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Zeits of the Old Republic 5/4: Cinco De Mayo, Kim Jong Un, Meteor Shower, Midnight Sun, Don Lemon,


The? We're apart these days with sharing more so at Geico. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash, give back for more INFO and eligibility. Luke Air Oh, I see wow! Look over their. Culture. Last. Saying Don Bosco Theresa's calling everyone. My name is not Roger. Hello everyone, my name is bone Yang and we're the hosts of the law school therese's podcast now on iheartradio and the big money players know we're now. You're probably saying what is this last coach racist podcast? Well I'll tell you. We are to homosexual. Best Friends who talk about pop culture with guests and we have segments Oud Galore so listen to Las, Culturas just on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode of Star Wars Sites of the old republic Game I'm very familiar with my name is Jack O'Brien. That's mild gray. May the fourth. Be With you mild. Thank you and also with you? Is Mercy endures forever. Does under his is all that good stuff? Thanks George Lucas indeed. Let's tell the people what's trending right now. A in honor of tomorrow. Cinco de Mayo is trending. Yeah, you, gotTa. Demayo plans now probably just going to go to some Mexican restaurants around town that I know are opening and try and. Patronized those businesses like there's a couple spots that are doing like just massive, Margarita Kit or something I mean prize for the weekend or something. But I think the articles that seem to be trending Tamayo have been a lot about being like what you know how you can have Cinco de Mayo in quarantine, and maybe patronize a local business at the same time and if you're a you usually like, go out to eat I. Go to my no absolutely not I have no I, don't I? Don't celebrate many holidays in general like you're not gonNA. Catch me out there for Saint Patrick's Day or anything like that, but I like food. And I, like the thing about quarantine like so many places just making it easy for you to like make good. Should at your house like we're just like? Hey, buy this kit where we've already done the hard bit by making all the food seasoned US December. So I'm loving kind of a PAN right right right and year. Here's Pan. It's already hot. Already hot. Just put it on your still, fuck. Do you want us to make this for you to take out? Actually Alright well shout out to site gang. Hope you guys are planning a safe and enjoyable sicko Demayo don't. Earn just running the streets. Yes. He's Kim. Jong he back. Soon is back and running in these streets. He a jog after. He's he is cutting a ribbon that release them. Balloons I believe is the video that I saw. He looks very large. He looks like like I. Can understand heart problems coming from this man, but he is back. He seems to be alive. Either that or there's some very impressive puppetry going on in Korea I'm worried for his sister though. I guess it's so hard to know what's going on. I mean like a lot of those rumors about him, even being gravely ill came from like defectors who are then like working in our part of the South Korean government now. I. Don't know it's just so hard to know what's going on there. Because they don't. It's completely hurts. Hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world. Basically, so hey, yeah, but good good for him. How old is Kim Jong Hoon anyway? I'm trying to look at this photo and be like based on what I'm looking at I. Think he's forty-seven. No He's thirty five. He's young. He's my. Bra Ping Wo. He just turned thirty. So what fuck? You just turned what he just turned thirty. We're born the same year eighty four. Y. Ou I. Mean Look I don't even. I don't even know if you're going to have any kind of take on Kim Jong UN anymore. That hasn't been set aside from Iowa. Game! Yeah, absolute power corrupts physically as well. Yeah. You think that maybe he was really ill, but watching the last dance has helped reinvigorate him because he's religiously a bulls fan. Huge fan tight with Roman. Right. Yeah, I don't know maybe that episode three brought him back from the brink. Right it. We also be seeing Dave situation. I mean. That's the thing that's. Interesting about North Korea's. He can never get close enough to fully. Vet Anything that's happening there so a one Kim. Jong came to power. We didn't even know who he was. We just had one picture of him and. Well anyways, Chadha to him just great to see him back up and. About. Meteor shower and midnight, Sun both trending. So I assumed there is some wild shit. Happening tonight turns out. The meteor shower is a celestial. Event happening in the night sky this evening, so look out for that. If you WANNA stay up and don't have to be up super early. A midnight Sun however is not happening your night sky. It's your bookshelves. A. Watch out. Now Staffing Myers? Has announced that there's a new twilight. Will come at. and. It is called midnight. Sun which. Seems Right. Do you know how that I'm completely ignorant of the twilight saga. Do! You know how it ends. No, no I don't even know how know what. Yes. I just know I kind of know what's going on. You're like team. Edward or team Wolf, Guy! Tyler Taylor whatever whatever what have you guys career? Haven't heard partner. So I'm like what's the sequel? Do they have kids? I Dunno look. This is what happens when people who know nothing about do it. I think Oh shit. Yeah they. They had kids in the last one I think she was pregnant and like the. Whole conflict was like whether she was going to be torn open by the baby because Vampire Oh. Dear, oh! Dear. Okay, why Shit while wild stuff! Coming. Yet, but I don't know the the writing on. I've read excerpts from the first twilight book and there's some bonkers writing in there. I just I suggest people check out some excerpts from yeah. I mean Daniel. Daniel just hit us with a wild. A little bit of Info that. All Team Jacob. WHO's The wolf? Dude was in love with the baby upon birth. Pond birth in love love with the baby out no man. This is because he's he's. He's connected to it way, so is that his child? Is supposed to be like a the prophecy, no see. So Daniel has given us a really confusing explanation about how. I'm just GONNA. Leave it at this, you know. When you when you? I duNno I duNNo, I duNno immoral is a twelve hundred. CAPE BECK and sales character tying all this. Is She Taylor mom. France yeah. Let's talk about Don Lemon. So a fake sounding name that sounds like it could be could have been written by Stephanie Myers Don and all. Yeah it, either sounds like it's David s Pumpkins Arch Nemesis Don Lemon. Don Lemon the CNN anchor. You know. He made some headlines because he addressed president. Trump pretty directly was sort of like. What is it about Obama that gets under your skin? Basically saying like he's because he's better than you and a lot of people like. Wow, Don Lemon's going in. and. That's about it, but I think what's really great is just listening to this clip. it because the Internet as you all know is undefeated in every fight it gets in. Someone has already cut. Don Lemon wearing like Godson or rather like? He's got his ether whole outfit on that GNAWS war. So this just check out. This is just hearing. Don Lemon's entire monologue, but with the soundtrack. What is it about President Obama that really? Gets under your skin. Is it because he's smarter than you. BETTER EDUCATED! made it on his own me daddy's. Wife is more complex. I don't know what. He's a black man. Game President. I certificate thing. What is it about? Okay. So anyway, that's and that's all we have. In this. World are scoring weird points on twitter Israel suffering going on in the world as we speak base, we win. Maybe this will finally. Trump. This is the church. Because famously all trump supporters respect the lyrical work of NAS. Yeah, big payments they were on team knows during the. JV beef. Mile, it's been a pleasure talking about the Lakers. His parents has always Thank you guys for tuning in and thank you for listening. Stay. Say Don't protest the government without a mask on a stay. Washing your hands and we'll be back tomorrow with more party then by. Looking for new PODCAST, who isn't they is well. 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