Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3) MLB has another plan in place to begin the season but some players are opposed.


Good Tuesday morning. Everybody who tastic start your Tuesday to everybody out there right now with going to work checking us out online whatever it is. Thank you very very very much. We're going to try to find Chris. Harris come up a little bit later on. He had a meeting the ran a little bit late. So we're GONNA try to get him in a minute. It's funny. We spent a lot of time this week. Last few weeks really talked about the draft. Where's all your draft stuff key? We'd like to suit the hat all the stuff that you get that. Did he keep all that stuff? He's still wearing the suit as the suit was donated to the all star cafe which wine was a big deal in New York City. So that's gone all the little T. shirts and all that stuff is just put away. I mean yeah I don't I mean I don't really cherished that stuff like that to have it all in the back of you know you guys asked me how come I will have all the stuff in the back of my. You know in the back of the office on the wall. I just haven't been. I've never done that before so I don't see myself ever really doing that. Sort of stuff is just you know because some of the headlines and things of that nature so some of the funniest stuff you will ever have seen once career both positively and negatively driven by germs spreaders in their editors me Shaw like like Oh my God. It's Hilarious though is like the furthest thing from me as a Mishaan but because they don't they didn't understand who I was everything was all about. I'm doing this for self serving purposes in. No coach could ever say that. That's the funny thing about it. When you guys get coaches on and have coach me it talked about it. They'll tell you about worth. I think they'll tell you I won in last one out. They'll give you all of those sorts of things but the sports journalists in the journey spreaders took a different approach. Their approach was slander negatively. So you know. I wrote my book in Ninety six. I described a lot of our beat writers and I've really pissed them off. I was calling them all type of names from Barney rubble to Davis Junior. Like one guy a brother who was a writer in New Jersey. Who's one are beat writers? In my book I called Him Sammy. Sammy Davis Junior in Hutch- hated me from that point on and then we got really close because I apologize and you know. I didn't want him to feel. Yeah I didn't WANNA take offence to it because he just reminded me. Sammy Davis Junior. He was a short guy. Had this Guy Mark Carrozza no markers on a row for the New York polls in are called Mark Barney rubble in my book because he looked like Barney rubble on in other beat. Writers were just killing me is so you know they they really. They really went after me right after that for about a good half a season but I apologize all of them are just kind of you know just was letting them know. This is what you remind me of. I wasn't personally trying to attack you and offend you. I was just making light of the media circus surrounding me for myself. I several years in New York. Like if you don't have the me Sean headlined framed and mounted on your wall. You're doing it wrong. It has to be a part of your living room office Schon. I remember it was one that was a New York Post article that was in my locker cleaning out the lock to lock all chunky and I was cleaning it out in. Quebec locker was like a locker removed from me but based on the picture it looks like his locker was literally right next to mine and my back was turned in the first aid to try to drum up. His keyshawn gives curb it the cold shoulder cleaning out my locker with my back turned to him. But that's L Z name. That's what they did back in those days I was. I wasn't even working there. And I was in Grad School. Why you bring me that you gave those sorts of things inspired you to become a journalist. God perfect perfect. Alright guy so We're still waiting to hear when the first fort is GONNA come back. Golfers has some plans in that. They're going to try to get going by mid June. We're seeing some other parts of the world that are going to try to get their league's going in the Bundesliga Germany. They're going to try to have some games. Going by a baseball is still trying to figure out what they WANNA do. There's a new plan out there. That is kind of similar to what we've seen in Arizona but this would be Arizona Texas and Florida basically put teams in three different spots. And kind of do what we've talked about with Arizona Clayton. Kershaw still does not WANNA do that. Plan specifically the Arizona. Plan what he said. Is We all want to play baseball? I get that I want to play baseball too. But there's something about being in the big leagues and you can't compromise that playing in spring training stadiums and quarantine for months without your family and certain things like that. I don't think that's doable. If you're talking about doing it for four or five months Clayton's coming from you know it's one of those deals. Where is very difficult to be away from your family so hopefully they could figure out how they involve your family. Get Your family of all. Maybe your family can come enjoying with for those four or five. Months opposed to them being at home. Maybe you're isolating with your family. And a certain resort in a hotel. I certainly understand we sam but if they gotta play baseball you've gotTA figure out how to make your family situation work. If I can just be honest for a second I would much rather the season just starts and the half guys are imposed. Well don't play like I'm just not into a less significant movement. Does the inspired by the Players Union and in which case did you make some adjustments but it was like a guy here in a guy there. That's just not enough to stock diseconomies from trying to get back on his feet and it's not enough to stop the sport getting back out there and I understand it can appreciate you know wanting to be with. Your family is certainly once. We had the okay to work from home. The first thing I did was went to my family so I'm not trying to pretend like I don't get where he's coming from but also understand that in baseball like in football visa to sports that loves the military and celebrate the military every single chance against. Guess what the men and women that you celebrate. They are without their families for longer. So if you're all about the military Celebrating the men and women who make sacrifices in each trying to tell me you can't stand resort without your country for three months. I just don't have time for that. Especially given the impact is going to have to the world of sports in our economy. Well Look I. It's asking a lot. It's asking a lot to be away from the people that you care about most Let's let's make it super long. Let's say it's six months a half a year but to your point. Nosy people do it all the time. People were able to do it all the time. And the amount of compensation that goes along with being a major league baseball player. You know it's not going to be perfect deal with it deal with it. Find a way to set up time to do it. Electrically the way that we're all having to do to be away from our parents or our best friends or the people that we care about this is not standard operating procedure. Stuff is going to be different stuff is going to be inconvenient stuff that you would really rather not do or things that you're going to have to do. In part of the getting the economy going again part of getting just us back to some semblance of normalcy is playing a bunch of these games and yeah will be weird to see a real major league. Baseball game played on some backfield at a spring training facility. Yeah it'll be weird. So what? So what and deal with it? And sometimes travis your emotions take over and you don't have a chance to fully. You know understand what you're saying. Sometimes you to say stuff in the moment without really paying attention to complications of putting something together all the things that they're trying to do ramifications away people going to respond to what you're saying so I wouldn't rule out that at the end today Clayton Kershaw Bien Arizona right with the rest of the major league. Baseball teams playing baseball. Just you know people say stuff you know. It's like no. I won't do that. I'm not GonNa do that right now. He's not even thinking about his family. He's not thinking about if in fact they push the button to do it. He's hoping and praying that it doesn't happen. Did it happens the traditional way but all in all major league baseball trying to get things going in the right direction. But it's this part of the code in particular that Kinda makes me say wait. Hold on a second. It's this part. There's something about being in the big leagues and you can't compromise that this is not one of the stadiums. DidN'T GET PAINTED IN TIME. And you gotta play an alternate site. The world changed. The world is different now than it was before this pandemic the rules are different. The sacrifices that need to be made are different. And that's just the reality can't say well you know. These games aren't really big games because they're playing in a in a facility. That's not a league caliber. So what I get what he's saying but it just it. It falls on incredibly deputies for me because everybody is making sacrifices to get through his thing and make it as best as we possibly can and to them say well. I'm going to be away from my family for sixty. Yeah that's awful. It sucks. I wouldn't want to do it either. But if the difference was to have a job or not have a job or go an opportunity to make some money and opportunity to help some other people an opportunity to do all these other things that come along with having league. That's the price we gotta pay. That's the price we gotta pick. Well isn't notice because you and I know it to the fields of the field. No matter playing in a stadium with eight thousand or stadium with fifteen thousand is still ninety feet to the bag. So I don't understand why is is such a difference if you plan a dodger. Stadium playing at a a replica and the Mini Stadium. That connor resembles dodger stadium to a degree. It's not to me it's not would it is either you play on you play in other areas on the road when teams empty when bad teams have ten thousand fans versus you and your sixty. I certainly believe that you know he's coming in from a sincere plays the same as my trout. But he's also coming from me place and he's gotta think outside of himself. There are so many people that need baseball. They need any kind of sport for more than just simply XS and os and w els livelihood are depending upon this and even though the seats won't be filled with fans more likely and even though some of the things won't be where it normally would be doing a normal time of year. You can get something going something. And oh by the way part of that. Something is hope. sports provides a lot of hopes for people. I just don't understand especially at this juncture of us. Dealing with this pandemic why distillers this level of. I don't WanNa say selfishness but I guess I will say selfishness like I just WanNa stands where you're concerned about you and only you when the entire planet is on pause right now in Clayton. Kershaw is a very philanthropic guy. This is not a selfish person. This said those e d I believe he is being one hundred percent sincere when he talks about not wanting to be away from his family. I get it. His his foundation is designed to help stop human trafficking for God's Sakes. This is a guy with a soul and conscience that he cares about people. He's just wrong here he just needs to go find a way to go play baseball for a few months. And by the way this idea that well once we start. We're going to do. You don't know that nobody knows that what we do in. May or June or July. They'd be very different than September and August in October beyond there. We just don't know we just need to get started and if it ends up that you don't get to see him for a while okay. Well like I said to you before. Travis it's sometimes emotions make you say things that you really don't mean and he may be in that situation. No one doubts that no one doubts that he doesn't want to be away from his family. I'm certain that there's I don't know how many baseball players ears but whatever however many You know fifteen hundred or whatever. It is baseball. I'm sure there's about. You know a thousand of them. That really don't want to be away from family. I'm sure yeah. Look they're gonNA figure it out and like you said unless the union gets a balls the guys are. GonNa go play. And that's good even if the to vote because at the end of the day when you ain't GonNa miss that money in always trying to get a TV money back to TV money back to the television networks and the networks. They tried to get the money back to the sponsors. I won the action hero draft ills e one the frontman draft the next one up the comedian draft. That's on the board next. That's coming up on the morning show on seven ten. Espn all right. So we've done a handful of different drafts with a handful of different things. One of the ones we did was our favorite action. Heroes from the movie I one. We did favorite frontmen from Some of our favorite bands Brown and Brown was not the best pick in the in these. Now we are to our favorite comedian. I still watch in the second the parameters or are we talking about. Just stand ups. Are we talking about people that are funding these TV? What are we talking about? That's a great question traveling. I just think funding man because when I think a Red Fox he was a really good standup comedian but a lot of people just know from Sanford and son. Why should we take that away from Chapelle? Show the runny nose your show but did you watch you stand. Ups Dude is funny so I I think we combine them so funny men slash woman. I think we should do you guys got that. Just this robot Shaun. What's your all right? So so so this time. We'll go back to one and you know what this is. What this is snake drafts a snake. That's right that's right. It's thanks for hey but Keyshawn you will go first this time followed by L Z. Then Travis will double up at the end because it is a snake draft. Go Hickey show. You can take off take Michael Jordan the World Richard Pryor in countenance movies as. Well obviously. Yeah you can't count to the everything you know I'm baggy. I'm glad you know that one. Okay that's fine find Joel Chandler. All right fair enough or enough. L Z. You are second. Who Do you have? I'm GonNa go with the Lebron James To has Michael Jordan Powell. Who Yeah that's my one. Yeah Yeah why why? Why ship Hell over some other favorites? That people are going to be going. He's Lebron James that means he's happy right now leading on a meeting or recently bias to help influence people do understand data. Chapelle will never catch. Richard Pryor look up to Richard Pryor and can't be better Dave Chapelle is arguably the funniest person I've ever heard in my life. I just I never seen somebody could take. Almost any topic is as uncomfortable as it might be Decide splitting hilarious. Chapelle is a great choice but I would argue that both of you guys skipped over the guy that I would have bet would be the number one guy. I regret robbery surprise. Well hold on no but we might catch him on the on the swing by interested. Eddie Murphy it's a snake draft Murphy Again Eddie Murphy Richard. Pryor Eddie Murphy has a career that is stand up to stanton. We went to a movie theater to watch him. Do standup up twice with delirious and with raw he has you go ahead and start listing off the incredible movies. That Eddie Murphy has been a part of Eddie. Murphy was one of the most iconic members in the history of Saturday night. Live Eddie Murphy. Hasn't resume and comedy that's long and as satisfied as anybody's ever so I'm GonNa Take Eddie Murphy with my first pick and then L Z. You mentioned did on the way back. I'm GonNa Take Chris Rock Chris. Rock as my second pick and then I got Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. I'm feeling pretty good about myself too much so again. Both of those guys looked up to the number one overall. Pick the number. One overall pick had record albums okay. Those album covers. You actually used to sit in your whole just to listen to his records when you were a kid. Your parents listen to him. You will sitting there sneaking around the corner trying to hear all right all right. You actually did draft Jordan. You actually drafted Korean. Yeah it still doesn't matter every median when you hear comedians talk about being a comedian. What is the first name that they always mentioned? It can always look up. It doesn't mean they can't surpass the numbers will say the numbers come out. It will certainly say Richard Pryor's at the top. I'm next right. No no brings you up your second pick is my second pick is probably the goat of television comedy and I stayed as because this person doesn't have one doesn't have to have three iconic shows which she's won emmys playing funny women that is Julia Louis. Dreyfus that's good choice. Okay all right in house. They're standard issue. She doesn't have standup Seinfeld. Always exist absolutely so I am the one that you will be the first to pick a woman they just saying rights you're consistent with. That wasn't worried. Women are people too. That's gotta be. Were the odds on favorite upbringings. Show you have to pick. Because of course this is just make draft all right track with always with a little bit of diversity. I feel you. You started off. A Richard Property. Got Crossover every now and then because this show was on air for a very very long time in apparently not only the show but his standup is more of the ills E. Michelle beedle type comedy. Something that I personally would sit through but Jerry Seinfield. Jerry has to be right there with the best of them. In terms of the comedian world people would argue down about the Seinfeld show as well as his standup comedy across the country. Great all right so then because I love such great diversity and you know I don't know if I want to pick this guy but I got to pick this guy even though he's behind bars because you know bill cosby brought to who mercy me. Criminals -versities will now community to you. You you gotta put Bill Cosby and this. Even though his off the screen behavior was not acceptable right. I put him in here for not only the cosby show but the Jello his hand up Great Playboy Jazz Festival. I mean there's just so much when you talk about. Bill Cosby even the fact that he did what he did. We don't excuse dead at all but we you know it's a weird picked but I picked bill cosby okay. That's fair it's comedy is comedy that brings you over here third. Pick or now. They're picking criminals you Louis CK. I didn't think we'd rather go there but now that I keep an open it up then we are Louis. Ck Louis CK. I mean you people be mentioned as iconic an award-winning editor. Stand up is as biting and as as brilliant as any stand up you could possibly find and and as really hard to talk to too many comedians. Who Don't mention him and his comedy. So yes I'm going to do with C K Okay. So L Z win key bill cosby. I've got my master list here. I'm like well that means. I can add Louis C. K. Talk about some of the greatest running backs in the history of sports. Oj. You cannot leave out j Simpson. But I'm not taking him. I I give you pick bill cosby pick. Richard Pryor Fires Brings Travis. Of course you've got back to back because you know what it is. It's a snake draft. I do this next. Guy Is had a brilliant stand up career. He had hit television shows. He has been in multiple movies as the funniest guy on the screen is an Oscar winner as well Sadly he kicked out a while ago. I'm GonNa Take Robin Williams here in my spot so Robin Williams did everything. There was to do in comedy are Robin. Williams is my third pick. And I've got got a couple of different guys here on my board and I could go old school like key. I'm kicking around the idea of George Carlin but that feels a little dated so I'm going to go a little more moderate and especially considering that he showed up at our remote at L. AFC. I'm GonNa Take Will Ferrell with my income. Feral more funny movies in the last twenty years than anybody else is funny in person was SNL LEGEND. And of course all the movie so will. Ferrell is my final choice now like it I like it I was either brings you to your final pinker. You Rolling wit. I'm rolling with the comedian. Who has won nine Emmys? Three Golden Globes five screen at the Guild Awards and seven writer. Gills will righty guild of America awards. That is the woman who also wanted to mark Twain Prize for American. Humor became the youngest ever to receive this award. I'm going with the one and only Cena Bay. Okay I think you know I got two women things who in I? C C C would vote. You're going for all right. Keyshawn brings you to the final pitch in our funny man. Slash woman draft. Who are you going with? So I think I've gotten. I've went historical hall of fame. I've gone crossover You know I've gone stirred from you know. Creating from creating television shows to Jello puddings I did all I'm I'm across all sorts of generations now have to bring in some youth the young in fresh then everybody is still paying attention to not only. This young man can go on Stadium. Tours. Ain't that funny king. He sold out. I know where you're Lincoln field in Philadelphia. That's that's eight hundred thousand people in a stadium. A Stadium Not Maverick flats on credential. We're talking about a stadium in trying to set it up to make the viewers that are listening to us who I'm getting ready to pick is not funny. He's funny enough he keep getting jobs. Let's just say that he's a box office. Success in that would be the one Kevin. Hart all right okay. So he may not be funny to you. L Z because based on that is that you Michelle beedle. Took me to you talk about funny? Y'All wasted about our my dad time cooking. Of course we will have all these picks up on social social media and everyone can get the vote for their favorite funny man slash woman and this is. This is your top four. Were perfect but it's just different order. You can argue that all you want but a good draft guys traff Kevin Hart Bobby Brown of this drought. Ucla trying to discredit by draft. Cause they already know Tam. Richard Pryor Seinfield Bill Cosby. He Got Kevin. Fredricka tried to stop him blue. I was just. I can't believe the distant Kevin Hart we'll let me explain to me. What other media is selling out stadiums? All right we'll come back to explain that as well plus could Tracy McGrady have extended that pose. Run beyond the six championships. That's coming up next on the morning show on. Espn your home is important. 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We do these sorts of things. That's a calculated decision. It you in the front office. In general manager has the owner has to make that decision and if the owner makes decision in his wife signs off on it then you go ahead and you draft in what I deal with. Bill Cosby here are the picks key had Richard Pryor Jerry Seinfeld. Bill Cosby and Kevin Hart L. Z's four were Dave Chapelle Julia. Louis Dreyfuss C. K. And Tina Fey and my four were Eddie Murphy Chris. Rock Robin Williams and Will Ferrell. So we'll have those up on social and you guys can get the voting on that before too long one of the things that got mentioned very briefly in the first couple of episodes of the last dance with it the Bulls. Were trying to not only move Scottie. Pippen we knew that but the bulls were trying to move Scottie. Pippen for Tracy McGrady intriguing. Grady Says Yeah. That nearly went down quote with a lot of people don't know about that night is the jury cross was actually trying to make a trade for me and Scottie. Pippen and MJ called acts the whole deal. That brought me in for a secret meeting. Yes they did. You gotTA wonder and I love 'em James Loyalty to Scotty love. Mj's loyalty to to Phil Jackson. And everything that that represents Nj and Tracy McGrady as your number two. You've got to think that I know that. They had five at this point when they were thinking about making that deal but not only do I think they ultimately get six with that Combo but you wonder how many beyond six that would have been able to put together see. I don't think they would've gotten six when a young guy like that high school kid coming in and trying to learn how to play under Michael Jordan's rules you Jordan. Think about the way that he treated was it. Kwami Brown was young high school. It just you. You can't depend on that. Michael certainly was going after six despite what they wanted to do for the future. We want five now. You ready to do this now. You didn't you didn't tell me going out and getting a five year. Four year veteran guide. It will still young. That could push the envelope you. That's not what you told me. You told me getting Tracy McGrady and by the way they also probably could have gotten a pick the third pick of the draft which ultimately turned out to be Chauncey billips in that could have set him up for the future. But Mike wasn't thinking about the future. Mike was thinking about right now which he should have been thinking about. Which is why he'd nixed the the the trade in the first place you know so funny because as much grief as they give you know crowds. One thing is clear is that he was a really really good at constructing teens. Because you tell me like remember Tracy. I believe with tonight's Isaiah Thomas drafty. Ada Teams had an opportunity to get him Z. Got Me Toronto. First Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Zeke's ability. Discover talent. We all know is there. He's just isn't really good team but he knows talent and clearly cross-stitch too because he went and got tip he got horace grant really weren't talking about not like that. We weren't horace like that but he found Horace Grant and all these other pieces like how he cou coach. I mean he was so good at that and clearly. In Hindsight Tracy McGrady likely would have kept the Bulls at top and to your point key. They may not have won six right away but Tracy McGrady with Michael Jordan would've got six seven maybe eight. Yeah but again but Michael was thinking about six in ten. He wasn't thinking like that. He was thinking three six and eight. Not Six and ten or six eleven. He wasn't thinking that well he's stinking running back let's go let's go repeat again. That's where his mindset was at. This is one of the things that are not. You touched on mentioned earlier today. That because Jerry. Krause was so loathsome because the players hated him because Phil Jackson in here were not on the same page. There is no trust there. There was no. Hey you know what I don't like Jerry. He needs the rim lowered. He takes pills to not be fat and stay short all the things. That Jordan was humiliating for them. That documentary I'll be at that but the fact of the matter is key Jerry. Krause really didn't have a lot of MRS and and and if if there had been even a shred of a personal relationship there if they didn't hate the mere sight of the guy you wonder if he would've said look he's found all these other guys that built these championship teams. If he's telling me that this Tracy McGrady kid is the next big thing. I should probably at least listen to that. But because they hated his guts they were gonNA kill it no matter what. Yeah but but but that's why I got killed. They did not like him if he was a likable and he was respected being able to sit. Okay cool but the fact that you already told the coaching coming back. You don't already tried to run him out of town after the fifth when the owner had to get on a plane to fly to Montana to offer six million dollars to come back already is telling you no matter what this dude is saying. We're going to go against him anyway. Despite it hurting the organization in the future had you gave Phil Jackson three year deal. Whatever in May said to Michael? We're GONNA pay you forty five and fifty in the next couple years then. Michael probably signs off on it says okay. I get it but the fact that you started off with his adversary relationship in trying to make a trade at the same time minimize signing off that kick rocks or hey grab grab the Tim. Floyd cut because not only did he want to blow it up at the end of six championships and they did. He wanted to blow it up earlier than that that he went out and found. Tim Floyd said Hey. I'm thinking about killing this even earlier. His Tim Floyd on the Radio Baton Rouge. They flew me UP TO SEATTLE JERRY. Reinsdorf and I walked around downtown Seattle and they ended up the Bulls ended up winning that series. That was the first year Michael came back or walking around down down and he basically said look. Crafts wants to fill gone this year. He thinks that depends breaking down his back. He thinks that this team has run. Its course he doesn't want to obey these players as they're coming up on their contracts years he wants to move them before the four their contracts are up ninety seven ninety eight where we can still get value form and he can start to rebuild and Jerry Reinsdorf you know it was torn because they're winning but Jerry. Krause wanted a over and done with so that he could go back and basically take all the credit for the next rebuil- guys. I'm going to do something that I never thought I would do. I'm going to attempt to defend Jerry Krause for second. Isn't that what we get the most out of these guys win a bunch of championships and then move them for the next group of great guys before you have to pay him? Isn't that the job? Yes that is the job when it's done. The job wasn't done yet. It was not done had you. I deserve the right to defend my title. What the Hell's wrong with you? Why are you why? Are you trying to blow something up on top of that? We knew you were sneaking around Baugh behind our backs. Dula stuff because everybody talks. And I'm sure that's going to come out in. The next eight episodes is that they knew that he was trying to replace feel they knew. Come on man. You know these agents talking coaches talking big Tim. Floyd tell people of a Man. I got a chance to get to Chicago Bull Job. Of course he was sure. Sure it's it's I can't wait. Sunday can't get here fast because all of this stuff is going to be Jerry. Krause can't look any worse than he did to the first two. You just wonder if they try to resurrected and save some of the things that he did do well after that. The draft is on Thursday. We've done quarterbacks. The best five quarterbacks in the draft next the best five running backs in the draft. Kyoto's who they are. That's next on the morning show on seven to ten. Espn all right. So we did the quarterbacks yesterday the top five quarterbacks in the draft today it is the top five running backs in the draft some of whom will be selected in the first round on Thursday on. Espn key who's number one running back the draft. You know for me. It's a kid out of Georgia de'andre swift two five eight. Two hundred twelve pound guy who sub for four reminds me a lot of Mark Ingram of the Baltimore Ravens. A little squatty guy but built a me two hundred twelve pounds big thick legs. I mean. He's he's in a long line of running backs at Georgia. All you can go as far back as Herschel Walker. Georgia has pushed him out whether Sony. Michelle Niche Todd Gurley. I mean you look at the running back. History at Georgia is being pretty rich. So here's another guy that falls in line. He's the number one guy on the board out in New Jersey out of Philadelphia. He's an exceptional player. I look for him to be a first guy off the board in the NFL draft. How high in the first round do you think maybe he goes? I think he's a mid round type guy. I think he could fall anywhere in the fifteen down number two. The number two running back on the board is Jonathan Taylor. A lot of a lot of wear and tear on the body. Coming out of Wisconsin. You know about those Wisconsin running back state really put up big numbers in college. They tend to fade a little bit in the pros to again and they have rich history. If you go all the way back to Ron Dane. And as recently as Melvin Gordon you look at some of the things that they've done James. Why another guy that went to Wisconsin at the running back spot. Here's a guy though if five ten five eleven two hundred and thirty pounds sub for four guy whose thick I mean. I watched him against Oregon. They didn't they didn't want to have nothing to do with tackling him. They made a lot of business decisions in that Rose Bowl game but Jonathan. Jonathan Taylor seems like he's been around forever. Would you stay away from key because all that wear and tear because of Wisconsin you know? I'm not big at taking back in the first round anyway It just depends on where I getting. I feel like you can get more value in the second and third rounds at running back. We've seen that in the history of the NFL. You know unless you are a special guy. Marshall Faulk a girly at James. Those type of guys. That Peterson deal. I stay away from Bax in the first round number three the number three back on the board here yard sale. We mentioned we. Mitch Wear and tear on Jonathan Taylor which goes in line with injury history Zac. Moss win. Healthy is a very powerful good back very allusive not not a not a game-breaker but a five nine two hundred and twenty five pounds squatty guy again in the lights of mark. Ingram the Baltimore Ravens. He's the third back on the board but I think he's a second round late second round in the third round type talent because of his injury history if he wasn't entry if he wasn't so injury prone he had a nasty knee injury two years ago. Then he would certainly be right there in the middle of the second round. I pushed him down because of his injury. History he's a phenomenal back. Best Back in the PAC tin back. Twelve over the last couple of years number four number four is Clyde Edwards out of lsu. Another another phenomenal back. We've got a chance to watch him in the national championship game against Alabama dominating fashion of smaller guy of five seven two hundred pounds so he could hide behind those big offense alignment in the NFL. I think somebody takes him in the mid to late. Second Round Maybe even loom slide. Maybe a day to pick maybe into that fourth round for him. What about a guy? Like quieted words. Who was at? Lsu It like you talk over. Jonesboro that he's surrounded by NFL town. We talk about to US surrounded by. Nfl talent does the same evaluation. Hold true of running back. If he's running behind a bunch of linemen play in the NFL and NFL quarterback a wide receivers. Is it hard to pick him out? Because he's surrounded by so much talent it is. It makes your job tougher but at the same time. The office a lot is not great at. Lsu Wasn't the most dominating off his allies ever seen in College. Football solid offense alive but certainly his skill sets transfer teeny. Nfl looking at him. You're paying attention to him. You're valuate and his ability and plugging in your mind. What would he be behind your offense line not necessarily Lsu and finally number five in the Fifth Guy? Off My board is J K Dobbins from Ohio State. The Ohio State University another rich in history running back most lately. Zeki Elliott big-time Dallas Cowboy. This guy's five nine two hundred nine pounds Russia about fourteen hundred yards his freshman year. He's still a top tier back. He shared time over the last couple of years in the backfield but if he gets the whole he's only when you look at he's only a five nine back so he's he's got a little squatting this to him he certainly has some power played in a pretty pretty elaborate conference. He knows big time football. So He's a guy that you see in that third round tight. Mix very explosive. Been on a team with a lot of heisman trophy height whether it was chased younger or Justin feels Ohio state continues to crank out top notch. Nfl talent. He's another one in that long line of running backs coming out of Ohio state and then it crazy how much it's changed that you go back to not that distance to go and running backs were what you're looking for early that you take these guys early in the draft. Build your team around that running game build your team around that big strong guy back there and now like I agree with you. You're saying you know if I can find some value in the third or fourth round. That's much better than burning a first round. Pick on on a running back. Yeah and when you look at Dobbins he's a guy who's a day to guy who could be a starter in instantly in the mix for rookie of the year on the office side of the ball in the NFL. He is a pretty good talent. But you can find running backs in the later rounds. You don't have to take him unless they're you know like I said unless you are a Adrian Peterson Edgerrin James Air Dickerson. Marcus Allen you take him in the first round otherwise you know you kind of sit back and wait. Curtis Martin Win. The third four Frail Hall of Fame Guy. Any of these guys fit for the rent. I think all of them fit for the rams. I think they all fit for the rams but the rams aren't going to be giving them unless they decide to take somebody in the second round and they're going to get the higher guys in the first round but maybe there's a back like a like a dobbins that the rams select in the second third round if he's there for them or maybe they like Benjamin out of Asu. In the later Rounds Moss again is a guy who has a history of injuries. They just left. That problem would tie gross. I'm sure they're not gonNA want to revisit that again. It's just so interesting. What they did with Daryl Anderson last year. They drafted him very high. He was their second pick Taylor rap when I but their second pick was running back and then they didn't use them. We just don't know what Darrell Henderson is. Because he got so few touches last season you really don't know what it is and and that's going to be tricky because they don't get a chance to see him in the off season they won't see him again to the summer and based on the evaluations in the off season make lead you to think that we need to draft a guy or we need to look for guy or we got a certain type of mind frame going into training camp about what this player is and they don't have the opportunity or the luxury to be able to do that right now with no off season so we saw the first two episodes of the last dance on Sunday. Already get ready for the next two including one. That's going to be heavily concentrated on Dennis Rodman Dennis already given us some gold. You'll hear from the worm next on the morning show on seven ten ESPN.

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