Sarah Whittle's (SMOSH)Big Game Show Fail... and Win?!


And I am a banana. A. Could. PLOB- on three, one, two three. All right. We'll. We'll, see. That that'll. Earlier. Yeah I think it's because there's just a natural lag. It's endearing. That's my favorite podcast. You guys listening natural lag. Welcome to the valley cast guys today. We have a very special guest. Who is it who is on top of? Bump. Above. Yay. Sarah, how are you? I I am. She is. Described you, we can I say something we are. We, are Shero it'll. Are Sarah would. You guys didn't wear your nice lipstick like I asked you to. Sorry it. I'll eat it. It tastes good. It's like that waxy stuff that waxed. Bad for you. I didn't want it on my precious lips. Anyway so before we started recording though. Sarah Sarah was talking about. How do you WanNa talk about this? Can you talk about these? Are you allowed to talk about? See about like moving in the world in like running on the street. Comfortable mentioning you ate a Salad I. Realized, your body to find, said salad 'cause. You did say and I did write your Stan hold on I. wrote this down. You said you got post meets, and is that okay the talk about? Guys I, actually when I opened up my notes, I had a note in here and I WanNa know what you guys think. I WANNA start. A Goth Band called Golf Perot. I don't think I get it. On the PODCAST everybody. When were the notes? What are these like from? Years ago. No, it was last night. A Goth Perot. Perot Yeah Yeah. That's that's Nice Steve Yes. Thank you thank you Sarah, but anyway. No. The part I was wanting to talk about. Was You said that you've started a thing where you don't allow yourself to play animal crossing unless you have done something physical? Yeah, that well. That was okay so i. had this salt like a week ago? Animal Crossing extremely boring. But. I have a sugar Mama, and so she's giving money and like furniture, and it is a blast. Your? Life. I have sugar. And Sugar Mama I gotTa Sugar Mama. In animal crossing, it changed the Game Steve Watson looked like Valentine's Day card right now. Looks to so king. Really I've been trying to to calibrate this new Webcam. And It's not quite working right. House! Low Perfect. A night like this. Hanging out in the alley by the back. Yard to go to YouTube. Dot Com Slash Valley cast to see those visual jokes on this podcast. Maybe the white balance has something to do with it well. You do that ladies John. We Got Sarah Whittle. She is from smash. She's kind of like a I'm a call you a utility lady over there. She's like a janitor. You've done so much well. Utility man in S- in baseball terms means you play every position, and you've kind of been doing that over there, but what are you? What are you officially right now? Right, now I have turned Irvan scripted so I we have a wonderful and extremely talented team over there, so I oversee all unscripted content, which is smush pins. Mosh Games held. Nice Damn. That's tight. Those yeah yeah did tie and I also. So, there's zero crossing. Sorry before we get back to animal crossing Sarah, do you like Kareem, the director of unscripted as much as you liked being a production internet hillside media from May two thousand eleven. Those, Are you. Know I just know you really well Sarah. And how would you compare how well I know you? When were a production assistant? Slash floor manager slash master control operators slash audio operator for Cagey wn CBS News, Channel Five, and are you part of the fake news complex, and is it okay to talk about Vix? Yeah, it's totally okay I. Listen I when I was sixteen years old I got a TV job. I got a TV production job at the what one? TV Station in town of to in the entire state of Wyoming. Wyoming. Case Yeah in Wyoming. Market four hundred fifty seven. And Yeah so I just walked in there with my little resume working I think. I had worked at like a hotel restaurant. At that point, it was like I. WanNa Work here and the guy was like okay, and I pretty much did every position other than on camera at that TV station Sir. I did that same job as an intern in college and I. That was the thing as a broadcast major that made one hundred percent. Sure that I would never ever do that fucking job again. Being in slow local media news station behind the scenes was hell. I hated it so much so much well, doing master control was horrible because my. Was Five am to two PM. Do I would do the morning news so I would do all the cameras for the morning news three camera. Jesus Christ like running. You run. You're running in between cameras and. They would do you know. Breaking stories like the slides are hot. How early did you have to wake up in the morning? I would wake up at like four am, and so then I would do. We would do the newscast, and then in between the newscast I had to watch all the morning television and cut in the local commercials at A. Time and TV stations in that room was super, dark, super cold, and I had to watch all the trash morning television. And had you met cloudy Oh? At this point I had not I met cloudy on La. This is when I was like young young lady. Did you fall in love there at the TVs? They were financially taking advantage of you. Oh well. The minimum wage in Wyoming at that time was five dollars and fifteen cents. So. There's nothing in the world I would do for an hour in return for five dollars. That's not. I don't care what it is even if it's enjoyable. Sarah! It's always a treat to have you on any Kinda. Valley folk thing because I think you and I and Joe and Elliott. We all got this groove, and I think you're you. You slide right into the groove. It's like you're hot wheels car, and you fit right on our track, and then we shoot you out of that little shoots. He thing and you do the loop de loops with us and all the sweet jumps. You're just a hot wheels car like the rest of US just how? But I will say. the first time we ever met because I'm obviously worked with Joe before I met, you is be and for the first time we met I. Think was at Deadpool Karaoke. was like the first time we all met in no way. Yeah, there was that. There was that weird place. That we that I think is where I met you. We're. Other. Member right? There was a place that was like in Santa. Monica or something like the Defy Bar, L. O. O. Barney's beanery. No, that was afterwards 'cause. I had your phone number at that time. I think that was. The first time really I must've may going to do smash stuff's. At the! Building. Welcome to. When did we meet Sarah you the music? Anyway. Story Yeah, whatever whatever the moral story is I feel like we all clicked. Instantly I felt like we were all best friends in another lifetime and I agree. It's a nice little group now. Nice, little, hot wheel. Screw because you know what that dead Karaoke was like. The first date took Alana on and I. Met you way before I was. Attempting to date Lana. Temptation. I tempt. It could have gone anywhere. She was in charge. Will listen this. This segues pretty well my topic. For, this particular episode of the Valley cast since we have established how we may or may not have met I would now like to get to know each other a little bit more. ooh! And therefore I have. Looked up all of our star meters IMDB. We're GONNA. Do some game here. Sarah Star meter on IMDB pro. Well? Let's. Let's start with you then? Steve's Air Goza your information here from the Internet movie database. What would you guess is your current star meter? How famous do you think you are I mean there's. Wine you get what is what is the starter starring? Sarah. Important metric by which any person can measure themselves specifically a. Basically, yeah, this is actually on most college entrance exams. Yeah, if you don't walk in with your star meter to that Wyoming. News station, they would have put you on camera and you had been reporting the news because it's currency With mine that way, you guys can have a idea of what these numbers are still, but so to base it now just so everybody has a little bit of context. It is a ranking of basically everybody who's got a name on Internet movie database is pretty much what it is. It ranks everybody if you have a credit, so if you're ranked and supposedly, if you're star, rank is high you the likelihood of you getting a job is is higher because then. You're probably being searched at that time, you might have done like some kind of like hot episode of China. I think it goes up based on the amount of work you do and the amount of times. Your name is being searched for correct. So it. Is it measuring how famous you are or how? It's it from what? To five impose. Increases include our listeners. This is incredibly stupid. and. Someone. Who has a poor eighty? Talking about. This is sanctioned. By officiating. Elliot. Created a fun idea and we're doing it, so it's not a ranking from one to five or five stars. It's literally a one to however many people are on ranking, so you either our number one or maybe you're the two millionth person that matters. person that means there's one point nine million people who are more famous than you. Really quickly just see. Like where someone Leonardo DiCaprio is. Star. Yet he's number four I'm guessing he's number four Leonardo DiCaprio's and it changes week by weeks, so he hasn't been doing. Confused Sarah. So late to CAPRA'S NUMBER FORTY NINE WHOA! in this month he's downstairs. We're fucked guy. No fucking Riverdale kids are just skyrocketing, aren't they? WHO's got a super high meter right now? Mind! Okay! Okay, okay. Let's do, can you? Can you let us know how what the last number is like what the most number is! WHAT LAST PLACES! No I'm not GONNA do that. I feel like that would be hurtful Elliott I think. I think you are the. One hundred, thirty, four, thousand, six, hundred and seventy third. Let's write that down. One three, four, six, seven three Joe I am one hundred and nine thousand four hundred. M Four. Not, far up I was a small city off. Yeah, you're really. That's really good I've never gonNA guess that. One. Hundred. Four, hundred eighty four. Which is this month? Apparently I'm up forty six thousand. Dog It, doesn't it? Doesn't it graph it like, can you? Can you find out when you were at your highest? Bring the funny was the highest. And what were you at that point? Something happened after bringing the funny where. All are crafts. They didn't bring back a second season steerable. Guys Lady Lady Gaga how. Six thousand. What did I do this month? You had some great tweets. Some good stuff. Maybe. There was a killer named Elliott Morgan somewhere they were searching for. My God. I'm proud of you. I didn't think it was GONNA be that. We'll Sarah. You know who else is a star, you What do you guys do to non? Steve Sarah Sarah you got that smashed juice, girl, and I know I know you smash links or updating that. Internet movie database credits list whenever you can. They're obsessed over there those. Being the system actually I don't think I get credited actually Elliot I was GonNa say you went up forty nine thousand because I. Think you recently updated your credit, so they were like he's back. Like three months ago, maybe though it might have been that or have bought that visit my page all the time. Elliott is one Sarah I think you're I'm GonNa stay right as within the same range I'm going for one twenty-one seven to four. Holy Shit. Joe. Sarah's star. What did you sent one, twenty, one, seventeen four? Joe Her star meter is one twenty, one, eight, seven, seven. The actual retail price of your showcase is twenty, eight, thousand, five sixteen. Six. Looks. Joe! Does it creep you out the Joe. Exactly how famous you! Do all of US I. Don't know I don't know. I don't even WanNa. Guess Good. Man I won. The. Money Dan. Wait you wait? I'm going to update my shit and nominal jumped fifty K.. I'll be working. Next is you look kidding me? Never never I'm never gonNA. Let it happen. Does it say if she's up by anything? What does it because you know how it says like how up you are this week or For who. Did, I drop or did I increase well. Let's go ahead and just check out the data. Why don't we check out the date? Ask is what's Sarah's peak. Is that when she worked for e? Sarah's peak was her most recent. What. It was when I was twenty three. Every woman's peak is. At least is February twenty twenty, so. which is your birthday according year with the PD which I also have opened on another tap. Two thousand this month. Sir Oh! To Sarah What did you? Know forty thousand good luck. At least double that. All Right Steve Joe. Do you WanNa? Take a stab at Steve's just trying to go, Elliot. What was yours was yours? One, nine. All right so Steve's been doing a lot of like side podcast, but so of you Elliott. It's probably pretty similar. It's not something tells me. This number is gonNa keep me up tonight. I. I think Steve is one zero, three, four, five two. Steve Do. You have a guest. Sarah, do you have I guess? I JUST WANNA go at Joe's I'll go three as law all right Steve Zaragoza. You are the one hundred twenty six five hundred twentieth most famous person. His Star Half Selah. That is that is a higher number than Sarah. It is a higher number than myself, but we don't know Joe's yet. We don't know what Joe's yet way way Elliot. What were you one oh nine? Yeah, Elliott's the most famous nine, one twenty six. And what did I say for twenty, one one of nine, one, twenty two? I can't believe you got that close. That's crazy. That's so crazy. That's like one of those. Close, you know we're, we're similar. You know that's one of those prices. Right moments that I just had wasted it I fucking you get like three of those in your life where you just guess perfectly and waste. Prices Right. I wouldn't a second. ooh, that's a fun. Let's talk about that next. After this topic, talk about with. We had a game show that we could be on which means we can talk about Sarah's experience, actually being on one, let's pick are game shows we want to be. Yet Sarah for the game show network. At least the digital front. They actually handled the Youtube, initiative and game of five actually did one thing that was twenty one challenges in a row or something like that, and she was utilized boast both as off camera help and I was coast on one of the shows. We didn't meet their. I might have been towards the end of. Because I think the beginning of it. Okay. I know that I've had some peaks in the past. And I'm not quite what it used to be now. Hold on, Joe Before you say anything Steve Sarah. What do we think? I'm just in a goal of sixty nine thousand. Nine I'm GonNa go, with. Thousand Oh. Yeah I'm going to get a little bit more provocative. One, hundred, forty, two, thousand, two, hundred, twenty five. Man I wish. We just knew exactly. Joe Congratulations. You are the eighty third thousand, eight, hundred thirty six most famous person. What did I do? Wow, I lauren crap, you guys. We are so famous that we still wouldn't be extras and Lord of the Rings Right. We wouldn't even fill in the cast. They would still be twenty movies made before they get to us. Yeah. Lena. The way they get that. You know they get handlings. WOW FAST! My girlfriend's just to make sure she's not more famous A. Wild, what a weird thing! That a lot of people probably really care about Oh yeah. It can be. That's the thing apparently it can. But to obsess over, it is like the Algorithm on Youtube. It's like can help, but who knows how to actually make it. Go Right. I mean imagine if like. I wonder if there's a back end for other industries like numbers that they can look at because everything is driven by data now, I. Wonder if like post meets, drivers can look up. Where their ranking falls amongst all post, mates drivers, they could be like well, we're. We're slowly getting closer to that. One Black Mirror at episode Yuppie salary. You rate. Oh yeah, rating, every the bryce Dallas Howard beer. And Cardio told me that there is supposed to be more black mirror episodes coming out, but during quarantine, even Black Mirror people were like. No, it's a little, too yeah. Exactly awesome. It's two people. Need this right now. It's too sad. Yeah, WHAT THE HELL! Well! Come on! Just give me some positive. Give us his. His reasoning was that because it feels like we're going to Black Mirror episode right now that people don't need to watch another episode. Cleverly to not have to make more black mirror what rocked up very human version of escapism where when things are going fine, we need content that makes us feel like the world is going to end. Get fucked up. You know it's like what a weird dichotomy within the human balance of the brain. I love. For joining us on this episode of Those been time. Thank you. bye-bye! Next. Out! Let's game shows. I think that's fun you had to choose. I will listen to Sarah's experience on her game show, and then we all get to choose. If what game show, you only get one. That you WANNA be on, you get the chance and I'm saying it could be for. Like you just WanNa be on it because you love it and you think it'd be a fun experience like fucking. Wipe Out! Or you actually think you would do well and win a crap ton of money. Well I was on Let's make a deal a couple years ago with Wayne Brady. Joyous! That wasn't experience, but I did make Wayne Brady like chuckle and that was like. Like! Best experience because I'm a huge Wayne Brady Fan I think he's just incredibly talented. And so I had accidentally roasted his not accidentally. I roasted his producer like onset while Wayne Brady was talking to me, and he like did a little Hoffman chuckled, and so it was great and fun. Oh, that was a weird experience. Yeah, he did like. Oh, that's. Serious. Gentleman breaking. News Wayne Brady is on the podcast with us right now. Listen to that class. I think so yeah. It was a weird experience. We would cloudy and I dress up as honeymooners. Because we were engaged at the time and we were told to be very cheery and positive and energetic. And after three showers of waiting, it was exhausting, so you basically get shuffled from room to room to room. You get interviewed really quickly by a producer. And then they put you on a bus. And they take you to a studio where you are in a and then we're in the studio. And then they shot the episode in like thirty forty minutes, and they called me up and I lost immediately. What was the? What was the game car, so it was a car? It was a brand new. And super stoked because I. My car was at the time Bono. What a tease! No! So what I had to do is I just basically had to get this big die, and roll it down a slide and I think each round I had to go from like. All six numbers was okay, and then the next time I rolled. It was like only one through five I could roll if I rolled at six I was out, and then it went four three, two to the one and net so I rolled the first time around obviously, I did loose I roll like a five or something, and they're like five hundred dollars, or you can keep rolling and I was like I'm GonNa Keep Rolling? My chances are very good next round, so I had to roll a one through five. And what did I roll six walking six? At home and You. Know I think got like one hundred dollars. A Cell Yeah And then you're sitting Wayne. Brady Law and your star meter jumped that day, so that's real cool. Yeah, I haven't right. Here's their. Read off the day. Actually Stop February twenty twenty is when the episode aired no way that would be. A makes sense. I was literally like two days after my birthday and everyone was like. Are you on TV right now? What. Yeah? Well Yeah, you can't be haunted. By complete chance like there was no skill, you just said wrestle role again. There's no like looking back on that you. Everybody or anybody else would have done in that position. Exactly like the odds were in my favor and God was like no. You're not gonNA keep going. God says. Now maybe if you've got in, that car got new a bad wreck or something. Yeah, yeah, who knows and also I found a wonderful car like three months later, that was on a super good deal, and it was a brand new car, so. The Lord Provides Sarah. You'll headphones. Provide what's. Where's your data on that Elliott? On what the Lord provides! Can you check the data? What's the day? Has won the Lord Star. Yes please house God doing. This just says Gilbert Godfrey. Are we higher than Gilbert. Godfrey right now or is he kids again us. There's no way we're higher than Gilbert Godfrey right well. Who's searching for God pre? Gilbert Godfried is. One. Makes Sense. Now, he's number one. He's the most famous person. Yoga, he's number seven, thousand, two, hundred, twenty four. Seven. Oh Damn good very him. Could you guys how much? How much would you be? What none you put no money down, but like hey, let's play. The game named seven thousand people more famous than Gilbert Godfrey go. Oh. Joke around. God that's insane. We Know Gilbert Godfrey his name we. We could name many movies and things that he's done, and we could maybe get up to five hundred people if we're lucky more famous and. That's crazy. I would recommend that guy. That guy in that movie everybody in that. BACHELORETTE! WHO's Angel Rubs? Steve What game show do you WANNA be on I've always wanted to be on double dare. I always wanted to be on double. Dare, it looks so fun, or what would you do? What would you do we'll. What would you do what what would you? Pay For college my roommate from College. She sometimes actress on that show Whoa really. Yeah and sometimes she's like in the in the. Show. That's legit. Yeah, wait! You guys are talking about two different shows. Steve's talking about the game show hosted by Marc Summers on Nickelodeon Sarah. You're talking about that weird show where they stage public events against. Then what did would you do? Yeah, you're talking about. Mark Summers has another show called. Would you do? Yeah we on Nickelodeon, that's what you're talking about. The twenty twenty sixty minutes specials that they do yeah. About. What happens racist? Also called. What would you do? Steve would do a great. Why. Funny! Funny, calling a game show. No, it's a game show. St Wants to be on that show where they do racism flash dances. leaving. There is done. Oh my God. They're so the opposite thing. Wow. I didn't know that there was another thing called. Version. It was like no, I don't know the one that you're talking about. It was like appease playhouse version of double dare. We're the wall has had like lorries that open and stuff like. There was a pie coaster where you like. The coaster and pied you in the face and stuff joe. Yeah and at the end somebody would say something really racist and find out what. Do Sarah Widows Roommate worked. Weeks Steve Even now because I. I was a kid I would agree with you. Double Dare was the shit, but like not your answer now. You don't want to be on the prizes suck. I just don't think I'd be very good at any of the other games. I think you'd be so good on. Wipe out I think you'll be. Or American gladiators. Hope, you're enjoying this podcast. 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P.! Dot Com Slash Valley. Good Habits Company get quick dot com slash valley so that was quip, honey and mandates, and so now back to the show with Sarah, will and again you guys are all doing wonderful and can't wait to see him. That was my choices a kid. I wanted to be on American glider so bad. There's no way I was taught that. Real Talk Talk. If I could be on any game show, it would have probably been the bachelor. Yeah, I mean we should differentiate in or at least clarify what is considered game show. Show added as well. Yeah, because now I'm thinking the circle. Do you guys see the circle? I, did I. I would say survivor for opening up the things that last week's game show we. Do Survivor. Would you do survivor before you did like amazing race? Yeah for sure really. File also like survivor more I get why you're amazing race. Be Super. WHO'LL but I would be I would not do well. Let's the one game show you ever do. That one called Flinch on Oh. Yeah, sign up for that one hundred bucks. Is that why I have no idea fear factor? I would never do fear factor, no fear factor. I was obsessed with fear factor I love. What a factor! I would never do jeopardy. Yeah, I looked at so dumb on jeopardy. ABS- We. Would all look like idiots? No. Right. One of my friends from high school. He was on jeopardy and he was very religious. And and do you remember that viral clip of like all the all the jeopardy? Contestants didn't know any of the football answers owes one of them. He's one. Football team. Or. Did he lose very badly? I, think he did well other than going completely viral because none of them knew. Is Does. Anybody know if there's a game a jeopardy game that is as hard as the actual jeopardy because I know that they have those ones. Where like you gotTA. Have kids play along, too? So the questions can't be as hard as the show. But if there was we've got to do it, we've got to play like as hearts you. That's funny jeopardy on expert level. You could try to apply for the show because my dad tried to apply for the show, and they basically do a quiz beforehand, and you only have fifteen seconds to answer the. Is it an NDA situation I wonder. Could we do it? I have no idea I'll a friend who went my daddy for years for years and years like in, and she could probably give us secrets and stuff whichever on some point. By secret steamy answer's Yes. Elliot what game show not a reality show? Would you do? Dealer, no deal to reduce the the pressure of needing to like know anything. That's a good. It's the dice thing Alan worry about. Take a chance. Yeah, yeah, that was the dealer. No deal at David yes. Yeah I don't do good. I love it, I, Gotta Deal got one hundred, twenty, five grand and was able to buy a house damn. Shit that's so cool. His name is Ed and he works for ABC now. Check out his star meter. Let's find out what. it might be how you're on any of our. You're looking that up. I will say I always wanted to be on Press Your luck, but any more because that shows bullshit no way no whammy, no way Gameshow nerd I watched it all the time throwing rigged. Yeah just can't win too much, and it's also you know whatever prices right? I think there's always going to be a Muhart. Thing but again that's. That's all luck to you. Never know what you're going to play or whatever. new deal or. No, deal. Choice you did. You did the course on American Ninja. Warrior. You will I, don't think you were shown on the show, but you did the course a couple years ago. Yeah, that was really fun I would do that again if they invited me go for. You did really well. Do you never know. Your your body, the things that your body can do. You manipulate. Time, don't. This is. I don't understand how you're just. You're very strong and you're very agile. Those Claudio Alarms and the back. That's how I flirt with guys very agile. Can't believe what you do. What your body a trump lady! And then I got. I got a bit of wheel of fortune in my blood to I. Think I would love to do we look. Listen. I downloaded the APP. What had? Jeopardy wait what about Ed? We were waiting on edge. Star me somewhere in the range of over nine million so. We and I have one more question. Joe. Is that footage of the Ninja Warrior whatever wipeout or whatever yeah came? Right now. One sixty so powerful purpose built. So explosive yet smash as it. There's a video that's online right now. Game the heartbeat, the large antelope native to this continent, Australia, Africa or Asia Heart Beast five seconds weight with the heart. Asia. Asia Asia's. What Steve said. That's wrong, Africa. You're out, okay. Africa. Do One more just one more way, but you're not supposed to give us multiple choices. That's not whatever He. Wound Fun Yeah Yeah don't give us choices. We want category, The mid East or all numbers all numbers. Do. All numbers for two hundred daily Daba Roman. Something L. Dash L. This was how it was divided. What is lithium and La- LITHO grade fifty fifty. You Got Fifty. Two hundred points to job at all-star meters going up star meters going up number of the house where Susan Gordon in Libya live on sesame, street. It is easy, ABC, one two, three, one, two, three. I'm sorry, one one two three. Oh Shit didn't. Thank you. God damnit. The Electoral College one hundred thirty eight members, and you need at least this many of them to vote for you to win, too. Well! What is thirty seven? No, two, three, hundred, thirty, seven or something like that. Joe. Hundred seventy. But Hey Claudio I. See you back there. You'll know he's a little, told you. The alarms were going off. Let's replay that and put alarms over his head when he comes out. Opening. That's how he shows anger towards the shots and open. Room Door Sarah what would be your today's non reality show, but still a game show show that you'd play. Well I Wipeout would be fun, but I never would want to know what physical harm I could do, and also I would never want it broadcasted on television. So, What game show what I? The Mask Singer does that oh? That's great. We can't win if you're on the masked singer. Wondering Twenty One thousand famous person. Talk about her all. They're always like that sounds like Sarah Whittle. WanNa. Waste my guest this time, but. Maybe next time. I see Claudio in Joe's video to. Yeah I don't I don't know Yeah I. Don't think I- prices right would've been fun, but I think I'm not allowed to be on. game shows for next couple of years. Is that what happened? Yeah I like those dreams. you know. I always wanted to get in on the What was the one? They had a Disneyland where you could like. Play a fake version of it. I guess it was who wants to be a millionaire. Oh Yeah. Fun, I always wanted to do to Disneyland version because all you had to do is get in a little early and put your name in a thing. I never got chosen, but I would go to all the time. It was in California adventure. I would be. To do it but I try. I tried watching the new one. The host Jimmy Kimmel. He's with the. Why do they have celebrities? I think they're doing it for charity. And also they're desperate for ratings. You'll be my guess. It seems really dumb, though like I don't care about. By is not interesting to see celebrities. Yeah, and the lifelines are all we are now. I don't know whether there's also that Jack. Black Adam Scott or what is Adam Scott, different. WAS A. On the contestant on the Jack Black escape rooms show. Yeah, what's what's that? Is that a full series? Looks like it. You ever watch Awake. Now that that shows messed up. Yeah. That is this ain't have you seen that Sarah? Awake now, they you're awake. They put you in a room with eight other people and a barrel of quarters. You for twenty four hours count these quarters. And your head. And near head and you have to say. Thank you count it, and then you have to play a bunch of games. Like mental. Fuck? Guess in the people start being unable to talk and all the Games. You just need to take this needle and stick it through this relatively okay sized hole and you should be in their. Sign up for that million dollars and then the winner the winners I think it's a million dollars. Isn't it like? But you have to guess how many quarters you actually counted and what they are worth after the twenty four hours, and after all the Games, and if your guests is close enough yet, you would win. What if it was close enough? So it's the only games of ever seen where people get kicked off like. Thank God. I want you. Did you hear about this new love. Reality Show though. Labor of love. Yeah and the woman is just searching for the father of her baby. Could. She's like. Known and competing for a chance. Wound it's it's wonderful I. Love It. Accepts owed. It's a perfect like we're going down kind of. Is Like society isn't GonNa. Like its own another warning of like they're you know we see oh, I love it like love like as in you think it's like. Guilty pleasure watching or you're like this is a beautiful way for people to meet and create chill. The latter. No. Reality shows are meant to entertain. And I like watching just like extraordinary circumstances. So she is like in her mid thirties or or maybe even forty one. And so she's looking. She's forty one I. Think and she's looking for a man to be a father to her children and so. She's it's the Bachelorette. Basically, they're strangers. There strangers. It's the Bachelorette but an older woman, an older men dating and the first episode they do a cocktail hour, and they bring him out to trailers in. They're like okay. Boys fill up the COP and they did like a sperm cow competent. Watching it I might at some point I'm going to try to avoid that way where where? Where's this? Where is it on Fox? It's on Fox. Think Yeah Watch it on Hulu Nassir. Have you seen? Did you ever watch five guys in a house five minute house? I never did. I never watched. That's a good one. It's in the UK, but it's about. Five Bucks live in a house with a within the five separate dudes come and live in a house with the woman and then each day. She kicks another one out. And then at the end she gets a date, but it's. Wonderful to have. There's so many fun. Ridiculous reality shows okay. I'm GonNa Pitch to you, guys. You're done. Steve Go ahead. Say That I've I've gotten to the point where reality shows are obviously garbage like I realized their garbage, but now I'm watching them because I'm just I'm just into the concept of. It's just it is what it is you know it's. fucking. It's a show. Okay. I pitched to you all divorce island. Ten couples that want to get a divorce. No strings attached, but also WANNA. Find True Love. All are shipped off to an island. The rules are you can get into four station island, but the only way you can get a divorce if you marry somebody. That's the only Keok the islands. You have to get your at your divorce if you fall in love with somebody else on the. Stipulation is that you get a house you what you get you get you get to leave the island at that point. At of course there's the all get to leave a, but if you want to win, you get money package and a house that you have to live together for a year with your spouse, the fuck to leave divorce island. Would you guys watch divorce island this same thing going on dates and ship, but you don't get to sleep in the other. You have to sleep in your spouse because it's. It's God's law. God's rules, so you have to sleep with your spouse. You can't leave your marital bed. You should call this show God's law. Joe I love this idea. Just out of curiosity. Yeah, yeah, stop someone who wants a divorce from just being like. Yeah I'm in love with that person and just making it up the price package. It's got to be robust. It's gotTa be good, so that House that you get that. You have to live in for a year and there will be cameras in it, and we will document everything about your never relationship. You get to keep that house and it's a good house you know. It's just got a good price tag and you get it at the end, and then you guys can get divorced, and you can sell it, and you can split the cash, or whatever that's your problem. You go on another divorce island if you want, but the prize package has got to be good. That's how you able to do it. If what part of the prize package was, you're automatically cast in the next. Wait so pretty much ninety day fiance I have some questions. Yes, so do you go on the show? If you are thinking about getting a divorce, I mean you go on the show with a spouse. You guys are getting a divorce. Maybe the maybe the proceedings have been a little contentious up to this point. You can't agree on things whatever who's going to take the kids all that stuff kids don't matter on. so when you go to a lawyer, they're like okay. You have a couple of options you could go to you both get at your own lawyer. You can go to eighty eight, or or you can go on God's law, which is. Court, TV. Temptation Island. Of is black. Have, you guys. I talked about this and seen some stuff, but I haven't I. WanNa tour and all the episodes, but have you guys happen to watch any kid nation now? What does that is? Let's kill kid. Nation happened in two thousand seven. It was from CBS, and it was basically a survivor, but guess what for children. Is in the took like twenty seven kids and they let them live by themselves. Town! I got CBS all access and I was like I'm going to give. I'm no. They're going to put in there for sure scrubbed from everywhere, but they have one outhouse. and. For Twenty seven children, and then apparently, and this is all in the first episode, they they. Introduced money, and then they give some of the money and put some of them. They make some of them the fat cats. With workers, and then the kids start crying lor. Yeah, it's like Lord of the flies. Start Society, but your children. Yeah so my goal is to try to find all of those episodes. Soul much coming this fall, Andrew from producer Andrew. Yang universal income the television show. We'll see works. Does. It were by now. We put six families in A. Dome. Wow Wow. That's no no and my my old reality show gross period was like real real real world and real world versus road rules. Channels MTV. Reality Show kid I haven't really jumped into any of it. I mean I got way into reality because of Brie while I were dating, he was just like she was like. You have to appreciate. The good reality TV that exists and and she showed me. Hills his nation I want. To Watch, kid nation, no I watch the hills from beginning to end, and I will I will say I I mean whenever I talk about the hills I will always just say that is a brilliant fucking show. It's brilliant. The way that it works the way that they set it up the way the there's cameras that are like so far away with like crazy lenses to capture these kids having these like legitimate teenager young adult conversations. It's legitimate. I mean a lot of it was a lot of. It was like producers nudging them to do things here and there, but there were a lot of real conversations between these friends and stuff where you're like. They're capturing this moment in time between these two teenage kids, and it's such a window into the thought process of these like privileged kids lives. It's really brilliant the way the way it works. Steve have. You watched Selling sunset at all now. Apparently it's like an older hills and It's a bunch of very beautiful. Beverly Hills women who sell real estate for millions and millions of dollars, and the I tried watching it because I was going to be like we started is like the hills, but then I noticed that these women when they started talking like I. Couldn't I really couldn't listen to them? I couldn't hear them like I found myself looking around the TV. I couldn't get them in the eyes. Of the. Totally and it's kind of awful, but you should check that out because if you liked the hills. Apparently, it's very good if you started season one. Oh okay, I'll check it up, Elliott. You're like a really. Weird too familiar future, TV guide and has been programmed to have conversational flow with your user Hey Steve. Have you checked out, kid? Yeah. See! It's about these kids. To Watch next you guys get that that. If you like kidney! Sunset. It myself, but maybe it's for you if you're willing to try something new. Your star meter is around like a hundred and twenty six thousand might actually love so. That's so great. Yeah Mideast for six hundred. The name of this nomadic people is Arabic for desert dweller. The what dunes the Serbs or the DAKOTAS was? Jealous. Begins. Oh Dude. The Dune in my bathroom is a really dry. Those dunes. Yeah, my buddy at democracies star meter is. Nine, million, nine, hundred, eighty, one, thousand, fifty nine but I'm about back actually feels better I like that. The big number? Sarah, do you have a? I wanted to ask you today while we had you in before I. Plug in my computer. That's about to die Oh. Good Tiktok, are you in? You're in like one hundred percent on top right. You. Mean like I approve of it. It's great as as a platform that you like, and you indulge in you enjoy creating for you like watching, and you probably spend more time on Tiktok than other platforms now. I've also limited my Tiktok time, but that's because I divided up between Tiktok animal cross student. How do you stay so disciplined while you do that and? It I. I is her. Thirty now so. Can't do one thing for too long. I, think every social media platform has its pluses and minuses. But what I, what I enjoy about TIKTOK. Is that like? Apparently anyone can go viral. So, you know it's all about. They, they do a lot of algorithm things where something can just blow out. Blow out out up. Blow up out of nowhere. Like your penis, carpet song. but then I also. Mean didn't it didn't get the views when you put it up my smy stick song did very well. but I do really like how much you can edit in. Like to make an edited video is incredibly easy on that APP and I think if instagram ever got those kind of editing capabilities on their platform, they would officially take over, but I just do it to find out well. It's only it's my cats. Yeah I feel like it's only a matter of time before instagram just rips off. Take 'cause they kind of did that with snapchat. Nobody cared. And now it's better than snapchat. Nobody. Really use a snapchat anymore. But talks, it's ridiculously a dictator. Yeah, well, that's true. That's true. But It's ridiculously addicting. I'm I'm curious to. You said it yourself. You just get tired and you're like I can't do this anymore. You get to a point. My eyes hurt. I have to stop. Too Many I've watched, too. Many people like do this hip gyrating. Saying I feel weird. What's the now? How long does it take for that to happen? Every day is different. Five minutes sometimes, it's an hour and a half. Yeah, also paid I will tell you I hate. I hate okay so so there are these tropes on Tiktok that will get you famous instant. I've I've noticed. Do Tell what what are you talking about? A girl. Early. Shave shaver ahead. She if she shaves her head if she cuts her bangs horribly. If you tell your parents not joke in one parent last much louder right right. Like you instantly go viral because people much louder, the Ri- right. Like you instantly go viral because people are like Oh. This is cute, and then another one is one when people can hang out with each other. It was like me and me and my guy friend have been best friends for three years and I decided to kiss him to. Shot of them on the couch. We should do that. Weird it out the private moment I. Don't like that I. Mean but how many of those are? Way You WANNA. Watch let's be you're also the person that's like you love reality shows that are like put a baby in me. Yeah, but at least they're like adults. Like signing of release, and it's like a an official production I think it's weird when you you and your friend. No matter. It's true weirder if they're younger. Themselves yeah a lot of times. Private moment members up to tone so Sarah. Are Regulated Oh. Wait a second. I'm Sarah actually live. We didn't tell you. Oh, you're star meter just plummet.

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