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March 25, Hr 3 Dr Buddy Benson with Integrated Dental and Lisa Hudson with EC SBDC


This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten Kfi well our worlds have definitely changed as a result of covert not covert at one thousand nine hundred. No DOUBT ABOUT THAT. And as Governor. Jared polas suspended all non medical procedures in Colorado and extend a host of other closures. You may be wondering when it comes to a doctor's or a dental appointment what's essential and what's not. Well now's not the time to ignore dental pain. In fact it's more important to your oral. Health is than ever before eight. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot com joined this morning by Dr Buddy Benson of integrated dental in Greeley. Dr Benson. Welcome on in morning. Gail how're you doing this morning? I am doing well I am doing well and I hope you and your family and your staff and colleagues are doing well as well so far stay in. Saint. That's good that's good all right. Let's talk a little bit about the importance of maintaining overall oral health because it impacts so many things I mean your immune system your overall health absolutely and especially during this time right now. What we're finding just some studies. I've read Is that this. This little bugger. I mean he's he's contagious. No there are a lot of people getting it. there have been some You know misinformation out there that it only really affects people over sixty five and that's that's not true pretty much over thirty you're you you can get the guy and it can be a bad day for you. So what we are. Finding though is that there are underlying health issues that it's really exploiting and so trying to make sure that your immune system is in tiptop shape is the best way to combat this guy and and your all your oral health is pretty much A key component. And doing that. Oh absolutely So again there is some confusion. Well yes I am the mistress of understatement here but we see our lives have changed on just about every single level but you had the governor's saying okay. No non essential medical procedures. Define that for us. Oh I wish I could. But but he he he exactly is extremely vague. And the order is extremely vague. the ADA put out guidelines specifically for Dentistry Also talked with a good friend of mine is dermatologist and What is considered essential pretty much for for like say dermatology if you're under current treatment for melanoma. But but they're not going to really be diagnosing any new cases. And unless you're you feel like you're symptomatic or you need to get to go in. And You KINDA gotta be your own advocate and and a lot of a lot of these cases But the FDA has come out with a set of guidelines It's very it's much easier for people to go the ADA but the basic premise is that if you are having any kind of symptomatic tooth pain if you see something that looks like an abscess If something just doesn't feel right you still need to go see your dentist And and and and some Dennis out there They're they're they are seeing patients. I I have friends that have just completely closed up. And they're referring straight to specialists So the ended onyx which the canal specialist. Those guys are still Roy Rowland strong. Ada has come out and said that all root canal procedures that are Har- symptomatic are considered urgent or or an emergent situation which means they cannot wait less than three months so my ended on colleagues are still rolling strong And there are still plenty of rookie house out there to be had so so they're doing okay. Oh Joy your credits root canal. Nothing could kill the root canal. Exactly now to be more. Precise integrated dental in Greeley is open for business right. Absolutely we are open. We are following. The governor's law as as as as written and we are open for a courtesy procedures. All Nice unfortunately all those people that you know that that we spent a long time telling them how important their dental cleaning is it is but unfortunately because of the Aerosol does Create and dentists are not required to wear a In Ninety five respirator style. Matthew never have been It's just it's just creates too much danger to many people that could be affected. And as I say in the south of juices not worth the squeeze on that one Well Yeah yes we are. Yes we are seeing seeing open. We are open for virgin paces again if perceptive medical and we're also using technology we're using facetime when you're using online meetings I had I had a lovely young eighty nine year. Old Lady yesterday ran And she has severe tooth pain. We got her taken care of and I am doing her post. Op The teleconference. Because I don't want to come back into my office and So so we're able to use technology now to really help out our patients and then we can set that up again through our face time or through an online meeting That reusing called Zoom. Yeah the tech- technology has really been a godsend. Hasn't it absolutely so and and that's where everybody do. Call our office. If they have a question we can then set up a facetime. We're Starting next week we're in their Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays And we can even set up Drucker through my cell phone soon. If I'm not there my staff can get me Their number and I can directly look at them and say yeah. This is something that you need in the dental office and we need to get this. Take it out because it may cost you more or may impact you more three months when maybe there's order and everything is finally getting back to normal And we still want to make sure that things are taking care of. Oral health is still being taken care of. 'cause WE DON'T WANT TO COMPROMISE IMMUNE SYSTEM. We want people to be at their tiptop shape taking the vitamin C taking newseek. Just taking their multivitamins keeping their immune system is tipped off as they possibly can and that includes dental health because there are a lot of undiagnosed infections out there And the bodies wasting resources by that one is able to be able to find something that's true so let's say that you are having a toothache or your gums are bleeding. You're not able to sleep. You've got the hunt sensations in your gums. Whatever the case may be but Your little bit concerned and let's say you do take advantage of technology and You say you need to come into my office because this needs to be Taken care of two sweet. How of your protocols and your practice changed we've always Bided by all standards. As matter of fact we've always gone above and beyond just got Our our recent accreditation through show us an independent service to make sure that we are staying above board and all of our areas But during this time we're even doing even more. All of our girls are using constant protective pair of protective equipment while they're in where cleaning consistently after every patient comes in not only in the outdoors. Which do anyway but even on the outside doors the waiting room. We're only allowing one patient in at a time No other patients or their counterparts if they if they they're young person and their mom brought them. There were allowing one parent in only if if they're white brought up. The wife has to stay in the car. The person has to just come in by themselves. And just keeping that that human contact down to minimum. So that's why we don't have multiple patients In our office at a time so we are staggering. Everybody to be able to so when you come in. You're pretty it looks kind of like it goes down. But that's because we're making it that way you're the only one in there where the one year concentrating on and then we'd take you out actually a separate or if we need just someone else came in this way you can avoid that. Six foot contact Again just trying to do our best trying to do our part To keep people safe but at the same time Still taking care of those emergencies that need to be taken care of Dr Buddy Benson integrated dental in Greeley all right so give us everything that we need to know how we get in touch with you at this point. He's definitely call our office area code nine seven zero three five one seven one five three nine seven zero three five one seven one five three. You can also go to our facebook page social media. There's a lot of stuff going on social media. I post videos all the time and try and stay to face to face contact with patients or anybody. That's just curious out there I got a lot of friends who are in very high places that are lot more smart than I am and I am just like just like I want my patients. Listen to me I listen to other people as well and so I just. I just relay that information. I'm not making anything up. It's not my job My job is to relay the information that we know at this time and this is the most today current information that we have and we keep that information updated As well as on our social media thank you Dr Benson to you your staff your colleagues For remaining on the front lines because I think well you would know better than most when it comes to dental pain. That's something that you don't want to deal with but not the pain. The pain is indicative of a well. Things that aren't right things that need to be taken care of especially now as we want to keep those immune system strong to combat against Kobe. Nineteen you bet. Scale and one one small. A lot of people don't know. Is that pain actually reduces the immune system so people saying oh. I thought I fought through the pain. It's actually smart. Pain actually reduces the immune system. We need to get the patients out of pain so their body can get back to fighting and get back to being ready and being on the front lines himself Dr Benson Integrated Dental in Greeley great sponsor of mornings with Gail. Certainly do appreciate that. Thank you again and Eddie. Well thank you to best to do after y'all and best to everyone out there and again if you give us a call thanks you bet. Eight eighteen now thirteen ten. Kfi Kfi the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Kevin tire of fat guys at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfi K now back to mornings with GAIL. Well time of covered. Nineteen were all incorporating new ways to accomplish things that we need to get done. And you're doing it admirably as is the East Colorado. Spdc taking care of business integrating well once again this creative ways season technology to continue to serve you Through this very disruptive time joined this morning by Lisa Hudson Lease. I gave you a promotion this morning. Call J. Executive Director Director of the East Colorado as BBC. Thanks so much for taking the time. Thanks for all that you are doing To continue to provide support. And how are you doing? You know I'm doing well. We are just Staying extremely busy helping me. Small businesses at just. How how? They're serving their customers. I mean with with all these policies put out They're having creative on on how to find their customers and and get to their customers and we're doing the same at at east co- UNC shutdown. Well didn't shut down but closed campus and so my team is working from their home. Offices were Connecting with our clients via telephone and a Google hangout then I think it's going pretty well that way. It's the new normal to be sure so Let's drill that down a little bit. I know thank you for sending me this email this morning. Talking about This guide that was just released today for small businesses dealing with cove. Yeah so The Colorado Small Business Development Center network as created this guide which you can find on the Colorado SPDC Dot Org website and It just goes through steps that you can consider as a small business owner to you. Know Recreate Revenue Lions. And and what you can do to support your employees if you have to let them go and and what it means to have a job attached unemployment birth you know Keeping them on You know regularly or maybe maybe considering letting them go entirely. It's just a different time it. We're in something that we've never really faced before I mean east co- SPDC We. We helped a lot of small businesses during the flood of two thousand thirteen. And that was our for my first run at helping. Small businesses deal with the disaster. But this is different It's not a physical disaster where you know. We've got physical damage to the businesses but it very much the same a disaster potentially an economic disaster as we sort through everything that Well it's just going down. As a result of all the changes that we have to incorporate into our everyday lives. What is the most common question that you are hearing from small businesses? What the heck is going on? What can we go back to work? And and you know. Is there a grant available That that's the biggest question that we're getting as right now. The State of Colorado and. Sba have not released any grants Right now there's only the SBA loan program in Colorado's been activated for that and small businesses can most definitely apply The the only downside And I'm I'm going to be very frank about this is if you apply And I'm still waiting to get confirmation on if you have what you have applied for what you have accepted for the loan that can affect How much you could get if a grant become available later all right Worked at through for US so Back in thirteen with the floods if you had applied for an SBA loan and when the grant came out later you were only able to receive dollars Needed minus the amount. You're approved for for the loan. All right GASCON thirteen. It might be different this time around. I I don't have an answer yet. I've sent it up the ladder and I'm just waiting for that response. Hopefully we'll get that this week but yeah if you And again I'm not sure if it's how much you apply for how much you get accepted for for the loan that could affect how much you're getting from the grant So soon as we get that information we will send that out and people can sign up for our newsletter where we're sending out the latest information at Bit Dot L. Y. Slash East co- Updates and That's where we're posting it and then the the car. Spdc network as a whole is Regularly updating their website Several Times throughout the day Colorado. Spdc DOT Org Slash Cova and. That's where you can find the most up-to-date information Lisa Hudson Director East Colorado SPDC. I wanted to reflect on something that you said earlier. Talking about the differences between for example. how you had to marshal resources and basically fast-track support to businesses during the the floods of thirteen. And you mentioned that this Kobe. Nineteen obviously not a physical disaster as it is an unseen invisible enemy. But I can't help but think that your experiences in supporting small business During the floods of thirteen kind of provided a template. For what you're doing now absolutely I mean you know back then we. We had to help small businesses. Identify the impact that the floods it had and what kind of revenue they had lost because of the flood. Or we're doing the same thing with this. I mean what kind of revenue are these small businesses losing because you know they either have to shutdown they. They have to limit their services or products. And there's just not as much traffic going to small businesses right now. Any business besides grocery stores So it's it is very much the same kind of Preparation that that we're helping me. Small businesses do and. We're trying to help them. Collect documentation of of what kind of lost they're experiencing so later You know when maybe more resources are available. They're ready. They're ready for that application. See that's just a one of the many many services that you provide because at this point I mean we are so off balanced. It's unprecedented what we're seeing across the country around the world that we don't even know what we don't know exactly and I mean we you know we're not just pushing clients to apply for the SPA loan you know. We're we're helping a lot of clients with strategy you know how to create a cohesive Digital brand now that you have to go online. How how do you start selling your products online when you were just a storefront and prioritizing your finances so know these businesses have got death lined up to their door and what can you pay. I can you lower payments on other things you know having that conversation with your your landlord saying okay. Hey you know this is my situation what can we do? Let's negotiate and and talk to your banker. I mean that that is a huge thing that I encourage my small business clients to do is have that open conversation with your banker and and let them help you You know a lot of SBA loans that are current right now are getting deferred because of Cova did and If you already had a disaster loan from back in two thousand thirteen that's Getting automatically deferred. You just have to have Definitely and No one better to have those conversations with and with the Lisa Hudson. Excuse me on her colleagues at the East Colorado as speedy see up and running just in a well a little bit more distant form so tell us once again before I let you go certainly do appreciate your time. Certainly appreciate all of your efforts as you're a real lifeline for small businesses. How do we get in touch with you? Go to our website East Colorado. Spdc DOT COM and connect with US online. If YOU'RE A new client sign up for consulting there if you're a returning client request to follow up or you know just connect with your consultant at their first name at East Colorado S BBC Dot com or feel free to email at our info at East Colorado FBDC DOT com lease Hudson director. He's Colorado. Spdc thank you so much. Take Care and be well thanks you too bye bye bye. Forty-seven thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Thirteen. Ten KFI AM preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. What kind of year does Philip Lindsay have to have to secure his future in Denver? We'll discuss it next on the whole show. Thirteen ten KFI. Well let's stay at home. Orders are expanding throughout the state This just in from nine news this morning. Multiple cities and counties in Colorado of his. You'd stay at home orders as we're well aware we've seen it in the city of Boulder. We've seen it in the county and city of Denver Pipping Pitkin County San Miguel County among them. aimed at slowing the spread of Kovic nineteen. There's not yet been an order at the statewide level again. Not yet been an order at the state line wide level instead governor. Jared police has asked that Businesses reduce their in person. Workforce's by fifty percent recommended that the state's residents practice Social distancing again By staying six feet away from people that they don't live with now this kind of interesting the Tri County health department which oversees arapahoe atoms and. Douglas County's is holding a media briefing this morning At ten o'clock where an announcement is expected about a stay at home order it would affect about one point. Five million people living in those counties. Eight fifty two now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com or any sweet gale. Live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as the Weld County Public Health Department confirmed well what we already know. And again not Providing this information in an effort to increase your anxiety level but simply believing in that old stand pie information in is Power Weld County. Health saying the virus is here. This as the number of cases has grown from fifty yesterday to eighty four in Weld County as cove in nineteen claims. A third life in weld according to a piece by trevor read out of yesterday's Greeley trip the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment policy is not to name individual towns or cities with cases of Covet Nineteen And the reason the stated reason for doing just that not releasing that information according to the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment. It's more about patient privacy this according to spokesperson Eric Ako adding this is so widespread. It's really irrelevant if it's in Greeley or if it's an evidence it's here the virus is here now. Of course he went on to say. Covert nineteen cases are being seen all across the country not just in clusters of the larger municipalities. Saco said there's cases in welds bigger municipalities but didn't provide any additional information at that point in time so as Tuesday weld health officials have identified eighty four known cases of Covet Nineteen and the county three people who have died from complications of the disease. Now it's still unclear and again this is not meant to spike your blood pressure just a gentle reminder that now is more important it's more important than ever to simply replace stay calm. Stay calm in the face of uncertainty and utilize the best practices particularly when it comes to personal hygiene unclear how many other cases there could be due to a two weekend but in period and difficulties accessing a testing Weld health officials hadn't received a test kits. As of Tuesday that added to the lack of testing? Ako went on to say because the lack of testing. We can't have an accurate picture of what's going on around these. Various communities testing does give us a snapshot of what's going on so it's Essentially better than nothing. The hope at the policy is that people across the county will treat each new case as it could be in their own town or city instead of thinking they can flout the current recommendations To spread to stop the spread of the virus again. These recommendations are in place for all of our safety remember thirty percent of those infected with Kovic nineteen. They can be a symptomatic. They can be the so called silent carriers not knowing that they're infected their symptoms. Are I mean next to nil and we need to keep that in mind? That were once again. I know it sounds trite. Where all in this together and together only together by exercising some restraint and a little bit of common sense only together can we stop the spread of covert nineteen particularly to our most vulnerable populations the elderly with underlying health conditions? Such just wash your hands and stay on the best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE LOVES ON THIRTEEN TEN KFI K. There's repeating stay with us for a no co now as Brady Hall. Ten twins. Troy Coverdale Bring you everything you need to know. Live local continuing coverage related to Kovic nineteen think that basically is your town hall of the Airways serving as a touchstone and it's sounding board for you. Be a part of the conversation. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten or taxed Kpfk two three one nine nine six block party from four to eight tonight. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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