Ep 3: The future, New car, and Spellbreak news


Welcome back to the waiting in queue podcast voted number one podcast by my mother. What do you guys think about that? Yeah, probably not wrong because they you know, they actually did we do the clap. Yes. I did the climate. I have the clap. Yes. She has the cloud light. Yeah, Scott and Laura actually do sit there and watch these shows which If you guys are listening to this, it scares me. Yeah, I know we'll say things that are just shouldn't be said yeah also a quick reminder. We are already 40 seconds. And so we are free choice curse now I wanted to yeah. Yeah that was quick. That was quick forty-second was that was surprised. I really stretched out there with the whole intro like that intro. Yeah. I'm going to try and keep him a little bit more creative as we do you want every episode? Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to try I come up with ideas Connor. Come on. Yeah. Well, you have an entire week to come up with idea. She'll be able to come up with at least two to three ideas a week. I want to see I want to see mm IDs IDs only my wallet and my truck there in your wallet your ride a Marvel napkin know my ID Hai. I hate you. I hate you. So boy episode 3 though. We did it, you know do it I didn't think we I didn't who wouldn't know doing another home probably thought we were going to give up by this point and everyone that subscribed is going to be like, they're still doing this. Oh, yeah. I thought you know, I was like three truck loads is like, all right. I'm over it. Yeah, I'm over it. I don't really want to do anymore, but they keep dragging me in here. So now put you guys in on a Saturday trying to turn Connor into a to a podcast machine podcast a boy. Yeah. I like I said that oh you boys I really liked it. No, I don't of course. Derek likes it. I don't want to Well, I looked at the real fucking thing. Well, I mean you got e girls yo, but he boy. Yeah, there's a new boy just boil down gamer linkage so we can pull it up. This is kind of what I'm a mistake for. This is when I looked up e boy, these are the kind of photos that come up like emo boy or looks I think that's kind of what they're getting from it. But I mean if you look at any girls then they're technically it feels like a nice car right there on Discord. That's my car then I might be getting let's see. Yeah. Well, we're you got a loan approved. Yeah, let's pull that up on the screen. I got a loan of a million-dollar. Can we pull that up? Yeah. Yeah, what's it under a hundred photos photos? So I only I only want to pull this up because not only took Connor talk about it more but hey, I got a ride from Connor this morning. That's a nice ride. Yeah, what the E boy you're talking about those that's what I pulled up in the oh, yeah, that's the ride voice. That's my new ride stopped dead. Now, where's the where's the ride? It's in in general. There she blow There It Is Well, that's a dirty photo. I didn't realize how dirty that photo is. You know, that's not the exact. That's not the exact one either. No. No, that's that's what it looks like. What is it golf? Yeah, Those are working for audio the back of it like kind of almost comes off SUV like but it's not quite yeah, the 2018 look more like SUVs. I think it was like June 2018 the 2020s. Why did I say 2018 the 2018 look exactly like this I guess is a 2740 in the front curves soccer. Mom in the bag doesn't look to it almost reminds me of like a Subaru look to it cuz I'm kind of into the Subaru's but like that's why I think it looks sharp. Yes the original hi hat right there. There wasn't for GTI. You won't have like Civic type R's or or other hatchback cars because of the GTI. We have that app. We have like like you said Subaru. That's just what I think but I mean it is the original hatch. But yeah, I got approved for a loan. So hopefully I can get that picked up by next weekend. I'm hoping I can get it throughout the week. And then I already have plans for it. I already have gone on in Amazon and made my wish list of coil overs new brake pads new tires and rims or it's running me. It's running me. Hi, boys. We're looking at tires and rims mushrooms finish a PC to yeah. My rooms are full cost me eight grand eight grand for for Rim. He gets a $2 raise and he thinks he's bucking Bill Gates with a PC now and he's getting his dream car here. You know what it is. What is going on? You know, what else? Single boy. So that's what it is. I get to do what I want and spend my money where I want now. Yes, if if Haley's watching this though, it's not I'm not trying to be as well. But you know, it's it's it's the truth of the matter. So does that are you going to try and stay single as long as you can now or I plan on staying single as long as it takes this podcast to get off the ground? I don't I don't watch anything in my path to get in way of producing something or making this into something right? So no barricades in the road. Yeah home and the car like you guys said, oh, he's got a $2 raise the cars. It's only going to cost me an extra like 50 $55 a month. So it's really like well a sense of inner probably be about $120 I guess cuz like they my insurance will go up cuz that's considered a sports car. Yeah, so I'll be under like sports car insurance and then my fucking plates will be higher but plates aren't like that's not dead. The monthly cost. So I mean I'm not going to be like in the hold or anything because of it. Yeah, but I'm excited for you though. That's your fucking dream. Our dreams. You're not wanting more numbers will never get rid of like oh, yeah always have it. Yeah, you're not going to be in the whole financially and you're not going to be in the whole sexually though. There's a there's a sacrifice everything. I mean it has you can still be in a hole just won't be a woman's whole won't be there very long, you know, you know what usually happens people buy these cars like in the office you buy a fucking sick ass car like like the GTI or something and everybody's like, oh, I'm going to pick up mad chicks, but really just attracts other car guys are guys trying with you like hitting your DMs way more than you have one pic or photos together. Yeah, like it says they're like, let's take our photos together or like do do you want to you want to take a ride home? Like stuff like that, you know, let me show you my turbo hood. Yeah, there's never there's never girls that walk in and they're like man sit car cuz they don't give a shit. So no, I don't do it's it's short and sweet and it's not like yeah. What do you got in that engine? Oh, yeah. It's the car Community is like I think it's like 85% male wage. Like these are real numbers like the amount of women that are like into the car into the racing scene is drastically lower than males and that's just cuz like how bout a raised before and our cars are a guy thing. So, you know not true but it kind of goes along with that like the guys who think this but like truck drivers the lounge the you know, the weather the puss they always say but like everybody I know It's so annoying when you hear like an obnoxiously loud truck go off and I'm like PP syndrome. Yes syndrome. Yes, and then like some of them when they grow out of it. They're like, yeah that was kind of stupid and like nobody liked it. Like they kind of do eventually realize that like, nobody liked it. Yeah, I would say even being somebody like myself who like like scars so much or as like, you know connected to like car communities here in Fort Wayne loud cars is not it's a it's a thing that like you strive for but you do it in a tasteful manner like having a muscle car that when you start up fucking Roars is awesome. Cuz this sexy looking car. Well, yeah, it sounds powerful the some of the sounds that some of these people like make it makes it sound like it. That's that's the muffler sound right? That's when you have an untasteful taste or untasteful sound and you can tell the difference and the thing about trucks is trucks have them Community to their part of the car Community as well. But they're they're like, I feel like they're on the other side of like trucks and SUVs and like you said they grow out of it, but I do feel like Loud trucks is probably something that they're also like oh, this is sick. This is super cool. But like cuz they they boast about like how much power and how much they can haul. Yeah, so it sounds really loud. It sounds like a Monster. Yeah do the best way late that did I just remember being younger and having my bike and like taking a pop can and throwing it on the back wheel bearing just like yeah, I used to be or you could take playing cards found you. Oh, yeah playing card to your back to the spokes. Yeah, and then on the side news, yeah, that's right. I never did that. But I always did the pop I didn't I can but it would fall off. So it was like I got to put cards on this bad boy. The the coolest thing I thought to do with like my bike in like that sense of like designers put like reflective like tape all over we gotta zoom in my camera. So sorry like mine. It's like George when you had that small head. Yeah. Yeah, dude says here put on the waiting cute Snapchats. Did you guys gotta go check that out? Because this man is putting on some funny shit dude who you had like a small little. Oh yes base was Tiny. I went to oh, I I have that when I got my merch Which time I when I got married, I know we were working on job that we're working on a job and I was able to vandalize this piece of property because we were going to cover it with metal. So I wrote on their Connor loves fortnite and I sent it to Connor and kind of replies with the filter and just says, you know, yeah I have it but I wanted to post it on Instagram and like Twitter just put in this page and discourse we can use the holes just the host. Yeah, but we would have pulled it up. Yeah, it'll take it over to post. But anyways, I mean I I was at the Halloween party too and I was posting faces of people on the story. I didn't post that on the story but like for the waiting huge story, I I usually try to post like throughout the week like I posted all the magic the Gathering cards and all that but like the song. I was that the one you're talking about. Okay, cuz I did that's the one I did. I love that. I was going to say you've used it more than a pretty sure that's not the one but you've definitely use a multiple like Blake with the broccoli filter. Like that's just because it's just like yeah like yeah and then with a beard I don't know why it just looks so funny with the beard, but the I got my my sweatshirt came in my sweatshirt came in. So I did a Snapchat to like tell people. Hey, you can go get merch you know what you can go get merch so I'll go Outdoors website and go to our website and buy merch because all that money helps us get another Mike and another camera so we can have guests on the the podcast. Oh, hey. About running it like ad today don't really need to talk about on the show, but I figured we're doing that one. I felt like that one my computer. No, no, no the other one. Oh our sponsor or not. That's not a sponsor. But our partner program affiliate. Yeah. We're pretty excited about this deal. It's almost like we're real podcast and actually real podcaster. Well, what makes took it out Martin? Okay, please don't see the landlord. I'm just working used to be working to this is my you know, he's favorite job, you know the wage, you know, the late you're going to want to learn how I like how to Todd didn't even ask us did he asked you he asked if I could work today? I was like cuz you said no, I think that's why he didn't ask. My boss asked me on Friday afternoon. I I have plans. Yeah, it's it's later in the week. Yeah, text me like Monday Tuesday. Yeah, cuz then I could not make plans. Don't know how it's so hard about it. Yeah, but I was only joking about it, but I'm not I can't believe he does that shit. No, no. No, I agree. I completely agree, but, something's come up last minute, but I think that's something they have to like. Kind of account for yeah, I'm sure like, like you said things come up last minute and it is what it is. They can't do they can't be like, oh shit. The thing he asked me to do was not something last minute it was A job that was already in it was a tank. Oh, yeah, your dad definitely going to do that. We saw in this we saw your landlord. George was going there too. He was telling me about yeah. Okay, that's weird Derek just posted a Not not this Derek one of my buddy Derek just posted something. Oh, he just he reposted the the South Park the new South Park episode where the cops shoot token. Yeah my god, of course, they would do something like that do that that episode except for the inning-ending literally depicted perfectly. What was going on except with their own little obviously. Yeah. They always do such a good job with that. I love it anything that's current in the world going on they depicted so well too much. You're right. I'm coughing connect that cats Thursday. We brought Shaker cups. And yeah, we got shakers now so I don't have to funnel. I know we were talking about this in. Yeah. It's for our partner affiliate product. That's right, which you'll find them. You will find out you should go buy it though. You guys are going to be real exciting that we really do. I mean we could put stickers on those of waiting in queue, but dude, I wonder if there's some way we could like make our own That way we could go into like gyms like fucking Planet Fitness to be like bro. Yo, they're only like five bucks. Oh, I am to make sure I Used to Know ya can go to Office Depot. Yeah, that's what we did last time when I built my custom controller. I used little logo stickers and I covered the controller and my logo stickers and I went to they're not you can get them glossy. It depends on the page you run through it, but just take the image in and then just be like, I want four hundred stickers and they'll just print out four hundred stitches for you. It's fairly cheap to I was going to say we need to like size them up to, like maybe like a smaller size. I agree like I would like we have you know, my mom bumper sticker. So it's more Universal. You know what I mean? Yeah, and the bumper stickers is a good idea too. Cuz I don't want to put like a normal sticker off my car. It has to be a vinyl sticker for me. Yeah. I don't want to ever have to like take it off and then have Google on cuz the problem is is like even if you clean that Google on off your car, you're always going to have a sponge. Where that was cuz it's cleaner than the rest your Dart you the only way you're going to be able to get that off with you can is like detailing that portion of the only reason why I put bumper stickers on that and pull out there is cuz I'm going to drive that thing to the wheels fall off. So, right. Yeah, I mean to each his own I don't like putting Stickers on my car I did on my golf. They were vinyl stickers. Remember I had the was that on the Gulf? I don't remember I didn't yeah put it on it was like it looked like a Pikachu was like peeking over the window. That shit was fucking but those were like our stickers. I didn't see your golf that much. What I didn't see it that much. What were you doing that you didn't see very much. I don't remember didn't hang out with us. I don't think this when I was living with with Ben and all them. Yeah, we were just seeing each other my load last like it was always just my load with my home. Yeah. It was just always right. Yeah a couple of times but no that was the time when all the only hang out we really did was every once awhile and I came over to Ben's or we just played video games together. That was a thought you were over there all the time, but maybe that was just painted and Mitchell because Cameron Mitchell. Mostly they lived there for free. Well, yeah, cuz they when they came back for summer break when they were in college. They said on our couch the birth control sleep on our couch the entire time. They said they they were there longer over the summer. They said they were there more often than been was that they had that liquid cuz it was me Blake and been living there that summer and Mitchell comes back and Taylor would come back here and there he wouldn't stay tuned and Wednesday, but Mitchell practically stayed cuz it's just where it's where he's from but Tanner was up there in heaven. With other people he had a house up there remember that? Yeah, so he didn't he didn't stay you could come down for like a week or two, but Mitchell slept on our couch. Yeah. I saw Mitchell more than I saw been cuz that was when bandwidth is working like tons of hours, like killing himself to get through his classes and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was pretty much like me Blake and and Mitchell like all the time, but for some reason I have this like invasion in my brain, like for some reason, I think I've been in Ben's house. I don't know why but I feel like I'm missing years. I've seen his fucking on Lathrop Drive. I think it's because I've seen either videos or pictures from you guys have been in Ben's house. You've definitely seen photos. So that's why I think I've envisioned seeing what his house. I'm like, why do I know or think? I know what his house looks like having think so, I don't think I have surround the time we started hanging out with you around the time like the horny house was like Bob Are and I mean falling apart in the sense of like like the group meeting up there to like do fun stuff. It was just like not it was happening. We were all so because you you walk in the door, right? And you've got home room to the left you walk into like the dining. It's like well it's a dining area sitting area and then it's attached to living. Yeah an L-shaped and you go straight right? And then there's the cake know it's kind of off the outside but yes, I believe it is straight in front of you. Yeah Santa why do I know this? I've never been there. I feel like I've Just Seen picture arms draw blue pant of Ben's house. Thought I'd be like, okay, I'm psychic been here we go. What what's happened was having draw it. Like I see if you can draw some lady abilities or his house through me that pen. Here we go goddamnit wage so they continued I'll just draw this way you talk so that like Okay. So we've got this house. You've probably seen this. Yeah. I'm like the boy bike formation. Do you remember your pull that up? Because just think that is some of the stuff that that was our golden times man. That was one of the greatest videos. We all made them film it. No, I believe Becca know I believe Blake did it know like four know Blake Ford was handles and tassels Blake was it must writer must Noah was front-wheel. I was back wheel. Alex was the open road and then was the engine and Chassis so I don't remember who was boss. It was it back. Maybe it was Kayla. It must have been one of those do cuz I was definitely not there. I remember seeing it on social media and he's like trying I'm trying to pull it up just that music off the background who probably well. We're not see that we're not even monetized or anything. So I guess there's some reason that's okay. Let me see that's kind of what I Envision a little bit the kitchen like somewhat connected to God, but this is not bad. So this is a wall here this Is this a Jordan the kitchen? Yes. Okay. So the door to the kitchen is not here. It's actually where you had at the phone case. So I wasn't sure and it's an open thing and then we had right here. We had the what did we call that window like a kid? We had a name for it. I don't remember but then there was a couch here TVs here all along that wall. This wasn't a wall. Okay, there was a wall here. Okay, so down the hallway and then kitchen was closed off though. I just remember the kitchen was kind of closed off a little bit. So yeah, that was pretty close though. I don't know what his room and I never went down the hall where had like any wage seen any pictures going into maybe has been there. I feel like I swear have been there one. Yeah, I think there was once I think you might have been there one time. I'm I'm more so a visual learner. So if I've seen something and I memorize it and I see it. I'm like dude. I feel like I've just fucking seen that I don't know. You definitely seen like photos of us in it. I have not been there in a very long time. I guess it's completely different now since bush has been normal how I was there. It would have been with Derek but I've definitely would have brought you but I don't remember I don't remember bringing. I don't even think I don't think we have well Derek Derek didn't like towards the end. It didn't come over very often just wears the sounds of literally had a dream like seeing being in that kitchen. I'm not even kidding. That's why I bring this up a lot of good things happening kitchen was legendary. Is a good time I think it was like one of the best times I've ever had outside of high school and college when it comes to like just growing up and and going through things. Like that was one of the best times I do my time in Chicago was also like insanely awesome just to live somewhere new and like have something new but like living with my buddies and living with Blake and then because I was friends with all those guys but we never really like, I mean we hung out in high school a couple of times outside of high school, but we never like hung out a lot. But after we bought a moved there, I became a lot closer with like Noah Blake Evette Kayla and all those guys which was cool too. Cuz then it was like you just extend it was kind of like after that are two people and groups combined combined. Yeah. I think it's like the best Dynamic they're still like their own groups for sure. Yeah, but like know but it gets it's a big get together if you guys all wrong. Yeah, and they such a good time and and like everything were into is exactly the same like exactly the same. I can't find this video but speaking of like that stuff with Lauren and I went to one of her friend's house. She moved in with one of her friends oriented. No not Lawrence Lawrence Brian moved in with another one of the girls friends, but Lorne in the other. Okay, it's all confusing. These two girls are living together and we went over and we went over to see their house a dude. It was a cool house for life. Just like two people just like living there. Yeah roommates pretty much and Going back to like thinking about like Chicago or counter and I roomed together, which was awesome and like Ben's house. I missed that Vibe of like the roommate living with each other and like you have like little like spaces and then you're sharing the living room and stuff cuz now like just living with me and my wife it's just like there's no there's no privacy and there's nothing wrong with that at all. But and like I mean not that you kind of have your own space, I mean you guys kind of share it but but it's like I don't I don't feel like I need to have my own like space or like I feel like when it's usually a little too but I feel like everybody should have their own space cuz even if you guys are married there's times where like, oh you have been married forever always say like you have to have a space where you can go and be away from that person. I mean that's kind of how I feel like video games like Quake we share the office but I never end at the same time, but like some people go on drives to do that. Yeah, but like I don't ever feel like I need to like like when it's just me and Lauren, I feel like I'm in I'm in privacy foul. Just not by myself, but like, you know each other like you can be with Lauren a hundred that's time. Although it's perfect. Yeah. You want that? Yeah. How do I say I definitely do miss like birth with somebody. And then like you guys like you come home from the day for the day and you exchange like the funny stories the way you would with like guys like when I tell hanging out when I tell Lorna story. Yeah. Well, it's completely different versus how I tell like you guys like I over-exaggerated. I make it more entertaining and funny you just you like living with the boys. Yeah. I'm I'm surprised aspect. Yeah being with the your your girlfriend or your wife. So it's not too bad thing. It sounds like you're more you're more comfortable now about private see that you have a chlorine, but you would like to every once awhile, you know, what the boys again, you know another like an all-the-time thing. But like, you know, just boom let's do something that's kind of what this is down to like this is like, which is awesome. Boy time. Yeah, dude. It feels really good. Saturdays are for the boys. Did I was that's right. I was thinking about this and Sundays Sundays now, I was thinking hopefully dead. When this thing takes off every fucking day like not every day, but you know what? I mean, like it'll be on our mind all the time. But the I was saying about this a couple of days ago you were talking about like God I miss living with friends or having roommates. I was thinking I was like man what if like you two weren't married and we were doing this and we were all like fuck it. Let's go get a house and then we took it did it from our house. So we all roomed and I was like cuz I was thinking about like all the streamers. I watched like Mischief. I always bring them up recently cuz he's just like he's so popular now and I just love him. He's fucking hilarious but mischief and all those guys live together and soda pop and lives with like greekgodx and and Nick and all those guys and they live with her like girlfriends and and and stuffing all live in these giant ass breaking houses cuz they make so much money the street and getting it pretty much to get the house and they just like build off each other's content and I was like, man, I would love dog. Do that and it's like, Texas and do it. Yeah, I mean I want to so Cody and I talked about that. We were like I talk to Shiloh about it. She's also she's she's already not wanted to Thursday. I mean she likes Indiana bad. It's not bad, but she hates the cold weather. Oh, yeah cold Road and city like like like authentic food selection off like it's more, you know what I mean? But so no, it's it's Fort Wayne in the end which now everybody knows where we are but it's it's just it's not a bad City. It's just like you said, it's not a big city. So you don't have like some pineapples restaurants or like these places to go and stuff like that. But dude and like the funny thing you bring up about like what if we could like live together Cody and that when we work we were driving up to Wisconsin for like an 8-hour drive. So we talked about the podcast quite a bit. Yeah, of course we do that and we cuz yep. We'll eventually run out of things to talk about the podcast then we like looking ahead you like into the future of what you wanted to be or like. Yeah could be we're like, so what do we do? Like when we're in cuz the plan is off to move to Texas. Obviously. Yes. Sorry Mom and Dad or if you're if you're hearing this and we were like well when we move out there, we're going to be like the only people we know out there. Oh for sure. So like the living situation. We were like the idea of living situation. Create a coal sack. That's just the bulb second. It's just us three to come like three houses manager will name the road waiting in queue. Yeah, I mean he wrote you wrote. Yeah, they're young you really move to Texas know this is a huge thing. Obviously. This is future plans and people are going to be like, wow. This is crazy that you guys are even thinking about this this podcast might just want to think about what we're going to do it till it happens. Yeah to be Sabrina man Manifest this into its own thing. It's popped did it though. The the reality is out there. It's just reality that's hard to reach but it's time for us to move out there. We would obviously be doing this thing full-time at that point and we live for a while producing enough income from everything that we're doing side cuz we plan on streaming too. So will you be bringing in individual income from that but on top of yeah, it's something that it's like, okay, we've been doing this for like a year, but we only have like a thousand Subs. Let's move to Texas. It's not dead. In that were like jumping the gun on know so like for us to move out there, we would probably either a be all buying houses or we'd be building houses out there. So for us to like them by each other that's a huge possibility. And the thing is is like with by that time we're doing this full-time. We're going to be here more often. Our families are going to be mature twined I think because of like will be like, okay, we gotta make more content cuz we gotta make I mean as much money as we can make if we're doing it full-time cuz the money's not going to be like a like a salvage paying job where you're going to get the same amount every year. So it's going to be just constant work of making content or streaming or doing whatever but as a group so like did I would I would love going to be working from home dude? Yeah much. I mean, which is a nice thing. We don't have to go we want to make you know, the drive to go somewhere unless we get like a studio and like a building somewhere else or something. But like what's it's going to be nass. Yeah wage. Right now we're recording the podcast and then we're editing the podcast all in one day like the guys who watch viewers. You just see like a very tiny window. Yeah, we come here really early. We record for an hour and half and then we're here from 7 a.m. To like sometimes 11 p.m. To put out the episode the next day and it's always on it's always on a Sunday today is a special day, but you guys will still see it on a Monday, but normally it's on the Sunday. So we have to work the next day right our real jobs. So that's why it's like we're really pushing to like get it out there as much as possible. So like every time somebody shares it on Facebook or does anything like that that's a drastic help form and it sounds crazy like we're talking a lot about like the future in this podcast of like what this what the show I think that I think that's a good idea to like have so like you're just not going into it's like wow. Just let's do it. See what happens, which that's a lot of cases for a lot of people and it's very it is a noble way of like doing things. You're not doing it for the money and you know, we're not so much doing it for the money either. The money is the money would be any any money would be bonus. Oh, yeah, if but just doing this still not everybody's gotta support their life, you know your family and stuff. I think that's important. I mean, the money is definitely important in some aspects of an entirely. I mean, there's much more that we're going to have come out of this than just that the main thing is really too right now for us being so brand new is our earliest supporters did What's up early or early supporters man, the longer, you know, you guys are in it pretty early here with us. If you're already a Lexus. So like I said, if you stick with us man will remember that and like as we get you know, I mean this is going to happen with or without being laughed know this is going to happen with or without. I I feel like I agree with Cody though. He's right. I feel like we're just like apologizing for like two of them about like I apologize. No, it's no it's Santa Claus Irish it I said, it sounds like an apology counter. You think it sounds like that because we're saying like, oh, it's not about money. It is about the money. Okay? Yeah something I mean, we're not like, oh give us your money give us your money. But what's the reality indeed money to survive? Yeah, as we human life that we put into the show already and what we want it to be we don't want it is we're not doing it just for a hobby. I mean we want to turn this into a career and we'll do it as long as it takes. We're not saying like feed a dog. Money, but if you want to you know, go to patreon checkout page. Yeah and the market or we have emerged or look at this. Look at Cody's got hat on that smirk. He's got a shirt. I got a wrong turn on honestly. Honestly, I would love to see you guys buy a shirt, but honestly before that even I would love to see a sub on YouTube sub. I mean, that's that's free. It's just click you have to pay for it free just it goes a long way if you don't want to spend money, that is totally okay with us. We don't even we don't even want to second-guess. It just go hit the Subscribe button on YouTube and all honesty Jeffrey. You don't have to pay for it. So to get yeah, that's pretty much it will just want we're trying to turn this thing into something huge. So we're not even huge but something that we can wake up in the morning and and this be our job like and we've been keeping an eye on like comments and the yeah stuff like that cuz we want to hear like criticism. Even if it's bad. It's like, you know, we want to be We want to hear that is that unless it's like you guys are shet we want to hear like if you want to like an actual constructive criticism something that we can you know, get good feedback from not just like oh troll in like fuck you U guys suck. Like we will have that it'll definitely I think anybody's going to have that everybody doesn't have it and it's it becomes the downfall of a lot of like YouTubers like they can't handle it but it's because they keep reading it or they can't like let that they can't like get over it or maybe it's something that had prior in their head before they read it and then it just kind of confirm that reality so often. Yeah, it'll it'll it almost creates a false delusion inside their head. But yeah, that's that's it. You just need support right now, but To get away from like the whole support us give us money thing, which is not what we were saying. That's what people are going to think it is. How long have we been doing this? Very brave? Oh, yeah. No. No, we're good. How long do we have don't guess it. I'm going to guess ten minutes like milk off ten minutes ten minutes away from break. For the clothes nine minutes 12 minutes away. Now, we're ten minutes past bring that we were at nine minutes. Oh, I almost said 8:00 fuck I should have went down there. It's like playing with you would have been closer. Did you order it or leave it under? Yeah, I'm just I'm excited. I just get so excited like now that we're finally doing it. I mean we were doing it before with some of the other guys too. But and then but it was always like home it just kind of Never Felt Like official or like anything. It could be anything. It felt more like we were just coming in and hanging out and having a podcast but like this feels like oh leading up to launching. Yeah leading up to like, you know, like like Oh, you mean like no, I'm sorry. I love the old podcast. We did with webcams. Oh, yeah. That was very boring. Yeah, I thought so too. But yeah, I mean all we could just sit there and like talk and then like it's over a webcam. We really sucked because we were kind of almost forced to like have a topic to talk about like and only talk about that because we weren't in front of each other. It was over a webcam there really wasn't any like I mean the visual cues weren't right in front of us to like kind of feel the vibe of everything that we were talking about. I don't know. It's just very dull. I agree. I think call fucking boring man. I mean it really was just like it was just dischord zoom calling pretty much it was funny how like it came up that we eventually did build the studio is that we always were like, you know, eventually it'll get better cuz we we do have plans for doing a studio for like we should do a studio and some of us did not all of us. But yeah, I would say us three. Yeah three. Well, Ben Ben was really involved in it, but then he was like, I don't think I'll be able to his music. He wanted to do his music. So he'll go do go do what you want to do just doing what we want to do. But yeah, we were like a studio is going to happen eventually and then it just it just wasn't going cuz we were just like it's going to be long in the future. Yeah, cuz we wanted to get home late like rent a place. Yeah to do it or like I was going to buy my parents house and then we were going to build it in the garage which would have been awesome cuz we would have space. Yeah with with a Greenberg. But then they sold and got a tiny house yet. Yeah, they sold it before I could make my decision. I want to get a tiny house like a fucking mobile. Tiny house would be sick wage, but then I wouldn't have good internet. So that's a no-go to just make it like permanent a permanent make it permanent. I guess by piece of land or something RV drivers have like massive boosters you can get but they're very expensive. Well, yeah, that's how I R L streamers do it. They get these are streaming backpacks. Yes room backpacks, which it has like it's probably a vloggers do it, too. Yeah. I think they all suck sometimes just do it. Like they just record the video. Yeah, but not like travel vloggers who are like eating off of a boat, they'd use those backpacks and they use boosters to get like really I look into one. Cuz I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to do. And when I look into a backpack, you have to get like this like device that combines like the signal of like an AT&T provider Verizon provider T-Mobile, but cuz you want to have as many as you like can get and combined into this one device and that one device connects it off to your phone or like to your camera and then to the Internet so you can broadcast it. And what it does is when one signals like the strongest it uses that signal from Verizon and then when you go home jumps it jumps because you know in certain areas Verizon is going to be better certain areas. AT&T is going to be better certain areas to mobiles going to be better. So you need to have all of them. If you want to have a consist of the most consistent way to live stream blog without action with connections, but it's insanely insanely expensive because you have to pay for like for internet provider wage. Once they'd yeah, I mean the bags alone are like like five eight grand and yeah, so you can like do like, let's like, yeah if you buy a home anyhow, so like you should be able to afford a cuz tiny house is really in all reality versus an actual like house is not going to be nearly as expensive, right? Oh, yeah there there's so many cheap compared to like an actual foundation house. Yeah, like my baby a lot more for their mortgage. They only pay like $407 just for the bottom like that would be worth it off, even though that that it's that expensive like shoot like an area like out by like, you know, Huntertown and stuff and in Fort Wayne fucking it's like mm and bare minimum for like a nice house out there right off. I mean actually, you know, five hundred and two hundred K find anything really under a hundred eighty k ya know if you're sure like a nice like out in downtown area, right? Yeah, so like and then you start to go towards like almost I wouldn't even stay downtown but in between like towards like Northrop area and all that you're going to get to like 1:45 or 5 somewhere in there. So like it's a drastic drop as you get towards like downtown but like then boom soon as you get like anywhere close to a hundred down or Carolyn, you know the areas on the other side of yeah, but that's that's that's Northwest, right? Yeah. Yeah. So like that's different. I mean that that would be probably around the same thing probably be 250k. Those are those are like that's where I watch a lot of Windows those like those are by the cold Covington. Yeah. Okay social Livington. Yes way more expensive like $100,000 houses. That's what I'm thinking. You're like Covington areas but like say like an average buyers only going to spend like you said like a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand dollars. Yeah, like an average house. I'm saying out-and-out Northwest. But yeah, Cummington, Georgia Mountain River Reserve. I watch a lot of windows in my house. My aunt their Mansions my aunt lives out there. She got expensive house out there. But yeah, so I know what you mean. But yeah, I I was looking at houses to rent so not five but like rent to own and they were around the same like a hundred fifty thousand like up to 200 but we'll wait. I'm think I'm going to get a studio apartment. I think that's what you should do. Just just focusing on the grind for you to maybe I don't know how the DraStic change and it's well it's about a hundred and fifty to two hundred dollar difference than buying like a one-bedroom or renting a one-bedroom you'd be paying basically the same thing off. And that I'm paying now after like after like pet fees and like internet fee and everything. It'll be about what I'm paying now. Okay, but you're not yourself, but I'll be by myself and it'll be a radio the other Studio I want to do to move in was the studio. Yeah, you just slept on the couch your parents. Well, he would room right outside here yet convert that into cuz drive home sleep on this code. I would they'll probably just sleep in here. Like 30 said, I probably you can't sleep on that couch. You probably could I could over time you'd be like plugging. I'm going to get bad wage probably but I'll probably do it every night. You probably like video games all the time then how does the tiniest out? Oh, yeah, you can see you can see me but oh we can a little bit see a little bit. It's a little bit low. That's fair. I guess it's the it's the it's the black couch. It's casting couch. It's the casting couch. That's what it's called. You know, can we have one episode where we don't talk about? Friggin? Yes. In fact, I wasn't even talking it wasn't even alluding to that button getting. Okay. All righty, it's break time. I thought that was a good stopping point. It's break time. I think that's a good stopping point know Derek. We're going to keep doing it. We're ending this. Yeah. Well, he said we're ending it's break time. We're ending this. All righty mam be back. I guess the brake. This episode is brought to you by Swift Lifestyles a sugar free energy powder geared towards Gamers Cody. What a what do you know about a swift so far off? Well Derek, we've got plenty of different flavored drinks. We got powdered drinks we can pull up. Yep right here crash free tire energy sugar-free wage. Your amino acids with your energy booster. Oh, that's pretty much all I got for you. It's called they got flavors like raspberry grape Tropic extra-tropical blend and what about punch and lemonade? Yeah. And then what do they have some pre-orders? I saw like a new bubble gum. I thinks one of them. What is that? I can't read that from here. It's blue. It's Blue Ribbon did Bruce power strip and bubblegum. Dang packages are cool. The packaging looks amazing Connor. I see that you're drinking some Swift right now. What do you what do you think about it for a little fruit punch? It's pretty good. Keeps me energized ready for gaining race for the podcast, you know, yeah, it's pretty nice. Yeah. It sounds like a sounds like a quality product. Oh also have an awesome loyalty program. So if you're buying more you buy more you get you get deals on it easy peasy rack up some points and lines right $5 off $5 off. Well, dang Swift energy. There's really not that are just kind of like giving money away finish their product. They're like, yeah, you want Sun playlist. We even have some and if you do have a sweet tooth and you took I still want to go with the sugar-free route. We have the daily boost gummies for vitamins. Oh so they got to do I get to the vitamin section. This is that even like a thing. Yeah. You should go to vitamin. Wow, right there websites easy to use. Gummies and big brain that's Swift swift energy. So go to Swift lifestyles.com links will be in the episode description and not use the code W iq15. That's W iq15 for 15% off your whole order. It also supports us. So God only are you getting something you want but you're supporting us when when when so Swift energy. We love you and we are back a little break. We took their wage is right that break at a 10. I was at 10. Yeah. Now I take it back is an is 8.5. I got a bowl of cereal. I left the second bowl of cereal in there because the TV showed up and it got way too soggy. So I dumped that out. So that was a big No-No You idiot? My mother spent her money on that serial, but right in 9.09 boil, I took a big dookie. Oh, that's what your mom sit up and then we brought the TV and got see the teenage. You're just telling everyone there's valuables at this house. I said it well. Yes. Yeah both look at this room. Are you freaking idiots? Look at this room dark out. Yeah, yeah the show. Episode 4 will be just me and Coda litter glitter his dad never taught him a tableau. So anyways, we're back. This is off a pumpkin and they said oh shit. You guys actually did it know my my wife's body. Derrick's wife. Fuck. Thank you Lauren if you're listening, thank you. That's amazing Lauren. I'll give her some incredible sex when we get back. Yes, don't forget to go to the boutique store or Boudoir Noir store. Yeah, check out our some some. We don't have an answer with them. Check out check out these adamandeve.com. That's right. God get her a sex mailed all free realistic mail. Okay, we gotta we've done this before. Okay, we're done with this. This wage enough is enough. You got some criticism for the last one. Yes. We did. I heard it from quite a few people but they they thought it was funny. It's funny but it's also also took away from to not be talking about sex as much as we do a dirt Connor made a horrible thumbnail that got removed immediately horrible. It was yeah, they removed it cuz I censored out a clothes sex doll. But it makes no sense. Exactly. It is salty cuz I didn't get to see it probably. Yeah, probably pretty salty. I didn't get to see it like up with been. That's a good that was a good thumbnail. Yeah. I'm thinking about making another one so we can upload one on there. So it's not just like an open now you should screen cuz it looks like shit. But yeah, I am back from the break. It was a good break. The landlords got new TV bless. You landlords got a new TV. We were going to get the old one. But I like the bezels on this one more and the sound bars on the front on this TV to yeah, which will be replacing come the next let's won't be a while, but we're going to bring in a you're not you're not buying a new TV. You got too many purchases on the page ready? What computer I'm just building another computer and a car and Magic the Gathering cards. I okay. I spent a hundred video games coming out I do off. Next month November we are back in business boys and girls because video games are coming out again. There's like what's happening speaking of four games coming out next month that are off to be pretty good. I thought they stopped making video games. I thought this is it. This is the this was the last game and just like Tik Tok. Yeah, I would kill Trump was like, nope. No more. I kill myself because off what's left when we have now War Zone in fortnite war zone important. That's all you need. I'm going to blow my brains out and we've got we've got card games now. Come on. Yeah. Actually we're just going to get into Magic the Gathering of my neighbor my new neighbor him and his wife. They're super into board games. Are they? Yeah, they play like Candyland board games. I think there is kids know there's the new new name all the new ones. Yeah. Dude, get us in on that campaign. I'll talk to him Laurens. The only one that talked to him cuz I was Here last time Lauryn talked to him I wasn't I wasn't there so I'm gonna talk to him see what if they're doing a D&D campaign. Tell them we want it dude speaking of games update on a break dude visit our parents. Is it out yet? I don't know. I don't I haven't honest I didn't get on last night, but this was posted yesterday the new talents and off. They got fanart on there too if you want to check it out, but I put it in the Discord but it's foresight ambidextrous and vigor dude. Ambidextrous is o p I missed it. Honestly with the Vigor is pretty open. I mean all three of them are great. You can run all of them bigger. Yeah, that's not true. You don't know the max. Hello is that's right, cuz of the talent like that on a point system I guess is most of those years of high-powered Channel. And so that when you should have no Shields and you just have health I figure what it does but mousse like 50% spell damage. Yeah. So even run that one bigger. It's in the same category as bigger, you know, is it I thought it was in the other tree you might be right might be in spirit keep talking. But if you line that up with Vigor, dude, I'm going to be very sad if that's in the I would almost hope it is because if if it's not Divorce source is going to be really powerful too cuz it's going to just be like a radar. So it's I think you're going to you're going to find more people are going to start finding you more often in the mid game. Oh, yeah off for invisibility to like invisibility. That's kind of a counter to it. Now. I feel like yeah, but it's only every and I can't read it. Well, if you get three Scrolls you have five seconds, right every five seconds. I think I mean eventually gets upgraded down to 10985 ready. So yeah, I guess it would work really well for it. That's if you have three Scrolls for it though. But yeah. So, oh, yeah, they are on what's yeah, they are on different cuz you could run recklessness. But but like how much is it going to cost? I think these talents are going to break the game and they're going to change or they're going to change other talents. Well because these are the only talents that have Christmas that's what it is. These are the only talents in the game that have like insane. Anything what I would like to see is these talents come in these talents break the game and then they change the other talents cuz some of the other talents are just got off of garbage and and are useless. Useless Talent. Yeah. But dude imagine this so you run Vigor recklessness. Okay, which pair up with that Health thing? Okay. So if I could recklessness you get spell damage of 20 up to 25% man costs negative 25% so less. Okay, that's a shit ton of prestige right there. Right and then you obviously have a bigger right with the extra help and then you run you don't even run a belt and then you please do you can't if you're running both those if I mean, that's what I'm saying. If you do you're you're listening, you know, yeah, that's what I'm saying. So you don't run a belt right? But you have more health and then you run you could either I mean you can pick from any of the the the mindtree Dead Which you could do more damage with Focus Mana. You could do ruin ruin things in the mind. Do there's so many options there. Well, I'm excited actually took years since mine. Yeah run bigger. The only other things you have is box that since so you just you just run bro, you know, not even further dude, you could run actually you could scavenge you could run dexterity. You could run fortitude. I would honestly probably do fortitude around 4 or scam. Are you still good? Yeah, you could run any of any of those for further too. And it's it's going to depend on how much it's going to depend on how much these cost to their three. It says, they're all around. Another thing is I know you're gone likes to and everybody's play style because I would still run forever just cuz that's my playstyle. I do like forever and I like I like ruined fluency, even though I run lightning cuz having like three am just still for me. It's just like super cuz I can use to I'd combat and then like use that third opportunity to escape if I need to I usually run when I'm running right now is Jose thirsty with the potion cut in half for time and then I run either fervor or Scavenging or dexterity with I usually always do Focus Mana the extra damage always nice, but if you're I mean with the changes dude, so with that Vigor and the new Talent of Whatchamacallit Vigor and bar site for site right you run those two together with the with the health thing now you can you're not able to run that with stone. That's the only difference so like you Gaston is basically you're going to have shields no matter what right? So like automatically you'll have a shield so you don't want to run that down. So that's a bad choice to make if you're going to do if you're going to do the Vigor you're going to get tailed. Yeah, you can be tanky with a high think that's probably what you could off cross down though. Yep. Yes, you could off. Yeah, so but I'm saying for your main got one. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah for your main hand, but I wanna make really good one even even more broken literally lightning is going to be absolutely broke off. A lot of gallons are fucking broken. Like I hate pyro, I think I think pairo like those way too much damage and it's just like the aspect of like, oh, it's FiOS always to do the most damage. Like that is super dumb to me. I don't like it. I get it's not his scan Lightnings his can so it's like you point your Crosshair you hit the button you're hitting them Home Fires projectile. But then again a lot of people use fire pretty up close rather than a distant shot. It's not made for like long-range. You know, you say God is a consuming fire. So it's the strongest I am so so dumb, it's how it isn't like all games and it's like it makes no sense. But I'm like, why do you make pyro so cuz then if you if you pair it with like taxes toxicologists, it's even more no lightning with toxicology. I pair. Yeah. Yeah, that's really good too. But I think that the song Ambidextrous is really good for off off off hand Stone gauntlets. Yeah, if you off if you run off hand stone golems you get bedrock which means then you can hit the ground. So then your life becomes powerful again, so you could run Pyro's your first get all the Pyro things or even do like shocked as a damage dealer but then Focus or Focus your stone as a gauge dealer through bedrock and then used conduit as a way to like knock people down and then have and then have the Rune fluency through the electric outlet and then run something else offhand. Mana cost would also is also getting like reduced with that ambidextrous which is like, holy crap you're going to use that second hand might become like your main. Yeah, dude. So you turn that song on into your main Gauntlet. You're only using condo hit as a way to get the Rune fluency and then you run Focus man that you're which only really own. Gives you a damage buff for your first attack ambidextrous though. You can like there's now a purpose for spellslinger which stores the extra Gauntlet and runes right right with the sorcery of cool down 15% which is a huge percentage cool down for your sorcery abilities, right? You could run into dextrous with spellslinger. That's a really good pair up. I feel like and then you run whatever else you want with it in the the body tree, whether it be forever, whatever I think that the box is just all around amazing. There's a lot of decent ones in there. I do not like Finders Keepers. I think that's always full talent. But other than that, everything else was really good, but it's all played a body is definitely play style in my in my mind around 5 or cheaper you but you better be in a three-man group that way you can find schools for ya and make sure nobody else is running Finders Keepers there. There was one game Mitchell and I played it did every chess club. I was getting scroll. I mean I tend to get them super easy lately. I thought I was like getting no Scrolls. I was like did they change how much girls and then I play that one game and we're getting a shit ton of scroll. Like I was finding all of them. Mitchell wasn't finding any and I was like mental. Are you running Finders Keepers? He goes? No, I didn't change anything. I was like dude. I'm getting like all imagine. If you did have it though. Yeah. Man. Yeah be insane but you'd have to have that scroll those Scrolls in there and place any ways for it to work. I think it seems really good. You know it start off with 50% Yeah. Anyway, the talents are really the talents are what really makes the game so good cuz you can completely build your your class for what you want to play. You're not just like jumping and then picking up a gun and then and then the next game you're picking up the same gun. It's Every, you use with the different Gauntlet changes replaced out every Talent Bill changes your playstyle like it's all directly on your own. I think the only thing they really need to work on is served problems. I would probably play a lot more again. I stopped I pretty much stopped playing cuz every time I play I get disconnected and I'm not the only one that's having that problem. I mean if you go through Reddit spell breaks read every single post every day. Well, it's a preview game still. It's it's been in a problem man in if it's a preview right now, you know, you want to have your best impression out there for the people that are the first thing you see is being able to play the game before you start adding things and it's you people off but on the other hand this game has been an alpha for two or three years. So the game has been in preview for Samsung PC, right? Yeah. I'm sure it runs much more smooth on PC tho oh it does. I I hate it on controller. It looks and roll I'll get lag spikes every once awhile, but it always corresponds with like wage. Get a huge lag Spike dude, then Conners like I'm being dissed and I'm not the only one getting disconnected from that. I've only been disconnected once in in a game. So I and I play Xbox right? I'm not getting you the only time I get a lag spike is when I go to make a clip I like right and like no other airport irrigate, but that's the only time I've actually felt a legs. Yeah, that's not the game. That's your system because the Xbox just just simply asking but honestly, I'm going to be completely honest. I've only disconnected from a game once like yeah, maybe twice I have like early only once I don't know why but I mean obviously they're on separate servers you're on a separate for than the PC and the PCM server ranges probably allow further. So being a further server range, you're going to have easier disconnects more people on the server. You're going to have easier disconnects. That's true. It's just the fact that George. Stuff they're adding was in Alpha like this stuff isn't new stuff the the talents our new the the spell or the abilities that they added those were off in the beta theirs or the alpha. There's still three more that they haven't put in that it were in the Alpha 2. So this is the only new content that they're actually adding two players that haven't played that have been playing the game. Just I would like to see them throwing some Helo in there like like kilo system. Now you guys Destiny right Helo Helo. I'm trying to think what that is. Just like rank. Yeah. So like remember the you'd go on the website to look at your stats and stuff. You see how much kilo you built up. Helo elimination you're talking about like your KD so I don't like the whole kta. I hate the k'da system. I mean, I I can obviously compute and calculate what my KD is but when they have KDA in there I've heard like if you're going to do kta, you better have some like a nilo system. Yeah, I've heard Helo. I'm just trying to figure out I don't know I didn't was spend enough time on Destiny to do the breakdown of How It's like calculated but the yellow is like I mean how you're going to be put into games with people. So like your your individual below is going to affect who you go into a game with so like the Maury low you have You're going to be paired up with people who about the same chilo. So it's a different term for school-based management based matchmaking. Yes, which is the same. I have said since Alpha that that game should have and they should have had it in before. I'm locked and they need to do that. I mean, it doesn't even have to be low it can be named completely different but it has to be somewhat similar to that. Yeah. It's still basement relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games. It's a huge term in chess but like yeah, everything has mature individual rating through your character. But I agree it needs to either have a rank system like call or OverWatch has or skill-based matchmaking. The thing about skill based matchmaking is a lot of players don't like it casual players. Do not like skill-based matchmaking because you can jump into a game and have fun every time cuz you're always going to be like matched what I thought it was the other one. I thought Rose usually don't like skill-based matchmaking cuz it's like well now I'm going to be fighting Pros on my boss just get on and just burn people. Yeah don't don't care. It's more so the streamers like the big time streamers like skunk being because I don't want to they don't want to hire their Their audience see them get their ass whooped. You know, I mean, yeah, but that would be like Pro streamers to like stuff even says like, oh, I don't like I don't want to go as matchmakers probably prostream. I got you. So those are I've seen the pro players. Well, those are like programs extreme Pro players that are streaming. I think it's I think that's fine. Then I think you know, like I'll go based matchmaking. Yeah, cuz I mean partition when about that level of like I want to play people at my level and I don't want to like, you know get on and I'm like, I'm playing against a team of twelve year olds and I just wiped the floor my confidence really high right now then very next game. I'm in I will say game one for them. I'm in a game with Scamp what? Yeah, they want to be off the twelve year olds, but then I get in the game with like scump. I get murdered around 6 was so unfair. I want to play people in my skill level each time. That's why that's the only really good job, man. You play against better, you know, either the same level or better players. Yeah and skill-based matchmaking will never be exact you're going to face off against each and every feeler. Yeah, cuz sometimes Going to have somebody who's playing with somebody who's in your rank that pulls that person to that ring. That's the problem with skill based matchmaking. That's why I'm saying just or League of Legends and the only way you get busy by playing with or against better players. Yeah here I mean you definitely learn quicker. I would think that like, sorry going if you're playing with like people who are on the same level as you the problem with that where it can become a stalemate is you don't look at it as like, how can I improve like when we were playing OverWatch, even if we want a game and these guys do this all the time, they're like we want it's not that big of a deal. I'm like it is a big deal because we could have won this way. We could have one faster we could want easier but since we're at the same skill levels of people we be we just look at it as a win per se it's like, oh my God, we'd be some of that's out of higher skill rake, that's insane. What did we do so good and that's where like skill-based matchmaking you have that but ranking you don't per say have that as much cuz you are pretty much choice. At the same level in ranking. I love ranking but like you have to look at your wins and your losses and see how you can improve even with a win obviously be excited you want you want the game you're moving up but like oh, what could I have done in that win to get that win quicker? So and I see the pro streamers their their top earlier argument with that because I mean just in anything like the sports and all that if if you're not playing with or against better players of that caliber, whether it's professional or not or whatever. The only way you can benefit and learn and really actually may see something technically like in a technical standpoint like to its Max and fullest like where it really the way the game should be played Thursday is my watching them you go on YouTube watch like for me when I was playing goalie, right as a goalkeeper, I'd watch the top tier tier one pro and the Bundesliga and yep. Germany and England whatever I watch those goalkeepers who are at the highest level. I just watch and see what they did just like a streamer you you watch them, you know you watch and see what they do differently as opposed to yourself and then boom. Okay. I'm going to see that I'm going to use that situation, you know in in my next game that I play and I'm going to do that boom. Bap Sy streamers don't want probably that skill-based, you know game format with with pairing up, you know, because now they you have to watch their stream to to learn and and change their you know, the way they play versus where I don't know. It's it's another reason you're right off another reason and they've said that says because we're like, I played on a professional level. Okay. So every game I play is not always just learning how to be better. He's like there's times where I just jump on the game and just want to enjoy the game and play the game. I'm playing skill-based matchmaking and that's I can't do that. It's going to be sweaty every time. Yeah, and he's saying that they're saying like if there wasn't as if there wasn't a skill based matchmaking I can just jump in a casual game and I can wipe the floor with 12 12 12 year old and have like a great time. You know you change that only makes skill-based matchmaking for rank, right? That's what I'm saying. Just take off match-making and you put a ranking system in the game. It's a separate thing like over real quick play with your fuel based in the ranking. Yeah. That's what you're saying. Is there two separate categories? Yeah, I play quick play and and be a casual loser or you can put that I'm saying so like it's a preview game right now, right so it's not fully released. So I'm sure they'll come out at some point with that. So like it's maybe hey I did not believe in preview games anymore every game that comes out now is a preview game. It's a fully released game. They're just going they put it under the title and you're right. They're going to add things. They put it under the title of preview so that way they don't get wage. This large amount of people at like saying like why don't you have this in the game? You just release the game. The game's not finished because of games like Anthem and things like that. Yep. That's the only way they can bet it right but it's but it's not it's a fully released game. Yeah, usually fully released and they're going to do updates. Right? So but it's it's a live-action game. Yeah. Yeah, I would rather they do that than off. The game died as a full fully released game now, but he's pissed off, you know sure they should but the thing is is it is a fully released game. They're just a majority of players. Don't they just labeling as it's labeled as I know. Yeah, I get that it'll never like regular time. This game is like a game that comes out and you pay for the game you pay? Okay, but it's a free game though, but you'll never have to pay for it. If they write down a free game. I mean, so like I see their their point of view. So like that's fine right? I'm not saying that free game, but you get what I'm saying? They should be able to do that. You know. Well, it's the same thing for Thursday. As they've been later during with things trying to figure it out. They've been labeling themselves as a beta and Mitchell was telling me he read an article about it. It has something to do with like that's how they're able to change the game so much cuz they get money. They just get money. It's not a bad thing. It's great. That's a yeah. I love it. I I know it's it's insane. I love it too. I'm just saying like there's there's times where a a studio still has to be accountable for releasing something that needs something but didn't didn't get it released. And the thing is is they put a preview word on it and nobody holds them accountable which happens what happens then as you have games to do die in preview stage because player stopped playing them because they think oh, I'm in preview. I don't have to put it in the game right now, right? I'm just saying like, I don't want the game to die. I love the game. I love that song preview game in my eyes. It's a fully released game. It's been an alpha for four years your and I hold I hold people accountable now after Anthem after he a murdered that amazing wage. Oh for sure so much better than it was. Well, I think everybody in Bucks dude, I'd be pissed too. Yeah, but it's not just that it wasn't it was a game that was just rushed what I'm saying is like wage if I mean spell breaks. It's a free game though, right? It's like fortnite. Okay, it's free. Well, the thing is is like you can't necessarily be mad about it. Unless you've spent money on skin and stuff. Sure. Okay be mad about it. I'm not bad or I'm not saying you're mad. I'm just saying for everybody else. You know what I mean? Like who are pissed off about that but you'll be pissed off about being disconnected every fucking game you play. It doesn't matter if it's free or not. You can't play the game that I will okay. Yeah. So that needs to be number one before adding a shit ton of content. They need to worry about keeping players plane adding skins and content. Yeah decide you will kill your game. If you can't have players play the game day off. Yeah, but they also need at least release some I think they've done a good job because honestly, they've they have literally and rear and the same skins. Oh, they don't have a lot of skins. They haven't added. That's what I'm saying. Like they have very minimal amount of skins and they just keep rerunning on once they go through week-by-week, right? Yeah, but I'm so they need to make money to still maintain their updates and then plug fixes and all of that which they they did. I think that was the first update I saw at least they did like a bug fix and all that. They've done like three or four. Yeah. So I mean, I'm not trying to do those things but it's hard. It's it's difficult when it's a free game cuz you're not getting that upfront pay out for them. You know, so like I think they've done a pretty good job. It's just it's going to take time and that's why I like that they call it a preview game because it's going to take time and you're not lying to your guys, you know that are playing the game and saying that okay. This is a full release game. Even though we know it's shit now, it's not shit. I'm just saying like no I'm saying company some people dish it though because they're disconnecting every fucking well, that is shity. Yeah, that's that's a shity but what I'm saying is like I'm fine. I want them to call it a preview. It is a preview game. It's a Foley release game, but it's not a game that's finished. So it's it's a preview game. What I'm saying is players ought to recognize that it's it's a fully released game and preview means that it's not having issues. Yeah, and the thing is is is either people don't realize that or they think like oh, this isn't the fully release so it's okay that it's bad right now. It's not. Okay. That's like pubg do back when I played pubg when it first came out on Xbox dude. It was fucking garbage, but I took it anyway now, it's great. You don't really see so many issues. Look at that as you do now. Yeah, I mean, I mean, even if it's like a paid like four game like fully finished game you paid $60 if them In server issues there going to be like, oh like shoot we gotta like we still have to fix. Yeah. See I'm not talking about you you played for or you paid for right games like that. Yeah. This is free. It's totally different. That's why I'm saying like give him a little bit of slack. You know what I mean? They're not getting that um for upfront costs or not scamming you into fucking buying it on release so but like bugs and down buttons are issues come with game launches free or not that happens. Yeah, but it it's when it's been happening for too long. Now too long that it can kill you and I'm just saying I agree with them like I like these I think nowadays how Games come out is the coolest way cuz I'm a guy who likes games to come out and then stick to that game for a long time. So the constant content drops that are free are awesome. I love season based games. I love that aspect of gaming now. It's just I've also seen a lot of games die because they don't they either a don't listen to their players or the place. Is just aren't paying attention and the players leave and it just happens all the time. Small breaks. Fuckingawesome. I love it. I probably won't be playing it next month. It probably won't ever let's play very much. Ever again. But that's just because Destiny comes out Call of Duty cold water comes out not getting that right now, but that's a lot of new fiber punks coming out next month. I'm going to be playing cyberpunk song. God God punk. I don't think I've heard of the name, but I don't know anything about him with Keanu Reeves going to be in it's a it's an open. It's an open world. RPG game open world know. Yeah, John even care that it's an RPG. It's an open world RPG. That's stay open world Yamin pull up one of the phone. I'm doing my job. Do you say open world wage? Holy faak. You're an Xbox player. And you don't know what the fuck cyberpunk is Cody. I should slap your ass. I think this is this has been in the works for how many months that's almost over a year. Now. It's been delayed twice. Okay, that's what I thought. That's that's probably why I didn't pay much comes out next month. We're going to watch this trailer. So for your audio listeners to be three, so this is this is the is this the first one or the newest other than this is the first one, okay. Cyberpunk, 2077. Yeah, sci-fi futuristic. It's going to be cool. I'm excited. I'm liking it already dude, if there's like there's like there's like different sections of the city where there's like a club part of the city love when they do cinematics, dude. I love it and I'm like a yeah. So you can get in this game or in this world, see how he's a cyborg? It reminds me of like what's going on with you can purchase like for your body? All over the news. This is literally going to be reality and like 2770. You got the chip. All right, start it up. You go to the bathroom wash up. We going to be with you in a minute. Come on, man. Your neck. It's a mess. You can come back home. That's all we are going to the Major Leagues. j o get to clinic now. It's Doyle's condition is critical immediate. Hold on. Just think about all the good life. When you're a cyborg, you don't have much option once you're dead dead. Well there there's no humans. Yeah, they sell you a human. Well, they're not even half human. They're just humans that you can you can purchase like if you lose an arm you can or you can have your arm amputated then get a robot like it's a game with not the game but the movie with Will Smith iRobot iRobot. Reminds me of that seems like his arm is it looks it's a human arm, but it's got like a got attachments and stuff on it. Yeah, it's modified wage tax every corporate companies cities going to be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho friend did we didn't need all this cocksucking attention, Definitely amateur game. Yeah. we should he was not playing. She's got like power generation to like yeah Bluetooth spoken kinetic shit. That's insane. Yeah, it should be really cool. Right here, Cody. way to fuck off actually Kiana like how they put that at the end to that was good while they they that was the E3 trailer. So that was the announcement trailer that way back in 2019. We're like everybody else. Everybody saw everybody was cuz it was out like everybody knew cyberpunk was coming, but we hadn't seen a trailer for it yet. And then we saw the trailer and then when Keanu Reeves the crowd went fucken but ballistic and that's when Keanu Reeves came out on stage and he was like, somebody was like your your wonderful or your fantastic sound like that like know you're fantastic job became that internet meme. That's what I mean from its from E3. And yeah that cyberpunk that comes out next month towards the end of the month Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes out which I will be playing cuz it's bike rack and who doesn't want to play a viking Assassin's Creed game did like next month four or five games. I played like three Assassins Creed games in man. I just felt like it was Repeat for me. So like I couldn't get into it completely. I like the aspects of it, but it was like if nothing changes with like I don't know how you grapple the wall and all that. It's all right. So good though. That's why they didn't want to like the three storylines the xul dettori. Holy cow, bro. Those are the best three Assassin's Creed ever. So freaking dead think I stopped after what was Italy maybe it was the one after that that went all the way up to like 4. After Xeo alaturi, it was no longer in Italy it took place in Florence and all that cuz we have Black Flag which was in the Tropic Long Island's cuz you're a pirate and then we had the French Revolution, which was awesome place in America. The Civil War in colonies know that was the Civil War. Was it the Civil War I pressed Foundation would have been in rent France. It wasn't the Civil War cuz we fought the British in it yet, which he did you played as that Indian guy right honor I think Civil War we didn't fight the British what his name was, 7 a.m. Yeah. You're right the can't believe I said that now. Yeah, I mean we know we're in Revolution American Revolution. Not the French. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. So are you confused me? I was like, hey, I'm not a civil war one. Yeah, I know there hasn't been a civil war one. Yeah. Yeah, but and then they had they had the one in Egypt which was way too mythological for me. I was like, it's not very realistic same page to see the Odyssey one has like which is the one after that which was the Roman Empire Greek whatever it is and they're both shit. They're like so bad. Well, I don't like it. It's cuz they play it more like a RPG more or like you're finding so Isabella. Yeah, and then like the health bars on people. I like the original like combat-style welcome. So like you hit the guys a couple of times they'll die. And then when they come in to strike, you can counter them and kill them like the same thing. Yeah, but they have health though. Now you still have in static expectations and the fights like you still have that opportunity to like counter it and then do a like execution on them. That's still there. It's just they're changing the aspect of it to be more of an RPG than just need a rail-based games real basic games are like quality type execution One games do that. I like the fatality of a second a Mortal Kombat. Yeah. I like like zooming a tan like an automatic. I feel like you have to do like a crazy combos to do an execution in a game like that. Like it has to be like that. Otherwise, it's not that challenging you do executions that are easy to execute with low Health like yeah, that's cool and all but like like they weren't like something there. You just click a button though. It was like you're you were fighting like birth. We're fighting like twelve years of time. Okay. So timing. Okay, that's different. Yeah, cuz when you were like in a group in the city and you're playing X as x e o you have a sword and two hidden blades and it's like you're fighting twelve guards who have like long Spears. So like you could be like attacking one person and you see that somebody behind use about this. So you have to dodge that stop attacking the other person counter that poem with the spear and then like you'll do that but it's all timing like it's not like just and then like and then that's that's okay. I like stronger enemies to they don't even let you oh, yeah, you kind of gave them a stronger guy will grab your arm and like throw you to the side. You can't even do reminds me of shadowkeep. Gotta keep what does it show keep Shadow of Mordor Shadow of Mordor. Yeah. Yeah. It's that's exactly the same kind of I like that concept. Yeah, dude concept Valhalla. They show dead gameplay trailer for I say shadow. Keep what is shocking? That's Destiny Destiny. And now the shadowlands is World of Warcraft. What's a DLC? Isn't it? Expansion? Yeah, it's the expansion that just bought. Okay now is the most recent one? Yeah. Yeah. It's more of a fucking DLC then it drops. I'm sorry. That's more of a deal see than an expansion. The next one's an expansion. I'm an idiot guys. Haven't noticed. I'm not knitting very questionable person. I'm just excited man or finally going to have some games, but I haven't been I haven't wanted to play games and like 3 months. There's nothing to play a game. I mean I play spell-break a lot but then it was like all right. I'm like I'm like in Paul guys, too, but I got you never get on. Yeah. I know I got my I got my first Crown I was excited about that. Oh, yeah, David got his first crown on Fall Guys, dude. That's right. I saw that long waited about it too. Didn't you if you look up the time, I've played versus the time Tim the tatman played. I got my crown sooner than him. Yeah. I saw that one. And I've played more than Derek. I will say I help there and get there but you know, okay, that was crazy though. I grabbed the phone from a die-hard destiny fan. Yeah player to see if he would have never got that on. You know, he probably still be in the dark looking now. They're exchange as a man because of that ground. He is reborn Fall Guys has to image Paul guys have changed entirely. Yeah not no longer a boy. I'm a I'm a little bit older boy. Yeah. We just need to get treated now. Yeah, I wish to get a tattoo on you that says off first round all day. We should and it's on your head like, yeah. Like I said, you could say or instead of my first Conti be like The King The King well known in parentheses ball guys, the Crowne Plaza across the top like Advanced it for head tattoo. I would literally Salute You the crown will go across my forehead, but then around my face. Pink a bunch of like like I like the Fall Guy just kidding. Oh man. It was it was pretty awesome. I was very happy cuz we were we played for them that night. It was the night season 2 came out. Yeah. I didn't awesome tweet and nobody liked it. You'll get their podcast. I don't spend much time on wage earner. If you have noticed I did back when I was playing ball. I had like a Twitter of like almost two thousand followers and I deleted it because I hated Twitter so much I should have never done that I had thought I was getting damned by like people to do like sponsors and this net and then I fucking deleted my Twitter and made a new one for I don't even know why and then I forgot the password to the new one. Now. I have a third one just like followers. I'm like, whatever dude. Oh my gosh. I I was at that point in my life where I was like, dude. Block social media. I'm tired of hearing all the garbage on social media. Like I was just I don't know maybe it was my algorithm and what was being attracted towards it but it was just toxic shipping them know what my Mustang smile on my TL, you know, like twenty years. It's pretty helpful red and nowadays. It's become very censored thoughts. Definitely not the right. It was when it first came out but Twitter is very hostile, but it is also a very good place to get instant news on everything not like a typical news. But like my I follow a lot of streamers and Gamers so I get like instant news on like what they're doing further streams or you know, stuff like that or like what games are coming out like I found out right off of that Cristobal got they shut down Crucible. And and all that like the minute happened. I like Twitter Twitter's tourist. Pretty good. Yeah, it's just it's just not blowing it. Yeah, but you'll have that anywhere. It's just Twitter Twitter has more that like speak more of your mind. Well this this was back when it was somewhat newer. So like I think people really hate behind their their screen there. Oh God. Yeah. We're learning more. Yeah more so. All righty. Yeah. Yeah. We're at a hour 29. All right. Well, I guess that's the episode. Yeah, I'm going to take a shit and I do after she beats the cat. I have to stop her. I have to go start getting this game ending this so that's it. We're ending this. So if you want to talk us out or you just want to end it I'll talk this out. Check us out on patreon patreon.com like you kind of grow website. Check out our merch join our Discord. Yeah, it's free. We need people on the Discord cuz if we can get you to to sorry man that hit that subscribe all the audience. Just check it out. Check out the YouTube. Yeah in the description. Yeah, it's all these are down below. I gotta do is Click one button helps us out. So just hit it. Yeah, so am headed. Alrighty, that's that's a wrap boys.

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