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Donald Trump, Jr. Triggers KMarko


You guys giggling the boat. Just listening to some parody songs so yeah we got some guys you good good. They're pretty good. Yeah some better than others. As part of my take sweatpants they are so we have donald trump junior in about ten minutes. Yes the source of much controversy in the bar. Yeah I don't know. I talked to Dave last night with Steve. It seems like a K.. Marco issue more than the might be wondering why I was told because he's a liberal stuttering during Weenie. Right the key thing the other day I mean right but trump junior is a friend of barstool kind of not yet but I mean where where are you from. What do you tell you? They would be seeing our praise if if we were having Malia Obama on Sure we can have our on his well fucking have anybody on Ziemba think. What are you gonNa do this hardcore rightwing suck fest? You already have one of those yesterday in Me Boston market and I'm thinking these fucking another one newsmax picture. They put over how he's interview which did not like double shots for like. He's like looking away and he's the trump junior is looking at the camera. And the Mike Treating this guy like you know I mean I'm just coming on and I'll start with him probably where I'll start with like Y- yeah. I think he's going on the view today busy. Yeah I respect you scheduled to. I don't know if like he'll be they'll go on with gayle king like he'll go on with people who don't don't agree with him right. which is now a Republican trait? It just is. They've got They've they've got the guts now. I don't know what what change but he's a pretty big figure. Sure I think you know. He has some name recognition. And it seems to me like having heard Howard over the years and I think he'll play along I have if not just put it this way. If you're looking for like a deep dive in Gotcha moments like Ukraine and shit go somewhere else. I mean really what a what a fucking I mean. What's he going to say on that? It's funny though. I think those guys'll At borstal might think that's exactly what I guess because you're more you're closer to that than any of that that can read the sense. Yeah right they'll do investigate about about fucking arsenal. Thinks you're going to try and blow the guy up. No no no no no. I think they think it's going to be very political. Take Your Tiki torch. Yeah we'll not that but I think it just makes me really political conversation and you know I'm sorry I don't care about fucking horses running in circles. Okay I'll do the best. I can't do that. I mean you the fucking whatever tick Tock We fuck off off K.. Marco I like him and everything came on. Its if it's a K.. Marco was the email say. I was actually text messages. Text message I told him I I told him we were having Don Jr. on because I thought that he would appreciate that and see the value of doing about it. John Judy by way completely had porno back in the thing totally header back. Yeah Yeah Rather his back on the on the thing I told them we're having him on and he said Fuck that guy and okay okay. Let's just have people on you know we should have on a lot. More is fucking Rob Gronkowski. We should have you know we should have Whoever elsom we should hire Johnny Manziel and act like he's a great guy now like Donald Trump? So we should do. Oh Jerry men cells awesome. He's funny yeah he's cool. He said I'll give you the heads up right now so you don't waste your time. Dave won't let that up on the site okay. I talked today last night. Yeah absolutely yeah absolutely no problem with it. So either K.. Marco's full of Shit which is possible or Davis lying to me on the phone last night one of the I mean one is one may be possible a Bali. I always say I don't care don't promote I don't get no charge Steve Crazy. I don't give a fuck by attitude. Like oh I hate that guy. Okay so now Barstool who all we we do is rail against people who say they hate us without real reason they say oh I hate that guy was I have a conversation. Let's ostracize him. It's supposed to talking to the fucking guy. What does does he mean by? Don't let it let it up mode. I tried I tried to. I actually tried to get clarification. I just said Not Looking for a fight honestly just WanNa know what would what the deal is here and cracked Barstool as a whole will not associate with him. But you are free to do whatever you want with him and promote the your channels as much as you want Sparse was a hole. We're not part of Barcelona hole or what he was saying is any. We're not GONNA be allowed to write about. Don Jr. was that's what K- markle this yesterday. We will yeah. I mean we always. We'll we'll do our thing absolutely no issue with it. He came in this game right from Dave. I mean I I think there are lines. Why isn't even crossed? Yeah that's entirely but I'll tell you if if the son of the present who's super active on social media is kind of a meathead. Frankly but I mean sort of. Don't be surprised if he did. KFC radio like a totally non political show to show on. He's one of those guys. Four million million followers on twitter. We're GONNA ask him boat Porno today and he's going to say something that you know I I I thought to be a good fit to be one of these guys are just comes into Barstool. I wrote his book and does I don't know maybe they'll have. I have no idea but I I. I don't understand the I don't know I. I was surprised at that. The enemy hustle. The what are we ought insects. What are we because he's because he's a republican or because he's like what doesn't I mean like even if the headline is Kirkman Kirkman interviews Donald trump junior people know but but get the fucking Bagel guy on another just another New York blowhard race and the other thing? Don Jr. is not running for office. He's not a politician. He might be some time but not not. Officially they've had they've interviewed Tulsi Gabbard. They've interviewed Andrew Gang and they'd had no problem. MM promoting those on those around the block thirty but they did. He interviewed injury angry. They also yeah right blog posts about they add up on the homepage. Well Yeah Yeah right and I mean it's also but again I think it's a thing where same chaps you know A pussy another pussy came. Marco Gotten Dave's era was like his DOC fucking pussy. You sit there and you write this great thing the other day about this asshole from Iowa and you're doing the fucking trump. Junior's whole book is about how the media's the culture triggered now Marco was triggered triggered. Yes book was basically about K.. Mark and we're on the deal with the same people like. Oh you're like Hitler alert for having fucking Don Jr. on fucking Donald Trump Junior. I mean let's lock in flights. I mean we didn't give him a platform I mean he's he's like one of the sons from succession Shen. Yeah I guess I mean we Kinda meet at New York meathead is. Dan Happens to be president. He's rich these interesting. Have a modest. He piece has some stupid shit. I mean I mean what I just understand how. That's not obvious. Who's who who's GonNa? Yeah I'll tell you right now. Don't you four names right now. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies who's GonNa me on the fucking court. I want to know right and you'll be unbiased to Jesus. Did you do a collusion. Jesus are you gonNA run from there but I don't think he's going to answer that. I mean Don John Where Hillary Clinton's emails Donald Trump Junior Frank Sinatra junior on. We try to sure by the way they gave they come back with a hard no who Ronan Farrow's people. They did yes he's really he's beginning the UK leg of his tour could stay. Stay there the fuck out of the country could bothering us. They said Asshole the loser looking for twenty years and do a thing. Best friends the God bets knowing I should know it's not a big deal but should aggravate. Yeah like you try and you know I mean that seems like a no brainer. I didn't understand what it seems like. Ah Kay Marco is fine. He's guy he's going out of his way to start shit with us. We're so if your daughter vein successful show fuck you fuck that guy. 'cause I get if K Marco said I don't want this headline like Donald Trump. Junior says his father's meeting with North Korean leader. It's like okay. Well then I guess I mean I don't even go. I mean really care about that but yeah I guess but that's just boring put I love. BARSTOOL DOESN'T DISAGREE WITH OBVIOUSLY KMART DISAGREES WITH DONALD TRUMP junior. I'm guessing politically yes. So what asshole dependent the right. You know like we've never had liberals on the show. For what are we had a great Congratulations about the union ship. Yeah I mean that would be a piece of shit this fucking K.. Marco is I mean. Really fuck him no. I thought I can't explain it. I don't know I don't know why. Ah He would go out of his way to do three hours while he's fucking recipes. People do nothing. I'm sitting here trying one guest on no guests on every we don't ask for a fucking thing not one fucking thing and you do this and fuck that guy. Well now. He's going to be mad at all I said was you can't put it in the headline and Steve made it i. I don't know it seems like it's pretty cut and dried. Jesus well is beyond the into your. So let's talk about simply safe. I A recent American. The survey rather recent Gallup survey shows Americans worry more about burglaries mcglasson than almost any other crime more than mugging more than terrorism more than car theft and murder murder Temperature of the break INS are people. 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Around the clock monitoring monitoring simplisafe dot com slash cartel Kirkman Hanson. You the Kirkman show. That's simplisafe dot com slash. KFI Arc. Let's talk to my guy. My Best Friend Guy. Webb grew with everything politically really the next president of the United States. Donald Trump Junior. You know we were just talking. I is it's versus. Donald Trump. Junior the book is called triggered We were just talking like it's amazing so we wanted to have you on for whatever you know fifteen minute hit. Just talk about your bullshit whatever and when you have somebody now in two thousand nineteen whether it's your dad or you whomever with that last name it becomes inner office civil war about talking to somebody for fifteen minutes about stuff I it's it's you know what it is honestly it's triggering triggering. It definitely triggering. I've noticed that myself because I live the New York City so it's It certainly are you going. Are you going on the view I am. Oh that's going to be now that's GonNa be joy behar. I think may actually just had me explode like we watched her with a Tulsi. Gabbard said yesterday. Yeah Chelsea I mean this this is the inflexibility is unbelie. I mean you not but I think you you like the idea of going into being combative correct. Yeah I don't have to be combated listening to the reality of the world This Day In in twenty nine hundred I mean I can combated with the best of what I do. the only issue is for me going into there. That's that's a no win right. I mean I could be I could it could be well-deserved But it's been me being combative against five women and then you're Campbell because you can't do that because that makes your misogynist you know and that's the problem with damn that's a big genesis the book which is you know the double standard that exists for all these things everyone who wants equality. But you can't Broccoli question that kind of person you you you know you know what to tell advert I mean. I thought that was ridiculous. Terrible I mean and she's actually liberal. She's not like pretend liberal like she's not a moderate liberal as you pretty darn liberal And they still destroyed it because maybe she's not quite as liberal as Elizabeth Warren or. She's maybe not no quite you know a communist like Bernie Sanders like it. It's such a level of extreme Today and it's unfortunate that it's been you know so polarized and that it's gotten that way But we've seen that for a long time. I mean I you know you you've seen sort of in my opinion and I spent a lot of time in the mid West my sort of hobbies whether you know I think fishing shooting having stuff like that I spent so much time in the mid West. You know for real part of the country you know and speak the people all the time and they're like you know you see this notion that the Democrat Party isn't the Democrat Party up your granddaughter. It's not that sort of JFK with the alright cancelled. And he's a mistaken and that person wouldn't be you know he wouldn't be a hero okay. Party I if he was around today And you see so much of that. It's really. It is pretty tough. What's amazing to me is so I mean we show here parcel? When I'm a libertarian? So I mean I really. I don't care what you do in your personal life doesn't matter to me. I'm more economically. Conservative we run over these stories every every single day so you talked about the other day off Gayle King Sore these the story of the day of how the world's ending in every without fail every single time is personal right. You know the right the story. They'll have their opinions. We we ask them come on and just have a conversation. Just have a debate about it. And they won't talk about it. The the amazing thing to me is how the country is sort of flipped now. Where ironically you know thirty forty years ago like you said now the the right is more open to talk about conversations and stuff and I don't know I don't know what actually I do know? Honestly tell us that your dad was elected in for certain. That drove the left fucking bananas but that background. I'm nuts but that evolutionist I'll go to college campuses. I mean I was a college. Campus is in two weeks probably five in the last two months. You know I'll go and speak and I mean I'd have people get him tobacco you know and just literally scream just Forty five minutes. I'm actually I don't know whether it'd be upset or impressed because it's like wow that's like if you could channel that hate towards something else but like yeah. How good are your ideas? If you can't even allow other people ideas to be heard. Have you know you're right and I'm with me by the land. Proper more libertarian as well as from New York I it lived fairly indifferent but then I draw the line and I think sometimes we'll sort of explain that in the book I mean this is a sports show You know in the Trans Women in sports like you just not GonNa get me to buy into it like You know I don't care if they'll play sports. I don't give a crap how you identify. It makes no difference in my life. I as far as I'm concerned. Happy People are productive people but we have got like Fox the fighter That's good it is at a guy. I'll I'll come a female fighter fracture of the skull of might be male opponent in the first round like it's not right when you have women breaking every weightlifting world record Cassim ails Every day you saw two weeks ago it was the the woman. Spiteful Gordon deal world record world championship with 'em like the eminent here. But here's here's the thing so I agree like I I. I'm all for transgender rights. Do whatever you want. That's your life if you're happier great but you know Martina Navratilova herself spoke against this with agreeing with with what you said. Six seven months ago and this is this is a gay icon and they. They took endorsements away from her. No I listen. I grew up with a similar story too. My mother at they both escaped gone right. This is all in the book. I literally use her as the example of the book which she was again on an LGBT activist thirty five years took over. Tremendous amount of courage. Back then I mean unbelievable before yeah way before it was cool to be one and she knew this and they really really accomplish your military unfair and destroy forty years of work. It was like it was nothing so they hit her so hard. You have to walk it back a couple of days later and then you know three weeks later. She started hitting trump. Because that's the way to get back. I mean that's that's your trump neglects to. I say that we grew up knowing her hanging being You know it's such bullshit And it it just keeps going and that's the problem I mean your you're today you may not be woke tomorrow anymore you you you know you're GonNa be all right tomorrow even if you're still saying woke of today right Goalpost Post Luke so much there's a never ending it's like it almost like you have like you honestly like I I do some trouble and I like sort of having a good time with these things that it's almost like if you put a couple of guys in a room and I'm like Okay Dude how how can we screw with people like take it too far they still ridiculous that no one could you know and it's like they're not they're actually serious And again you can be as a live and let live as you want. But eventually I can't tell if I'm reading the onion or if I'm actually seeing real life anymore. It's amazing I in some of the headlines. I'm like April fools if you if you could have one mo one dad's a great Golfer You can have one one Mulligan for your dad on twitter. You get to pick go back and your dad's twitter history. It's One tweet away in your dad's twitter like the time he does. Your Dad. tweeting is fascinating. He's the greatest stuff and he's and he's also like you know when you forget like so. Your Dad is about the age. My Dad would have been if you still alive like my dad wouldn't know what to do with twitter life to pay. I wonder sometimes your dad like old. Does he freezes he another understand it. Does he understand it. Does he get it is he. Got Mark you've always been really good at messaging. I mean and as far as Mulligan Room. I've never thought about this getting actually tell the story about like bring hot myself a so you notice yeah. Didn't you fight the twitter. What he did I mean I got that call one time like you know maybe more than once? I'm like this is the White House operator. Ah President what's going on. You're like you're getting a little hot twitter. I'm like I love you and all but like come up. Maybe this isn't your awake. Maybe maybe we've seen it somewhere before. I learned it by watching you. You know I mean this whole process has been really interesting just you know and it again why I wrote the book as you sort of evolution than if you would've looked at US properly in any of our friends ends you know who would have been like you know Don's not really him in a dead or probably a lot more different than similar and stuff but it's you you put us into war with the BS that we've been going through for a few years whether whether it's the campaign whether it's the muller hoax all of that stuff you know for a few years and it's like Oh Jeez the personality you turn into your parents you know as your dad change. I mean you know you talk about you know you see the pictures of Lincoln and all this stuff. Do you get a feeling i. It seems to me watching him on a daily basis. It doesn't seem like the offices changed him. It seems like he enjoys it. It doesn't seem like it's it's it's eight now. He he likes it. And you know the realities of things I want to say about him like he's really consistent. You know my my the tweet. I'm doing the book But my old tweet for the last year was you'll him on Oprah in like nineteen eighty six being like listen. Our politicians are doing a lousy job. The trade policies are so ridiculous. We're getting screwed. I mean back then. It was like the Japanese. He's doing it by the way he was still right. I mean we have politicians that are making trillion dollars Christian that our children and grandchildren are going to be beholden to that have literally never functioned shinned outside of politics meaning. They've never had you know most of them never been in business. They don't understand how that actually works. They just you know run around people for money to get reelected like these are people that you wouldn't let negotiate like a car league You know but we're we're so I have no trillion dollars an hour ago. How Fun you know It it's. It's pretty scary. I mean he's literally really been complaining about that incompetence for decades The difference than him and most is you know you can only throw stones on for so long before he wants to get into game and so he did and I. I think that's so Donna like a couple of weeks ago. You re tweeted Dave Portnoy because he was getting in a fight with Alexandria Cossio Cortes and now the feds are actually investigating instigating him for saying he doesn't WanNa labor union at Barstool if he gets arrested by the federal government. Will you get your dad to give him a pardon. Well you know we'll have to talk talk about that off the record. I think I think you'll I think you'll be fine but I mean that's the nature of can't even je eh debate and here's what he said you know what I mean like is nonsense but they can't pay tax are insane. I mean this is the same person pitching ninety three trillion dollars every new wonderful fifteen years of us. US government. Read you if you look all of government revenue for fifteen years straight. That's ninety three trillion dollars. I don't I don't agree with her on anything. Basically we'll see but I'll give her this. She's not dissimilar of your dad. In the way that she has rallied Abass at a certain time like Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Harris. They're all bores like I think she's. She's a loon and I think that's very fair. I mean I you know I just think it's sort of an irresponsible pattern but I've been speaking. You can say what you WanNa might like that. And he's he's done. It created business. Look at the results. I mean you know. We had all time. Low global for every demographic all time high startup is breaking stock market records every a few weeks people's 401K. You know you can say when you want the understands what you're doing the hours ago the other side we would do exactly the opposite. But you're actually issue certainly been able broker Garner a base. But then they they do that stuff. Where it's you know they'll go after the yes vote? You know blue checkmark twitter. You'll start trying to destroy me each. He tweeted out of the whistle blower. I was like literally like re tweeted an article in Breitbart that had the guy's name like in the title he was was on Drudge. Four days ago Drudge realclearpolitics a couple of. I don't think I outed anyone but it was like because I need it. That was the outreach. No I guess they didn't want the name out apparently It looks like because he's not vote with the road people. You'll crying in front of Obama when my dad went to visit when he was just president-elect Alexa his lawyers guys thinks it's January of seventeen on my father was inaugurated impeachments next the coolest started. I mean does anyone believe it goes both hitting Russia. Set up at this point like this guy worked for Brennan the other guy by the Congress of course he doesn't get in trouble because he's one of them. This is the kind of bullshit here. We go another another set up with greer's we had to deal with Russia and that that's the reality I mean I think I wish people just let him do his job. How how can you? So you've swore a couple times this conversation when you're around Mike Benson in mother pence. Are you allowed to drop F bombs s words. All how does it is. Everybody dressing. Puritan clothing is the situation. Honestly I I I probably I probably do consciously kept myself a little bit WVRC city business guy on construction sites and stuff like that so I you know I probably get a little looser conversation than some but like You know I'll I'll say this. I probably we do check myself a little bit more on that but you know he gets bypass against the terrible rap and he is such is such a good guy and we'll talk about. I'll give you some example there. If you you know if something happens in your family my son broke his leg. You know it's a couple years ago Really badly had to get surgery femur back in pins play like it was a it was a mess and like you know the first call. I got like he knew about it before anyone you my dad knew about it. I actually like for second call. I got was Mike Lynch like and it wasn't like this. Was the the White House operator hold for the VP. Pick up the phone. It's like Hello Don Mike Pence. How are you doing there? Is there like fifteen doing it himself. He's not doing it. I mean he's the genuinely awesome human being heater. Great Guy and I know I know people like want to Kreider disarmed us into religious. And that's a sin these days like in this. Nobody you know it's really. They really are good family. It's a shame that the you know the media tries to do that to him. Well if If Mike Pence is one of the nicest guys in the Republican Party Dawn. WHO's the biggest ASSHOLE I? There's a couple people that have been pretty vocal these days. You know You know I won't say because it'll just drive for news cycle for the next Komo. Steve is ironically. St was raised in Russia's. Subtlety has been lost. I was on a different angle but but put this way. Who are you? Who would you say has been most most disappointing? I think it's pretty obvious on. CBS News winning. You know there's like who's your favorite Democrat and I said Mitt Romney you know what I mean like You know guys Lincoln and who. Hey and by the way. But it's a lot of the establishment Republicans who you know get up there on the stump speech and they use our conservative principles and values and then they get a little pressure from the you know the press a Democrat Okay well I'll hold you know the the Republicans oversee three years. No one's been better at snatching defeat from the jaws the victory than that. My main at the first sign of pressure at the first sign of resistance. But the first aren't a bad precedent. And I want to be called pet name so I'm just GONNA give up. I'm like well. What are the principles you talked the Oj? But don't you think so to me like social media has taken away the guts of so many people like they're so afraid whenever the twitter wind is blowing like it's the easiest grabbed the easiest thing for Republicans to do is dump on your dad like you're going to get you're getting the big victory lap one's going to say how thoughtful you are and then nothing nothing's accomplished but you get that day got you that day in the Sun and it seemed that Donald. Could you please endorse me. Did he come to you they win. I don't agree with trump. Give me a break. I hope so. Full of Shit but a chance to fight. I mean they're running campaign ads. But Hey we're GONNA do that. Well I don't I don't know it's you're now you know there's some there's some pressure like you know someone from you know politico is going to call me a bad name. You know I don't WanNa do that. I'm like Christ man that's the reality. Yeah I mean trump's first conservative You know since Reagan but certainly on a Reagan steroids in terms of the level of fight that has brought him. That's actually fought back and that's the irony of all of it because you're in sixteen fifteen. What's probably a conservative company owning conservative? Like you know he's just GonNa fall all these issues like he's actually been the only in modern does it. Actually you know push forward and get those things don't but he's also GonNa Cross party lines of the prison reform and no not exactly a Republican base issue. I'm not exactly helping a lot of Republican voters opportunity zones in the same. You know those district says weren't you know you're not helping Republican voters and Beijing. I did it because it's the right thing to do you know. And he has the guts to actually be able to do that. And you know the the guts to be able to take that and bring it to Republicans and say you'd better vote on this to And again he doesn't get the credit for that because it's so much easier to just be like orange man bad. Why you know like Deutsche? I I think about this sometimes. I do every day because we have these sort of enemies we fight against. If like all of a sudden one day everything woke up and you know peaches in in rainbows and everyone's like New York Times like Oh trump's great in the post. Oh give another chance and it wouldn't wouldn't it sort of not be any fun on anymore. Is it more fun to have these people to fight with. I don't know I mean don't you. That's that's my mentality like. I said writing this. You're not reading this book without that right. No not even not even a little bit. I mean that's that's a big part of the book but I do talk about the pieties right. I'm going to talk about finances and the mainstream media just giving up the notion of you know objectivity I mean you saw last last week. Right I mean Albuquerque. The leader of Isis the guy that is thrown homosexuals off of buildings a guy that's journalists on fire in cages like the Washington reports. The what was it an austere chuck. Todd like he's you know you always knew as a liberal but these people have just just snapped not at. They've lost it so they've given up that pretense of objectivity there sort of making it. Easy for a guy like major just dunk Ghannam so you know and so do i. Don't mind the combative side but again it's not for everyone. Not everyone can function. I love what you've been doing in the last week would ditch bid which you know not being sports a couple of years ago being a political blog and I was like man. This isn't like some crazy stuff. So you know they did. Did they ever respond to afford around on the Butler offer. Because I think he turned it down by way. Of course we tried to have six deadspin people on no known. They don't WanNA fight. They don't WanNa have a conversation. They wave the flag right. I get in. They're not in the position of strength. That's what I'm going on the you'd you like. I'm going in there as the even the Conservatives on the view hate my family and ate my and it's true I'll take merchant and you know what's going to happen anyway I could. I could there be the nicest getting out of the world you back you know very. You'll measure reasonable arguments. And you know that no matter what. I don trump gets destroyed own. You know what I mean. It's like literally no win for me. You know. In in the social justice it's just wars But like I'll do it anyway and I'll keep going on college campuses and you know you you gotta be able to stand up for what you believe in. And that's a big part of this book you it got a mother that escape communist checks spend a lot of time talking about my evolution into conservatives. I mean honestly like I said I'm more like you probably much more libertarian than anything you know but you know this wasn't a mindset that you know you're the son of a billionaire from New York Ivy League school like you're not supposed to be a conservative but I had actual things in my life that sort of shaped my mindset incred- You know and get into a lot of detail in that in the book I get to talk about sort of you know what it was like you know for two and a half years being you know literally at target where you had had happened. Congress literally saying you know we're GONNA throw him in jail for treason and treason carries the death penalty. Really Twenty minute unsolicited me. Like what about Hillary repaying like four and operatives to go in there collector into the FBI the FBI leaks to the press. The press writes the story. The FBI uses the fake story based on the leak To justify an investigation and cost the American taxpayers forty million dollars and everyone in the media bought into it hook line and sinker because it was bad for trump. What's interesting is the perfect example for me is Epstein who your dad new? And then you know tried to get kicked out and all that but you know they talk about cloud that he would like our club and promised like fifteen years ago if you google trump google quinton emptying. Well that's right that's right. That's that's that's right and getting at is that the Bill Clinton Epstein connections much stronger and no one wants to talk about that. No one wants wants. I mean literally on that island like fifty times. It isn't like you know trump like. Yeah he was a party with a bunch of other like you'll palm beach people like all that happens. That's what the nature of social areas. I mean there would be any different in New York. And that's you know there's a group of people and they're going to get the honestly you're gonNA. Yeah but you know when that was breaking out it was it was funny because a good friend of mine was opening in events One of the islands just as opening up a resort is a developer And like when that was all breaking down they got this report what we hear that Donald Trump junior was on a plane with Jeffrey Epstein. Flew Down with him to the now didn't happen. They're like no. We need proof. I'm like well. What was the party like? It was two thousand five like really like I got to like. I literally luckily I literally had my calendar's now here's you. The reporter was show upset that I was able to prove that fifteen years ago I was on the plane with Jeffrey Epstein. They're like I'm like even if I was fifteen years ago before anyone knew what it was like. Hey the false equivalency is so fake but like this guy literally. It's been two weeks and I was like I. I literally had to go track down the FAA laws of my friends who I flew down with To be like listen wasn't unexplained there. Show me a pitcher. No no no we have someone that says as you were on it with them. It was like how about writing a real story now. I like Wine Armstrong Clinton and the other celebrities that are all going down and doing this and he's GonNa sure sure you've never been my thing And I haven't done it like you won't take my word for it and I need to go literally try to track down. FAA logs to be like nope. Okay here's the plan I was on. It wasn't interesting plan but nice try and he was like I ruined this guys like you know. He spent like a month trying to just to be able to again change. The narrative is not about the Clinton one thing we've learned this week is the media would never cover up Epstein story with that would never happen. Well that's the funny thing is now you know now. Now they're outraged now. They're searching for the whistle blower. I mean like I had to protect the lower like we're twenty. Isn't it because about twelve hours ago when I put the guy's already been a public domain for weeks like our Elizabeth. Now they're like well we can't have this guy the news station we gotta find out who gave us the project Veritas. I get them. I mean it's so ridiculous but I think that regular people I mean you know here in New York. You're not gonNA get as much of that. You're not gotta get much objective. It's it's the people that still have A Modicum of you know openness due to the truth of a modicum of openness that. They're not like no no no so if I'm not one hundred percent on board you know it's like the people that are actually like Tulsi or something that works like I could be ninety nine percent pretty liberal. But like I'm not that one percent like you. Yeah I don't care if you try to cancel them those people so well and I but I do think that in in in what's going on it but I do think that's why a big reason why your dad one is. Most Americans who voted order for him looked at the media and civil. I mean this is all complete or shit. They're much bigger issues. Then you know this. I think they look at it and say we don't believe them. We believe this guy. Yeah or or or even even more we don't we don't believe them. I just want to blow up the system and WHO's better to do that than trump and I honestly if that was the sentiment in two thousand sixteen sixteen. I can't imagine that sentiment not being worse than twenty twenty given everything we've seen for the last three years are the books called triggered. I'm sure we'll have you on whenever you want. You know reach each other. We'll have you on down the line. I hope good luck today but let me sure no. I'm sure they'll be plenty of trapper me to bitch about for the next the good luck. Today we'll talk to you. It's not I mean my God is sparse to GonNa not gonNA survive to get going. Go in the go in the other room. Get Mike and bring it back. You say I gotTa tell you about the phone call. I had with Mike yesterday. It was excellent. I mean pulled a prank on hold real quick he was he was excellent. I know guys I went to school like this guy's a New Yorker. He's the fucking talks to businessmen. He's invited me. He's like so totally self deprecating doesn't act like total both New Yorker. It's what he is like. I don't know what they thought this was going to be. I don't know as a Bill L. Like though I did notice. He's too much to run for office. I think like you know I will. I mean he can work on that. Did any of you guys get the impression that we were talking with. A Donald Trump imitator sometimes when he said Isis I did when he was a couple of greats. Where you can't help that I know people are GonNa you know whatever he came? MM across great. Whatever you say my name in the interview and you're kind of famous I like it? That's how it works. Yeah you're not going to try. He's not going to be the the big swing and a miss on both of my questions. Steve is previous questions. DOOZY'S I wanted to throw in DOPP bar still uh-huh comedy podcast. This time. We've just got to a point where you don't ask the look comes over your face when you realize you're not gonNA question it interview. That's what's IT GONNA be here. What was the question I was GONNA ask? You mentioned college campuses a few times. He's obviously trying to get on a bunch of different shows. I was GONNA ask if he's he's dealt with people not willing to have him on because they don't WanNa give him a platform yesterday. That's probably yes but it would be interesting if we heard who as you ask about a good gonna ask you support Dave Dave Portnoy in the two hundred thirty two election against a good question. And I was GONNA ask who killed Jeffrey Epstein. That's another good question. Why didn't you ask? Alas he'll be. Yeah we you'll find your F- epsteins killer between Shit from people ago you had this the fuck again. Which is why I wanted to ask the platform question because people just assume if you have donald trump junior ron? You're racist somehow cares if there's some some liberal nut out there who wants to come see call this right now. We'd definitely have Gordon or anybody different than other like I'm happy to have all of them on. Even the one thing I did say was you mentioned trim on twitter. And he's the best meaning he's funny me to follow -dorsements yeah right. He's he's funny to fall onto it. It's great to follow up so I called up Mike yesterday and I was like. Oh Yeah. So how's that uh-huh Greg. How's everything going that your plan Oh by the way anyways the real reason I'm calling because this interview tomorrow is going to be kind of a more of a serious one. So Kirk says you can have the day off. Who the word? I'm looking for a very passive aggressive. All right I did mention that surprising here this morning. Yes well you didn't need. How did you how long did you? He only he was only second breaker. I tried to I was like no. I'm just kidding. I made that up and he was like. Did you really think that this is what proved US wrong. I really did. I came through. Think thanks questions prepare. Why can't you just do it? You depositing bright in I know just jump right in. I feel weird because I'm not as interrupting you too and your your lack of vision hurts you. Obviously you have to. There's a rhythm to it because a couple of times I was kind of giving you A. Can you even see this now no no. You can't even see this now you're just a blur. You guys are GonNa have to come up with some kind of systems system. Yeah you heart attacks. We've talked about this before though it's sort of I can't do a thing like well. Okay MIC would like to ask you. I understand you just like throw a piece of paper or something. Just start talking talk. Yeah so that's why I have a problem. dyson him guys. That just talk New Yorkers a big top as he's Kinda like dice dice there. Let's take him seriously crissy's I take him. He dropped a reference in there. Will he say he said something. Like one hundred percent are there you go. I had to say st was raised in Russia. I I had to say he's probably he's probably like so. I was talking with Russia there. Steve is like who's the biggest asshole Republican Gotcha mother fucker the subtlety of a fucking sledge. We didn't talk off the air about The pardon for Portnoy so good yeah. That's that's interesting. Yeah Yeah He. He's by the way clearly. Barstool referenced the Butler thing. Oh yeah he's into it so good now. I mean whenever we're GONNA take you can't win like K.. Mart going to be offended by that. I guess so we talked about. It needs to go to jail for outing the whistle blower watch this. The you know what do you have that Tulsi Gabbard stuff from yesterday when he's on the view today which will make news. Because he's right he's right about this. It'll be like You know all these. left-wing swing watch joy. Behar Don trump junior like it'll be it'll be joy behar to saying you're you're me. Oh she should do what. They're what they're doing hers. Actually disgusting led by Hillary Clinton told you is because of Hillary. Hillary Clinton is a woman who could fought in the military for this country so I wonder with Shit Lake that I've probably not at this point but I always wonder if Hillary Clinton is doing that to give tells Gabbard more of a name if there's some sort of no because tells the pretty much done but she's saying that she's a Russian operatives. She said she's had had Foreign policy opinions that run counter to mainstream Democrat Party and also when she was much younger she was anti-gay marriage right like she came from like a very Christian Jin conservative household like Barack Obama. She like Hillary Clinton yes right so she's changed your mind on it. Yeah it would never ever. Even if she was the most anti gay person from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet would never vote anything that way now anyway no so. Who gives a shit like what is it? A- all matters how she's going to vote she might have thoughts. I think they wanted to take her out because she would go. After like Kamala Harris she destroyed Kamala Harris some some women and and the Democrat Party thought that Kamala was going to be vice president or even president. I would vote for either her or Mayor Pete Right now Tulsa tells the Anga I'm a don trump junior guy. That's why gophers call me up. He said just give me a call come on any time. Maybe trump junior vice president. I could see that I could see that. So she's on on yes. She's on the view yesterday. In listen to this vomit joy. Behar this humorless. Is this supposed to be a stint comedian like yours allegedly now. She's like she looks like she's three hundred i. I think she's still very funny. She looks bizarre. All I can I can the feeling I get when I see Joy Behar Smelling Alto. So it's just it's just a joyless room he's been ranting political didn't Barbara Walters make the shop so she's like women talking about like shit the girls talk about that was that was pre trump. Everybody's even become come. WHAT DONALD WAS ON super goal? Okay because they would get they have. I'm convinced no one watches this by the way except for in clips that are posted to social media. You like everything that's the tonight show now whenever you want whatever it is by the way I saw. It's funny. We talked about this the other day the tonight show versus Rogan. The Guy who was the executive second brewster that's nature that day I was reading Left left the job got rid of them. Because they're losing now to Colbert and they're almost losing kimmel now. Two million viewers tonight and I wrote romance more on Youtube. I think so even audio and that's by the way people like some people will just flip on the tonight show. Yeah it's just on like people are going to us going going to sleep after your whatever whatever you're watching on NBC. By the way look from our September October download numbers up. I looked up. Twenty percent twenty five. Yeah Yeah so there you go. People are listening. People enjoying people looming the product. So listen to this. Listen listen to this fucking joy behar of this woman we were getting. We're getting a little bit far ahead of ourselves but Franklin Graham finds you refreshing his finery refreshing rushing Richard Spencer. The white nationalist leader says he could vote for you. This is what someone said they would vote for. What what is it you you Richard Spencer thing he knows who the fuck is if it wasn't for Joy Behar and CNN they take boogeyman and try to make him up into build them up to like some big league national figure and then use him to hurt people? They don't like play this as as vomit assert a costume at least ten times. Why don't you go on Chris Wallace? This is why that's right. She's she's that she's critical of Democrat for going on a Republican show. She's on their show. Yeah she's on. The show was like why. Don't you go up Chris Wallace show. Oh she doesn't want him to ask me why is. Why is Chris Wall? He's also on Fox right. Yeah but he's a little bit more down the middle I know but like why wouldn't you say why don't you go on Chris. Matthews's it's an odd. It's an odd thing to say. She's got like programming complaints about go on this Fox show and so that this show where the people who like you in the last two questions like right here. It's you sitting there good as you. Another people continue to to spread these innuendos. When does that have nothing to do with who I am and then you start back at her boy you call the Queen you double down hold on again? Hillary Clinton basically said she's a Russian operative like the Russians are placing her main charring candidate in like Enjo- fought back at her or for that the question is supposed to say. Does anyone want to disagree with the characterization of Hillary as a warmonger. No look at Libya right now. Supported the fuck in Iraq war. Yeah she's a pro war pershing. She was a total war. Hawk down on the baseless accusations that she made that strikes strikes at the core of who I am a soldier because of the attacks on nine eleven I enlisted in the military to go after and defeat and destroy the evil that visited us on that day served now for over sixteen years deployed twice the Middle East during the height of the war. Were every single day. I saw firsthand. That terribly. High human cost. Why ran for Congress? We actually have the clip of Hillary Clinton just put in context of what we're talking about. Let's take a look at your breaking any predictions. But but I think they've got their eye on somebody WHO's currently in the Democratic primary and our grooming her to beat the third party candidate. She's a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of you. Know if you put that on the sounds like fucking Alex Jones the entire Democrat Party. She's the Russian so he's really absolutely why are you full speed Hillary's just been sitting around ever since the election. Just like fomenting just like. What are the Russians going to do to me next putting together a third party candidate my other ways supporting our so far? And I'm assuming Jill Stein will give it up which she might not because she's also a Russian she so better asset she's also really. I mean. This is outrageous. This is outrageous and offensive on so many levels. Hold on I if I was coaching. Coaching Tulsi more passionate about this outrageous. Maybe she is a right to tell Jiang very robotic Tulsi like as a kid it ah the. KGB's school always always held. Great Promise. was that great promise. Russian accent as bad uh-huh I've served as a member of Congress now for almost seven years receiving high level national security and intelligence briefings serving on the foreign affairs committee. The Armed Services Committee Committee the Homeland Security Committee working to ensure the safety and security of the people of this country. This is why I'm running for president to continue that commitment of service. Are you surprise though that when people see bots and things and all the things that we sort of been seeing heading your way. Do you think Whoopi Cinnabar knows. We'll be again Goldberg. Senior reports that twitter bots used to be like a comedian. Like Acting Funny Movies Jessica non also sometimes times. Oddly the voice of reason on that show I think she's. I don't know enough about the dynamics of the view. I joy behar's seems like such a when I went to the did this thing for Al Pacino. Qa when they without Pacino at foxwoods we had a we did a bunch of reeds for it. They sent me there. I went and saw no I was like I was actually kind of excited and it was like this is good. The it's a live show potato talks with career. I'll watch joy behar. She's the interviewer she fucking. She fucking knows nothing about the Chino script hater. Ever since you didn't know anything nothing about him. Nothing that's that's actually. The first time I talked to you the first time I interviewed you you were I believe heading there really. Hey I'm pretty sure there you go so she I forget. She said something at some point and she was like Ah in Godfather to right. There's no better than your buddy macklin quietly. Even what do we do. Do you not know that it was something else sushi forgot. She forgot something at some point and he was just he. Oh that's was. He just kind of negotiates for the Irishman even that long ago and she she said to him is accentuated. Have you ever worked with Robert. Deniro your Robert Deniro. He's like well we were in heat and she's a go. Oh he yeah my go fuck. Fuck now eight. Jesus Christ That people have these questions because she's not the only one hillary I don't think is the only once so who else I'd say. What did she say she feels they are grooming you? Four seven has accused now. Because I'm I'm a soldier and a patriot. It's offensive to me as a soldier as an American as a member of Congress as a veteran and frankly as a woman to be so demeaning oiling nation. I'm pointing to the fact that she has this legacy of bees. The world has waged wars costing the lives of thousands sisters in uniform. I'm speaking out against that. Which means that? It changed the serious tariff I served in the war. You are you sensitive war Iraq yet. She championed she she champion to regime change. I believe the lies that were told to us. So did Shane so hold on so one of them is a US senator at the time the wife of the former president she believed Bush's lies. That's defense for killing is some young woman in Hawaii wherever she was says. Join the military. Join exactly the same thing you might find her. She's a woman it's like. Yes I criticize her. You call her a warmonger monger when you are actually fighting and she's she's saying you criticize Hillary she's a woman. Also why would you do this well. I'm critical of you also suggests that was a plant for Russia's uh-huh run for president and the other thing is so fucking idiot Meghan McCain is still on the show I didn't hear from her and so they're outraged by what trump said about John McCain because Oh he's a he's a veteran. You can't say that wasn't asshole thing. This was an asshole thing to say. But you can say whatever you want about the Mulligan. That's what I thought he did. We did not go. Did Not go from elegant. The trump could take anything he probably wouldn't take it back a total. He wouldn't take anything back now. I mean after after how he did the native American War Whoop during the campaign of Warren. They were flying back on trump force. One and trump said. Don't apologize never apologized true as always going to make it work Hammond. You'll never walk anything back. Did you. Listen to Howie with Donald Trump. Junior did not. I did not get a chance to do that if I stole. His mother pence question or not picks up being an all that was good but he acknowledged as. I'm sure it's a very nice guy and everything but was yes. John Featherstone looks like Pencil but by the way so if somebody note that there's a little bit of that the cops the cops was like where's John Featherstone. I gotta I gotTa find it. Just the guys like Mike Pence so he said all right so yeah so they. It goes a a little political talk today. He's happy for the week. We'll start doing comparative Can Songs and we'll do our usual stuff here in a minute. What else yes? We have Simply Safe Oh. We'll do simply safe in the moment do. Do you see the video of the young transgender woman. Who did okay? I heard about this story here. she's a friend of Rich Keller's knock on strike again. We'll try in so cal her put this together. I believe so. I don't know exactly what's going on but I think that he's he's trying to use this woman to soar twitter Christ that's really nice And Dunk on our interns. So why I think he's. Here's the internal tweeted something along. The lines of this is how you get views on a video so I think that this woman is being used by rich Kelleher. That's tied to talk to her. It seems that she's I mean but she's not a plant. What I'm saying? This is not a blind Mike groupie right. I don't think I don't I don't I don't know anything about her if you don't know anything about her. Except for her connections with rich. Are you gonNA reach outdoor outdoor. If that's what if that's what young member the transgender Camis willing to have a conversation we always say I mean I know right. It's more the count her aspect of him. She wants a real conversation great. She's playing some game with rich Kelleher to get him. I mean then we'll just be. I just leave her alone. I there might be a little exploitation going on but my point is if she's comfortable coming then we should talk to her. I mean that will nor Kelleher. Yeah so reach out. We'll see it happens all right all right. What else do we have We have a ton of parody songs to get to at some point you good no. I think it's great. I'm looking forward to hearing something we had from yesterday. Did you see the The review of the Irishmen and that That the criticism is that it's a misogynistic film because the big female lead has ten lines in it or something like that so movie. That Scorsese directing erecting the Niro Pacino and Pashas male dominated yeah. They should've taken a backseat. How how does barely accent anymore get him out of the remaking remaking little women again this is just coming on the few weeks of the women have Mosa speaking parts in that movie or no? This one's specifically though is problematic. I think it's so much more offensive. The the only roles women get remakes of old movies that either either old movies that starred women or movies that we change now to star women. It's like write right. Something original for a woman. Instead of complaining doesn't start since thirteen host busters those suck inevitably. And you know I mean ah so scorcese making a movie. He's a guy he cares about. You know the these stories has never been a female super female friendly director. He just hasn't been as hasn't Spielberg. And these guys nemo he knows these guys make a move with these guys. Why is that bad? Well it's weird. It is weird you got to admit that a Mafia type film doesn't start. That's that's funny story. Set in the fifties and sixties. It's a different time. This is the story from the Guardian seen but not heard why. Don't women speak in. The Irishman Scorsese has created provocative roles for women but only six words in his latest film and a pack INS. Moral Specter is a sign of a troubling trend in Hollywood wh-what confusing the Paklin. That movie she doing running around there. I always said that but those abroad you say tomato. I always said Diane. Keaton deserved a bigger role role in the Godfather is focused on. You know. It's the worst part of the Godfather. Hate to say it barely. She's Peggy Sheeran the daughter of all right. Okay I mean gene so then you then you then you jam in some female character doesn't work. Then would you Jennifer Lawrence. What are you doing your? Here's Spicer Secretary Quip. I don't know who is the one who did the Sean Spicer Impersonation Carson McCarthy show up the woody bartenders. Sandra bullock play an astronaut. Every movie. She she was really good. I I don't know I I. I didn't even think that but that is forced. I mean even by today's standards that's forced. Of course I mean you know if you look at you know Scorsese's I'm not gonNA say what Scorsese's best movies if I had to pick one it'd probably still be goodfellas right. Yeah I mean women have what percentage of lines in that movie Fifteen fifteen percent I mean lorraine bracco is real. Parents got a big. I mean you know. It's not it's only one car that's the only one right. I mean you have some of the wives and the girlfriends but I mean it is really a mother mother. It's really precious mother source easy. It's really about. That's the same woman by the way who yells at Republican from upstairs. Samaan fun fact But you have you've got to ask about the masters which when the masters what year who when the Oh who the masters. Let's say ninety thirty ninety three was burned longer. Okay yes from Germany. You'd be making that name up throwing no I'm not looking. Who won the Masters Nineteen ninety-three Steve Look it up right now Bernhard longer? I think chip beck the American finished second. If memory serves correctly. I'd really like these made up. That would make me laugh. BERNHARDT EARNHARDT link this. Who for the second pink? nope sorry that was the whole house. The Pink Dogwood Chip Beck Finish. Second year I know this only master system press fuck around them But but I guess that's more important that they don't even want just equity in lines in movies. Have you heard of the Bechtel test. What's that it's it's? It's a feminist test for movies where a movie passes the Bechtel test. If two women have a conversation about something other than a man it sounds like a lot of fun. I pointed a female character and say give them more lines more tonight. Not really no different than like Jim. Norton Plays Don rickles in this movie. It's like if I complained like. Hey I'm Jim Jim Norton Fan and I like comedy make that more of a role in this film. Yeah or it doesn't make any fucking trying to think I mean. Look I've seen every scorsese movie. I think is he had a Immedi. The female lead character in the last. I don't know I mean last thirty forty years. I don't think some of his movies than I can think saying he's been a missile impersonators. Alice's live here anymore. That was forty five years. I'm trying to think of like you know I mean there are roles Jayco models wife and their stuff I mean even Economy Center Bernhardt Casino. We know Sharon Stone Senator Bernie a big role in in Kenya comedy. Yeah but I mean. That's that's not what he's that's he's amazing stories. He's interested in tally the stories. You know. Same Woody Allen's Spielberg's seeing with George Lucas same with Christopher Nolan by the way same with these guys Paul Thomas Anderson. Yeah I would say if you've got an issue with women's roles and movie star reading movies. Yeah I know what I mean. It's also I mean. Yeah and I mean I like senator. What was this? Is Sandra Bullock space with with Clooney Gravity yeah. She was excellent in that great ship ship over lines in the movie. Fantastic she oscar for it. You know the help. It was a big hit. Those uh-huh what you know one of my favorite TV show star. Women Really Woke Mike. I'm just saying look. Losing Lake Woke Mike Parody Account. Now do you have gay. Friends is to know he doesn't really stays those. There's a line he's not going after. Yeah right you can have all the voting rights you want. Fine befriends getting married to hang out with Jesus or hogs not playing a very sexual man. Hetero seem very much. Yeah but this is not going to be. This feels like it's not gonNA become a thing this particular store. No I don't think so you're right on it. I mean it is a story. Well I mean it's not like people are GonNa go see this movie because some woman doesn't have enough line's always Tarantino. If somebody didn't go back now go through. All the Scorsese moves. They did this. Yeah Ah Tarintino come on of course and they go through the movies and you're going to believe this. This is really going to surprise you. It's really going to surprise In taxi driver the most flying Deniro get the last temptation of Christ. Jesus true always think you're deniro when I see this movie. Yeah I say it will nice. It'll be nice to see like Pacino Deniro and Peci but they have the fewest lines of anyone performances dominates like I've watched de Niro. Oh Pacino impassioned my whole life. Good fell one of my favorite movies midnight. RUN LIKE Steve. My favorite movies. The godfathers my favorite movies. I really want to see the in the PAC with us. That's why that's why that's why I'm going to see like you know I'm a bigger Anna packwood fan. Where were you when you saw reservoir dogs? I've been seeing the theater. Oh no the memoir was prep school. Wilson North Hampton I was in a Jo rowbottom and Loic Petar does room watching on the VCR. Interesting yes Yup I remember. I was like this fucking blew me away but I remember saying guys know women speak those guys I mean. Why is it only these eight guy? I mean you know because Tarantino never made I don't know like two movies back tobacco. The female like Samarai fighter. Anything he's never had a movie starring a black woman your carry on after pulp fiction. do it everybody would have done. which is adapted small Elmore Leonard Novel into a movie for Pam Grier to do? You know 'cause everybody saying I cannot believe you can you. Can you find but at the same time like I said to my friend. Don Jr. you're like do we really want these people to go away the same time the fuck are we gonNa talk about then right. That's I kind of agreed with what he's out that they don't have a book to say that during the interview I was he was saying I was gonNA trump within their forgot just like trump does like for all his you know these people are trump. LOVES WAS CALLING THE NEW YORK Times writers and be like you're like me. Oh yeah he takes a Maggie Haberman all the time. She'll write a story every nine months or something. Yeah trump called me as what. What is it like what the they also have to respect if he calls up and says hey off the record like he knows how to use the press? There's an attention thing. Obviously so so he wants people to like him as much. I'm always fascinated by the trump late. Trump's I mean these done is it going to be Donald Trump presidential library. Oh yeah asses he right so much fucking gold when he dies in like fifteen years or whatever he's GonNa Lions State. Yeah if people who's WHO's GonNa go that's what I'm always fast. We know that we know presidents there when Bush senior died. That's all I can think of is what will they say when trump I would say think about the way Bush was regarded did when he was still president. They thought he was a war. There was no word but push push George W Bush all for sure but dodge paintings. Yes George W Bush went to college. They wouldn't have George W Bush's enhances now and Michelle Obama and like he's like he's a fucking by by way. I stand by. Hi this much worse. President than trump much more dangerous is responsible for killing. You know hundreds of thousands of people to this day worship going up because of this idiot yeah and now they goes on ellen and fucking dances and did the drawing and trying to fund wacky yeah. I don't have a lot of use for him and I do respect i. That's one thing I respected. What trump he doesn't give a fuck doc? Those people know trump's elected trump won't change when he's out. No no no no where he will be as quiet as George W Bush shes been post president once they're out of power attitudes might soften towards them. I like ten or fifteen years from now. They'll just look back at trump and I think said even I think history will regard him well. A history can be written by people hate him. I don't think so. We know the simply safe. 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That's simplisafe dot com slash Kirk K.. I what are you smiling. Nuts your your fans are yes someone just sent me pictures of you when you were are it. Looks like in high school or Middle School They found on a memorial site for a find a French. Yes well that's that ties into the where you were watching the word God. No his family some stuff happen. This family ties into the situation that led them forward. I having a falling out but pete died he was a great wonderful guy. He died April of two thousand two. He died Jason Kidd was twenty six. Is that okay. What's that I remember that story story? Now you're saying he played soccer and say it was Reggie Lewis there. No he just dropped the pork. You just drop dead. He's playing soccer with his brothers and his brothers were there. I mean there was fucking awful pictures of what of you. What do you do with those? Nothing Okay Jesus masturbated them. That's fine you're allowed to do that. Jesus how how go with the operation. It'll go I think it might be. I'm more for us than any. What's yeah so it'll it'll be fine? I'm predicting it will annoyed. Oy purpose of it's all. We're trying to do right. So yes yes I mean. It'd be great if we got some content. Where's your optimistic hopeful? But I mean certain things sort of an excessively I would say yeah. Yeah you're charge of this. I'm giving this yes. Okay you understand that I understand. Are you concerned about Mike's Ability to lead Steve. No not at all. I think these executive do it EXAC- starting to lend a vote of confidence warthog along for the ride. No no that's not good. That's all right. He's got br breadline Kellyanne. That's true that's good so they go uh-huh before we get to the other stuff. Do you WanNa do picking our now. Yeah sure I'll forget we've got a special guest for this as well. Yeah all right our friend. Well you never know our friends at free sportsbook pick DOT COM or causing a stir out there in the sports gambling world. 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I used to bet on the jets Salat and that's how I look like this right now. I had a bad gambling problem but you can win. I've won a lot to over over the years. I know a lot of people who won't allow CASINOS ONE A lot. Honestly if you go to free sportsbook PICK DOT COM BE. There's somebody is trying to give free always cameo sixty seconds away Mike reference though not too bad yeah funny line Rogan. We know the greatest interview ever credible but he said He goes he goes go. Always told me root for the jets are because you're going to like girls and girls are great right but sometimes girls aren't gonNA fuck it the jets. That's still the story. The event it was the wrong interview was was excellent. It was really good. He the most money ever made was two nights in Vegas me one hundred forty thousand dollars tonight seventy grand anti-gambling great comedy in Vegas said he came back. He said between the prostitutes the gambling the drugs. He lost five thousand dollars account expected to check for one hundred. Forty thousand five thousand the he he knows. He says he knows how much he's lost like. He's calculates in his mind loss gambling and it's like three point two million dollars. I mean it's just you know. It's an insidious disease but free sportsbook. PICK DOT COM. They're going to win. Yeah it's totally free free sportsbook pick dot com and he already updates. I'm very you know I'm very into this thing. I know you're still working away on. It should not be the difficulty with his his. His agent hasn't gotten back to me yet. Last I heard they were working on his transportation from his hotel or airport. Beverly on Wednesday. I offered to that too much easier. Offer to get them a black car and I would just go to the show. Yeah we've offered already comes in. Here's as a cool. I just sit and watch against. I think that's probably it's going to have to sit close enough to him so we might be all right. Three guys talk. Yeah you're a comedy guy so I'll probably harbison the way. Thank you guys. Just bullshit in the rogue interview was very good. The Rogan to me is never funny in these interviews. He's trying to go. Yeah he's not trying to just a conversation he leads the guests go. I guess I mean how funny can you be. If you have ed snowden like karate either it was seven years old okay fifty. Do you think Harry is going to be karate karate. No I understand greenwashing forcing him to do crowded. It's like anything with parents. What did your parents heavy doing? Your Kid mockery nothing. I did things on my own. Free will what did you do when you were eight years old. I understand tornadoes in the woods. Poke squirrels with sticks. Wishing how much you by the Don. Juniors go in the middle of the country hunting always. I've seen the pictures I understand. But that's a nice common man like angle we needed. Allow them to use a kid but this dad went hunting in the bush. Do you think you think Donald Trump president trump is a big hunter. I remember I asked Eric Trump one time during the campaign. I was like soap. Your Dad does he cook it all you know well. He like steaks gorilla groups mistakes for you guys and he was like. Oh Yeah. My Dad loves meat. Well that can become meathead kind of because Iraq like he's in hunting showing that it's become sort of a Frat Guy Muslim become like a I'm Republicans on the base like I remember Rami troll. You also have to kind of fake fake it. Yeah there also are people who hunt I understand that Steve. It's not a criticism of just thinks that people lie about the two more Macho hunted Spend uh nothing's I moved to Massachusetts actually go hunting when you were in New Hampshire there a few weeks ago. Whatever was no no no did not Stevens of his bare hands? Actually I was hunting with a shovel I was just waiting for. There's some of the story I wanted to get to their before you get started. Yep and maybe I just have too much confidence as a guy. Oh Yeah I really WanNa go through but the story. Was You know what I'm starting to love the globe. Really what we do with I I. She's writing headlines just to trigger us. Is this one. I did not swing on. I saw like I am not giving this one. She gets this earn on her own. You GotTa do better than this because you send me actually saw the day before. He texted me yesterday around noon. Yeah I was like Oh my gosh the about us about that. You'd finally go for it again She didn't as it turned out but she said that the problem now is that men have too much confidence and they should lose some of that. Yeah so in that spirit. You know Harry's been having a good week at school and I said No. No no no no no no no I don't I don't want you to be proud of yourself at all fucking stop. That's good though. It should be humiliated because you have a few. She let them know you love you. Love your daughter more or less. Yes so mostly I do. I was like how are you you. You cannot no more confidence anymore. Okay I want you to feel bad for yourself keep your head down you cannot succeed. You'RE NOT GONNA you're not GonNa because your man it's not you have to. You have to lift your daughter autre up a lot better than you yes. Because she's a woman so the thing that women have suffered for for a long time which I agree is true now they want to do the men yes but just helping raise women's confident. This is like fourth wave. Feminism right the chairmen downs. It's not about making women equal. WE'LL WE'LL Steve. We've been uploading on Youtube. And Steve pointed out that we have a great example of Agenda Confidence Gap and that is my. It's it's true. There is a big gap overflowing with confidence and not just like. Oh Yeah. Oh Oh yeah Erica about this. I watch this. Tut's is too broad shirt off. We're talking here. Here's the situation. Okay Eh for nobody unless you tell me to put her in a place. She's still trying to recover performance. But you get and she spoke to some fucking loser expert. Did you see this and the gas. Yes well the column is actually just a reprint numbering for some stupid business journal. Yeah she she cites reprints. She's like some business psychologist. whose like yes? The problem is that women who should be taking asking asking for. Promotions aren't asking for promotions. Okay that's fine but by do you have to stop. Men from out of their homes. Premise was some woman. Won The her bosses like No. You should do this and she the one that do you Wanna one of doing it. Yeah some woman was reluctant to take a job a nice story. If it's true I mean that's a nice story. Whatever but their overarching points guys need to lose confidence now? I understand the headline is so fucking stupid. Like all them on her Costa's dumb it's fucking dumb. We heard from her by the way we have not know now her concerts and got back to us yesterday yesterday and said that she would review the email I sent but okay. I feel like that's probably going to happen. I feel confident about that. She's very open line do you. It's so fucking coming on all right. Let's get to it with some years. Some of these other stuff with tough to beat. Because it's it's going to be in my head all day. These allies will hit. It's going to be tough to beat. The new Kirkman show didn't start the fire. That was tweeted. I didn't purposely. Then listen to someone we have it. Yeah this is pretty good. Hold on give. The original was Kelleher. That is that that is we talk. It was ten minutes because we wiped off the record. No but that that that thing if that's true but this this transgender girl. That's that's not cool. I mean that's toll asshole but I mean it's great if she's she's a fan of the show but sure. I think. I think that there is some exploitation going on. I don't I don't think it's cool. y'All are some some some tokenism going on. Now what's the fuck I mean. If that's I mean I I mean that's pathetic. Obviously here's this is good some good references that haven't been used. How long has it four minutes? He's rescue nuts to get permission from village openness. Yeah Oh yeah yeah. He called this morning mccarey play red snapper texted main. Do we seek popaginos. Big Papi the most obviously Josh New and Oj's lawyer Bendon thin didn't Scallon. POWs little Alex Joe Louis. CK Some it's a good reference calmed Pino bent on rating from Bark Cannon Daily Keep Devon Jonathan. Talk Tony Candidate. Cut is a three or four verses. It's been brandy love McAfee and Bomba Socks Kirk. Panda Andy Nolan Big Daddy. Graham Thirteen th easy red claws big calf tag by Kansas. The guy says in some references we would never even think of that is funny. Thirteen the red claws on big cat. Take Buckets Mike. I can make me by my Scott Pru. David auty bid that Bradley partner tease swaying it. I I love big MACs dance. ZOG's on they likes new musical guy. You'RE GONNA catch. You got knocked Brad overlooking. That's my favorite rose by seventy one year old guy the Scott all the board will be no love. CYBORG is the burtless deep Dr Kennedy Cape Three Three Savings Offer Lindane commands romance by good man. Armin actress thin thin. Guten Danny recommended downstairs every bill. Thin Mandra underwritten Becca the suburban dolls. Willie thanks David tag blown away but aw that's it you. Is there one more one more. Thinks she's been bring back Gerry Callahan. frogs goldilocks Cardini Reds Ronald Reagan. Things take take time. Then he's done with being a bit ahead was born dance. KFC's died by Fuller Nathan. A bit what are you doing Benavente Iran to score what happened the metal work. It's amazing again. Voice and the progressives good to be credible excellent work to class to classics. Yeah back to back days. We've got six more here. You're the kind of the beginning of Steve's ally ahead on Thirsty Ford all morning beginning is not meet. I don't get pick. We employ the whole thing on the Clinton and twitter. Nobody's on Youtube. The whole things on Youtube Mike they they don't Logan Paul Winter Hat ca-car wrote those books didn't need any thrown. Who knew he had no goals dried no owners in DC students at the heart contest? He was real quiet. I sees the department the Parliament Football Mason as about all michaeline about my brother. That's to disguise got another one or maybe not the term when he had a quarterback ah fourteen he was just made. Who talked about the wool Birdie? Yeah that's great. The those are both credible excellent credible not as good as the ones on the other zero block thirty ones and I mean those are great to. It's easier these are great. Oh I can see kind of just come and dealing it fits the title. Well the writing the neck I do for them and fires unbelievable. Why just picture again Dan? I think this is GonNa work for the live show. We're going to play a bunch of them. I can picture. The crowd is going nuts for shadow wires. I mentioned before the one thing we blew the live show. We didn't do. We didn't do in Olot weird now. That was a mistake bill doing next. Yeah all right. Do these get progressively worse. That guy is save that were there any real stinkers no No not really okay. There's there's some that are just just like shorter. Maybe like one years. There's the concept is good. It's fine but it's you know who's the main target I think listen to IAEA Lia just Branco had morning show Bob Killed Mall back it funds in the shore and Peace Abbey through while it at my extra dot that Russian spy essay essay. Would I really wanted Hugh podcast. Jesus would I really want to hear is a four our show bad radios. Would I need Doodoo your show heads. NYC He said and the breakfast show is gonna blow his load suck magic search search for fifty percents off to stay the one podcast. Jesus would I really want to use his a four hour. Our show Sims brand calls the minivan show will have to do yeah. That's pretty good bed. You know. This is tough stand. That's what I was thinking of songs are always a little bit better but that was the willies. That was good again very creative. Yes that's remarkably creative in case the musical brain man it is I I don't have that's you know I'm more of a writer. Good production. Everything's voice sounds Yes. What do we have next? This one's just called blind. Mike's Tears oh I don't I don't know if you're this and as trobe son home show you get a show malls. Oh starting new mom you keep those in terms of the plan. The alone isn't the biggest pussy and take it. That's a good one. I have no original original composition but I think even more more more skill. Yeah yeah that's a good one goes good good. Luckily your mom. Your Grandmother Got Cancer. That's thank you. The tragedy comes great art. That's tales all the time. That's right yeah there you go off. And it's the person who the tragedy effects that's able to create but uh-huh what's next. He won't tell us now. This it has got a charisma. This it goes on God. Equal better the baby Mac. Your voice was on sue people on your pod with Kirk doc and that Russian to bring the Romans to last long Last Baby Mikey families. Shit I don't need gratuitous hotdog four bobby record okay. Well for our so long good accuracy but not comedy love. The I can't see very welcoming talk very well done. That's funny funny. I like these this honestly better than I much next all right. We're good another one that was sent to me by someone in Dublin Dublin Ireland. Good there maybe. Some road elaborate. Donny's possible the blind my day. Blind Mike doc see how come see how comes. He fought his mom and dad of night is dying of cancer. The thing is the blind. See how we come see. See how he comes. He tried to buy now. The wasn't rise. You wanted to do so in my mind. Mike see how we come see how he comes. He's assess proceed across elected by Monday. Lee Nine uh-huh expect expect one. Nearly blind mine wrote the whole song around the close it hereby Mike McGill might be a little crowd favourite. We have to fly this guy in bed bath yes Ireland. Yeah Guy only one nights all right. Well let's do this. Yeah Dear Bye Mike Song. Someone asked me if someone reached out and said they were from Denmark and they didn't know how to get shirt like they wanted to buy a shirt and connect into culinary. It really is. How many more do we have two more? Let's hold them off gets more tomorrow and kind of do them as a group. No uh-huh protocol for some more couple. Every day I think it would be good if we keep the center of the Bay of together and we have a live performance and then if we do two a day between now federal we'll have three hundred fifty of those good for twenty six our show. Yeah yes tomorrow by the way is the. We didn't start. The fire was honor of one hundred. The show that's a tweet I saw. Yes which is tomorrow Mar Right yes. Wow incredible humbly season here for twenty six of them. That's fine that works out flies by. I've ever seen the show. I know that Mike Castle. I guess that's true. It's me I wasn't invited for certain saying but that's what Jesus nothing nothing between what's going on in the world here. Anything interesting now. Just the cream pie was trending on twitter. I don't WanNa fall. I don't WanNa fall into the The the Kelly's tweeting about this girl now is fucking shit just noise and yet you bring him up on someone who want to hear from her though I interesting stuff like I really don't care about him but it is an interesting story. I would just like to know that it's genuine and I don't want to be. Let's talk to her today because I don't want it. He also come in and talk to US fantastic if a real story to tell great but I don't want him they're making a wacky. It's not that someone is you know. Let's let's hope that's that's not what is i. Don't think he would sink to that level but maybe I think it's possible out of the room of possibility absolutely. Yes anything else Steve. No I don't think I have anything else. Anything else swabbing. I just had a bunch of parody songs. I was going to play those. Oh they found the keys from his dog by the way like. Oh thank God yes. I was worried about that. Why am I trying to be? I'm not going to be. I'm not going to be mean about that. That's very nice. I like that's good that she was very wha- do But it's amazing I was with the The dog last night H.. Harry okay. We're having dinner at Mario's Lexington Center. Great Great Italian Joint Little Ola talion like you know so he can get his right. He likes rub. You always had my spaghetti. Fuck fuck all business. Last night there was a two women next to us. We were seated like and you can't see me almost see like Steven our closer than we are like face to face like this okay and they were sort of right next to US same way but it's very very close so you can hear everything. Yeah in this woman was talking to the other woman endlessly about her dog like to the point. I can tell you the woman wanted to be like shut the fuck exhaustion and she was talking about the size of at this dogs defecation bigger lately. That's about ninety people talk with the kids a lot. But I've never been like you know. Boy Harry Shifts depending on the you wouldn't believe the women faint interests like she was. I could tell there was genuine interest. No no she did ninety percent of the talking this was during the trump interview and then she just about the women next to me. The other night was talking about with the gluten to free this dishes gluten free but that other one might have glutinous. I might eat that one but I'd rather have that doctrine doc. Yeah well did you reach over and intervene at any point or did you use it as a life lesson for Harry. I'm he was yapping. What do you feel after the other woman in that? And then you see the couple's now a lot of the older couples who just sit there in silence the whole time or on their phones. Yeah that's that's the other thing is you have two of them on their phones. Respect that though like if you get to the point where you're old enough and you're comfortable enough just to not talk alone meet your book and I don't know isn't is that you do that. I do that I like. I'll go to lunch alone sometimes and I'll sit with my headphones in weird. Yeah it makes me feel the second lunch ago for belly or balancing Assumed it's okay. Yeah there's there's one story we're going to do but I have no idea. So what's the headline today. Guess Short all right Kirkman and a hand steals music from Billy Joel. Cheese is in a new book. That came out that it'll be it'll we'll be talking about for a little while it's anonymous Former trump official said that the only wrote the OP. Ed Awhile ago. Yeah I think so. I don't know I don't know if they've connected to the two I'm not sure Yeah but but everyone's saying right. Yeah no the the real story of the day is forget our show. Nobody cares about our show. No this This around the Horn knockoff on instagram. Kony's putting together. That's what does that did he call talk to you about it. Yeah it's fine on my creative. Yeah I mean it was it was it was a colony tax. There was you know there are some idea hidden behind the words. I was like. Yeah go home up real quick. We'll see with these with his tickets so we know what it is. Or what's a show. Hold on your economies. We're not articulate stuff some of really good explaining what the show can't back the fuck which fucking problem with this. Oh He's GonNa go. Oh no why. Why would he now so excited now? what's the matter. What did I do do you want to answer? That's a cool move jerry business. She not really what the Fox man. I just want to talk a little bit about. What was that? What the fuck is up man? Talk to each other. We talk about. I said what's talk. Criticizing criticizing you dave criticizing Stevo spots. I tweeted yesterday. Hold on I tweet yesterday. I like this idea. I just might not really as usual. What's going on? So can you explain to Mike as best you can give me. You know what this is going to be Co basically around worn for the. We're also I. We did it this morning. Ten minutes. Okay so yeah. Yeah you could see Alex. WHO's The I'm putting you on the Kirkman a hand show social channels outside? Look at your. I mean. We didn't have that discussion so if we have the I assume instagram you idiots. You know 'cause I didn't I didn't want to assume that you just like this Saikia and put it out there so I'm doing a pilot if you liked it and wanted it there. We'd put highland highland around flicked. Alex Ward Littlefield Dave. I always thought that it was going to be on our instagram. I just didn't I just texted you about it because I didn't want to do something out of the balloonist. Go without you guys without you knowing without you knowing about it but I didn't like it's a good idea. I think it's a good idea. You think it was it did it. Did it turn out okay or no I did. I thought out a turned out better than I thought. Wildest who. WHO's on PJ Hubbard from Providence? Mary Minihan who was the best out of all are okay in this. The Tony Reality if you will I I definitely definitely. It definitely definitely awkward success on today we get we're GONNA put on the Instagram No Uh no I don't know why what's the fucking talking about because we just want to see what it would be like. I want it to look really Polish. That's not going to be good anyway. Either get a spinal Polish thing with with fucking Steve from providence in Ra Monaghan. It's supposed to be funny and Goofy in messy and stupid okay. Okay okay. I don't care where do you want to tell me what you what you want to be on the grammar. No Steve What. I thought it was going to be on instagram. Can you put it on instagram. I can put it on. Yes so how about. We put it on Instagram We promote it on twitter and it helps you grow the instagram and then we see how it is. Maybe we won't maybe it's goodbye. Komo play tomorrow you know that. Okay I'm I'm all for now we can react to it or no. We put it on there right now in the I put it in the threat for people to watch good. Good good for the fucking one hundred thousand people will say case episode thread running it on Instagram. Dave put it on instagram on on Youtube. Right now you want me to share to twitter immediately just drives me crazy if you want if you want is now still where they just text it to a random number goodbye goodbye. Yes maybe clarify everything now. What's going on in the colony right? I don't think it's the worst idea because it's bad it's bad it's good so I like what the minivan show became with D.. CNN HP. Obviously they do a good job my when I always thought Fangio WHOA. WHOA WHOA WHOA? WHOA facial originally was that it was going to be that that didn't work in like a longer? Ten minutes is the right call and sort of had these guys be idiots and true. Let's face it. This is the wack pack. That's what we're we're not. Yeah pretending it's not what it is right it actually. It actually looks pretty good. You know they just got the four people frame they get their names up there and it's a great thinkers that's what it's called. Yes why's it. What's the plan that from what I think? It's probably because they're not great thinkers inside show reference to weird. Move interesting out here it's probably success with colony hosting it. That's all I care about some great color. The the best thinkers they have not authorized us to say it's part of the show. So we're kind of doing this on her own going rogue but this show is meant to be basically a show for the fans so you guys are here today but streaming hold on hold on. What show isn't the fans in the culinary and has to be in some house was he staged I do things that are for Erica? There's no way he's got Interior decorating great. Oh No God no. He's so he's is like a fake background. It looks like it. Looks like Steve from Providence's in his Kitchen Davison Richard starring Minihan appears to be in his truck. Okay and who else is on there TJ TJ okay guys TJ Hubbard. which by the way? You're all three of those guys. Yes but what I really like. Is Dave same. Yeah we've got TJ Hubbard and Steve Kroft the difference. I know maybe I'm wrong. I love that bill days. We got we've got like he's hosting taste. We've got these guys. I'm here though the engines meet. Join US right. Nearly a minute hand is with us. She she has the best connection. It looks like so. Thank you four G.. From my car and abandoned parking lot I love. It was over with Steve. You're on break. You're here with us. Are you not good morning. Good Morning. Good morning so what do you guys think of the name. By the way when I put that out there on twitter great thinkers in. What are you doing stood out but Kevin from Bris? I think Robin Williams twenty names on us last is calling circle Kirk cars out so circle Kirk kicking. What is is it Kurkin off Kirk? Shame US Minna. Fan Duel Boy. Oh Boy Oh boy if great thinkers was making the most. It's gotTa missing something all right topic number one. I know a Saturday has proposed that they have a discussion Russian with Bob President Shirley hopefully president to benefit the Trans Community. We're talking raising money. I grant partial ten grand. We're talking upwards of fifty grand. Does this happen. Does Bob get involved. What do you guys think? TJ started off. I think you Steve The charity. Not fucking small peanuts if you watch around two point. You're not just just ripping off from what I mean. Bob's not gonNA show up good so go go the instagram. Graham Accounting Finance Kirkman show the content runneth over create. It's a rip off but it's a creative idea. Creative parody songs were scrapped. Well I mean that's that's not the worst idea I've ever heard no. It's good no I like it. That's what I was saying is like the show of Alton something else but I do like the idea of having that we're just fans given their days are really creative. This guy that is the idea from all those pardon my take fans who do their show. That's probably that's probably is going on. Steve just for ripping only friends ends in the place by the way so I got a text message from KFC yesterday. Because I said I texted just endorsed you for Francesa's spot is I call. Oh thanks. He texted me leaders. Like she's I didn't realize there was genuine. Thanks a lot actually means a lot coming from you then he does the KFC radio this morning with Berg they talk about the Francesa thing. They never mentioned me. When did they record the big lead story? It was after my thing. Oh yeah they they. I mean literally I make a case on the show I get the whole thing started started and they talk about fucking some big lead story fake friend. I'm starting to wonder. Call Them Up. Would you real quick errant. He's around right. It's probably not gonNA pick up the phone links so that's interesting. Do you think that big lead story from us. Probably we put it out I. Maybe they're mad about the TURTABOI file story. Well they had a couple well. We didn't have anything to do with that. Hello Yes yes Kevin Kirkman the hand how are you. You're on the yeah. Good I have a minute or two or no I I get Osama happy with you right now. Why that because I listened to your show this one I always did you did the Francesa Ansa segment and you gave me no credit? Because when I recorded that I hadn't listened to you actually fate speculated you could have gone on a AH honestly that kind of can do you. Can you give me some credit. Is You sent me a very nice. We're actually very genuine nicer each other human Dan. Dan Gesture that way because I was like. Oh Shit I didn't realize how real endorsement I thought you were just fucking around and then when I heard it I was like Oh that was actually pretty pretty nice right so let me tell. Let me give them a real. Thanks so yeah. That's fine. Fine just we jump the gun. Have you heard anything from. WFAN twenty four hours. No nothing I supported by heard. You say you wouldn't do it I mean the number would have to be pretty pretty large can do both you can do both I. I wish that would be the ideal situation so you think that can happen around these parts you are. You've got rock but that's my thinking I I know Oakar who is only Dave like who I think Eric is pretty open minded this stuff like that. Honestly no I really don't know I mean. In in my my mind it would be like basically one gigantic advertisement every single day right every single topic. I'd be like well. I read this on Barfoot. Sports and I heard this sports but I I think that they are. They want people to be exclusively. One hundred percent focused on Barstool. I couldn't believe I didn't realize this. I didn't realized we fucked up so much over that SORTA got it didn't realize he's in a panic. Yeah I get. It wasn't even that big of a deal. What what what what filed title Burg? It said on your show the other day his whole weekend it wasn't that big of the. NFL He yeah He. He's he's got mental issues so when I heard that he was like freaking out that you were gonna like try to ruin his career. If I had known that I would have been like. I don't think he's GonNa do that. You relax working. It makes it makes you wonder what skeletons. AWW that closet though if you're that nervous well that's the thing he doesn't like he has always been like. I can't be canceled. I don't have anything there any skeletons by posits and and don't know why he was freaking out over all right. Well I WANNA clarify. Okay thank you but I do genuinely appreciate the endorsement and I will make note of it on many of my recordings. Yeah well. Here's the thing I don't I don't like I'm pretty much eagles. So it's a big deal like I just wanted I just I feel I. What if they would have to you? I think intercom. We'll probably offer that to me Kevin. Yeah I could see. Our relationship is so good I would say I would say go pound sand you. You WanNa talk about that stuff. I couldn't I couldn't put it this way. How about this? If they said Clem in the hand I'd have that conversation. Oh ooh I mean Kirk that would be In the radio world the clancy roles but either way I mean we would fucking that drip Michael K that bore would fucking rupel them yeah now would absolutely dominate. That's why there hasn't even been a phone call. I I know I know I know. But it's crazy they would know most boring. I know I'm embarked. I know I know these people I've dealt with these people the creative idea. They're not going to do by the way you correctly. Call though FRANCESA's producer. That guy is a fucking bigger fan than you are. I mean that guy was ready to drop the fucking a show and everything could. You couldn't do it but he did you graduate did you. I saw you Saturday. You had to make up on the vigil. Did you enjoy that. You had a good time. I was watching from a distance. You guys didn't know I was the one following you. How would you just? How would you describe that event Surreal fogler full blown. Call now. That's not true that's not. I don't know why you why you think that's the negative you. Have you ever call good thing. We're a peaceful bunch. We'll talk we'll so so you're right you've not heard from fan but no no no no contacted off anybody all right. I'll talk you later but I will make sure you get all your credit I I just I thought I made it very nice. Very sweet thing. I said I could buy goodbye. Goodbye sweet that's all you know zito getting credit. It was was nice. It was a genuine time. I think that story is actually I think he did it in realize he fucked up. Maybe that's what I think. Because he text me right away and this was not characteristic actress of our texts. Like hey did you say you know they're really meant a lot to me Michael Wait Times that text APP. You can tell you I I know about what time they probably record them. Every quarter with them right. I do a late morning. That's suspicious. I don't know we don't know when we know we listened to every day. We don't know how it fits into his. He listened pattern. He's soon comes up. Here's a thing with Fowler. He was live. Yeah you send me the file. He doesn't miss a he he's he's a actions ahead of time he knows what's coming up. Next let me see this. I didn't realize a real Two fifty two PM. I've been realized there's real endorsement. I thought you were joking. Appreciate that very much means a lot from you. Yeah it was nice. The the obvious choice would be you and you kind of stepped aside yesterday and said why don't you guys on the Clinton I mean again. We'll make all the sense in the world but not in New York I wouldn't I wouldn't WanNa do fuck in New York. You could do it from here now I just don't I don't did you did you in. Fam Show Yeah you do have to be somewhat you have to care. I guess I just don't care about the jets or the Yankee Pro Francis Ratings would probably tank here if you sport show all two zero. Ah but I don't know they better ratings than Dale. Probably sure at them figuring out what they're doing is not working and they have to change the model and they're not doing doing that because the people who make aren't capable of realizing stern said this in the nineties recreation there's no a lot of talented people have just left radio as an industry. Yeah I mean there's no better bigger I'm not saying there's no bigger radio talent America the me a year or two ago there wasn't in radio. Nobody I'm trying to think of WHO LIKE A. I have no idea I people don't I who's the biggest radio personality America now Rush Alfred says is not. It's fucking losing the Michael. Kay in New York has true rush. Hannity moving I guess but they're on. AM five hundred stations. Plus plus he he has the TV show put this way. Does Anybody Talk Leshan. God turn would start. Have you know. We'll hope we'll get a chance to talk to already bud next week. I mean you Kipa lead the size and scope of what he was. He was number one and number two in every market when all there was was radio this didn't exist so it was that was there was no youtube. There's nothing the thing you had to listen to him or fucking music so I don't I don't know I feel great. I don't I might talk about this. Lacson does interest me. Well even the other options on that list the big lead story it was Kevin Clancy and then it was like Ryan Rococo Ryan Ruko and one of the podcast hostas. I did see that. Well come come on now. That is a good solid fan too will show a moving over friend of the show. I know him on. I would have him on. I wouldn't want to do. WFAN's points points. I'm Mike Allowed to talk to him. I wouldn't want to be part of the interview. We have mom because he does one of the radio DOT COM podcasts. Come on yeah no he would come. I don't I think he may listen to fucking trophy promoted or not one episode. I mean we gave big time baseball. I mean there's only so much we can if you work at entercom and you publicly support our show. So we're GONNA we'll give you a little rock. You know that that that takes that takes some guts. Yeah no no. He reached out yesterday and said. Hey I'm a fan of the show I love it. It's funny. It's glorious great. Yes it's rare that there's somebody that you make fun of whose like it's funny. I just said I agree with you. DOC forces horses. I like that so he was on the list against Ruko and CICI's I see Sebastian podcast though honestly that's probably who the hire they won't. He's he's got the work four hours a day. York part Scott Yeah but to part CC. Matthew made like two hundred and fifty million dollars. I mean it's Bart Scott. I'm guessing did not but he's doing a podcast a week that I think is forty minutes twice a week. Yeah K.. Forty weeks a year. forty-seven whatever it is four hours a day talking with the jets and the giants first of all be fucking awful. Yeah but you're right you're right I mean that's what's her dream scenarios the wind up with you know whoever fucking I dunno Tim. Hardaway did not know really Kevin was on there. There's somebody else. I think there was a couple of women that I wasn't sure that I didn't familiar. That's the other move. They may they may just go for the twitter. Plus it done that before it's failed. Yes but you know Maggie Barton because I think better than radio gossip though Always enjoy the good life. Go take that SPA industry. It's unbelievable unbelievable. It's worse than his uncle. Junior worse than twelve barbers fucking never ends. That was my whole the pitch for my podcast. The was like I want to do a radio radio and media gossip and they're okay and then I had some of the biggest stories the biggest story in front of me. And they're like just don't talk about that. Rob Bradford I said I don't talk about Kirkman. Yes good friend. Good loyal good at that time. It was Ken Laird telling me. Don't talk even better. Be bossed around around me loser. You fucking SCUMBAG But yeah but anytime that happens like when they get rid of Dale at the end of the year. What you'll hear all the fucking candidates or Glenn and these guys when they get canned and it'll be the same shitty people of different spots? Change The fucking in a higher at this point. WHO's out there? Oh Brandon Tierney was the other one yeah music tiki barber. Yeah Oh Jesus Tiki into them. That's another one that's a CBS. Show have had I think have shitty. PODCAST doesn't exist exist anymore anyways right. CBS Radio as entercom means. I think it's within that but but yes in some ways but I keep saying this they should look at people who are gonNA podcast. uh-huh right like I don't know why honestly I don't know why some radio station doesn't say You know I know you make a lot of money off this Joe Rogan We'll pay you X.. Amount a year. You're just a rebroadcast. At night for now he said He. Oh to rebroadcast Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah you could easily cut that up make it automatic. I can't believe that serious hasn't done that with our show. Yes do Raucously Rogan at night. Yeah if people are serious if they had this on from ten to one every night yeah the great it is odd Baloyi been saying that from the beginning. Yeah you're right and I know Erica's thinks that as well to some extent but I don't know why Especially on Barstool radio after seven PM Thursday. They they could just download this file and building. You can build his a small small but you build you know if you get fucking two thousand. People are liking it. It's a win ahead. It doesn't make for free. It's better than replay content. Yeah but for but like Rogan. Like it's massive. It's massive you know that and people like to you know one. Another two days are of competent. The jobs armadas on us is incredible doing on weekends he said. Do you mind if we broadcast some of your podcasts. Will edit the swears out sort of a conversation right. I remember that people liked it. That's a good idea. Yeah Post the usual bullshits sports talker. But that's no one thinks like that. Joe Zarbano as fucking more vision than most of the program directors in America. Very surprising. You you know. That's all you need to know. I mean it's fucking unbelievable. I I don't know so but so. KFC is not. You'll never hear from them now happen. No they think barstools tools evil and they'll think he'll fuck sack you know fucking strippers are so stupid. Yeah I'm trying to think of WHO Kevin Light would be. That would still be a good option. They're not as dangerous injuries for them to go after dangerous now they think because he curses entire boobs. This I'm telling you Casey NBA hit. Yeah be number one but even I said Because that might be a little more expensive pain those three it could just be Kevin and his his version of this is cast Brennan clancy producing and whoever the fuck she doesn't exist exist on radio now anymore. Open after you're gone Yep Howard's gone I'm gone You know picker whatever. They're all gone. Now you have. We've put playing for the last three months. She she chose I mean it's like you know their names are. I've heard that one show. I called Chad Dukes. I've always heard Chandu guy just straight and I'm greg killed right now fucking believe off with his Greg. Here's another one that I thought that's what I was listening. AFC was under the impression that slightly slightly dangerous. Yeah I don't know why I guess. I just got fifties rock station. He's BEEN ON FOR THIRTY S. Good Morning Zoo. Diana Watch skeletons. Do the commercial for the online feed. No good I I don't I don't know who knows but yeah we'll see all big stars on it. I call named clancy see Marshall Trump Junior. Yeah Oh remem similar creates tweet out at all that we were having junior in your honor right now. They want to get fired. Why haven't I realize you I saw you didn't as well so I felt feller said it would shock? Drop what we should do not at least yeah. People are gonNA show every day. Don't care we have on though. No but he. Yeah I guess all of a sudden you know big guest okay. I'm sure he's that's not that's not panicking thing looking at getting listeners. Another visionary he followed a following he was at least he was excited about and he wanted to. He was GONNA promote it. He went right to awesome gives. Great we know we know the lines have been drawn this side. That's the came Marco's the clones the chaps the pussy side Then the people like the gases the followers the Erica's The big cats haven't cabins bins file. I put final. Bergen that side. Yes yeah absolutely. You know. He went on. He likes US I like turtle but that wasn't we got a term. I wrote that story. Is she kind of that Steve. I sort of had them right. That's my opinion No No. He didn't tell me that he was writing a story. I was trying to get him to write about the Offer to Bob was about that yet. We Love Turtaboi too. But I think what he didn't understand this The sword yes Philibert was like yeah. I don't you know I ah play the BURBS defense. Was I'm stupid examples all said punting. I'm done you know so I felt it was Komo News on this story. I didn't think no no. I agree with protective because like filer burke and that's fine him loyal guy but I like Turtaboi twosome the they wouldn't give a shit about that story. It was like no. I don't think I don't know but but boys right. He's like Donald trump gets angry about turtle. Turtaboi was angry because here he. He is a victim of cancel culture. Now that's right. Get on the perfect example kicked off everything and he's just a guy trying to be an entrepreneur granted you can criticize him because he brings some it on himself with the the salacious titles that he puts on stories. I told him I had him on. My podcast I told them I might like I think turtle we've blown him enough. He's the best journalists in America. I'm serious about that. I love the guy and where am I agreed to. They for him but You know when he does. He's sort of. This girl has an whatever like talking about like Eh I can do whatever he wants. He's really good at it but I like what he does the bigger stuff for us. It means working more stories in this state in the two news put together fifty in the last year. Honestly you're saying focus more on stuff panel worked for him. I don't know what gets read and what doesn't get read. Some say you should write about right. I think I am. I read Greenhealth until I read. Oh I wanNA thank and did you still want to listen to the radio brushing something actually. Still Commercials Kennedy's commercial. I'm surprised that. KFC would want to go from the kind of free wheeling lifestyle of just record the podcast wherever you want to be rocked radius. And that's the one the thing I want to ask him about. Because that's tough like we've both we both lived at when you're when you've gotta be like anchored into that broadcast for four hours a day your entire life revolves around that. Yeah that'd be a huge change for their stuff that I don't think I I think Kevin Sentences I cannot swear for four hours but there's stories you would WanNa talk about that they were doing. This is sports station. Let's not get but I would say that. He's not is Dana. I you wouldn't mind talking about the jets four hours. He doesn't doesn't mets pike. He wants to do that stuff. Donovan saying their stuff. He'll bring up just random. Whatever news stories or even sports related stories that they don't want to talk about and it's just like well I don't have to get and I think you're gonNA run into people who have no a would talk about these things and say? Why are you doing this because interesting? Hello we talk about this stuff. If you're good at it you get a loyal audience. What she would get? There's no no doubt now at first at first it wouldn't go well because he corps F an listens. It'd be like what the fuck is this. I think this is the best time to replace Francesa because people are kind of silly goodbye and now people are kind of sick of but I mean the core fan listening listens every day. We'll be like what the but guess. What they'll do is weird? They'll flip the audience be a younger audience than we'll grow you know and your First Arabia's may not be as good as they were a year ago but a yearly probably will be entirely different base to to advertise to which is all fucking matters. They're so dumb. But I mean they're so it is the least forward-thinking industry in America is not changed at all. I've been listening to this podcast. It just I finished it about. I was talking about freedom. Paola in the in the fifties and Alfred's is famous. Dj Right so he took it. It's it's I guess. The American scandal season six worthless. Thank you and they play. Sound here from fifties in if I told you it was bad radio from two thousand nineteen. I believe he's like hey it's a new we've got some. It sounds exactly the same. It's sixty years ago. It sounds exactly the same. There's also the world's changed everything this is must be. I thought this she was only. Fam like they kind of kept a nostalgic thing but you know the jingles. Yeah F W that's around the country. That's in Georgia. North North Carolina in stations are then. I called all month right. We're doing that type of shit. Yeah look up on Youtube. Let me see if I can if you hear if you see any of him. Yeah he's the Moondog. Alan freed moondog. This is from one thousand nine hundred eighty five those amazing when you look older guys got fired for like the grease man like that different world. Yeah I mean tell me something. Different battery my favorite. This jockey I this guy was narrating it now. Radio Joe where. He played primarily jazz and pop music and now he's just he started doing started doing right the pretty interesting stories. This is album the king of the moondog hardy welcome to all thousands of friends. Normal high wants aerial catalog to New York with some different. I mean team minutes from rejoining adjoining moondog networks. The Cleveland area here will be thousands of listeners. Over in New York City and New Jersey fucking same as most Shit iranian-americans Simon temperature fucking crazy. I mean here. Let me hear some good radio though it. He can't be in commercial they don't make that much now. Sorry I close out the talented bucks. A spot I'm you know. Still not our money unbelie. No Twenty WanNa charted nothing. The pre pre roll video is going to play again. Jesus Christ what is it. I think good advertisements Chris Curtis Oh so stop pretending is on drinking. nope this shouldn't be a thing. Chris Evans tweeted. This is awful. Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso or write us a couple new John McCain listen that boy stop Jimmy Dean James. Dean's they put him in. That movie just had story. Yeah stop can you believe it but he was only in three moving not right. Oh Okay wow you love that calling now panicking on social media about this guy he totally pockets you still. It's not good. He's fucking freaking out about the other thing I don't know I love it but if this occurs Davies like you want it up right now. It might might take him. It's like yeah the podcast one bit for another hour also like in that time in this world amount not to be Dick Bellingham his bailing on the podcast. Later you worry that it's going to affect your downloads. If we I dropped something too because we have an issue a pause I mean it's it's fine if it does Bring in Ra Minahan. This guy is a electric. This guy's insane wasn't gonNA say something but can't damage. I'm losing my mind. You know that. Forget guys are the discord or write the very word. It should be worried. I try to communicate here. I hear I hear nothing back from them. Nothing never do. What was I thinking of guys? We're talking about You're good to go Mike I think so okay. Yes sure we'll have some song parodies for tomorrow and some other stuff to admit that the rate rated the song parodies are coming in has exceeded. My expectations told me the number of the creativity comes easier to the fans stamina though. I don't know how long this this will last fast. Well I would say we've got at least ten real good. Musical talents turned out pretty quickly so I was kind of believable. I I expected one or two overall that we didn't start the fire is credited Good I expected a lot but I expected the quality to be very poor. Yes I thought maybe like the recording might not sound good or whatever but these were all at least decent and they're fucking believable stuck in fans or install insane and totally unbelievable. They never stopped ever. You know they get their own stuff they do their our own stuff. Some go too far. But that's okay you know we love we. We accept them all but one. That's how I say I want to get to the to the bottom of this this this the story right here. Yes maybe it's good. Maybe he's doing some who knows. I don't know I think Steve Uncomfortable. I think I mean it's like I think may be hit the nail on the head and everything thing is busy always yes yes really. Does everything is about him. So I'm suspicious that he would ever try to do anything for the good of this show right here for the good of the other person in the suspect. It's him trying to get back. Even when I say this I get some message where he's like me totally wrong. You're misquoting today today about this. I probably will harassing interns on. He is the what that you know this like you know. He's he's publicly tweeting at them and he's direct messaging them. It's just it's just a lot. I don't know what he said but my Guy Justin goes text me the other day. I don't have anything to do with whatever Kelleher talking about with the U.. Two I don't even know what he means. But what did you talking to the Youtube. He's threatening people like if you subscribe. I'll do this shit like that. I'm not really. I'm exaggerating. Yeah what's on the Youtube today today. We're going today. I think we've got some so we didn't want to post videos yesterday. Dow We did Eric in our Dini's Steve. My goodness all that I'm ONS versus ants. So then I think going later today it depends the Internet becoming with me so it depends on how much. Oh Yeah but I think I want the the voice mail to go up there morose. Oh yes the Maroshek voicemail here that I haven't heard that in the rich man I don't know if I have it a really off to go back. Interns from early draw from the culinaire wasn't must have been the Monday after the fourth of July has been. Yeah the Tuesday after the fourth of July. Actually because you interviewed Tummy. Oh that's right. Tommy Dreamers yet the my man Martinez put together for me. That's right yes rich Mandarin. I think go today day some others and I. I got a checklist she says. Yeah so you good feedback though. People seem to like the Youtube experience. Yeah people enjoying it. And I think it'll it'll it'll do more or for new people when they're like what the fuck they talking about with onto presents. Oh that's true any of that Shit. Yeah that's what I think it's more important than I do. Worry about people diving in for the first time. Because I know it's happening well we're also putting Kind of newsworthy clips. So we put up the ABC News thing. That's just done for what reason what's the I guess the way the Algorithm works. It'll get more people like people that are looking for that story. Kirkman show might come an interview. This morning probably helped that. Yes I wouldn't want to put the whole interview you up. Maybe some clips from I'm talking about 'cause interview of course of course Algorithm one second. What's that gets? People are searching. Dave Cohen already coleens lanes got a fake background. And I think Steve No no I think he's I think he's in stage. If it is his house say very tastefully decorated. I thank the wife probably has more to do that. But it looks like it looks like home. That's been staged for sale. Maybe he's in the Mandarin studios could be. Don't worry about if you can't I don't have we'll find we'll do it later. All right so yeah we the Donald Trump junior thanks to him thanks to Conan thanks a KFC with a lot of guest today. Just go song parodies. Our friends at simplisafe is free. Sports Book Look Pick Dot Com. What was your level of confidence between the woman here? Twenty two hours. We're GONNA be praising Mike now how does zero chance that that's true but what you're not going to praise him when I mean if he if he went up there and took a shit. We're not saying we're working. We're doing what he's doing. He's not a Russian up. Maybe does that. So people don't think Russia that's the thing it never ends. It never ends with much where to go with him on that. I think he's I think he's I think we're in a slew him job. That's the era. Now you're making a bright one hundred percent successful operation yeah Total values are charging for them and put them in charge. I mean name a blind Mike Operation that has failed Nima Blind Mike operation. What's he ever done? I don't think I kept saying everybody. Mike's Stepdad his mom into album. McCall this guy. He's done this unbelievable at sites. It's so good I'm thinking what the fuck is done. I think he adds a good joke to every interview. We do that especially if there's a funny dynamic to every interview which is he going to be able to get got a question in or not. But if Mike's mom might could see in his mom was not attractive. Yeah what would be his purpose on earth Zim saying to quash rush. Fuck my mother is if it'd be doing some good in this world could be. I mean we're all trying to use some good news for all the roadblocks to get their best we can but we're getting ignored. We're we're getting ignored with our clear. Unbelievable like you say the media nothing still you. You save that guy who's dog died who they've porn guy the guy tweet tweet it out. that his dog died and he said you help them get through it. Oh yes I did last night I could tell his. 'cause I'm like I said Adam said this is issue with came Marco and I said Steve explained to me so maybe some stuffing crossed here. And there's a pause is like I don't know what the fuck he's talking about Steve. The manager it's always every time to call me a deuce bag else. We talked for like a minute happens purpose. I can show you the text. Maybe you might Portland next week to talk about Curto and you said no no. Oh no I said we gotta get Kurt. Atone get Mike on Curtain. Oh occurred out ambush. What am I going to hear about this? What was that two weeks ago? Yeah it is justice I understand but fucking here about. It's so funny how this Curto thing like I'm one of the biggest cities is suing you. The media's care and we're just completely forget about it when you hear the judge that great great judge awesome judges when you hate me. said she was mean mugging you. I thought but she turns out. She's a Romney. So hip American freeze. They all she was giving you that hairy eyeball you think she was. I S. I think it was more like why the fuck is this in my courtroom kind of thing I am. I mean. Shouldn't that be shouldn't be toward a destroyed. Yes or what's his face Mr Kenniston I'm going to give. AJ OF G X A shot here. I'm going to actually re tweet this right now. One of them. That's the name of the transgender engender. Okay I don't know I mean this is GonNa join me this the the we're going nuclear war if this is a prop I will say that I have not seen the video. I don't know play play video. All right curious. I don't typically follow killer on just got tweet I don't either. I just got tweet from people on a platform I I think that it is crucial. That representation is there to be part of that conversation as an advocate for the Trans community myself. And my own story I would absolutely love to go on your show and moderate between you and Bob to have that conversation especially if Kirk you're an ally and you want to use your platform for good for the community in terms of education and fundraising. I think that this is a very valuable opportunity. You to bring transpeople into this conversation. I'm willing to step up into Please D- I'm me. I'm reach out to me if you're interested and I look for in targets coversation on a platform killers flippin cue cards behind the camera. Tag Minute Trans. I'm wondering for tweets which makes me nervous as well Interesting yes it seems like. It's funny if he's on board but teams also Kelleher. Yeah that's also not the tone of the video. Yeah Yeah I don't know she seems she seems nice insincere but does seem and that's where her personal. Yeah yes this is a born I am I am I using AM I. Using her pronoun correctly she was born a man now and now is a woman. Oh always always a woman ornament identifies identifies in lives as a female hobby deuce okay. What are you shaking correctly? Somehow we've gotten ourselves into trouble and what we're trying to have a I know you she can correctness of with that. We get in trouble. I'm just saying at some at some point along the lines. That's the problem uh-huh we'll be talking about. You don't always know where you're going to get in trouble. You just seems pretty cool. You just don't don't talk about the mechanics of it all in a respectful way. She's a woman uses female pronouns. Okay but that's how she identifies the whole battle. She calls herself a miniature. You don't need to know her origin story. She stole him. I think it's part of her story three or something like that and I'm just saying that's that's what do you beat a fucking defensive about still get in trouble man. WHO's trying to learn? So have we love to have run in here story. She's offered some proof that suggests she's been the fan for a while. We'll see this. If you have a young articulate smart remember the transgender community. A fan of our show wants to talk to us. We're not saying no to that. Yes yes that's not going to happen to you. Only real questions asking would a person like that associated with which Keller the only real. It's that's a fair question yet is a fair question. We also have to figure out I was thinking about this. We know the president is DC. I think he's a good solid job because he's a steady hand opposite of president trump. I would say he's he's reaganesque that funny. Yeah well I mean his leadership funny trying times he is He's been a steady hand on are. You can ask him about Reagan at all his comedy or I'm GonNa have to the almost asked. Don Jr. D. Do you think your dad's funnier than Reagan was. Republican will ever criticize Reagan. He'll say no that's that is the one guy he can't you do wrong. How would you criticize Ronald Reagan Pants in the last year presidency because he had Alzheimer's handle the Iran Contra thing swimming? I didn't know what was going on. Well he's the president. It's not a great defense. Seemed like it took them a long time to catch up the social issues around the country as well as a leader on. Yes yes yes and you know. Just say no doesn't seem like a great way to get people doing drugs. There's lots of different strokes. I go back to different strokes again. I mentioned a few weeks ago. This episode dishes different strokes for this guy wants a molest arnold into the paint spilled it was on the other day it is fucking uncrowded. Watch the whole thing. It's incredible Channel One of these cable like random. You and I couldn't believe you flip through is said you know Gordon jump guest stars in the description of basically Gordon jump guest stars as a Is A bike bicycle store. And what's the molest Arnold. That was like the description of it and I was like fucking can click record here. We go the amazing thing. Though is I pointed this out. We talked like there's the laugh laugh. Tracker students getting laugh laugh big aftermath in anyway there was an episode different strokes during the just say no Arrow were Nancy. Reagan was sitting on Mr t's lap so I mean this is I remember those pictures you were a whole lot that led to that. That's a good question. Then Stephen Trumpeting I dunno you can't criticize insight Republicans. Say No am I going to. Am I gonNA Reagan with Artie. Oh no no the the current I. I think we need the full cabinet. Oh Oh right. We need a full cabinet. I think there should be voting. I am open. I'm not saying I'm allowed to vote. You know I'm open. I'm GonNa let the people vote. I'm not saying I'm not saying that. Their vote is going to be the one so you might. You might ignore it how it works. Do you want like a full cabinet or do you want to say which positions there are veterans affairs shot shot chops to say yes to that. We need a president. We have a president vice president. Got Patrick we do need given the wars wherein we do you need a secretary of state we bring back secretary of war we us. We made best better. We had the secretary of war. Because it's always worn. It'd be beaten out well. I don't don't know whether it be. It seems like that's the role fits. I guess my point is I'm I'm GonNa say this. I think we have open elections. Okay I think something if somebody wants to challenge the for the spot they can do it. It should be a vote for that same thing with Patrick same thing. We should have a newly appointed secretary of war. Well does the president vice president run on a ticket together separate separate us at every position advocates. Together that's fine okay but each vote is different. If somebody from the mid cells feels like it's is there time we have to consider those votes. You know this is a great topic for what's that great thinkers true. Dave colonnade colonnade hosts we need the treasury secretary. Probably not maybe secretary of Education will be Treasury Secretary Sir Take Fans and Min sales. I'm saying I think that's an important position that'd be better min sell position. Yeah now we're GONNA have elections. That's generally a presidential appointee. I'm willing like I am so open. Mind I'm willing to have elections for these positions. That people won't give people a candidacy. I mean who would run against DC. That's a tough guy. That beat eat endorsement. I know who try to run against him. But I mean some of these actually within the world okay Some saying it's open anyways. Anybody who wants to try it try you might run unopposed. Oh it step to the always intrigued. Discord darkhorse trying to SASS. Date him right. I certainly hope for a previously potential people. Or maybe that's true. I think we should consider that as well. I think it's time to have. That's that's important and serious and we need to do it cannot occult. This is a bunch of open minded. Free thinkers welcome freethinking here. I think so heavy hitter. It's a democracy that podcast. Jesus manufacturer. Yeah they put out an episode Did they listen to it. We was claimed they. They played parts of the Young Turks. Oh that's right. You responded to. They talked about. The party's D. C.. Review of the younger. Which is the guy did a nice job? He doesn't really a fucking. Hey I have to admit. I'm glad he's changed his mind merchant but I still think he's a fucking asshole right right. I mean like great like he doesn't act like he likes like maniac. Take that's I'm GonNa give you credit for graduation. Do you have an accurate opinion of Allah. And you still hate us. You'll only thing about us like I'm glad I'm glad that the worm is turning the little bit. Yeah that that was the thing. He's been a lot of. It has been a lot of silence overall from that camp last couple of weeks. I've been told only yeah. Yeah hopefully. There's been silence we don't know about. Hopefully there's been silence. We we don't know about Mike Cola. Hold on hopefully. There's been silence we don't know about what do you mean. Meaning what. Meaning he's been silent with regard to our advertisers. That's I mean my understanding. There's been silence. That'd be silence we do know about yes I think so because they tend to get back to people get back to to me. Okay that makes sense yeah. Hopefully there's been silence. We don't know it's almost an oddly. That's almost beautiful. You know what. It's a dare. I say poetic Chris. It was a reaction to your poetry muted really. Yeah got to the end of the show he's a liar was a takeaway. Yeah that's true but also it was so good you know or just like people are still thinking about ready to come to the one that I noticed is what. US citizen and what born and raised. America would title something tails of an American college student. Why would you say American odd awed? Not these odd. Yeah like if you asked me about Gr. Oh it was just a typical American life so American childhood. MHP another fire back. Jay Devon he said haven't finished your poetry yet but it's a little night before Christmasy for my taste. It's a little bit Dr seuss going on. Tenths this add. But that was the whole idea. Johnny Devon's on a rhymer right now. He's not he's more were rhyme. No He's more of a you know a vodka tive visionary. I thought I was GONNA respond to your poetry. He should respond to my poetry with poetry. That'd be nice. Yeah will be poetry readings at the show as well. There's a little rock elections parodies. MHP's he's been through so much since the beginning of August that he should. I don't know take those feelings and put them in a board that rage frustration or something somewhere and it has to be home for that. I would bank the despondents. That's right I guess I duNno boy Dina go see the Irishman and I actually have a window. But I don't think I'm GonNa go see it and you're not dying by Carr's three hours and twenty minutes. It is a lot. Well what the fuck are you going to do. Hang out with your family about bombing. They are at school right now. I got I got things. I gotTa do later to get a COPA. Copa Brandy loves video business lunches. I Dunno Siesta. I'd like to take awesome. Midday shows you know. Truly your your your debate on whether to go. Take a nap or walked Irishman well today specifically because we have things going on today. Obviously but I'm just saying going forward. Do I wanNA spend five hours. That's five hours door to door. True Eighteen Zero Kirkman the hands their forty five year old Kirkman hands Yang Bathroom. Three and a half Mike. Fuck no issue. I'll sit there. Mike sells impedes yesterday day. That's true today. The P no few three four. I don't count. I'm on how much water I drink you. Oh you do understand that. It's unusual that you've never once had to pee during the show. I don't think it is. That's a little strange during a three hour span which is just randomness of it. Like you would think you mean. Drink water during airing it tunnel. No he wants to light to go. Steve Missing if the radio the bathroom appro. I hold it until I get home. That's true recycle my waist at home not so super healthy prostate reservoir. Gary rules all right so yeah Donald trump junior all that so. We'll come back tomorrow. React to that stuff What are you what are you doing nothing? I was putting something on the board putting on what I'm doing a producer thing. What were you doing what you're doing? I was potting down something on the board. What on the board though the computer line why was making noise? No why are we doing because the producer what was it. What did they accomplish? Nothing just had to be potted. Why did you do it? Because it's a habit of being pretty things something if something doesn't need to be open it on the board like you never know doodle like an ad or something could start playing on the computer and then the sound comes out in the first place then because I I was I was I was playing and who could forget creepy though creepy. There's no doubt that's creeping close enough to react you tomorrow. It just gut feeling so good bad. What did you watch I blog it and say Kay mark? Oh well that yeah. I mean it's up to them to click it right. Publish them to public. I mean I think it's yeah. We talked to a portnoy talks about parcel. There's nothing in there. That has a whiff of controversy to it. Donald trump junior wants to know if deadspin writers Porno Butler. Yeah so. Here's the other thing is i. Think Don Jr. is a little bit more a cautious of controversy than his father. His father were just like bulldoze into stuff like you ask him. Who's the biggest asshole? There's no way his father would have said that three things in that interview. That's a hanging fastball. THAT DONALD TRUMP isn't gonNA walk away from but don trump like yeah housing pass on that. I guess trump will never go and barstool. I guess right. That was another question. I was going to ask you if his DAD Everwood. I think he doesn't recognize that he doesn't listen to you. Becky like he likes the Howley's stands radio and TV but I don't know any understands percents twitter very well but I don't know if he goes to the new emerging older radio people feel safe with right right. Yeah I mean other than like what does he go on. Radio was well well. Rush doesn't really have guests. He can exception. Obviously Yeah Hannity right so Hannity. Highly Hannity's huge. So right. That's I mean but it's also my thing as you go on those shows though there anyway. Maybe they think that's the rumor about Barstool People's they would vote for trump anywhere. It's alright alright but anyway trump should power trump. I'd go on fucking you know I'd go on. MSNBC MOTTO. Yeah I mean he did so we get elected true but now that she would not have him on now probably not. They don't want to give them a fucking unbelievable. The great questions I had lined up for done. That's true. I mean if you got a career career shitting on this guy and then if it's fucking that so excuse me together. Tomorrow of Mike's with the interviews between Art Oh yeah this would be an excellent delving me feel excellent Youtube video. That will make you feel good right. Mike Odd Maybe feel great. Good so if you get a chance today You know the podcast. I guess now but if you want to listen to this podcast fine if you WANNA listen to great thinkers I was called. Yes make sure that I I mean yeah going forward now. Great thinkers I think is now does. Now it's stuck doc and we're going to do is change the name because they make fun of it so I'm GonNa Change and it's going to be something worse I'm over on the circle. Kirk was fun. That's fine. It's a fun ref. Over under episodes it was last six. I was going to say six and a half the over under I'll go I'll go under. I'll go I'll go over because now we did it. Only I'll say eight and then there's GonNa be a guy. Yeah Yeah they'll forget about it. Oh Steve from provinces working today or a Minihan is busy and that'll be the toughest part is getting a crew together but these are people who don't do anything but I mean. How many views does it have to get for culinary to get a woody? WanNa do it again. No we're giving promoting the fuck out of it. Yes you might get a woody. Okay I just I just say in America say normally Iraq and things and and Mike Mike repeats it and you go so wacky woody woody. Woody a bone. I know what it is. I understand you say Boehner. You might get a Rod when you say Boehner over a woody I tolls. I spent two week in country now. I- Indoctrinate U word. Kid Us for erection would be repeat would would be. We would be very good now. We move over to raise snapper hotdog competing competition American boy. I told hold fuck at age of fifteen start fucking tale of American colleges to play American game known as football. There's a lot of this. The audience loved

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