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Yeah. It's not a news. But it is the stuff that you'll really be talking about the rest of the day. Dow trending with Riggins on the ace and TJ show, I'll get to the top trending topic in just a second is a very special day, and you need to know about it. But I did you know that cheese whiz is now qualified as a healthy nutritious product. Really, yes. Because there are certain fats in there. They're called c eles CLA or gone gated Luminol EAC acid. Yeah. I used to take that all the time as a supplement really feeling it naturally occurs in meat and dairy products helped helps burn fat and Bill muscle cheese. Whiz has a lot of it. So there are a lot of calories and Jesus, but listen if you're looking for a couple extra CLA's don't feel bad about eating a lot of new cheese whiz. Cheese whiz, of course, made by Kraft. It's very specific product. Yes. But listen, a mom I'm down for this. There's a new hashtag going viral. It's called the trash tag trash tag challenge. Which encourages everybody to go out and clean up their local communities. It's gonna take an over on Twitter Instagram and read it use the hash tag trash tag. And then go clean up your local community. Nothing wrong with that picking up some litter. When you see it. I saw Saturday forgot to mention it. I saw somebody just throw a Cup out the window riding down the road. And I was like there's a moment of that. They the window. Must blown out now this chunk out the window. Totally threw me. I haven't seen that in. So long was serious. If they just he watched him though, a Cup out the window dry. If they throw it. That's harsher than throw it. Right. Maybe. Maybe. Out the window either way. I was confused because I haven't seen that in forever. I saw the most shocking littering thing I've seen in recent memory, somebody was packing up a pack of cigarettes, which is just rare anyone they unwrap the plastic throw the plastic out the window. And then a second later, they take the foil that actually covers the actual cigarettes. And then that goes out the window and oh, gosh, two times like at a stoplight Silla feigns trash if you can see through it. They're put that on. I mean, it's not trash if you can see through a have, you know, 'cause trashes unsightly, right? If it's translucent, it's not unsightly, right? Oh, good point TJ. They always right. That's why I'm always slinging Saran wrap. Everybody. Like, a little Hansel and gretel trail, not try if you can see I mean, that's really profound. Litter away people as long as you can see through it. That's amazing stuff and today is national pancake dates the top trending topic. But it does have to share the holiday with national girl scout day national plant a flower day and national baked scallops day. So that's. Nobody's make Lougee day. I know scallops nasty. I heard somebody. I don't eat seafood, but I'll eat I'll eat scallops. And I went oh my gosh. Well, you like I would assume fish sticks or something. But of scallop the texture of those just awful of you face inside, shark and start munching. Oh. Haven't had fish so long. Also, good. Yeah. He likes scallops. I love scallops. I'm also the weird one on the group. So what we do. But we do I now. I now. Exactly. Yeah. So all the things you said it. I just agreed repeated our group therapy authored today says I feel dishonest to my husband by not telling him what has happened. We'll tell you what had happened than you will help tell her whether or not she should tell her husband next year connected funny with your funniest friends. Next Papa John's believes it's good to be different. So we've added six new pizzas were him crafted specialty menu because no-one roles with an all cheese crew. So get together and figure out who's a Meatball pepperoni and who the ultimate who's applying Hawaii or is that the Italian and who gets the title of Mr. Myskina -ality the pepper genie. That's all the ingredients you need for good time. And right now, get any large specialty for just twelve bucks. Better ingredients better pizza Papa John's participating US doors, Texas, Hillary extra are you ready for everything and nothing all the same time. Hey, it's as join me for my podcast ace at large new each Thursday at twelve noon through itunes and Google play. Looking for spectacular deals on spring break in summer travel, Email or travel agent Michelle at travel at ace, T dot com and follow Acer large on Twitter, hashtag as at large. Tuesday morning. The doctors are in. Group therapy on the TV show. Okay. This is an Email. If you ever have an Email issue group therapy, Harnish you Email for therapy ace TJ at ace, TJ dot com. Honestly, normally we get them DM through Twitter Facebook these days, but she writes hastened TJ, I have a problem. I need your help with and how I should handle this situation. Please call me Lucy. By the way, if you wanna be called Lucy don't put your name in parentheses next to the word Lucy. I had to go through it Mark that out twice assurance. I have been working for my company for couple of years and enjoy what I do. I one of three managers at my location myself in one of the other managers have gotten along great for the past several years and have become good friends. We've bonded over our dislike of the other manager at our location. The manager that I'm friends with even attended my wedding. Last week. I was caught off guard when this manager told me he has formed feelings for me more than just friendship. I have absolutely no feelings for this manager other than friendship. He is around sixteen years older than me and married with kids. I have also married, and we just had our first child last year. My question is what should I do? My coworker has asked to keep this between us. However, I feel dishonest to my husband by not telling him. Wherever I don't want him to be concerned of anything since I have no interest in this guy. And the majority of our employees are men. I also feel weird around this co worker and have been trying to avoid him. But just don't know. Now, what to do please help Lucy? So a co worker came onto her, and she doesn't know within Hiller husband heard is it coming onto her when he says, hey, this once you don't have feelings for you is that considered coming onto her or would have been more. Hey, let's get out of here and go do I don't know what what the ten. Okay, depends on where he's pointing on himself when he says, I have feelings good point TJ as you can see I'm having some really. Feelings are you right? This general region. Very sensitive. My hardest full. And so is. Right. Though. Yeah. Apparently, probably do you think she should tell her husband? No because she may need that guy someday. Her husband may make our mad, and she may you know, what you're making me feel like I'm not wanted. And I'm not sexy anymore because I've had your kids in your running around acting like you're so much hotter than I am. She got a little something in pocket of keep their Riggins. Should she? Tell her husband, of course. Really? Yeah. Okay. Sas? I say, yes, she should tell her things. She should. Yes. Because she's uncomfortable at our work workplace. She said she didn't like them. So yes, I think she should should she report him now that she's uncomfortable at the workplace if it continues. Yes, if he starts touching her and sitting her messages and things like that. That may maybe. Yeah. Britt right now is just a he's made. Right. Just two comments. No indication from what she said that that's that. He's going to start doing that other stuff, right? Hey, I think is cool mom has a little secret. Because what is the husband deserve nothing? He's a man he doesn't deserve. He's probably got his own secrets. He's probably told a bunch of women he has feelings for them down there at the workplace. So one trolley or one twenty three eighty five one triple eight forty one as TJ or Facebook and Twitter. So the guy came onto her apparently hasn't done anything else. He just said that he again, if you missed it. He said, he informed me, he has feelings for me more than just friendship, should she? Tell her husband. That's the question. He saying looks like I'm getting a little too big for my britches. The results the TJ show podcasts are your way to stay connected. Funny shows over more show total recall ace and TJ thirty and cast shows are all available through I tunes and most other podcast services. Or if the joke coming up take your journey back in time and get connected funny to an ace and TJ show from the past with a total recall podcast total recall sponsored by the amazing Valentine hotel and spa in Charlotte. Book your getaway, the Ballantyne dot com and follow total recall on Twitter, hashtag total recall looking for more than juice cleaned. Use offers smoothies eagles, avocado toast, and so much more all USDA, certified organic, go to clean, juice dot com to find a location near you. It's clean juice. Now, the Asia TJ show presents a group therapy update. We gave you pretty unique situation. This lady is a manager one of the other managers in her office told her that after years of friendship guy was even at our wedding. He's formed more than just friendship feeling for her. She says, I have absolutely no feelings for this manager other than friendship. He is around sixteen years older than me and married with kids. I'm also married. We just had our first child last year. I have no interest in this, man. My question is what should I do? Co-worker has asked me to keep this between us. However, I feel dishonest to my husband by not telling him, however, don't wanna tell him and be concerned anything's, I have no interest in the guy in the majority of our employees are men. Well, you know, I'm always Mr. silver lining as a matter of fact that that should be my job, title, TJ, Mr. silver lining, and look at it this way, you had a baby year ago, and you're already so hot. From having a baby that guys willing to step out on his family for you. See he. Yeah. That's the first thing you do is stop and recognize yourself for being the strong woman in hot that you are. Strong hot woman. You are. Hey, hot mom coming through itchy. Off the Donut. So let you the majority of people seem to believe she should tell her husband. But it's it's closer than I thought it's like like sixty forty Lucy. Welcome to the ace and TJ show. Why do you think she should tell her husband? I think she should tell her husband just because she feels like she wants to. And this manager is making her feel uncomfortable. Because she thought they had this friendship when in reality. He just likes her, and she doesn't feel the same way. I mean, he's making her feel uncomfortable. He just said that. And then they went on about the business. He said I also feel weird around this co worker and have been trying to avoid him. But just don't know what to do. Now. Like, he's trying to avoid this guy, which obviously she's like low what the heck, you know. So. I just I feel like you're you're supposed to be able to tell your spouse, everything, and the fact that she wants to I I don't feel like in this person is sixteen years older than her. She obviously has no interest. Who would have any interest in a guy at least sixteen years older than she gross disgusting baby with her best friend seems like so her husband? You're saying at twenty seven you would have no interest in somebody like forty seven years old. Yeah. No way. No way. Gross. That's why I mean, I I'm not hating people who enjoy you know, have a couple of that way. But I mean this she's married, you know, so. Yep. Nasty. I agree. Thanks lizzie. Thanks for calling me in the head. But you gave riggings a good laugh at my expense. That's thanks. Thanks. That was really funny, obviously. Dating someone at least sixteen years older than you. And the reason that we're laughing that because ace's girlfriend is. Couple of. Centuries yogurt than he is. Twenty something years younger. Yeah. Couple of decades change, right? Thank you Lucy. Paul says this is the same as you tell your kids. If you ask yourself, should I do this? Then that means you should not. She is asking should I keep this from a husband? So the answer's clearly no if he found that it would create trust issues. What it here's my thing though. Wouldn't if you're her husband, would you be would you be shocked to find out if you found out, oh, the co worker hit on her? Would you be shocked? No. When I be shocked to find out somebody hit all my girlfriend. No, I just think that would expect it doesn't mean I wanted to happen. But it's that's life. I mean, I'm sure men have hit on Jody. She probably doesn't tell teacher about it all the time. But I'm sure may have hit on her before gross. You need to think about this. There's so much. There's so much at risk either way, you know, it's a bad situation that he's put you in. But. If you come out with it and all before you even know whether or not it's going to he's going to talk about it anymore doing anything along those lines again. I mean when you're having a bad day. And you're having a what you think is not so cute day been up with the baby all night. There's nobody at work that's going to be there to complement you. And nobody that's going to be your friend there. Like this guy's wanted to be friends. Right. Okay. When you need that little ego. Boost the best way for a woman to have an ego boost to have some old man chasing around behind. Makes her feel really good. Yeah. What did she does? He's too old to do any damage because you know, he if he's chasing you he can't catch you. If you don't want him to write with his Walker, even if he got new tennis balls on the legs. Yeah. He wouldn't be able to no one scarupa no-one scared of Colonel Sanders. Can get you. I'm just I think she should tell her husband. They should fight about. Her husband's should fight that guy. In front of the kids. About seventy you tell. Is the TJ show? Riggins had a near disaster in his life. Thank goodness. The disaster was averted. Stairs pain with all of us next. You'll way stay connected funny with the more show after the show podcast is to tunes. Alexa, and now Pandora sponsored by clean, juice. Go to clean, Jews dot com for locations or. Joe that want to save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets, then call low cost airlines for prices, so low we can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen. Coming up on the ACT J show. These I face off happens in about thirty minutes on the agency. It's going to be setting. Dying. Reagan's thing. All all this is so funny. Go ahead. Reagan. I live at this place called sky house, and I had the maintenance people up at my apartment yesterday. And which was they're wonderful. I love them all very nice, and I had them come look at my dishwasher because. I wanted to run faster. That was taking too long turns out. I was I wasn't right. That's just it's an eco-friendly dishwasher. And. In the meantime, I had been I decided not to use it. Just in case something was wrong with it which there wasn't. But I began to let my dishes pile up in the sink because I didn't have a dishwasher to work with and for this was on. Saturday that I started to call and so- Saturday Sunday Monday. I did not have the use of a dishwasher. So for three days. I let dishes pile up in my double sink, and it got pretty bad. I mean, I I do a fair bit of cooking, and they were over the lip of the counter. So I mean, they were stacked. And then I add to overflow onto the counter pots and pans and multiple plates, lots of cups and every time I walked by. I thought this is terrible. I I don't I'm running out of dishes, and you know, I have to wait for them to come in. And look at the dishwasher, I don't know what I'm gonna do. So I'm from issue. I started I began eating off of Tupperware lids. Because I didn't have any plates. I've only got a setting for like four three or four. I've got three four dinner plates three or four goals. So I was eating off lids. And I even had spaghetti and meatballs off the lid off a Tupperware. And not once did it occur to me that I could turn on the sink get a little bit a dishwasher dishwashing, soap and just wash him with my hand is like a like they did for what I would imagine of years. It didn't even occur to me that you could do that. So you didn't think I don't wanna do that. I'll eat off this Tupperware live it because that's understandable to if you decided you know, what it's not. I don't feel. It has some of that lays. Yeah. Never even crossed my mind. I looked at him probably fifteen times and got man I wish I could clean those. I wish there was a way to clean a dish without a dishwasher, and it n- and I laugh. About it yesterday because oh, yeah. I probably could just like clean them. How many times did you get mad because it was taken people too long to come look at your dishwasher every time and it wasn't even broken to begin. With didn't do it as quickly as you said. Or did they say these to be empty when we get there? No. So you were keeping an empty. You just thought it's not something's wrong with it. I'm not gonna use it at all yet. Because what on the dishwasher, there's a two and a half hour setting on it? That's how long it takes because it's high efficiency. Yeah. But there is a one hour wash that uses more water, which you can just set it to that. But I don't know really how to use a dishwasher I'd never really messed with just start. You put the soap in you hit start. Yeah. But it took so long. I was like, Shirley something's wrong with this thing. Surely. But it never even crossed your mind. Not kill. They had fixed. It could've just wash these by hand. Yeah. And it never crossed your mind to wash one of them. We needed a plate just to wash one plate, not even because I guess that would across your mind, and you would have thought. Well, why don't I just do all of them this way from doing one? Yeah. Right. No, no. No, I didn't have any silverware. I even thought like I was like can I eat spaghetti with a butter knife. Forks, and then I was down to like the dessert spoons to eat stuff like the little tinies moons. And then I even had everybody's got one spoon in their drawer that they just hate for some reason, you don't have any reason why you don't like that spoon. But you just don't use it. I was using that spoon. It was. I mean, really you think you have problems. It was a nightmare. Thank god. They got there yesterday. Yeah. What you've done. If you've gotten today. I don't know. But they they looked at. There's nothing wrong with it. It's working fine. Just gotta look at the setting stupid. Okay. That makes sense. But even that makes it worse because you're so into technology that one would say he didn't think about doing it by hand because he's so into technology. But then again, the technology is what messed you up because you didn't look into the technology enough to figure out there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher. It's amazing the dishwasher and the washing machine their fifteen settings. I don't know what any of them do. And they saw what the hell's esteem washed the guys that came in and looked at the dishwasher, they saw that your dishes were still upheld up. Yeah. For no reason disgusting. That I've been more acceptable. If it would just been 'cause you're lazy. Yeah. Lazy? Trump's stupidity idiot idiot. Was that should have gone over there for you? Yeah. Down trending with Riggins. Just mentioned it yesterday. My job over. The kitchen anyway, right? Why is it a special day today? I'll tell you in less than ten minutes. I'm now trying to get to know the ace and TJ show. I live live by the motto the more meat the better. Now, you know, the TJ show. Give us five minutes. And you'll know a little something about a lot of things. It's now trendy with Riggins on the ACC J show. All right. I'll give you the top turning top. If you're in just a second. It's a special day, but today is also very special because its thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web thirty years ago today the internet was created so hashtag web thirty is trending right now. The eighty nine I believe so. Yep. A lot of people started with dial up fifty six k modems some people had like twelve I believe we had an eighteen k modem and then the day, I got broad like a broadband. I think what they caught in college was a glorious glorious day was in your dorm or out into an apartment is in my dorm. And then I could watch, you know, adult content without buffering and all that stuff. I mean, it's amazing in a young man's. Life. You didn't buffer at all while you were watching. No. Of course, never heard it referred to that either. But hey, whatever, you young people call it. I'll go along with polish in a buff. Well, buffering and then the day I moved in had adult content playing as my roommate's parents came into the dorm room honest to God it happened. That's his little brother pointed out to me because hey, man on your computer right there. So. So. You think I broke out in high break out in hives when I get nervous. I mean, I looked like a cherry tomato. Remind me how it was the little brother. He was in middle school probably eighth grade. Okay. Yep. Yep. That happened TJ. This might be for you. Because no one loves the Applebee's Blondie more than TJ. I love a blonde which is in cooked in like a cast iron. It's a white chocolate brownie in a cast iron Skillet. There's something new called a position he a cinnamon toast crunch cereal poopie, which was basically a sugar cookie. Yeah. Cooked inside a cast iron Skillet for one with cinnamon toast crunch vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar, glazed I'll be all over. That sounds incredible combines a lot of TJ favorite things a sugar cookie. Cinnamon toast crunch. Any type of glaze any type of? Yeah. That looks amazing ice-cream this picture is kind of taken over right now. I can. And I really would have said the cinnamon toast crunch not so much. But once you see it. No. That really that looks like it's working overtime. Yes. This reminds me, you know, I always talk about how my daughter, and I are so much alike. We have the we did that personality profile quizzed thing, and we have the same personality type and only four percent of the population has that personality. But I found something that's a huge difference between us that she has in common with my wife. That's a it's a deal breaker. I think. They would rather have rather than ice cream day would rather have snow cones reas regular old hard ice snow combs rather than ice cream. Yes. Wow. Interesting. I think I'm on board with that too. What a snow cone a soft ice snow cone. But the only only my daughter prefers soft serve ice cream to that. But sufficient regular scooping it out ice cream. She ever smoke home. That's craziness. I can't I can't understand that. Sometimes you think like what's no coma. Hit the spot that never every time. Everytime time if given the option like if they were side by side, I'm going to the ice cream store every time because you can't put a snow cone on top of this sugar cookie with cinnamon toast crunch. What I'm saying you're right about that good ice cream, and then a karma, glazed and all that stuff, and they actually pick. If they were Saab is they would they go with snow cone ice cream. My wife's never been an ice cream that much of an ice cream fan. And you know, how she is about hard candy those fruity flavors like she's eating jolly, ranchers, right gidell's. And in candy necklaces, nerds all the time. It makes sense that she would like fruity smoke home. But my daughter, oh next thing, you know, she's gonna tell me she's giving Star Wars and other chains. Really didn't give it a good enough. Look, see. What is this world coming to my God? We're bringing it back as and TJ's I tunes. Faceoff happens next. This is the TJ show. Is the TJ show? We'll bring it back. Teachers items face are two members of the TJ Shoko head to head in a battle for the best song. So here I have a Cup full of the show. Members names I'm going to randomly pull out to show members one Cup to ship. And then. And then I will pick a random letter of the alphabet the show members have to go into their tunes library pull a song from an artist that begins with that letter. And we will have a battle of the best song. So I the reigning champion. The last one was TJ verse SAS. Oh, that's right. And I believe TJ one dominated you would be the current reigning champion. I didn't it wasn't. It wasn't a rhetorical question. I didn't really know the answer is but. Wow. First name is ace. Okay ace you are contender number one contender number two. It could've been a contender TJ. Oh, okay. So I will now pick a random letter of the alphabet. I'm normally not very good at this. 'cause I pick name of his sex day. I'll I'll let SAS because I've always picked the letter of the SAS pick a random letter of the alphabet S S. Oh, I wonder why. Why I asked Jay will now go into their items library pull a song from an artist or a band whose name begins with the letter s and my tunes that's in your library. Okay. And then next we will have a battle for who's got the best song. This exciting. I don't have any known with as notes not commonly. Oh, that's going to say I was about to say what about shock Akon? Like, I'm an idiot. Okay. I guess I'm not going with anything that. I really would like to hear. Well, hold on. This is pretty good for you. You know what? I mean. Yeah. That means what does that mean artist at me and him like that start the s. Wow. Okay. Well, listen little inside secrets. I just realized I forgot. All right. Because I'm young. Okay. I know I know. All right. So in less than ten minutes, we're going to have a battle for who's got the best on ace verse TJ one battle to rule them all in less than ten minutes. There's more. Coming up. By donating just one dollar as as radio, family charity. We're ready campaign. The ready and have enough money on hand for immediate help. Members of our radio family might mean as TJ dot com. Abby eighth TJ athlete for the radio, family charity. One dollar link to donate now TJ. One battle to rule them all TJ's. I tunes showdown is back and better than ever ACT. Jay have been ready to challenge. Each other. With the best song, we read it. We. We read full ya'll yard so sassy pick pick the letter S. So each ace ace and TJ we'll both have to pick a song by an artist or band whose name begins with the letter s then we will post the songs on social media. You will vote on who's got the best song. So who wants to go first? I uses the challenge. Yes. The defending champion. I should go first. That's correct. As who have you picked I'll pick with with s I had so many options in my phone. I could have gone with ski Lou could go on with the scorpion. It's going to go with skid row could've gone with any number of people. But I went with a quite honestly choice of pantry. I'm paying to the people because I wanted to give the lady something to make move today. Something to make a move not just in their seat. But to vote for me to win whatever this game has called. So I give you. Saw pepe. So, you know, the it's push it by salt Bevere, my choice for who's got the best. Yeah. Maybe unseeded here because I picked mine just because I wanted to hear it because I don't ever hear it on the radio. It's been a long time. So I'm being selfish here with silk. Good. Don't you? Be. Our voting. I haven't heard a whole great. Great contenders. I think this is really going to be a tough one for people to pick today. Yeah. Yeah. Sas wanted me to go screw licks as wish you were talking about it would have been a good. But. Yeah. But I would just blow my own head off. Because I wouldn't have been able to you can't control the energy. I get off this room. Can hold me. So vote now on Facebook and Twitter, we've got some polls going up and let us know. Who's got the best song will reveal the winner of ace and DJ's. I tuned showdown next. The as TJ show TJ by the Swiss cake rolled smash it all up in my mouth while next. It's a it's a process. Of getting fat. Right. Now, you know, the ace TJ show. The TJ show presents a moment. With ace info. I'm just not no crazy maniac. Like type of guy. You know? I'm a gun. Very successful. You see what I'm jiving? You have voted. TJ's I tunes showdown. Has reached a dramatic conclusion? Ason TJ were selected to pick one song from there. I tuned library from an artist that begins with the letter s and we have a winner. Drum roll, please. Oh. I can't okay. I've got you. I was looking for. I'm sorry. We do have a winner you've Oded on Twitter and Facebook in a big way and the winner of ace and TJ's I tunes showdown is ace. Really? Up. That's a little. So my selection of salt and pepper pushing TJ selection of freak me by silk. Although personally, I would have voted for still because I have. Have voter fraud. Maybe. Oh, yeah. Me colluded, right? With napa. Yeah. He he colluded with Spinderella. Yeah. Binda relic that one. Nice. So I believe I've won this one time TJ has one SAS. Have you ever won this game? On the plate at once. Going up against Egypt. That's tough at stuff. This is the first time I've lost is it real. How's it feel okay? With. Because it's not my fault. It's people were stupid. They don't know what I can't take the blame for it. They just don't know. What's good? They just don't realize that they hear psalm hip everyday. Gyco commercial. So. They can't handle the sexiness of the silk. So right. It's to my. Yeah. Two to six they they were afraid to vote for it. Because their significant other might think they're cheating or something. And that's what it was or they're just a bunch of racists. Raises? How is that possible? They're racists. Because salt'n'pepa art as African American is silk. Exactly. It's awful luge. Yeah. Collusion stuff in the ballot box. I don't want it to seem like I'm being a sort loser. Because not. Not sore at all more show after the show coming up next on our app. If you don't have our app, you download it free app storage. Thanks to Papa John's and they're fantastic pizza. Seed walks. Didn't get enough for more get the ACT J app in your app. Store is connected funny, material copyright thousand nineteen AT Inc.

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