Hereditary (2018)


All monies out there ready to go ahead and bring this bring. It's today. Plenty money's that's cute. Everybody's a bloody buddy to me. Hello, everybody. There's actually a podcast called blended buddies buddy-buddies. So I feel like maybe we can't call her friends. Our listeners bloody buddies anybody's do like it just like calling it the people the the people of the cult. Yeah. Blood east, the bloodies, bloody date night cult that doesn't matter. We don't have to give a name to everything we just I just love. I just love being heard. I love people listening to me. And that is the truth. Dulcet tones of my voice. It's right. Oh god. Oh tongue Klopp. What does that mean? Liz, and means I were taking a little Branch What we're doing hereditary. We're doing a new horror movie. Yeah. God that is so gross. You have to not do that. While stop doing it when you stopped listening. Boom hereditary. All my gosh. Wow. Yeah. Got a lot to talk about should we she. We just ask how each other's doing? I. Yeah. So I mean, what we're trying to do this new idea since we're doing to episodes a month now that we would start doing some more recent horror movies. Yeah. And we chose a gem. Oh, did we choose it? We chose it. No. You chose this and the beauty about this is that when it showed up on Amazon prime I said to myself, I can't watch this by myself. I have to share this with the person that I love the most. And it was you. Thanks, and I'm not gonna lie after we got done watching this movie. I don't think you spoke to me for at least a really bad mood. You. I think hated me. I wouldn't hate you just this movie really stressed me out. And so I was just the mood finished kind of take out the garbage. So the garbage. And I was like I'm going to organize this. If needed to find something to do. Do because it was just stressing me out for those who don't know. This is a movie that came out a last year twenty well two to twenty seventeen. Okay. All right. Twenty seventeen. It's twenty nineteen. Oh, that's right. Whole man new year. New year are used to get bright more stop writing twenty eighteen on my checks. So case, you didn't know this movie came out in two thousand seventeen Toni Collette Gabriel Byrne. Milly milly. I can't remember last name Brown Milly Ono. Her name is Millie the the girl who plays charge opin. She's from Broadway Gina that. She she who is she she Oklahoma. No, she was she was one of the original matilda's with Matilda was on Broadway. Oh, Matilda she plead the Milly Shapiro. That's okay. Does she play The Danny devito? Yeah. Or the repairman roll call them. She played all of his relations, really good in this movie. So if she she played like all the other roles Mathilde, I wouldn't I think she might be the one that I so they had three Mathilde that kinda rotated through. And I think he may be the one that I saw you know, what because she has a distinct face match. She looked crazy in this movie. Yeah. Yeah. But she was really good. Just good taste. She goes. Okay. So going back this game out last year twenty seventeen twenty seventeen. And this was a movie that I remember hearing about in in people were like, this is a really crazy ass movie. And not only was people are saying like, it's a crazy ass movie. But it also was like really good. And I was like, okay. All right. So I have to go check it out. Yeah. I saw by myself. Yes. Because you actually, I don't think I asked you to go with me. No. You were talking about your news push. You wanna go see this probably not? And then I actually I went on with compete. I read all the spoilers for the movie, and then I went I don't think I need to see this movie. And so. I didn't go with you. But honestly, I had forgotten all the spoilers that I had read by the time. We watched it. I remember I remember coming back home after seeing this movie or fucked up I yet because you really house movie I was like. Like was so fucked up. Yeah. It really did mess with me. Because like me, I don't mind going to see movies by myself. That's fine. Yeah. Also, I love it. When it's kind of me and a smattering of other people because they're like it kind of look like a porno theater in the seventies. Like, we're all in different areas of the theater doing our own little thing. And so I was so clearly like it was like maybe like twenty people in one theater, but the reactions in the theater during this movie sounded like it was a thousand people in the. Yeah. I mean, there's some really visceral all stuck in this movie there Jesus let's just jump into. Let's just get into. Oh my God. So tree houses. What we see? I yes, we get a lingering shot of this tree house. Oh, no. Actually we start with the bitch way for the grandma. Yeah. And then we see the tree house. We see those little doll houses. Yeah. We hear horseback noises. I was confused by horseback. I don't know what it was now later, I think it was the car on the road. I think it was like that. But at the time, I was like why are they fighting horse? Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. I don't think I don't know. I hated the sound design in the beginning of this movie. Hated it. Really? Yeah. Why? Because it was just weird noises. Didn't like it own really thought it was too much. Then it it gets really quiet later on the movie. I actually preferred it when it was more quiet man what I wouldn't give her some comic relief in this fucker. Somebody throw a pie or something birds shit. Maybe that was the joke. The drivers I really aren't places where you can laugh and sort of like release that tension because it's such a tense movie. There's not there's no like real release points. Maybe that's why it's that's so I'm sorry. Just to stop. You really quick. If anybody has not seen this movie be aware, we are going to spoil a lot. So if you haven't seen this movie at go and watch it or listen to the episode and do whatever the fuck you want. I don't care. I'm not your dad, am I. Yourself that. So. Yeah. So so then we see family. There's like a brother and a sister mom and dad they're on their way to grandma's funeral. Okay. This is my first question, but Carly the little girl. Yeah. She in highschool bull. She says she's thirteen right? So she looks so young. Yeah. Well, I think she's got. Your high school to me? She looks ope. A really, yeah. She's like small, and she's a lot oversize clothes. I thought the gym also. Does she special needs? I don't think so. Okay. Because the clicks. The vocal tics immediately. I think I specially the misdirection though. Oh, okay. That's the misdirection is we're supposed to think that she is special needs because the beginning of the funeral. They're like she's eating the chocolate. Does everyone. You're very much baby her, and I think that's why I was confused. Like how old she was? And sort of how that was go. Okay. Yeah. So. But we have the funeral. And apparently, nobody is upset that the grandma died like nobody cares. Everyone's like good things. No because like Toni Collette gives eulogy and she's just kind of like, she's just no world. She's just like my shoes. Like, my mother was very stubborn, and she was just like a very assertive woman, and she was very private, and we laid around the move. We start to realize it Toni Collette gives more of an idea. She's like choose extremely controlling. Yeah. And she was just like she wouldn't she got really she when she had her first baby. Which was a boy G didn't have any contact with her mother during that time. Yeah. Until she had charge highly and grandma wanted Charlie to be a boy wanted her to be a boy tried to breastfeed her God wishes, and then we see that in the little Dollhouse miniature later for AP starts to manifest itself as little things. Also, if you're sixty years old, don't try to breastfeed. I mean, we've figured the Willie dry. We figure it out later. But yeah. So so nobody's really sounds about grandma's death. Except for Charlie Charlie Charlie was grandma's favorite. That's why. Also to breastfeed, which is the one the one thing that sets me off immediately. When this movie starts is that when it's an open casket funeral which is also like such a fucking weird thing to do for kids. I'm not not weird. But I mean like, I get it. But it's just such a very traumatizing thing for child, but to look to have this little girl, look and see her dead grandmother. And then look to the right? And there's a man smiling at her. That's where the guy was from. Yeah. Because we see we see him at the end we see him in his big old Dong. Yeah. Because that guy when he showed up at the end of the movie, I was like, I know we saw him over to couldn't remember where. But you're right. And that's where that's where he was from. Okay. Yes. So he's smiling at her and I'm like oh shit. Yeah. He was really smile at funerals. He was he was creepy. So blonde. So so blonde, which was very scary. He got off his pack, sun shifts. Yeah, I don't know. But like adult men who are that blonde are very slippery. He's who's that dude? Who's that dude? From ninety fiance that Jesse Jesse. No, not just see the other guy. The other guy who who wanted his girlfriend to beat his his fiancee to be a model? Yeah. He's a skateboarder guy. I never remember his name who you're talking about the, but it's him. He looks like him, anyway, I'm really pleased Egypt made in AJ fiance. Reference to me, and you're welcome on this podcast at everybody else on their doesn't know what that is. But yeah, it's one of my favorite garbage shows as you know, it's Josh apparently is absorbing some of the information about couples, I hate it. God what about Louis Colt right now? My God big titty, Louison, stupid Colt and big tinted Kohl's. Well, yeah. Yeah. Colts got some titties on aid. Anyway, I don't I okay decide. Trek? He's a person trying to emulate human behavior robot to trying to imitate human behavior. I think that's what he is. Yeah. He doesn't know how humans really I think you're it. Anyway, like at the end of the season if like his head opens, and it's a smaller person inside of his control in Krang from teenage features. Yeah. That's amazing anyway. So so, yeah, we get the like Charlie's allergic to nuts, which is a big thing that we have to remember. Yeah. Later on because they asked her it's like your she's eating chocolate this movie. I was as a little heavy handed with the symbolism. The lingering shot of the of the tree house and the lingering shot of grandma's weird necklace and the lingering shot of someone chopping walnuts. That's not symbolism though, that's kind of a little bit for shadowing. Or maybe that's it's like heavy-handed foreshadowing a little bit. I get it. Because even though I didn't know it was going to happen. I was still like, oh, okay. That's going to be important. Oh, like, I don't know. I we should have been a little more subtle thing. Like like, good, brighter. Say dialogue has to be information. All dialogue has to be information. Yeah. Yeah. That's heavy handed. No, I'm talking about like the long shot of that girl chopping walnuts. For brownies is, you know, stuff like show it, I know just funny anyway. So so so, yeah, they go, and we kind of start to see what kind of family this is. Yeah. So grandma mom's going through grandma's boxes. And she finds all these spiritual books and these cryptic note lake make it's creepy stuff. And then she's just kind of like weirded out by and that's the first moment where she sees her mom in the room. Oh, yeah. Go smoke goes grandma. Like, that's what I like about this movie is that. The beginning things that happen are so subtle because you because you're just like did I just see that? That's the other thing too. Because like I've had moments when my grandparents this is also a great movie to a watched after I lost. Both my grandparents in the past year, true keys. So. Win win win either died. I remember like specifically like seeing things and being like, oh like, you know, it's like you you'd see things like in the dark and be like oh fuck like it looked like the outline of. Yeah. Yeah. I know that so that was the whole thing. So. Yeah. Like, I'm doing well. So, but it's it's a movie about trauma and suffering. And if you know, what's what's funny is so at the end of the movie, obviously goes off the goddamn rails. No, doesn't it's just a typical family reunion. But the bulk of the movie is really just like a really strong family drama that happens to have some ghosts in it. Yeah. And then it goes Colt. Yelm, totally off the puck and rail. Oh my God. Which we'll talk about that ending when we get to the end. So. Yeah. So we find out like she's got all these books. We find your Peter is the stonier that's similar to the sun. Yeah. Typical typical son. Yeah. He's a stone her and he likes to play music, and you know, whatever these typical sixteen Charlie Charlie builds these little like robot things little figuring building. Yes. She's building like not menagerie no options. Yeah. Yeah. She's kind of doing the same thing that her mom's doing fucked doing what I did when I was little just like make little people. I like to do. When I was like, I would I would take garbage and glue it altogether. That's right. You did. I would like I would go and I would go like out to construction sites in graphic cigarette. Butts in styrofoam and glue it all together because I'm a trash boy. Yeah. You are trash boy were the smelly kid Heyman. I'm a smelly kid, but I got a hot wife so eat Dicks Loku's. The smelly kid now. Who's smelly? Boy. Now, I am still. So you smell nice now. Thank you. Yeah. I do smell nice. I smell like what do I smell like what would you describe my smell as? I know you say we used to smell like clean, and you have that Cologne that smells really good a smell like a good clean, man. And me always all you always smoke smoke. It always smell nice and good. Yeah. We're we're we talking about how we smell. Oh, so we go to class and brother is learning that we're all pawns in a hopeless horrible machine, which okay, which is kind of a weird way of looking at this movie. Yeah. I mean, any any time there's a movie with a classroom in it the class, whatever they're learning that class is. To the movie only gonna get three sentences of it. And that's just not just how movies work. Because you never I don't think they ever have like a like an arithmetic class classes in movies are three minutes long. And then you get the bell. Yeah. Rate. Let somebody important happens. Yeah. We also let's also. Talk about should we wait. Okay. We also forget that like Toni Collette goes. Okay. So that's the other thing to mention is that they were looking after her when she was sick. Yes. So Tony goes into her hold her mom's old room, and it is bear in except for that triangle in the middle of the room. Oh, yeah. Do you? Remember that? Okay. And then she's like, can you? She asked abriel burns. Can you lock up the room or something? Can you make sure that nobody goes in there because she thinks something had happened or weird's or out which is understand? So, but this is also the moment where he gets a phone call saying that. Oh, yeah. The cemetery calls was the grave spin desecrate. I secrete he doesn't tell mom. He doesn't tell Tony club. Yeah. I mean, which is crazy like I thought that he would I don't know. Like, maybe it'd just be like too much. He's dealing with. Yeah. Like who the like that would suck to just after a week after mambas away, you find out that her craves been that's fucked? No only see when they desecrated its like own earth unearth. Yeah. Syria, like, we don't know where the body is sort of situation, which is crazy. Yeah. Yeah. We get that crazy scene where Charlie's in class in that bird hits the window. So we're talking about. And then later that's the comic relief. That's closest to get to a joke in this movie. And then Charlie goes outside and she cuts off the birds already dead. So no, no, it's still really gross stuff. And she puts it in her pocket. Yeah. I mean onto her sculptures like a trash girl trash barrel. Yeah. I mean, listen, it's a pigeon, pigeon sculpture. I think I'm the I'm not sure if that was a pigeon or not I think it is. Yeah. So that's an mom mums after recovery group. Good for her. Yeah. So yeah, she tell her like she's taking care of her mental health. I think that's a very it's a take care of yourself type of thing. That's a good thing. And we get a little exposition from that. To learn about like how they were estranged and her brother committed suicide her brother. Like a teenager, and she has a history of mental illness. Yeah. There's a lot of shit on her mom has DID and dementia and her dad starved himself to death and he starved himself. I forgot him. Yeah. And all the stuff, and she's the only one I think that's really kinda come out unscathed. But is she? No after not because if she's broken if this movie is showed as anything it's that she is very much broken person. Yeah. So but I was like good for her. She's after the recovery group, which is also a. Kind of leads to her demise. Yes. But you know, she's trying she does make an effort. Yeah. That may come home and brother wants to go to the me s about going to some school barbecue. Well, he says school barbecue. I mean, it's not really we know what it so. That's why she's like the mom's like, oh, take you should take Charlie confused. How how close in age the two siblings are will. He says he's seventeen and she and Charles and thirteen that just seems like four years difference. Yeah. But still that seems what I don't know doesn't that seem like maturity wise like thirteen year old and seventeen year olds hanging out. It's weird. Don't know. I mean, I I mean, Charlie just kind of weird in general weird in general. But I mean, I think the moms rationale was like she just needs to hang out with normal kids kids, but she needs to hang out with kids. She's to be more social now all the shit's going, and I get that. That makes sense. I mean, the best seemed weird like age wise, it seemed a little weird. But I get the reasoning. I don't. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's it's I think that like, yeah. It's it's a good thing. I think that like when you're that age in something like this happens. It's okay. To just be like, look you need some time away from family. Yeah. It was good. I mean, it's nice that they take they take care of each other. I needed some time away from family when all the shit happened. Guess what I was all around family some a little break. Go cut loose, which is what they're going to do. They're going to go. Yeah. They're going to cut loose. But before that, Charlie seeds sees that lady on fire in the woods. I think that was I think those grandma. I just saw like person. And I thought that was that was grandma looked too young to be grandma. But. Yeah. Ring a fire in the woods. Super sick. Yeah wild. Yeah. Charlie. Just does all these crazy weird things. And we're just like not knowing what's going on like a kind of a weird perceptive kid. Well, it's again, it's that misdirect where in horror movies, you always get that thing of like there's like come play with. Yeah. That she's like the most susceptible of the family. Yeah. But if she done. But. One big old. But but so this is when shit starts to get creo. So you wanna set up the first week at that very sinister shot of walnuts. That's my note says sinister shot walnuts. Yeah. Yeah. It's when the show so Charlie ends up going to the party we enter, and it's a typical high school party. People are drinking in a very nice house by the ball. Yeah. Lovely. It. Sounds a lovely house one of you designed it. But yeah, they're like they have k-k there and somebody's chopping walnuts with the big ass knife. So for the Kate. So Charlie is basically like I don't wanna be here. Peter's like I gotta go. Get my smoke on this hot girl. Wants to meet smoke weed with our? Yeah, we're going to go do that the gateway to a lot of good relationships is drugs. I was gonna say that guys a lot of stupid shit. When a hot woman tells them to. Yeah. I'll leave my my sister here to go smoke with you. Sure, no problem. So men are dumb. Yeah. So they ended up using that same knife the high. Yeah, the the cross contamination contamination is horrible because you use the same knife to cut the Kate that they served to Charlie. That's sinister net allergy. That's what it is. Sinister nut allergy which is another really cool band name. Okay. Yeah. I'll take it. Do you wanna know you take it or sinister nut allergy? So soon as allergy em we're gonna we're gonna put you in residency city winery. Oh, really classy venue. So do you have any like really nice kinda slow Paletti songs? We could play while people sit there Merlo. Oh, yeah. We have a couple of piano jazz. This one is really good is nuts in this. Throat us. Get a really tight. At a song. Go. Again, breathe. I can't. That's cool. Cool. Thank you. Okay. We'll call you ready. Six hundred dollars song. So Charlie obviously has fucking allergic reaction. Yeah. M Peter is high getting high balls? Yeah. He's he's up in the clouds right now. Fist fighting God. That's how it is. So he's so yeah, he's he's Charlie comes in. She's like I need to go. It's hard for me to breathe and he immediately freaks out. Yeah. Gets her in the car drives. Also, this place is in the middle of fucking. 'cause I also realized just realized that they told their mom they were going somewhere else. So he's like in the. The mom doesn't know where where he is have you ever done that like you've gone to obviously you did. Yeah. Hi. It's going one place and gonna go study. And I did get caught it is once I got caught. So I told my mom that I was going to Daniel's house shadow to migrant Danielle who sometimes listen to this podcast a toll. I was going to Daniels actually gonna go see my boyfriend, Ian, shadow to Ian, personalises five gas. Yeah, we're friends with we're friends with musical front. So is gonna go see, Ian instead of going Daniels house, and I my parents always call when you get there. So a cold, and I was like, I'm at Daniel's parking the car now, I was actually with Ian. And then my mom called Daniel's mom, and I was not at that house that she called on us. I don't know she need. She had to ask me something she needed me for something because she called later, and then she panicked. Yeah. So that's when I got caught. Oh other times didn't get caught the best though. It's not really well. Yeah. So my friend Tiffany in high school was like a secret WWE fan okel. Oh, cool. She and I were buddies on a project, and she goes, look, I know my parents nobody bought two tickets the WWE. So we're going to tell my parents that were studying together at your house, but we're going to go to the WWE is that's what we did. She just didn't wanna go by herself. Oh, so you went to the WWE. How was it? I didn't know this. Yeah. We snuck. She just didn't want to go by yourself. Tickets are gonna go or break versus the your Tomek where wolf. Yeah. That was funny. We do it can't believe you help this from me for so long. I could've sworn I told you this street cred now. Thanks, pretty nice. Yeah. Good for you. We did we snuck out to go. See wrestling. Yeah. That was pretty funny. I forgot about that. That was when we were like sixteen seventeen shit. That's really I don't think I ever got caught. Kina? I I would bet that your mom knows them. And she never said anything. She probably does. There was one time. I I think they had to have known that this happened. I snuck out late at night to visit a girl fell asleep at her place. I woke up at dawn got my car, drove back and snuck in through the back door and. Fell asleep on the couch and in your living. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I went back, and I fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Oh, yeah. They probably they had known. They might not know where exactly why are you wearing the same clothes from last night and sleeping on the couch. The bed your bedroom. Right. Yeah. There was there was one time. They also came home ahead like a dozen hickeys on my neck. And my mom got really super upset. That's pretty like you're wearing a turtleneck to work. So I was like at walk BUSTER. And I looked like a fucking nerd I was like a very like like a you owned eternal, Nick. No, my dad might my my mama's like dad's like my dad. My mom was like your barring. Your father's turtleneck, and you're gonna wear to work. And I was like. Like a fucking doofus. A turtleneck wearing a turtleneck with my blockbuster shirt over it. I looked like a pretentious dickhead. Every miss coming up to me. And they're like, so what do you think is really artsy movie? Oh my God. That's funny. Stupid so stupid. I hated it. I rather would have just worn the scarf a scarf. I still would've looked like a pretentious. Way. Yeah. Or just not go to work should have done that you get to call out with hickeys. I don't think that's the thing. You can. When you're sixteen. You can really doesn't matter your career at blockbuster you blockbuster. Yeah. Oh, man. Oh, that's stock all these box. That's so fun affect you. Just remembered it now, which is really cool anyway back to this horrible part of the c- we needed some lightness before we get back into this movie. Man. Okay. So so Peters driving, Charlie. He's like going because this is like the worst part movie. I wanted to go throw up or it made me so upset poor Charlie. They so Charlie is not exceeding. She's shot. She's going in shock, and she rose on the window sticks. Her head out Peter sees a dead deer in the road swerves as he swerves decapitates, Charlie with the the Tel the telephone Paul. Here's the other thing that and this is what I wanted. No, listen. I know. I know I want to ask you this really quick before when they're on their way there notice the telephone pole. Yeah. Did you notice anything strange about the telephone pole? I don't think so the symbol that was on the grandmothers necklace has on that telephone poll. I did not notice that creepy so kind of gives a little bit more. Yeah. Ooh. Awkwardness grandma planned it. Or at least or at least like it. Yeah. Is weird. Very very so Peter like all good stones do just go back goes back home. And just forget it just falls asleep. Though was like I was like, oh like after it happened of I this is awful second. God he's gonna have to tell us parents house. Like is he going to wake them? No, no. He just parks the car and goes to bed, which is maybe he's like in shock. Maybe. That's that's my only justification. He's in fucking shock a moment. It's it's awful. It made me the moment happens. He stops the car and he's just in shock. And then we also get lingering shot of Charlie's which also really upset me because the mothers crying at the same time. And she's just like me. Oh my gosh. It was so awful all over it did Toni Collette winning awards for this movie because she should have mom of the year. It was very good in this movie. Moshi should've Gino, she's an underrated actress truly she she needs something soon. Yeah. Like, they need to give her some goodness movie. I don't really give awards to horror movies do that should link. Really move. Right. Yeah. But she didn't amazing job. Well, here's the thing. I think that get out since get out has gotten notable that it has. Yeah. Hopefully now, it's got Italy. Anna start to be a little bit more predominantly recognized as far as Horgos. But we'll see. I mean, I have no connection to the academy. I'm not hosting the next on Oscars. They an asked. All right. I'm waiting. Yeah. And there's still time there is still time. It's either Kevin Hart would be Goldberg or me. I don't think Kevin hearts like having hard do that. Again. I don't think so. Probably not. Yeah. Okay. So this this was a classic. Liz doesn't understand what's happening in the movie. I thought Charlie was debt or a brother was dead for a little bit. Why did you think that because I because he didn't go until his parents? He just went and got into the bed. You'll see him by himself. Then you see the parents talking and being sad amongst themselves. And then he's like standing, but they don't interact with them at all. And he's like in the hallway by himself. So I was like oh my God. Did he also die? Spooky thing. But then it wasn't because then we see him smoking with the boys. So I was like, oh, he's not an bleachers. Yeah. I was like he's not a ghost anymore, but he does have a heart attack. I don't know if it's a heart attack. But he's definitely having chest pains or saving like a domino pains. Yeah. Some sort of maybe an idiot tack. He's got a lot going on goddamn. There's nothing that we can't fix. I mean, he's smoking when he has that attacks. Why was maybe didn't fix it? Maybe didn't fix it. But it may be lost a little bit a little bit. I I mean, I know that when Eva and my grandpa Bob has to way, I was smoking shitload a weed, Dan, just like mellow out. I mean, that's why I got I got tincture ups for my back and for my eighty win when we were in California. When was the when we were in California, we went to we went to dispensary, and I got some stuff for my back and for my anxiety, and it's been great. But it does knock me out like I can't function. Once I take it. But yeah. It does it does. Like, relax me. Yeah. That's what we does. Yeah. But I mean, I think that I think that the self-medication of just smoking a lot of weed it helps somebody it relaxes you a little bit. And puts you kind of a different head space to kind of like contemplating ruminate over everything just paints. Pains grandma died and you killed your sister. God, she's I don't know if there's enough weed in the world to kind of of that it's a lot. I just love it. When we went to San Diego, we went to that dispensary and the woman who was helping us out was so helpful. He was so funny. She was so funny. But like, it would just be really it would be really shitty. If it was like, Peter, she's like, all right? So tell me what's up like what kind. What are you looking for like, well, my grandmother just died three weeks ago, and I killed my sister in a roadside accent? All right. So we're going to get you some some Oregon Kush. There is nothing in the store. There was nothing. There is nothing in the store to really help you. Oh, gosh. Who so we get we cut to mom at the support group because Jesus she really needs to go now. Yeah. Oh, lord. Well, like she goes, but she decides not to go. She's she sit in the car. And then that nice lady comes the car Joan nicely Joan Joni, and she's like, oh, I lost my son, and my grandson, the drowns cheese. And they were like the grandson was what seven yes, she says seven she lost her son and her grandson, they both drowned together. Yeah. No. I don't get somebody just have a good life in this moving say, not at the support group was everyone of this is probably not doing great wanna see aside movie with like, Peter smokin, buddies. They seem like they're having the Baylor haven't they were just talking shit about everybody Facebook status and someone's girlfriend friends at other stuff. But yeah, Joan Joan is having a kind of a rough time to and she's like. I'm gonna give you my number. If you need anything. I mean, that's good. Because I mean, I'll be honest there. I don't like speaking about my problems with a group of people. I mean, I don't know. I just I'm not used to it. But if it's just one person like therapist. Yeah. You know, I'll I feel more comfortable. So I mean, I understand like Toni Collette being like, yeah. I much rather talk to one person. She says she's like I understand how lonely can be even though you're with jets. Yeah. But is she aims seems is so in the manga sleepy and the oh, yes, she sleeps in the tree house because that's Charlie was. Yeah. That was like Charlie's place. Yeah. And then she hears Charlie's little tongue pops. Yeah. We hear that a lot. Yeah. You were else. We hear that a lot drag race as true that is true. So my so could it be that Charlie haunting a lot of drag race superstars perhaps Trent or are. They were they being haunted by Elissa Edwards. Her girl. Great drag Queen ghost, man. How come we don't have drag Queen goes that would be awesome? If I had a drag Queen goes haunting me that would be so bad ass because polls all the shitty clothes out of your closet. She liked tells me what to wear he's like, no. You're not wearing this garbage. And she just like tosses. That's gonna let anybody if you can't love yourself get an Amen. Maybe like it's like it's like all of a sudden just shows up in like humidity like on the meteors real lipstick notes. They leave at the end of the episode. Yeah. That'd be so funny. Also, I know this means nothing to anybody. But I totally did a Rupe. Holes quote last night during our show loved it. I loved it last night. We had a I had a a show last night. I quoted. Your twitter. I live tweeted the other. That's right. Yeah. And we'll mention that at the end. So yeah. So yeah. So they're all kind of like doing their own thing. Also, we haven't really talked about Steven oh the debt, but he's like kind of in the background for the beginning for the first half of this poor man this poor poor, man. And he's a doctor. He's just trying to keep it all together. Yeah. Oh my God. He's dealing with his wife and his kid, and yeah, all this. And he's and he's doing his best to really the anchor a little bit. But it means he's also not you don't see much of him. He just kinda like holding down the fort. Yeah. I mean in every relationship when shit like this happens somebody has to be the anchor. Yeah. You can't both be the boats. One one can be the boat one anchor you switch off every so often. And at this moment, it's Steve Steve's got to do it. He's it's a part of being in a relationship guys. If you are single, and you're looking for somebody to be with that something that you have to understand find your boat, find your boat or your. Drinker or your anchor you're going to have to either you're gonna have to also switch out sometimes trade-off you trade up being the boat in the anchor. I wish there is a I don't know. That's the easiest analogy that we can think I think that was pretty good pretty solid. Good. Thank you. But so Steve is kind of like holding it all together. Yeah. Anne goes to visit Joan. Oh, yeah. And I think she sees the the quilt the quilting doormat that was that's only the doorman has that same weird symbol yet. I don't she wants to miss the first thing she says when she goes inches. You know, my mom just to make stitching just like that. She kind of throws away. Oh, oh. Oh, yeah. But Jones during nice, and here's the other thing though. Given what we know later. I would think Joan would be a little bit smarter with that. You know, what I mean because that was a stupid mistake. But I don't know or maybe it's kind of a subtle symbol to other people. You know, a guess, but you know, like. Like there's certain things I'm thinking like because I went to Broadway con yesterday, which is like Comecon for theater nerds. And there are things you could wear that art like outright, you know, a t shirt that says Hamilton, but like something that other Hamilton fans would recognize be like, oh, we're in the same club. You know, like I like it's kinda like that. It's like a way to signal your membership in this thing that like not everyone knows. It's like so only like true fans. What it is. I say, it's it's very exclusive. Yeah. So it's like you or I may not pick up on it like sign on someone who's in. It knows it. It's kind of like people who are in recovery. They don't say that they're going to alcohols Nana. Yeah. They they ask each other. If they're friends with their friends of Bob or their friends with Bob. Okay. That's usually with that. Yeah. It's a long thing. I don't know. I don't think it's very interesting though. It is interesting bound of anybody would really bear. Okay. So yeah. But it's like it's like a way to like signal your involvement without like broadcast exactly like it's kind of like drawing attention to but not making it, really. But only the people who get it are going to get. Yeah. So yeah, so Joan is in alcoholics anonymous. No. But she. Yeah. I agree. I think that's a good little subtle reminder. That's kind of like this is where this is where the happens. Yeah. So Joan kind of has like little powwow session with any and and they kinda like talk and to get more into it. And. And. Joan is kind of like something's off. Something's weird about Joan. You know, she's like two cherries too cheery a little bit to wanting to help. Yeah. But that's not what we learn about the sans. Joan went to say ons in the sans. Joan wants to get any to assay ends. Well, I did it. I feel so much better. You should. And you have to say I definitely about before. Like if I could just like communicate with this person who died like one more time. I mean, I think it's I would have some closure. You know? I get that. Yeah. I think that it's it's very. For some for somebody who's going through something like this losing so much and such short amount. Now, you do kind of want that moment where you're just like. Yeah. I wanna be able to talk to this person one last one last time and just say, yeah. Yeah. But Joan is not that person cheese kind of cheat. Well, let's let's back up any any runs into her at a paint supply like arts full. Yeah. Like an art supply store. I don't know what. Yeah. Joanie is doing their she convene. She's quilting something. Yeah. Quilt up a storm over there. And so she's just like oh my God. You you don't understand like, I'm so happy. I've got this new thing going on. I did say on and it works. And and he's like, no this is bullshit. I'm not gonna do that. And so finally any any ends up going Jones how she is going. I can't really remember how she ends up convincing yourself to go. She goes, but she ends up going. And Joni I know what it is because she has dinner with the parents and she blows up at Peter and she's like in made released ads. I think she just like needed something to do. So she goes to Jones. Oh my God. That should we talk about that dinner seeing? Yeah. I guess so Faulk who so awful dances to really sad. It was so sad. It's it's so. Exits something she says something in that whole discussion. She's she's yelling at Peter. And she's just basically saying no one wants to take responsibility. No, one wants to be accountable for what they've done which is true because Peter hasn't said anything in regards to what he's done and her mother didn't do that. Because she says that earlier she she never felt accountable for anything. And she never regretted anything at anything like that. So I guess it's very frustrating for her to go through all this shit and have all the stuff taking away from her. And then have nobody be like, oh my God him. Sorry. Yeah. You know? Yeah. So she she's looking for some something. She's looking she's. She's she does to Jones. Yeah. To do this Jones Jones. He just said Jones L E called her Jones John Jones house. So yes. So they go into the sands. Yes. Oh boy. But it is. I kinda love it like Jonas so thrilled by the say on that I couldn't help but be a little happy for her. I. Moving the Cup seems to be much more successful for Joan than anti-trust later will any like opens a God damn hit a hell when she doesn't. But you get that. That was what the setup was. What do you mean? Okay. So Joan when she was having the on for the little boy with Anne. She was like, okay, I want you to move the glass in moves right on the thing of you, grandma, s your whatever. Yeah. And then she's an anti season. She's like, oh, my guy now fucking real so Jones like, okay. Here's here's the instructions, you can do this at home. But all everyone in the house has to be there. So it has to be Peter herself. And steve. Her doing that her giving her all those directions was her setting up everything for the third attitude time, man. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much. Oh, okay. Yeah. So basically, I think her meeting Joan was like all of this was meant to happen. God it. I mean. Yeah. So yeah. All of this was supposed to happen. Yeah. Oh, I don't like Joan is much. I liked her more. Joe Joan she's manipulative juror because later on we see when any goes back to Jones apartment and she's Jones gone. And we see there's a picture of Peter on the table with the everything around it. And there's also something else there. Can't remember? Yeah. But there's definitely a picture Peter on that table. Yes. Oh, so oh Jono which questions like which is a big question of whether or not all what she said was bullshit. Yeah. And here's the other thing too. I think I'm not too sure. But people pointed this out because I was reading about the earlier the people in that support group at any was going to were also the people naked in the app, it's a real Truman show situation here. Yeah. It's a real. It's a real big Truman show. Everybody's watch. Everybody's in on it. Yeah. I love the scene at the end were where Peter rowboats out. Just revealed that Ed Harris has him on. I like calling him pi pi min Pinetown, oh, man. It makes me like him more than mom gets home and the ants everyone's covered in ants gross. Gosh, there's a lot of like crazy. Yeah. I just don't like that at all. So we okay. So this is when we like any reveals that she has done shit in the past that she tried to have a miscarriage with try to have a miscarriage repeater. She tried to burn him with paint thinner. Yeah. And Charlie oh, gosh. She covered herself Charlie and Peter with paint thinner, and she actually right before she struck the match Peter woke up, and so she's she she realizes that. She she. Well, she doesn't realize, but she she sleep walks a lot. Yeah. So so we just never she confessed all of that injury. So that's not. The the when she would there's that scene where she's like yelling at Charlie in or a Peter. And she's like, I didn't wanna have a son. I wanted to have a miss. But then she wakes up again, and it was dream. So she didn't actually tell him that. Right. Right. And she. Yes, she learn all that information, which is awful, and Peter just crying. And I was like this movie is so depressing. And I don't know where it's going. But then he's like let's have sans. She's like waking everybody up at three o'clock in the morning. Banging suffer. Angela. Let's all go. Let's get this glass. Let's get this candle about and then Charlie. Charlie, quote, unquote, quote, unquote, Charlotte does fucking just destroys everything. Yes, she she's definitely there. Yeah. She's invited all of this shit now into the Anne Anne poor port. See? Okay. So this is I was thinking about this. When we watched we watch evil dead. But I think it's more important here. Okay. When we die because one of us going to die. I o. Oh, we need to figure out a symbols that we know. It's the real Josh Orla is coming to haunt the other and not the pie, man. Oh, it's easy. I'm just going to touch your, but oh, okay. Okay. Good. You're going to be like somewhere in the house, and then you'll just like feel someone touching your. But maybe like, oh, that's Josh. And then you it'll probably be like. I don't know. I don't know. What will be you? Gotta think about that. It'd be me squeezing your shoulder. Maybe. Yeah. I'll probably be used grazing mush or something like that. Or a or snoring? I'll this here like loud snoring. I have to wake up and bang the walls or something. Trying to sleep stop at. Yeah. I guess that will be was we will know that it won't be pilot. Yeah ks so you'll know it's me. So yes. So any is freaking out everybody. Yeah. So I mean, it's awful that goes like the throws glass candle explode. There's just like pandemonium they're losing which is what's on the Witcher through. The definitely losing their security. Yeah. Yeah. We also forgot that there's a lot of stuff written on the walls these yes. But that's the one where it says lift lift to ch penned ammonium touch pandemonium. Yeah. I think those are like the spells or something that would make sense. Yeah. So it's just like crazy. There's all sorts of crazy shit and everything. But then everyone's like Peter goes back to the mom's crafting dad, Steve is drinking scotch at work pretty much. Yeah. Well, when he's at work, actually, he gets he gets an Email. That's only see the picture of like when they said desecrated the grave. It's like somebody like someone dug it up. Yeah. And stole not just like the headstone fell over. Oh, no, no, no, no insurance company gets in touch with him. They're like, we don't cover this. It's like you don't cover body snatching, man. So okay. I had a question here. So we see mom crafting again. And he's crafting, and she she builds a little model of the funeral. Garments funeral and then she destroys everything. Yeah. But then at one point we see in the camera focuses on a a model of a body in a bed. That's decapitated. And I couldn't tell if it was Peter or Steve it's like a man's because like mens pajamas. Oh, but I couldn't tell what it was. I don't know. I don't know. I don't remember. Okay. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. Okay. Couldn't be Steve or Peter because. Yeah. But I couldn't I couldn't tell it was weird. Dad? He starred himself, right? Okay. I don't know your when you start yourself. Your head doesn't come off. Just leave me. I know I I've been on a lot of diets where I feel like my head would. But. Yeah. I don't know. That's good catch though, we gotta look that up after someone. Let me I'm sure someone will tell us ho whenever we get a fact wrong somebody. Usually usually in an items review, but just like tweeting to us. You don't have to put a bad review up and tell us we got a fact wrong about this man got the fact wrong, but the girl got it, right or something girls. Okay. I love it. When people refer to me as the man. Yes. Not by my name, my favorite review is the girls. Okay. The girls. Okay. Check us out on leave us a review. Yeah. So so then we hear all this is Ricky we teach. Wednesday's like running. It sounds like Wednesday running through the hallway, but it's actually haunted sketchbook. Oh, yeah. Book that has yeah zoo. Yeah. We forgot Charlie Hess's sketchbook that she liked draws and stuff. It's usually drawing. She's drawing pictures of grandma and stuff like that. But she's also drawing like. She's not drawing, but there's a sketchbook sitting in Charlie's room, and it's just pictures of Peter. Yeah. All these fixtures. Appear pictures of Peter so in they're not flattering. No. It's like six really size is dog out. And all this stuff is real sad. Sad. Ted, Peter, so mom decide she's gonna burn sketchbook. But then her sleeve catches on fire. This is cool. This this is when this movie goes off the in rail. So they think I understand it. What happened? What do you? Okay. So so will this is actually part that confused me. So she's trying to burn sketchbooks leave catches on fire. And then later. She gets it into the fire. And then Steve burns Steve percent of flames. Which ownership why Steve into flames when the sketchbook burns? I don't know what the connection is between those two. I don't know that was the only allies jill's like, oh, that's how that relates. But that was the one I was confused. I didn't understand. Well, he he threw it in the fire right note. But did he throw it in the fire did any throat, and I thought Anne through? But if he is through it, and he Burson flames, you get kinda makes sense. I guess I got here. Remember, it's okay. Shit. But I mean, I guess that makes a lot of sense though. Like, yeah. Deciding like if any did throw it in why did see catch fire, but if Steve through it in and he caught fire than I understood. Yeah. So maybe I just miss missed saw the scene. I don't know. Maybe we should look that up. Let's not know. Should we watch that scene share? Okay. Great pull up that scene. Were we're watching. But then so mom Anne looks at grandma's. But Joe we go that she went Joan Joan left town, whatever Jones out a hell dodge and the mom finds grandma's book. And to learn about the pie, man. Paint payment payment. I guess. Yeah. So pie, man. Mischief is circle of hell covetous of male bodies. And he inhabits the most vulnerable. Those were the two details like. Peter's in trouble Peters got that Boehner robot the full normal male body, and it's so funny because now now now want watching the second time I started to pick up those things it's like, okay, they're wearing him down to just like that. Maybe that was the pain earlier. That's what it was wearing down to where like he gets so weak that they can just as Lee manipulate him. Get him. Yeah. Get inside. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that was cool. So yes, we learn all these facts by man. And then we'll learn that, grandma and Joan knew each other because there's pictures of them together. How did how did anti Nazi that? Maybe it's was like a box stuff in the attic that she never went. She was very secretive. Yes, secretive. Okay. Yeah. It's so grandma bust out of a grave in her body was in the attic rose they go up to the attic in surprise grandma's here. They're grandma's. Visit him I got so awful. Oh, man. Oh, talk about your in-laws showing up at the time. So yeah. So then Peter oh Peter gets possessed while he's in school. Fuck. Yeah. Was awful faces all twisted up, and he smashes smashes his face. Oh my gosh. Boy god. That was awful. Yeah. I that was terrible. I it reminded me of devotee about the time. I smashed my my eyebrow open at a bar. Oh, yeah. Do you? Remember that I got really drunk at a bar once I was there at a for a friend's birthday party or something in this is the circumstances of or like the details of the story are just so fucking weird. It was a birthday party filled with dominatrix zas dominate try. I what was the plural dominated date dominator matrices dominatrix dummy overseas. So as at this bar with all of these dominatrix ses, and I got super hammered in. I thought a window was a door leading out side. See just walked right into that window slammed my head into it. And then Finally I found the right door, and I walked out in the and the bouncer was like. Are you? Okay. And I was like, oh, yeah. I'm fine. And he goes, no, no, no. You need to go back inside. Because you are not. Okay. And I was like, no, I'm fine. Then as I said on fine. Just blood starts coming out of my eyebrow in and my wearing a white shirt. And I remember this because it was just covered in blood. Oh, gosh. I walked and I walked inside. And the bartender was like, oh my God come in. And she kind of did whatever to my face. And I was just like so hammered, and I was trying to be smooth. It was like, you know, that door was a lot easier to open earlier, she's like you're drunk shit. Like that was a wind that was a window. Oh, my God stupid, man. And then I went to McDonald's and get a shitload of French fries and Burke air like, you're bleeding, and you come in here. They would just like to like three or four o'clock in the morning. This strange man, walks in covered in blood and just wants a shitload of cheeseburgers, give him whatever he wants. And then leave what was the time when we were coming home, and I ran and I face planted on the sidewalk and like script on my face. We get McDonald's before or after it was after. But. Yeah. So which time was this several times not several you ran so far ahead of me. I did I ran really far. And then I tripped and just busted my face. This is why call you grace, and I'm not graceful in the slightest, and I did I busted my face. And we went to McDonald's because like I'm hungry before we get home. It was pretty bad. And then I woke up, and I was like, oh my gosh. Oh, Peter sleeps through all of his father being. Yeah. Like, Bert, Bert. What's what do you? What do you call it? When you. Set yourself on fire on flung bay. No. So them Yele Shen, Emily, inhalation, immolation militia. That's what I said. Malaysian got there. Yeah. So. His dad is is is crispy critter, and he finally wakes up because someone like swims through his room. There's like. See that. I did see that. That was a that any. Yeah. Okay. That's right. I thought I saw that in the theater I just thought I didn't realize that until because I saw it the first time. But I was like that. What did that did? I just see that. Rooms that's fast. But it was because people in the theater like, oh all all that same everybody. They had that Brian Regan. Oh that Brian Regan reaction. Yeah. And because we get that crazy shot where moms like hanging on the ceiling man, Peter. And then the naked guy in the house, a Nicot guy in your house, and he's not friendly. No, no. He's not. He's the same. It's the same guy from this guy from the funeral. Yeah. Which I didn't realize I was he from the grocery store. No, no, no these craft store. He's got those bleach. Blonde pukes. Yeah. Creepy weird weird. Yeah. And so as he's like, so just chasing. That's happening. Yeah. They're all trying to get to Peter. And then we get to that awful scene in the he she kinda chases him into the attic, and then she's possessed and she's like banging her head against the door like slitting her own throat. Okay. So let's let's yeah. That was terrible lot lot of things on pack during this Peter fines, grandma. Yeah. Sees the thing on the wall. The blood on the wall, all the flies around old apartment. He's and he's an he just starts here. Oh my gosh. You're so gross and any is corrupt karate herself. Yeah. With panel wire. Ooh. That whole. Fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck all my notes towards the end the move. You're just like there's mum and she's haying. And there's naked people and there's a dog inside. And that. Oh that they had a dog dog. And so. Peter's tongue popping at the end. Yeah. Well, because he he jumps out the window to escape everybody. And that's when he gets possessed. I guess yeah. He's he is the pie, man. He's the Pyan. He becomes the pilot and the pilot, and he and he. Hinnies like headless body floating up to the tree house. This is this like an this is no joke this movie like visualize a lot of nightmares that. I had oak EP. Yeah. There are a lot of nightmares ahead of like headless bodies. When I was a kid getting around. And so it went up site. It goes up to the tree house. So he follows it. And there's all these naked people just like hanging out hanging around their house. There's grandma's their. They're like all these random people probably are using support group. Yeah. And yeah. So there's this weird sculpture that has Charlie's head on it. Yeah. Yeah bodies, and then grim grimmer was the Queen of something. She. Yeah. Something like that. Say she's Queen Lee. Yeah. Yeah. So she was the Queen of something. I think she was quaint. She's the Queen of the group or the Queen of the call. Well, they she made everything happen, right? Yeah. So I guess she gets notoriety for that. Yeah. I mean, someone starts the call at the end Peter gets crowned. Yeah. Okay. So also, they call him and she calls, Peter, Charlie. Yes. Why? Okay. Here's okay. Okay. Let me explain what I think. So so grandma was trying to groom Peter right to be. To be pilot. Right. But when she didn't have access to Peter. She was grooming, Charlie. Yes. Which is why she was so mad Charlie wasn't a boy that says yes Hyman needs a male body. Got it. Okay. Yeah. So basically pie man was in Charlie the entire time from when she was alive from the beginning when she was a baby and everything that's one. That's why I think that like we were like throughout the whole course of this movie of. That's why grandma loves her most. Boom you nail. I did it. I cracked the movie racked. It never happened open. I did it. They're wild wolves wide world of sports on that. When you did it. Good for you. Yeah. So yeah, you're absolutely right. So at least fuck again, the message boards, we're gonna tons on little actually you. We get it. We might have not gotten a right? But this makes sense. This is the closest I've probably ever been cut me some slack shut up. That's my wife you're talking about. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You're absolutely right. She she calls him, Charlie. Yeah. And then she crowned him and he's known them chill with it. I guess he's on now. He's kip. I'm going to just like to have to go to school. I'm gonna leave this headless go go to a have to take this quiz on Thursday. So were they alive or ghosts with the people that are hanging out there? I think they're alive they're alive. I think they're a member of the members has no he has no immediate family anymore, but he does have followers. He's got followers. Peter's peters. Got change right now. He's got twenty nineteen lifestyle. Change mindset. Hey, he's got new responsibilities. Now, man Peter's Ben we're gonna get hereditary to back in the habit back. Peter's in college. Now, how do you balance exams N leading Colt? What is it just like he's he's like, he's he's in his dorm like with bunch of pigeon heads and everything. And then she's like, you know. Richard record screech. Let me show you how it got. And it's just like me. Yup. That's me. Let me let me go back to two weeks ago. Yeah. I think that's really. Should there be equal to this? I don't think I don't think it needs a sequel. I think it's pretty good standalone. No. Yeah. Also, I don't think you can really do much with this. Now. I don't think it's a good. I think it's a good movie because it is so. It's different from other things that you'd expect them a horror movie to be you think it's going to be goes. But it's not gonna be like, it feels like a family drama that then turns into a cult of which is kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's a lot and Jesus. Yeah. I mean, it's a good movie. It was good. But mean it really stressed me out? I don't wanna watch it. Again. Don't watch it thinking that you're gonna leave being like, oh, yeah. Let's go have a burger. Yeah. No, I did not care for it. They're gonna wanna like not do any of that stuff. Maybe you wanna smoke a whole lot of weed at the end of it self medicate. Maybe a big drink. If you don't smoke weed, and if you don't drink take take a little while take a walk or something play with your dog a little bit do something to clear head because this movie is really it takes a lot a lot. It's very emotional. Anyway, that's it. And that's the movie. Yeah. You recommend it. Yeah. Maybe it's hard to be like, oh my gosh. This movie was so great. You have to see it because it doesn't feel like that kind of movie to me. No, it doesn't. But it's like if someone was like, oh, you do a horror podcast is there. Any good scary movie? I'd be like where did you? This is pretty fucking scary though. Yeah. Like if you want something that's a straight up scary. This is it doesn't eat. It actually made me think of a little bit as baba dick the way Bobby is is like more of an emotional trauma movie that then becomes a horror movie or even get out is like a trauma movie that becomes a horror movie, which is kind of cool. I think I like the Jonah even though it upset me. Good put that on the poster good move. Even though it upset me. Yeah. Speaking of which we have to go. See Jordan peels us down. Well, we gotta looks awesome. Really cool. Anyway, guys, I tunes Twitter Instagram Facebook. We don't have it just getting we do tell your friends about it. Old-fashioned till your friends. You live is podcast mouth. That's how we get a lot of time. And if you if you know of anybody can hook us up with the sponsorship, God, Jesus guys we got a rabbit to feed we just moved. We need some of that sweet sweet cash because let's face it for years five years into this. We need to start making some money. That's where you guys come in. All right. So yeah. Hel. Help us help you we we do our best. Thank you guys so much as always we love you guys. You guys are such great support for us cheese. We do this for you guys. Also for us. But it's fun. It's fun to hear often anyways twenty thousand nine hundred you Goodyear, got this. Thanks hereditary, man. All right. Well, Joshua what that's my. That's that's me. Yes. Joshua, your grandma tells me that I love you. And I like you a love you. And I like you. Reach. Being transition production.

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