How a Room in New Jersey Gave Us the Film Industry


In the nineteenth century New Jersey was home to inventors of all kinds. A legacy that continues today there are now more scientists and engineers per square mile in New Jersey than any other state in the nation but the most famous innovator in New Jersey history has been Thomas at his. It was here that he and his research team developed the first successful incandescent light. Boko and a working phonograph. The first device ever to record and play back. ACT The sound of a human voice and then in eighteen eighty nine at his laboratory which still stands here in West Orange. He and his team created the world's first first movie camera which he called a Connecticut. Graf he built a small structure in which you could make films the first movie studio in in the world it was known as the Black Maria and was basically just one room. A replica announced as here at the Thomas. Edison national historical Oracle Park inside and some had actors perform in front of his Connecticut Graph and opened the roof to let light in soon others. Were experimenting with Edison's movie cameras. And they turn the New Jersey town of Fort Lee into the birthplace of the American film industry today today. Fort Lee is better known for a recent political scandal known as bridge gate but once this town perched on the Hudson at the end of the George Washington Bridge was America's film town two decades before Hollywood even existed Fort Lee. Streets bustled with producers directors. Actors and crew. This simple single story. White building was once the headquarters of the champion. Film Company built in one thousand nine as one of the the first movie production studios in the country it was also in Fort Lee that Universal Studios got. Its start along with Fox the.

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