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Pride passion and patron three of college. Football leaves here. The the paul finebaum show our four podcast and we welcome you back one more hour to go. And what has been a very busy when shane beamer. Among the guests tomorrow the new coach at the university of south carolina. It is a big night. It is tuesday night until it's a big night of sec basketball alabama out there. You have tennessee and mississippi state tennessee trying to get back in the winning in the win column after a rough week and tom hard joins us of course on the call tonight. And so many big calls in the sec. That tom does of course in football and in basketball. Tom thanks for joining us. Let's start with tennessee. What's going on. Well they're missing their backup point guard their starting point guard has a bum hip jaded. Springer's been out with an ankle injury. He's a little slow to return. A santiago scooby has a hip injury. That's been bothering him and tennessee team. Which prides itself on defense and rick. Barnes is a sensational coach and has done a tremendous job with them defensively. They still slow the other team down. The problem is they've been given the other team too. Many possessions thirty six turnovers over their last two games and point guard. Health has a has a big is a big reason behind it. So i don't think he's going to be percent tonight. I think springer's probably not likely to play. I'm not sure win. He'll get back on the floor. They really miss him badly. Tennessee strength is its depth while. There's nobody in sec scoring in the top twenty they just run waves at you. But when that depth takes a hit i think their strength takes a hit tom to say the least. This has been an unusual year in the sec. When tennessee was expected to be all world alabama think to finish fifth kentucky expected to make a run Let me move to kentucky for a second and it's not even a front burner conversation anymore. About what has happened to them time. Let me state the obvious here. Time is running out. Put your thoughts having seen kentucky often during this winter the nail on the head. I mean this is a season and we can say this about anything right. It's a season unlike any of us have ever seen before. Now if you want to take a broader view of where kentucky is i would simply say. Misery loves company duke north carolina. Both having terrible years. Kansas is in danger of losing four in a row which would be the first time under bill self since he was the head coach at oral roberts. That's been a while. It's been a tough year for those blue bloods. So kentucky's got got elite company with them. There's no doubt about it. The problem is with kentucky. It's really a myriad of problems right. They're playing an older style. Go up gets an alabama team tonight. That is very modern style. Nothing but threes into twos the guys kentucky thought they could lean on were either slow develop or they're just not going to get there this year and if that doesn't happen first of all they got to win a national to make it to the tournament anyway. If those guys don't develop they don't have a chance to win and nashville anyway What's what's interesting to me paul. From where i say. Never ever tell a fan base what they should think of their team or their coach or their players to me. That's very personal. What you feel about your team but the fans at duke our understanding and the fans at north carolina. This'll be the second straight season they don't make the tournament and they say well we were due for rebuild and and there's no less passionate either one of those places but there are certainly more understanding there is very little understanding in the commonwealth that this team has failed to produce even though they have a hall of fame coach who's taken them to new heights over the last eleven years. We'll move on because frankly there's not much more to say about kentucky and yes i would imagine over these last couple of weeks talk shows up there have been raging but the window is piss pretty obvious what it is. Let me ask you about alabama. Because you knew you knew you knew nato which was building a program for the future but They have exploded. What's going on with them. Well i think it's an interesting time with kentucky and the one thing of fan base doesn't want the the number one thing is to be irrelevant in so i think that a plies to the previous subject of our conversation alabama is more relevant in college basketball than maybe they've ever been go back to the fifties the last time that they finished the season undefeated. Sec play in fact. The football team has eighteen undefeated seasons since one thousand nine hundred eighty six when the basketball team lasted. They're certainly ahead of schedule for nato's but it is a perfect blueprint that he put into play since he got there from buffalo in. What was that. It was simple. The offense is going to be wide open. We're taking handcuffs off. These guys played for an nba head coach and avery johnson. Who wanted to run sets every time down the floor and introduce new concepts almost on a daily basis. I think that limited were guys were from a from a mental standpoint. They just wanted to get out and play cairo. Lewis turned into a lottery. Pick last year under. Nato's a jump pettis guy who now all of a sudden has an interest in playing defense great team basketball and herb jones guy. When i talked to other coaches in this league pau they say jones is the conference player of the year. They love the heat does as the glue guy on that team also credibly high rate that he knocks down from threes. And this modern era of basketball where you take threes and that opens up the defense and that turns into easy twos was something that the houston rockets really were the first in the nba to go full bore on. They really went into it probably four or five years ago. They had their g. league team doing it just to kind of get everybody in the organization used to it and nato said. Hey that can work here. Employers don't want to be handcuffed they wanna play unencumbered and that certainly worked. Throw this one out you though. One thing that's kind of been buried in all of alabama's offense conference record. Twenty three threes at the hit against lsu last week is this season to me. The biggest difference is he hasn't planks defense. They're a top fifteen defensive efficiency team. And i think part of that is because other teams are trying to play catch and they put bad shots and they try to shoot with them and that's been hard to do but the defense is what's gonna keep them in in key games. We all know cruel the nc double a. Can be it's one and you're done and if you have an shooting night you rely so heavily on the threes you're endanger villanova national championship playing that style. Alabama can do the same but to me they could do because they could survive off shooting night because they've been playing good team defense. You alabama fan psalm. And i'm already hearing from some of them. Why can't we meeting the alabama fans win a national championship. So let me let me throw it back to you as we wrap up. You've you've answered the question impart but is this alabama team capable of winning it all one hundred percent absolutely i mean Think about it this way. He beat all the teams that were in front of them in the preseason poll fritz so obviously you know everybody was guilty of sleeping on him coming into this season. I would also throw out there. That is such an odd season. Anything can happen. Gonzaga baylor have proven themselves to be the class of college basketball. And ps the big twelve challenges coming up this weekend. I really wish alabama was matched up with baylor. I think it'd be an incredible game. I digress yes they can win it. They have great guard play. They have a style of play can keep going. They played good defense. They can beat any team on any given night and in the nc double a. tournament. You're going to be asked to do that. One that you're going to be asked to survive a bad night. And i think their defense can allow them to do that. And you're going to be asked to beat someone that maybe you shouldn't and they have the firepower to do that. A lot of the fantastic games starting at the top of the hour. We mentioned kentucky in alabama Tennessee and mississippi state game tom. We'll be doing tom tall. Great to see you. We look forward to chatting often as we make the turn toward March madness thanks so much for joining us anytime. Paul happy to carve out a few minutes for you and your guys have a great day. You got tom hart on the call for the volunteers tonight as they tried to get back on. The winning ways against mississippi state team had some pretty good moments as well under then how we are heading to a break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. We are back after listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast up next. What's up girl. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com at one. That's that was white once last thing. You've been running wittily. Qb's kenneth on clutch td's lacrosse novus. Step behind the cloud. Because you know his name. You thirty to push bruce lee showing no mercy fast five g. No one knows goes deeper. Espn download now. Thank you for taking my call today. Paul and you know almost called you last week after. That was our press conference by your chancellor. But i thought you know i'm just going to wait and see how this shakes out but you know someone who is practically a sign of tennessee. You know there's not situation as real concerned but two quick things danny white. Isn't he the same guy that terry don't foolishness about. Ucf winning the national championship to years. So yes he is you know. We mocked him pretty much for few weeks on his show. You recall and now he's you're athletes. I am not taking back what i said at the time. I thought they were ridiculous comments. And i think i believe i haven't seen the entire. I think he'd double down on them the other day he said he said i think i think the quoted more than one team can share the national championship which is definitely a shot at alabama. Well i think it was smart now. There's sec. I bled that all that talk down. I we not me but second thing about tennessee. Nothing surprises me. Really about tennessee. Fan base having grown up there. But i'm shot. That's such a large percentage of them would take lane kiffin back. I mean does that surprise you. Yes it would. It wasn't like the break-up was cordial if kiffin that kiffin coming back. I am found that story to be not their there. Handful talk about it. Yeah well squirrel. Have you ever been as desperate as tennessee. Fans all right now. Well it's like they is like they dated good-looking girl and they caught her cheating on him and then years later they realize she's the best looking more than before. I would hardly compare with lane different tennessee mere cheating. I mean that was like that would be that would be benevolent. It was recruiting there. I mean you gotta go back and talk about what he was doing that day when they were they'd cut his phone off and didn't sign his own way back from florida human run and then they had tennessee fans creep into the hedge bush's at his house. Scaring leyland kids. I mean it's kind of crazy few days air when when he quit so again. I just. I'm just shocked with his name. Comes up so much in this tennessee coach search. And then i agree. I hope you say it's not I think he's interested. I think he's a good place. Thanks for taking my call. It's been a really great time you on. I'm in is up next. What do you say. I'm in good afternoon. Thanks for taking my call from the capital city. He loves good score. Call eleven good. Tom horton review. He does a great job on the basketball games. Paul you have been together for a long time now right Goo coaches of alabama and auburn. When you when you came to montgomery no we came there in two thousand and one is that right so do both. And tub reveal goes and senator coverdale. Yes you know. I i just i was thinking that. And and my if my recollection as close. I believe since. I've been talking to you. Every team in the scc has at least had four head coaches in football. That's an amazing little step. He enough all. I know you pretty well then. Then maybe your listeners. Don't know you but can give them kind of an insight when when these people were calling and and they're all convinced that they're smarter than the last caller when they give coach referrals and they honestly know that. There's a lot of heavyweight people. Listening to your program. Tend to call in quite often and say they listen regular and these people call him with these coaching. You know suggestions. They believe that they're the smartest guy in the group of all the callers and it does smart people and well-known people are gonna pick them out and said you know what that guy's right. Why haven't we seen this what we've been missing and deep down inside you've done snatched your jacket off to grab your shirt and your time. Rip them off like superman. You've lean towards the camera with one eye closed one. Are you know wide. Open and eyebrow cock and you're saying to yourself mad as hell and i'm not taking this anymore and then you shake yourself and you sit back down in your chair and you kinda straighten up and you say bruce from colorado welcome to the show and then you know you do this day in and day out day in day. Four hours a day five days a week. We're going on twenty years. And you go through this. Because i've seen you privately in the studio and i've seen you bris from colorado. Your next fall. I in my own checking here getting. Can you hear me can hear me. I i think. I think i think peyton manning. I'll be next coach. Tennessee what is like the hang listener. Response day paul okay. Louis is up next in louisiana. Hey louis fellow. Apollo thanks for taking my call thank you. Oh i got a question. I may stand to be corrected about our go. You gave a list of the greatest coaches in america in college coaches right in. I might have misunderstood. But i didn't hear air pushing his name in there. Well i only read the top ten but I'll have to go back. And look i mean he he he would. He should be on any any list of greatest coaches. I would agree with you on them. Yeah i want sorta skin. Why was on the phone waiting. I heard the lady say they didn't have any heisman. Trophy winners. well that's true but at the time. You look back julia. He did not have any at alabama cat. I know i'm. I'm i'm really. I know we're talking about alabama. You gotta remember. When air season was the coach at notre dame the first he he got john hood john hewitt came from nowhere. He wanted to heisman trophy. And i think joe joe name was an alabama. Yeah he was in some way back back then notre dame. This is the same school that what about ten years earlier. Paul horning beat johnny majors. I believe jim brown on two or nine or a one and nine team so notre dame used to dominate the media influence in a way that was unprecedented. Agree with that. But probably wasn't only notre dame it was the big can because one year somewheres in an late sixties georgia beat alabama First game of the year the second game. They went to michigan and played michigan. And be six to three now. they beat alabama. They didn't make the top ten but after they beat michigan they jumped into missouri. That's we'll face was back then. They didn't they didn't they. Didn't mechanize the south no and lewis. It cost alabama national championships. And for those who don't understand why history will will bear out when i'm about to say there was an extreme bias against the south especially alabama because of the racial history. Pretty dark history. I might add of that state. And there were riders who who would not embrace it because they did not have black players at the time so there punitive action taken and they pay a price for their lackadaisical if not Heinous attitude toward toward integrating college football and everything else for that matter. All i'm eighty two years old. And i still scratch my head. How billy cannon get that is on trophy. I think he deserved. When did he get it. Compete who who. Who else came out year. Sorry who else was in contention that year. I think rutgers had a player. Yeah okay. Yeah i mostly. That's one heisman. The fifty eight. I did not cover that one fifty nine. Hey thank you for the call. Great to have you on. What a pleasure to hear from you and let's talk to rhonda who is in kentucky. Hey ronda you're on the air. Paul how are you. We're well thank you for the call as always great. Hey of spoken. Many times about being raised in curry alabama. I grew up going to alabama games watching the bayer. I think we were the first people in the senate stadium every time because my dad wanted to watch all the warm up. The bear leaning on the goal post so wanted to tell my story where was with a heard the news and have found out about the bear. I was finishing my school in western kentucky university of the junior. I walked into the wing of my dorm. There were six rooms in each wings and all of us girls were closed and we gathered almost every evening joing kim's room person on the right. I had a really long day that day. It was a wednesday Soon as i walked in freshman alicia from winterbrook kentucky said hey did you hear the bear died. They just all they all knew what a band i was and i just stood there. I think i built the world turning. You could have heard a pin drop. Turn to a room called. My parents collect you talked about using a payphone earlier. Right so call. My parents My mom answered. She was choked up and just handed the phone up to my daddy when we talked Of course you couldn't talk too long because you would be running the phone bill on great long distance quite exactly so so sad i. I didn't leave my room until that friday Had a big project dude. I went to turn that in. And i'll never forget my professor to scranton me. You know me now you know. I'm a big fan though. Yeah i look forward to the game tonight. Hope we do as well as we did. The last time we played kentucky couple of weeks ago. And i want to encourage all the obama fans out there to. Let's get behind this basketball team coach. Nate oats you know having a national championship in football and basketball would be a fantastic year. It has happened before it happened at the university of florida. Yes yes all right paul. Thank you for letting me talk. And look forward to seeing you here in louisville hopefully really. I can't wait to get anywhere. Thank you louisville's a great town. Thanks ron yeah we. We really haven't talked about a little bit but it is a you know. I read something today about people reflecting back on kobe bryant a year ago and that was another one of those shocking moments in sports history but for alabamians of of of a certain age. Thirty eight years ago today easily one of the saddest days in history It's heard from a lot of friends who were commemorating and memoir and remembering it as well. We will take a break. We still have thirty minutes to go on this tuesday night. We hope you'll stick around to and listening. Paul finebaum show podcast back. It's great to have you. Final twenty five minutes on this tuesday night and rob starts us off from new jersey. Hey rob today and doing great. Thank you hope you are well. It takes me two weeks. But i finally got through wonder has talking a couple of weeks ago. About the impact of the sec network. And i just had been trying to get into. Say i mean. Sec ex pat. I got my undergraduate degree in athens. Sixty-nine law degree seventy two came home to new jersey to practice law and back then like many people we were cut off from what was going on in the sec. Just wasn't covered. And now we have the paul finebaum. It's wonderful. I mean the interesting and unique people that called in some of them are little more unique than others but you know the perspectives that data. It's it's just been wonderful guy. Speak for tens of thousands of sec ex-pats living around the country. When we say thank you for what you do for it. Well rob thank you because this was a fascinating idea. And i can. I can say this. Because i i was hired. I was the first person hired to be first. Talent hired to be for on the sec network. So i played a role with people who had already been working on it in the marketing of it and the selling of not not to fans but to the cable companies the satellite companies and it was fascinating to to go to those meetings and go to those conversations and try to talk to people in new york about the fans support and i remember not long after we launched. Joe tessa tour. Tim tebow marcus. Spears and i did a tour of all the advertising agencies on madison avenue even though some are no longer on madison avenue. And i really felt like we were we were we might as well been gorky park in moscow trying to convince russians who we were because those people elected us. Forget me kim tibo. They didn't know who he was. And maybe the maybe they get a picture for their daughter but it was. It was unbelievable. So when i hear you say what you said about everyone that has worked the sec network and continues to i it. It's really gratifying to hear well. I'm happy to do. And by the way switching gears You know one of my classmates in undergraduate school i didn't know was lewis grizzard. Oh my goodness there's still remembered. The saas today. Rob sadly not as and i. I got to know him toward the end and did some interviews with them but one of these days. Somebody needs to do one of these documentaries on him. I don't know if you know of his era if anyone had more influence on the on the sec culture than lewis did his wife Wrote a book about the last one But i wish. I wish i could offer you something but but that that is something that needs to be done because forget his connection to georgia but he was. He really was a trailblazer really. Know the expansion of the sports medium. I mean anyone into comedy which he was just hilarious. I saw one of your shows once. And i can't imagine what he was. I mean i knew what he was like late in his life. i can't imagine what he was like undergraduate. You know he probably wrote what was the greatest newspaper headline about an upcoming college football game. I do go ahead. And i'll let you say you're a lawyer. It was georgia south carolina game or middle linebacker. Happy dick's newspaper read. Dogs play talks with dicks out. Hey know you're such a big fan of the show. Can you give me a job. When i get fired tomorrow morning for you telling jokes retired around and listen to you. Every afternoon well What type of law did you practice. I was a personal injury. Litigator and why you when. I came home at night. I didn't wanna talk about it now because it's not fun work. 'cause you're dealing with other people's misery now well robert. It's what a pleasure by the i can. Listen to your. You could have been a late night. Dj in the seventies playing Classic rock i was. I was up doing closing statements in front of picture i get. That's when you're trying to case you're working twelve fourteen hours a day sometimes more and just what it is. If you want to do it well most did you practice Mainly in the northeast. Ya strictly in new jersey an occasional for a into manhattan or philly federal courts year. Wow what a what. A what a fascinating. I could listen to your stories all night. I'm fascinated by that field and always have not happy store. No no no. I don't think people realize that is a tough field. Because you're literally going up against the alabama's and florida's of the world when it comes to law firms and and i it's i did not particularly care for for personal injury attorneys when i was in the newspaper business early on because i had lean on those big law firms to keep me out of trouble but i do appreciate i do appreciate it now i can. I can assure you well thank you. I wasn't a big law firm but I held my on was well respected. And that's all you can ask. That's fantastic well. Thank you so much for calling i. It's a pleasure to hear from you. Great to talk to. Wow what a what. An interesting tale. They're really appreciated that. Let's check in with brad. Who is in. Let me make sure. I get this correct brad. There paul how you doing. I'm doing great. How are you doing. Well i was gonna tell you. I've got the answer to cat. Daddy's question about a son that ended up being better coats than his dad. Who's at coaching in lane kiffin. Well yeah that's a that's a good point I think i was thinking more big picture. And by the way get monte. Kiffin was an amazing defensive coach. Eight was but he was the head coach at nc state. I believe i forgot. You're absolutely right. But i'm gonna go ask if we're not talking about many others the good point. That's right. I was gonna put you on the spot a little bit. This year that were full were openings in scc Allburn carolina What was it vanderbilt in tennessee. How would you write those jobs as far as the best job. One-third aubrey south carolina. And what was the other one. Tennessee i would. I would say i would say. Auburn is the best job of those group that group. Okay because i think it auguring forget to sabin factor but think about this in the in the last ten years Ten seasons eleven seasons now auburn is played for the national championship twice and a couple years ago. They had a shot at getting back there. Had they beaten georgia in the sec. Championship game tennessee hasn't come near a national championship. Run since what two thousand and three. The one did not believe it was ninety eight. Yeah they made me by the way in two thousand and one in tennessee and beaten if only beaten sabin and the sec championship game which he should have done. They would've played for the title. So the other vanderbilt speaks for itself. South carolina recruiting bay. It's a it's a tough a tough climb there. I think definitely the best. Here's here's the point. I was i was bringing. I think there are five schools. That are in a class of their own Alabama georgia florida. Am and lsu right. I think you to those are probably the best job in the city. Okay so now. If you say auburn god is better tennessee. That's it okay and they'd be going down and now you're looking at kentucky or south carolina point. I'm making this. Tennessee comes out as being like the eight best job. If you're saying it's better than this. Mississippi state arkansas missouri. It's like the eight best job in the in the in the sec. Yeah no that's a good point. And i agree with you and i and i think the am job has emerged. But but there's no stopping us ask you how out of those that are not in the top five If if somebody made you answer this which one do you feel as though is the best Sleeping out of the top five used to by the way five years ago i am was sleeping giant if they ever got it right improve but i didn't come up with. That coach bryan. Came up with that as you know he wants. He wants said that the program would be out of control again if they ever got it right so we're talking about What are we talking about. I'm i'm trying to do the policy. Kentucky olver south carolina okay. Well i'm probably I do think. I think tennessee could be in that category after a couple of years. Okay because of the fan. Base and tennessee has a lot going for it. Not right now. But it can. And i mean but i think this is critical tennessee. If it doesn't get this right is going to end up being nebraska which is really a forgotten program and you and i it wasn't that long ago that nebraska was the dominant program in college football. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern.

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