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The views and opinions expressed on Geeks or the influence or that of the panelists and our sponsors mtpa. Parental discretion is advised. Are you saying that? Nicholas cage created country pop Pickup no no fuck I watch con air and it was like I have an idea I would never put that on him. Thank you for that allows you put on. A cage is not one of them. There are a lot of things the first uncle kracker record is I want to and Nicholas K Nick Cage for making this possible because his terrible accident made this thing we. Why didn't you just put the bunny back in the boss? Put the body back in the box. But why couldn't he have just used is like a wild at heart accent that he no? He had just create some random. Like I don't know what the fuck was shooting for is that I've met people melanoma. They do not talk like that bought to say I mean they barely speak English truth but also Nicholas Cage evening even when he's talking normally doesn't talk like a real person. Yeah Watch recently where he talks about his most famous roles most roles that he was proud of right and he he goes into like who he was channeling. All this stuff and lists watching like a fifteen minute man. He does not tolerate nor person at all like at all no he talks like Nicholas Cage. Nobody he has to throw it if you had to put Nicolas Cage's accent somewhere. Where would you put it? I would put it in I mean he's American. So Oh could put is that I had. I had a buddy whose I will name. I will leave out the drinks so much that I thought he was from Boston. And it turned out no us from Virginia. It's just drank to the point. Where his accent changed. I think that's not surly Boston accent. But I think that's what Nicholas cage slightly drunk he did. He did drugs and drank to the point where his accent literally changed right right so where the ends of his words and they made it specifically his own accent but he leaving Las Vegas is yes. That's Meyer. Yeah nobody can place where Nick Cage trump did do we know. So He's related to the Copeland's I know that. So but he doesn't like he's from an Italian vineyard somewhere. Yeah right so real talk. We actually found out on over the valley during this is exactly where the dude from From fucking the rooms Rom. They're from the same area. Tommy Wiso Cage Ohi Nick. Oh one town that creates mysterious. Weirdos that randomize accent is not fit he is Long Beach California. Of course he talking. Yeah I've been to Long Beach. The number of times guessing. Guess how people talk in. Long Beach laid out like fucking Bradley. No from sublime. Lbc Yeah Yeah. It's like hippy. Gangster. Yeah exactly yeah back. I don't know where would place nick cage from coming from but not not want why. This is the first time I've seen. Why the fuck would you have your signature? A picture of you're seeing your on your wikipedia page nice like no. Why why? Why does that need it? If he's from long does that mean that he knows Snoop Dogg. And he is a critic Yes Sir is wearing blue. In this picture I would go to here biggest. Gay Jesus Cage is a trip. And be killed biggie. So we're getting into the nitty gritty. We're we're at bats. It's an expose on Nicholas. Cage the subset of inside knowledge. But I'm saying Nick H. G. Y. K. G. G. Y. investigation. This all about Nicholas Gate forgetting your teeth and dark about Nicholas Cage on this episode up Pallet Cleanser after all the work that we did at Gallagher. Oh by the way I want to thank everybody that came out to Galaxy Khan and check out the live. Show thank you so much for talking to us. After the show's being there for the events at taking time to actually out of all the stuff happening I know it coincided with like pause play wrestling all sorts of other stuff. Thank you for coming out enjoying. Gyi Live and I'm really excited to have this conversation because this is like a easy one for me. This is a alleyoop of an episode about. Yeah Yeah so. Thank you for joining us and welcome. I'm Nicholas Cage macos nickels. Yeah your PS Move Aba. I will give fair warning. We'RE GONNA be talking at length about most Nicholas cage movie so there might be spoilers here and they're also additionally we are going to be having a super sized drunken scene. We're talking about an actor. This is only the third time well. No we've had more. In the Halloween season we've had actors that are specifically horror actors but Outside of the horror genre. We've only done Bill Murray Keanu Reeves and now Nicholas Cage so there there's a mount of our episodes relating. We really set that up shirt. We're still missing. We need to do one more and then we could do. The shirt can do the show. And we got three There's been talk about Willem Dafoe. Oh Yes yes I. I have window tattooed on me. I will totally of what's what streets where where on my leg lived can't show you right now. The phone greasier haircut and says I'm coming I'm coming for you break on the break. All right. Don't sorry. We have dropped. How show me but I'll show you first off. We're GONNA talk about our our Panel this evening Nicholas Cage to my right The one that's on every show on the network. I think Primarily beautiful disasters and from the mountains of madness occasional host on geek fathers. Well we've got fuck you hunter here. What's up pitches Avenue you were busy almost as busy as I want the fucking a Lotta panels so God especially the three hour beautiful disasters when we did a rift track basically of of that I was pretty trashed by the it by the way. Yeah I in pre-game did and then game while we were I was in. Fortunately not and I felt really bad about it but I think it went well. Yeah everybody seemed to have a really good time. We had laser guns. We had you were product out with the dollar store while wearing a Bra. Because how we roll. That's right which a lot more fun till the clause started jab in the fucking chest I want. That's why I was planning on being the one. I can do it if you want. Yep No Yang do that. Yeah I don't know why volunteered. Yeah you did. Though considering I knew two of the people with the clause I was like please be nice please. They know popes in Providence. Have SHETTY BEING SOMEBODY? That will stab the motherfucker. Next one up one that has been on Geeks the influence before. But it's been a long time since you've been on you haven't been years. Actually that's weird to say. It is weird to say. But you've never been in the new studio. Consider this as a gift to your listeners. Yes in fact. The one giving the gift is of course Shane coming back after. What was the last one you were on? I think was an archer archer. Shit will fortunately drum we got will brought fucking light was his Gotcha got gummy bears. And fuck out here you go. I was pretty sure. There's bears evolved episodes here. We we got unfortunately drunk. Recently couple episodes ago. I actually one of those nights because I regained Oh Yeah it's always interesting when the hosts get shit faced and then you're like I guess we will say I have. I have less Less than our founder. That's is that we didn't know until you said something specifically nights and Haba me loot each other when I think he's trashed drunk recently about my right hand man on my left of the GEEKS under the influence network the runner of from the mountainous N. G. Y. Nights and my co host here on. Keith's on the influence we're talking about. Low down. Brown. Macgyver was going on everyone. There is hammered. Why got through the fucking convention weekend? It was because your ass being the most motivated fucking person out of the entire. Gui Network all really outside of me. He was my anger on guarantee. Was you're driven by your anger? But that made everything work who will awesome. Thank you very happy that Not only were you there to pick up my fucking slack. Because I did slack this this past Galaxy Con but additionally Y- showing up at your age six so I didn't have to lug around this giant board. The entire weekend was way more obnoxious than the than what I dealt with with doing. The eight six. That would have been way worse. Like less of two evils there because it's going to suck it away. 'cause you care around fucking tech the entire weekend basically or relying on the tech people not too busy to be there to let you into the Tech Room. Yeah that was a little scary on us. Man Dude I did that God would Daddy Greg. I did the best I could with that. I got there early and it was still twenty minutes. You can never rely on the tech con. No those guys are awesome. Said there's some but they're overwhelmed. They are not especially Saturday busiest day of the CON Amor. Not so much slam say The Facet as everything that ran so well lexicon on anybody listening that went to galaxy con all of that is because of the tech crew. So fucking cheers cheers. Go specifically to the catching because they worked their asses off last week and he did and I cannot thank them enough for helping us out. They helped us out a lot during the weekend and that was just us. Never mind every fucking thing else. They had to deal with this thing. Like when you're giving such a burden like these guys are doing all they can and sometimes you know it comes up short. But it's not for a lack of effort exact We're not dealing with us all the time where people that actually know kind of what they're doing you're dealing with. That's what I was GONNA say. Is I think one of the panels behind the girl's phone into the projector. I was like okay. Bye Bye here. We want to put the board with the microphones. We need to come out of the thing with tech on a regular basis so most of the time they walk in there like you good and we're like we're good and they leave and it's fine but they're dealing with like people that have never been on a panel before don't know how to work their equipment. Don't know anything and they lose their fucking minds over it exactly. I mean these guys are dealing with people. That are trying their best. They don't have the knowledge to pre-game and have everything lined up and these guys are doing their damnedest to make everything they're paid like low wages and pizza and happy to do it and make sure these guys are appreciated. Yeah because these guys make pecans run. Yeah and yeah. I'm going to take on the hobbit there. I saw so many Baba John's boxes build up in the end. Yeah I mean there's got to be quick right especially on Saturday because now they did make time to run to the smaller panels. But you gotta think that's like after they've already went dealt with the panels at matter like I say that way because you know they had the you know all those people doing panels all that stuff like that so The fact they still made it over to the smaller panels is huge right because they were just running. And that's why they ran into. It wasn't the SMALLVILLE panel starting right before and all the all the texts to help out getting people into that panel which put away from getting into the Tech Room That's kind of understandable like that was a huge crowd of that Smallville. Oh yeah which I don't understand but okay. Yeah apparently called. Does there's a ton of miles just punching walls drinking monsters so the man that I apparently helped alleviate some anxiety from over that last we add to my right be founder of the GUI network. And he's a whole bunch of shows. I. I'm just not going to name all them. I. It's insane to my right. We Got Mike Bicker. That's me it's I mean. That's that'd be house there for almost all of the panels. My my stress levels created a stomach type issue. That prevented me from going to Geek. Father you're depending almost prevented me from coming to beautiful disasters but I fucking hooked in and made it work and and honestly that was still a great joe and we deeply. That was you know. Coronavirus is that what incapacity it was and what I did is I just played like very early episodes of Gui to my stomach And IT KILLED THE CORONA VIRUS. Hearing it first right here right now is. Gui Curious Corona virus load. No early episodes the really bad sounding. Not this one. You download the ZIP file that we have on the She'd get the corona virus. Curing episodes pitches like destroy it. Free episode forty two episodes. I don't care what the CDC says. Just listen to you. I you'll be all right yes also. I'm really leaning super hard on the disclaimer that we had at the beginning of the episode also none of her daughters. We cannot give medical advice that being said we are certain this is true. I mean I'm confident. Confident that Any anything that cures your ails is going to be available at Gui PODCAST DOT com. The entire time. I've been listening to this podcast. Oliver had corona virus. So called coincidence. I call that coincidence. I call that scientific facts or yes we can we get along with. So Yeah Mike the have it all the stuff that I do and everybody else does on the network because at G. Y. DOT COM check out. We got twitter's we've got instagram's we've got a fucking facebook's all the stuff and I could backs poetic but we've already done that enough we need to get into the about. Nicholas Mother fucking cage also known as Nicholas Nicholas you like. Oh yeah favor. Kind of awesome dude that respect him for that he wanted to make his own way and the reason why he chose cage. It's Kim Coppola. His middle name is Kim. Can I sorry while we were all mad? I had to just kind of go with that. Reasoning chose cage is that he's eight massive comic Book Fan Heat. We're pre before it was cool like we're talking like the eighties before it became cool to be a comic book. Fan Nicholas Cage is. He was a huge fan of Luke. Cage power man. Would you'd think they would have given them like a cameo in the Netflix series. Or something right. I mean come on something. He actually took the the cage from Luke cage so he could have been Nicholas Moonlight or something like that. Technically appropriation lowdown. I gotTA BE A. I don't I don't I don't I don't give a shit so I mean you know speaking for them. Speaking for a whole whole a lot of people checked with all of them they understand. I have a mass texts. Going NASDAQ's go. I'm it's fine when we did sugarhill down on there. I realize it's okay for us to talk about Luau. We had to make sure we get the approval. That's I just follow. My lead is fun. I Really WanNa make a lowdown approved. T. Shirt now. We're doing man. Yes his face on it. Oh yes can make sure. It's like lowdown gave me the black card. Oh that might that might piss people who want to face on it. Yeah with the thumbs up. That's a lot one. Nine hundred seventy exploitation font on the front load it yours on yes or dome. I fawn early. Foxy Brown fawn or something like that. Yes. I'll say something. Fancy Yeah yes please please all God I I so this let's make down approves of this. Let's make you twenty twenty shock. The first movie that I really WanNa get into that really is reference when talking about Nicholas Cage and it's not as first movie but Vampire's Kiss God dammit. Oh yeah that's A. It's a lot watch any video of Nicholas Cage Free Coutts Film. Half of them are from Vampire's kiss. Yeah you see that. Entire movie him going what we refer to as full cage. Yeah absolutely and he does that and most movies but this was the early like him kind of hard. Harnessing his His Art of the freak out like in the movie was refining. Yes refining the freak out because the freakout in Vampire's kiss is so rawal. Oh yeah it's brutal. He's going fucking eleven the entire time even when he's sitting and not doing anything you see him vibrating in the Katie Cocaine. Also eighty so he was very nice. He was harmonize harmonizing with with his environment. A frequency. Thank you Shane. I feel like even to this day. Nicholas cage is Li lives on a totally different frequency than the rest of humanity. I'm just I'm just saying oh absolutely fucking vibrates only been letting up the heartbeat of hummingbird. Yeah that's that's the frequency operates on so you're saying the Nicholas cage is multidimensional animal just graced our presence in our dimension. His fucking Act Beckley is operating on a different level. A It's not. It's not multi dimensional. But he understands stuff we don't now. I would agree in that knowing. Oh yeah with his acting oftentimes. I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it or hating it. That's it's enjoyment. That's why it came back where I just recently preparing for this re watched conair which I haven't seen maybe twice before this before having to prepare. What's the thing is I forgot? The Dave Chappelle is in it the Danny Johnny. Whatever hearts what was that? There's a lot of Very good actor. John Malkovich bad love. Forget John Malkovich. Plays Bubba gump. Is John Malkovich and the thing is that. That's actually what centered me while watching the movie is that Nicholas Cage is under Nicholas. Caging for most of the movie but like Malkovich is all talking going full Malkovich. That's another episode is is Malkovich not on the same over the cage. But they're close to the. They're on vibrations very similar to each other where he can gift demand. Hess money. Just you sound like a weird right. The routers what God's Christ I will shoot everybody who doesn't listen to me. I'm alka bitch first thing. I want to say those. We're talking about You know to get our Mount Rushmore Malkovich. It would be a great episode because motherfucker has crushed his in his career. He's also done some terrible fucking move. Yes we talk about those too but I'm going to say the first time I saw cage. We have here is kind of go on the floor with his career down the down the line was face off and I remember. I remember watching as a kid like oh John Travolta's in this cool. 'cause I really know new cage was I was like thirteen right. And Are we going to get a face off because like yeah? Let's go and like I remember watching it and I'm like what the fuck I remember as a kid and thirteen and wait. What the fuck am I watching? This is insanity about the fact that face off and conair pretty much came out back to back. That was like I think summer ninety ninety seven six literally like a month from Woo. Yeah so you watch lucky. Connor long hair kinda quotes southern accent cage and then you get a month later. Wackadoo doodle fucking Balkars fucking cage. I want to just send her on. One specific thing that makes face off a timeless treasure a national treasure. If you will that again it's too over actors you've got. Nicholas fucking cage And he got Josh Joan funding so we yeah Scientology Ryan to act like each other. So you got John Travolta being like. Oh you beautiful young missed that face and just doing John Travolta as Nicholas Cage. And then you've also got Nicholas cage trying to both underactive also overact John Travolta at the same time and I feel like there were scenes where you saw their brains smoking trying to do that. It's both horrifying and fucking incredible. I'm you had John Malkovich and connor that I like playing a psychopath and all rights and not the psychopath of Steve buscemi whose serial killer which also which also well done got away at the world on Sunday. Yeah but you had John Malkovich and fucking their cage. Combating each other on. Who can be the most crazy? Well Yeah Nick Cage fucking stolen with his fucking mullet him. The Wind Scott Sir. About now he he. He was not bald. He was not John. Malkovich was receding really hard. I offense that I have. You looked at my dome recently We can have a widow's peak off if you want. You might win but not by win for having hair. Yeah well what face off though? It's almost like both Nick Cage android assigned for the movie just because of Castor Troy. Like they knew they would have to be the whatever. The good guy character is over acting like. Because you see John Travolta has to hold it in so much till the face off then and you get all Nicholas Cage and the fucking priest. Alford fucking dancing grabbing chicks asses banging grabbing watching the scenes. Being like just wait. Just wait out your face and I get to overact to all seen any know. Exactly what I'm talking about in the PRE staff. Now imagine those two actors being over thought actors being onset. Well that's filming and then then watching you think I act like battling back in because they have to act like each other on era of Nicholas cage spending want one hundred percent has been like written down like in articles and recorded one million dollars a day that he recorded our face off in the mid to late nineties spending one million dollars a day that line from I think in face off the white album or something that he was going to buy the White Alba's wrong. It's the Rock. Yeah that is he did by the white album. And he like obsessed with the Beatles Elvis Presley and all this other shit and was buying like first pressings. And all this Oh. His collection is legendary. Yeah seriously what? He hadn't seen half of them the bottom and the sewerage. Yeah but he has apparently one of the he or had piggy missile superman but yeah he picked up some of the hardest defy comics. I mean I just started away. Well yeah he's well if you have a million dollars a day to spend. Yeah and that's why you end up in the late. Two thousands of making stuff like the humanity bureau. Well some of my favorite Nick Catch. Murphy's just off the wall while shed man that's that's kind of where he's coming into now and this is a good way to kind of set it up before we go into the break is that We've got the eighties cage. Which is him raising raising Arizona girl? Yes and he's doing some stuff and even when he's overacting he's actually genuinely trying like he's doing his thing and then you've got the nineties where he goes from leaving Las Vegas where he won an Oscar for that. I believe yes you him sure. Someday you'll check adaptation in the early two thousands and matchstick men and stuff where he's back. Eight millimeter was fantastic but also nineties where he game action star. We didn't have to act because I'm sorry. He did not act in CON air. Know that going conohere argue You are correct. No he did not act in Connor. But I'm not sure. He's been acting in eighty the recent movie. No I feel just might be just nick cage. He's Yeah this is what actors has gone through so many ups and downs because you had the eighties Hartman. Hit Me. He hit it big with moonstruck. Wadded heart yeah. But I'm gonNA bring this up because I could play for God but that Url that after Wad heart He did trapped in paradise. You know the movie with Dana Carvey and Jon lovitz Oh Yamaguchi death and forgot where easing muscle bound like bad guy and hates the taste of spoons and his mouth was the movie mocking ridiculous and split it with a diner way. It's only you sleep. But there is a small pocket of ninety shit movies that he was quote unquote starring in but like where he was pretty much getting to the tail end of his career and then leave is leaving Las Vegas change everything. He wanted a cabinet award next year. The Rock ooh well he became the Hollywood super child so so he just started getting cast in in these major roles odd to where he kind of went where a lot of like big actors go when they get big where he wanted he was like. I don't want the world to see me because I don't think they would understand. Shut up shut up so we not talk about that movie like my career. Everything you need to be broken dammit. Hobbit. Oh can we just not talk about that? Movie Was Shit and you as a listener to hold on until we get past our break after the break. It's GonNa Weird. It's dark and it won't be because I want to stab him. We're GONNA mega sized so we're bringing takeover. Gee Why that. Because he's dead now he's done. There's there's a coup occurring so take a to low down to Yeah so we'll just see who's actually running g wise a geeks. Mike the Hobbit here reaching out to talk about what's going on here in the world and what's going on with geeks under the influence network as I'm sure you are aware we've got the corona virus kind of tear through the states and the rest of the world as well and what that means for us here at geeks influences that most of our live events that we do such as blues clues live and he trivia events movie events. Anything like that. We currently are unable to do. Additionally most of our shows here at gigs under the influence network are filmed in person. We sit around the table with each other. That's kind of what we aim for is to have that interpersonal kind of conversation. You have when you're face to face with someone and that's what we hope translates into the audio when we send it your way is that you feel that comfort level of being literally right next to the person that you're talking to as opposed to across the screen that being said that opposition doesn't really hack exists for the time being so we are exploring some other options as far as remote recording and Other other choices to go along with the shutdown of all sorts of venues and businesses. We don't want our panelists or show runners to be any more at risk than they absolutely have to be so we will be working on figuring out a better route to do this but that may take some time so we might have some shows that are mia for a week or two. While we get stuff figured out we might have some delays where it's not releasing on the normal days that it normally does or it might be that you don't even notice a difference. It really depends on how quickly we get stuff together. And we rallied troops and get this Cohen. That being said one thing I personally. I'm going to try to work on. Is Making sure that I have some videos like this? That I'm sending out into the world for you guys talking about. Geeky stuff about what we're doing here on the network. Maybe some games we can play. Conversations can have a live stream that kind of thing so if you have some ideas of things that you want see here on the network or on our social media please reach out and let us know if you're sitting around and board why not reach out for the first time in touch base with one of your favorite podcasts and then after that you can contact us and then we can maybe shoot the shit on one of our social media pages or something so we're open to ideas already have a few that we're going to be working on and We're going to get through this together so we're not going anywhere we're still going to get plenty of content out to you and I just wanted to personally let you know that we're in this too and we're dealing with it as well and even though it is an audio podcast. This does still affect us in some way shape or form so It was kind of the air just like everybody else. We're just trying to figure it out as we go. So thank you so much for being patient with us and so much for listening to this and I look forward to hanging out with you while we're all Socially distancing ourselves For the time being so thanks again and say here join us or not not that not die this time no no. We're back for the second. Half geeks influence all things. Nicholas Cage. Okay cage coach for Sunday Sunday on Sunday Sunday. I'd buy that for a dollar. Oh my God yes we are talking the illustrious actor Nicolas fucking cage and the people that allow us to have the time to talk about. Nicholas cage our our sponsors the ones that allow us to have money for equipment and storage fees and Booze and all the other things I one of course is Amazon. Dot Com. You shop at you love it and just make sure you shop at through our link at Gui podcast. Dot Com go to the upper right hand corner of our homepage and click the Amazon link to shop through that that assures that anything you purchase on Amazon gives us a little bit of credit. 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No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no next up is what is allowed us to be such a shit show on the second half. We're talking about what we're drinking. We're fucking draw. You WanNa know here you go? Hey Hey fucking. I'm sorry all right so there was a sure tonight and it is East Coast local as always bitches because keeping a real and is from blue mountain brewery out of Nelson County Virginia and this is not only dark hollow which is already a stellar. Fucking Mir incredible. This is the Dark Hollow Reserve Twenty nineteen concealed darkness. Fuck and what makes us different is that it is this. Reserve addition is Has been aged in barrels from buffalo trace distillery for a full year and they also double up on the roasted barley chocolate malts and the oats and then they just lock it away in the darkness because conceal darkness darkness in the barrels time. I've dark hole four year and then we are blessed with this beautiful sexy Silky. You say yes but you sir. If if you don't feel blessed by drinking that than I will take you because motherfucker is not about beer by God damn right. It's not is delightful but I would say that doubling up on the barley especially I think it's the barley specifically that it adds a little bit of a heavier bitter note on the finish that is not a love air it it bounces out the double chocolate which adds a sweeter note fucker. It's like drinking a black hole. Man Thank you oh man. So in appearance It's pretty much used motor oil. My Whole Cup is stained. Yeah I can look at this shit. It's just it's darker shed It's like That last like Cup of coffee out of a French Press. Skopje almost got the grains in it. But it's like that College Kid. That didn't know that they had to take their car in for regular maintenance ten thousand miles later shows up and it's Oh fuck. Yeah it's just I mean it's it's thick. I'm sure Blue Mountain. Listen to this everything that we're saying. They're like yea. Thank you to Charlie Murphy. Well it's not that I think I think the difference very well versed in dark hollow. I been a fan of their the dark. Hollow for Fucking Years Decade Death Solicitous fucking amazing fucking love it and it's so fucking well-balanced for such a high volume beer that's addictive. I don't as the booze in this I talk about the booze level. The booze levelness is jumped up from the regular dog hollow. Now we're walking a good solid twelve point five percent wine it's wine level and I. It's not that you got the burn. You taste the alcohol but I feel like the barley is overplayed here and and the chocolate goes almost borderline bitter for me. I think dark chocolate. I think I'm pretty sure that he's not that. I am having a bad time drinking this. I'm going to drink the fuck out of this and then probably get naked in streak down the street but quail youtube rate for it. I think it's more that I think a lot of flavors overplayed and if they just Kinda have to instead of doubled it. It would've worked a lot better. That'd my personal opinion. It's very strong tasting beer. And not in the sense that it's alcohol tasting it. Just it is a very flavorful beer. It's fucking sucker punch flavors and I would At this would go. I'm I'm kind of A. I WANNA go back to where I got it from another bottle because I I just WANNA enjoy this out on my side porch with a really dark Madero Cigar. Okay Mother Fucker. May I if if I was shifting smoke in like a really darn full labor at four flavors it'd be this beer will overpower anything that you're trying to pair with There there's nothing you compare this with. And maybe that's my thing is that I've been drinking vodka and sprite which is goes with the clearly everything. Yeah but also like I've been drinking sweet the entire time and then I moved from that true. It is true. Yeah hard fucking like heavy. We haven't had a hard fucking stout like this on the show for your regular. I kinda stopped bringing them because I don't think I feel like everyone was getting tired of my heart. Stout honestly I. I can't imagine pairing this with any sort of food. No dessert after. Yeah it's absolutely deserved pair. Get it has to have something to to combat it and be as fierce as this tastes cigar or pipe. Right Something Yeah Yeah. Nicest guy heavy flavored but slight sweet pipe tobacco tobacco. Yeah yeah that's a little bit darker than the Cherry Tobacco so I liked trae tobacco but Rome. Tobacco has a darker and more depth yellow. It and this beer is definitely very deep tasting beer and for those that. Are you know care about this? Sort of thing This is bottle number. One thousand one hundred four out of two thousand and fifty now so the only brew fifty bottles of this eight aged is about halfway through. Yeah so this is a classic example of this borough where things were right in the middle. Where the mill right so Mac Daddy? I liked that yet. I'm okay I mean it's delicious It's just it is a lot I'm not gonNA like it is a lot it is. It's a meal in a bottle with a lot of billions of meal in a bottle we're going to be a boy bagman which is going to be a super size version of a segment. We call making a drunken seen a drunken see. Remember remember remember McMahon over by carriage homes here so normally we only do like one or two scenes from movies in in the circumstance and this time. We're doing four different movies because we're talking about four different movies and one movie. We're doing two different scenes from movie because we're talking about Nicholas Cage so much also. Everyone wanted to do. See a lot of scenes from Nicholas cage movies because they're fucking why Nicholas Cage Nicholas Carr's book encourage so the first one we got here is the first one that I remember seeing him. Go full cage is vampire's kiss from nineteen eighty eight hundred eighty eight like that man. Think about that. That was shortly after he went from being featured in movies as Nicholas COPPOLA NICHOLAS CAGE. So talk about old school comic. Book Nerd. He was in the eighties when he decided to changes. Name to cage. Based on Luke Cage from Marvel Com- wins. Luke cage was never a big run for marvel. That's when Kate was still known as power man for the I think so. Yeah also just went there out there. That was the euro's born. Wow Oh your baby. Youngest one room. Now someone here. I don't know about that but you're the youngest. I mean the handsome part is a low bar. Fuck you how about you just for a besides the sexual chocolate bar. I mean all the whiteys in the room low bar the all look the same. What are you saying Ataman now? Y'All whereas it we can still dance. Don't make me go to fisticuffs. I pulled my Khakis woke. You get Ron. I'M GONNA talk to my senator. Pat Bonner writes you a really nasty letter a nasty gram. You know what Sir. I'm GonNa talk to your manager. He's GonNa talk to your way. Oh Yeah Yeah there you go. That's it gets one thousand nine hundred eighty We've got Peter. Low Aka Nicholas cage is being played by. What's up? Fuck you hunter is doing that. I'm going to be playing Dr Glasser. Glazer Glazer I can't remember. I think it's good for that or does it doesn't matter Arthur's name is any character that's not Nicholas Cage in these scenes doesn't matter we're out so here we go shooting the copy. Be IN THAT FILE. It should right. Yes right Yup Yup Yup Yup your job unless of course it somehow between some somehow misfiled miss foiled. Yes misfiled sometimes. Somebody puts a document in the wrong file. And then it's misguided it makes it much harder to find who who what do you mean. How could someone miss files something? What could be easier? It's all about to cool. You can just put it in the re aid file according to alphabetical order. You Know Hey. C. E. G. P. H. O. Ok P U. She you oh see. That's how you have to do. You know your asset. I never misfiled anything not once not one time. I WANNA know really. Who did I cannot passably? Tell you that you can't know like an ha and you call yourself a psychiatrist long. That was so good that is also and Nicholas Cage in was I got to the letters as the cast here. I can't believe this podcast. Not only a podcast podcasts. That people enjoy listened to actually enjoy we as of April five years of people listening to this tire. Fired a puff. It was so good that would speaking of fire to ninety seven. We're talking about the John. The Douglas John Woo movie. There's a dove and they're going to be one of the end of the movie. There's no there's like twenty thirty two. We're talking about face off from one thousand nine hundred seven. This is so fun in the the wrong ways. This was not supposed to be a comedy and put it was funny. Fucking good. Castor Troy who's playing Castro troy me that is low down Brown aeration by Shane by Shane. And then I will be playing Sean Archer. Let me go ahead and set the scene here. You go both have each other at gunpoint. After shootout. An airplane hangar. Well we have something in common. We both know our guns will. We don't have uncovered is that I don't care if I live and you do Sean Hurts. You're not having any fun are you sean? Why don't you join us? Try Terrorism for hire. We know we can blow sheet up. It's more fun. Should the fuck up you? Watch your fucking mouth and say. I'm out to unleash a biblical plague Hell deserves. La La La. Is that what that is? But I'll give this. She'd only break my brother and I woke not believing what joy has say. Ooh Shit Ono all you think I'm bluffing. Oh yeah maybe I am but then maybe I'm not miss is what are you gonNa do would mean locked up? You'll drive your wife and kid Krazy all by the way. How was your daughter? Jamie your darling peach. Is She ripe? It yes won't get into it like Shane. Shane Finger broke him. He's he's really seem. We broke Shane trying to method. Act This narrative right here making barking noises pulls the trigger on the gun and realizes that he's out of bullets and falls to his knees. Lease those human. I'm scared on well. I think you better intrigue because I don't give a fuck gets knife singing. Love singing. Read the Big Grabby of Christ that has to be a God damn ring. Every time. Lowdown calls me for that. We would all right so was the same thing all right so him so unfortunately listeners dirt. We've got two more two more. Yes unfortunately I will. I will let you know that. The last two are much shorter yes. They're not nearly as aggressive. But man this next one. I'M GONNA go ahead and turn down your fucking. Yes Adam time here. But by the way full kaiser about to be blessed by wetter man. Yeah this is from two thousand six. This is the Nicholas Cage Worker Man. Which is a whole barrel of things that happen. So Edward malices can be blamed. I fuck you hunter. I'm doing sisters summers. I'll and Lowdown Brown's GonNa be doing narration on this one. So let's make this this pure unadulterated show happen. I I I don't ask much from you guys but I I really want your heart and soul Innis. Oh Trust me is like actually acted up hat. Riches you bitches before his legs are broken. That says Ma. Marta Yobe Cutie. And you're doing it for nothing. Killing me won't bring back your God Damn holiday but I know it we ill. One leg is broken. Oh Dove Carrot. I'm not one of you. I believe your God. I go live your sacrifice. The leg is broken. Ooh Out show a mask is placed over his head. Oh No don't move me. Oh whoa Whoa what is it? What is what is it what is it. Oh No not not the do is is is it is. That's this exact moment questioning. All of that was something so extra. Oh Oh school until now. Oh my God we're really enjoyed this intel. Yeah thank you could. A literally broke. We lily broke habit. Form words right now. No one knew mom and dad. Oh Do we definitely do? Yes there. It's just you and me. We got this doing doing the first one. The first one you're Brent Ryan in the first one. This is unhappy. Mom And Dad from twenty seventy EI- movie. I'm not gonNA hear this ticket NAP. Well I mean clearly clearly. Inflection has no bearing It has any bearing can read your existing in the void void. It's scarier Brian for Mom and Dad from twenty. Seventeen whenever you're ready. Oh but having read it now a high not seen this movie all right. I'm proud of you thank you for signing me up. Uh-huh broken him ever before batteries not included shit over here nude fucking broke. I need to see this movie. J. I don't know what I'm reading into it. No Russia and whenever you're ready now the world who kids are living in the things you've seen on the Internet MALFA Dildo. Del noted ass status. Hi Brent Anal beads question like it'll really rent really anal beads data. So good so good movies hilarious. You Watch I was hysterical. Oh God spot. When I've ever seen this movie. Shame between the two of US right now. I'm way worse off than news. You want for me. What you just did serve was awesome boy not going full full cage for this. Okay all right do it right. Prep yourself but sometimes we just want to. Oh Yay you put your your put your right food out. You do the Hokey poke in Your Fox. Shit up here Roy and task. Thank you nailed it while wearing this shirt fucking of a pool table gas prerequisite. He's breaking pool table that he went on a whole tirade on about prior to fucking and breaking like. Yeah Oh God. That is my favorite scene from mom and Dad and mom and dad is exactly where I wanNA continue on where we're talking about the later years. Nicholas Cage Oh man. The Ninety S it was action. Nicholas Cage Yuppie eighties. Was Him doing something? Something also actors right. You didn't have any like serious. Like finite thing. He was doing an eight doing a lot. Early two thousands is where he was like trying a lot of choices. It was like a leading man. That's during the national treasure movies Adaptation movie. But that's what I'm saying. He would like to know. I love that Radi and the thing is though that there was still a little bit of that like wild cage like still in the background of those movies we was also Deion matchstick men so like that naturally comes out. Oh Oh man. But then you get into. After that and season of the witch and Dr King's county percent off season the witch. Where you hear a human person in the background go out. Woo Afford but was a wool. Sound and there was a tech like a key. Grip that when you know what if? I don't get credit for going a Wu. It's not worth it right then somebody league grip Derek. Also oh woo woo. And you're not GonNa get away with this. We're GONNA bring up Goddamn source apprentice. Oh Man Yeah all right guys damn it. No I usually win. But does he worships one of the Co Stars of Nicholas Cage and that fucking move. It is true that is true. That's races you're doing you dirty talker in in fucking J. Barrichello's defense. No No fucking will because if you're Jay fucking bearish L. and your approach being like. We're doing the sorcerer's apprentice where you're like the apprentice. And the sorcerer is Nicholas Fucking Cage. And he's moving nerd he'd be like fucking like. I'll do it for free like I don't give a shit. I just want to be the person that is the apprentice of Nicholas Cage in some balls out fucking insane especially talking about the era. He's looking at of Nicholas Cage at that point. And he's like you know. I'm I'm GonNa do it again the Aurora or Aurora eating and actually read the script. He just at who is there is no way. Jaber show read the script before he signed on. He was like fuck no way no. I don't give a shit at all. I just WanNa be the apprentice of Nicholas Cage. And have them be like? I'm a fucking sorcerer apprentice. Bakhob on there's no fucking way. He did that like there's no way he was like a probably read it like on the first day and it was like a fuck me yet okay. It's like do you want to beat a Disney movie of the sorcerer's apprentice. You're the apprentice. He's like fuck yes I do. I mean struggling actor but eight level a level actor which still is not being the way. Let's go b-list I say that. Because he has his own place a short and as he's been the main character in films and not headlining actor. It was going to say because you have your place and being initiators. Not Make you an a-list actor okay. Just Nick H. is a classic example. Exactly he's not by no means. Is Nick Cage? A-list actor he has he was he won. One award has been. Oh that's that whole has been well. Let's just say post sorcerer's apprentice and there were some shit. Filled Years Concoct dangerous. The fuck goes rider. Left are left behind yes Terrible Show Joey address The newer movies the absolutely Bat Shit Insane Color Space. I have not watched it yet. That is no court order. Right now is absolutely fucking fantastic. Now yes amazing nice and it is a unlike some of Nicholas Cage just movies. It's not like it's good because it's not good like it's an enjoyable like the entire movie is informed by the fact that Nicholas Cage is the main character. Okay so what? What'd you guys aren't seeing is me glaring at Hobbit? A was a fun movie. It was her arithmetic. Oh no horror to be slow cramped rash fucking like what wild raw. I wouldn't say trash A. It is a horrifying movie. Good I thought I want to hear from it. I want to hear that it was not a Li taking its parts from old school carpenter and and the Master of Love Calf Craft Gordon Gordon. Well I'm happy all the notes. All the directed notes are straight up carpenter. Meet Stuart Gordon. Yes that at that. Gives me an odd boehner and it's a say that's the name of the odd though? I mean that movie is apprentice. Watch not because it's the big shots of. Oh it's not shot poorly I I mean h rigged weights films beautiful. Yeah it's absolutely gorgeous. Color contrast are actually yeah. Almost autour level choices fantastic. I mean real quick. Last year there were three zero. No I know I know. I know it's been like every all right. I'm just saying it's good but I mean mom and dad you watch that it came on. Hulu we watch that for bugles. Acer's way more press that I was thinking I was going to be. We watch them amazing. And before I put the obvious went out there Where my favorite animated movies? I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. And he lends his voice to Spiderman into spider versus where he played spider man off. Dude I just got to throw that out there because I mean even something like that. He throws his voice out there. He's not in the movie though it's spider-man as played by Nick Cage that's awesome about that and then here's the obvious going on her. I know you WANNA do it. Fucking Mandy fucking man Mandy Patinkin Mandy is. I'm I'm the only one sitting here that has not seen what is wrong with you I I. He's out right now. I'm just fucking with all the listeners. All the listeners that have not seen Mandy. Just shame camp there and feel defensive at the moment and Understand that this was not one that was released in move ins theaters a lot like this was a word of mouth movie and it. It's one of those movies that it takes time for people to see so Shane. You're good having not have seen it yet the hard line tour twenty-three followers because that wasn't a twenty-three though right eight twenty four. You mean like you corrected. Let's go say they don't want to know I didn't do to a man. Anyone do that to them. Twenty four but no it was It was produced by fucking Frodo is produced by would work you harm movie too by the way anyway. So all right being the only one here that hasn't seen it Which one of you thinks they can summit up in thirty seconds a GIG Under you WANNA try. Maybe I I can't I can't now without spoilers I care about this revenge story hippies. Jesus freaks murder. Say Very trippy. Almost like you feel like you dropped acid when you watch his movie. A lot of movement in the back rudder revenge story but it's a cult movie revenge and like the most metal revenge is your get. I'll say this is not spoiler. But if you ever want to see a giant chainsaw battle Yeah Shane. We should do movie night. I can bring my copy over and then there you go tell you what the way he explained it fucking sold meal the why would put it in like minimal. Terms is a heavy metal. Lsd TRIP A D. and D. campaign fronted by Nicholas Cage Fighting a Jesus Colt with psycho bike. Her like crazy people sold so we need to make this. So you can see this. You'll enjoy this for those listening and and those having watched Mandy. It's it's one of those things that you cannot. It's almost like the Matrix you can't explain. What the Matrix pill here. We go back there nodding and in agreement like now. It's fucking weird for those. That haven't just do yourself a favor and watch mandy. It's get booze like I started watching Mandy without booze and my roommate came home around the time that I was getting up to go fill a glass with Bourbon and think. Oh Okay you're at that point in Mandy. Yep No that makes sense any stuck around for like twenty minutes watching it. Being like yeah. I couldn't finish it without triggering zone. Sad about twenty minutes and you'd boosts twenty thirty minutes in Yeah Booze or whatever helps and hance the viewing. What's put that your boys? Oh whatever your poison yeah yes yes I just WanNa throw a dark horse movie out there between the Shit. Years and this resurgence and says one kind of bright spot. Stephen fucking talk about this all the time bucking kick ass yes Jackass Yeah. I guess so good. That's not even on the radar at that point when he came when it came to kick starring a side character. Yeah he was not even the main character in his story. Arc was already daughter already or no. Yeah he was a sport. Yeah and you know what he blossomed in that. I mean I was eight house already because of the comic huge fan of the comic and when I heard it was in that was kind of curious how he was GonNa do this role and he decided to take it very bad ass. Like if Adam was Batman was fucking bad ass is the best way I can put it where he talks. Very generic comic book like voice but he waste a whole factory mother fuckers. I mean like yes he did but you also get that. He's not a Great Dad. No not at all his daughter to be in this really terrible position during the movie. And there's no turning away from that you get that but he's matter-of-fact about it. He's non apologetic in his acting in that role. Has He ever been apologetic? And missiles like let's be real here not none whatsoever so I don't WanNa make it a hard turn but I feel like we're getting closer to the end of the episode And I just want to kind of drop some of the things he's got coming out to. We can look forward to in twenty twenty one that I just found out about that I had no idea about is a apparently. A NEW SCI FI martial martial arts franchise called Jujitsu where He starring along with Tony Zsa of on Bach fame forecast. Jimmy Nicholas Cage fucking martial arts. Like Jesus Christ. Also there is a movie that is Been pitched and he signed onto but there is no official title or anything happening with where Nicholas Cage is can be playing himself as an actor. That is struggling to remain relevant. And he is playing basically himself at this point in his career. Yes basically weird shit happens where he has to basically be the movie version of himself and I can't remember the director that's attached to it This was a script written and sent to him and he's like fuck. Yeah this sounds amazing. I need to do it so I need to see that movie like yesterday. That sounds like the my name is Bruce of Nicholas Cage. Dude Fuck. Yeah exactly. That's beautiful and the one that I I know for me. Personally I am most excited for Nicholas Cage. This year is the horror movie. That's coming out directed by Kevin Lewis called wall. He's wonderful hall and that is basically he nicholas cage. Plays a quiet drifter who was tricked into a janitorial job at the now condemned Walis Wonderland the mundane tasks only become an all out. Fight for survival against wave after wave of demonic animatronic like literally fighting possessed fucking animatronic spoke like money. Come on this is like we know Mandy again Roy made for Nickels Cage Nicholas Cage. That point where people are like. I feel like writing movies around Nicholas Cage. We should be doing well. I agree I agree right. At what point do you hit that spot in your career where you stop paying character and you become the character that people are writing films around what you think? I think that's exactly where he is right right. And you know what? I'm more than happy to pay for the right. Absolutely yes I mean. I'm wildly excited. By what load on your side fucking towns that is like a full borne like all God driven? Let's be real like any actor. I don't care how ams they are a what they're doing is not in a cage. You have people writing fucking scripts around your personal character. They just want you to be you film like they want you to go see him. And Jeff Goldblum. You'd be fucking hog truth. No yes okay. Yeah they want us to be a perfect pair. Just be fucking on you and react to whatever you can do in this film as You. Yeah that that's the goal right because the people probably approach Nicholas Cage. Like what happened said where they're like. No one is going to tell Nicholas Cage how to act just like no one's going to direct Jeff Goldblum like no one directs Goldblum. Why just just? He makes his own motherfucking choices exactly. Nothing's that anybody that is not a fan of Nicholas Cage. That listened to this episode. Just out of a morbid curiosity. I would suggest maybe going back and check out the nineties action movies. Especially Vampire's kiss Some of his early work our Iraq. The wrong general itsy raising Arizona and approach it the way that I did when I turned my opinion on Nicholas Cage because I used to hate Nicholas Cage and then I went. Everyone did and when I went to actually look at that almost as a college might look at the choices. That actor makes an a movie and enjoying the absurd choices that the actor makes. You're GONNA enjoy films a lot more that they're supposed to be stupid. They're supposed to be fun. You'll enjoy that and hopefully we talking about this this evening. Allowed you the opportunity to revisit some of these films and better appreciate them moving forward. So if we haven't I would like to hear that the our our contacts which is Geeks under the influence at G. DOT COM eight. Oh four five zero five four eight four. That's eight. Oh Four. Five zero five four G. Y. On our hotline takes a voicemails and texts and our social media. As well you can hit us up with messenger or just on our social media. We've got all the stuff all those links are at Gui podcasts. Dot Com subscribe rate review. Let us know what you WanNa hear in the future. Let us know what we fucked up about this neck. Nicholas Cage episode We appreciate the input that we get from you guys and we'll see you guys next time. We're not going to be mad about you appreciate you will see you next time. I'm Mike the Habit and as always join us or die should fuck up not the case you're drawn by do have been taught. Gui PODCAST DOT COM. I'm ready ready for the big grabby.

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