Rickey Won't Quit


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There's the big leads major league baseball than those AAA that's one step down. And there's AA able rookie ball winter league. And you keep going down all the way towards the bottom. There are the independence technically professional in that players get paid something to play baseball. But those leagues exist several planets away from the show is they call the majors and most of the players in those leagues will never come close to putting on a big league uniform they'll play in tiny parks in front of near empty bleachers until reality finally sets in and the hang it up for one summer, though. There was someone very different among them one of without question. The greatest baseball players and personalities of all time. And that's what this week's episode produced by pineapple street. Media is all. About the undefeated Clinton gates tells the story a quick word of warning this episode contains mature language. Okay. Here we go with Ricky won't quit. Looking back. I don't know if I would trade that for the world, I wouldn't rather have been anywhere else on this whole year happened in the spring of twenty five a construction worker named Nick Garo went to an open try out for baseball team the scene DA goes surf dogs. That's DA w g s in the brand new professional league known as the Golden League told myself, I was done with baseball. I told myself that this wasn't the live. I want anymore and couple years later. I get I get that phone call from Brian Qendra my coach at the time. And he's like, hey, man. There's a trial coming up. You got to go play. You gotta go play. I know you can still play Matt. So he showed up at spring training. And on the first day. Another catcher comes up to me. And she's I gotta catch glove on Tuesday. Hey, man, you got you want. You got someone to play catch with house? Like now, we're heading to the line. And then right around that time, she cameras you see this entre. Nick just stood there stunned. I just look bigly yet his glasses. You look old school though. I'll say that he had the same here. He had the same style. There's a presence does a charisma. There's a there's something you can't help. But look walking straight toward Nick was Ricky Henderson. Ricky Henderson is just a great ball player. I just think I'm gonna big part of the club and everybody. Depend on me. All the way to plan is Ricky way a plan RIC, Kansas and just a great story. Good a bad. The greatest leadoff man of all time. Ten time all star two time World Series champion American League MVP and one of the best power hitters game. Fly all the left field. He's carrying. He was also, of course, the greatest based dealer of all time. Running. Mic and his brother used to take turns pretending to be Ricky in their backyard. And now here he was standing in front of him wearing a surf dog uniform. He comes walking up down the foul line. And he's like you got anybody to play catch with. I was like no, I don't. No. I don't know that. Hey, man. Sorry. Brigadiers and wants to play catch with me. I'm play catch with them. Like feel the baseball. You know? When Ricky stepped onto the field to play catch with Nick garra dude was forty six years old he'd been playing professional baseball for twenty nine years while almost every one of his teammates from the eighties. Had retired Ricky kept playing just before the trading deadline last night at midnight eastern, the Toronto Blue Jays acquired Ricky Henderson and playing all through the nineties and into the two thousands expected. Ricky Henderson has been traded north to the gills in exchange for three minor leaguers raking Henderson's into free agency is over he in the Padres have agreed to a one year incentive Laden contract. Even if you're getting his three thousand at age, forty two. Arguably the last milestone could possibly achieve in his store record breaking career. He still wanted to keep playing Ricky. I hope we get to she next year. Because I tell you what it's been fun watching you play. Congratulations. Thank you again. I'll be back Ricky came back. All right in twenty. Oh to Ricky became the oldest player in the American League. At forty three years old nearly two hundred fats for the Red Sox Henderson's on base percentage was three sixty nine higher than Johnny gamons higher than David exe Stein's higher than funds of Soriano's. Then when the twenty three season rolled around. No one signed him. So he signed with the Newark bears of the Atlantic league in independent league completely outside of the major league baseball system. It's about as far away as you can get from the bigs and still consider yourself. A pro ball player. You're the only player in major league history. Who's the all time leader three major statistical categories. You're the greatest leadoff hitter. Vall time going into the whole of I Bali a lot of people say. Ricki Henderson's still doing this in your answer is still love to game. If I don't think people would really be asked me was I'm still born. If I was in a major league in CBS thrill dinners at my age. And Nick addition that I ended up could go out then pleading one theory was then Ricky was doing it for the money his agent legendary Jeff Borris put that idea to rest. I mean, obviously, there are some guys along the way made, you know, hundred million dollars, and they have nothing to show for it. At the end of the day. Ricky was never one of those guys that I was worried about rookie certainly wasn't doing it to get rich the Newark bears paid him three thousand dollars a month. But according to Sports Illustrated Ricky's rent was four grand a month. Ricky Henderson Ricky is embarrassing himself with a newer bears in on affiliated league, Rick. You're the greatest leadoff man in the history of the game. You shouldn't be falling with bureau, salesman and truck drivers. Now, go home and wait for the hall vein to call. After two seasons in Newark. A frustrated Ricky decided not to continue with the bears, but he didn't go home and wait for the hall of fame. Call instead forty five year old Ricky Henderson got on the phone with his agent, Jeff Borris and said, what can you do to keep me in the game as an agent, I have never been bashful to tell a guy. It's time to take off your jersey if a guy can no longer compete at a major league level, I will be the first guy to tell him. I think the time has come for you now to get on with the rest of your life. But with Ricky even though when he got into his forties. I never felt that way about him. Look like his body was chiseled out of granite. Baseball. At least the way Ricky Henderson pleaded for as long as he pleaded is hard on the body. And the guy was a shoe in for the hall of fame. Everyone wondered what he was doing why he kept going, but his teammates learned retirement was a word that did not go over well with Ricky Dave Stewart was a teammate on the Oakland A's in the nineties at the time that I decided I was going to retire nineteen ninety-five. He was is mad at me about retiring as anybody could have imagined. And I got it. I mean, he's a close friend one of my best friends, and he was very very disappointed in me and didn't speak to me for a few days. And his thought was that you know, you love the game. And he asked me on. I said, yeah. Love baseball very much, and I enjoy playing it. But I don't enjoy playing it like on planet. He told me that that that wasn't a part of the plan. And he thought that I was premature in making a decision that I was making to retire. And I told him he's not in my shoes. Paul Abbott was a pitcher who played with Ricky when they were both with the Seattle Mariners. Then remember him watching the hall of fame ceremony on TV sitting there with them lower in the cafeteria or the kitchen eating lunch and him. Speaking up saying, you know, I don't want to be there. Like, what should I don't want to be there? What are you talking about goes? Because on there. I'm not here that means he was done playing. He didn't want to be done playing. He wanted to play forever. In the spring of twenty five Ricky got a call. Knocked the when he was open for from what Bakley GM, but from this. My name's Dave Cavill. I started the golden baseball league as class project goes back. That's never business school. Dave's league wouldn't be -ffiliated with major league baseball or minor league baseball for that. But it was still baseball. We felt that there were a lot of communities in the western United States that lacked baseball teams because a lot of these cities grown like places like Chico, California, you mayor Zona could be supported with new minor league teams. Everyone thought we were crazy which we probably were the Golden League would consist of eight teams including the Chico outlaws surprise fighting falcons. Yuma scorpions and the San Diego served, but Dave started league would need some sort of attraction to get it off the ground. That's where Ricky came in. And so we would just talk about like what it would mean to play in the league be a part of something exciting, and, you know, promote baseball in a lot of new communities and get young people excited about playing again. Somehow it worked the Golden League didn't. Have a lot to offer. Dave promise. Vicki he would be treated like a star. I think he liked the fact that it was a brand new league that was almost Ricky's league. And that he was almost larger than life in the whole experience and that kind of fit his ethos and who he was. Dave cavalier knew exactly who he was negotiating with and how to get his attention. Ricky had always had a reputation as a player with a huge ego. And generally just kind of a weird guy. He would talk to himself on the field would speak about himself in the third person Bomani Jones is a host for ESPN gentlemen at the Padres once that Dr Regan contract because Ricky with negotiators only deal voicemail. This is this is Ricky calling on behalf of Ricky even what he is big is aged the aging is to be in the third person Ricky used to work out in front of a mirror while repeating his own name. He once asked for a winnebago as a bonus in contract negotiation. Is this true story in the early nineteen eighties? The Oakland A's accounting department was freaking out because their books were off by a million dollars. They realized the GM had given you one million dollar bonus check and instead of cashing at you framed it and hung it on the wall in your house. That's true. That's true. I fell asleep on an ice pack got frostbite and miss three games in the middle of August. Yes. As toronto. Yeah. Missed three games with frostbite in August. Yes. Ricky was perfectly comfortable with Ricky as we were trying to figure Ricky out then there was the moment in nineteen ninety one. When he broke Lou Brock's, basically. Steal surveys jerks. The bay from its moorings and holds it aloft representing number nine hundred thirty. He took third which is the toughest base to steal by the buck stands up fixing base up. He holds. A great base still. But today. The greatest of all time. Thank you. Day. I am the greatest all Todd. And I don't think anybody would expect anything less. Weekend. He's always see Mahama the greatest Fred Atkins has been Ricky's best friends since Charleston. That's what we can it. It wasn't like I'm Nissen new bunkers. No, he'd never meant it. But people took it out of context looked at it and wrote it like he said, I'm better than new bunk. No, he never said Mahama lease it he gets sheared for people to your class for him. When he said because Ricky here's day. He was wrong for saying. I didn't look at nothing wrong with saying you for other people it was proof of Ricky's arrogance. The value of humility is preaching reinforced all over the place. And that's that's what it comes down to. And he did not subscribe to that. And then never goes over will. There's a lot of reason to believe that the perception of Ricky's behavior personality plead just as much of a role as age in the fact that he couldn't get a deal with a major league team when Ricky joined the Golden League and signed with the surf dogs in twenty five at age forty six. It was unsurprisingly a huge story. Ricky Henderson at forty six signed a contract to play for the San Diego surf dogs. Can he still play to move through all sorts of national media to San Diego who came to chronicle the curiosity of Ricky's latest attempt at a comeback. But for one local reporter, Tammy bell main a great story had just landed in her backyard. I mean, how many opportunities are you going to have to cover the year that a hall of Famer in this tiny stadium in this independent league? And I've had to tell friends it's like getting to watch Bruce Springsteen Plana garage band on Thursdays. Tamie decided to spend the summer following the surf dogs writing about them for local blog. She sat down with Vicky weakness. And recorded a lot of those conversations. Compromise with your custom cheated come. They're basically, the sound isn't always great. But there is Ricky Henderson the unlikely star traction the San Diego surf dogs. Hidden. Stacey. Club. That I still Tamie like everyone else wanted to know. Why was there? Ricky's answer was always very clear those I think giving ballplayer kid dream is planning a major league. And it's still my dream. Sure. I love the game. He said, but I wanna get back to the majors. You know, it's the first game is so full. You know to me is is good competition. Especially in that bracket league is whole thin right now. So I think it's going to be greatly on may twenty six thousand five to surf dogs played their first game in San Diego against the Long Beach armada, like a breaking news moment, Ricky was back and it put this small fledgling independently golden baseball league on the map. Pat, say Jack was one of the investors in the league that would of course, be real fortunes pets Ajax. And so we landed him in a helicopter on the field. He got out and threw out the first pitch. So that was like this incredible moment the helicopter lifted off and it was time to play ball. Here's the dichotomy here's Ricky and then everybody else on the team. Game sold out three thousand people all waiting to see if the base stealing kings still had. I bet. Rickie grounds out. Second time of Ricky walks. Then smacked a double just an incredible swing in comes around to score. But that's not what people are there to see. I know that all of us are hoping that he that he steals. The heck. Finally in his fourth that bat, Ricky hits a single and he's on first base. Commodity with we came. We came here to see you take it watching the finger, sir twitching, and he would hang his hand down any twitches for fingers, the fingers, stop twitching, and it gets. Now there goes rookie the to pitch to throw down to second base of Harrison's safely. Stolen base of the golden baseball league goes to Ricky Anderson who else Ricky goes to for three scores of run and gets us deal. That's the slide right there that you always see on. Surf dogs in their next game too. And then later that we. History. I only homeland so fun season for the Serb with your mind. The first franchise sister did left left field wall. Leila's a good fill that you got the first one the way I thought maybe few young guys eventually get the first one I got it. So I can brag right now. He's still ran like a gazelle. You watch him. We we've had little rundown exercises that we would do forty six years old out run all of us. The guy was in better shape than almost all of us on the team. And we were early twenties. Sift peach was one of her teammates serve. One hundred percent shredded from head to toe, muscular Anderson, we'll go off and running Throwdown the second base. It's not gonna be in time is six stolen base. The season comes here in the first. On the field rookie was killing it as a surf dog. He and his teammates felt like winners. But off the field things weren't so pretty here's Jeff Boers. Knock a lights. It's pretty bad. I mean, the conditions are horrid the hotels or fleabag hotels. The club houses are dilapidated. I've been to some little league fields that are better than some independent ball places. All we go out, and we'd be catered to mazing Levin. Now, we gotta go out to the growth and stole grab some. Some Bologne in in ham and some peanut butter jealous. But other than that, you know, keep the guys from being hungry and giving thune says and go out that play, you know, we get peanut butter and jelly or some cereal or something, you know, whatever was at the ninety nine cents store that time probably Brighi comes on his this is what you guys are eating. Are they? We eating this one day we had pasta the next day. We have fried chicken and potatoes and salad and all that stuff. I mean, our spreads on the Senate becoming became good. After that if Ricky was disappointed by the conditions around him. He sure didn't show it to his teammates. He kept everybody loose. You know, he was just another one of the guys. Feel like. They did. Join for guys like Nick era, Ricky wind from childhood hero to not only teammate. But father figure and friend has taken some left-handed swings and Ricky's got a nice wing. Thanks. Right. My right side back to and it's not really going like I wanted to work on it. He's gonna pick up tomorrow before before practice. What is it will come in here and do some early working shoot? Okay. All right. Thank. Yeah. Same. Came down. He hit wasn't as like swing still. They're still there Kvant. Do you surf dogs manager Terry Kennedy saw him mentoring? Some of the guys started thinking I've gotten Ricky Henderson here. Maybe he'd be willing to help me out as well. I ask him. Will you take the position players out there to first base and talk about breaks and leads and he says sure I thought he was going to turn me down. But he didn't he took him out there. And then the other team was the saw him doing his thing. And they started getting closer. And I said, well, you know, this is a independently I said come on over just let them let them listen to Ricky took base to base. He has a little bit different of a I if he pushes off the inside foot opens up his his right foot on average, you get five more feet than the average person. He went through the whole thing. It was very good to be honest with you. I tried to mimic what Ricky did definitely wasn't helpful for me. And I didn't have a lot of success doing it that way I was rounder than later on in my career. So I was stealing bags. By the fourth of July surf dogs were in first place. The team was into prize Zona and they pulled down tight game against the fighting falcons. Stands were packed this business school kid idea on some level had worked. If I were after after the game being in the middle of desert. It's just what baseball is supposed to be like it's summertime in America being Ricky Hanish than being there. Just you know on a big league field, man. This is this is never forget. Nick remembers looking across the field and seeing Ricky just staring into the sky at the fireworks. And he thought this has been fun, but Ricky won't be here much longer. I honestly believed he was going to get back to the beliefs at some point you wanted it to happen just because he was so passionate. And he so clearly loved the game. You wanted him back in it. You knew that baseball would be better with him in it no-one, Ricky, I think at Forty-six could help a big league team. Ricky Henderson can actually make it back. You know, why why? I got I got Legg's Ricki, Henderson's knees. Still work. In order to get called back up to the majors. Ricky was going to need to put up big numbers particularly plead to impress clubs. But the problem was that in this league. He couldn't get a pitch to hit eight weeks into it. He already had like sixty three blocks. He told me goes it's not even like they can't even cheat the pitch like it would be like free feet over his head to feet blows me. They were young kids intimidated by throwing childhood hero. Ricky was doing everything he could to stay at the plate. There was one game that I'm par had actually lost track of the count. Go three essay, I know him. Airbud in the states involved this. Okay. It's walter. Do you? No, no, no. It's three it's three because he just wanted to get hit. See what it is. So like up because he he just wanted to hit for weeks. Now, Ricky had been calling his agent daily every time it was the same thing that anyone call from the bigs is anybody thinking about calling me up. I was calling everybody and teams were like, yeah. I love Ricky. I still think he could play, but he's just not a fit over here. We're going with the youth movement. I got some twenty three year old twenty four year old kid who's gonna be playing field leading off for me. So I was getting every exclusive of the owners. I would just turn eighty till two old would night seeing what he is. Great, right. Got really fired up about why wasn't there in could rattle off all of the players that he thought were in lesser shape. But yet still hanging on. He was always looking at the box scores to see who was hitting. And who was fitting that's writer, David Grann. He followed Ricky for a while that season in wrote a story about him for the New Yorker, he would often say like this guy that got this guy over me like he was studying the bucks, the you like in New York real estate. You know, you people looked to see the bitches someone died, and they might get apartment. Ricky was frustrated in growing, desperate. And he just couldn't understand why major league baseball couldn't just give him one more chance. Hey, baby. I have been made. Much it bid right because I can't see that a player. Class the way I played. I could see about. By mid-july, Ricky's numbers started to slide. And now the two offering on the way calls strike with a curveball Anderson's the bend disgust. In a month. Rookie batting average dropped more than fifty points strength three. I mean, everybody has that point of the season when the backfield's heavy or your hands slow down a little bit. July thirty first was obese tree debt Ricky's last gasp, lots of surf daughter over for the call. Lots didn't get that first week of August was kind of the sobering. Realization that you weren't gonna get picked up, and you were going to be there. He got into a situation that he thought it was just going to be a few weeks turn into years and could get out. What do you can get? The report. Please tell me what I want to ask the owners if I had a chance to have a mean with tell me what did I do? I play the game. Will I done to what rep is too was a trap of his own making? But it was also the trap that when he was invincible he'd always gotten out of he'd always got out of the trap. Right. He could always get off first base. He could always outrun you and when he failed he would get right up and do it again. And so I think he got into the golden baseball league thinking, I'll get out of this. I'll steal this. I mean, I'm I mean, I'm Ricky Henderson, but Ricky couldn't steal his way out of this one. And he became a different guy out there on the field studying the pitcher for his tell and doing all the things he would do getting ready to steal the crowd. The other team. His teammates were on edge waiting for to go. And each time he didn't go. And then as he walked off engine steel. He was cursing about the sun in his eyes mother fucking God damn, you know, he was furious. And he was furious because he knew he could have gone, and I could tell he didn't run because he doubted himself. I remember he said something to one point that really stay with me he said, and he said, you know, Ricky still trying to figure out all the pieces to the puzzle. He just realized that you know, he had gave the best you give and you'll come to a point where you go. I just didn't tune that's Ricky's best friend for that not for any bad reason. But is for the fact that they so they wanna go a different way. I think it's just it was a sad ending to the story. I would have liked to have seen him go out on his own terms rather than the game turning its back on him. But the story hadn't ended Ricky Henderson still had one last chance to put on a uniform and go out and play the game the surf dogs at squeak their way into the Golden League playoffs. They did the playoffs in a weekend series. It was like a double elimination tournament. And I remember Ricky was not thrilled with the format because oh that's like my brother's adult softball league. The twenty five Golden League playoffs took place over Labor Day weekend in Long Beach. Maybe steady knew it was finally the end. Maybe he felt he owed it to these guys who were as teammates, whatever the reason Ricky turned it on one more time he causes causing meeting brings us all together and his eye guys. Got something to tell you, you know, just want to have a little talk. You has been carrying me all year. Now, it's time for you. Guys, jump on my back. Sure enough comes out. I bet and Blair field is a monster field. That's right on the water. The Air's thick the well. While doesn't go anywhere. I that bad enough. Homer rookie life during the playoffs. Getting on bass hitting home runs. He looked like Ricky of old Henderson digging for second base. It'll be a stand up double for Henderson. Putting matters that second and third for the surf dogs here in the third. Baseball is like it's almost like a living thing it like pays legends back. I mean Cal Ripken in his final all star game. When he hit that Homer. Derek jeeter hitting a home run for his three thousand hit special to see moments like that. And to be a part of that. And it wasn't on the stage where everybody can watch on TV. It wasn't on the stage where everybody could read about it in the paper, turn on ESPN and see it yet to be there to feel that and see that and being be there with them. And it was the way it was supposed to be the way legend should be. That's the way he should go out. Just like that. Six in the same thing said go captures the first ever golden baseball league championship here at player failed nine to six surf Dazs get the victory and in two thousand and five San Diego surf dogs are champions. I wanted him to go and have an amazing second half of season somewhere, and and be able to go and give you know, some beautiful lovely speech at the end of the game. And and go out on this big glorious stage. I mean, that's the that's the Disney ending, and then it didn't happen. But it still had a happy ending because it was still at the end. It was a man in love with the game that he'd always loved. And there was something really beautiful about that. It's not clear when Ricky officially retired. But he never played another game the ending that a lot of people have been trying to write for Ricky for a long time. It was here. Looking back on it. Now though that season it's the opposite of a punchline Ricky was asked over and over. Why is he doing this? And his answer was always the same. Ricky Henderson still doing this. And your answer is still love to gay. I loved the game. It's hard to argue with that he played more major league baseball games and all three players in history. His stolen base record one thousand four hundred eight bags will never be touched after his year. But the surf dogs Ricky did make it back to the majors. Anderson is back in a big league roster named the Mets staff. Thursday replaces hitting coach Rick down who was fired. And then he returned to the Oakland A's where it all started for him today. He's the special assistant to the president who is Dave Cavill, the guy who started the Golden League when I took over as team president. It was kind of like really it come full circle. Like I called him. I'd say look I love to work together and someone who's from Oakland the greatest player in the history of the franchise. One of the greatest players of all time. Some knows the game loves the game. Someone who I developed a friendship with that. We could be together kind of advocating and advancing. This amazing mission is kind of an incredible thing to be about. How about is having a great time. On July twenty six twenty nine Ricky showed up in Cooperstown. New York to be inducted into the national baseball hall of fame. Dave Stewart Ricky's longtime friend and teammate was there that day people were expecting the worst of his induction speech, and he got up and he spoke Ricky began his speech at the end of his career acknowledging his years in the independently. I love the game of baseball. That's why I was so hard for me to walk away from the game. But now he said he had nothing left to prove Fehmi. He will was Muhammad Ali. He said at one time, quote, I am the grades in the cold. Oh. That is something I always wanted to be. And now that does sociation had voted me into the baseball hall of fame my journey as a player is complete. Rickie finally accepted the honor for so long. He hadn't been ready for and here at the very end. He showed a side of himself people. I'd never seen. I am now in the class of the greatest players of all time. And at this moment, I am very very humble. Thank you. That was the final episode of the season. But stick around for preview of what's next from thirty for thirty. We've got some big things in store here at thirty thirty. We worked to find stories you just have to tell your friends about and when you fly Delta Airlines, you can connect with your friends anytime anywhere. Delta gives you free mobile messaging on every flight. That's right. There's no purchase required and data charges. Do not apply. Simply log into the inflight wifi and get connected doubt. The strives to make travel easier by connecting their life in air to your life on the ground. All right, everybody Jodi here and usually in this spot, we play a little teaser tape of our next episode. But of course, there is no next episode because this is the end of the season. But that does not mean that there are not great things on the way for thirty for thirty podcasts. And otherwise and here to chat about it for couple minutes with me is none other than Libby Geist executive producer for all his original thirty for thirty founding producer. Yes, sir. Thank you for throwing that in and rarely found on this side of the microphones, thanks for the natural. But look there are some big things on the way for thirty thirty. We thought we'd give people a tease both on the films on the podcast side. So what's on your mind? Yeah. I mean in on December eleventh, we have forty two one which is about the Tokyo fight with Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson which shocked the world with some people say it was one of those where were you JFK moments? They remember hearing it in the total shock. Of that, Google great sports upsets of all time. It's on that list. Well, yes, but that's hard. To fact, check for some reason. But we're going to say that in the film. Dion sanders. So we Dion stubble place. So the day that he suited up. He did not actually play that say legend, but he actually suited up MLB an NFL. So there's some pretty great footage of him hopping on helicopter. He was there. He was the man. And then there's obviously a lot of parallels with Bo, and, you know, the the two sport athlete and just like totally fun. Nostalgia story. Dion Sanders is going to give good tape. We're also going to do some podcasts stuff in relation to that. We'll just say more and more every like that the podcast side in the film side are talking to each other. And we're doing these bonus episodes and collaborations with the thing that I'm really excited about is that next year is also the tenth anniversary of the series thirty for thirty. That's right ears. It feels like a hundred years. No. But we have actually done almost ninety thirty for thirty. So hopefully, nobody's paying attention or counting June there some fans out there that are definitely doing. So but between. Spinoffs and thirty for thirty s we've done almost one hundred twenty sports documentaries in ten years. So it's been a little bit busy as you can see. And so, you know, we've been thinking a little bit about how do we Mark the anniversary? We don't want it to be a nostalgia tour mostly because we think 2019 it's going to be an awesome year with a bunch of great stuff. But one thing we are going to do in this the first time anyone's hearing, this is in this podcast feed. We're going to have a series of conversations I will host them around some of the best most iconic most beloved films from the last ten years. Yes. Which is controversial only because everyone you asked who their favorite thirty for thirty has a different answer soda fun. And tricky for us to navigate that. But there's also plenty of whatever happened to stop is Marcus do pre. Now, what is Chris Herren up to? There's so many things that have happened since some of those films aired and actually have changed some of those in the subjects of those stories their lives in many ways fun to go back. And that's going to be the big challenge in selecting the ones that we have conversations about it. It's going to be interesting to try and. Whittle down that list and talk to both filmmakers, but also subjects as well. We'll be doing that throughout all of next year. So that's just a taste of what's to come for next year. And I just want to thank everyone for listening to the podcast this year in watching the films. It's been really great. And we're really excited about what comes next but Libby Geist. Thank you for joining us to come to the side of the my never again ever again. See Betsy it's going to be big us. All right. Thanks, everyone. For listening. Thanks for listening to thirty for thirty podcasts. My name is Jody advocate ESPN, film, senior producer Aaron light in our series edited. Our narrator was the undefeated Clinton gates later this week will post the bonus episode with me and Clinton with lots more about Ricky Henderson and the making of this documentary. And yet as I mentioned this is the final episode of our season. But there's lots more on the way. 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