Standard is the Standard: Get ready for a Steelers vs. Ravens game unlike any other


Pittsburgh, Steeler fans welcome back to another episode of the standard is the standard. I'm Jeff Harbin editor of behind the steel curtain dot com. We have an action packed show for you tonight. Talking a little bit of bucks Steelers week three, but we're talking a lot about raven Steelers week, four coming up. Let me introduce my does always Lance Williams lands. How are you this evening? I'm doing fantastic listeners just rate and talk about some ball. Let's do it. Yeah, let's do it. You had you had to keep point. You wanted to talk about let you good and kick it off tonight. Monday night's football game in our kinda wanted to talk about, you know, this season we've seen in the first couple of games and you know, we seen some ups. We see some downs, obviously Steelers get their first win on Monday night against the buccaneers gritty, second half performance to hold onto that victory. But the one thing I want to ask you Jeff in listeners, if you're on the live chat, I want to chime in his well. Teff best represents football team in two thousand eight is at the first half is at the team that jumped out to a thirty ten win or excuse me, thirty two ten lead or is it the team in the second half the struggling offense, struggling on defense and held on to win that football game in European, Jeff, and listeners out there on the live chat which have best reflects this football team at this moment Dr. That's really really difficult question to answer based on the fact that you look at the body of work, they've put on the field so far. It's been nothing but inconsistent from top to bottom. But if I had to guess maybe it's just because in my mind I had the way to the Steelers played in the first half was my expectation for the way this team was gonna play in general in two thousand eighteen. That was kind of the defense that I saw, and I was like, I think this defense could be pretty decent and they showed out and they were playing pretty decent football. And then in the second half when the offense wasn't possessing the ball, the Tampa Bay bucks seemingly were just taking these longtime 'cause dries. They were gassed and they were gashed at the same time, they were gassed physically and gash in the in the performance of things. But in my mind, I still think that in terms of expectations and where I think this team could go, it's that first half team. But at the same time, like I mentioned earlier, the inconsistencies of this team are astronaut. It's ridiculous. So with that being said, I could definitely see the second half being the trend is well, I honestly don't know, go grab yourself fricken quarter flip. It heads is first half tales, the second half, and that's literally what I feel like we could see every week with his team. You have no clue. What are you think I'm not gonna let you get off that easily. I, I have. I'm gonna say, I, there you go and see, Jeff's answer. I have goes with our personality type. Going to say first half, because Jeff is joy. Yeah, going to say the second half because I'm paying. We may not do the joint pain segment, but that's a second. We're gonna run out every once in a while. Joint pain. I'm going to say the second half and the reason why I'm gonna say the second half and somebody you guys gonna laugh at me. When I say this statement, we'll hear the response on live chat very soon. Who do you think Jeff? I would say is the most important player on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. I'm gonna say Joe Haden. You would be in the right direction. But actually it's already burns. Artie burns is the most important player on his defense because we've seen the astronomical passing numbers and the the Steelers are ranked seventh in the National Football League in scoring, and they're averaging twenty nine point three points per game in their seventh to Kansas City Chiefs are averaging ten more points game at thirty nine. I say that to say, scoring his at a premium right now, National Football League in passing games are ridiculous. You need to solid corners to compete right now. We know Joe Haden we know the Joe Haden impact how many catches did the Sean Jackson have in that game to maybe so we know the Joe Haden factor that's a given, but magic how good this defense would be. If Artie burns were playing to a first round grade and they had two solid number one cornerback. Ax in that secondary, you'd be talking about a much better defense. So with all that it's the second half because Artie burns is inconsistent. The secondary's inconsistent and it National Football League, you're going to have to be able to get Pash rush and you're going to have to hold up in coverage. And I just don't think they have good enough people in the back in. So I think the second half is more indicative of what this football team is in two thousand eighteen throw the penalties in that mix as well. And it's the second half. I can't. I can't disagree with you. I literally can't because we've all witnessed exactly what the Steelers have done through weeks one, three at the same time though. I can't at this. I can't say that there's no room for potential improvement. Here's a group of guys. It still might not be comfortable playing with one another. You'll get troll admits who started to three games as a rookie. I feel he's only gonna get better already burns still has a lot of potential. You see him make big plays and then boneheaded plays the next. Some players have eliminated those boneheaded plays or lease minimize those boneheaded plays in their game. You look at the pass rush. I'm not sold on the Outside Linebackers, but in terms of Cameron Heyward and Steph onto it, I feel like there's room for improvement there. Jon Bostick hasn't been as bad as we all predicted he would be. I'm not saying he's great, but he hasn't been as bad. Sean Davis hasn't been as bad as some people thought. So, yeah, I, it's. I can't disagree with you Lance, but at the same time, it's by optimistic nature to think that there's a legitimate chance that this defense can improve. Are they going to improve to top ten unit top-five hell no, that's just not in the cards, but can they improve to the point where they keep people off of thirty points give their off heads of chance of winning game? I think so. I really do think so because at first half against Tampa Bay was no fluke, in my opinion, yet they got some lucky bounces with turnovers, but you still had to take advantage of those turnovers. We've seen this team drop those interceptions and not get those fumble recoveries and they did that. So I see what you're saying. I cannot disagree with you, but I'm going to say that the first half is still my answer. That's just me. Well, we know how you are Jeff. I feel like a lot of people like that. Yeah, everyone's down on the team anyway, a little positively today. Now, let's go to our next segment in this is our stat. Believable, call it the stat, Keith segment. Because stats, I've always felt her people. The dig into stats are kind of nerdy in their own little way in Lanson are both little nerdy in our own little way, and we found one unique statistic. Some about the Steelers minds about the coming matchup with the ravens that we think were interesting and also noteworthy when it comes to the game that's about to take place or indicative of the team itself. So as you have yours ready, why don't you go and go? I is more indicative of the team itself, and it's also indicative of the point that are made about Artie burns being most important factor on Steelers defense and let me point out this staff. The Steelers are currently last in the National Football League. The defense and touchdown passes given up. They've given up ten touchdown passes and they've given up fifteen plays of twenty yards or more in the passing game, which is twenty nine. But the stat is there. Last in the National Football League as a lege, giving up touchdown passes with ten in three weeks. That's an astronomical number. That's a little bit more than three. Again, that's given up almost forty. Eight touchdown passes in a season if it were to average out like that that I mean that that's that has to get fixed in that was just an alarming stat that I found when I looked at this defense to typically. Yeah. Well, there is a caveat there. I mean, they've the last two weeks. They've played to hottest quarterbacks in the league and they gave up what Fitzpatrick end up with three on Monday night and six obviously Mahomes that's nine right there. And then tyrod Taylor or Terada or t t rod. I'm not sure how he says his name these days, but that guy. Job. Right? So that's bad and Zona tell you something that's not gonna help fans confidence in coming into this week's game, and that is the Baltimore Ravens red zone offense. Now, we know the, the Steelers red zone defense up until Monday night was a was a concern. Lance had talked about that a lot, and they actually stood tall. They were two for five, the at a five attempts to give two scores. I on Monday night, which is pretty darn good. They actually got a red zone turnover. That was the boss deflections that ended up in a Mike Hilton interception. Before that lands correct me if I'm wrong before that the Steelers had yet to get a red zone stop, correct, correct. In the Baltimore, Ravens offenses twelve for twelve of the reds end this year they have yet to be stopped in the red zone, and we're gonna talk about that offense here coming up in the headline of this, this podcast, and what I'm going to run on the website tomorrow is that this is not. We're going to talk a little bit about the box before we go to the ravens, but this is not going to be your typical raven Steelers game just telling you that right now, if you're thinking thirteen, six, final score, you're drunk, it's not gonna happen. So anything to add to that reds institition their lands. That's incredible. I mean, that's just where the NFL is. I mean, when we think of the ravens, we don't think of a team that's averaging thirty two two game, which is fifth in the National Football League in a team that has that fishing in the red zone. But that's where the NFL is that a raving team is averaging that many points that good in that area of the field and and that's just what it is right now, you can't hit receivers. You can't hit the quarterback. Hell you can't even getting same zip code as a quarterback. So you know you're gonna have prolific offenses and they're gonna tear teams up and you know defense might be about just not giving up the whole kitten caboodle as opposed to stopping anybody, right? I should wear it is, yeah. Okay. So before we afford, let's rewind it a little bit. I kinda went out of order. That's my dad. Let's go back to Tampa Bay. Let's go back to Monday night football heroes. Zero segments is. Save that we do every week where we identify one player who is a hero in one player who was zero for whatever reason. It might be someone that you expect might be obvious. It might be someone that no one's talking about Lance. Go ahead with your heroes in zeros, I mar hero. The game, of course, was Vance Donald me. Anytime you can turn a guy's name from Chris to Christina me. He's the man. I mean, look, he took the man's man the end and Conti is now out when I are. I'm I'm hoping fans with the stiff arm did knock him out. They said reports or now that he played that game with a partially torn PC l. and his knee. And it was just after that play when his soul was removed from his body that they found it was completely toward harshly torn ego. KOMO many pull that guy skirt up. I mean, Chris, Christina, man. I mean. It's it's, it's terrible. Zero again is Boswell. Boswell has to get it right. But also the zero might be special teams as a unit, the punters inconsistent. The place kickers, inconsistent. The coverage teams are inconsistent. So I'm gonna go with Boswell as zero in the entire special teams unit, as you know, maybe boswell's and negative one in the special teams unit zero. So I'm gonna go with that. Yeah. Okay. It can't complain with either those. I'm gonna go hero with juju Smith Schuster and it would be obvious to say Ben Rothlisberger. I said last week. I'm not saying it again. I think that juju Smith Schuster and I said this before on the air is having in my opinion, one of the best receiving seasons in the league right now. No one's talking about him. I please third in the National Football League with receiving yards right now. He has twenty seven receptions, he's averaging thirteen point to catch. He's has a touchdown for three hundred in. Fifty six yards receiving and let me look at his targets here. He's been targeted thirty eight times. So that's a really good percent catch percentage that he has right there, and he has a hundred and fifty one of those three hundred fifty six yards or coming after they catch jujubes misuse ter- at a lot of people wondered. And I said this in my winners and losers call him for behind the curtain dot com. When I had him on the winners list, a lot of people wondered, you know, what's he going to be able to do without Martavis Dino jeez, right over there. Yeah. You ought to wonder like, hey, you know, is he had a without Martavis you know, taking the top off the defense is he going to be able to fill that void of Martavis production. Shoot. I think he's already gotten more yards than Martavis did all last season in three games. Jews misuse Jauregui said this at the post game. If you haven't gotten a number nineteen jersey, I would get one because I think is a safe bet. My loser is Cody Sensabaugh and maybe he's escaped good for the secondary, but I don't care. I just don't understand what they see in this guy already burns does have potential. I feel like sensible is what he is. He reminds me of a Ross Cockrel. Maybe a solid cornerback, but he's nothing special and he's not the answer. So I know what Tomlin's do, and he's trying to light a fire already burns by putting sensible and having them split time. And I, if anyone's going to replace burns on the outside, I'd rather be Cameron sudden and Coby Sensabaugh. But at the same time I, there's a lot of decisions that have been made with his team this year. I don't understand. So I'm gonna say my zero sensible primarily because of the I've never seen a defender look so bad trying to defend a path than when Mike Evans caught that touchdown pass. I think sensible ran around in a circle looking for the football and then fellow I, he could've pushed the receiver out of bounds. I this horrible, just horrible. I don't disagree. I don't disagree Sensabaugh EMMY tackled his girdle elderly, trying to tackle it was pretty bad. I mean, it's. It's weird what they're doing burns. I understand your point. You gotta let the guy play. You gotta let God played through it. Yeah, I don't think the actions are good. I just don't think the options are good. So that's kind of where it is with that secondary in that second is going to have to get coached up half to get better. Okay, true or false time folks. It's a segment we've been running since the summer. I think it's just brakes things up. I think I liked this segment a lot, so we are going to say a statement and then we're going to say whether we think it's true or false. Sometimes we agree more than often, we disagree. So let's go number one, I hate that we're still talking about this guy, but yet it's important, I guess lady on bell will play football this year lands true or false. True. And the reason why it's true because it's the whole cruel the issue with the crew. He has to play two crew to get to unrestricted free agency. And I think ultimately that's where lady on build wants to be is an unrestricted free agent. I think he wants to control his fate next year. And at the same time he wants to limit the hits bought the, it's just going to cost him roughly seven million dollars to. Get a hundred and fifty touches or whatever it may be. So I think that he is going to play in the NFL this year. I think he can't afford when the Steelers to have his rights next year. And the scenario be a trade next year when the Steelers kinda defacto kind of control where he wants to go. But in that scenario lady on a lot of control because he has to be under contract to be traded. I don't think he wants to go through that song and dance with the Steelers next year. So I think he is going to play football in two thousand eighteen true. I'm gonna say, false. I don't think Leon plays this year. I think the Steelers keep his rights and I don't think they exercises rights next year. I think next year they don't franchise tag him, nothing like that. I think they just let him go now. I'm not sure Lance eighty. You can answer this. I'm not sure exactly. Early what the ruling is on unrestricted free agencies as now if he decides he's not play and the Steelers still protect own his rights, they can. The franchise tag would have to reapplied, correct? Correct. But they don't apply that tag that he becomes an unrestricted free agent. I believe so I believe so, but but I don't think they have any incentive to do that because you know, you, you, you want some compensation, but you know if they lose him anyway, compensation, say Shen ever get a compensatory pick if he were leaving free agency, no matter what. Yeah. Hold that thought. Let's go to our next one. Excellent. Is lady on bell will be traded this year, true or false. Go ahead. I'm gonna, say, false. I'm gonna say false because there are a couple of factors think that make the trade difficult one. You can't sign lady on Bill according to the CVA to a long term contract. The only thing that he could play under this year is the tag and it's gonna be a reduced tag amount. So. And there's a question of when is he going to report as well? So if you're going to trade lady on Bill, you have to figure out a teen that's willing to give you probably third around compensation and a team that he wants to play for, and the team wants that wants to sign him to a long term contract. All those things have to line up for him to be traded, but still he doesn't get what he wants. If he gets traded this year, which is to become an unrestricted free agent in control where he wants to play next year. So I don't think he's gonna get traded this year. I think he is going to play. For the Steelers dish year is gonna come in after the bye and becoming unrestricted free agent. And what is that beat? That would be twenty nineteen twenty twenty sees next year. Okay. I'm going to say false as well, but there's gonna be a caveat here. I think that the Steelers are gonna wait. He's not coming anytime soon. I wait. They've already put it out there to the public that they're listening to offers and they're gonna see. Maybe someone has running back tears of une-. You know, we already saw it in Washington. They signed Adrian Peterson and maybe it someone like the Dallas Cowboys. Zeke Elliott gets hurt. Next thing, you know, maybe they call the Pittsburgh Steelers and say, what would it take? You know, if they don't get one of those teams in one of the scenarios, I think the Pittsburgh are going to re-send the tag, and I think they're going to say, you know what? We do not want you. In here and it especially the seals are playing well, if this is playing well and they're winning a lot of games. The last thing they want is lady on bell and all that drama that will come with answering questions about what the teammate said. Answering questions about the pay, answering questions about what his agent said that is the last thing. This team once I don't think they want him ever stepping foot in that locker room. Again, if they don't get a trade, they like they've recent a tag. He becomes an unrestricted free agent. Vega compensation based on where he goes, how much he makes those likely third round draft pick as a compensatory pick? That's just my thought, but I don't think they get a trade partner because like you said, they would have to. They can negotiate a one year deal. So someone could say, hey, you know, we'll pay you the full fourteen point five for six weeks of work and he could go there. But that's between he and the team. It'll be interesting. I don't think they get. That done. It's just too many caveats in that contract and that is tag situation. I'm gonna say fall, so I don't think they get a trade, but I don't think he plays for the Steelers. I think if anything, worse case they they resend the tag. So go, Jeff, I'm looking at the live chat, read over and is hilarious. He looked like fits wool for on that jet ski and moved to. Order that a read, hey, man. That that's the comment of the year. So far he did look juicy that it is appropriate death. What is nicknamed looked like squeezed his skin gravy might come out look like you sweat and Brown gravy on that jet ski. He hits right. He might be detained or tied in help. The Steelers, some pass rush, maybe be a Hargraves backup. But yet he did not look like he was in shape. He looked like he was living his best life. He's he got yolo tattooed on his body somewhere, so. Okay. Everybody to move on from him. Yes, we can. Let's go to the next one more time of the Steelers defense now, and the Steelers defense will finish in the top fifteen in scoring defense shortfalls. Good leads. I think that's absolutely false. Capital f. capital a. capital ale, capital s. capital e number fifteen. Right now in scoring defense is the Seattle Seahawks at twenty. One point three. The Steelers are currently at thirty. They would have to shave off a touchdown and a field goal to get to twenty one. No way. No, how not? A new ain't happening? Cody Sensabaugh is you're starting camera back. You think that's going to happen with Cody, sensible and Cam Sutton, playing corner, four get about it. Absolutely false. Falls as well for everything. He just said, I mean, it's pretty much the same thing. I mean, I just think that this is is one that get scored on and it's been that way for two years last year. They couldn't stop the big play their life. They picked up where they left off. We hope tackling would improve. It hasn't really. So there you have it. Let's go onto the next one. I thought that this one I was proud of this by the way I talked about Judy fish. Judy's fish Schuster will end the season with more receiving ours in Tonio Brown, true or false. As much as I was so convinced of my false. For the previous question of the top fifteen defense, it's an absolute capital t. r. u. e. juju on a ridiculous basis year juke. I mean, if juju continues to get the number of targets that he's getting jujubes gonna put up more. He's gonna put more numbers. I mean, until third right receiver emerges and Vance McDonald is not gonna be that guy Vance is going to get hurt. I mean, I hate the guy as good as stiff arm was. I'm surprised advanced didn't hurt himself. Doing Vance is not going to be on the field for the remainder of the season. He just can't stay healthy if he worked to stay healthy. I think that would give another person that could take some pressure off of AB where AB could get the touch. That he needs to beat juju juju right now. I mean it it's, I mean, Jeff. You're right. It's something I mean juju was averaging a hundred eighteen point seven yards per game receiving that. That's just I mean, that's just absolutely fantastic with a catch rate, a catch percentage of seventy percent. He's just putting up astronomical numbers and he's getting a bunch of targets at nineteen against the cheese. Eleven against the bucks. He's getting thirteen targets. Game shoe is going to have more receiving yards than aby. Is he a better player? Nobody will have more yards. I agree with you. It's true. I think it's true if both players stay healthy even because look at the, let's compare the three games to ticks for these players. Okay. Jus misused as twenty. Seven receptions two antennae Brown's twenty four now targets. Antonio Brown has six more targets at forty two than Jews. Thirty eight. In for yards Antonio Brown's, two hundred ten to three hundred and fifty six. Okay, so I look at those numbers in Antonio Brown's averaging eight point eight yards per catch. That's awful. That's one of the worst. That's one of the worst numbers and most primetime elite were Cevers in the league. That's one of the worst numbers in the league right now. And the crazy thing is, is that he's getting those targets. He has more targets juju, but you know what Judy is taking advantage of one on one coverage and he and Roth river starting to really develop a chemistry in terms of e third-down player. Second down whatever down it was in on the Monday night football game when Ross Furger steps in the pocket users, right? It was Judy that new to stop and go against the grain because that's where the defender was going away from him. The defender was following Rothlisberger, and that's how he threw crosses body's beautiful play that shows chemistry that shows that brought this burger trust him in the clutch. In it's not all reliant on Antonio Brown, isn't that this Antonio Brown off, but at the same time it could be better for the sealers offense. And you know, this is a crappy into Neo Brown's pace that he had said the previous four or five years could be like decreasing as a tad or smidge as you wanna call it. I, I don't care. The offense is more prolific. If the offense more balanced from receiving standpoint, I'm all for it. So we both say true on that one that we think that Jews you if everyone stays healthy will end up with more receiving yards than Antonio Brown. Okay. Let's go to the last one here. This is number five in that is James. Connor. We talked about Bill. Let's talk about the guy that's filling shoes right now. The one thing that lady on Bill always said in still does is out. He's such a good receiver. He should be known as a number two and paid a number two receiver. We suggested the James Connor will finish the season with. What did you wanna do you wanna say receptions receiving ours. I can't remember. Receptions receptions will have more receptions than lady on Bill had last year lady on head eighty five receptions last year. All right. All right, say false. But if he remains healthy, it will be really close. Because right now he's averaging five receptions of gain. You multiply that out over sixteen that's eighty receptions. So if he sneaks a seven reception game in there, maybe an eight reception game in a four and a four somewhere like that and has a spike somewhere in the game's over the course of the season. I think he gets really close, but I but I wanted to illustrate this because what we've heard lady on, they'll say, over and over and over that he's a number two receiver, and I've argued that that's does bull. Kaka is just more of a function of the offense. He's not really running routes. He's not running the route tree in a player like James, Connor. He can get eighty receptions. I really think that's telling when it comes to lady on bail and his value as a receiver I, it's. Sept if I mean because you can see the targets in the catches James cars getting, he's not running routes. They're just functions of pass protection like the last option in the route. And so he gets the ball. So I think it's false, but I think he's gonna get eighty seventy five plus catches which will be really reflective in say a lot to just what lady on bell is saying in how false that claim is. He said, false. You don't think he's okay, but it'd be close. Yeah. I'm looking at his numbers fifteen receptions currently, like you said that pays pretty good. I could see games where he gets over five. Greg's also see ones we get the less. I'm gonna say, Evan agree with you. I'm gonna say false, and I also greed. It's going to be close. I look at this game with the ravens were talk about that here too second. And I see an opportunity for him James, Connor to potentially be a mismatch in from the slot and out of the backfield just like leave young bell was, and I don't understand. A lot of people said the James Connor doesn't have good hands. That was kind of a knock on him when he came out of pit. I haven't seen anything yet from this guy in the preseason this year or in the regular season suggests that that's that's truth. I think that's he's proven that he does have decent hands. Here's a drop. I don't believe here that remarkable catch on that was to count those one hand to grab on the sideline against the chiefs at home week too. So I think it'd be close up really would hope I really would love it. Actually, if he did get more because then like you said it would you can someone someone can go, tell lady, go put that his pipe and smoke it. So no pun intended. All right. Let's let's leave to false. That was this is good ones this week, and let's go to the ravens game in. I'll go ahead and start talking about the offense, the Baltimore, Ravens offense for those of you that have not. Watch the ravens this year. I do wanna preface this by saying, let's look at their opponents k. in week one, they played a high school junior varsity team called the Buffalo Bills in week two. They got beat by the Cincinnati Bengals on a short week on Thursday night football, and we three, they beat rather close close contest, a Denver Broncos team that I'm not really sold on just yet especially with their quarterback situation. So you take that for what it's worth. But I take that into account. When I look at the office Lancet already talked about the offense of numbers that they're putting up a believe their fifth in the NFL in terms of points scored per game. This is not your ravens. Typically typical ravens offense. You know the Joe flacco Chuck deep and pray for a passer. Fears call is still alive and well folks don't think that has gone away, but they have receivers now with Michael Crabtree. Tree, John Brown, Willie Snead is there. Now they got a couple of tight ends. I'm not sure if they're number one draft picks gonna play or not. But you know what the thing is is that it's gonna come down to this game in terms of the offense. Can they protect your flacco Joe flacco and against the Denver Broncos was he was hit often and I don't know that the sack numbers in front of me personally, but I watched the game and he was under duress a lot. And so with that Pittsburgh Steelers defensive front, they're gonna have to get Joe flacco off his Mark even with all that said and they do have decent running game this offense. Concerns me on multiple levels. The first is that they do run the football. So unlike Tampa Bay who doesn't even try to run the football, the ravens will stay committed to the football with Collins if they're gashing them and we know that the Steelers can be gas. In the run. Also they now have the receiving weapons to not only stretch field, but to really pick you apart in the past. The Steelers are really gonna have to be on their Ps and qs. The communications going to have to be key. They're going to have to win their one on one match ups in that is concerning. But ultimately I look at his offense and just think I still don't think Joe flacco. He good personally, I think the Joe flacco is average at best. I see some of the throws ease making better. He's a little bit more accurate than last year. It's a contract to your for him and for a lot of players. That's the big thing. He's got l'amour Jag, they throw Lamar Jackson out. There is like a receiver sometimes they little gadget plays. I don't know. The ravens offense has looked good so far this season, they've put up a lot of points, say what you want about the teams that they've played against. They're still getting the job done. I mentioned earlier in case you're late joining us on the live show on YouTube, they're twelve or twelve in the red zone, and that's impressive. So those folks thinking the ravens are just going to go out there and stumble their way into Heinz field. Offensively I am not buying that. So there you go way anything to add on that offense. Well, you know the reds though numbers are significant. You know the twelve twelve hundred percent. The points per game to thirty to twenty three. The receiving options that they have in drawn Brown. They have receiving threat. They have a deep receiving threat. They have an intermediate threatening Crabtree excuse me and ever pretty good tied in Andrews that can move well and attack you in the scenes. I think what we saw in the Tampa Bay game, we're going to see teams attack Steelers in similar fashion by going heavy, keeping in multiple tight ends to keep Bostick and to keep into Williams on the field. Then spread you out then attack those linebacker. So it's gonna be interesting with Burnett back. What type of approach to Steelers will take sensitively will they go lighter to try to play more coverage. But that's the dilemma in this game. Because if you look at the numbers at Alex Collins put up against the Steelers last year two, you know two hundred into yards twenty seven carries seven and a half yards per carry. You know, they ran on the Steelers last year forty one times two hundred thirty four yards. Five point seven yards per carry average almost one hundred twenty yards per game. They could go the route of running the football on the Steelers. I think the ravens in this football game or going to want to be balanced. I think they're going to try to keep the Steelers offense off the field slowly. Matriculate the ball downfield, then get really aggressive in their plus territory. That's where I think you're going to see them take some shots to John Brown, and they're going to take some shots crab in the red zone because they want this Steeler offense on the sidelines. They want this Steeler defense on the field because it is absolutely the weak link. So I think it's going to be very interesting how the Steelers handle this raven offense, but they're going to have to be stout up. Stop Alex Collins and get some pass rush. They're gonna have to do both because if they can run the football successfully, the Steelers will not win this game. Game in the Steelers have not yet shown that they can sufficiently stop. Alex Collins is going to be tough. I think on this defense on Sunday night. Okay. What do you think about the Baltimore defense? Well, the details right now, typically the number one defense in an actual football league, what that means over the course of the first three weeks. I don't know for certain they play buffalo the first game I thought they played okay against Cincinnati, not great. I thought they played pretty well against Denver last week they've played in some elements that last, you know, two of the three games what Baltimore typically plays the Steeler offense pretty well. Last year they got torn up with thirty nine points at home, but that was a shootout thirty. Nine thirty eight. But again, I think it comes down to pass protection on both sides of the ball, whatever offense of line plays better might be the team that wins whoever can keep that quarterback up, right? I think both passing games in both offenses can make some plays. So I think offensively the Steelers are better, not better by leaps and bounds, but. Defensively, the ravens are much better, much better up front and much better in their secondary. So I think the downs of tip sort of towards the ratings just because the the difference in their defenses. What is the have we about Moseley's he back or is he playing. I'm not sure about the most injury. I know he got nipped up earlier in the year. I'm not sure if he's back. I do know that. I think this is the first day for injury report. Correct? Yeah. He, I don't think he practiced today, but the ratings had a ton of players didn't practice suggs didn't practice. I just didn't know because mostly was originally, they thought could be a long term injury. But last I heard it wasn't as bad as they thought. I just he's a, he's a key cog for that. Eric Weddell is the one that's calling defensive plays now in the back portion of the event. So that's something to talk about. But I'm looking at an article from guy Edward Leigh from the Baltimore Sun, and he's reporting that CJ Moseley practiced on them limited basis today. So he's saying that, you know, possibly he may participate because he did get mixed up in a game against the Bengals. So anytime you put mostly in that middle portion that you know the guts. That defense CJ, Moses now standing player and that only helps your defense more. Okay. I like that break down a lot. Let's get it predictions. Lance, who wins the game on Sunday night football and why they're just some numbers to me that are very troubling. One steals are giving basically thirty points again, very troubling Steelers giving up ten touchdown passes the most in the National Football League. The ravens are one hundred percent in the red zone and are averaging thirty two point three. Now, most of the time you can throw all that out because it Steelers ravens and it's not ravens week in Pittsburgh because there's no such thing as ravens week in Pittsburgh. If you're from Pittsburgh that we don't have weeks for teams, teams have weeks for us in a Steelers week in Baltimore. If you're a Baltimore Ravens fan and you're listening to the program. What's happening. You know the same thing in Cincinnati, it's Steeler week and in Cleveland. We don't have other team weeks. So first of all, let me say that, but I don't know if that's gonna help Steeler defense when it comes to Sunday. That's a fans pry being from the north side being from Pittsburgh being from the same area as the Rooney family. That's the pride I feel when they play the ravens. Unfortunately, I can't play maybe. Fortunately, I can't play either way. I can't give them any help. And this is a that needs a lot of help. And I don't know if they have the help. So with all that said, I like the Baltimore Ravens to go into Heinz field and win a squeaker in the difference is going to be special teams. I think Boswell will miss it kick and Tucker will not in that will be the difference in the ravens win thirty. One twenty eight. First and foremost, we should all be forced in Atlanta's not playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers currently. I just know these got those foot back injuries. Linger in that can be back and be tough, man. I don't know what position you play, but couple snaps. Maps, go on situation, right? You could die. I can do Daniel mccullers did I can hold on and stand up, get pushed like a sled. I could do that. All right. All right. All right. Okay. My prediction is this game. I said, Venus show. It's not gonna be your typical ravens dealers game. In my opinion, it's going to be trending towards a lot of points. I wish I knew I notice dealers opened his favorites. I wanna say they were four point favorites at home. I'm not sure what the over under is that line is interesting to me to see what Vegas thinks will be the over underlined to try to get some money on this game. It I guarantee as mid forties. I'm gonna guess looking it up lands. No, I wasn't looking at it. Look it up. Okay. So I don't know where to go go to west gate. Type and what's the over under for Steelers ravens week four. That's what you do. Thank you. Jerry gambler. Anyways, I like the Steelers at home and Steeler fan should be pumped is held at lands picked against them because whenever he picks against the Steelers, like he did on Monday night, they end up winning so lands. He's a hater. He picks the ravens. I like the Steelers at home. I don't think the ravens are as good as advertised because I think they've played a bunch of crap teams in the only decent team they've played. They lost to Cincinnati the Pittsburgh defense. It is what it is, but I do think they're going to be a give pressure on flacco flacco due for a couple of mistakes. I think Ben Rothlisberger plays well, he continues his solid play, Antonio Brown, loves the towards the Baltimore Ravens almost every time they play. Now, I will say this. I wanna watch James Connor because lady on Dell is the guy that's always stepped up big time against. He's ravens and I wanna see if they're going to be committed to getting him going like they typically did with lady on bell. I wanna see. If there are, they going to give him the carries that he might need early in the game and not be stupid about it don't come out and go run, run pass. That's just dumb. That's high school football stuff, mix it in, be creative in for crying out loud if feeding her in Ben Rothlisberger don't go back and take the three first week. I three weeks scripts that they wrote up to start the game and burn them and bury them. Goodness, gracious, awful. They have to come out, have a good start offense and defensively try to get a lead and then don't take your foot off the gas. I say, Steelers win will go with not many field goals, so we'll have with thirty. What did you say? Thirty one eighty. Ravens. Okay. I'm gonna go with thirty five thirty one Pittsburgh thirty five. I think it's gonna be a shootout. I think that's how they're gonna have to win games period shootout. So you better. Betting information, Jeff. Here over underline the over under. I'm gonna give it to you all since I had to look up some gambling stuff for all you possibly degenerates out there. Well. If you like the gamble in wage football, I'm not gonna call you a degenerate, Jeff is a degenerate, but you've is is as aren't the money line is a plus one fifty for Baltimore. It's a minus one eighty for the Steelers. You guys know what the money line is the over under for the game is a plus fifty one whole wow who I guess forty five, fifty one Vega sees it like we do man. They are going to be putting up some points and Pittsburgh Steelers three point favorites. Nice. That's typical home. That's typical home read. That means it's even three points at home means it's even so there's no hook. There's no, no, no. Have no. Have it's three which means Vegas saying that this is a pick em game essentially. Yes, ours, we have a couple of questions to answer. I wanna go rapid fire with you. We've from the live chat. Are you ready? I'm ready. Okay. Who needs to step up the most to help the team win this Sunday night already burns. Righty with the offense of wine healthy will James counterplay more like he did in week one or more like he did in the other two weeks more? We one. Okay. Do you see them using Roosevelt Knicks more. No. Okay. They did. They went jumbo at the end of the Monday night game when they needed the yards version. If they think they can pass protect, they're going to spread the ravens out been stolen. The ball forty plus times Steeler fans look look. He he's, he's throwing for five thousand this year. He's going throw it over forty times. Do math. Sixteen times forty sagana passing attempts is going to happen. Would you if the sides agreed to it? Would you trae lady on del for Taunus? Yes. If he is strong safety or free safety, free safety. All right, absolutely. Yes. Okay. And then Thomas said that he would take sensible over Lance on the Steelers, which I agree with a hundred percent better. That someone read Lance might be able to play better coverage and burns and sets of much directly, Batman. I got a bath foot, so if they got me in coverage man, it's still it's still it. What? Candy from a baby. Okay. We have one more one more bigger threat in the north of the Steelers, the Bengals ravens Browns. No, it's not the Browns for sure. The Baker show was nice. That was that was killed. That was killed. Cincinnati, Cincinnati. I don't like Andy Dalton that much. I think the coach is bad, but I'm gonna. I'm gonna go Cincinnati. I think Cincinnati overall, as a roster is the most talented team of any other team in the division defensively. I think they're better than everybody else you guys don't see Jeff in the background. I do wonder like what is he doing? But, but I'm gonna say the Bengals. All right, that's good. Yeah, I, I think I don't. I'm not a buyer in the ravens fan. I think that the other, the other foot waiting to drop and it might happen on Sunday night. So I live in Maryland to deal with this crap all the time. I can't stand it, but it is what it is. So. All right. Any deputy Fs? Are you good? Oh, I do have a WT if I have one WTI, f- should go for it. Come on deebo Jay here. I mean, you gonna tell the guy. So I don't know listeners if you didn't hear, you know, James Harrison making the media circuit, and you know, I think he was undisputed and he's actually kind of funny. I mean, some of the comments that he said about Vance McDonald, you know how you'd have to see that man after the game. If he stiff armed him like that because he embarrassed and what he'd have to say to his girlfriend or wife after the game, you might be embarrassed. If a guy turgid named from Kristen Christina could be embarrassing. But to tell a guy in lady on bail to report in fake injury, are you teaching your kids that at home to be disingenuous and dishonest going this this? I mean, these are live lessons in here. I mean, these guys are paying you. You owed them your best effort. That's ridiculous. That's no integrity that that's really low and I just don't. I don't. I don't know what the point is now at this point. I mean they left on bad terms. I mean, but he's continuing to throw dirt on the grave. For some reason. I don't know. I don't get it, but the tell a player to come in and faking an injury that's Bush some real Bush from deebo and I like James Harrison as player depots weren't all time. Great Steelers, but but the fake injuries. Tough. What do you t.f w t f. Why? Why? Why. Saying it I know to he's moving the needle man, that's always doing. He knows the people gonna talk about it. He knows the websites are going to write about it. FOX's happy because it's promoting his, their show. It's all it is no one cares. I don't care. He Mark Madden got into Twitter beef, and people were acting like it was admitted something who cares? So there you have it folks, we got you prime ready to go for the upcoming weeks game. But if you still want more, we're talking fantasy football information. We're talking key matchups players to watch, make sure you join myself and Brian, Anthony Davis tomorrow night. That's Thursday for the Steelers preview show. It's getting better and better each week. And I think that this week is going to be something special. It's ravens. That's it's unique game primetime again, second week in a row. Make sure if you don't. To behind the curtain dot com. You can find any of our podcast articles in that article are links where you can actually subscribe to our channel. That's the BT SE channel which has houses all of these shows subscribe. If your Android user. There's a link. If you're an apple users, there's a link as well. And if you didn't know we have a YouTube channel, we do go to YouTube dot com type type in BT SEC radio subscribed. It was thumbs up. We appreciate all the support. We've got nice little community going here. Lance. Anything to say to that group. Before we call tonight, we'll take you guys for charming and we try to give you guys the best content. So we were talking about the lady on build stuff in trade in the rescinding all that stuff I wanted to reach out to in west. Don't you west on smarts salary, cap Sincee as a fantastic job for Jim weks when those guys over still city insider dot com is fantastic. One of the best guys do it. I wish he would go out and put a website 'cause unions fan. Tasks while asked Ian, what would happen if the Steelers resend tag on live you on bell? And he's, he wrote the following. He would immediately become a free agent able to sign with any team for any length of time, and the Steelers would get no compensation in any form including no compensatory pick consideration next year. So because of that. They're not gonna resend that. Well, I've heard other, I've heard otherwise, I've heard that because if any player lease in free agency regardless of how it happens, you'd have to go back and when's the last time at a franchise tag? Jim rescinded was Josh Norman with the Panthers. When he went to Washington, you have to go back and see if the Panthers were given a compensatory pick for him leaving, and I'm not sure maybe Ian does more than I do. And so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've heard from somewhere that's not the national media that there was a local media that they would still get compensatory compensation, but who the hell knows if that's the case, if they wouldn't get a compensatory pig, they're not rescinding the tag. But if they did, I still stand by word it. I could see them doing that. So we'll thanks for looking that up. I appreciate that. Lance, and as always thanks for your time. Thanks for listening. Everyone will see you next week on another episode of the standard is a standard.

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