Ep. 20 - Good news, Jay Z, and Ady Barkan


It's Monday, April twenty ninth. And today, I have nothing but good news for you. It's been a rough few days we've seen the avengers or game of thrones, no spoilers coming from me with some of your favorite characters may have just died. We also had some serious and other stuff that happened this weekend, we had horrible mass shooting in Tennessee. We had a white supremacist shooting at a synagogue in San Diego. We have multiple shootings in Baltimore. And of course, Trump is still president. What did they have to really good news stories for you? Let's talk about their new verse honoring nipsy hustle from. Jay z is a verse that he delivered at his concert on Friday night or a break that bursts down. I wanna tell you about ATI barking was my hero is one of my favorite people on the planet. We're going to close today with a few action idols for us to take together. All right. This is Shaun king. And you are listening to the the breakdown. The the breakdown. Breakdown. Your pop is really the sound track of my youth. Now was born all the way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and back. Then hip hop was just coming onto the scene. And as I grew up really hip, hop grew up with me or I grew up with it. The producer of this podcast, my best friend, Willis, brother. I've known since kindergarten is a lifelong rapper and hip hop music producer. If all the credited hop gets for setting, trends and shaping culture to this day. I don't think that hip hop artists have gotten the credit that they deserve for the poets that they are at its essence hip, hop music is poetry and really more than any other John reviews. Ick poplar IX are just poems. Now, they have more style and swag than poetry in. Once you see and hear a delivered. It's got so much swag. But if you strip to beat and strip the style in. Just look at the lyrics of some of the best rappers. You'll quickly realize that what you're looking at is some of the best poetry that's ever been crafted and that the people behind those lyrics like knows like biggie. Like Kendrick in coal. They are the poets of this generation in on Friday night in the east village of New York City, a historic concert venue called Webster hall reopened after being closed for two years for renovations. And they had Jay z open the venue with an amazing creative set. Now, you can't watch the whole concert anywhere. And I wasn't there. I wish I was there. But I've caught a lot of little snippets from people who were there in the audience and filmed it with their cell phones in one of those nip it's in particular has been on my mind every since I heard it now why almost all the music from the concert was old stuff. This. Titular verse was new and it was about the power of ownership of entrepreneurship about nipsy hustle. And I brought you to pay particular attention to align. The Jay Z gives about crabs in the barrel. Here it goes. Doing. He was going anybody. Fighting. Family long in the valley. Barrel. Everybody. I was doing. I never. Again. Thousand. Money is only ninety two. Goes. Busy. We got to be. Did I tell you rappers are just poets in they're using rhymes in style to just capture are tension in tell us stories in kick some knowledge at two things about their Jay Z verse. I that lyric about the crabs in a barrel is just brilliant. Now, have you ever used the metaphor about crabs in a barrel before I've used it? Many times across my life is mainly used to describe how we often Terry other down when we should be lifting each other up like crabs at a barrel. But Jay, very simply just says hold up. Hold up. Crabs don't even belong in barrels in why aren't we talking about how much of a problem? The barrel is see that's hip hop. He used this well-worn crabs in a barrel. Metaphor flipped it on its head in used it to talk about gentrification in red lining in black neighborhoods, and how sometimes our conditions the barrel caused behaviors more than behaviors 'cause conditions. Just brilliant. The second thing I want to talk about is how people are criticizing Jay Z's. Mention of how we should basically be gentrifying our own neighborhoods now one in I get the criticism because the word gentrification is really problematic. But I don't think that's what he's saying. He's just talking about how we need to invest in our own communities. Here's what I love about the debate. Jay z has lyrics. That have us debating the definition of gentrification. And to me, that's a good thing. Which leads me to my seconds. The breakdown. Audie barkin is my hero. I don't say that lightly. I don't think any person on earth inspires me more every single day than this, man. Now, he's a young man. He's actually several years younger than me. But the guy is my hero and just a few years ago. I'd heard about him, but I didn't know him personally, he was widely known actually in a lot of the same circles that we walk in. It was widely known respected in progressive circles for being a brilliant organizer and just a fighter. He created several brilliant campaigns for progressive causes and candidates then soon after Audie and his wonderful wife. Rachel some after they had their first baby back in twenty sixteen a beautiful baby. Boy name Karl Audie began noticing some strange pains in his hands and in his arms, and they weren't normal like cramps. It was something much worse. And after several test to ATI surprise. It was a LS you probably already had it for months, but it was undefeated. And now it was rapidly destroying his body in a matter of weeks. He was struggling to use his limbs, but he could still walk and talk and move in a matter of months, he required a wheelchair but could still walk and talk and use his arm. Some in a year, it was impacting every single part of his body, including his voice, and I wanna play a love letter that audio recorded for his son Karl I'm gonna post video and all of our social media channels. So you can see it. But it's just beautiful car. It's me. By the time. You're watching as you were gonna to be strong encourages just like you are now as a little boy. But I don't know much. Learn be around for you. I was attack next with hail today, which is hang deadly to billeting disease a year ago. I was a healthy, man. Ios jerning into jello. And my boys Haywood to be. Drafter was diagnosed the president and congress passed the tax Bill put my health share at risk. The coming years. They're going to be really hard. For me for you from mom. I'm gonna need medicine. We're gonna need event to later in need Medicare to help pay for my health care. Paid into Medicare and Medicaid all my working life. But this tax Bill could have all that away. The AARP has come out against the tax Bill. See it means twenty five billion dollars in cuts to Medicare next year alone all to give tax cuts to billionaires don't need them. So I went to Washington DC. To tell our present. This Bill was wrong p moral and American. My next gas made headlines when he confronted a Republican Senator on an airplane. Your grid. Indian american. All-run? I'm gonna knock on your door. Or wanted to do what I could tell create a better country for you to live in. I wanna be a role model for even if I'm gone. Losing my -bility to speak some asking people to be my voice, a losing my -bility to walk so masking people to March for me to vote to place these revolve Akins in congress with people listen to families like ours. All the matters to me his to make you pair to build that she has already so new. And that was last year and twenty eight teen, thankfully Audie, and I got to do some events together last year, and we got to support each other and support our causes last year. He actually is one of the founding members of the northstar which makes this podcast possible. And I'm glad and excited that we got to spend that time together because today audience completely lost his ability to move. He's lost almost all of his ability to communicate with us. Now, his mind is sharp as ever. But now he's having new us his is to speak tomorrow, which will be Tuesday, April thirtieth audience doing something, so brilliant and so beautiful at the risk of his own health and wellbeing. This man put his entire life on the line this weekend to pack up in travel from California to DC, which is an incredibly difficult trip for his body. He traveled from. California. He just got in DC today to testify before congress about why he loves and supports Medicare for all. And I'm so proud and grateful for his courage because this man is using every ounce of energy in his body to stand for something. He can't even move his limbs, he can't talk. He can't walk. He can't speak, but before congress he's going to use his eyeballs to speak through a computer about why he believes this country needs Medicare for all to change our healthcare system that has courage that somebody having the courage of their convictions. And I'm so proud of him. And I don't just want us to be proud of him. I want us to live like him, which leads me to our actions steps for the day action. Action action. Our first action step for the day is I want you to follow Audie barking on all social media networks and support this man's work. Make him your hero. Learn from him learn about his organization. Learn about the work that he believes in. Of course, I want you to re tweet him. But it's really more than that. I want you to be inspired by his courage and decide to live like him. Let me show you how you can follow him, particularly on Twitter, and let me tell you why it's important for you to follow him particular social media. You can follow him now at Audie barkin. That's AD Y B A R K A N. That's Audie barking AD Y B A R K A N on Twitter. All right. Social media is even more important for Audie than it is even for me or for you because he's able to use these platforms to communicate us. Now. The no longer has an audible voice he's able with his. Is with those that are around him to support him. He's able to type messages on social media. Still communicate his heart to us. And so his messages on social media. They're fewer and fewer. But they're so important, and I would love you to follow him on social media. Right. And when you do this send him a little message encouraging him, and maybe let him know that you heard about him on the breakdown because he helped make this podcast possible. Now second is something that we've never done on the breakdown before. But I want all of us to please, please, please preorder his new book together. It's so special and important to him in it special and important to me, it's called is to the wind a memoir of love and death hope and resistance, and I've read it, and it's beautiful and powerful, and inspirational, and you can pre-order it. Now gem STAN these other dying. Words of a man who loves us in wants to see this nation live up to its potential. It's beautiful. It's painful, it's transparent, but it's inspiring, and we can all pre-order it together. Now, you can also just look at the pinned tweet on the top of his Twitter page. But in case he changes that there's a bit link that you can go to it's bitterly as be IT dot L Y B. I T dot L Y backslash is to the wind. That's B. I T dot L Y backslash is to the wind. You can preorder the book there now. Lastly, I want you to pledge to watch his testimony before congress tomorrow, it's going to be a powerful thing. As far as I know, I think he is the only activist and organizer that's going to be testifying about Medicare for all. You really got special permission from speaker Pelosi to even be there. He's going. Share it live on his Twitter page will share it live on all of our social media channels as well. But I want you to watch his testimony before congress and share it in just be inspired by somebody who is squeezing every ounce out of their lives to just impact the world and make a difference in the world. The break down bring everybody. Thank you so much for making it all the way through this episode of the breakdown, if you haven't already subscribe to our podcast, we'll be right back here every single week day, breaking down important news, stories and issues, and we'd love it. If you would subscribe on your favorite podcasts apple apple podcasts. 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They will not only have all of our podcast, hundreds of original articles and stories and commentaries from some of the leading scholars and thinkers in the world. Lastly, I wanna give shot out to our podcast director, senior producer Willis for his hard work on this in every episode. Take care, buddy.

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