3: Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse: Wednesday, January 6th, 2021


Good morning millennials. Welcome back to the morning toast. Happy hump day. I'm very appropriately sitting here with two boys. That i just love to hump. The first is theo as he is the official mascot of hump day and the other is my co host for the second day in a row. The man that i sleep with every night and the man that i love mr ben soffer. Hi ben how are you dave. Do you remember that commercial. Of course they do. I just hope day aiko. It's by the way. Geico unbelievable advertise. I'm believable marketing strategy. Whoever it's and it's funny it's like you'd think that over the years it would change but really whoever's in there just as in there and there till they died i guess we'll know when the guy co creative guys gecko. It'll go downhill. Thank you so much for joining me here. Me here today delivery shaded. How are you doing since your last stint on morning toast yesterday. People stopping you in the street. Actually last night. I was accosted in the streets by hordes of fans of the morning. Post a group of three. I will say high school ladies in masks as i walked down the street yelled. Oh my god it's the husband of. Oh that's funny. I was like no. It's not and i kept walking and your pride in my god. It's with no jobs husband and her dog. I recognized your dog. Things are you is your pride. A little butthurt. It's just like the of so much more famous than me. By the way this one hundred percent you'll get stopped in the street. Like on a daily basis sexually exhausting. That's why he's obviously. He's like exhausted from literally putting society on his back. He's so incredibly famous. It's unreal. it's disgusting it's disgusting. I wanna kill him speaking of sending. That's okay. I don't know how to transition yesterday on the podcast. I totally forgot to ask you to do your mickey mouse clubhouse impression because i told everyone about it on monday show about how we watched so much mickey mouse clubhouse over christmas break because we spend time with our knees and she fucking loves mickey mouse clubhouse and we were running around the house being scott and then we discovered. Has this incredible talent for mickey mouse impersonations. So i'm i i want to say just go for it Sky mickey mouse. That's who really good it is right. It's really good. And you know what. I think you don't do that. Many good impersonations neither do i. It's really hard skill. I think the only impersonation that i do decently is like shakira. I think i do too good. What's your other one. You itchy nyah. Doubtfire dear that's very good. The truckers have arrived. They haven't been here in a while since they were here for teasha but the truckers for you but you have arrived. That's good yeah i only do shakira half well here to pay to get out there. And he'll be here. That's like it's gotten worse over time. That's good but i wish i could do more impersonations. We should start putting that craft. It's funny. I think that because mickie zone act. Naturally i wonder what others i do. It's like i didn't try to learn mickey reich. He just came to me. You didn't choose. Make mickey cosio chose me. Yeah sky sky. Mickey it's the mickey mouse clubhouse come inside it's fun inside. It's the maki mouse. Club has a great show for you guys today obviously know everyone just shooting in because we gotta talk about him in konya like the news of the day. Have you know what the news kimmy you know like. of course. okay okay. I just wanted to know. Look the the big so we have a great show for you guys today. Fast five stories. Of course. we'll be recapping. Kim and kanye jacqui is devastated. That she's not here but it's wednesday so we're also gonna do a little tv recap. I want to talk about bridgeton. Real housewives of dallas very quickly bent and watch. Just wanna give a couple of thoughts and then obviously your trumpsters which is our advice segment and hopefully you guys wrote in some good stuff for me and ben. I haven't seen them yet. They've been prescreened. And hopefully we'll be able to deliver some life changing advice. I've been told that. I deliver life-changing advice by hill. That's something that people say about me. Ben who is a great mickey mouse impression. He doesn't unbelievable you and he gives life changing advice. I just i'm not saying jump believe you. I would just love to know who these people are. You'll know when you see who will you'll see the okay so then we should just die to end because we just gotta get to talking about coming in the unbelievable news that i literally reject from the universe. So let's just dive right into the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast very good. Then you probably have experienced clearing your throat. You're probably very good at that. Does feel good in the back of your throat. Now it clears different portion like those throat clears that are listening. They know that you can clear the beginning of your throat or really more towards the south against on sash. A kick last night with your throat clearing. It was the fact that i didn't stab you in your sleep. I should win an award guests. So that was deeper throat clearing. I was trying to cleanse myself against versus the more upfront throat. Clearing more focuses on the roof of your mouth. That's where you get the okay. I think that's enough. Oh speaking of which we were on video. Lets you sneezing on. The toast is one of my favorite pastimes. But i do a little dance with it. But we're not recording video today. 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Okay paychecks. they were the first reported so according to them. And now it's on the cover of the new york post and now it's being reported. Widely that kim kardashian and kanye west are getting a divorce near the facts from paychecks. And then let's just go. You know it's one of those things like you know like historical events where you remember where you were when you found out like. I literally remember where i was. When i found out that kim and kris humphries were getting a divorce. I was in history class in the eleventh grade and it was really traumatizing. So now i remember. I was sitting in my bad doing acuna when i found out. Do remember where you were when you found out that kobe passed away. Of course i was in my bed again. Because i'm always mad but there are certain things that like trigger like the you remember where you were and this is going to be. One of them was walking around bloomingdale's aimlessly looking at my phone. Saying what the fuck yeah. Kim kardashian and kanye west are over multiple sources. Tell page six. That divorce is imminent for the hollywood couple. With crashy and hiring divorce attorney to the stars laura wasser. They're keeping it low key but they are done says a source. Kim is hired. Laura wasser and they're in settlement talks. Kim forty has hasn't been seen wearing her wedding ring and khania forty-three remained at his. Fourteen million dollar homing ranch over the holidays. Instead of spending it with the kardashian family who drew criticism for their extravagant celebrations. Kim got carnegie go up to wyoming so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce. She's done the source said so. Let me just explain that. Like when i saw this story at first i just completely rejected it. I have seen in the past year. People have always said stuff about human but definitely in the last year when he's kind of been going through some mental health issues and he's been on twitter like saying stuff about her family and kim actually spoken out about about the whole situation. People have said this before. So i didn't really pay it any mind. And then they announced they were gonna put it on the cover of the new york post which i thought was a really big deal and then it started to be reported. More widely from like ian. Tmz and i was forced to like look in the mirror. I couldn't ignore the story anymore. And as much as it pains me to say this. It appears as though it may be true. And i just don't know what to do with this information. Like honestly thinking of all my stands. I'm thinking of jackie. O like this is really sad because if people talked about them forever but there was always proof in there in the success of their marriage like they weren't getting divorced together for eight years they have four kids. Like see what you want but this is what a happy marriage looks like. And i can't say that anymore and that's really sad. It is sad. Especially because i just don't feel like this is what like kim head wanted. Like people can always say like. Oh they'll find another husband always do like it's pretty clear that she definitely loves him like stayed with him. I did working with kids. That's a big deal but there are plenty of people that get divorced with children in loveless marriage is like i think that she stayed with him through some really tough times in his life that it only became something that again. I don't know them. I know nothings conjecture. Yeah but it seems like it affected her and her family too much publicly. That that's sort of needed to. Yeah i feel like she's not that shallow. I feel like i think that there's a lot i think between him running for president and then dropping out and then all of the alarms and it's just like it's not. It's not about being shallow. It's like there's just so much there's only so much there's so much publicity that you can just like sort of push away where it's going to start to affect your own mental health and your family. That's interesting. I mean when whenever i think it was maybe like kim's each your hollywood story are just like whenever she refers to her meeting. She really wasn't taken seriously by a lot of people before before. Connie like and her family. We're just regarded as reality stars. Kim was constantly trying to break into the world and connie brought her as his plus one to the met gala. She was like he was really trying to break into fashion like nobody gave her the time of day until connie was like. Yeah this girl. And she's my wife and brought her everywhere and like really gave kim and the whole family like a true sense of legitimacy. So i don't know. I don't know if kim would be so quick to like. Oh you're giving me bad. Press like at some point. I think kim is like too famous to care. It's not. I just think that it's like nobody knows what's what goes on in a marriage and i think the small bid that we do know which is a very public struggle with mental health issues. I think that can take a toll on a marriage. I do agree. I'm just really sad. Like and i don't like i know it's gonna be exciting because i'm like a pop culture podcast host. I'm like nebi. Get to see who. Kim is dating. I heard a rumor that she's dating ben. Jones who is do you know that. Is i know the name. He's a host. Cnn and he worked he worked with him on a lot of her prison reform and like a lot of the tv spots. She did for alice. Mary johnson People say that she's eating him. I don't believe that there's also like an insane rumor on tiktok that connie west is dating jeffrey star which is like so far fetched. But i just. I hate that. We're here. I don't wanna know kim stating because i know she's home wiscon- yea yea i mean if she's dating somebody right now then. I take back everything that i said. And if he's dating somebody like dating sure like if you hear that like if the rumors right him. Jeffrey star trek whole crazy thing. I'm sorry i even put that out there. That's just not true. But like i don't know. I don't think that you get out of loveless marriage. I mean you don't get out of a loving marriage and just jump into dating someone when you're so busy like that's like her thing so busy i can't breathe like i remember. I watched like a couple of episodes of the embarrassed. He could say you watch it now. I wish that i watch more of it. I've only watched a couple episodes of this season. And i specifically remember an episode where it's like kim talking about how she hasn't been alone and mike. She has her family. She has her business like four. Kids is a ton and it's like okay so now you'd assume that if she's going through separation with her husband that she wouldn't try and make her life busier so the thing is. Is that what you were watching that episode. We were watching when they weren't quarantined. Connie offered to take the kids. Connie has been in wyoming for most of quarantine so i think that they have decided to not be married well over a year ago. That's my opinion and they are now only deciding to be public and actually filed the divorce papers. So i think if either one of them is dating someone there are well within their right that they haven't been like emotionally mayor for a year fair fair and i think that if it weren't for corona virus and like all the shit going on in the world they might have even announced this way sooner because we know that connie and on the show they tried to make. It seem like kim. Like connie's giving me my space like he's gonna with the kids like we know that they've been living separate lives and by the way there are plenty of people who live separate lives from their husbands and living perfectly happy marriages. So i didn't think anything of it. I didn't but i'm also blindly loyal stand but i'm being confronted with the truth now and it's just it's really tough to swallow tough anything you want to say last words on the marriage before i wrap this up. It's tough pill to swallow speaking of another tough pill to swallow. This is kind of like a sad day here. The morning post on this is a page six article according to them alex trebek's in quote enormous pain during final japanese jeopardy tapings. So i don't know if you know but this week is the last bit of episodes. Had prerecorded a ton of jeopardy episode so when he died is still had two more months jeopardy already recorded but ahead of alex. Trebek's final jeopardy episodes airing this week executive producer. Mike richards is opening up about what it was like for the late to film the show just ten days before his death. Richard said on the today show it was herculean. He was an enormous pain. But despite trebek's struggles. Richard said viewers will not sense that in any of episode. He is strong. He sounds great. He is funny and he is amazing. The ep added calling the beloved host. In absolute warrior. Trebek's final five episodes will begin airing monday on. Abc and richard teased a special monologue. During one of the episodes he said in this special unbelievable final week he comes out and gives a talk about the importance of togetherness and sticking together and what the world is struggling. But we have to get through it together and we had chills okay so final five episodes this week and apparently we got a special message from alex back and according to the executive producer. He was in a lot of pain. That's i mean. I can't even talk about my feelings. Phallic shebek without crying. It's amazing that he truly was like married to the show. Like i don't know anybody in the world that films literally up until they die. It's insane like you leave you. Spend your next year's your family our like in florida. It's always florida and it's just like you. You come to terms with things. And i guess the only thing. I wonder if this is going to be very profound. Perhaps the show was literally keeping him alive. Perhaps seriously i feel that because he's been sick for a very long time. Yeah and it did. A cold is he. I think somewhere in his eighties or late seven. No definitely not eighties seventies seventies. I think that for a while. He was doing really well in his treatment and people thought that he might beat it. But stage four pancreatic cancer is like nobody gets to beat that. It's just awful. So i just love him so much and i can't believe i actually haven't watched any episodes this week like i honestly find it too triggering like i love him so much. He's a great guy. I will watch them at some point but just to know that they're still out. There means. i have something to look forward to in terms back. I just watch them. I don't think i'm running all right next up. I'm going to change the the vibe the vibe until berry summer vibe this is weird ass story that actually followed on tiktok and now it's being written up e. news joe joe was see wa is responding to controversial joe's juice board game featuring inappropriate content joe. Joe took to social media to address the inappropriate questions on the children's game. Joe's juice is addressing the criticism over controversial. Nickelodeon board game joe. Joe's juice the seventeen marci seventeen the seventeen year old youtube star. Who has a young fan base took to instagram and tiktok on monday to shed some light on how the children's game ended up with the inappropriate content for the targeted six and up audience. She said over the weekend is brought. It has been brought to my attention by fans and followers on tiktok. Then my name and image have been used to promote this board game that i some really inappropriate content now when companies make these games. They don't run every aspect by me. So i had no idea the types of games that were on these playing cards. Now when i first saw this was really really really upset about how gross questions were. And so i brought it to nickelodeon attention immediately and since they have been working to get this game and since then they've been working to stop getting this game made and also being pulled from all shelves wherever it sold so this happened in such weird ways. Some tiktoker on. I think maybe it was like a mom who bought the game for her kid made a video that went viral being like. Why is joe. Joe wa selling this game where it's like it was just like what are there questions if it wasn't like where'd you give your first blow job but it was like inappropriate for six in up. What what is that. Let me need to find that. It's important to know what some of them. I'm here other questions from the multiplayer game. Where who in this room would you most like today. Have you ever stolen from store. Those were two of the questions. And joe said she never ever ever would have approved or agreed to a game that reportedly include questions about being arrested and nudity. Now the thing is that of course. The questions to us don't seem like such a big deal but ngozi seventeen but her core audience is like hardcore four year olds i. I don't know who is what shoes we wait on. Nickelodeon no we why it does. She know she looks like okay. You know this girl. Maybe i swear wait. How do you live in my house and nano. Who georgia no background. Now okay give me some macaroni. Okay so gioja. Remember the show dance moms. Yes oh yes so. She was on the show but like not are not popular by any means necessary. And you know the girls from that show like a lot of them. Became big instagram irs. Some dancers gioja was like a relevant on the show honestly and she took like the modicum of fema chapman. She started a youtube channel and she became this kid. Sin sation like the wiggles like everything she does. Is kid kid kid kit on. It hurt she. She's like a singer and she makes these songs that kids love and she goes on towards she does arenas and a lot of the tourist sponsored by nickelodeon. I know she partners with nickelodeon a lot. I don't think she has her own tv show on accordion. But she's like literally like hannah montana but she skews much much younger and what's so impressive about her. Why obsessed with her is that she has an a billion dollar licensing company because her name image worth much. She has these lines of lunchboxes hair. Ties like anything you can imagine merch. Backpacks kids comforters. Like everything at walmart and it's not her company it's a licensing thing so they use your name and image her her products globally have generated over a billion dollars. She's not herself a billionaire. Because it's the licensing thing but that's how a game like this gets me like they licensed her name and then put like inappropriate in the box. I understand so. I just let you should meet some background okay. That's that is good background. So she is an icon to the young child to very young like you know. Was you know he did a youtube video with who's at szeswith. Her northwest very went over to her young. Very young. okay. So when you enter into a relationship with a network com a nickelodeon. Let's say you have to assume that the way that nickelodeon speaks to kids is going to be the way that nickelodeon speaks to the kids in your board game. She's ever watched one episode of anything on nickelodeon. She knows that so. Many of the jokes are made for the parents watching with their kids. They're inappropriate but it's the same thing on disney channel. It's always it's just because the kids are not watching by themselves and the parents slowly get hooked. There's a reason why into the ages of like my like my dad would like watch hannah. Montana occasionally laugh. We'd watch it back now. This is a man of tastes and hannah. Montana's an amazing show. What him saying. She didn't partner with mattel mattel. What's a really young kids. Something the bahrain. Not even barbie like plato. Or i totally disagree with you. I think her partnering with nickelodeon. She can assume that what's going out with her name on. It is going to be kid. Friendly mon- tested mother. No what is it kid. Tested mother approved reach ninety. Nine percent of the questions are tested. Mother approved and one of them is talking about arrests. That's like that's like a shock factor. Definitely like an overreaction but a queen for getting out in front of it and just like taking responsibility like she's a fucking queen getting product off the shelves. It sucks. I'll probably also a lot of money and this is embarrassing for them. They have an image issue. And don't make me say why because one just everyone knows what ben. What did you say i said. Don't say the way not trying to get a lawsuit spoken about sh- seriously sh sh sh silence. Okay i'm not just shut up. I don't take anything seriously. Use your next up on. It has been a very very good. Sorry no good. Very bad. Week for dr dre. He says he's doing great after being hospitalized. And we'll be back home soon so he shared on instagram. After the news was reported that he was suffering from a brain aneurysm which is like a crazy thing and then to make matters worse. Page six is now reporting. His home was the target of a burglary. While he was hospitalized for the aneurysm. Probably fucking wife. Why why are you. Don't know the drama nella. He's in the middle of a horrific divorce. Okay and if you follow the shade room you'd know that she's like trying to take him for everything that he has. When i was married to dr dre i would literally be doing the same thing and you know. I actually did see something yesterday. Because his wife was spilling his airing dirty laundry saying he has over two hundred and sixty million dollars in cash. So it's crazy. So well he's the richest man. Ever because of beets and because of his music but apparently his wife's music beats by no music is separate from. His music is totally totally. Just tell you the details of the robbery. We could see if maybe it was the wife dr trays. La home was the target of a burglary ring while the music mogul was hospitalized. After suffering. a brain aneurysm. Police said nothing was taken when the suspects and failed to break into his brentwood had around ten pm. Tuesday during a surveillance operation in the swanky neighborhood police spotted. Suv thought to be involved in the ring and apprehended four suspects. Police didn't immediately return paychecks as requests for comment though fifty five year. Old dray hasn't commented on the attempt to burghley did speak out on his health. Thinks my family friends and fans for their interest. In well wishes i will be out of the hospital and back home soon shadow to all the great medical professionals at cedars one love drake hospitalization comes amid bitter divorce battle with the strange wife nicole. Young on god who is seeking two million dollars per month in spousal support. She's from what i'm reading again. I don't know them. I don't know anything. But from what i'm reading. She's caused a lot of stress in this divorce. He's been incredibly stressed. And the causes of the brain. Aneurysm is you are not blaming. The way for his brain aneurysm. And the robbery. I'm not blaming her for the robbery. But i am blaming. Her for the aneurysm Him a low as a job. But like i guess if you do have two hundred and sixteen million dollars a month like no. You couldn't bear if you have two hundred and sixty million dollars period like you could spare to a month to month as broken ten years e still making money. That's the thing. He's living off of the wealth. I don't i don't think that he's making for the rest of his life. Fifty million dollars a year. I think he's making a lot of money off of his his music and apple stock. Okay two million dollars a month. It's just it's a lot it's insane can we were saying kelly clarkson's husband was requesting spousal support. I think it was a million dollars a month. Saying because kelly clarkson is not nearly as riches to no. Dr drew's legend and like to be honest. I admire his wife's tenacity. Like if i was going to divorce from one of the richest men alive. Like i would do everything that i could get the most i don i kind of feel her interesting too. Good thing. we're still married. this is true. I'm finally. I wanted to give a little a little business news. Something i think you might be interested in because it's fast food piece of information from cnn. Business what are you implying that you love fast food. Do you fast food more than me okay. Did i say that. I didn't love fast food. The mickey d queen. Kfc is going to start selling good brand. They're going to start selling plant based fried chicken. Oh that's see. I would like this story only in a few cities though. They're launching a plant based version of their fried chicken in about fifty locations. La orange county and san diego next week. The chain is already served the fake chicken version of its products which is made by beyond me. Kfc's i tested beyond fried chicken in atlanta for one day last summer and then it served the product for a limited time in nashville and charlotte. This past winter. The current version will be available in california while supplies last. Kfc plans to monitor the results of this test to determine whether to make beyond fried chicken available nationally. I'm gonna like we talk about. He on here on the plant based options being put in mcdonalds and burger king. And we're always for it but this seems kind of nasty. I have a couple of questions. Because i love. Kfc love love love. But honestly i don't fuck with their chicken like i fuck with their sides. Their chicken is kind of not good. Sorry said it. But their mac and cheese on the other hand is like literally i imagine. Heaven is like seriously just like a big lake filled with kfc mac and cheese and boston market mac and cheese which very similar. I have a couple of questions here. Question number one. I love beyond meets in general. I think that they taste really good. I think so too And for somebody that tries to limit their red meat consumption. i think it's a really good replacement. When are we going to find out that it like leads to you growing like a third arm one hundred percent. Nothing can taste that much like me not be me and not be horrific for you especially. This is like the trial run. It's like oh before splendid came out and we realized that it was fine like sweden low and there was something sweet and low about all those different sugars. they like give you cancer. Not the only thing so g ones apparently were much worse. I'm so brian errors. What i'm saying is the worst thing. There's some trial and error. Yes but if if impossible and beyond meat claim to be plant based on like how bad could they be bad. I don't know what else i don't know. I don't know what plant based okay at the bottom. You put a fucking plant. Like i don't know a leaf a leaf exactly and then you throw columbus duty on the leaf. It's still plant based listen rate question to be honest though like i do agree with you like there's something to good about like when we were just away. Jackie made a home chef. She gets impossible. Meet home jeff. She these cases that were faked beef. And oh my god it was so fucking good and that's not the shit i e i don't like that but you're right it tastes too good to be like not giving you a third on a third limb or something. Yeah hundred percent. He's too good and then my second thing we're animal lovers we are like i do. The toasters know quite how much you love animals. They'll have you ever told them. I haven't told them. They are like beyond animal lovers while beyond. We're like care so much for the environment and like always were just always thinking that stuff like this and of course like beyond meets all of that. It's to eventually eliminate us. Eating cow would be the goal. I think then what happens to the cows. There's an overpopulation of cows. I'm just curious. How have the super ecosystem eventually works. But we'll figure it out it's interesting right. Yeah we'll need to adopt a cow like do you think everybody all of a sudden you just need to like have cows animals out there. I don't think so interesting. Those stories and i feel as though you need to show them. Thank you for your analysis on the beyond me. Third arm cow. I really appreciate. And i think that's what we have here at the morning chose especially when you come into the chance know. No bounds tangent. We're all gonna have cows as pets. You should start. A podcast. Called tangents with ben like honestly. That's such a good name like because that's what you do like you've just gone crazy. Tangent tangent news network. That's okay so we're going to dive into. I want to do a little. Tv recap just quickly. Talk about some shows that i watch yesterday but before i do the we kept segment is brought to you by the one and only liquid. Iv you probably you probably know what for popular hydration drink. Mix their energy. Multiplier is an absolute game changer. And gives you that little extra boost that we all need if you have trouble drinking water but like absolutely need to stay hydrated because you get like headaches throughout the day because you're never drinking water liquid. Id takes your water and multiplies it for you way more hydration vitamins nutrients and it's just a great way to manage your time and your water consumption. One stick of their energy. 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So you know that your purchase is going into the right hands because you're helping a great cause. Liquidity is available. Nationwide at costco. Or you can get twenty five percent off when you go to liquid. Id dot com behalf to use the promo code toast at checkout. That's twenty five percent off water when you use the promo code. Toast at liquid dot com. Start fuelling your adventures today at liquid. Ib dot com promo code toast tv. Recap i don't i'm not going to spoil bridgeton for you because i know you like claiming that you're gonna watch it even though i know you're not but it was just so good. I while show aesthetically stunning. It was eighteen hundreds london. I know that's not what it looked like. But the colors in the homes and the dresses. It was just stunning like an absolutely gorgeous. Show that tree that they show at the beginning of every episode. It's just sickening. I want to live in that fucking train. The cast was amazing. I love that. I didn't really know anyone. The woman who played the queen was everything of the sword and the woman. Who played daphne. Richardson is fear. And i need to know how she's related to cure nightly because it was so crazy. The show was head a little bit of everything. A little bit of softcore porn a little bit of drama a little bit of gossip girl a little. Bit of game of thrones like it was really a melting pot of of interesting things. And i just thought it was very different from anything i've watched year and i do feel like it lagged in the middle and i was almost like this is the show. That's so hyped up but the last two episodes where everything of the short when lady whistled down was revealed. I was sure to the mother bugging. Closure here's ben. When daphne and simon finally worked it out i was like buck. Yes you go you get that dick. You make that baby unhappy for you. Because honestly like she had this miserable life with nigel and then she finally ends up coincidentally married to a man that she fucking loves which in that time period was be rare and it was so happy for her also. I'd love the bridge between family. They were honestly reminded me of the schemes very steamy. I loved their mom. She was like a good smart woman who liked was trying her best without her husband. And i just love that. There were so many of them they were just so connected and everyone in town was like gas. The bridge pretends like best family. Like i just. I love the bertans. I wanted to be one of them now. I did feel really bad for the finkelstein. What was jewish financial burke. Years her you can take your fingers out of your ears to find bridge. You're in the name of that family. The fink fincher tin ventured name. That doesn't sound like an no bridge. Your tin family with an f. It's annoying god. Penelope was the queen. Hold on hold on roles a feathering fake. You we okay. So feathering tins like honestly and they were supposed to be annoying like they were giving me like cinderella vibes like with jennifer coolidge and like all the stepsisters but i actually like fell for them and the mom would they did to miss thompson wasn't right but i don't know i felt bad for them. When they were like banished from society like they got cancelled in the eighteen. Hundreds and like i can relate to that it just amazing show and if you ever wanted i really recommend it and then the other thing you don't have to pull your ears for this was the real housewives of dallas premiered like last night but it also premiered on new year's eve which i thought was so weird because they stop people tweeting about it on new year's eve at eleven o'clock and i'm like why people tweeting my real housewives dallas. Why would they put the premiere on new year's eve then the premier it again this week so i didn't have to watch but i thought it was excellent like first of all. I think the show without leeann has such a rash and light attitude and i just think it's so great and the new housewife. Is everything sort. She's so rich. And now i feel like maybe just maybe dallas might be the wealthiest not to be mean but ever since they dropped leeann. I think they might be tied with like beverly hills for the wealthiest franchise like everyone's houses. First of all tiffany's house is so fucking seconding cameron's new houses so sickening stephanie. Thousand it's so sickening. It a great show. I think it's going to be a great season. Carry britingham was like kind of mia from this episode. But i'm just very much looking forward to it. All it's a fabulous show. Sorry ben. i know you're getting bored. Let's into your toasters not looking board. That was those. I'd leeann is the one who left. Yeah that's like the crazy motherfucker. Yes she was not holy shit. Holy shit she was just so nuts. Remember watching a bunch of episodes of diarrhea coming out of this woman's mouth. I didn't hurt defense. Like she really put the show on her back for a while and like. I don't know if there would have been any or as much drama. She wasn't there so now it's our first season without her. I think it'll just be like a real testament to whether or not like she was as important to the storyline as i think she might have been. The they'll find something else like these next up. This is your toasters our advice about segment. If you ever want to write in your toasters dot com we would really appreciate the support. Hello mike weinstein's while she was talking to me and jackie. But i'm ready to murder my boyfriend. We've been together for three years. We live in a tiny apartment. We both work from home and both have anxiety during cova. Due to this time we've spent a lot of time apart in the last nine months the longtime apart when he goes to golf for every few weeks sorry the longtime apart being when he goes to golf or every few weeks. When i go to my office. My office is closed. Them only allowed into mail things. Because i'm born this. This is like the most poorly written thing the longtime apart being when he goes to golf or every few weeks. When i go into my office my office is closed. I'm allowed into mail things. Because i work in boring. Hr golf season has ended and we are just home constantly. I tried to go out and do things. But it's annoying being the one that's constantly leaving. He'll go for a thirty minute. Walk some days but others asked me to go with him. Our apartment small. We only have one. Tv as i'm typing this i can hear him washing his hands in the bathroom. How do i not kill him. How do i make it fun to be home. Please help me. I'm about to go to jail. I think jackie or maybe dana said this once before. But it's either you get engaged or you break up at one point in in a relationship and we're out that mile marker so please help us survive kobe. I really do love him. I wanna get engaged. Love esteem that needs a longtime can't wait for january twenty six to read growth and job of instrumental thurs monster. This is tough honestly like not to be a bitch blake. We relate because we've been having so much fun in quarantine like so in love. Yeah i i do have my opinions there. do we know wearer. She is from where she is living so not to be. You read the exact same submission that i did like how i know that. Oh it doesn't say like a friend from new york okay. my first thought would be. You're working from home it's again. I'm not gonna assume where you live but if possible if at all maybe right now. You're in like a slightly nicer building. You need a little more space clearly so if at all possible i would move. Yeah it whether that is to a slightly worse area again. It's tough not knowing where you live. If you live in new york city though you should probably just move to long island city or murray hill did move somewhere else in an area that has tons of new apartments. That are much bigger for cheaper. Because it's like a lesser area. I need more space. The second is if you can't get more space you need a second. tv having one. Tv is not realistic. The reason why. I mean you have had such a lovely quarantine is because for a couple of hours a day. The reason why you were able to watch bridgeton and i was in full. And i never watched. It is because you watched in the bedroom. Yeah and i watched the nba last night in living in the living room hundred. And i think that like even those bits of separation with in your own home or incredibly important. And i think cultivating a vibe and experience in your own home so important. Me and jackie talk about this. All the time in in lockdown in quarantine like your home can become a prison one hundred percent. And unless you're like refreshing your space like every time you get out of bed making the bed lighting candles mood lighting. If you're putting no effort into your space it can really become toxic place very very quickly so i suggest like whenever i lay on the couch after i get up. I always full blanket refreshed. Pillows put the remotes like and orderly blow out candles. And then. I cultivate a new vibe. When i start fresh in a few hours you know what i mean. The refreshing your space is really important. Yup opening a window also have you tried getting violently drunk. Yeah that's good because you could say something you don't mean because the no it's not that it's the one time that when we were in like real hardcore quarantine like no stores were open like the city was a fucking ghost. Yeah and we got really really really drunk on my birthday zoom. I woke up. There's a feeling that you forget of waking up so disgustingly hung over that you don't wanna leave your bed. You just want to order a nice bagel with tuna fish and watch. Tv by the really does reset you. I said that all the time during the hardcore lockdown in the city that being drunk is so so great because the morning. When you're hung over you actually don't mind being hung over because when you're hung over all you wanna do is in bed i in quarantine you have no choice but to lay in bed so not encouraging people to be alcoholics. But i think that would be and i said you. Yeah cloudy and jackie. This aren't excellent. Sorry dear ben. And jack. Benny i shall start with the obligatory. Thank you so much for saving me during quarantine spiel. It has been a true gem to listen to all the episodes new patriot through two thousand twenty. Can we read your book soon to preorder now girls in our job dot com slash book. Let's get to the point. I'm thirty years old. Got married in october. And my husband and i decided it would be kind of us to host christmas dinner at our house for the holidays whenever my mom hosts it's always the shit show because she gets so stressed out so we thought it'd be fun to have Our family take the burden off her. We didn't want to cook so we spent six hundred dollars on getting food catered by alcohol for everyone. The evenings lovely and we had tons of delicious enchiladas and fajitas leftover that we're running. She's from texas fast forward to the next day when we were all going to make lunch and we realized our aunt had taken all of the food from the house. Oh my god. I you not. She packed up the catering container without us noticing and took off like a bandit in the night. Needless to say. I was pissed leftovers of the best part of being meal like thanksgiving or christmas and she stole our food that we paid for. She's a grown ass adult. I thought the dot that behavior was acceptable. I was shuck. My sister wanted me to texture and make snarky comment. But i took the high road because i felt like it would have been so awkward. Would you have done in that situation. Sincerely hostess with the most as this is an abomination. What a stream story. yeah. I honestly like your queen for taking the burden off. Your parents spending six hundred dollars on food and alcohol for everyone and i just honestly like i think this is so disrespectful and honestly she's giving aunts a bad name. I mean at this point. You can't say it's too late in the moment. You could made like like a joke like did you really just take the food now. You know what. I would have done group chat everyone being. Did anyone take leftovers. I can't seem to find any catering totally that's a good. Chad is the best way to be passive aggressive. What a strange story. And is this something you do as the and now i also hate leftovers. Okay first of all. I hate leftovers. I hate taking when people like shove their leftovers on me in their house. I'm like i didn't even like your food. Get away sorry clarifying. I like leftovers in my own house especially like fajitas enchiladas amazing things for the next day. There's some things that like. Don't really sit well like a sushi. Platter like jefferson. Row that in the trash. But i'm never ever ever ever ever leave your house with food that you cooked or flowers from your party or die. Never leave with anything from your house. That says you always delicious. i don't want it. Yes that's literally like like an old jewish woman thing to do is to take the flowers from bar mitzvah and bring them home for your foyer. I clutter conscious like i. Don't even more shit my fridge anymore. Vases please don't ever by house and send me home with with work to do. Yes and also. This is a direct message to olympia. You're cooking delicious. I don't want to take anything home. Olivia's always trying to pawn her leftovers off on us not want them and you know what it is. It's like all the really good stuff gets eaten in full so like the stuff. That's leftover like the decent stuff. I don't want that. Oh i don't want it. I'm really excited. Because our third and final toasters is an update from the toaster. Whose boyfriend found on the toaster with a boyfriend. Who found her onlyfans. The toaster had an account for one day and it was unclear how the boyfriend found out about the girl like thought about doing it. She did for day took it down but then her boyfriend found out. We like couldn't figure out how he figured it out first of all. Thanks for the amazing advice. I've been full spy mode trying to get to the bottom of things to add some context as to why my friends and i jumped to say spyware on my phone is because my best friend has an x. Stealing your sim card out of her phone. He was then putting his phone to read or text messages. He also put a recording device in her car to listen to all of our conversations. Holy shit. I did a little digging and found that an additional face ideas been set up on my phone holy shed. It was a brand new iphone. And i'd only set up my face so i was a little confused. I realized that my boyfriend new my original password on my phone it but eight changed it. When i started the only account. He must have already added his face to face idea my phone so that he was he was able to unlock my phone. Even after the password had been changed. I've been dreading talking to him about it. Because i know wants a conversation about the violation of trust has had the end will be near. We've a whole life together. And i know things will be messy. But i can't continue on setting the precedent that lack of trust in the relationship is okay. Today's conversation and things. Or do i give them a second chance if he tells me the truth and what is wrong with no. This is so crazy like me. I'm sorry i'm sorry pudding pudding a extra face ideas and by the way i'm snoopy s fuck like. I don't even know if you know. I'm going through your phone and computer i wouldn't. That's fucking next level shit. It's interesting that you said that. Because i was about to say the opposite. Can you move your microphone a little bit. Oh yes we're doing a better much better. I don't i just like you have to trust who you're with. It's like i for one reason or another. I noticed the last couple of times asked me grab your phone. Your password has changed since which is fine. But i'm sure left my taxi. I thought my my was too easy. I was going to say. I'm sure it changed for some reason personal to you by newburgh. It's not like it was the same thing with me like mining out longer one day because i was afraid that somebody was hacking me. Yeah it's like not. People are not changing their passwords. Because they're hiding something from you that being said now that i'm thinking of she did change your password because she was hiding something from him. So actually you're you're giving him reasons. I'm sorry i'm backtracking buckton. If you really like this guy you need to not have a secret. Only fans account every day. It doesn't matter you need to not have a secret onlyfans account and change the password on your phone because all you're doing is feeding his insecurities and making him think that what he's doing is valid if you wanna start onlyfans account. I think that's something that you have to agree with your significant other It's a really great way to make money. And maybe he won't have a problem with it. You don't have to get naked on onlyfans like only people using only vans like one hundred same thing. So maybe she's just trying to create a side hustle make some extra money and transparent parent about stuff like that. Yeah no i think the only was created. I sexy picks interesting also. I just want to clarify. Like i just really only snoopy. Christoph want to know what you're talking about like i'm not. I don't think you're doing anything just like like who's been talking to. When he's not talking to me. I i just wanna put that out there. Now it's literally like your mom. No one queen you guys do your toasters thank you so much for writing in your toasters at gmail.com is the email. If you ever wanna write in you can write it in about anything. You can update us if we've ever read your submission on air. I'm always keep it anonymous ben and has been an absolute pleasure having you here for the last two days. I hope you've enjoyed your time. And now i'm gonna give you a few minutes to plug whatever you want to plug where people follow you. If you're not following me at boy with no job at this point. I don't really know what you're doing. You can follow me at boy with no job. There really is nothing else applaud. I mentioned this yesterday. Twenty twenty one is going to be a really big year. Some really exciting stuff is coming out. I don't want to necessarily talk about it now. But i'll come back on the show and talk about. You are always welcome here within reason. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining more. Thanks so much for listening to the morning tests millennium morning show where we live in the past five stories that you need to know every monday friday on youtube. So if you're watching us. Unusual subscribing his video. Thumbs up. Roosevelt's podcasts google podcasts about about agents deter public radio. I already has all the places where we listen to podcasts financing when he tells leaving five serbia beautiful stunning smart we are. We hope you have an amazing day. You is we'll see you tomorrow. Thursday show by.

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