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Hey everyone welcome to. Let's get civil. This is the podcast that breaks down politics government structure in dives into the context of current events bought an assault bar. Fon Why hey I'm lizzy stewart comedian feminist and political junkie and Arden Wallin's Hausky former Senate intern campaign staffer and political strategist in this episode. We were talking about the uniformed forces of the United States so grab your squad and let's get cynical yeah hello. We're so good. We hope you are our to my gosh we really do you know you know. We worry and we really wish you would call more okay 'cause. I know I know that you're busy and you're living and you're living really cool life up there. Okay just know that your parents love you okay. They love you. We love you so much well and inform yes skies. Hello it is us your parents. I'm lizzy. Stewart and I'm earn Wallet Hausky Emigrate Step Mom rates. I have such strong stepmother. Energy put a bloody Mary in my hand. It's over it's over but like if you put a bloody Mary in my hand you will automatically assume that I am a stepmother to a teenager who doesn't like me. Really it really blends all together there. I know my type type. You would catch yourself well in things I like to. I Akin myself to Meredith Blake. The protagonist of the parent trap the Lindsay Lindsay Lohan one yeah Okay Meredith Blake the blonde one who gets put out to sea on am air mattress the protagonist of the movie movie. I know the hills version much better. Okay okay so hand. I'm sorry they have the banana net net and then an-and like handshake at this also mind me now the second time I've done Bernard and aren't on this show the hills version and there's a there's no there's no hands no handshake and there's show jiving. There's jiving there's plenty of dancing and singing okay. We'll sail emails yeah but like it's not Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid Dennis Clay. It's not love Dennis. Quaid where is Ed out is doing all of the long the dog movies he's he has been pigeonholed into dog dog movies and I watched them with my little. Oh God daughter who's nine. It's just straight up sadomasochism on our part shores. We've seen them all. The dogs always does the dog's always die tannock. Hey Tannock Yup but you continue to watch it and she's nine. I'm a seminar and we just sit there and cry. Weep weep and more yeah yeah anytime I see a trailer and it's a dog running through a field like with the sunrise. I'm like that dog will not survive. No no dog has a death that sentence and then the second one that just like went to tunes. They do this thing where it's like. Every time the dog dies it runs through the field and then it gets to the end and it's the new dog and and you're like Oh my God is so precious. It's your family. Hug Your family. I mean I'm not tears guys. This is weirdly not a podcast cast about Dennis Quaid or dog films where the dogs die this is. Let's get cynical and today we're going to be talking about. The were not calling it armed forces. We're going to call it. The collective forces and we're going to tell you about it. We're tell you why we're going to tell you that. Yep So uh-huh buckle up we just WANNA say appear at the top that we are talking about our military armed forces and veterans and that we are so grateful for what they do and what they've done. There's a lot have fun things about how these things functions so. We're going to poke fun at that but we just want to let everybody know that we deeply appreciate what are men women a non binary veterans and military personnel do every day lizzy and I both have friends and family. are have been or are currently serving so when we make fun of stuff. We're not making fun of them. We're making fun at the Hilarity of this complex situation so complex. There's Salat I. It's called military complex. We have a military complex art and that was the funniest thing you've ever thought and we're off to the races yeah. This is what I find so fine about. This is just it's so it's to me. I'm like this is so complicated when it doesn't really need to be like we really could have streamlined this a little bit because there's so many things there's like the branches that people serve and the different things things and then there's like the areas around the world which command centers acid. There's like different groups. It's a lot to keep track of pets it because there's several different like groups of what we consider like what we naturally think of the armed forces within that they have their own individual structure which we love individuality -ality podcast obviously but it does make it difficult to track like okay. What is this rank in the navy versus this rank in the coast guard like who's ranked higher like if I'm I'm in a crisis and I have this person from the navy and this person from the Coast Guard telling me two different things right who bully who do I take the lab yeah yeah who who yeah so. That's the kind of stuff we're going to get into a it's. GonNa be so great. Everybody just bought and I'll just say that ninety ninety nine percent of this information is literally coming from the Department of Defense and the various websites guys organization events website. If the loosely loosely it feels more modern because they're trying to entice people to join them. If you go to the funding and marketing yeah they were Swedes smart capable the people again just like the first time I went to the Department of Defense website that like is the website where you if you're interested in serving you might find it right one of the lake tabby. The things is things we do to have fun and I was like God bless so let's talk about the different types of collective horses 'cause there's military forces and their armed. I'm D- Forces and those are different from the uniform forces. Oh good. We're off to a swimming. Start The yes I'm red a stroke along the way downing in terms. Lay It on me. Why is it life. Differences between three a military forces are under the Department of Defense. They are the army the navy the air force and the Marines Je door right three of the military service departments have their own like their own department under the Department of Defense Department of the army the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Air Force the Marine Corps falls under the Department of the Navy be that yes that I did know because like when you're in Navy school which I know is not called Navy school but right now. I can't remember what it's called but when you're a navy school at one point so you can choose if you want to go into the marines or not that's part of something because you like if I remember this correctly because I date somebody who was a navy school at one point. He broke my heart. WE'RE NOT GONNA. We're not gonNA name him but but like you end up at some point kind of choosing track or like a specialty so it's like you can do submarines marines do something maybe that has to do with the helicopter. You can do the Marines and there's one other thing that I can't remember May. Maybe it's like battleships are flying or whatever that's the fly one anyways but like you like choose a specialty. WanNa go into all of them navy school which again I really have to find a different way to call it. 'cause navy school sound silly but is it naval academy. That's exactly what it is which is also could naval evil but whatever right but that's that's when you go to what is quote unquote a college for the neighbor but you can also just show up enlist but that's a different thing a navy seal you get to do. You wonder if you get treated the same like I have. All of these doubt dominate like do you treated the same well. When you wrote a recruiter cruder or my cousin goes to a high school. That's like I easy prey. Oh sure school yeah well. I know with the Naval Academy me when you graduate you automatically graduate as whatever's higher than like an officer or something like like like you graduate as an officer but if you enlist enlist you're just like a Insana or the first oh so like going to the Naval Academy like jumps you up. We're going to talk about the ranks in a bit so nobody panic but it jumps you up graduate as a higher rank and so you might be the same age as somebody but don't go look how to meet you because you're like yeah training. Dan Studying to be it. I guess if I had known like eighteen or nineteen that I could like take a submarine track sure have been thing in my genuinely would rather drowned and being a submarine. Maybe that's true. I think I would rather learn how to fly sure I could probably I think flying would be better for me. I'm just not what I don't think I would excel in a submarine environment. I don't have submarine energy. Uh Listen I do not have basic training energy like that would have murdered me for sure yeah yeah yeah so the military forces Army Navy Airforce Marines. They're all there under the Department of Defense. The Coast Guard is under the Department apartment of Homeland Security during peace peace time and under the navy so the navy slash the Department of Defense during wartime my question question is have they just been under the navy the whole title have been at war because I feel like we're not actively using coast guard with Iraq and Afghanistan. I might be wrong along pretty sure they're under homeland security because when trump shut down the government the coastguard wasn't getting paid like they they missed missed like three paychecks. I know I have somebody close to me. WHO's in the coastguard during that time reeling so they didn't get paid for several weeks because of IT YEP YEP so that's I I imagine that's it's not under the Navy right now because the navy got paid and the Coast Guard was the only like section of the it paid forces. That didn't get paid. which made the whole thing like more crazy because it's so stupid we all? It's like you're coastguards not getting paid the people people who are in in who are military forces people all right. We simply have to pay to pay them. It is they are working. TSA agents were getting paid because the Department of Homeland Security wasn't being Sunday so stupid yeah but it also has to do with declared war and undeclared war. We eligible declared war and a very declare. Why do declare your class at law. So that's coastguard there are five armed forces which four military forces and the coastguard discard so when you okay wait wait wait. Oh it's the four listed under military forces plus the coastguard so that our Navy Airforce Marines Coast Guard armed enforces yes so you have the four military forces and then when you add in the coastguard then you've got the armed forces see this wish I'm like why don't we just put the coastguard with with the military forces. Just bump it up. I don't I mean I don't know either. Somebody call me then. There are the uniformed forces. Oh great okay so we're at five five forces right now. Yep The uniform forces are there are seven of them. I want to throw up there so this is this is what I'm talking about. I'm just I my head is spinning and I just guys we really could have. We could have trimmed the fat here. We can have trimmed the fat I did not at all in one department this one all this part of it is super interesting to me because in a way it makes sense in in other ways I'm like why did we do this Shar. You're so there are the uniform forces of which there are seven there are five armed forces the ones we've talked about so far and then you add in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps had never heard of it. I don't even know what that does is which falls under the Department of Health and Human Services that's logical article short yes yeah and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Officer Corps known as Noah and that apples under the Commerce Department no which does not make sense the Commerce Department like Hummers like commerce by an exchange of good. Yes I don't get that this is why oceans are dying because they're under the Commerce Department. That's not a fun place east to be for the National Oceanic and atmospheric. It's no wonder the earth is on fire right. We're treating it like it's good to be commerce yes to be exchanged overwhelmed. I know overwhelmed okay so we had those two you add those two in those are the uniformed forces judo war against the officers and we're just. GonNa call it for sure because I can't Yup officers in the corps and a Noah where navy uniforms and US Navy ranks okay there are no enlisted or warrant personnel in those services yeah a warrant personnel. We're GONNA GONNA do like terms and definitions hotak but warrant personnel or like their higher level officer so there are there's no like general of Noah Woah right. They're just they're part of the Navy and Navy ranks. That feels confusing. It feels if I'm part of Noah. I feel like what they're doing. How it's different from the navy but yet like I have to report to the Navy yes they also I think because it's more like a research base so sure agency that lay she'll ask they were port to the to the different branches but I feel like it's probably like there's you know El. Nino is going to be really strong. I think about expanding Blah Blah the boats yeah like that's more like what they do and if I if El Nino is actually got to be bad in twenty twenty four. Do you want to be part of now. You should sign up. I should sign up off okay. This is very important and maybe we'll talk about this just a little bit later but I will say don't come at me. The navy uniforms I feel are the prettiest uniform. They're the much now that it's about that but those whites D. we are. I simply love it is not about the it is not about the close but yeah crushed it well. It's just the most simple it's sleek. It's like it's modern the marine line wack in red which like I get it but it feels very heavy yeah very and the the Khakis like whenever its fleet week and it's like you see like the navy and then like the army navy forums and the people who are on the subways yeah just like blue. I'm sorry formal like sixties kind of sure. I like the way the whites lean timeless. Timely great settled that yeah. I just wanted to really bring something to the table here. Okay so under the hell the public all services commission. You have the surgeon general which makes sense. I never really understood where that job was. Yeah Yeah it should be under public health right so under the general the Vice Admiral who directs the the core the Public Health Services Corps they provide licensed medical and health service professionals to various organizations and other uniform services and government agencies so basically like if you need a government medical services professional channel in a uniform to service somebody is something happening. Whatever in the armed forces or in the uniform forces you would go to the Public Health Service commissioned Russian got it to get said people in services and then Noah like we said is made up of technically skilled science dance officers who can be incorporated into the armed forces in wartime and I think that's why they do it because they're like we will need these resources like you can't go war if you have have sick and unhealthy people so we need like medical but we also can't fight a war if we don't know what's happening like we need to monitor our air and sea yeah that to the agency to be responsible to us yeah during wartime so that we know it's happening. I think that's why I think it's like a insurance policy for sure for sure retainer yeah yeah to have their knowledge yeah for sure so noah skilled signs officers who can be incorporated into the armed forces is in wartime and peacetime the court supports defense requirements in addition to non-military scientific projects and the Air Sea and in laboratories always love okay. Let's talk about the National Guard. There's a little bit about the National Guard. We're GONNA look a whole episode on the National Regard 'cause like it's so confused and it's it's hard to keep straight at so. This is the bare bones you guys. This is bare bone. This is actually in the regulation about the National Guard love. I love it so we have the national guard which is a combination of the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard. I simply I love great. Yep Talk about what the Army National Guard is so the Army National Guard is an organized militia that exists in the states slash territories of Puerto Rico in the District of Columbia active in an active. The Army National Guard is a land force makes sense. The Army National Guard is trained and has officers appointed under the sixteenth clause of section eight article. One of the constitution heard of it read it. The Army National Guard is organized. Yeah I know I know. That's what it means. I know it's not like what I'm thinking. We're super organized. Got Our caboodle about I love that it's organized armed and equipped wholly or partly at federal expense. I would hope so right as opposed to what the state. I think yeah because they're like state. Armies Zor State National Guard okay well but I'M A and the Army National Guard is federally recognized ICED. I should hope so. Could you imagine we don't want you Wisconsin. We don't I don't see I don't even know who are name aw says the Army National Guard the Air National Guard again as also part of the organized militia in the states territories of Puerto Rico District of Columbia. The Air National Guard is an air force. I love it. This is this is simple. The Air National Guard is trained and has an also has has officers appointed under the sixteenth claw section eight article. One of the Constitution usua- door the Air National Gar- is organized love armed a quick wholly or partly at Federal Expense and is also federally recognized so the main difference is one is land and one is air his name we live they operate exactly the same but this is like the barebones language of the creation of an Air National Guard in an Army National Guard yeah and the law yeah. It's there it's there. It's on the parchment. It's like has to be federally recognized. It has to be an air force slash land for simply class. Ask to be how to Bait. This will come as such a surprise to everybody. The Army National Guard is one component of the army shocker shocker chucker. The army consists of an active army the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve of the Army National Guard is composed primarily of traditional guardsmen or or women civilians who serve their country state and community on a part time basis. I love that that it's that it can be part on the weekends and two weeks during the summer each state the most territories and the district of Columbia have their own national guard as it is provided headed for by the Constitution of the United States crazy next talk about ooh this order talking about Kadam easily losers academies amy school so these there are a handful of schools that are that acts basically as colleges for people. That's what they are as what I understand. Is You go you can go quote Unquote tuition-free but then you have to serve five five years. I think is what it is. Afterwards and that's how you're paying for your education. Yeah you do get a college education and then you're automatically in a hiring when you get like out of college and into the forces so these are the academies the US Military Academy in West Point New York for the longest time. I thought West Point was in California cornea me to find out that it was in New York. Did you see what we pass and we went upstate past the turnoff for West Point. What why didn't you say anything we should go the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland which I have been to. It's really yeah yeah. It's a really beautiful campus down there the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Colorado knows in Colorado. It's the only one that's not real. We'll east coast right right the US Coast Guard Academy in New London Connecticut that checks out and the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point New York so those are our academies and they're usually very difficult to get in. It's a it's always a surprising I guess not surprising using but it's very competitive yeah which we'll have so-. I briefly mentioned the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point New York and we haven't talked talked about what a merchant marine is. Guess what it's different than the other marines. The Merchant Marines are made up of civilian marinas. I don't like that. Our marinas sounds like I'm saying something wrong because it mariners off Shantz Marina I gotTa Yeah I gotTa go like do. Do you know that story about one. Alesia Silverstone is doing that speech and clueless where she says the the Haitiens need to come out. It's just like really Italy has totally her and then you see you all sean be like totally like I'm not acting totally real yeah. This was not acting this Tony Marinas. I have got to get together but it's not fair because it's called the merchant marines so it's naturally for me to see were to think marinas but then you WanNa change the pronunciation nation and say mariners. Yep so the Merchant Marine is made up of civilian mariners and merchant vessels engaged in commerce or Transportation Asian of goods and services in and out of the navigable yeah wow navigable waters of the United States. It's so basically the merchant marines if you own a commercial boat used for like anything that has to do with things in the water shar which Land Acorss Gore's were at the C. You're at the C. Were in the water. It's federal law that you have to Employ Merchant Marines certified on your boat in theory to like look pirates and things that are sketchy look. The pirates are plaguing this nation they have any. RTC Lot Confederation. They've been our biggest hurdle from the beginning so if you go to the Merchant Marine Academy graduates are required to spend eight years as a commissioned officer in the reserve or National Guard component of any branch of the armed forces so if you go to the Merchant Marine Academy then become a Merchant Marine Commission uh-huh and then you serve on these boats through the national guard or some other Armed Forces for eight years. That's a long time. It's usually five for the other ones yeah. I think that's true but aides Asia's lot but yeah. That's like the thing of granite go to school yeah. It's it's it's a very big time. We've Grad school come out with your PhD in Mariners Square School. We love okay so we're going to talk about. The ranks in these various armed forces so just bear with us because we're talking about. We're GONNA talk about them all at the same time but they each have like there's like a level of officer and they call them different things literally all of them. They're all different ways. It's amazing. Isn't that amazing. Should you expect anything less so if you're being recruited if you've gone to recruit or you're working with a recruiter at any of the five armed forces they give you like special advanced training phase that gives the recruits an area of expertise in the Army and Marine Corps. This is called military occupational specialty. Oh great in the Navy it is known as a rate okay right not a good name rename that and in the air force it's simply called Air Force specialty. Okay Air Force. I would've lived love so then and when you go in you've got your you've done your basic training. You're stepping onto the base for the first time or your ship or whatever and the army they would call you a private marine court also they've call you private love then in the Navy you are a seaman recruit great and the Air Force. You're an airman basic sharam. Give me a pumpkin spice airman Besa and then for the Coast Guard. You are a seaman recruit. Greco private private it seaman recruit airman basic seaman recruit now and then as you move up through the next like three ranks so that's like level one as you get to like levels two three and four which the all of the armed services break them down by pay grade so how you your rank moves with your paygrade. Char as how they delineate that I would hope nope so like if you should get a raise hatch you're going to be marketing manager and you're director of marketing like you've been promoted promoted change inch titles. You should get a monetary promotion. How this word absolutely you so the next three levels you you might get depending on which armed branch. You're in you might get a private First Class A corporal or specialist. If you're in the army the Marine Corps might be a lance corporal or corporal for the Navy Navy. You could be a petty officer Third Class. You're well in the air force you could move up to airman first class or a senior airman and then and in the course guard because it's Ki- it's house of the Navy you also like you get the Petty Officer Third Class the Navy and the Coast Guard tend to match up with their and also their logos are are very similar or different. One is black and one is blue because that's how we do things and then. Let's see what we've got next here. Okay leadership responsibility significantly increase in the mid level enlisted ranks. This responsibility is given formal recognition in by use of terms noncommissioned officer Petty Officer and Army Sergeant An air force staff sergeant and a Marine corporal are considered noncommissioned officer ranks. The navy noncommissioned officer Equivalent Petty Officer is achieved at the rank of Petty Officer Third Class. Okay so noncommissioned. Officer is a step up on the navy. That's called a petty officer right petty from like I am. I GONNA I don't WanNa get hung up on the the name but like it's a little it's not great. It's like when they say whatever in the articles right whatever it doesn't doesn't sound cool now and but it is like what they do is cool yeah but you're petty petty honey. You're penny and then to make insult injury especially in the navy. There's there's like seventeen ranks of petty petty officer Third Class Petty Officer First Class. She's Petty Officer. It's like come out of it. Takes you so long to get out of petty. You're always a petty worry. The Marine Corps I have this thing called master gunnery which Master Gunnery Sergeant which I love that the navy master gunnery you can be a gunnery sergeant that sounds cool the the point about the master gunnery sergeant to do this example of you have in the Marine Corps master gunnery sorry sergeant and sergeant majors that received the same pay but they have different responsibilities so it's like you can have different titles but be on the same level but ones over here do when the guns and one's over here doing something else. I love that master gunnery so then as you get higher up in the ranks all becomes more about like what you're kind of what what your specialty is but it really just because about how long you've been there oh for sure so once you get into like level eight nine those folks tend to have fifteen fifteen to thirty years like on the job doing their thing so then you move into like those are the officers they move into a warrant officers and they hold warrants from their service secretary so if it's like department and of the Navy Department of the army whatever their branch is and the warrant officers are specialists and experts in certain military technologies or capabilities yeah so the lowest lowest ranking warrant officers served under a warrant that Hell Joe Okay and they received commissions from the president upon promotion to Chief Warrant Officer due to so that's like the next that's like I feel like the Creme de la creme like if you're getting your direct directions share from the police from PLO near probably pretty important yeah yeah yeah no these-these humans are very intense very intense and very like this is like you work work in the Pentagon. Yeah yeah these users. You're in briefs their immune buttons that are read like that sort of fun thing yeah. You're like Oh my got. There's the button lots of like accoutrements on your so much so much accessories. Domini accessories fun fact about the Navy how you know somebody is a high-ranking high-ranking member. Is there the hat if it has the gold on the rim. The younger like like seaman's haul them scrambled eggs so if so nobody's walking who has scrambled eggs on their hat that means that they're like a high ranking officer and they not like be super respectful really yes. You always look out for scrambled eggs. Yeah that's just to call it if you're supposed to buy research and from my ex boyfriend who again did break my heart but it gives me it gives me all this inside navy knowledge so so gil scrambled eggs scrambled eggs. I love little stuff like that. So the naval officers where distinct is distinctly different rank devices depending on the the depending pending upon the uniform. They're wearing maybe scrambled eggs on their hats. One of them scrambled eggs on their hat. Emma half the three basic uniforms in devices are Khakis. We'd love color. Insignia pins whites stripes on shoulder boards and blue stripes so on the lower coat sleeves yeah so depending on which level they are. They were different things. I think that super so just to give you an idea of like the officer ranks. We're not going to do all of them because there are literally officer yeah there's so many and it comes goes and levels so like warrant officer one chief warrant officer to and it's great love them but for our purposes we're just. GonNa and kind of go through them. In the general terms you might hear so there's Warren officers or chief warrant officers kind of across the board all five armed forces except in the air force which doesn't have any of these actually so just in the Army Marine Corps Navy and Coast Guard they have chief warrant officers and then after that then you become he come. Maybe a second lieutenant yeah you go into lieutenant do tenant track and then you go. There's captains then after that you become a major or commander Dander Lieutenant Commander depending on if you're on land or sea and then the Air Force decides to pick up the officer levels again and they add back in their lieutenants in verse lieutenants attendant's captains then we get into colonels and captains brigadier generals but rear admiral admirals go in their Major Generals Lieutenant Senate generals vice admirals all like you gotta go down the line the top non war time thing for all of these. He's like ranks for all of these departments are for the army general four star general yet for the Marine Corps. It's a four star general for the navy. It's a forestall four four star Admiral for the Air Force. It's a four star general and then for the Coast Guard. It's a four star Admiral so that is the highest. You can possibly go it. Can it'll change. The title will change in wartime but it's still all four stars yeah. No it's five stars five stars in wartime wartime so many stars. It's thank stars so a four star. General commands a field army. The five star rank of general has only been issued in times of war end the last to hold it was General Omar Bradley who died in nineteen eighty one wow the other five star generals in the history of the US army were generals Marshall Macarthur Eisenhower as power and Arnold Donald so those those are the ranks we went through them fairly quickly but honestly there's so many and they're so the the change the air force gets gets lazy and doesn't do it for a while and then they pick the lieutenant thing back up the army navy and the Coast Guard track one another just hope we just wanted to give John Overview yeah yeah so we're going to do some terms. Do you love we're GonNa do ladder fun. Terms terms fun terms returned to him ferns so I is petty officer which is me no for petty. Officer is a subordinate officer in the navy or Coast Guard appointed from among the enlisted listed men and or women and or Non Binary Non Gender conforming folks noncommissioned officer is a subordinate officers searches a sergeant in the Army Air Force Marine Corps appointed from among a list from among enlisted personnel enlisted as such a hard word to say officer means commissioned or warrant officer they manage it. Enlisted personnel enlisted member. I'M GONNA does ads on any time. means a person listed in or inducted called or conscripted into an armed force in an enlisted grade. They perform specific job functions and have the knowledge that ensures the success of their units current mission within the branch that they serve love. Yeah grade means a step or degree in a graduated scale of office or military rank that is established and designated as a grade by law or regulation so this is a military grade operation heard of it. I I watch movies. Rank means the order of precedence among members in the armed forces. They love ranks rings active duty means full time duty in the active military Tori services the United States it includes such federal duty as fulltime training duty an annual training duty at attendance while in the active military service service designated by school or by Secretary it does not include full-time National Guard Duty Love. I love an exception to every rural warranted personnel are highly specialized expert and trainers in their career fields they make up the technical technical foundation of the uniform branches throughout their careers they specialize in technical areas like intelligence aviation or military police for example and and the army they are less than three percent of the forest and their responsibilities include training soldiers organizing and advising on missions and advancing within their career specialties love warranted personnel yet to their special. CDU super specialized things okay so here are some some terms that I find helpful because I don't know I feel like if you've ever watched a war movie especially war movies that were made right after World War like a Ah Bing crosby is in the movie. You're watching hurt. You notice these terms for sure. Just don't know what they mean really I didn't so it's mainly me about like the what you call the groups of people in about love see of the squad. Yep Now. Sharon knew it just goes to show you the terms just comeback. They really do they rally. Do Meanings glad glad so a squad. God is a soldier's most intimate group. I love that like we've now adopted this word. colloquially I think that so an odd squat and asked we use it in the correct way yeah is the soldiers must intimate group consisting of six to ten soldiers. A squad is commanded by a staff sergeant or sergeant love then we have platoon which is the next big thing and a movie and the movie Charlie Sheen. That's right a second lieutenant commands. A platoon platoon is comprised of three three to four squads so there's eighteen to fifty soldiers that a that is a platoon that as a platoon a great Paul tone then then after that going up and scale you could have the the there's three terms for this. You can have a company a battery or troop great a company. He is in the US army. normally made up of three platoons of sixty two hundred soldiers but it can have more an artillery unit is called a battery which means guns if they have any guns they're in artillery and artillery unit and they they're called a battery. If it's an armored Air Calvary Calvary Calvary Howard ry that's hard as hard an armored air cavalry. I'm not even saying it right because I'm adding eldery aw Calvary Cavalry. That's so weird. Okay right is called. The troop leading a company battery or troop is either a captain of first lieutenant or a major her so major so then moving in scale battalion a battalion in the US army is normally made up of three companies so three hundred to a thousand soldiers but it can have up two five companies an armored or Air Cavalry Unit of similar size is called a squadron you could have a battalion or squadron depending haning online if you're on if you are armed you're armored and if you are in the air after that you have a brigade or regiment brigades or made up of two thousand to five thousand soldiers normally split among three to five battalions the Armed Cavalry in Ranger Forces are called regiments or groups not brigades well of course them. Don't you dare say brigades. It's now what they are. They're called regiments. Commanders of Brigades regiments are one star Brigadier Generals or colonels Brigadier. I'm so glad I didn't have to read that. I'd definitely would not have come up with Brigadier Beer. Yeah Yeah Oh God I know okay going up division. It's the number of modular units in an army division flexible and the total number of soldiers is ten ended fifteen thousand a two star. Major General commands a division album yeah and finally we are going to end with three last terms core the core is treated as an operational unit of employment by the US Army and can be comprised of twenty thousand thousand to forty five thousand soldiers courts are commanded by the rank of lieutenant general a three star general who big that's big then above that we have a field army a field army is the US Army's largest unit structure fifty thousand plus soldiers. The last use of field field army was in nineteen ninety-one during Operation Desert Storm which took place in Iraq Kuwait an outlying areas of Saudi Arabia and then finally U. S. Army Armie the US army is made up of its active regular army and reserve components the Army National Guard and the army reserve since the end of the Vietnam Vietnam War the US army has been all volunteer meaning. No one is drafted and as always everyone receives a salary. Sometimes sometimes I feel like I don't get our sort of assumed thing and the thing that happened and I was like wait a second hold on everybody. They stop what they're doing. Who and that is a that is a uniformed forces WanNa one. That's uniformed forces guys things as you're going with us through that that's man there's so much going on there so many terms yeah there's so many terms and all of this is like the how the government plays into into this is also super interesting and you know how how the these armed forces uniform forces are directed by the government and who has the ability ready to do what Intel people who win and all that stuff is super interesting as well but that is that is today you you guys. 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