come on. Let's do this do this. Do this. One made on who it was. Somebody was just like a meeting was in and I'm just a young there. We have all know shit about music was gone on. Who these people talking tonight? No none Canada dislike. I'm just there. What little Bro? So I'm just sitting there listening and I remember trying to sign them Gilman deal and and he dislike hall we all. Shall we take this deal. And I'm like we could take it if we don't like it's the same shit. I'm GONNA I feel the same way we still gone. We could get to a how big into Sola remember. He was disliked. I don't think take that show Don't take it keep pushing so he didn't take it and we kept pushing and I remember like the level or some folded. Got It like right. After he was posted to take that deal and I was like yeah. You're fucking smart you smart. He held out a kill Yana. So yeah yeah he was on that show definitely. Do you remember the psych complex documentary piece where they had your the liquor store and sixty eighth right right right. That's like that was like. What do you have any memories from? Because that's very like quintessential seen y'all just chilling in your neighborhood him sort of explaining where he was from dinner. Remember light off dinner. Remember a good Remember him calling me like complex. They they come into the hood to do. Some really explained. Just like complex art so all I know is he. He walking through the complex all announce lawson ten all the main blocks. The negative can't come around. He got complex with the cameras and in all that shit so he called me Bro. Where you at? I'm like I'm on the block. I come outside so I'm all know what the hell he got going on. I come on saw what year he come walking down Eighth Avenue with cameras. Ed So I'm walking up sixty of our get to eighth avenue. Sixty of he walking. Now we we meet right at the store and linked up from there went to the stall and we went back to my block or hours. Raise my house when when it's hot and too complex in their show them like where before all this shit when used to just believe in me as a young Nigga he used to just Paula Hog. You were you at that. Was your mom spot right at my mom's but when you're telling that story about walking up the stairs that's yeah that's crazy Roese right so he'd come over there and just really chill out. Women fought and we'll just pick each other Brian to the point. Everything thank our pick from. Where are we want to be on? I write it on the wall so I get. I remember cabinet and they got to be doing. It's crazy ass shit. Just he liked it because he likes you. Ryan should lie. I was like I don't want to forget this on. Forget this all right on the wall so I just have all type of In all around the walls right and we had just come in there by about knockout record is do little dumb shit. There's crazy to think about like that sort of time period in your life where you're so young in the music Shit so new to you and everything just feels so real and like this crazy thing about that juxtaposed oppose with where he eventually made it two in the way that he is remembered today like that almost harder. Wrap your head around that like things got so big from does as you guys being in that room writing on the wall man I I wouldn't man. We took it to some shit late. I couldn't even imagine. Imagine like taken into light. It's differently doll hood different because like to shoot. We did understand like the young. Nick is just believed I looking at these numbers went from this really went from shit like I no All on the popped up. No NEGGA been here sued. I was born in ninety. been on the blocks as ninety so like for us to come from that being brought to actually have money shit had bank accounts in business shit negative never know about that type of Shit. So there's like a guy hope to the hood light or you could do to so saying NATO I show me to do it and I'm getting a guy from him. Ameri got a credit card. I don't fuck you get that. He liked broke. Dude do you could get you on to like and I'm just soaking up game and then we just kept on us. I write type shape. It's like the way you're describing him just just like walking by himself along with the camera crew and you know a lot of different things we heard about nipsy. Were you frequently worried about him. Just being so casual and comfortable in his environment and not really worrying about anything crazy happening not worried about that because it was like we. We owned it in that complex video you definitely on the shell sticking right out of your pocket censor it or nothing. Sensors to relay Komo owning a shop. Near I'm I headed them waiting to right like you know what I'm saying. You know about the just get up on us like you know what I'm saying. Not Forgotten got action at trying to stop it or every time we hang on we on day. So it's like wasn't worried about batting onto the campus So what's the crazy issue. Seen in times like Shit through him that you've seen seen in your life that you definitely would never got a chance to witness if you didn't if you weren't part of this little rock and roller coaster ride shit got to see go from zero to millions we had a studio Everardo but these saying little patches. We got him a Guitar Center he disliked folks. We're GONNA fight. This is studio but they have sales way before that. But I'm saying like when I got on winning all all he had this Little Everardo Studio Ryan Middle Downtown. I'm me some bullshit Bro. Like every day we come Manera was thirsty all like we had to watch other. We're like we were so now in town and it was like ms thirteen should. It wasn't like guys like we like beef with or no shit like right. That's a whole different. Ain't that far roy. Black on Mexican type wore down near Wilno we. We Ain't here here for that. We hear the work. So he had the studio at this tunnel studios probably four hundred a month. So you know what that looked like this one hundred a month right we in their thugging. You know what I'm saying like eight regular shit and to the point now where we took it to we e. with the fuck we want when we want so I got the release go from zero to a million and I was like you know it was good game. I mean when you haven't left a neighborhood or your area is that you see the world a different way and then when you actually see the world and you go overseas and shit all of a sudden things start the film very different in terms of your perspective on what the world is and I feel like being part of that whole ride. That's like a big part of it. You know like you just grow and change a lot. What as you see all that shit right? YEP KEEPING UP ON TARTAR BAD Seeing the world changes you as a person. When you've only seen your blocker your neighborhood you're going to kind of remain a certain type of partial or ashore ashore you'd be like you don't even know what's out there so you'd be thinking about going around the corner with the homeys on block in do that type of Shit I don't even know about Hurston? Keiko's like this note just none of that Shit Nigga don't even care about that canal and even know about it so so it was like that was. That was a blessing for me to like build a kit outside the box. First trip was like nip. Took me with them. To New York really is way back he just has. Some New York should up first. Time in New York is a crazy fan right. And I'm like Damn New York. is she crazy. I I never sent out from the New York look like I just see it on TV. So I got to New York while remember. He was just telling me going to New York so I was already on my tip book my flight. He like you only book your Smile Book my flight time we he lowered my the senior Flight Info booked my flight. He hit me where are you at. I don't know what happened. I'm running late but then got an airport. We on the plane like really bad. So it's funny. I'm like hail yeah then went to New York This way was like fucking johnny types. Now we want to go hang out like him Mishit got the run around New York. That was crazy first. Time seeing this opens your mind up short for sure when NIP stop drinking league or net. He never was like like me with his lane. Shit Oakland it just recreationally net was always like a strong minded person to the point. Light here but here. Yeah drinking what you hoagie. Then in the morning dragging them all right and then two weeks later late night at the club he studios Enact that train almost saw was never dislike. He was really like agreed with his personality. 'cause he was such a motivated driven personal. I get that lane shit a A he'll be chill like nip disease Jr.. Is he already sleepy here doing nothing. We are here. Just be like we've been paramount two months but he'll get dry he gonNA sleep really if he just WanNa go to Disney up all allies Sunday. We've been a studio Nolan. He does don't WanNa record just one sedan listen motivational sheet his do that type of shit a lot really. What kind of motivational slight slight Bought Shit like how. Donald Trump got all his money. Route I Warren Buffett took it to the next level by dish shit like debt is saying so he has a kid so he was always like very conscious of the fact and did he verbalize it a lot. He was really trying to to do something. That was a lot bigger than just being rapper. Right he was all determined learn like he was alright man. What's the next level from where we had they will do? Warren Buffett did this. We'll do his dad tournaments Unanimous saying just soak that game up right and try to apply it to as he could. What was the mentality behind the shopping center? Was He really trying to like did. Did he talk about what his dream was in terms of building up all those businesses it. Is You know every hood train hood up. You know what I'm saying so used to just be on at what Rick. Ross of me like man's new boss. I just call. That knew he brought half fucking his hood and you got this dot net just like we got this Shit Harvey that abolish it up and so like with the shop and all that net was pushing grinding his brother it was really like on the shop in like got the tables on loss crenshaw right I sell insurance off the table and like net by Grinder Hami like running a bag during this shit like that in Black Sam. He getting the money he he's showing us like the business side of it like year Nigga. y'All better stack stacked all my money on. It's been a dollar how much y'all got. We got ten thousand. Got Three hundred thousand up all right taking whatever so you guys. I quickly got into that mentality. Really like legally hustling as opposed to the should the you're on your younger right. It was just like ours. Take to the next level. It was always like that. What level up level up saying all right we right here? Let's take it there right. That's what's up Did did it ever like like now. It is when people talk about his legacy as part of what they say is they either say so respectable and so cool that he opened those businesses right in his neighborhood but then other people will take the position of idea was kind of foolish to be trying to start businesses right in the hood like that. was that ever a conversation like like. Maybe this is very very dangerous. Maybe this is so dangerous as kind of Shit that I shouldn't even do is just being on the block on a spot in the spotlight. This oh all we know is dangerous but it's like everything we do dangerous walking out the house. Dangerous getting your car as dangerous so it's like fuck it. Muslims do some and our members like. Yeah we did Komo. I'm like Damn broadish chicken big to the point. We got expanded expanded sheet light. We got hit Moreau's also I this cool risky position on. Autopilot will also get on to other shit. You know what I'm saying like because it got to a point I'm Barbara Shame with safe. Flight it's the hood so we save our who we feel comfortable here more than anyplace but it's still got got tricky light enemies coming through China. Little Amash police heinous warmer not unlike broadish again to the point where they just want to take down for nothing. We WanNA catch a case just standing here doing nothing because at the end of the day. It's like when you when you're a millionaire bilionaire and you got a spot in the you. All of a sudden are big fucking tiger when there ain't other millionaires around Nablus also shared. I just trying to show these young ABROA- millionaire out the hood. We still right here in the with the millions Idea but it's just so sad. He had the lie loses life really China Light. Show young l'egalite this way but when you look at that. Is that a risk that you wish that he didn't take a man. I love that he liked just went out for like way really believe in law he really was trying to do some other shit. The blocks gone show young okay so it was like I love that he just went out high. Did but Elliott I may not wish Took should hail. Yeah when she was winning day for anything else like his time you know said I know he did a lot before we got on Illinois witness on. How'd you find So money call my phone. A asser fall only talk to every day. I'M NOT GONNA ask her so I'm just not even worrying about it costs you like off brand number. I don't even know that number so after that. My phone nonstop rain. I'm like how about three hundred Miss Goals. Five minutes is scared me. I didn't know what the fuck book was going online. What the fuck is I didn't even want to call nobody back 'cause I'm not I? Never my life had no three hundred miscall thrown hacked or something it was right. The fuck is this so now looking everybody does calling me is like I'm seeing like these people that are really you know what I'm saying. Talk to grow when I grow so until he goodwill so call him and thirty got shot or some shit. I'm like all right. Let me call me so Carlino Asir under obtain didn't get shot like this came on me. I'm like I don't know what the going on some Carlin call nobody wedding ask for some light of. I'm just chilling so I'm like man who cannot call Oliva care that one only I wanNA talk to nobody right now. y'All talking this shit. I need to call somebody. I really love in God love for light thing. I'm like Miami Coral Karbi. Sorry get on the phone call. Karbi like Broda man what the fuck is talking about. He liked all leaving. I'm on my way right now. On a what the fuck is talking about. I'm like Brady snakes. Talking about nip shot up sheet May Not hurt design ship. He good online among all right. Well cool get up there. Go see what's up because at the time I'm out of town. Just talk to him like the night before and when you hear about somebody get shot. That's all you want somebody it'd be like he's GonNa be alright. That's all I wanted to hear like but I'm thinking to myself this nip. Of course he's GonNa be alright. Identity look like a guy like you demner Kenny with touching Russian it so like me being gone dinner fillet. He's safe. I you already got this shift. Figured out nichols like US still gotTa Watch it. You know what I'm saying think nip after taking it through I shit. We went through Bro to go to all that shit to end our show like right. This like some weird shit so just like yeah. What'd you do you rush there? I'm Outta Town Dallas somewhere so when I get the call they just never show. I handle my business that I had to handle out there but it was to the point. Light Man Fuck this shit let me get back on on. Makes me gin back getting on the planet should they talk about nipping. Hit like this a San is ugly and on my trip and I'm on my way as I'm getting here on here in Chile trip me up man because it was like a couple of hours maybe the people didn't know that he passed right right or whatever and then I'll get on planes flying. I ain't really paying attention to ally was going on about time. I get here in no air body in dislike telling me was going on some light on I mean so man once. You've figured it out though like how did you. There's this one like clip of you this on new you too and it says that it's right after he passed and it's just you it says like violently driving through Los Angeles but it's as you just sorta there's blasted around in La and just it just seems like you almost don't even know what the fuck to say or how to feel in that moment Ali our own right Allie les speaking out. How now we just like in that moment? It's like where does your energy go. How do you deal with these emotions right? It was just like got thirsty. I'm ready right. I was thirsty moment. Let's take it there. I'm just like let's go. Whatever the foot whatever whatever happened I might listening to go out to like this nip? We talked about this dislike any home light about to die. Die About this shoot. Tim said when I'm starting ally hear stories shit managed to so crazy bro. You Awhile while the figure out what happened. Is this like it was just weird. I'm just like fuck. What the fuck in Harrow? Foot out of get close no lie. I was just so lost because all the foot. Were you add ally inside and want to try and handle. My business has a man get to my own bag. You know what I'm saying so I'm Moammar Shit I'm gone I ain't even in La on that she you haven't So was was it the kind of situation that you could have possibly seen coming in terms of the they're being tension win when it's known in a neighborhood that somebody snitched or whatever the conversations going around so is this something that you could any way predicted have ever been bene- conflict or or is it just. It was totally out of left field because the main thing that I was set out to me is that this is just like a regular dude. Who Realistically probably shouldn't isn't isn't even on the level? Even talking like that right I mean was like we do do I grew up with everybody. way back but it wasn't mystery lady used to handle Air By nobody but Dan like some schick came up one time night light. And we think he's snatching or some shit dislike Everybody in jail and Shit He. He wasn't in. It was just got to the point where you know people just start saying manigault went bad in all. I'm saying but like nobody. He disappeared appeared so it was like nobody really saying any starlight popping back up in his like people knowing from the neighborhood. So I don't know snake day is some people just we still know you amount. Ohio went but he started payback up. Shit like that in this this type Shabalin right. That's crazy yeah because like it feels like there's been sort of like a conversation about that has happened recently in terms of like you know I mean let's just be straight up about that phone call that got leaked Wack Wack wack was basically saying that this is just how these things play Out I was not a Phantom Fan. Well you did have some some words to say on twitter about people in general who were speaking on the situation away? Does this all right. Oh Yeah nays dislike clouds I what fudge are doing right. I want if you know hustle you know he owing do disrespectful shit. So it's like yearnings being disrespectful older negative wack clown Nigga uh-huh Valley aren't gonNA from La. What I saw him? I wanna say like Bro. I saw you talking about a real. Who are you you from the valley and for one? Are you talking about Chris. Ain't you a blood. Go talk about some blush. Uh Shit Nigga valley negative La. I you are say on the podcast to where he's basically it was commented about the it'd be like a lot of fake love like radio stations playing nipsy now. That never played them before he says I'm shit about how neighbor never been on a world tour which I believe was a proven later. All right what you talkin phone. Ain't Shit Joe bitches like why are you talking about a month thing. Is this like you didn't tell me this shit when he was here. You will bitch on six or you had How you felt you had to this Nigga died at telling how you feel us the whole period well more like the have? I've never had a parliament he telling hang on with Darla all wack and that's why it's like yawning bitch because net. Don't do that shit if Whitewater daughter some shit like that. He wouldn't have satellite man. God bless the negative y'All talking in conversations about hustle. All right right do you the same like related. Also a podcast was kind of the issue. People thinking it was offensive that Blue Phased-in postseason rip nip and then whack kind of explained on the podcast. There was tension between different hoods in L. A. and that from blue phases perspective. It wasn't really going going to be looked at like he should say it wasn't like I. Nobody mad at blue face for like not put homey up because we are like Bible days down there are are her down. Don't get along some says so named math him for not light acknowledging it. But it's like I just think if he would have died. NITWITS knit was here. He would have said damn recipe buffets or some some. Some critics ally. You Bang light right so even though a Nigga this like you got blood negative broke. Its lobby you got blood. Said are so high. Another Kirk K.. You know what I'm saying right right is what it is. I mean it's weird because it's not like like that many people were that interested in it but the people who are interested in who are really trying to figure that shit it out but yeah I mean from that perspective. It's like it feels like when a rap legend like as a hip hop fan. You should certainly be able to put the politics aside right right and say recipes to legend hip hop regardless any kind of St share. Some eggs might worry about the politics at home. All you told our P. saying that something might get pressed for that being a man about it like yeah let out for Cook Care about that. You know it's still politics emissions and Taylor Hi went I can't say wrong for out putting notion When when BG knockout said that Eric Eric holder was originally signed? Nipsy was that with their no truth to that easy lockout nothing where are you from. I Dunno BG Nago. Okay now air not scientists notre that okay stay okay. There's been a lot of like do you read a Lotta Shit in terms of like how all the news came out that just strikes you as damn mother. fuckers are really talking talking to should they don't know about all kinds of weird troops should accommodate getting taller. Abby awesome like this do you run into negus. You know what I'm saying. It is what it is. I'm not about to go back and forth. Who would you say Pale Man? We don't do that. said that ain't art cloth. We don't I I am I willing the Fuck you talking for like girls. That's what girls do. We'll do that. Shit we just chill. We see we handle our the business. Has it been over although has been like a very positive thing for you to see the extent to which nip has been memorialize and everything. Because there's a certain extent to win. Somebody's alive that you don't really know how legendary they are and then they pass and then all of a sudden you realize like wow this is this was bigger than we ever never really knew Charlotte. It's like it's crazy. Late Channel Road is named ladders and Shit like it was a movie movie. But I'm like it was just so fucked up that this had to be the reason I was Disney was here to see our lease grandma. Nominations Knowledge Knowledge Shit is fucked up. He worked so hard to get into that level to go out like when I was just about to go crazy form for show 'cause because he took the long route he didn't go. Let me go onto artists real quick. No he wasn't doing it so all these artists want to jump in sodomy like no so it took him a Lo long. It's GonNa take you longer when you do that. Route took his time. Did he just bought the ticket man Nipple Shit Raw. He's also share right now crazy. We'll get to see this shit like Sandalwood. It really was supposed to do. Yeah that's facts Did you feel some type of way while you did feel that way about the game situation is I mean squared away. You still feel some type of way about game using Mozilla name prolific. Oh Yeah Dislike Game Uku I ju- a clown two for one NEGGA prolific they start. Oh everybody pro name and who own this mass shut the fuck up. y'All I know who got the shit crooked. So Oh prolific anything for who the fuck. That's like us trying to say documentary records. Some crazy weird shit like that and like are we not GonNa do that with like armor net. He respected game for light. Taking them on his first tour has so netpower respect for that. And it's like all right that's cool now game but all this cloud man you posted a homey everyday go. Don't you dare Hamis go post them like you posted a home. y'All WanNa see this every day like I'm already enough like Bro. You ain't even homey like that. What is you don't want? And then it's like for this to be manager and all this crazy shit. You can donate us a Weirdo mega period. Period the fuck is you brought Hoagie doing some shit. If I'm doing some shit nip condoning it. Because I'm not going to do nothing to nip told me not to do if say hogging leader long. I'm done like if you're connected by the houses doing cloud shitting hitting you approve it or you ain't got no say-so is yeah. Man I mean I guess it was again for the last Issue Somebody disrespectful though How'd you feel about that Kodak thing early on like Kodak? Nah easings young news Broadway. Men are disrespectful way. Just be talking high on. It'd be listened because my thing is this I. I'm so connected with knit like if I were to ask us about a hit him like whereabouts Clown Shahar. So that's what our mall now already already know what he was saying on feeding today sheet but you feel some title Handy especially it just relating back to his girls saint particularly egregious. How you GonNa all bring her spoke with Charles Talk to learn. I'm tripping behind our right I what forever. No she good for life. You still talk to her every day. Just talked to her is a I mean I came. Imagine like everybody uh-huh Hamis is one thing 'cause let's be real like if you kinda grew up in that lifestyle you probably lost a lot of people and also is different. When you're like his his woman you know that's came and imagine her crazy? Bobby Santorum only would like to see because every time I see seeing hustle is every time I go to the the house. See the bagging shot thing hustle. So that'd be making motion dances much as I'll be WANNA see everyday our dinner. CAIN call I think about about his like all the fun times so crazy to just because they were just sort of starting to do a lot of the like the G. Q.. Video and take care of like really putting their relationship on front street in like in that be like that was motivational to a lot of people to just see two people were that far ahead in life just putting their their love affair out there show. I was taking it to another level. How long did it fuck you up in the bed? You couldn't even like record music and shit shit instill fucked up in the head nine over. That's sitting on never be overnight Howard everyday only every day like you know eh you guy everyday only yeah how long you been with them. Every day should actually know that this one of them like from thirteen to now in a lose that like in this world Fine you don't really find people that you fuck with everyday every day like that's so hard to find people not going really be on your speed of what you want so you do. Not Every day all day Disney the Gary Day sleep studio back to the house shower back gone on mission day so I'm saying unless it's like some bidding. We gotTA handle. Oh than that. A lot of people aren't good at being good soldier like fucking sin the operation a hand and knowing how to support that because we got somebody like nipsy. His ideas were so big and his motivation was so big that it's kind of like he's not gonna be able to have somebody around him unless they're helping them to fulfil this shit going on me already knew foggy light all around. Personally we get in a fight. Notify J Carlin. Need this shit on that too so I was just all around homes saying whenever I might need him on some regular regular shit I met the car broke down. Here come the pull up onto whatever it is you sell them signed. So are we homes like that. My Momma la La Loca Mama. Granting on do you feel like La has changed primarily from it still feel is undeniable at first but now I still feel like you feel it in the air you still hear people talking never brought this shit our lay man the kids fucked to the day. Fuck us on lights. Failure failure we lost nip. It was just. It wasn't really like He. It was really given some shit. He wasn't taken away from it. You know what I mean. So it's like lost a real. La Mouth Fugger when somebody dies. Who just they're only the contribution to the culture seems so positive so you know I just feel so wrong to be taking the world right so yeah like manage to continue Dushi and stuff at this point you've done songs and videos and shit like that like what did it take for you to even be able able to put yourself out like that like that again? What was on some shit like sitting back sad and shit rated ended this go go all the way out wherever we need to go but it was on some shit light nip? Tell me what to do real quick far like do no wrong mood that you don't even want me to do so. I'm Kinda like just trying to violate BRA. What foot would he told me right now in this situation and it was more like go up? Nikki get these millions take care everything. Take care of business. Do whatever you gotta do. Make sure you still good so it was like that does game. Motivation are hard. It's time to take it to a whole `nother level in studio everyday when record like two songs a day a the last I don't know Going up shooting videos that March coming as how. Drop my album. The top of the year twenty twenty single. Come out as a little baby thug gonNA seem you with a bandaged gonNA On to my love. Where was that video that video which one though I just seen a shot at you like posted up like some buildings with gun and baby? I don't know we might have meant the studio and somewhere is out here somewhere did you. Do you know them before knit. Passer is that kind Telugu connection. No Shit oh I know baby before. They blew up Ghana. The all we been tapped into the street so it's just like when it happened. It was just more solar day. Then fuck look what happened to Harvey Light. We got it like tap air because it made sure he straight the young the baby gun dinning has been holding it down or whatever you need call me versus fees whatever studio studio com negative hand giants arden keeping thousand also. So what was your relationship Grado Veto Grado. Did you grow like were you close middle close all known from like Grey street right watts. So light on our homeys from Grey Street Hilmi San Navy looking up to NIP Tapani Vh would you add those music tapping never really got to do none but was called him and never really. Did they work together yet. I had to meet for sure. Not Record might have got some shit and we would probably know needed right. I don't think so. Yeah crazy. So yeah we in terms an you just focus on this album like you got anything else that you've been Tom. Focus on at this point focus online in order albumin. Shit like if I'm GonNa take any deals with the foot I'm Kinda like Nah. We do the hustle way. Wait it out own money at our own our Unless the right deal. Come along Jason Yeah I've Lavar let's go. Are they planning like a nip album. Like of his unreleased I should probably our be Internet and they always do it but I don I heard about it on. I don't know what the hell they do. Say Guy Albums from shot never released video. We shot the video also morally solid shit when come out so yoga. Really see what we was on. Oh for sure. We've talked a bit about people doing weird shit in his pass in and like you know maybe being kind of extra according with how they go about paying tribute to him but like from your perspective. How do you want to see him? Remember what is the right way. Hit Nick is up. I fuck it shocked online online. They put up pigeon broad data. Hang on the home. You love him nigger all put upholstery week Bro. So That's love. Is that how you show putting a poster. It just so happens to be the one that's GonNa go wherever you got. You put a puzzle every week that show Ya no pulling up on Straight CLS private school. Norne as you straight hall you will negative ask someone someone loves to nip young now no fucking pulsating. What does that do one? That's like you publicity. Negative ain't helping you put a picture tre. Oh man cap as a way of showing respect but it just so happens to be the way that also lets you flex for the easiest way it takes two seconds of befuddle. It don't cause no money or whatever. But that's why is now really so meaningful right that I have we show love Unite us about doing Janas clowns. Pulo more see if she needed a new purse. Some mm-hmm rent money some Negga. You're talking about an instagram post data. Maybe I'm trim on our show different. I hear you shit man appreciate you coming in conversation and honored to be honest. Jas donen here have you on. We're we're getting a whole lot of good perspectives on this fucking crazy as time period. I appreciate you have Yemen. B. H. Instagram's grams on the screen. Everybody home fucking dude. Jabber close podcasts. The world check us out on Youtube sound cloud itunes. Rip Knit like comment. Subscribe not mccutchen stores appreciate show.

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