Hard Factor 2/20: Bernie Is a Runnin' Again, Ever Wonder Why There Are So Many Catholic Orphanages ?, Hottest Trend In High Fashion: Black Face


Wooded you Joe, man. Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one that does better. Now, does it better repeat myself? Go ahead told me something right now. Moderate. Welcome to another episode of heart baecker it is Wednesday February twentieth mixture to go get your heart factor. Good morning coffee mug before they all sell out our top stories of the day. Mark is going to do about Bernie Sanders being back for the twenty twenty election. What can you repeat that? Yeah. Yeah. He's like an elderly little job activator. Do story about big news out of the Vatican spoiler, it's about forbidden sex. So more of the same west going to do about rampant racism in the world of high fashion. Yeah. The spring color is just racism. New. Battle. Tickets are lightning round of other headlines stigma way, Mark I love the dollarshaveclub everything I need to look feel and smell my best. What I love even more is the fact that I never have to store. 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And after that the restock ships regular size products at regular price. So what are you waiting for get your starter set now for just five dollars, dollarshaveclub dot com slash heart. Del shave club dot com slash heart. And you guys feel that can you feel it? What is it? When you feeling is the burned condoms as much as I do. But because Bernie Sanders is back baby. The Vermont native a former presidential candidate who was born on September eighth. Nineteen forty one announced on Tuesday. He's running for president again in twenty twenty. He would be eighty years old eighty and a half by the time. He was inaugurated if he were to win and well over eighty four if he lasted the full term that's old. Could you could you imagine terms? Eight year old Bernie in there. That's what you want. Three year old traveling around the world tried to make peace with the bunch of leaders. That's what you really hit your stride of power as we eighties. I find p breaks in his in his future. Yelling at the thirty year old crown Pinson, Saudi Arabia's crown prince crop prints. You gotta speak up putting a catheter. Anyways. When asked to in the morning interview. What would be different this time centers applaud we're gonna win? So their goals confidence confident. Yeah. But come on one confident the oldest president ever was Ronald Reagan. And he was nearly seventy four years old when he was elected for a second term and President Trump would pass that if he were to be elected for a second term, and he's currently too old jolt. He's already tool, and he looks a lot better than Ronald Reagan. Yeah. But it doesn't sound young. His he's like he's old go go out some interview footage of Trump from the eighties. And it's he's a different human saying too old. He's already senile older older and larger he's he's too old. Currently look Scott there should be an age limit. I think on how old a president can be for being too old to be president. Just like there's one for being too young. I was going to run this year. I can't run you have to be thirty five thirty five by law. So why can't they cap it at say like you can't be over seventy at any. That's ages. What's not ageism because being thirty five is ages Williams. So it's no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me let me explain this. Like the Joe PA of socialist Bernie Sanders. So it's good to see him getting worked up out there. And if you don't want him to be elected again, I think you just going to die. He doesn't know anything else who's been in a lot. In the United States, eighty something. Like, let's on its ageism to be thirty five. It is ageism if I lamented seventy practice, there's already ageism we don't need a seventy plus year old was not you want. Joe also not coaching the team just just throw that walking. He was walking around and just call relate a little boys getting banged in his locker. But why should make them take should make them? Take driving test centers allowed this to be the president. Dr yourself drive yourself to the White House. That's a good test is president. He's going to be able to wants to kill Bernie Sanders. That was sure octogenarians are seventy I love. Over seventies. Like, enjoy your patio. Swing and Tom Collins old. It's not run the greatest country in the world and try to solve everyone's problems. I agree. Oh, the presence bedridden again had a marathon with the house under the weather off. I mean, there are so many democratic candidates though, for president now that we should actually do the Royal rumble that we joked about and Bernie Sanders coming in as surprise number. Thirty entrant is pretty bad ass. I would love to see him in wrestling underwear wrestling shorts. I just wanna know. What's what's under the hood? He definitely he definitely just basically came into the into this ring with a steel and just telling everyone he just crushed any far left person. That was hoping to get everyone that currently announces like fuck the best part of this though is that Larry David is going to characterize Bernie Sanders now every Saturday night, which is awesome. Because Larry David David has got to be in consideration. As the goat. The greatest time. Seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm top ten maybe one and two comedies of all time. My favorite joke. Larry David's is when he said he almost died masturbating with the temperature of one hundred five. That's the closest I've ever came to dying when I masturbated with the temperature of hundred five that's probably my joke of all time. Great RPI Funkhouser. Oh, yeah. And Bernie were woman your ass in the government podcast sectors podcast. Oh, maybe we could get him on the pod. Do a Little Haiti needs. He's getting his ass kicked into the internet. Jonathan Nelson says I still have your campaign sticker on the back of my truck. So that's great Jonathan and then just waiting. I was I was really hoping this was happening. I was thinking about taking on new thought Prius but truck is little surprising. There's truck Bernie guys. Yeah. Sure journey. Bruce, Bernie broS Honda Honda. What's it called the Honda air? Yeah. Jim Jim Gallo says on the says, you know, it's official because he comes Harrigan, which is good. Here. He didn't really Cohen. He just like mad at it with his hands for the first time in a year grandpa. So there it is nice there. It is all right from one heavy topic the presidential election into another one the Vatican. So strap hold onto your butts guys on Monday, the New York Times released an article about quote, the next big scandal at the Catholic church, and guess what? It's all about the priests. Fucking the church go, oh, how about Dixon this precept of the three dick skin. Yeah. Dick's they got a lot of a lot of my kids are busy. Maybe you can suck on my third. Dick's son. Yeah. So, but this time it's about the secret children that they when they have sex with the church goers, or I guess nuns as well. How got exposed Vincent Doyle, a psychologist and Ireland discovered that his bio dad was actually a priest, but his mother never told him that until he was twenty eight the priests was posing as godfather when he learned he started a support group that eventually led him to getting to ask an archbishop about the situation and the archbishop actually showed him a secret Vatican document that gave instructions for how to deal with unwanted children or children of the ordained as church like the pamphlet. The document also said make sure to burn this document, no later than October of the eighteenth century. Due. Apparently Godfather's also pretty good name for him. Because. Oh, true. This is involved. That's true. We don't know us involved at least. Yeah. Also, that document definitely said never show this to children of the so the archbishop definitely breaks on the bottom of documents that don't even look at them. Yeah. At the end shit. Exactly. A Vatican spokesperson since he learned that from the archbishop has confirmed that the quote, internal documents do exist, and they referred to him as internal documents. So not supposed to be for the public consumption. There's no estimate of how many priests babies there actually are. But the support group that oil started has over fifty thousand members. So it's safe to say that if that's like the number on a unknown support group, the real numbers pretty fucking. We got we got to interview at child or the ordained the shocking stat here is I didn't know that thirteen year old boys could have kids. Oh jing. Your point west took me minute. To to hear the issue here is that the priests fucking anybody, no discrimination. So now the church has well documented child sexual abuse. None sexual abuse and general churchgoer slash unplanned. Baby problems that are all watch bread and pretty much. The most disgusting things possible to have going on for religious all the priests. Like, see it's not just a little boys. Yeah. It's like this is a positive thing. This is spins them. We'll fuck nuns too. If they're around that gross third choice, really whoever's the most scared we look for the person cowering the most from our three penises. The one we have sex with churches empty. Oh, my God fairly the internal documents. Make it mandatory to ask the priest. If he wants to quit and take care of the kid when he finds out that he has one, but there's absolutely no way to enforce it anything so zero out of like, the hundreds of thousands of priests who've been asked do you want to leave the priesthood and take care of this kid said, yes, big shocker shock share. I know you're fifty no life skills. Besides being a priest, but you want to try to join the workforce care. Care father down give you two options option one you stay in the priesthood. And we're just going to forget about this thing option to you're gonna have to raise the baby. Yeah. Keep living living the house behind the church or take care of the kid. We'll just put this one in an orphanage. They'd never have to be accountable accountable for the first time in your life or you can just continue fucking churchgoers behind closed doors. All right, easy choice. Another fun. Fact DNA testing is really the cause of all the shit coming out on a massive scale because the local priests can't hide from the DNA swab. You fucking scumbags. Finally, you know, some of the shifts around from the beginning. Yeah. It's the beginning Thursday. The Vatican is hosting a four day meeting to address all the sexual abuse problems within the church like we just talked about. What's crazy is that? Apparently, the USA is the only country so far where they've switched to zero toddler pollen. Four days solve all the problems though word. It's leap here. Got under control. Yeah. So starting probably start promptly on time to get this thing very twenty nine. So we'll give you February twenty nine. Yeah. Exactly. So maybe hopefully, they can figure out probably not let's take it to the internet. I was just scrolling for comments and this one I came upon it's not even about the Vatican. The sex stuff. It's about them allowing Islam prayers in the church in Ian, WAM on Facebook had this to say if you knew all the occult symbolism in the Vatican, as I do you would not be surprised by this at all as a former occultist, I can tell you that the Vatican at the highest levels has been a loose affair, Ian cult for centuries funded by God fearing people who had no clue what they were actually supporting yet. I've heard this theory before doubt, you have can spend it. How's that? I figured you were out an Email thread, you know, about it west. I don't I don't know anything about it. But I've definitely heard about it. Pretty sure. Into flagellation. Yeah. That's that on that. All right. So guys the this spring color. This year is racism, high fascism racism seems to be in the spring and why not black face knit, sweaters and sweatshirts with nooses for strings. Make a statement wherever you go. And that statement is that I have more money than brains, and I will sue if you touch me, I'm from Virginia. Yeah. So I up we have Gucci in talian designer brand. And if there was one thing we know about Italians is they are the Mississippi of Europe. They love them some good, old fashioned racism. It's not true. Yeah. Well, just watch any talion Premier League mattress Syria match. I should say where black players on the field because they'll just they'll grow bananas on the field. Yeah. It's one of those things that you don't really people probably fantasize about Italy. And how like progressive it is they're more full country. They're more racist than than they get down south on a ountry site. Great line. Yes. So it's showed it showed in their lineup of a black face knits sweaters, which when pulled over the face simply gave the where classic black face with red lips. And all. Yeah. It was real bad presto, and at a cost of eight hundred ninety dollars. How could you resist the great deal on blatant, racism and comfort that press you have to wear it at least twice? Yeah. These are high end racists. Yeah. So of course, these sweaters were immediately pulled from the gallows, I mean shelves to this may of racist fashion, east as everywhere. So, of course, Gucci random apologize and their CEO Marco bizarrely visited Harlem to meet with a group of black folks about controversy straight to Harlem makes right? The Harlem on the source, go go to the Apollo go to the Apollo now flip the coin it was either Harlem or Flint, Michigan, exactly Atlanta. And so they launched ten scholarship programs in cities across the US. And so like nothing says I'm sorry about being racist offering underprivileged black youth five thousand bucks towards like a fifty thousand dollars occasion. So great job Gucci. What's next? I don't know. I don't know British. You're gonna get in on it with something racist. Yeah. Yeah. They're gonna dull Jiang Bonna clan. Inspired rose these prices who afford to be racist. You know, I got one more Ralph Lauren Ralph Laurens going to release a day laborer line for the summer. We have attacked Tommy hilfiger because he is a known racist. Right. Is it? Yeah. Well, I was gonna go Tommy hilfiger on that Ralph Lauren, but anyway, Tommy hilfiger just own slaves. He's really old. He doesn't look it. But he's old, but fashion just couldn't be held down by politically, correct. And sensible people guys, not according to Burberry who recently lodged their KKK line of news, hoodies at London's fashion week sending what looked like a sacrificial virgin white model with aluminum symbols on her head and wearing a hoodie that had strings in the form of a new stay on the runway for all to see you guys. See I didn't see it. You gotta look at this thing. Crazy fiction news. It's a noose on the on the weird clothes butter. I normally cut the strings off my sweat shirts because I don't like them. And this would have been when I immediately cut off. You mean, you mean news the new sort of media cut the news you need needed like a fucking para headed for like thirty feet away. Like, that's that's your new. So opponents of the of the hoodie, including the model the complained about the the hoodie, but still strider stuff down the runway said it invoked symbols of not only extreme racism. But also suicide things that seem to be on the rise in the world to bat. Too bad. Thanks piss off. Piss off. And she's in a complete bullshit statement from Ricardo Tichy Burberry's, creative director. He also apologized saying quote, while the design was inspired by a nautical theme. I realized that this it was insensitive. So yeah, it was supposed to look like a rich person yacht pie. But I realize now it looks pretty much like a typical news Ricardo tissue sitting. I'm talion seafaring, racists or the worst kind of racing anyway. Yeah. So going to the internet, and this one is just something that makes you go. Mike Petillo says it was supposed to be an honor of Kate Spade, Kate Spade and Burberry collab-. God. I'm sorry sat back and waited for the likes some very very. That's vicious. That's that's a I mean, he made hunger for the few of you out there that don't know that. So I'm guessing Mike single cyber that. Let's get into the lightning round. Yeah. All right. Look everyone's favorite time of the year is upon us guys. That's tax season. Just saying that word makes my testicles temporarily disappear into my body. I more or less stopped checking the mail altogether out of fear that there's a letter from the IRS and there and haven't gotten one yet that I know of I recently got a check from the IRS randomly five hundred fifty bucks. That's a trap west. Yeah. That's rough tax year for yours. Truly over here. According to the now, we're all going to get off. Well, who knows publicly we pay our taxes come up, and according to the hard working sexy beautiful saints geniuses at the IRS, right? An average tax refund. This year is down eight point four percent compared to last year. Keep in mind, there's only like a week of data. So it's not that much news. But the main thing keep an eye out for is an adjustment that you might be used to so people they're used to getting like four grand. You might not be getting that because the new tax laws the IRS suggesting you do it's called a pay check checkup, which sounds boring shit. So I don't think people have done it not going to do it. Now, not doing that. So yeah, don't count your chickens this year sixteen year old Nick Sandman the team that may or may not have smirked in the face of an old native American guy who may or may not have been a Vietnam era veteran because a provocation that may or may not have been incited by Pibor Israel rights on the steps of Lincoln Memorial is suing the Washington Post for two hundred fifty million dollars. Aim High Aim High baby fun fact that's the exact amount that Jeff Bezos paid to purchase the paper. What San man's going to own the posts in men owns the post is that what happen if he wins. It's kind of nutty lawsuit. Judge say you own the postal, no San run it like run as you see fit the suit, which is for come kava Dettori punitive damages claims that Sandman was targeted for being white in a post on their website titled for truth for Justice for. Nncholas San men's attorneys made it clear that this is the first of many, suits. It is only the beginning for Fuxing targeted for being white the. Yeah. Yeah. The frivolous lawsuits really making white people. Look a lot better Sanmen really change in the near sympathetic here. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of Americans are frustrated with Washington these days and good low Sutton a name it doesn't sound racist. The editor of a small Alabama paper has an unconventional approach to set things straight his solution. What simple the client needs to rod again. Yeah. Good low outlined his plan in an editorial article with the same name in his paper, the democrat reporter. Yeah. Good lows unhappy about Democrats in the Republican party and just plain Democrats trying to raise taxes in Alabama. And he's not happy about the socialist communist ideology, socialism, you're on notice you went onto make like a bizarre analogy claiming that freed slaves would often time borrow their master's clan. Hoods and horses and ride jus-. This needed to be served, which Clayton Bixby sil-. Yeah. He's essentially saying that respects the hood. It's scary both slaves and whites can use it. As a tool to shut down the opposition for the robe free acid Burberry. Yeah. Loves a robe when the man was questioned by CNN on whether or not he'd written the article Sutton went on record San via wrote it, and then he declined to provide any additional information explanation, whatsoever that Sutton. He did however give them more indepth interview to his hometown paper, the Montgomery advisor stressing that he wasn't calling for hanging of all Americans just the socialist communists when eat some people to do the hanging someone's. Yeah. Someone's got to be telling you, and that's hard factor guys. So the official heart factor mugs has heart factor will alluded to at the top of the show are available for sale now in the barstool store. These mugs made of special designed Otake ceramics. You can't see what's inside the mug. So your boss or wife won't know, if it's whiskey coffee and also has this new technique. That makes the whiskey smell go away from your breath. Yeah. Or if you're in Colorado poison I don't get it friendly reminder, if we get one hundred five star reviews on I tunes before Thursday at five PM will be doing a Friday bonus episode here a couple of favorite reviews from this week. Our boy Friday pod says only fair of you guys to finish me off on Friday finish me off on Fridays. So I'm not left high and dry. Okay. Let's get Friday sessions going L pres-, please make these guys full-time, and then my other favorite one from full of surprises. They don't sound as fat as they look again. That's that's hard factor. Follows at heart factor news on Twitter and Instagram and a great fucking day. Play the.

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