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So since then for about the last year partner of t. mobile and team Rubicon and able to try to help out in any way we can with with hurricane relief. And t mobile is done on believable job with home, runs for hurricane relief. And hopefully this year we can hit some home runs and raise more money to help these families that were affected. Well, obviously you've gone hot and help that. 'cause in Ben helping the cause for the Astros throughout the month of October, what's really been the key for you? Well, I think I think just really being on being on this team with the the great teammates that I have been able to pick out to as brain craze brain. And you know when when when this offense gets role in you wanna keep up and it's fun. And hopefully while I know for a fact that we're back back to full strength now everyone's healthy and it's going to be a fun run. Hopefully eleven more wins to are are back to back World Series championships fall in the AL MVP conversation. I don't know as actually the first time I've been asked that trying on on on record, so I don't know, depends on depends on what you look at. Definitely say Mookie Betts, believable year, Mike trout, an unbelievable year. So somewhere in there with those two. Well, I think we should just lobby for you. I mean, it's tumble of you, Alex, the humility. I, I want to get back to something. You mentioned though. When you talked about this, 'cause for you and what Houston sort of went through last year. It caught the nation's attention with you guys going through that run when Houston was going through so much for this year. Obviously, you know that the reasons he bias of that, it just it's not as prevalent in everyone's mind. So how do you sort of recapture that level of emotion going into this playoff often hotel you? One thing. We one hundred and three games this year. So we were able to secure home-field home field advantage for the first round and. I promise you when when when the guy's not clubhouse feel the electricity of our fans in the stands on on game one when Verlinden takes on kluber, I think I think we're well. We'll feel right back at home where where we, where we feel very comfortable in the postseason and in that atmosphere and we'll, we'll remember Houston strong for sure. Seeing teams that when the World Series one year sort of have the the World Series hangover the next year you guys you one hundred and three games, but you still had to sort of got it out and fight it out with Oakland. There was the points in August where you guys had that ten game stretch. We lost eight including two of three to Oakland during that time. What did you guys learn about yourselves at the team. I'll tell you this team. We we. We did have a World Series hangover. We we only one hundred three games. I think we're capable of winning one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five to be honest with you. If with that's how that's how confident we are in in in this team when we're pulse strength and well, two, they went down. Correa went down, Springer went down and and we we managed to win a hundred and three games. So the Oakland Athletics, they had a, they had a magical run at a division title, but they they got, they got a tough one with the Yankees coming up. So I think I think our division is is ours for the fertile for the future. And I think we're gonna. We're gonna own LS for awhile. ESPN radio, Jason, Fitz, Nicole, Briscoe in for Sarah, Spain, and you're listening to the Astros third baseman on the shell Pennzoil performance line. It's Alex bregman you in Cleveland? Houston in Cleveland gave us basically seven game series threw out this season. You guys want it for three. How much does a matchup with another team that you've seen seven times during the season? How much does that change when you get to the postseason. The changes a lot. Honestly, they didn't. We won for two three and that series. And I don't know if I if I remember correctly, I don't think Justin Verlander pitch one of those games. So I think that for, for example, is gonna be a big difference for us. I think I think we did get to face each other, get to see kind of where each other teams were Abba. We played early on in the year and we weren't really clicking yet. And I think right about now is the time that this team starts to start. Click starts to turn it on and plays our best baseball in October. Realistically, I know it sounds cliche, but last year you guys went through this new master play baseball. How much does that help you this year when you go into it. I think it helps a lot. Now we, we do have a slightly different team, and I think it's actually a a little bit improved to be honest with you. We made some huge additions down the stretch with Presley on a sooner bullpen. We made we traded for Garrett Cole. So I think I think we have about this complete a pitching staff as you'll see in the game of baseball. And then offensively I think, is where we learn the most from our postseason run last year. I think I think the guys that that were in that offense that are still in the offense learnt so much of the difference between regular season abets and postseason bats. And I think we'll be able to apply that that into this year series Friday, it's going to be kluber the Verlinden the postseason actually starts tonight. How much do you pay attention to what's going on in other series other than you own? I'll pay attention to the American League. I mean, I'll watch the game tonight because we're not playing, but I'm I mostly just pay attention. The American League. See, see how teams are doing. But I I, if I had to make a prediction, I would. I would predict that we would be playing. The Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series this year. Until this very. McCain, Nicole's of cubs fans. So now she is very, very mad. Hey, Alex, you're doing great stuff on the field, but more importantly, you're doing amazing things off the field being a part of this. We really appreciate your time. Thanks for all that you do and best of luck throughout the playoffs. Thanks for having me on guys and everybody. Go ahead and tweet out that hashtag HR for HR.

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