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Hello Travel Nerd and welcome to the extra packet peanuts. The show that teaches you how to travel more while spending less and yes almost everyone is spending less right now on travel so it has been nice for our budget. That's true. Yeah my joining me. Today is the person who was definitely the better looking host of Lights Camera Switzerland a TV. Show that her. I got to film and aired on cable. Tv in the US and Canada. My wife and concentrate companion yes. That's very generous of you. Think you for the Nice shout out. We Love Switzerland that this is one of the most beautiful countries that we've seen it so stunning that it seems. I mean we when we first went to Switzerland travel win and he lived there and I went to visit him for a week or two. And we were up in maybe Brindell gigawatt Muren's from Harry Potter Grundel. Walled is also near there. But you're right and we took a picture of us like drinking. Glass of wine with the Sun was going down and I put it up on facebook because this was before instagram and our friends were like. Is this a real picture? You look like you're sitting in front of a fake backdrop. It is just beautiful. Yeah we have had some amazing experiences Switzerland as heather mentioned. And we're talking about Switzerland today in case you couldn't guess that during our quarantine. Diaries are shorter. Form unedited off the cuff version of our podcast. Which you can watch on TV. So if you listened podcast you can go watch on TV. If you WANNA see us in person were sitting outside and our backyard right now or obviously you can listen to it on our podcast feed so we had some really good memories in Switzerland. Because we've spent a lot of time there so back in twenty twenty ten two thousand nine. I lived there for four months in Los on so right up the right. The lake from Geneva so in the French speaking part of Switzerland. If you've never been to Switzerland there are four official languages but there are three kind of free speaking parts. You have the French speaking. The German speaking part in the Italian speaking part and so I was living in the French speaking part for four months. Heather got to visit me a little bit. They obviously I had a ton of experience guys living there for four months and then we also have gone back and we filmed a TV show over ten days. A one hour TV special called Lights Camera Switzerland there and that was super crazy and very hectic and we had about thirty days worth of activities jammed in to ten days. So we have. This is going to be very hard for me to pick out the best of stuff because it was two very different experience when I lived there you experienced stuff is kind of becoming like a local because I was working there and all that too I was eleven years ago. It was eleven years ago but then when we went from the TV show. It was just go. Go go go go go go. We were doing so much and that was five years ago. Five years almost completely opposite type of experiences. But we're going to do it anyway. We're GONNA try so here. We go. We're going to give you our best of Switzerland. Heather's the cards here and we're each going to answer this one quite not one question more each going to answer these questions individually first one is the best activity and I know mine straightaway. Gosh go ahead. I done so much there. There's so much I mean you could talk about hiking. Obviously that's incredible but because I'm more into leisure activities. My favorite thing is taking the boats on the lakes and we've done them on multiple lakes but my favorite one is to do it on Lake Geneva they have like the Swiss boats are so beautiful. They're so clean there on time. Of course they're very structured there and we've had both experiences on these boats so when we were there when I was working there as an intern we did just the normal passes but then when we went and we still on the TV show we had the VIP passes where you could get access to the upper decks. And I mean both experiences were incredible and I just think sitting there relaxing watching the landscape go by on a boat is just magical so I lived on Lake Geneva and Man. This is probably gonNA come up as my best memory. So it's hard to split memory from activity by lived on Lake Geneva. We took that boat. Ride all the way around. You know you could go to every on in France and where the waters from you know. So you're you go across the river to lake from France We did it on a few other lakes as well like we did it on Lake Lucerne and took the boats there when we were back from for the new show so the lakes off. I'm Geneva we win to Montreal. We saw the Chateau de she own. Which Oh my gosh. What a beautiful castle that is. We went both times. We were you it multiple times about twice the first time when you were interning there then the second time when we do the TV show there and this was after we were done filming so we were much more relaxing and we win and we was toward the castle again and then we swam right there next to the castle which we didn't do the first time. Yeah like I did once. But I didn't the first time. And it's pretty surreal to be in that type of atmosphere and then you just jump in the lake and getting your swimsuit and stare at this gorgeous medieval castle. So I'm GonNa I think I'm going to save it for favorite memory so I'm GonNa cop out because my my favorite activity is is the lakes as well. But I'm going to save that for from memory. 'cause I've got some specific about that. So that gives me a little bit of an option here for best activity and I think the best activity is for me was and I feel so bad saying because heather didn't get to do and she wanted to the first time we lived in Switzerland and it was too windy and I was scared to do it and then the second time only one of US could do it and I was chosen to do it and that is paragliding. Heard about that yeah. We'll take your back and go so I got to paraglider in in interlocken The the first time we were there we booked a flight for me to do it and then they cancelled it because of the weather. Yes so just. It seems like I don't like height and I thought I would be crazy scared and I loved it going with a guide. Obviously you're not up there by yourself. And it was absolutely magical to just be floating above the most majestic landscape it. You can picture the mountains and the lakes and all that So if you get a chance paragliding especially there is second to none. It's stunning. I mean you know how stunning landscape is when you're hiking through walking through but then to be up above it who there is not much stuff that is better than that so paragliding magical and you didn't do it in Interlocken. You actually did it right off. The some mountaineer Mierlo. Yeah right we're going to do it in interlocken first and then I did it in. Lucerne over Lake Lucerne in that area and interlocking is inbetween to lake so there are lakes. They're interlocking and that's sending place as well. I mean oh my goodness this is hard. Yeah it's going to be hard. We're GONNA TRY NOT TO COP OUT HERE WE'RE GONNA try to give you very specific things but there are a lot. There can be a lot of answers depending on the day to this. Next one is best meals best meal. This might be the the one that I don't have a ton of options for when I lived there as an intern. I was supposed to get paid a thousand dollars a month. Which if you're living in the most expensive place in the world which is Geneva and that area always one or two thousand dollars isn't GonNa go very far. It's especially not gonNa go far if thousand dollars at they're supposed to pay you they don't actually pay you. That's GonNa go even less far so we had myself in the three guys. I live with entrance literally had no money like just the money that we had in savings to live in Switzerland for four months so we were not eventually get paid after. I was home for like four months. I got some of my four granddaughters supposed to get paid so we were living very skin at that point. That's a little UK slang for your little British slang for. We had no money so what this meant. Was that my favorite meal. I'll give you like two because one was like one a higher level version the other the lower level version was that we had to go to the grocery store and we had to buy the cheapest thing there you could buy was baguettes tomato and Mozzarella Mozzarella cheese is very cheap there and and we were splurge every once in a while on Salami and me and my buddies would literally every day four. Make have a bag with sliced mozzarella tomato and Salami on it and we would eat that every single day which was awesome. No because we could go outside of our office and I would go across the street and sit in the park and it was usually beautiful days because I was there in the summer into fall and we just have a picnic and we have that same picnic a bunch of times when I return. Actually this. This isn't really my favorite meal that we had. But it's definitely the best memory meal because when we started doing this in Switzerland eleven years ago was kind of the first time that we'd been traveling together and as trump said he was interning so it's Kinda like backpack. We were poor. We report report. We started doing this. We started just going to the grocery stores and getting these treats and in the US. We don't really eat that. I mean we do now but it was just kind of a fun thing like okay. We're GONNA do this. It's really cheap. And we started doing all on that trip anywhere we would go. We didn't really eat out very much. Harris. We talk about our favorite meals in. Paris are just going me started like the Grocery Store Picnic in Europe. And it's still one of my favorite things to do in even exceed some of the. Michelin rated restaurants that we went to a good Alami Mozzarella and tomato on a bad get is incredible and so doing. Every day I wanted to tell the upper level versus every once in a while we'd splurge and there is a place. In Lausanne called Jackie's that made sandwiches and it was seven euros are seven francs and we would go and when we had enough money we would go and get a hot sandwich. Did Awesome Chicken sandwiches. I'll with onions. And Cheese. And Mayo Ed's good it's we would splurge and we'd go to Jackie's like once a week stand line order an awful French you know. Everyone knew we were like the outsiders air because this was a local a local news. Just take away there. Was this guy behind the Grill. And this little store front so yeah. It was always a super special. Treat to go and get a Jackie Sandwich. Best meal well. My actual best meal is a place that we went to and maybe traffic can remember because we we didn't do research before we decided to just talk about Switzerland experience and we did this during the filming of the TV show. We went to this farm where they made cheese and they had put out the most incredible Kuri Board and I love Choudhury so to me. This was just something super special with local cheeses from that farm and cured meats and fresh fruits. And this second day of filming it was in Saint Moritz or let's say you had gone to a cheese maker there and say charcuterie potter. That was an interlocken but it wasn't state rights and that was one of the best things that we ate. Yeah it was amazing it was. I don't remember it was just a local little spot. Yeah so I don't cheesemaker that we we're filming. And then he brought out this amazing thing after filming them so I don't think you can wreak. I mean you could recreate it. But we don't know the name so yeah I'm sorry. Yeah but anyway. That was right the next car. Yeah this is going to be tough the most beautiful sight I have mine. I'M PRETTY SURE. Go ahead and because. I so I mean literally where you look in Switzerland. We'll be the most beautiful sight but having been to interlock interlocken a few times and Geneva a few time Lake Geneva and Lausanne and in those places I had been to multiple times and they are stunning and they are beautiful but when we went to Lucerne for the first time and we took the cable car up to office he ladas. Yeah I think yeah. I'm so glad you remember because I couldn't think I couldn't remember when I was thinking about where I where I- paragliding was missing it but it came back and you have to just you have to take the cable car up there because you get to the top and there's just you're surrounded by mountains and Lake Lucerne and eat is. The most stunning sight and lake. Geneva is beautiful too but there's not a cable car that I know of in the mountains ernest. Hi there because there's lots of wineries which are beautiful beautiful view from when you're on the boat and whatnot but in Lucerne the mountains or just hire an just. It's just green gorgeous landscape with this beautiful lake a humongous lake. Yes I think it's the most beautiful so I this is so hard I have three one. I'M GONNA use as my best memory I'm hanging onto. That is best memory because I'm GONNA explain it a little bit. It's where I lived so I have great memories are the so. I'm going to go with interlocking itself and specifically going up in the mirror and then Game Awad and the reason is because I think it depends what you go to I either. Lucerne or interlocking. Because when I went with my buddies that intern with two we went to interlocken. I and I was reading. Rick Steves guidebook and he specifically said you know go to interlocking but make sure you go up this mountain to Muren and then hike down a little bit to this tiny town of Jim. Awad which is like a hundred people and it's like being in the eighteen hundreds and so I did that and we went to Muren and it was just fantastic and so that area Ginowan Moore and we stayed in the mountain hostile which is incredible like waking up in the morning and this is specific memory waking up in the morning at the mountain hostile and looking out the window and just being there the mount hostile and game walk being there in. Those mountains is absolutely stunning view. I've ever had any hostile or any accommodation ever and so to me. Then my buddy chase went on that trip with me and then he later went to Lucerne which I never got to when I interned there. We didn't go into the TV show and he was like I don't know I think lucere might be more beautiful and so I didn't know that and so you might be right but I just can't get away from that first moment of beautiful Switzerland which to me first moment of Beautiful Mountain Switzerland which to me happened interlocking but more specifically going up to Marin and then going into Ginowan. You're in another world and I'm going to give a specific shoutout here. Yeah this is actually the moment. I fell in love with travelling in below interlocken. There's an area called the louder Brune Valley and that's to then get up into the mountains that I was telling you about going up to Marin and going to Milwaukee and I was walking through the valley the first time I was there and I stopped underneath a hotel balcony on the main street and it was one of those Swiss chateaus. So you know you all know what they look like they had the plants out Hanley chalets. Yeah chalets fine. I guess either all right Shelley and they have the wall last Stephen because he's going to play. This will ask him the proper way to say but they have on each. They have the balconies on the front. Yeah and then on each balcony. It's like a four story five-storey thing they have the flowers over the balconies. And you're just like this is stunning so I was standing under the first balcony just looking through the valley and I thought I'm GonNa make life a travel like this is too beautiful not to come back to and not to see what the rest of the world has to offer. We travelled some but it just hit me in that moment eleven years ago. Here's what's crazy. We have a friend named Stephen Mc Filling me. He owns an awesome. Bnb which some of you have been to. He's Irish on the dingle peninsula called the mill townhouse. Dingle he put up a picture and he said I just bought another place. I am now the owner of a place in Switzerland. It's called Hotel Oberland. That was the exact hotel I was standing under when I had that he piff Unie and now our friend owns it. Wow bringing raising coincidence right. Yeah that's incredible. It's absolutely mind boggling. How that happens. It's the exact one that I was standing under because I remember it and I'm in love with travel. So that is the most beautiful sight like Media Standing Louder. Brunen valley after coming down from GIN Milwaukee and saying Yep I'm travel. Yeah and I think that we need to the first international trip. We take. Maybe we need. We're coming for. He said he's like you gotta get here. That's what I told him the story when he put I put on facebook like you don't know this but said that story and he goes you gotta come in. It's incredible it's still incredible. Really is incredible and just Switzerland as I know. We say that so. Many countries are the most beautiful. I mean. He's willing to speak beautiful. That's how to quintessential beauty to Central Natural Beauty Switzerland. Yes absolutely the only thing that rivals it is when we've been in Georgia and Georgia just a bit more rugged but if that's the type of beauty you're looking for that type of beauty. I mean it's postcard perfect cylinders when it comes so I we're GONNA go over our time and we don't really have time on the Corinthian diaries. But I mean Switzerland okay. We got most beautiful most useful by that. I mean I just was like and it is hard all right the best drink and I have a few in my mind. Which you know are a few to do you okay. So I'll just start with the first time we win near. There's lots of wineries around Lake Geneva and so we had a lot of local wines and that's really finding you can visit them and you can see them all and like these terrorist levels. Which is your UNESCO World Heritage Site? That's incredible but then when I was really thinking about a specific time I was like okay. Well when we were in burn I had a really good coffee when I was really tired after filming an hour an amazing experience and then I thought wait a second. The most infamous drink that has ever happened in our entire sixteen year relationship and our travels for the past eleven years. There is a story here and travel loves to tell it. Don't you try your best? You tell so we were in Bern and we were staying at the most beautiful five star hotel in Burns who were filming with the TV show and this is the hotel. I think we'RE CONNECTED TO THEIR PARLIAMENT BUILDING. So all all the diplomats. Everyone who's anyone and can afford. It stays there. Yeah so we were. We were getting. This was the nicest place we stayed during the whole entire time of filming and it was our last day. Yeah we're actually getting ready to go to our very last shoot of the tendon. We're going to Abreu filming all that day. We went down the river and afloat and we had a barbecue and there's all filmed and working walking in and out of this five star hotels lobby in like shorts and a meeting sued. And then we change to our last shoot of the day and it was taking some time for the crew to get altogether. So we're just sitting there. We're ready we're waiting in the lobby and it's me and traffic and the sound guy and the cameraman and I'm just a little bit bored and I'm a little bit antsy so behind me. Is this incredible Bar Open Bar Jin Bar? They have a gin which is not usually. It's just all gin and I love GIN. It's kind of the Sherry family. Drink is ginger. Drink of choice when we talk about liquor so I'm like listen. We are just sitting here waiting. Why don't we just go and grab a quick GIN and tonic? Can I interject really quick? I know it's your story. We were so excited when we got here because this has a gin bar why who has a gin. And they had one hundred fifty Jin's and we knew we were going to stay there and we're like we can't wait to sample like some crazy exotic. Jin from around the world when we're done filming night so we're very much looking so you know but we're just waiting. I'm bored or something and so I really WanNa drink and then I say I have to go the bathroom. Yeah I say that you WANNA drink. He said no not really way to after we're done filming and we'll get it. This evening is exactly what I said. Okay and then I asked you know the sound guy. He's like. Yeah I love a drink and I asked the cameras like no no no. I'm fine but tries to the bathroom and I'm just like I really want a drink so I go over to the bar with the sound guy and we're talking about the Jin asking the bartender rapid gin and I'm like let's just do it. Let's just why not? Let's just get a drink while we're waiting so you know I order. I talked to the guy about jeans and I think I ordered one. That was like a Japanese gin which had no no. No no no no. I wanted the Japanese Jen because the Prime Minister of Japan had given this as a special gift to this hotel because he had stayed there so. I was very excited when that guy told me about that earlier today by the Japanese. Jim Hey I don't remember which you know. He wanted to give us like a Bombay Sapphire their new like like rang poor version. I'm like no he. He just gave us. I don't remember what is something that you can get other places in the world. So travel comes over from the bathroom and I ordered. At least I order you a drink. I ordered three and I think the sound I had gotten a drink for US and other times so I was like I'll just we'll get this round because we owe you one. Maybe not the best place to owes someone drink because we get the drinks and we drink. You're missing so many. I don't drink them yet. The moment he gives them to us the moment he gives us the drinks and we pour the tonic in the producer. He's like okay. You guys ready to go like we gotta get in the car. We were late for this. Shoot at the brewery. Let's go right the moment the bartender puts us down. So then we have to like suck back these drinks and superior literally have to Chug the GIN and tonic. Yet would the producers. We gotta go. Can we have a few minutes to drinking? Say We gotta get in the van you have less than a minute so we drink them very quickly chug that I just have to tell the story the right way and then I get. The bill and each drink was thirty. Us dollars thirty to thirty two Swiss francs so yeah thirty two US dollars. Yeah I was like well six francs so chug this gene. T- that I didn't want to get I opened the bill and it says ninety six francs on it. I was livid but we had to get into our last shoot at a brewery which was not the time to obviously get mad and I guess all's well that ends well because as our Buddy Jeff Walker said to us. He goes that ninety six dollars. That story will go so far because you'll tell it so many times really it's pennies. It spent those rings for Pennies Task Pennies. And here's the thing. Here's the crazy part. I never got to go back and getting another GIN and tonic. You could have didn't work out that way. We had to stay out late to film all kinds of stuff but but at least you can say you had a drink at this beautiful right. You know I welcome. Basically what I'm trying to say is you're welcome. Go that being said. There is a if you ever go to hotel in. Burn the Guy I did talk to. I said there is a Philadelphia Gin. That's really good called blue coat. I sent him an email about it. He now stocks at at his gym bar. Which is pretty cool so we had a little bit of so. That's neat to know your has since forgiven me. It took a couple of days. Maybe even a couple of weeks you guys decide. Forgive I did cut in there a few times a story. That is the best story around the lead. I will give that. That was one of my shoes. I'll give a quick little one. I told you about being in Gimmel walled and staying at the mountain hostile. Which if you're even if you're not a hostile person stay in the mountain hostile and get more. It's awesome but the the next house up from the mountain hostile is a little restaurant and bar and I just remember sitting there. One of the first pictures I put on facebook when I was living in. Switzerland was me sitting there with a beer. The beer held out like a big sign of beer in my hand and like the background is the mountain and it literally just looks like there's a hand with a beer and then the mountains right there because you're just in the album. It's incredible so yeah. That beer was the one of the Best Beers I've ever had because most scenic place. Not as good as the GIN and tonic. No not as good as best memory. I'm sure for travel I. I'm not really sure what mine could be. I think. Do you want to go first or I will. So I've been waiting to tell the story or thing since the beginning for me. I lived on a vineyard. So have you heard bear? I supposed to make a thousand dollars working my butt off in Switzerland so that wasn't the payoff but the the one of the best things about it other than just getting fall in love and travel on that trip was that I lived with three other guys on an awesome vineyard that was steps to the beach. Who's right across the street lake? Geneva was right across the street from our vineyard so it was done needing stunning everyday to go back to this chateau shallow and I made a promise that every single day every single day walk across the street and dive into the lake. Because at that point we didn't travel much and I said I have no idea when I will ever be back here and to ever have this opportunity again so I am going to dive into this like every single day that I live here and swim. And so it's really into making these huge all-encompassing just said I'm going to dive in. I'M GONNA swim. I'M GONNA float on my back and I'm going to look up at the Alps on the other side of the lake. The French Alps. I'm GonNa do that every day. Which was really easy to do for the first there and during the summer first couple of weeks but then it started to get colder and there was like ten September October and it was getting pretty cold and my buddies at long sense. Like why are you going to the lake? Every like you know it kind of become a little old hat to them and I said no way and so my best memory is just diving into that like every single day and I would just float on my back with my hands behind my head and I said you're going look up at those mountains while you're floating in this like every single day and I did it every single day. My trip that I was at that how you know if we are traveling and we were not there you know. I couldn't do it but yes oh for four months. Basically one hundred and twenty days. I did that and that. It's just an incredible memory like it's just such an amazing place that I was able to get to live and so the beauty and I said you know it's hard to think of the most beautiful thing. That spot was incredible. Incredibly beautiful the vineyard incredibly beautiful so that Lake area the Chateau Day. She on that you mentioned over in Mantra It's just. It's incredible so just getting to live there and doing that every single day and coming home to that beauty after a day of work that probably pissed me off that our bosses weren't paying us. You know all this kind of stuff. All this animosity that happened I could come home and it could be all washed away by diving into lake every day and that goes right along with my best memory which I kind of mentioned earlier when I talked about doing the activities of boating on on the lakes in in the big in the big you know Swiss boats and we even did a one of the Duck Swan paddleboats and we were in Lucerne which was fine as well going on those big boats and the David we we did it. And we'd finished filming and we went to she decio much. We'd been to six years before and we just got engaged. Wind travel moved to Switzerland. And so that was like the first time and go back and we win to that Chateau and we did that whole boat trip and then when we did it years and years later after living in Japan after starting our travel by doing that it was just so cool to have those two memories. You know the same memories doing different times doing the same thing. Yeah but our lives and yeah the first time. We didn't jump in the lake in swimming. I don't know why but we did that second time and that was just so cool. Swimming in Montrose. Around Chatto is awesome. Swimming in Lake. Geneva itself Crescendo. Does she owns a different. Stop from Macho isn't mantra-like a little bit further or yeah. I mean they're right in the WALK IN BETWEEN THEM. Maybe not yeah anyway. That is incredible. It's incredible yeah so we love love love of our buddy if you're watching. Tv Our son is on the other side of the camera waving at us so cute. He's he's going to be the one that takes over this podcast so yes okay best memories. Yeah there you have it. Yeah and then we have one more. Most surprising thing which to me is just how unreal. The scenery is in Switzerland. That it just looks fake. It's beautiful it's that amazing you. I have not heard anybody say that. They dislike Switzerland or that. It's not beautiful. So can I read off just a few sure I live there? I'm GonNa give you just a few quick hitters and we have a whole Switzerland destination diary so definitely we do definitely we. Don't we gotTA DO? I'm pretty sure definitely. Check that out. We'll go into more detail. Few Cricketers one the price. Well Yeah I was GONNA talk AIDS. I mean I'm not sure it'd be a downer. It's crazy expensive. Everything in Switzerland other than Mozzarella cheese is crazy. Expensive bags and you know listen. It's you you get what you pay for. That's not always true in travel right because you could go really cheap. Isaac Switzerland is worth going to. It's worth saying I'm going to splurge to be here. There are to do it a lot cheaper and not break the bank but you will get sticker shock when you're in on the first timers there I remember. We tried to go to McDonald's one of the first as we were there because we don't even know what to do. We have no money in this just coming towns and it was eighteen dollars. We thought what like. We can't even afford McDonald's here so that's a surprise. Second how awesome the town of Los on is so I lived there and loved it but it gets way overlooked because you have Geneva which I love Geneva and to be fair. I didn't spend a Lotta time there but it was very very you know the UN's there. It's very kind of buttoned up and very Swiss. And whatever you could go to los on. It's a lot smaller. I think it's a lot cooler and a lot funkier and you still have the same scenery because you're still in the lake. So do not miss. Los On interlocken is amazing. Burn is amazing amazing surprising because it's not one of the big hitters. You know and apple and it's like a smaller city and it's not on a lake but it is on river and the river culture. There is very cool. People just on their lunch breaks jump in the river and float down it and then hop out and go back to work mean. I'm not lying people do that. It's so cool it so that's a really funds small so if you're planning it yeah same same thing kind of with Burnham saying with son. Don't skip them like it's easy to overlook both of them. You gotta go to Lucerne you gotta go to Interlock in but you should definitely get down to low on and you should hit burns. Well I can skip Zurich. I know I was just GONNA so. We were in Zurich and I mean I didn't it was okay. It's it's another really Nice Lake but Lucerne is nicer and I think Lawson is nicer so for sure. Don't Miss Burn. Don't Miss Los on on that note with those on. The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is good. That's right incredible win the whole time you live there. We win did you. I went back with. Yeah okay. I didn't go in there when I came to visit. The reason I was there was because we were working for International Sports Federation and the International Olympic Committee is there and then the Olympic Museum is there. It's one of the Best Sports Museums. I've ever been to in my life absolutely incredible so don't miss that I was shocked at how amazing that was and then I mean that's that was kind of what I wanted to hit on. Those things is the most surprising is like you know and I guess I kind of to get on your point. The the last part is that. It's so easy to get around that kind of going back to your your thing of everything so beautiful. I would just. I would spend as much time as you can in Switzerland even if that means doing it cheaper somehow and stretching your dollar. Because you don't want to miss any parts of it and we really don't. We didn't even talk about the panoramic train. The same berates in back. There's a lot there. Solta lot of amazing things there. And Yeah you're GONNA be amazed and surprised by the things you know. You'RE GONNA be amazed and surprised by the Mountains Lakes Times that and then you're gonna be amazed by the things that you don't might be hidden gems like on like burn like the Olympic Museum. Like just you know hanging out on. Lake Geneva and taking a little paddle steamer around I. It's just incredible. I we went we went. Oh my gosh. Absolutely incredible special place in our best price dollar if you could just start crushing the Swiss francs so we can go back and and not be as expensive. That'd be nice to but thank you guys for listening. This are quarantine diaries. This one was the longest one. We've done so far so not always short form but short or shorter farm. Unedited off the cuff. Yeah so there you have it Switzerland absolutely love it. Let us know off. You've been a Switzerland rank ranked places you've went right. The cities have fun with that. You can do that at XTRAC peanuts. Keep the love coming for the quarantine dyers guys at Super Helpful. And we appreciate you appreciate all that you're doing. Don't forget we asked before. Leave a rating or review. We're trying to get to a thousand of them so leave a radio interview. That would be super helpful for us as well. That's it Jetson a great day.

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